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  • asahipleaseloveme
    29.11.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Maybe Your Love is the One I Want

    Levi x Reader

    Word Count: 1.66k

    Warnings: 18+, Minors do not interact, implied sexual relationship

    Author's Note: First time trying my hand at writing Levi. Sorry for any inconsistencies. I wanted to do smut, but I couldn't find the right words to get it out. No beta, quickly edited, I really just wanted to get this out of my system.

    “Lock the door behind you.”

    You froze for a split second, your heartbeat sped up, and your eyes widened.

    “Captain Le-..I’m sorry, I thought Captain Hange needed to see me, sir,” your voice gave away your surprise.

    “You’ve been avoiding me, ______,” he paused as he stared at you with such intensity, “why?”

    You could lie to him, tell him that you’ve been busy with training or strategizing. But he would see past that, he always did.

    When you first saw the captain, you knew that you wanted to be closer to him. He inspired you and you trained hard in order to be noticed by him. And then one day, you finally were noticed by him. It started off with brief conversations in passing. The butterflies in your stomach were going wild, but you tried your best to stay focused on what he was saying and contribute to the conversation. As you became more skilled in your training, you had more in-depth conversations with Levi, and the more your nerves began to quell. Pretty soon, you were the top of your class and a valuable asset to the survey corps.

    You were called into Commander Erwin’s quarters one night after dinner along with the other squad leaders. You would lead one of the teams on the next mission, but your group would be en route with Levi’s group. As the plan was laid out and everyone in agreement, the others began to disperse. Levi asked to see you in his room for a quick second. You ended up waking up in his arms early in the morning. A sense of fear had washed over you, because you knew having a relationship with your superior officer was taboo. Even though this was something you wanted, you knew it was something you weren’t supposed to have. You started to panic, but he was there to comfort you.

    “Shh, it’s alright,” he whispered in your hair, “I’ve got you.”

    “Captain Levi, we can’t-”



    “When it’s just us, you can call me Levi.”

    “Levi,” you paused to savor the taste of his name, “I have to get back to my room. I-I need to get ready for the mission.”

    “Just a few more minutes. Please?” he asked as he pulled you closer into him.

    “Okay,” you said as you closed your eyes and allowed yourself to melt into his embrace. There was something so calming about this moment and you didn’t want it to end.

    The two of you continued this secret relationship for a while. You talked every chance you could get, more so in private than in public. You ate meals together, and when others asked you would say you were discussing an upcoming mission. He showed you how to make tea the right way, and you showed him the best way to get stains out of clothing (although he already knew, he just liked hearing you explain it). He made you laugh and you made him laugh. It was one of your favorite sounds.

    People had their suspicions and your cover was almost blown during one mission when you had a close call. Levi had rushed to your side and you felt the wary eyes of your peers all over you. In the haze of everything, you were quite certain you had mumbled “I love you” in his ear. You’ll never forget the way he stared at you, like you were some insane idiot. As soon as you muttered those words, you realized the seriousness of your relationship. You would never want to do anything to compromise his reputation, so from that moment you decided to slowly back away from the relationship. You distanced yourself as best as you could. Sitting amongst your peers with your back to him during meals, trying to avoid him in the halls, being the first one to leave meetings as fast as you could, strengthening your friendship with one of your fellow cadets….

    He poured two cups of tea and placed them on the table. He pulled out a chair for you and stared at you until you finally sat down where he scooted you impossibly close to the table. He sat down across from you, with his feet propped up on the corner.

    “Well, there must be a reason, ______. Talk.”

    “Captain Levi, I…,” you felt immense guilt for how you went about this situation.

    The honest truth of it was, you had found yourself in a meaningful friendship with one of your fellow cadets. You hoped that if you focused more on your friendship, then it would help distract you from your feelings. The two of you had promised each other back in training camp that you would have each other’s backs and became fast friends. You steadied each other out. You no longer felt the need to outperform everyone, either. Going unnoticed by your superiors was your best bet in order to avoid any contact with Levi. Fortunately for you, it appeared to work. And so, you were able to spend less time around Levi and more time with your fellow cadets.

    “I...I..I didn’t want to get you into trouble,” you began, “I’m your subordinate and I would never want for you to be reprimanded because of me,” you were fidgeting with your hands in your lap, “you are our best hope. I’m just a nobody in the grand scheme of things. I don’t matter. But, you do. I don’t want to be the one who interferes with whatever shot we have.”

    “Did you mean it?” He asked.

    “You’re the best hope we have, Captain.”

    “Not that. When we were past the wall. What you whispered in my ear. Did you mean it?” He was sitting up straight now, his chin resting atop his hands.

    No longer able to look at him, you dropped your head. There was a heaviness in your chest that was squeezing you tight. You could feel the tears pooling in the corners of your eyes. You squeezed your eyes shut in hopes to make the tears retreat. As you were contemplating whether to speak the truth, you hadn’t noticed that Levi was now at your side.

    He gently grabbed your chin and tilted your face up to look at him.

    “Well, ______. Did you?”

    You were only able to stare, a lump in your throat preventing you from speaking.

    “Tch. Why would a brat like you fall in love with someone like me, anyway?” he asked, more to himself than to you it seemed.

    “Very easily,” you were able to squeak out.

    “Is that why you’re hanging around Jean more?” his words pierced through you like a knife, his eyes never leaving yours.

    “He’s just my friend,” you tried to start, “I can’t love you. I don’t deserve your love. I-I would only hold you back.”

    “We all deserve love in the hellish world, ______. Maybe your love is the one I want.”

    He pulled your face close to his. “I want to be the one who loves you. Please, let me.”

    “Levi,” you whispered as your lips connected. It started off soft and gentle, and it gradually became more sloppy. You continued kissing as he lifted you out of the chair. Tongues clashing, breath hitching, hands roaming. You pushed him away for a brief moment.

    “Levi,” your breath was shaky, “I want you.”

    He smiled deviously as he began to unbuckle your pants.

    With your head resting on his chest, Levi was playing with your hair, and you could feel his chest rise and fall as if he was holding something back.

    “What is it?” you asked.

    “You’re not going on the next mission.”

    “What? But, why? How can I help if I’m left behind? Captain, this isn’t fair,” you pleaded with him, but Levi had already made up his mind. He never wanted to take advantage of his rank over you, but now that he has you in his arms he wanted nothing more than to keep you safe. It wasn’t the right decision by any means, but it was what made the most sense to him. In the field, he couldn’t guarantee your safety. But here, behind the wall, he knew you would be safe until he could come back to you.

    “What have I done to warrant this? People will be asking and it seems too suspicious that I came to talk to you and now I’m not going on the next mission,” you furrowed your brow at him. “Levi, I can’t accept this. I-” he brought his hand to your lips to stop your next thought.

    “We’re having you stay behind to be more involved in the politics of this place.”

    “But why me? Wh-why not Armin or..or..or..” you couldn’t cohere a single thought, you felt that this was a punishment that you didn’t deserve.

    “Hey, hey, hey. It’s going to be fine,” Levi said as he hovered over you, his arms placed next to your shoulders. “This wasn’t just my decision. Hange brought it up and Erwin agreed. We all think you’re the best cadet to take on this role. We have more than just Titans to worry about, and we need to know who we can trust.”

    Your face stayed scrunched. “If this is where I’m needed, then this is where I’ll stay. I trust you, and the squad leaders, and Commander Erwin.”

    Levi kissed your forehead and began to put his clothes back on.

    Just as the two of you were dressed, there was a knock on the door followed by Hange barging in.

    “Levi, we have that meeting with Erwin in five. Oh, ______, you’re here too. Great. You’re needed for this meeting as well. Let’s get a move on, chop chop!”

    Hange headed out, but you grabbed Levi before he could too.

    “Levi, promise you’ll come back to me safe. Please.”

    He brought the back of your hand to his lips, “Always.”

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  • lavenderberrycookie
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    CG! Hitoshi Shinsou Headcanons!

    disclaimer: i’ve never seen bmha before these headcanons are based off what i’ve seen on social media

    an extremely gentle caregiver

    he would be scared to mess up his caregiver role though because it gives him purpose

    you guys always have a massive pillow fort in your living room

    the meals he makes for you are always in cute shapes

    he would make the most wonderful tea and snacks for your tea parties

    he would carry you on his shoulders around the park listening to you naming what clouds you see

    he would make sure on your walks you get to pet every puppy you see

    “that was a very cute puppy pumpkin, they really liked you. i know, i know you want to pet the puppy more but what about ice cream?”

    nap dates are frequent with him you get all the pillows and blankets you could ever ask for along with all the stuffies

    he would put lavender scented items around the room to calm you down before bed

    even though he insomnia himself he would always make sure you go to bed on time and get well deserved rest

    on nights when you can’t fall asleep he would read to you, hum, or hold you close to his chest so you can listen to his heart

    he would be very spontaneous with you and allow you both to make cupcakes at 4 am

    both you are attached at the hip, he can’t get enough you, you can’t get enough of him

    “sweetheart papa is done with work what you say papa spoils you with a trip to the mall”

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    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    28.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥

    𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞/𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞

    𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥.

    #jellycolors #timothee x y/n #timothee and saoirse #timothee x you #timotheé chalamet#timothee chalamet #timothee chalamet icons #timothee x reader #armie x timothee #timothee aesthetic#timothee photoshoot#cmbyn#elio perlman#cmbyn icons #elio x oliver #lady bird icons #lady bird#little women #little women icons #little women 2019 #beautiful boy #beautiful boy icons #the king #the king icons #timothee chalamet x reader #timothee chalamet imagine #timothee chalamet instagram #timothee chalamet fanfic #timothee chalamet as regulus black #timothee chalamet gifs
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  • marvel--fluff
    28.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    What's wrong? Come here baby

    Request: Can you do Loki with a little s/o that's just having a very bad day because of a sexual assault ptsd nightmare?

    Little!reader x daddy!Loki

    Summary: You had a bad nightmare ptsd nightmare about the sexual assault you've gotten. Your being jittery all day and move away from Loki's touch.

    Warnings: mentions of sexual assault, ptsd, swearing, That's all I can think of


    You woke up all sweaty and in little space. Loki felt you starting to lightly thrash around in bed so he as usual started to run his hand up and down your back. Today it wasn't that easy for him to do so. You jolted away as soon as you felt the cool had on your back. Babbling to yourself as you curled up into a little ball.

    "Baby, what's wrong?" Loki said after he picked up on the babbling assuming you were in little space. You didn't answer so he decided let you be while he got dressed.

    You really wanted to speak up to your Daddy but you thought if you did then he would also assault you. You being in your little space is making you overthink way more than usual.

    It's a couple hours later and you both are in the living room. Him reading a book and you trying to color a coloring sheet but to jittery and shaky to do so. Thinking of the nightmare you had and all those people who would constantly assault you in every way possible to make you feel bad about yourself.

    Loki realized how you were behaving and soon recognized why you were it happened before, a couple months ago. "Shit" he whispered to himself, glad you didn't hear it.

    You watched as your Daddy walked over and crouched down infront of you. "Sweetie can I pick you up?" He asked. You looked up at him and after some thinking you nodded. Loki smiled slightly and reached down lifting you up into his arms. "Baby, why didn't you tell me you had a nightmare about the horrible thing that happened?" Your Daddy asked. "I fought dat you would waugh at me" you said nuzzling your head into his neck.

    Loki looked at you shocked that you ever thought he would laugh at you for something like that. "Oh sweetie, I would never laugh at you for something like that or ever. I love you" He said and kissed your head. "Lub you too Daddy" you said and lifted your head up to kiss his cheek.

    "What do you want to do baby?" Loki asked and you pointed at the window where it shows the backyard. "You want to go outside?" He said, smiling. You nodded your head excitedly. "Okay let's go" He carried you outside and started to play with you in the grass.

    After a few moments he started to tickle you, you squirmed around, laughing really hard. Falling into his grip and ended up just giving up on trying to get away. After another 30 seconds he stopped and saw you now just lying limp in his arms smiling.

    #fanfic#loki#little reader#little space#daddy loki #daddy!loki #little!reader #little!reader x daddy!bucky #fluff#cute#ptsd#nightmare
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  • angelsdevils
    28.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kirishima x Little Sister! Reader

    Title: Marriage Fluff No Warning: just a child you crushing on Todoroki and Bakugo, and they are just entertaining the idea while your brother has a mental break down somewhat

    You clung to your older brother, Eijiro Kirishima, as he walked you into the dorm room. There were so many people, and you got nervous really easily especially around new people.

    “Who is that Kirishima?” A boy with green hair asked as he noticed you peeking around your brother.

    “This is my little sister Kirishima (Y/N), we call her Bambie though.”

    “(Y/N)! Hey girl!” You perked up hearing a familiar voice.

    “Mina!” You ran to her and jumped in her arms, as she spun you around.

    “I feel so rejected.”

    “Can’t help I am the favorite.” Mina said and you giggled slightly and hugged her.

    “She is so adorable. Hi my name is Uraraka… want to float?”

    “Float?” You tilt your head to the side before looking at your brother and he nodded.


    “Please don’t drop her…”

    “We won’t Kirishima…” Uraraka touched you and used her quirk which began to lift you off the ground. You began laughing, and giggling non stop as you moved around.

    “Having fun?”


    “Super adorable will totally grow up to be~ owe…” Mineta rubbed his head as Kirishima subconsciously hit him in his head.

    “That’s my six year old sister.”

    After a few minutes Uraraka set you down and you were giggling non stop before seeing someone else come up to you. He had half white and half red hair, you looked up at him before hiding behind Mina.

    “Ha! She is scared of you Icy Hot…” A loud voice laughed and Todoroki sweat dropped slightly as he kneeled down to look at you. You gripped Mina’s skirt before shyly touching his hair.

    “P-Pretty.” You continued to pet his hair and he gave you a kind smile, which made you blush.

    “My name is Todoroki…”

    “(Y-Y/N)…” You stopped petting his hair and suddenly ran to your older brother.

    “What’s wrong Bambie?”

    “mmdshfsjnsd” you buried your face into his legs and he picked you up.


    “You looked at him with a pout before peeking over at Todoroki.” Todoroki tilted his head wondering if he did something you didn’t like. He walked over and you squealed and hugged your brother’s neck.

    “Did I do something wrong?” He asked and Kirishima shrugged his shoulders.

    “Bambie, what did he do?” He put you down, and Todoroki went to lean down to your height but you ran again, hiding behind the loud guy.

    “Now she is hiding behind Bakugo…”

    “Shouldn’t she be more scared of him then Todoroki?” Sero asked confused and everyone shrugged.

    “M-Mina…” you motioned her over, and she followed. You leaned to her ear.

    “H-He is cute… I want to marry him.” You whispered, Mina was quiet for a few moments before she burst out laughing. You clung to Bakugo as you continued to hide behind him.

    “What are you laughing at?” Bakugo asked, and Mina was wiping her eyes.


    You quickly nodded your head, and she grinned.

    “Are you going to tell your brother?” She asked and you looked horrified.


    “Alright, are you gonna tell Todoroki?”

    “….” You buried your face in Bakugo’s legs.

    “Tell me what?”

    “Mina what did she say?” Kirishima asked and you shook your head at her.

    “Can’t tell ya, it’s a secret.”

    “Can I know?” Todoroki asked and Mina looked at you. You looked at Todoroki who was genuinely confused.

    “You got it girly! Go ahead.” Mina encouraged and you clung to Bakugo, who was getting irritated but didn’t say anything.

    “I-I… mmm…. TODOROKI MARRY ME PLEASE!” You yelled, face extremely red. Just your lick Mr. Aizawa, All Might, and Present Mic walked in.

    “What did we walk in on?” Mr. Aizawa asked and Todoroki’s eyes had widen. Kirishima was choking on air, Bakugo and the others were laughing their asses off.

    “What? No! No marriage Bambie!” Kirishima yelled trying to peel you away from Bakugo but you ran to Todoroki who was still shock.

    “I can’t marry you…” He said and you frowned and began to sniffle.

    “Can’t break her heart Icy Hot!” Bakugo barked out in laughter, and you began to cry. Todoroki began to freak out and Kirishima went to pick you up but you slapped his hand away.

    “You broke my sister!” Kirishima yelled, and Todoroki sweat dropped.

    “You just said you didn’t approve plus we are kids still and she is WAY too young.”

    “It’s called pretend…” Mina whispered to Todoroki, and Todoroki shook his head.

    “No… I am not going to pretend.”

    Kirishima watched as you flopped to the ground ignoring his arms. Midoriya leaned down pat your head.

    “Hey no need to cry… you will find someone to marry when you are older…” He said but you shook your head.

    “I want Todoroki~” you sniffled and the teachers soon realized what was going on. Todoroki had the girls scolding him for rejecting you, saying it could just be pretend. He sighed and kneeled down in front of you, just so he could shut everyone up.

    “I am sorry (Y/N)…” Todoroki said and you continued to wipe your eyes, he flashed you a gentle smile.

    “Will you marry me?” You asked between sniffles, Todoroki nodded his head very hard.

    “Yeah…” The laughter soon filled and your eyes lit up as you jumped and hugged him.

    “Well congratulations young Todoroki…” All Might said, and everyone whipped around to see the teachers. All Might and Present Mic were both trying not to laugh, and Mr. Aizawa looked like he was so done.

    “Uh thanks…”

    “Hey Momo, do me a favor… make 2 fake wedding rings.” Mina whispered and she nodded making two of them. Mina came up to the two of you with smirks. Todoroki looked at her filled with dread as she held out two rings.

    “So pretty….” You said and placed it on your hand.

    “Really Mina?” He asked grabbing the ring but you took it.


    Todoroki set you down, and you ran to Bakugo giving it to him instead.

    “Wait… what?” Todoroki and everyone sweat dropped including Bakugo.


    “I don’t want him he made me sad. Marry me…”

    “EH!?!?!?” Everyone yelled and Kirishima face palmed.

    “Dang, after crying Todoroki gets rejected.” Mina said and Todoroki blinked confused.

    “I am not sure how I feel…” He said and Bakugo smirked.

    “I am better than IcyHot, I accept.” Bakugo smirked and Todoroki sweat dropped.

    “Yay, see big brother. I remember! You told me to never marry anyone that makes me cry. So I am going to marry….” you trailed off looking up at him.

    “She doesn’t even know his name!” Denki and Sero started laughing non stop.

    “Bakugo is my name…”

    “I am marrying Bakugo~kun!”

    “I- guess its good she remembers what I taught her…” Kirishima sighed slightly. You lifted your arms up for Bakugo and he picked you up.


    “Just so you know, I won’t allow this if she falls for you when she is older.” Kirishima groaned out for only Bakugo to hear.

    “Trust me, this is only to prove I am better with kids then Icy Hot. And so she doesn’t start crying again.” Bakugo whispered back,

    “Good…” Kirishima said and you had fallen asleep against Bakugo, Kirishima took you back from him.

    “Well that was eventful. Anyway, Kirishima, we got permission to allow your sister to stay with you.”


    “Yeah, she will be with Eri and Mirio, while you are in school.” Aizawa said and Krishima nodded his head.

    “Thank you so much!”

    “We figured it be good if Eri had friends her age around.” All Might said and Kirishima stroked your hair slightly.

    “Okay, I am going to go put her to bed… she won’t sleep anywhere else except with me is there a way I can get another bed?”

    “Of course. We will make the arrangements.” He nodded and went back to his room, to lay you down.

    “You are such a handful…” Kirishima chuckled softly and got up after tucking you in. He felt a tug and he turned to you, and saw you looking at him sleepily.

    “Sleep with me big brother…”

    “Alright Bambie…” He laid on his bed beside you and you cuddled into him.

    “Love you big brother…”

    “Love you too Bambie now rest.”

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    #little coffee shop owner making the first move i say YESSSS SIRRRR #i remember getting an anon asking for more coffee shop so this is for u too bestie #bakugou x reader #bakugo x reader #is this long enough for a read more? #**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚katsuki
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    #answers. #visitors. #concepts. #🗨️ reader. #🗨️ noire. #🗨️ assistant. #🗨️ briony. #🪞 cult cottagecore au. #is it truly a mention of dottore if he's not being described #as doing something sciencely dubious?? #what if in this au #blossom is a byproduct of dottore's really unethical science #or you open the door one day and see a flustered xiao #carrying a little dendro slime with a knife in its mouth #'wha-' 'they wouldn't stop going for my ankles unless i took them with me to see you creator'
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    hurting wanda

    synopsis: little!wanda spends the day with you and your daddy because her mommy is away on a mission. you get upset because your daddy is doting on her a little too much for your liking

    characters: daddy/caregiver!steve rogers x little/age regressor!reader; ft. little/age regressor!wanda x mommy/caregiver!natasha

    genre: angst, eventual fluff (upset baby, stubborn baby)

    It was the third time Wanda had taken something that belonged to you, and it infuriated you. You knew you had to be on your best behavior with a guest in the house, but there was something so overwhelming about another little invading your space. It was even harder to deal with when all of your Daddy's attention was falling to Wanda. When Wanda took your Switch off of your dresser and began to play with it, it took everything in your body to not push her and grab your game back.

    Wanda's mommy was Natasha, and Natasha was out for the day for a quick mission. You were not sure what it was, as you were not privy to that information, but nonetheless your Daddy agreed to watch Wanda while Natty was gone. You were excited at first to spend the day with Wanda since you two usually got along, but your mood changed once you woke up. Steve got you up earlier than usual in order to get you ready, fed, and had you clean up your play room a bit to make it ready for Wanda. So, by the time she got there you were already in need of a nap, but Steve insisted that you show Wanda all of your toys and play with her while he made something for you two to eat.

    That's how you found yourself cranky and fed up with Wanda just scouring your room and picking things up to check out. She was making a mess. You knew she was excited to play with your toys, but you weren't so happy. You could be quite possessive in a little headspace and didn't like to share, being tired made these qualities even more evident.

    Wanda ended up putting your Switch down and looked through your toy bin before grasping your favorite stuffie that was sitting on your bed. She squeezed it to her chest and gave it a kiss and that was when you broke. You instantly snatched the stuffie out of her hands and pushed her, causing her to fall and hit her elbow on the edge of your bed.

    "[Y/N]! What is wrong with you," Steve scared you with his booming voice. He entered the room just in time to see the incident, quickly coming to Wanda's side and picking her up as she began to cry. There was a little cut on her elbow which you knew must have stung, but you were still too upset to come to terms with the gravity of what you did. It was completely uncharacteristic of you to hit anyone or get that angry, but today held a special set of circumstances that set you off unexpectedly.

    Steve bounced Wanda up and down trying to settle her crying. He took her arm gently to see the damage and gave you a disappointed/angry glare after seeing what you caused. You sat on the bed, sulking with your stuffie still in your arms. He held Wanda close and gave her back a little rub, "Oh, you poor baby. Why don't I clean that up and give a pretty princess band-aid and make it feel all better?"

    Wanda sniffled and nodded, "Yes, pwease."

    He kissed her head, trying to comfort her, telling her, "Good girl." He walked out of the room and brought her to the bathroom across the hall. You heard as he was making her giggle while cleaning and bandaging her wound. He kept praising her and it was making your blood boil to hear your Daddy say those things to another little. You felt hurt.

    By the time she was all bandaged up, you were seething and even more so when Steve was still holding Wanda on his hip as he stepped into the room to address you, "[Y/N], do you have anything to say to Wanda?"

    Your eyebrows scrunched together angrily, "No! She stole my stuffie!"

    "I didn't steal nuffin! I was just holdin' him!!" Wanda cried.

    Steve shushed Wanda softly, not wanting her to get upset again, "Ok, okay.. let's get you a warm bottle." He rubbed her back and she laid her head on his shoulder. The sight in front of you made your eyes well up with tears, but you were too stubborn to actually let them fall. Steve looked at you, "Okay, let's go get some lunch, come on, [Y/N]." Him using your first name over your nicknames was hurtful too.

    He was about to walk out of the room when you said, "No! I stay here!"

    He huffed, "Fine. Stay here then. You can join us when you're ready." He left your room and you shut your door, needing time to yourself to cry and cuddle with your stuffie.

    While you were in your remained in your room mulling over what had just happened, Steve was bottle feeding Wanda. She was cradled by him and he was cooing at her, just like he would do to you when you were being a good girl. Even though you weren't there to see it- you knew it was happening. You felt terrible thinking that Steve was treating Wanda better than you and your mind started to tell you that Steve was better off without you. That he liked Wanda more and wanted her as his little, not you.

    You ended up staying in your room for hours, eventually falling asleep after shedding buckets of tears. You were still exhausted when you finally woke up to the feeling of Steve sitting on the edge of your bed. You turned to look at him, his eyes were soft, but he was still upset with you. He swiped some hair from your face and spoke softly, "Wanda just went home. She was really upset with what you did, and so am I. She deserves an apology, [Y/N]."

    You rolled back over and tried to shove Steve's hand away from you, "Leave me alone," you mumbled.

    "Don't give me an attitude, [Y/N]. I'm going to go and make your bottle. When I get back up here you better not get fresh with me."

    Steve left and came back with a bottle, as he promised, but again you pushed him away when he tried to pick you up and cradle you for your feeding. You pushed him away on his stomach and grabbed your bottle, "I do myself. Leave me alone."

    Steve was hurt by your actions, he felt his heart sink watching his babygirl feed herself her own bottle when he knew you needed him. Steve knew how stubborn you were, but you were never this bad in littlespace. Sure, you've had a few slip ups, but this was extreme for you. Steve sat at the end of the bed and watched as you laid down and held your bottle to your lips, suckling the warm milk down. You were clearly hungry and Steve knew you would need some solid food after your bottle- the bottle wouldn't be enough to supply you with nutrients.

    After you finished the bottle, Steve took it from you and placed it on your bedside table. He picked you up and placed you on his hip, but you tried to wiggle and free yourself from his grip. Instead of wrapping your legs around his waist, you tried to kick him. Steve was appalled at how upset you were and the physical actions you were taking, "Hey!" He yelled and it caught your attention, Steve never yells. You halted your movements, you knew Steve had enough of your attitude and bad behavior.

    As you looked up at him with glassy eyes, he spoke softly, "I'm trying to care for you, and you want to kick me? That's not okay. I am going to burp you and then we're going to talk. Wether you like it or not. I am your Daddy and you're my baby, and it is my job to take care of you."

    You sulked into him and finally wrapped your legs around his waist, your head laid on his shoulder, away from his neck. You couldn't look at him right now. You felt him rub your back and begin to pat it, his large palms forcing the air in your system to move around and bubble up. You gave little baby burps, each receiving a barely audible, "good girl," from Steve. He was still hurt and upset, but needed to remain caring.

    After a few minutes, once Steve was sure your stomach was settled, he continued to rub your back and walk around. He left your room and walked into the living room, pacing around with you in his arms. He spoke softly, "I know today wasn't your best day, but I would like to know why you hurt Wanda. Can you explain that to me little one?"

    There was a tiny bit of love you felt from him using 'little one' with you, but having to think of your incident with Wanda made your throat tighten and eyes well up with tears, "She took [Your stuffie's name] and was holding him. She was taking everything around my room and using it and making a mess. I didn't like it."

    You began to cry, your sobs filling the room. Steve knew you were tired and that crying it all out was what you needed. He hated to see or hear you cry, but getting all of your emotions out was necessary in this instance. He rubbed your back and let you feel, continuing to hold you and walk you around. He always found holding you and walking around helped you to relax when he needed you to. When you settled a bit, he began to talk, "I know it can be overwhelming to have someone come into your space and touch your things, but Wanda was really excited and didn't mean to be overbearing. Do you think it was okay that you pushed her?"

    You sniffled, "No."

    "Right, it wasn't okay. Next time when you feel overwhelmed like that and want something back, you can take a few deep breathes and ask the other person nicely to give you the item back." He felt you nod against his shoulder, "You're going to sit in the time-out corner for twenty minutes and think on this."

    You were too exhausted to fight back or argue. Plus, the guilt that you felt pushed you to listen to your Daddy. He sat you in your time-out corner, which faced the wall, and set the timer on his phone to twenty minutes. He leaned down to kiss the top of your head, "I'll be back in twenty minutes. Be a good girl and think this through."

    You didn't respond, rather looked at the wall until you heard him go away. Once he left the room you started to play with your fingers and the hem of your sweatshirt, letting your mind focus on the incident earlier this morning. You replayed everything and realized that your Daddy was right, you could have handled it better and with more humility. You needed to learn to control your anger and stop being so pushy. You were tired but you should never hit anyone. You began to cry with all of the guilt that you felt, and the way you upset your Daddy. You hated thinking that Steve was mad at you or upset with you in anyway, wether in big or littlespace.

    It felt like an eternity of wallowing when you heard his phone go off in the other room. Soon you heard his footsteps come closer behind you. You still didn't move, too ashamed in yourself to look at your Daddy. Steve could sense this and sat on the couch near you, "Alright, time up sweetheart, you took your punishment so well. Now come over to Daddy."

    You kept your eyes low and crawled over to where he was. You sat on your legs by his feet, leaning your head on his knee cap. He put his hand on your hair, giving you a gentle rub, "Do you have anything to say to me?"

    Your gaze was still lowered and you were sniffling through your words, "I-I'm sorry Daddy. I was mean and terrible and I hurt you and Wanda and I'm really sorry." You began to sob at your admittance of guilt, your whole body shuttering as your emotions flooded out.

    Steve was quick to pick you up and hold you close. He cradled you and kissed your forehead, "Baby, you're not mean or terrible. You did something bad and you learned your lesson, that's all. You're a good girl and sometimes good girls have bad days. I'm so proud of you that you apologized."

    You looked at him with hopeful eyes, "Do you still love me, Dada?"

    "Of course I love you."

    "More than Wanda?"

    He was shocked by that question, but then realized how his actions today might have made you question his love towards you. He felt sorry for his little girl in that moment, "Oh, Princess. Is that what this is about? My job today was to take care of you and Wanda. She's not my baby, you're are."

    "Bu-but you kissed her head and called her a good girl and held her..."

    "She was hurt and crying, it was my job to comfort her since her mommy wasn't around to do it."

    "Bu-but you didn't comfort me!"

    He felt guilt immediately, "I'm sorry my princess. I should've come back upstairs and comforted you, you're right. Can I comfort you now?"

    You nodded.

    He pulled you as close as possible and started to pepper kisses all over your face, making you laugh at the ticklish feeling. He smiled as he kissed you, listening to his favorite sound- your laugh was music to his ears, "Can you forgive your Daddy, like I forgave you?"

    You nodded, "I forgive you, Dada."

    He looked down at you and smiled, "I love you, Peanut."

    You smiled back and kissed his cheek sweetly, "I love you too, Daddy."

    He kissed your temple and rubbed your back, "You want some chicken nuggets and then we can use the craft supplies to make Wanda an apology card?"

    "Yeah," you looked down again, the guilt washing over you remembering how you hurt your friend.

    Steve could read your mind, "I know you feel bad about hurting her, but you'll feel better after apologizing and hearing what she has to say." You pouted, but nodded, knowing he was right. "How about this. Tomorrow lets ask Wanda if she wants to go to Build-a-Bear with you, so you two can both have new stuffies?"

    You smiled big at his offer and jumped up and down a little in excitement, "Yes!! Daddy, please!!"

    He chuckled, it was almost too easy to excite a little. He kissed your temple and padded your bum, "Alright, before we get too excited- let's have some dinner and fill that tiny tummy of yours."

    You hopped off the couch and reached or his hand to hold as you two walked into the kitchen, "Tank oo, Dada!"

    "Anything for my good girl."

    #daddy!steve #daddy!steve x little!reader #daddy!steve rogers #daddy steve #daddy steve rogers #steve rogers fluff #steve rogers one shot #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers fanfiction #steve rogers #captain america drabble #captain america imagine #captain america fanfic #captain america#caregiver steve #caregiver!steve #caregiver steve rogers #steve fluff#steve imagine#steve daddy
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    28.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Really ??? Right in front of everyone's salads ???

    #the fact that everyone has to stay a safe distance away whenever these two are around because whenever they laugh they fly five feet is #True Comedy #i love how deebo isnt even phased by kyles laugh lunges LMAO #he just automatically dodges them when he flies back ten feet from his Own laugh #truly soulmates!!! meant 2 be!!! #its the way kyle laughs SO loud at his own shit LMAO #spurned on by deebos eternal jayz laugh #deebo and being incapable of not putting his hands on kyle for two seconds #every NEW movement that little man makes.. deebo is there #SO funny love my husbands #deebo constantly moving to take off his shirt... #either constantly trying to get ready for the game and getting distracted/pulled in by kyle not to #OR.. lowkey trying to remind kyle what hes missing out on #and what jimmy doesnt have LMAO #kyle ballhogging and not even doing anything with it 😭😭 kyle people need to PRACTice #carrying it around like its his infant son #using it to block his mouth from lip readers #gwa gwa.. gay ppl #the way deebo is shaped like an hourglass??? can we talk about that smore ???? #kyle/demar #sorry if anyone posted this b4 i saw it last night n had to Act
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  • annelisreadingroom
    28.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Throwback to a happy summer in Brattleboro, Vermont when I was lucky enough to be one of the amazing interns at Green Writers Press. It's great to see how far we've all come in just three years. 💪

    If you are interested in environmental issues, women's rights, and minority stories, I suggest you take a look at Green Writers Press. Buying books from small publishers is also a great way to help them get through these trying times.


    What are some of your favorite small presses?

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  • purring-goblin
    28.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Pro tip if you're about to comment on someone's fic, asking the author to "Please update soon" or something like "more please", throw in a little compliment as well! Tell them what you liked about the last chapter, what you're excited for in the next, or just that you love the story and look forward to reading more.

    Just begging for more or faster updates really isn't as motivating as you might think it is X'D

    #this post has probably been made before #but I've been getting a bunch of comments like this #and I'm honestly excited over every single comment I get #but these ones also feel a little lukewarm XD #actually makes me feel like I'm failing my readers a little because I just can't write sometimes #ao3#ao3 writer#fanfic writing#fanfic#fanfic authors
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    🎤 hi what’s everyone’s opinions on a little life

    #from what i’ve seen on the dash everyone’s divided about it #on one hand we have ppl who think it’s trauma porn/ has a harmful message #vs. those who insist it doesn’t because what seems unrealistic to the readers is the reality some are living through #etc etc you get my point. planning to read it so i can decide for myself but idk if i’m free enough for an 800 pg novel anytime soon #bfish mutuals REALLY love it tho. honey mery jem basically half of bfish tumblr #a little life
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    little house wife | prologue

    summary | a night out was exactly what you needed with your friends. but little did you know, it wouldn't end the way it should

    pairing | dark!lee bodecker x reader

    word count | 1014

    chapter warnings | non-con/dub-con, slight smut, drugging, alcohol mentions, forced slight smut

    authors note | i know i started a series before this but i got bored and im still working on the chapters for at last our love has come along

    18+ only, minors DNI

    all characters depicted are over the age of 18

    lowercase intended

    not beta read


    the sound of your heels against the pavement is the only thing heard late at night. you were walking home after being at the bar with a few of your girlfriends.

    your night out did exactly what you wanted it to do, help you you forget about your ex. you had recently gotten out of a relationship that you thought was going well but it seems it wasn't.

    all of your friends found a guy to go home with while you just decided to just head home. problem is, you had a few drinks before leaving so you were a bit tipsy.

    you knew walking around during the night as a woman wasn't the best idea but your designated driver also went off with a guy.

    after a bit of walking, a car pulled up next to you. but it wasn't just any car, it was the sheriff's cruiser.

    rolling down his window, he called out to you. "what is a pretty girl like you doing out this late all alone?"

    you and the sheriff had an interesting relationship to say the least. you worked at a diner which he would always come to. everytime he was there, he would ask for you and you alone.

    it soon turned into him coming in on days you're working, dropping you home after a late shift, and offering to take you out. each time he asked, you would say no, said you had a boyfriend, but he wouldn't give up.

    "just went out for a few drinks with some friends" you walked over to his car, leaning into where the window would be.

    "its not safe for you to be out here alone doll." he could see how disorganized and drunk you were based on the way you walked towards the car.

    "i'll be alright, im not too far from home."

    "then at least let me drive you home, its the least i can do" he knew where you lived from driving you home fron work multiple times before.

    "you sure? i dont want to burden you with it. im sure you're too busy being the sheriff" a second after you said that, he reached over and openned the door.

    "get in, im not asking" his eyes had darkened and you could tell from the tone of his voice, he really wasn't asking.

    not really noticing the change, you got into the crusier, closing the door. "good girl" he said as he brought his hand to your thigh, driving off.

    after a few minutes of silence, he finally broke it.

    "never thought of you as the type to go out" he said, sneaking a peak at you.

    "neither did i until tonight" you replied, staring out the window.

    "what caused the change?"

    "steve was a jerk, broke up with me" you said emotionless.

    "well he just lost somethin' great, aomethin' amazing" he said, causing you to blush. the car was silent for the rest of the ride


    after a while, lee pulled up in front of your house. "we're here doll, come on" he opened the door on his side of the car, walking over to your side to open the door and help you out.

    "its okay, i got it" you tried getting out of the car on your own but ended up stumbling into lee's arms.

    "doesn't seem like you do" he softly laughed, holding you up and carrying you into your house after getting your keys from your purse.

    after sitting you down on your couch, lee walks to your kitchen to get you a cup of water but little did you know, he added a little something to it.

    while in yhe kitchen, he could hear you rambling on about steve.

    "i keep asking myself what i did for him to break up with me. was i not good enough?"

    "forget about him doll. drink this, it will make you feel better" you took the cup and chugged it. lee watched, making sure you drank all if it. he felt himself getting harder as he watched you, knowing exactly what would happen next.

    "thank you sheriff, you didn't have to help me" you could feel yourself getting a bit drowsy and your words slurring but you blamed it on the alcohol.

    "nonsense. i couldn't let a beautiful girl like you walk around at night without protection." lee's voice was now low, him kneeling in front of you. "come on, lets get you to bed"

    you felt a bit weird but still tried to get up, unable to. seeing this, lee smirked, picking you up. when he picked you up, you felt a rush if plesure run through your body to you cunt, making your panties wet as you held in a moan.

    what the hell is going on? you asked yourself in your head

    lee carried you to your room, laying you down on the bed to get you undressed and into something different.

    back on the bed, you were rolling your hips without realizing, desperate for any friction. whatever lee put in the water was already taking its effect.

    lee groaned when he looked back to see you rolling your hips. "whats wrong doll?" he said with fake sympathy and worry.

    "i-its nothing" you were embarrassed being caught this way, especially by lee.

    "you sure its nothing doll, doesn't look it" lee looked down, seeing how wet you were through your panties which he has yet to remove. he moved between your legs, rubbing your thighs.

    realizing what he was doing, you tried closing your legs feeling a bit uncomfortable but you weren't able to being you felt weak and lee was keeping them apart.

    "sheriff, what are you doing?" your voice was as weak as your body as you tried to push him away with no luck.

    "i'm gon' make you feel good doll, just lay back" at this point you could barely move, feeling yourself become tired.

    you tried to fight the drowsiness off but soon, you were asleep.

    "so pretty all laid out for me. my pretty doll"


    #lee bodecker #dark!lee bodecker #lee bodecker x reader #dark!lee bodecker x reader #dark!lee bodecker smut #lee bodecker smut #little house wife series #apollobarnes #the devil all the time
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  • dovesgrave
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    instead of sleeping my brain just conjures up insanity.. anyways 😭

    modern AU + Venti being your neighbor in the next apartment over. You really only see him when passing through the hall to the elevator, checking the mail, or going down to do your laundry. He loves watching you come and go from the spy hole in his door, until the last minute he can see you on the street from the binoculars in his apartment window. He writes down your schedules- perfectly timing his trips out so you run into one another more often. He just happens to be there every time. You hear his chipper voice calling “wait-!”, so you hold the door to the lift open and ride down together. You bump shoulders with him almost every day at your mailbox, making small talk over the weather, and you always pass him on your way down the stair well into the laundry room. You could have sworn you brought enough quarters, but if you’re short on change- Venti is happy to help you out. Never mind that some of your clothing and delicates have gone missing recently. maybe you dropped them on the way upstairs and the land lord tossed them out. It’s nothing to worry about yet.

    #venti absolutely stealing your clothes and sniffing and wearing them #🧎 #he’s the cutest little perverted obsessed stalker #yandere venti #yandere venti x reader #dove’s nest
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