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  • Ahm…so, I drew Lin as a Kyoshi warrior


    👉🏽 👈🏽

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    Can’t decide if I like it with a background or not 🤔🤔

    But that’s one flexible lady 👀😏

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  • voice chatting with @avocadomin and @sanstreasure? more like “listen to them rag on minho for two hours” 😭😭😭

    #jfdkj it's out of love i know #tessa#lin
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  • How to write kyalin :

    Note to everyone: I loooove your fanfics! Don’t stop writing them, please! They are amazing and your ideas are sooo coooool!!!

    Lin is depressed, lonely, grumpy old woman. Kya is the cool gay aunt that traveled the world. Kya left her family to travel, because she was in love with Lin and Lin was with Tenzin. Lin and Kya eventually meet after 20-something years. Lin is secretly gay and in love with Kya. They end up together and Kya is the one to make Lin go from the grumpy person she is to a more relaxed version of herself (Toph).

    Hahah, #weallneedemotionalsupport. Oh, and also Lin still hates her mother and Suyin and is also scared to come out, but they are both okay, cuz they have good sex and love each other.

    Some fanfics include Kya being annoyed by the fact that Lin hides their relationship and sexuality and somehow Lin is the one to accidentally (or on purpose) reveal their relationship.

    If you want to write young kyalin make sure to include the disaster of a family the Beifongs are. Kya being a lil gay weed-smoking hippie and Lin fighting with herself. Also, don’t forget to say at least 6 times in one paragraph that Toph is a bad mother and Su a bad sister, also Tenzin a bad boyfriend, but like -really bad. Also, don’t forget about the part where Lin is crying- that’s important.

    #someone give lin a hug #lol emotional support #i love your fanfics don't stop writing them #PLEEEEASE #kya is the cool gay aunt we all want to be or have #lin beifong #avatar the last airbender #avatar: tlok#kya#kyalin #legend of korra #the legend of korra #avatar korra#lesbian#tenzin#fanfics#aang#avatar#lin#bumi ii#chief beifong#beifong#toph beifong#korra#asami#avatar: tla#tlok kya#kyaxlin#kya ii
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    Did you know that @agendershippingdisaster is an amazing artist? Because they absolutely are! They did this beautiful piece with Linhardt and Jeanne and I cannot thank them enough! If you can, I definitely encourage you to commission them! And when you see this, Ashe, thank you again!!

    #LIKE SERIOUSLY AAAAAA I AM SCREAMING IT LOOK SO NICE ASHE LIKE THANK YOU SO SO MUCH #other's art#ship: jeanhardt#lin #jeanne von gerth (fire emblem three houses) #also: i will never shut up about how we were robbed of gremory linhardt
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  • #i also dont think she has broken a bone she is not as reckless as people want to think #anon #thank you for asking #lin #legend of korra #headcanon#answers#Anonymous
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    Shhhhhh he’s sleeping

    #aka the linhardt daki came in like 2 days ago and the actual pillow came in today #I'm gonna cuddle this so much #lin #the saint's musings
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  • Found this absolute gem on tik tok and thought y'all need to see this

    By @lok_edits on tik tok

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  • Considering the last reblog (https://peachchanvidel.tumblr.com/post/635482887010058240/same-ol-same-ol) about how Lin is treated by the newpaper.. (and how it’s often a topic in fanfictions) here some thoughts, though unfinished and.. they are just a scratch on the surface. And I feel like this is kind of too cheesy like… 12/10. I’m sorry.

    After being sent to Gaoling and also while traveling around the world Suyin is trying to keep track of her family and friends via the newspaper, keeping articles in a bunch of folders and boxes (unsorted at first). May it be for not being able or not wanting to interact… but having one way to know what is going on, trying to read between the lines what’s actually going on (she knows how much the truth can be twisted), if everybody is still alive and doing well or not. Keeping the older articles for being able to see the bigger picture if something major is going on.

    When the folders are full she sends them back to Gaoling, to keep them safe… and also as a ‘Yeah, I’m still alive, Grandma’ to Poppy.

    After some years and settling down, starting Zaofu, getting her belongings that are still in Gaoling and looking back while sorting through the mess she is realising that Lin may have made progress in her career, but as far as things go, everything else didn’t change or develop anywhere. Reaching out isn’t working and between grudges and sometimes worry she just continues to watch from afar.

    When Tenzin and Lin break up Suyin can actually fill two folders in no time and she isn’t sure how to feel about it. She saw it coming, but every new headline makes her worry if Lin has anybody who is not turning their back to her, remembering how her sister once told her, that SHE was the one ruining her future, but it’s more like Lin’s is crumbling, even if she isn’t an outlaw or anywhere close. Her initial feelings of feeling superior, doing better, to see how her sister fails has a bitter aftertaste.

    After a few more weeks Tenzin’s folder is starting to annoy her. For him she starts to stick to “not every article” but important ones and negative ones, but these pretty much never appear. Contrary to Lin, because for every new Triad attack it reads like Lin failed again and again, at some point like she lead these attacks herself. These articles really must sell.

    But finally everything seems to be steady, as far as Suyin’s collection goes and as much as Toph tells her Lin is doing OK. Not great, or perfect, but she seems to be were she wants to be.

    When years later the headline reads, that Lin stepped down as Chief of Police Suyin is sure the world is going to end now. But there is no reason for her to interfere, not here, not yet. Lin has… had Republic city, she has Zaofu. Lin isn’t dead, she just stepped down. There must be a reason. She knows what she is doing. She always does or at least thinks so.

    Two years later Suyin has to start a folder for Opal. Some newspapers she buys twice, because her kids have photo albums and some shots deserve a place in these, too.

    After taking Zaofu back from Kuvira Lin finds out about Suyin’s collection, almost starting another fight, as her intital feeling was being mocked by her younger sibling. She knows exactly how awful the news were and she doesn’t want to be mocked OR pitied. But there are so many more folders, about Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Bumi etc. Some of their friends didn’t have many, some of these folders ending with news about their death, pictures of funerals or some sort of memorial; But they still bring back some nice memories, too.

    But Lin really wants to burn her stash. From the amount Suyin collected she thinks that she probably hasn’t seen some of these yet, as she tended to just throw away the newspapers which annoyed her too much and which likely would lead to knowing WHY she was receiving all these annoying stares yet again. She could act as if it never bothered her, but deep down it still did.

    Some folders collected a lot of dust, but some didn’t, esp. Lin’s. But that was actually due to Opal wanting to know more about her aunt, so Suyin showed her daughter some of the less cruel ones back then. When she became older she did go through the whole collection; she didn’t think that some parts could make her more upset than some of her romance novels at the worst plottwists.

    When Opal finally met Lin she was excited at first, but after her reaction also hurt and scared, but not really that surprised. Still, she didn’t want confrontation and she was disappointed as her image of the woman she always pictured from the stories shattered. And for some time she began to worry if her mother had described her better as she was and the newspapers told more truth than she thought.

    Suyin doesn’t have folders for herself. The intention of these folders weren’t to keep track of her own history, but when Baatar found out he started one himself, but it starts much too late in his opinion.

    For Suyin’s 50th birthday he asks Lin for help: The newspaper publisher should have archives with old publications and he gives her a bunch of dates and asks her to try getting copies if possible to close the missing years.

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    Alexa, play Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

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  • Me? Watching Hamilton for the 19th time?


    it’s only the 15th

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  • #i try not to think about it too much or #i cry #i see too much of her in me and it hurts #ooc#lin#anon#headcanon #Legend of korra #answers
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  • [on call]

    Lin: hello?

    Kya: it’s Kya

    Lin: oh god, what did she do this time?

    Kya: no, it’s me, Kya

    Lin: what did you do this time?

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