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  • soilsolace
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I didn't realize the saddest part of Violet Jessop's memoir wasn't going to be about her at all. And that says a lot cause she was a regular visitor to hell.

    #(nurse/stewardess who survived titanic and brittanic sinkings) #chapter 32 the jinrikisha man will destroy you #im so happy that he is at least memorialized somewhat through this book #i wish i could see a picture of him and his Little Lotus Flower
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  • euesworld
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    "The odds and ends of my soul looks like little flowers, they are as beautiful as your eyes cause they are a reflection of your gorgeous smile reflecting in my heartbeat.."

    The flowers are almost gone, this is what I saw on my walk today and of course, I thought of your lovely smile - eUë

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  • selvaggea
    17.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Morning clouds, midday clouds, evening clouds.

    They always change and always still remain the same.

    Morning hill, midday yellow, evening church.

    My thougts are never the same, they follow clouds in the sky.

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  • sonperior
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i have officially used up all 7 pet slots by creating this beauty yesterday so I am ONCE AGAIN ASKING TNT TO RELEASE THE 3 MORE FREE PET SLOTS FOR PREMIUM USERS

    #neopets#neotag #srry for doubletagging i just love her so much #this custom is all NP and cost 1.3 mil and literally 1.15 mil of that was a Mystisl PB to get that little fucking hair flower #AMAZING #honestly feel like i have the best customs i am the donald trump of customs they are the best maybe of all time #her name is Samsanthea #dont doxx me lmao
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  • scholarlybreadbun
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Prompt #13 Oneirophrenia

    Lord Elune,

    I’m not sure what to write here actually. I was told though, that writing out one's feelings in a letter, even should the intended recipient never receive it, was a good practice for one’s mind.

    Honestly, I keep thinking over in my mind what I would say to you should I get the chance to see you face to face again. Are you well where you are right now? Are you safe? 

    Do you ever think of me? I know that is a selfish thought to have. I think I am simply looking for reassurance that my time spent with you and your household meant something. In recent moons I chanced to meet a man that claims to have been your friend. He made no mention of you to me, but I have seen your rapier aboard his ship. Something has happened to you yet no one speaks of it to me. It is frustrating. I just wish to know where you are! 

    Shiro, did I mean anything to you? Was it all a dream? Did I simply make it all up in my head? I cling to those happy memories you know. Mayhap more than I should. But lately I have grown afraid. Something is coming, darkness. I can feel it. I fear my end is drawing near and if it is, I wish for my miserable life to have meant something to someone. More than just a tool of destruction. Even if it was a flight of fancy that I had made up in my mind, should the talk of the star’s end come true, I would rather depart this realm believing that my existence brought joy to your life.

    Please be safe, wherever you are,

    Your dearest Flower.


    #ffxivwrite2021#ffxivwrite #i am feeling a little better today and got a bit of inspiration so I am slowly playing catchup #even if i have to do it out of order i will try and get there! #flower meeps #lord shiro elune
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  • floweytheflower-of-deltarune
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    FINALLY Someone Besides Myself (And A Few Other Fans) Stands UP For Steven!

    first I want to say that I have decided while I’m talking

    my words will be like this.....but when Flowey is talking it be like

    This, This Is ME talking.

    (Note: of course having Flowey being my Co-Writing with this is for fun too but also talks about something serious too.)

    so yeah, so we are gonna share thoughts about the whole Steven Universe Future being hated by some fans, but they don’t have to like it and no one should force them to. 

    but this video right here

    I had just watched this for the first time today, and I think I will watch part 1 sometime when I can.

    but the video is by KiwiQueen 13 over on Youtube.

    I'm not sure if they have a tumblr here

    BUT here is the name of  the video that has clips of the first series of Steven Universe (with some clips of Steven Universe Future too.)

    Scenes That Hit Different After SU: Future.

    you realize while watching the video that show clips of Steven’s childhood

    that the problem that happens in Steven Universe Future,


    yes there were some good positive sides on how Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst brought him up....but there were obviously some bad sides too.

    like it turning out it wasn’t just Greg who neglected Steven.

    Amethyst isn’t really like the “Mom” but just seems more like the Older Sister to Steven, who at first started out not being the very comforting type....

    like when it shows in the video that she didn’t comfort him when he needed it when he was scared and thought gem-monsters would attack him while he is trying to sleep.  

    but over time she did start to be more comforting to him,

    and we could see their fusion Smokey Quartz as a Platonic Fusion.

    same with his fusions with his Dad, Pearl and Garnet...

    or like when it’s just Him, Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl fused as Obsidian.

     the only fusion that Steven had that was NOT just Platonic Love,

    was when he fused with Connie and became Stevonnie.  

    plus after watching that video, I can see that Connie was in the wrong with how she acted when Steven came home after the trauma he went through with his “Aunts” and with the whole Lars dying and being brought back to life.

    even if Steven did act like he was okay and everything was fine,

    it wasn’t and it wasn’t fair of Connie to act the way she did....even if she does have a right to her feelings and expressing them.

    but she couldn’t see that Steven was hurting and was trying to act like EVERYTHING was fine.

    trying to act like everything is fine when it isn’t, can do more harm than good.

    instead of asking Steven if he truly was okay, and instead of seeing through his act, she instead took Lion and left.

    yes it is good that they ended up making up, but it might not of been 100% the right way....Steven went on a guilt trip and had been waiting for her call and everyone thought it was just the experience he had when he was taken by Homeworld.

    if you do watch the video, you will have to pause most of it to read what was wrote that points out some very important stuff.

    like the fact that Steven’s Dad and Future Girlfriend were being insensitive by excluding him from the Humans Clubs....

    correct, but even if they did do that. they might of not realized how it would effect how Steven would view himself.

    like if your Mom makes you feel like your so easy to replace.

     this isn’t really about Toriel (from Undertale)

    but I get her actions can be questionable.

    but even if Toriel did have her moments where she couldn’t see how bad her ex-husband was hurting, and he might of not truly meant the things he said and was just so angry and sad after what happen to their son and adoptive child.

    but the one who might take the rank of worse Mother,

    would have to be Rose....

    not just to Steven, but also to Spinel too.

    yes Rose was doing the whole rebellion thing to save the life that was already living and growing on Earth.

    but we have to remember that she wasn’t always going to do that,

    not until both Pearl and herself took the walk outside of the Moon Base,

    to check out her colony more closely. 

    in a way, Rose....back then as “Pink Diamond” and was poofed and then permanently reformed as “Rose Quartz” and it no longer was a disguise.

    that time when she realized what was happening,

    and wanted to stop it, that was part of her redemption.

    yes most of her life as Pink Diamond, she did do some good.

    like treating other gems more than just servants and actually treating them equally.

    but we have to remember that Pink did have her bad moments too.

    and she had destructive powers, and when she wasn’t being unfairly punished by being placed in that tower.

    the other times the punishments were justified.

    the reason why Homeworld is Broken, like something cracked it.

    that was obviously Pink who did that, which might of been from one of her biggest and most dangerous tantrums of all time.

    and when Yellow & Blue told her NO, when she asked for a colony....

    of course she would still be upset about it....

    but when she went to White, we all know how that turned out....

    Homeworld might of started to be in it’s current broken form

    after Pink got upset when White told her No.

    and it was around the same time when Pink Pearl aka Volleyball

    but I’m just gonna call her “Lily”, same with me wanting to call Yellow Pearl "Tulip" and Blue Pearl "Violet"  

    but yeah, Lily got hurt....really badly.

    not just her form but also it caused her trauma and she tried to justify Pink’s actions, saying she didn’t mean to.

    but that might only be partly true...

    we know that Pink/Rose was both good and bad.

    and we know that her actions, as well as Greg, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst’s actions....had harmed Steven during the start of the series BEFORE Steven Universe Future.

    Steven believed that it was his fault that Ruby and Sapphire had split.

    you know, un-fused  from Garnet.

    but it was never Steven who caused this....

    it was his Mom, Rose who caused it.

    the first time it happen, Ruby and Sapphire did end up making up.

    but only when they started to see how bad it was effecting Steven.

    when Parents fight, they don’t know how bad it can effect their child and it might be possible it can make them believe it is them that is the cause of the fighting.

    I don’t like it when Ruby and Sapphire are called “Children”

    when really they are full grown Gem-Adults and are Married.

    I know that some fans do make that mistake at times....but maybe have learned from it.

    in a way, Ruby and Sapphire both are Steven’s Moms.

    even if he wasn’t born from their gems, they and Garnet

    formed a Mother/Son Bond with him and even if she did make some mistakes in the past, she does try her best to be there for him and was there when Steven needed to be shown he wasn’t a Monster and those who love him are sorry for putting him through such a ordeal.

    yes Connie was the first to point this out to Greg and every other gem who was present.

    but maybe the reason why she finally realized what Steven needed right now,

    was because of what happen in the past when he came back from homeworld after being taken and how she acted when he got back, was wrong.

    yes she had a right to be upset, but she couldn’t see that he was already hurting and was just trying to act like everything was fine.

    the violence and let’s say semi-neglect, that became normalized to Steven.

    so much so, when he got older and the negativity became too much,

    he had his Pink Out Bursts.

    because of how things were in Steven Universe Future,

    most fans just gave up watching it.

    but they don’t have to start watching it, because that is their choice.

    but those who have stuck through all the episodes of Steven Universe Future.

    can see that what Steven was going through, was the negative stuff breaking through.

    he realized what his Dad did and didn’t do, was wrong.

    and I know that some fans started to realize that too.

    it was wrong for Greg to not take Steven’s human half into account.

    that Greg could of used the Money from the car wash

    to pay for Steven’s schooling, like either having him go to school

    or get a tutor to teach him at home.

    as well as going to the doctor.

    but if he didn’t make enough money from the car wash,

    he could of did all that when Sourcream’s Bio-Dad came to give him the money he owed him.

    but instead of using the money for helping Steven a tutor or for a doctor.

    Greg just “treats himself” while still treating his son and Pearl.

    even if the episode was still good and it had Greg and Pearl bond.

    it can show that what was going on with Greg’s spending the money for just fun, wasn’t right.

    yeah you can do that too, but what Greg didn’t do with the money wasn’t right.

    Steven was semi-neglected and I don’t think I am the only fan of the show that has come to this realization.

    yes some fans have pointed out how Steven was acting in Steven Universe Future was terrible.

    but like how that video points out, it all started in the very beginning before Steven Universe Future.

    it might be possible through Steven’s life he never fully realized that he was in fact being semi-neglected by not just his own Dad, but by Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst as well.

    it might be possible to go throughout your whole life without realizing you have been semi-neglected.

    even if you are taken care of, like given food and a home by those who brought you into this world.

    there can be different ways you can end up finding out you have been semi-neglected throughout your childhood, even if the ones responsible might of not mean to do that.

      like with my parents....or rather, Asriel’s parents....

    I know I am still TECHNICALLY him, but at the same time I’m not.

    I’m like.......half of his components. I don’t have his soul, that makes up the very core of his heart.....I only have his memories, which weren’t even mine to begin with.....it’s like part of me is Asriel, while the other part is just Flowey....it’s like-

    fusion, yeah I think so too.

    this might be a crazy theory, but what if it turned out the tapes that we find in the True Lab hint something.

    like what if Papyrus calling Toriel, Asgore’s Clone was true.

    and there might be more to the story of the past than we know.

    and the Toriel in Deltarune might really be from Undertale Timeline,

    and the Toriel who we meet in the start of the Undertale Game,

    is really a Clone of Asgore, who was recreated to look a little like his first wife who took their son Asriel to the other world.

    this was thanks to Gaster’s machine, it might be possible that Asgore and Toriel did originally come from the Deltarune Timeline.

    and went with Gaster to the Undertale Timeline.

    and Asriel was born in the Deltarune Timeline.

    and at some point in time after Asgore’s Clone Wife Left him....

    his original wife, the Original Toriel, came back for him because she missed him and wanted to try to make things work.

    this would then have Asgore have the current Royal Scientist

    to create another clone, but this time one that looks 100% like him

    and would be the King in his place, while he returns to his original home world with his wife.

    yeah at first I wanted to talk about Steven Universe, and how I’m happy that someone else had pointed out the obvious about why Steven ends up acting the way he does in Steven Universe Future.

    I also want to say, that I’m not sure if it’s just me...

    but while re-watching the playthrough trailer for Chapter 2 of Deltarune.

    I notice that Toriel looks like a off-white purple type color.

    like her fur not seeming as white as it appears in Undertale.

    but it just seem like a off-white purple when she entered Kris’s room (well Asriel & Kris’s Room)

    I don’t know if the same will be for Asgore in the game,

    that his fur might appear a off-white type of color too.

    like one it could turn out to be a off-white to yellow or maybe orange...?

    I don’t know, but if it stays just white it could hint that the Toriel from Undertale could really be Asgore’s Clone, well maybe.

    I mean it turn out the Pie theory was canon.

    if you seen that animation on youtube, where Kris said they were gonna eat the whole pie, and then see the trailer for Chapter 2.

    you will be happy as I and others, to find out that the Pie Is Canon.

    it might be possible that Sans and his brother, are from a Geno-Timeline of Undertale, where it never got a Pacifist or Neutral Run.

    and after fixing the machine (that was never meant to be fixed in the first place)

    Sans took his brother and anyone else who survived, and left their home alternate universe to go live at the Deltarune Timeline.

    while another version of Sans, while at times goes through the Geno Routes,

    also went through Pacifist and Neutral Routes.

    and never truly went through just the infinity Genocide Runs like the Deltarune-Sans did before moving himself and his brother to the Deltarune Universe.

    the Sans that moved to the Deltarune Universe, is perhaps a version that NEVER met Toriel, or at least the Original Her.

    he met the Clone, and even befriended the Clone.

    but him befriending Kris’s Mom, was the first they ever met.

    to some fans, Sans fell in love with Asgore’s Clone who was named after the True-Toriel.

    it might be possible that the Asriel that died in the Undertale Timeline,

    was a defective clone that Gaster created for the two clones,

    who at first couldn’t have children at first.

    Gaster perhaps went to the Deltarune Timeline,

    and got a piece of Asriel’s fur and went back to the Undertale Timeline

    to make the Clone-King & Queen a biological child.

    at some point when hearing about Kris,

    and seeing how the young Prince was becoming lonely.

    Gaster created a Clone of Kris, who would later be named “Frisk”

    Gaster then had the human child fall to the underground,

    where the Clone-Asriel would then meet them.

    this could of been how the original timeline went,

    at least until Chara came into the picture.

    Chara, might turn out to be the Player inside the game.

    when the Players, finish killing everyone in the Underground.

    we end up meeting Chara or whoever we name them

    if we don’t use the default name.

    we think where we are meeting Chara is a empty dark void.

    but it turns out, where we are really meeting them.

    might really be inside Frisk’s Head.

    there can be different theories about who both Frisk and Chara truly are.

    like for one, it could of been those two that Gaster was speaking to,

    and not Sans and Papyrus. or Sans and Alphys.

    the red soul that powers the True Lab, might be the soul of the Original Human Child that fell into the Underground, and when Asriel (who was originally born in Deltarune) was living in Undertale until moving back to Deltarune.

    that human child is who he befriends, and those memories are then carried by the Clone-Asriel, and can be tampered with if we rename them.

    it might be possible that Asriel and “Chara” didn’t make it too far,

    and could of ended up not going through the barrier.

    because Clone-Asriel was a unstable clone, he died before even leaving with Chara’s Soul.

    it might be possible that everyone’s memories in the Undertale World,

    was rewritten by Gaster.

    making it so that no one finds out that the Dreemurr Family that was acting rulers, were really clones of the ones who left to go back to their original world.

    the Red Soul that was place in Kris’s body, might really be Chara.

    and it could turn out that Frisk isn’t a clone of Kris, but could still hold a dark side that ended up corrupting Chara.

    in a way, we the Players are Chara too, but at the same time we aren’t.

    when Kris throws the red soul in that birdcage, we can still move around....

    but only the red soul and not Kris.

    this means that the Red Soul (which the trait of is Unknown, and the Determination is only Fanon.)

    was us the players the whole time, or at least Chara.

    it is possible that Frisk in the Canon and in the Fanon, can be really different from each other.

    one, Frisk in most of the Fanon, comes off not just flirty but also a good friend and loving child of Undertale-Toriel.

    on the other if we think about it, without us the players and Chara,

    Frisk in the Canon of Undertale, is just soulless.

    Frisk might of been one of the discarded vessels, like what happens in Deltarune.

    I mean that is a possibility.

    so if that is true, that would mean that the Frisk that the monsters in the Underground befriend, is really the Player and Chara.

    there might be a reason why we are able to name the fallen child from the start of the game, but it turning out we aren’t naming Frisk, we are naming Chara.

    Chara is the true hero of the story, the one who truly befriends the Monsters in the Underground.

    and it is us the players who help on the outside, who can end up corrupting Chara and even end up letting Frisk get more control with each LV we get.

    we can see it like this, when Chara is in full control of Frisk’s body.

    they can choose not to kill and choose not to let Frisk take over.

    Chara could end up living as “Frisk” if they choose to let everyone be happy on the surface.

    even though some of the theories I had talked about that involves Undertale and Deltarune might be wrong.

    but at least the whole Pie theory turned out to be canon in Deltarune.

    also if you go to the Deltarune.com

    and see the countdown until Chapter 2.

    you can see that the numbers are shaking.

    here is the site


    I’m keeping the tab up and have been keeping it up since last night.

    it wont be until tonight, but it will be worth it in the end.

    this will be one of the good things to happen this year.

    cause ya know with what happen with FNAF....and the two faced humans that Scott trusted with his money, and if he had known that they weren’t as they seemed, I don’t think he would of done it and yet he did get hurt by not just them....but also some journalist who twisted everything.

    but I hope the ones who had a hand in making that FNAF Help Wanted,

    will be FNAF’s new adoptive owners.

    and I think I want to try to keep a eye out on any new news about the FNAF Security Breach.

    hopefully it is true that it will still come out.

    even after that hot mess.

    well we do need some good news in our lives.

    and Chapter 2 of Deltarune is the Hero of good news.

    it be nice if the fan game that is a AU of a AU

    was canon, or maybe like Semi-Canon that takes place in a different timeline to the main one.

    I love playing Five Nights Of Flirting, and it took me a few tries to finally romance Chris, cause I didn’t bother to go get the ring first.

    I know there is something else I will have to do in order to get the romance ending with Fritz.

    it keeps going to the Friend ending.

    but I want to try to get all romance endings if I can.

    before I go to the true ending.

    I can’t help but see Vincent as not being William Afton,

    but maybe being his son, and the father of Vincent that appears in the AU-AU FNOF fan game.

    is William, and it could be possible that Vincent is the crying child in that world.

    that was the first to get into that accident before Mike.

    or Vincent could of been the brother of the Crying Child and the Other Brother,

    and went to get William before his younger brother got hurt by their shared older brother and his friends.

    even if Vincent was originally suppose to be William, before the true name of the purple man was revealed.

    Vincent had in a way, became his own person and in the Five Nights Of Flirting Game, ends up being I guess redeemed and shows a gentle side to him.

    even if there is that pervy side too.

    we can see Vincent’s Father as William Afton,

    who had became worse after the death of his daughter, and became a Monster.

    or it could turn out that Vincent’s Father could be a Brother of William Afton,

    and Vincent could be seen as the Cousin of William’s Three Children.

    we can take a different look on how Vincent can be related to William and his three children.

    it could turn out they are brothers, and Vincent was the younger brother of William.

    but I think I like the idea that Vincent was the son of William Afton.

    maybe being the middle child, being maybe a year younger than the older brother who ended up getting their younger brother hurt.

    but anyway, back to the whole Steven Universe....

    we know that there were some mix feelings about the Steven Universe Future.

    some fans didn’t like it, but other fans stuck with it and still liked it even if it did end up showing some dark sides.

    but it was necessary because it is linked to the first seasons of Steven Universe.

    if you look up the video on Youtube that I had mention,

    you will understand that the past of Steven connects to the Steven from the Steven Universe Future.

    not everyone has to go watch it, and it is a choice.

    but I wont pretend that the clues don’t exist.

    just like I’m not gonna pretend that what happen with Cozy Glow, Chrysalis and Tirek was the correct call, I still love MLPFIM.

    but I can’t agree with how those three were handled.

    and they were made to be Discord’s scapegoats.

    just like how the Magic from SVTFOE was made the scapegoats

    for Star’s Mom, and I know from remembering how Moon’s face reacted when she made it seem like there was no other way to beat the Solarians.

    but really I believe there was a way, but it might be possible that the writers didn’t let it be revealed because it was too dark.

    that the only way to return the Solarians (minus Mina.) to normal.

    is for the caster of the spell to be “taken out”

    meaning in order to undo the Solarian transformation,

    and save everyone’s life, and might of saved Quirky’s life if they done it sooner.

    was to kill Moon Butterfly.

    yes the Magic in the Realm did act as Alternate way to save everyone.

    but it was still a scapegoat, because it wasn’t the magic that misused itself.

    it was Star’s family that misused it.

    and Moon deeply misused it when she not only used it to try to hurt Eclipsa’s daughter, and yet when she got amnesia and ended up lost in the realm of magic.....she made Eclipsa her scapegoat for what happen to her.

    she also misused the magic when breaking her promise to Eclipsa

    when she got the spell to destroy Toffee, but only end up taking his finger.

    she also misused the magic when she created those new Solarian Warriors.

    from what we seen of Solaria, it does appear that she had let go of any form of prejudice towards monsters, from how she bonded with Meteora.

    we know so far that SVTFOE, MLPFIM and SU had Anti-Hero moments.

    where it turn out that Pink Diamond/Rose was a Anti-Hero.

    and even Star Butterfly ended up becoming a Anti-Hero.

    we still love the shows and the characters, but we can see that there can be moments when the Heroes can end up being both the Heroes and the Villains.

    ya know like Negaduck from the Ducktales Reboot.

    I do have a theory that Discord, and maybe his family....

    use to be the spirits of Harmony for the Original Tree of Harmony

    in Equestria I, before the pony tribes cross from their broken disharmony broken icy home (that use to be connected to the hippogriff’s home before their home became a island.)

    Discord was perhaps the Element of Magic, or at least the original element of magic.

    but once the original tree was destroyed and all that was left was the seed,

    which would then be found and taken to the Equestria II, by Starswirl.

    Discord was “born”, born from the disharmony that the very pony tribes created when they destroyed their original home.

    and took over the lands that belong to Tirek, The Buffalo, The Griffin and even the Changelings who once looked like their reformed selves and only look the way they did when we first see them, is because their Crystal Heart and Crystal Empire was taken over by Earth Ponies.

    who would then either be transformed by magic to become Crystal Ponies

    or the long exposure to the Changeling’s Crystal Heart, would then cause them to magically evolve from Earth Ponies to Crystal Ponies.

    I believe that Canterlot might of been originally home to the Griffins,

    during when Celestia and Luna still ruled together.

    but after Luna was banished, Celestia took her army and took over the Griffins original home that would later be renamed Canterlot.

    I mean why would Celestia have to rule so high up...?

    why couldn’t Twilight rule from her new castle in Ponyville?

    and why have artifacts that belong to the Dragons, Changelings, Yaks, Hippogriffs and Griffins....?

    and remember what Celestia once said before,

    that her and her sister are NO LONGER connected to the elements of harmony.

    this would mean that she and her sister, wouldn’t be connected to the element of honesty, and while they can be truthful and honest at times when they need to be.

    they could still hold lies that they refuse to tell Twilight and her friends.

    Sci-Twi Is Best Sparkle-Girl!

    yeah even though I still like Twilight, I can’t help but feel that Sci-Twi might be better than her.

    plus if they let Cozy, Tirek and Chrysalis end up in the human world

    instead of turning them to stone.

    I believe that the ones who could of reformed them,

    would be the Main 7, well or 10, if you count Vinyl, Wallflower and Trixie. 

    Tirek might ended up forming a bond with Human-Fluttershy.

    while Cozy forms a bond with Sci-Twi and Sunset, as the two could see her for who she was deep down, past the corrupted side to herself that was possibly born from certain bad influences.

    like it could of first started when Discord had Cranky act as one of the substitute teachers....we know that Cranky got Cozy and some other students to wait on him front and back hoof.

    plus part of the reasons why Cozy ended up the way she did,

    might of been because of the pony versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    who she truly did care for and did fail on purpose just so they could get in,

    but seeing how that turned out, she had to go to Starlight to tell the truth and the real reason why she failed even after those three helped her out.

    why would she just throw that all away, if it wasn’t Discord corruption of her

    or if it was caused by the Cutie Mark Crusaders abandoning Cozy.

    I think it is possible that Cozy wanting to get rid of magic, might be from how she was treated in her past like some form of abuse, that was caused by Unicorns misusing their power.

    but it could come from Starlight, we know that Starlight has done far worse than Cozy, Chrysalis and Tirek....cause messing up the timelines would be a very big deal.

    Midnight Sparkle trying to destroy her world just to get to the magic in Equestria, could be a second level of bad.

    while what Starlight did comes in first, but it might be possible that those other timelines that Twilight and Spike went to, still exist.

    and when Starlight was reformed, the three of them never truly went back to their original timeline, which is possibly the timeline Cozy Glow really came from.

    and it could turn out that Cozy came from the future, and is the true daughter of Cadance and Shinning Armor.

    and not being able to take the timeline she followed her Aunt, Uncle and Starlight into....she tried to fix it by not only trying to get rid of the magic,

    but also trying to become the Empress.

    it is possible that Flurry might really be a Alternate version of Cozy

    or she was created from using the essence of Princess Amore,

    and maybe even a piece of Shining Armor and Cadance DNA.

    but it could turn out that Flurry, could just be her own pony

    who might still be  Shining Armor and Cadance’s daughter.

    and it could turn out that when they first tried for a child,

    it ended up becoming a stillborn, and that is the version of Cozy Glow

    that died in the timeline she would then move into and call “Home”

    Cozy Glow could end up keeping secret that she came from the Original Timeline that Spike, Twilight and Starlight left behind for good.

    Cozy learned about her Aunt from her parents,

    who said that one day she was just gone, both her and Spike haven’t been seen since.

    Cozy Glow would then end up finding Twilight and Spike in some point in the future, which they ended up going to their home’s future and not just a timeline and Cozy ends up following them.

    we know that in a short, Twilight is shown to be scared of ladybugs.

    but before her castle shows up, and during when she went to the Human World for the first time to get her crown back from Sunset.

    she had showed no signs of being scared of ladybugs.

    plus with how many days there are in a year, it is possible that 30 Moons

    could be a very long time, while only three or 4 years have past in the world that Sunset now calls home.

    it is possible that Sunset was around Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo’s ages when she left Equestria. 

    we know that so far that while dealing with Equestrian magic,

    not once has Sunset and her friends ever banished or turned the corrupted by magic, to stone.

    Aria, Sonata and Adagio (who are canonically sisters.)

    only got their medallions destroyed, not themselves.

    which might of been a good thing, because it is clear that it was what ended up corrupted them....or the ponies that were giving them negative energy.

    it is possible that those three were part of a Siren Pony Tribe,

    but ended up corrupted because of other ponies negative energies, and they became addicted to it like a drug.

    so the sea-dragon like forms they took before, were their corrupted forms.

    while the Pony forms with “changeling like wings” were their true forms. 

    I can’t wait until the My Little Pony New Generation.

    the trailers were pretty good and even if it does have Twilight and her friends cameo as action figures.

    it might do better than the last season of MLPFIM.

    well the last episode with Luster Dawn was great.

    I just can’t agree with the whole Discord getting away with what he did.

    it didn’t seem right, and it does seem that Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy

    might suffer from trauma from friendship magic, or at least the Toxic side of it.

    we only see them as just the bad guys, the villains.

    but they might of never truly been that way at first if it wasn’t for some moment in their lives that caused the dramatic change.

    and if things had turned out differently, and Sunset just took her opportunity

    went back to Equestria after being beaten by Twilight.

    she might of ended up teaming up with Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy.

    and being tricked by Discord and ended up being turned to stone as well.

    that would mean that the element of empathy bearer, would be lost for a very long time.

    the element of empathy might of only been born in the Human World,

    and might not exist in Equestria.

    and the element of empathy might be connect to Stygian too.

    but anyway I know that not a lot of fans will agree about the whole what happen in Steven Universe Future, was caused by what happen in the original series of Steven Universe and how Steven was brought up.

    it is possible it was meant to play out that way,

    to show us a negative side that can happen in real life.

    through the good and bad times, we had been there to watch it all in Steven Universe and then learn that his problems that started to happen in Steven Universe Future, is connected to the original series and maybe even the Movie.

    and I believe it might be possible that Connie realized this when Steven was becoming worse and both she, and everyone needs to really be there for him.

    and not act like everything is about them and act like he is always happy when really he’s not.

    Steven is part gem, but he is still human.

    what he went through in the first series, we should of seen it was gonna have really bad effects in his future when the Steven Universe Future happen.

    I happen to like both Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future.

    and even the Movie.

    and just because we find flaws in the series we love,

    doesn’t mean we stop caring and loving the series.

    we just find some issues that we take notice of

    that seem a bit twisted and notice how characters who are suppose to be on the side of good, can end up taking a dark path and doing more harm than good and not really getting to the root of what is causing the villain to act like a villain the first place.

    we know that what Bradford did in Ducktales, was messed up.

    but half of his actions were for good reasons.

    and the one who made him a villain in the first place, was his own grandmother.

    and the reason why he ended up transforming because of that sword,

    was because he was hurt inside, and the sword was possibly feeding off his frustration and negativity and maybe starting to corrupt him the more he used it.

    I don’t think Webby’s sisters were made from her feathers,

    but were made from Scrooge’s and the reason why the Papyrus didn’t-

    what does Papyrus have to do with this...? 

    why the Papyrus didn’t work for those two, is because it had to be the eldest heir of Scrooge that had to get the Papyrus to appear.

    why would Papyrus appear before them....?

    is he a summon type monster or something?

    remember, when Flowey is speaking the words become bold...

    anyway Bradford became the way he is, because of his Grandmother.

    of course Ludwig Von Drake would get it wrong and not see why he became the worse, was all because of his Grandmother.

    some times there is more to one side, there will always be two sides and at times there can be reasons why villains in a series become villains in the first place.

    some are too far gone to be saved or might of been dark from the very start.

    while others are tragic villains and might even be Anti-Villians.

    anyway even if I know it is possible not everyone will go check out that video that shows the clips of the first series of Steven Universe,

    but I hope that some will check it out and if they watched Steven Universe Future too, they might make the connections that the first series was the beginning of it all before it got much worse for Steven in Steven Universe Future.

    it will be a while before the new Chapter of Deltarune will be ready to be released.

    from what I can tell we got some time to go before it happens, but it will be today or tonight when it does.

    so I hope everyone has that site open up

    and watching the countdown, or like watching it when they aren’t doing something else on the side.

    it’s gonna be hours before it really gets started and I for one can’t wait.

    but until it is time, I will do some other stuff too.

    also not everyone has to agree about Steven Universe Future,

    but I hope some can agree about the problems Steven went through,

    all started in the first series and even into the Movie.

    which both are still awesome, but if Steven is Sans too

    cause the whole Steven Quartz Universe spelling out Sans,

    and he might of been reborn as Sans, while Gaster could turn out to be Pink-Steven who then became Sans and Papyrus father, when he had Steven’s Human Soul reborn as a Monster or like split into two souls

    that would become Sans and Papyrus.

    why didn’t anyone else figure out that Steven Quartz Universe, spelled out Sans....? that is crazy, did no one figure that out first when the whole Steven and Sans being one and same theory first started?! 

    anyway like my new tumblr name implies,

    it will have Flowey taking some questions, and they are suppose to be living in Deltarune.

    even if it isn’t canon, but I like the idea of Flowey ending up in that world.

    anyway I at first wanted to share what I found out about Steven,

    and that the problems he faced in Steven Universe Future,

    was not the first problems he went through but was a breaking point to the problems becoming too much for him.

    and it truly started in Steven Universe, the first series.

    maybe sometime I can talk more about the whole Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future  another time.

    I wonder what a fusion between Steven from Steven Universe Future

    and Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel would be like...? 

    what would their fusion be called?

    well their fusion might be the platonic.

    it might be interesting if it was Sans and Angel fusing.

    anyway I am gonna go now, there is a fan art I want to do later that has to do with one of the characters from Helluva Boss.

    so see ya later and stay safe everyone.

    and remember, it’s Meme or Be Memed.

    is that whole Meme or Be Memed, even being used...?

    it be interesting if it turns out it is.             

    #steven universe theory #canon #steven universe future #Flowey the Flower #undertale theory#deltarune theory #my little pony friendship is magic theory #ducktales 2017#spoilers
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  • wealwaysjump
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    My therapy homework this week was to paint something symbolizing my current self connecting to my child self. Child self said crayons and markers, though, so crayons and markers it was.

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  • puzzlesanddepression
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #God I hate being depressed #I never have to motivation for fucking anything #Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up #Therapy helps but I just want to do things that I once used to love #I want to be that little girl who drew badly done flowers and didn't care what anyone thinks #I don't want to be stressed anymore #I don't want to be what I am now #I'm tired #But I'm gonna keep going #i have to
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    i want to eat at you the way it eats at me

    stiles/derek, 6.3k, e

    major content warnings: post-nogitsune, violent (sometimes sexual) thoughts/fantasies, slight themes of obsession, and overall mentions of pain, blood, and fatal injury

    Stiles wants to hurt Derek in ways he has never been hurt before. He wants to hurt Derek in ways that Stiles has only ever hurt, he wants to reach inside of Derek’s head and get a hold of his brain, he wants to replace it with tripwires and electric fencing, he wants to press his forehead to Derek’s and whisper, you can’t trust your own thoughts, he wants to show Derek his own memories and say, what good are these if you can’t even trust yourself?

    #reece rambles#my fic #this is a weird one #a little darker than what i typically enjoy writing #just having some fun #the song tell me when it hurts by flower face held me at gunpoint #stiles/derek
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    DROPS #rain #green #nature #little #flowers #nofilter #tbt (at Ciucaș Peak) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT5MCMKtMMx/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Oh to be on holiday and hearing the buzzing of bees as you reach for the stone that’s calling to you and suddenly going through time and space meeting the love of your life and not having to deal with papers due bills to pay emails to read and answer

    #this is obviously a joke #but what I wouldn’t do to move up in the mountains (in a movie kinda way) #making silly little soups gathering silly little flowers for my silly little potions and medicines #I get that we should be thankful for living today and all that #but ever since I was a child I’ve had this dream where I spend one day in each decade and by the end I get to choose which one to stay in #forever #I could skip certain decades #and I guess I’d start in like the 1400s #that would be a really cool book actually hold on #this is about outlander btw #I’m almost done with book 3 #what will I do when I’m finished I do not know
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    Tag dump! ~🏷


    #🎋 ​mod cali #🍁; announcement#🪴; important#🌸; accepted #thank u for passing to the flower shop!🌷; finished #could u explain some more?​🌻; pending #🍄; chatter #I’m really sorry! 🥀; denied #🌼; promo #how sweet of u!​ 🪐; a gift for me #some flowers for u💐; gift for other #a little bouquet for me✿; self indulgent #made by the shop next door​🍒; work by other neat people #sounds like fun! ​🌿 ask game/other games #🪵; stuff
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    #you are hot pink in my mind like just a little less than fuscia and this is the closest i could get :) #or the flowers!!! #tommokat#answered#ask games
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    #me #ME IN 2014 #lololol one million layers of filters #and my flower crown from rue21 lmfao #honestly a little iconic #I would wear my flower crowns to school and everyone would make fun of me and call me garden gnome
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    🎀 We can be cute and study at the same time right? 🎀

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    taking a break from drawing addie by drawing addie

    #her right arm looks so naked. need to finish the flower power sleeve -_- #i realized i kept flipping her little pine tree tat depending on what half of her arm is showing and i controlled myself this time #this. has been a wip for a while #i started by tracing a 3 yr old (?? i think) drawing of her i did that i posted a few weeks ago in the old art sketch dump #i did the linework 2 weeks ago i think. its been so long since i've painted that i couldn't get the hang of it again here #i gave it up because i felt like it lacked 'soul'. i don't know. maybe it does but i don't care right now #adelaide#my art #hoping after i wrap up work for today i can continue more howls moving castle au shit because YES i am drawing more of that #ok. dropping this and running away 🏃‍♀️💨💨
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