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  • drabesacraben
    09.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    M E E E H M >:(

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  • real-south-park-confessions
    09.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    eric is such an interesting, unique and complex character, i will never understand why he gets as much hate as he does. most characters from south park are terrible ppl, but eric is always seen as a scapegoat, yet many things about him, arent even his fault. if liane wouldn’t’ve neglected eric as she did, and would actually put some effort into raising him, he'd turn out to be a decent person, not a spoiled brat. he's smart, curious, he has the natural skill of persuasion. and sometimes we get the glimpses of that insecure, misunderstood boy, which  he mostly hides away. none of the boys are saints, yet they are seen as such, for whatever reason. i don't think eric deserves the hate he gets.

    #south park #south park confessions #eric cartman#liane cartman #liane does make an effort... #she may be failing but she is trying.
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  • real-south-park-confessions
    08.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Cartman is the kind of kid who, five years from now, finally snaps and murders his mom in the middle of the night wearing his Coon outfit, then goes on a killing spree before being gunned down by the cops.

    #south park #south park confessions #eric cartman#liane cartman #the paper towels made this scene so much creepier imo
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  • real-south-park-confessions
    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    The only person that would love Cartman, besides Liane, and who Cartman gonna love back for me is Mr. Kitty. Like have you seen him love someone as much, as he loves his kitty? Again besides Liane.

    No more kyman, Clyman, Cartenny, Cutters or any other ships, only cat lady Cartman.

    #south park #south park confessions #eric cartman#liane cartman #mr. kitty #headcanon accepted #eric is a cat lady now. #or perhaps shall we say... a catboy
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  • real-south-park-confessions
    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    The way I see it, Cartman is either going to grow up to be asexual due to his hatred of sex, or he will follow in the footsteps of his mother and become a manwhore. In all honesty? I can see both becoming possibly canon in the future. Depends on how you like to swing it.

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  • ulimate-dream-raphiella
    03.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    For @sleepyeule

    E: you want me to wear this ?


    " 10 munites after "

    E: I dont think , I look good

    " hours after "

    E: I told you to not be so rough with the dress

    " next day "

    Liane: oh , is that your gift from the mail

    , sweety " wear it tonight ! I will be kind kyle "

    K:I hope your here to apologize .

    E: yes I am ...

    K: I'm listening

    E: I know you aren't happy about you know , so to apologize I know like ot when I wear a dress and so I hope this isn't to much ... I am just really sorry, I just couldn't cancel the fundraiser ...

    I hope you know that I am sorry that it upset you , I dont want you to be upset !

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  • ulimate-dream-raphiella
    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hello dudes for gifts is eric cartman's mom and dad is first dating

    Ta da is liane and jack for @yummykyman and @jmgirl100

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  • riancantfly
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Liane tarot for a contest (?) On instagram!

    #south park #south park fanart #liane cartman #queen of pentacles #tarot
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  • humblemtntown
    29.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Liane a simple woman with dreams of opening up a bakery.. Well those dreams come true?

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  • m00nsickness
    26.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Liane genuinely deserves better than the son that she has. In my opinion, she's trying and having a son that regularly treats her like shit is what she gets in return. Like, I don't know, maybe I'm being weird, but, uh, Liane deserves so much better than the son that she has.

    But, like, Liane is probably one of my favorite South Park parents, so- I'm biased ^-^

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  • crappostingparadise
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I told y’all I’d do a pointless commentary on ”Tsst”. Let’s go. Controversial opinions and a bit of a hot take about Liane coming through. Oh, and it turns into another dumb overly descriptive analysis near the end. TW for a singular graphic image from the series.

    Haha, good old Cartman. Back when he’d casually make some fucker dismember himself offscreen for insulting his weight. Stuff like this is the reason I think Cartman’s criminal record is worse than what we’re treated to onscreen.

    Yes Liane, cry me a fucking river about your the out of control kid you made. 🎻

    I love it when you can’t tell whether Cartman is trying to act normal for a hot second or just being a dick.

    Cartman’s songs are always amazing, even if they’re just like ten seconds long and to make someone stop crying.

    Nanny 911? You should know that’s not gonna do anything for this kid, Mackey.

    A kid literally trying to restart the Holocaust? Nothing ol’ Nanny Stella can’t fix, apparently.

    Damn why is Stella so THICC?

    Bri’ish Carmen?

    It pisses me off to fucking hell and heaven that a certain incredibly shitty YouTube puppet channel used this premise. Fuck the unnamed creators of the unnamed video in question.

    Woah, how did Cartman do that? I wish I had the escape magic he does when I was a kid.

    You’re right that you shouldn’t get on his level, Liane. Looks like Cartman taught you right to be respectful and obedient.

    The virgin Nanny Stella getting called out for being a virgin by the, unfortunately enough, not virgin Eric Cartman.

    This new lady is thicc too

    Nah lady, we’re gonna see a new Super Nanny. Namely, one that eats her own shit in a mental hospital.

    Is she wrong though?

    WOOOO! The king is here!

    Hell yeah, you’re the dog whisperer! Now go train that psychotic, obese fourth grader and his perverted, antisemitic mom!

    Friendly reminder that Cesar’s technique also allegedly works on actual kids

    Yeah Cartman, you’re just big boned. And later in the episode, your bones shrink.

    Does she love you, Cartman? Eh, debatable at the time of this episode.

    Cesar just brought out Cartman’s equivalent to fucking cocaine.

    The only real reason to watch this episode:

    He’ll be back, soon he’ll see, that he’s a dependent homeless little pussy (People who get the reference deserve all the Cheesy Poofs in the world)

    Side commentary, I think if Cartman has anyone in that town who’s truly loyal to him in the current season, it’s Clyde.

    Valmer. Sad when some huge bitch with small, detailed eyes from the real world knows Jimmy better than you, Cartman.

    Craig is the best.

    Proof that the vaccine didn’t make Liane artistic right there.

    Yay another tsst pose.

    Good for you with controlling him, Liane. Now since I’ve seen this episode, I have a reason to get mad at you at the end.

    Thanks to the art style, we’ll never know what Cartman saw in that mirror. His own self being bossed around by his mother? A very slightly slimmed face? Some semblance of decency in his eyes?

    See, Cartman could do well in school if he gave two shits. He’s not entirely inherently book-dumb.

    Look here, Liane knows full well what a monster her son is. And she knows at this point in the episode what she needs to do to keep him on his positive path. This is important.

    Cartman looks less fat now, and taller. I think he’s the second tallest fourth grader.

    I see Butters’ surprise at his plan. From his experience, it goes the other way around.

    Cartman is being really two-faced about his love for Hitler here…

    While I don’t condone assisted matricide over her bossing you around, technically I imagine ol’ Jimbo would happily give Stan a gun. Also, just a few episodes back Cartman had a gun. Couldn’t he hypothetically just lend it to him? Basically, that line sucks.

    Look at Stan’s eyebrows. This must be one of the few times he was the one most concerned about Cartman’s twisted bullshit rather than Kyle. Stan also has the best relationship with his mom of the kids in that room. Connection?

    Just. This scene. It’s actually dramatic and perhaps telling of Cartman’s psyche and worldview. Now I’m gonna get mildly serious.

    Cartman is trying to kill his mother. Usually, he only physically hurts/attempts to physically hurt specific people if it’s a) protecting his massive yet fragile ego or b) in a mutual physical fight. Why is he trying to hurt his mom?

    Seemingly, because she’s not obeying him anymore. I wanna elaborate on this with a theory: he largely sees her in a twisted light- as not really a person, more a servant. A servant who mainly asks for his validation in return. As such, she is expected to serve his greedy, spoiled, unhealthy self and protect his enormous ego from the insecurities of everyday life (being fat, cruel, hated, etc). That’s the arrangement. (Hell, if he wholeheartedly meant what he was saying about how she apparently doesn’t love him anymore, then that’s his perception of a normal mother-son relationship.) And now the arrangement he’d been raised and gotten comfortable under was being taken away. Liane isn’t being validated by him anymore, she’s not protecting him in the aforementioned sense, and he’s changing away from his lifestyle of narcissism, cruelty, and laziness. Cartman doesn’t like that, so tries to end the whole shebang by offing the source of the now invalid, uncomfortable relationship. (A bit like what he attempted to do to Heidi in “Sons A Witches”... this kid is truly twisted.)

    Or he just likes playing the victim. Or both. Idk

    Then we see him wonder whether he really should. Maybe I don’t have the right to kill my mom. His suppressed, perhaps deliberately self-neglected conscience is coming out. I think that would have happened in a case where he would try to kill his mom even without Cesar’s help. And it’s just more proof that, technically speaking, Cartman is in fact not a sociopath.

    But here’s where Cesar does come in next. Because of his behavior changing due to him, Cartman is so conflicted in the first place. (I think he quite possibly could have gone through with it if it weren’t for Cesar.) First, I’m gonna say that his “evil side” in this scene is a sort of metaphor. The joke seemed to be an allusion to some evil being controlling him usually, but it probably shouldn’t be taken literally due to its being a joke. Rather, I’d like to argue that it also represents the cruel, despicable Cartman we had gotten to know before this episode, who he really is so to speak. And his “good side” is popping up too, representing the decent, self-aware human being he could have been and we knew for about a minute.

    We have his “evil side” telling him that he can kill his mother, because he can do whatever with her. And the “good side” is disagreeing, and saying things like maybe all these changes are good for me. Maybe… the world doesn’t revolve around me? And that idea is so alien, so impossible to Cartman’s self-centered, evil-dominated little mind that he nearly goes mad, and his “good” and “evil” are in war, seeing which side to him will prevail.

    The next morning, we see which side won the war. A mother by the name of Liane Cartman is about to ask her son about a knife and paper towel roll in her bedroom, when she sees a calm, well dressed, self-sufficient little boy studying before his school day while eating a healthy breakfast, which he did all on his own. She tears up with joy, for that’s her son.

    Liane then goes to see Mr. Millan, a man who had been helping her and keeping her company. She proudly told him about her child, and then asked him whether he would like to go on an outing with her. Millan rejects the offer, telling her that his job is done and that he must go back home, then leaves.

    And happy fun validation-with-no-strings-attached times are over for Liane, and so is my ability to have a lot of sympathy for this woman. I already made several points and allusions to this point in the episode. You see, Liane learned something today. She learned that in order to have a normal, healthy child, she’d need to treat him as such. (Now here’s where my unpopular and very low opinion of Liane shines through next.)

    But fuck all that, she needs her stupid validation. Fuck her son, fuck his chance at being a normal person, fuck his health, literally fuck the whole world.

    Now, FYI I wouldn’t be as harsh on Liane with what she did here if it were just an eventual slip back into the old routine. Old habits die hard, I couldn’t fully blame her if that were the case. But given what she learned/knew and then so immediately and in such an extra manner (telling him they’ll go to KFC and she’ll buy two toys) it must be so deliberate that it hurts.

    And I must emphasize, Cartman’s choices are still his choices. From an omniscient POV, Liane is just his Freudian Excuse. And while Liane is an enabler to the point of manipulation, it was still ultimately Eric’s choice to go back to his old ways.

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  • secrets-of-the-library
    24.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    A triple threat! If you want our headcannon/RP idea go ahead and click after the cut my guy.

    Okay so we have an RP where the boys grew up and fragmented. A popular headcannon I always see is that Stan is a footballer whereas I actually think Cartman would fit very well instead with that. Anyways. The group broke up mainly because Cartman, of course. Cartman started a big fight with Kyle which ended up making him miserable (Because he likes him). Kyle and Stan ended up splitting from the main group and staying buddies while Cartman and Kenny ended up going on their own way. Kenny still hangs out with the other two but I like to imagine he kinda feels bad for the guy, as shit as he is, and stayed with Cartman through a lot of it and is aware that he likes Kyle. So that was where our RP started then... Kyle and Cartman being forced into a group project together at school and Kyle really peeved off from it. It forced them to interact with each other again. Cartman, I imagine, became a footballer because of his size and being naturally aggressive as he is he fit it well. Plus the attention. The attention he gets from his team and his mom must really spur him into doing it. I also really got giddy at the thought of, since they aren’t very well off, Cartman’s mom surprising Eric with an old beat-up truck over the holidays as a present to help him get out and about on his own which, while he bitches about, it does help him with independence. It’s charming. Anyways. Kenny starts fighting with Eric trying to get him to stop being a dumbass and not to fuck up his own life but instead just tell Kyle how he feels. Kyle, in the meantime in our RP, likes Stan. Stan ends up rejecting him. Kenny actually gets into a fight fight with Eric, risking their friendship, trying to get him to mend things so the group can get back together. On the sidelines we started up Bunny with Kenny and Butters getting interested in one another. It’s honestly a really interesting RP and we have more comics and jokes from it that I’ll upload soon (That one with the ‘pyramid’ he was explaining to Butters). I might upload some of our RPs sometime too but a good problem with those is they are essentially always ongoing. What do you guys think? Want me to upload what we have so far and update as we get back to it? (We rotate between RPs anytime we feel like a writer’s block is coming to keep it fresh. We got TONS of them.) We have just started up an AO3 account, too, so I can do it there too. Just let us know!

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  • dario-el-estupido
    15.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    PLS HELP!!! 

    I found this South Park fanart on Pinterest and I’m in love with the anime-esque style, and inclusion of the parents. However for the life of me, I can’t find out who the original artist is. All I know is that their art can only be found on Pinterest so far, clicking the link on them can lead to a deactivated Wattpad page, and the artist might be Korean based on the the character in some of the art. If any of you have enough free time to go digging, or know the artist name please let me know. Also reblog to spread my little “search”. 

    Edit: Thanks to @chaossanthebae​, I found their artblog https://agumonsshtworld.tistory.com/category/SOUTH%20PARK.
    They’re an anonymous artist but be sure to support them
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  • googiepark
    08.04.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #sp liane #sp liane cartman #liane cartman #south park fanart
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