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  • swirlyg1gg
    15.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    i conditioned myself to get really horny when i put a specific choker on--black with a little silver heart charm in the front--and now i can’t stop thinking about putting it on all the time

    #i may have conditioned myself a little too well for this one ;;; #hypnosis#hypnokink
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  • valentimmy
    15.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    some doodles I did while writing

    #eye strain tw #the last one is that one hc that douxie met Jim when he was rlly small #tales of arcadia #toawizards#trollhunters#hisirdoux casperan#douxie casperan#douxie #timmy draws stuff #fanart#digital art#my art #tales of arcadia fanart #doodles #jim lake jr #claire nuñez#toa archie #hes still the only thing in this small little brain of mine. can you tell
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  • buzzbeeutiful
    15.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    #:] #oh i do be thinking about them #idk why i like this gif so much #kyles :-) :-D !!! #😀😃‼‼ #deebos opposite 😐😑😒 #kyle bothering his husband at work #the kind of retired kyle content i wanna see #kyle on the sidelines in a suit is SUCH a menace #that one clip when the raptors were arguing on court and lowry waddled his little way onto the court and started arguing too #hes so IRRITATING #theyre husbanss #this truly incapsulates their two work ethics LMAO #kyle/demar
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  • lucidorelle
    15.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Soleil update pt. 3? It’s been a bit!

    Man. Where do I even BEGIN

    Soleil got CRUSHES. That is a can of worms for another day

    Storytime! She is secretly a robot and has been since she was like 2 weeks old! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

    (There’s a lot to unpack there: evil mom didn’t stop making Soleil clones until she was perfect, her brother and dad knew this but Soleil was never told)

    On the track of evil mom, she’s also more computer than human at this point! She’s found a way to psychically link with Soleil (even from all the way in Antarctica), so when Soleil’s friend shit talked her mom, mom took CONTROL of Soleil’s body and made her fight said friend :)

    (We now have many precautionary measures around this now, ie, if Soleil loses her autonomy again, knock her the fuck OUT!)

    Also, Soleil is a mom now

    Sometimes a family is you, your tiefling and half orc friends, and your adopted drow daughter

    Soleil cannot ever show her “human” face in Becon again (another time), so as a robot, she now assumes the persona of “Automatique”

    As Automatique, Soleil is now a knight of the realm for the Empress to be! (The Empress is one of our friends so that’s pretty dope)

    As such, Soleil also works for the current Emperor (the Empress’ brother, very nice guy, very hot, amen)

    Recently, Soleil and her friends released some other ancient ones from cryosleep; a doctor of medicine, a man focused on robotics, and the Commander of their group

    So, in ADDITION to Soleil being a knight of the realm, the Commander recently promoted Soleil up from a Private to an Acting Admiral! (Which is terrifying but he said it’s because she knows the most about the environment right now, so, can’t blame em)

    Prior to this promotion, Soleil’s friends and her got together for the spell “Ancestral Knowledge” so Soleil could try to learn some things about her VERY dysfunctional family

    The “ancestors” that Soleil comes into contact with is a forest filled with every “failed” robot version of her that her mom has ever made. Really fucked up!

    The past-Soleils answer Soleil’s questions until one of them says, “He’ll forget you.” Soleil, thinking they mean her older brother, asks who “he” is. The past-Soleils reply saying it’s not fair that they had to remember, while she got to forget

    Soleil is VERY confused about what’s going on, until the past-Soleils tell her to find her younger brother, Elijah- she needs to talk to the Master (a cool npc) to find out more

    Soleil is FREAKING OUT because she’s never had a younger brother. When her friend pushes into the spell more, the three of us in the room all see a memory; Soleil’s mom on the run WITH said younger brother, Elijah- running from our campaign’s current bad guy, Kate; who we all know has been tampering with people’s memories

    Essentially, because of another timeline that Kate saw, she thought of Elijah as a threat, and went to “dispose” of him at such a young age so that he could never get there; making both Soleil AND her mom forget that he ever existed (and presumably her dad and older brother, but can’t say for sure)

    So yeah! Now Soleil has TWO brothers to save! One at the furthest reaches of space, stuck in a time loop that could likely destroy everything, and the other currently (hopefully) in the hands of a time-traveling teacher of the arcane arts! What could possibly go wrong?

    After the spell that night, Soleil wanders around the city until she can find a secluded spot to just sit and THINK about what the fuck has happened lately. She tries to reach out to her mom, but no dice. Soleil already didn’t like Kate for what she’s done, but she’s MUCH more furious now

    Soleil thinks about her anger towards Kate, and as she sits amongst the city, something new happens; from her hand, Soleil watches herself connect to the life force of EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IN BECON. She psychically connected to 5 MILLION PEOPLE.

    (Kate is the only other psychically adept person Soleil has met so far, so as Soleil gets more psychically powerful, she begins to slightly follow Kate’s path (not great))

    Soleil is given the ability to give everyone in Becon just a small, psychic nudge; no altering or changing of memories, no give or take, just a small push to see if she can discover if Kate is in the city or not. Soleil, thinking it’s a good idea (because her friend recently worried that Kate would come after her dad), goes for the nudge, and discovers that she isn’t around- for now, that’s good

    However, the second after she does the small psychic nudge, she feels 200 of the psychic connections immediately SEVER; so, likely because of what she did, 200 people accidentally just DIED! Another great one for the conscious!

    Also, for the last few weeks, Soleil has had a HUGE impending psychic force in her mind that’s been following her and it still hasn’t made itself known, so that’s slightly worrying!

    Lastly, Soleil had a weird tally mark on her hand for awhile and she doesn’t know what it means. It recently changed to a symbol of both Bahamut AND Tiamat, so she has NO CLUE what the fuck is up with that (the Bahamut part makes sense, but TIAMAT???). She had the mark for only a day before it changed back to a single tally mark

    So yeah, in simplest terms, Soleil has been going THROUGH IT. Really, when isn’t she, but these last few in-game months have been ROUGH lmfao

    Hope you all enjoy the little update cuz man she has really come far since her introduction on here LOL

    #she’s feeling a little. how you say. existential #her mom is fucked up but also one of the only people who can help her at the moment. So that’s. man #oc: soleil#d&d campaign#d&d character#trin talks
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  • genderfluidvarians
    15.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    finally watched the animal crossing direct and all i'm going to say is

    people are probably gonna hate this cute little astronomy squirrel and call him ugly. but i want him immediately.

    #i LOVE how the squirrels in ac look with their little tails and i love astronomy #so this is a win for me!! #i might have to uhhhh. use my modded switch to have 2 islands. #because i wanna do something else w/my main island but the idea of having an astronomy one like i have in NL is so tempting now
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  • grimalkinmessor
    15.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    He just wanted to be included (but Deltarune doesn't have Genocide run--)

    #my art#bnha #boku no hero academia #all for one #shigaraki yoichi#deltarune#undertale #he took a goat mutation quirk if you're wondering #just for the occasion :3 #its very hard to sneak after your little brother with hooves though #im gonna start calling this the Con AU
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  • callizinc
    15.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #fav asks #'fucked up little [blank]' is always one of my favorite ways to describe things too.. SO True!!!!! #askbox#skitty 🐱#assignedskitty #THANK YOU SO MUCH ASSIGNEDSKITTY INNITHOTEL!!!!!!!!!! #i would be making So many fucked up little drawings if i had the talent dude you have NO idea. SO Many #unfortunately i Cannot Draw and think i am cringe. BUT ONE DAY!! ONE DAY I TELL YOU!! YOULL ALLLL SEE
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  • rubberbandballqueen
    15.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    we should have more soft, form-fitting t-shirts with rhinestones on it that aren’t designed for people with boobs

    #i have this one shirt i rlly like but i don't usually wear bc i feel like i have to wear a bra with it #like i know that technically i don't HAVE to but it feels kinda icky not to bc it makes me self-conscious of my chest lol #tho i guess if i wore the leather jacket w/it i wouldn't actually have to n i could feel cool n stuff too... #it's kind of like. i'm a little tired of looking like an impovershed dweeb i wanna look pretty #like just for a day or two before i happily go back to looking like an impoverished dweeb #did not know there was an i in the middle of impoverished #the worm speaks
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  • hollowsart
    15.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #my knowledge of 'oingo boingo' is like one song and that's it and it's probably the one you're all thinking of #I know nothing else of that band? thing? no clue #also just the fact elton john wears all those wacky and wild getups and picturing Spamton in something like that is-- #--and I can't stress this enough: ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. you go little man!!!! kill it!!!! #idk if I should tag this as anything
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  • sylhynn
    15.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    I hope they get to save the dogs

    #there were 4 dogs trapped between 2 rivers of lava #I think they're going to risk it and try to save the 3 that are alive #I kind of want ot cry #I've just read about the one that died bc he was too weak #they have been sending drones with water and food but the little guy didn't make it
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  • melodythefab
    15.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    I think one of the really difficult things about being arospec that I don’t really hear people talk about is when the rest of your friend group isn’t and then eventually, when they all get into relationships (especially if they’re dating each other) that means they’re spending more 1-on-1 time together, and that’s great and I’m genuinely so happy for them and so happy they have that connection that’s so important to them, but then they all hang out with their significant others at the same times because we’re in college and schedules are tight and we do still all hang out, and it’s usually at very specific times, because you all play Dungeons and Dragons together so it’s a scheduled weekly thing and so you’re still hanging out together, it’s just not as often, because they’re also going on dates and stuff, but then they don’t notice a difference because they’re still hanging out with somebody the exact same proportion of the time, but when you’re not dating someone so you’re not spending that 1-on-1 time with somebody, and everybody else is, that means that you’re just… alone. A lot. And at first it’s fine but then you start getting actually lonely, and that fucking hurts because these people make you feel treasured and special and now you don’t feel important so then you start wondering if there’s something wrong with you, and maybe you are missing out, and maybe you are just confused, or broken, or wrong, or-

    maybe you’re fine, and your friends are just allo. And don’t notice the difference.

    #ah! she speaks! #personal vent#vent post#arospec problems #I know this is super specific to my situation #but I’m hoping someone will still be able to sympathize #because right now I just feel very alone and I have for a little too long #and maybe this is my shitty last ditch attempt at being a little less alone. #to anyone who might be worried: I am not considering doing the hurt or committing the die unto myself #I just don’t really know what to do in this moment #because on one hand- my friends are not responsible for my mental well-being #but on the other- I can’t help but feel a little upset at them #help? #if you read all this thanks I guess? #long post
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  • vonaegiremblem
    15.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    So, I just had a chat with Nintendo Support about the NSO + Expansion Pack, and they have revealed that you do not get to keep the Animal Crossing DLC if you let the subscription run out, which has now made the expansion pass a far less valuable service

    #nintendo#switch #online expansion pack #acnh#animal crossing#new horizons #I guess it makes a little sense since you can kick and add users freely from a family plan #and they don't want people running an acnh dlc distribution ring #but why not set up a system where you 'earn' the dlc after being part of a plan for a set amount of time #like how about if you're on the plan for a year after the dlc is added; you just get to keep it #that way people are encouraged to renew if a dlc they want is added to the service #alternatively: people can only download the dlc from the family plans yea so many times #it would ideally be one more than the family plan member limit #if you have a revolving door of members; then sorry; but they're just gonna have to buy the dlc themselves #not a huge fan of the fact that I would have to purchase the dlc separately if I want to ensure access to it after nso ends #really devalues the service because there is no way in hell n64 games and genesis games are worth an additional $45
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  • theworldasheatherseesit
    15.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago


    #I wish I had friends who were into musicals #I used to have one #and I kind of have another one #but I feel like I don’t talk to them #I have a lot of thoughts about the dear Evan Hansen movie and musical #I want to watch it with someone and kind of rag on it #it’s a bad choice and one that kind of makes no sense #but I can’t imagine it any other way #(ben platt as Evan hansen) #Amy adams and almost all the other casting I actually really like #I have not seen it #but it feels right #except Julianne moore #I am a little … I’m not 100% sure about that #also kaitlyn Denver’s character (Zoe Murphy) plays electric guitar in the school band #which #I didn’t know was an option #here was just bass and normal guitar in my band #I think #maybe some kids had electric guitar #but what a cool instrument #to play in grade 11 band
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  • leaderintitleonly
    15.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #heigh ho mun #a little less salty this one but yeah uh
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  • ganseylike
    15.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    the devil is whispering in my ear going “hey instead of actually finishing anything or writing a single word, you could post these 1000 words from a random thing so casual and unplanned it isn’t even on your priority list and call that a chapter. wouldn’t that make you feel productive”

    #hmmm #i feel like this would work better as one long chapter #but also... it's actually decent writing and i want to feel less. stagnant. #but also i might then be putting myself under pressure to continue? idk #buuut this could potentially be the first time i ever finished a multichapter work lol and that would boost my confidence i think #it feels like smthn that could actually wrap up fairly quickly #bc there's not much plot it isn't trying to Solve Everything it's just a little... what if one v specific thing happened
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  • jnpie
    15.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    hi i cant promise i’ll actually do it but there's something i kind of want to make and if i did make it it wouldnt be done for a super duper long time but.

    uh. if anyone who self-ships with ht sans (like, even if just platonically you want to be best buds it could work) wanted to send me some sort of basic reference for your self insert i. kind of want to make something. something cute that i was thinking about inserting myself into but just. really wasn't feelin it (sans is cool and all but i imagine we'd just be like ._. *awkward cough* at each other 90% of the time)

    just a heads up. you won't like it if you can't see yourself acting very cute and energetic. (alright alright i'll just say it--i just want to draw all the poses in Akari Arrives by gyari OKAY??? the joke at the end of the video will be my main motivation to finish but who knows i mean. it's kind of long.)

    #ahhhhh i always type too many words but #if you know someone who might want this pass it along. i would enjoy making this. but i do not want to be the one running around like akari #it just doesnt fit #i think cycling between two animation projects might be a good thing. just so i don't get absolutely sick of one ehehehe #i'm a minute and a half in and i can chip away at it little by little. but i'm sick and tired of watching it over and over and over #just to tweak something small >:( #i dunno if anyone even would be interested but i thought id throw it out there #i'm basically just asking for permission to use your s/i in something i already want to make hahaha #okay honestly that song is a little bit *awkward cough* but it's not a mutual awkward cough i dont know how to explain this #one person just -_- sitting there and the other person just :D being adorable all around. i dunno it just doesnt fit but i love it so much
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  • afieldinengland
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my tumblr dms are the most normal place on god’s earth

    #alana if you’re reading this i’m a little tipsy but how i love you lambkin 💓 how truly we understand one another
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  • tw-shawnmendes
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I'm actually excited to year trio mix do power (bc the motorbike portion has always irked my soul & ruined the song for me) but I don't want stormzy on it

    #little mix #so I'll be finding a version without him #i think its so wild they did that bc i SPECIFICALLY remember an interviewer asking if LM would ever collab with 1D #back when zerrie was a thing #and i remember jade FLAMING THE SHIT out of the person who asked #she was like 'yeah sure here's a song about girl power AND HERE'S ONE DIRECTION' #and then they turned around and did exactly that lmaooooo
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  • yaintwild
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #popping in to say hi idk it feels like I’ve been not here anyways my friend is having a celestial bodies themed bday party and I have theeee #best fit bc my friend embroidered a pair of jeans 4 me last yr with the solar system are the belt line and a little ufo #and these little alien guys around one of the ankles AND one of them has a purple suit and top hat like Rumi in the get down :) #also bought these giant plastic crescent moon earrings last week like I’m telling u it’s The Perfect Fit #ok anyways goodbye hope u all are doing well!!!!!
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  • canolatie
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hhvcd pinterest boards i have been working on and am very proud of so far

    checkered devil

    checkmate (place)

    nick violet

    haricot heretic (this one is a little newer and not quite as full!)

    #hhvcd #i lovveee pinterest i'm taking any excuse to show off my boards #it's so fun it's like just sorting #i go down the images and sort each one into one of my little boards it's wonderful
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