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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    invading the tags bc it’s all i do asking for requests and interaction i’m semi funny i promise

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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Incorrect Attack On Titan Quotes

    Hange: I guess you could say I’ve...fallen for you

    Levi: You literally just rolled down an entire flight of stairs, how are even alive.

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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou - Levi #391

    Convenience Store Bonus Manga! (Hange’s Discovery)

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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #Chasm Rambles#Obey Me #Otome Obey Me #obey me: one master to rule them all #Obey Me Leviathan #Leviathan#Levi #doki doki literature club
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  • spitfire101
    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Incorrect Attack On Titan Quotes

    Hange, panicking and reverting to traditional “girl talk” topics: What’s the first thing you notice when someone approaches you?

    Levi: The fucking audacity

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#snk#aot#levihan#captain levi#levi#anime #incorrect levihan quotes #incorrect aot quotes #commander hanji#hanji zoë #hanji x levi #hange x levi #aot hange#aot hanji#aot levi#snk levi
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    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago




    NO- 👏

    ... Okay, Satan already has a point for saying he wasn't gonna make me. Good on you, Sir. 💚

    #Chasm rambles#Obey Me #Otome Obey Me #obey me: one master to rule them all #obey me leviathan #Leviathan#Levi #Obey Me Mammon #Mammon #Obey Me Lucifer #Lucifer #Obey Me Satan #Satan #I'M TOO WEAK A SIMP FOR THIS #GUYS NO I'M ALREADY IN DEEP WITH MAMMON DON'T GO MAKING ME WEAK FOR THE REST OF YOU #Also how ironic the guy named Satan is the only one who isn't all but demanding that I love him
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    19.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ok I don't think anybody but me cares but 😭😭😭 here's the Star Harmony voice claims, I'll probably rb this just once so it actually shows up on the dash for those interested. Some of them are songs and some of them are spoken dialogue:

    Leon: Radar Detector, Darwin Deez

    Valentine: Fantasy, Khai Dreams

    Levi: Do It All The Time, IDK HOW

    Adonis: Steeljaw, Transformers RID 2015

    Mc/Amadeus (my version of him): Wirt, Over The Garden Wall

    Bonus, just for fun:

    Mr. Manager: Andrey Stamatin, Pathologic 2

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  • westernfeelings
    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    yasssss girl

    #wynonna earp #wynonna earp screencaps #wynonna earp S01E02 #melanie scrofano#revenant#earper#E4L #keep the home fires burning #levi
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    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    No spoilers porfi🥺

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    19.04.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • ackerstar
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    you are — l. ackerman

    this fic contains the following: fem! reader, angst, fluff, mentioned/implied smut, canon typical violence & character death.

    i’m a new aot blog so reblogs + feedback are appreciated. requests are open.

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

    You were the brightest star upon the night sky.

    Nobody really understood how you and Captain Levi came to be. Both high ranked Survey Corps individuals, you’d think life was too hectic to even consider romantic involvement.

    Levi, at the very least, thought that way.

    And then he met you, and he found himself going through emotions he never thought he’d had to go through.

    At one point he avoided you. Never dared he look in your direction when you entered the Mess Hall to get something to eat after a tiring training day, and in no way would he ever talk to you about anything.

    He convinced himself it was so he wouldn’t get attached, but the fact that he was extremely shy when it came to you or that he couldn’t utter a single coherent sentence when you were in the room played a huge part too.

    So, how is it that he fell for you then? How did you two come to be?

    You make me happy when skies are gray.

    You were the rays of light peeking through the darkened clouds.

    It couldn’t have been a more terrible day.

    It was raining, no— storming outside. What started out as a sudden drizzle turned into a downpour as everyone was forced to retreat inside to avoid any unnecessary sickness.

    Levi liked the rain, enjoyed it even. Drops of water knocking on the large window in his office as he stared from the coziness and warmth of the room. It was a day that everyone had to themselves, a day to spend amongst their closest in the Corps.

    One more day without any deaths, only happiness.

    Although, what he did dislike were the memories that came with the rain. His first expedition was nothing sort of ideal, and the outcome had been a poor decision and the deaths of his friends in his name. No matter how much he forced himself to forget about that day, the images still flashed in his mind in order to re experience the pain he already went through for many minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.

    So there he was, all paperwork done and nicely placed in a pile on his desk while he wrote about whatever he could think of to distract himself. He had been so engrossed in his random doodling, he jolted once a loud knock resonated throughout the pouring rain.

    Pencil long forgotten in the ground, he invited the unknown soldier to come inside. He expected Erwin, even Hange ready to talk their head off about how bored they were now that they couldn’t go outside, still somehow glad they could spend time inside their study.

    To his surprise, it was you, taking one step in before closing the door behind you. You looked at him, the way his brows furrowed upon seeing you willingly coming to him. Usually, it was Levi who did his best in getting close to you. Granted he barely said a thing, but he was always sitting in the same tables you were and conveniently entered the same rooms you had gone in minutes before.

    “Wha— what are you doing here?” He did try his best to conceal the higher pitch his voice took when it was you he referred to, completely failing in doing so.

    Pink tints spread around the tips of his ears, you having smiled at him so fondly. He was sure the last time he saw such a pure, ethereal smile in his eyes, his mother was still alive.

    Was it the squinting of your eyes, forming wrinkles around them and giving you an air of pure happiness? Or perhaps his perception on your obvious nervousness, put in the way your eyes shifted to every corner and wall inside.

    He searched for your eyes with his own, the deepest grey morphing into the darkest ocean blue at the simple sight of you. He wouldn’t pressure you, patiently standing by until you were ready to talk.

    “I,” You took a deep breath, your hands fiddling behind your back. “I took notice of your discomfort when it comes to the rain, Levi.”

    Now, it was his turn to avoid your stare. It didn’t go through his head the fact that you were worried about him, observing him just as he did when it came to you. He didn’t realize then, that you were just as smitten as he was.

    Instead, he picked at the skin on his hands, his leg covered by the desk bouncing up and down rhythmically. Perhaps you were mocking him, the strongest of all, for being put off by mere water? Were you there to make fun of him?

    He was truly embarrassed.

    You saw it in his eyes, the way you always did, and jumped in the spot. Your words were mixed all together, talking at a speed that even you couldn’t keep up with.

    “I’m not here to make fun of you or anything!” You blurted out, your hands shaking so vividly the object you had been holding dropped to the floor. “I, well you know, I was just, just you know, right?”

    Levi wanted to sigh out of relief, but he figured that would be too mortifying for him to handle. He perked up, focusing on the rectangular object on the floor. You picked it up, extending your arm to his figure.

    “I thought that, maybe, it would distract you a little if we played some cards together.”

    To an outsider, such as Levi, you were waiting patiently for his response. There was a small good looking smile painted on your lips, your eyes staring directly at him. The Captain gulped, soft red now spread all over his cheeks. Quickly, he coughed, covering up the lower half of his face with his hand.

    Truthfully, you were a mess inside. Levi was giving you no answer, thus making you rethink on your choice of offering to help him. Perhaps he found you creepy? Being aware of such things about him. Yes, that had to be it, your presence probably annoyed him.

    “I’m very sorry if this was so sudden, I can definitely lea—“

    “No!” Hands hit Levi’s desk, his chair left behind by his abrupt stand. Once the initial shock passed, and he got to look at the questioning yet surprised expression on your face, he sat back down to compose himself.

    “Well, no, no because, because,” He scratched the back of his neck, where his undercut was. “I don’t know, how to play cards very, eh, well.”

    He had no fucking idea, but his lie wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    You seemed to visibly relax then, laughing as you took a seat opposite to his own. That night, you taught Levi how to play multiple games. He wasn’t very good at them at first, but got the hang of it fairly quickly. Honestly, he wasn’t so bad in the beginning, at least if his hands weren’t shaking every time you handed him cards and your hand got to brush his own.

    Needless to say, sometimes you would let him win just to see his eyes light up in joy. To Levi, though, winning didn’t matter, and instead let you take the rounds here and there so he could see your excitement over your victories.

    He didn’t know he could have that much fun doing something so simple. Both of you fought and laughed seconds after, the first time it happened leading you to gape over Levi’s deep quieted chuckles. It had been his first genuine laugh in years.

    “Again, I would love to see your smile again.” You told him, finding yourself completely mesmerized.

    And for you, Levi would try his hardest.

    The night went on for so long, in between games and chats, Erwin had to order you to get some rest when he came inside to brief Levi on the day’s to-dos.

    Thunder and lightning both crashed for hours on end, the rain not stopping until early morning. None of you noticed so, living in a dream instead.

    You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.

    You were the blinding Sun, inviting flowers to show their colors.

    After that day, the rest was history, and sooner than later Levi was dating who he considered the love of his life.

    Never experiencing such deep affection, he didn’t know what to do for the relationship. He was afraid, afraid that due to his inexperience you’d leave him for someone else. You’d get bored of him, his borderline insufferable persona, you’d grow to hate him.

    Being with Levi was hard, being exposed to a new side of him you never knew he had. But he was human, so it was to be expected.

    Levi was deeply insecure when it came to you.

    The first time you both decided to do it, undressing under the dim moonlight in the confines of Levi’s room, his mouth nearly watered at the sight of your naked body.

    With the only knowledge he had on the subject, due to his past, he never knew something such as sex could be so intimate and passionate. You showed him that, guiding him and making him feel pleasure he’d been craving for a long time.

    Yet, once you helped him undress, Levi’s scars on full display, he crumbled. Levi didn’t understand, he never cared what other people thought about how he looked. Other’s thoughts on his own body, his everyday serious expression, the way his lips were permanently curved downwards not able to fully register a smile.

    His torso was a canvas full of lines, all of them ugly and long and disgusting. They ruined his body, he always used to dismiss it, fingers grazing through every one of them.

    “Scars are normal in such a war, they don’t ruin you.” He always used to tell cadets after their first encounters with the huge man-eating monsters. Nonetheless, when you eyes landed upon his chest, exposing every part —vulnerable or not— of himself, he wanted to apologize.

    ‘I’m fucking hideous, and I’m sorry for that.’

    But then, then you touched every single one of those scars. You kissed his entire body, all of his scars, your hands moving lower to keep showing you who he really was, body and soul alike.

    You took his hands, moving them to your hips, inviting him to caress your body as well. Your shoulders, arms, boobs, stomach, to keep going. Although he was stuck staring at you in utter disbelief, surprised by your actions.

    “They don’t change a thing on how I see you, physically and mentally. You are attractive, and so very handsome. I’m very lucky.” You whispered in his ear, kissing the back of it to make him whimper.

    Levi knew, you weren’t the only lucky one. In fact, he was luckier than you.

    Please don’t take my Sunshine

    And you were the star that died out, the flickering candle that fought to endure but couldn’t.

    The thing about luck is that, eventually, it runs out.

    Unfortunately, it happened for both of you.

    Expeditions outside of the Walls happened once a month, if there weren’t any problems funding wise. Everybody hated them, but not more than Levi himself.

    He dreaded the putrid smell that came with the Titans, the blood that coated him —Titan or human— and most importantly, the screams. During expeditions, agony was a person, and followed every single soldier until their very deaths to then move over to the grieving living.

    It was always the ones alive that suffered the most, the consequences.

    As the strongest himself, Levi had a pressure he didn’t think he could uphold. The urge to break down on the field loomed over him, good thing he learned to control the urge to scream and cry like the very own that praised him for not doing so.

    “You are doing everything you can, and that’s all that matters.” You used to tell him that every night he curled up in his seat, shaking like a leaf because he didn’t know how else to express his frustrations.

    But it wasn’t all that mattered, he had to do more, more, more. He had to move, he had to do something, everything for his comrades. For this cycle of Hell to end.

    But he wasn’t godly, nor he had his entire life figured out, nor his feelings were in check. He definitely didn’t have superpowers, nor unbeatable strength.

    He was human, just like the rest of them. Just as scared.

    He wanted a life with you, doing who knows what outside of the military. Was it so bad to have that dream and carry it on? Was it so bad to feel selfish just this once, to look at death in the face and tell him to wait, not just for a day but years?

    At least, he would have appreciated one last goodbye. But he was doomed from the start. He could never get what he wanted because a thing such as dreaming wasn’t permitted for the one that gave everything, to receive nothing.

    You were his everything, his future.

    And now, you became his past.

    What Levi felt when he saw your body was pure agony. People cried and people yelled, and he did so in his head. Pleading, asking, begging, for someone to bring you back to him.

    He couldn’t even carry your body, a horde of Titans coming their way forcing them to leave the dead behind.

    And Levi had to leave, turn away from you, without even saying goodbye. There wasn’t even a head for him to kiss your forehead.

    The only reminder he had of you, the very deck of cards that you two bonded over. Now burned to the crisp in a explosion years later.

    He hoped to meet you then, to come back to you.

    Although obviously, something as nice wouldn’t happen to him.


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    18.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fateful (coincidence) meeting 😜

    *This is their second meeting

    #snk #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot#levi ackerman#hange zoe#hanji#levi#hange#levihan#otp#my art #Excuse my grammar not so good
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  • always-somewhere
    18.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Linger On

    Ereri Not Rated Complete, 3k Major Character Death, Canon Compliant, SNK Manga Spoilers, Angst, Bittersweet Endings

    Life went on, even without Eren in it, but Levi has never forgot him nor has he ever stopped loving him. Till the very end, Levi kept his promises to Eren.

    AO3 Link

    #shingeki no kyojin #snk#ereri#riren#rivaere#canon compliant #snk manga spoilers #major character death #bittersweet endings#levi#eren#snk fic#aot fic #i honestly dont know what to tag its been so long since ive used tumblr #my fic stuff
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    18.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Titan Boy

    Summary: After the Scouts gain custody of Eren Yeager and Y/N witness the beating her boyfriend, Levi inflicts on him to do that something buried deep in her heart, breaks through the cracks that she and Levi must overcome to move forward. Warnings: Swearing Pairings: Levi Ackerman x Reader (y/n) Genre: 18+ | Fluff | Angst Word Count: 4.2K Author’s Note: Guys, I actually cried writing this. I hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think! Also I can do a tag list for any Levi fics I writing if people are interest just ask!

    || Masterlist | AOT Masterlist ||

    Year 850 - Summer

    It was supposed to be just like any other expedition, reclaim a town that would be lost once you left. You would rechart the area taking note of what had changed and what had been found in the time that area had been abandoned all those years ago.

    You stood behind Levi watching around you to make sure no titans came out of nowhere while he did his best to comfort the dying soldier. Petra glanced up at you meeting your gaze, tears slowly falling down her cheeks as she listened to Levi. You quickly looked away tensing for a moment when you saw movement but relaxed seeing it was Erwin. Everything was going okay, until this moment.

    Erwin approached with a grim look on his face “Levi!” He shouted; Levi stood up turning to face the commander with a raised brow. Erwin stopped his horse just in front of us. I turned to help Petra up as she patted off the dirt from her pants.

    “We’re pulling out,” Erwin announced making both you and Petra snap your heads up to look at him.

    “Sir?” Petra questioned.

    “What the hell I-” Levi stuck his hand out in front of you silently telling you to stop.

    “What do you mean? You damn well know we can push further? My men didn’t die to pave our retreat,” Levi shot a glare up at Erwin at that last part and Erwin gave just as serious a look back, he looked between the three of us before answering.

    “There’s a swarm of titans moving north, there bearing down on the city,” You sucked in a breath, and Petra’s eyes widened. Levi grimaced at the news, you were the first to move grappling back through the buildings heading towards where your horses were being watched, Levi shouting after you.

    Just as Erwin had predicted, the titans had breached Trost but to your surprise, the hole had been plugged by a boy. A boy that had the ability to transform into a titan.

    You couldn’t help but pace as you waited for Levi and Erwin down in the basement talking to the boy that you now knew, was named Eren. A recruit from the 104th cadet corps hadn’t even made it to selection night. He was just a kid. Hange hummed calmly leaned up against the wall Moblit right beside her as you all waited.

    “What’s taking them so long,” You grumbled and Hange chuckled

    “Careful Y/N, don’t get to worked up,” She warned with a cheeky grin and you rolled your eyes dragging your feet towards her falling back to leaning against the wall with an over-extracted huff. You had questions, questions you knew you could discuss with Hange but, you glanced over at the MP’s guarding the door to the basement, you didn’t want them listening in on your conversation.

    The door opened and you all stood up straight as Erwin walked through followed by Levi.

    “We’ll discuss the details more later, Levi,” Erwin instructed him before turning giving you a nod before heading off somewhere.

    “Y/n,” You turned to look at Levi again and he motioned his head for you to follow. You said goodbye to Hange and Moblit before following Levi back to your temporary quarters while here in the interior. He held the door open for you shutting it once you both were in. You went and sat on the armchair waiting for him to inform you of what was going on.

    You tapped your foot impatiently as he made you both some tea handing you yours as he sat down with his cup. You took a quick sip staring him down.

    “Stop staring,”


    “Fine,” He set his glass down on the small table in between you both letting out a small sigh, “We are going to petition for the boy to be released into the custody of the Scouts-”

    “That’s it?”

    “Would you let me finish?” You sealed your lips motioning for him to continue, he shook his head taking another sip of his tea.

    “He will most likely be released into my care and will become part of the squad.” You nodded your head at this information expecting it really, “There won’t be any room for error however if something goes wrong, we’ll have to put him down.” Your eyes widened as you sat back in your chair staring at the empty fireplace.

    “He’s just a child,” You whispered mostly to yourself not liking the sound of this plan. Levi really expected you to be able to put down a child if it came down to it? Your frown deepened at the thought and you were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t notice Levi get up grabbing your empty cup from your hands.

    He leaned down kissing the top of your head gently, “I need to speak with Erwin more, I’ll expect to see you in the courtroom when the time comes y/n”

    Saying you were pissed was a slight understatement, shooting Daggers at the man next to you as you walked down the hall with Erwin and Hange. Erwin noticing your glare but not letting up on the conversation with Levi regarding your new Titan shifting recruit. Eren Yeager. Also, a 15-year-old boy that you just witness your boyfriend beat nearly to death with not an ounce of regret.

    You didn’t really know why you were so mad, really you didn’t. But it just really really irked you. You let out a frustrated huff turning your attention back to the steps in front of you and Levi snapped his head towards you with a frown and small glare of his own.

    “Will you drop the dramatics?” He ordered and being the obedient Scout you were, you didn’t listen scoffing at his words forcing an irritated growl from him stopping in his tracks Hange and Erwin stopping a few paces in front of you watching the scene play out at a safe distance. “Care to explain why the hell your acting like this?” Levi spat eyes narrowed at your back as you were turned away from him arms crossed over your chest.

    You quickly snapped your head to look at him cheeks reddening from anger as you took a step closer to him. “You nearly beat him to death Levi!” your voice raised a few octaves and Levi was not a fan of that taking a step closer so you were almost nose to nose, neither of you backing down from the other.

    “What the hell did you expect me to do?” He questioned you through gritted teeth “You heard Erwin, it was the right card to play.” You let out another scoff not believeing your ears. You jabbed his chest with your finger knowing what kind of button you were pushing when doing it. Hange making an ‘Ooo’ sound as you did, waiting in anticipation for your next words.

    “What,” Jab “The hell,” Jab “kind of card is that, Levi? He’s 15 years old! What if he couldn’t regenerate! What if you beat him to a pulp and he couldn’t recover! You played your card on a damn WHIM!” You shouted the last part hands on your hip as you waited for his explanation. Levi was calm. To calm really at your outburst. Normally by now, he would have pulled you to a private room to have this kind of argument.

    “Wow y/n, I never knew you could be so motherly,” Levi and you both froze, eyes widening at each other, cheeks turning bright red at Hange’s statement. You panicked unable to look at Levi now turning to face her and a smirking Erwin.

    “Tha-that isn’t wha-t-t th-is is,” You stuttered cheeks growing redder eyes darting around the room,

    “Now that you say that Hange, I have noticed that you have been quite more attentive to the children in the city than usual, y/n.” Erwin pointed out the sly smirk never leaving his face as he spoke, and you wanted to punch it right off his face your cheeks feeling as if they were on fire at this point.

    “I have to go,” You huffed quickly walking away from them leaving Levi to deal with them, your argument completely forgotten. You march aimlessly down the hall with no destination in mind but to be away from them.

    You ended up on a balcony overlooking the interior letting out a heavy sigh leaning back against the wall resting your head against it letting the evening sun warm your skin. You slid down the wall resting your arms on your knees once seated.

    You looked up at the sky thinking back on the situation you had just escaped from trying to place why it bothered you so much. Deep down you already knew why, a longing for something more buried deep within you knowing in the world you lived now it would be impossible. You couldn’t justify bringing a child into this dark world no matter how much you craved it.

    Levi and you had been together 5 years and the conversation has never come up, never really being an issue till recently when your want to be a mother started breaking through the cracks of your heart. Wet droplets hit the stone beneath you as the tears fell from your cheeks mourning the life you never could have.

    Levi searched up and down the halls and rooms of HQ looking for you, growing ever the more frustrated with each empty room. Deciding to head back to your shared room to wait for you. He scolded himself knowing he should have gone after you the minute you ran off but was frozen by both Hange and Erwin’s words. Was that something you wanted? A child? A family, with him?

    A scoff left his mouth at himself, of course it was what you wanted. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have reacted in such a way. He wasn’t blind, he knew something was bothering you lately, you thought you hid it well, but he could see it, he would always see. The way you spoke with the few kids that came up to you both when in uniform excitedly asking questions before expeditions. The way your smile would falter just a bit when their parents rounded them up.

    His frown deepened with each memory that passed through his mind of all the signs of the secret that you held so close to you. He passed a hall pausing his step when the faint sound of a sniffle caught his interest. He turned taking light steps to you see you sitting on the ground, knees held tightly to you as you silently cried to yourself. His chest tightening at the sight.

    “Y/n,” You stiffened at his voice quickly looking up at him with tear-stained cheeks, you looked away quickly wiping them away trying to pretend that he didn’t just walk in on you like this.

    “Levi, I didn’t hear you,” You forced yourself to smile as you looked back up at him, his expression blank and unreadable as he stared down at you a hand slowly moving from his side to offer to you. You took it pulling yourself up and when you were almost standing his grip tightened before pulling you end to him arms wrapping around you tightly. You stared in a bit of shock not sure what to do as he held you.

    “I’m sorry,” He whispered into your ear. You didn’t need to ask what about already knowing. Sorry for not being able to give you the life you craved. Sorry for this shitty world. You wrapped your arms around him gripping at his jacket as you buried your face into the curve of his neck fresh tears falling.

    “Me too.”

    You and Levi headed out the next morning with Eren riding silently as you met up with the rest of your squad before heading to your new temporary living situation. The old abandoned former Scouts HQ in between Hermina District and Trost District. Far enough from any towns, just in case the worst-case scenario happened.

    Your grip on your reins tightened at the thought but you were quick to push it aside relaxing. Your rode next to Petra behind Oluo and Eren and Levi right behind you. Petra noticed your slight change in demeanor giving a concerned look that you shook your head to let her know it was nothing. Being the only two females in the squad you had a closer bond from the others.

    Oluo was going on about how Eren shouldn’t expect a royal treatment from us despite his importance to the Scouts or Humanity in general. In a moment of attempted intimidation from Oluo, his horse hit a rock jerking him forward making him bit his tongue once again sending him screeching in pain sending you and Petra into a fit of silent giggles.

    You arrived at the old HQ getting off your horse staring up at the old castle. From years of being vacant, it was overgrown with weeds and no doubt did it have a thick layer of dust all over the inside. You directed your horse towards the stables tying her up so you could clean out a stale for her. Eren walked past you, hood of his new Scouts cloak still up as he looked around at the team.

    “Hello,” You greeted he jumped at the sound of your voice not noticing you, he turned to face you

    “He-hello,” He greeted tying his horse up as well to get the stall next to yours cleaned out. You finished your stall untying your horse leading her in and start taking off her reins.

    “I don’t believe we have formally met yet, my name's y/n,” You greeted with a soft smile, you didn’t want him to think you all were only here to be his killers if it came to it. The way you saw it, he was still a boy. Despite his gift. If that’s what you would call it.

    “You’re the second-in-command, right? I- I um saw you next to the Captain at my trial.” He was shy and a bit awkward which you guessed was normal for a teenager. You finished up walking out of the stale, you shook your head going to help him.

    “No, that’s Eld’s job. Levi and I have just- we’ve known each other a long time,” You informed him, and he seemed a bit shock at the information. You didn’t blame him, the way you carried yourself, and the way the others respected you it made seem as if you were the second in command, but you turned down the position when Levi offered it saying you didn’t want that kind of responsibility. Even so, the squad still treated you as such knowing about your relationship with the Captain.

    “Y/n,” You looked up seeing Levi not too far off from you, he stared at you before looking over at Eren and then back to you “We have some cleaning to do, you too Eren,” You nodded falling after him into the castle.

    After a long day of cleaning and organizing and getting rooms ready, you all sat at one of the tables drinking some tea that Levi made in the old dining room. You silently took a sip avoiding Levi’s gaze on you ever so often. You hadn’t really spoken much since he found you crying. Not ready to talk about what never could be, but he waited as patiently as he could.

    You set your cup down leaning back in your chair relaxing a bit. You stretched out one of your legs ready for when you could take the straps off.

    “It’s safe to assume our orders will stretch into next week but word through the grapevine is we’re gearing up for a big mission a month from now,” Eld informed your ears perking up a curious glance over at Levi through the corner of your eye, “One where a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears graduates are slated to be our main backup.” Levi noticed your stare shooting you a look to tell you that the two of you would speak later about it.

    “Well, that can’t be right,” Gunther spoke up now and you turned your attention to him “why do something like that? The cadets have been through enough with the last Titan attack. Why subject them to that kind of danger again?”

    “Perhaps the uppers feel that since they have had their exposure that they can handle a mission right out of the gate,” You spoke up attention turning to you as you spoke, “We all know the ones that survived have the skill at least,” You took another sip of tea.

    “You have to wonder how many of those snivel-drop runts peed themselves,” You smirked into your cup at Eld’s words knowing full well that he was one of those Cadet’s not long ago.

    “Surely this can’t be the case?” Petra turned to Levi in disbelief at the news. Levi sat relaxed in his chair one arm resting against the back of the chair the other on the table.

    “Mission planning is my responsibility, but it is Erwin’s. And you can bet the man has obsessed over every angle.” Levi answered and you nodded in agreement. Eld rested his arms on the table his hands held together as he rests his chin on them.

    “Well, that’s the truth,” He responded, confirming Levi’s statement “Especially given how unique the situation is. Considering how many people died on the path to taking back Wall Maria, then hope comes in a form no one expected.” Eld shifted his gaze to Eren “One we’re not even really entirely sure on how to deal with,” Eren visibly tensed as the gaze of the whole squad turned to him.

    “Eld,” You warned a sudden sense of protectiveness running through you and Levi was quick to notice.

    “Y/n,” Levi warned you and sunk back in your chair arms crossed as you stared at the ground.

    “Most of us still find it hard to believe,” Eld continued “So, how does it work? This whole changing into a Titan trick. Really?”

    “Wish I could tell you, but the fact is my memory’s not clear, guess it’s kind of like being a trance. I do know the trigger seems to be hurting myself in some way. Like biting my hand.” Eren held his hand up staring at it as the others all looked at him wanting more answers than they were going to get out of him.

    “You’re not going to get anything out of him. Apart from what the scribblers have laid out in the reports,” Levi grabbed a hold of his cup letting out a hum,” Not that you-know-who won’t have a go at it.” This brought a smile to your face as he spoke about Hange as if saying her name would summon her from thin air. “You’ll be lucky to come out of it alive if that one lays into you, course it's only a matter of time.”

    Eren got visibly nervous at Levi’s words looking over at you who tried to suppress the grin on your face. “I’m honestly surprised they aren’t here yet, I expected them hours ago,” You played along with Levi’s game of teasing Eren seeing it as harmless knowing full well Hange would never really put Eren in any true danger if she could help it.

    “Who’re you talking about?” Eren asked leaning forward and as if on queue a loud bang hit the door behind you with a loud shout of pain behind it, Petra getting up to remove the wooden bar that kept it locked.

    Hange walked in holding her forehead and you couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped your lips.

    “I’m so sorry. Good evening, Team Levi!” She greeted walking into the room, Levi looking both annoyed and unsurprised by her “How is castle life treating you all?”

    “You’re too early.” Levi complained and Hange smirked at him walking over to the empty seat across from you.

    “Am I? S’pose I couldn’t help myself.” She joked and you smiled over at her

    “Well, I say you are late, what took you so long?” You asked finishing off your tea.

    “Ah you know, paperwork this and paperwork that,” You nodded knowing the feeling, Eren stared at Hange a bit confused as to why she was here.

    “Section commander Hange?” He questioned and Hange turned her attention to him

    “Hello Eren,” she greeted “In the event, you haven’t pieced it together yet, it's my job to spearhead the Scout Regiments research efforts. Essentially, I poke and prod our captive Titan specimens. I’d very much like your help.”

    “My help? In what way? Like what would I have to do?” Eren questioned obviously not sure on how he could help himself

    “Join me, of course!” Hange was getting excited her voice raising a little “On a quest of scientific discovery!”

    Eren leaned back getting more nervous as Hange went on “Well, uh… I’m happy to help, except it's not up to me. I’m on strict restriction by order of the higher-ups you see,” Hange smiles looking over at Levi.

    “Levi! What's on the docket for him tomorrow?” She asked excitedly looking over at the Captain

    “Clearing out all the weeds.” He answered unamused

    “Excellent, then! It’s cinched!” Hange leaned down to Eren grabbing a hold of his hand “Young man, tomorrow will be grand.”

    “Hange calm down, you're going to scare the poor boy,” You pointed out and Hange nodded relaxing just a bit and Eren shot you a quick look of thanks before turning back Hange.

    “Uh, okay but just so I’m clear, what exactly will I be doing?” He asked and Hange hummed letting him know to continue his question “Are you running experiments or something?”

    “Idiot. Shut Up,” Oluo whispered head resting on his hand

    Hange sighed looking over at Eren overjoyed by his question “Ahh I knew it! You possess a singularly curious mind, don’t you?”

    You let out a sigh pushing your way up as did the rest of the squad not wanting to stick around for what was going to be a long night of Hange go over her experiments with Eren.

    “Hange,” You started, and she gave a hum to let you know she was listening “Let him get some sleep tonight, yeah?”

    “I can’t promise anything, y/n! You know that!” She beamed and you shook your head following Levi out the door that he was waiting for you by. The walk back to your quarters was quiet as you walked next to each other, he opened the door once you arrived and shut it once you were in. You walked over to the bed sitting down on it with a sigh of relief ready to take off your uniform for the night.

    You pulled your shoes off, setting them neatly next to the bed, and started to unbuckle your straps when Levi walked over smacking your hands away to do it himself. You looked up at him curiously noticing a very faint blush on his cheeks.

    “We need to talk about this, y/n.” He pushed and you let out a heavy sigh starting to pick at your fingers as he gently removed the belts from around you, he tugged at one that signaled for you to stand up and you did, your chest pressing against his as you did from how close he was standing to you. You felt his breath on your cheek but didn’t want to turn your head knowing if you did you would break down again.

    “I know your smart, so I know that you are aware that we can’t fulfill that dream of yours, and I- I don’t know if we ever will,” He started, you bit your lip as you tried your best to hold back tears. The last buckle coming undone sent your straps falling to the floor and Levi sighed grabbing your chin gently to turn you to look at him.  “the is one thing though I am willing to do for you, one thing I’ve always intended to do with you,” He walked over to the dresser in the room digging through one of the drawers as you back down on the bed staring at him curiously something grasped in his hand as he turned back to face you.

    “I know I am not good at expressing my love for you,” He walked back over kneeling down to your level grabbing a hold of your hand, “and perhaps I waited far longer than I intended to do this but the timing never felt right.” He reached up cupping your cheek leaning in for a kiss and when he parted he opened up his hand to reveal a simple silver band, the one you actually saw a few years prior. You looked up at him with wide eyes recognizing the piece of jewelry and he smirked knowing how confused you were.

    “I bought it when you went to get those pastries for lunch,” He admitted to you

    “That day was two years ago, you’ve held onto it all this time?” You asked in disbelief, he nodded shyly.

    “I- I can’t give you children y/n, not when the world is so fucked up but-but I do want to marry you if that can be enough?” The tears flowed freely down your cheeks as your lips spread into a smile nodding your head. It would be enough, as long as Levi was there. He would always be enough.

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