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  • Lin Beifong isn’t great at communicating her feelings, but that doesn’t stop Kya from trying to date her.

    She learns that where she uses words, Lin uses physical affection.

    Where Kya says “I miss you,” Lin holds her hand.

    Where Kya tries using words to comfort, Lin holds her in a warm, protective hug.

    Where Kya says “I love you,” Lin kisses her temple and squeezes her hand.

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  • hi, this is auds. i binge watched your titular show instead of studying for midterms over the last two weeks bc my friend wrote an article abt it in the school paper.

    first of all, i think you’re hella cute. the animators did a goodass job with your smile and your eyes are amazing. especially when you smile. like, you’re just so… innocent but you look worldly at the same time…? something like that. either way, you’re gorgeous. the bf agrees

    your animation was hella improved especially compared to the original series (it seriously tanked later on, tho). your higher budget also gave your writers the powers to have fun with new obstacles and character development. but they screwed this up big time. i definitely don’t blame you; i think you’re amazing and you did the best you could. 

    dafuq happened to your arc? you came out with less than you went in with. please do not pretend like you gained some archetypal thing (forget what it’s called), because your character arc was like… a literal line. 

    the hell is up with the queerbait? esp after like dating everyone in your friend group except Bolin you CANNOT enter a relationship in the literal last thirty seconds of the show without ever hinting at it once and call it plot. yes, i get it, you are a whole 3-starred haute five course meal and you probably won the hearts of damn near everyone in the show at some point (you also hoed around a little but that is FULL respect bc i know how it goes), but you can’t just like… breh. i’m not even going to talk about the rest of the plot and all those dei ex machina your writers pulled out of their ears.

    you have some weirdass companions. Bolin should not let Eska walk all over him and compare him to a slave but still call it a relationship. She literally forces him into marriage like… that is some peak romanticization abuse if i’ve ever seen it. believe me; i’ve seen After.

    Bao Sing Se cannot be Bao Sing Se when it looks like NYC right before “enter Gatsby and his ridiculous parties.” all the whitewashing and incorporation of tactless politics (seriously, Amon is literally pseudo-communist Occupy Wall Street) completely subverts the Asian cultures that shaped the original Avatar series.

    why your animators decided to completely throw all the complex fight scenes and the unique methods of bending for the sake of a few extra seams in your pants, i have no clue. i’m pretty sure you don’t, either. all the amazing abilities were watered down into halfassed attempts to make it seem like the writers hadn’t destroyed the masterpiece that was Avatar’s culture, the masterpiece that you had every potential to bring to new heights.

    in conclusion, Korra, you’re cute af, but i was hella disappointed. and if you’re ever debating between watching LoK and rewatching Avatar, i’d rewatch Avatar and pretend like nothing came after it. but if you do watch LoK, i’ll make myself available so we can vent and eat ice cream over facetime.

    you deserved so much better. i trust you’ll have the chance to redeem yourself in the future, but until then, i’ll just drown in my sorrows.

    much love <3


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  • do with this what you will but in one of the books it explains that what type of bender you are is heavily influenced by when you are born:

    fire bender: summer (duh) (Cancer, Leo, and Virgo)

    water bender: winter (duh) (Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces)

    earth benders: spring (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini)

    airbenders: fall (Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius)

    how ever this can also be interpreted as element=element because every zodiac element have a season that goes with it

    fire signs=summer




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  • I finished LOK and Toph never apologized to Lin…

    Poppy: *taking off her crown* Here Toph, take my Worst Mother in the World crown. You’ve worked very hard to gain it. *puts the crown on Toph’s head*


    Poppy: I know I was a bad mother but Oma and Shu child, you broke my record.

    #Why did they do that to toph #She became worst than her parents wtf!!! #Legend of korra #anti legend of korra #Lok#Toph beifong #Anti toph beifong #Lin Beifong#Poppy beifong #Anti poppy Beifong
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  • request: @copperbitchesyou and Bolin dance at a party and kiss or something cute like that..

    pairing: bolin x reader 

    warnings: none, just some kissesssss

    a/n: idk why it wont let me tag u that’s literally the acc u sent the ask from asnmxlkxkzmak anyways here it is!! after forever!! sorry abt that hehe. also added some brosami bc that’s the friendship we ALL DESERVED. i hope you like this, requests are currently closed but i have a TON of stuff on the way!! i did a WIP tag the other day if you’re interested in looking for it 

    also i have my first person on my tag list!! hehe yay!! love my wife sm 

    tag list: @noodlesfluffy​ 


    Originally posted by ahhhsami

    Laughs filtered through the air, along with the clinking of glasses and the chatter of companions. Everyone you knew to be apart of your crazy life after meeting Korra and getting swept up in Avatar Business™ was gathered, and then there were others you weren’t familiar with mixed in. However, this did nothing to hinder your mood, and you danced freely with Ikki on the dance floor regardless of who was around. 

    Bolin watched you from afar, a dreamy grin on his face. He stood with Mako and Wu, who had tagged along with his brother. The three were on the far side of the room, and Wu was going on about something or another, and Bolin couldn’t find it in himself to listen. Not when you were dressed so nicely, or when your eyes twinkled as you laughed loudly, or when you twirled around with the one person who seemed to match your energy perfectly, or when he kept thinking about you with and his daughter in another life. 

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    #hesther writes #this was so nice #sigh#comfort fic #bolin x reader #bolin#bolin fic#bolin imagine #legend of korra #lok #the legend of korra #atla#avatar #avatar: the last airbender #lok x reader #legend of korra x reader
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  • image

    It’s been brought to my attention this is a thing and now I’m obsessed

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  • were wuko shippers in 2014/15 ok??? i mean, yea there’s still a tragic lack of wuko content now, but y’all were fucking STARVING. how’d you survive???

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  • For some reason I do not understand… I simply can’t get over the fact that this man:


    Is the voice behind this man:

    #and at the same time it just makes so much sense #i mean#PERFECT CASTING #j k simmons #tenzin#tlok#avatar verse#avatar korra#lok#tenzin lok#tenzin tlok#kataang#kataang children#voice acting#brike#bryan konietzko #mike dante di martino #avatar #avatar the legend of korra #korra#air bending
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  • Today we’re sad bc I’m thinking about how much Sokka would have *loved* Meelo

    #like ofc he’d love all his great nephews and nieces #but the *awe* Sokka would have for Meelo #he’d find Meelo so entertaining #sokka would have a field day w that child #I like to think sokka is the only babysitter they’ve ever found who could handle meelo #LoK#atla#sokka#a;tla#meelo#lok meelo#feral meelo #avatar; the last airbender #legend of korra
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  • I’m so pissed they made Toph a fucking cop.

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  • I have no recollection of making this

    #seriously i don’t remember making this at all #i’m currently giggling like an idiot and trying not to wake my parents #tarrlok#lok tarrlok#tarrlok lok#councilman tarrlok#korra#lok korra#korra lok#avatar korra#avatar#lok#tlok #the legend of korra #video edit#video#meme#memes#meme video#video meme#lok edit#lok shitpost #late night shitposting
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  • do you think if there’s an afterlife Robin Williams is aware of all the people thirsting after a fictional villain his daughter voiced?

    #not writing#kuvira#lok #legend of korra
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  • Fuck the ATLA purist pro-bending was an excellent way to introduce the concept of mixed martial arts to the universe.

    #atla#lok#pro bending#mma #mixed martial arts
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  • #inktober #but make it writing #writing#fanfic#fanfiction#avatar#lok #legend of korra #korra#asami#mako#bolin#vomiting#motion sickness #Asami is the only good driver #Korra is too gay to drive well #attempt at humor #fluff
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  • mako actually just should have long hair

    #mako#lok#meteor words #will i elaborate? maybe
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  • i think i appreciate mako as a character a lot because i too am the eldest child who grew up way too early

    #not to talk about my childhood trauma at #10:30 pm on a wednesday #but #it just kinda hits close to home #the legend of korra #tlok #legend of korra #lok#mako #avatar the legend of korra #korra#avatar tlok#avatar lok #i just realized it’s monday no one talk to me
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  • Fated
    by queenofhags

    In Turf Wars Vol. 1, Korra tells Asami that she realized she had feelings for her when she was paralyzed. With a slight variation to the canon, I wanted to elucidate, and expand on how Korra arrived at that conclusion. This story focuses on Korra and Asami, if Asami had joined Korra for a few weeks at the Southern water tribe before being forced to return to Republic City. This story picks up following the Canon, after Korra’s fight with Zaheer.

    “The three years you were gone were the longest of my life. I think that’s when I realized how much you meant to me. I almost told you in one of my letters.”

    “Why didn’t you?”

    “You’d already been away for so long… I guess I was scared if you didn’t feel the same way, then maybe you’d never come back. How about you? When did you know how you felt?“

    “After I was poisoned… you were there for me when I couldn’t even be there for myself. But I was so messed up back then. My mind was in a million different places. I didn’t know if how I felt about you was real or not. But it wasn’t an accident that you were the only one I wrote to when I was gone.”

    Words: 24884, Chapters: 5/5, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27114289

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  • imagine if “fictional characters” were real, but we were all just in different unknown universes. Kinda like when we watch an anime, movie, netflix original, whatever it is, we like to fangirl about it (hence the legend of korra, bnha, avatar, HQ, KNY, TOH, etc) and have a fandom base and ship certain characters. But what if in the “fictional realm,” it was the same? What if they also saw when we cried, saw when we laughed, saw our best and worst points and wanted to give us a hug? What if they also shipped us with those we were in love with? What if they bought a bunch of merch and enjoyed watching us carry on with our lives, and just the highlights of it? What if they also had people making fanart of us? What if “fictional characters” really did also care about our well-being, but like us, we thought they weren’t real? And if so, would they act like us? What if every single place had an AU, in their own universe, while we were just living in one part of it? Imagine how amazing it’d be to find out that your favorite fictional character liked you back– how insane would that be?

    ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵃ ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰᵗ, ˡᵒᵛᵉˡⁱᵉˢ

    #but like what if #O_O#0_0#fictional#dr#fictional world#fanfiction#bnha#mha#hq#kny#toh#lok#atla#hp#pjo#hoo#toa #my hero academia #boku no academia #haikyuu!! #the promised neverland #demon slayer #kinetsu no yaiba #the owl house #the legend of korra #avatar: the last airbender #harry potter#percy jackson #the tower of nero
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  • people that write fics in which wu and korra hate each other after actually talking confuse me so much??? they’re both dumbasses,,, wu apologizes for hitting on her and a week later they’re best friends, i accept nothing less.

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