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  • ⭐️weekly forecast for libras♎️

    - Stop focusing too much on what you think other people want to see in you. Start being true to yourself. Authenticity is key.

    - Remove the emotional fears and pressures you put on yourself. Be open to pursuing your desires. Use your creativity to make a profit! This could bring new and exciting opportunities and could produce different streams of income. This could definitely improve your routine and work life.

    - Use your past experiences to help remind you why you need to move forward and take these chances.

    - Take time to volunteer and donate to others who are in need. Include this love and compassion into your daily routine. It will help you feel more fulfilled. Take time to participate in some form of self-care. You deserve the rest and attention as well.

    - Don’t forget to set boundaries with others. It is okay for you to take your space. Recharge that social battery.

    - New love opportunities may come up at work. Remember to take it slow.

    **check your rising sign, sun, and moon. Please take what resonates💖.

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  • Idk shit about astrology but I think the reason I love earth signs so much is cause without them my libra heart just floats the fuck away

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  • Libra: [a Sagitario] ya sabes, Escorpio y Aries eran amigos cercanos.

    Libra: su relación comenzó un poco difícil,

    Libra: pero crecieron hasta convertirse en amigos para toda la vida.

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  • Love will be the only crime in this life, there’s a conflict inside me. The contradicting dialog of a Libra sun and Aries moon. The Aries moon want to fight yet the Libra sun who want to compromise.

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  • Understanding Your Chart Simplified:

    Sun : Your Ego, Essence & Spirit - Libra

    Moon : Your Deepest Feelings/Emotions, Your Automatic Response & Your Soul - Aquarius 

    Ascendant(Rising) : Your Outer Personality & How Others Perceive You/First Impression - Libra 

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  • Aquarius Moon w/an Air Sun: LIBRA - emphasized intelligence, humanitarian, stimulating conversationalist

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    Went for a walk yesterday and now my whole body hurts. I guess i’m really just a 60 y/o hiding in a young persons body

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  • hi! i’m trying rlly hard to improve my mental health by getting back into things i enjoy, so i’m looking to connect with a penpal or 2!!

    my name’s lyss, i’m 22, queer, she/her, and really really nice! i’m a libra sun with a taurus moon and aries rising! i’ll list some of my interests too!

    music: hozier, rina sawayama, khalid, alessia cara, alina baraz, hayley williams, hayley kiyoko, etc!

    books: literally anything i love both fiction and nonfiction, classics, modern, i’m a sociology major so i read a lot of sociological texts too

    tv/film: supernatural, in the dark, schitts creek, lost, criminal minds, bobs burgers, stranger things, spotlight, anything marvel/dc, the good place, sense8, stuck in love, harry potter

    ANYWAYZ! pls feel free to message me if you’d like to be my penpal!

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    As we experience the tail end of mercury retrograde air signs have being working on and successfully closing out cycles, ending karmic relationships and taking one last look back in regards to how things have been and how you will be moving forward. During this shadow period of the retrograde there will still be a sting connected to letting certain things go. I can see and feel that Air signs realize it’s for their own personal growth. The collective is moving into Emperor energy and letting their power, their strength and assuredness radiate from them like rays from the sun. I realize that is a slightly cliché way of putting it but there isn’t another way I see it. You coming out of SO much karmic energy and cycles is almost emotional for myself as a reader, thus, I realize and know for Air signs it’s like stepping into the warmth of the sun after being in the cold and dark for a whole season. It’s beautiful and liberating. So stand in and admire your own power. It’s who you are and have always been.

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  • who and the why

    how to avoid this selfish feeling

    it invades my lungs stronger than a cloud of smoke

    eats at my heart

    and pushes them away

    // @theundercoverhippie

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    This is gonna be based on your sun sign (the zodiac based only on your birth date). Our sun sign is our spirit, our true self besides all the other signs that each one of us has on their own natal chart. Our sun sign is our physical body. This was a post i made in my old acc but i lost all access to it so im gonna post it here too



    They are carefree and have a pure heart, even if they seem as the most aggressive sign alongside with the other fire signs. They have a soft side only for their loved ones. Treat them like shit or betray them and it will hurt them so deeply, making their bright childish persona disappear but they will make you suffer for the pain you gave them cause let’s not forget that Aries is ruled by Ares, the God of War. Passionate af and will fight for what they want (they are cardinal bitch lolol). They can be unfaithful, especially if their Venus is in Aries since God Ares was said to be Aphrodite’s lover despite her having a husband.


    They are steady and calm people most of the times but it depends on your other placements for it to be true. People that don’t like changes that much and choose to have more of a stable routine and life. Risks may panic them at times when its especially something out of their comfort zone. They value their family and may become overprotective parents, they love luxury and aesthetic taste since their ruler is Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. May have the tendency to be possessive over the people that are in their life as they are sweethearts and soft babies. Self-care is the most important for them.


    They are the signs with the best communication skills but it always depends on how they use that skills cause they may come out as annoying too talkative puppies. Some of them may be really shy but it only takes for them to show their nature as they get to know you more and trust you. Practical minds and can be geniuses with the strategy their mind can build and all this cause they are ruled by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory. Geminis tend to be over-thinkers and come out as double-faced when they are not even. It’s in their nature to be great diplomats and go with the flow as they are really adaptable.


    They always come off as the mothers of the zodiac circle, as their nurturant nature was inherited by their ruler Artemis, the Goddess of Wilderness and Virginity. They seem as really defensive and closed people but if you get inside their heart, you will receive so much love from them. Sex is something more than just a physical act for them, its more of an emotional peak as if every time has the importance of their first time. Emotional sponges as they are ruled by mother moon and are blessed with healing abilities. Not so social butterflies as they prefer staying more at home with the presence of their loved ones instead of outdoors. Insecure babies that seek for attention and deserve it so much.


    They are the charming, entertaining sunshines of this zodiac circle as they are ruled by Apollo, the God of Sun and the Light. Apollo is known as the twin brother of Artemis that’s why Leo and Cancer can get along lovely even if they are not astrologically compatible. Leos are always characterized as really confident people to the point where their self-loving is crossing the line of narcissism. They are the soul of the party but they can be more selfish with emotions as entertainment is what they seek for. Don’t like getting attached with someone easily. Can become easily a bitch towards you if you get on their wrong side or hurt their loved ones.


    They are quite straightforward about their thoughts where their opinions will come off as too judgementful and hurtful. They look harsh from the first impression they will give you but they are the people that hide their inner beauty, they love simple things, nature is their mother and their most wanted place at hard times as they are ruled by Demeter, the Godness of Agriculture and Grain. Value ‘down to earth’ people that work hard for what they want and try with the most impossible ways to achieve it. Admiring someone will get them close to that person even if they won’t admit they do admire them. Virgos appreciate honest and bold people like them to show their caring nature even more.


    They are so delighting, people who you will hardly ever see moody or sad. But that don’t mean that they don’t feel sadness, they just don’t like to show it to the outer world, wearing a mask that always shows joy and cheerfulness. There is the risk that they will get lost inside this mask though, pretending something they are actually not. Love is too important for them, needing and seeking for it along the road of their lives as their ruler is Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and birth and the planet that rules them is Venus. Hera was known as a jealous wife, Libra’s are not the jealous type but they do at times feel distrust towards their partner. Finding their other half is what they want deep down and have at the back of their minds.


    Scorpios certainly are weird people and you can take it from both ways. One day you will see them all savage and funny, making you die from laughter and then the next day you will see an emo kid that is even dangerous to get close to. Everyone knows sex is all about them, as their ruler is Kali, the Goddess of Death and Sexuality. Scorpios are attracted to the different, people that like dark and strange subjects above everything. They will always have a point in their life where a big transformation will happen internally for them, either towards the best or the worst. They are closed and really secretive but if you become their true friend, they will protect you for life and love you more than anything even if they won’t show it so oftenly. They love getting their partners jealous and possessive over them as it gives them the attention they are trying to achieve.


    They surely are not what they seem to you as an outsider. Giving the first impression that nothing ever bothers them and that joking around is what they only do. They have a childish aura and behavior when being with people they are close to, as 'living the moment’ is something they wanna achieve when being with their friends. Internally though, Sagittariuses are really wise, impressing you with the developed opinions and views they have for a variety of subjects and ofc that comes from their ruler Zeus, the King of Gods and the God of Thunder and the sky. Zeus was an unfaithful husband and Sagittarius are well-known for being the kings of one night stands but besides this drawback Zeus was a great leader with great wisdom and strategy and so are Sagittarius. They don’t like responsibilities but when being at the edge they are the first ones to act.


    They are somewhat narrow-minded and stubborn like Taurus about their beliefs and opinions. They represent both the light and the dark as they are closed people that get hurt easily and keep everything inside them, believing that their thoughts and emotions are abnormal. They love nature though and will get inspired and motivated from it but as I said they represent the dark as well, being the ovethinkers they are. They are ruled by Persephone, the Goddess of Harvest and the Underworld as she was married to Hades, the God of the underworld, becoming the queen. Capricorns can be characterized as lost souls, people that try to find their true purpose in life and fight whatever comes against them. They need peace and harmony to be truly happy.


    Rebellious, the first word that comes to my head about them as they are ruled by Prometheus, the God of Forethought and Mankind. They are open-minded and have a special priority for their needs and freedom. Don’t like to be ordered around as they wanna be their own boss. Their abilities and the chaos that takes over their mind is cause of the planet that rules them, Uranus. They like to be the change in this world, not following everyone’s lead when it’s not in their ideals. Free-spirits but they like not to be alone on this road. They want a person that will have the same dreams as them and will encourage and motivate them even more. That’s why they say Aquarius are more of loners than being in a serious relationship as they can be too picky in their tastes.


    They are the daydreamers, the people that will build up a world where it will be in their tastes of the world they want and not the one they live in as they are not satisfied at all. Pisces are not considered as the over-thinkers but more like the kid you would see getting easily distracted and staring at the total blank, while you will believe they are freezed, you really don’t want to know which of the numerous stories are taking place inside that mind. They are ruled by Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility and Universal love as Pisces dream of a beautiful world where love and only love takes place. They are generous with their emotions if they get obsessive over you, even if that person wont actually deserve it, Pisces tend to give their love to people that frustrates their heart.

    Side note: Ik Prometheus isnt actually a god but i believe he suited aquarius the most so i had to put him as a god, please dont take it at heart, thank you

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  • 🤎Astro Obs Rants IX🤎

    Hey all I’m back with another astro observations post! I want to recreate something I did when I first started this blog:) You can check it out here. Lemme tell you I’ve been holding this one in for way too long and again this is from my pov;) No one is safe.


    Originally posted by retroetic

    1. I often see how people make fun of fixed Sun (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) for being stubborn but I don’t see how people make fun of fixed Sun+ fixed Moon combo? When I see this in someone’s chart I just look at them in disbelief LOL. Y'all really wake up and choose to be mad stubborn, lowkey clingy, EXTREMELY possesive, wayyyyyy too laid-back (in public) with (serious) hidden anger issues huh.

    [ my bestie is a taurus sun aquarius moon and when we were 13 she got jealous over my new puppy because “ I was giving him more attention”. I’ll end this at that. ]

    2. Pisces Moon is the next Aries Moon. Y'all being neighbour and too close on the wheel so you guys vibe so well. People say they get along well for no reason? Sir, the reason is because Pisces Moon can be as impulsive and aggressive (with a minor delusional issue) as Aries Moon. Pisces Moon passed the vibe check as they’re able to mold or transform themselves into literally whoever and whatever the f they want. Aries Moon love this. They feel understood and listened too and lowkey Pisces Moon adoreeeeee Aries Moon’s daring spirits, they feel that its easy to relate to one another as they’re locked inside a room on time-out for breaking windows and slashing tires during one of their tantrums😁 (also aries moon are v sensitive, don’t tell them I told you this.)

    3. Respectfully. Sagittarius Sun needs to slow down on that dr*g or whatever addictive substances they’re taking. I’m just kidding, lemme elaborate. So far, I notice that there’s two type of Sagittarius Sun:

    The first type is very um how do i put this, prude, with their clean cut and clothes, lowkey nerdy but hot(?!) but for both guys and girls as they’re hella focus on school and don’t wanna indulge in anything because “it’s bad for your brains” and they think partying is fun but they still don’t wanna risk their education for that lifestyle💀 The second type is truly a chaotic mess but they’re also my favourite. Literal e-girl/boy vibes with their dyed hair and slit eyebrows and vapes(i don’t support this lifestyle guys don’t come for me) They also are so open to whatever and are down for whatever. The type of future parents who would tell their kids something like “C*cain? yeah I did it when I was in 11th grade it’s fun and all that but that life aint it dawg"💀💀💀 Gosh their chaotic asses are so relatable and funny and sweet at the same time. Let’s discuss how nurturing Sag Sun can be.

    [ when I was in my first year in uni, one of my closest friends was a Sag sun and on Halloween that year, after a night of partying and doing illegal *subtances*🙃somehow this weirdo still managed to sober up and walked back to our dorm which was 30 minutes away, put 4 girls in their room before checking the taxi price and decided not to get one cause "ion have 10 dollars to spare” and the next morning we saw her private stories being filled with how she was chased by a skunk and she smhow escaped it. (she videotaped the whole thing while she was running💀) mind you this gurl was coked out not sober. And again, respectfully, most of my Sag sun friends gave off this energy🤣 ]

    4. Libra Rising needs therapy. Yes you guys are gorgeous but still, therapy please. Years of slow burn anger towards their family/ childhood and fake friends create this rebel mindset and love for toxic people/situations/ relationships. I’m not even kidding most Libra Rising I know have at least tried to “tame” or “change” someone at least once. I know you guys have 7H Aries but no Sarah, that guy with gangs relations who went to jail for a night is not your soulmate, he’s from your hometown not Wattpad sweetie.

    5. Gemini Venus get bad rep for being “flighty” and “changeable” in relationship. Well let’s talk about the real devils in sheep’s clothings. Leo Venus, Libra Venus, Aries Venus. Yeah I called y'all out didn’t I? I’m a Leo Venus so I can say this, Leo Venus loves the chase wayyyyyyyy too much and somehow during that cat and mouse game they fall in love with the seretonin they get from it instead of the person, the type to look at you dead in the eyes and say “ I think I’m falling for you🥺” but dip the second they realize you don’t match up to their standards+ expectations, don’t get me wrong tho we’re hella loyal but that’s not it babies😃👍🏼 Libra Venus is literally all of the above in a way too, but they’ll just ghost you lmao. Might text you later to try to make amends cause they can’t stand not being liked (true story) but that’s about it. They’re forgetful as hell so unless you had a glow up or something they won’t even remember your name🤣🤣 Aries Venus is also all of the above but get bored even faster, they’ll make the first move and all that and will try again and again until they find a better prey😋 With that being said, these 3 just need to find the right people who they deem at the same level though!

    6. Hey Taurus Venus! Don’t worry I didn’t leave you out, I made a whole new entry for y'all❤️ Oh you guys got goosebumps as you read the Leo Venus thing? Yeah you should. Because doesn’t that sound familiar huh. Taurus being ruled by Venus, yes y'all are diplomatic and charming and effortlessly loved, but thats the problem, y'all are effortlessly loved. You guys and Leo Venus should win King and Queen of Standards. Y'all standards are unimaginably high and then y'all settle for a 3 who you work with?😃💀 Obsessive as hell in relationships and can get so vengeful????? but can also be as prideful as Leo Venus and others don’t even know this somehow???😀???? (jokes on u I’m a leo venus lets laugh at this together hahahahaha)

    7. Cancer Sun gets mad at their stereotypes but isn’t it funny how they all have a childhoods item they have kept since forever (my guess is a stuffed animal), how they all share a mild hoarding issues since they can’t throw some stuff away because it’s “memories” and how they all indulge in way too much hot drinks during the winter time as they lay on their couch with their s/o or pets. “I’m not sEnSiTiVe” then lose it on the first person who bad mouth abt their loved and swear on their ancestors grave to find that person’s house and slash their tires and burn their stuff down before letting them defend themselves. yup. not sensitive. ( fun fact: i’m a cancer sun so you know i’m not joking ahhahahahaha. #selfawarenessday guys. )

    8. Sagittarius Mars go from “bro let’s go outside and strip and take pictures and then maybe we’ll snowboard and do dr*gs before making a tiktok” to “why am i like this I’m unlovable.” in the span of 30 minutes. I have stopped writing observations about them because I can’t tell what they’re doing next or what they’re on right now. the type that dream abt participating an orgy in their chemistry class.

    9. Fellow Mars conjunct/opposition/ trine/sextile Jupiter, yall win in life ( and in bed )🥳

    10. Venus aspects to Mars (esp conjunct), tell me, how does it feel like to have that pussy power/ big d energy? And how ddoes your s/o still walking straight LOLL

    11. People with Sun conjunct Saturn need to CHILL. see what I did there you guys just lose it for a sec didn’t ya hehehe🤣 jk but PLEASE let people in, don’t guard yourself like that all the time, theres power in confiding in others.

    12. Virgo Moon are HELLA critical yes😌. But they’re also always gonna give you a second chance (if they think you’re sincere enough) Their softhearted ass is a sucker for feels. if you make it sounds realistic they’ll open their arms in no time. Virgo Moons you see this? Stop doing that. Your ability to see the worst at people but secretly haveba soft spot for everyone is your best quality but also your worst, say no even though deep down you don’t want to.

    13. Yo Libra and Scorpio placements, tell me your secret please? How do you guys look like completely normal functional people by daytime but when no ones looking y'all are literally Satan’s children? That sweet girl from work who you think is so sweet and caring is actually drafting her 15 pages long plan on getting back at her ex, steps by steps.

    14. Virgo placements❤️ Please stop writing down everything that your s/o or loved ones fucked up that time in bullet points so you can use against them during arguments😁 It’s scary how you have that list in your Note app on your phone, detailing when where how and what they did from the start to the end. Don’t fight me on this I know yall have receipts. Hell I have seen it with my own eyes💀💀

    15. Aquarius Sun men✨ that have Capricorn Venus🤝 trust issue 🤝 commitment issue 🤝 attachment issue 🤝 mild OCD 🤝

    16. Moon in the 6th house, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon. This is your last warning. Stop going into hibernation every 3-5 business days we need to know if you’re alive okay🙂

    17. I don’t care what you guys say. Sun conjunct Mercury and Moon conjunct Mercury win in life. Imagine being able to say whatever the hell you truly want and feel deep down. Okay yeah they have boundaries issues but still, just ✨imagine✨ *sigh in mercury sextille venus im a people pleaser*

    18. Quick vibe check Venus 2nd house. No. Don’t think about becoming a trophy wife yet, you’re in school for Engineering, do your goddamn homework instead of dreaming about sipping mimosa and having sex on top a pile of money please😋

    For more post like this check out my masterlist guys<3 Lemme know what you guys think down below


    saint jenx🖤

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