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  • lehouxnap2
    23.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    I think is ODD how the fandom doesn't involve Marco often, like in Headcanons or fanarts , when Isayama himself involves him more in cover mangas and in the plot. Hmm...

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  • candycityy
    23.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    — 900-odd words of semiconscious introspection by levi ackerman. rivetra.


    It's four o'clock in the morning.

    Outside, the sky is an inky black, barely interrupted by the dull glow of the waning moon; the sun isn't due to rise for hours still, but already the last of the night's stars are fading. The pre-dawn chill seeps in through a crack in the window, tugging him gently out of his sleep-hazed state.

    Drowsiness still weighs heavy on his eyelids and thoughts, and he wonders vaguely when, exactly, he started allowing himself the luxury of lingering in this half-dreamed consciousness. After all, Levi comes from a land of bared teeth and cold blood, and his mind has been trained to cut through sleep into alertness in a half-second, smooth as a hot knife through butter.

    Back then, that pause could save you from waking up at the wrong end of a loaded pistol.

    But old habits are hard to break, and he'd carried it with him to the Survey Corps and just never saw fit to abandon it. You can drag the man straight out of hell, right, but you can never really sever the devil from the man.

    Well. Until her, that is. Ordinarily, he can't stand the stifling silence of the night, the quiet stirring up old thoughts and unwanted memories. He's always had trouble sleeping, and he honestly doesn't know how many nights he's whiled away at his desk, immersing himself in mindless paperwork by the flickering glow of candlelight.

    But tonight, with the warmth of her body pressed into his side, he feels as contented as he's ever been. Levi stares out of the window, listening to her steady breaths – inhale, exhale – his mind gratifyingly still for once.

    A subtle shift next to him breaks him out of his reverie, and he turns to see Petra sigh and curl up just a little more tightly into her cocoon of sheets and pillows, her back turned to the icy breeze. Carefully, he leans over and shuts the window tight.

    A sliver of crescent moon hangs in the air, its wicked edges sharp and severe in the darkness. But for all its teeth, the light it gives off is faint, almost weary, slanting through the glass and casting the honey of her hair in an ethereal glow. As he watches, almost in a trance, a single ray spills across the back of her hand, tracing the fine bones in her knuckles, and illuminating the streak of silver that loops around her fourth finger.

    The metal shines, freshly polished. He doesn't smile, but he can feel some of the tension ease out of his jaw, softening the ever-present tightness at the back of his eyes. Levi remembers when he'd given her the ring:


    They're in town, during one of their rare off days. His hands are tucked into his pockets and her arm is threaded through his. The evening is almost at its end: the sky a darkening lilac, the autumn air crisp and cold.

    She wears a thick scarf around her neck, its vibrant yellow clashing spectacularly with her hair, but then she smiles at him, her cheeks flushed with cold and mead, and he feels his breath catch in his throat.

    His fingertips brush against the velvet of the box, deep inside his coat pockets. Before he can stop himself, he blurts out, "Ral."

    "Mm?" she hums. She stumbles over a loose piece of cobblestone – her reflexes are usually perfect, with a soldier's control and a dancer's grace, but the mead has made her giddy and lightheaded – and he tugs her closer to his side.

    "D'you ever think about the future?"

    She looks contemplative. "Well, yeah. Isn't that what being in the Survey Corps is about? Always looking towards tomorrow?"

    "Alcohol makes you awfully poetic," he says dryly. "But I meant, with us."

    She lifts her chin, her honey-gold bangs falling away from her face. "I know. I guess I just think about your future like how I think about mine. They're connected, in my head. We're connected."

    "You think so?" he asks. It's a gentle prod, a teasing remark, but she looks at him with perfect seriousness, yeah, I do.

    That look, probably, is what pushes him to finally pull the box out of his pocket and slide the ring onto her finger. The spinel gleams in its silver band, and when the evening light catches it, it glows like a tiny flame. It's the same spark he always sees in her eyes, warm and defiant and alive.

    "It's just a ring, it doesn't mean anything," he says when she lets out a soft gasp of delight. But she just rolls her eyes and takes his face in her hands, her gloved fingers warm and rough against his jaw, and kisses him. Her mouth is searing hot against his – flash and burn, just like her – and as she breathes into his lips, I love you, he pulls her tight against his chest and swears he won't let go.


    Old habits are hard to break, and Levi never expects things to stay the way they are. Loss is an old battle wound, a familiar ache that has long since settled into his bones, flaring up every now and then when it rains, making him wince but not break. He wakes up every day expecting nothing but the worst; it's how he keeps himself sane.

    Still, with her – and only with her – he allows himself a touch of weakness. Sealed with a meaningless ring and a kiss, he allows himself to hope.

    Loss is the only constant, he knows this. But, still, a man can dream.

    #i got tired of spewing my 1am unbeta-ed crap into ao3 so here you go #rivetra #levi x petra #shingeki no kyojin #aot fanfiction #attack on titan #petra ral#levi ackerman
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  • kaito-is-baby
    23.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Let me take care of you

    Levi Ackerman x Reader

    from this event: “no, you’re not going anywhere. You have a fever.” + Levi 🛐

    “What the fuck are you doing?” Your usually sleep deprived boyfriend yelled at you when your shivers woke him up in the middle of his 4 hours of rest

    “Baby...?” He asked noticing your lack of response, you were shivering asleep

    He tried to wrap you in blankets and in between his arms, his own body keeping you warm

    Then he realized how hot you were

    Your skin was burning at this point

    “Damn, you’ve got a fever”

    Levi got out of your shared bed, turned off any alarms on your bedroom and wrote some warnings ordering to ‘DO NOT BOTHER Y/N TODAY OR ENTER THEIR ROOM/KNOCK THEIR DOOR’ 

    He left them on your squad shared room, in the kitchen, in Erwin’s office (this one did explain the reason tho)... and after everything was set and done he laid down with you again, making sure you weren’t cold but also not making you high temperature didn’t get any higher

    “Levi... What time is it?” Your sleepy voice asked him 

    “Hi” He whispered 

    “What time it is?”

    “It’s 3 p.m. Lay back again. You need to rest” 

    “Why did you let me sleep until this late? I had to train the cadets at-” You stood up

    “You’re sick brat, you need to rest” His hand trying to make you sit back on your bed

    “I have to go to the kids and-” 

    “No, you are not going anywhere” Levi stopped you, passing his arms around your knees and soulders and carrying you princess style “You’ve got a fever. Rest. Is an order” 

    “Levi I have too much to do today I can’t afford to stay in bed” You tried to argue with your stuborn partner 

    “I already asked for today to be both our days off so you have nothing to worry about” He tugged you back on bed

    “Both?” You looked at him surprised

    “Both” He reassured, joining you in the blanket “Someone has to take care of you right?” 

    “Alright...” You admitted resting your head in his chest and finally relaxing “I can let you do that.”

    You knew Levi, if he allowed himself to leave his duty for a day to take care of you you could only accept his love in return.

    This was maybe the most beautiful way he has ever told you “I love you” without any words and that was more than enough to let all your responsabilities aside while he caressed your hair

    #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyojin x reader #shingeki no kyojin imagine #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #levi x reader #levi x y/n #levi imagine#snk fanfiction #snk x reader #levi ackerman imagine #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman scenario #levi ackerman x reader
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  • devilkou
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ❝Petnames the aot characters would call you.❞

    Characters; Various
    Word count; 0.6k
    Warnings; 18+ minors dni + sfw content + gn reader
    Note; There is only one gendered petname in the list so i added both versions :3 hope you enjoy <3

    ─ Babylove, Honey, and Sweetheart.

    They only ever called you these petnames in the comfort of your own home. It wasn’t that they viewed them as all that intimate but rather it was when they were slipping into a deep slumber that it escaped them. Or it was when they slid behind you at the bathroom sink, their arms loosely wrapping behind you, their face nuzzled into your shoulder, their words hushed as they all but slumped into. It wasn’t that they were shy about this sort of thing but rather worried if it was too much or if you thought it was silly. You never did; you drank up each moment and dreamt of the next because those petnames that they so rarely used made you feel special, making your heart feel fuzzy every time.
    ⪼ Armin Arlert, Bertholdt Hoover, Pieck Finger and Niccolo.

    ─ Prince/ess, Baby/babe, and Sugar.

    Petnames roll off their tongue as if it was second nature. You almost can’t recall the last time they actually called you by your name because they favour petnames. To them there is something so intimate that comes with petnames, perhaps it’s because only they have the pleasure of calling you something so sweet or maybe it’s because you always grow weak in the knees no matter how often they call you it. Either way they like it, and you certainly find it endearing, so it soon grew strange when they addressed you by your first name, so you were lucky those moments were rare. You’d always pout when they did because you were their baby, so why weren’t they calling you their baby.
    ⪼ Jean Kirstein, Porco Galliard, Hitch Dreyse, and Ymir.

    ─ (My) Love, Dear, and My Sweet.

    They aren’t one to call you anything other than your name in an affectionate tone reserved for you, but sometimes they do. It’s rare but never unwelcomed because it’s taken them a lot to open up to you in this way. Their voice is always so low that you could miss it if you don’t pay close attention, but maybe with enough teasing you can get them to say it again. They’d do anything to see you smile, even if you’ve made a certain heat dance on their cheeks because they love you and this is the only time your goading will spur them into repeating themselves.
    ⪼ Levi Ackerman, Annie Leonhart, Zeke Jaeger, Erwin Smith, and Mikasa Ackerman.

    ─ Pumpkin, Angel, and Buttercup.

    You almost couldn’t believe it when they called you these petnames for the first time. Were they really calling you such mushy petnames? You had to pinch yourself because you swore you were dreaming. But you weren’t, and they called you that again and again until one day it just stuck. You almost couldn’t believe it because they never seemed the type but they were, and they were calling you the sweetest names behind closed doors. And you were more than surprised to hear them call you such names in front of their friends. They weren’t one to be too affectionate in public, they’d leave things at keeping their hand locked with yours but now they were using that tone and name you thought was reserved for home.
    ⪼ Eren Jaeger, Reiner Braun, Historia Reiss, and Niccolo.

    ─ Lovebug, Precious, and Sweetpea.

    They use any and every petname they can think of! They’ve always called their friends silly little nicknames and petnames so when you started dating and it was time for you to be given a petname you were surprised that it was something so cute! You figured it would have been something silly, more of a joke than anything but it wasn’t. It was sweet and when they cooed it out, your cheeks squished between their hands, their nose almost touching yours. 
    ⪼ Sasha Braus, Hange Zoë, Connie Springer, and Petra Rall.

    © all content belongs to devilkou 2021. do not modify, repost, or redistribute.

    #aot x reader #snk x reader #eren jaeger x reader #armin arlert x reader #jean kirstein x reader #levi ackerman x reader #snk headcanons#aot headcanons #connie springer x reader #mikasa ackerman x reader #porco galliard x reader #reiner braun x reader
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    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #chatting with friends #levi ackerman#falbi#onyonkapon #snk series ending #shingeki no kyojin
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  • ipotatotree
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ❝ 𝐋.𝐀. ❞

    ꒰ 🦋 ⨾ NAVIGATION ₊˚.༄

    — oneshots

    ⚘ captain

    you're promoted to squad captain and levi tries to coax you to bail on your first mission as leader; establishing mutual respect (sorta)

    @ipotatotree 2021

    #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #shingeki no kyoujin levi #levi x you #levi aot #levi x reader #levi ackerman #levi ackerman masterlist #lizzie's utopia#masterlist
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  • ipotatotree
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    GENRE ➺ oneshot, fluff

    SYNOPSIS ➺ you're promoted to squad captain and levi tries to coax you to bail on your first mission as leader; establishing mutual respect (sorta)

    AUTHOR'S NOTE ➺ not really sure if i got the point across properly but i hope you enjoy anyway :>

    "You're staring."

    Your voice had cut through heavy silence. A mellifluous contrast to the harsh crackling in the hearth. Your legs tucked beneath a patchwork quill you were repairing, utilizing it's warmth as you worked.

    The temperature of the night being biting cold, you took whatever form of warmth was in reach. This night, you were tucked into an old plush chair set around a carpet near the fireplace. Levi just across from you, reading in a rocking chair.

    When you failed to recieve a response, you looked up and met his eyes. His book was sat in his lap, except he wasn't paying much attention to it nor was he engaging in the motor comfort of the rocking chair.

    He was motionless but you could see the cogs turning behind his furrowed brows. His gaunt features even more apparent in the warm hue the fire cast upon the pair of you.

    "Captain?" You tried. Lowering your needle. The last thing you wanted to do was cinch yourself.

    "Bow out of the excursion," he said sternly. His tone was unwavering; giving you an order.


    "Withdraw yourself from tomorrow's platoon. Resign for all I care," He shut his book without bothering to remember his current page. Opting to stare - no, glare at you instead. "Are we clear, l/n, or do I have to put it in layman's terms for that puny brain of yours?"

    "I hear you loud and clear, but nothing you say will convince me not to go," You replied, not a hitch in your breath or a falter in your tone. Your mind was made and even the revelled Levi Ackerman couldn't change that. "Believe it or not, captain, but I'm not your subordinate anymore."

    If looks could kill, you'd be six feet under. For the longest time, you walked on eggshells around this man. It didn't matter if you joined the corps the same time he did — he climbed the ranks faster. But that sure as hell didn't mean you didn't lift a finger.

    While he was gifted with talent, you were pouring with determination. Only recently had you bore the fruits of your labor and been promoted to lieutenant. Rightfully claiming your title as the squad leader of your very own sect.

    Prior to that, you were Levi's second. On parr with Eld. You assumed this sudden standoffish air between the two of you was what had come of said promotion. A shift in power that didn't sit right with him. That's what you assumed it was till now.

    "Don't be stupid," He leered. Clicking his tongue on habit. "It isn't about who's barking orders, l/n. It's about the risks and considering them. Your first expedition as captain is on a particularly difficult run and the chances of survival are slim. Not to mention you're siddled in the vanguard. The odds aren't in your favor here."

    He made some fair points, and it made your jaw clench. He thought ahead. He always thinks ahead. How infuriatung.

    "Why so quiet?" He asked. To you, it seemed as if he were taunting. You simply let out a sigh. "In retrospect, you're sitting ducks, so quit while you have the chance, and while your legs are still in tact. It's up to you whether or not you value your life."

    You scoffed. "This again?"

    He raised a brow in question. What again?

    "Your choice this, your choice that. I get the need to ponder before making a decision and weighing the odds, but I can't help but feel you have something have something else to say, Levi." Damn was it hard ditching formalities.

    He kept silent. Pensive eyes seemingly looking through you as the flames flickered and accentuated the deep frown on his face. For a moment, you remembered that it was the same expression on his face when returning home from a failed expedition. One of defeat.

    Insistent, you sat up straighter. "Say it or not, I'm going-"


    Flames danced in his eyes. As fiery as his resolve to make you listen. If you squinted, you swore you could see his sneer soften. He cracked.

    "Live?" You murmured inquisitively. Not quite getting the point. "That's it? 'Live?'"

    "Hm," He nodded. "Unless you don't know what that means either. I'd be concerned about your intellect if you didn't."

    You opened your mouth to detest but he'd gotten up already. Book in hand and at his side as the wood creaked beneath his feet. Before you could get a word out, you felt a weight atop your head. His hand, no doubt. You wish he'd stop treating you like a kid in need of a pat on the head for every little thing. You were a squad leader now too!

    "What now? You better answer or I'll poke you with my sewing needle," You threatened. You were on the cusp of actually going through with it.

    The guy took a million detours before ever getting to the point of what he was meaning to say and your patience was dwindling.

    "You're smart, lieutenant," He said placidly. His eyes on the door instead of you. "I have no doubt you'll live a good life so don't you dare gamble it away because of a promotion. Besides, I won't be there to save your ass anymore..." You were starting to think he paused on purpose because the moment he finally met your inquisitive eyes, you heard the thump of your own heart beat against your ribcage. "...captain."

    @ipotatotree 2021

    #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #attack on titan #levi x reader #shingeki no kyoujin levi #levi x you #levi aot#levi ackerman#lizzie's utopia#captain
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  • cellyslittlewonderland
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    For : @cbracha97

    Characters: Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan), Tōru Oikawa (Haikyuu)

    Note: You're so beautiful and I love your style oh my god- I hope you like the Match-Up!!💓

    #levi x you #levi ackerman #shingeki no kyoujin levi #attack on titan #aot #attack on titan x reader #request #shingeki no kyojin #oikawa toru x reader #oikawa x you #hq oikawa #oikawa x reader
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  • spooky-sinner
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ✨pieckhan high school au✨

    written for Parker

    - nblw ship -

    word count: 1, 189 words

    genre/plot: hange and pieck are dating. implied levihan

    notes: uhh yeah i wrote this and i like it. suggestive content (but no smut). ENBY HANGE ENBY HANGE


    Hange made their way over to their beloved girlfriend, who was waiting by the lockers for them.

    “Late night again?” she teased, letting Hange lean down to kiss her head.

    “Always.” they grin, opening their locker and shoving unneeded books in before slamming it shut. The pair strolled down the halls hand-in-hand, laughing and teasing each other.

    They spent their Physics period flicking small messages across the classroom at each other as they took notes, shooting the occasional smirk or wink at the other before looking back at the whiteboard. The teacher was not oblivious, but had the kind of attitude where if a student chose not to listen, he wouldn’t bother trying to make them learn. So when he saw small white flashes shoot back and forth across the desks, he would only sigh and carry on with his lecture.

    It wasn’t long until the bell finally signalled the end of the period, and the young physics teacher let them all join the crowd of students in the corridor with a reminder of their homework. The corridors were flooded with students shoving and running to get to their next lesson, which resulted in our dear Pieck and Hange clinging to the walls for dear life. Panicky teenagers fueled by fear of strict teachers are deadly when running to class.

    Dr Addams was a lithe, athletic woman in her mid-thirties who stood at 183 centimetres tall and recently began to teach Biology at Paradis College. She often had her auburn hair pulled into a neat bun atop her small head and wore minimal eyeliner. The current topic was reproduction - the perfect fuel for immature adolescent humour. Or rather, it would be if Dr Addams wasn’t as uptight as she was. As she began to draw diagrams of reproductive systems on the whiteboard, tiny cackles could be heard from different corners of the laboratory. The barely audible laughter was short-lived, however, as she soon turned around with her signature poker face, an intimidating energy surrounding her.

    “Please mind that although I have only drawn the male and female reproductive systems, there are six biological sexes. Their sex chromosomes are respectively: X, XX, XY, XXY, XXXY, and XYY. I will not tolerate any of your “There are only two genders” nonsense, so if you would like to say such, I would recommend doing your homework before you open your mouth.” Dr Addams’ piercing eyes swept over the silent classroom, her lip pursed before she began to introduce the roles of either system’s parts.

    Hange’s eyes twinkled with admiration at the new Biology teacher, scribbling notes with gusto as they listened intensely. Pieck’s eyes shifted between the teacher and her partner, lips pulled into a small smile as she copied everything Dr Addams went on about. Finally, a teacher who’s an ally. She could be gay. Or trans. Who knows?

    At lunch, she and Hange would sit with Levi and Erwin, the student body president and vice president, mostly because she was the student body accountant, just as Hange was the student body secretary. How they managed to snag the position of secretary, Pieck didn’t really know, especially given their disorganised behaviour. However, their creativity and positive demeanour definitely made up for it and had gotten the student council out of some rather troublesome situations.

    Pieck didn’t know her other fellow student council members as well as she did Hange or Erwin, especially not Levi, but she tried her best to stay on their good side. Rumours often flew around about which council member was dating who, and enjoyed her place as accountant. Maths and financial responsibility were two things she nearly excelled in, apart from making Hange happy.

    It wasn’t long until people began to spread rumours about Hange, Levi and Erwin being in a polyamorous relationship, which Erwin shot down almost instantly. It made Pieck silently chuckle whenever somebody looked at the group strangely during lunch, knowing exactly what thought was bouncing around in their skulls. Hange would often ask her if it made her uncomfortable, to which she would reply “let them think what they want” with a playful grin. In time, the rumour pressed on and the trio’s positions on the Student Council didn’t help their case much. Eventually it got to a point where Floch, a student well-known for being the class clown and bully, went up to their table to pick on them for it.

    He slammed his hands on the table looking each of the Council members in the eye, causing heads to snap towards them from all directions. Even students on their way out either watched from where they were standing or silently picked their ways back to their original seats to observe the commotion.

    “Is it true, President?” his voice rang strong as he smirked. “Are you and Ackermann Hange’s secret boy toys?”

    “How’s it any of your business, Forster? Get back to your seat.” Levi shoots back, his signature glare stabbing into Floch.

    “Well, you aren’t denying it, are you?”

    Hange leans over to Pieck, kissing her cheek and whispered, “Forgive me for what I’m about to do, ma cherie.” Pieck looks at them quizzically as they straighten themself up and smile. Turning to Levi, they tenderly raise his hand to their lips, pressing them against his knuckles.

    “Another round later?” they ask in an almost seductive tone that everyone could pick up on, lips rising into a cheeky grin.

    “I’m going to make you scream.” Levi raised and lowered an eyebrow, a barely visible smirk forming as he tugged his blazer off and placed it on the bench next to him. Erwin merely chuckled watching the situation unfold.

    Gasps erupt from all over the room. Sure, Levi smiling in any way was a rare occurrence, but him making nearly sexual comments? Nearly anyone would pay to see it.

    “Not if I have anything to say about it.” In one fluid motion, Hange’s blazer is off as well.

    After a moment of fumbling around his bag, Levi produced exactly what he needed. "One game of Mario Kart. You owe me those expensive tea leaves if you lose." Levi takes a long sip from his thermos and sets it down.

    “You fucking gold-digger.” Hange joked. “Fine, you’re on. I expect those encyclopedias on my desk if you lose, though.”

    Floch only stares dumbstruck as the pair’s hands move at the speed of light, Hange jerking their Nintendo Switch as though it would somehow help them win.

    At the end of the match, Hange throws (it back ofc shawty is thicc /j) their fist in the air, a scream of joy nearly killing everybody's eardrums. Levi scoffs, shutting the game down and shoving his console into his bag.

    “You are aware that I’m broke, right?”

    “You literally got a job two weeks ago. I also know your last payday was three weeks ago from your old job.” they stare at him with wide, unblinking eyes. “Erwin, will you fund Levi being a sore loser?”

    Erwin sighs, chuckling to himself at his friends’ antics. “Of course. Which encyclopedia was it?”

    #attack on titan #aot#aot fanfic#aot fanfiction #pieck x hange #pieck finger#hange zoë#hange zoe#levi ackerman#erwin smith #high school au #fanfic#fanfiction#anime#snk #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #shingeki no kyojin fanfic
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    I drew this while listening to this song. Idc what others said but this song fits them. 😂👌

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    I am in love with this, and apparently i read whole manga and watched all the episodes that aired so far- Attack on Titan (SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN) by Hajime Isayama is one of the most popular manga of the decade, resulting in the production of 100 million copies worldwide. The anime based on the manga has premiered with four seasons out of which three seasons are completed, and only final 16 episodes of 4th season are remaining to be aired (which will be out this winter)

    Whats so good about it?

    First of all the plot and then the character development. Plot being dramatically involving the ascendents of the giants that walk the earth freely but are blocked away from the kingdom by three major walls. Yet due to the arrival of two unusual titans (colossel and armour) who breach one of the walls leading the pure titans to break through, which results in death of large number of population and evacuation of the others. “Titans. And that day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by titans and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage with walls”

    The survivors migrate to the districts inside the other two walls, among whom a kid named Eren Yeager and his two friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Alert find their way. In order to avenge their homeland and their family that are wiped away by the titan attack, the three of them join the survey corps that are known to hunt down the titans.

    For centuries together the people within the walls believed that the world outside was devoured by the titans and they are the only survivors of titan domination. Then comes the plot twist, which if i say its going to be a major spoiler (I’ll l better not give the spoilers)

    Coming to the character development, you are literally going to grow with them. The changes they undergo are the results of the circumstances and the choices they made when they were least able to. I cannot help but sip on Levi ackermann, a scout who was known to be the strongest soldier of his time (all time, perhaps) and no titan, in any number, could ever defeat him in that matter.

    And the saddest part is the death of the characters. The author will have your favorite character die when you least expect it. Last forty or so chapters (season 4) seems to be different from the first hundrend in terms of the plot and the angle of narration. I even saw people disappointed with the ending, but isn’t it a sync to the first chapter/episode- “to you, 2000 years from now”. And so it came to an answer from the other side of 2000 years.

    Spoiler ahead (not major though)

    So the birth of the titans was with the content like that of a fairy tale- Ymir obtaining the power of titan; yet she obeyed and served king Fritz, even though he destroyed her hometown, killed her family and cut down her tongue. But what made her continue with the tragedy of inheriting down the titan was her love and attachment to the king. But she yearned freedom, she sought someone who’d free her from the agony of that love. And for those who did not understand, she was freed by Mikasa, ultimately stopping the tragedy of titan domination by convincing Ymir that in order to love, you need not to be enslaved to your love. Eren had told Armin that the only thing he knew for sure was the result of Mikasa’s choice, though he dint know what she was to do. And her choice following Levi and squad’s killer blow reflects how different she is from Ymir, changing the history.

    And in the last chapter, that tree standing tall in modern day is a metaphor for the still continuing war. As long as humans exist, war will always be around the corner. But all the sacrifices and the fightings done by heroes lead to the end of titans at the least.

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  • magiciansplxy
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    this was the biggest robbery ever

    #levi#levi ackerman#eren#eren jaeger #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin
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  • beatotsundere
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I received my latest Levihan and for my other customers package from Japan.

    I do have still some Merchandise from SNK for sale. All Merchandise are new and unused. Worldwide shipping. Anyone is welcome to buy from me.

    If you are interested in my sales check out my Tumblr or my Instagram shop. The link is below.

    Link: https://www.instagram.com/kusomegane1992_snk_shop/

    Please share and reblog this post so I can reach many people☺️

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  • mijeel
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i swear Levi was only sitting 👀

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  • mxl-foy
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    part 3 of the other half of me is coming up later :) and then in the next couple days part 4 of destructive desires should be ready!!

    i’m just working through the ones i’m enjoying atm, for the other wips i’ll be getting back to them soon

    #draco malfoy #draco x fem!reader #draco malfoy x reader #levi ackerman #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman x fem!reader
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  • renrampant
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    spicy content ahead, nothing too explicit … i think

    do people prefer levi or hange on top? i admit dom!hange is an interesting concept :,D

    #levihan#levi ackerman#hange zoe#hanji zoe#my art #this ship gets sadder every day #drawing seggs to cope #send help
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