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  • Can you teach your body emotionally how’s your future going to feel like before it has manifested? You see, this is the only way to create the life of your dreams. Everything is energy, this is the feeling Universe, this is the vibrational Universe.

    Your emotions create your reality. You have to create a vibrational blueprint for your desired outcome; you have to show the Universe what you want. Did you know that every possibility you can imagine already exists in the quantum field? You just have to align your energy.

    But it requires consistency. You have to cherish the new self and let go of the old self. And it’s going to be uncomfortable. Why? Because the old self will do everything to convince you that it’s not worth it, that it’s better to be miserable. You have to take control of your thoughts. It is possible, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Most people wake up every morning and immediately think about their problems. And each of these problems has a corresponding emotion. The thing is, emotion is energy in motion. Can you imagine how we sabotage our day at the very beginning? Then you perpetuate this negative mindset and wonder why everything in life is going against you. Well, you just get more of what you focus on.

    Your life is a reflection of your habitual thinking patterns. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. And you can’t get anywhere in life unless you change it, unless you increase your positive energy.

    Start each day with gratitude and love. Develop a winning mindset. When we ignore our problems, we redirect our focus, and when we redirect our focus, we change our reality. Feel like you are the person you want to become, this is the real secret behind the law of attraction. 

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  • Do you guys believe in the Law of Attraction?

    I want to start practicing it but what to hear some of your opinions!


    Originally posted by kiddays

    #LOA #law of attraction #help
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  • Universe sent me to tell you that

    You are healing❤️

    I love you ❤️

    Be ready for better future❤️


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  • ∔♡ 𝙳𝚊𝚒𝚕𝚢 𝙰𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜 ∔♡

    𝙴𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚏 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎.

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  • Joining Your Shadow Self


    Dark Arts
    Death magick, ritual
    Price: $12 USD

    Our Shadow Selves are one of the most neglected aspects of ourselves that, in turn, blocks major opportunities in the future. The shadow self is the “darker side” of your being, and represents what must be confronted to merge fully with your life plan and to march on without hesitation and anxiety. It is the potential in you, that the shadow self represents.

    However, it is completely understandable that with the 4-way struggle of the 4 components within you, you fail to take heed of your shadow self’s moments of advice. It is for this reason, that this ritual is brought out into my store, to assist you in your magickal path. At the start of this ritual, you will merge with your shadow self, to ensure that he or she is mostly in control of your decisions, for the next 5 weeks. You will suffer severe emotional imbalance during the duration of this ritual, as this is needed for you to fully confront your past fears that have been supressed. You will find that your spiritual lessons will quicken in pace and in magnitude.

    Everyday during the 5 weeks time frame, you will suffer 2 NDEs (known as near-death-experiences as your body is plunged closer to death for the rebirth to occur) per day. This will manifest as pain in random areas of your body, including muscle aches. By the end of the 5 weeks, there will be a rebirth, whereby at least 3 major changes in your life will take place as a result of this ritual. You will also experience 2 awakenings that will impact your life in a positive manner.

    You will know what these are.

    Balance is always an important element, in both the physical world, and in your spiritual journey. Your shadow self will align the balance what you need for your magickal undertakings.

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  • image

    SHE . I lob taliamm……. Gnrmskfoelf

    #my art #talia al ghul #talia head #ra's al ghul #ras al ghul #al ghul#batman#dc#dc comics#LOA #league of assassins #this pusy good this pusey sweet #Smack mu ass like a drum 🦍
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  • #quotes#loa #law of attractionn #power of the mind #power of belief #power of thought #manifestation #power of positivity
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  • The Universe loves and supports me.

    #positive affirmations#affirmations#loa #law of attraction #manfiestation #power of belief #positive expectation #law of cause and effect #awareness
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  • I am perfectly whole, healed, and balanced in all ways.

    #positive affirmations#loa#affirmations #law of attraction #power of belief #power of thought #power of the mind #manifestation #law of cause and effect #power of expectation #positive expectation
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  • #quotes#loa #law of attraction #intention #power of thought #power of the mind #manifestation #power of positivity #goals#ask#believe#receive
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  • I graciously receive all the good I have asked for.

    Expect it!

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  • 👋Hi There, 👩‍🦰 Llynne Switzer here- professional #FairyGodmother 🧚‍♀️, helping you to manifest a personal life and heartfelt small business that that you love.

     Today I am talking about Personal Development Leads To Prosperity. 

     Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Fairy Godmother’s Show. Make sure you like this episode 💖and Subscribe to follow us so that you do not miss a single episode. 🤩😍 

     Do what brings you joy. This is your one and only life, so have fun and live it to the fullest. Quit being a wallflower. You get what every one else gets, you get a life. Go out and start living your dreams! 

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  • The Masks of Altruism


    Mask working, shadow work
    Dark Arts

    Introduction to shadow work and mask workings

    Mask workings are a subcategory of shadow work. Shadow work refers to the type of magick whereby hidden aspects of the self is explored. You can only participate in 4 of these mask workings at once. You will be turned away if you try to undertake more than 4 at once, unless you have earnt the right to do so. These are the only shadow workings you may undertake 4 at once- the others can only be initiated one at a time on an individual, wait for the duration to be over, before initiating another one.

    There are 3 Masks of Altruism altogether. Two of them are counterparts to one another, whilst the other exists and operates by itself. The core purpose of these masks are for you to discover your “flaring point”, which is balance by which you are able to empathise with others, as well as attract the right attention and be equally respected and admired. Here, there is a proportion of the 10%:90% principle to be learnt and applied in the duration you wear these masks for. 10% of your efforts pushes you a long way, to garner 90% of the work required to paint an attractive and alluring image in others’ eyes. You are led away from the crevasses of the fallacies commonly made by those who pitch forth all their sincerity and affability, only to find themselves drained. These masks ensure you find the balance between displaying warmth, compassion and good will, as well as pulling the appropriate strings to understand others’ “inverted” angles- in other words, the areas to touch in order to develop more intimate and fulfilling relationships with them.

    All masks are sentient, although their origins and how they were formed cannot be disclosed. This is not a choice to withhold information on my part- it is because I have been clearly told by the makers of these masks that such information cannot be revealed.

    Mask of Moonset.
    Price: $27 USD
    “I weave and jump at the losers, the winners and the players of life. The losers are the outcasts who never realise they are, and cater to the whims of their superiors. The winners are the shadowed and the hidden, who drive the strings of the cacophony of lives. And the players? There are none. Only the awakened ones driven by their will, and certain in their purpose are. Can you become one?”

    The Mask of Moonrise looks to be of a Venetian mask in the form of a grinning Joker, luxuriously clad in the hues of an ivory white, and gleaming gold, in halves. True to the representation of its nature and to its name, the Mask of Moonrise seeks to evolve your awareness of your purpose, and thus see the light at the end of each interaction you initiate with others. Every relationship you seek will become empowering, as you learn the roles, others play within your life. Like the moon, this mask gently cleanses your subconscious and tailors it to go above and beyond the conformity and pettiness of society. You will be able to see through the facades others wear in your presence, at the end of this period.

    The duration this mask is to be worn for is 7 months.

    Mask of Vermillion Hues
    Price: $25 USD
    “I am only naked under your gaze. What dark desires do you hold and entice others with? Can you control the darkness threatening to slip and bask the world in a form of brilliant hues of red? Where the red is from the spoken silence of your tongue?”

    Alluring and seductive, the Mask of Vermillion Hues is only for those who are serious at pursuing major goals, and are afraid of no obstacle in order to attain what has been their birthright all along. Calculation, and clarity of the mind are both major traits in order for any major accomplishment to be achieved- an a certain element of smooth persuasion. This mask stores all 3 qualities into you, and nurtures them to their full blossoming to serve you for the rest of this lifetime. Great success is promised to those who are proactive in their demands. This mask is the counterpart to the Mask of Moonrise which progresses your judgement to penetrate constructed identities and to find the vulnerable individual underneath. This mask nurtures YOU into an independent person, able to demand with the morose circumstances of the world.

    The duration this mask is to be worn for is 9 months.

    Mask of Jagged Smiles
    Price: $45 USD
    “How prettily you frown at the sorrows this world brings. Can you handle the full revelation of all creatures’ suffering combined together? Dry your tears and seek out the fools- they will enact the most change in this sullen world. The empathetic would melt themselves from pity and aches of deep sadness.”

    This is the strongest of these trio of masks, and it is with this mask, that the admired traits of leadership can be found. Practical and driven, leaders are those who understand the burdens of an overload of work, and instead, delegate these roles to others, whilst ensuring that most importantly, they themselves do not lose sight of the holistic goal they are aiming at. However, that is not enough. To rise above the masses, and to be RECOGNISED as such, requires a firm handling of others, and the sternness and the adoption of different personality fronts in order to do this. This mask will summon 7 positive traits to embed into you, to force you to become adaptable to your surroundings.

    The process is quite long and hard- you will be required to wear this mask for 17 months, in the duration of which, the mask will be attracting countless situations, and instructing your subconscious on how to act to gain the optimal out of situations. This is NOT an easy process, thus please be VERY sure before purchasing. Once put on, the mask cannot be taken off. However, as much as the periods of trials are gruelling, the end result is very rewarding: you will become a highly respected individual, with your image molded in the eyes of others, of one who deserves admiration, and the highest quality of reverence and patronage from even those, who are superior to you in skill. It is all about your reactions and thee image you present to the world.

    Please DM to purchase and for the payment details.

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  • Sigil Spell #7


    Mandala Sigils are a specialty of mine as they are deeply incorporated with numerology within the segments they have been repeated with. As well as this, all of my Sigils are directed to me by my guides on what to draw, and sometimes deities such as Apollo, etc will step in and guide me on what to draw through a series of images flashed into my mind. As such, I reassure you that what I draw is authentic and not solely based on intuition. Whilst I am more well-known for my Channelings of deities, and spirit guides, I have decided to take this one step further in drawing the images I 👀 astrally as directed to me from above.

    This series is a series of free tumblr spells solely because I do enjoy drawing and it’s flexibility and assistance in casting spells.

    This sigil’s effects are as follows:

    Duration: Rest of this lifetime

    “2 bursts of growth are brought to you, as the 4 major blockages hindering you from progress are removed. Experience a death, then rebirth as you forge your path through these uncertain times.”

    Just to clarify, this sigil greatly boosts your intuition, even more so if you do print it out and keep it on you. However, liking and reblogging this post does the trick too in that it forges permanent link between you and the sigil as I have programmed it to do, although it would be more diluted than if you print out the sigil.

    Like to link to this post.

    Reblog to cast this automatically on yourself.

    Please note that BOTH steps must be followed before the sigil is linked to you and works on your energy to bring the effects needed. This is because I have programmed this post in order to do so in these 2 steps.

    Of course, the more you reblog, the more this sigil will be linked to you, thus leading to greater and quicker results. If you wish for more FREE sigil spells of this kind, please follow @rustling-fates.:

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