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    I finished it!! 💕


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  • Kya: Wow, it sounds like they’re the dog ignoring the fact that the room they’re sitting in is burning.

    Lin: What?

    Kya: Y’know, the meme? With the cartoon dog ignoring the flames?


    Kya: *shows Lin the meme*

    Lin: So I’m just supposed to memorize all your little pictures to have a conversation with you?


    Lin: Fine

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  • chief beifong marry me when

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  • Classy


    A Kyalin short

      Kya stared at the woman across the room. Leaned against a pillow, a glass of wine in her hand, a long green pantsuit being very generous with the cleavage. She cleared her throat, downing the rest of her wine before getting another.

    Be cool, Kya. She told herself, making her way to the Earthbender. Lin was engaged in conversation with Tonraq, who had also cleaned up nicely.

    “Hey,” she said, walking up to them.

    “Kya!” Tonraq greeted, raising his glass to hers. “Its been a while.” He said. “You have been back to the tribe in months.”

    “Yeah, well I’m needed here.”

    “I get it, just know you can stop by anytime.” She nodded, watching Lin twirl her glass in her hand.

    “I better go find Senna, we’ll talk later, Lin.” He bade farewell and the two were left alone.

    “You scared him off,” Lin said and Kya raised her eyebrows.

    “Sorry?” Lin smirked, taking a sip.

    “I’m kidding, he was talking my ear off. I see where Korra gets it.”

    “Oh.” Kya repositioned herself so she was in front of Lin. She couldn’t stop looking at her, seeing Lin out of her uniform usually meant a tank top, which wasn’t bad, but this was something particularly special.

    “What?” Lin asked in the silence.

    “Hmm? Nothing.”

    “You came over here with nothing to say?”

    “Is that a bad thing?” Lin looked out her, the sort of look that’s given from the side of her eye and chills are sent down Kya’s spine.

    “No.” Kya smiled in her small triumph, the two of them finished their wine and Lin set her glass on the small table next to them.

    “Want to get some air?” Lin asked and Kya stiffened.

    Yes. Say yes.


    “Great, I know a balcony just up the stairs.” She followed Lin, trying to keep her eyes on the happenings of the party.  Lin pushed open bay doors, and stepped onto the small balcony. She leaned against it, her arms holding herself up.

    Kya mimicked her position and they stared at the ocean before then, the lights at Air temple island illuminating the water and the statue of Aang reflecting light from the moon. A small breeze blew Kya’s hair so she tucked it behind her ear.

    “You.. uh, you clean up nice,” she said, crossing her fingers hoping that hadn’t been a bad idea.

    “Thanks,” Lin replied and Kya detected a smile. “Not so bad yourself.” Lin iterated, looking Kya up and down.

    Did she just… check me out? No, she would have. Its all in my mind.“


    “How long are you here for?” Lin asked after a while.

    “Not sure, but I think I’ll stick around, I’ve got nowhere to be.” Lin laughed and Kya felt all warm inside at the sound.

    “You never had,”


    “You should stay awhile,” Lin said, and Kya’s breath hitched.


    “Yeah I mean.. with everything going on, we could use you.” Kya frowned, Lin was always about business. “I could use you.” Now that, was unexpected. Kya pursed her lips, shuffling herself closer to Lin. The moon lit up her eyes, the usual dull jade from years of trauma and tragedy were illuminated a brilliant green.

    That has to mean something.

    Oh-Ho!” A voice shouted from behind them and they turned to see Korra, with Bolin at her side.

    “Found them!” The Avatar shouted. “Everyones waiting,” Korra said. The wine had started to take its affect as Korra stumbled and Kya tripped over herself. Lin stabled her, a blush appearing on both their faces.

    “Be right there,” Lin said and the Avatat ducked out.

    “The rest of the night is busy,” Lin started, “so why don’t we finish this conversation tomorrow? Wong’s at six?”

    “Wong’s?” Kya asked, “isn’t that a little classy?” Lin ran a tongue over her lip with a grin.

    “What, a date can’t be classy?” Kya picked her jaw up as Lin left her on the balcony, the Earthbender allowing her touch to longer just long enough for Kya to obsess over it.

    “I’ll see you there,” Kya whispered into the cool, night air.

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  • Lin: Stop it.

    Tenzin: Stop what? I’m not doing anything, I’m literally just breathing.

    Lin: Exactly.

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  • Lin Beifong is a cat:

    • loves affection although doesn’t show it
    • claims to be better off alone, but cherishes her friends
    • gets a rush of energy during the evenings; is a night owl
    • threatens her loved ones (lovingly)
    • stealth 100
    • graceful
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  • Bumi: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room.

    Lin: Tenzin?

    Tenzin, turning red: …Yeah?

    Lin: Move, I’m trying to get to Kya.

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  • I finished this fic today! Ended up with a couple bonus chapters and I’m overall super happy with this one! I’ll be starting on the “backstory” fics that go with this soon! Here’s the last chapter!

    AO3 Link

    Sora wiped her eyes as she sat down at her desk. This was the fourth time she had cried today and she cursed herself to get it together. It wasn’t a bad day but it was definitely bittersweet.

    Today was her last day at the hospital.

    After 52 years of caring for Republic City’s sick and wounded Sora Yueng was retiring at the spry age of 72. Her day had been mostly quiet, a few patients coming to give her gifts and well wishes and practically any healer she had ever trained had showered her with more flowers and sweets than she had ever seen.

    She hadn’t thought much about what she would do once retired but she was looking forward to it. There were parts of the world she had never seen that she would have time to travel to now. She closed her eyes, smiling to herself when there was a soft knock on her office door. She opened her eyes to see a familiar waterbender quickly peak her head in before retreating quickly.

    “I told you she’d still be here!”

    “Kya, will you lower your voice. This is a hospital, you’re disturbing the peace.”

    “What are you going to do, Chief? Arrest Me?”

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  • headcanon: Lin talks in her sleep. She says single words, usually something that appears in her dreams. Kya is a light sleeper. At the beginning of their relationship, she would wake up in the middle of the night surprised why Lin calles her name.

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    Just a quick hug

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  • #lin beifong #she doesn’t throw money around willy-nilly but she’s not afraid to use it
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  • #lin beifong #let her be butch!!!!
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  • welp this turned out awful but i promised myself i’d post so here it is– the girls

    #god i regret not drawing when i was younger #tlok#lok#gaang kids#suyin beifong#lin beifong #fire lord izumi #kya ii #gaang kids when they were younger #I didnt even properly calculate the ages i just went for it #ill redraw this when i improve ok #pls dont click on the image or zoom in lol #legend of korra
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