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    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the more i think abt it the more i think omega and cal kestis would get along. they’re just buddies who get into a lot of trouble !!! for fun !! also i like the imagine cal telling omega about the jedi order and him teaching her how to use a lightsaber.

    #the bad batch #it’s all fun and games until the baby clone gets ahold of a lightsaber #she’d be like ‘LOOK HUNTER!!!’ and poor hunter just watches like ‘😰😰’
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    I can show you the ways of the Force. 🖤✨

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    Found A New Padawan Ch 4: Going to Illum

    AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/10895802/chapters/81433015 Taglist: open

    Heya, so sorry bout the long wait, had my wisdom teeth removed while writing the new chap for ‘A New Hero’ that had me out of it for a WHILE. So ya, I was busy dealing with that and healing that I didn’t have much energy to work on the fic, specially since I also still had homework that needed to be done. It’s been interesting. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new chap!!

    After spending a few days on strict bed rest and meditation after the stunt she pulled in the senate building, she was finally allowed to go around talking to other Jedi and Padawan's alike. She had even meditated with both Master Mace and Obi-Wan to strengthen her bond with the force. Though it did seem like what did in the Senate had spread like wildfire and everyone was talking about it. She didn’t know if it had garnered good or bad attention since most everyone only glanced at her with only a few Padawan's looking at her in awe. Ashoka had basically repeated what Masters Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Mace had said. She said that it was reckless but cool that she was able to freeze a laser bolt mid-air.

    “Ikoe?” Obi-Wan called and Ikoe stopped in her tracks and turned to face her Master as he strode up to her.

    “Yes, Master?” she asked as he stopped a few feet from her and smiled at her.

    “I have some good news. You are going to be creating your own lightsaber today. We shall go to Illum for you to find your Kyber Crystal, the heart of all lightsabers,” he said and she smiled happily at that.

    “Thank you, Master!” she said bowing slightly to him. Obi-Wan chuckled softly as he wrapped an arm around Ikoe’s shoulders and started leading her toward the hanger to set off to Illum where there was a Padawan waiting with Master Secura next to the ship.


    The planet of Illum was covered in snow and ice with a storm cloud promising a snowstorm brewing on the horizon. The sun was slowly coming up and a shiver went up Ikoe’s spine as the three left the ship and the brisk, chilly air hit them. Obi-Wan left the ship first and Ikoe followed slowly after him as he led them toward a huge cliff face. The padawan introduced as Kai followed beside her “Master?” Ikoe asked softly as they stopped beside him.

    “Stretch out your hand and focus the Force. Together we can enter,” Obi-Wan replied raising a hand toward the cliff. They raised their hands as well and took a deep breath and focused on feeling the force. Feeling Obi-Wan’s probing presence, she knew what to do. Soon enough, the two watched as the cliffside fell, revealing an entrance to the two of them.

    Going through the entrance, Ikoe looked around in awe at the various statues around the room with a small platform in the middle that Master Yoda was sitting on meditating. “Master Yoda,” she greeted giving a small bow that Kai repeated as Master Obi-Wan stood behind them.

    “The heart of the lightsaber, the crystal is. Focuses the Force from the Jedi, it does,” Yoda started as he raised his hand up and a rumbling started up. A light hits the mechanism that Master Yoda moved and intensifies into a beam. The beam hit a frozen waterfall that starts melting quickly. “If Jedi you are to become, enter the crystal cave, you must.” The frozen waterfall is gone now, revealing an entrance leading to a dark cave. “Trust yourself, and succeed, you will.”

    Ikoe nodded understanding and walked up the stairs that led to the entrance. At the top, she glanced back at Master Obi-Wan and Master Yoda.  “Once you have found your crystal, do not remain inside. As daylight ends, the door will freeze over again, and you will be trapped.” Obi-Wan warned.

    “For how long?” Ikoe asked.

    “For one rotation. There will be nothing anyone can do for you,” he responded.

    “How will I know which crystal to pick?” Kai asked then with a slightly worried look.

    “Only you can know which one is yours. Now, hurry,” Obi-Wan replied with a nod. The two went into the cave that was covered in ice with some intimidation about finding their crystal in time. How are we supposed to know what’s our crystal and what’s just ice? Ikoe thought with pursed lips.

    “Should we split up?” Kai asked as they reached a room that had lots of paths split from it.

    “I think so. Just…let the force guide you,” she replied taking a deep breath and feeling the force. She started walking toward one path and glanced over and saw that Kai was taking another. Ikoe came to a stop in a room and looked up a cliff to see jutting out of the tip of the ice was a bright light. “Ok, I can do this. This is just like any Star Destroyer I’ve climbed before,” she mumbled softly, rolling her neck and shoulders out. With a brief run, she jumped up and grabbed the cliff face, and started climbing up, finding it easier than she thought. Near the top, her hand slipped as she pulled herself up, leaving her to hang by only one hand. A panicked gasp left her but with a grunt, she found a new grip and stabled herself.

    Reaching the top, she smiled in triumph as she reached out to the small outcropping jutting from the cliff and pulled out the bright light that dimmed as she pulled it out. She smiled at the small crystal before closing her fist around it and jumping back down to the floor below, going into a roll to take most of the force, standing up, she took off back the way she came. Reaching the entrance finally, a muffled shout had her looking around curiously. “Hello?” she called.

    “Ikoe!” Kai’s muffled voice reached her as she walked around. She stopped in front of an ice wall that was on the other side of the entrance that had an opening behind it.

    “What happened?” she asked looking around the ice for something.

    “The ground gave out under me as I was trying to find my crystal. Good news though, I found it in here! Bad news, I can’t break the ice,” Kai said and Ikoe snorted at the obvious grin on his face and tone when he said he founds his crystal.

    “If we do it together, I believe we can break the ice,” she said, placing a hand on the ice and watched as Kai placed his where hers was. Closing her eyes, she focused on the spot under her hand. Cracking echoed through the hall and Ikoe opened her eyes to watch as the ice cracked under their hands before falling down completely. The two smiled at each other before making their way to the entrance where they saw Master Obi-Wan and Master Yoda smiling at them.

    “Good job both of you. Together you left the cave. Lessons, you have learned,” Yoda said turning to look at Ikoe as the two walked down to him and stopped. “Find confidence, you did,” he said with a nod that Ikoe returned before he turned to Kai, “and trust, yes?” he asked and Kai nodded. “Take your crystals back to the temple and keep them safe, young Jedi.”

    Ikoe and Kai nod once more with smiles before Obi-Wan led them from the cave and toward their ship where they saw the sun still high in the sky. “Your lesson starts now, this is architect and lightsaber designer Huyang,” Obi-Wan introduced as the sounds of whirring fans and clanking metal came closer to them. As Obi-Wan said the name, the robot, Huyang, stepped in front of them and peered closely.

    “This is them? They passed the Gathering?” Huyang asked and Obi-Wan nodded.

    “Yes, they have,” Obi-Wan said and Huyang nodded slowly. He then launched into the history of lightsabers and who he’s helped make their own, pulling up a hologram of every lightsaber he’s ever helped make. The two looked at the many lightsabers impressed, quickly finding their masters lightsabers along with some other lightsabers they recognize from others. Kai even pointed out the original lightsaber he made when he was younger that got destroyed in a battle against Grievous. Soon, Huyang was instructing them how to put their lightsabers together and put a hologram up that showed how it was supposed to be pieced together.

    Collecting the pieced they needed, the two slowly concentrated on their lightsabers and how the pieces floated up into the air and twisted and turned as they floated into place. Once they were in place, Ikoe took a deep breath and lifted her crystal up, and let it float into its proper place before sealing the whole thing into place. She smiled as she watched her new lightsaber floated in front of her, slowly turning to show its design.

    The top part of the hilt where the blade left was pointed to one side on a curve that went down. On the lowest part, there was a small rectangular section of metal the was pushed in. Underneath that was the part containing a small vent-like section and the switch that would turn it on. All along it was a swirl pattern following a line that had small arrows going up. Near the switch was lines following the switch that turned into curving lines. Under that was where she would hold the whole thing one-handed with a small section jutted out with the same pattern as around the vent-like area. At the bottom was a piece with a triangular pattern with lines going from it to a small domed part that had a small clip that would hold it onto her belt.

    Ikoe turned when she heard a lightsaber turned on and watched as Kai held a green-bladed lightsaber. “Wow,” he whispered as he looked at his lightsaber. Turning he saw Ikoe staring and smiled happily before turning it off and gesturing to her. “Turn yours on,” he said turning to look at her fully. She nodded and grabbed her lightsaber from the air and turned so that everyone could see as she flipped the switch and a purple blade came out.

    “Wow,” the two whispered in sync as Ikoe smiled at her lightsaber.

    “A purple blade? I thought only Master Mace would have a purple blade,” Kai asked though the question was clearly repeated in Ikoe’s eyes as Obi-Wan looked between the two.

    “The blade color is what kind of Jedi you are and what understanding you have of the Force. And I’m guessing Mace taught you about the dark side. Am I correct?” Obi-Wan asked with a small smile as Ikoe nodded. “There you go then. You have a knowledge about the dark side most do not have when they create their lightsaber,” he answered and Ikoe nodded as she turned the lightsaber off and looked at the metal grip, running a finger along the cold metal. “Here,” Obi-Wan held out a length of teal-green leather to her. “Satine wanted you to have this and do with it as you please.”

    “Thank you, Master,” she said slowly wrapping the leather around the base with a smile even as a small section was left bare.

    “Wait, if Master Obi-Wan’s your teacher, then why did Master Mace teach you?” Kai asked.

    “Well, I was in the MedCenter of the Jedi Temple for a while before they took me in so Master Mace taught me while I healed and the Council figured out if I would be accepted or not,” she explained and Kai slowly nodded at that.

    “Ah, cool,” he said.

    “Let’s go to the training room and see how you do, Ikoe. Kai, if you wish, you can join us to get used to your new lightsaber,” Obi-Wan said and Kai nodded with a smile as Ikoe turned hers off and clipped it to her belt. She followed the two to the training room and listened to Obi-Wan explained what she had to do.

    After a while of training, Ikoe was finally getting the hang of it they had arrived back at the Jedi Temple. They walked through the temple after Master Secura picked Kai up from them to continue their training, and the two came across Master Anakin and Ahsoka who looked happy at seeing her lightsaber. “Good job,” Anakin said with a smile as Ikoe started talking with Ahsoka as Obi-Wan nodded.

    “Indeed. You wouldn’t guess what color lightsaber she got though,” he said and Anakin looked curious at that.

    “What color?”

    “Purple, like Mace,” Obi-Wan answered and Anakin looked shocked at that.

    “Purple?” he repeated and Obi-Wan nodded.


    “You are correct, I wouldn’t have guessed that. How?”

    “Mace taught her about the dark side,” he replied and Anakin slowly nodded at that in understanding.

    “That would make sense,” he replied, and Obi-Wan nodded agreement.

    Ok, so here’s the new chap! I hope you guys like it! Next chap will be the hunt for Ziro. Until next time! ~Love Willa<3<3<3

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    Here’s a close up of Ikoe’s lightsaber that she makes in the newest chap of ‘Found A New Padawan’!

    new chap will be uploaded soon

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    “What if Qui-Gon Survived”

    Chapter 7

    On the way back to the apartment, Anakin was visibly distracted and he had worry printed all over him in the Force.

    “You seem concerned, Anakin.” Qui-Gon said “What’s troubling you?”

    Anakin let out a sigh and said “These dreams about my mother, they are getting more and more real each time. I feel as if I could reach out and grab her from the pain she’s in.”

    “What are the surroundings in these dreams?” He asked.

    “I don’t know, it’s a beige hut usually.”

    “Hmm, what about other lifeforms?”

    “I can’t see or sense any but I can hear Tusken Raiders. Why are you asking me this?”

    “If there are Tuskens then she’s still on Tatooine. Right then, I’ll go to Tatooine and you two stay in the Senators protection.”

    “What?!” both Anakin and Obi-Wan exclaimed.

    “Anakin, I know this is important to you and I know how impulsive you can be, I would hate for you to leave on your own accord and put either yourself or the Senator in danger.”

    “Thank you so much, Master!” Anakin said, words couldn’t express his gratitude.

    “But Master, what will the council say?” Obi-Wan asked.

    “They don’t need to know. But if they found out I’ve left the planet, tell them that I received a tip about the Senator’s assassin and needed to pursue it immediately.”

    After the report to the council was finished, Qui-Gon took a small freighter with a med bay in it and quickly departed to Tatooine. Obi-Wan was told to track down and pursue this bounty hunter and Qui-Gon and Anakin were told to take Padmé back to Naboo, but little did the council know, it would actually be Anakin’s first solo assignment, and he would be alone with Padmé for the first time in a decade. He told the Chancellor who showed nothing but happiness for the padawan and informed Padmé who wasn’t happy about her imminent retreat.

    “I do not like this idea of hiding.” She said, frustrated.

    “Don’t worry. Now that the council has ordered an investigation, it won’t take Obi-Wan long to find this bounty hunter.” Anakin assured.

    “I haven’t worked for a year to defeat the Military Creation Act to not be here when it’s fate is decided.”

    “Sometimes we must let go of our pride and do what is requested of us.”

    “Anakin, you’ve grown up.”

    “Master Qui-Gon manages to see it, mostly. Don’t get me wrong, Qui-Gon is a great mentor.” Anakin was flaunting his skill by levitating a metal ball “As wise as Master Yoda and as powerful as Master Windu. I am truly thankful to be his apprentice.”

    “That sounds wonderful.”

    “Yes, but sometimes, he’s critical, rash and doesn’t always listen.” He said with a hint of annoyance as he walked over to Padmé.

    “All mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults then we would like. It’s the only way we grow.”

    “I know.”

    “Anakin,” Padmé said, staring in Anakin’s eyes “Don’t try to grow up too fast.”

    “But I am grown up. You said it yourself.” He stared at her longingly.

    “Please don’t look at me like that.” She asked.

    “Why not?”

    “It makes me uncomfortable.” She said as she walked towards her wardrobe for more of her clothes.

    “Sorry, milady. Here, let me help you pack.” Qui-Gon’s generosity rubs off on him sometimes.

    Sorry this chapter is so short! It was made more sense with the pacing of the story. I wanted to show just how different I perceive Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to be, Obi-Wan dismissed Anakin’s visions which lead to an incident involving not just the men, but the women and the children too. I think Qui-Gon would’ve taken Anakin’s connection to the force more literally than Obi-Wan. I also wanted to show off more how I think Anakin would be slightly more self-disciplined and less angsty towards his master if Qui-Gon had taught him. So yeah, hope you enjoyed, please leave feedback and suggestions for future fics. Please interact with my posts as much as you can and you can also follow me on Instagram if you want @siriusly_a_jedi. Until next time, may the force be with you!
    #star wars #qui gon jinn #obi wan kenobi #anakin skywalker#padawan#padme amidala#coruscant #attack of the clones #writing#fic#what if#tumblr#lightsaber#jedi#jedi council#jedi order#force#master#jedi master#tusken raiders #not just the men but the women and the children too #visible concern #may the force be with you #anidala
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    rey time travel, ~2.7k words

    follow up to this: part 1. rey ends up on tatooine pre-phantom menace. this part contains a podracer, technobabble that may or may not have make sense, and a quote from canon whose exact wording i didn't look up

    In the morning, Anakin helps Shmi cut up fruit for breakfast and asks Rey for a retelling of what it was like to see a forest for the first time.

    “Anakin, she just got up,” Shmi chides gently.

    “But I liked that story,” Anakin says. To Rey he continues, “I like the way you talked about green. Pilots talk about trees, but no one does it like you.”

    Rey stares down at Anakin, at his wide eyes, and sees the same desperate hunger she still feels claw at her insides sometimes. The need to see more, to be more. She feels something, something tugging at her very core, and she can’t tell if it’s pity or empathy or something more, something more Force.

    “Well,” she says, accepting a plate from Shmi, “then I ought to start at the beginning, shouldn’t I?”

    She tells him a cleaned up story of how she met Finn, a lost man on the run, and how she helped him steal a ship and then made friends with smugglers.

    “If you have your own ship, why are you here?” Anakin asks, eyes hungry for more details. “Where’re your friends?”

    “Long story,” Rey says with a wink, and Shmi interrupts them to remind Anakin he’ll need his work gloves today.

    They hurry out the door. They are not allowed to be late for Watto’s chores, not even little Anakin. When she’s left alone, Rey sets a handful of coins on the kitchen counter and then goes to tidy up the nest she made in their living room as best she can.

    She ends up spending the night at the Skywalkers again, and then next night, and the next. Something about the knowledge of what Anakin will be bothers her, but right now he’s small and eager to help and to drink in her stories, and she learns to ignore the buzz in the back of her mind insisting something must be done.

    He’s a good kid, and she finds she likes him.

    She makes money scrapping, and occasionally fixing up ships and speeders. Ostensibly she’s saving up for transport to the Inner Rim, but she keeps sneaking coins into corners of the Skywalker kitchen. She buys her own barely-functional speeder used from a band of Jawas, to help her with her scavenging. Anakin is happy to help her fix it up.

    “Okay, I know this isn’t the right type of capacitor,” Anakin says, grease smudged across his cheek, “but I think we can make it work if we…”

    Rey has to stop Anakin from trying to make her speeder “the fastest ever,” because they really don’t need to sink that much effort and money into mods, but she also helps him do the math to make his podracer the actual fastest ever.

    “Oh no,” Shmi breathes when she sees the numbers Rey has etched into the ground with a stick. “Anakin!”

    “What?” Anakin calls, popping out of where he’s busy trying to reupholster the seat of Rey’s speeder. Watto deemed some seats from a crashed podracer useless, and so Anakin had greedily grabbed them up for his own purposes.

    “You know I don’t like you racing,” Shmi says, chewing at her bottom lip and staring down at Rey’s math. “And now you’ve got Rey mixed up in it too?”

    Anakin hops out of the speeder and plods over to the two of them. Rey has moved her operations into the meager shade at the back of the Skywalker’s apartment block, and Anakin blinks several times as his eyes adjust to dimmer lighting.

    “Rey thinks it’s cool,” he says, leaning over her calculations. Shmi pinches the bridge of her nose.

    “It is cool,” Rey agrees, eyes flicking between the two Skywalkers. “But it’s dangerous. I didn’t know you were planning to actually race, Ani.”

    She’d thought this had been more of, you know, a hobby. If she hadn’t been desperately selling off every part she could for food, Rey definitely would have spent her childhood building ridiculously designed speeders. It’s fun.

    “Of course I am,” Anakin, and his little chest puffs up in pride. “I’m a great pilot! I’m definitely going to win one day.”

    “Uh-huh,” Rey says, then taps at her calculations with her stick. “I’m pretty sure this is outside speeds human pilots are legally allowed to operate at, kid. Too fast for normal reflexes.”

    There is, of course, no law out here besides the Hutts’, and Rey has no idea what the current Republic’s piloting regulations are. She’s not even sure Anakin Skywalker needs the laws of regular human limitations. Darth Vader certainly didn’t, although Anakin is currently very young and completely untrained.

    Still, Shmi balks. Maybe she hadn’t known that about podracers before? Rey immediately regrets her words and tries to backpedal by saying Anakin can just fly casually. She’s still all for building a ridiculous junkyard racer, and it’s not like Anakin has to fly at full speed.

    “But I can do it,” Anakin insists, and he crosses his arms and scowls. “And I’m definitely going to ask Watto to sponsor me in the next race.”

    “No,” Shmi immediately snaps. “Don’t you say a word about this to Watto, Anakin. I forbid it.”

    “But Watto said if I win--” he protests.

    “Watto doesn’t care about you!” Shmi bursts.

    Anakin plows onward, frowning up at his mother. “He said if I win, I could keep half the winnings, and then maybe we could--”

    “All the money in the world won’t mean anything to me if you get hurt, Ani,” Shmi interrupts.

    Anakin pouts, but he doesn’t argue further. Shmi deflates a little, staring down at her son with a remarkably torn look on her face, like she wants to give Anakin the world but can’t. Rey wonders if this is how her own mother looked at her, right before she sent her off to become a no one on Jakku.

    “I’ll take your podracer out flying with you, Ani,” Rey offers. “It’ll be much safer with a co-pilot.” She flashes a smile at Shmi. “I won’t let him go too fast.”

    “Podracing doesn’t have co-pilots, just a pit crew,” Anakin grumbles, but his face says he’s pleased.

    Shmi sighs but squeezes Rey’s shoulder in thanks.


    By the time Rey and her skills are well-recognized enough in town that she thinks she could probably trade labor for transport, she’s no longer interested in pursuing that route.

    She still wants to get off-planet. If she’s going to undo some sort of time-travel accident and see her friends again, the solution definitely isn’t on Tatooine. But… her priorities are a little different now.

    The desert breeds harshness and cruelties, but it also breeds bonds deeper than anywhere but wildest parts of space. In the desert, you help others survive and they help you. It’s a simple law that Rey has known in her very core since she was a kid. She’s not leaving Tatooine without the Skywalkers.

    She hasn’t told them that, but she’s seen the way Anakin’s eyes shine with yearning whenever she talks about visiting Lando in Cloud City, or the sounds and smells and feeling of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, or looking out over the oceans of Ahch-To. She’s seen the worry lines carved into Shmi’s face and how worn her hands are from constant work.

    She’s listened to Anakin whisper to her about inventing a scanner to find where his chip is, about his dream to free all the enslaved people of Tatooine, and she doesn’t understand how this little boy became Darth Vader.

    Is she meant to stop it? To intervene? Or is the Force trying to rub her face in its horrible perversion of unstoppable destiny?

    Rey doesn’t know, but she knows she can’t just abandon a little kid and his mom.

    Instead of transport, Rey scraps and does repairs for space pilots and locals alike, and runs mail from Mos Espa to surrounding farms and tiny, single-family communities on her newly refurbished speeder. She does her best to dodge getting mixed up with the Hutts, turning down jobs that are clearly related to spice-running or gambling or trading people, but nothing about Rey has ever seemed particularly special until she was actively stealing a ship or swinging a lightsaber at you. She succeeds in keeping her head low.

    It’s known, at least on the Skywalkers’ apartment block, that Rey likes helping Anakin with whatever absurd project he’s into now. She indulges him-- bringing him parts and scraps of metal and publicly helping him weld together a podracer, and so no one picks up on the fact that some of the parts are from medical droids. She tucks them away in a bin with the scraps of wire and programming chips for C3PO, and Anakin raises his eyebrows at her but stays quiet.

    With Rey’s help, Anakin’s podracer gets put together in record time.

    It’s evening when they take it out on a test-drive. One sun has set, and the other skirts the horizon, making the warm sands shine pink. The air is pleasantly cool, and they tow the podracer into the desert by Rey’s speeder. Podracers are not meant for distance traveling, only huge bursts of speed over short amounts of time.

    Anakin had had to give Watto a heads up that he was test-running a podracer, which annoys Rey. Anakin is very casual about the very real danger of Watto noticing him missing from his apartment and deciding he was making a run for it and detonating his chip.

    “He’d probably at least look for me first,” Anakin says with a shrug. “Watto’s not the worst. Mom just worries.”

    Rey has to hold her tongue. Not the worst is the kind of flawed reasoning that kept her on Jakku, and she at least had the option to leave, in theory.

    They drive to a canyon, hiding Rey’s speeder in a rocky outcrop and awkwardly climbing into the body of the podracer. Both of them wear secondhand helmets and goggles, and Rey’s has an annoying crack in one of the lenses.

    Podracers are indeed not meant for copilots, but Anakin is small enough he can sit on Rey’s lap and still operate the controls comfortably. He doesn’t seem to mind the cramped fit at all, happily babbling to her about last-minute modifications as he flips switches. The repulsorlift hums to life, the racer shifting and vibrating beneath them, and the crackle of the plasma beam connecting the dual engines echoes through the canyon.

    “Start slow,” Rey calls over the roar of the engines.

    “I know, I know!” Anakin yells back, and then starts his podracer.

    He does start on the slower side of what a podracer is capable of, but the jolt of speed still slams Rey back in her seat. She lets out a half-hearted shriek as Anakin propels them directly at the canon wall and then turns last-second, but it’s covered up by the whoop of joy that Anakin lets out.

    Rey is filled with terror for the first few seconds as Anakin zips around rock formations and through narrow off-shoots of the canyon. One wrong turn into a part of the canyon that’s too narrow, and the collision will probably kill them, and Anakin seems to not be heading caution at all and speeding up.

    But… inexplicably, Rey feels like they are fine. She trusts Anakin’s intuition not to make the wrong decision, the same way she’s always trusted herself to never accidentally set off an active weapon in the wreckage of a Star Destroyer on Jakku.

    The Force hums in her very core and in Anakin’s, even if he seems oblivious to it, and Rey lets out her own yells of joy.

    They tour what feels like the whole of the canyon in only a few tens of minutes, testing the agility of the podracer, and then Anakin maneuvers it back into the widest, longest stretch, which Rey has heard is popular for speeder drag racing.

    “I’m going to see how fast we can really go,” Anakin yells at her, and Rey nods even though he can’t see her. Even though she’d said they should go slow, she wants to know how fast they can go too, and she’s seen the proof Anakin can handle it.

    The podracer excels at a rate that impresses even Rey and chases her breath right out of her mouth. It seems like they travel the entire length of the canyon in a blink of an eye.

    She feels the shock of warning before anything happens, a preternatural scream of alarm in the back of her mind that something awful is about to happen. Her adult hands automatically come down on top of Anakin’s hands on the controls to redirect them, but his are twitching to turn the podracer before she does anything, and she feels him tense in her lap.

    One of the engines suddenly catches fire and fails, dropping out of the air and dragging against the rocky bottom of the canyon. The failsafe to disconnect a dead engine from the podracer doesn’t activate, and they spin uncontrollably as the working engine is dragged down by the plasma connector.

    The whole incident takes barely a second, and before a normal human could have fully comprehended what’s happened, Anakin has already jerked the control to the side to correct the spin and keep them from crashing into the canyon wall. Still, they’re headed right for a column of yellow-brown rock and Rey reacts on instinct, pushing it aside with all the violent force of her mind.

    Anakin has cut the working engine and turns them to the side in a stomach-rolling maneuver that just barely dodges where the column had been. The belly of the racer scraps against the rocky floor of the canyon and the crash becomes less of a lethal accident and more of a rocky landing that beats up the podracer more than either of them.

    When they’ve finally come to a complete stop, the two of them sit in the cockpit in dead silence for several seconds. Rey’s heart is racing in her chest, and with his back pressed to her chest, Rey can feel Anakin’s racing equally fast.

    “Aw man!” Anakin finally cries, fumbling with the buckle of the safety belt and freeing himself, rolling out of the cockpit onto the ground. “I knew there was something off about our capacitor correction calculations! It must have rerouted something wrong and…”

    He grumbles, completely unconcerned with their near-death encounter and kicking gritty sand onto the fire of the engine to put it out. Rey climbs out of the racer with much more reservation.

    “Uh…” Anakin says, pausing in his rambling when Rey’s shadow falls over him. He blinks up at her sheepishly. “Sorry about that?”

    Rey raises her eyebrows at him.

    “I did save us, mostly,” Anakin defends, squirming under her gaze.

    “I’m not mad,” Rey says. “I’m supposed to be in charge, and I let you go too fast. It’s my fault.” She sends him a reassuring smile and says, “Nice save there, Ani. You really are a great pilot, even if you’re kind of nuts.”

    She lets Anakin shove her playfully for her teasing, and then helps him get more sand on the fire. Once it’s out, the metal of the racer is superheated and they have to wait for it to cool before trying to make any sort of repair or trying to move the racer.

    Rey sits down on one of the rocks that once made up the pillar, now scattered across the floor of the canyon. Anakin frowns down at it.

    “So I know what caused the crash,” Anakin says slowly. “But why did the rocks… do that…”

    He peers curiously up at Rey. “Did you do something?” he asks.

    Rey considers telling him. The Jedi Order should still exist in this timeline, if Rey remembers her history, and Anakin will eventually need proper training...

    (You went right for the Dark Side, Luke had told her with a sort of horrified awe. I’ve never seen anyone do that.)

    ...but maybe Anakin’s Force training shouldn’t be from Rey.

    Rey looks around the empty canyon conspiratorially and gestures Anakin forward.

    “The truth is,” Rey starts, and Anakin eagerly stands on tiptoe so she can whisper in his ear. “I’m a space wizard.”

    Anakin rolls his eyes and puts his hands on hips in his very best imitation of his mother telling him off. “Rey!”

    She laughs, and he joins in. The sound fills the canyon.

    #star wars#my writing #this is a draft in several ways #one in which i haven't decided certain things like when exactly rey is from and if she has her lightsaber or not #so this may need to be edited based on those decisions LMAO #but my plan is to get this through the events of phantom menace and then clean it up #and put it on ao3 #........eventually #unfortunately this requires me WATCHING tpm
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  • flyboy-and-fight-me
    25.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    finally some star wars!!! here’s a screen cap redraw of that scene from TROS!!

    #star wars#rey #star wars the rise of skywalker #rey skywalker#jedi#art #star wars art #star wars rey #star wars sequel trilogy #star wars fanart #my art#jedi rey#lightsaber#fanart
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  • stimsfromfarfaraway
    25.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    cal kestis stimboard

    x x x / x x / x x x

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  • techinpost
    25.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Technology Behind The Combat Lightsaber

    The Technology Behind The Combat Lightsaber

    When it comes to the Star Wars universe, you could expect perhaps millions of passionate fans. After all, there are so many reasons to love the franchise—the intricate world-building, the uniquely loveable characters, and the gripping storytelling. But if there’s one weapon from the movie that’s truly iconic that everyone will probably agree with, it’s the lightsabers. In every Star Wars movie…

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    #The Technology Behind The Combat Lightsaber
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  • mirshmurecya
    25.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    star wars concept art >>>>>>>

    #love the moody environment art that star wars concept artists do like yea!!!! scifi planets!!! weird environments!!!! lightsabers!!!!!
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  • kybernecklace
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    maul: youve outdone yourself, my apprentice

    ezra holding some kinda bazooka thing that shoots lightsabers: i know

    #how an old ex sith and his teenage assistant ruined the lightsaber economy
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  • kybernecklace
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #i dont think maul actually knows how to have an apprentice the concept is very fucked up to him due to his upbringing #like he and savage just kinda hung out. savage was his right hand man. there wasnt any like.. training or trials #if ezra went with maul theyd get so distracted with lightsaber construction theyd forget to be evil
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  • gamma-rae
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I awoke possessed by the desire to draw dramatic lightsaber lighting and then realized: I don't know how to shade. Have a Coyn bein a drama queen anyway.

    #Coyn Candor #sonder gets so much art from me cause i like drawing him but #i love one blue (secretly pink) boy #Mandalorian#jedi#star wars#lightsaber#beskar
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  • sheyshen
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    tonight’s wip, another sketch, this time of Aria and Den sparring. There’s a few things I want to touch up that i’ll take care of when I line it, but I’m pretty happy with it (even though I did put him in his post-66 armor and she’s still in her pre-66 armor. I haven’t decided what post will look like for her just yet, but maybe I’ll leave it more or less the same but with a paint job?)

    #wip #yes he does have a lightsaber and yes it is his technically #technically it belonged to the padawan he was trying to save but it's his now #when i finish it I'll have them on seprate layers too
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  • something-tofightfor
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    This is so close to the color lightsaber I came up with for Reader in Magnetic that I could cry. It’s slightly yellower than I imagined, but … a golden lightsaber for my tiny little green son?! Din’s gonna be so proud.

    Looks like Disney and I are on the same waverlength. (This changes nothing about what I plan to do with the lightsaber in Magnetic. Instead it only encourages me ☺️)

    #Grogu#the child#baby yoda#the mandalorian #din djarin is so proud #alright luke you can give him back to his dad now #he’s got a lightsaber and can protect himself #he doesn’t need you #i gasped when i saw this #this is the way
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  • preraphaedyke
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    If you live in the Galaxy and you look up BadDaddy.com you’re gonna find an entire holobank of videos of Anakin recklessly endangering his own children.

    #Anakin giving the kids live lightsabers instead of training sabers like 'by the force Obi-Wan relax they're three they can handle it' #and that's how Luke lost his hand
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  • jack-kellys
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    to anyone who only likes modern aus

    respectfully. lovingly. how do you stand me

    #I LITERALLY HAVE maybe two and i would never rly talk abt them??? #me every day of the week: ghosts bill cipher lightsaber grisha half blood demon— #fizz freaks
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  • sabersourcing
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Repulse Collectibles Legacy Saber | New Saber Alert

    Repulse Collectibles Legacy Saber | New Saber Alert

    The Repulse Collectibles Legacy Saber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a mashup lightsaber, is inspired by the design of the Light Cycle Baton from Tron Legacy (Note: The Legacy Saber is NOT related to the legacy lightsabers from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge). The hilt features a flat, oval-like profile. Repulse Collectibles began accepting pre-orders for the Legacy Saber limited run in late July…

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