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  • I’ve waited a full year to post this again. Happy turkey day y’all. (x)

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  • #ts4#indya#black simblr #literally cannot stand them #they were miserable after eating that rotten food lol #they are STILL trying to get up this damn mountain #lmao#ts4 story #sims 4 story #ts4 reshade
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  • #LMAO#🤣🤣🤣#THANK YOU#anon#ask#spn #oh and when I said answer me I didn't mean my inbox #reblogging it would've been fine #but hey #on the side note #YOU #whoever you are #ARE THE FIRST PERSON #if you are a person idk #but then noticing you said something about you having a head I'm gonna assume you ARE a human being #TO EVER GRACE MY WEBBED TUMBLR INBOX #i'm so happy 😊😊😊😊
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  • he hates the way you look at him.

    eyes hard, mouth tight, and your knuckles white around the hilt of your blade. it’s a look he foolishly assumed was his, and his alone. 

    scaramouche smirks, catalyst crackling and the sharp sting of ozone makes his nose twitch. the veritable lightning storm he sends your way is dodged with a frustrating grace that has his blood boiling in more ways than one. you give no quarter, pressing your advantage as his fellow harbinger is left to scramble away without any semblance of dignity. the indignation on his face is almost enough to quell the violent brew of envy in his heart. almost. because your gaze has not once strayed to his side of the battlefield, even with the activation of his delusion, and he wonders the ramification of snapping scaramouche’s neck in their next “spar”.

    then there is a flash of overwhelming heat and the sick smell of sulfur, and he flings himself to the ground as a fiery phoenix goes flying overhead.

    “eyes on me, fatui.” ah yes, he almost forgot.

    the winery owner is stronger than he looks; his claymore looking to cleave his head from his shoulders with each swing. with great reluctance, he turns his attention back to the second annoyance of his night. 

    diluc ragnvindr is everything childe is and more. handsome, rich, and good. he hates him almost as much as he hates scaramouche. 

    maybe even more, if the way your head snaps around as he goes flying by is anything to go by.


    your little fairy of a companion flutters overhead in an annoying frenzy, and you spare scaramouche a single glance before abandoning him in favor of the dazed man childe had just punted into the wall.

    your fingers caress his face with infuriating care, trusting in the abilities of the astrologist and favonius cavalry captain to keep them at bay as you tend to his wounds. he snarls as a wall of ice keeps him from closing in, and scaramouche’s shrieks of outrage tells him that your faith is not unfounded.

    behind the thick layer frost, he watches you coax the redhead into an upright position and you must say something to paimon because she flits off without a word towards mondstadt.

    what burns hotter, the jealousy or the failure?

    you pull ragnvindr in close, face taut with worry, and something in the dark of his mind hisses.

    kill him.

    the whispers follow him back to snezhnaya, and while scaramouche sulks at their humiliating defeat in mondstadt, all he can see is your ashen face and trembling hands.

    would you ever look at him like that? with eyes wide with fear as you do your best to staunch the flow of blood from his wounds; holding him close to your chest so you can whisper pleas in his ears? he wonders what it would sound like to hear you so close to tears. to hear your soft cries as you beg him to stay awake, to stay alive for you, and that you love him and can’t imagine life without him. 

    the fantasies keep him warm even as snezhnaya welcomes him home with her frigid winds.

    #my writing#genshin impact#childe#x reader#traveler reader#jealousy series#lmao #this wanders very close into yandere territories doesn't it? #also #happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate! #and to those that don't #happy thursday
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  • My grandparents said to me “do u know that show about the 2 brothers, we started watching it.”

    #lmao#why#spn #i want to be free #no #kill me now #what the fuck was that finale
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  • ~

    #3 years ago feels like a lifetime ago #and yet #i would like be to be in 3 years ago #2017 is where my life peaked #LMAO #IMAGINE THINKING 16 UEARS OLD IS WHERE YOUR LIFE PEAKED #thats so fucking sad
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  • Has anyone translated misha’s video into Spanish yet

    #lmao #I’m glad I missed that piece of news yesterday #misha collins#spn fuckery #have we gotten to the part where we can all make jokes about it?
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  • jack and rose but it’s me and you except you don’t die because imma fucking save you 

    #lmao #i only watched this film once but maan
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  • Ran a Thanksgiving-themed dungeon for my friends last night, and that was apparently the time for them to have an in-character existential crisis about killing goblin thieves

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  • hey how do you guys read “LMAO”? like do you read it as the meaning? the letters? like seriously I’ve has this question for days now

    #answer me#lmao#LMAO#wth #uhh I'll just put random tags here #you know #so actual real live people see this #AND ANSWER ME #dishwashing thoughts#atla#spn #they silenced you #pjo#percy jackson #spn spanish dub #misha collins#supernatural#memes#fanart#art #artists on tumblr #tumblr#2020#ANSWERS#writing tips#writing prompts
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  • #does anyone even use the word chuckle irl #??? #skskskksksk #this is a good hc tho #like i feel like it could be canon #like i don't feel it's that far off #lmao#the outsiders #the outsiders headcanons #dallas winston#cherry anon
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  • Percy: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never-

    Annabeth: Stop.

    Percy: what?

    Annabeth: What if you get hit by a dictionary? Thats nothing BUT words.

    Percy: Annabeth, the chances of that happening are- *gets hit by a flying dictionary* OW WHO DID THAT?!

    Nico, dusting his hands, grinning: Wasn’t me.

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  • you ever realize the cartoon character u had a crush on as a kid was bc you wanted to be him bc he had a thing with the girl character you actually had a crush on but you were tiny and gay and didn’t know that you could like girls so interpreted those feelings as a crush and not a ‘I wish I was you’

    #100% that was it #also #possibly a bit of the Young Trans experience as well #lmao
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  • #I WILL NEVER LOOK AT THE SKULL EMOJI THE SAME WAY AGAIN #PEDRO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE #lmao#poggers ❤#pedro pascal#friends#asks#deafmandalorian
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  • Thank you, Good friend.

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  • The one thing I learnt from that live is that I was pronouncing Helion’s name completely wrong

    #lmao#acotar#sjm #sarah j maas
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  • Luck is when you manage to get first in Kahoot in Latin classes even though you literally just click on anything for the sake of logging in an answer. And getting praised by the teacher which in return let’s her believe you are one of the few who know what’s going on but hell no, lmao. You don’t even know the vocabs, not even listening during 80 % of the class.

    I literally just bullshit my way through and it works.

    #school stuff#kahoot#latin classes #just ignore me #i'm confused #as i'm always am #lmao
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