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    Hey...how ya'll doing...

    So, making those memes actually, helped a lot and guess who was able to write more for the Tethered au? Ya boi, that's who. With each story I write, it gets longer so I'm sorry about that!

    @yandere-linked-universe I know you said I didn't need to rush but your encouragement literally just slapped me outta my writer's block so once again this one's for you!

    Tw: yandere content, bad language, talk about death, talk about unhealthy obsession, possessive language, threatening language, intimidation, possible manic episode(?) descriptions of a weapon, descriptions of hurting a minor (?), talk about suffocation, imagery of drowning (?), talk about corpses and rotting (I swear every story I write gets more and more warnings, sorry guys-)

    Darkness surrounded him, thick and suffocating to the point where Time was positive he was drowning in it.

    A sea of shadow, merciless and cold that was going to kill the hero without even a second thought.

    Time grabbed his neck, the scream that struggled to tear from his throat practically choking him while he tried to fight the shadows that tried to silence him, to end him, but he was resilient, after fighting all those horrors of the past, Ganon, The Mask- he wouldn’t die here.


    He wouldn’t!

    “Link! Grab my hand!”

    His own hand reached out and he was ripped away from his impending doom, hacking and dazed while his saviour patted his back, murmuring words of encouragement and love.

    Glancing down, the hero felt his heart lift with admiration.

    “(Name)?” Time whispered, watching you press your face into his broad chest with a sigh of relief, whispering his name like it was a prayer on your lips.

    It should have been him speaking like that, uttering your name in the perfect mantra; you were his goddess, his angel, his light! The one who had saved him from his own self-inflicting demise! Time would continue to pray like the devoted (mad)man he was. For you were his goddess and he was your follower.

    “You’re okay, you’re alright” Nuzzling deeper into his chest, you continued “You’re safe”

    He was. Here, within your arms, Time felt more protected than he ever had. Despite the fact it should be the other way, you in his arms as he protected you from the world, this cruel, dirty world that tried to take you away, tear you away but it would never happen.

    “I saved you, but….you didn’t save me”


    Time tried to tighten his grip on you but you pushed him away, red, bloody tears falling down your face and staining your beautiful skin that had greyed in colour by death, eyes glazed over with betrayal, hurt and sadness that made his stomach form sickening knots. “Why didn’t you save me, Link?”


    “I- I didn’t know” He stumbled, hand reaching out “I promise you, (Name), my goddess, I would have never let you die-”

    “But you did” Your face began to rot “You did, Time”

    It was sickening, flesh rotted and fell, one of your eyeballs popped and oozed from your socket, lips torn showed managed teeth, bone peaked through- he couldn’t bear the sight of your broken face and looked away.

    He shouldn’t have done that.

    “Look at me, Time!”

    A gnarled hand roughly grabbed his chin, bringing him back but he shut his eyes, whimpers falling from his throat. “Please, I’m sorry, don’t make me-”

    “I said look at me! Look at what you and your precious brothers did! What sort of followers would allow this to happen!? Such insolence to the one you love most!” Ripping your hand away, you pushed him to the floor, a once flesh being now only bones and torn clothes “Who would allow such a thing? Who would allow such a failure? I thought you were better than that, Hero of Time”

    He was small. He was young. He didn’t bear the marks of a war god, nor his scar. Young Time stared up, Kokiri clothes and all and watched as your form changed into that of something more hideous, more frightening, more gut-wrenching than he could ever imagine.

    Hylia stared back down at him and sneered.

    “It starts again, dear hero”

    Time awoke in his hut.

    And for the first time in a long one, the young hero wept his night away till morning light.


    “What ails you, Link?”

    The Deku Tree, old and wise, was a father to all the Kokiri, children of the forest and he cared for each and everyone as deep as his roots went within the earth. So magnificent, so strong, so kind but at that moment Time only saw him as a nuisance, the boy-once-man wanting only to wallow in self-pity alone from the other children.

    Staying in his hut would only bring others concern, well, him hiding would also bring the others concern, however, it was better to hide than for one of the Kokiri's to come find him in his blues, away in his home.

    But then again, maybe hiding under one of the revealed roots of the Deku Tree wasn't the greatest place either.

    He should have gone deeper into the forest.

    "Nothing, Deku Tree" He spoke, burying himself deeper into his knees to hide his face "I just want to be alone"

    "Alone?" The old pile of wood creaked with curiosity, "Dear Link, I have never heard you say such a word"

    Time hummed with annoyance.

    "Your friends worry, why not join them? They are sure to pull you from this stupor you have found yourself in"

    "No, I don't think they will"

    "You never know until you try, Link"

    How could someone so wise not take a damn hint?

    “Fine” Without another word, the young hero stood, brushing down his little, green tunic before practically storming off from the giant, old tree without another glance to its face “Goodbye, Deku Tree”

    There was silence for a few moments, a silence that Time had questioned the old pile of splinters couldn’t have given him earlier before a loud hum resonated through the area, a strong breeze ruffling through his hair once the Deku Tree called out to him “Goodbye, Link. Have fun with your friends”

    ‘Friends’ He almost scoffed at the idea.

    Time had no friends in this place. Not really, maybe Saria could have been considered a friend but then again she felt more like a caretaker than an actual buddy; he had realised once he had matured the Kokiri girl acted more mother than friend in his life and in reality, she probably was more of a mother. Saria had raised him alongside the Great Deku Tree, she of course played a huge part of the physical part of parenting because well, the damn tree obviously couldn’t.

    The others were sure to have played a part in his upbringing as well. They had to have been.

    Even- “Hey, Link!” -Mido.

    You liked to say weird things (Weird things that he missed so much hearing, he missed you saying, he missed you. Why did that witch have to kill you? Why, why, why, whywhywhywhywhywhYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY-) some odd little phrases that the others liked to pick up and mimic. Time was no stranger to this, after all hearing them speak your language always put a smile to your face that they all cherished and he had picked a particular saying to adapt to his own dialect.

    “Speak of the devil-” The blonde growled, watching Mido and his lackeys inch closer with every step “And he will appear”

    Time had no idea what the devil was.

    But he was positive that damn Kokiri brat was close enough to him.

    “What do you want, Mido?” The fierceness in Time’s tone wasn’t something Mido was expecting. The young hero could tell by the boy’s face, wide eyes, mouth agape- sure, Time wasn’t one to back down on Mido’s bullying, in fact, he always stood up for himself, always stood his ground against the Kokiri’s behaviour and Mido wasn’t new to that.

    But it wasn’t his tone that stopped him. No, it was the look in the boy’s eyes. Cold, unforgiving and old, an unfamiliar and scary lust for blood also swirled around in the light of his eyes, strong and constant, terrifying to the boy and almost enough for him to back down.


    “W-Who said you could go to see the Great Deku Tree without me, the leader of the Kokiri’s, Mido’s, permission?!” He stumbled, swallowing the ball of saliva in his throat when Time’s eyes narrowed and the scowl that was burned into his face sank deeper than it should have. “No-fairy freaks should stay away from the Deku Tree if they know what’s good for them!”

    Time stayed silent.

    Mido’s hands shook.

    His lackeys took a wary step back.

    “Then show me” Time growled, hands balling into enraged fists “Show me what’s good for them, Mido.”

    The Kokiri boy wondered if that was a good idea.

    Mido wondered if it was safer to run out of the woods than to face whatever this thing was because it was definitely not Link. Not the Link he knew anyway.

    “I- uh- I-...”

    “Link! Mido!” Saria’s voice came into range, the green-haired Kokiri’s form appearing beside the smaller boy to glare down Mido who was still stumbling over his words, trying to find his voice through the fear glancing between the two of them “What are you two doing? Mido, are you antagonising Link again!?”

    Time was done with this.

    “Link? Link!” Saria called after the boy, the group of Kokiri’s that had formed watching the scene in interest as Time wandered away from them all, his sights set on the entrance to the Lost Woods “Hey, wait! The Deku Tree says to stay away from the forest! Link!”

    Footsteps followed after him, a hand landing on his shoulder but he tore away glaring at the offender, Saria, before bellowing out “Leave me alone!”

    The girl looked hurt, of course, she did but why should Time care? Back to the beginning once again. Forced to live the same nightmare once again.

    Why should Time care about doing this shit again the same way he had done time and time again?

    (He wanted to be with his brothers, he wanted to be with you. You wouldn’t leave his mind. You, you, you, you. A constant rush of everything about you spiralling in his head. He needed you, he yearned for you. He thought about you from the morning till the night. In his dreams and sometimes his nightmares, unspeakable things happening to you that he can’t stop- that he couldn’t stop. Time wanted nothing more than to have you in his arms, safe and hear you tell him that he was a great man, an amazing man, he was your hero.

    You, in all your divine kindness, wouldn’t allow him to relive his worst nightmares again like Hylia was doing)

    Time ran into the forest, not sparing them another glance.

    He didn’t want to see them again anyway.

    Not anymore.


    Time dreamed of your lives together.

    When he was just confused about his obsession, a lone man against 8 different incarnations of himself, you were his wife. His treasured wife, so kind, so soft, the most beautiful woman in all the lands of Hyrule. People wanted you, others wanted to be you and some envied dear Time for being the lucky man to wed such a marvellous girl.

    You were his alone, his to love, his to cherish. Together, you two created your own family away from the dangerous world and together, with your small family, children, animals- together you would both continue to love one another until your final breaths.

    When he and his brothers finally unified, the dream still stood but it did differ. A farm, you lived on a farm with your children, your animals and all those other boys. A big happy family, the other Links acting as uncles to your little ones, helping around the ranch, you sitting back with the kids watching them because someone as divine as you shouldn’t lift a finger.

    As Time sat in the Lost Woods, he lamented that his dreams would never become reality.


    Not with you dead.

    And certainly not with Hylia watching his every move.

    He’d kill her.

    A smirk fought its way onto his face at the thought, a crazed laugh following after.

    He would.

    H̷͎͒̉̔E̵͖͈̩̓͆͠ ̶̰̟̗͊͛W̴͕͌̽͌͜O̶̗̿̌U̶͙̻͐̎Ļ̸̲̊̇̆D̵͈͙̫̔ ̸͚͖̠̾̃͝K̸͚̼̿͠͝Ī̸̠Ļ̵̥͆͆̎Ļ̴̻̝̏ ̴̢̗̍Ť̶̨̥H̶͓̍͊̾Ą̶̞̏́̒T̸̫̱̉͂͘ ̴̺́̉D̷̫̭͖́̔̒A̷̢͇͛M̸͎̭̈́N̸̩͋͛̕E̴̗̎D̶͙͗̓͝ ̷̮̞̰̆̓͝W̸̨̨̿I̵̠͗Ṭ̶́̓̽C̷̳̭̭̽H̵̀̄̕ͅ.̷͉̱̿̋̕ ̶̗͒̉͝ͅH̷͉̪͚̑Ê̸͚̣ ̵͇̕W̷͈̃O̶̧̟̬͗͂Ú̷̪͝Ľ̸̩D̵̜̮̎̏ ̵͈̖̲̍̈́͠M̸̛̬̯̿ͅȂ̴̛̺̗̕͜K̴̤̒ͅE̶̳̜̒̾̀ ̸̢͚̙̀̕̚H̵̱͛Ė̵̪R̷̺̎ ̵̟̿̕S̴̻̟͔̃U̴͙̠͋̎̓F̶̦͇̜̍̔F̵̲͖̱̓Ḙ̵͙͔̄͒R̴̝͊̾.̶̜͚̗̓̔ ̴͔͈̪̔̒J̷͎̦̗́̾͒U̸͈͒̈S̴͖̔̅̆T̸͇̬̠͊ ̴̤̈̀L̸͕̖̀̓͌͜I̴̱̭̱͊K̷͙͓͂E̵̯̙̪͊͗̀ ̵̝͇̈́H̵̛̞̃Ě̸̛̥̥ ̷̖̜̠̽H̷̖͊͌̈́A̴͚͒̚D̵̛̖͔͔ ̴̡̫̂D̷̪̻́́͒Ỏ̶̬̀N̷͓̩͙͝E̷̠͑͌ ̶̧̂̈́͠T̷̲̒̆Ī̵͔̔̾Ḿ̵͉̓̍Ë̷͍́͠ ̷̱̖͂͑Ą̵̯̖̃̈́͗N̷͉̅D̷̢̩̆̾͛ ̶̣̓̔̆T̶̨̰̯̈́́͂I̴͔̺̽M̸̺̙̙̒̑E̵͍̺̾́ ̸͍̪̳̅̂͘B̴̻̠́E̸̞̲̦͌͛̈F̸̪͚̊Ò̷̼͙R̶̖͇̳̔E̵͕͇͒ͅ.̸̡̓̓̊ ̸̡̪̌S̵͎̤̳̈́̋͆H̶͎͌Ẹ̸̫̞̓̂͛ ̵̞̐̍̕W̷̱͋̓O̸͉̹̱͐͒̕U̵̟͂̏L̷̬͙̍Ḑ̵̜̎̂ ̵̗͐̇͜Ś̸͔̎̐ͅǗ̶͍̟̞F̴͔͆͘̕F̷̛͚̝̈Ē̵͙͕̎R̷͇͋.̸̢͈͆͜




    Time would make sure of it.


    His smile dropped, replaced with an irksome expression.

    Skull Kid.

    He didn’t have the patience to deal with that brat.

    Not a damn shred.

    “Hey, will you slow down!” Time paused at the laughter that followed, turning to catch a glimpse of the bright green of Kokiri dressing whizz past the area where he sat, boxed in by trees and hidden with the extra measure by a bush “SK! No fair!”

    “Hurry up! Hurry up! I wanna play~”

    “We’ve been playing for the past few hours!”

    “But I wanna play some more!”

    He…recognised that voice.

    It sounded younger, squeaker and more childish, but he knew that voice. It would never leave his mind, it played on loop in his head, soothed his nightmares, haunted his dreams.

    Time stood from his spot.

    "This way! This way!"

    His head flew in the direction of Skull Kid's voice and waited for another second.

    A long, long second.

    "I'm coming!"

    Time's heart skipped a beat.

    He had no time to waste, without another second to think the hero leapt into action, throwing his head left and right before hightailing it into the direction in which the voices were beginning to fade.

    It couldn’t be possible. There was no way what he was thinking was true, but it was the only answer. Well, not the only, another stalked in the corner of his mind, taunting and cruel, snarling about how he was losing his mind, much worse than it had been when he and the others had first started to fall in love with (obsess over) you.

    So, each step he took, banging against the forest floor as he sprinted towards the sound of laughter and joy. His body urged him to move faster, to run harder but as said before, he wasn’t his aged self anymore, his little legs could only go at such a pace and it was infuriating him.

    Almost there, almost there-

    Time broke daylight, stumbling through a dense looking bush before finally skidding to a stop just a few feet away from the scene in front of him, hidden in the shadow of leaves.

    Skull Kid stood upon a tree stump, flute to his mouth and hopping from step to step in a sort of dance along with the sweet and joyful music he played. But that wasn’t the sight Time had focused on, no, it was the little Kokiri dressed child below, spinning playfully and swaying around, in a mind of their own.

    There was no denying it. The same beautiful locks, same skin tone, same eyes, same kind smile and everything.

    A younger you danced along with Skull Kid, singing your own little tune along with the flute in the spotlight of the day.

    …Time’s sight was beginning to go red.

    No, no. It couldn’t be, this child, who danced so freely and happily without a care in the world, couldn’t have possibly been the same, sweet, mischievous angel he had come to know and love with every inch of his being. A woman who hailed from a completely different world, who stayed with him in spirit as he went through that cursed journey, was not the little girl before him, he refused to believe it, he couldn’t.

    “Is this my punishment, Hylia?” He whispered, cold and deadly eyes focused on the fake you “Not only did you make me witness her lifeless body, but now this? How cruel can you be-”

    The wind blew softly.

    “-to mock her?”

    From his spot, Time reached to his back. Earlier, he had grabbed the sword stationed near the edge of the forest for protection. The Lost Forest wasn’t somewhere to stroll about unprotected, monsters could be lurking in any corner, within the shadows on the trees and as an experienced adventurer, Link knew better than to go unprepared.

    “Well-” The sound of metal caught his ears, but the others still played, blissfully unaware “-let me show you what I think of your fun little joke”

    As he stalked closer, Time couldn’t help but feel a sickness form in his gut. His body screamed for him to stop, spat at him that he was a blinded fool, what was he doing!? But he pushed through, after all, you were a fake, a phoney- killing this fake little you was just like killing that Yiga Clan bastard who had disguised themself as you to trick them during his journey with his brothers.

    The Hero of Time wouldn’t be tricked.

    Skull Kid noticed his appearance, a smile blooming on his face before it melted into one of horror.

    The Hero of Time wouldn’t be fooled.

    Skull Kid went to call out to you, but you had already turned, the small smile on your face growing greater as you called the hero’s name.


    Stop, you fool!

    It’s not her, it’s not.

    You raced over.

    Now is your chance!

    DON’T DO IT!

    DO IT!



    “Dance with me!”

    A wave of emotions rushed through his body as your little hand grabbed at his free one, tugging him into the sunlight peeking through the trees and prompting him to take a position, successfully making him drop his sword. Your bright, warm eyes peered up into his own dazed and conflicted ones then glanced over at Skull Kid expectantly.

    The boy also looked conflicted, glancing over your excited face then at Time’s.

    “What are you waiting for SK? Start jamming!”

    Another second passed, a tense second, then Skull Kid moved his flute back to his mouth and beautiful music once again filled the silence.

    “Come on!”

    What the two of you were doing wouldn’t have been considered…dancing. You swung him in circles, jumping about, threw him out just to tug him back in, tried to spin him- doing anything that showed your rampant energy.

    And Time couldn’t help to think back to you- the real you.

    “What are you doing here?”

    You sat, tucked into yourself while staring ahead at the festivities before you.

    Castle Town had their fair share of festivals, Time knew, he had been dragged to enough of them by Malon who wished to experience the live, jovial atmosphere with a friend and once upon a time ago, the hero had a fondness deep in his heart for them. They reminded him of Kokiri village, of the Deku Festival that he loved so much.

    That wasn’t to say Time had fallen out of love with Festivals, of course, he hadn’t! But being the Hero of Time, being a hero of Hyrule, there wasn’t much time for such things.

    “Oh, hey Time!, What's up?” You laughed, but it didn’t quite reach your eyes and a multitude of thoughts raced through the hero’s head. Why did you look so sad? Had someone upset you? Did he need to talk with them? Did he need to get the others? Roll a few heads- Time shook his head, pushing the thoughts out of his mind and focused on you instead, showing you a small smile.

    “I noticed you sitting by yourself” Noticed? Pfft, he’d been staring at you the whole night, as had the others, but he was the first to approach you “What’s wrong? Are you not enjoying the festival?”

    If that was the case, they’d leave in a heartbeat. Forget about Malon, or Zelda, or any others who thought about stopping them, your wish was their command.

    “No! No! That’s not it! It’s just-...” Your eyes trailed off towards the fountain, the man’s gaze following straight after to the people who danced merrily to the music that echoed through the Castle Town streets, laughing or squealing in elation “..This is a music festival and I…I dunno how to dance…It’s embarrassing”

    Really? Something so simple had caused your mood to sour? If someone dared say anything about your movements he would lob off their head without a second thought. You, feeling embarrassed? With them there, you wouldn’t have to feel anything but happiness, that’s what they had dedicated their lives for.

    Time brushed off his tunic, standing tall beside you before offering his hand “You needn’t be embarrassed, I can teach you”

    His heart soared when your expression brightened “Really?”

    “Of course”

    His hand encompassed yours, delicate, soft, so sweet and he brought you closer to the crowd, his free hand landing politely on your waist while yours took his shoulder, squeezing it.

    “Don’t be nervous, just focus on me” Blue eyes caught yours, your bodies beginning to move with the music, swaying side to side. “I’m the only one here, no one else is around, just us”

    Time wasn’t afraid to say he was enamoured by you, your mere existence, you were everything to him and more. Watching that smile, that beautiful, breathtaking smile grow on your face as you fell into the dance, your surroundings fading away.

    “Thanks, Time”

    He beamed “You’re welcome”


    This couldn’t possibly be you.

    But that little worried expression looked way too similar.

    That shine of kindness in your eyes reflected painfully.

    The feeling of warmth that your presence brought was way too familiar.

    Link began to move again, holding you close, hands in his and danced. Just like at the festival, that day in Castle Town, where the world faded to black and all he could see was you, because that was all he needed to see.

    You brightened immediately but the worry stayed, not overwhelming but still very much there “Are you okay, Link?”

    He didn’t know.

    “Yeah, I’m okay”

    But as long as you were here, real or not, as long as you were by his side, he was gonna be alright.

    “Great! Let’s play some more! All of us! We’ll have so much fun together!”

    “Yeah” Time’s eyes slid back over to Skull Kid, bright and menacing while the boy shook, the light that was his eyes shining through his mask jumping between you and the hero who wound his arms around you “So much fun, together”

    Skull Kid made an excuse to leave with only a single stutter to his words.

    A smart move.


    “I knew you’d show up”

    Your bed was across from his. He had no idea how he had missed it when waking up within his hut that morning, but his best guess was that the shock which gripped him was strong, blinding him completely until he had finally dazed out later that afternoon under the Deku Tree’s root.

    You were sleeping soundly, face soft with a smile, practically wiped out after all the ‘fun activities you had done that day’ you had told him with glee, his own grin twitching from the rage he felt knowing he had gone thinking he’d never see you again the entire day only to find you were out playing adventurer with Skull Kid.

    If the brat knew any better he wouldn’t be showing his face for a while.

    You were dead asleep, deep in it, so you didn’t see the ethereal lady in white standing behind you, face impassive while she stared down at your sleeping form.

    Time made sure to keep his sword close to his bed.

    Not like it would do anything, but it brought him comfort knowing it was there.

    “You were always such a smart child” Hylia’s voice was airy, soft, sweet-sounding like what a goddess should sound like. But the man knew better, oh he knew better and his eyes stayed sharp, focused on her form like a hawk watching its prey. “I was glad to see you snapped out of your bloodlust before it was too late- It would have been a painful death for her to die by your own hands”

    Time inhaled shakily, his past actions echoing through his head before he pushed them back down- he knew what she was trying to do “Just like it was painful for her to die by your hands?”

    The goddess hummed while her hand reached out for you, Time quickly stumbled to grab his sword beside him.

    If she hurt you, so help him, he would-

    Her hand landed in your hair, brushing back some locks gently from your eyes “Her death by my hand didn’t cause her any pain, I made sure she was comfortable when she took her last breath”

    Time shook with rage “She didn’t deserve to die in the first place”

    “I agree” Her hand caressed your cheek, a small smile blooming when you nuzzled into it when she made eye contact with him, daring him “Her kindness was destined to make her do great things, but my hero, you didn’t listen, you ignored my warnings and it was the only thing I could do to make you all behave”

    For a few moments, they both just stared. Hylia’s presence was daunting to mortals, but Time had traversed the world for a long time, for too long, he had seen what this place had to offer, experienced things no child, teen, adult- anybody should experience and in the face of danger, from an all-powerful demon to a disgraced goddess, the hero would not show fear.

    “Then why did you do this?” He asked finally, glancing over your form before meeting her eyes again “Why bring her back if she was such a distraction?”

    Hylia retracted her hand to his relief, but that didn’t make him drop his guard. “To test your faith dear hero”

    She made her way around your bed, footsteps not making a single sound against the wooden floor until she stood tall in front of him “Behave, Link, Hero of Time. Go on your journeys, defeat Ganon and the Mask, fulfil your duty as the hero of Hyrule and I will grant you a long, fruitful life with your love. But beware, one misstep, a show of defiance-”

    She leaned down, eyes burning “And I will take her away again, even if I have to do so with her screams being the last thing you hear”

    Time didn’t hold back his expression of horror at her blatant threat.

    “Goodbye, my hero”

    The home fell into darkness, her figure disappearing from view with her glaring light.

    Time fell to his knees, clasping at his chest, the sword rattling beside him as it fell.

    A familiar sound of beating wings caught his attention next, the light of a long lost friend flying through his window.

    “Hey, Link! (Name)!”

    And so, the nightmare begins.

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    Friendly reminder Hyrule collected and most likely still keeps the whole Triforce in canon videogame lore

    He kept the first two pieces after the first adventure after all, and after AoL…

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    (Sky voice) this bad boy can trans so much gender

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    Hyrule: What're you doing?

    Legend: I'm confronting the person who ruined my life

    Hyrule: You are yelling at a mirror

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    Here's a old drawing of Four and Shadow for my Art class last year

    I think Shadow looks kinda nice here so tkwjkdjwwj

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse#rus's arts #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe shadow #lu shadow #linked universe fanart #lu fanart
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  • randomwriteronline
    26.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sky emerged from the door where he, Sun and Groose had excused themselves to, looking a bit antsy.

    “Ok, so -” he began, clapping his hands once to grab the attention of the few in the room: “Riveting news! I’m a girl."

    The response was a slightly stunned silence.

    “Oh!" Four finally said. “Nice.”

    A chorus of hushed kindnesses made the skydweller's face glow darker as he turned his gaze to his fingers fiddling with his sailcloth.

    “Wait, I..." Wind began, stopping himself for a moment as he tried to articulate his thoughts. "Should we, uh, should we change things when we speak about you? As in, as in should we call you a she, or, or a girl and such, or are you good with guy, brother...?"

    “Oh, right, yes, uh... He and him and his, those are - they're still good, no need to change that. But the, the guy part, if you could... Not do that, it'd be better, yeah.” Sky explained sheepishly.

    The sailor offered him an ok sign: “Alright, got it! Thank you.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sky inhaled through his nose, held his breath for a moment, and then released.

    "That went pretty good!" he exclaimed to no one but himself.

    "I mean," Warriors replied, "It's still you, we love you. You're just... A girl, now, which is not that big of a change. I mean, it is, but not..." he made a non-descript, exceptionally vague gesture. "You know?"

    "Like it is big, but more manageable than... Than you turning out to be an bokoblin or a bunch of ants in the shape of a guy- girl, for example," Twilight translated.

    "Yeah, that would be more concerning," Hyrule agreed. "But we're glad for you! That you figured that out!"

    The bird rider had been stuck mentally screaming and crying because of that 'we love you' said so casually for a while, so the traveler’s words were the last nail in the coffin for him, and he elected to only look down on his boots flustered beyond belief, hands shaking with giddiness.

    A quiet unlocking of a door shifted his attention to Legend as he groaned to keep the array of pumpkins in his arms from tumbling miserably across the floor, followed quickly by a pretty satisfied Wild in a similar situation and Skull Kid tailing after them, carrying a small gourd. The two seeing members of the trio noted the strange and suddenly awkward air in the room just as the cook was about to announce what an absolute steal they had found at the market.

    "What happened?" the veteran asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

    Time slapped his hand on the side of Sky's shoulders, effectively sandwiching him in his unmovable grip, and only said: "Girl," with a very proud tone.

    Wild immediately celebrated by giving a loud: "WOO!" and throwing his arms up in the air, which led to the pumpkins he was holding being carelessly sent to fly into the stratosphere and causing one of them to accidentally knock Skull Kid's confused head clean off their neck. (This was distinctly not a problem as they simply temporarily replaced it with their own pumpkin and wobbled away to fetch it.)

    Legend just blinked: "Congrats," he blurted out, realizing after a second that was a very weird response: "I mean - because they say congrats when you get a child and it's - in some way - fuck-"

    Wild put a hand on his mouth: "He means he's happy for you."

    The skydweller mumbled his thanks back, as awkward as the most prolific hero.

    "I can’t understand a word you’re saying.” the imp’s detached head commented as they finally grabbed it. They sniffed the air twice: “But if the girl is Bird’s friend then she’s behind the door.” they added before anything could be cleared to them.

    Hyrule furrowed his brow: “Why would she be behind the door?”

    “So I can make sure none of you try some crap on him!” Sun’s answer came muffled from behind the door. Sky immediately attempted to sink into the carpet.

    Things only got worse when Groose added: “But seriously, don’t try anything on the shrimp,” whilst letting his red pompadour peek through a narrow with a  goofy yet piercing glare: “We’ve got our eyes on you.”

    Time gave him a thumbs up as the skychild was held up by at least three others to keep hims from his desperate attempt to become one with the pavement.

    “Bird is not a shrimp,” Skull Kid corrected. “He doesn’t even smell like one. Is this a riddle? Are you speaking riddles?”

    “No, it’s - Loonlet, I’m a girl, I found out I’m a girl, that’s what we were talking about,” Sky explained quietly, untangling himself from his brothers despite the mortification, “And sometimes people aren’t really... Nice, about these things, so they’re - Groose is looking out for me.”

    The child tilted their head in their hands: “You’re a girl?”


    “I thought you were a boy.”

    “I thought so too, but I’m a girl.”

    “Ah... And that’s why you only like girls.”


    “Wait!” they interrupted him with an excited gasp and a beaming grin as they were hit by a sudden realization: “That means you’re the second girl who’s my friend!”

    Slamming their cranium back in place (which simultaneously knocked the pumpkin off their neck and straight to the floor at a concerning speed, landing it perilously close to Four’s foot) they punted themself directly into Sky’s gut to wrap him in a strangling hug.

    “I thought you knew already,” Wild joked.

    He regretted that as he sunk in his shoulders when several pairs of eyes locked onto him very confused, looking at him as if he had lost his mind.

    “No, it’s because... Ah, this is stupid - there’s this place I know, were another way to say girl they have is ‘bird’, and Skull Kid calls him like that -- I know it’s because he smells like a bird, but I thought it was kind of a funny thing...”

    Sky took a couple moments to process that.

    Then a couple more, as he realized the questioning of his gender had been brought about in the first place by that exhausting semi-argument regarding how Sky’s attraction towards of girls and lack thereof towards boys was weird in the imp’s eyes, where they posited that they would not find it so strange if he were either not attracted to anybody at all like Hyrule or a girl, since ‘girls know many girls usually, so it makes sense’.

    Sun gently shook his shoulder to wake him: “Is everything alright?”

    “Loonlet, are you aware of the fact that you’re the sole reason why I’m a girl?” her beloved replied adressing the small wooden grey bastard remlit-adjacent child who was currently desperately wriggling in his unsteady grasp to try and climb him like a cat tree.

    “No,” was the answer.

    #linked universe#sky lu#skullkid#Skull kid #tagging only these two bc im tired #random writing #sky: (pats sk's head) this bad boy can trans SO much gender #sky is a he/him trans lesbian and sun is omnisexual. she doesnt give a shit #you can include groose as a gnarly queerplatonic pal #the rest of the chain is like holy shit this gal trans! good for him we love him #'why is everything so abrupt and weird' bc i wrote it as fast as i could building around the dialogues and didnt know how to finish #'i dont remember a fic where sk talks abt skys non-interest in boys' its because i havent written it #also sky calls sk loonlet bc thats the nickname he chose for them! the loon is a kind of bird and the loonlet is a baby loon #sun n groose will fucking protect sky with their Life #sun will wreck shop for him #and groose will pose threateningly to scare away potential bastards #can you imagine yelling a slur at a he/him trans girl and his extremely large friend poses menacingly and goes 'listen here-' #but before he can continue the girls tiny gf demolishes you with her bare fists in ten minutes flat at most
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  • ylvglo
    26.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Been writing a lot recently. Started yet another project, while still not close to finishing any of my old ones. Apparently, I’m jumping headfirst into Linked Universe.

    Can’t promise anything, but I have about 10k words worth of notes, and this is before I even have a proper plot. It’s just an idea at this point.

    And still I came up with a blurb for it last night. It’s not perfect, but I like it. At the same time, I feel like it promises and hints at a plot that barely even exists as a notion in my mind.

    When dark portals appear across the eras, eight heroes find themselves plucked from their own times and thrown into a foreign Hyrule. A Hyrule that is as beautiful as it is deadly, and where life stubbornly persists even in the face of Calamity.
    If the heroes are to have any hope of finding their way home, they must first find each other and the hero of this age. For only together can they stand against the coming darkness. But this Hyrule is vast and treacherous. It is an ancient land where curses flourishes, and the magic of old can no longer safely be wielded by mortals.
    And as night falls, the Blood Moon rises once again.
    #daily life thoughts #my writing#linked universe #I'll admit part of me is terrified of sharing this #even though this is extremely vague #though maybe that is part of it too
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  • legend-of-zelda-voices
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Compilation Post

    Sachi Matsumoto

    Part 2

    First Role as Link: The Wind Waker

    Other LoZ Roles: Skull Kid (MM), Aryll (WW), Link (FSA, PH, TFH)

    LoZ-Related Roles: Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Super Mario Maker

    Main LU character: Wind

    Other LU characters: Skull Kid, Aryll

    Alternate LU Voice for: Four

    Some characters with the same voice:

    Sewashi Nobi (Doraemon 2005), Asagi Caldwell (Super Robot Wars Alpha 3/Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), Pike (Princess Tutu), Joseph/Yusuf (Beyblade), Luke (Clock Zero ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~), Hasmodai/Teo (Fantastic Children), Jarred as adolescent and child (Deltora Quest), Naoto Yamada (A Penguin's Troubles), Shinatsuhiko Yuuhi (Yozakura Quartet)


    In the game:

    The Wind Waker (Link)

    Four Swords Adventures

    Hyrule Warriors (Toon Link)

    Majora's Mask (Skull Kid)

    Majora's Mask (Skull Kid without the Effects)

    Hyrule Warriors (Skull Kid)

    The Wind Waker (Aryll)

    Original Post



    "Kami Nomi zo Shiranai" from Yokazura Quartet

    Translated title: "Only God Knows"

    This song is for the character Yūhi Shinatsuhiko.

    I could only find it on SoundCloud.

    This is the only song I found where she's trying to sound like a boy.

    Original Post with Lyrics


    "Moonlight Tango" from the album Godless Wonderland

    Original Post with Lyrics


    "Kagero" from the album Godless Wonderland

    Translated title: "Heat Haze"

    Original Post with Lyrics


    "Akane ni Somaru" from the album Godless Wonderland

    Translated title: "Dyed in Akane"

    Original Post with Lyrics


    "EXEC_NULLASCENSION/." from Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

    Also called: "Song of Destruction", "Song That Must Never Be Sung"

    This song uses both Japanese and a fictional language called Hymmnos.

    This song is a duet.

    Original Post with Lyrics


    Part 1 - Click Here

    #LU Wind#Link#Sachi Matsumoto #The Legend of Zelda #Linked Universe #Linked Universe Headcanons #The Wind Waker #Wind Waker#Majora's Mask #Four Swords Adventures #Phantom Hourglass #Legend of Zelda Voice Actors #Legend of Zelda Voices #Linked Universe Voices #Legend of Zelda #LoZ#LU #Linked Universe Headcanon #Skull Kid#Aryll#IYCHLS&S Compilation
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  • legend-of-zelda-voices
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Compilation Post

    Sachi Matsumoto

    Part 1

    First Role as Link: The Wind Waker

    Other LoZ Roles: Skull Kid (MM), Aryll (WW), Link (FSA, PH, TFH)

    LoZ-Related Roles: Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Super Mario Maker

    Main LU character: Wind

    Other LU characters: Skull Kid, Aryll

    Alternate LU Voice for: Four

    Some characters with the same voice:

    Sewashi Nobi (Doraemon 2005), Asagi Caldwell (Super Robot Wars Alpha 3/Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), Pike (Princess Tutu), Joseph/Yusuf (Beyblade), Luke (Clock Zero ~ Shuuen no Ichibyou ~), Hasmodai/Teo (Fantastic Children), Jarred as adolescent and child (Deltora Quest), Naoto Yamada (A Penguin's Troubles), Shinatsuhiko Yuuhi (Yozakura Quartet)


    In the game:

    The Wind Waker (Link)

    Four Swords Adventures

    Hyrule Warriors (Toon Link)

    Majora's Mask (Skull Kid)

    Majora's Mask (Skull Kid without the Effects)

    Hyrule Warriors (Skull Kid)

    The Wind Waker (Aryll)

    Original Post



    Jarred (Young/Adolescent) from Deltora Quest

    The character appears at 5:21

    Jarred is the blond child and later adolescent in a flashback. He sounds different as a kid and teen (same voice actress though). Don't confuse him for the boy in the "present day" who looks similar.

    Speaking times are 5:21, 5:34, 6:20, 6:50, 7:37, 8:55, 9:35-10:55, 11:24, 11:43-12:04, 12:23-13:14, 13:34-13:59, 14:23, 14:43, 15:25, 15:57, 16:57, 17:16, 17:39, 18:30

    Original Post


    Hasmodai/Teo from Fantastic Children

    Link to YouTube Video with Time Stamps 2:27 - 2:44

    If you don't click the link, go to 2:27 and get out of it after it changes scenes. The part with his voice is short, but...possible spoilers for Fantastic Children if you plan on watching it soon...maybe? I mean, it is the ending.

    Original Post


    Momotaro from Gokudo the Adventurer

    He appears between 4:21 - 6:20

    It won't play on the Tumblr app, so you'll have to go here.

    Momotaro has the peach headband.

    He speaks at 4:21, 4:31, 4:43, 4:48, 5:11, 5:36, 5:51, and 6:06.

    You can hear WW Link in the voice at a lot of parts, but the laugh at 5:24 sounds kind of like Skull Kid.

    Only found French subs, but they're better than nothing.

    Original Post


    Naoto Yamada from A Penguin's Troubles

    Go to 1:04 or 1:24

    He's the one with black hair.

    Original Post


    Yūhi Shinatsuhiko from Yozakura Quartet

    He appears between 1:47 - 2:45

    Yūhi is the one with a hat.

    I could only find French subtitles, so I don't know exactly what they're saying.

    Original Post


    Asagi Cadwell from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

    Thought I'd include one girl character.

    Some times she speaks are 0:09, 0:37, 0:46, 0:57, and 3:07.

    Original Post


    Part 2 - Click Here

    #LU Wind#Link#Sachi Matsumoto #The Legend of Zelda #Linked Universe #Linked Universe Headcanons #The Wind Waker #Wind Waker#Majora's Mask #Four Swords Adventures #Phantom Hourglass #Legend of Zelda Voice Actors #Legend of Zelda Voices #Linked Universe Voices #Legend of Zelda #LoZ#LU #Linked Universe Headcanon #Skull Kid#Aryll#IYCHLS&S Compilation
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  • corian-and-zelda
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just found out that Wind is technically from Spirit Tracks...

    @bokettochild is he wrong? XD

    #lu wind#linked universe#link#fanart #my stupid art #trash art #thomas the tank engine #crossover #cuz thomas is truly evil #sorry yall i hate him
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  • sailforvalinor
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    LU Boys and Their Fees To Enter the Reaper’s Game

    So I just finished the first World Ends With You game and this idea came to me and I had to run with it:

    (For those who aren’t familiar with the game, the Reaper’s Game requires the player to give up the thing that they value most.)

    Time: Malon, or his boys

    Warriors: His appearance/physical ability

    Twilight: His shadow pendant (LISTEN, I’m prepared to back this up if anyone wants an explanation)

    Sky: Sun

    Legend: His memories of Koholint

    Wild: His memories AND his ability to form new ones

    Hyrule: His magic

    Four: His ability to exist as a single person

    Wind: Aryll and his grandma

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  • twink-between-worlds
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Legend is really good at hugging. Just. A soft boy with really warm and nice hugs. You absolutely need to fight him to get a hug though lmao

    #ravios linked universe tag #linked universe#lu #linked universe legend #lu legend#hylias son #linked universe headcanons #lu headcanon
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  • skellykats
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ok I have a question for a thing I’m making

    Out of the downfall duo when is most likely to make the “I’m in Spain but the S is silent” joke

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  • scarin-aaarin
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the links call Warrs captain, not b/c of their military background/rank, but b/c they’re non-binary and they didn’t know how else to address them like in that meme and b/c I said so

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  • i-am-very-very-shy
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i'm still thinking about this dkfnwhavg

    mage and mini........ y’know what. i'm getting the impression that probably the worst thing for war specifically as cat herder in chief is when mage decides to manifest and deploy his sense of humor.

    like. hm. hold on i'm buffering

    so like mini is a chaotic trash wizard (in a joking sense) and mage is an apparently stoic competent wizard (in the literal sense) and this could very easily be a terrible combo (in the "war trying to exist peacefully" sense).

    like. mage, clocking mini on sight as an inventive raccoon in human form: oh this kid fucking rules. i'm going to enable the hell out of whatever science crimes are in the making here

    everyone else: ok well that's not a duo i would have expected but i guess it's that sort of friendship where you just sit in silence for 10,000 years

    nope (or yes, but not entirely). you fools. you absolute rubes. you can't fathom the reckoning you will soon have to face for your reckless assumptions. that is not a supervised child. that is two insane people about to make a sentient spider train your problem

    like mini and spirit? that makes sense even on the surface. 2 kids who like making stuff. boom. easy. where the fuck does the inscrutable magic man fit into this.

    look. links. pals. you poor silly fellows. i hate to tell you this but mini is a mad genius and mage probably just thinks that's hilarious.

    like. war, trying to pry the spider train off of himself with a stick: where did this thing come from????? how the hell did you guys even make this???????????? is there an eyeball on that train?????????????

    spirit: it's self guided! and it doesn't need tracks so it makes transportation easier!

    mini: nodding sagely

    war: ok but WHY IS IT TRYING TO EAT ME???? why did you give it a mouth????????

    spirit: so it can gather fuel! it was mini's idea :)

    mage, who definitely knew this was going to be a monstrosity that should never see the light of day and immediately helped them make it: i thought it was a clever solution

    war: why??????????

    mage: why do you hate science

    wake, eating popcorn and suddenly aware mage is just messing with all of them: yeah war what do you have against progress

    in conclusion i think the arch nemesis of an experienced soldier man is an enigmatic magic man with a very dry sense of humor and also a raccoon person that cannot be stopped

    closing thoughts:

    war, being handed a present by mini, to mage: this isn't going to just explode on me is it?

    mage, standing a suspiciously safe distance away: no

    war, opening the box, only to have soapy water explode all over him:

    mage: it doesnt just explode onto you. it also gives you a bath

    mini, who figured out mage will literally just help him do whatever, signing: so you can stay clean on the road :)

    what i'm saying is how long would it take for war to realize he's made a terrible misjudgment of character there. i think mage should look at everyone being exceedingly wary/admiring of him and be like. oh. ok. i think i'll cause problems on purpose. as a treat

    #incoherent mumbling#bonus links #this is kind of a story but. not really. #no one is more capable of understanding chaotic children than chaotic adults who can make their vision reality #and vice versa #and also spirit is not blameless here. he was aware of shenanigans BUT it IS a good idea in theory. anything for progress #i was just thinking like. hm. mage's motivations must be like. impenetrable to war huh #fancy man. soldier guy. jumping into the mouth of a momster is not important. a rabbit on the other hand? #that's very important. and then i was like. there is no way a person with those priorities #and who additionally refuses to make those priorities obvious or consistent #is not the biggest troll in the universe #and now we're here #like. is this perhaps a bit of a character stretch? sure. BUT. HOWEVER. wouldn't it be funny #anyway #the bunny comic changed me as a person i think #ok seriously i'm going to disappear into the void again. too much talking........
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  • twink-between-worlds
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago



    #ravio makes icons #ravios linked universe tag #linked universe#lu#lu legend #linked universe legend #lu sky #linked universe sky #lu icon #linked universe icon #hylias son#hylias boyfriend
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  • transzeldas
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Four pen doodle! Ft all the Four sword system identity flags but I have a limited color palette

    #aro ace agender trans and gay if you were wondering what the flags were supposed to be #linked universe#linkeduniverse#rus's arts #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe fanart #lu fanart
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  • bokettochild
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • wutheringmights
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I might possibly need a cute nickname for Mask that isn’t Sprite and I am drawing up a complete blank

    #this is a nonessential character detail that I can cut without ruining anything #but it would also still be nice to give him one #but it can’t be Sprite. I can’t tell you why it can’t be Sprite #but it can’t be #anyway I’ll take any suggestions you have and hopefully someone has a better brain than me #me rambling#lu ctb#linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu#lu time#lu mask
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