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  • seekingseven
    22.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #linkeduniverse#ask games #this was super fun! #thank you anon! #sweet anons
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  • echoing-sounds
    22.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #answered echoes#muffinbuttonfan#lu#linkeduniverse #four leaf clovers & iridescent steel
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  • transzeldas
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy holiday <3 <3 <3

    #i just got home from school and drew this in like an hour so i could post it today #i need to do my homework and work on inktober kgjskfksdj #also Wild's hair is like that bc i hc him as half sheikah and you can't stop me #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe wild #lu wild #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe memes #lu memes #linked universe fanart #lu fanart#rus's arts
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  • leeniidraw
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sky with that hair color ✨✨👌✨

    Divine Twili beast Sky by @ryssbelle

    Also Legend and Twilight hair styles, I really wanted to draw them 💙

    #linkeduniverse#linked universe#lu sky#lu legend#lu twilight #divine twili beast sky #that au chef kiss
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  • skyward-floored
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Whumptober Day 21: That’s where the blood’s supposed to be

    (Bleeding thru the bandages, pressure, blood-matted hair)

    This was originally going to be an entirely different thing with Time and Legend, then I was like “wait. I just did them yesterday. shoot.” So this is what came out instead. Last minute. Aheh.


    Wind shifted uncomfortably on the hard stone floor, wincing as his legs ached. He’d move into a more comfortable position, but there wasn’t a more comfortable position. Just cold hard stone that made him sore no matter how he sat.

    He’d paced around the windowless room at first, poking suspicious corners, kicking bars that looked like they might’ve been loose. But the structure was annoyingly sturdy and it soon became evident there wasn’t any way to slip out.

    So he sat down and played with the edge of his tunic, and tried not to worry.

    He’d been captured by some gangly guys in red suits, and while Wind could certainly handle himself in a fight, he’d been alone and outnumbered. He knew he shouldn’t have wandered away from the group, but Wild has said the ocean was really close and he hadn’t seen it in so long. So he’d slipped away when they made camp, promising himself he just wanted a look.

    ...and got promptly ambushed and dumped in here.

    They hadn’t even done anything to him, just tied him up and put him in a cell. No taunts, no pressing for information, nothing. He’d slipped the ropes hours ago, but nobody had even noticed.

    So he was left to just sit and wait. Which wasn’t one of his strong suits.

    He really hoped the others would come soon. Wind knew he was capable, but he was in an unfamiliar world against unfamiliar enemies, and he had no clue what they wanted. For all he knew they’d just left him here to die.

    He was almost relieved when a clanging noise caught his attention and the door finally opened. One of the bigger red-suited guys came in, closely followed by a more regular one.

    Wind opened his mouth to demand some answers, but gasped instead when he saw what was held limply in their grasp.

    Wild was on his knees being dragged between them, tunic torn and bloody as his hair hung in a messy curtain over his face. He was unconscious, or very close to it, because he didn’t even react when the large man threw him into the cell next to Wind.

    Wind jumped up and ran to his side, trying not to panic at the large amount of red staining his friend’s shirt. “Wild?! Wild are you okay?” He pushed some hair out of his face, and felt his worry grow when the champion didn’t answer.

    Wind glared over at the red suits, balling his fists up. “What did you do to him?!”

    The smaller one laughed, and Wind was sure there were smirking at him from under their weird masks. They didn’t answer him, simply exiting the cell and slamming the door shut behind them.

    Wind could feel his heart start to pound as he took in Wild’s injuries, none of which looked too life-threatening. But there were so many of them. They littered his chest and shoulders, and there were multiple thin slices on his face as well. He’d obviously been hit on the head at one point too, and his usually golden blond hair was matted with drying blood.

    Wind swallowed. There was a lot of blood.

    “Wild?” He asked again, voice shaky. “Can you hear me?”

    The champion let out a faint groan, and his eyes cracked open, thin lines of azure visible.

    “Yeah...” he whispered, and Wind felt his panic abate a little. “glad you’re okay sailor...”

    “Glad I’m okay?!” Wind shouted. “I’m not the one bleeding all over the place! Why did they do this to you Wild? Who even are these guys?!”

    The champion sighed shakily, and Wind felt a pang of guilt for yelling at him. “Sorry,” he said, sitting down on the floor. “How’d you get here? Did you follow me?”

    Wild nodded. “I saw you sneak off... figured you’d... be fine, but when you didn’t come back... I went looking... and the Yiga caught...” he coughed into his arm. “...caught me.”

    He winced and put a hand around his waist, blood pooling under his fingers

    Wind sucked in a short breath, and shrugged out of his blue outer tunic. He pressed it tightly on what looked to be the deepest cuts on Wild’s chest, wincing as the blue started to stain red. Then he carefully lifted the champion’s head into his lap and began picking out some of the dried blood in his hair.

    “The yiga...” Wind mused to himself, trying to keep his mind off all the blood. “Didn’t you and Cap run into one of them one time?”

    Wild hummed in agreement. “Yeah. They’re... out for my blood. Hate the hero. And... royal family.”

    Wind frowned. That would’ve been nice to know before they’d landed in Wild’s time. “So why didn’t they just kill you? Why bother with capture?” Wild let out a short laugh, and Wind noticed a hard light in his eyes.

    “They want to make it last.”

    Wind’s eyes widened, but Wild’s serious expression suddenly changed into a grin. “Doesn’t matter though...” he said smugly. “Twi an’ Four... saw what happened... They’ll be here any time now...”

    Wind brightened up. “That’s great! We just have to hang on until then.” Wild smiled and opened his mouth to say something, but coughed instead. He blinked, and looked down at his stomach. There was a concerning amount of red staining through Wind’s tunic that wasn’t there a moment ago.

    “Huh.” he said hazily. “The yiga... uh... might’ve done too... much...”

    Wild’s eyes began to drift close and Wind felt his earlier panic return full force. “Wild! Wild stay awake, you only have to last a little longer!”

    Wild coughed again, and a thin trail of blood dripped down his chin. Anger burned through Wind’s gut, and he looked over at the bars blocking the door.

    “Hey you yiga creeps!” he yelled. “I thought you wanted him to last! You did too much, come help him!” Wind’s voice echoed in the hallway, but no Yiga came to the cell. The sailor squeezed his eyes shut, hands shaking.

    “He’s dying!” a sob punctuated the last word.

    Wild’s breath was growing thin, and Wind desperately pressed his soaked tunic tighter around him, tears dripping down his nose.

    “Come on champion don’t die, don’t die, the others are coming, don’t die don’t die don’t die-“

    A loud booming noise sounded in the distance, and Wind snapped his head up. Shouts echoed down the hall, and Wind felt hope rise in his chest.

    “Just a little longer Wild... please stay alive,” he pleaded, throat tight.

    Wild didn’t answer.

    #whumptober 2021#day 21 #that’s where the blood’s supposed to be #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu wind#lu wild #writing from the floor #tw blood #this was rather last minute #but I WROTE SOMETHING #AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS #girl help I’ve still got ten of these to write and I’m still sick #uauaugj
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  • tripletreebirb
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Okkkk#Skelly you-- #these three together??? VIBING #i love ur selection #also wanna mention it's ironic that I drew hyrule as a fairy bc I uhh..... I don't like the fairy hyrule hc :/ #But#It fittttttt#linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu hyrule#birbsart#ask
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  • seekingseven
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #linkeduniverse #gosh i have no idea how to tag these #ask games? #hm #thank you for the fun ask tho!!
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  • transzeldas
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ok but does anyone remember how Twilight princess started it's life as a Windwaker sequel??

    Does anyone else think about how this meta fact would apply to Wind and Twi???

    I'm mean they're games were almost sequels so that makes them brothers or something

    Just think about them bonding guys

    Wind: I have questions

    Twi: .... About what?

    Wind: why is your boomerang alive?

    Twi: tbh I have no clue either-

    Even better if like Wind jokingly declares himself Twilight's older brother (in reference to their games) and Twilight like long suffering has to go along with it bc Wind is more stubborn than Legend and Wild combined and he will not be winning that arugment

    Wind: this is my little brother

    Twilight: *sighhhhhhhh*

    Twilight thinks it's cute tho and low key encourages it bc it's nice to see Wind have fun like a kid would

    Wild how ever gets no rights to call Twi his little brother even as a joke, Twi puts a end to that shit so fast

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe incorrect quotes #lu incorrect quotes #linked universe twilight #lu twilight #linked universe wind #lu wind
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  • arsonisticscholar
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So I may or may not have gotten my friend into lu by getting her to simp for Time, but I think it’s gone a bit far….

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  • theladyofrosewater
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Here’s Twilight’s Magical Girl Design! If you could even call it that... I may have leaned too much into Wonder Woman inspo but honestly the other outfits I tried legitimately made him look stupid so this is what ya’ll are getting. Only one more left until I do the group drawing... now how the fuck can I make Time a magical girl

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse#LU Twilight #twilight is a magical girl now #magical girl twilight #LU magical girls #loz #the legend of zelda #theladyofrosewater#art #I know like only half of them have weapons but shhh #coming up with 9 good designs is hard #jojo idk how u did it but good job
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  • knightingale-gnome
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hi! I posted an LU one shot after a year of writing for it! It's about Time and is sad!

    #my writing#linkeduniverse#linked universe#time lu #warriors malon and talon are also there. briefly
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  • transzeldas
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe sky #lu sky #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe time #lu time #linked universe legend #lu legend #linked universe hyrule #lu hyrule #linked universe twilight #lu twilight #linked universe wind #lu wind #linked universe warriors #lu warriors #linked universe wild #lu wild #linked universe memes #lu memes#lu meme #linked universe incorrect quotes #lu incorrect quotes
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  • bokettochild
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #linked universe writers #linkeduniverse#linked universe #asks and answers
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  • linkeduniverse-prompts
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Leg's hair is actually naturally pink, being turned into a rabbit just restores his natural hair color

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  • nimsahara
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Fic update because my brain is semi functional at the moment.

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  • transzeldas
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Wind: Am I right, Four?

    Four: I’m almost certain you’re not, but to be fair, I wasn’t listening.

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe incorrect quotes #lu incorrect quotes #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe wind #lu wind #vio front green co con fnjejd
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  • bokettochild
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    'It'll Be Fun' They Said

    Whumptober Day 12 - Torture/Made to Watch/Begging

    Did all three again, just because I wanted to hurt two boys :) Or is it five? IDK, when counting, does one count Four as 1 or 4? I'm confused....

    Either way, have some more Four whump! And no, this time I don't plan on saying if he's okay >:)


    Shadow missed being able to talk to his brother.


    It was hard to figure it out, they’d all merged together again and he hadn’t been able to pull himself back into their world to ask if they were one or many now. He guessed it was the second option, since they started going by ‘Four’ instead of ‘Link’ and sometimes their eyes flickered different colors when they talked.

    Other heroes had come to their world, come and taken Four with them on a quest where portals give him the briefest chances to reach out for his friend. He does what he can to ease the struggle of portal travel. Vio never took to it after all, and the one time he’d tried carrying his best friend through the shadows with him the poor Hylian had ended up lying on the ground for ages and shivering. He’d moved Vio to sit with his dragon friend in hopes that he would recover, and he had, but they’d never traveled by portal together afterwards, even when they needed to.

    It’s better now, with Vio merged with his brothers again, and Four doesn’t lie still and sick on the ground for hours, but they still don’t ravel well. That’s okay though, because Shadow takes those moments when the veil between their worlds is thin to ease his friends’ pain and make the journey through time and space easier. He knows the tunnels they travel through, it’s a brief stint through the world he’s a part of, and he does all that he can to make it more stable and safer so that when they all tumble into the next time and he’s left watching them as if they’re just outside the glass, Four will stumble and hold their head, but they’ll be awake, aware, and able to fight if they need to.

    The fighting is the part that Shadow hates, because he’s trapped behind the wall between their worlds, and all he can do it watch.

    Even now, as Four rag-rolls across the field, limbs twisting in ways that they shouldn’t as the smithy whimpers in pain, all he can do it tumble along in the reflection of their world, lying still and watching with wide eyes as monsters close in around his best friend.

    Four pulls themself to their feet, eyes flickering blue as they fumble in their bag for another weapon, the Four Sword having tumbled from their hands in their fall and now lying useless on the battlefield where they can’t reach. They aren’t fast enough though, and a blade sweeps down towards them, Shadow’s plea for them to move going unheard as Four’s scream of pain makes the monsters raise their voices in victory.

    Clawed feet reach out to kick at his downed brother, blood pooling across the grass as swirling hazel eyes flickers open and closed, muffled sounds of pain escaping right beside him from his place on the ground, trapped in their shadow and witness to all.

    He wants to surge up, to grown and hiss and extend his claws to rip these monsters to shreds and make them leave Four alone, but he can’t, he’s stuck.

    He can’t do anything when Four staggers up again only to be knocked down by a moblin with a spear, the shaft of the weapon sinking through the smithy’s arm as a tortured cry rises up into the sky.

    He can’t do anything as the heroes shout and push against their own enemies.

    He can’t do anything but watch as lightning ripples over the crowd of monsters and one of ther heroes emerges with flashing silver eyes and a gleaming blade that screams death and destruction as it leaves through the monsters still left standing. Pounding feet rush towards where Four lies, curled in on themselves and crying out in pain.

    All Sadow can do is plead with Lolia and Hylia and all of Four’s goddesses and spirits and with the heroes themselves to make it in time. Even as claws tear across his friends’ body and blood stains the tattered remains of the smithy’s tunic, even as Four’s eyes flutter closed with a sob, even as the smithy falls silent to the blows that tear him slowly apart.

    Feet hurry, shouts are heard, ice and fire dance over the enemies from the rods of one of the heroes while lightning flickers in the gazes and hands of another two. There are shouts, there are screams, there are howls of rage and pain, but all Shadow can do as blood seeps into the ground where his reflection wavers, is plead that Four will be okay.

    Brightness breaks the shadows, and it’s the last thing he knows before he’s faded away as well.

    #whumptober 2021 #idiot writes angst #idiot writes whump #linkeduniverse#linked universe#lu four#lu shadow #sorry that this one is so short :( #It ran itself to its end #I will try and do another one today to make up for it though!
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  • ryssbelle
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #divine twili beast sky #little prince#impossible shadow#lu ghirahim #little prince protection squad lmao #its still in progress #but one day he'll get the protection squad #and he'll get many hugs
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  • ryssbelle
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #divine twili beast sky #little prince#lu wild #im not driving btw #i cant drive lol #i was supposed to take the test but i lost my documents so i gotta do it again #but anyway #there are spells that ignite but his are designed like the fire arrows on botw #that explode in fire #he made it so that any arrow could be a fire arrow #or to just light fires
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  • smilesrobotlover
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Au by @linkeduniverse

    #linkeduniverse#linked universe #I have no context for this #I should start tagging the boys huh #lu time#lu four #I forgot how to draw time HDKSBSKS
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