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    Doctor Y/n - Attending Orthopedic Surgeon - 6 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    "Jackson, I need you out here!" Webber summoned Jackson over to the ambulance bay, where you were helping a woman who had been hit by a tear gas canister get onto a gurney.

    "Her name is Nell, that's all I got, she was hit by a tear gas canister!" Webber explained as he and Jackson ran over.

    "Shot, not hit. Shot, close range, shrapnel went everywhere." Nell stammered, wincing as she was helped to lay on the gurney.

    "Trauma one's open, let's move!"


    "What the hell happened?" Jo enquired as she spotted you watching Jackson and Webber take Nell for a CT scan.

    "I went to the BLM protests with Webber, she got shot with a tear gas canister, close range. They're taking her up to CT, but there's no fractures, so I'm on the ER." You explained to Jo before heading to go change into scrubs.


    "Hey, if you're starting your residency all over again, does that mean I'm your boss now?"

    "Either way, I'm still your boss, Schmitt." You interjected, making Levi and Jo jump as you appeared behind them.

    "Doctor S/n-"

    "Chill, Schmitt, it's Y/n... but you can carry these for Joey here." You chuckled, passing Levi the box of OB/GYN books that Jo was carrying.

    The three of you were heading down the corridor when Teddy appeared, hurrying over to check on you and Jo.

    "What's, what happened?" You raised an eyebrow, welcoming the affection as Teddy fawned over the two of you.

    "A COVID, uh, denyer died. He refused treatment, thought COVID was a hoax and he walked out, he died barely outside of the ER." Teddy stammered, your breath hitching as you processed the unnecessary death, whilst Jo frowned.

    "Oh my god, seriously?"


    "I'm going to tell her today." Jo announced, sitting up and throwing the duvet off of her, and sadly, you.

    "Tell who what?" You grumbled, rubbing at your eyes as you propped yourself up on one shoulder.

    "Tell Bailey I want to switch specialities."

    "That's nice... come back to bed, it's 1am." You murmured, letting out a whine as you rolled over and found Teddy's side of the bed empty.

    "Aw, are you missing your girlfriend?" Jo teased, slipping back into bed to be the big spoon.

    "I think I got used to us being three in the bed... sometimes four if Ally won't settle down..." You admitted, running your hand over the empty space.

    "There were four in the bed, and the little one said, roll over, roll over!" Jo quietly sung, right in your ear.

    "Shush, sleepy time." You murmured, covering her mouth with your hand jokingly, until she licked it and you were trying not to screech so loud that Allison woke up.


    "Can we do movie night tonight?" Jo enquired as she found you at the coffee cart.

    "Is this because Jackson disappeared or because Levi is with Nico tonight?" You enquired, quirking a brow as Jo gasped dramatically.

    "How dare you, maybe I just want to spend time with you? Especially since I have to talk to Bailey today and yeah, Webber told me everything I need to say, but it's Bailey!" Jo exclaimed as you rolled your eyes downing your coffee then pulling your mask back on.

    "Get it over and done with, Joey. Then you can work with Carina DeLuca before she leaves or whatever." You shrugged, walking into the hospital with Jo.


    "I miss you." Levi announced, approaching you at the nurses station.

    "Excuse me? Are you practicing for Nico?" You gave him a confused look, biting your tongue as Levi sighed.

    "No, he won't look at me, I actually miss working with you when ortho's involved in cases, because you'd actually look at me." Levi admitted, pausing for breath as you sighed.

    "I don't know what runs through Nico's head, but I wouldn't push him, he might just pull away even more or something." You advised, shrugging as Levi chewed his lip in thought.


    Joey: Bailey said no

    Braces: why?

    Joey: she said it's a bad time

    Braces: damn, I'm sorry Joey


    "Stent looks patent after the procedure." Winston announced, as he, Webber and Teddy looked into Meredith's room.

    "And the liver enzymes? The creatinine?" Webber enquired, looking at Winston.

    "Already improving."

    "Then why isn't she waking up? We have given her time. We have given her time, and every test and every treatment. We removed the clot, perfectly - perfectly, and she's still not waking up, and she's still not improving and she's still not going home. Why isn't she-" Teddy began to ramble, staring into Meredith's room.


    "I'm sorry, I can't, I have to take a walk." Teddy announced, hurrying away.

    Webber paused as he spotted you up the corridor, having heard everything.


    "Did she wake up?"

    "Not yet." You answered, leaning against the door as Teddy sat on the on-call room bed, breathing heavily.

    "What if we did something wrong? What if we caused the clot to break off and she's having a massive stroke right now-"

    "What if she's in a dreamscape where she's seeing dead people and has to decide whether to come back or not? There isn't anything to indicate any of it-" You began, but Teddy starting to hyperventilate stopped you.

    "Teddy, my love, you need to breathe, okay? Here, do you feel that? Do you feel me? Concentrate on me, Teddy." You murmured, pulling Teddy's hand so it rested over your heart, the feeling of your pulse under Teddy's hand to ground her.

    "Just let it out, cry, scream, whatever. Feel it, feel all of it, don't internalise it, let it go..." You whispered, feeling Teddy rest her head against your shoulder as the sobs wracked her body.


    Joey: Braces, where are you at?

    Joey: Bailey changed her mind

    Joey: I'm coming to find you!


    "Is that a new intern?" You whispered, a smile on your lips as you watched a suited-up Zola be led into her mother's room.

    "Come on, Meredith. Come back for her... she needs you, your daughter needs you, she loves you." You whispered to yourself, so focussed on Zola with Meredith that you didn't notice Teddy's eyes drift to you.

    A grin crossed your lips as you spotted it.

    Meredith smiling at her daughter.

    She was awake.

    Teddy was quick to wrap her arms around you and Amelia, smiling as you wrapped your arms around her and Amelia too, a weird sandwich situation occuring as Jo rocked up, having been looking for you.

    "Oh my god!" Jo squealed, grinning at everyone as she realised what everyone was watching.

    Meredith Grey was finally awake.


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    PRESS RELEASE | Grey’s Anatomy 18x08 - “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear ”

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    Doctor Y/n - Attending Orthopedic Surgeon - 5 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    Owen smiled softly as he peeked his head into Allison's room, spotting you and Teddy sat on the couch, Allison on Teddy's lap as she held your fingers with an iron fist.

    A yawn left your lips, gaining the attention of Teddy and Allison, but you just smiled, shaking your head.

    "I have to go into work. I love you both." You explained as you stood up, prying your hand from Allison's grip so you could get ready to go.


    "If you had told me two years ago that you and I would be excited to hang out together, and babysit six small children..." Amelia chuckled, having sent Leo to go hand out with Ellis.

    "I know that Owen asked you to babysit me, since Y/n had to go in for work. You don't have to put on a show." Teddy replied, slipping Allison into the high chair.

    "Both things can be true, I could use the company and we don't have to be covered in puke alone... also apparently Jo had a lot of say about you and Y/n and kitchen counters... too soon?" Amelia chuckled as Teddy's eyes widened, a nervous look crossing her face.


    Braces: we're down to one available ventillator

    Braces: so we're closing to trauma

    Joey: going into OR, talk after


    Teddy: any updates?

    Y/n: closed to trauma, one ventillator left

    Y/n: not supposed to be giving you updates but i'll say you persuaded me

    Teddy: what do you think about therapy?

    Y/n: i could never afford it, why? do you wanna?

    Teddy: maybe


    Joey: kidney stone removal had complications

    Braces: crap


    Y/n: Pierce figured out two people can safely share a vent

    Y/n: trauma's reopening

    Y/n: how is it babysitting 6 kids with Amelia?

    Teddy: feels like a matrifocal compound

    Y/n: goals


    A laugh escaped Jo's lips as she spotted you, dancing in the hallway in front of Meredith's room. Dancing with everyone else as you celebrated that Meredith was breathing without the vent.

    "Hey, come with me to see Luna?" Jo asked, gesturing for you to follow her.

    You nodded as you walked over, the two of you heading up to the PICU with smiles on your faces.


    "Look who I caught in the laundry room whilst we were scrubbing down! I caught myself a Leo fish!" Owen chuckled, picking up the giggling Leo as you headed over to hug Teddy.

    "Hey, Zola. We took your mom off the vent today, and she's breathing on her own." Owen smiled, watching as Zola ran to tell Bailey, Ellis and Scout.

    Teddy smiled as she felt you wrap your arms around her from behind, holding your hands in hers as you nuzzled into her hair.


    "Altman, you still have two days off, enjoy them, because you are going to miss them when you're back. Goodbye, Altman!" Webber exclaimed as he hung up on Teddy, leaving her to grab her phone and text you instead.

    Teddy: How's Meredith doing

    Y/n: she's stable? With Bailey and Jo and Luna rn

    Y/n: Hayes kicked us out so he could do rounds


    "What am I supposed to say to my mentor? Grey's my mentor, I don't want to disappoint her or Bailey or Webber! Crap, trauma, we gotta go!" Jo announced, gesturing for you to come with as Levi headed back to the COVID testing site.

    "You tell them that you're following your heart and choosing joy, they can't argue with mental health." You stated as you and Jo headed towards the ER.


    "S/n, we've got an unstable pelvis and crush injuries, could use ortho!" Owen called you over as the newlywed trauma patients were brought into the ER.

    "Scans show an open-book pelvic fracture, but you should get a CT to check for other abdominal injuries." You suggested as you looked over the scans, turning to help Bailey and Owen put a binder on the patient's pelvis.


    "You're going to give Doctor Grey that speech when she's awake, right?" You enquired, leaning against the wall as Jo stepped out of Meredith's patient room.

    "Oh my- yeah, Braces, I am. Now, stop lurking and let's go see Luna!" Jo jumped backwards, realising it was you before a grin crossed her face at the idea of seeing Luna again.


    "Why does S/n come up here, I thought she was ortho?" Hayes enquired, glancing at you as you pulled on a pink gown over your navy blue scrubs.

    "Braces comes up here with me to see Luna, sometimes it's because she misses Allison, but Arizona, she used to work in peds here, Arizona would bring Braces up to the NICU to calm down. Plus, babies love her." Jo explained, smiling as she watched you walk around the PICU, glancing over all of the patients.


    "If i'm driving, you're cooking tonight." Jo affirmed as the two of you walked down the stairs.

    "Wilson, do you have a minute?" Webber enquired, walking over to the two of you.

    "Yeah, what's up?" Jo tilted her head to the side, spotting Levi as you subtly passed him a tupperware of vegetable soup.

    "Well I was hoping you could tell me?" Webber crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows as Jo blinked in confusion.


    "Quitting surgery?" Webber finished, leaving you to swallow nervously as Levi all but ran away, only turning back to spot that Jo was holding you in place, in case you tried to run too.

    "If you're serious about changing specialities, I want to support you, but I can't do that if I'm in the dark." Webber smiled under his mask, Jo matching his smile as you let out a breath, laughing to yourself as Jo began to explain to Webber.


    "Owen? I just put Allison in her high chair, Y/n's cooking dinner. Jo's... doing her version of assisting." Teddy explained as she opened the door to reveal Owen on the other side.

    "It was Jo who told me to come over, apparently for some dinner?" Owen revealed the text that Jo had sent him.

    "Hey! It's time for a barely functional family dinner!" Jo exclaimed, gesturing for Teddy and Owen to come over to the dining room table as you were serving up pasta.

    "What is this?" Teddy enquired, passing the garlic bread as you sat down next to her at the table.

    "We figured some normality was required, and we don't really sit down to eat. Allison and maybe Leo might enjoy it in the future, if everyone's gathered, y'know." You explained, breaking off a piece of garlic bread with a delightful crunch.

    "Remember when you two hated each other? Now you're both eating at the same table?" Jo giggled, leaving you to grimace as Owen gave you a grumpy look.

    "Okay, let's not go down memory lane when this pasta is about to get cold! It smells amazing, babe!" Teddy replied, kissing you on the forehead before reaching for the utensils.

    A laugh left your lips as you spotted that Allison had pasta sauce around her mouth already, watching her begin to smile in response to your laughter.


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    First Advent | November 28th: reindeer farm 

    Nico would do anything for Levi. Both of them knew that. Sometimes Levi knew it a little bit too much for Nico’s liking. For example, when Levi was already all tucked in in bed, window creaked open a slit to let in the crisp winter air, remembering that he had left his glass of water in the kitchen near the sink. He’d bat his eyes at Nico, who was on his way to take off his slippers, reminding him of how quickly he’d start freezing to almost death if he’d left the bed now and how long it would take him to thaw again. With a faked sigh, Nico would then go downstairs to get the said glass of water.
    Once he slipped into bed next to Levi, his boyfriend wrapped an arm around Nico and kissed his shoulder, a silent thank you to make Nico immediately forget about his little trip around the world.
    So due to his inability to say no to Levi, he found himself at a farm, left arm outstretched with a carrot in hand, slowly approaching a reindeer. It not like he was afraid of the 350 pound animal, but if the worst-case scenario came to be and this reindeer became hungry for human flesh, then he was at least ready to put some distance himself and Santa’s not-so-little helper.
    When Hugo, as Levi called the 350-pound being, bit into the carrot, Nico pulled away and checked whether he still had all of his fingers left or if he would have to call Bailey to break the news of his ending career at the hospital. Fortunately, no such call was needed as he still got all of them.
    “What a good boy,” Levi cooed as he patted Hugo’s head, giving him another carrot. How he could be so careless with the instruments that were the reason he had a bright future and career ahead of him that he would just thrust them towards a reindeer's mouth, Nico didn’t understand. But maybe he didn’t need to, as long as he could watch Levi being happy.
    He didn’t hate being here either. The farm was an hour drive away from Seattle. Nico almost missed the exist as it was kind of hidden from anyone who didn’t know about it. But that’s what made the farm so peaceful. With barely anyone around, it was just them and nature. A very needed break from all the buzz in the city.
    Nico felt Levi’s arm wrap around his shoulders and smiled as he turned to look at him.
    “It’s beautiful here,” Levi said, his eyes still captured by the green of the field in front of them. Hugo already had moved on from them, chasing something neither of them could see.
    “It is.” Nico nodded and kissed Levi’s temple. “Let’s come here more often.”
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    Doctor Y/n - Attending Orthopedic Surgeon - 4 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    "Doctor S/n... a big trauma just came in... I thought you should know..." Helm struggled for breath, putting down the tablet you were holding you hurried over.

    "Helm, what's wrong? Do they need my help down there?"

    "No, no... it's, the big trauma, it's DeLuca, he, he was stabbed." Helm stuttered, watching your face fall before you ran off, leaving Helm stood at the nurses station alone.


    "Y/n, hey, what's-"

    "DeLuca's been stabbed."

    "Meredith's on the vent and now DeLuca's been stabbed?" Teddy realised, holding you by the shoulders as you trembled.

    "Crap, Webber's paging me... I have to go-" Teddy was cut off as you nodded, swiping away your tears as your pager went off and had you running in the other direction.


    "Run a TEG to check for his clotting factors."

    You could hear Teddy and Owen over the intercom when you arrived in the gallery. Webber turned to acknowledge you, but your eyes were on DeLuca on the OR table.


    "Please. Don't take this boy, please, don't take this boy." Webber prayed whilst you let out a quiet sob.

    "Please, stop taking away my friends."


    "Alright, I just need to place the drain, then we are good to start the wire closure." Teddy smiled to Owen, pausing as she saw you standing in the gallery with Webber.

    "Great work everyone!" Webber announced as he pressed the button for the intercom.


    A deep sigh left your lips as you exited the gallery, pausing as Jo messaged you.

    Joey: come to Val's room NOW

    Braces: on my way

    Jogging towards Val's patient room, the adrenaline from the terror you felt from seeing DeLuca on that table began to run through you.


    "Val's coding, hurry!" Levi shouted as you ran by, pushing the crash cart.

    For a split second, you spotted the incubator holding Luna, and you realised what Jo had wanted all along.

    "No, no, no, no!"


    Your eyes widened as you watched Jo try to resusciate Val, spotting Hayes with Luna. The taste of iron in your mouth broke your concentration. Biting your lip so hard, as a bad feeling washed over you.


    Joey: Luna's stable

    Braces: I'm sorry about Val, Joey


    Your eyes widened as you walked up to the NICU, gaze landing on Jo with Luna holding her finger with her tiny hand.

    "Looks like I'm going to be an aunt." You whispered to yourself, leaning in the doorway as you watched Jo with Luna.


    "Time of death. 22:50."


    "Teddy, hey, I was just going to see how Andrew was doing." You smiled, still buzzing from watching Jo with Luna.

    "Y/n... I'm sorry. Andrew, he didn't make it. He had cardiac tamponade, then he went into DIC on the way to the OR."

    Your smile fell as shock washed over you, your body rigid as Teddy pulled you into a hug.


    You were laying in bed when you got the invite from Webber for Andrew's memorial service.

    You had the day off.

    Jo was also off, but she was with Jackson. Teddy was working.

    So you were laying in bed, staring at selfies you had taken with DeLuca. Then you remembered turning up on his and Arizona's doorstep after you and Leah broke up.

    You should have kept talking to DeLuca, but the two of you drifted with everything going on. Now you couldn't talk to him ever again.


    Joey: Link and I are daydrinking and Jackson is on call but he's here too

    Joey: are you okay?

    Braces: i need ice cream

    Braces: i need to cry and eat ice cream, just like I did with Andrew when Leah broke up with me

    Joey: is there ice cream in the freezer?

    Braces: we ate it when we had cramps

    Braces: i ordered ice cream


    Zander Perez: so, Pierce and some other attending lost a naked man in the hospital

    Y/n S/n: wow, that's just wow, thanks for the update Doctor Perez


    Link: why is Jo whining about babies?

    Link: she sounds like she wants one

    Y/n: what

    Y/n: tell her to adopt Luna

    Link: are you sure?

    Y/n: the other options are worse, let's be real

    Link: true


    Jackson: DeLuca's memorial is tonight, I'm driving Jo and Link, we're picking you up

    Y/n: okay

    Y/n: tell me when you're outside

    Jackson: don't get ice cream in my car

    Y/n: i ate it all already

    Jackson: Jo says :(


    Teddy: I keep seeing DeLuca walking around

    Y/n: are you okay?

    Teddy: We did everything we could

    Teddy: But he's still dead


    Jackson: we're outside

    Y/n: on my way down


    You were standing with Jo and Link when the car arrived with Carina and Maya. It was only when you spotted Teddy that a croak left your throat.

    "Everybody, can I have your attention please? I appreciate you all being here tonight. Grey Sloan is a family. And Andrew DeLuca was a member of that family. And his death, however brave. Well, it's still heartbreaking. We can't honour his life like we might have in the past, but we can still honour him. Doctor Perez."

    Teddy was sat on the floor, to the side of everyone, when you snuck over to sit by her.

    A sob escaped Teddy's lips as Andrew's surgical residency application video began to play, her head resting on your shoulder as she gasped for breath.


    The two of you were sat in the car park in silence, when Owen walked over.

    "Teddy? Y/n?"

    "Hey... Teddy?" Owen whispered, spotting that you weren't leaving Teddy's side, but she was staring into space.

    "I'm gonna take you two home, okay?" Owen murmured, helping you stand Teddy up, before she was carried to Owen's car.


    "Hey, want some more? Hey, look at me, mommy's okay, okay?" Owen cooed, trying to calm Allison down.

    "Mama..." Allison murmured, spotting you as you walked over to the coffee pot.

    "She's barely blinking." You murmured to Owen, crouching down to entertain Allison. Owen nodded as he slipped pat you, going to check on Teddy, who was still laying in bed, staring into space.

    "I know, I'm worried about her, too, Ally." You whispered as Allison squirmed in the high chair, wanting to be picked up.

    "Is this really necessary? You can't get her to drink a sip of water?" Amelia whispered as she dropped off the equipment for an IV.

    "No. She barely looks at Y/n or Allison, unless Y/n is physically holding Allison. Thank you for the fluids, I'll keep you updated, okay?" Owen tried to shut the door, but Amelia put her hand out to stop it.

    "Owen, let me try, let me try to help." Amelia bargained, waving slightly as you walked by in the background, going to try put Allison down for a nap.


    "Any luck?" Owen asked, waiting outside of the room as Amelia went in.


    "If something doesn't change soon, I'm going to have to have her admitted." Owen sighed as Amelia folded her arms.

    "Owen, she's overworked, she's overtired, she just lost DeLuca. She's Y/n's girlfriend. She probably just needs some more rest." Amelia suggested but Owen frowned.

    "She hasn't spoken, she hasn't eaten, she hasn't so much as glanced at her daughter, unless Y/n is holding her. Amelia, the only ever time I've seen that kind of look is in soldiers, and plenty of them never came back." Owen exclaimed, pausing as he heard the floor creak.

    "Chrissy was similar when she... broke. But Teddy isn't Chrissy. I think she's stuck in her head, like a coma... and she's only going to wake up when whatever's happening in her head comes to an end." You played with your sleeves, ignoring Owen's eyes as Amelia reached out to hug you.

    "She lets out a tired breath when I try to lay with her, and there's something behind her eyes when I'm holding Allison in her eye line, but whatever's in her head, it's keeping her in there." You murmured, your chin resting on Amelia as she held you, hearing Owen let out a tired breath in response.


    You were napping in Allison's room whilst Owen and Amelia tried to build the bed for Leo, for when he would be staying at the apartment with you, Teddy and Jo.

    Jo was at work, but she knew what was going on.

    "Two heads are better than one? Y/n's napping with Allison, so..."

    "Amelia, you don't have to stay." Owen admitted, picking up one of the pieces of bed.

    "I know." Amelia smirked, sitting down to read the instructions.


    Owen and Amelia were standing in the kitchen when you exited Allison's room, wrapping a blanket around yourself as you went to sit with Teddy.

    "She just sits there, internalising everything. I think she's terrified, but it used to be so obvious when Y/n was afraid, because it was the only look she'd ever have on her face when she saw me." Owen admitted, watching as you sat down near the window, watching Teddy stare into space.

    "It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's all my fault."

    Owen sat up as he heard a thump, running over to spot you getting up off the floor.

    "She spoke!" You whispered, detangling yourself from the blanket you'd wrapped around yourself before.

    "What did she say?" Owen asked, hurrying around to the side of the bed Teddy laid on.

    "She said 'it's all my fault' several times... I think she feels guilty for DeLuca... and Allison." You explained as Amelia peeked her head in.

    "I think Allison knows something's wrong. Since it seems the only time she'll sleep is in your arms, Y/n." Amelia admitted, passing Allison into your arms.


    "You run from pain, Teddy. But the thing with Y/n is, she doesn't run, she doesn't run because expects everyone to leave. She's terrified she's going to lose you, you need to wake up Teddy. Y/n, Owen, Allison, they all need you, but you need them. You need to stop running away, and run towards them. Wake up." A phantom version of Meredith Grey spoke, talking directly to Teddy in her mind.


    Teddy let out a gasp as she sat up, finding an IV in her hand as she spotted you curled up in the chair, sleeping with Allison in your arms.

    Owen was sat on the floor in the doorway, asleep too.

    You woke up, feeling lips on your forehead and Allison drooling on your shoulder.

    "Urf, what- Teddy! Ally, mommy's awake!" You cooed, carefully sitting up as Allison stirred, reaching for Teddy.

    Owen snapped awake at your voice, smiling at the scene of you and Teddy fawning over Allison, freezing as you looked up, gesturing for him to get his ass over to his best friend too.


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    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy: 18X06


    This episode felt boring and bland to me. I'm not digging any of the Minnesota storylines this season, I hate Meredith and Nick together, and none of the characters they focused on back in Seattle are very interesting to me. I really disliked how separated the cast was especially since it was a holiday episode. I'm sad that Farouk is getting worse, but the storyline surrounding Megan and Farouk didn't pack the emotional punch I think it should have and that was because they chose to remove the usual dramatic background music and the background noises of the machines in the hospital room and so it didn't feel emotional to me.

    I did like the conversation between Megan and Teddy about Leo and standing up for your kid even it means ruining another relationship you value. Honestly, the music and sound editing for this season so far has just been terrible which is sad because it’s something that up until now Grey’s has really excelled at. Same thing with Owen’s storyline. Seeing him change his mind about allowing someone to discontinue care knowing they will die as a result should have been a super impactful storyline based on what we’ve seen about Owen in the past but because of the way the music and sound editing was done it didn’t feel impactful at all. While I did like Amelia and Link's storyline it wasn't super compelling for me. 

    We saw the two of them hook up in this episode which makes everything more complicated between them and sends some seriously mixed messages. I'd love to see them end up together so I really hope that at some point in the upcoming episodes we see them actually talk to each other and they both share what they are feeling and where they are coming from because were several episodes into the season and they still haven't done that. I felt absolutely zero chemistry between Meredith and Nick. That entire storyline fell flat for me. The phone call scenes were super uneven, Nick sounded drowsy the whole time, and he looked like a villain out of a horror movie in that car. 

    That storyline was completely illogical. One minute he’s onscreen driving and the next is at her door. Were supposed to swoon over Nick, yet he doesn't care at all about Meredith's kids and keeps trying to get her to come up to the cabin with him and blow off her children and sister. Meredith agreeing to go up to the cabin at the end made no sense and during the dining scene there's a giant tea pot on the table while they are actively drinking wine. Quite frankly, I've never seen a sex scene on TV have less chemistry in my entire life. While I didn’t like this episode, I have to say I did enjoy Nico and Levi's storyline with his Mom that had some good funny moments. 

    I also liked the moment where Richard and Levi were trolling for surgeries and the woman parked outside the ER and Levi asked if he could scrub in if she needed surgery and Richard yelled for him to get a gurney. It was funny and it perfectly represents what I love about Richard as a character. He loves to cut, but he always puts his patients first above everything else.

    Until next time! 

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  • redhairedwolfwitch
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Doctor Y/n - Attending Orthopedic Surgeon - 3 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    "Joey? I know you're not asleep." You peeked your head in the door, spotting Jo asleep on her side of the bed that used to hold three.


    "What's wrong?" You frowned, flopping into the middle of the bed as Jo grumbled under her breath.

    "I barely get to operate anymore, and when I do, they don't recover enough to go home. Oh, and how could I forget the refrigerator truck full of dead bodies that I get to pass on the way from the car park. The only reason that I am still in bed is that I am paralysed with excitement." Jo's voice was muffled by the duvet, leaving you to sigh as you gently brushed a piece of hair from her face.

    "What about Luna?" You whispered, pausing as Jo cracked open her eyes and sighed.


    You chuckled as Jo threw off the duvet, getting out of bed.


    Teddy: Tom's in the hospital, he had a seizure as we got him out the ambo

    Y/n: Joey is operating on that mom who had the baby growing in her liver

    Y/n: and Bailey's mom was just brought to the hospital with covid, it's bad


    "How's the baby?"

    "Ah, yeah, well, he won't let me sleep, but other than that, I can't wait to get back to him." Amelia grinned, thinking about Scout.

    "Allison is with Leo at Owen's mom's. I'm just- I miss them like crazy, but with all of us treating COVID patients, it just, it doesn't seem safe. I think Y/n and Jo miss having the kids around too, we were almost this, matrifocal household, and then the pandemic hit." Teddy explained, sighing as she thought about how the pandemic had disrupted everything.


    Joey: I just delivered a baby, it was amazing

    Braces: if you're thinking what I think you are, I am owed money

    Joey: what are you talking about

    Braces: i said years ago when we were residents about in 5 years, you end up being an ob/gyn

    Joey: you're a little shit

    Braces: but you love me

    Joey: sadly

    Braces: rude


    "So, you delivered a baby today." You smiled as you arrived home. Jo was sat at the dining room table instead of the kitchen counter, a pile of pizza boxes next to her.

    "I delivered a baby today." She grinned, taking a sip of her beer, "It happened so quick, I went to check on Luna, and this nurse said that there was an imminent delivery, and in the next second, I was catching a baby. I was literally the first person in the universe to hold him. And then I handed him to his parents, and their faces were just... no wonder Val's so depressed. It's the happiest thing I've ever seen. It was just so pure and simple and perfect. I was buzzing, but it was a total random fluke, and tomorrow, we'll be back to the same depressing crap." Jo monologued, glancing at you as you stuffed a piece of pizza in your mouth.

    "Bullshit. Val is alive today."

    "Do you think that's why Carina DeLuca is always in such a good mood? She's just, you know, handing out babies, and it shoots her serotonin levels through the roof!" Jo pointed out, stealing a piece of pizza from your box.

    "That, plus the masturbation study... she's done a lot of research into the female orgasm."

    "What if I changed?" Jo burst out, leaving you to pause in your slice of pizza.

    "Then I'd be owed money." You replied, crunching on the crust as Jo began to elaborate.

    "Careers, programs... I know I've put years and years into surgery, but if it's not bringing me any joy, then wouldn't it be insane to not change?"

    "I think, you should do it."

    "I want to be happy." Jo admitted, leaving you to nod and grab another piece of pizza, "everyone's dying. Meredith's... Tomorrow is not promised. Not in marriage. Not in life. I wanna be happy." Jo declared before shoving the piece of pizza in her mouth.

    "I want you to be happy too, Joey."

    /// Time Skip ///

    "Sir, when you have a minute, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something I am considering, career-wise?" Jo asked as she and Webber went over all the patients she had taken on since Meredith got covid and Bailey's mother died.

    "Ah, damn it."

    "Oh, well it doesn't have to be now, I'm sure that you are dying to go home." Jo reiterated as Webber sounded mad.

    "No one's leaving here tonight." Webber sighed, stuffing his phone back in his pocket as he walked away.


    "Listen up! Seattle Pres has reached capacity. Which means, we should expect to receive about twice the patients per day. We are activating surge capacity protocol. Hey, I'm not happy about it either. We need to double up on every room we can. We are converting this cafeteria to COVID overflow tonight. We need all available hands, including residents. You will not take care of COVID patients. So, call home, make arrangements, check your inboxes for assignments. Thank you." Webber announced as everyone gathered in the cafeteria.


    "Doctor Altman's in a bad mood." Helm mumbled as she found you standing at the nurses station.

    "Can't do anything about that now, Helm, sorry." You apologised, reaching for the hand sanitiser station.



    Teddy looked up from where she was sat, her head in her hands.


    "Have you video-called to see Leo and Allison yet?" You enquired, walking around the back of the couch to grab the lunchbox you'd stashed in your bag.

    "Not yet, have you?"

    "I don't have Evelyn's number, all the Allison content I get is from Amelia." You admitted, biting your lip as Teddy frowned, taking your phone from your knee so she could add the number.

    "You're lucky we're timing it right." Teddy remarked, pressing dial on her phone whilst you froze.

    The timing was right?

    A smile broke across your face as you heard Evelyn answered, hearing Allison and Leo in the background before they came into video.

    "Mommy! Mama!"


    "Did you quit yet?" Levi enquired as he found Jo sat on a bench outside the hospital, staring up at the sky.

    "It's not quitting, it's choosing joy. I wanna choose joy. I wanna bring life into the world. That's nothing to shame me over." Jo retorted, folding her arms.

    "I didn't shame you." Levi argued but Jo turned to give him a 'are you serious' look.

    "A little bit you did."

    "I heard Grey's awake. Did you tell her?" Levi enquired, looking at the ground as the rain crackled all around them.

    "No! She would definitely shame me. She was my teacher, she loves to cut more than anybody I know. She would tell me that it's a reaction to the pandemic and that it's insane to quit surgery and on some level she'd be right. But, when I think about quitting, it brings me so much joy! It's like I have a dirty little secret." Jo chuckled, smiling as you walked over.

    "Follow joy, Joey. Because even though that makes me the last one in our surgical residency class, I think you would be amazing wherever you go." You smiled, letting out a breath as the wind washed over you.


    "I told you about Allison, but I never told Owen. I never told Owen that Allison and I were more than best friends... and we named Allison after her." Teddy admitted as she found you outside, basking in the sunlight.

    "I wouldn't name my child Danielle, because there's only one Dani. But, I think that at this point, Allison would feel blessed that you named your daughter after her. I think Owen might need to know though..." You replied, closing your eyes to take in the sun.

    "Our. Our daughter. She calls you mama, she's your daughter too." Teddy affirmed, reaching for your hand but her pager interrupted her.

    "No, no, no, no, no, it's Meredith!" Teddy exclaimed as she ran back inside, pulling on her mask hurriedly.


    Tags: @nnightskiess @emskisworld @multifandomlesbianic @thegirlwhowishedeveryonelived @inquisitive-nix @fire-and-blood-targaryen @unexpected-character

    #grey's anatomy x reader #grey's anatomy imagine #grey's anatomy #jo wilson x reader #teddy altman x reader #jo wilson imagine #teddy altman imagine #jo wilson#teddy altman#tom koracick#miranda bailey#richard webber#owen hunt#levi schmitt#meredith grey
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  • imyournewdad
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    should i write schmico fanfic and if so, what should i write about??? 

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  • schmico-shenanigans
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’m Thankful For You

    by @theoneandonlyfae (aka me!)

    He was acting strange. It wasn’t that noticeable to anyone else but to her it was as obvious as ever.

    Jo didn’t understand it. She really didn’t. She saw the way Levi practically deflated when Nico left the table, but she didn’t get it. She thought maybe it was a trick of her mind but she knew something was up.

    “Hey,” She prodded him with her elbow. “What’s with you? You look like…well I don’t know what I’d call how you look right now.”

    “Hmm?” He had been zoned out. “What are you talking about?”

    “You being all…all grouchy all of a sudden.”

    “Wh-“ He scoffed in disbelief. “I am not grouchy. What are you even talking about?”

    read the rest on ao3 <3

    #schmico#nico kim#levi schmitt #nico kim x levi schmitt #nico x levi #levi schmitt and nico kim #levi schmitt x nico kim #jo wilson#grey's anatomy
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  • schmico-fanatic
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    So my mom and I somehow ended up talking about queer stuff today (which we rarely ever do because I know my family is homophobic) and she legit declared that she is completely against lesbians, gays, and queer people in general, and that she can never accept any of it because it is not a part of 'our Indian culture.' I just wanted to bang my head against the wall and cry. Wtf???!!!😠😭

    More below the cut if you wish to read:

    Although I am a staunch queer ally, I personally don't identify with any LGBTQ+ identity (at least so far, but I'm open to the idea of discovering something new about myself if it ever happens.) I have to credit Schmico for my love and appreciation of this beautiful community. Becoming a Schmico stan truly helped me get rid of whatever silly prejudices I may have had before due to the 'culture' I was raised in, and made me more aware and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, homophobia / transphobia / heteronormativity is quite common in my country, and the stupid misconceptions and lack of awareness about the LGBTQ+ community is appalling, which is why it is extremely rare here to find people who are out and proud.

    Ironically, I'm quite close to my mom and can talk to her freely about a lot of other things, but my obsession with Schmico and allyship to the queer community is something I can't share with her — because I know she'd think there was something wrong with me. So it's sorta like I'm in a closet of my own, and it feels terrible. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for queer people who can't share their truth with their families because they know they won't be accepted by them for who they are. (And if it isn't a safe space for someone to come out, they should never feel obligated to do it because their queerness is still valid even if they don't.) Yet I can't help but wish that we all lived in a world that was not such a discriminatory place and everyone was treated equally, and coming out wasn't a thing that anybody ever needed to do or fear because it was totally normalised.

    Those Grey's Anatomy viewers who judge Nico for being afraid to come out to his parents clearly have no idea how scary it actually is. But I just want to say to those of you who are struggling and confused and scared that you are loved and accepted no matter what! Today felt like one of those days where I needed to say it here and send loads of love your way. To conclude, I genuinely want to express gratitude for all the amazing friends I have made in the Schmico fandom — with whom I get to gush over my favourite ship without being shamed for it! It means a lot to me and I love you all so much! 😘❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🥰

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  • schmico-shenanigans
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    just remembered the “career conflict” thing 🥲. i honestly think it’ll just be like levi or nico has some out of the blue job opportunity or ambition and it’s long distance or smtg so they bicker about it and they end up apologizing and making up.

    🕯manifesting this rn 🕯

    #hoping this is just one of those times greys makes it seem like a bigger deal and they episode airs and it’s not that bad #🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 #yes ik this whole conflict is stupid but we’re gonna get it either way so manifesting it’s not that bad #schmico#nico kim#levi schmitt#alex landi#jake borelli
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  • redhairedwolfwitch
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Doctor Y/n - Attending Orthopedic Surgeon - 1 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    April 2020

    One month into the COVID-19 Pandemic

    "Do you think the reason Owen won't look at me is because of Allison's first word?" You asked as you walked into work with Jo and Teddy.

    "Probably. I mean, I don't know if he was more bothered by Allison calling you mama, or the fact her first word wasn't dada." Jo replied, adjusting her mask slightly as the three of you walked over to the ER.

    "Are you bothered by it?" You turned to Teddy, biting your lip as Teddy turned to look at you.

    "I was until I spoke to Arizona on the phone. Apparently Sofia calls her mommy and Callie is mama." Teddy replied, pausing as the three of you had to split up to get your temperatures checked.

    "Stay safe, both of you." You stated, nodding to both of them before you headed over to the socially distanced queue.


    "There's another tent for visitors as none are allowed unless accompanying a young child. Less severe symptoms are sent home to self-quarantine. The more severe are admitted. The entire east wing is now a covid ward, we've converted whole floors into negative pressure rooms. Severe patients go to this special ICU, so far we have enough ventilators."

    "What about PPE for the staff?"


    "Are things still awkward with Jo and Avery?" Amelia enquired as she had rang with you with updates on Allison and Leo.

    "I don't know what you mean." You sarcastically remarked, hearing Amelia hum on the other side of the line.

    "Did you ever do the friends with benefits thing?" Amelia tentatively asked, biting her lip as she knew you could hear the kids in the background.

    "No, I was more of a hook-up with strangers and slip out when they fall asleep kinda deal-"

    "Oh my god, you were the female Mark Sloan!" Amelia cut you off, squealing slightly until Zola asked why she was squealing.

    "Not, not really-" You were cut off again when Amelia exclaimed that she had to go, and hung up on you.


    Teddy: the PPE arrived

    Teddy: it was all booties

    Teddy: no masks, no gloves, no shields

    Teddy: all booties

    Y/n: damn


    Joey: how does it feel to be an attending now?

    Braces: I think it would be different if attendings weren't running scut in a global pandemic


    "Oh my god!"

    "It's beautiful!" You exclaimed as you spotted the UV light cleaning machine de-contaminating all of the PPE masks.

    "It's genius! You're a genius!" Bailey exclaimed, stepping closer to the window.

    "I know! I'm not sure how you forgot." Webber remarked, causing Bailey to stutter.

    "I did not! And it's not about your ability, Richard. It's about your vulnerability. You know you are high-risk for covid right now, and you have already given more of yourself to this hospital than anyone ever could. And you have overcome, and you have suffered. You are why this hospital is as good as it is today, you're why I am as good as I am today. And you, Richard, have earned the right to stay home, to stay safe, to rest. This thing, it's, it's, it's going going to get worse." Bailey exclaimed, lecturing Webber as you chewed your lip, walking back to where you were supposed to be working.


    "Schmitt, what's wrong?" You answered the phone, frowning as you tried to hear past his rambles.

    "Bailey's hurt? I'm on my way to the ER now." You stated, turning on your heel to head towards the ER.


    "There's tissue swelling, she had trouble putting weight on it, and I can see some slight bruising. It's probably a sprain, but I ordered an x-ray just to be safe." Levi explained as you walked over, pulling on your gloves to check out Bailey's leg.

    "What happened exactly?" You looked up to meet Bailey's eyes.

    "I rolled it, or someone stomped on it, I don't know, it happened fast."

    "Well, it's most likely just a sprain, Schmitt. I'll take a nosy when you get the x-rays back... did you call me just so you didn't get Nico?" You asked, turning to Levi.

    "Chief, she just said the same thing-"

    "But you're not the orthopedic surgeon, come on, radiology, let's go!" Bailey instructed as you stepped away to look at the photo that Amelia had taken of Allison.


    "Sorry, not a lot of opportunity to vent these days. Jo had her thing with Jackson on her mind, and Y/n keeps batch-preparing food in case one of us gets it and has to quarantine. That, and Allison is either with the other kids and Amelia and Link, or at your mother's..."

    "Are, are you three still sharing a bed?" Owen hesitated, grimacing as Teddy sighed.

    "At first, it was just because I would sleep over at Y/n's old apartment and Jo would too and Jo gets cold and Y/n has nightmares. But then their landlord got covid and they got kicked out of their apartment and moved in with me. I thought Jo would take the spare room, but we only split up now because we're terrified if one person gets it, all three of us will." Teddy explained, Owen nodding as Teddy spoke.

    "I didn't think Y/n would ever leave that apartment."

    "It was her safe space, but now her safe space is the bigger apartment, with her couch wedged into the spare room because that couch was coming with us no matter what. We make it work, Owen, we do." Teddy replied, the conversation ceasing as the ambulance arrived with a trauma victim.


    "I took a look at my medical directives and my will. And if anything happened to me, obviously, you and Y/n would have Allison, uh, but we haven't really made a plan for Leo. And I haven't talked to Amelia and Link about this, but if you two can't, then maybe they'd be willing... at least then, the kids would..."

    "Sorry, the OR needs me now, but Leo and Allison, they're brother and sister, and I know Y/n, Jo and I take care of Allison, but I know Y/n and Jo would not want them to be split up, and neither do I."

    "If you... three are okay with them both-"

    "I'm not okay with my best friend dying, Owen." Teddy stated, pulling her mask back on as she headed towards the OR.


    "Alright, so there's soft tissue swelling, but no fracture. You'll need to stay off it for a few days, but after that you'll be as good as new." You announced as you walked in with Bailey's x-rays.

    "Oh, great. Just like I thought." Levi remarked, leaving you to chuckle.

    "Then you didn't really need me, did you?" You quirked a brow, passing Levi the scans before heading out.


    "Looking good Doctor S/n!"

    "Thanks Doctor Perez!" You waved back at Zander, smiling under your mask as you passed him.


    "No, no, you gotta do the thing where you pretend the broccoli is the brother of the carrots he already ate, and that they need to be reunited in his tummy. Yeah, like uh, 'Please Mr Leo. Please, please, let me be reunited with my sister in your tummy' Okay? Okay good, I gotta go, bye!" Owen paused as he spotted you looking over a tablet.

    "Y/n, has Teddy talked to you about what would be done if something happened to me?" Owen enquired, watching as you looked up from the tablet.

    "What- are you-"

    "Oh, no, no, I'm fine. It's just with my directives and will, Allison would be with Teddy and you, but there isn't really a plan for Leo."

    "You don't split up siblings, we're not the foster system. Cody and Mac have directives in place that if something happens to both of them, I'm Rory's legal guardian... the apartment isn't big enough for this disaster planning. Owen Hunt, despite the fact you terrified me during my entire residency, you are not allowed to die." You affirmed before you were paged away from the ER.


    The tapping on the glass between the ICU you were in and outside had you pausing from where you were plugging in a ventilator.

    "Are you okay?" You looked up to spot Teddy standing on the other side of the glass.

    "I just, I needed to see you were okay." Teddy's voice crackled as her hand hovered over the glass.

    "What happened?" Walking over to the other side of the glass, you hovered your hand over the same spot as Teddy's, space and the glass between the two of you.

    "I lost a patient, he was so badly burned, it was like what I saw after a bombing in Iraq." Teddy explained, her eyes tearing up as she spoke.

    "I'll see you in the lounge after I'm done in here, okay?" You replied, nodding as Teddy agreed.


    "Ugh, Joey! Where's the best place to get petrol?" You shouted as you spotted Jo heading towards her car.

    "Uh, a few blocks over- oh, crap!" Jo exclaimed, checking her phone.

    "What, what's wrong?" You asked, hurrying over to be able to hear Jo but also maintain your distance.

    "Hayes found Meredith passed out in the car park. Her covid result came back positive." Jo announced, showing you her phone screen.

    "Oh, crap."


    Tags: @nnightskiess @emskisworld @multifandomlesbianic @thegirlwhowishedeveryonelived @inquisitive-nix @fire-and-blood-targaryen

    #grey's anatomy x reader #grey's anatomy imagine #grey's anatomy #teddy altman x reader #jo wilson x reader #teddy altman imagine #jo wilson imagine #teddy altman#jo wilson#amelia shepherd#owen hunt#miranda bailey#richard webber#levi schmitt
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  • drkaibartley
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Station 19/Grey's characters as things said at my family's pre-Thanksgiving gathering:

    Meredith: I've been here for decades, MOVE.


    Jack: There's no way everyone here is straight.







    Amelia: Well it sure as hell isn't me.

    Teddy: Keep telling yourself that.


    Bailey: I'm the boss, sit down.

    Ben: *gets up*



    Andy: My marriage? It's dead.


    Maya: So we all agree, Carina will do all the cooking?

    Jack: I can cook.

    Maya: I didn't ask, you can bring the rolls.


    Amelia: I'm single, don't mention him.

    Teddy: Who? Link?

    Amelia: Who's Link? I don't know him.


    Carina: Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Jack: It's when Columbus discovered America.

    Carina: He thought it was fucking India, why celebrate a man so stupid? And He didn't discover it, he landed in the Bahamas.

    Jack: Let's just fucking eat then, MY GOD.

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  • schmico-fanatic
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I see some people making a fuss because of Nico's panicked reaction when Myrna brought up marriage and children. If Levi is still not ready to move in with him even at this point of their relationship, how is Nico not allowed to freak out about things like marriage and kids? His reaction was quite natural, and it didn't mean that he'd never want those things. I think that he just hadn't got around to thinking about it yet, and I don't think Levi has either.

    Nico is absolutely committed to Levi, so I'm sure he'll start to wrap his head around these big ideas eventually even if he seemed tensed now. And if he is worried about anything, I think it has more to do with him still being closeted to his own family and not having introduced Levi to them. Besides, Levi hasn't even talked to him about those things yet. He is completely focusing on his residency right now, which is a good thing.

    If the universe is kind to us — Levi and Nico'll have a conversation about marriage and kids later in the season, get past the career-related conflict, and hopefully be on the same page about their expectations from the relationship. I believe that the writers can't be recycling Amelia and Link's ongoing storyline for Schmico as well, so I'm fervently hoping that we'll get to see Levi and Nico getting married some day! 🤞😍

    #schmico#levi schmitt#nico kim #levi and nico #levi schmitt and nico kim #levi schmitt x nico kim #levi x nico #nico and levi #nico kim and levi schmitt #nico kim x levi schmitt #nico x levi #greys anatomy
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  • soul-music-is-life
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay, this was cute.

    And Levi’s mom was adorable. I would have tried her kugel.

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  • schmico-shenanigans
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    gonna watch the episode in full when i get home and then im definitely gonna start cranking up the writing gears again!! maybe I’ll go out of my comfort zone and try some Amelink but I’m like 90% sure I’ll write some fluffy holiday schmico!!

    #im gonna def write an offscreen au where they talk about what Myrna said #but hey!! It’ll be fluff 100% and no angst or misunderstandings bc I can’t do that to y’all or myself #nico kim#levi schmitt#schmico
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