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  • addisonmilfgomery
    28.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #i have the WORST writer's block rn but i am SO excited for this AU #I havent fully planned everything out yet so a lot of this might change #but its gonna be a fun lil slowburn hehehe that Im sure of #ALSO alternating povs so we can fully experience the mutual pining lmao #Also would you guys prefer a full AU (like all characters in the story eg magic as students) or #canon divergent AU where its just meredith and addison and its like a pre canon AU story #I already have an idea of what I wanna do but I'd like to hear what yall think too so dont be shy send an ask lol #ask
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  • talos1
    28.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    i cant watch popular streamers for too long bc i always get this sudden reminder that they get paid more than i ever will for doing what others do for free/pay to do

    #personal #i'll literally be watching a person i like play a game i like and then be like ... #ppl can see this and be like 'youre just jealous lmao' and its like yes i am. give me money to play games/watch vids/draw/do nothing #my sister is a pc gamer and has this weird misogynistic poc abt girls streaming and im like fuck no i'd do that in a heartbeat #*pov #if it meant i magically got all that
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  • lopez-richter-fangirl
    28.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #so i just hope the langs know what they’re doing and the casting wasn’t just based on the angela and mariah dynamic lmao
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  • maleficent-princess-jasmine
    28.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    playing around with my pictures lol

    #me#bored#1am #scary camera app
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  • ceabu
    28.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #ceabu's asks #uknow how bugs do asd;oihasog #i saw a video of a goat just casually walking on a fucking wall like it was nothing lmao #i love goats they r so funky n have their own little world inside that empty head of theirs lol
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  • hanthecannibal
    28.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    feeling nostalgic for the night moral of the story ft niall horan dropped and delaney and i got cookout at midnight and drove down to the battery w all the windows down blasting in on repeat and also my last night living in charleston where we drove around listening to music for hours until we ended up at sullivan's at 5 am to watch the sunrise one final time and we were listening to golden by harry styles as it came over the horizon and god i miss hanging out with her

    #i watched like 5 hrs worth of vids about one direction on the x factor accidentally #and i always associate one direction w her #she's the one that quizzed me until i could tell the difference between liam and louis lmao
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  • dokurochrome
    28.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    That feel when your q spits out a post that is not only worthy of your mutuals main blog, but then a follow up on their personal blog.

    #lmao#moonlight posts #im getting in a+ in mutual sastisfaction yall #something normal to want and possible to achieve
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  • ceabu
    28.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago
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  • thinger-strang
    28.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    okay i had this idea forever ago and i cant remember if it was something i put into tags or made a post or if its just been plaguing my mind BUT here have this

    billy, after a terrible accident that he barely survived, moves to a remote island and lives there as the lighthouse keeper

    its a small island and the townsfolk, while friendly, dont see much of billy and they make up rumors about the elusive lighthouse keeper

    most of them are harmless, like that billys actually a ghost or a vampire so thats why the rare times hes seen are in the middle of the night getting groceries

    (actually hed probably need to be manning the light at night so maybe like dawn or dusk, something spooky like that)

    (really billy just doesnt like talking to people and avoids the busy hours to get his food)

    anyways steve just dropped out of college and in a fit of rebellion steals his dads yacht and just leaves without a plan

    steve wrecks the boat into a bunch of rocks near billys lighthouse and billy rescues him

    steve begs billy to not call the coast guard or anything he doesnt want his dad finding him and billys got a soft spot for this pretty boy and his daddy issues

    steves not in terrible shape, got a concussion, a gash across his forehead, and a handful for nicks and bruises but its bad enough that steve needs care and billy enough first aid

    so billy tends to his wounds and lets steve stay until hes healed and can make his way

    billy kinda avoids steve at first, not really having sure footing when it comes to new people but steve is just so open and they have surprisingly a lot in common

    and its honestly really good for both of them; billys not so alone and someone to watch out for him and steve finds a purpose in helping billy out and has someone who listens to him

    its really good

    they get more comfortable around each other, find a rhythm they move with around each other, figure out boundaries

    its been months at this point, steve still gets dizzy if hes been on his feet for too long

    theyre getting into storm season, the kind that sound like theyre going to blow the whole lighthouse down

    the first bad storm steve cant sleep, all he can hear is the wind and the rain and the waves so he finds billys room and nervously pushes open the door

    brand new territory, sure theyre okay sitting hip to hip on the teeny tiny couch on the main floor but this? steve shaking billy awake and asking if he can sleep here? un fucking charted

    billys been running the lighthouse by himself for long enough to wake up to anything that isnt a wave breaking over the rocks below our rain pounding against his window

    so he wakes and sees steve just as scared and shaky as the day he found him in his wrecked boat

    of course he lets steve under his covers

    feels every flinch and tremble steve has in response to the storm

    billy holds him and rubs his back, not totally sure what to do

    eventually steve fall into a fitfully sleep and billy after him

    the next morning steve looks exhausted as billy makes the coffee

    sits next to steve and slides him a cup

    steve tells billy about the night he wrecked, about the storm and how steve was sure he was going to die

    billy listens and lets steve know 'my beds open when you need it' with a furious blush

    steve grins into his cup

    they share a ved more often than not

    but steve gets better and better and while theyve been getting along really well and getting closer, they both are remembering the promises made at the very beginning

    that billy would only house steve until he was healed and on his feet and they both agreed to it

    steve bites the bullet and tells billy hes going into town tomorrow to ask around for a boat or for work

    and billy cant meet his eyes, just stares at the floor, tracing the wood patterns on the table next to him and just

    he tells steve he doesnt have to go, billy wont make him, if hes comfortable here he can stay but billy wont make him stay if he doesnt want to

    its a long jumble of words that billy blushes at and steve steps into billys space, the space that over the long months steve has grown to know hes allowed into

    reaches out and tugs on one of billys curls and smiles softly

    'you asking me to stay sailor?'

    'youre the fuckin sailor here pretty boy'

    'and look where that got me huh?'

    billy finally meets steves gaze and leans impossibly closer searching, begging, asking steve to say no, to move if he doesnt want this

    tugs on the bottom of steves shirt and he wants to be sure

    'im gunna kiss you now'

    'you better'

    and its soft and sweet because steves been experimenting with sweet bread recipes and its warm because steve has been wearing billys sweaters and it just feels so right

    so maybe steve doesnt go into town to find a boat

    maybe he just goes into town to pick up the groceries and laugh when some of the kids ask how the ghost is doing

    maybe him and billy eventually get over themselves and get serious about what they are

    maybe steve finds a good radio station that plays fun music early in the morning to dance around their tiny kitchen in their wool socks

    maybe steve gets great at baking and bakes for the annual festivals

    maybe billy goes into town with steve more and more and laughs when people he can call friends still call him a ghost in good spirits

    maybe they get a big bumbling dog that knocks down the fence every single time one of them comes back from town no matter how much they try to hold her back or put the fence back together

    maybe theyre just happy

    #harringrove#fic#my writings #god this is one of my favorite aus! #i think about this comstantlyyyy #lighthouse keeper!billy #rich boy!steve #idk what else to tag this as lmao #its 1am im back on my middle of the night long bullet posting
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  • top-percentage-trash
    28.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    we really need to exterminate whoever keeps fucking pushing managers to make professional relationships more personal. like this whole "oh we're a family", "we all do friday drinks and EVERYONE CERTAINLY LIKES IT" shit sucks. Out of my top 10 best coworkers I was only friends with like 1 of them, being a "family" only makes it easier for your manager to ask more from you than they otherwise would have (answer calls outside office hours, work late, come in early).

    #lmao shut up haz #like who the fuck is pushing this on them #because it only seems to be business school grads who think like this
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  • illfoandillfie
    28.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #perhaps breath play? orrrrr knife play? orrrrrr masturbation? #skfjskfjskds #i think the rest are spoken for? #idk id have to double check my notes lmao
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  • binch-i-might-be
    28.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    just noticed that John is barely described as actively smoking from Alex's pov, but he IS from Patty's

    it's almost like,,,, he smokes more when he's stressed,,,, and uncomfortable?? 🤔🤔

    #me analysing my own damn writing after the fact lmao #but yeah john smokes as a stress-reliever and he's just very stressed when he's around patty #but he's comfortable around alex so he doesn't smoke as much :) #and they say romance is dead 😩 #lmao i love it when i do shit like this and notice three weeks later #tw smoking#50s au
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  • uncletitty
    28.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Dude yo MEMORIES

    #im having a moment over here lmao #someone posted an old youtube screenshot in a fb group and it took me straight back to yahoo music #except i didn't get windows xp until 2008 lmao i had windows 98 for ages #it wasnt until i bought my ipod video nano and it needed xp #i had to use my friend's computer for the first couple months until my mom finally upgraded so i could get itunes #i was the first person in my school to get an ipod video nano i felt so special ;__; #lmao
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  • randomsmilingpotatoes
    28.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    we better get season 3 i need to see co-presidents to lovers elena x emilio, bobby navigating his literal love triangle, and of course the queens cami and dani in their lesbian wedding !!!

    #and i'm. not sure what gabi and sam's storyline would be exactly but i just know it would be amazing #also this is very romance focused lmao i love every aspect of this show #but this was the cliffhangers we got left on sooo #doafp #diary of a future president
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  • wisteriawishes
    28.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    //OK! Bedtime now! Won’t be around tomorrow because going out of town with my friend again.

    #ooc #well i mean i'll be around but #on mobile and only sporadically #i'll probably reblog a bunch of memes tho lmao #maybe I'll throw up a meme call and i can go through it in my downtime
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  • smileystudies
    28.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    every season I think “no THIS is my favorite season!”

    summer? yes. fall? yes. winter? yes. spring? yes.

    #Isabel yells into the void #yes that’s two text posts in an hour lmao #seasons #I’m feeling some type of way
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  • iotasdemise
    28.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    realizing today could have been the easiest time to talk to that guy in my mcb class all i had to do was turn around and ask how he did on the midterm since my prof passed back exams and went over it today

    #i couldve and then we could have been study buddies or smth #but instead i walked outta that class in shambles bc i kept looking at my score and feeling bad abt it #i did see him walking ahead of me tho and we were going the same direction which was to the library LMAO #i don’t wanna be bothersome …
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  • x-transfcrmed
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Anonymous TRANSMISSION RECEIVED !      ↳ Omg how many other characters are you hiding from us?? * unprompted / / ALWAYS ACCEPTING !

    totally NOT Raider -- 
    #✧*:・゚✧◜     OOC.     ◞゚・ #✧*:・゚✧ ◜     ANSWERED.     ◞゚・ #✧*:・゚✧◜     ANON.     ◞゚・ #( basically i'm obsessed w/ this series and picked up everyone lmao ) #( i also thought of picking up angus cause hes a smelly jerk and i love him ) #( but yea these dudes are staying on discord sorry babes !!! )
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  • rohan-defender
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Fun Fact! According to Rohan's birth year (1979) he is two years younger than Gerard Way (1977)

    #I dont know why I fucking know this. #sighs heart brocken 😩😩😩💔 i dont think theres a single jojo character who would listen to mcr #However. Gerard Way makes comics so I think Rohan round respect Mr Way. if you see what i am implying #sorry i was thinking a lot tonight. #Look. If I don't connect all my interests together ill die. anyways LMAO. thats all #arra speaks
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  • titansaints
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    No thoughts no sleep only Goliath warlock, human Druid, pixie rogue, and tiefling monk/bard being holed up in a tiny apartment trying not to destroy each other. Warlock keeps turning creepy bc their patron is the undead, monk/bard would rather play their piccolo and have someone else whack the pests, honestly the Druid is on the verge of going supernova bc they’re circle of stars and haven’t been able to connect to nature at all bc they’re stuck keeping things in this apartment going smoothly, and the rogue? Well they’re bringing home aberrations and fiends that they might have stolen from less than scrupulous people all the time. Somehow they get blessed by a deity to go and save the world from an evil organization that fronts as a silverware store in town.

    i have been brewing this idea for a couple hours now and i love it.

    #Idk why I’m stuck on this idea lmao #i slept a lot yesterday so am awake #The Druid is absolutely eryn btw #* ~ ooc.
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