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  • windyqutie
    19.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Tiny Ki supremacy 

    #personal #yes I did make this exact post already and could just reblog that again but no it’s my mission to tell the 4 people I don’t have #blocked #TINY KI SUPREMACY #HE IS A TINY KITTEN A SOFT BABEY WHO DESERVES LOVE LITTLE KITTEN #TINY KI IS MY FAVE THING 😭 #alongside Gon carrying Ki Gon saving Ki Alluka Carrying Ki Zushi Carrying Ki Leorio carrying Ki everyone carrying Ki! #👏👏👏👏👏👏 Nanika and Alluka saving Ki Gonkillu #Huge Gon to go with tiny Ki saying fuck canon #gonkillu #and Soft Ki delicate Ki shy Ki and Gon protecting Ki #+more but that’s the general idea of my fave things I can’t pick one
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  • lieutenant-columbro
    19.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    peter falk as lt. horatio bixbee in penelope (1966)

    #this movie is. not good but i think he is vv pretty so its fine actually :)))) #penelope 1966#peter falk #also ok silly headcanon...cause of the gray suit i like to pretend this movie is just a columbo prequel #ok ok just one more thing i like his little hat :)))
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  • albertolovesluca
    19.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Small things I noticed

    When you re-watch the movie so many times, you start to notice the little details, or even some small mistakes. I have so many that I want to share, but I’ll do this one just for now. (I’m sure some people know about this one.)

    When Alberto and Luca first sneak into Portorosso, a bike can be seen next the boat, covered in barnacles and all rusted from being underwater.

    I guess this was the movies way of foreshadowing where Luca would get his bike from when he goes to do the race by himself.

    This is the bike that Luca uses in the race 100% because it looks exactly like it here. 

    Plus it has seaweed on it and is still a little wet.

    Fun little things.

    #luca#alberto#luberto #gay fish boys #fun little things #just for fun #portorosso cup
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  • pinkpastels113
    19.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #💙💙💙#anastasia-93-daybidaylove#user message#nice things #a little kindness goes a long way #you’re so kind and I feel like we would be great friends #:))
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  • whumpersdump
    19.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Project Rebirth - CH3: Storage

    This chapter is heavily inspired by The Machine from @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi (which is awesome, btw. Whumperflies each time I’ve read it). There is also a brief implication that such a thing exists in this work’s universe.

    Also I should mention beforehand, the whumpee’s “youth” is mentioned by whumper, but they are not a minor.

    [ Previous ] -- [ Masterlist ]

    TW: forced intubation / loss of bodily autonomy /restraints / muzzle / blindfold / pet whump (institutionalized) / dehumanization / drugging (brief, though on the graphic side. Two sentences) / sensory deprivation / starvation (mentioned, non-graphic) / intimate whumper (I think?)

    Subject One / Whumpee’s POV. Whumper and his staff need time to prepare the program based on the evaluation. During the short second stage of the Project, the pet has to be stored away. Of course, with pets, no time can be wasted. So, Whumper has found a use for it. Instead of being locked in cage for days, Subject One will be locked in their mind.

    Whumpee trashed against the restraints as whumper pushed them through the hall. The jacket was looser now, they basked in the extra breathing room. Toby had given them something that made their muscles all weak, but they fought that like they fought everything else.

    They hadn’t found a way out yet, but it wouldn’t take long. They were used to straitjackets and restraints. Drugs, not so much. Most trainers didn’t have the budget. Most trainers had never seen someone like them. Whumper thought he he could break them, but whatever horrors he inflicted, Whumpee would find a way to let it fuel their rage instead.

    When Toby split off into another hall, that only became easier. Now they wouldn’t have to listen to the feigned concern in his voice. And the name. Subject One. They had many names over the years. It was the only thing they submitted to. They didn’t have their own anyway. Not that they remembered. This one sucked the most. It wasn’t even a name. Toby never lied, he was too much of a goody-two-shoes for that. They were getting a new one.

    Whumper opened a door to a white room. He clicked Whumpee in place and looked down on them. “This’ll only be for a few days, so we won’t bother with food. Use your time wisely,” he warned. “Thoughts can help the learning process a lot.”

    He leaned down and began re-tightening all the restraints and the jacket. They were tighter than before. Whumpee couldn’t move at all anymore when Whumper was finished. They’d still come out on top, though. Just watch. 30 escapes, they could make 31.

    Whumper turned on a camera. “Don’t mind this,” he said. “You are a test subject after all.” He cleared his throat and faced the camera. “Welcome to stage 2,” he told it. He went on about the specifics and all the reasons he wasn’t talking about them for ages, before turning back to Whumpee.

    “Now, usually we don’t put subjects as young as Subject One on tier 3. Normally younger pets respond well enough to the large amount of restraints, and the impressiveness of this operation. It’s not my favorite method, but it’s rather easy to replace their youthful defiance with fear.”

    Stupid to think the two can’t exist at the same time, Whumpee thought.

    Whumper continued. “With this one, that would cause the opposite effect. This one we’re cutting slack. For the duration of their storage here they can fight as much as they like. We’re prepared for it. No punishments, no threats. This one will need to get worse before they can get better.”

    He pushed a button on the wall.

    Whumpee’s pulse skyrocketed as they began to tilt backward. “First, the earpieces.” He pushed two blobs into Whumpee’s ears that—despite their small size—blocked any and all sound. Then, he removed the muzzle.

    Bad choice. Whumpee screamed and cursed as loud as they could. Sure, Whumper wanted them to. They didn’t care. They always fought. That way they could never be tricked into doing the opposite. They never heard themselves struggle, but Whumper did. That didn’t stop him though. He smiled, turned to the camera and continued speaking until he turned back around holding a small tube.

    Whumpee shuddered, understanding what was about to happen. What was about to be taken.

    It wasn’t the first time they would be trapped like this. With their chest rising and falling at someone else’s commands. There was a trainer once. A private one. Like all the others, it didn’t work. Or… it didn’t last. They’d been trapped for months, multiple times. No wonder they almost broke. They had a talent, though. They could build themselves back up. It only took them a week last time. They could do it again.

    The intrusion came through their nose, first. They fought it. The foreign object whumper plunged down. Every second of it they gagged, and chocked, and pushed against it. It didn’t budge, they knew it wouldn’t. When was in, Whumper squeezed their cheek and reached for a small device Whumpee didn’t recognize. It pricked into their neck, and fastened like their collar did.

    Whumpee couldn’t move their head because of all the straps, but they still caught a glimpse of the clear liquid that sunk through small tubes, toward their neck. Their body went limp, for the second tube. Whumpee couldn’t fight it. The flow toward their neck had stopped already, but it hadn’t worn off yet. Whumper pushed it down their throat effortlessly. But the air didn’t come yet. Whumpee had to live off tiny breaths for what felt like eternity.

    Whumper held the tube up and picked a strange muzzle off a table. It had two straps at the back, and and two holes in the middle. The edges were lined with a soft plastic. Whumper weaved the largest tube through one of the holes, followed by the smaller one in their nose, and pushed the muzzle against whumpees face. He buckled the two straps. One around the back of their head, and one over the top.

    Their breath returned, no thanks to their own efforts. Whumpee’s chest moved up and down, along with the rhythm the object in their throat demanded. There was no defying it. They tried. All they managed to do was tire themselves. Nonetheless, they kept fighting. Even if it didn’t work, they would never be so weak as to stop. They didn’t care Whumper didn’t mind. They fought. They always did.

    Whumper leaned over them with a mask. It had a pre-shaped top—that would go over their head—and a strap at the bottom. The last part, Whumpee read of his lips. Which was likely the reason for said mask. The tried to turn their head, but they were stuck. Stuck under the restraints, the foreign rhythm in their breath. Whumper’s lips shushed them, though Whumpee couldn’t hear the sound.

    The mask went over their eyes, perfectly molded to their face. It forced them shut with a dull pressure. Even blinded by the mask itself, they couldn’t open them. The top of the mask fit perfectly on top of their head. It couldn’t shift down. The bottom strap clicked to the other ones that lied in their neck. It couldn’t shift at all.

    They couldn’t see, hear, feel. They didn’t have to worry about breathing. Thoughts, Whumper had talked about. No. They wouldn’t be alone with their thoughts. They were stronger than that. Breathing. Resisting. That was what they did.

    They fell asleep. That was their mistake. Whumper had kept them up for days at a time with all the tests and questions. Now they fell asleep, and their breath complied. With Whumper. They fought. Until every muscle went sore, they fought. Until everything hurt, they fought. They lost their breath for a second when they shifted the tube. Over and over. Until a pressure on the muzzle pushed it in the right position, and they couldn’t fight it again.

    Even worse, their stomach rumbled. They hadn’t eaten in days even before this situation, and this didn’t help. They fought against the feeling like they fought everything else, but it didn’t end. So they ignored it. This was temporary. Whatever the real procedures behind this program of Whumper’s were, they would find a way to come out on top.

    Though Whumpee had no way to track the time, their stomach told them they had been there for a while, after they woke up for the second time. Memories floated through their head. Memories the trainers had tried so desperately to extinguish. Memories Whumpee had tried so desperately to extinguish. Memories that made them shake even if their entire outfit was designed to prohibit it.

    They couldn’t feel anything other than the fabric of the jacket over their body. Even that feeling faded. Touch. That was what had made Toby so annoying. He kept touching them. Little squeezes, or a stroke over their head. Whumpee wanted to gag at the thought, but in the past month they’d gotten used to it. Now, they missed it.

    The silence made it worse. They cried, they whimpered, they sobbed. But heard none of it. They’d never hidden their fears. Never had to. They chose fight. Always. No matter what happened, they would fight. They would always end back up into someone’s hands, but still, they fought. This though, was getting harder and harder to fight with each second that passed.

    They were tired, full in their head. Their mind was loud, their body rigid and tense. They needed calm, they wanted calm. They craved calm.

    “Subject One,” a voice in their head said. No, that wasn’t right. It was in their ears. The earpieces. The voice came through again, freeing them from days of utter and complete silence. “Tonight is your turn to be Reborn.”

    Whumpee shuddered, then fought.


    Taglist, I guess?

    @suspicious-whumping-egg @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi

    #whump#pet whump#intubation tw#drugging tw#defiant whumpee#muzzled whumpee#restrained whumpee#lab whump #I have six of these prepared btw #but the whole thing is much (much) longer #I just also have a fic I'm working on on my main so I gotta divide and conquer a little #POV goes in a cycle (so Whumper next. Then Toby. Then Subject One) #Project Rebirth
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  • germcore
    19.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Still learning how to use procreate. Using diff brushes. Momo, Abe and Tut! (I bought black hair brushes still learning to use them might by a bigger set) and 2 of my little alters as mermaids - shane

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  • thehappiestgolucky
    19.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    I love guiding moths!

    love to be able to guide them confidently that is-

    #sky children of the light #sky: children of the light #skykid#birbdessa#doodles #why must i keep playing social games when i have pretty bad social anxiety- #Players: Come sit at tables to chat :D #Me: *internally screaming* #that being said i really do like helping moths and vibing with players #the amount of pictures i have of just emote spamming with all sorts of players #it’s one of the things i like about this game is just silently having fun #also i experimented a little with this doodle #i kinda like it #also yeah this is based on a real recent event where i was helping two moths #one wanted to speedrun and guide the other wanted to guide but got distracted #and there i was. the veteran just. kind of vibing like what’s up fellow moths dhskdhskdjskds
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  • kaleidodoctor
    19.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    im so bored send me asks abt colomotion or literally anything RN!!!!!!!!!

    #its ok if u dont #but just know.. #when u do.... #theres one less bored john in the world #i want to make my typing style insane and fucked up so bad. have wanted to since ever #but i usually type normally cuz its easier nd im lazy #but i LOVOE being strange and mysterious #if i do actually get asks ill answer them later despite being bored i am somewhat busy #oh yeah i forgot to mention i just like the Joy i get when i see the. blue little dot ontop of the. mail. thing. yk
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  • bbylibruh
    19.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Went shopping earlier and a little girl walked past me and then ran back just to tell me how beautiful she thought I was like ????  how adorable is THAT 

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  • annoyedpringle
    19.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    unpop opinion but hate shouldn’t be as normalized as it is

    #people claim that this world is so fucked up and cold #when.. they are the same people perpetuating it lol #like pls get a perspective on your actions and how ur living #I promise you that sitting and being hatefule on the internet / irl isn’t fulffing things emotionally that you need #fulfilling* #I’m not saying no hate her # #I love to hate but within reason #walking around being hateful for no reason at all but solely bc ur in rut makes a shitty person lolll #like I’m begging ppl to go outside #smoke a little weed #and see how beautiful this world is how much of a happier you could be having #I mean to each their own #what works for u might not work for me #but I just don’t see how having negativity constantly in your day doesn’t affect your mentally at all #you* #hate is so tiring mentally like are y’all ok fr #having a ‘good life’ as philosophers would say lol all rests in your mentality #if mentally stuck on hate all u see all u experience will be mostly hate #mentally stuck on life #the beauty #the existence of just living and being happy #I promise is so much better #and this is coming from someone that was constantly full of hate #trauma lolllll #so if u needed a sign or something fight for a better life for yourself #stop playing into society and having a miserable life so that capitalism can keep feeding off of u #cause when people are more negative than positive they are more likely to over indulge in things for simple and quick happiness #idk #just over here fucking talking ig lol
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  • pureiimagination
    19.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    anon sent: I've noticed you haven't been as active as you used to be! You haven't answered any anons, or roleplayed much in this past week or two. is everything OK? Or is your muse just down?
    unprompted asks || always accepting

    I got this yesterday and hadn’t been able to find the time to get online, but ajsdfdksfdlas aww, i really appreciate you taking the time to check in on me, nonnie ;;; that really means a lot. Things are going okay, though!! I’ve just been stupidly busy the last few weeks and haven’t found the time or energy to be around as I usually am.

    Something that’s going to change even more as in a week I will no longer be working from home, and therefore will no longer have access to my laptop during breaks as I have been. But, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things soon, cause I really do miss being on here!!

    #⊰ caffeinated disney fanatic || ooc ⊱ #⊰ stranger danger! || anon ⊱ #⊰ you talking to me? || asks ⊱ #{(ngl this lowkey made my day yesterday)} #{(asldkjflsa)} #{(ive missed being as active as i was)} #{(and it'll prolly take me a little bit to settle into a routine when i start working in office again but)} #{(DONT WORRY! MUSE HAS DEFINITELY NOT LEFT XD)} #{(i promise raine still bugs me 24/7 about things LMAO)}
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  • toasty-bat
    19.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Rainbow capitalism sucks both ass and dick but also I don’t think a lot of young queer people realize: up until VERY RECENTLY, you could not get pride shit ANYWHERE. Like I think even two/three years ago, the only store I saw selling pride stuff during pride month was fucking Spencers. And now you can probably find pride stuff in most places almost year round (depending on like... where you are)

    So yeah, rainbow capitalism fucking sucks and supporting queer creators always comes before buying Rainbow Brand merch, but also? Holy shit. You used to only really find pride stuff at “adult” stores, and it was LIMITED. Just... the fact that things are changing so fast will never stop amazing me. 

    #no like I remember seeing 'the dick store' selling a pride shirt and it blew my MIND #because I hadn't seen ANY OTHER STORES selling pride shit #and I went to a hot topic yesterday and there were little pride things fucking EVERYWHERE #*yes rainbow capitalism sucks #i say stuff
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  • callmewhenyouready
    19.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #this was really need to run across #just makes me want to take things a little more easier #Text
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  • alpharossi
    19.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    My dad just told me that bc I have a job now when I go to Starbucks on my break (like once a month) I have to put it on my debit card and not his credit card anymore, send prayers💔💔💔

    #please one of my little juice things is like half an hour of work for me no way guess no more starbucks for me #i like refuse to waste money on drinks like that i would much rather find something else to waste it on djdndnfndnfn #THIS IS TOTALLY A JOKE I FEEL GUILTY SPENDING MY DADS MONEY BTW !!!! #personal #i mean he did say i had to buy it myself but i understand why💔😔
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  • chazshifting
    19.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    gonna talk to my parents abt getting top surgery in like an hour ahaha pls manifest good things 🤪🤪

    #i have become an spn blog on my main yesterday was cas day and i MIGHT. have prayed to him a bit #i also made a little invisible rune that i keep tracing on my hand to further manifest good things #AND i did a two card pull abt it a day or so ago and their reaction at first is gonna be fear and worry and sorrow but the overall #output is gonna be getting my wishes granted so. i am. cautiously optimistic. and still bracing for the worst in case the cards were wrong #not doubting them just further protecting myself #so yeah. the rune also is helping alleviate my anxiety abt this i think if i didnt use it i would be severely nauseous and prolly back out #my fam does not have a very supportive track record BUT theyve come a long way and im really hoping theyll get it #if not this is like. a dealbreaker between me and them. i cant make them know that but #this is no longer just something i Want its smthn i need for my health and it also just makes sense to get it. #so if they refuse to help me stay physically and psychologically healthy just bc theyre transphobic? #as soon as i get out of here i will not be speaking to them again. #if they Do help me though that will be a sign of good faith yk? so. yeah idk man. pray for me manifest for me keep me in your thoughts. #chaz.txt
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  • iemonzzest
    19.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Credit to @schnoofle for the lovely photo 🥰

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  • beginagain
    19.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    strange to me that some close people in my life seem to assume i don’t know what i’m doing when it comes to navigating my relationships…..

    yes, i was in an abusive r/s and in the PAST was extremely codependent and unhealthy w certain people (namely my ex husband who started dating me at 17 when he was 23 so who can blame me but that’s anOTHER sToRy)

    that doesn’t take away the fact that i essentially got trained by professionals for 6 years straight on how to take care of myself / what to look for in relationships / how to communicate well / etc. and i’m doing better than ever in that area & actually v rarely fight w anyone who has their head on straight… & tbh i’d argue i know how to handle situations more healthily than most people in my life (at least on an intellectual level, not always emotionally)

    super annoying, super patronizing to be given BS “advice” or feedback i don’t ask for when i know it’s coming from such a place of assumption / possible pity (?)

    i know what i’m doing when it comes to dating & being a victim of abuse was the result of skilled manipulation / being preyed on by a narcissistic predator and was not the result of a failure on my end or a reflection of how all my relationships will be, perioddddd

    #yes i should say these things directly to these people #& i will when i can gather my thoughts around it more #bc tbh i get a little too mad about it as of rn #and would rather wait until i’m more confident in myself than angry @ them for it #bc i know it stems from the invalidation i feel #🤪✌️🙃🦋 #future blog post
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  • chloemew
    19.09.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    I already ranted about this on Twitter but MAN. Why are the Archie Megaman comic volumes so EXPENSIVE now and why didn’t I get them all when they were still available!! I had to get volumes 4 and 5 as ebooks because the only listings were like close to a hundred quid each

    #I just want physical Megaman merch man. Is that so much to ask #why do I always get into the things that aren’t obscure but have like #minimal merch #lookin @ u TF2 #THE GOTDAM CHEF FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID HAS A FUNKO POP #LITERALLY NOBODY’S FAVOURITE DISNEY CHARACTER #I don’t even like Funkos but beggars can’t be choosers
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  • parelmoer
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #eric from sex education can cheat because I like him as a character and I think him and adam are boring I hope that clears things up ❤️ #also the lgbt club scene made me cry a little
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  • kachinnate
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i feel like wrt jared’s character, there is easily the Other Side of the spectrum of people who make him haha funny memeboy bathbomb cronch but ppl just wanna Not acknowledge it

    like…… cuz alright class let’s dissect WHY we hated bath bomb era jared …. he was reduced to like three characteristics/personality traits and we hated that bland surface level characterization and begged those people to grow up and have nuance bc he is More than just that

    ,,,and yet on the other side of it

    a lot of.. Perceptions i’ll say of jared get dangerously close to making him JUST into the misunderstood gay teenager who doesn’t mean any of what he says in an act of Angsty Cognitive Dissonance…. just misunderstood just sad n queer if he could get over the internalized homophobia he’d be fine whatever whatever

    which yeah depending on who you are you might agree that the latter is better than the former but when you really think about it they’re Very much so similar ! i do think — at least in FANON — that universally we all seem to agree that.. yeah dude he copes differently than evan and as such gets misconstrued and misunderstood, yeah it’s more believable that he would be gay more than anything, and yeah things are definitely not perfect in his world if you pay attention to the things that are blatantly there…… but then if that’s it, if that’s all he is, then what is his place in a story outside of shipping…. when he gets with evan or connor what else is there to him?

    and it gets to the point too that people get so attached to this weird version of jared that exists in their mind that’s very much … like, somewhat musical jared but more tortured and concentrated into something specific, that anything outside of that is suddenly a massacre to his character. like fuck dude, i also love him as a character, but it’s getting to a point that i almost want to go Back to people focusing way too much on his Questionable lines and accusing him of being an asshole ????

    there’s like a very very specific difference between being frustrated at an adaption!jared’s character because it seems to be made into something completely different COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL (NOT fanon!), as in given lines or behaviors that are inconsistent with how he was on stage, and then being entirely way too upset that fanon jared isn’t like the jared on screen in a movie you already don’t want to like going Into it…. and also a character who is inherently not going to get the Most character development as is anyway given that he isn’t the main character !

    #and yes i know i write almost entirely k/leinsen #but he has so much value and character outside of being alongside another character #he is not just an asshole meme guy #and he is ALSO not just a pining lovesick misunderstood guy either #this was going to be not about the movie but unfortunately people keep making me angry so i keep making posts ! #and like even outside of the movie like. the whole thing w jared’s character also applies just In General skfjdkf #i’ll still tag it for the brief mention though #garbage.txt #discourse#deh movie #i’ve been so fucking angry today skfjdkf i like snapped at a meeting when i usually do not fancy speaking #anyway #no one is doing ur boy dirty #ur boy is an oc and u do not recognize the boy on screen and that’s okay #every day my qpp words certain concepts better than i can so if i seem too articulate somewhere just know i probably snatched their wording #😘 #edit: and hell i’ll even be honest with you i DID used to write jared w that kind of mindset #that’s why i really loathe college daze rn bc i feel like i just write them differently now than i did then #my biggest character developments in writing evan and jared have been me making evan kinda mean in a [intentional] way #and making jared just a little meaner just cuz! there doesn’t have to be a monologue of internal thoughts after each rude thing he says! #sometimes jared can say something mean to evan and be like .. yikes lol #and move on! #evan is the one who overthinks everything endkf jared might regret being an ass but singular instances won’t keep him up at night bestie
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