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  • casskid
    23.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    “Everyone can make a choice after they have learned what it will result in. It is so easy to say we should have done it this way afterwards. But you can’t know what your choice will result in before actually choosing.” – Armin Arlert

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  • goodemotionshop
    23.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    значок визжит от радости, почему же 🤭



    - нитки мулине

    - фетр

    - пластиковая канва

    - железное крепление

    - любовь и старание 💞

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  • kleinezoe
    23.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago


    (please appreciate the art & artist directly on twitter)
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  • immanime
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Attack on Titan The Final Season Special Cards

    #snk #shingeki no kyojin #snkedit#snkgraphic #snk official art #monochrome#aot #attack on titan #eren yeager#mikasa ackerman#levi ackerman
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  • rivamika-trash
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    「進撃の巨人 x サンリオ」 キャラクターズコラボ

    Mikasa as Kuromi and Levi as Bad badtz-maru in the latest Shingeki no Kyojin x Sanrio Characters Collaboration
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  • venialityyy
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I had a horrible dream about Levi and his original Levi Squad…

    #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #petra ral#gunther schultz#levi ackerman#eld jinn#oluo bozado #og levi squad
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  • acwnrlevi
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    levi: stands next to someone

    #jsjsjs the amount of times I have seen Levi simply standing by someone not even looking at them #and people are like SEE it’s CANON! and it’s wild #levi ackerman #attack on titan #snk#aot
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  • plutowrites
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #levi ackerman #levi x reader #levi ackerman x reader #aot #levi ackerman fluff #levi x you #levi x y/n #Levi Ackerman imagines #aot imagines#aot levi #attack on titan fanfiction #attack on titan #levi ackerman headcanons #snk #shingeki no kyoujin levi
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  • mirrorsbyn
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝗟𝗲𝘃𝗶 𝗔𝗰𝗸𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝖨𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗌

    #Levi Ackerman#levi ackerman #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman icon #icons snk
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  • giuliadrawsstuff
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Whoever did this, chapeau. I can't stop laughing 😂😂

    #gif#bonjour #beauty and the beast #levi Ackerman #attack on titan #window#morning
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  • leyyvi
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    College friend turned boyfriend!Levi, who never hugs ANYONE as a greeting EXCEPT for you.

    When you met him everyone in the friend group warned you that he does not like to be touched under any circumstances. But as you two get closer and closer he slowly grows more and more okay with how close you sit to him.

    How sometimes you'll nudge his arm after a funny thing he said and then he eventually starts trying to make you laugh. Because he actually really likes how your elbow bumps into his forearm, and the sound of a tiny giggle from his stupid joke. As the months pass everyone notices how Levi chooses to sit next to you in nearly every social outing. How his pinky lingers against the outside of your thigh, how he sometimes hovers a hand behind you (and only you) when walking up a flight of stairs.

    And one night, when everyone is super drunk you just... Cling to him. To his arm, lean on his shoulder, hook an arm around him when you need to whisper something to him. And the first time it happens everyone fully expects Levi to shove you away (as he does with Hange on a regular basis). But he doesn't. He just lets you, and there's always a specific fond expression he wears everytime you touch him.

    Then you start doing it sober, you hug him as a greeting one time after Hange placed a bet with you. You didn't expect him to let you but he just, stands there. After a few more hugs over the next coming weeks he quickly wraps an arm around your waist as a greeting. And that's when everyone in the group just fucking knew the man was head over heels for you ❤️

    #i dont know what this is i just started typing and i couldnt stop #levi ackerman x reader #i love him your honor!!!!
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  • aimenkun
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Too bad they didn't include hange 😪

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  • anlian-aishang
    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kinktober Day 13: Threesome - Levi x Reader x Miche

    “So umm for the 3some with Miche, can we have a spit roast? I see them two as really competitive like who can fuck the reader the hardest and go the longest so I just imagine like reader kinda helpless and crying from the overstimulation and overwhelming pleasure of being mercilessly hammered she’s just cum over and over but these two guys with their insane stamina just keep going?! And like they see she’s struggling to keep up with them so they stop but only to swap holes and they then just keep going 🤭 like who ever cums between them first loses kinda thing. She’s obvs still loving it. And/or like ones in the puss and ones in the butt and their competition is to see who’s name the reader moans the most/loudest. Aaaannd that’s my imagine of a 3some with humanity’s first and second strongest I’m gonna go back to drinking my holy water now 😂”

    word count: 2200

    tags: nsfw, levi x reader x miche threesome, canonverse, double penetration, anal sex, slight sub/dom dynamics, fem!reader

    may i humbly recommend this doujin? [nsfw]

    Second only to Levi.

    A relationship inherent in his title. A dynamic unignorable. How Levi’s abilities managed to stand above a man twice his size, it gave him a terrible cockiness. How Miche was viewed as less than to such a small guy, it gave him a dreadful anger. Underneath a blanket of camaraderie, their friendship had cracks and divots - such was where you lie between them.

    Miche’s hands on his hips, Levi’s arms crossed at his chest, they looked down to you with both pity and longing, to each other like two tigers eyeing one steak.

    In any other setting, you may have been more reserved, but with the Scouts’ two most eyed men at the foot of your bed, you could not help your eager self. Legs tangled together, a futile attempt to quell the burn between your thighs, “S’So,” you stuttered, “who wants to go first?”

    Levi placed a sound foot forward, “See, I would say he needs a head start,” his tone hardened from cordial to combative, “but I would bet he doesn’t have the first clue how to please you.” Levi continued towards you, dripping confidence along the way, “And you deserve an expert, darling.”

    Miche showed no objection, no anger even, only an approving smirk. “Please,” he gestured, “ladies first.”

    Levi’s pace undisrupted, nearly flaunting his immunity, but with the front perspective you held, you caught the narrowing of his brows and the clench of his teeth - his annoyance a secret that you would keep safe.

    The only secret that could be held in a setting like this. A king bed with dark sheets, ones you lay atop of, the only furniture in an otherwise plain room. Naked bodies went to work as nature intended. Olive green eyes were shameless in watching your interaction unfold. And Levi would not have minded, if not for the way your gaze was stuck on his.

    “Hey,” Levi took hold of your chin, a fierce tug, “eyes on me.”

    An easy demand, how that silver stare melded you to him just as his touch did. You licked your lips and obeyed, “Yes, master.”

    Miche did not like that, nor the way that the graze of his fingertips had you twitching beneath him, nor how you so easily submit to his sensation, nor how you clawed marks into his back as he sheathed into you time after time, he did not like any of it. But with the knowledge that his turn was up next, he could at least withstand it. A savory bitterness. The perfect amount of pissed-off. Each fuck Levi gave you was one more second sooner that Miche would have you. Both of them could sense it now - how your breaths quickened, Levi’s drives made to match them.

    “H’hey…” you sighed, “I… I think I…!”

    “Hah,” Levi chuckled, making sure Miche heard, “already?”

    Slaps of skin resounded throughout the room. Toes dug into the mattress, leverage for the love and the good fucking you deserve. Calves outlined as he propelled himself for you, biceps flexed in holding and bringing you closer. Watching him work was compelling evidence, even a shred of Miche started to doubt himself, Maybe he is humanity’s strongest.

    Even more convincing, how you disintegrated to nothing in your pathetic attempt to handle him. Quivering lips managed no words, only whimpers and screams - more than any he had heard, even outside the walls. The white that you were likewise helpless to contain, spilling out and completely coating his cock. Trembling around his entirety, a physical begging for his stay throughout your orgasm - one he praised you through.

    “That’s it…” Levi cooed, harsh current fell to your ear, “That’s it, babygirl…” Eyes threw a wink to his opponent. Just stand back and watch.

    No, he would take no more of this. Before you had even started your comedown, Miche’s daunting footsteps demanded your attention. Calloused hand smacked down to Levi’s shoulder. Barely managing a peek past squinted eyes, you were awoken to how massive their size difference was, how massive he was. How easily Miche grasped him, how effortlessly he threw Levi from the bed and to the floor, how it teetered the climax you were just given and set your sights on the next one.

    Especially when your lust took over, eyes descending to his lower half. All of Miche was delicious, and every inch you saw drew you down to the next one. Blonde curtain bangs to hazel eyes. Broad shoulders to square pecs. Washboard abdomen to protruding V. Below a handsome happy trail, a length that pulled your mouth agape.

    Jaw-dropping he was, Miche relished your reaction, Levi loathed it, but could he blame you? Levi himself could not avert his own gaze, let alone deny the difference. Still, he cringed at your words.

    Hand gingerly reached to him, as if wary that this was all a facade, “M’Miche,” you swallowed, “you’re huge…”

    A smile brazen, Miche nodded, “Go on, touch it. Feel for yourself.”

    His girth so wide, your hand could not wrap around him completely. His length so long, you could not fit him in two hands. Instinctively, you found yourself pulling him to your sex, its throbbing no longer thanks to Levi, but all thanks to the Greek god before you - one you would worship forever, an encounter you would cherish forever.

    Gritting your teeth, working a sweat, trying your damnedest. Glancing down, you were once again shocked at the length you thought you knew - after all that effort, not even the tip. Slight panic, you glanced up towards your second lover, “It… It won’t fit!”

    Rage coursed through Levi’s veins, his ears bled with it. Miche, on the other hand, had a composure that gave you chills. Cool voice whispered into your ear as he pressed his front to yours, “Don’t worry, baby…” hand encompassed your head, a series of pets made you shiver in his hold, “I’ll be good to you.”

    Hips dragged back and pushed forward. Inch by mindful inch, inserting himself into you. Unlike Levi, he did not need speed to make you lose a race with him. His size, even at a slow and steady pace, was enough to have you writhing, squirming, struggling already. Inhales sharp in sting, exhales helpless in strife, silent swears through barred teeth, both of your men heard them loud and clear.

    The first few rocks, Miche’s low voice gave high remarks, “Yeah, keep it up, you’re doing so good, love…” Soft thrusts turned to deep plummets, transition soothed by the words kind on your ears, “So good for me, right?”

    The treatment of places you never knew existed, the stretch of your walls impossibly thin, a never-ending stimulation of all your most sensitive spots, all of it at once and quickening. In this moment, Miche was your everything. All you could see, hear, taste, feel. Seeing how his muscles chiseled for you, hearing that deep voice hush through his exertion, the taste of salt on his tongue, consumed by a giant - your cunt tried and failed to take him whole.

    Every fuck was one more invitation, one more allotted attempt for your pussy to accommodate. You found yourself purposefully bombing the test just so you could be granted a retake. More than that, even, how you demanded more trials - ones harder than the last.

    Spluttering over your words, saliva seeped past your lips, “M’Miche…!” One hand clutched the sheets, the other tangled his hair with a fist, “Miche, please!”

    Sure in what you were going to say, he checked to ensure his challenger knew as well, “What is it, baby?”

    “H’Harder, more… please…” incoherent and panting now, the need for release overpowering your speech. Patches of white speckled his skin on the places where your hold turned dire, “T’Take me, don’t hold back.”

    A flinch in his lip, perhaps you did not know what you were demanding of him, but in this competition, he would not dare deny you his best performance. His first decisive slam was the last one you could endure. Your guts stirred, your g-spot smashed - you coiled around him, pleading for the prolonging of that sick and twisted feeling, craving his support through it.

    His hot hug enveloped you whole, guiding you along your waves. Your adorable pussy and its endless pulsations, thanking him as your cries did. Delicious pain and vexing pleasure - all thanks to him, right?

    Miche’s conscious crawl off the bed, Levi’s mindful march to it. Erections nurtured as they watched you ride the end of your climax, heard you breathe curses in the wake of it.

    “So…” Levi began.

    “What do you say, princess?” Miche’s signature.

    So cold and composed, meanwhile - you were a hot mess. Shaky breaths, muscle spasms, the outpouring of your honey pot, the utter drainage of your energy. You had just taken on the world’s most capable men, one after another, and yet, somehow, you craved more.

    “I… I can’t decide.”

    It was the truth, but a disguised one, one you could not even admit to yourself - how badly you wanted them both again. Levi fucked you hard and fast, Miche thoroughly and wholly. If you chose one, would you forever lose a return to the other? How could anyone decide?

    The two men threw each other side eyes, arms crossed and hands on hips just as they had an hour before, although this time, with a little more flush and a little more sweat. In the midst of this match, their dissatisfaction was mutual. In their silent exchange, they discovered one way - one way to ease your comparison, to make a choice crystal clear.

    // // //

    A ringing in your ears, eyes blurred with tears, beyond these two men and the feeling they pounded into you, all else was a haze. An attempt to instill clarity, how wrong they had been about that. Double penetrated by these two, though, wrong was the last word you would use to describe it.

    Further pushing your exhausted womanhood or provoking a whole new place. Levi - keen to overstimulation, an endless stamina - took the former. Miche - adoring how your body took new form for him, dead set on leaving a lasting impression - the latter.

    Washboard abdomens at your front and at your back, opposite complement to your curves. A symphony of arid gasps and abyssal groans accompanied their rocks - eventually, you could not discern your instruments. Levi. Miche. Levi...? Miche...? Swallowed whole by hands that were as skilled in lovemaking as they were in slaying beasts, happy to die either way - as long as they were by your side. A threesome so sinful - you were sure to go to hell, a threesome so blissful, a stop at heaven along the way.

    Heartbeat raced, breaths failed to break through, a burn all over - everyone hot to the touch. A flood of endorphins filled your head and brought on a wonderful headache. Levi’s merciless drives into your pussy, Miche’s deliberate rams against your ass. A pristine pain felt here, there, everywhere.

    They did not ask for a decision, but awaited one. Whoever you called first. All your dams had cracked, your walls crumbled. On this third orgasm, your cries would be without filter, and on this third orgasm, your king would be crowned. Rock solid lengths at your ends felt your insides seize around him, and in that moment, they both thought they had you - had a win - a sure thing.

    With that assurance, with that anticipation, they let themselves go. Levi’s rapid pace, Miche’s entire force, they were urgent coercions for that moment of truth, preemptive rewards for their surefire victories. Filthy words encompassed you, hot cum filled you - their combination your proof that they had both cum for you - a win of your own.

    The one woman, the one being, to make the Scouts’ most powerful succumb. Stronger than any titan, better than any vixen - once a seemingly innocent recruit actually the stand-alone whore. Who else could earn these men’s orgasms, even just one of them? Could anyone else seize them at the same time? In their climaxes, whispers of praise from both your superiors, you were shrouded in them and wore them like a cloak. Who was the real winner here?

    Levi completely breathless, Miche drenched in sweat - the power that you had over both of them. Evidence overwhelming in how they fought to own you, but in actuality, you owned them. Fucking their queen bee silly even though she would drain them to death, the poor stupid things.

    An all-around power trip gave you that long-awaited ascent. A numbness sprinkled with sparks. Hot and cold all at once - perspiring and shivering from head to toe. A third time - they were right in that your cries were without filter, alarmed when you seemed to scream all words but two.

    Then, a silence.

    How you failed to call either of their names - it meant that they had both failed as well in their objective to decisively win you over. Who could have thought that this would be the first mission in which they had ever fallen short of expectations? Even while in the throes of pleasure, true satisfaction had been tainted by the absence of victory.

    No. No.

    This won’t do.

    A decisive pull out. Tough hands wrapped around their freshly sensitive lengths. Wiping themselves tip to base with the traces of you, stroking themselves hard again.

    Ordering both you and his opponent, “Try harder this time.”

    // Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //

    #levi x reader #miche x reader #mike x reader #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader x miche #levi ackerman smut #levi smut#mike smut#miche smut #levi x you #mike x you #miche x you #kinktober 2021#anlian writes#my writing#alias's
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  • saccharine-darling
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    pairing; Levi Ackerman x Erwin Smith x fem! reader x Mike Zacharias

    rating; 18+ explicit smut

    word count; 1.4k

    notes; this was from a very old ask then an anon asked where this story went so here I am reposting it, not sure what happened to the original but I do agree I like this piece too and thought about making a second part.

    tags; teasing, fellatio, nipple play, sir kink, captain kink, permission kink, boot humping, face/throat fucking, canonverse.

    It was well after midnight when you cracked open your door wincing at the sound of the wood creaking echoing down the long hallway, silence. Perfect time for you to press your back against the wall inching your way towards the end where you can slip out into the night.

    It’s not a good idea to be sneaking out especially so late as a brand new scout but your legs were restless, you needed to stretch, and being cramped in the small room with all the other female cadets drove you crazy, Sasha with her munching on her potato, Christa and Ymir giggling hiding under their blankets, Mikasa stayed quiet as usual except to tell Sasha to pipe down.

    No one said anything when you slowly pulled your boots on and snuck out, they have their own problems to think about right now, nighttime was the perfect time to overthink but it wasn’t a good idea to sneak out when you finally rounded the corner hearing three voices, well two at first.

    Commander Smith and Captain Levi were talking about someone, stepping to the side growing bolder listening in on their conversation, it was only human nature to be curious.

    “She is doing really well for starting out, I’m very excited to see where she goes,” Erwin said walking in his office, Levi and Mike following behind.

    “You think she did well? I wasn’t impressed.” Levi replied sitting on the couch looking at the dust with disgust clear on his face.

    Mike cleared his throat and looked at Erwin resting against the wall, “I have to agree with Erwin, she was excellent.”

    Levi snorted rolling his eyes, “You only say that because you two want to fuck her.”

    It wasn’t a lie, but deep down so did Levi.

    You stood still slowing your breathing inching your way closer hearing the conversation take a turn, it was only when they started describing who they were talking about did you realize it was you.

    Erwin talked about how great your ass looked in your uniform and the way the leather straps hugged your chest, Levi was more about your thighs and the way the straps looked. With each sentence spoken you felt your cunt clench wetting your panties with arsoual, the mere thought of all three of them having their way with you made your nipples ache.

    Mike was interested in how you smell which is what he did, inhaling deeply he caught the attention of his friends, “What is it, Zacharias?” Levi asked raising an eyebrow.

    “Something, there’s a faint scent that smells like…” he broke off and turned his head towards your direction, it was coming from you little did he know until Mike was standing directly in front of you, arms crossed over his chest face pulled into a scowl.

    “Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?” He asked reaching out circling your wrist pulling you towards Erwin’s office, you tried to stomp on the floor and pull away from Mike but it was no use, you were caught. He smelled your arousal, you knew it when he pushed you in front of Erwin’s desk.

    Your eyes darted around the room, first to Erwin who leaned back in his chair crossing one thick leg over the other, one arm draped behind his chair with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Levi still sat on the couch, the same position as Erwin with his crossed legs but his look wasn’t as sweet as Erwin’s.

    “No, I wasn’t. I wanted to get some fresh air.” it wasn’t much of a lie, you really did want fresh air.

    You couldn’t tell how Mike reacted but you felt him press against you inhaling your hair groaning deep in his chest, “So, you weren’t listening? What if Mike put his hands in your panties would he find you soaking wet?” Erwin asked leaning forward putting the tumblr on his desk smiling.

    Your eyes flickered over to the corner nibbling on your bottom lip, this is wrong. You know and so do they but it still didn’t stop Mike from tugging on the straps on your back pulling it flush against your breasts.

    “No bra?” Levi asked standing up walking over to you casually looking at you, the usual stoic look was replaced with something darker brewing behind his eyes.

    Levi tweaked your hardened nipple teasing with the rough pads of his fingers pressing in rubbing the harsh fabric of your shirt over your bud, “Maybe we should give you your punishment now, what do you think about that cadet?” He asked cupping the back of your neck forcing you to look at him, swallowing the lump in your throat you nodded your head.

    “Yes, Captain.”

    Erwin smiled and stood pushing his chair back scaping it against the floor as Mike grabbed your hands holding them together behind your back letting Levi have access to your nipples, he worked his fingers on both buds coiling the ball of pressure between your legs making you gasp and droop.

    “Please.” You begged looking at Erwin who smiled so sweetly you were sure it was going to leave his teeth rotten, on the surface he looks nice but below the exterior Erwin is a man who craves control and submission.

    “Knees,” Erwin said putting his hand on your shoulder. Instantly you dropped down on the stone feeling it scrape but you ignored the stinging, all you could feel was your pussy throbbing from the lack of touch.

    Thanks to never getting alone time you were never able to rub one out, in the shower or in bed so your own pent-up sexual frustrations bubbled up. Erwin saw the glare in your eye, with his fingers now grasping your chin he bent down kissing you gently shocking you.

    “Good girl, you obey your Commander. That’s what you’ll refer to me as such as Levi, you’ll only call him Captain.”

    “And for me, you’ll call me Sir,” Mike said crouching down to your level still holding on your straps, you nodded your head and watched Erwin unbuckle his pants pushing the stiff fabric down to his knees, your eyes traveled up his thick thighs, years of training, and riding horses.

    “Something catch your eye?” Erwin asked smirking wrapping his large thick fingers around his equally thick cock which glistened with pre-cum smeared on the head, you licked your lips mouth already drooling at the aspect of his throat fucking you. A thought that has occupied your late thoughts more than once.

    Levi chuckled using his foot to spread your legs apart nudging his boot against the damp spot soaking through your pants. Heat spread through your body, “Go on cadet, show us how desperate you are.” He ordered, sweat broke out all over as you panted moving your hips grinding against Levi’s boot.

    “You have to ask permission to cum, do you got that good girl? And if you’re really good then you get a reward.” Erwin said turning you back to face him.

    “Open that pretty mouth cadet.”

    You dropped your jaw watching Erwin guide his cock to your mouth slapping your tongue, warm and heavy. He moved his hands to your head thrusting in and out, spit trickled down your chin coating your shirt. Mike pulled back on the straps keeping your arms pinned behind you as he pinched your nipple.

    Levi kept his boot wedged between your legs letting you tirelessly and ashamedly rutting against it trying to chase an orgasm that didn’t want to break the surface, your muscles burned with heavy tension while Erwin fucked your mouth moaning loudly throwing his head back.

    You were at their mercy.

    “Cum for us cadet, or can’t you ask for permission?” Levi asked shifting his boot pressing against the right spot, you glanced at him with watery eyes and tried to nod your head but Erwin kept his grip on your head using your mouth for his own pleasure, it was selfish of all of them really to be doing this but it was too late, the line was crossed.

    Your orgasm felt like fireworks in your head as you finally succumbed to the pleasure that you’ve been pursuing, tears streamed down your face as your hips stuttered slowing down. Erwin hissed holding your head still deep throating you while groaning, “Cadet, you didn’t ask for permission. Do you know what that means?” He asked.

    Erwin waited a beat before Levi spoke up, “Don’t you know Commander it’s not nice to speak with your mouth full.”

    Your cunt spasmed wetting your panties and pants, “Since she can’t speak I’ll answer it,” Mike said pinching your nipple once more before pulling away rubbing his fingers on your crotch lifting them to his nose inhaling deeply, “bad girls get punished.”

    #Levi Ackerman smut #Levi smut #Erwin Smith smut #Erwin smut #Mike Zacharias smut #Zach smut #Levi x reader x Erwin x Mike smut #aot smut #aot x reader smut
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    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jesus FUCKING Christ!

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  • levmada
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ✍︎: Speed of Light [LevixReader drabble]

    summary: You’ve always had a small irrational fear of mundane things: the washing machine, the garbage disposal, PG-13 horror movies… The list goes on, but (thankfully) Levi loves you despite your anxious nature. Thing is, not all fears are mundane.. or exactly irrational.

    warnings: panic attack; minor portrayal of self harm; medical PTSD

    word count: 1.2k


    written as a vent. medical ptsd is a form (as far as ive seen) of disorder that ppl dont rly talk about. specifically, gross mistreatment by bastards who are supposed to be medical professionals. it makes me feel invisible and alone, and i dont have anyone to talk it thru with, so heres this.



    The slow, melodic tune of a 70's ballad emanates from the little speaker atop the counter nearby. Your hands are warm and a tad sudsy between each clean dish Levi passes to you, but you don't mind that much. You even find yourself humming a little; you love this song, your stomach is full and warm, and Levi is a constant presence at your side as he diligently scrubs each dirty dish until they shine.

    And this new nightly routine is nice, you think. You and Levi don't even need to carry that much conversation between the two of you for things to feel natural. Occasionally, you can sense him grace you with a brief, fond look, and your hands will sometimes linger between passes. It's nice. A smile accompanies your humming now.

    The dirty dishes pass you by quick, and then Levi's forearm- slick with soapy water- enters your peripheral vision. You scarcely have the split-second to squeak before the garbage disposal roars to life, a grating scream. It's like dragging the prongs of a metal fork across a fancy plate; you flinch as your expression twists into a cringe, and you drop the clean glass.

    Maybe it's the sound of the monstrous thing, or the image you can see in your mind's eye of two-dozen tiny blades grinding who-knows-what into bits at the speed of light. Hardened grease, bits of food, fingers-

    The garbage disposal stops abruptly the same moment you hear Levi's abrupt curse and his strong arms capture your waist, all to lift you away from the broken glass scattered across the hardwood like bits of razor-sharp glitter.

    "You idiot," Levi seethes, and jerks back a bit from where he's cradling your trembling body to his chest. Your feet brush carpet, and the song is still playing, droning on and on. "What the hell were you thinking?"

    "Levi," you gasp, eyes widening like saucers. "Your feet-"

    It occurs to you, neither of you were wearing socks just then, and it's your fault. You only moved in with Levi a month or so ago, so how could he possibly have known about that specific, terribly fear among your millions and billions of others?

    "It doesn't matter," Levi grunts, and hefts you up on the countertop like you weigh nothing at all. It's only then that the knot in your throat snaps, and you shudder out a sob.


    Another time- after enough months had passed for Levi to get comfortable teasing you as the biggest scaredy-cat he knows- you lay together, basking in afterglow.

    "You're a mess," Levi retorts, to your tired moans to stay in bed. His palm drifts over your belly, stopping at the slickness at your inner thighs.

    You squirm, then tease, "and whose fault is that?" before regarding the dark hickeys littering Levi's chest and thighs. It's as if you're high- either on the little death, your fiancé, or both- and that feeling makes you giggle at Levi's playful scoff before he swoops in and lifts you off the messy duvet.

    A small squeak leaves your lips, but you're too swamped to struggle or put up much of a fight this late at night, especially after so much sex. Levi is strong, warm, and you press kisses to the crook of his neck, where the musk of pine needles and arousal is the strongest.

    Now, you aren't that frightened of darkness, not really. It's dark bathrooms. Specifically, mirrors. Maybe it's your superstitious nature, or needlessly frightening stories you've picked up on over the years, but mirrors in pitch-black darkness? The fear is paralyzing.

    But Levi knows this about you, as he does most other little tidbits or factoids that make up who you are. And after what happened, he had you make a bulleted list of every silly, irrational fear you have stewing inside your head.

    So he knows now, and when you duck your head into the crook of his neck at the first glimpse of darkness, he huffs in amusement before deftly flicking the light switch with his elbow.


    Levi- both reclined and relaxed- glances over his book through his veil of bangs. Behind the coffee table, along with his mug of tea, you're teasing your cat, Peter. He’s a mischievous little fluff-ball you and Levi inherited not long ago from Hange. They have four cats, not one of them fixed, and, well.

    Peter hates being held. He also has ‘fucking razor-sharp claws’ as Levi puts it.

    “Careful,” he advises you then. “He’s scratched you before."

    “Mm, it’ll be alright,” you say, brushing him off. Again, you creep your hand forth as bait, and Peter’s wide eyes track your movements like the master hunter he is. They look like that of black holes, almost.

    Levi looks over his book at you and rolls his eyes, "right. Keep messing with him and it won't end well for you one of these days. Emergency rooms annoy the shit out of me."

    At this, your expression immediately twists. Something like roadkill is what that feeling is. You blink rapidly and go still, both Peter and your game effectively forgotten.

    “Hey,” you say- a bit quickly- and look over at your partner. Levi regards you with a troubled frown. “You can’t do that. Don’t take me to hospital, not ever, okay? At least not one of the big ones-”

    Levi stops you there with a catch of your name, and places his book aside in favor of padding over to your side. He knows your current demeanor, what it means. Levi knows it better than you know it yourself by now.

    “Don’t take me to the hospital,” you tell him, somewhat hysterically, and you shake your head. Hysteria, if such a thing could sit still, solid and heavy. “You can’t, just don’t.”

    “Okay, we won’t. Not if I can help it- I promise, alright?” Levi frowns deeply, and furrows his brow through his bangs. You don’t seem to quite hear him. Your eyes are wide, breaths drawn and heaving as if you’ve been caught in fight-or-flight.

    It’s not anything he’s never seen from you before, except below, the nail on your pointer finger is digging into the flesh of your thumb. When Levi moves into action- snapping your name, seizing your hand- you continue to tremble. Even in his arms.

    “I’m sorry,” you scramble to apologize, “I’m sorry- it just reminds me I’m not there anymore; I know I shouldn’t do it. I’m sorry…”

    And Levi’s eyes are wide as he holds you because you doing that, that’s something he’s never seen you do. The thought of you inflicting pain on yourself for your own sake makes his blood run cold.

    You both stay like that, you think, for some time. Your joints are aching and there are pins and needles in your legs once you’re calm enough to realize how you reacted.

    Your first instinct is to curse and berate yourself. Of course, Levi is there instead to lock his arm around your waist while he brews you both a calming tea. You explain, and here, he makes you remember.

    What happened then isn’t now, and Levi wouldn’t ever do a thing to intentionally harm you. You know, and yet the reaction was innate, then harshly visceral. A raging, uncontrollable leviathan.

    Out of the countless small things you’re afraid of- the garbage disposal, bathroom mirrors- those are nothing like that. Still, you remember.

    You are still here, and Levi is now too. You're going to be alright.

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    Levi only pretends to be annoyed when you slap his butt. In reality, he absolutely loves it.

    Even sticks it out just a little bit to entice you when you’re passing by and quietly smiles to himself when you fall for it every single time.

    Delightful Crumbs

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    This one’s for @innocent-ghost-demon — happy birthday!! 💕

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