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    27.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Loki: I'll kill you.

    Tony: At least buy me a drink first.

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    27.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Every time I play Loki, and this is a source of constant surprise and delight to me, is that people love him so much. And I think it’s because people can relate to him in some way. He’s an outsider, he’s a misfit. - Tom Hiddleston

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    27.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    ROMANTIC -->{Thor x Jane}  PLATONIC --> {Jane x Sibling!reader} {Loki x JanesSibling!Reader} {Thor x JanesSibling!Reader} {The Warriors Three x JanesSibling!Reader} {Darcy x JanesSibling!Reader} {Lady Sif x JanesSibling!Reader}

    Summary: On an emergency trip back to Midgard, Thor among his closest friends gets to meet someone he thought he never would.

    “And they thought they even had a chance on taking you down! A fatal grasp burdened by defeat!” Fandral exclaimed earning a deep laugh from Thor, raising his sword in the air as he walked across the gravel the the oversized building. Loki rolled his eyes 

    The place Jane, Darcy and you where currently staying was provided by shield on the count of Jane aiding them in situations they had previously not had to handle

    “Shh! Y/N might be asleep.” The cold air nipped at Janes hands as she scolded the Gods and removed her hands from her pockets to unlock the door. 

    “Ahh Y/N! And I may finally meet them?” Thor’s voice was filed with question and excitement. Thor had been elated to hear Jane had a sibling. But Y/N didn’t have the same reaction. A mixture of teenage angst and social anxiety had made them distance themselves from Thor

    Jane hummed and Darcy just laughed. 

    Just as the six (quite a large number of Gods on Midgard at a given time if you didn’t know) Gods began speaking again Jane halted harshly, preventing them from following her through the door.

    “Quietly, their very shy.” Jane half-smiled at their boisterous behaviour but they all nodded knowingly.  Once they had all finally entered and placed their things where they where (not) supposed to be, they all went to settle in the living room. but where met with a melody, soft like your favourite blanket and smooth like the night air.

    Y/N had always loved music, and the pass time of choice tonight was piano. The hefty government cheques Jane had been getting was enough for them to have their own baby grand piano as a centrepiece.

    “That’s lovely” Thor roared endearingly, making Y/N jump out of their skin. Jane scolded Thor and went straight into the kitchen.

    “It’s late.” Jane stated.

    “Can’t sleep” Y/N plainly stated, needing no further input from Jane.

    Thor loomed over Y/N’s shoulder looking at the sheet music.

    “Oh, Thor do you have to be so invasive?” Loki scolded in a cold tone, Thor took no notice.

    “Beethoven?” He tried to strike up a conversation with the sibling he’d been so eager to meet.

    “Arguably the most popular western music composer.” Y/N said, placing the music back into a folder and standing up. Only to be shocked by Thor’s stature and nearly trip over their piano stool. Thor stood smiling like a fool.

    “Debussy could be argued as most popular.” Loki chimed, his voice oddly soft that even Thor was taken back.

    “Yes, but the popularity of Beethoven’s music seems to be more consistent.” Y/N countered playfully, stepping out of the room in a better attitude than they’d expected.

    Thor was astonished, and the look on his face only brought laughter from his friends.

    “They can’t like you more than me! Unbelievable!” Thor exclaimed, Loki smirked in a odd victory.

    “Y/N has a very particular personality, much like Loki's.” Jane spoke reluctantly.

    “Yeah, Y/N hasn’t invaded a city.” Darcy remarked. “ Yet.”

    As the group settled on the sofa between an array of cushions, Jane and Thor holding each other close and Loki as far away from them as possible, there was finally a sense of calm.

    “I’ve always been more popular, brother.” Loki finally spoke on the matter, his head in book.

    Thor just huffed.

    #marvel#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #thor#thor 1#jane#darcy#fandral#ladysif#lady sif#lady jane #jane x sibling!reader #loki#avengers#midgard#asgard #hello yes i know i haven't properly posted for months #oneshot#jane oneshot#thor oneshot#darcy oneshot#loki oneshot #loki x reader #thor x reader #jane x reader #darcy x reader
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  • azazals-queer-bookstore
    27.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    To be honest, after the (in my opinion) dissapointment that was the Loki TV show (not to bash Loki themself, im a Loki Kin lol) I did not expect Black Widow to be good. Yet hear i am, rewatching it for the fith time.

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  • xavierswalkman
    27.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago
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  • rins-love-wins
    27.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Halloween costumes...

    Tony: Our ghost doesn't look scary enough ...

    Loki: Not bad in my opinion ... But, the flowered panties spoil everything.

    Tony (sarcastically): Yeah, it'll be much scarier without them.

    Mobius: Apparently, I shouldn't have refused to be Janine ...

    #marvel incorrect quotes #loki incorrect quotes #loki#lokius#frostiron#croki#time husbands#timefrost #loki and tony #loki and mobius #loki alligator#lokigator#alligator loki#mobius loki #loki x mobius #mobius #loki x tony #loki laufeyson #mobius m mobius #moki#lokius fanart#lokius art#marvel loki
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    27.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    This is how you know it’s gonna be good

    Because :

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    27.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Loki'd (Lokix Reader One-shots)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3ErqZfF

    by mrs_stan_hiddleston01

    You and Loki are not exactly friends. But you have feelings for each other.

    Words: 1034, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki - Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki (TV 2021), Thor (Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Reader, You, Frigga | Freyja (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Odin (Marvel), Heimdall (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Reader, Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s), Loki (Marvel) & Reader

    Additional Tags: Reader-Insert, Reader-Interactive, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Domestic Bliss, Loki is jealous, President Loki, Smut, Shameless Smut, Sexual Tension, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3ErqZfF

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    27.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    No Flirting With Your Variant (Unless You Plan On Doing Something About It)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2ZsV52U

    by kitorion

    “I will invert your ribcage,” Loki says as if it’s a reflex. Maybe it is.

    “Oh,” Mobius laughs, “still threatening me? I’d have thought you’d have calmed down by now.”

    “You thought that making me watch…” he splutters,” porn of myself and teasing me about it would calm me down?”


    Mobius shows Loki what he thinks are the real important moments of his life.

    Words: 4098, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M, Multi

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius, Loki (Marvel)/Original Character(s)

    Additional Tags: Smut, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Hair-pulling, Rimming, Teasing, Genderfluid Loki (Marvel), Shapeshifter Loki (Marvel), Bottom Loki (Marvel), Top Mobius M. Mobius, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Minor Violence, Porn Watching

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2ZsV52U

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  • therealdisneyfan2319
    27.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Hey y’all

    Got any suggestions for Marvel blogs to follow?  Really trying to get more active in the fandom.  Don’t be afraid to follow back, too!

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    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Avengers as Incorrect John Mulaney Quotes

    Tony Stark: They're like "did that work" and I'm like " it didn't NOT work"

    Steve Rogers: I don't care for these new Nazis and you may quote me on that

    Natasha Romanoff: Do not f*ck with me

    Clint Barton: THATS MY WIFE

    Peter Parker: You remember being 12, when you're like "no one look at me or I'll k*ll myself

    Bruce Banner: You know how I'm filled with rage?

    Thor: I was just shiny and dumb and easy to trick

    Sam Wilson: Everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds.


    Loki: I'll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day I'll die.

    Bucky Barnes: Hey, do you want me to kill that guy for you?

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  • van-sunshine
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thor: what did you do this weekend?

    Loki: I did jack shit

    Thor: oh?

    Loki: yeah, it’s a weird last name isn’t it, Jack?

    Jack Shit: yep

    #kinda nswf #source: thomas sanders #incorrect quotes#mcu#bisexual Loki#bi loki#loki show#loki series #thor and loki #thor odinson#loki odinson#loki lafeyson #mcu incorrect quotes #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #marvel incorrect quotes #tom hiddleston#thanks thomas #haha get it
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  • okamiyami93
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mirlena X Loki: Sick Day (a short fic)


    I've got the second part to "From Foe to Friend" in my drafts, I swear, but I'm so miserably sick right now that I can't bring myself to write more to it for the moment. So, have a fic about what happens the first time Mirlena falls ill! Setting takes place mostly in Mirlena's room, situation is that she was supposed to accompany Loki for lunch out of the Tower, but can't because she got sick overnight.


    Mirlena had noticed an itch steadily growing at the back of her throat where her nasal cavity met the mouth since about eight o' clock p.m. the previous night, and it grew worse and worse as more time passed. She'd been up until about three a.m., the same time that Loki was usually in the commons area making himself tea to help relax, and she was absolutely miserable by then. Her throat ached and burned, she was coughing almost constantly, she had unbelievable sinus pressure and a runny nose, and her ears felt so itchy that it made her want to scream. Not only were her ears itchy, in fact, but they kept getting to the point where she could barely hear a thing without popping them.

    By six a.m., she was sleeping, and had also developed a fever. Her body shivered under the covers of her bed while she slept, and sweat drenched her clothes. The temperature of her body served to keep her from sleeping peacefully, as she rose from bed every thirty minutes approximately, just to pace around her room. Then, her illness progressed even further, and vomiting became another symptom. Oh, she couldn't stand it. How had she even gotten sick to begin with? To her knowledge, no one on the team was ill, and she had only gone out once over the past couple of days, to pick up some bathroom necessities for herself. Had one of the passing strangers on the street been sick? Perhaps they'd coughed or sneezed without covering their mouth, and she was infected as a result, but she couldn't be sure. All she knew at this point was that it was certain: she had the flu.

    Groaning loudly as she left her bathroom for the third time after throwing up, she decided to take her own temperature, worried that she wouldn't be able to keep her word about a lunch she'd agreed to attend with Loki, who had offered it as compensation for a rough training session the day before. He'd even told her he was happy to pay, when she had mumbled about not really having much to spend right then. A steady beeping noise pulled her back from her thoughts, and she took a quick look at the thermometer. 101.2° Fahrenheit. Great.

    She dragged her feet as she made her way back to bed, pulling a piece of paper off of her dresser and grabbing a pen out of one of the drawers. She'd started to write a note to Loki to apologize, that she just couldn't do lunch, but she ended up falling asleep shortly after. The paper sat upon her nightstand, pen still in hand as she lay face down on her bed. The hours dragged on, and with no one present but Loki in the tower, there was no one else to check in on her. He had already been a bit concerned when he didn't see her at breakfast time, but now, it was half past noon, and she still hadn't come out from her room.

    He decided that it may be best for him to check on her, and headed down the hall from his own room to hers, already dressed in suit and tie, gently rapping on her door.

    "Mirlena?" He called out softly, his ear to the door. "Mirlena, are you in there? Have you forgotten that you were to accompany me today for lunch?"

    No answer. His brows furrowed as he moved his ear away from the door, rapping on the door again, just a bit louder than the last time.

    "Mirlena, can you hear me?" Loki asked aloud, growing concerned. "Are you decent? I'm coming in."

    He tried the door handle, and was relieved to find that it was unlocked. Without another thought, he entered her room, head down and gaze fixed on the floor, just in case she had been getting changed. As he entered, he noticed that she was breathing softly, and she sounded dreadfully congested. Cautiously, he brought his gaze up to see her laying in bed on her stomach, with a pen in her hand, arm draped over the nightstand.

    He approached slowly, looking over the paper first, only a few lines having been written. They read:

    "Loki, please forgive me. I can't go to lunch with you today. I got sick last night, and I don't know when it's going to ease up on me, so I'm going to try and rest today--"

    The rest of the note was left unfinished, a marking on the paper indicating exactly when she had fallen asleep and the pen had been allowed to slip across the paper. Loki sighed, kneeling beside her bed and bringing the back of his hand to her forehead. She was burning up, and given that his body was naturally cool, it was easy for him to detect. The coolness of his hand must have been a lot for her, because a sharp breath came from Mirlena, and her eyes shot open. Loki rose quickly, holding both hands up, palms forward, to show he meant no harm.

    "My apologies, it was not my intention to wake you," he hurriedly admitted. "I simply came to check in on you, as I'd noticed you never came to breakfast, and were running late to meet me for our agreed upon lunch meeting."

    She nodded slowly, pushing herself up, body swaying from side to side once in a sitting position. She sniffled hard, bringing an arm up to cover her mouth as she coughed, the sound making Loki wince. There was clearly a lot of mucus to be expelled, and it seemed to be doing damage to her throat, as she whined softly after coughing.

    Loki leaned downward to examine her face, her eyes glossy and half lidded, nose and cheeks tinted red from her fever. He sighed, straightening himself out as he placed a hand on the back of her neck, and she shivered under his touch.

    "...cold," she muttered out, voice raspy and low. "Your hand is..cold..."

    Loki stared down at her, nodding.

    "Yes, I know. Does it bother you?" He asked, worried he'd made a mistake in placing his hand on the back of her neck to offer some relief to her fever. Mirlena shook her head slowly, closing her eyes and leaning forward a bit, her forehead resting against his leg.

    "Sorry," she whispered. "It's hard to keep my head up, I'm not trying to be weird or anything."

    Loki chuckled quietly, using his free hand to ruffle up her hair.

    "Good thing you told me, or I'd have thought you were being scandalous," he jested, making sure his sarcasm could be heard clearly. It must have worked, because he could feel that she had smiled a little bit. "I'm glad to see your sense of humor is still intact, at the very least."

    The next few hours were unbearably awkward for Mirlena. She was used to handling her sick days on her own, but this was Loki's first time seeing her this way, and somehow, he immediately changed his usual trickster tune and became caretaker. He scolded her for trying to push her covers off, telling her she needed to bear it in order to sweat out her fever, and he followed close behind when he noticed that she was rushing to the bathroom to vomit. While she leaned against the toilet bowl, he would rub her back, and he'd taken the liberty of pulling her hair up into a messy bun, just to keep it out of her face. The way she threw up was violent, her body would tense up terribly, and she would find her head being practically completely inside the toilet, from her body jerking forward.

    He hated to admit how much it bothered him to see her like this, but it did. Not because he thought it was disgusting, but rather, because he didn't enjoy seeing her so helpless. She cried every time she retched, having gone from actual vomiting to completely dry heaving as nothing was left in her stomach to throw up, and when she wasn't dry heaving, she was flopping from one side to the other in her bed, constantly grumbling and nearly sobbing because she just couldn't get comfortable.

    Finally tired of seeing her miserable like this, Loki held up a finger to her, face indicating he had an idea. He could heal minor wounds, and he couldn't cure the flu, but he knew what could help. He'd seen it before, and he was determined to make it happen for her.

    He'd left her room with haste, leaving her door open, allowing Mirlena to hear the metal clanking of pots and pans as he found the correct one for the job, and she could hear him moving about in the commons area, between fridge and freezer. After about thirty minutes, Mirlena heard what sounded like a spoon hitting the side of a bowl, and she shifted her gaze toward the door. She listened for footsteps, but heard none.

    "Loki...?" She called out hoarsely, "Loki, please come back, this sucks...I kind of need my friend right now."

    Suddenly, she heard quick footsteps, and within seconds, he was back in her room, with a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup in hand. He looked exceedingly proud of himself, too. Mirlena sat up in her bed as he approached, placing the bowl at her bedside, and sitting next to her.

    "I've been told that this is the most common food to provide when Midgardians such as yourself fall ill," he beamed. "So, I've taken the liberty of making this for you, from scratch." He gestured at the bowl, encouraging her to try it. Mirlena was nervous at first, given that she'd never had anything cooked by Loki, but she obliged. Picking up the bowl by the sides least likely to be too hot, she sat it on her lap, and scooped up some noodles, chicken, and broth. She brought the spoon up to her mouth, and before sipping the broth and devouring the meat and noodles, she looked at Loki with narrowed eyes.

    "You didn't poison it, did you?" She asked, half joking. Loki frowned and rolled his eyes.

    "Would I have gone to the trouble of cooking this for you if my only intention was to kill you?" He shot back at her. "Don't be silly. Just eat."

    She slipped the spoon into her mouth, swallowing the broth and chewing the chicken as the noodles also slid down her throat, and she was pleasantly surprised at how well it tasted. Her brows had shot upward, and by the way she continued to eat it, Loki knew she liked it. A faint smile tugged at his lips as he watched her scoop out all of the noddles and chicken, leaving the hot broth for last. She gulped it down, exhaling loudly once she was finished, and she nodded at him approvingly.

    Then, for the first time since he'd been keeping an eye on her, she yawned and slumped down in her bed, pulling the covers up to her face. Loki patted her shoulder from over the covers, and took the empty bowl from her bed, turning to leave the room.

    "Rest now," he said as he lingered briefly in the doorway, "And should you need your friend again, call out to me, I'll be here."

    With that, he left to wash the bowl and spoon, and Mirlena finally slept peacefully, fever and congestion washing away.


    Okay, so I guess it was longer than I initially intended, but whatever, I thought it was cute. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    jotun loki, always in my thoughts 🥶💙

    uncensored on my twitter

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    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #sylki#sylvie#loki #sylvie x loki #loki x sylvie #marvel#disney#ao3 sylki
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    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Thor: What do you have?

    Loki: A KNIFE!

    Thor: NO!

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  • bisexual-characters-nation
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Okay, this is going to be a long rant of me rambling on why i love the Loki series and Sylki and why i think you can't love one without loving the other.

    First, lets start with the goofy stuff:

    The ship names. We have Sylki - the most widespread and popular one. Lovie - my personal favorite. It just fits them perfectly. The letter "i" is like a small dagger in the word "love" (Lov🗡e) which reminds us of their quote "Love is a Dagger". We also have Lovedaggers, Enchantricks, Sylkie. I love that they have "their" color, Green, and both kind of have the "spiritual animal": Loki - the snake 🐍, Sylvie - the feral cat 🐱.

    Okay, now lets move on to the main reasons:

    The Story. Sylki is a core of the Loki series. It ties in neatly with an overall message and theme of the story: to revolt against the Authoritarian regimes, the self-love, the identity. Loki comes to love himself and the another by loving Sylvie. It is poetic, really. One being but two different people. Them being the Variants of one another means that they share the same Role which is being a Deity of Mischief. They have the same role by sharing the one soul that trascends the universes. What is this if not a definition of the soulmates?

    Their relation can not be compared to anything in the real life because it is a purely speculative relation that does not exist beyond the fictional realm. Having the soulmate that reflects your being to you, while being the polar opposite of you. This is a fictional concept with no equivalent in the real life. Yet, it is a multilayered metaphor that anyone can appreciate. Their love story and connection somehow manages to be very deep, profound and human.

    Sylki represents the perfect mix of Mythology & Sci-Fi: a weird romance that is as imaginary as it is beautiful.

    Honestly, Loki granted me the perfect Mythology & Sci-Fi mash up that i could have ever dreamed of. And what a better way there is than blending these genres together in a mix that ultimately triumphs in the unique and weird love story which was the best part of the series.

    Okay, but lets further discuss what are the main themes of the series that Sylki corresponds to:

    The Rebellion Against The Authoritarian Regimes and the Revenge. When discussing this aspect of the story, we have to bear in mind Sylvie's life story. I like to think of Sylvie as a co-protagonist with Loki. She is a very tragic hero. Kang and the TvA took everything away from her. They erased her family, her home, her culture, her reality and everything she had ever known or loved. Then, the TvA abducted her, she escaped but had to live her life on the run, constantly afraid for her very life, knowing nothing but the danger and horror, existing in a constant state of survival.

    Here He Who Remains is a face of the opressor and dictator. He is a charmistic sociopath whose Nazi Police commits the genocides across the universes. The TvA is like a cult while Kang is the very convincing and reasonable leader of said cult. 

    Sylvie's and Loki's story is about finding an identity in a system that dictates how one should live and exist, a system that deemed Loki and Sylvie "unworthy" of existence just because they did not fit into the path that was predetermined for them. Same goes with their love. It disturbs the Timeline that maintains Kang's position in power.

    Sylvie's story, Sylki's love story, is a metaphor for rebellion against the opressive authoritarian system, it is a metaphor for the rebellion of those who were wronged by such system and it could be read as the different variations of this theme (like the queer rebellion against the heteronormative indoctrination).

    However, this theme ties with the theme of revenge. Many stories deal with the theme of revenge. Is it worth it? Is the free will worth it? Sylvie's revenge is empty and unfullfilling. But she had to free the world of tyranny. There is no scenario where she could have let go of her grudge. This, however, came at the cost. Sylvie was all alone until she met Loki, her killing He Who Remains only brought back the state Kang bestowed upon her when his people took away her life for the first time. In the end, the path of revenge is the path of self-destruction, even if the villain desreves it. The revenge consumes a person, unableing them to move on. Loki has been throught what Sylvie is experiencing. He knows bettar than anybody how agonizing it is to endure injustice. However, Loki moved on from it, he outgrew his inability to move on and hopefully, Sylvie will too in S2.

    Loki and Sylvie are the reflection of one another on the narrative level. Loki sees his past self in Sylvie. By loving Sylvie, someone who shares his soul (soul which is basically an esence of being), he comes to love himself and forgive himself. Sylvie loving Loki and being loved by Loki has a symbolic significance as well. She initially rejected "A Loki" persona, by doing so she rejected herself, yet, she reduced her identity to "not being A Loki". Once she saw that her and Loki are actually two completely diffetent people, once she came to love Loki as someone who shares her essence, she stood on the path of accepting herself.

    This makes me think of another theme of the series that is not so in your face: the loneliness. Loki and Sylvie are both very lonely people but in different ways. Loki had been self-absorbed narcissist. This was caused by his infiriority complex and envy. He did not want to be "weak". However, we saw Loki grow, re-establish his relationship with others, ect. This does not change the fact that Loki had never shared any profoundly deep bond with anyone. Up until he met Sylvie. Loki accepts Sylvie as someone more than the holder of their shared title, he learns to love another, yet, he learns to love and accept his essence, because otherwise he would not have been able to accept Sylvie.

    Sylvie, on the other hand, was wronged throughout her entire life. She developed several unresloved issues like pathological trust issues, anger issues, ect. Sylvie was all alone until Loki. She was not meant to exist. She survived but existed only in this constant state of survival. One could say, Sylvie's story is about identity and all the existential dread that comes with it. I think there is something beautiful about Sylvie being loved by Loki, a person who shares her being. It is as if by accepting Loki, Sylvie accepts her self, not trying to run away from it anymore, but also accepts her own uniqueness because she sees that not two people, even those who share the same fate, can be identical.

    In short, both Loki and Sylvie were able to love another by accepting their essence, not rejecting/hating themselves anymore (Loki completed this journey, Sylvie still has a lot to work on, since she represses her feelings and is not able to move on yet). Their love, just like their existence itself, was going against The Sacred Timeline, thus it is the rebellion of free will and the right to exist against the authoritarian nazi regime. However, we see the cost in dedicating yourself to a revenge mission. We are also left with hope that Sylvie will find in herself what Loki found in himself.

    Romance. I love that Marvel finally allowed a love story to have this much significance to the plot. It is rare because the romantic genre is looked down upon as the ladies' genre. The love stories are considered way too "girly" to have any value after all. If there is a romance in a superhero movie it's a heteronormative cliche pairing where a woman has no agenda and is an accessory to a male character.

    I mean, usually, you could just take out the romantic storyline and this would not impact the overall plot which is not exactly the best way to build an interesting story where everything is interconnected.

    Romance has never been a heart of any Marvel film/tv before.

    No, Thor (2011) was not a love story. One could change things up, making so that Thor did not fall in love with Jane, falling for the human kind instead, and the overall plot would not have changed at all. Other Marvel ladies were simply the love interests for the Marvel leading men (WandaVision is not romance. It is about the family and grief). They were like the perfect accessories for these men. These relationships were not integral. Treating romance in such way is the reason why we perceive it as inherently heteronormative.

    Loki 2021 changed the game. Sylvie is not simply Loki's love interest. Loki is just as much of a love interest for Sylvie as she is for him. If Sylvie is reduced to being a love interest, then so is Loki. But neither of them is reduced to that role because they are equally important to the overall story since it happens so that the overall story is strongly intertwined with Sylki as a love story.

    This is the kind of a romance treatment that i have been waiting for a long time. Their love story is a metaphor, a concept even, the perfect mixture of the Mythic and SciFi motifs. Loki and Sylvie are equal in every way and this is how Loki 2021 subverts the heteronormative treatment of Romance. 

    Why should we not exclude romance and the het-presenting pairings at all? Well, because we need to explore the dynamics of the het-presenting pairings from the new lenses if we want to reform and subvert the hetero-presenting love stories.

    We won't be able to adequately utilize the female gaze if we exclude a feminine presenting characters as well.

    Dynamic. Loki and Sylvie's dynamic is my favorite part about the series. It is my favorite m/f dynamic since i'm usually drawn to the f/f relationships.

    Loki and Sylvie's relationship offers us a different take on the m/f dynamics. Their relationship avoids all the toxic and outdated cliches while manages to ecompass all the  beloved tropes: enemies to lovers, the soulmates/twin flames, ect.

    It should be noted, however, that Sylki does not "flip" the traditional gender roles. Loki is an example of the healthy masculinity that is the result of growth and maturity. Loki does not get "fixed" by Sylvie, he just learns how to care and properly communicate with the people he loves. He is brave, he is very protective of Sylvie, he is caring and attentive. Loki does not want to be closed off anymore because he feels connection with Sylvie that he does not want to lose. His feelings are clear for him and he does not repress or hide them. He made a conscious choice to stay beside Sylvie. Loki being shown as such a "noble" character does not happen at the expense of Sylvie's capability. She is determined and a survivor. However, she has flaws, like not knowing how to deal with her trauma yet, being quick tempered, and stubborn. She also shows her tender side several times. She is a very empathetic person.

    Sylvie and Loki validate each other. One does not shine at the expense of another. They do not see in one another something there is not. They love each other for who they are, nothing more, nothing less.

    Representation. People will always have the conflicting opinions and feelings regarding whether the rep is good or not in a particular piece of media. Personally for me, Loki coming out as bisexual and genderfluid while Sylvie also came out as bisexual, having these bi character in the romantic relationship, has been nothing but an absolute delight.

    Most of the criticism comes from (sometimes intentional) misreading, misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the context. Sylvie, for example, was never trans-coded. She was born a female. We do not know what her gender identity is for sure, but she is feminine-presenting. The TvA did not mind her being born a female or her presenting as feminine. Sylvie never transitioned or was punished for doing so.

    So, yeah, Loki is the first canonically confirmed queer masculine-presenting character in mcu, Sylvie is the first cononocally conformed queer female character in mcu, Loki and Sylvie are the first queer relationship in mcu. 

    We bisexual people know just how invalidating and demeaning everyone becomes towards us once we enter a het-presenting relationship. I have came across so many monosexuals dictating who gets to be a "proper" bisexual, what words and spaces we can use, calling us "straight-passing" or "spicy-straight", saying that we have the straight privilege while ignoring the fact that the bisexual women get sexually assaulted the most.

    Loki is bi, so is Sylvie. It is a fact. Canon. Putting them in a het-presenting relationship resulted in two things: it exposed an unfortunate biohobia in the Marvel Fandom but also made many bi people feel validated.

    Execution. Sylki interactions have been beautifully executed through the feminine gaze. Their interactions have been framed romantically, intimately and their dialogues have a good amount of lines that subtly imply and underline their feelings towards each other. The series utilized every element of storytelling in order to tell the love story while incorporating Sylki, their presence, in everything that this series is about.

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    Midgardian customs

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    by melitta4ever

    Loki makes a surprise visit with some sweets packed. Tony approves. Written for Kinktober'21 Day 26, challenge: wax play

    Words: 747, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 26 of Kinktober'21

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Tony Stark, Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: Temperature Play, FrostIron - Freeform, magical sex

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