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    #mjolnir: loki is special therefore he cannot lift me :) #[proceeds to be lifted by everyone else] #loki: >:[
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    second-guessing (loki x reader)

    pairing: loki x female reader

    warnings: feelings of inadequacy, a bit of angst but then lots of fluff

    anon requested: hi is it okay if i request one where midgardian reader is just questioning the relationship she's having with loki? like why would loki want to be with her when he can literally find any other human or--much more so--goddess from asgard or any other realms?? the women/men there would be SO MUCH more attractive and amazing than her....all the second-guessing just suddenly hit her and so she feels that loki is just choosing to settle for her and not saying anything about it..

    a/n: okay this took forever to get up bc i fucking. tore my ACL and i've been going to doctor's appointments like every other fucking day. but anyway, i'm sorry if this is cringey as hell, i need to practice writing love confessions KJFNSKJNja


    Flipping through the book you'd stumbled upon in the Asgardian library, you felt your heart sink lower and lower into your stomach upon viewing all the beautiful, detailed pictures of all the Nordic gods and goddesses. You were hoping to partake in some light reading while Loki finished his business affairs in the throne room, but you quickly came to realize that coming to the library was a horrible idea.

    See, you've been having doubts. Doubts about yours and Loki's relationship, doubts about whether he really loves you or not. It's wrong; it's so wrong for you to entertain these thoughts, especially when Loki tells you he loves you and kisses you and worships your body as if you weren't just some regular Midgardian woman. He treats you like a fucking goddess, in both his words and actions. But as you gaze upon the detailed illustrations of gods and goddesses in the thick book set before you on the table, you can't help but feel extremely... inadequate. Mundane.

    That's when, from behind you, a pair of strong arms snake around your waist and a warm chest presses against your back.

    "I knew I would find you here, my love," Loki says with a kiss to your hair. "What are you reading?"

    "Nothing," you reply quickly, closing the book with a snap. "Just some, ah, light reading."

    "Light reading, hm?" Loki peers over your shoulder and gazes at the leather-bound book's cover entitled Nordic Gods and Goddesses: A Complete Collection. "This book is nearly a thousand pages long."

    You turn around in his grasp so that your faces are just inches apart. Loki's eyes find yours and his gaze glimmers like the reflection of a polished diamond. He's looking at you with this unadulterated admiration, this pure love that he never seems to regard any other creature with. This gaze is reserved just for you.

    But for some reason, you can't meet his eyes for long. You cast them to your feet.

    "Something wrong, love?" says Loki gently. He lifts your chin up to meet your eyes, analyzing them as if they were reports from the TVA. You normally consider yourself good at masking your emotions, but for some reason Loki is always able to tell when there's something bothering you.

    "I was just... wondering about something," you say shyly.

    Loki leads you to a loveseat near the window and you both sit down. "Tell me what's on your mind."

    You can't get a word past your lips before your body is immersed in a heavy, dark feeling that nearly prevents you from being able to formulate a thought. You look at Loki and admire his beauty: his shiny, wavy hair; his angular features; his flawless skin and perfect body. His disposition radiates divinity. You are certainly aware that you are seated next to a god especially because of the confidence and regality with which he holds himself.

    But when you look inside yourself, you can only find imperfections.

    "I was looking through that book," you begin without looking your partner in their eyes. "The gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheons are so — so beautiful."

    Loki is a bit confused at first; he wasn't expecting you to say that. Slowly, he replies, "I — I do agree, my love. We are divine beings, after all. Beauty is in our nature."

    "I just don't understand why someone like — like you would ever be with someone like me." Your lower lip trembles against your better judgment and you resist the urge to let the tears fall.

    "Darling —"

    But at this point the words begin to tumble past your lips and you aren't able to stop them. "No, Loki, I'm serious. Look at you. You're royalty, you're a god. I'm sure you have hundreds of men and women lined up outside your chambers begging to court you, to marry you. Beautiful people who are gods and goddesses and princes and princesses." You sniffle and then sigh, ignoring the way Loki's looking at you. "People who are more worthy of your love than me."

    "Darling," says Loki in the gentlest, most loving voice you have ever heard him use. "What makes you think you are unworthy of my love?"

    "I'm just a mortal," you despair. "There's nothing beautiful about me. I don't compare to any of the women on Asgard, I don't even half a quarter of their beauty. And — and sometimes, Loki, I think you're just choosing to settle for someone like me. I mean, wouldn't you be so much more with someone that's at least your equal? I'm so much lower than you in terms of basically everything and —"

    "Enough," interrupts your partner. His eyebrows are drawn together, as if he's just heard some deeply upsetting news. You obediently shut your mouth and look at Loki with wide eyes.

    "How long have you been feeling this way, my love?" he asks delicately.

    "A while." You can't look him in the eyes. "Ever since that night when we were dining with your parents and they asked me what gods I was descended from."

    "They assumed you were divine because of your otherworldly beauty, my dear."

    You look at Loki incredulously and are surprised to find that he's being serious.

    "Loki, don't flatter me like that," you beg. "They only said that because it is expected of you to find a god or goddess to be your partner, not some regular mortal. Didn't you see their faces when I told them I had mortal parents? They were disappointed."

    "They were surprised," corrects Loki. "They normally don't expect mortals to be so well-mannered and so — so beautiful." He sighs and takes your hands in his. "Darling, there is nothing mundane about you. Not only is your beauty incomparable to any other woman — neither mortal nor godly — but your soul is ethereal. Your kindness and your love exist on a plane not even I can access."

    "But —"

    "Don't you trust me?"

    The question strikes you, though you already know the answer. Yes, of course you trust Loki; so why would this situation be an exception to that trust? You would willingly give over your life for your partner if it meant that they would be safe and happy.

    Don't you trust me?

    Okay, so maybe Loki has a point. What if you merely misinterpreted the whole situation at dinner that night and your anxiety and doubt persuaded you to believe that you were worthless? That Loki would be better off without you?

    Well, now you just felt like a fool.

    "Come into my arms, love," says Loki once he reads the expression on your face. You willingly obey him and lean into his body as he wraps his arms around you.

    "If there's one thing I want you to know, y/n, it's that I love you exactly the way you are. I love that you're a Midgardian. I love that you're mortal. You have truly opened my eyes to the beauty of Midgard and the loveliness of the humans that walk the earth. And you are no exception to that loveliness."

    He presses a kiss to your temple and rests his head on top of yours. "I love you with every ounce of my being, wholly and entirely. Please don't ever doubt that, my darling. I assure you that there isn't a timeline in existence in which I do not love you. Wherever you are, whatever your nature may be, just know that my love for you is unchanging. Can you try to believe that, y/n?"

    "I will try," you say in a choked-up voice. "I want to believe you, Loki. It's just — hard."

    "I know it is, my love," he soothes. "All I ask is that you have faith in my affections for you. Though I may be the God of Lies, I simply haven't the heart to lie to you; you're too precious to me. So if there's one thing I ask of you, it's that you trust my words: I adore every part of your being; your heart, your soul, your personality, and both your internal and external beauty. You are worth more to me than a crown or a throne or any amount of power the Nine Realms could offer me. I would take you over anything, anyone, in a heartbeat."

    By this time, you are quite emotional. Sure, Loki has professed their love for you many many times in the past, but somehow this time stands out among all the others. It was the rawness of his words and the swell of emotion in your chest that made the experience more real than any other.

    "Loki." The words tumble past your lips as if they had been there the entire time. Perhaps they had. "I — I don't really have the, um, poetic-ness that you do, so I'm just going to say this the only way I know how. I think we were destined to be together, because I — I can't imagine what my life would be like without you. You always make me feel so good. Special and beautiful and all the things I used to never feel about myself. I'm so fucking thankful for you and I love you more than I thought I was ever capable of loving someone."

    Loki closed his eyes as you were speaking, letting your words soak into his being. He feels light, like he's floating on a cloud, like he had never once known sadness or pain. All that mattered was you.

    "I never thought I was capable of loving anyone at all," admits Loki in a quiet voice, eyes still closed, "until you came around. Now I can't imagine what my life would be like without love. Without you."

    You smile at Loki and lean up to kiss them on their cheek. Loki blushes.

    "You missed," he mumbles, and kisses you properly on the lips. The library is silent except for Loki's sighs of contentment and the rustling of a reader wandering through the bookshelves, completely oblivious to what is happening between you and Loki.

    And just like that, your pieces are mended. Your doubts erased and your mood lifted. The sun beams through the window behind you and casts something like a halo around your head. Loki looks at you and bites his lip. He can't believe how lucky he is to be able to love someone like you.

    "What are you looking at?" you ask him, smiling bashfully.

    "Nothing," he replies and looks away. The corners of his mouth are turned up and there's a tear glistening in his eye. He's positively radiant. You smile to yourself and it occurs to you that you have never seen your partner look happier than they did at this moment. And that was because of you.

    All those feelings of inadequacy were washed away by the warmth that began to swell in your chest. To love someone who loves you back is the greatest, most reassuring feeling in the world, you think to yourself.

    "Come on," says Loki, breaking the silence. They help you up from the window seat and throw an arm around your shoulders. "Let's take a walk in the garden. The roses are in full bloom."


    #loki x reader #loki laufeyson#loki#loki odinson #loki x reader fluff #loki x reader angst #loki x female reader #loki x fem!reader
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    I have literally over 1000 images to edit in the next 24 hours and here I am on Tumblr...

    I will catch up on WIP soon :'(

    #loki fanfic#loki fluff#loki fic #loki fluffy drabble #loki x reader
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    Some old thorki things. Found my first arts of them I made a year ago. This not so good, yeah, seems I became much better in drawing now. Well, progress. | Support me |

    #loki#loki laufeyson#thor#thor odinson #god of mischief #god of thunder #thorki #thor x loki #thor and loki #thorki art#marvel#mcu
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    #asks#cait #1989 loki's version
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    #i am assuming you are new here #as long as everyone knows canon loki is supposed to be bi im literally not seeing an issue #meanwhile I consider MCU Yelena asexual but the largest possible hint at that on-screen was... not saying yes to considering a kid #which isn't necessarily related but i'm taking it for comic yelena's sake #just like if MCU Wanda's kids get straight im throwing the reverse uno card at them at my own convenience #like bro everyone is just trying to vibe and have fun with the concept of ace loki #even if canon loki is bi #bi-ace loki is just one of many solutions but by your logic we can't even add any labels that aren't bisexual #:/ #the Loki show #bro they literally confirmed loki was bisexual off-screen i promise there are people who write fics who are blissfully unaware of the show #leave me and my memes alone
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    WinterFrost OctoberSmutFest

    Warrior Maiden

    Jötun! Loki x Fem! Reader

    MARVEL Character/Supernatural Creature:Loki embracing his Jötun form

    MonsterFuckers Prompt Number:5."Are you ready to take my knot? Are you ready to be so full of my seed that your stomach will swell?"

    Cultural Origin:Norse mythology

    Sexual Content:Rough/hard sex,jotun sex,in-heat sex,mating cycle/in-heat,hair pulling,dirty talk, breeding,knotting and impregnation.

    Tagged List:@wolfsmom1 @wolfish-trickster @blackcat2907 @latent-thoughts @luthien-t

    You've just came home from a Halloween costume party with your friends from work wearing a sexy warrior maiden costume, as soon as you stepped foot inside..you felt something cold tugging you in by the arm and closing the front door with a slam before they pinned you up against it..your boyfriend's cold body was pressed up against your own, chest heaving and breathing heavily rubbing himself all over you. "Finally! I have you all alone for myself, my sexy little warrior maiden. "Loki said with a very possive and feraled growl, the scent of his pheromones already causing an effect on you..your pussy gone slick with desire, whimpering as you fall into him and clinging on to his strong cold arms the coolness soothing the aching fire throughout your body.

    "Leaving me by myself..alone, to deal with this.." Loki said with another feral growl, pulling you closer to him as he grinds his huge problem against your wanted and heated core "can you feel it, pet? Can you feel, how badly I need to be sheathed inside of you right now?"he added with a strained moan. Well shit..mating season must've came early this year because it's the middle of fall, since he told you that it doesn't start until the first day of winter. He bunches up your blue-green dress while he holds you up with only one arm and tsks at you "What's this? No panties..and look at how wet you are for me, your practically dripping with anticipation for me to pound you..thick and wanting my knot, aren't you my sweet?" Loki purred while fingering you.

    Gripping his shoulders as he fingers you faster causing you to whimper out a "yes" he removes his fingers and brings them up to your lips "Taste yourself, pet."your Jötun boyfriend said, purring at you when you opened up your for a taste. "Take me, my king. " you pleaded with a purr of your own, just those four words alone was enough for him to fully sheath his cool, hard thickness into your heated core and immediately starts pounding you against the front door with wild and powerful thrusts.

    Your eyes snapped open once he haulted to a stop and pulled out "Wha-What.."you begin to ask until he flipped you over onto your hands and knees facing the living room "So how was work today?"Loki asked causally while re-entering you "That lame ass supervisor of yours acting up again?"he added, as he fucks you hard from behind.

    "It was alri-ah!..mph, alright. Ah..Loki, my king... FUCK! No, he hasn't..been..acti-oh God.."you panted out "Your God. "Loki said with a smirk as he gently grips a handful of your hair and pulls you towards him, as he leans on his back so that your riding him backwards while he used his strength to slam you up and down. The new angle of the position caused you to hit your first orgasm for the night, as he continued to guide you up and down his Jötun cock.

    Loki took you in multiple positions on each and every surface and furniture in yalls home making you have an orgasm..after orgasm..after orgasm but he hasn't come not once. Right now, he has you laying on your back writhing beneath him and begging him to knot you..to fill you up with his come, your hands running through his raven black hair and tugging on it "Are you ready to take my knot? Are you ready to be so full of my seed that your stomach will swell?"Loki asked pinning your hands above your head while pounding you faster causing the bed frame to slam against the wall, as you cried out a pleaded "yes" that sounded like a prayer to him.

    Linking his fingers with yours while silencing your cries with a kiss, as he pushed his knot in..locking the two of you together and starts rocking into you, as he shoots ropes of cum.

    #jotun! loki #jotun! loki x you #jotun! loki x female! reader #jotun! loki smut #winterfrost octobersmutfest#my posts#my writing
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    Halloween double date.

    They cosplay each other. The boys seem to be not much excited.

    (Separate characters below)

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    I feel like everyone needed to see this today :)

    photo credits

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    i have a marvel oc that i wanna write about and i think it's a good story laid out im just nervous to actually post it online sjajndnsjsj also the marvel characters don't come in the picture for a while so people might not even read it

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    Some Kind of Bliss

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    A Princely Offer

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GdDUU2

    by Nightingale (NightingalesCall)

    Anastasia, Loki and baby Frigga travel to the distance land of the Elves by invitation of the Elven Queen herself.

    What new knowledge to be learned? What new mysteries await to be unraveled?

    Words: 8234, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 18 of The Life and Times of Anastasia and Loki of New Asgard

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M, Multi

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Loki, Heimdall (Marvel), Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (Marvel), Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)

    Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s)

    Additional Tags: Diplomacy, Touring, Tourism, World Travel, Travel, New World, The Nine Realms, Bargaining, Peace, Baby, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Fluff and Smut, Smut, Threesome - F/M/M, Oral Sex, Sex, Vaginal Sex, Fucking, Light Bondage, Light BDSM, Predator/Prey, Dynamics, Voyeurism, Non-Consensual Touching, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Loud Sex, Magic, Minor Violence, Medical Procedures, Mentions of Miscarriages/Stillbirths/Birth Defects

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GdDUU2

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    On the Couch of the Sanctum

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3b5TB1q

    by depressedtransguy00

    After a big argument with no resolution, Stephen found himself banished to the couch for the night. And he's not exactly dealing with it well.

    Words: 1416, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel, Thor (Movies), Doctor Strange (2016)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Stephen Strange, Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Stephen Strange

    Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sleeping Together, but not, at least at first, I'm Bad At Tagging, Fluff and Angst, Couches, yes stephen wears reading glasses he's a dilf get over it

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3b5TB1q

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    crows in heaven, my Loki Richie fic, is updated! This chapter is much longer, and in my opinion, much better! thank you for reading :))

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    When your nephew is called Loki you go all out for his birthday party!!

    #selfie#my face#Loki #claudia shut up
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