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  • amiamizuki
    26.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    fullmetal alchemist brotherhood episode 20 - father before the grave

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  • everyshotofyebaiyi
    26.07.2021 - 47 minutes ago
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  • larkscribbles
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yeah you see Ling in Greed’s clothes but is it ever the other way around? Now is that time 😤

    Also really couldn’t tell if the skintight vest he wears was clothing or part of his body so uh-

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  • edwardelricsrightarm
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Edling in a nutshell

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  • comicallytwisted
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me: Man I should post more often

    Also me: Literally draws something and doesn’t post it for like a week

    Anyways more OW stuff

    #overwatch#overwatch 2#overwatch fanart#overwatch mei#mei #mei ling zhou #my art#digital art #this was drawn in like one night #and colored in like 30 mins #so sorry if it looks weird/messy in some places lol
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  • namelessexistence
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sometimes family is you, your doting husband, your brother-in-law who called you the only mistake your husband ever made, your uncle-in-law who thinks you're a disgrace to the cultivation world, your adoptive son, your disciples, your undead friend, your nephew, your two friends from school, their disciples, that girl you saved years ago, her husband and daughter, some additional children who tagged along, your ghost gal pals and the ladies from the brothel one of your school friends visits

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  • three--rings
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • purplexedhuman
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Priestnet Summer Prompts: Opposites

    ↳ Happiness and Despair
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  • ttt456
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Jul 26 Zhang Zhehan Maybelline live streaming

    #zhang zhehan #zhang zhe han #word of honor cast #shan he ling cast #山河令#張哲瀚
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  • homiu-l
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    LoH Character Trivias that live in my brain rent free (part 2)

    All the TMIs can be found in the official Japanese twt btw i read the TMI through a chinese fan translated ver of the japanese official translated ver of the korean original ver… cant say its 100% accurate so ⚠️ Most likely to contain some Normal mode spoilers, plz be aware


    Laphlaes keeps the traditional elf outfit because he is the only one elder elf remains who still remember the past eras of his kind.

    Different elves has different ears shapes, just like human face features.


    Meanwhile Lucillicca views traditional elf outfit as the same as how we view people wearing ancient clothing in modern times.

    imagine you see someone wears a full gear medieval knight armor on street, probably sth like that


    Lairei does have sharp canine teeth, which can bite you to bleed.

    Just gonna leave this info for any Lairei lovers for no specific reasons :)


    Q: As Lairei told him “don’t make casual promises on important things”, has he made such promises before?

    A: Yes. That is why he is now the Grand Chief.


    Birdkin fact: Their feather change color depends on their mentality (which explain his color change after ascension and…… another situation.)

    More under read more!


    One of her favourite Helvanian cuisine is the vegetable kebabs sold at the roadside stalls, which has a total 5 level of spiciness. She can get to level 4.

    She did try on level 5, and failed.


    She doesn’t have much time to meet, or even see other people since the field is under heavily guarding. Once her duty is over after several months, she will instantly leave the spot and go for her friends.

    She will talk about everything during tea times. Literally. Everything.


    Rosanna views herself as “A model adult who is willing to listen other’s words.”

    The question literally ask if she view herself as a “””Boomer”““ Im dying akljfkldjsljsdkljd


    After the Tyrant War he spent most of time fixing the aftermath with his allies, which left him no much free time to shave his beard.

    What made him intent to keep his beard is because Helga then told him, “You look quite good with beard.”

    For Once.




    Those scars on him are all from the Tyrant War. He viewed himself as far less skilled and significant than all other allies, so he often used his own body to defend others from attacks.

    He stopped doing that after being heavily scolded by his allies, reasonably.



    Her golden eyes are a physical proof of soulbond with her dragon, K’merisath.

    Its specific mentioned that those eyes doesn’t give her any new powers. Like, you won’t become stronger or gain special magic or stuffs, but you get SUPER COOL DRAGON EYES AND A GREAT FRIENDSHIP WITH DRAGON THO so it evens out.

    She met K’merisath since she is a little girl, which I think is very important detail as this means they have been with each other throughout Helga’s early stages of life.

    also makes K’merisath’s death during war a lot more painful <: )))

    [ Part 1 | Part 3 (TBA) ]

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  • daikunart
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Murder Bean Day 1/?

    #i did it #Little pretty murder bean #xie wang#woh ep11 #shen he ling #li daikun#cdama#scorpion king #word of honor #a gif a day keeps the straights away 🤡 #faraway wanderers#bean everyday#mygifs
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  • malewifewwx
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    mu qing monday

    taizi dianxia tuesday

    ling wen wednesday

    three tumors thursday

    feng xin friday

    san lang saturday

    shi qingxuan sunday

    #yes i cheated and put ling wen on here twice What About It #tgcf #nobody else decent had a w name what was i supposed to put jun wu on here??? fat chance
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  • agendratum
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Begin Again e7

    #begin again#gong jun#zhou yutong#ling rui#lu fangning#mine#gifs #self indulgent giffing #ignore what happenes before and after this scene #this is the most important scene
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  • imjustavagrant
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    It’s here! Chapter 10 for See You in Six Months is up and available to read with some featured artwork at the very end. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Love you all!


    If there had been a moment where it could have been possible, or a willingness on their part, Riza would have demanded the youngest of their party turn away, leave the room. They hadn’t needed to see that. No one needed or for that matter deserved to watch their loved one suffer through that much pain, tortured before their eyes and from a perspective where they themselves would be forcibly helpless. In a way it was its own form of torment. And it was too late now, they had all seen it, and reality was at the forefront of all of their minds because they knew there was more. This was hardly the end of the narrative and they were still unwinding it piece by morbid piece. The lieutenant would do practically anything now to keep these three from viewing Edward’s own death.

    #update#my writing #see you in six months #fma#fmab#edward elric#edling#ling yao#fanfiction#fullmetal achemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
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  • tanoraqui
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    What Does Kill You Can Make You Stronger, Too

    Chapter 40: Coda
    one year (and a few months more) later

    Jin Ling’s fifteenth birthday had been, by necessity, a fairly discreet event. Friends and family attended the banquet, and a general holiday was declared for all of Jin Sect. But even three months after his fall from grace, many were still recovering from the shock of Jin Guangyao’s many betrayals (and many more were still being judged and gently chivvied into positions more suited to their loyalty and competence). The sect had been in no fit state to host an extravaganza.

    For Jin Ling’s sixteenth birthday, Jiang Yanli was determined to correct the lapse. And not only because Jiang Cheng had turned Lotus Pier into a welcoming floral fairyland for Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s wedding in the spring, and it’d gone off with only a few, crocodile-yao–related hitches. She had helped arrange that event, after all! Save the crocodile-yao, which she’d helped destroy!

    Now, it was LanlingJin’s turn to show off their hospitality and splendor, and to prove that they were back to being one of the greatest sects in the land. And there was always politics to consider...

    “Why are we making a seating chart if we don’t even know who’s coming yet?” Jin Ling complained, in her office one afternoon in early August. “How are we making a seating chart if we don’t even know who’s coming yet?”

    [keep reading the final chapter on AO3]

    #mdzs#the untamed#jiang yanli#jin ling#wei wuxian#jiang cheng #what does kill you #my fic#fanfiction #Y'ALL I WROTE A MOTHERFUCKING /LONGFIC/
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  • wenofqishan
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • minobishe
    26.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    What's pitiful about Tian Ya Ke's Wen Kexing

    According to me lol

    Just my own thoughts why I felt really bad about him and only wish for his happiness

    He's a proud gay man who fell in love with a self-proclaimed straight guy. In the beginning, ZZS is originally interested in Gu Xiang but forget about it instantly bc Gu Xiang is like a child to him. One of reasons why ZZS is not interested with WKX at first is bc he prefer a woman so he tend to insults WKX's gayness to push him away. He even said that if only WKX is a woman, he don't mind if WKX touch or strip him. WKX response to that is if ZZS sleep with him for one night, he'll transform into Gu Xiang(woman) for him. In other words, ZZS is disqualifying WKX to be his partner just bc he's a man. Tragic, isn't it? Good thing ZZS fell in love with WKX.

    It don't matter if ZZS don't love him that much compare to how much he love ZZS. He just want ZZS to like him. Just a small simple like is enough for him. So him wishing that he can spend his life until his hair turn white with ZZS is already an extravagant wish in his perspective. That's why he's so surprised when ZZS suddenly said he will take him away WKX from the Ghost Valley to keep him. He's like "You... actually want me?" bc he don't really have high hopes.

    He's traumatized by the death of his beloved parents. Yes, WOH WKX is the same but in TYK the sight is more terrifying. It's more brutal. The body of his father was cut to two pieces and his mother's face is destroyed to the point its hard to recognize. He only recognize his mother bc he love her shoulder blade. He's still a child to see that grotesque scene. Of course, he'll be scared and traumatized.

    He used storytelling to cope with his trauma. It might sounds like your typical fictional fantasy children bedtime stories but the truth is it contains of his past experience and wishes for himself. Chengling nor Gu Xiang didn't understand the real meaning behind his stories. Only ZZS manage to figure out what his stories all about. Even when WKX is trying to tell ZZS the death of his parents, he suddenly transition it into Owl story bc he's that traumatized. ZZS know it well so he calmly tell WKX that he don't need to tell him if he's having a hard time to tell it.

    He pay male courtesans in brothels so that he'll have someone to accompany him. While staying in puppet manor, WKX mentioned that celebrating new year with ZZS and Chengling is probably the happiest moment he experienced. Jealous ZZS is like "Oh please, you always go to brothels." and WKX answered him with something like "Well, that don't count bc I paid them to accompany me. They want my money. Not me." So for WKX, the fact that they look like a family despite being strangers without using money is a big deal for him. He's that thirsty to have companions in his life. Companions that are not scared of him.

    He is forced to act like a crazy cannibal and terrifying master in Ghost Valley. After his parents died, he secretly followed the ghosts who killed his parents. He's just an ordinary terrified child so the ghosts figured it out easily and found him. The ghosts scared him by saying he'll be murdered by them in a brutal way as well so to survive, he start eating the corpse of his father like mad. Just bc he displayed madness, the ghosts brought him to ghost valley thinking he's one of them but the truth is WKX is just pretending. Later on, he fought in a battle of death against ghosts to become the Ghost Valley Master ala Hua Cheng in TGCF. His fellow ghosts continue to be terrified in his madness even while just serving him and combing his hair. Surprisingly, Scorpion King describe his reign as the Ghost Valley Master that's most loyal and affectionate in all past generations Ghost Valley Masters in Fengya Mountain.

    He trained martial arts by himself to be strong and to survive. He's never fond of training when his parents are still alive so he understand Chengling. He only take it seriously when he's in Ghost Valley bc its a matter of life and death. If he don't know how to fight, he'll surely die in a place like Ghost Valley where crazy murderers reside. His way of fighting is not beautiful at all and not consistent but he's the stronger one compare to ZZS bc for him martial arts is just a skill to survive. It don't matter if it don't look presentable and bc of that he tend to have a fight against ZZS when it comes in teaching Chengling. ZZS is a traditional teacher while WKX is the type who keep adapting in new ideas.

    He don't have any trusted companion for so many years other than looking after a child, Gu Xiang. Even if Gu Xiang show no respect for WKX most of the time, she's still scared of him and she don't count bc she's just a child. ZZS is his first friend and companion that he can say his equal. I really love that WKX refer ZZS as his best friend. It make sense bc he has no one. He has no Aunt Luo unlike WOH WKX. He's pretty much alone. His servants serve him bc they are scared of him, not bc they respect him or wish his protection. ZZS relationship with his people in Tianchuang is so much better and ZZS has friends like Qi Ye who treat him equally.

    The girl that he raised like a little sister died to protect him. After CWN died, the first thing Gu Xiang did is to go to WKX's side while crying. She knew WKX is in danger and even if she's the weaker one, she still choose to save WKX who's important to her. Of course, WKX was surprised when he saw her so he lower his guard bc he already tell to Gu Xiang to not come back in Ghost Valley and she's supposed to be with the man she love. To his surprise, the enemy attacked their reunion without mercy so Gu Xiang who's trying to be tough used herself as shield to protect WKX. He's probably guilty of Gu Xiang's death. No wonder ZZS usually assure him that he will never leave WKX in the end of their story. ZZS didn't say he buried Gu Xiang and CWN corpses, he instead said to WKX that he made the two rest together.

    He's living for revenge before he meet ZZS. All he do is plotting and scheming to the point he's willing to self-destruct together with his plan. He has no intention to live a peaceful life but bc he start thinking of settling down with ZZS, his decision start wavering. Similar to how ZZS regrets putting nails in his body.

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