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  • magicaleeart
    18.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    gee sypha! how come castlevania™ let you have two boyfriends??!

    #castlevania#sypha#sypha belnades#trevor#trevor belmont#alucard #yall this better be how s4 ends #we were robbed of this in s3 #but i get it #narrative needs to be built lmao
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  • heavingbreath
    18.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I have legit been so fucking anxious the last week I hate everything

    I need someone to fuck me til I can't think

    #tags are a rant filled mess #and maybe make me cry a little? #also maybe drugs? #lmao im a mess #i like cant sleep rn #dermas been out of control bc i pick more when im anxious #havent been talking to people much partly bc anxiety partly bc everyones busy #also like this is after i was feeling the best ive felt in probably years #cant tell if its depression or anxiety has been fucking w my head n making me depressed #not that it matters really #but it doesnt help bc im like id this just my fucking life fr? a cycle of misery til i fuckin die? #and i haven't self harmed (aside from picking ig which i dont count but) in at least two years i think? #but been Thinking Bout It #not at all seriously but like fuck dude can my brain Fuck Off #ugh just like is this anxiety? is this depression being like anxiety youve been taking the spotlight for too long move over #is it fucking covid barely left the house in a year bullshit #is it not really having physical human contact in two months save like the briefest goodbye hug from my sister #is it hormones related? if so is it bc i got my iud replaced #ik for sure some of it is the fact my best friend might be fucking moving #i hate
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  • aro-aizawa
    18.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    every single time i hyperfixate on smth i feel two emotions: validation bc wow i can’t be neutrotypical if i did not notice six hours had passed and my stomach is threatening to cramp bc hunger. and the second annoyance bc then i’ll do things like be so hyperfocused on what im doing i don’t notice that the sun is coming up bc i wrecked my sleep schedule. again.

    #shut up danni #anyways i bought a game im really bad at but it’s easy to get drawn into it???? #its crusader kings 3 and i need to use cheat mods and debug cheats just to not immediately die #but it is really fun #rn the save im playing is swedish dynasty whose major leaders were all called danni #my most successful danni was Danni IV who wiped out norway taking it over bit by bit #also her mum abducted a norweigen captive newborn to get one of the counties #her mum wouldn’t pay the ransom so i decided i’d wait until i could but after like four years #i found it amusing this baby girl had grown up as my only prisoner bc i kept sacrificing the others or ransoming them #and it aligned perfectly w my next heir’s age so i decided i’d keep her #her family pleaded like five times until she died age 46 bc of a seizure bc she was possessed lmao #danni iv lasted like thirty odd years more but i was actually sad when she died #was sad when danni iv died too but she was also mid fighting of a crusading england and although she was commanding the army #she did not die in battle. she passed away due to old age at like 86 or smth #anyways im looking forwards to when i eventually get decent enough at this game i don’t have to keep cheating just to stay afloat #next run through i want to have like THE biggest family w as many living dynasty members as i can #so like every woman has to have 15 kids w the fertility to the max #you think inheritance laws are a pain w four kids? lmaoo
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  • sugacookiies
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #clenches hand over heart #if this doesnt work.. ill just #post it wo tags lmao idrc anym #i hope ur having a wonderful day too sweetie!!! #xin asks
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  • der-andere-aang
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    okay, i lied yesterday, i actually do have them zhaozai drawing ideas. is this who i am now? please help, lmao. 

    #atla#zhaozai #the way i see it ozai is kind of the one who got away #like they've been friends since childhood and zhao was like ... really in love with ozai but zuko gets his dumbass gene from ozai #so he didn't notice #and it kinda carried over the years #like does he want to have these feelings? #no because he's fucking fourty now and ozai is still an idiot but also most powerful man on the planet #but they are here to stay #it's about the angst apparently lmao #the unrequited pining
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  • unlikelyandco
    18.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    // 7th... OC... go away...

    #ooc #i dont have a mental capacity for him lmao #but he just sits there and smirks
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  • kieume
    18.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    when you find out your long weekend isn’t a long weekend and you have to come in to work on thursday and friday regardless of students being there 🤡🤡🤡

    #aka when you're the foreigner and they just dont give you the days off #and other teachers dont have to come and students obviously either #who is the clown now for thinking i can have a long weekend lmao #me #im the clown #and so done #julia talks
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  • glasseswearingrabbitdetective
    18.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Life update; I got ENSTARS back :) note, I’m rank 900s so like GKAKVKA not a newbie but... god what even is this app??? Wow I’m so lost LMAO

    Tw; cursing but GKSKGKAL SRSLY WHAT EVEN IS THIS “up”DATE!?? Update usually means “improvement” doesn’t it?? Fixing bugs and stuff??? orz

    I’m doing this for Hajime. His Lim gacha starts tomorrow. -3-

    #ENSTARS #I stopped bc I hated the update but YE I MISS HAJIME TTT AND RITSU TTT MY BBYS #Hellish game pls ... #lmao I feel like I’ll never be released from it’s clutches 😂
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  • stoll-mydam-heart
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Casual Touch ~ Andreil

    because im literally trash when it comes to them😭

    Andrew has trouble with contact

    it’s no surprise given his history, but aside from certain things he knows he has control over, its not something he’s comfortable with

    with Neil, like with most things, it’s different

    he lets Neil touch him

    he feels safe knowing Neil would never try and take something Andrew wasn't willing to give

    but usually, this didn't extend beyond sex

    aside from it, they didn't really make too much contact except Andrew shoving Neil’s face away when Neil gets that dopey look like Andrew means something and his heart starts to flutter

    the longer their relationship goes on though, things start to shift a little

    when Andrew has bad days, Neil feels helpless because he can't do anything about it

    one day, though, when Neil says he’s going to leave Andrew alone for a little while to let him have his space, Andrew croaks out a single “Stay”

    it surprises Neil because he knows how much Andrew likes and needs his space on days like these, but he closes the door and sits on Kevin’s bed across the room 

    Andrew doesn't say anything else, but he gives Neil a look that tells him to start talking, so he does

    Neil rambles about the upperclassmen, and the little pain in the ass freshman

    he talks about his courses and upcoming assignments and drones about how awful his teachers are the homework assignments due at the end of the week

    it goes like that from then on

    if Andrew has a bad day, Neil will say “Stay? Yes or no?” Andrew will shake his head or nod and Neil will shut the door and lay on Kevin’s bed, talking about anything, nothing, and everything in-between

    one day a little while later, Andrew has a nightmare and startles awake 

    he doesn't make a sound but Neil senses it anyway (he always does) and looks up at him

    Andrews stares back and for a few minutes, neither of them move, but then Andrew whispers “come”

    Neil doesn’t ask, but there’s a tell-tale furrow to his brow as he climbs up, careful to keep his distance at the other side of the bed

    for some reason, it isn’t enough though

    Andrew wants to have the luxury of being able to have someone close, to know that the nightmare was no longer his reality and that Neil was his reality now but he can’t and he hates it because just the thought of having a body touching his makes him want to vomit

    but a thought hits him and he looks at Neil and places his palm against the bed

    yes or no?


    Neil places his hand down next to Andrew’s, careful not to touch, never assuming (which Andrew is grateful for even though he’d never say it)

    Andrew raises his hand and links their pinkies together

    he tenses, waiting for himself to feel the disgust rolling off like it usually does when someone touches him but it doesn't come, and it actually feels a little grounding

    His shoulders relax and he refuses to meet Neil’s eye because he knows exactly what he’s going to see and he doesn't think he can handle it right now

    instead, all Andrew says is talk, and Neil does, useless ramblings whispered and lost in the dark of the room and it helps Andrew

    his thoughts from the nightmare are still there, but they aren’t as overwhelming and the more Neil talks the more they burrow away and all the while he keeps their pinkies linked 

    when Andrew finally tells him to get off, Neil squeezes their pinkies together and climbs back down and doesn't say anything

    from then on, when Andrew has nightmares and bad days, he pats the side of the bed and links their pinkies and Neil talks and Andrew gets a little better day by day

    then one day on the couch, they’re sitting while Neil watches old exy tapes for the team they’re playing next week

    his hand is resting between them 

    yes or no?


    Andrew snags his pinkie and closes his eyes, resting his head against the back of the couch

    he can practically feel Neil’s expression, a small curve to his lip, eyes sparkling


    Andrew opens one eye and Neil is in fact staring

    using his other hand he pushes his face forward

    watch your stupid exy games, junkie

    when Kevin comes in later, they still don't let go 

    (and if Kevin notices, that’s no one else’s business)

    it just becomes a thing, they they’re sitting together they’ll take each other’s pinkies and just lightly squeeze whenever they need to get up

    the other foxes start to take notice and think it’s absolutely adorable

    when the upperclassmen walk in for the first time and see, Neil and Andrew can hear grumbling and money crinkling as a bet ends

    then one day, Andrew takes Neil’s whole hand

    it’s not a tight grip, easy to slide out of but Neil tightens his grip and they sit there

    when Neil has to leave for his next class, he squeezes like usual but also brings it up to press a gentle kiss to the the back of his hand

    Neil looks up at Andrew while he does it to make sure its okay and Andrew is bright red and spends a solid five minutes on the couch forcing his heart rate to slow after Neil leaves

    Aaron happens to walk in right as Neil leaves to see Andrew tomato red and Aaron immediately turns around mumbling “I don't even want to know”

    slowly it builds and they rest their feet in each others laps while reading or studying

    forehead and nose kisses when they’re alone and just wandering around

    head scratches while laying together in bed

    when either leaves, they link pinkies together, like a silent promise the other will come back before pressing a kiss to the other’s knuckles

    on bad days Andrew still cant handle contact but more often than not, they’ll link pinkies 

    the touch is welcomed and it’s only associated with Neil and he knows knows he’s safe

    just maybe, things might work out alright

    #andreil#headcanon #andrew x neil #andrew minyard#neil josten#aftg #all for the game #im sorry i just really REALLY love the linked pinkies thing #so i made a whole ass headcanon lmao #bye i really wrote this at 1 AM i have swim finals tomorrow im going to sleep
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  • heavyrain709
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago


    #pjo#hoo#jason grace #dead man lmao
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  • demontragedy
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    @pcrdiseseekers​ asked: 🌙 : seeing your muse outside alone during nighttime (shin @ toma)
    Send my muse an emoji and they will react to ...

     Toma had been coming home from a late shift at Meido no Hitsuji, tired and looking forward to sleep once he got back home. Although, he probably wouldn’t get much thinking about work he owed for his classes.

     Maybe he’ll quit his job temporarily for the sake of his sanity.

     Although, he wasn’t expecting Shin of all people to be out at this time of night. Wouldn’t his mom get worried? His apartment wasn’t too far though so maybe he planned on paying him a visit?

     REGARDLESS, he was about to get a scolding from his ‘big brother’.

    ‘’Hey, hey, Shin. What on earth are you doing out at this time?’’

    ‘‘Shouldn’t you be at home studying?’‘

    #▐ IN CHARACTER.. | ♦️ Toma ♦️)▐ #pcrdiseseekers #( sorry for the lateness ) #( toma has been a finicky muse lately T_T ) #( poor shin though always getting a lecture from him <3 ) #( he does it out of love uwu lmao ) #q
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  • chrisbangs
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    hysterical the way ppl just expect you to talk abt someone that hurt you and not get hurt and upset abt it like h!/&/&/&/'sksiso/9//@9- okay-!-???

    #die !!!!!! #dl#neg#abuse tw #sorry 🤠👍 i'm having a breakdown and i don't have anyone to talk to abt this woooo #wanna fucking scream #my head is so fuzzy #lmao #like i deserve the right to not fucking talk abt my abusive ex bf 🤠👍 !!!!!!!!!!! #i feel sick?-)-)/!-!-!-!-
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  • dumdumtaro
    18.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Im rereading sakusa fic n see many mistakes 😦

    #NOOO#yuck #i jus fixed it omy #omylord#NWKDJQNDHJA#💔#heartbrocken #dumdumtaro ; shut up #STOOPAPDBJAHDHW #n many ppl read it 😦 #WOOWWW #i have to reread my upcoming fics properly next time #mannnn#so embarrasing #n no one told me LMAO #but thats better ig????? #HELPP#ick
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  • iamacolor
    18.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #jonah's given me a lot of second embarrassment over the years lmao #jonah simms#dontfreakout#mutuals #i've got mail
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  • deductionfreak
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #detective conan #idk when this got sent but it was probs a bit ago sorry #i need to actually reread the whole thing sometime lmao #i remember there was also something about a piano in that one case w the really expensive violin but i cant remember much #its that one case where conan learns the tune he was hearing was 7 childre #7 children*
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  • iiimpa
    18.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    #the way I am so disoriented and keep thinking I’m in the hotel room #like lowkey wish I was LMAO.... #I miss la damn it’s so much more fun there #delete later
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  • aqvarius
    18.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago
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  • cursebreakerfarrier
    18.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    I’m thinking of trying my hand at traditional art today which is something I haven’t done in about a year so we’ll see how this goes 👀👀

    #kinda nervous about it lmao #heads up but it’s going to be a drawing of galen/ethan hawke 🤡 #personal#rambles
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