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  • b-a-pigeon
    27.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    — about the author

    I'm B & I'm a QTPOC indie author! I write character-driven, contemporary fantasy for adults, mostly about queer POC in their twenties who have a lot of problems & happen to do magic.

    — about my writing

    Mirrored in Evergreen is a novel about a wizard-in-training, plagued by strange dreams and cursed to be forgotten, who must regain the trust of the partner who no longer remembers him.

    Worm in a Jar is a novella about a young witch who accidentally summons a mischievous, shapeshifting demon, and the mutual curiosity that develops between them as she struggles to send them home.

    A Hollow Contract is an ongoing serial about a wizard's apprentice who is really a glorified errand boy, and the ways in which he actually learns magic—including his secretive relationship with Felix, the student of his teacher's rival.

    Poised in Either Eye is an ongoing serialized novella & collaboration with @fellamarsh about two dragons who have taken human form: one intending to escape, the other desperate to prove his belonging.

    — how to support

    Writing is currently (temporarily) my only source of income, and I would immensely appreciate any help promoting and selling my work! You can find where my books are sold (as well as my other social media accounts, Patreon, etc.) on the Linktree in my bio; even just reblogging this post helps me find a wider audience. Thank you for reading and for all your support!

    Taglist collected from last post (thanks y'all!) - @abalonetea / @curiousitykilledthe-crow / @by-the-grace-of / @ultimatecryptid / @lanawritesalittle / @fellamarsh / @crystallized-ink / @ceruleanstep /

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  • kenochoric
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Gender Tones

    So, I've been thinking about a new way to describe someone's gender experiences, partly thanks to @pumpkigender, and I think I've finally come up with a way to describe it: tones.

    Specifically, a soft, neutral, and rough tone. More could be made one day, but these will be the basics.

    A soft tone, -mel, would be a more peaceful, passive, or "soft" gender experience.

    A neutral tone, -del, would usually describe the base gender on its own, but it could describe a more neutral experience.

    A rough tone, -pel, would be more harsh, gritty, or macabre.

    This does not describe gender intensity, like -flux labels do. Rather, it describes the overall "tone" and how extreme that tone is. It is closer to an aesthetic or atmosphere that one's gender identity(s) has.

    Generally, it is a modifier to an existing identity(s), rather than a gender of its own. Gender tones are more like modifiers than their own genders. Furthermore, different genders someone has could have different tones.

    An example:

    Using tones, it can change how an umbrella term like kenochoric is described for different people, without using a specific microlabel.

    Kenomel: Peaceful nostalgia, divinity, a calming liminal space.

    Kenodel: Baseline, or "dulled" kenochoric experiences.

    Kenopel: Fear, gore, unending vastness and existential dread.

    What constitutes "soft" "neutral" and "rough" things?

    Typically, it will refer to the aesthetics, or overall feeling, of the identity in question. Soft-toned genders can be related to more gentle, peaceful, and otherwise aesthetics. Rough-toned genders can be related to macabre or scary aesthetics. However, this doesn't have to be the case. While something like a horror gender would generally be "rough-toned", there may be exceptions where the user does not feel as though it suits their experiences.

    Mel, Del, and Pel

    The soft, neutral, and rough tones are called mel, del, and pel, however the full, non-suffix words can be melique, delique, and pelique. You don't have to use these suffixes to have a gender tone. You can also say "my experience with xyzgender is melique."


    1. How is this different from presentation or the gender itself?

    Presentation is how you show your gender, which is quite different. With gender tone vs. gender identity itself, the tone doesn't necessarily need to be a part of the gender description, and instead describes a more specific niche of your experiences.

    2. Can I make my own gender tones?

    Of course!

    3. I don't understand this whatsoever.

    That's fine! Send me an ask about it if you're confused. :)

    4. Can I upload this to a wiki?


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  • lokispancake
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Really fucking pissed right now

    Because I've reached a point in my transition where my dysphoria has taken on a very sexual energy and I feel like I can't fucking talk about it because of insane purity cultists.

    #lgbt#ftm transition#ftm transgender#transgender#transgender community #fucking purity cultists #fuck off terfs #terfs are nazis
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  • untouchable234
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ve changed my mind. I’m ok with LGBT representation in children’s entertainment as long as it’s 1) Kept in the background; and/or 2) Implemented well.

    I get it, we should all be more accepting. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

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  • newtthehippie
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Please help!!!🏳️‍🌈

    I’m Bisexual and my husband doesn’t know… he’s hardcore Christian and gay is a no go… I’m scared to come out and tell him… I’m a Christian too but I don’t want to be shunned because of my feelings with women… idk what to do… help!!! I don’t want to loss my husband I love him to much… but I love girls too… please help…

    I realized that I was bisexual when I was 12 years old but as I got older in my 20’s I thought it was just being bi curious but I was wrong. I’m fuck gay!!! And to admit that feels amazing and scary! 

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  • daughter-of-night
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *limps wrist*

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  • lemon-thedistortion
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    A list of things I consider ✨fruity✨

    -going to county/state fairs

    -mythology (specifically Norse/Greek)

    -making candles

    -obsession with space/astrology

    -eye imagery

    -wearing multiple rings at once


    -the colour lavender


    -button-down shirts

    #fruity #these are all things I do #hello lgbt community
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  • dex1020
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    how do you un come out, because like im trans and gay but i told my parents im bisexual meaning im gonna have to back up and redo that when i inevitably have to tell them

    #lgbt #hello lgbt community #im screwed#coming out
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  • nullghostvin
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Messenger, my second child, goes by it/it's and is the messenger to my long furby, King Bael The Fruitless. it's got wings !!! i'm the most proud of how it came out ngl

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  • wallflower451
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ask a Queer Chick by

    Lindsay King-Miller

    You should come out when the problems caused by staying in the closet are bigger than the problems that would be caused by coming out. Dating, sex, being a person in the world—these are things most of us learn by example, from big sisters and older friends and classmates in school Do everything in your power to keep yourself from apologizing. I know it’s tempting, especially if the person you’re talking to gets upset, but apologizing tells them you’ve done something wrong, and you haven’t. First Commandment of Coming Out: Thou shalt disclose thy orientation in a stationary location with at least one functioning exit if you’re totally stuck when it comes to approaching the issue, try this easy four-step process: First, tell them what you call yourself. Next, tell them what that means. Then, tell them what’s going to change. Finally, tell them how you expect them to behave. —and the more stereotypically or “obviously” queer you are, the more intense this marginalization can become Remember, though, that stereotypes make you visible, and visibility matters “what other people think about me is none of my business.” but the physical sensation of all that weight leaving my head, and the experience of looking at myself in the mirror and realizing that I looked tough and cool and that maybe now girls would like me, made for one of the most liberating and thrilling moments of my life. I saw tons of queer couples holding hands or engaging in PDA without looking over their shoulders to make sure they were safe. Don’t expect Pride to blow your mind or change your life, but do take advantage of the opportunity to relax and be yourself in a crowd of people who get it. Lesbros—queer women you love deeply but platonically—are the sturdy foundation upon which your incredible future will be built You can make it through this crazy world alone, but it’s harder and way less fun. Everything is better when someone knows your story and has your back. Start looking for your queer community, because once you find them, everything will get a lot easier. repeat after me, as many times as you need to until it really sinks in: My straight friend is not secretly in love with me. for the sake of queer community harmony. Always put your own physical and mental safety first. there’s no shame in waiting to come out to them until you’ve saved up some money and are prepared to move out and support yourself. And the second thing to remember is that it will end. If you feel ashamed, if you feel miserable, if you feel scared, those feelings are a product of your environment, not inextricably linked to who you are. They will not follow you forever. They will be with you until you graduate, but then you will outrun them and go on to things so bright and new you’ll hardly believe it. Promise yourself that you will get to the other side, because the best way to say “fuck you” to everyone and everything that’s hurt you is to survive in spite of them.
I’m not going to promise that one day the pain you’ve gone through won’t matter anymore. It will always matter. It will always be part of you. Suffering changes you in ways that can’t be undone. But one day you will look back and it will be behind you, and in the context of your whole beautiful life it won’t be as big as it seems right now; it will just be one of many things you have survived. This means that, right now, the most important thing you can do is survive. (again, I want to remind you that it really, really is), remember that living well—and for a long, productive time—is the best revenge. If, in trying to seek support to get out of an unsafe situation, you are met by suggestions to “hear the other side” or “work this out calmly,” the people you’re talking to are not your true friends—they are cowardly creatures who value nonconfrontation over justice. The only reason it’s possible to tell today’s youth that things will get better is because the generations that came before us worked hard to make it better. They marched, they fought, they wrote, they helped each other

    through the thick of it, and they created a better world. When you’re in a dark place and you’re not sure you’re going to make it, your job is to survive, whatever it takes. But once you’ve emerged and the light is shining again, your job is to keep others safe to the best of your abilities. Everyone is always learning new lessons and facing new challenges. If you reach a point in your life where you’re no longer failing at anything, it means you’re no longer pushing yourself.

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  • possiblypanda
    26.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I love Lovelesss!

    (I swear I'm not crying...I have no tears left)

    (I've also never been happier)

    Thankyou @chronicintrovert @aliceoseman

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  • saphhicbunny
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    doing things for gay rights is really cool but making your sexuality your personality trait is a sims 4 thing to do and not that great

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  • studbros
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The love has been crazy since we started this blog! I love the energy, just wanted to take a moment and appreciate you guys fr!! #studbros

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  • theendlessabyss1
    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Just came out to my friend and finally told them that they're gay,,

    The were very supportive

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