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  • ukelalaahangout
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    questions i don’t have the answer, part 2/??????

    what's the point in having lila as an antagonist if she's barely ever seen in the show?

    what's the point in setting up a redemption arc for chloe if you're just going to drop it completely & make her worse than she was before? and then create a bland "long-lost" sister to replace her?

    why make two new characters & set them up to be love interests for the protagonists if you're just going to destroy both ships barely two episodes into season four?

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  • nerdfighterontheloose
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Miraculous characters as music scales because we as a species find joy in arbitrary categorization of people who will never exist?

    Adrien: A major

    Marinette: C major

    Tom: F major

    Garbage Agreste: G flat minor

    Sabine: E major

    Nathalie: D flat major

    Emile: A minor

    Felix: G minor

    Chloe: E flat major

    Alya: B flat major

    Nino: G major

    Lila: B major

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  • starrynighttime
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Take on @sidsinning’s Villainess AU


    Marinette, why must you break this poor cinnamon roll’s heart?! He just wants to love you!

    Also, everyone go check out @sidsinning’s art, they are so talented and amazing.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go into a corner and cry.

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  • brickercupmasterx3
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    So sorry posts haven't come around as often. I've just been kinda unmotivated lately, so here's something I'm probably never going to finish.

    This is an older, scrapped Adrigami concept fanfic (with a side of Feloe) that I have no will to finish anymore. I don’t really want it to collect dust though, so I’m sharing all that I have.

    Adrien & Lila salt included. If that’s not your thing please carry on and ignore this.

    (I just don't support Adrigami as much as I did before, so that's why I'm thinking of canceling. They're cute in fanon, but Adrien's just so stupid in canon that it's hard to support him with anyone.)


    “So… Exactly what kind of trouble does Adrien get himself into these days?” Kagami asked the black cat kwami out of genuine curiosity.

    “Depends on what kind of story you’re looking for. Did you want to hear one where he tried to escape grounding, where Viperion put him in his place for flirting with Ladybug, or perhaps the very one where he allowed Liar to manipulate him and get away with all sorts of things?” Plagg responded.

    “Tell me those that deal with that Liar. I’d love to give her a piece of my mind.”  The girl replied, already thinking up some ways to get back at the evil, manipulative witch. She wouldn’t let Lila get away with tricking Adrien like that, no matter how naive her boyfriend could be to such actions.

    “That’s not necessary! She’ll probably figure out that I’m taken once she sees us?” Adrien started, hoping to convince his girlfriend to let things go.

    “Seriously?” Kagami asked, eyebrow raised. “Do you really think that a compulsive liar like Lila would respect boundaries? Especially yours, someone who she clearly has romantic feelings for? Don’t kid yourself.”  

    “She’s not as bad as you make her out to be, Kagami. If you’d just give her a chan-“ The blonde tried, but couldn’t continue due to the interruption.

    “So she kissed your cheek with your consent that time?” Kagami challenged. “Are you telling me she did no wrong? Didn’t make you uncomfortable in the least with her actions? Because it sure didn't look like you were enjoying yourself."

    “W-Well… Okay, maybe I didn’t explicitly tell her it was fine, but… I didn’t think she meant to hurt anyone?” He attempted. “Lila needs friends, not to be outed that way! She’ll learn her lesson… Eventually?”

    “Gosh, Adrien! Are you even listening to yourself? That liar took a picture of the kiss and sent it over to me! Of course she was trying to hurt me! And yet you insist on defending her anyway? She’s NOT even one of your closest friends!” She screamed, clearly frustrated with the boy. “What you need is to set up boundaries with her, because I’m NOT about to stick around with you if you don’t! I’m NOT about to stand by and watch another girl fawn over you like you’re single, or attempt to steal you away because you’re too seemingly fragile and defenseless to fend for yourself!”

    “… Kagami… I…” He started… but what could he say to appease her? She did bring up a good point. Lila was far from being one of those great friends of his. No matter how many chances she’d been given, she blew them. Marinette already tried with him plenty of times, but it fell to deaf ears.

    "I… I thought you were different… That in time you would learn not to trust her. Not to give her the benefit of the doubt anymore." She stood firm, disappointment evident in her eyes. "But you won't. You'll always blindly see the good in her when there is none!" 

    He just stared blankly at her, silent, because what could he say that he hadn't already? His beliefs and hers were different… and he thought maybe the space would give her time to see how wrong she truly was… because he was in the right. Wasn't he? 

    “Until you’re ready to actually have any sort of decent conversation on the matter, don’t contact me. Because as far as I know you’re a lost cause when it comes to her.” Kagami struggled to say, as she reached over to the door. She was stronger than this. “I may love you Adrien, but you’re so infuriating at times…"

    Once he heard the door slam, the blonde knew he’d screwed up. He didn’t even have to look to his side, to know Plagg was glaring at him. He knew the feeling all too well.

    “Still think defending the Liar was the right move?” Plagg asked him, clearly annoyed. “Because from the looks of it, you might as well have lost Kagami. Lila shouldn’t be worth your relationship.”

    “So you’re taking her side now?” The rich boy asked, clearly insulted that his kwami couldn’t care less about how he felt.

    “Of course I’m taking her side! She sees things as they are!” The kwami argued. “Kagami is smart enough to see things through and if it comes down to it, I’d much rather help her get even than to stand by with you and watch as Lila ruins everything in her path.”

    “This wasn’t Lila’s fault!” Adrien argued.

    “You’re right.” Plagg seemed to agree with him for the first time that day. “It was yours! You were dumb enough to believe that Lila could change her ways. All the while hurting your girlfriend’s feelings by not listening to her side… to her feelings on the matter. You treated her as if she was meaningless to you! And yet she’s the girl you claim to love?”

    "Maybe this wouldn’t have occurred if she could understand my si-" But the kwami had had enough of his partner’s excuses, he wouldn’t even let him finish that dreaded sentence.

    "Kagami's always been incredibly patient with you. She only ever listens to your side! Every. Single. Day!" He emphasized every word. "The least you could do is offer her the same courtesy. But you don’t… Because you’re NOT capable of being understanding in the least. And this isn't the first time either… You didn't even respect the boundaries Ladybug set in motion before. It could be partly because of how you were raised, but you brought this upon yourself… And you’re not willing to change at all!” 

    This wasn’t how Adrien saw this day going… He thought he and Kagami were mature enough about their situations to handle anything… But then why would she act this irrational all of a sudden? And why ever would Plagg take her side over his? 

    Perhaps he should go pay Chloe a visit… After all, she might as well be the only one who would understand his point of view. She often sees things his way anyway. 



    Chloe fished out her phone from her pocket, upon the sound it made, notifying that she had just received a text message… From Adrien? 

    The two barely ever texted one another, seeing as they saw each other often… So what could this possibly be about?

    “Hey Bee. It's Plagg, my dumb holder forgot his phone here. Listen, he's off to your place for some reassurance and comfort over where his dumb actions got him today. Kagami's really upset with him. Try and talk some sense into him in regards to Lila, yeah?“

    She pinched the bridge of her nose after she read the message, replying to the kwami with a simple thumbs up. Why did her childhood best friend have to be so stupid? He had a great girl by his side and yet this 'Lila' was still an issue? She’d thought they’d been over that already.

    "Your cousin's an idiot." She sighed, looking up at her boyfriend from her comfortable position in his arms. She'd been cuddled up with Felix for about a half hour now, and while she didn't want to leave the warmth he'd provided her, she knew she had to as soon as Adrien dropped by. 

    "Nothing new there." Felix commented casually as if this was a usual occurrence. "What did he do this time?" 

    "Ruined his relationship, if Plagg's text is anything to go by." She responded, frustrated with her oldest friend. "I'm so close to killing him." 

    "I'll help you bury the body." He said jokingly, well… mostly. 

    She sent a small disapproving glare his way. "That's not funny." 

    "Chill out Chloe, I didn't mean it. I know how much my idiot cousin means to you." Felix told her, planting a light kiss on her head. 

    "You're lucky you're cute… and warm… Those are the only reasons I still keep you around." the blonde girl said, as a little tint of pink took over her cheeks. Sometimes she hated how much of an effect he had on her, but then again she wouldn't have it any other way. He never complained about her clinginess to him, so she supposed he was a keeper. 

    A few moments later, she untangled herself from Felix, got up from bed and headed straight to the door. Adrien was probably going to knock on her household’s door any minute now and she wasn’t about to let him off easy. She had plenty of words she needed to get off her chest and he was going to listen to every one of them, whether he wanted to or not.

    #adrigami#adrien salt #not adrien friendly #(Post identity reveal for the select few people mentioned.) #plagg is tired of adrien's sh*t. #feloe#plagg#adrien agreste#kagami tsurugi#chloe bourgeois #felix graham de vanily #Canceled Fic#miraculous ladybug#ml #lila rossi salt #brickercupmasterx3#bmx3 #(passing mention of viperbug?)
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  • hangesidekick
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    adrien 🤝 plagg 🤝 chloe 🤝 kagami 🤝 not having much screen time this season

    marinette 🤝 alya 🤝 luka 🤝 stealing season four from the rest of the troop

    juleka 🤝 mylene 🤝 rose 🤝 zoé 🤝 getting dripped out

    chat noir/adrien 🤝 luka 🤝 nino 🤝 stealing the hearts of the fandom

    lila 🤝 chloe’s redemption 🤝 nonexistence 🤝 a black hole

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  • monochromatic-ahhhh
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i give up

    i need help finding a miraculous ladybug fic

    it's lila salt wherein adrien protects marinette from the lies, i remember a scene with lila dropping a pen to slide it in marinette's fallen bag but adrien kicks it under the table and nino follows suit

    i think there's also aaaa adrien hissing at lila while hugging marinette, does anyone know what fic that is or is it gone uhmmm

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  • a-chlolix-blog
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #Ask CC#Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug and Chat Noir #Alix Kubdel#Lila Rossi#Other Characters
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  • spartanxhunterx
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Me: *Relaxing as I pull an all nighter to reset my internal clock*

    Brain: Sabrina/ Lila

    Me: No, no new ideas.

    Brain: Lila redemption, post lies exposed, Post Sabrina - Chloe friendship.

    Me: Go on.

    #miraculous ladybug#lila rossi#sabrina raincomprix #I don’t actually have more on this then I’ve already written here but it’s a base for an idea
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  • immaturityofthomasastruc
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #immaturity of thomas astruc #iota#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug salt #chloe bourgeois#queen bee#queen b#lila rossi
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  • ultrakart
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • lennarts
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Didn't know what to draw so I filled a page with foxes (and a messy concept for what may or may not become a chapter panel. Depend on how the final draft and chapter title turn out).

    An actual fox, my fox boy, and Lila. I was thinking of @arcadeology redesign for Lila when drawing her, but I did out of the top of my head and could only remember her hair, went completely blanc on the clothes. And now that I saw how she actually looks, even the hair I got wrong, lol.

    #sketchbook#mlb#ml#Trickster#Felix#Felix Culpa#Lila#Lila Rossi#Lila redesign #does her AU have a name? #fox!felix #the fic writing is going so slow #but at least I'm doing better and can actually draw and write again #it feels so good to be creating again #even if only a little compared to before #fanart#ml fanart
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  • goggles-mcgee
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sneak Peak at next chapter of Wish Me Away

    I know I haven’t gotten the chapter out and I’m sorry but I am working on it! To somewhat quench y’alls thirst heres the chapter name and a lil part of the beginning! 

    Just A Memory, Do You Remember Me?

    Something had happened but Alya didn’t know what, she just had this feeling late Friday night that something big had happened and she had missed it. It was an odd feeling and it didn’t go away no matter what she did. On Saturday she had looked at her calendar to see if it was some kind of important date, but seeing none dismissed it. So she asked her mom if the family had some kind of event to go to but collectively forgot, her mother said no. So she asked her siblings only to be met with the same answers. It honestly started to frustrate her, all the way up to the girls only picnic she and her friends had planned. Lila, being the sweetheart she was, of course noticed Alya’s weird mood. 

    “Alya,is everything okay?”

    “Hey girl,” Alya greeted with a smile, “I’m good, I just have this weird feeling that I missed something yesterday.”

    “Oh weird, well whatever it is I’m sure you’ll figure it out. You always do!” Lila said with a sweet smile that helped ease some of Alya’s nerves. They didn’t fully go away but she could ignore them a little easier now that she was with her friends. But they got struck at the smallest of things, when she bit into the pastries that Nino had brought from the new boulangerie he and his family were going to since the class all collectively agreed they would no longer give Marinette the satisfaction of their business. Again when Rose, Ivan and Juleka spoke about Kitty Section and how they were thinking of getting new outfits for the band that was down a guitarist. Though Juleka didn’t seem to be too invested in the conversation, that wasn’t really odd, but well it was more obvious than usual. Maybe because she was still upset that Luka left the band. Actually there was a story there, Rose and Ivan say the guitarist left, but with the way Juleka guiltily looked down at her feet, Alya had her doubts but she really didn’t think they would kick Luka out of the band. She would have to ask Lila, she would know seeing as she was the band’s official manager now. 

    #sneak peek #wish me away #wish me away sneak peek #wish me away au #lila rossi salt #lilas lies exposed #alya cesaire salt #mldccrossover#MLDC #mldccrossover alya cesaire #im so so so so sorry that the new chapter hasnt been finished but life got super busy and with everything I got left pretty burnt out
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  • the-black-fox
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago


    How did it end up like this?

    Lila was wondering as she is closing her apartment door and her fingers slipped from the scratched doorknob and as she lowers her gaze to look at the source of her worries, she found herself lost in a trance when her eyes started wandering into

    a night covered by a pearly gray veil made of mist, thin enough for you to see a midnight black hue that glitter with stars but thick enough to make a contrast when silver rays of moonlight cut through the clouds of fog.

    Within every second that she stared mesmerized at those eyes the more she feels the nipping sting in the back of her mind

    Something that at first was a maze of blurry memories was now taking shape but not form nor meaning

    Feelings that were buried alive in her heart started digging their way out breaking and touring everything in their way

    And neither could she stop the explosion of painful feelings that were now suffocating her

    despair, loathing, and dreadfulness

    Filled and shattered her whole mind

    Touching memory strings carefully wrapped and hidden from her in her own head

    And memories that were meant to be forgotten awoken from their long slumber


    When was the last time she had seen eyes like those, full of hope and happiness?

    The forgotten memory was breaking through


    Small and painful blurry memory's started to become clear


    When was the last time she had seen the world with those eyes?

    Here shocked body was starting to feel dizzy

    And her vision was getting blurry and darker


    A soft paw touched the tip of her nose

    The midnight black cat with silver eyes had brought her back to the present.

    This is a preview of a story that I will write later. Any constructive critique is welcome

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  • kittyblag0
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    I have a theory that Chloe gets the peacock miraculous and Lila gets the butterfly miraculous.

    They are both evil, because why else would they stop Chloe’s redemption arc? it couldn’t be anything else! (Like bad writing *cough cough*)

    Lila’s hawkmoth look is more friendly looking, I gave her a cape to symbolize butterfly wings and her hair piece to symbolize her time as volpina.

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  • problematic-faves-appreciation
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Made a new header for my blog!

    These guys are so unpopular that the haters make anti tags against their fans, too. Yeah, those tags exist.

    Regarding the cute Reylo pin, I noticed that I lose followers every time I reblog Reylo stuff – in this space centered around problematic characters, which appreciates Kylo Ren as well – hence the reason I added said pin to the header; as a heads up for those of you who weren't expecting to run into Reylo content here, the problematic faves place, where one especially enjoys problematic faves and "impure" ships. This problematic faves place.

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  • alishasnoidea
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Last Attack of Shadowmoth prediction

    ig this is just my fanfiction but just imagine:

    In the episode Strike Back (Last Attack of Shadowmoth pt.2) it all ends with the Agreste mansion in flames symbolising the family that's in flames, Gabriel and Nathalie are being arrested (fighting back), Emilie's body is being taken away, Chat Noir is flooding with tears and Ladybug is comforting him. Then she remembers the peacock and butterfly miraculous. It must still be in the house but it was way to dangerous to go in there. But she wonders, 'What even started the fire? Or..who started the fire?' Then the camera pans to a figure, presumably the fire starter, taking the butterfly and peacock miraculous and walking away.

    Lila Rossi


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  • team-mystery
    19.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Team Mystery Heroes and the Next Gen Heroes Ch 22- The akumatized people, angel and the yokais.

    Inside the thorne, Future Michael, Charmcaster and Dark Falena were discussing the plan about the captured heroes, suddenly the sound of the brawling came from inside of the doors. then went silent….. 

    CRASH! The doors were kicked in halves and on the floor, Toshiko and Izuku kicked the doors and landed onto the floor. MystKitsune stepped in and confronted the villains, “Your evil years are over now! Many of us vs three of you!”

    All of them used bows and arrows, guns, swords, and powers aimed at the three villains, Ben, Ladybug, Iron Deku, Dapper Rogers, Altas Doo, Wolverine stood with MystKitsune. Future Charmcaster was shocked and called for Spellstar and Darkbinder but Spellstar refused, “I’m sorry but we’re no longer working with you.”

    “Yeah.” Darkbinder agreed and Future Michael was pissed, “Worthless kids….”

    “Now surrender yourselves!” MystKitsune shouted before the lightning struck through her mind when she sensed something…. very terrible as she muttered, “No… it can’t be….”

    “Oh? You can sense the Great Dog-Demon and the demons? Now…. you will fight my slaves through us.” Dark Falena smirked evilly before Future Charmcaster snapped her fingers, the heroes were puzzled except MystKitsune and her future self as the Stone Creatures and akumatized ones, lastly the demons just jumped from the shadow and landed onto the floor, Ladybug was terrified, “No way…..” 

    Kahuza, Sato, Shinichi, Sonoko, Makoto, Rei and Azuha were akumatized. Their names are Sakura Singer, Screamress, Knightmare, Diamonoko, RevengKick, IllisiZero. The Sakura Singer wore a red kimono with pink sakura flowers over her kimono, yellow and green obi, white face and red lips, and her hair into the traditional Japanese bun. She looks so beautiful and like a doll but akumatized. Screamress wore a black cloak with a hood, but you can see her black lips and red eyes. Knightmare looks like the Dark Knight but more villainous and has red eyes, you can’t see his face because he was made of darkness. RevengKick was made of steel and used karate suit. Diamonoko was made of diamond just like Emma Frost but she wore a white bodysuit with high-heel boots and her diamond body is black. IllisiZero wore a black vest with bow, white shirt and gloves, black pants and shoes, white masquerade mask. MystKitsune cringed, “No….”

    She suddenly dodged when the wind blaze just flew toward her as she shouted, “Dodge!”

    The heroes dodged and collapsed onto the floor, MystKitsune and Future Kyumi landed on the floor. It was Future Masumi, she had pointy ears and tail, her eyes were blank and growled like a wolf, MystKitsune muttered, “Oh no… not again…. Not the wolf demon...”

    Future Masumi wore a black leather jacket over her dark green shirt, black tight pants and boots, she has longer hair. Her eyes looked insane and acted like a wolf. Future Kyumi told her past self, “Michael and Charmcaster put them in a spell with the necklaces to awaken the people who have distant demon powers and work under them.”

    “So they’re like Inuyasha-sama.” MystKitsune turned her head toward her future self, Future Kyumi warned her, “Be careful or you will be like them with your fifth form.”

    “Wait, I thought hybrid demon kitsune humans only had three forms.” Wolverine said before Future Kyumi shook her head, “No. This is my middle form just like Inuyasha-sama. The fourth and fifth forms have tails but the fourth form has white hair, blue eyes and whiskers and the fifth form has black hair, red eyes and whiskers."

    “Wait… that means….” Wolverine gave MystKitsune a disappointed glare, MystKitsune gulped and noticed others, she muttered, “No…”

    Future Heiji wore a white shirt with a tan jacket, dark blue pants and black shoes. He has tiger stripes, claws, teeth and tail, red-brown eyes and growling like a wild animal. Wolverine furrowed his eyebrows, “So he’s the tiger demon huh.”

    Ran wore a white shirt with blue pants and black shoes, she popped her wings and turned her wings to hellish wings as MystKitsune recognized these wings, “She’s a angel with two forms.”  

    “She's a angel!?” Iron Deku shouted with a shocked voice. 

    ‘Oh that’s right, she always shows kindness and friendship like an angel but inside of her as a hellish angel when she was so mad.’ MystKitsune thought and lastly, Future Takagi. Wolverine cringed, “It can't be….”

    “The Great Dog-Demon.” MystKitsune added, Future Takagi is the Great Dog-Demon. Future Takagi wore a gray vest over white shirt with black tie, gray pants and black shoes. He had a dark purple crescent moon and magenta whiskers on his cheeks, pointy ears and canine teeth. The Blaze Grim cutlass had a jewel just glowing green, Ben felt so much pain and put his hands on his eyes as Princess Bug gasped, “Are you ok?!”

    MystKitsune turned her head before spotting the jewel that on the guard of the Grim Blaze cutlass, she furrowed her eyebrows.

    ‘So this cutlass is not cursed….’ MystKitsune thought before Future Charmcaster was impressed, “I’m impressed you know about the demon species.”

    MystKitsune stared at her before turning toward her teammates and others, then she turned her head back to the three villains, she commanded, “Future me and I will take care of these who have distant yokai and angel powers, heroes, fight the Stone Creatures and akumatized people.”

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  • teotalksaboutstuff
    19.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Rewriting Miraculous: Crossover Time!

    I mentioned this in the first post, so y’all knew it was gonna happen. Time to give some characters from other media Miraculouses!

    Sara Chidouin as Cocorico, holder of the Rooster Miraculous

    Jou Tazuna as Barkinu, holder of the Dog Miraculous

    Ranmaru Kageyama as Goatmaru, holder of the Goat Miraculous

    Kugie Kizuchi as Oxuchi, holder of the Ox Miraculous

    In the finale of Season 4 of my version of the timeline, Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie Sancoeur die. While Lila Rossi is for sure getting the Butterfly Miraculous to become the next Shadow Moth, she may or may not get the Peacock Miraculous. The other possibility I have in mind is for Anzu Kinashi to become the new holder of the Peacock Miraculous and become able to transform into Kujack Peacockwoman.                     

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