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    Patton wears a corset (click for quality)

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    so...about the previous post

    I just realized. that I don’t really have a human au for the sides. I’m a bit of an au gremlin so I like making a lot of different aus. but most of them are really fucking niche, triggering/nsfw, or just....bizzare. like right now im working on something kinda special (hotel au) and I have been wanting to be more active on my blog. so...here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna come up with a human au...an au that is going to be THE human au for me. I’m not gonna stop doing other aus. but I think i’m gonna let this one just sorta...exist. doodles for it and stuff, featuring concepts I really like. it’s gonna be my favorite ships cuz...im trash....but ya know.

    so...here’s what it’s gonna be. in a bit im gonna reblog this post, with some bulletpoints, a new hashtag for the au, and maybe even some doodles! probably the bingo filled out as well to give sneak peeks! seeya soon!

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    Never Met You

    Chapter 1: Green and Blue

    Vibrant green of the forests. Deep blue of the sky. They are far apart but will meet at the horizon.

    “Good morning, Your Majesty. Good morning, Royal Advisor Celer,” the farrier greeted as Logan and Janus passed by his side.

    Logan greeted him back as Janus simply bowed his head and wordlessly continued to scan the aera for potential threats. They were at the outer courtyard of the castle, close to the stables, where the weavers, tailors and blacksmiths had their businesses. The gates were guarded and all the people Janus could spot were regulars within the space.

    He felt Logan’s eyes on the back of his head as he kept looking around. He knew that Logan did think he was too cautious. That at a sunny summer day like this nothing bad would happen. That no one would dare to harm him under broad daylight. And Janus would admit that the chances for that were indeed rather slim. But they weren’t zero and that was all the reason Janus needed to stay on edge. Especially since the last meeting with King George of Ragan had not went down well.

    The king of their neighbour country had never been too fond them since Logan had taken the thrown nine years ago. The idea of a commoner leading a country and being lifted into a status of royalty when the actual heir was still alive and able to rule had been outrageous to him. As it had been to many others but Janus worried most about King George, since he did have an army under his command, which rivalled their own in strength and people.

    “George is a bold man but not foolish, Janus,” Logan suddenly pulled Janus out of his thoughts.

    They had walked away from the farrier and were now out of earshot from the workers around, which was why Logan dared to address his advisor and friend so casually. Janus glanced up to Logan, who was looking around with a gentle smile resting on his lips. Besides himself Logan had the most convincing, some daresay even more convincing, neutral smile which was almost always sitting on his lips. It was so hard to see behind the ever-present mask that Janus sometimes forgot that it was just that; a very well-made mask.

    With a grunt Janus went back to observe the scene and said just as quietly: “I am aware. But he got his advisors too. Some of them might be stupid enough to advise him to strike fast, Logan. And you know they don’t like you. They never did because you are smarter and kinder than them and succeeded brilliantly despite your huge disadvantages.”

    Logan hummed and they shared a look. Huge disadvantages were an understatement. The way Logan had had to fight for his space among his own peers in school, the academy and later at the council and eventually in court, when Roman had him announced as his acting regent. Yet Logan would not complain about the hardship he had been through. He knew that despite his qualifications and hard work it was the generosity Roman showed him as well as the unwavering support of Janus which eventually enabled him to be who he was today. And he was very grateful for that.

    Mellowly, Logan began to slow down his steps and walked off the road as he saw a carriage approach from the other side of the court. Janus followed right away and the two politely greeted a few weavers who were bowing their heads as they passed by.

    “I know that I am not untouchable,” Logan said his voice still low, as he watched a little boy dart off the group of weavers and looking around. “And I am aware what happened to King Aneas and Queen Rhea. You are worried that history is going to repeat itself and cautious because of it. And I appreciate that.”

    “Oh really? Is that why you refuse to take guards with you, even though I say you should?” Janus said back in a calm but clearly passive-aggressive tone.

    “We are still within the castle’s outer courtyard. The probability that someone infiltrates this place is very low. Also, there are no guards in particular I would trust to protect me more efficiently than I can do so myself. And I will not argue about this with you.”

    Janus turned to glare at Logan as a loud shout rang through the air. For Janus it went down too fast to register but Logan had been watching and was almost jumping into action. The little boy who had been with the weavers had walked back and was looking for something at the edge of the road as he suddenly spotted what he had been looking for and ran to the middle of the street. Just in that very same moment the horse in front of the carriage got startled and bolted forwards.

    One of the weavers was screaming and Janus had grabbed Logan instinctively as he caught a glimpse of the horse storming towards them.

    Logan felt very faint all of a sudden. The boy could never get away in time, Logan thought and already saw the horse stampede over the little human in front of his inner eye. And the boy didn’t even know it yet, he didn’t even see it coming.

    Someone rushed in front of the horse. Grabbed the boy. Jumped out of harm's way precisely as the horse would have collided with the boy. And just like that a bundle of the someone holding the little boy tightly against their chest rolled over the street directly in front of Janus’s and Logan’s feet.

    The carriage driver and a blacksmith ran by to catch the horse and suddenly a pair of guards from the closest gate had been alarmed and were now approaching the scene as well. Logan was frozen in motion, staring down at the boy and the someone; a man with dark hair, a simple cream coloured tunic, brown pants and worn-out shoes.

    A moment passed. And another one. The man looked up and directly met Logan’s gaze. Logan stopped breathing and grabbed onto Janus’s shoulder to keep himself from collapsing onto the floor as his legs gave in.

    The man saw Logan stumble and noticed the shocked look in Janus’s face as he held onto him. Hastily, the man lowered his gaze and tried to get back on his feet and retreat from Logan, when a sudden sob stopped him. In his arms the little boy had begun to quietly whimper.

    “Hey, hey there. That was quite an adventure so early in the morning, huh?” the man soothed as he sat up and cradled the boy in his arms and adjusted him so he could see his face.

    The boy, looking no older than five with copper curls and tanned skin, had tears sticking on his cheeks and the man softly wiped them away and then booped his nose. That managed to make the boy giggle a little and he sniffed his nose and wiped his eyes.

    The man smiled broadly and hefted himself into a standing position without letting go of the boy nor losing his balance. The boy giggled again as the movement shook him a little and the man ruffled through his hair.

    “That’s better, little soldier,” the man praised and the boy looked almost completely happy again. “Now, what is your name?”

    “I’m Patton!” Patton exclaimed proudly and the man smiled softly.

    “That’s a wonderful name, Patton. Can you tell me where your parents or guardians are? I’m sure they are already very worried about you.”

    Patton’s demeanour deflated. He looked away from the man for a moment and began to look around. The man followed suit and scanned the aera. One of the weaver women came walking towards him and Patton. He was not certain if it was his mother but she certainly looked concerned.

    “Is that-” the man began but Patton wiggled in his arms so that he let him down.

    “That’s Ms Anouilh,” Patton said quickly without looking back up to the man and pointed to Ms Anouilh. “She takes me from the orphanage in the morning so I can help in the weaving mill.”

    Ms Anouilh finally reached them and put a hand on Patton’s head before she bowed to Logan. Hastily, the man turned around once more, stepped backwards and bowed as well while biting his lips.

    “I am deeply sorry, Your Majesty. He is still young and quite careless. Please be patient with him,” Ms Anouilh said shakily while pulling Patton closer to her legs.

    Logan had recovered in the meantime and was standing without leaning against Janus anymore. He observed her with a frown and let his eyes flicker over to the man who yet again seemed to be tempted to look up in his eyes. But finally, he let his gaze drift to Patton. The boy looked up to him, eyes big and brown, while his slim frame was lightly shaking. Ms Anouilh quickly pressed down Patton’s head to stop him from staring at the king.

    Quickly, Logan checked if the horse had been caught and looked to see if anyone else had been hurt. Then he exchanged a look with Janus as he found everything to be in order. He nodded at his Royal Advisor and folded his hands behind his back. A step and another, a warmer smile than usual on his face and a click with his tongue.

    “You and he may look up, Ms Anouilh. This was not his fault nor has anybody been hurt. You need not ask for forgiveness of me, as there is nothing to forgive,” Logan said and watched Patton’s head tilting upwards to him.

    “Thank you, Your Mash-esty Mr King, sir!” Patton said with a big smile.

    Logan had to suppress a snort and gently shook his head. His eyes still felt unusually watery and Patton was far too adorable to process. Logan really needed to get a grip of himself and took a deep breath before he decided to speak once more.

    “You are welcome, Patton. Also, referring to me as “Sir” will suffice.”

    “Yes, Sir Will Suffice!”

    This time Logan actually did snort, and pulled his hand in front of his mouth to hide it. Patton seemed to be very content at that reaction and Logan heard himself talking without thinking much.

    “You have quite the sense of humour, Patton. Try to keep it. It might serve you well in the future. And please, Patton-” Logan’s got on one knee before him and looked at him intently to all the bystanders’ surprise – “try to watch the road more closely the next time you want to cross it. There are not always quick men around to get you out of the way. Do you understand that?”

    Patton nodded shyly with a grin and Logan got back up on his feet. Yet again his head was a little dizzy but he could overplay it easily as he excused Ms Anouilh and let her and Patton go back to their way to work in the weaving mill. He next turned towards Janus, who raised his eyebrows at him, which he replied to with a faint shrug.

    “Sir, what are you doing within the outer courtyard? Where is your permit?”

    Both Logan and Janus turned around to see the man from before stand on the middle on the street, surrounded by the two guards who had approached before. Quickly, Logan and Janus exchanged a glance and silently walked towards the scene not yet interfering.

    The man held up his hands defensively after shoving something into the pocket of his pants and said: “I was going to leave! I – I didn’t mean to-”

    “Where is your permit, Sir?” the guard insisted.

    “I don’t have one. I – uh – I don’t mean any harm? I really was going to leave just now but then there was Patton and I had to help him and otherwise I would already be out of your way, so-”

    “Since you have no permit, we will have to take you in custody,” the guard said and took the man by the arm.

    Watching the panic in his eyes arise, Janus quickly looked over to Logan and as he saw his approval finally intervened.

    “You are acting prematurely,” Janus said and both guards immediately straightened up at his words, “first I wish to have a word with this man. Let us take the conversation to your station.”

    Both guards saluted and the man bowed his head again as they brought him towards the little station next to the gate. Logan walked silently besides Janus and sat down on the chair he was offered while the guards positioned themselves outside of the door as Janus ordered them to do so.

    Janus and the man were standing in front of each other. Closely, Janus observed him. He had a straight posture and was well nourished. His hair was clean, the moustache groomed, and his clothes, while simple, seemed to be rather new and clean as well. He seemed nervous, nothing unusual in the presence of the King, was spying over to Logan, which was a little weird maybe.

    “What is your name?” Janus asked.

    The man looked up and opened his mouth. He coughed and his hand rushed up to his throat. Confused he furrowed his brow for a moment until a thought seemed to dawn him and something bitter bled into his expression.

    He met Janus’s eyes steadily and said: “I’m afraid I cannot share it, Sir.”


    “I don’t think I’m able to explain it, Sir. Please, do not worry about it though. I am no danger to you or the king. I will be gone soon and you won’t have to deal with me anymore,” the man said with more confidence than most people ever could muster in Janus’s presence.

    Odd. He spoke the truth. Janus had no doubt that the man believed what he said, his magical eye confirmed as much.

    “Where would you go to?”

    Both Janus and the man looked to Logan. Calmly he had crossed his legs and was looking at the man intently. Janus immediately looked for the reaction in the stranger’s face and found – he found a deep and submissive expression on his face. The man looked suddenly so vulnerable, so shaky and yet he did not seem to be distressed in the slightest.

    “I do not know, Your Majesty. I don’t really have a place to go to anymore,” he answered.

    Logan hummed. With a nod he scratched his chin and threw a look to Janus.

    “What do you do for a living, if I may ask?”

    Janus squinted his eyes at Logan before he looked over to the man, who grew more uncomfortable by the minute.

    “I-” the man gulped and kneaded his hands before he looked back to Logan – “I have worked in an administrative position but – well. I can’t do that anymore. Someone got me away from it and – I will find something else. I think.”

    Sharp unmatching eyes were positioned on the man and he uneasily put his weight from one foot to the other. Logan’s gaze was glued on him and Janus imagined to see a faint flush appear on the man’s cheeks.

    “I did not see you when the horse got loose. You reacted with remarkable speed,” Logan noted and the man gave a curt nod. “You saved Patton’s life without second thought today. You did not ask for repayment and even consoled the boy when he was crying. You addressed him before me even, as you prioritized his safety over mine in that moment.”

    “I meant no offence! Please, forgive me, Your Majesty!” the man said panicked.

    Logan only shook his head and began to smile. And to Janus’s surprise, honestly smile.

    “None taken. I was not implying that you did wrong. I was implying that you reacted and decided very astutely.”

    Logan’s smile turned into a smirk, as the man’s face grew more confused and Janus’s lips were pressed into a thin line.

    “You might not know it, but Royal Advisor Celer has insisted I get a personal guard for my own safety. And I had yet to see someone fit for the position, since I am well trained in defence and am more than capable to hold myself in an ambush. If I get a personal guard, I want somebody who is perceptive, fast and has a focused mind in agitated situations. Otherwise, a guard would not be of much use, would it now?”

    The man nodded and Janus’s look turned into a glare.

    “You are not trained in the usage with any weapon, I assume?”

    “I had a bit of training in fencing but do know my way with most swords. I’m self-taught, though-” the man explained but stopped as Logan raised his and stood up from his chair.

    If it was even possible the man straightened his back even more as Logan walked up to him and observed him closely. This time the man did not seem to grow as nervous and simply watched Logan’s eyes darting all over him. Something about it amused Janus but he could not point out what it was.

    “You are a citizen of Theana, correct?” Logan began.

    “Yes, I am, Your Majesty,” the man confirmed.

    “Do you like living in Theana?”

    Logan’s voice was strong and even. The voice he used when he spoke as the king.

    “I adore living here, Your Majesty.”

    The man spoke the truth.

    “What are you willing to do for Theana, then? There is no wrong answer here.”

    “I’d fight for its people and for you, Your Majesty. If need be, I will lay down my life for it.”


      “Have you decided on the colour for your robe at the announcement ceremony?” Janus asked as he and █████ walked down the hall towards the throne room where █████ was supposed to listen to the pleas of a few low-ranking nobles.

     █████ rolled his eyes at the question and Janus rose his eyebrows at his antics. He knew exactly how █████ felt about the royal traditions and all those tedious formalities he had to go through before he would finally be legally announced the ████ ██ ██████ after reaching legal age three months ago. But Janus knew also how important it was for █████ to follow protocol right now. The situation with Ragan was tense at the moment and Sictes as well as Kainen could go on either side. With a solid and orderly coronation ceremony they could probably defuse the situation a bit and possibly gain a few allies along the way.

     But yet here he stood with █████ by his side trying to get the stubborn man to do what was his necessary duty as the ████. Sadly, █████ did not like those chores and more often than not was too straight forward with his answers, too indecent with his word choices and certainly too honest to live the life of a political figure. The only thing that spoke for him was the fact that his people adored him. They adored how he listened, how he insisted in investing more money in infrastructure, education and health services and how he spoke up in front of cruel nobles which he had sworn to strip of their titles as soon as he was allowed to do so without sitting together with his council.

     And Janus hated to admit it but all those qualities were why he, as well, loved █████ as their ████. It most certainly made him a target for many, many royals but it also made his people strong and hopeful and Janus was sure that that could become their advantage one day.

     Though today was not that day, Janus mused and was about to grab █████’s hand and pull him along as he realized that he was no longer standing next to him. Quickly, he turned around to see where he had lost him and found him standing about seven feet behind. He was staring at a gaggle of councilmen and women who were walking towards the conference hall and Janus walked back to his side.

     As █████ didn’t react Janus followed his eye line and found at the other end of it a rather tall man with glasses and a top bun. He had dark hair and was around █████’s and Janus’s age and rather new to the court, Janus remembered now that he finally recognized the brilliant but stuck-up military man.

     “What are you staring at, ████ ███████?” Janus said trying to sound as neutral as possible.

     █████ barely reacted and asked with an unusually thin voice: “Who is he? I haven’t seen him in a meeting before and he can’t be a noble from Theana. I’ve met them all by now.”

     Janus raised his eyebrows. That reaction was quite peculiar. Closely, he observed █████’s eyes and how they followed the young man with the glasses. There was something in █████’s behaviour that reminded Janus awfully of Roman, when he had asked Janus to practice the correct way to address the different guests for the last spring ball. There was the same flutter in █████’s eyes as it had been in Roman’s, Janus pieced together.

     Sadly, that realisation came a little too late, as at once █████ began to march away just towards the man he had been staring at and Janus was too late to stop what was coming next. Which was the gaggle of councilmen and women stopping in their step and bowing their heads as their ████ approached them.

     █████ barely acknowledged them and only focused on the new man. With a smirk spreading over his lips, he titled his head as the man in question still looked down towards the floor, as he was ought to by the rules of the court.

     “I have not seen you here before. You may tell me your name and position,” █████ said amused.

     The man in question furrowed his brows as he stared down to the floor and █████ took a step closer to him, as he remained silent. And then it happened. The man stepped back as well and █████ frowned at the movement.

     “My name is Logan-” Logan began but was cut off by █████.

     “Why did you step back? Am I that intimidating?”

     Logan eyebrow twitched and █████ saw his temptation to look up but Logan remained looking at the floor.

     “My name is Logan Rayne. I am the new military advisor, recommended by General La Cour. And I moved backwards to keep the 6 feet distance to the ████ as the court protocol demands.”

     A beat of silence. A barking laughter. Logan still stared at the floor.

     “Advisor Rayne-” the hand of ████ █████ was suddenly on Logan’s shoulder and he felt himself freeze up - “I quite frankly do not give a fuck about the protocol and will not fault you for standing too close to me or looking in my eyes. I appreciate a straight forward approach to life and since you are one of my advisors, I would not want you to be inhibited by regulations which keep you from being up front with me.”

     As █████ ended Logan lifted his eyes and looked down to him. His lips were drawn in a straight line and █████ could see that he had a stark blue and a dark brown eye. A bit lost █████ just stared at him and almost flinched when Logan suddenly straightened his back and decidedly but not roughly lifted his hand from his shoulder and then folded his hands behind his back.

     “Then I will be frank,” Logan said as █████’s mouth fell open, “I have to attend my first meeting and you have a hearing with the Baron and Baronesses of the north-eastern regions from Theana. Conclusively, neither of us have time for chit-chat, since it is both our duties to keep this country and its people save. And I would hope you take your job as seriously as I do, ████ ███████.”

     █████ simply gaped and Janus felt a heart attack and a migraine threatening his mental and physical wellbeing. Which tone deaf idiot would risk his position because █████ said he appreciated honesty?

     “Of course. I do, Advisor Rayne. You may leave to your meeting.”

     Janus was good at hiding his emotions. He was quite excellent at it really. But that surprised and smitten and oh so gentle tone of █████’s voice had him staring at his ████ and then at the miraculous military advisor, who simply bowed his head and began walking towards the conference hall. Subsequentially, █████ turned as well to the throne room and left his Royal Advisor and the rest of the councilmembers standing there in utter disbelief.


    Janus blinked. Maybe Logan did not choose as blindly as he had assumed in the first moment. A look from Logan was shot in his direction and he mulled the idea of this man as Logan’s personal guard over in his head. Sternly, he looked him over, trying to think of all possible dangers this man could bring along.

    He hadn’t lied a single time so Janus knew he was indeed a citizen of Theana and indeed willing to die for Logan if the situation called for it. Yet he had lost his job and home and also could not tell him his name, which was quite odd. Or potentially very dangerous despite him claiming otherwise, if Janus’s hunch was right.

    “I will have to assess your abilities and will ask you more questions about your background if you were to consider that position,” Janus said slowly and watched him stare at him in shock.

    “You would let me, a total stranger, stay near His Majesty?” the man blurted.

    Janus raised his eyebrows and smirked. It was good to know that his reputation proceeded him.

    “You seem to be aware of my weariness and my protectiveness of our ruler, stranger. Whatever you heard, whatever you think could be a rumour; it is one. I am a million times worse and I do not trust you,” Janus said and walked in between Logan and the man. “Yet I do trust His Majesty’s choices and I will make sure that he is save and protected. This is why you will get a chance to prove yourself. And this is not a chance you will easily get.”

    The man looked at Janus letting him see right through all of his thoughts. There was apprehension of the question and assessment he would have to go through, bitterness because he had to accept as he would otherwise be thrown into custody for not having a permit to enter and intimidation from Janus’s steely stare alone. And yet Janus found a tiny spark of appreciation in the man’s eyes for the chance Janus was offering him. Maybe he was a good enough fit, after all.

    “I am honoured in that case to get this chance, Royal Advisor Celer,” the man said and bowed his head.

    Janus nodded simply and told the guards to come in and bring him to the empty quarter next to the stables. They were to bring him food and clothing, as well as guard him until the next day, so he could test him.

    Then Janus and Logan went back on their morning routine, both being noticeable quieter than usually. Logan had trouble to forget the man as well as little Patton who had almost seen the end of his life today. If the situation with Ragan would get worse, the boy would not be the only one who would have to face death sooner than later and Logan hoped it would not come that far.

    Janus on the other hand was even more on the edge than before. One wrong move and Logan could have tried to help Patton which could have injured him badly or even worse killed him. He was not going to point that out to Logan, no that would not be helpful in the situation, but still after all those years Logan looked at himself and saw a servant, a soldier, a protector. And while that was admirable and led to the people trusting him deeply as their king, it made Logan an easier target.

    Maybe this stranger could help Janus keep Logan save. And hopefully he really was no danger to the people or more importantly to Logan.


    Link for AO3, Taglist, Masterlist, and next Chapters are in my first reblog!

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    Patton: Did you check your lunch? I gave you a note telling you how much I love you!


    Logan: This is a ten page letter.

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    Logan: You've been reading my old psychology textbooks again?

    Virgil: You leave them in the bathroom. They make for excellent reading in the tub

    #sfw#sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #virgil sanders#logan sanders #source: bones tv
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    Roman, about Logan: Is he looking at me like an angry schoolteacher?

    Virgil: Yeah, he does that a lot

    #sfw#logan sanders#roman sanders#virgil sanders#sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #source: bones tv
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    what i think is cool is the meaningless connectivity of things. The poet Virgil wrote the Aeneid, which follows Aeneas, the ancestor of Remus and Romulus- Romulus who would go on to found Rome, only to become tyrannical enough that he had to get nerfed by, guess who? The god Janus, yeah. 


    Also patton and logan are . they exist. 

    #patton and logan are just vibing with their non-latin names #good for them good for them #sanders sides#tss #there is something funny to me about a group of people with these weird eclectic gayass names. #and then theres like patton and logan like yeah those are guys id meet in high school and theyd call me a slur. they probably play football. #its so funny
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    Roman: You're telling me Julius Caesar, who has been dead for well over 70 years, made this salad?

    Logan: Technically, you aren't wrong with that number, but I just hate it.

    #sanders sides#incorrect quotes#roman sanders#logan sanders #tw death mention #julius caeser #tw food mention #source : sandwich
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    Logan wouldn’t ever paint his nails, but he would take care of them. He would maybe do clear coats, but he would definitely file and shape them, using nail oil. He would see it as another way to stay healthy.

    #sanders sides #sanders sides headcanon #thomas sanders #logan x roman #ts logan#ts logic #that doesn’t stop Roman from trying to paint his nails though
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    Different ways students use glue sticks:

    Janus: dots in the corners

    Roman/Patton: draws pictures

    Logan: around the edges

    Virgil: + cross in the middle

    Remus eats glue stick

    Inspired by this tiktok

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    Virgil: I've been awake for 36 hours, brain let me sleep please.




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    Give me a "Hamilton" quote (s) and a Sanders' Side(s) and I'll draw them in the scene!

    Please submit the requests in my ask box.

    I'll draw them in the older I receive them.

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    Hold me like you mean it


    Logan’s feelings for Virgil and the fact that now Virgil barely notices him are stopping him from getting any work done. Janus offers a way for Logan to cope, by disguising himself into Anxiety. but is this really what Logan needs? and what’s in it for Janus, anyway?
    Alternatively, an angsty story about rejection, denial, and manipulation.

    warnings: (for the whole fic) unrequited love, rejection, manipulation, unhealthy relationships, gaslighting, dependency, dubious consent and non consent for kissing, sad ending, depression (vaguely described), angst in general, nightmares, self harm. let me know what else i should add.

    taglist: @gummibearbullet @chara-07 @the-sympathetic-villain

    Read on AO3

    Chapter 4

    | First | | Previous | | Next |

    words: 1281

    important: i added another warning (self harm) because of something that happens very briefly later in the story. stay safe!

    In spite of his lack of rest, Logan’s day went on without difficulties. He felt almost disappointed in himself for not being able to take full advantage of the effective communication he had established with Virgil, needing instead Deceit’s assistance to keep his own mind under control, but he reminded himself that he was Logic. He couldn’t control everything occurring in the world, he could just try his best to make sense of it, and to find a way to work with it. He managed to go through the day finding tasks to distract himself from speculating about his appointment with Janus later, until the hour finally arrived.

    When the alarm rang five minutes before six, he stood up from his desk and picked up an empty notebook and a pen. After all, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to gather data about Deceit’s room, he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the effects it might have. Once ready, he made his way to the selfish Side’s door and knocked.

    Janus opened the door, showing a pleased smile upon seeing Logan. “My, my, what do we have here?”

    “We agreed that I would meet you at this location and time.” He deadpanned.

    “Right, of course. Come in.” He said, gesturing dramatically with an open hand towards his room.

    Logan walked in, carefully studying the place, although he couldn’t see much of it. Once the entrance was closed, the space seemed to be even darker than Anxiety’s room, leaving visible only objects around one meter or closer to where he stood. It didn’t help that the black-tiled floor was so clean that it reflected the furniture on it, making it even more difficult to orient himself. Thankfully, Janus noticed the hesitancy in his steps and offered an arm for him to hold on to.

    He was guided to a dark grey loveseat, where they both sat down. Logan went to pull out his notebook from his pocket, but realized that he didn’t have it. It was an odd occurrence, but perhaps he forgot it. He’d have to rely on his memory.

    “First of all,” Logan began, “we need to agree on a measure for me to be able to distinguish between you and Virgil.”

    “Aw, but where’s the fun in that?”

    “This isn’t for fun. The objective of this activity is to clear my mind of the unwelcome thoughts and emotions that hamper my work. I thought I made that clear.”

    “Fine.” He rolled his eyes. “What do you propose?”

    “Considering your past failed attempts to impersonate us, I think the most logical option is that you wear Virgil’s old jacket.” This would also help the act be more credible, since Virgil and Logan’s relationship was closest when he used to wear that hoodie, but Logan thought that argument was too emotional to confess in front of Janus.

    Janus gave him a knowing smile, before he shifted into Virgil’s old appearance, including the less intense eyeshadow. He leaned closer, resting his elbow on the back of the couch, and whispered. “So, Logic. What do you want to do?”

    Even though Janus’ impression was unnervingly accurate, Logan felt awkward, and found it hard to let go. Nevertheless, he leaned back and made an effort to believe the lie.

    “We could watch together one of those troubling documentaries about paranormal events that- that you like. I enjoy pointing out the inconsistencies and misconceptions in them.” He replied timidly.

    Virgil smiled at him and materialized a laptop. He laid it gently on Logan’s lap and pressed play on the documentary as he sat closer, extending his arm on the back of the couch behind him. It was a little too close for Logan’s comfort, moreso after a few minutes, when Virgil moved his hand to rest on his shoulder.

    “Um... Vir- I mean, Janus. I would rather take this slow, and keep the relationship strictly platonic, so that the experience isn’t too overwhelming.”

    “Sure thing.” He replied, with no trace of Janus’ voice or tone, but the only movement he made was to withdraw his hand to the back of the cushion.

    Gradually, Logan was able to feel more at ease, snickering occasionally at the other’s commentary on the film. He didn’t notice that the hand had been back on his shoulder until he felt it rubbing circles soothingly, but at this point he didn’t mind. He still felt somewhat nervous, but he attributed it to being in Anxiety’s room. Virgil had been very kind to invite him into his personal space, so he wasn’t going to protest now.

    He didn’t protest either when Virgil hugged him tighter, moving his arm from his shoulders to his waist. The documentary had ended and they started a second one after laying the laptop on a small table in front of them. Logan was captivated by the mystery in this story, but Virgil seemed less focused, directing his attention to Logan’s face instead.

    A sensation of unease kicked in as he felt a cold kiss being pressed to the side of his forehead. His mind reminded him weakly about Deceit, but the thought was easily pushed away by the satisfaction and warmth he felt about his affection for the other Side being reciprocated. A second kiss followed and his cheeks flushed immediately. Logan turned away slightly, hoping to convey that he wasn’t confident about this kind of intimate display. Virgil gingerly moved his free hand to hold his chin between his fingers. There was no strength in his hold, but Logan felt his head turn on its own to face the other’s. He registered that the volume of the laptop had lowered, and that his field of vision became narrower, making only the side in front of him visible. His deep brown eyes were half-lidded as they looked into his own.

    After his previous two experiences with being this close to Anxiety, Logan was wary of what would follow. However, this was still what he had wanted, what he needed. He was now convinced that this was the only way, and once again closed his eyes and tilted his head forward.

    This kiss felt different to the one in his dream, it was more present, more real (logically). There were many sensations and textures that Logan’s brain hadn’t been able to imagine in his sleep, like the surprising coldness of the other’s lips, or the softness of the wet gliding of their mouths. Most remarkable, though, was the drive Logan felt to keep going. This impulse was unexpected, and unlike any other non-physical sensation he had ever experienced. He had always been analytical with his actions, driven only by a clear, meaningful objective, but in this situation there was no goal, only the necessity of maintaining contact.

    Even so, he had to pull away after a few seconds, because the overwhelming new experience had left him out of breath. Virgil allowed him to take a minute to collect himself and decide if he wanted to continue, but before he could make a decision, both were startled by a beeping sound. It came from Logan’s watch, apparently it was already eight, and he had to move on with his scheduled activities.

    Logan quickly turned off the alarm, feeling like he had just been woken up from a dream, and turned back to Janus, who looked once again like his regular self. Embarrassed, Logan stood up and excused himself, before clumsily making his way towards the now slightly visible exit on the other side of the room. He closed Janus’ door behind him with a little too much force, eager to be back in his own room as soon as possible.

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    notes: it's begun!

    this chapter is a bit of a mess but it's supposed to be like that because my boy logan is confused.

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    Sketch dump :D

    Virgil: you don't happen to be hiding Remus, do you?

    Janus:Me? Hiding that rascal? Never!

    (as you can see I'm becoming slowly obsessed with @cannibal-fat designs XD)

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    May Flowers - Kalanchoe

    AU: Vampire AU

    CW: Self Deprecating thoughts

    WC: 1065

    Date: 5/18/2021

    Thirsty in a way water couldn’t satiate. Hungry in a way food would never touch. Patton buried his face in the stuffed animal he had been clinging to since he had gotten home. Vampires were a myth, at least that’s what he had believed, but now his whole world was being rocked, and not in a good way. Patton closed his eyes tight, trying to block out the memory of the attack. He had been walking home, a route he had walked a bunch of times before. It should have been safe. At first he thought it was being mugged, he would have given them his money, but then came the pain, the terror, and then the darkness. He hadn’t expected to wake up after that but when he had he could smell it, blood. There was blood all around him, people walking around with fully operational circulatory systems that pumped blood through their veins, and Patton was hungry.

    Shaking his head, Patton went to nibble on his lip trying to get rid of some of the anxious energy. Maybe he was just hallucinating, he was actually in a coma in the hospital after the attack. One of his fangs sunk into the soft flesh of his lip and he whimpered in pain.

    This couldn’t be just a dream.

    If vampires were real what was he going to do? He didn’t want to possibly hurt one of his friends, honestly, the thought of hurting anyone was more than he could handle. He couldn’t go without blood though, he would starve, or worse, in his hunger, he would hurt someone without regard for their life.

    Patton whimpered again, licking at his own blood, far too thick and unsatisfying. The other option was to drink from animals, but that idea was just as unappealing as the first. He couldn’t imagine holding an animal in his arms as he sucked away its life. Maybe he should just… he should give up. Find a way to end it all. He had lived a good life so far.

    “Patton, I have heard some distressing sounds in there, are you quite alright?” A voice called from the door.

    “I’m fine.” His voice was much too high, but he prayed Logan would believe him. Even if just this once.

    His prayers went unanswered. “You are displaying obvious signs of distress, I would like to come in and check on you.”

    “Please don’t,” He whined and there was silence from beyond his door. Patton held his breath, realizing that he didn’t necessarily need to breathe, and while that was cool it didn’t help the rising panic that welled inside him. He let out another squeak of fear and surprises.

    “Apologies Patton, but we have reached the threshold where my concern outways my care for social constructs.”

    Despite Patton’s protests, Logan opened the door, allowing the hallway light to escape into his dark bedroom.

    Unwillingly, the kind man let a hiss out of his throat at the new intrusion, hiding behind his stuffie.

    “Apologies again,” much quieter now. “Do you have a migraine?”

    “No.” Should he tell Logan? He was the smartest of the four who lived together, and he did his best to be kind and understanding, even if it was hard for him. It wouldn’t even be that hard, he just had to blurt it out. But, convincing him it wasn’t a prank would be much harder.

    “May I feel your forehead?”

    Patton slowly lowered the stuffed toy, watching as Logan put a hand on his head. He was so close, and his blood smelt so good. It would only take one quick movement, vampires had super speed and strength, right? It would just take one easy movement.

    “Your forehead is concerningly cold.”

    He snapped back into reality, seeing his friend in front of him, not something to devour and he shivered at the thought.

    “Let me get a thermometer, we may need to take you to the hospital.” There was worry laced in every word and Patton wanted to cry.

    “I know what’s wrong.”

    “Really?” Logan sat back down as he looked at Patton expectantly.

    “I… You aren’t going to believe me L.”

    “Considering the distress on your face, and the fact that you are a terrible actor, I will keep an open mind.”

    Patton swallowed. It did nothing for the hunger in his stomach or the lump in his throat. “I… I got turned into a vampire.”

    Logan was silent and Patton knew that Logan didn’t believe him.

    “He said he wanted me to experience what it was being a monster. He… I’m so hungry, and food isn’t helping, and I just thought about biting you, but you are my friend.” He let out another sad whimper, hiding his face once again.

    “Show me your wrist,”


    “Show me your wrist, I told you I would keep an open mind, and I am trying, so please show me your wrist so that I can check your pulse.

    Patton nodded and slowly showed Logan his wrist. He could feel the warm fingers on his pulse point but he was fairly sure he no longer had a pulse.

    “Interesting. Let me get Virgil?”

    “Why?” Was Logan going to kill him? That wouldn’t be too bad. At least then he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    “As vampires are mythological, or so I thought, I did not spend much time researching them; however, Virgil has an interest in the occult. He will be able to provide us better insight on this predicament.”

    “Y..you aren’t just going to kill me?”

    “Kill you- Patton, what are you talking about? You are our friend, and I have no desire to murder anyone.”

    “But I’m not even human now.”

    “That doesn’t change anything. Human, Vampire, or even fairy,” Logan scoffed at the notion, “you are still our friend. The only thing that will change is we will help you figure out what this means for you.”

    He brightened at that, just a little bit. “You would do that for me?”

    “Of course, and you would do the same for any of us.”

    Patton let out a sigh as Logan left the room because if his friends were there by his side he could probably figure this out. Patton might not know how he was going to survive as a vampire, but his friends had his back. He could persist.


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    OK SO!

    I was going to wait until id done all of them, scanned and coloured all of them... BUT its been like... a year? At least? Since I last worked on these.

    And I've been working on them for at least 2-3 years? I keep getting distracted and everything, and I think with a lot of these (especially the earliest ones) I could definitely do them better NOW.

    But I wanted to share and see if anyone was wanting me to continue, I probably will at some point but knowing people are looking forward to it might give me more of a nudge to get my ADHD ass to finish something for once XD

    So, I present, Exza's 2-3 year work in progress comic book/TV show(?) Cover series - currently finished line art but without colour or detailing!

    (I shall add more through reblogg!


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