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  • robbeers
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I Just re-wached the 4 movies of The Hunger Games and now I'm sad, I'm happy for them but I'm sad, everything is so good in the adaptation, their romance, all of it, just made me sad 😔


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  • fernsjjf
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Can't Wait To See This Movie

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  • darkesthourpromo
    25.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    100 years passed since the Council was established. Peace reigned, and things were going well up until 2020. It was New Years Day that things began to go awry. The Alpha of the werewolf pack, was found headless outside of his family home. It could have been an isolated incident, but when the witches found the Supreme, drained of all blood and lifeless outside of a cemetery panic started to rise. In addition, her grimoire had gone missing. Still, the Council decided that these could be unrelated, and the dust settled. Everyone began to return to the comfort they had felt before, though the investigations of these tragedies were still ongoing. Things remained that way until the Fourth of July, where a string of seraphs were found dead and barely recognizable. These murders, all occurring on holidays, could no longer be treated as a coincidence. Still, the seraphs didn’t have a clue who had done this or what their motives might be. It was on Halloween that the current advisor for the vampires, was murdered. Now tensions are high, and the Council is being run by a group of new leaders. The system is falling into chaos, and it’s only a matter of time until history repeats itself.


    Darkest Hour is an original character supernatural roleplay. We are focused on creating a world rich with fantastical elements, entertaining plots, and development for characters of many different species! Are you a dedicated writer who wants a safe and inclusive space to bring and develop your muses? We’d be delighted to have you!
    #jesse lee soffer fc #liam hemsworth fc #william moseley fc #madeleine mantock fc #madelaine petsch fc #elliot fletcher fc #viola davis fc #Lucy Liu FC #devery jacobs fc #Juan Diego Botta fc #paulina singer fc
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  • csmicfcks
    24.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    the way people constantly idolize justin and selenas old relationship, basically saying how it’s “goals” really shows how a lot of people only like how these relationships LOOK.

    jelena was cute for the first 5 minutes then things started to go downhill. they were never gonna last, let alone they were never meant to be together forever. it’s the same thing with miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. we all loved that relationship for years but it clear they had a lot of issues…i mean their marriage barely lasted

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  • eureka-roleplay
    24.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    ADELINE ARQUETTE our MINKA KELLY is looking for their YOUNGER SIBLINGS. They are 25-37 years old and people say they look like LEIGHTON MEESTER, AARON TVEIT, LIAM HEMSWORTH, ANNE HATHAWAY, ADELAIDE KANE or UTP. You DO NOT need to contact TEFI first.

    Name: I’ve been calling them Aaron and Alison… but UTP, as long as it starts with an A!

    Age: 25-37, Addie is the oldest


    Addie’s bio (linked in additional info) explains about their parents, how they met and what happened. Long story short, Adeline practically raised her siblings while her father worked to maintain a roof over their heads. She definitely stepped into the motherly role to guide them and help them grow up after their mother passed away. It’s up to you whatever happened once they were eighteen but Addie made sure they all graduated high school. They could’ve stayed in Eureka or left, came back, whatever. I’d like to imagine they were close due to everything they’ve been through but this is also up for discussion and I am open to plotting!

    Additional Information:


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  • superbloomluke
    23.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Luke: who’s your celebrity crush?

    Ashton: his first name starts with an L

    Luke: mhm

    Ashton: his last name, an H

    Luke: mhmmm

    Ashton: he’s Australian…

    Luke: mhmmmmmmmm *flutters eyelashes*

    Ashton: it’s Liam Hemsworth

    Luke: *starts aggressively crying*

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  • filmset-boulevard
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    “A Little Hope Is Effective, A Lot Of Hope Is Dangerous. Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear.”

    –The Hunger Games (2012, Gary Ross)

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  • mockingjay-sweetheart
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    If Sam Claflin And Liam Hemsworth did Finnick and Gale in their British and Australian accents I would be okay with that.

    Like I don't care it would be out of place. Because shut up their accents are beautiful.

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  • maikamonroesource
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Maika Monroe Filmography Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) - Patricia Whitmore

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  • koimoimedia
    14.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Miley Cyrus Talks About Divorce With Liam Hemsworth As She Recalled ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Memories!

    For The Metallica Blacklist, Miley Cyrus covered Nothing Else Matters, a slower cut from the record that she has been performing at her live shows for years.

    Metallica and Miley Cyrus performed Nothing Else Matters live on The Howard Stern Show in celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary.

    Keep Reading Latest Hollywood News to stay tuned!

    A remastered version, along with The Metallica Blacklist, of The Black Album, was released to commemorate the anniversary. It features over 50 artists, including Cyrus and IDLES, Moses Sumney, Chris Stapleton, and more.

    Miley Cyrus performed Nothing Else Matters for The Metallica Blacklist. This slower track is one she has been performing live since years.

    Metallica's James Hetfield spoke out about the song's emotional content, saying that at first he was afraid to bring it to the band as it was different than the rest. It was one of those very vulnerable areas. Hetfield stated that we have built a reputation as tough guys.

    "And this is the most vulnerable thing, and obviously the tougher your armor, the more you want to show your heart, but you're afraid. I was stunned when Lars Ulrich and Bob Rock said that it was beautiful and an incredible song. It was life-changing to play this for them and they accepted it.

    Miley Cyrus said that the song reminds her of when she performed it at Glastonbury Festival in 2019 amid coming to terms with her divorce from Liam Hemsworth and recovering from the Malibu fires. "It was right before, actually, that the world knew that I was getting a divorce but I knew that I was about two weeks before Glastonbury," Cyrus said.

    "And I had just lost mine house in the fires and this was my very first show. According to Variety.com, "And Nothing Else Matters to me was about the music." Miley Cyrus stated.

    For more Hollywood and other interesting content stay tuned to Koimoi.

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  • lomkrp
    13.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    NAME: Daniel Becker FACE CLAIM: Liam Hemsworth AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 28; November 19th, 1992 HOMETOWN: Olympus, Louisiana TIME IN OLYMPUS: All his life OCCUPATION: Deputy at St. James Parrish Sheriff’s Department, affiliate to the Primordial Motorcycle Club


    Danny never lived in New York like the rest of his family, and always felt like Olympus was home, with no real desire to move elsewhere. He grew up half-wild, rarely indoors, more comfortable in the swamps and Preserve outside town than at home, or worse, in school. He had a small pack of friends, and they didn't come home except for meals and to sleep. He stepped on rusty nails, got bit by poisonous snakes, fell through the floor of an abandoned house, and considered every moment of it the best time one could have. He was aware, on some level, that he had a father who'd chosen not to visit him, but that wasn't exactly uncommon with his friends, and anyway, fathers seemed entirely overrated, with rules and loud voices and punishments. Danny had a loving sister who put bandaids on his cuts and for whom he would happily have fought dragons, though he settled for slashing the tires of the first boy to ever break her heart and throwing paint-filled water balloons at the girls who mocked her in school. He was a wild thing, and it always seemed easier for his family to fix his mistakes than try and control him.
    He was the sort of boy who could've gone on to bigger and better things if he'd had the inclination or ambition, but he lacked both. He was talented at sports, made friends easily, and got tall and handsome a year before any of the other boys in his class. All this meant was that he had a larger group to make trouble with, and a seemingly endless supply of alibis when consequences came knocking. His recklessness and charm hid the sorts of issues that tend to fall through the cracks of the school system: his ADHD got diagnosed but all it meant was he got Adderall, which he hated and sold as a study drug, while his dyslexia got missed altogether. School seemed like the kind of prison adults came up with to store teens away so they didn't cause mayhem, and Danny vowed to cause extra mayhem just to make up for the others.
    After high school, which he only graduated because Lottie made him promise, he worked a series of dead-end jobs that gave him enough money for his own place and kept him in beer and weed for parties and tried to figure out if this was it for the rest of his life. He could hunt and fish and live off the land, or move to New Orleans and get a real job and settle down. Neither of these appealed to him, so he applied to the Sheriff's department. It didn't require a college degree, it had medical AND dental coverage, and it meant he could work outdoors. Not to mention, he got to carry a gun and a little badge, which was kind of cool.
    He soured on the job the longer he worked it. His boss was a dick, as far as Danny was concerned, and Danny found himself with more and more in common with the people they were supposed to be arresting than the law enforcement crowd. He didn't even think drugs should be illegal, and that most people just broke the law because their lives were shit, or they didn't have any other options, or no one would give them a chance. He was woke, he watched Youtube videos about police violence and racial bias and the ugly history of America. He wasn't even that far from the border, and had friends who were undocumented. It seemed wrong, especially because as far as Danny could see, people with money committed just as many crimes as people without it, they just got away with it.
    When his sister's boyfriend was shot, and his own department didn't seem that interested in the investigation, even assuming that he was a gang member, Danny lost his temper. He went to his old high school friend, who was now in the PMC, and told them if they took care of it, he'd take care of them. As far as anyone else in the gang is concerned, he's just in it for the money, and Danny likes to keep it that way.
    Danny puts all his ill-gotten gains in an offshore bank account in his niece's name, so she'll have a real college fund and will be able to do whatever she wants with her life, and helps the gang with information and database searches, sometimes helping evidence go missing. He's discovered he's shockingly good at subterfuge and theft, but really he's just turned his old hobbies into a career. He hasn't had to cover up anything murder-related, and he, perhaps naively, assumes that'll never happen. That the gang are just guys like him, who made slightly different choices. If anything, since switching sides, his career has improved, what with his contacts in the PMC giving him tips on rivals. He just hopes he never gets stuck on a desk.
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  • joshhutchersonsince1992
    12.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • wetwallet
    12.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Hunger Games (2012)

    Directed by Gary Ross

    Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games: a televised competition in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to fight to the death.

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