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  • She’s so pretty

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  • Be Still

    My mama’s wearing purple today

    My papa’s wearing white

    Wear orange-yellow everyday

    Those colours are all mine

    I always hated purple

    I graduated in white

    But the colours were required

    Still, such a sorry sight

    Lioness always repay a debt

    Like an overdue doctor’s bill

    Or boxes of chocolate

    So don’t worry, be still

    ©A.Angeles, 12/07/19

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  • HA!
    Outlines done!

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  • image

    Jazzy skipped to the back to read the sonnets

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  • ⚠️ Lion 🦁 gives his meal to the crocodiles 🐊 📷 @martinbuzora #lion #lioness #crocodile #crocs #zibera #circleoflife #foodchain #wildlife #wildanimals #animals #hunter #hunter #hunting #prey #predator #hunger #hungry #thewild #predatorhunting #jungle #safari #kingofthejungle #wilderness

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  • Lion x Reader

    NSFW Warning.

    I hummed buzzing around my office.

    Was it ideal for me to take a desk job even though I wanted to be an operator? No. Did I still take the offer of joining the r6 club? Yes.

    My job was to gather information our enemies and threats, analyze all the information, make the best plan, and big the best team for it. At least that’s what caught rainbow six’s attention in the first place. I was deployed in Afghanistan. After I got injured in a mission in Kabul they moved me to the computers and realized I knew what I was doing.

    I desperately wanted to be an operator. I was basically like an Anti-Fuze. I had an extensive background in artillery, explosives, and engineering. I had a gadget that I could stick onto walls and had a camera. I could not only watch people but once my enemies came into view, with a press of a button, they had what was basically a High Explosive 155 round compressed into a small size dropping and detonating in the room killing everyone who was there.

    But whatever. If this is the way I can help then okay. I suddenly heard a knock on the door and walked over and saw Doc! I smiled “Hey doc what’s going on?” He shrugged “All of us are going out. I thought I would pull you out of your office!” I chuckled “Alright. Give me like 30 minutes.” He nodded walking off and I closed up my office and quickly walked to my room. I changed out of my uniform and into civilian clothes, and put on a little make up. I grabbed my wallet and such and joined everyone.

    We walked out to our cars, since car pooling was usually the way to go, I opened a car door and frowned seeing Lion there. He looked at me and rolled his eyes making me glare at him. I heard Dokkabie call “Hurry up Jay!” I yelped “Sorry! I’m moving!” I got into the car and sat beside lion. Unfortunately, tachanka was the next to get in so I was smushed up against lion. He glared at me “Can you scoot over?” I glared back “Shut up and stop whining.” You could practically see the lightning exchange between our eyes. Tachanka nudged me “Think I have a chance with taking you home tonight?” I huffed at him “Alex.” He laughed putting his arm around me “You know I’m kidding!!” I laughed back “No your not!” He hugged me “Can you blame me! Your just a cute little thing but fiesty too! Perfect woman for me.” I rolled my eyes blushing but went back to glaring because lion elbowed me while crossing his arms.

    Ugh I hated this man so much. I will always hate him because of the mission back in Kabul. It was his implusivness and arrogance that caused me to get hurt and got me stuck in this dumb desk job.

    I could have forgiven him, if he didn’t blame me for getting hurt. He was a total asshole about the whole thing. Since then we’ve never seen eye to eye on anything and fight more then him and doc do. I’ve sucked punched him on more then one occasion.

    Finally we made it to the bar, I got out and away from Olivier as fast as possible and went back to my happy go lucky mood. I tried to take it slow on drinks but fuze, being one of my best friends, challenged me to a drinking competition and how could I say now. Of course I lost, I got up stumbling slightly and hiccuped “I’m gonna head back to base. Fuck you guys.” The Russians all laughed at me and I made my way through the crowded bar. Suddenly I was grabbed and pushed into the bathroom!!!

    I was too drunk to do anything to this creepy guy who was now feeling me up and kissing my neck. I began trying to push him off of me “Hey! Get off me dude!!!” He pinned my arms back and I growled turning my head away… This fucking sucks. I closed my eyes trying to ignore it when suddenly I felt a jerk and the dude was on the ground groaning in pain. I looked up to see Olivier. He growled “If I catch you doing that again your going to get alot more then a hard shove!” His voice was loud as he told off the dude. I rolled my eyes slightly… Lion. As much as I hated him I had to give credit when it’s due. Olivier was So fucking hot. Everything about him was attractive to me. Even if sober me would never admit it, even his loud, asshole personality was a turn on.

    Ugh, I like buff white boys too much. Lion was suddenly snapping his fingers in front of me “Hey!” I looked at him “Are you okay??” I nodded “I was just heading home.” He huffed “Come on, I’ll go with. The drinks here such.” We both walked out and caught a ride back to base. Once there the walk from the gate to the living quarters was painfully awkward and tense. I opened the door and held it open until he grabbed the door. He went to walk away and I grabbed his hand!

    I mentally screamed at myself for grabbing his hand and holding onto it for so long. I looked up at him to see him staring at me too with an expression of surprise. I yanked my hand away blushing and clearing my throat “I just wanted to say thanks asshole.” He glared at me “You could have left the asshole out of it.” With my drunkness in full swing I glared at him and huffed stepping forward “And you don’t have to glare at me all the time yet here we are.” He stepped forward too getting in my face and looking down at me “Its called staring idiot!!!” I balled my fist up…

    Just kiss him already’

    As soon as the idea came into my head I leaned forward kissing him. To my surprise he followed me rather quickly in returning the kiss. My arms snaked around his neck while his hands roamed to my hips. He picked me up still kiss me and began walking.

    After a moment he threw me off and I landed on a bed. He closed the door and walked up to the bed taking off his clothing. I took mine off and he helped commenting “You’re slow.” I shot a small glare at him and he smirked and continued to kiss me. This was so hot…

    I let a light moan come from me as he slipped two fingers into me and began pumping them. I began to moan and dug my nails into his shoulder. He pulled them out after another moment and pushed himself into me making me lean my head back “Ah, Olivier…” His hips slowly began to move as he watched me making sure I was enjoying what he was giving. He leaned down kissing me again getting faster and pinning my arms down. I was a moaning mess.

    He trailed kisses down my neck and left a hickey on the crook of my neck and shoulder.

    I balled my fist up as I struggled to not squeeze my legs together in pure pleasure “O-Olivier!! I’m about to cum!” He continued moving faster and harder, I suddenly felt him cumming too, but was distracted by my own pleasure….

    Slowly he came to a stop and collasped besides me panting… I was tired now…

    - - - - - - - -

    I groaned as the sunlight blinded me…

    I cracked my eyes open to see I wasn’t in my room. What happened last night?

    My eyes got big as I had flashbacks to last night. I slowly looked down at my waist seeing an arm. I slowly sat up and turned looking down at Lion…

    Fuck…This was not good…

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  • शेर बन शैतान | Lion Become Monster | Cartoon For Kids | Mahacartoon Tv XD

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  • FAQ returns with an answer to the third question of a series of three for our 3V Campaign.  “What constitutes Viability efforts?”  #3VCampaign #Visitor #Veterinary #Viability  #vision #future #protect #endangered  #society #thrive #security #generations #donations #care #support #impact #tiger #lion #leopard #cougar #catlovers #faqfriday #nature #species #bigcats #catsofinstagram #catfacts #wildlife #teamcfar (at Central Florida Animal Reserve)

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  • Does that look like an attempt at Art Nouveau????
    Because that’s what I’m trying to do. Only… more african.
    Had this as a topic in art history today and then I noticed that I never really did something like it. And then I just decided to try it on my lion.

    I’m in the middle of outlining…. but hell am I tired. So I hope I can get that finished tomorrow.

    Anyway I appreciate tips. And if you have a good idea for that…uh… arc(?) on the top? Go ahead.
    For the bottom one I wanted to do a few native patterns with animals (as if drawn with fingerpaint) and so on. I think that’d be nice.

    #wip#lion #i'm constantly listening to Tina Turner singing He lives in you #it's quite mesmerizing? #and inspiring
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