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  • I finally got myself a Tigon, and I’m gonna king him soon!

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  • Dont mess with the King.

    A fierce lion is not the one you want to mess with. Leave the King at peace or you’ll feel his overwhelming power. A new T-shirt design illustration

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  • here, have a swole ass lion man sketch

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    Fuckin rawr XD i guess

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  • by Elizabeth Johnson-Wold

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  • wallpapers • henrik lundqvist + renaissance royalty

    Requested by anon

    Credits of the wallpapers’ elements and style go to their respective owners. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers.

    like & reblog if you use

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  • Lion x OC x doc( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Scandalous!? I know. 😘


    I perked up nervously as I heard gun fire.

    Oof this was unplanned but this was my chance to escape in all the confusion.

    I quickly broke free of the restraints on my wrist and found that they cut my skin. I shrugged off the blood standing up and pulled out a pin I had snatched off the guards. I was beaten and bruised. I had been here for a number of months, I was stripped down to only more compression shorts and a tank top I was wearing at the time of my kidnapping.

    My long brown curly hair was messy and greasy from the lack of showers given to me and my once smooth brown skin now had permanent scars on it. I began to pick the lock and finally got it just as an explosion when off causing me to jump slightly.

    I made my way quickly down the halls like a rabbit that was being hunted. I heard a few gun shots and a loud this as I approached a room. I hid near the wall as I peaked in seeing one of the terrorist standing above a man who I spotted a French flag on his uniform. What were the French doing here??

    I was sweating profusely as I suddenly found myself in a bad situation while looking at the French men, he had his face covered but his eyes were visible and I should see how afraid he was staring down the man who was about to take his life. I noticed him holding his side as well seeing blood…

    I sighed leaning my head against the wall…

    Why do I always want to be the hero?

    With that thought my heart beat felt like it was out of my chest as things went in slow motion. I screamed catching the guys attention and he turned firing his gun right as I tackled him!!! I screamed bringing my fist down on him as hard as I could!!!

    I finally managed to stop seeing him go limp… I looked down at my hands seeing them covered in blood. My clothing was splattered with it too. I looked back seeing that guy I saved staring at me with wide eyes. I began to shake as my eyes widen looking down at my torso… I was bleeding from three different bullet wounds. In all my years, I had never been shot before… I fell over onto the floor. I was grabbed and turned over to see that guy. He shook me “You need to stay awake. Help is on the way!!”

    I grabbed his hand coughing up blood and he squeezed my hand and held me “You’ll be okay, I’m here for you.”

    _ _ _ _

    I felt like I had bags under my eyes. To say I was still tired even just waking up was an understatement… I slowly opened my eyes looking around the room I was in. Slowly I began to move but yelled holding one of my new found bullet holes. I heard foot steps and a male voice hissed “Wait wait!” I stopped moving as a male with black hair and brown skin came over and helped me put the bed up.

    He sighed “You need to be careful, your wounds are still very fresh.” I chuckled slightly “I’m sorry.” He let out a sigh chuckling “My name is Gustave, but you can just call me doc. I’m glad to see your alive. I didn’t expect you to be awake this fast.” I rubbed my heard feeling a blush rising for some reason “Ah, I guess I am rather resilient.” He nodded and began asking my questions and such. He asked “Is there anything else that they did to you of concern?”

    I looked down thinking about how they took an advantage of me… I looked up at him smiling “No, I don’t think so.” He nodded smiling “Good, let me go get you some food.” I nodded and as he walked away my smile slowly faded away. I sighed running both my hands through my hair and onto my face. I suddenly jumped “You already look stressed.” I turned seeing a male with strawberry blonde hair… I raised an eyebrow confused at first but noticed his eyes. It clicked for me and I smiled yelping “You’re the man I helped!!!” A small smile came into his face “You didn’t just help me, you saved my life.” I laughed “Well I’m glad to see you alive.” He pulled a chair up “I should be saying that to you. You’re the one who got shot multiple times and almost died on me. You were squeezing my hand so hard one minute and then almost lifeless while I carried you out to the transportation.” I put my hand on my cheek trying to cool the heat in them “Ah, I’m sorry you had to do that. Especially you yourself being wounded.” He grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles making my face explode “I owed it to you.”

    Pulled my hand away scratching the back of my head trying to hide my very red and hit face looking anywhere but him “Still!” He chuckled “I’m Olivier, or if you feel more comfortable with it, you can also call me lion.” I smiled “I’m Jay. It’s lovely to meet you Olivier.” He was so attractive.

    Did I die or some shit? Because all the people I’ve seen so far, which was doc and olivier, have been super hot!!! Olivier informed about about how it was his teams mission to come and rescue me and bring me to their HQ so that I could potentially be recruited by rainbow six. I hummed thinking “Offer doesnt sound half bad.” I saw doc enter the room who looked happy until he saw Olivier. He gladed “Why are you here?” Olivier rolled his eyes “I’m here to thank the woman who saved my life.” I could practically see the lightning exchange between their eyes…

    Doc huffed “She needs to get rest. It would be best if you leave.” Olivier sighed standing making me frown. He looked at me ignoring doc’s glare. He wrote down a number on a small note pad and handed me the paper, he gave me a charming smile “Text me, I’d like to take you out as thanks for my life.” I began to blush again. He winked at me and walked out shoulder checking doc. Doc huffed and came up to me “You should stay away from that man. He’s nothing but trouble.” I frowned “Really?” Doc nodded “He constantly let’s other people die. While I commend you on your bravery and kindness for saving him, it was wasted on someone like him.”

    Hm, he must really not like olivier… Doc shook his head “Enough if that. You’re a groan woman. I don’t need to pester you like that.” He blushed slightly and I hummed noting how cute he looked. We chit chatted for a while, while he did a physical on me. Doc asked as he finally gave me my food “I’m afraid the food we have in the base is less than desirable.” I shrugged eating it “It’s okay, I’ve eaten my fair share if horrible food.” He hummed “You know… If you want I can take you to a really good restaurant after your cleared. Show you around base a little bit too.”

    I began to blush heavily… Have I really gotta asked out on two dates after meeting two really hot men??? I must be dreaming!

    #rainbow six siege #rainbow six siege x reader #Doc#lion
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  • Today’s anime cat of the day is:

    Agyo from One Piece!

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  • More OCs:

    Rosa Amaranth the clouded leopard

    Hunter Pantone the king cheetah

    Scarlet Firestorm the lioness

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  • Choáng vàng Cú đá thần chết Liệu có đoạt mạng được vua sư tử không ?? Bả…

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  • I have enough renouns to unlock another operator but I don’t know who. I’m stuck between these few.

    • Hibana
    • Jackal
    • Lion
    • Frost
    • Mira
    • Ela
    • Alibi
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  • If you are an animal, which among these animals would you be and why?

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