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    #i feel like Lin wouldn't need such a big car #but alright#lin beifong#firekids #linzumi modern au
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    #you can have a cat #in a relatively small place #but they have a big dog #and again#two children #they gotta have space #linzumi modern au #lin beifong #fire lord izumi #linzumi #lin x izumi
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    Atla-verse summer festival, day 7 - bed sharing

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    Autumn on Ember Island - Part 2

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    Hello, chief! My ig: https://www.instagram.com/beatheginger/

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    Kyalin ♡ My ig: https://www.instagram.com/beatheginger/

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    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya I I Korra & Asami Sato

    Collections:2021 ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event

    Chapter 8: Warmth

    Warmth. The only word to truly describe what The Earthbender had felt since her kiss with Kya over 3 months ago. No matter what stressors the world seemed to bring her, it never left. Not Tokuga and the Spirit nonsense. Kuvira's trial and the final takedown of her dictatorial army. Nothing seemed to waver the comforting feeling that made its home in her heart once more. The two had seen more of each other in the workplace than in their personal lives. They were busy but the world finally seemed to settle down. At least for a short moment. The Chief was nose deep in a report when her office door burst open suddenly. She swore her spirit left her body as she jumped and the papers flew all across her office.

    “WHAT IS THE FLAMEO ARE YOU DOING?!” Lin shouted picking up her papers as the Avatar beamed and plopped up onto her desk.

    “Sorry Chief, figured you sensed me so I just walked in.” Korra beamed as Lin scoffed and Metalbent the door shut.

    “You have 3 seconds to get your butt off my paperwork and explain WHY YOU BARGED INTO MY OFFICE!” The Avatar scurried off the desk but refused to stop smiling. She was up to something, that sideways smile always gave her away. Aang had the exact same smile when he was causing trouble too.

    “Pack your bags, Chief. We’re going on vacation!”

    “I will be doing no such thing. I’m up to my eyeballs in paperwork.” Lin gestured toward the reports she had left to review. Korra scoffed and picked one up.

    “Seems fine to me. Sign it and let’s go Beifong. We’ve got a boat to catch.”

    “Did you hit your head or something? I. HAVE. A JOB TO DO.”

    “Oh...” Korra turned and began to walk toward the door. “Did I forget to mention I talked with Saikhan weeks ago and your vacation starts exactly….now?” The clock ticks to 5pm and The Chief sets her jaw. Of course Saikhan and Korra were scheming behind her back. “Now, come on. You need to pack your bags. Asami’s going to set off to Ember Island when we’re ready.”

    Even if she had the time off she couldn’t just leave the city. She couldn’t leave Kya. Their...friendship was still so new and in a fragile state. The Chief let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose. She couldn’t tell Korra why she couldn’t go. They hadn’t discussed if they were going to be open with their arrangement this time around. She needed to think of an excuse, something to keep her in the city.

    “Korra.” She began, keeping her voice as calm and even as possible. “I can’t leave the city.”

    “Ummm...” The Avatar put a nervous hand on the back of her neck. “Asami and I sort of booked a villa on Ember Island with 2 rooms since you have a...uh...friend.” Lin felt her heart sink into her boots. How did she know? Did she know who? It had to be Asami. Her face must have given away her emotions because the Avatar threw her hands up defensively. “I only found out by accident but I don’t know who. Asami let slip that you have a partner. That’s it. I suggested that you go on vacation with us.”

    “And why’s that?” She spat, it was growing difficult to keep her anger at bay. She liked her private life to remain private.

    “Because you’ve saved my life multiple times and you deserve a vacation?” Korra said in a confused tone. “Plus...Asami sees you as a parental figure. After her Father went to prison and even after he died she told me how much you were there for her.” Lin felt her cheeks flush in embarrassment. She did care for the Engineer, she never wanted kids but this was as close as she could get.

    “Fine.” Lin caved, if they were going to find out it was going to be on her terms. “I need to make a phone call first. I’ll meet you on Air Temple Island in an hour.”

    “I figured the docks would be a better middle ground but sure?” Korra’s tone pitched up as she tried to figure out why they were meeting on the Island.

    “Now. Leave.” Lin bent the door open and practically shoved the Avatar out of her office. She had a phone call to make.


    The Chief had packed her bags for the apparent week-long vacation she was now taking and made the proper phone calls. Today, they would tell Korra and Asami about their arrangement. The two were together so it only made sense to tell the only other two queer women they knew. It would be a slow process, telling everyone, but it was something that was bound to happen. They tried to hide their previous relationship and that only put more pressure on them both. Pressure that now seemed unnecessary but at the time seemed fitting. Lin let out a final breath as she rounded the corner revealing the gazebo where the younger woman was waiting. Asami waved and Korra peaked around in confusion.

    “Uh hi Chief...” The Avatar squinted her eyes. “I thought you were bringing your...friend?”

    “Oh, she is.” Kya chimed as she walked up along another path.

    “Hey Kya!” Korra beamed before hugging the Waterbender. “We were waiting on uhm...someone.”

    “And who is this...someone?” Kya cocked her eyebrow at Lin who grunted response.

    “You know damn well who.” Lin retorted looking over at the younger girls. Korra seemed completely oblivious while Asami on the other hand was stunned. Seems she knew which one picked up on who her friend was.

    “You...” Asami held a hand over her mouth while pointing between the two of them. “You two? You. Two?”

    “‘Sami? What’s wrong?” The Avatar asked, rubbing a hand on her girlfriend's shoulder.

    “Are we sure this is the reincarnation of your Father?” Lin asked Kya who laughed and waved a hand at her.

    “We both know Dad has his moments too.” The Waterbender walked up to Lin’s side and gripped her hand. “Asami, sweetheart, breathing is the thing you should be doing right now.”

    “It’s been right in front of us the entire time, Korra.” Asami gestured between the two of them. Seems it was Korra’s turn to be in a total state of shock. There was a long pause before the Avatar swooped them both into a tight hug.

    “Kya! I’m so happy for you!” She practically growled in excitement as she crushed their bones.

    “Thank you. But loosen your grip, we’re old.” Kya said and the Avatar blushed, releasing them from her hold. Lin let out a long sigh before shoulder bumping the Waterbender.

    “We’re not that old.”

    “No, but it got her to stop didn’t it?” Kya teased before turning back to the girls. “So, who's ready for our vacation?”

    “What? No! I have questions!” Korra exclaimed, earning a slap in the shoulder from her own girlfriend.

    “Fine. You get one question.” Lin barked.

    “Linny, they’ll have more than 1 question.” The Waterbender said as they sat down under the gazebo.

    “Linny?” Asami smiled and Lin scowled at her.

    “Neither of you repeat that.”

    “She doesn’t like when others use her pet name.” The Waterbender said, patting her lover's hand.

    “How long have you two been a couple?” The Engineer asks as the younger couple sits adjacent to them.

    “We...” The Waterbender pondered but Lin interjected.

    “We’ve been partners for a few months now.” The Chief said earning an ‘Are you sure’ look from Kya. She nodded before continuing. “But, we’ve been...friendly longer than either of you have been alive.”

    “Well yeah, Kya told me you’ve been friends your entire lives.” Korra said bluntly, as if the most obvious thing in the universe. Lin was sure that girl hit her head today.

    “Babe she doesn’t mean it like that.” Asami said, patting her girlfriend's hand reassuringly.

    “What...Oh...OH!” The Avatar’s tanned cheeks began to flush. “Please continue.”

    “We had dated on and off for awhile but our first time as serious couple was after Harmonic Convergence. We dated for a bit and then Zaheer happened and we ended things when I returned to the South.”

    “I’m sorry.” Korra hung her head in shame and Kya rubbed her back.

    “I ended things with Kya.” Lin stated bluntly. “You had nothing to do with it.”

    “Okay…” The Avatar sniffled. “So, you’re together again. Does anyone know?”

    “Bumi and a few of Lin’s coworkers know. But other than that just the two of you. We haven’t discussed when we will come out to others. So, please keep it to yourselves.”

    “Of course!” Korra beamed opened her arms up once more to hug them but Lin bent a column of Earth between them.

    “Don’t touch me without asking again.” She barked and the Avatar sighed. “Now, the pleasantries are out of the way. Miss Sato, we have a boat to drive.” Asami raised an eyebrow at her as they began to walk back toward the docks.

    “I have a crew for that, Lin. No need to swap driving shifts like last time. I'm mainly going for business but this is still a vacation.”

    “There’s an arcade and a theatre and the beach and so many things to do!” Korra beamed, sending tiny jets of air out of her feet in excitement.

    They walked down the winding trail and soon were sailing the ocean toward their destination. Asami was busy discussing the trip with the captain while Korra was off breaking spirits knowing what leaving the two finally alone. This was the first time in a number of days they had seen each other let alone had an intimate moment together. The Waterbender propped her elbows along the ship's railing and gazed upon the Water. The Chief was very uneasy when she was so far from her element but seeing Kya surrounded by her own, made her happy. The blue in her eyes seemed to be far brighter and yet somehow deeper when they would be on the open water. Lin was a bit hesitant at first to be so close to Kya with the ship's crew all around them but Asami assured that they signed an NDA and that brought her a sense of relaxation. Maybe for once in her over 50 years of life she could actually enjoy a vacation.

    “Hello, darling.” The Waterbender said as The Chief swooped in behind her and pulled her back to front. Lin placed a soft kiss on her shoulder before propping her chin upon it. “You’re surprisingly relaxed, given we’re on a boat.”

    “I feel...different.” She replied trying to put words to her feelings. “Like I can breathe. Finally, enjoy something and relax.” Kya turned in her grasp to face her lover.

    “Lin Beifong I would pay top dollar to see you fully relaxed.” This caused Lin to chuckle and roll her eyes.

    “Play your cards right and you’ll see more than that.” She retorted internally. There was a long pause as Kya’s mouth opened slightly in shock. Lin cocked an eyebrow before it hit her. That was out loud. “WHAT I MEAN IS-” She began to backpedal in a panic and the Waterbender kissed her slowly and softly.

    The gentle intimacy from her lover always seemed to ground her, bring her down from her erratic emotions. That small gesture turned more sensual when she felt the Waterbenders tongue glide along her bottom lip. Lin pressed her body forward leaving no room between the two of them. Their tongues met briefly as Kya gripped the back of Lin’s hair and-

    “OH MY AH! I’M SO SORRY!” Korra shouted and they jumped apart. The Avatar shielded her eyes and turned around. The Chief could feel her entire face burning. “I’ll just go uhm somewhere else that’s not here. Where you both are...kissing...with tongue….right now...”

    “Spirits Korra, we're all adults here!” Lin scolded the younger woman and Kya laughed.

    “Did you just say, Spirits? Seems like my tongue is not the only thing rubbing off on you.”

    “NO NO NO LALALALALA I DIDN’T HEAR OR SEE ANYTHING!” Korra began to shout as she plugged her ears and practically sprinted away. The Chief rolled her eyes as Kya wiped a tear from her own cheek from laughter.

    “This is a bit of a public area to be kissing in.” Kya looked around the empty but still very public setting.

    “We could always take this below deck.” Lin suggests and the Waterbender cocks an eyebrow.

    “Are you trying to seduce me?” She teased and The Chief crossed her arms tightly against her chest.

    “Do you want to go make-out or not?” She barked as Kya grabbed her wrist and drug through the doorway.

    “Spirits, yes.”


    The End.

    Or not?

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    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya I I Korra & Asami Sato

    Collections:2021 ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event

    Chapter 7: Shooting Stars

    The Chief spent the next few weeks buried up to her eyeballs in paperwork, most of which the Avatar had created. Thanks to her leaving the Spirit Portals open the Triads tried to enter it and that caused a whole level of chaos Lin was not in the mood to deal with. She had enough going on in her personal, let alone professional life. When she wasn’t zipping around the city putting Triads in their place she was being dragged around those same streets by Kya. Ever since the Moon Festival she insisted on taking Lin on dates. At least that’s what they seemed like, not even their meetings were defined. She was moments away from ripping into Bolin about the possum chicken scratch report when his words suddenly caught her attention.

    “Oh, it says ‘Then in a surprising turn of events, Korra and Asami kissed. The end.’” Bolin beamed as Mako began to scold his younger brother. Lin wasn’t surprised, she knew Asami had feelings for the Avatar, she wasn’t so sure if she would act upon them.

    “Hm. Well what do ya know...” She said before ripping through Bolin about his poor penmanship. The boy cowered and they finished their meeting rather quickly. Once her door was shut she let out a long sigh and peered out her window. In the distance she could see Air Temple Island and she smiled. Tonight her and the Waterbender had another meeting.


    Lin growled, tossing her rucksack over her shoulder before grabbing Kya’s as well. Why they needed to bring a change of clothes and snacks was beyond her. It was 11pm and the Waterbender insisted that she eat a small dinner. This only made her far more stressed and frustrated. A hungry Beifong was a grumpy Beifong and no one wanted to deal with an angry badger mole she would soon become. The two walked along a long winding hiking trail, lit by a single flashlight, a half hour outside of the city. The Waterbender was practically bursting at the seams with excitement and Lin could tell they were getting close to their destination. Kya quickly turned and grabbed the bags, tossing them and the picnic basket to the ground.

    “I’m going to cover your eyes.” Kya said, sliding behind Lin and placing her hands over her eyes.

    “You’re lucky I can seismic sense or I’d be angry right now.” Lin grumbled as Kya mocked her words. Using her ability she felt the trail twist once more before opening into a large open field. The Earth laid flat before abruptly cutting off signaling that it was a cliff. As they took a few more steps she sensed a lake off to the right and what appeared to be a waterfall.

    “Okay...Open your eyes in 3...2…1!” Kya said, pulling away her hands. It didn’t take long for her eyes to adjust to the night sky but it was breathtaking. Not too far from where they were standing was a blanket and pillows sat out under a large willow tree overlooking a cliff. The Waterbender pranced around her grabbing their bags and settling onto the blanket.

    “A picnic?” Lin inquired sitting next to the bubbly bender.

    “Not just any picnic Linny. There will be a surprise in about...” Kya checked her watch and tapped her chin. “In about an hour or so.”

    “Can we at least eat?” She barked, her stomach growled in agreement.

    “I brought something special for dessert but first.” The Waterbender opened the basket and pulled out two take-out containers. “Kwongs! I got you the roasted duck with orange sauce and ginger and a side of cabbage. Myself, some seared elephant koi and quinoa. I also brought lychee juice and some wine if you feel like staying awhile.” Lin nodded and the cork was quickly removed with a loud pop.

    Two glasses were poured and both ate their meals in relative silence. The sound of the waterfall crashing below and crickets creating a sort of nature's symphony all around them. A star streaked across the sky catching the Earthbenders attention followed quickly by another. Kya beamed as she sipped on her wine. One by one the stars seemed to fall creating streaks along the blacked sky. What she wouldn’t give for one to fall by her side to pull the elements from its core. The Earthbender had bent meteors before and each one always felt different, had a certain pull that differed from what was found just beneath her feet. The sound of Kya cleaning up their dinner and pulling out another dish was the only thing that seemed to pull her jade eyes from the spectacle.

    “One last surprise.” Kya handed her a plate with a crumb bar atop it. “Smell it.” The Earthbender pulled it up to her nose and took in the sweet aroma. Her eyes went wide. It was impossible. It couldn’t be. “Moon Peaches. Since it was the moon festival a few weeks ago I made some calls, stole Oogi for a day or two and made some Peach Crumb bars.”

    “Where did you even get these? When did you have the time?” Lin said before taking a bite eliciting a moan of enjoyment. The Waterbender chuckled at the seemingly dramatic display. The Chief was sure her cheeks were red from the involuntary reaction.

    “I flew to the Eastern Air Temple and they happened to be still in season there. It took a few days of flying but I got back in enough time to make the bars. That’s why the middle still should be a bit warm.” Lin nodded her head as she finished the last bite. They were indeed still perfectly warm in the center. “I know they’re your favorite. You’d get so excited when Dad would bring home Moon Peaches.”

    “Kya this is...” Lin sat down the plate and had a momentary loss of words. The Waterbender had spent weeks earning her trust, weeks of letting her set the pace, weeks of waiting. Waiting for her and only her. Kya was beautiful, elegant, a true masterpiece who could have anyone in the world and yet she had made her choice long ago. She chose Lin. The Earthbender took her hands into her own and gripped them tightly. “Thank you.”

    “I want to show you every day how much you truly mean to me.” The Waterbender glazed her thumbs lightly over Lin’s knuckles before looking away. “I know it’s only been a few weeks but I lo-”

    “I love you too.” She said gripping the soft tan hands clasped in her own tighter. “Kya, I love you too.” The Waterbender pulled a singular hand away and cupped her scarred cheek.

    “You don’t have to say it yet if you’re not ready.”

    “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.” Lin barked before quickly backpedaling in embarrassment. “What I mean is, even when I was hurting, even when I wanted to hate you. Even when I tried...I couldn’t.” She watched as Kya’s blue eyes began to glisten with tears.

    “May I kiss you?” Kya asked, her voice thick with emotion.

    The Earthbender nodded and slowly they moved closer. Their breaths danced together for a hesitated moment, the longest and shortest one possible. Kya bumped their noses as an invitation that Lin was eager to accept. Warmth, comfort, delicate, alluring, so many emotions flooded the Earthbender at once but it over as quickly as it began. The Chief chased the feelings like a crook she was determined to lock away from a lifetime. Just like her love for the Waterbender. She surged forward running her fingers through the silver locks eliciting a shocked sound from Kya. Years of missing opportunities, years of mixed emotions. It all ended tonight. Lin kissed her like she had never been kissed before. Soft at first before their tongues met and it ignited a heat that rested in her belly. If she were a Firebender surely she could summon the bluest, hottest of flames from her palms which rested upon Kya’s hips. They pulled away only for a breath and The Waterbender chuckled against her lips.

    “What?” Lin retorted and Kya placed another small kiss against her lips.

    “You taste like peaches, darling.”

    Lin scoffed and rolled her eyes as they sat gazing upon the other. Where would they go from here? Were they together again? Was this just another of their many meetings or dates? It was far beyond the physical attraction and at this point The Chief had expressed her love for the other woman. So many questions answered with a kiss yet it left so many others open-ended. After a long moment Kya leaned back onto the pillows and extended her hand for The Earthbender to take. Lacing their fingers she laid next to the Waterbender and let out a sigh. They watched the stars and pointed out the constellations long into the morning before The Chief let out a large yawn.

    “How are you feeling about driving?” The Waterbender asked, leaning up onto her elbows.

    “I’m not sure I could drive back to the city. Honestly, I’m fighting to keep my eyes open.” Lin said, stretching out her sore muscles.

    “Good thing I came prepared!” The Waterbender pulled out a tent bag from behind the tree and beamed. “Shouldn’t take but a few minutes to get it pitched.” The two worked quickly and efficiently before settling down into their temporary home for the night.

    “I’ll turn around and you can change.” Kya said and Lin waved a dismissive hand at her.

    “We’ve had sex before, it’s nothing you haven’t seen.” She said, pulling off her shirt and pants. The Earthbender could feel Kya’s eyes rake over her exposed skin as she settled below the covers.

    “Don’t say I’ve never tried to be chivalrous.” The Waterbender said, removing her own clothes and settling beside her. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and wiggled a few times before flipping to face her. “Good night, Lin.”

    “Night.” Lin said brushing a stray hair behind her ear.

    Flipping off the lantern the two moved impossibly closer and The Earthbender felt herself naturally gravitate toward her lover's chest. Breathing in she felt the strong heartbeat radiating in her ear. The steady rhythm began to weigh heavily on her eyelids as Kya snuggled her a bit tighter. The last thing she remembered was a soft kiss placed against her forehead and The Waterbenders smooth voice.

    “I love you, Lin Beifong. Forever and always.”

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    Kyalin and Korrasami night

    Kya and Asami really drunk, doing that TikTok trend: 🎶mega fag and robo bitch🎶

    Korra: So...

    Lin: we didn’t see anything and we still love them nonetheless

    Korra: I was thinking the same

    Lin: cool

    Korra: cool

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    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya I I Korra & Asami Sato

    Collections:2021 ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event

    Chapter 6: Tradition

    The Chief had started her morning a bit later than usual given the hour she returned home. It was 10am, to some it was early but to her that was far too late to wake up. It had been decades since the Moon festival but she remembered it always starting bright and early. She could almost smell the Mooncakes and hear the sounds of the windchimes and horns from her childhood as she sipped on her mid-morning tea. Her eyes skimmed over the newspaper as her mind wandered to last night. How soft Kya’s hand was against her own, the way the Waterbender laid her head on her shoulder. A moment so perfect, solidifying Lin’s emotions. She hadn’t gotten over Kya and she didn’t think she ever would. But where they stood was a middle ground, a grey zone between friendship and romance. A zone she was hesitant to leave but every day it seemed they were inching closer and closer toward something resembling their past. Toward lo-


    The Earthbender groaned, sitting her tea cup down and folding the newspaper. She could ignore the call, it was her day off after all. Saikhan was the stand-in for the day as he was training to become the new Chief. The ringing continued and it finally got on her nerves. Storming over to the phone she practically ripped the receiver off the wall.

    “Beifong.” She barked into the phone but a young man’s voice was not who she expected to reply.

    “Chief!” Meelo shouted as Lin winced away from the phone. “It’s Officer Meelo. Are you coming to the Moon Festival today? Aunt Kya said you would bring those little cakes and I really want those little cakes.” Lin heard a scuffle and a yelp from the boy before Kya’s voice shouted.

    “MEELO WHY ARE YOU ON THE PHONE?!” Lin let out a chuckle as she listened to the argument.

    “Uh gotta go!” Meelo shouted and she was sure the phone was tossed to the ground. The line crackled and a moment later the smooth tone she had grown to know came through.

    “Hello? May I ask who my nephew decided to call?”

    “Take a guess.” Lin deadpanned.

    “Oh, hello Lin. Was he pestering you about those cakes again?”

    “He was.” She said looking over toward the oven timer. “I’ve got about 7 minutes before they’re ready to cool.”

    “So, you’re coming to the festival today?”

    “I am. I did promise I would bring these stupid cakes.”

    “I look forward to them.” There was a long pause before the Waterbender continued. “I’ll see you soon, Linny.”

    “You too.” She said before clicking the phone onto the receiver.

    The Earthbenders forehead quickly met the wall with a soft thump and a long sigh. It didn’t have to be this awkward. So what, you held hands. Move on. Lin scolded herself before walking into the bedroom and slipped on her clothes. They were a bit more casual than yesterday but still classy enough for a social event. The first day of the festival was always far more spiritual than the second so a green turtleneck and black slacks would suffice. The oven timer dinged indicating the cakes were ready and so was she.


    After being practically tackled and robbed of the cakes by Tenzin’s children she made her way up the long path toward the main temple. The Island was already brimming with Airbenders, Nomads and their families enjoying the festivities. Many of the children had papier-mâché masks and pin-wheels as they screamed, shouted and chased each other around the Island. She couldn’t help but let the edge of her mouth curl into a small smile. Never in her lifetime would she have thought this many Airbenders would exist in one place. Painted hanging signs point in different directions indicating the different events and festivities as well as their times.

    ← Meditation Hall - Guided Meditation 8am, noon, 4pm and 8pm. → Drum Circle and Traditional Dances - 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm → Games, Prizes, Food and Vendors ⭜ Airbending training area - Training display - 10 am, 2pm, 6pm ↑ Main Temple and Restrooms ⭛ Air Bison Caves - Follow Blue Trail ↓ Ferry - Runs every 2 hours from 5am - Midnight

    “I’d suggest the drum circle and traditional dances first.” Kya said as she walked up, her usual robes dancing in the light breeze. “I see the Nibling’s already stolen the goods? I was hoping they would at least save me a few.”

    “Don’t worry. I saved a few back at my apartment.”

    “I can stop by on Sunday after my shift to pick them up.” Kya smiled as they began to walk through the festival.

    “You working the weekend too?” She asked, looking at the lanterns and multiple food vendors, games and a few shops dotted the pathway.

    “If it wasn’t for the Moon festival I would have worked today. I’m surprised to see you off today, Beifong.”

    “Saikhan is lined up to be the next Chief and he’s taking my weekends.”

    “I didn’t know you named a successor.” The Waterbender raised an eyebrow as they approached the open drum circle.

    “I haven’t. But he’s been my longest running Captain. He’s spent the past 3 years proving his worth to me after the whole Tarrlok fiasco.” Lin waved a hand bending up an Earth bench which they both sat on. “Kya, I’m getting old.” The Waterbender laughed.

    “And what does that make me? Ancient?”

    Beautiful. Lin furrowed her brow at her sudden internal comment before realizing she hadn’t replied.

    “Far from it.”

    A group of Airbenders walked around the circle, one sitting at each drum while another group stood at its center. Some of them had shaved heads, others long braids but Airnomads and Benders all the same. The first drum was hit and the dancers took their place. There was a long pause before a woman yelped and the spectacle truly began. Their robes fluttered as they bent the air around them and moved in a tight circle. Their feet would click and stomp and their robes moved from side to side, being bent by their element. The Earthbender had a habit of keeping her feet planted flat and she could feel every heartbeat around her, including Kya’s. Every few moments another Airbender playing a Dramyin seemed to appear out of thin air adding to the music. A woman bent herself high into the sky, to a gasping crowd, before a man caught her by a ball of Air. The woman sat atop in the lotus position balancing delicately above the man’s outstretched arms. The group cheered and clapped as each member did their own form of acrobatics and stunts. As the dance came to a close one by one the crowd was pulled into the center to dance along to the music. The Waterbenders heart rate picked up as she turned to Lin with a bright smile.

    “Oh, no. Don’t even think about it.” She scolded the Waterbender who began to pout.

    “Come on, it’ll be fun. I used to get you to dance all the time when we were kids.”

    “And now we’re adults.” This caused Kya to scoff and shove the Earthbender.

    “Let loose Linny!” The Waterbender grabbed the Airbenders outstretched hand and began to dance in the circle.

    The fast paced, energetic music seemed to electrify the air around them as The Waterbender followed along with ease. Her Air Nation roots showed in an instant as her lithe body moved along in time with those around her. Step by step, movement by movement she was as fluid as the element she bent and The Chief couldn’t look away. Kya was a fantastic dancer, always had been, but today her body seemed to move far more undulating, far more sensual. The Earthbender felt her cheeks redden as the older woman made eye contact and did a final twirl before settling back down next to her.

    “I haven’t danced like that in years.” Kya said in a breathless yet cheery tone.

    “If you were ancient your body couldn’t move like that.”

    “Oh, so you were watching my body were you?” The Waterbender raised her eyebrow with a cocky smirk

    “I-It was part of the dance. You were dancing and I was watching your movements.”

    “My ‘movements’ got me a lot of attention in my younger years.”

    “You’re not old.” Lin scolded her as they stood and walked back toward the main festivities.

    “I didn’t say it was a bad thing. I’m a silver fox and I say that with pride.”

    “What’s that makes me a grey vixen?” Lin chuckled at her own joke. She meant vixen as in an unpleasant woman not thinking of the double meaning.

    “Oh, you’re a vixen alright, Lin Beifong. But I’ll keep any further comments to myself. Don’t want the entire festival to see how truly red those cheeks can get.” Kya pinched her cheek teasingly as Lin slapped her hand away. She could feel how hot her cheeks were burning.

    The two walked the grounds side by side discussing the different games and food options available. Kya managed to convince the Earthbender to play a few games, she was fairly good at them while the Waterbender was not so much. She claimed they were rigged. They had been lost in conversation for what felt like minutes, laughing and joking before a loud horn was blown. Meelo waves from atop the temple as Tenzin stands by his side.

    “Attention all!” Tenzin’s voice boomed throughout the Island. “We will be holding a final Airbending dance featuring myself and the Avatar in 10 minutes at the Meditation Pavilion. We encourage all of you to attend this special occasion. Thank you.” He bowed deeply before retreating into the top of the tower.

    “Would you like to go?” Kya asked, sitting down at a nearby table. She placed her plushie Sky Bison, Chi Chi, by her side. The Chief won it for her in one of the 'rigged' games.

    “How many times have we seen Airhead and Korra train together?”

    “This is true...” Kya pondered for a moment before holding up her Bison. “Let’s go introduce my new friend to the real Bison.”

    “You want to introduce a stuffed animal to the bison.” Kya gasped, putting her hands over the plushies ears.

    “Don’t be mean and yes I do.” She stood and nodded toward the winding trail. “Come on, I’ve been wanting to talk with you, privately.”

    Lin swallowed the lump in her throat. Privately. They had spent every day this week eating lunch together and today they were inseparable. They had the conversation before about not defining what exactly they were so what else could the Waterbender need to discuss? Kya nodded once more and The Earthbender caved following close behind. The walk was silent until they were out of earshot from the crowd. Kya stopped and turned back toward Lin holding her plushie tight against her chest.

    “I lied to you. We’re not going to the sky bison caves.”

    “I’m not a truth seer but I can tell when you’re not being entirely truthful.”

    “Always cutting right through my crap, Linny. I know we said we wouldn’t define what this is. But I just have one thing to ask.” She paused, hesitated for a beat too long. Whatever it was seemed to be deeply troubling her as their eyes locked. “Is love completely off the table?”

    Lin was left speechless at the question as her heart hammered against her chest. Was it? Do they just give up now and hope that maybe in the next life their spirits meet again? The Chief wasn’t sure if she was quiet yet healed or ready to let Kya have her heart once more. Words never were an easy thing for The Earthbender especially ones that would be so emotionally driven. Ones that seemed so permanent and trust ridden. She could feel the cerulean eyes boring a hole through her as she parted her lips with an answer. One she knew to be the truth.

    “I-I don’t think that love’s completely off the table.” The words barely escaped her lips before Kya wrapped her into a crushing hug. She returned the embrace letting the familiar scent fill her senses bringing her into a calm, a sense of peace even. Eventually they pulled away but stayed in each other’s embrace.

    “I swear...I swear I will wait for you, as long as you need.” The Waterbender cupped her scarred cheek and kissed the other softly. “Thank you Lin, for giving me a second chance.”

    She couldn’t give up on their love...even if she wanted to try.

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    day 6! here's some cute teenage linzin

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    Kyalin au, where Kya's the guardian of the Moon and Lin's the guardian of the Sun. They've been in love with each other since forever and they can only meet when there is a full solar eclipse - bc this is the time where the Sun meets the Moon.

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    I did this as a three part series, because I just can’t get enough Beifong in my life and thinking about them brings me immense joy.

    Here’s the first two:

    And last but not least:

    The Beifong family is the best thing that ever happened to Avatar and quite possibly my life. The thing I love most about them, though, is how human they are. They are the epitome of what happens when life is messy and emotions are raw and people do stupid things and life doesn’t go as expected. Each and every one of them is batshit crazy, and I love them for it. Here’s my take on the illustrious Beifongs. Last is Su.

    Suyin: An Analysis

    Oh, Su. What can I say? Su is just as complicated as the rest of the Beifongs. Su is no saint but neither is she a devil. Su is human, and that’s about all there is to it.

    Su obviously took her mother’s absence in a very different direction. I would imagine that both Toph and Lin were very excited to welcome Su. However, very shortly Lin is old enough and probably mature enough to watch her, which leaves Toph free to be Chief, which means Su is shortchanged in her time with her mom. I don’t think Toph sat them down one day and was like ok girls I’m going to be spending more time at work so Lin you’re in charge. I think she just slowly wasn’t really needed at home (at least not in a way that computed in her mind) and she just kind of drifted away.

    Well if I’m Su and my big sister starts bossing me around I’m like ok no that’s not happening, and she obviously started to resist it. However, saying “I was more of a rebel” is like saying “that ghost pepper is a little spicy”. Like Su, honey, there’s a rebel and there’s criminal enterprise. It’s not the same thing, and even later in life she obviously hasn’t made that connection.

    Whether because of her absence, or because she perhaps saw herself in Su, Toph turned a blind eye (pardon the pun). It’s also obvious that Toph isn’t even aware of half the stuff that goes on. And because she’s clueless, Toph probably doesn’t believe Lin when she tells her. Whatever the case, Su is that kid who could do anything or say anything and get away with it, while Big Sister probably sneezes wrong and everyone glares at them, because they’re older and supposed to be more mature. Lin at this point is beyond frustrated with Su.

    So here we go, Su steps out of the car and I’m sure Lin is feeling a lot of things. Probably like she failed her little sister, angry because WTF Su, and maybe even a little vindicated. Now Toph will HAVE to pay attention. Su is the dumbest bitch this side of Whale Tail Island, however, and actually thinks that Lin is going to let her walk away. Well of course she’s not, duh. But Su is so full of anger and frustration, that she lashes out.

    When I say Su is full of anger and frustration, I mean that as much as Lin kept a lid on it, Su did, too. Su had less time with Toph at home than Lin did, which wasn’t fair. Su had to put up with Lin mothering her, when she wasn’t actually her mother and only a few years older than her. Su had very little direction in her life, from anyone. Su was obviously very impressionable. Those two idiots she was with probably could have convinced her to commit Grand Theft Auto, and it wouldn’t have taken much. If things hadn’t gone down the way they did, Su probably would have ended up dead or as a true villain.

    Hm, excuse me while I jot down a story idea.

    Anyways, my point is, Su had just as many feelings as Lin, her bottle just looked very different. So in a moment of pure anger she lashes out when Lin tries to arrest her. I believe she regretted it, and here’s why: she’s in Toph’s office with Lin. Had Su been completely devoid of any feeling, she would have run away and never looked back, or at least tried to rationalize it. Toph is obviously fully aware of what went down; she asks both of them what they were thinking, so even though Su’s not saying sorry she’s not sitting there trying to deny it. She knows she got caught. She may not be sorry, but she’s still sitting there in the office. Frankly I give her points for that. Not many, but a few.

    If I’m Su, I know I did wrong but I don’t care. So I love to hear Toph ask Lin what she was thinking, too. I’m like ha! Yeah, you tear up that report, Mom! But wait, I have to leave the city? Holy shit, did not see that coming! So now the mom who I didn’t have much time with in the first place and has been largely absent is sending me away to my grandparents (and who knows how well she knew them) where only the Spirits know what’s going to happen then. Well this sucks. Not an excuse for her shitty behavior but it still sucked for her.

    So then she goes traipsing around the world to prove to herself she is outside the realm of rules. She finally settles down with Bataar Sr and builds Zaofu. Her ideals still seem to be based on the idea of life without limits, which fits her history. She seems more like someone who creates opportunities than someone who makes a lot of rules. Aiwei calls her the matriarch so she’s not exactly in a position of true political power, at least not in name.

    I truly believe Bataar loves Su and that he is a good husband and father. I also believe that for the most part, Su is a good mom. Here’s why: her kids are quite well-adjusted. Except for Bataar Jr who seems to have inherited her impressionable nature. But Wing and Wei are cool and obviously very accomplished, Opal is rather prissy but she does have some good qualities, and Huan is very passionate about his banana art. They’re kind of a fun family. Su tells Korra that she always wished Lin were a part of her life, and I believe her. I really think Su misses her big sister. She and Lin are alike in that what they want most is their family to be intact.

    After the fall of the Earth Queen, Su says she doesn’t want to impose her ideals on the nation. Again, she doesn’t like rules, so she's not going to go around telling everyone else what to do. I don’t agree with that decision but it is consistent with her character. Her decision to try and assassinate Kuvira I believe comes from a desire to protect those around her, anger at Kuvira for betraying her and taking her son away from her, and guilt because it was her inaction that precipitated the whole thing in the first place. It’s a stupid ass decision, and is an emotional one. Su seems to be ruled by her emotions, from the first time we see her until the end of the series, which is interesting because she does keep her cool most of the time. Emotional people are like that, though. I’m ok until you make me mad or feel something and now I have to do something about it. Oftentimes they resent the person who made them feel it, and blame them. Su definitely falls into that category. Because she is so governed by her emotions, she tends to rush headlong into things without seeing the long game, or the risks. When she gets caught, she knows she messed up. But now Korra has to come and save her, Su knowing full well she’s not ready. But Korra tries anyways because even though Su is incredibly stupid and selfish, she is a friend and they still care about her. Anyone who watches Dragons Race to the Edge, it reminds me of Snotlout, when Astrid says he’s a muttonhead, but he’s their muttonhead. For better or worse, Su has become one of them.

    Quite frankly, I like Su. I think her biggest faults are that she tends to follow her emotions which gets her into trouble and she doesn’t really like to acknowledge when she’s wrong, even though she definitely knows she is. Neither of those things are traits that I would consider unforgivable. I don’t think she and I would be bosom buddies but she is an interesting person. I would be endlessly frustrated with her and probably tell her I told you so a lot. But Su is there when it counts. She defeats P’li and helps defeat Kuvira. She helps save Korra and teaches her metal bending, and she is quite cheerful. As far as Lin forgiving her I feel like that was more for Lin than Su, just like forgiveness is for everyone. For anyone who says Lin deserves better, keep in mind this is her little sister who she loves very much. There’s history there and families are messy and complicated and I for one trust Lin. Lin also doesn’t just jump in, she tells Su she just won’t show up and attack her. They only become more involved because that’s how things played out. Lin is very sincere when she tells Su that she loves her, and it almost seems like the first time Lin has said those words out loud, based on Su’s expression.

    Su may not have known or believed it before that. Right or wrong, good or bad, Su is family, and families are stupid and crazy. Like I said before, Su is no saint, but she’s no devil either. She makes shitty decisions and yes people have to keep coming to her rescue, but I think her heart is in the right place. I really do.

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