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  • “How do we catch an invisible guy who doesn’t want to be caught, without alerting Militech that we’re looking for him?”


    Chapter 2 is now up and I have lots of fun plans for more!

    This story was inspired by the amazing artwork of @moxie-sketches and can be found here.

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  • You’re a young graduate working long hours at a bistro and doing food deliveries. Little did you expect your life to get entangled with the leading figures of the largest conglomerates in the world. Or a thousand-year-old demon clan war.

    Part 1 / ?

    “Tch,” Levi tuts in distaste as his gaze wanders across the empty pantry shelves. “There’s no tea, Erwin. You have a 50 million-dollar home, but no damn tea.” He shuts the sleek cabinet doors brusquely, giving a side-eye at the blond reclining on a lush sofa in the living room. Behind him, large down-to-floor Fleetwood doors open into an expansive backyard, where the soft lights of the infinity pool and the pool house stand out against the night sky and the rolling hills of Paradis beyond. 

    “There’s no coffee either,” a loud voice calls from the corridor, “Just rows and rows of expensive alcohol. Talk about an upgrade… Ahhhh and I’m getting hungry too…” Levi turns to see Hange return from the wine cellar, looking equal parts fascinated and frustrated with the home. 

    “Sorry about that. I only just moved in proper, so I only have the essentials - Miche, glad you could make it,” Erwin breaks of mid-sentence and nods to greet the brown-haired man entering the living room. 

    “I saw off Nanaba with the rest outside. For a meeting this late at night… this must be something big, Erwin,” Miche glances around the room, his body tense with concern.

    “I’m afraid it is. We need to get used to more meetings like this. It seems they are moving again,” Erwin leans forward, tenting his fingers. Levi moves to sit on a nearby couch, his brows furrowed and arms crossed, clearly annoyed. “If we’re going to be up all night, we’re going to need tea.”

    Hange sighs in acknowledgement, before running out onto the patio, yelling. “Moblit!! We need tea, coffee and decent hot food. Anything that can deliver at this hour, and fast!” As she rounds back into the house, the scurrying of footsteps and the softer response of “Ryoukai! (trans: Roger!)” is heard immediately.

    “Change the channel will ya!” your uncle shouts from the kitchen as the blare of heavy metal rock screams from the old, wall-mounted television.

    “Just a minute!” you yell back over the din, serving a customer’s plate of fish and chips before walking back to the bistro counter, scrambling for the remote. The screeching music stops as the screen switches to the standard Paradis News Channel, and you heave a sigh of relief. It is already close to midnight, and the bistro is occupied with only a handful of regulars who work the night shift nearby. But as the niece of Bruno’s Bistro, a cosy establishment and hidden gem of the Trost district, you had a reputation to uphold; there is no way you’d put your customers through that noise at this hour. 

    A hand pushes a small plate of tacos towards you on the counter. “Supper,” says your uncle cheerily, wiping the sweat from his face with a towel round his neck, his eyes shining with quiet affection. He brings a second plate round for himself, tucking in straightaway, and you do the same. You know that even after all these years, he feels sorry. That he blames himself when you threw away the prospect of working a cushy, corporate job after graduation to help him run his bistro, toiling long hours till three in the morning every day. But you are happy to. It was your uncle Bruno who took you in as a child and looked after you since your parents’ untimely death many years ago. His wife had passed on earlier from an illness, and he was alone. So were you. And for the longest time, all you had was each other. The main phone rings loudly from the kitchen, and Bruno walks over to answer it. You can’t make out the conversation, but you suppose it’s one of the bistro’s food suppliers.

    “This is Ilse Langnar, and this is Paradis Nightly News. Today, Mitras Holdings announced a joint venture with SNK Group to develop the world’s largest shopping district in downtown of Paradis city. This marks Mitras’ third large scale project in Paradis, after the restoration of the Reiss chapel and the commissioning of a cutting-edge renewable energy plant in the eastern district. We hear more from its chairman on their string of successes -” You look up from your food at the flickering image on the television, as a stoic, charismatic man with blue eyes addressing a crowd of reporters on a podium. “What a different life,” you mutter to yourself, before turning your attention back to the tacos. The newscaster drones on. “In other news, Liberio Corp’s shares increased another 10% this week, cementing its standing as the most influential conglomerat-”

    “Y/n!” Bruno’s voice interrupts suddenly, slamming the phone receiver down. “We got orders! Lots of them!”

    “What? At this time?” You hurry and shove the last of the tacos into your mouth, wiping your hands of crumbs, before gathering your senses.

    “We got half a dozen chicken and beef pastries each, 1 strong black, 1 mocha, 1 latte, 4 flat whites and 2 cups of our best tea. And it’s delivery,” recites Bruno. Your quick mind and experience from working through the busiest shifts already has you committing all the orders to memory and preparing the drinks on cue. Minutes later, you’re packing the orders neatly into the back of your motorbike, and strapping on your helmet.

    You peer at the slip of paper with the delivery address scribbled over with Bruno’s messy handwriting.40 Ehrmich Drive... Damn. Isn’t that the wealthiest district in all of Paradis, just north of downtown? you wonder to yourself. Didn’t know rich people pulled all-nighters. Whoever was on the phone did promise to tip lavishly if you could deliver within the hour. Without hesitating, you step on the gas pedal.

    You find yourself winding through the lanes of Ehrmich Drive, only passing by an intimidating front gate every two hundred meters or so. The houses here are huge. And so far apart that it is rather dark, save for the sporadic streetlights here and there. You come to a stop at a long steel gate, on the side of which the number 40 is engraved into the limestone wall. “Where’s the damn doorbell,” you mutter, looking around wildly but to no avail. You catch sight of some security cameras and wave to get its attention, but nothing happens. You groaned. The person who called didn’t leave a contact number. Here goes nothing, you think, resigning yourself to fate. You try the steel gate, and realize it slides open easily. So much for security. 

    It’s a walk before you even reach the main house, a chic two-storeyed mansion sprawling across this vast acre of land. You are aware of your place when you catch sight of several luxury cars parked along the driveway, each looking more expensive than the last. You look back at your faded, worn sneakers on the gravel, feeling extremely out of place. Strangely, what appears to be a mammoth-sized glass front door doesn’t budge. Please just make my job easier, you grumble to yourself in frustration. Contemplating leaving the food on the hood of one of the cars, your turn back when you hear sounds of distant conversation from around the patio. 

    “In any case, the purebloods are moving in on Paradis,” you hear a familiar low, smooth voice. “They are certain that they’ll find what they’ve been looking for.”

    Your mind whirls a little. Pureblood? What is that? Some kind of dog? 

    Another deep voice chimes in. “Is this the reason for the venture with SNK? I thought we were supposed to be killing off -” Then silence.

    Just as you are about to reach the corner, someone steps in front of you so fast you barely have any time to register. A man with cropped dark hair and even darker eyes blocks your way, dressed in a fitted black suit and a slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt. He’s a little shorter than you, but something about the intensity of his eyes, his stance with one hand resting on the wall and the other casually tucked into his pocket makes you feel incredibly uneasy.

    You feel your chest tighten, you mind blanking out as an indescribable fear washes over you -suddenly you’re thirteen again, running through the dark streets, breathless, desperate, running away from something - what? - and then cold, cold all over, feeling the shadows encroaching to clutch at your heart, squeezing the light out of you- You snap back to the present and feel yourself trembling, shrinking under his gaze. Your mouth runs dry and you struggle to form words, frozen to the spot.

    Suddenly, he takes a sharp intake of breath, his hand against the wall now balled into a fist. His eyes narrow, scrutinising you.

    “Who the fucking hell are-” he stops himself, glancing at the bag of drinks and food you’re holding. Then he yells, furious. 


    Within seconds, a panicky-looking brunette appears from the side. “Take her through the front,” the black-haired man ordered. 

    You’re mindlessly ushered through the main door, which you realize is in fact unlocked. It seemed impossibly heavy earlier, yet the brunette in front of you swings it wide open with apparent ease. He leads you through the entry way into a informal dining area, passing by the living room along the way. You can feel a frightening atmosphere emanating from that direction, heightened by a pervasive and uncomfortable silence hanging throughout the house.

    Were you intruding upon something just now?
    You lift your gaze briefly, and what you see causes your back to stiffen, the hairs on your neck standing on end. 

    The shorter, dark-eyed man from moments ago leans again the open doorway leading out to the patio. On a couch nearby, a woman with dark brown ponytail and glasses looks over her shoulder, while next to her sits a man with light brown hair and emerald eyes. In the centre of the room, in a crisp blue dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, sits a man whose presence seems to be the electrifying point around which everything else seems rotate. Blond hair and icy blue eyes. It takes a second for you to realize who he is. And another to realize they are all looking dead straight at you.

    The next few minutes are a haze. The suffocating, overwhelming sensation returns, and you avert your eyes and set the delivery down on the table before your legs give out. The man called Moblit quickly hands you a fifty, apologizing and thanking you at the same time, before he sees you off. You heart thuds wildly in your chest. You can’t think, and you only vaguely feel your limbs clumsily half-running, making their way back down the driveway, across the wide lawn, past the gate and back onto your bike. It’s only then that you finally catch a breath. You hastily step on the gas pedal and take off into the early hours of the morning, still feeling the sharp and penetrating gazes from the room all the way home. 

    Notes: This is my first attempt at a long running narrative, after falling so deep with snk recently. The canon status of many characters break my heart, and I wanted to write them into a world where they aren’t dying or dead. Not sure where this chapter will lead, but I have some mechanics of the world thought out, with hopefully more demon/power smut things coming in the later chapters. Please bear with my trashy trashy writing

    #shingeki no kyojin #snk #attack on titan #aot#levi ackerman#erwin smith #levi ackerman x reader #erwin smith x reader #snk imagines#aot imagines
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  • people, the almost last chapter is ready to be published. who is excited?

    hope to see some reiner and mikasa confronting eren. also wanna see more gabi and levi interactions

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  • Good morning to everyone except RivaMika shippers

    #rivamika#mikasa ackerman#levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #wtf is wrong w yall
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  • image

    please like or reblog if you use these and thank you to everyone for your support!!

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  • Waiter: How old is your son?

    Erwin: What?

    Waiter: Kids eat for free.



    Hanji: This is our son, Levi. He’s 8. Isn’t he adorable?

    Levi: *under his breath* I will kill you all.

    Hanji: Hush, child of mine, it’s cheaper

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  • Levi: So, you’re gonna be fine on your own?

    Eren: Please, I love being alone! I actually have a bunch of things to do without you.

    Levi: Okay, see you then.

    [3 hours later]

    Levi: *on the phone* Hello?

    Eren: *crying* I’m so lonely! I tried hugging a pillow, BUT THEY DONT HUG ME BACK!

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  • Hanji: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks in

    Levi: I’m not playing your silly little games

    Eren: *walks in*

    Levi: *immediatly standing up* Fine I’ll do it, rules are rules.

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  • Eren: Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?

    Levi: Yes, February 14th.

    Eren: I- Never mind…

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  • Levi is getting his bronze statue. Looks pretty badass!

    Isayama won’t be attending. Guess the man is tired of dumb questions from the fans.

    #but i hope it won't become his memorial #😬😬😬#snk#aot#levi ackerman#levi#rivai
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  • Levi for IopBrain on Insta

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #levi#levi ackerman
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  • Levi: Why are you wearing a fake moustache?

    Hanji after pretending to be British: Why… aren’t… you wearing one?

    #snk #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#hange zöe#levihan #source: good luck charlie
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  • Head empty just thots of Levi telling me to leave my boyfriend

    #ok listen i dont have a bf but the fantasy slaps regardless #just the spiciness of it all? #like he overhears him being a jerk to me then tells me that i could do way better #it's doing something to me rn #pluto chats#levi ackerman#snk levi#AOT
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  • 💗 parental levihan headcannons 💗

    • like just imagine how soft the stone as stone levi would be for his two little nerds 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    • and omg levi would be incredibly protective over armin because of how meek he is and it would only take one threaten from him for those damned brats bullying his sweet son for the bullies to run with their tails between their legs sksjs
    • as levi held armin as a toddler, he made armin promise he wouldn’t grow taller than levi when he grew up. the day his height surpassed levi’s, he fell into depresssion because his sixteen year old son had grown taller than him
    • levi would also be the one to show his love for armin more because of levi’s own relationship with his mother. oh fuck, i just imagined kuchel holding a baby armin ❤️
    • hanji would be the more easygoing out of she and levi though. she’s the fun parent while he’s more the serious one (when it comes to armin though, he rarely has to be. but he can be fun from time to time!)
    • levi loves armin’s friends. well, okay, connie and sasha can gain a few brain cells, jean’s smartass can stand to let go of his one-sided crush on mikasa, mikasa can stop wearing that goddamn red scarf that’s getting too dirty for levi to stand at a sanity standpoint, and eren who so blatantly has a crush on armin is a minion of the antichrist because he’ll steal away his perfect son
    • hanji has to often calm levi down and talk sense into him
    • but at the end of the day, it’s clear that eren’s love for armin runs deeper than the sea itself. what else can levi do but accept it?
    • besides, if there was anyone levi wanted to entrust armin to, who would love and protect him, it’d be someone faithful and headstrong as eren
    • oftentimes levi would stare lovingly at armin remembering the moment he and hanji laid eyes on him as a baby
    • “hm? what is it dad?”
    • levi smiles.
    • “i love you”
    • ☺️☺️☺️☺️
    #snk #attack on titan #aot #shingeki no kyojin #levihan#levi ackerman#hange zöe#armin arlert #attack on titan headcanons #somehow eremin made it into this #but hey you don’t see me complaining #i’d love to see hanji and levi as parents for armin awww #the chaos tho #imagine it#the chaos#erearu#eremin
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  • levi would NOT be as abrasive to his s/o or love interest as y'all write him. have y'all never met a capricorn man before?? the guy would literally want to wear your skin like a suit lmao

    #yall make him seem so angry and distant #cap men in love are some of the most passionate and grounded lovers #he'd literally soend hours touching and looking at his s/o like theyre lightning in a bottle #ive had the pleasure and honour of being loved by a capricorn and as an aries woman i dont think ill ever find a better lover again skdjksb #plz imma make this a headcanon #levi ackerman
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  • #attack on titan #levi ackerman#eruri#fanart #suicide is not a joke #people really have to consider what they say to others and understand the gravity of it #tw: suicide#tw: death
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  • Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou - Levi #274

    Field Trip 4 - 兄貴はシャバくなんかない (The Boss is no Weakling)

    #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#snk#levi#every levi #shingeki! kyojin chuugakkou #chuugakkou manga #chuugakkou volume 6 #chuugakkou field trip 4 #chuugakkou manga 274 #chuugakkou manga levi #pensive levi#hm
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  • it’s storming and i’m thinking:

    after rts hange is terrified of storms and the thunder that is sure to follow because it remind them of bertholdt’s transformation

    the horror of the eardrum smashing sound relived with every clap and crackle

    and sadly who followed

    some nights levi can hear their yelps but he doesn’t want to pry or overstep a boundary until it becomes too much

    one night it isn’t a small yelp and then silence it’s a scream

    gut wrenchingly awful forcing his hand so he can’t stay aside anymore

    he rushed into their room and found them curled up in the corner with trembling hands pressed hard against their ears

    they were so drawn inward they don’t even notice him come in but when his fingers brush against theirs they jumped

    frightened eyes looked back at him but without thinking hange clung onto him for some sense of sanity

    they sat on the cold and wood floor entangled until the storm died down and hange was able to fight through their sobs using levi to ground themself

    just two souls

    two bodies helping one another fit back into the world no matter how horrific it was

    anyway haha i hope you enjoyed my lil storm hc dump and don’t mind the no punctuation i really was just dumping my thoughts

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  • Our last chance

    Part 4.1 : Goodbye Bubble 

            “Have you ever wished for an endless night?
    Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight
         Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself
                    Will it ever get better than tonight? “

                                                                                                 Pink - Glitter - 2010

    I woke up panting, looking panicked around me I saw Mikasa beside me.. It was still dark.

    It.. It was a dream? But it had felt so.. real? 

    Grabbing my head the only thing I could think of was…

    What the hell just happened?? 

    My attention was brought back by a shifting Mikasa, it had gotten a bit chilly and she was moving closer, unconsciously looking for some warmth. 

    I went back to my previous position next to her and embraced her, feeling her slow breathing making me calm down. Closing my eyes and inhaling her nice scent I decided that whatever the hell that was, was gonna be dealt with tomorrow, tonight, we were in our bubble. 

    I don’t know how much time had passed since I woke up again, panting again… But for an entire different reason.

    Mikasa Ackerman was under the sheets massaging and licking my dic- Fuck!

    She had wrapped her lips around the head, sucking it, passing her tongue all over it. I moved the sheets out of the way to look at her, she met my gaze and blinked, giving it another suck before letting go with a pop, she smiled, a little sparkle in her eye. 
    - Hi - She said excitedly, while stroking it.
    - Hey yourself 

    Without taking her eyes off me, she licked the head once again putting it back in her mouth this time going down slowly, taking inch after inch all the while massaging what was left behind.

    Loosing eye contact I threw my head back sucking some air in when she picked up the pace bobbing her head up and down. Fuuck this was amazing.  Trying to put my hand on her hair, she slapped it away, surprised I looked down at her.
    - No, its my turn - She said in a serious tone, smirking she lifted half of her body up to a sitting position 
    I raised an eyebrow.  She didn't say anything else, but began to crawl up my body I had thought she was coming in for a kiss but she went for my ear and gave it a bite, not wanting to leave my member unattended she grasped it firmly and began to stroke it.

    Not wanting to feel like a doll laying there I slid my arm under her and searched for her pussy, finding it dripping I started to slowly rub it.
    - Damm you are wet
     I felt her smile - I am -  Agreeing with me and stopping everything suddenly, she took my hand and removed it, moving quickly she put one knee on each side of my head. 
    - Clean it up - She ordered, sitting on my face. 

    Not one to disagree to a command like that, I stuck my tongue out lapping at the juices that had flowed out, taking my sweet time savoring every part of her. I looked up at her, she had closed her eyes, biting one finger while pinching her hardened nipple. 

    I picked up the pace going up and down while circling now and then her clit she had started to rock her hips moaning for me to go faster, I grabbed her by the ass and squeezed pressing her down to my face, sticking my tongue in to fuck her with it she moved faster, throwing her head back and pulling my hair riding my face as she came all over my mouth. 

    Waiting for the waves of her orgasm to stop, I still had her in my mouth, licking up her sweet release. She looked down at me smiling happily. 
     - You really like that huh? 
    My answer was a little nibble to her clit.
    - MMmm - Was all that came out of her mouth. 

    She looked behind her, at the forgotten dick still standing up in attention, she gave me a little tap in the head to indicate me to stop and removed herself, sitting still on top of me but this time straddling my lower half, I had the intention of moving too but she pushed me back down. 
    - I said its my turn. - She lifted herself up a bit to put it at her entrance but instead of pushing it in she placed it between her pussy lips and rocked her hips back and forth, grabbing both of my hands she guided one of them from her breasts to between her legs at a slow pace that was making me very impatient. 
    - This is all yours right? This - making me grab one of her tits firmly with the hand she left behind - belongs to you? - She asked
    I hissed, she put more pression into her rocking hips staring at her with wanting eyes, damm this woman.
     - Then take it - she finally said. 

    I instantly bucked my hips up, slamming my dick into her tight wet pussy, I groaned, no time to take it slow I began to fuck her harder and harder with each thrust, matching my movements, she was bouncing on it, hands on my chest dragging her nails, I was loving it.

    Feeling how her pussy was tightening around me, sucking me in deeper I felt her walls squeezing me more and more, indicating that she was close to her orgasm. Trying to pull her down for a kiss before that happened, she moved my hands away from her making me slow down my movements. 

    Instead she started to lift herself enough for my dick to be almost out and rapidly moved herself back down, repeating a few times and afterwards she moved her hips as in a circle motion.
    - Shiiiit Mikasa - I moaned out trying to touch her again to receive the same reaction.
    Seeing that I was getting more impatient and frustrated she finally lowered down and kissed me still moving her hips in circles she sucked on my lip for a moment and then bit into it. 
    - Who do you belong to? - She whispered low and seductively   
    She was doing the slow taking out and putting it back in fast inside her again. 
    I couldn't fucking concentrate. 
    She bit harder 
    - Fuck - I growled at her
     She slammed herself again 
    - Who do you belong to Eren?- She started to move faster
    - You - I finally moaned out loud, not holding out any longer I grabbing her by the ass, ramming my dick in her fucking her senseless. 
    - Ughh … Say my name! - She moaned loud, rocking her hips with me
    - Mikasa, fuuuuck Mikasa! - 
    She kissed me, having a quick dance with my tongue, she moved herself up again, riding my dick
    - Ugghhh Eren!…. Cum with me! - She threw her head back screaming my name again, pussy spasming in the wave of her climax making me cum.  

    She dropped herself on top of me, still connected, both exhausted and breathing heavy, she peeked up at me, smiling tiredly
    - Mmm.. Who do you belong to again? 
     I laughed, circling her with my arms I held her, kissing the tip of her nose I answered her - I belong to Mikasa Ackerman and nobody else.

    It was almost sunrise, tired we held one another tangled within the sheets, waiting for the sun to come up I looked to the side noticing the bottle of Tequila we were having last night.
     - What the?… Empty? 
     - Oh.. I was looking for something to drink a while ago but I guess we only brought that so I drank what was left.

    Now that explains a lot. 

    A while later the sun finally rose, we had picked up the stuff we brought with us to take it back to camp, I was looking at the ocean waiting for Mikasa to put her dress on when I felt her arms circling me from behind in a hug. 
     - Ready? - I said 
    - No
    I turned, and lifting her chin up I kissed her, knowing exactly what she meant, feeling the I didn't push the subject, neither of us was ready for the bubble to pop. 

    If only the night had lasted a little longer. 

    I grabbed her hand and we made our way to the tents noticing that basically nobody was awake yet when suddenly we saw it. 

    A half naked Capitan Levi Ackerman, hair messed up, shirt in hand coming out of… Hange- sans tent?!?

    He looked at us and all we could do was stare back at him.
    - Not a word - He said in his normal cold voice and kept walking to his own tent all the while Mikasa and me dumbfounded on what to say after such a sight.

     Good for them thought.  

    A bit later that morning another young man was also found half naked at another side of the beach. 

    Jean woke up to find himself in only his boxer next to a sleeping Hitch that was also only in underwear. 

    Blushing he grabbed his shirt putting it over her body while she slept, covering her, he stood up putting on his pants and sat down taking a little distance, leaving her to sleep a bit longer, it was early he could wait.

    He remember that they did had gone swimming that night, not naked but they had stripped down to their underwear coming back to the sand to talk random subjects after … It was a very fun night he had thought to himself while half smiling. 

    Stirring a bit and opening her eyes, Hitch woke up, sitting down and stretching she noticed the shirt dropped over her shoulders, rolling her eyes she smiled.
    - Thank you, so charming of you 
    He chuckled, already having an idea on how sarcastic she could be.

    Slipping on her dress, she stood, him following suit, accepting his shirt back  they began to walk towards camp.
    - Sooo - she started again, stealing glances at him
    - Sooo -  He answered at this point knowing to expect some weird comment from her
    - Are we always going to start our conversations like this?
    - Probably 
    She sighed, almost making it to camp were everyone had already gather in tables to eat breakfast the only missing were of course the newly weds.

    He caught sight of Mikasa in a line picking up food items with Eren beside her, putting his had on her waist and whispering something in her ear causing her to blush and shove him playfully. 

    If it wasn't because he didn't eat anything last night either, he would had skipped breakfast all together.

    Hitch being as sharp as she is, did not miss it, she positioned herself in front him making him come to a stop.
    - Wait here 

    He saw her move quickly, grabbing 2 plates and filling them with food and as fast as she went, she came running back with a piece of bread in her mouth, giving him one of the plates with food she intertwined her arm with his.
    - Come on, lets go.

    Following her without a word of objection, they finally arrived at some rocks that were under some trees giving them some shade and the chance to soak their feet while they eat. 
    - Thank you - he said while munching on some of the fruit she picked out
    - For what? - She said feigning innocence.

    They finished their food in silence, admiring the sea. 
    - You knoow, you should at least let her know how you feel, I mean to move on or not I think you should get your feelings out there. - She said not looking at him. 

    To this, Jean responded nothing… But did not deny the fact that he indeed was contemplating the idea. 

    - Morning everyone! - Said a very happy new marriage sitting down at the table with the rest of the group.

    Annie sat between Sasha and a chatting Niccolo trying to stop her from mixing so much weird things so early, of course on her other side was Armin, who had by his side Connie and to complete the table Mikasa and Eren with two empty seats that corresponded to Jean and Hitch that the group was tired of looking for but decided that they will come to eat at their given moment. 

    Laughter and chatter was all you could hear from the tables, occasional complaints from the drunken state most of them were in, nonetheless all everyone was radiating was pure joy. 

    Annie and Armin were sharing some of their food, making everyone else snicker at how funny they looked being so red ,meanwhile on the other side of the table the other two favorite lovebirds couldn't have given less attention to the newlyweds.  

    Mikasa and Eren couldn't take their eyes of each other, he had put an arm on her chair making her lean in a bit closer to him, he was whispering how much he just wanted to go back to the activities of this morning, making her turn a deep shade of red. 

    Until they were brought back by Sasha fighting Connie over something that was brought to the table. Seeing everyone laugh and try to calm her down telling her their was more coming.

    Eren putting the arm that was on the chair over Mikasa's shoulder leaned in to give her a quick kiss in the cheek 
    Smiling she asked - What was that for? 
    - Nothing, - getting her bangs out of her eyesight he said - You just looked cute. - making her smile bigger

    Happiness and peace was all that was radiating from camp.

                                 Why cant it stay like this forever?  


    See you on the next Chapter 5: Hello, Reality. 

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