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  • echoesincolorsandsilence
    02.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    You're Part of Me (masterlist)

    Summary: Since he was young, there's always been this voice ― this presence ― in the back of Michael Guerin's mind. He can't outrun it, he can't hide from it, he can't quiet it... and he doesn't want to. Navigating his relationships with Max and Isobel is bad enough when he feels ostracized from his siblings, his relationship with Alex is virtually nonexistent, and he's still trying to figure out who the hell he is. With the addition of The Voice, a strange phenomena he's not yet ready to explain, Michael isn't exactly sure where he ends and she begins. And maybe that's the problem. But does it have to be?

    Setting/Tropes/Theme/Tags: Alternate Reality, exploring pre-RNM events, slight canon-divergence, Michael is getting a Person because I Am Weak, Max is less of a self-sacrificing asshole, Isobel is less of a self-absorbed bitch, the Psychic Twins thing is a lot less weird feeling and a lot more chaotic, Kyle Valenti Can & Should & Will Do Better, Alex does what he wants repeatedly because Fuck Jesse Manes Disrespectfully, no beta we die like season 1 Max Evans (haha)

    A/N: Get in, loser. We're going to therapy. 🥺 May or may not be lightly or heavily inspired by the song "Trouble Is..." by All Time Low, I'll leave that up to your interpretation. I created an original character specifically for this story and if you don't like it, die mad. Otherwise, thank you for reading!


    Part 1 - Persona Non Grata

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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    me refraining from going off an a tangent about how the paintings in Max’s house look like the desert and the ocean, which are the two most meaningful landscapes to echo and maybe even the show

    #roswell new mexico #rnm#max evans#liz ortecho#rnm echo #max x Liz
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  • alphawolfice1989
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

     the human-alien relationships  in Roswell new  Mexico 

    max and liz 

    Kyle and Isobel

    michael and alex

    Gregory  and  maria 

    #liz x max #kyle x isobel #michael x alex #maria x gregory #roswell new mexico #liz ortecho#max evans#kyle valenti#isobel evans#michael guerin#alex maines#maria deluca
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  • isbelevans
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Roswell New Mexico Season 1 Episode 2 "So Much For The Afterglow"

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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    so who wants to write the au where Liz is a gun for hire called the scientist and Max is the FBI agent assigned to capturing her

    #rnm echo #idk there is a lack of echo fic in this world #and I want to read it not write it #roswell new mexico #max evans#liz ortecho#rnm
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  • isbelevans
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Liz Ortecho and Jones In Roswell New Mexico 3x07 "Goodnight Elizabeth"

    #liz ortecho #mr. jones #roswell new mexico #roswellnmedit
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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Liz Ortecho’s love language is committing crimes, whether for her or with her

    #she has Kyle getting autopsy information for her and stealing hospital equipment #has Max breaking and entering stealing and committing murder #has Heath breaking and entering and destroying company information #roswell new mexico #rnm#liz ortecho#roswell nm
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  • thesquidkid
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Where I follow, you'll go

    Echo meet-cute based on Collide by Howie Day. What if they collided, but literally?

    (Also this is the first time I'm writing echo-centered, I hope I didn't mess them up 😅)

    Enjoy! 😁 (on A03)

    Liz Ortecho was a bright up and coming scientist. Her research on the regeneration of brain cells had completely revolutionized the field, and there was talk about her getting a Nobel Prize soon enough.

    Max Evans was a newly published author, not yet at the top of the charts, but with a new book that was getting more and more popular. His book had gotten the attention of a few well-renowned critics, putting pressure on him for his next story.

    Liz was in Roswell for a convention. Her team would present their research and the medical advances that could follow, in hopes to get approved for human testing. This would be a massive step on the road to cure degenerative brain disorders.

    Max was in Roswell as a stop for his road trip across the United States, in hopes to find inspiration for his next book. His goal was to go to various places that had a rich history and culture.

    The convention lasted four days, but Liz’s team had arrived a few days earlier to prepare the cells they would be demonstrating their research on. Max had planned to stop in Roswell for a week, wanting to see as much as possible of the touristy attractions, while also enjoying the local life.

    Some would say it was completely coincidental that they were in the same town at the same time; others would say the universe had aligned for this particular event.

    After staying in Roswell for a few days, their paths never crossing, the inevitable happened. They both needed to buy groceries, at the same time, in the same supermarket.

    It was at the corner of the canned food and the cheese that their lives collided. Or, in this case, their shopping carts collided.

    Liz, taken by the force of the hit straight into her cart, stumbled to the side, before losing her balance and falling, taking the cart down with her.

    “Shit, sorry,” Max said as he kneeled next to her, “Are you okay?”

    She checked for any injuries, before sitting up, looking at the stranger who had walked into her. “Yeah,” she breathed out, taken by the man in front of her.

    Max stood up, offering his hand to Liz, who grabbed it. They were facing now, and Max couldn’t look away from the woman in front of him.

    “Uhm”, Liz said eventually, clearing her throat and pointing at her cart. “I should -”

    As she bent down to get her stuff, bumping Max in the forehead as he did the same. The two of them giggled, Max blushing furiously, before continuing to put back everything that Liz wanted to purchase.

    “Okay, well, sorry for the -” she waved between them, awkwardly, before grabbing her cart. “I should go, uhm, thanks for helping me tidy everything up.”

    And with that she was gone, leaving a hopeless Max Evans in her wake.

    Come on, Liz, she thought to herself, you’re here for a career changing conference, not to bump into cute guys. Shaking her head, trying to clear all thoughts of the handsome stranger who she had collided with, she tried to focus on her science, buying all her groceries and heading back to the hotel.

    Little did she know, she had had a similar effect on Max, who was struggling to think of anything but her. With a sigh, he grabbed his cart and walked out of the aisle, to continue his shopping, when his eye caught something on the floor.

    A pot of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough and chocolate chip ice cream. Which certainly didn’t belong in the cannes food section. Picking up, he looked back in the direction Liz had left, wondering if maybe -

    No, it couldn’t be. What was the probability that this pot belonged to her and wasn’t someone else’s purchase who had also fallen at the same place as Liz.

    He quickly made his way to checkout, the rest of his shopping list forgotten. As soon as he had all his purchases in bags, he ran outside, in hopes to see the wonderful stranger he had just met.

    But eventually, Max had to settle on a defeat - the woman was gone, and only left behind her a pot of ice cream.

    He drove back to his hotel room, trying to clear his mind of the stranger he had collided with, trying to focus on his new book.

    However, neither did a spectacular job at forgetting each other, rather they could,’t stop thinking of the stranger they had bumped into, desperantely to find each other again, but knowing that Roswell wasn’t that much of a small town, the probability of their paths crossing again was next to zero.

    The universe must’ve been quite bad at maths, or have a serious sense of irony, as merely three days later, on their last day each, they collided once more.

    Max had been going to the Wild Pony, a local bar, ever since he arrived, enjoying the lively atmosphere, observing the people around him as he wrote his book. In hindsight, he probably could’ve done a better job at observing.

    Liz’s team wanted to enjoy their last day in Rowell, wanting to celebrate the success of their research and the approval of human testing.

    Liz offered to buy her team drinks, as she had been the one to originally come up with their research (and she didn’t like others paying for her drinks).

    This time, it was at the bar, as Liz turned around, carrying all the drinks for her teammates, that they collided. All of Liz’s drinks spilled on Max’s white shirt, but he only cared for a split second, before looking up and meeting Liz’s eyes.

    “Shit, sorry,” Liz said, before raising her head, and seeing the same stranger as three days earlier, in a similar setting. “It’s you!” She exclaimed, her eyes widening as she took him in.

    He was just as handsome, if not more, his white shirt getting transparent by the drinks spilled on it. Max giggled, before completely laughing, throwing his head back, Liz joining him, but not quite understanding what was so funny.

    “We need to stop meeting this way,” he said once the laughter had died down. Liz couldn’t agree more, and she nodded eagerly.

    She smiled at him, her teammates forgotten for the moment. “How about I buy you a drink? I promise I’ll try not to spill on you.”

    Max’s cheeks got red, and he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, all while he nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment.

    Liz’s teammates, worried about what was taking so long with the drinks, made their way to the bar. When they saw Liz with Max, and saw that she didn’t seem to need any backup, they ordered their own drinks and sat back down at their table - Liz deserved a break from all the science, and if that break was with a handsome man, who were they to deny her?

    Liz ordered two drinks, and let Max carry them to a table outside, saying that she didn’t want to ruin his shirt more than she already had. After repeating once more that it was an accident, and besides he owned many identical white shirts, Max sat down, enjoying his drink in silence.

    The two of them were quiet, but the air between them wasn’t as awkward as one might expect. This was only the second time they had met, but they fell in comfortable silence, as would old friends.

    Eventually, as time went by, conversations flowing easily between them, discussing what brought them to Roswell, Liz remembered that she had a plane early the next morning.

    “Oh, yeah,” Max said with a yawn, “I also have an early flight.” They stood up at the same time, staring at each other, not knowing what the best farewell would be. Because tomorrow, they would each take a plane, and would end up at two sides of the country.

    Max was the first to move, extending his hand between them, inviting Liz to shake it. Liz smiled and shook her head, before leaning in for a hug. The hug was quite short, and both yearned for it to last longer, if not forever, but they didn’t know where the other stood, so they went their way, separately, to never see each other again.

    “Wait!” Liz shouted, making Max turn around so fast she was worried his neck might snap. They each had already made some distance, so she had to practically run to get to his level. She handed him her business card, “Don’t be a stranger.”

    Max took it with a soft smile, turning it towards the Wild Pony lights so he could read it. “Elizabeth Ortecho, PhD, Researcher for Genoryx,” he read, looking at Liz with pride in his eyes.

    “Most people call me Liz,” she replied, instinctively.

    “Max Evans, but most people just call me Max.”

    Liz chuckled, “It was a pleasure meeting you, Max Evans. I hope it won’t be the last.”

    “Who knows, maybe we could collide in another public place?”

    And with that, they bid each other farewell, going back to their respective hotel rooms to pack their bags. They didn’t see each other on the way to the airport, but as they each looked through the window of their plane, they knew that this was not a ‘goodbye’, it was a ‘see you soon’.

    #quite happy with this one #i hope it did them justice #max evans#liz ortecho#echo#rnm fic#thesquidkid writes
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  • beautifulcheat
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    The truth is right here (21/?)

    Nothing terribly interesting had turned up on their first watch. Or their second. Alex was trying not to be annoyed or impatient. It was nice being here. Working a normal case, doing normal things.
    Or it would have been nice if Michael didn’t seem dead-set on seducing him and Maria.
    (No, that was nice too, he had to admit. Even if he had no idea what to do with any of it, since their issues were still their issues.)
    For once though, Michael wasn’t immediately flirting. Instead he was leaning against a fence post, looking a little bewildered and annoyed, not even taking immediate notice of Alex as he came up the walkway. “Taking a break?” Alex asked.
    “Waiting for Arnie. We’re going to let some of the herd out to graze,” he replied, sounding a little distracted. “While the rest are getting sheared.”
    “Ah,” Alex said, settling against the fence post, facing Michael. He probably shouldn’t. During the last few days, Michael had made it his mission to torture Alex by being unfairly gorgeous.
    But it would be lying if Alex said he wasn’t enjoying the tease. Plenty of people had flirted with Alex, but he’d never been actively pursued before. Honestly, if it were anyone else, he was sure he’d be annoyed. But something in Alex enjoyed being wanted so much by Michael, being considered worth it enough to go through all this trouble.
    Michael, however, was worth enough to not have to do any of this. He deserved the yes without so much struggle and resistance. Alex wanted to say yes, very badly. The word was sitting on the tip of his tongue, wetted across his lips every time he caught sight of Michael, golden in the sun, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss it into every inch of him.

    Co-authored with @ladynox

    Read on Ao3

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  • lesbianmaxevans
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Rachel’s 1k celebration ◈ Roswell, New Mexico + top 5 scenes for @lola-shakey-blog

    #1 - Max and Liz’s first kiss, 1.09 Songs About Texas #2 - Rosa and Liz’s reunion, 1.13 Recovering the Satellites #3 - Liz says “I love you” to Max for the first time, 2.06 Sex and Candy #4 - Maria stands up to Jones, 3.07 Goodnight Elizabeth #5 - Liz comforts Max in the lab, 3.13 Never Let You Go

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  • spcecowboyyy
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    thinking how alex and liz parallel each other…

    #they really are mirrors of each other #roswell new mexico #rnm#alex manes#liz ortecho
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  • isbelevans
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Liz Ortecho In Roswell NM 1x08 Barely Breathing

    #liz ortecho #roswell new mexico #roswelnmedit
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  • gra-sonas
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • isbelevans
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 10 "Angels of the Silences"

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  • isbelevans
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago


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  • justwanttolurkaround
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I saw someone say something about how Liz is always calling Max by his first & last name. And I think it plays nicely with Max’s “just a normal guy from Roswell.”

    While both “Max” and “Evans” are technically his human names, I think the inclusion of the family name “Evans” a lot by Liz just rams home she cares about him as a full “human being.” It kind of has more weight to it. “Max Evans the guy from Roswell” not “Max the alien from space.”

    #roswell new mexico #liz ortecho#max evans #I don’t think I explained that well
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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    an Echo pride and prejudice au, with Max as Elizabeth and Liz as Mr. Darcy, and Tess/Noah as Mr. Wickham

    It’s living in my head now, and I don’t have time for the possibilities

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  • ms-wednesdayaddams
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO S01E09: Songs of Texas

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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    going off my unrequited valevans slow burn kybel alternate reality…

    imagine if Kyle was in his office in 3x04 when Jones came in and he broke down because here Max is giving him the relief he needed and showing up for appointments and worrying about his health, but Jones is just like ‘interesting’ and is really awkward, and Kyle tells him he loves him, and Jones doesn’t know what to do so he just kissed him kinda like the Joniz content

    now writing this I kind of want to write a Kaliz fic where this happens and Jones thinks it’s hilarious cause not only do they have triads but generally form polyamorous relationships, and Max accidentally imprinted on both Liz and Kyle which is why they can smell the rain pheromone

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