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    Armoring Up

    Based on @cacodaemonia‘s art of Wooley here. Slasher is @alamogirl80‘s sweet medic oc that I adore. I hope you both like it
    This is vaguely (hand-wavily) placed in The Reconstruction Corps AU but also has a sprinkling of my own au in it. Like Wooley’s backstory and his batchmates (there are 10 of them split into two squads of five).
    For reference, I took Wooley’s backstory of being a POW and made it a bit hurtier and make more sense in my mind with his presence in canon. Wooley and his squad were assigned to a different battalion than the 212th under Commander Rill and General Tamor (both of whom are my ocs). Tamor was killed in the battle, and Commander Rill, along with about fifty of his men, were captured. The Separatist General used Rill’s men (including Wooley and his squad) to try to coax Rill into giving away GAR intel and then selling the survivors to Trandoshans. They believe Rill was killed. Wooley, Cyan, and six others were the only ones to be rescued by the 212th and eventually joined Ghost Company.
    Also, this scene might actually end up being a part of my longfic if I end up liking it and it fits.
    I wrote most of this late at night, so if it doesn’t make sense, let me know 😅

    Wooley strapped on each piece of armor, making sure the mag-seals all connected correctly without any risk of coming undone. It was a ritual every clone had learned to do at a young age, only now he had more pieces to put on. ARC armor was heavier than regular infantry armor, and it showed. Especially with the kama and the shoulder guards. There was also the added weight of knowing that more lives relied on him to come up with plans on the spot and get everyone out of danger. Or as many as he possibly could. That was one of the lessons he’d learned during ARC training: you can’t save everyone, no matter how much you wish you could.

    This particular armoring was different though. This one was special in the same way that armoring up in his whites for the first time was special and the way that painting his armor for the first time was special.

    After failing to complete ARC training the first time and having to relive some of his worst memories the second time, Wooley knew he’d earned both his armor and the jaig eyes painted on the chest-piece.

    The door opened and Cyan entered the room. The last member of Green Squad besides Wooley himself.

    “If you stand around preening any more, your bucket won’t fit on your head,” Cyan sniped.

    Wooley sighed. Cyan hadn’t forgiven him for accepting the promotion to ARC. He’d become overprotective from the moment that their other three squad members had been taken from them and likely sold to the Trandoshans for their awful hunting arenas. Wooley didn’t like to think of what had happened to them after that. It hurt too much.

    “Cyan . .  “ Wooley started, but Cyan interrupted him with a shake of his head.

    “Commander Cody told me to tell you that there’s a briefing on the bridge in twenty. He wants you there a few minutes early.”

    Before Wooley had even opened his mouth to acknowledge the message, Cyan was gone, the door swishing shut behind him and leaving Wooley alone to his thoughts.

    He understood the reason why Cyan was upset, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less. ARCs were sent on dangerous missions, usually with only a squad or another ARC as backup. He was trained for this, but that training was hard-earned.

    The first time he’d gone to ARC training, Wooley had nearly made it all the way through before they’d reached the training for Protocol When Captured by Enemy Combatants.

    "As ARC troopers, you will regularly be working with Generals and Commanders on highly classified missions. You will know information that the Separatists will want, no matter what. My job is to make sure you won't break if you get captured. Who can tell me what kind of methods they might use to try to get classified information from you?" Alpha-17 asked as he stood in front of Wooley’s fellow trainees.

    The standard responses were immediately thrown out as well as some more bizarre ones that were technically possible but definitely unlikely in an actual situation. Starvation, dehydration, extreme temperatures, pain, isolation and more.

    17 nodded as the answers began to trickle to a stop. Wooley barely noticed over the roar in his ears and the memories that flashed through his mind. None of these ARC candidates really understood what it was like to be captured by the Separatists. They didn’t understand their cruelty. Or the pain they caused.

    Wooley usually asked questions and provided thoughtful, detailed answers to any questions that 17 might toss out. Today, he was silent. Until now.

    Wooley took a small step forward and a deep breath.

    "They'll use your brothers against you," Wooley said, clear and loud enough for everyone to hear. There was a stiff sharpness from the way he was desperately clinging to every ounce of his control. "Everything that might be done to you will be done to them but worse. Not even your death will spare them. The Separatists will use every resource available to them to pry the information out of you. They will do everything to you."

    17 had called Cody to get the full story and 17, Cody, the 212th CMO, and Wooley all agreed that he would return to the 212th for a while. He had the makings of a great ARC candidate, 17 had said, but Wooley had needed to heal a bit first. He’d eventually gone back and completed the full ARC training program with a lot of support from his fellow ARC candidates and even 17 himself.

    The armor was special. He’d earned it, and it was the first time he would be wearing said armor with the 212th. Wooley grabbed his spare power packs for his blasters and stared at them for a minute, thinking. Remembering.

    The door slid open again, and Wooley looked up, hoping that Cyan wasn’t back to potentially start another fight. All of the tension bled out of his shoulders when he saw Slasher in the doorway, a look of concern in his eyes.

    “I just passed Cyan. Are you okay?” Slasher asked.

    Wooley shrugged. He knew he and Cyan needed to have a conversation at some point and work out the differences between them. Wooley knew it was all due to his brother’s overprotectiveness since he was older than Wooley and they’d already lost Talla, Kita, and Maie.

    “I’m okay. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me for becoming an ARC and putting myself in danger. Although I think he’s mostly angry at Commander Cody now,” Wooley said as he slid the spare power pack into the correct pouch. He dropped his eyes away from Slasher and fiddled with his glove, even though he’d put it on a couple of minutes ago and it was perfect already.

    “For what it’s worth, I think you’re going to do some pretty great things as an ARC. You’ve survived so much already, and I know that you’re going to do amazing,” Slasher said, walking over to pull Wooley into a proper hug.

    Wooley leaned gratefully into his friend’s warmth and support. His eyes slid shut and he wrapped his own arms around Slasher, sinking into the offered comfort. Slasher always gave the best hugs, and Wooley was not shy about taking advantage of that particular talent.

    “And the armor is pretty badass,” Slasher added.

    With a snort and a chuckle, Wooley stepped back and turned to finish putting on his armor, Slasher stepping forward to help. “Apparently I’m needed on the bridge. I’ll see you later?” he said as he tucked his bucket under his arm.

    “Always,” Slasher replied and knocked his vambrace against Wooley’s. “Go show off your new armor, Wooley. I know you’ve been eager to this whole time.”

    Wooley grinned and tossed a casual salute towards Slasher before striding out into the corridor. He had earned the armor twice over. He absolutely deserved to show it off.

    taglist: @justasigh37

    #arc trooper wooley #slasher (alamogirl's oc) #clone medic slasher #pre slasher/wooley #maybe? #up for interpretation #crimson batch#green squad#wooley's batch #references to wooley's past #not inherently angsty #but a little bit of it thrown in #clone trooper oc #clone trooper cyan #slasher gives the best hugs #wooley gives the best cuddles #no you can't change my mind #i hope you like it?
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    maybe i get to be a little selfish and horrible. as a treat.

    #i’ve been goody two-shoes never prioritizing myself for 24 years #maybe now i can be like Fuck All That and get a little egocentric. who cares. i don’t. exactly.
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    ok ACTUALLY saying goodnight now because im a sick and twisted individual who cannot stop thinking abt bdubs n etho. i am like a bug stuck in a little plastic cup but the cup is the ethubs session 5 videos. god!!! god help me!! im fucking stuck!!!! oh my god!!!!

    #anyways. this deranged little wizard is going 2 bed. byebye #will continue 2 think about the two of them for awhile as well. #ok and a certain art piece has been literally looping ''therefore you and me'' i'm going INSANE i tell u. buckwild. these 2? im sick of them #GRABS THEM. SQUISHES THEM LIKE SQUEAKY TOYS. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ok no it's getting close to 2am i really have to go to bed i have SO much work tomorrow . yells!! screams!! #delete later
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    anyway as a public service announcement to the mice living in my home with me; if you would stop shitting everywhere I would probably be like litterally feeding you

    this could be a beautiful relationship if you could just like learn to bathe and fashion little mouse toilets

    you’d get tortilla chips and I’d get a swarm of rodents

    #bats speaks #I keep movin food out of their reach but they keep finding more #resourceful little beasts
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    #ask#mlb #look. this show is.... a lot adsljdsa #there is SO MUCH #and yet so little. it's empty calories to me #i love it i hate it I'm currently going insane #I JUST FEEL THAT THERE'S SO MUCH POTENTIAL #BUT THEY KEEP A D D I N G SHIT WITHOUT BUILD UP AND ABANDONING THE OLD STUFF #ugh and the characters...... the only ones i find myself fully liking are alya and luka #2 girl bosses in total #which is unfortunate cus mari could be so great but. MAN. #i could rant for HOURS but in conclusion: #i watched this show the second it aired and never recovered from the consequences
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    Guess who’s getting their first onesie for Christmas!? Yep! It’s me! :D >u< ,, I’m just so excited! :( ,, i wanted onesie for so long!! 🥺💗💗

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    #she's pretty fat lol #like she was 52-55 last i weighed her #chunky little gal #fudge the crested gecko #ash's pets
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    #asks #a nonnie mouse #idk why i refer to my brain as mister #he's just a guy #a little high dude
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    #okay i may be crying a little bc i just read han's lyrics in alien #😔 #whatever it was he was feeling when he wrote it i hope he doesn't feel like that anymore #baby 😭😭😭😭
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    Me reading 2 webtoons at work because there's literally nothing to do 🧍‍♀️

    #luca rambles #i read the little trashmaid and reread reipham and im gonna reread city of blank lol
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    Turn Your Ghosts Into Mine 

    “He shall have eyes the color of stars”...“He shall smell like the ocean in winter and revel in the night. He will be funny and he will love me the moment he sees me.”
    “Amas Veritas,” Nesta reminded Feyre, naming their spell. “You’re not creating a man, you’re summoning true love.”
    Feyre giggled again. “Same thing, Nes.”
    Nesta looked at Elain, who reached for orange magnolias. She wanted to take it seriously. “He’ll hear my call a mile away. He can flip pancakes in the air. He’ll have molten colored hair and one brown eye, one gold. He’ll be marvelously kind and he will whistle my favorite song.”
    Elain and Feyre both turned to Nesta who sighed softly and took a blood red gladiola. “He’ll be strong and disciplined…his hair will be black and it will be long. He’ll know how to use a sword…he’ll know me on sight.”
    “None of these men exist,” Feyre whispered as they crept into the night, their sleep dresses fluttering around their legs.
    “That’s the whole point,” Nesta replied with exasperation. “If they don’t exist, we can’t fall in love, and if we can’t fall in love, we can’t get hurt.”

    By @separatist-apologist​ & @highladydawn​ ☽ 🌕 ☾  Read it Here

    #elucien#nessian#feysand#acotar #I just wanted to make this little edit #because i love this story #all of its images and sweet moments #and the friend i wrote it with #today's a good day to start reading because we start meeting #The boys (TM)
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    i want to write a donna beneviento fic

    #now that the re8 hype has calmed down a little #just a lil character study bc i love our bb dollmaker sm #starting to feel more and more like my donna beneviento pinterest board isn't enough aaaah
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    gar being the only titan that pretty much all the other titans get along with even when they don’t get along with each other is middle child culture

    #𝐯⠀:⠀»⠀⠀i can help you ⸗ it’s how i help myself⠀╱⠀𝐠𝐚𝐫 #u can fit so much projection in this green dude #like? he has a unique AND positive dynamic with pretty much every character? #i guess we don't see him interact with dawn or donna in a one on one way #but they're honestly the exception? #he clearly has a special dynamic with rachel from day 1 and is the key to reaching her in the season 1 finale #he and kori were finally given some connection this season but even before that they gave enough to leave an impression #at least in my brain <3 #kori's the one person he opened up to about killing that scientist in the asylum so recently after it happened #his capacity for patience is not of this world by season 3 when he tries to help kori stop shooting fire at his head hdhds #and he sticks it out and stays with her!! even after letting himself snap and be tired of everyone's shit #he was like the second person to bond with konner ever even if season 3... did what they did :( #i was gonna say he and dick are a little less explored and like they are. but the little that is there is so. #gar being the only person to stay with dick after jericho? i'm still thinking abt it #and gar basically does the same thing w jason in season 3 to an even more drastic extent #but even back in season 2 they establish gar as one of the only people who's on neutral to positive standing with jason #even when literally no one else is #they even have gar bond with HANK in season 3 #like that scene feels so disconnected from everything else but in a good way #they didn't need to have gar come in and hang out with hank as he lies there with a bomb in his chest but they did #and they have them make each other laugh and it's really sweet #IDK!! #it leads to such a unique kind of parentification to be the only one bridging the gap between others in trying times #like nobody in the titans are his parents or even an equivalent in his mind i don't think but idk what else to call it than parentification #because even if nobody's his parent there's still a hiarchy of leader and follower and it has a similar effect i think #idk i'm waffling but i am simply thinking about it at all times
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    Deny yourself. Scroll through Tumblr while you just hump the air. Don’t touch yourself, don’t hump on an object. Just get yourself all worked up refusing pleasure. See how long you can last till you fall apart. Till your mind goes numb and you’re too much of a dumb slut to do anything else besides deny yourself. Come on, move your hand away.

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    Want to write an essay about how the Watsonian and Doyleist critiques of Batman don't exist independent of one another. But not enough spoons.

    #tl;dr: you can't divorce the character from its classist roots and libertarian retooling #and the fact that the bat mythos is inherently right-wing copaganda #no amount of left wing writers and fans can dislodge that #any story where the focus is on crime and criminals as a disease on society #rather than the result of its failure #is one that made to impress the necessity of law and order #rather than the left wing ideals of co-operation and social security and rehabilitation #this is not the little guy keeping his neighbourhood safe as best he can #this is the saviour prince #who is then kept from fulfilling the archetype by actually saving anything #so the whole universe and its rules are wrapped in apologia both for saviourism AND its abject failure #which just doesn't make for any kind of good story #the character of batman distorts both the Watsonian and Doyleist universes to justify its existence #i really need to stop this tag talking thing #anti batman #anti bruce wayne #bat meta#meta analysis#spite waffle
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    crying and sobbing and fucking emails that never end im going to scream

    #lulu.txt #AAAGHHHHHHHH #okay 🤗 i rly hope this works out......this teacher is so nice im sorry sir i forgot to check my email for two days (weekend) o(-< #shaking like a little dog right meow
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    Just got my second Covid shot!! Hope my arm doesn't hurt as much as last time ^^"

    También ya empezé con el pre del traductorado,el tema es que no estoy haciendo un preuniversitario estoy haciendo un pre para el preuniversitario

    #aaaaa last time I thought that my arm would fall off #the PFizer - BioNTech experience #Now that we don't have much left to finish school my teachers are giving us so much hw...I'm kinda stressed #my violin teacher also wants to do something for this year's end. a little concert :) #talking about doing something before school ends #I go to a school that has a bachelor in arts #and our final project will be doing a presentation in a museum #we (the students) will do everything #The planning. The paintings. The script
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    Today's sketches are of Snufkin and sniff from the story 'cedric' from tales from moominvalley and Little my seems to be leading moomin somewhere..

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