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  • Zelda sat beside Link, crouched behind a large boulder on the edge of the nearest town. He looked at her, taking in her wild appearance. At first, he’d considered sending her in to grab the fresh clothes, but in truth, she’d draw more attention at this point.

    “I can try,” she offered again.

    After sitting through most of the stormy, cold night in wet clothes, Link had woken in the morning feeling less than ideal.

    He shot her a bland glance, though it had very little effectiveness when he couldn’t keep his eyes open enough to give her a dirty look. Instead, he tugged at his damp shirt and steeled himself for the quick run to the laundry line.

    “No matter what, just stay here, okay?” he asked, managing a cautionary look in her direction.

    “Fine,” she muttered, getting comfortable in a place where she was hard to see, but had a decent view of whatever he was planning to do.

    Link dodged around the rock and ducked behind the outer wall of the nearest house, checking the dirt street before taking all the clothing Zelda had pointed out. He was not too proud to admit to her that he wasn’t entirely positive which items she’d need. He hadn’t lived with a woman since before his capture, and he attributed the rest of his obliviousness to pure negligence to pay attention to details.

    He hurried back, arms full of fabric, and tore his shirt off, tossing it aside with a harsh shiver before reaching for his new one on.

    Zelda stared at him, too confused or surprised to have taken in any details before he’d tugged the sleeves on, covering any part of him that she might have caught a glimpse of.

    “I’m not changing with you here,” she said simply.

    “Oh,” he said, halting his hasty change. “I’m sorry. I just… I wasn’t thinking. I wanted to change, I forgot it would offend your royal eyes.”

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  • Linktober Prompt Day 20/31

    Incarnation: The Minish Cap

    Word Count: 515

    Triggers: None

    “Helllllp!!!” Link heard a voice exclaim after sheathing his sword. “Help meeee!!!”

    He looked to where the voice came from, rushing back the way he came with a heroism unbefitting of a boy who had only been fighting monsters for under an hour.

    “Ouch!” The voice exclaimed. It was obvious someone was in great trouble. “Won’t somebody stop them!? Ow! Ow! Help…Somebody! Can’t anybody hear me?” 

    Link came upon a clearing, surprised to see two red octoroks aiming their spitted, projectile rocks at an odd, triangle-shaped green bird.

    “Hey!” The bird exclaimed, Link frozen in shock that it could talk. “Kid! You there!”

    “Ow!” The bird said in reaction to another projectile hitting it.

    “Hey! Don’t just stand there! Do something!!!”

    He wasn’t quite a bird though, Link peering at the odd creature, he had no legs, no feet, and he seemed to be covered in not feathers, but fabric.

    “Ow!” The odd creature was hit again. “What’s wrong with you!? Do you like watching me take this abuse!? Help me!”

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  • 𝕆𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕒 𝕠𝕗 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕀𝕥𝕖𝕞 ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 [𝟚𝟘/𝟛𝟙]

    Megaton Hammer / Goron Tunic

    Ganondorf has captured all Gorons in order to feed them to the dragon in the Fire Temple, so The Hero of Time must save them. In order to go there without dying from a heatstroke, Link must get the Goron Tunic, which is fireproof.
    When Link finishes exploring the dungeon, he gets the legendary Megaton Hammer, which is used to defeat the ancient dragon Volvagia.
    This is another amazingly deigned dungeon with a nice boss battle. When you know all the lore, it is also very immersive.

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  • I… See you later…



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  • I love (1) Chicken Nugget

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    • Link: Hey so, say that quote again..!
    • Master Kohga: Which one??
    • Link: .. How you introduce yourself.. But like.. DON'T say your name!
    • Master Kohga: Oh.. "The stupendous leader of the Yiga clan"??
    • Link: YEAH BUT say it with PRIDE!!
    • Master Kohga: .. Why?
    • Link: DO IT!!
    • Master Kohga: Oh geeze fine!!
    • Master Kohga: "T-"... Ok no you're playing a prank on me, I can see you smirking!! What is it!?!
    • Link: Aaagh.. Fine.. I was just gonna say you sound like Ginyu when you yell.
    • Master Kohga: ... OH!!
    • Link: GINYUUUU!!
    • Master Kohga: ... *hyperventilates*
    • Master Kohga, panics: .... I-I-I'm going to cry!! I'm ACTUALLY going to f-fucking cry!!
    • Link: No no no no Zelda will kill me I'm sorry...
    • Link: .. Ginyu..!
    • Master Kohga: *strangles him*
    • Link: AACK!! *choking* A-A-ALSO... Y-YOU... SOUND.. L-LIKE.. A-A... N-NAGGY.... W-W-WIFE....!!
    • Master Kohga: *voice crack* SHUT UP!! SHUT THE FUCK UP
    #MASTER-K0HGA#K0HGART #Link: Oh cute! #You're voice cracks too! #Master Kohga: I SAID SHUT UP #Link#Master Kohga#BotW#LoZ#AoC#HWAoC #Legend of Zelda #Breath of the Wild #Age of Calamity #Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity #I'MEAN HE KINDA DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES #SOMEONE POINTED IT OUT AND IT'S KINDA TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE #He's so precious though I want to hug him #especially when he was like sitting down with the buff big boi Yiga behind him~~~ #aaaahhh ~~~ #I hope those two form some kind of bonding #because they looked very close! #I just don't wanna ship it if they're confirmed related #cuz EEEWWW!!
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  • drfghbjnkm LINK

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    Not me being right that link consciously decided to stop expressing himself cause he knew ppl were counting on him hes lichrslly just a baby 😭😭😭😭

    #zelda#botw #this trope makes me so sad #but i also love it #link#loz
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  • Bro I am going to cry and lose is how have I never seen zeldas diary 😭😭

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  • God its also for the best most people in the villages don’t remember him, imagine if u had one job 100 yrs ago and it was to make sure everyone didnt die u failed and now 100 yrs later everyone knows exactly who u are like hey its tht guy tht got our ancestors killed whoa kinda like..How the zora do him lmao. I rlly hated talking to zora like dont make us feel bad ! Bt anyway knowing what we know, im sure link feels the need to take responsibility for every death n doesn’t actually shy away from blame of miphas or any champions death he also assumes responsibility of the living this is all so serious but what’s important is u get to trick men into giving u their stuff in this game

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  • Okay anyway when zelda ask link to think about what it would feel like to be told you have a destiny for the majority of your life, with the lives of thousands of people at stake, but no matter what you did you couldn’t help/were meant for something else is SO impactful. Cause she honest to God reveals why she’s been such a link hater up until that point is bc he is lichrally mr.perfect chosen one and even now as they talk link was practicing his sword fighting and she was sitting there moping wondering if this guy could ever imagine what it feels like to potienally be letting people down, cause he never says anything at all. And link is caught off guard by it. maybe its cause its the first real thing they’ve said to each other since he was assigned to watch her or maybe its a insight into how he’s prolly scared as well about what’s gonna happen and what he can do he just has lichrally tucked emotions like his fear and guilt away he doesn’t even usually register them which is why the guy has no sense of self preservation so eats n fights anything that moves

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  • A drawing of a certain Hylian for a AU I have.

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  • So, I’ve been thinking like all day and night about how sad it made me when Link just like…. couldn’t enjoy his win? and felt like he needed to apologize for like… doing well?? like he felt guilty enough to feel like he needed to apologize?? as if he didnt deserve it?

    like i just wanna give him a cuddle

    #legit just cant stop thinking about it #i mean relatable af #but like #lemme hug you link #you deserve nice things #link
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  • The hero of power pt 1

    Ganondorf fades in and out of cinciousness, he is drowning slowly in a dark ocean of murk and grime, the further he sinks the more of himself he feels slipping away, his conciousness, his… his soul, all eroding in this black sea of filth.  The process is slow and agonizing.  

    As he slips further a bright crimson hand pierces the veil of muck and grime, it grips his gorget and yanks him upward with incredible force.  His eyes snap open in mortified awareness as his feet find purchase on a smooth glassy ground. 

    He looks down, he is standing on the ocean as though it were earth, the waves tumble below him, but do not effect his footing, as though glass separates him from the murky waters by inches.

    He looks up, before him stands a golden woman radiating power and authority, a garnet glow surrounds her, her piercing eyes scarlet, like rubies.  Ganondorf understood immediately who stood before him, or more accurately, whom he stood before.  This was Din, goddess of power and shapes, his Patron goddess, the one who’s power burned in his shard if the tri-force;  the one to whom he had dedicated millenias of conquest and war.  He fell to his knees and bowed his head.

    “My lady.” He said in an awed tone.

    “Who are you?” The goddess asked, it was not cold, just a question “do you even know?”

    Ganondorf was confused, unsure what Din’s question meant, who was he?  Surely she knew the name if her own champion didn’t she?

    “Look at me!” She commanded “or is my chosen champion so weak he cannot raise his head?”

    Ganondorf raised his head, his eyes betraying his confusion as he looked into blood red eyes that had seen more eons than he had existed.  He breathed in, he breathed out.

    “I am Gannondorf, bandit king, ruler of sands, Lord of the Gerudo and servant of Din, goddess of power, for her shall I unify this world!"  The dark king waited for a reply.

    Din sighed, a long and tired sigh "As I feared, you do not know who you are.”

    “My lady?” Gannondorf asked confused.

    The scenery shifted, in an instant they stood upon a mirrored, glassy sea, white clouds drifted in the sky above, serenity reigned.  Then a flash of blue light broke the calm and caused the waters below to ripple violently as a dark figure appeared, standing on the waters.  His skin, if you could call it that, was made of rippling dark scales scintillating in the light as black clouds began to appear and gather around him.  Red horns curved back behind his head, their appearance similar to gannondorf’s fiery dreadlocked mane. The Gerudo man felt as though he knew this being, though he was certain he had never seen him before.

    Another flash, this one golden with slight Emerald hue broke the silence and before the dark rippling beast stood a man, a familiar man, a forrest green uniform over chain mail, his right hand gripping Gannon’s most hated weapon: the master sword.  

    Before he could speak Din answered. “He is the first,” she spoke “before this curse bound his spirit to reincarnate for eternity.  He was a knight of the skies, and humanity’s first true warrior.”

    Ganondorf was taken aback, he had believed the foolish boy he had fought in Hyrule castle, the one who had put him to the sword so long ago, was the first of his name.  He had known of reincarnations since, but always assumed the child in green was the first.

    “This war has gone on far longer than you have existed.” Din said as though she sensed his confusion. “Even this is not it’s first battle, it is simply the battle in which this cursed cycle began.”

    The dark being and the first Link clashed, their swordfighting made the battles he had fought with other Links look like an insignificant children’s game.  This was an ancient way of fighting, long lost to the Hyrulians and the Gerudo.

    “Who is… Is that, Is that me?"  Gannondorf asked, amazed at the battle before him "a previous me, an incarnation from another time?”

    “No,” Din answered simply “we are fortunate that HE could not fully reincarnate himself."  They watched as finally the first Link slashed at the dark being’s chest, exposing his Vitals, he stabbed and slashed and cut Into the demon king with a ruthlessness and ferocity Gannondorf had never seen from a hero of courage.

    "THAT is the first hero of courage!?  That Savage!?” The king of monsters breathed out in utter dismay and disbelief.

    “Of course he was savage,” Din answered as though Gannon’s words were a pitiful thing to be tossed away. “ With all the odds in the worlds against him, he had to fight the very god of death and war, and he had to win.”

    The dark God’s voice echoed as he fell to his knees.  “You are strong human, like the demons of old.  I Demise, Demon King recognize you.” Link placed his sword tip to Demise’s throat.

    “Heh, I cannot best you human, but you cannot destroy me,” Demise uttered “Not even Hylia herself could destroy me.  So I shall make a curse, my malice shall rise in every era, and it shall hunt the goddess reincarnate, and your spirit shall be born anew to fight it.  And so you will never know peace again."  Then Demise laughed as Link severed his head and dark power burst forth from him.  Dark power eerily similar to… to malice.

    "Am I… nothing but…” Gannondorf began, again he was cut off by Din, the Gerudo king was beginning to get the feeling she was tired and impatient with something.

    “No, you are not Malice alone,” she answered, “you are Gannondorf of the Gerudo, but you were born with a reincarnation if Demise’s Malice within you.  You became the demon king, because Demise no longer could be.”

    Gannondorf still felt confused, but now a new feeling surfaced, a dark suspicion that he was destined to act out a series of events against his will and without his knowledge.  The thought made him bristle with prideful anger.

    “I don’t understand my Lady,” Gannondorf spoke, hoping against hope that he was wrong “why tell me this?”

    “Because I tire of my chosen champion continuously trying destroy the very world I created!” She said, she did not yell, but she was angry.  “You should have died, when the hero of time put you to the sword you should have died,” she sighed “when the sages Impaled you, you should have died, when a decade later the hero of twilight drove the sword of Evil’s bane through your heart YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!"  there was a long pause, one Gannondorf did not know how to fill.  "When the royal family discovered your heart yet beat, when the shieka discovered your leaking soul, they should have let you die… but they didn’t.”

    “They attacked me,” Gannondorf said “they sought to seal me away.”

    “They sought to use you as a battery."  Din replied.

    "A battery?” A confused gannondorf muttered.

    “Malice is quite an efficient power source.” Din said “and its source lies within your own body, if you died it would re-incarnate elsewhere." 

    Gannondorf was aghast, he had thought himself dead, he had thought the ocean was the place between incarnations. "Then the reason I was trapped here…”

    “You never died, the monks preserved you."  Din was quiet for several minutes, ganondorf too was silent trying to understand why these things had occured.

    "We tire of this cycle, my sisters and I,” Din finally continued “So end it for us Gannondorf of the Gerudo, and take your place as the hero of power.”

    Hero?  He had never been called hero before.  He had set out be a hero hadn’t he?  To free his people from tyranny and oppression?  When had he fallen?  When had his objective become world domination? When, and why?

    “The others are waiting,” din stated, “they stay now at your side while you sleep."  She touched his chest and a red glow sink into him "this will contain the Malice for a time, allow you to think without fighting it, but it will not last forever. You must join with the other two heroes and find a way to end the malice, to end Demise’s will.”

    With this the golden goddess disappeared and the world around him faded to black.  Then concioussness tugged at his mind,  he felt soft grass beneath him, and the warm Ray’s if the sun.  His eyes snapped open, red and yellow, filled with malice, but the color receded and his eyes returned to that of a Gerudo man, withered and atrophied 

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  • Linktober chart!

    Only 10 per pictures post unfortunately!

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