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  • Sometimes we realise we don’t like something the way we used to. It doesn’t seem quite right anymore.

    That is okay and you can let things go!

    Sometimes you don’t seem to understand the people you used to hang out with anymore. You might have just grew up or became a bit different person. 

    You might not be enjoying your room or your habits but it’s okay!

    Just try new habits and meet new people. 

    As you change, your preferences and the things you enjoy will change too

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                     At some point in our lives, we dreamed and even wished to go back in time. It could be out of curiosity of what it could it be like. But I know for sure, each individual has different motivations to yearn for such a thing. Within their thoughts it could be motivations to save the world or to save “their” world.

    “There are moments when we must understand that the decisions, we make influence more than just our own fates.” – Dark

    Imagine if you were able to do so, accidentally or not. What if you were able to correct your mistakes? What if you were able to take those missed opportunities? What if you gave some advice to your younger self? Time travelling would be a bit easier if it was only concerning you, but what about the world? You might think something so simple won’t drastically change the world, but I think it would. Just like the butterfly effect, the concept that one thing can trigger another until it becomes big enough to changes everything around it. 

    Ever since that day, March 14, 2020 had happened, I began to re-evaluate my choices of that month. I didn’t know that would be the last day I’d get to see my classmates, my friends, the places we’d go to, and even seeing my lover. This was also the day my country, Philippines decided to pause. Just like the rest of the world that halted everything because of the corona virus. Each and almost everyone had placed themselves in their homes doing quarantine, so as to live another day. With each day had passed the news became so toxic to look at, and all you can do it grieve because hundreds to thousands fall victim to this virus and one day if could be you.

    If I could go back to the start of the year, maybe it would have been different but who knows?

    The month of March and April made me worry and even thing like a pessimist which is not in my character before, but then I started to try and see things differently of what quarantine can positively impact you.

    Here’s how I cope with quarantine:

    First, you need to have a schedule or organize your time. Time management is important to go about your day, specially now, we need this to stay grounded and not feel aloft. I still have my alarm to wake up in the morning and I try my best to sleep early at night (still getting there). Also, have a schedule of when to eat as well. If you don’t have a routine of when to eat, you’ll just feel sluggish and even more lazy to prepare your meal. 


    Second, learn to take a break from things.  Seeing the news daily specially now can only make a person paranoid and stress, I don’t want that and so do you. Learn to break away and enjoy the simple things in life it offers you. You got siblings? Maybe its time to try and talk to them to get closer or bond with your family, and don’t forget to chat or be connected with your friends.


    Third, explore your creative side. Ever since college started, I’ve been busy with academics and social life. But now, I can go back again to doing what I used to love. I love to draw, color, and sing. Being able to do those again can be a stress reliever and I’m happy with that. Your creativity doesn’t have to be extravagant, if you loved what you do in your free time then make the most of it, as long as your happy and able to not be stressed then that’s great. What I do may not be applicable to everyone but at least you’ve got the gist of it. Have a great day! <3

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    Like most people, I do not know how to care for plants, and in my room they are constantly dying. More precisely, they were dying.

    About a year ago I bought myself this bush, which not only did not die, but also grew twice as much as it was before. It is called Zamioculcas (originally from Madagascar), and all that it requires is at least some light and watering once a week. My parents helped me transplant Zyama (yes, we call him that) into a pot after purchase, and then after half a year, when the bush became too huge.

    So, if you are a sucker like me in caring for plants, then buy yourself your own Zyama and live happily ever after.


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    Become one with yourself. When your body says something, listen to it. When your mind is burnt out, respect that. We can either work with or against ourselves; you choose which route you’d like to take.

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  • Pre-lockdown days, when I had actively started dating again, I ended up scheduling three dates over the same week-end.  It seems so long ago now with the world shutting down over Covid-19.  Before you judge, it wasn’t my plan to go on three dates that week-end.  I had actually scheduled one date for a Sunday morning coffee.  

    On Friday, I started messaging a guy on Tinder and the conversation flowed easily.   I went out for dinner with a friend, but was home early and the messages continued to flow.  We continued to message all through the Saturday.  By Saturday afternoon and a few hints on meeting up, I suggested we meet for a drink.  I make a point of never making the first move, but we had been chatting a lot and hinting on a meet up and since I didn’t want to sit at home, I ripped the bandage off and asked.  

    We met at a bar which was about half-way between where we stayed.  I walked into the bar it was fairly quite so I walked up to the only man at the bar.  He stood up; he was a giant of a man.  We shall refer to him as the BFG.  He was nervous.  He was bouncing his leg up and down while we were chatting.  When he spoke, there was a slight shake in his voice.  He said: “I’m sorry I feel a bit nervous.”  I replied “Don’t worry, I’m easy”.  *Facepalm.  It sounded worse than what I meant, but I got a smile while quickly trying to retrieve my words.  He was a very interesting person, perhaps the most intelligent person I had ever met. He knew about every topic, eventually admitting he had a photographic memory.  

    After a couple of drinks and not wanting to drink too much, I suggested we head out.  We’d been there chatting for around two hours.  He walked me to my car, and I stretched up to give him a hug goodbye.  It felt like the polite thing to do.  He hugged me with his strong giant grip and my back clicked.  I let out a “Ooooo” sound.  He apologised.  “No don’t worry, it’s nice to have my back clicked” I told him.  “Oh, in that case” he said and spun me around.  He crossed my arms across my chest and picked up off ground, shook me a few times until my back clicked the whole way.  I giggled; I didn’t know what else to do.  Here was the BFG, picking me up and shaking me in the parking lot of a local bar.  It was perhaps the strangest way to end a date.  Or so I thought.

    After putting me down, I thanked him for the evening.  He kind of just lingered there, I was halfway into my car but not wanting to be rude and slam the door.  I hovered. Next second, he pulled into me and kissed me.  It wasn’t an awful kiss, but he apologised anyway saying he kisses better.  I really didn’t think it was that bad.  

    So, would I meet up with the BFG again.  No.  He was a really interesting guy, so intelligent, but… he spoke incessantly about his ex-girlfriend who had left him for another woman ten months earlier.  I asked him if he would take her back, and he answered almost immediately, “yes”.  This guy was just not ready to date, and not to put myself down but he was probably way to intelligent for me.   Over the next couple of days, I replied sparingly to his messages.  I hate being rude so I didn’t want to just cut the guy off.  

    The next morning, I went to meet date number two.  We were meeting for coffee.  Another date that didn’t resemble his picture, and not in a good way.  I’m not sure if I should go into detail with this one, but he was very, very boring.  He was obsessed with cricket, and yes, it’s good to have a passion, but when the passion means every story you tell starts with: “Funny story about cricket…”  you begin to appreciate that you are only having coffee.  Fortunately, there was no cutlery on the table as I contemplated cutting my wrists with a butter knife.

    Mr Cricket cut me off constantly with, “Funny story about cricket…”.  The one story entailed an insurance company calling to see if one of the team mates were at practice.  He had recently had a small car accident and lied about his whereabouts because he was having an affair.  Personally, I failed to see how this was a funny story.  After a few more of “funny story about cricket” I excused myself as I had lunch plans with a friend.  I didn’t but I had to get away from this freak.  He hugged me and kind of leaned in, I quickly turned my head.  There was no-way I wanted Mr Cricket’s tongue in my mouth.  Two days later I got a message from him, on Tinder.  I had never given him my number.  It said: “So I didn’t have to play cricket on Sunday after-all”.  I deleted him then.  I just couldn’t take anymore.

    On Sunday afternoon I got a message on Tinder from this cute guy I had been messaging earlier in the week. He was away for the week-end but on his way home and wanted to meet up.  Weirdly, we lived only a few houses apart.  “If I invited you over to my house for a glass of wine later will I be safe?”  I asked him. “You will always be safe with me,” he replied.  

    I was having a glass of wine with a friend and telling her about my first two disastrous dates. With a couple of glasses in my belly and some ‘Dutch courage’ I went to meet my third and final date of the week-end. What comes to mind when thinking back to this date is “saving the best for last”.  This was the best; this was the most unexpected date.  This you will have to wait to read about in part two.

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