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    “You’ll be okay”

    Sylvie met her black haired variant from future ✨

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    Greatest Hits

    Hey guys here’s a sample of a chapter of my fic Variations, out now on Wattpad, AO3, and FF.net!

    Word Count: 6.1k

    Warnings: Spoilers for Infinity War, Endgame and Loki

    Pairing: Loki x Sigyn (OC)

    Summary: After being taken by the TVA, Sigyn finds out what her future was really supposed to be like.

    "So, what exactly are we fetching?" asks Sigyn as she follows a stone-faced Hilda down the hallway.  

    "Tapes," Hilda says shortly.

    They continue down the hallway for a while longer in silence, that is, until Sigyn gets a glimpse of the city. The sight causes her to halt in place, peering out the window to take in as much of the sight as she can. Cars seemingly flying, buildings floating, skyscrapers bigger than the Stark Tower hundreds of times over.  A sight of a technological spectacle that she never thought she would live to see.  It's all breathtakingly beautiful. Without taking her eyes off of the sight, Sigyn asks Hilda, "Is this what space is like?"

    A conflicted Hilda stops for a moment and looks back at the Variant. "In your time?" Sigyn nods but still does not take her eyes off of the masterpiece of a city. "Nothing as vast as this, but the other parts? Sure, plenty of plants with tall buildings and ships."

    "Thor said he was going to take me, show me Asgard. I always thought that things might look something like this, but I was never sure."

    "You end up doing a lot of space travel in your lifetime." A small pang hits Hilda as she realizes this version of Sigyn, the earliest she's ever seen, will never get to experience that. And she's seen how much Sigyn enjoys her time off of her native planet.

    "Though I suppose I won't get to do that now, will I?" Sigyn takes her eyes off of the sight to look at Hilda who can't take it.

    "Let's keep going." Hilda can't go getting attached to this Variant. That would be bad for the mission.

    Hilda is pulled out of her thoughts when the Variant, with a significant bounce in her step, creeps up beside her and says, "We're not that different, you know."

    This is not the conversation Hilda wants to be having, especially with a Variant. "You don't know anything about me."

    Sigyn narrows her eyes challengingly, "I know that we're both two women who have overbearing bosses who are a little bit too confident in themselves and like to only do things their way. But in the end, you can't help but look up to them and seek their approval. So how'd I do?" Sigyn doesn't need a verbal answer because it's all written over Hilda's face. "You forget," says Sigyn triumphantly. "I worked for Tony Stark."

    "Maybe," admits Hilda as she opens the door to her office. "I'm just a little worried that he's gone in over his head on this one. You? We can handle. Your little friend with the horns? Maybe not so much."

    Hilda gathers her things, including a box of reels and papers, as Sigyn looks around at the office. It's fairly cluttered, with lots of loose papers all over the place. "Should I be offended that you've apparently branded me as non-threatening?"

    "No. I didn't mean it like that. It's just you from this timeline, you're stable, you're...predictable."


    Hilda knows she only keeps digging herself deeper, so she tries to backtrack. "You have moral lines that you won't cross. You're a good person who won't hurt people to get out of here. You're an Avenger for goodness sake. Loki, on the other hand? He'd burn this place to the ground."

    Sigyn considers her words for a moment as Hilda hoists her case box onto the table. "Ready to go?"


    "I can't believe you were D.B. Cooper!" exclaims Mobius. "C'mon!"

    That being the first thing she hears as she enters the room, Sigyn's head whips to Loki. "You were D.B. Cooper?"

    Loki rolls his eyes at both parties, "I was young, and I lost a bet to Thor."

    Deciding to give Loki a much-needed break from interrogation, especially if Mobius wants to get something good out of him, Mobius stands up and turns to his co-worker. "Hilda can you stay here with him please while I go get her set up?" asks Mobius.

    Hilda nods and Mobius leads Sigyn to an identical-looking room next door. He starts to set up the projection device, taking the reels of film out of the box carefully.

    Sigyn sits in her seat, silently observing Mobius. "The judge mentioned that you get Variants of me often."

    Mobius stops what he's doing and sighs, turning to the woman. "There are...points in some people's lives, usually powerful people like yourself, where their emotions become highly unstable and unpredictable, creating an environment that continually branches off into Nexus'. Think about it like this, when water starts to branch off of a river—the Sacred Timeline—it slowly wears down the rock in its path so that even if you were to try and block it off, the water—you—will always want to try and go that way."

    "So what's this point? What keeps causing me to step off of the timeline?" asks Sigyn.

    He pauses for a moment, not exactly sure what to say. Interrogating her is not the same as Loki. Loki is a shelled being. He needs to be cracked open forcefully if you want to get what's inside. But this early version of Sigyn? A kindness approach would work best. But telling someone all about a traumatic event? It's hard to keep that as a warm and welcome conversation. But they need her to have all the information if she's going to be of any use to them."That, uh, it would just be easier to show you." Mobius presses play on the tape. "Think of these as your greatest hits. Enjoy."


    The films start off with a few flashes of childhood, with even some memories Sigyn forgot she had until then. It doesn't spend long on those nostalgic years of keeping her powers hidden and shut away, however, because the tapes soon turn to when she was in her early 20s. When she found out that her parents had rescued her from the lab they worked in and adopted her and ran away to the countryside of England. The reason for her powers, Sigyn mentally prepares herself for what's coming next.

    Dr. Nemesis, the head geneticist at the lab, finds her and her family, giving Sigyn the final ultimatum, "come with me, or your parents will perish." He tries to convince her that only he understands how she feels, how her powers work, and that other people will just want to lock her up in a cage. In fact, that it was her father who came up with the idea of the cage when he originally worked for the lab. That he would actually appreciate her powers. That he understands them and won't look down upon them.

    But Sigyn doesn't give in.  She rescues her parents, forgiving them for lying to her, and confronts Dr. Nemeisis. Sigyn watches as her father sacrifices himself in one last act of duty, to make things right with the daughter with the powers he was responsible for in the first place. Uttering the would haunt Sigyn thorough the rest of her life, "I'm so proud of you."

    She defeats Dr. Nemisis and rescues her mother, but not without alerting the authorities. To keep her mother safe, Sigyn runs off, acquiring a new identity as a geneticist working under one Tony Stark.

    As the tape turns over, Sigyn can't help but realize that is and was the last time she saw her mother. She hadn't been able to see her since the funeral, it was too risky. The aching in her heart grows as she realizes she's stuck in the TVA and likely won't ever be able to see them again. They would have been so proud of her to see her on the team of Avengers, defending the earth with the powers she once considered to be a curse.

    But the tapes don't stop. Sigyn sees all the time she spent with Stark in his lab, all the time she spent trying to study her own condition under Stark's nose, using him for his labs. So she can't help but laugh when one of her favourite moments with Stark appears on the screen.

    Stark had been working on a car a prototype of a flying car, and Sigyn levitated it with her mind to make him think it was actually flying. He freaks out and brags about it for days after, none the wiser to the fact that one of his lab technicians was the one doing the heavy lifting.

    Mobius really wasn't kidding when he said greatest hits.

    The tapes show when they start to grow closer, bonding as Sigyn tried to help him figure out how to stop the shrapnel from killing Stark. Not long after, being warned by Natalie, or as she now knows her as Natasha Romanoff, that people were onto her trail. Natalie gives her a piece of paper with a name and a location: Dr. Bruce Banner, Kolkata, India.

    A few peaceful moments of her time in India flash by until Natasha comes for her and Bruce.

    That was less than a week ago and it feels like ages, Sigyn thinks to herself. Then, she starts to panic slightly when she realizes she doesn't actually know how long she's been in the TVA.

    She pushes those thoughts out of her mind as recent memories fly by. Sigyn scoffs when she watches herself talk to the imprisoned Loki. The poor Sigyn of a few days had no idea she would be stuck with him in more ways than one.

    But then something strange starts to happen. Things start to happen that she doesn't remember. The altercation with Mr. Secretary happens, but Loki doesn't escape.

    She leans forward in her seat, tucking one knee up onto the chair and into her chest, interested in what's happening. The now alternate version of her ends up going off with Thor to Asgard, just like he had promised. Her eyes widen at the sight of Asguard, the sight she's supposed to have seen in person, not on a projection screen. His mother, Frigga, takes an interest in her and her powers. She sees herself visit Loki in his imprisonment, and in a turn of events, actually seemingly becoming friends with him.

    Imprisoned in some sort of force-fielded box, Loki transforms into Steve. "I'm Captain America, want to go out dancing with me later? It's patriotic."

    Sitting on the floor across from his cell, Sigyn rolls her eyes, holding back a laugh. "Stop it," she says, although it's not very convincing.

    Loki changes back into himself. "What?" Sigyn shoots him a glare.

    At least that part doesn't change, Sigyn thinks to herself.

    "Oh, c'mon. You clearly have it in for the man in stars and stripes," teases Loki.

    "Do not."

    "Do too."

    "Do not."

    "Is it the costume?" asks Loki, continuing while well aware that he's getting on her nerves.

    Sigyn stands up from her spot and brushes off the long flowing dress that she's wearing. "Goodbye, Loki," she tries to say forcefully, but it comes off as more of a playful tone. The future Sigyn gives one last glance to Loki before she heads up the stairs and she can see it in her eyes; there's something there, a spark.

    That is, until he straight up dies. The other version of herself actually cries when Thor tells her what had happened. But current Sigyn knows that can't be the end if they're supposed to get married.  

    She and Thor return to earth a little while later to find out that Hydra has infiltrated SHIELD and that Pierce is actually the leader of the Nazi fragment group. I knew I didn't like him for a reason, Sigyn thinks to herself proudly. Even though she's always been around him in crowded areas that muddled everyone's emotions together, the vibes that she could sense from him always reeked.

    Naturally, Tony ends up creating an AI that tries to kill everyone in the process, which is a nice touch. Ultron they call it.

    The red machine eyes bore into Sigyn's soul as he looks over at her, leg caught under a pile of rubble in Sokovia. "I know you, Ginny," it says in an eerie voice. "I've read all about the experiments. Where you came from."

    "Then you know what I'm capable of."

    "I know that everything special about you came from a stone."

    Sigyn's eyes widen at the screen and at the robot's words. Is it the Tesseract that he's talking about?

    The words anger the future Sigyn, who lashes out like Sigyn has never seen before. If it were even possible, she would be scared of herself.

    Time skips again after the defeat of Ultron. Thor takes her to a planet called Xandar so she can study the stone of power that her abilities come from and, more importantly in his eyes, protect it. He had started to notice a pattern of what he calls the 'Infinity Stones' popping up, insisting it can't be a coincidence, that someone is searching for them.

    I hope he's wrong, Sigyn thinks to herself.

    For the second time within a few minutes, Sigyn's eyes widen at the beautiful sight of Xandar. The greenery, the skyscrapers, the ocean, it all looks utopic. Now that's a planet. Sigyn finds herself intertwined with a fighting force called Nova Corp, the protectors of the power stone and the Nova Empire. Something seems to be happening to her powers though; her telepathy seems to be getting out of control.

    Even though the powers cause current Sigyn to have difficulties in crowds and crowded spaces from time to time—hundreds and thousands of emotions bouncing around and crushing her all at once—the future Sigyn seems paralyzed by the people around her more and more.

    Staying on par with the rest of her life apparently, Sigyn isn't left alone on the planet for long because someone comes looking for the power stone. To make matters worse, it's an alien with the ability to invade and control minds.

    The alien reveals her name is Supergiant— a bit cliche if you ask Sigyn— a member of the Black Order sent to collect the Infinity Stones. Great.

    The blue alien woman leans over a beaten and bloodied Sigyn, an army of mind-enslaved Nova Corps officers behind her, "You can't even control your own mind," she taunts. "How can you even hope to free them from mine?"

    Sigyn yells out in pain, Supergiant pressing into her mind even more. "Get out of my head!"

    "Pathetic," says Supergiant as she presses into Sigyn's mind even further, pushing the young woman to her breaking point. "Just like the rest of humanity."

    To everyone's surprise, Sigyn starts to chuckle. "You forgot something. While you're in  everyone's minds, who's guarding yours?" Instantly, the roles reverse. It's now Supergiant who is clutching her head, slowly shrinking to the ground in pain. Sigyn stands up and walks over to the blue woman with a slight limp in her step. "You feel that? Thousands of voices and feelings flooding your mind all at once. Let in courtesy of me. Checkmate, bitch." Supergiant shrieks in pain and falls to the ground, her mind dying from the sheer volume of minds within her own.

    The Nova Corps soldiers slowly come to, and before going off to make sure her new friends are okay, she gives Supergiants body one last kick for good measure. You know, just to make sure she's dead, not for any other, personal vendetta-related reasons.

    Having saved Xandar and the power stone, Nova Corps gives Sigyn a ship with enough fuel and supplies to get back to earth and find Thor to warn about the Black Order. Unfortunately, Sigyn doesn't make it that far. Her ship malfunctions, surely a late parting gift from Supergiant, and falls into some sort of wormhole, leaving her to crash on a strange planet called Sakaar.

    Unforunteatly, Sigyn seems to get stuck there for quite a while for a multitude of reasons. One, the only way out is through highly violative wormholes. As much as Sigyn likes science, she's a geneticist, not a pilot, or an engineer, or a technician. So that option is out the window.  And two, the ruler of the planet, the Grandmaster, takes an interest in Sigyn and her powers. Time works differently on the junk planet, so the Grandmaster makes a deal with her; work for him for five years Sakaar time and get someone to take her back to earth. But, of course, the Grandmaster seems to have no intention of keeping that promise, adding days, months, or years onto her servitude for the smallest of infractions.

    The future Sigyn almost gives up all hope of ever leaving the planet, until...

    In her long blue dress, a 'gift' from the Grandmaster, Sigyn speaks to a few of the courtiers of the Grandmaster, laughing at something one of them said. With the growth of her abilities on Xandar, Sigyn glad she's able to now switch her telepathy on and off. Standing in a crowd like this before would have been mightly uncomfortable.

    Speaking of uncomfortable, Sigyn massages her wrists, adjusting the bracelet-looking kinetic cuffs that inhibit her from being able to use her telekinetics, that is, without the Grandmaster turning the cuffs off with his remote. He likes to flaunt her powers from time to time to impress the 'guests'.

    She grabs a sparkling pink drink off of the platter of one of the servants, but out of the corner of her eye, she spots something, or rather someone familiar. But that can't be right...can it? She turns on her telepathy, searching to see if her eyes are lying to her.

    They're not.

    Standing in front of her is none other than the dead man himself, Loki Odinson.

    The scene flashes forwards, causing Sigyn to be a bit disappointed at missing the reunion. But, she knows the future her must raise hell. Sigyn has both her knees up to her chest tucked up to her chest and, without even realizing it, has become completely invested and enveloped in the tapes.

    Sitting on the edge of her green bed, Sigyn nurses her hand after throwing a pretty mean left hook to save Loki from a particularly nasty courtier named Theoric. Loki takes in the sights of her room in the Grandmaster's palace; she has an excellent view of the city and a decently sized apartment all to herself. "A nice view," he says casually.

    Sigyn stares at the man looking out of her window, a man she had thought dead for years."Yea, well, there are some benefits to being one of the Grandmaster's favourites."

    Loki sits on the bed next to her, but Sigyn doesn't dare to turn her head to meet his gaze. He takes note of her injured hand and reaches for it, but Sigyn slaps it away. "Your hand..."

    "It's fine. It's just a scratch."

    He reaches for her hand once again, but he's met with an even harder slap. "I'm not going to stop until you let me fix it."

    Taking a deep and frustrated breath, Sigyn pushes her tongue against her bottom teeth in agitation. Then, after much careful consideration, Sigyn flops her hand over to Loki but still doesn't look at him.

    He carefully examines the cut-up hand, bruises already starting to form and show on her skin. Touching a tender spot, Sigyn winces and slightly retracts her hand. She shoots Loki a death glare, causing him to apologize. Once again, he returns to work on her hand and she looks back out at the view of Sakaar in front of her.

    Putting his mother's skills to good use, Loki wraps both of his hands around Sigyn's to heal her hands with a spell. Sigyn takes advantage of Loki's focus on her hand and turns to examine his face. The spark returns to Sigyn's eyes as she looks at him.

    "There. All done," says Loki as he finishes healing Sigyn's hand. "Good as any mortal's hand will ever get. In fact, it's probably better than before. You are welcome." Loki looks up, expecting to see the Avenger rolling her eyes at him, but instead seeing her thoughtfully staring at him.

    The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as their eyes remain locked—the air heavy with an unspoken longing.

    Surprisingly, Loki is the one to break the moment, clearing his throat and abruptly standing up, leaving Sigyn to frantically process all of her emotions.

    It doesn't take any special powers for Sigyn to realize she's starting to watch herself fall in love. Hard. Last time she and Loki had flirted, perhaps some sort of unspoken love under the complex layers of their relationship, but this? The feelings are forcing themselves to the top, begging to be acknowledged.

    A mix of emotions swirls in Sigyn as she watches herself fall deeper and deeper in love with the man who had just destroyed New York. A few scenes flash by in quick succession, showing her and Loki very clearly falling harder every minute. Time spent enjoying Sakaar and plotting how free Sigyn.

    A wrench in their plans appears, though not necessarily a bad one.

    Sigyn turns to Loki, a furious look on her face. "Loki, you told me Thor was dead!"

    "I may have embellished a little bit."

    "Listen, listen, listen. There's dead," says Sigyn, motioning to her left with both hands, "and not dead," she motions to her right. "I don't know why you think this, but there's no weird grey in-between. Okay? It's a binary. Dead, not dead."

    Forming the Revengers, Thor, Sigyn, Bruce, Valkyre manage to escape Sakaar and head off to save Asguard from Thor's sister. Although to Sigyn, it's starting to look like Thor was the adopted one, not Loki. There are two too many evil siblings who like green in the family for it to be a coincidence.

    The attempt to get the Asgardians away is starting to fail. They've reached the end of the Bifrost but Hela's army of the dead is still advancing. Sigyn throws hundreds of them at a time off of the bridge but they just keep coming. Then, just when it's starting to look like all hope is lost, a ship pulls up and out of the fog. Loki standing on some sort of platform. "Your saviour is here!" he says to the Asgardians. "Did you miss me?"

    He practically struts down the gangway as Asgardians flood towards the safety of the ship. "Everyone get on that ship now."

    Loki stops when he reaches a line of familiar faces but two in particular have stopped fighting to look at the approaching prince; Sigyn and Heimdal. "Welcome home," says Hemdial. "Saw you coming."

    Instead of saying something back, Loki turns to Sigyn and dips her into a passionate kiss.

    "Saw that coming too," says Hemdial awkwardly.

    The scenes start to move fast again, going through the Revengers' victory over Hela, though at the cost of the planet.

    A wedding. Sigyn and Loki's. The two exchange vows in front of the passengers of the ship. "I, Loki Odinson, Prince of Asguard and the Nine Realms, Rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief,  pledge my undying fidelity and love to you, Sigyn Larsen."

    Sigyn smiles up from her makeshift bouquet of scraped metal flowers. "And I, Sigyn Larsen, pledge to you, Loki Odinson, to be by your side always. In times of sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, in life and even when you pretend to be dead."

    "By the power vested in me by that guy over there," says Korg, pointing to one of the Asgardians,  "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You are now free to smooch away."

    But the calmness doesn't last long.

    The ship is on fire and under attack. Not by Hela, but something much more sinister. The Black Order and their father, Thanos himself. The large purple alien and his children stand over the bodies of fallen Asgardians, holding Loki hostage and threatening to kill Thor if he doesn't hand over the Tesseract. An injured Sigyn flies out of the rafters, attacking them with impressive might. But it's to no avail. She's outnumbered five to one, including Thanos wielding the power stone.

    A beaten and bruised Sigyn spits a small amount of blood onto the floor. Ebony Maw wraps pieces of metal around her limbs, binding her to the floor.

    "She's the one who killed sister,"  Proxima says venomously.

    "My condolences," says Sigyn, "that I didn't get to finish the rest of you off." Sigyn breaks free of her metal bindings in a tremendous effort, throwing them at Thanos who easily blocks them.

    "How poetic," says Thanos. "The stone of power is what brought you into this universe, fitting that it's the thing that will take you out of it." Annoyed at the effort, Thaos wields his golden glove into a fist; each time he tightens it, the screams of Sigyn's become more and more agonizing.

    "Stop!" shouts Loki in horror. Thanos stops the torture, smiling in satisfaction at the god giving in.

    Sigyn's eyes are streaming with tears as she shakes her head, begging Loki not to hand it over.

    "Ah, to feel the gentle warmth of young love," chuckles Thanos.

    Loki offers the cube up to the Titian with a few words to him and Thor, but not before pulling another trick. "...and we have a Hulk." He dives out of the way right before the Hulk jumps onto Thanos, knocking both Thor and Sigyn out of the way and to safety.

    In the flurry of battle, Sigyn and Loki get separated from Thor but manage to hide in one of the wings of the hangar. Loki holds his wife's head in his hands, looking over her face and scanning it for injuries. Luckily there aren't any there, none fatal at least. "Are you alright?" he asks as he brings her into a quick embrace.

    "I'm fine."

    Loki pulls away from his partner's embrace, abruptly looking down at her abdomen and spotting what he felt,  a sticky pool of dark purple forming on her blue armoured dress. Blood. Adrenaline pumping through her veins, Sigyn has yet to notice the injury.

    He pulls his wife into a deeply passionate kiss.

    It's one that Sigyn immediately recognizes. It's not one of relief. It's one of goodbye.

    "Until we meet again," whispers Loki sadly. "Hemdial, please."

    Before the confusion can even fully register on Sigyn's face, she's swept away into a flurry of colours, away from the battle.

    A small tear is quickly wiped away by Sigyn. She will not allow herself to cry for a love she never had. Especially since he can't really be dead? Right? He and Thor must figure out a way off of the ship.

    The next scenes fly by so quickly that Sigyn gets mental whiplash. She meets a man called Stephen Strange who patches her up and takes her and Bruce to Tony, then she and Tony have to rescue Strange and a Spiderman—Sigyn really isn't sure on that one— from the Black Order's ship, they meet a strange gaggle of aliens,  plan to ambush Thanos on Titian, she finds out Loki is really dead, and then their plan fails.

    Sigyn blinks in disbelief. They're the Avengers. They can't lose. She already lost Loki. As if things couldn't get any worse, the people on Titian slowly start to turn to dust, fading into the wind. This a terrible future.

    By some stroke of luck, Sigyn, Tony, and Nebula are rescued and brought down to earth where they prepare to attack Thanos. An attack which only partially succeeds; they kill Thanos but he's already destroyed the stones. All those who died will stay dead. It turns out Sigyn's mother is among those who perish, causing a set of tears to fall from her face.

    The tape then makes a strange noise, going black for a moment before turning on again. It's skipped to five years in the future. To Sigyn's surprise, she lives with Steve. Apparently, after hearing about Tony's support for a statute called Sokovia Accords, Sigyn and Tony have a large falling out. The once nearly father-daughter relationship all but destroyed. She and Steve seem to have bonded over their mutual loss of a loved one.

    The tapes move forward again to her and Steve being notified of a way to travel through time and fix things. Of course, both of them are in. They just need to convince Tony.

    After a lot of convincing, the original Avengers team plus Scott Lang, Nebula, Rhodey, and a raccoon—Sigyn has to pinch herself several times when she sees that one—set off to steal the stones from the past.

    Sigyn tries to no avail to allow them to send her to go and retrieve the reality stone from Asguard.

    "Um, no offence Ginny," says Rhodey, "but we're not trying to change the flow of time here, so sending you, a powerful telekinetic, back to your dead husband the literal God of Mischief seems a little bit counterproductive."

    Before Sigyn can inevitably bite back, Steve takes a step forward and pushes the two apart. "Ginny, you stick with me."

    Time then skips forward to the mission, which starts to look familiar to present Sigyn once again. They're in the Stark Tower. So I was there, Sigyn thinks to herself. She and Cap manage to finesse the mind stone off of the Hydra soldiers but run into an issue when the past Cap thinks that the future Steve is Loki who has captured Sigyn.

    Due to the failure of their first plan, Sigyn and Scott get sent back with the sceptre where they await the arrival of the other Avengers. All return. All except Nat, that is.

    Once again, Sigyn's eyes begin to flow, dampening her face as the salty tears roll down her cheeks.

    "Do you know if she had a family?" asks Tony. All the original Avengers—all the remaining original Avengers—sit on a dock overlooking a lake.

    "Yea," says Steve. "Us."

    As if she weren't already crying enough, Sigyn starts to sob at the sight of losing the closest thing she ever has and ever will have to a sister.

    But the tapes are relentless. The scene is replaced by one of a battle. The Thanos of the past apparently being led into the future for one final assault on the Avengers.

    Okay, Sigyn tells herself. This is where we get everyone back. It'll all turn out fine. It has to.

    Sigyn manages to kill Supergiant after a brief fight, already knowing how to defeat the blue alien woman, and turns her attention to Thanos. After Carol fails to rip the gauntlet from the Titian's hand, Sigyn flies in. Channelling everything into her telekinetic energy, Sigyn tries to snatch the power stone that Thanos is holding in one hand while freezing the hand with the gauntlet.

    "How poetic," sneers Sigyn. Her attack starts to gain ground as the power stone starts to drift towards her.

    But Thanos musters the power with the other stones, sending Sigyn flying to the ground with a sickening crack.

    Tony glances at the woman, crumpled in a pile near him. Still breathing though.

    The scene fast forwards once again, skipping to Tony, the stones adorning his suit hands as he snaps his fingers. "And I...am Iron Man."

    "No," Sigyn cries out at the same time her future self does. The tears begin to stream and keep coming as the next few things hit her in succession, like a truck going a million miles an hour. Tony is dead. He leaves her some money and a note telling her to "take care of the kid" for him. But he couldn't bring Natasha back. Or Loki, or maybe he just didn't want to. And Steve...Steve, her best friend, leaves her, abandoning her to the past, a past that they had both sworn to run from, yet she is stuck in the present. Steve goes to live a life with Peggy. But she doesn't get that type of happy ending.

    A furious Sigyn watches on as she chats with an old and greyed version of Steve, but she can't watch anymore. The tears have become full-on sobs. Sigyn points her hand at the projector as if to destroy it with her powers, but it doesn't work. Her powers are useless in the TVA.

    Resorting to the old-fashioned methods, Sigyn starts to punch the projector, desperately trying to get it to stop playing. All of her emotions blur together, those about her other self and about her current entrapment in the TVA. Loathing, self-hatred, betrayal, anger, hurt, sadness, years worth of emotions and trauma flowing through her in a matter of minutes. And she hates all of it.


    Loki is still processing everything from his own tapes. His mother's death. His love and marriage to Sigyn. His last-ditch attempt to kill Thanos, not even knowing if his brother or Sigyn escape and his sacrifice is in vain. Allowing himself to become so weak, so vulnerable to the people around him to the point that he would allow himself to walk into his own death? Unacceptable.

    Of course, finding out the Variant Mobius, Hilda, and the rest of the TVA are after is a Loki is all very flattering, but honestly, he'll say or do anything to get out of here.

    As they walk over to the time theatre that Sigyn is in, Loki turns to Mobius,"So what is she then? Bait for the other version of me?"

    "That wasn't the idea, but now that you mention it...If we use that, I'll be sure to tell her you're the one who came up with it," says Mobius with a playful smirk on his face.

    Loki shoots him a disapproving glare which only makes the TVA agent's smile grow wider.

    Mobius nods at the guards outside of the theatre and they open the doors and what a sight to see it is. The projector is no longer one machine, rather,  there are a few pieces of it here and there and pulled tapes litter the ground like confetti. Sitting there in the darkness, knees curled up on the chair like a child, is Sigyn, still with her back towards them and facing the projection. A projection that is glitching between static and an SMPTE colour screen.

    "Woah, what's going on in here, Miss Destruction?" asks Mobius.

    Sigyn doesn't say anything, move from her position, or even show any signs of acknowledgement that Mobius and Loki have entered the room.

    Mobius and Loki share a sideways glance, questioning what is going on. They slowly start to approach the seated woman. Sigyn suddenly speaks up, startling the two. "How could they let this happen? All the pain and suffering while they just sit by on their thrones and watch?"

    They stop advancing. "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the sake of the timeline," explains Mobius.

    Sigyn still doesn't move an inch as she speaks, still staring forward at the glitching screen. "But why does it always have to be me making them?"

    Mobius goes to take another step forward, but Loki holds out his hand, halting him. Loki walks to Sigyn, where for the first time, he sees why she's so intently staring ahead. She wears a blank expression on her face, but her red-puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks make it clear that she's been crying. Loki looks to the tapes on the floor, wondering what about them is so terrible. Obviously, his own death wouldn't affect her that much, even if they did apparently have some sort of whirlwind romance. Never having been the one to comfort people, Loki stands there awkwardly for a moment, unsure of what to do.

    Luckily he doesn't have to do anything because, for the first time since Loki and Mobius had entered the room, Sigyn moves. But only with the very slight movement of her eyes from the projection to Loki. Her eyes are practically blank, a startling sight for Loki to see because every time she looks at him there's at least something going on behind her eyes, although it's usually annoyance. But her stare is dead looking. Defeated. "I lose..." Sigyn takes a deep breath before practically whispering, " everything."

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  • starrygalaxy04
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Day 14- Marking [Loki (Marvel)]

    Loki couldn’t help but grin as he admired your sleeping form. It wasn’t often that you and him got a night together. You were almost always on call in case something happened, and it always seemed that missions overlapped and in most cases you had to fill in the gaps. But now, as he laid next to your sleeping figure, he got to admire you in all your glory.

    And by glory he meant the red and purple mark that littered your body. Various hickies and bite marks, all of his handiwork, looked almost like an abstract painting with how well they contrasted with your skin. Just seeing the marks made something primal inside of the god, mayb ethe Jotun inside of him, jump for joy and scream in victory. You were his, all his, and everyone got to see it now. 

    The marks were littered all over your body, jaw, neck, collar bone, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, and even the most intimate place on your body. Nothing was safe from Loki’s hickies, bites, or fingerprints where he held onto your hips so tight as he plowed into you for hours. 

    Only a couple Loki could have swore he made had faded, and he made it his personal mission to make twice as many as what faded away reappear. So as the sun slowly began to rise, Loki began sucking on the spots that were only a pale red, darkening them until he was satisfied. Then he found expanses of skin he thought didn’t have enough marks and marked them. You only began to stir when he decided to darken the mark just under the shell of your ear.

    “Loki, what are you-”

    “Hush, darling,” Loki rasped, kissing the mark. “I’m almost done with my masterpiece.”

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  • thehumming6ird
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Retweet or post an original tweet with #Nominee and #TheMaleTVStar of 2021 to vote for your fave! #PCAs

    Direct online voting links:

    THE SHOW OF 2021 - LOKI




    Link to People's Choice Awards Main Page

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  • bisexual-characters-nation
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Okay, this is going to be a long rant of me rambling on why i love the Loki series and Sylki and why i think you can't love one without loving the other.

    First, lets start with the goofy stuff:

    The ship names. We have Sylki - the most widespread and popular one. Lovie - my personal favorite. It just fits them perfectly. The letter "i" is like a small dagger in the word "love" (Lov🗡e) which reminds us of their quote "Love is a Dagger". We also have Lovedaggers, Enchantricks, Sylkie. I love that they have "their" color, Green, and both kind of have the "spiritual animal": Loki - the snake 🐍, Sylvie - the feral cat 🐱.

    Okay, now lets move on to the main reasons:

    The Story. Sylki is a core of the Loki series. It ties in neatly with an overall message and theme of the story: to revolt against the Authoritarian regimes, the self-love, the identity. Loki comes to love himself and the another by loving Sylvie. It is poetic, really. One being but two different people. Them being the Variants of one another means that they share the same Role which is being a Deity of Mischief. They have the same role by sharing the one soul that trascends the universes. What is this if not a definition of the soulmates?

    Their relation can not be compared to anything in the real life because it is a purely speculative relation that does not exist beyond the fictional realm. Having the soulmate that reflects your being to you, while being the polar opposite of you. This is a fictional concept with no equivalent in the real life. Yet, it is a multilayered metaphor that anyone can appreciate. Their love story and connection somehow manages to be very deep, profound and human.

    Sylki represents the perfect mix of Mythology & Sci-Fi: a weird romance that is as imaginary as it is beautiful.

    Honestly, Loki granted me the perfect Mythology & Sci-Fi mash up that i could have ever dreamed of. And what a better way there is than blending these genres together in a mix that ultimately triumphs in the unique and weird love story which was the best part of the series.

    Okay, but lets further discuss what are the main themes of the series that Sylki corresponds to:

    The Rebellion Against The Authoritarian Regimes and the Revenge. When discussing this aspect of the story, we have to bear in mind Sylvie's life story. I like to think of Sylvie as a co-protagonist with Loki. She is a very tragic hero. Kang and the TvA took everything away from her. They erased her family, her home, her culture, her reality and everything she had ever known or loved. Then, the TvA abducted her, she escaped but had to live her life on the run, constantly afraid for her very life, knowing nothing but the danger and horror, existing in a constant state of survival.

    Here He Who Remains is a face of the opressor and dictator. He is a charmistic sociopath whose Nazi Police commits the genocides across the universes. The TvA is like a cult while Kang is the very convincing and reasonable leader of said cult. 

    Sylvie's and Loki's story is about finding an identity in a system that dictates how one should live and exist, a system that deemed Loki and Sylvie "unworthy" of existence just because they did not fit into the path that was predetermined for them. Same goes with their love. It disturbs the Timeline that maintains Kang's position in power.

    Sylvie's story, Sylki's love story, is a metaphor for rebellion against the opressive authoritarian system, it is a metaphor for the rebellion of those who were wronged by such system and it could be read as the different variations of this theme (like the queer rebellion against the heteronormative indoctrination).

    However, this theme ties with the theme of revenge. Many stories deal with the theme of revenge. Is it worth it? Is the free will worth it? Sylvie's revenge is empty and unfullfilling. But she had to free the world of tyranny. There is no scenario where she could have let go of her grudge. This, however, came at the cost. Sylvie was all alone until she met Loki, her killing He Who Remains only brought back the state Kang bestowed upon her when his people took away her life for the first time. In the end, the path of revenge is the path of self-destruction, even if the villain desreves it. The revenge consumes a person, unableing them to move on. Loki has been throught what Sylvie is experiencing. He knows bettar than anybody how agonizing it is to endure injustice. However, Loki moved on from it, he outgrew his inability to move on and hopefully, Sylvie will too in S2.

    Loki and Sylvie are the reflection of one another on the narrative level. Loki sees his past self in Sylvie. By loving Sylvie, someone who shares his soul (soul which is basically an esence of being), he comes to love himself and forgive himself. Sylvie loving Loki and being loved by Loki has a symbolic significance as well. She initially rejected "A Loki" persona, by doing so she rejected herself, yet, she reduced her identity to "not being A Loki". Once she saw that her and Loki are actually two completely diffetent people, once she came to love Loki as someone who shares her essence, she stood on the path of accepting herself.

    This makes me think of another theme of the series that is not so in your face: the loneliness. Loki and Sylvie are both very lonely people but in different ways. Loki had been self-absorbed narcissist. This was caused by his infiriority complex and envy. He did not want to be "weak". However, we saw Loki grow, re-establish his relationship with others, ect. This does not change the fact that Loki had never shared any profoundly deep bond with anyone. Up until he met Sylvie. Loki accepts Sylvie as someone more than the holder of their shared title, he learns to love another, yet, he learns to love and accept his essence, because otherwise he would not have been able to accept Sylvie.

    Sylvie, on the other hand, was wronged throughout her entire life. She developed several unresloved issues like pathological trust issues, anger issues, ect. Sylvie was all alone until Loki. She was not meant to exist. She survived but existed only in this constant state of survival. One could say, Sylvie's story is about identity and all the existential dread that comes with it. I think there is something beautiful about Sylvie being loved by Loki, a person who shares her being. It is as if by accepting Loki, Sylvie accepts her self, not trying to run away from it anymore, but also accepts her own uniqueness because she sees that not two people, even those who share the same fate, can be identical.

    In short, both Loki and Sylvie were able to love another by accepting their essence, not rejecting/hating themselves anymore (Loki completed this journey, Sylvie still has a lot to work on, since she represses her feelings and is not able to move on yet). Their love, just like their existence itself, was going against The Sacred Timeline, thus it is the rebellion of free will and the right to exist against the authoritarian nazi regime. However, we see the cost in dedicating yourself to a revenge mission. We are also left with hope that Sylvie will find in herself what Loki found in himself.

    Romance. I love that Marvel finally allowed a love story to have this much significance to the plot. It is rare because the romantic genre is looked down upon as the ladies' genre. The love stories are considered way too "girly" to have any value after all. If there is a romance in a superhero movie it's a heteronormative cliche pairing where a woman has no agenda and is an accessory to a male character.

    I mean, usually, you could just take out the romantic storyline and this would not impact the overall plot which is not exactly the best way to build an interesting story where everything is interconnected.

    Romance has never been a heart of any Marvel film/tv before.

    No, Thor (2011) was not a love story. One could change things up, making so that Thor did not fall in love with Jane, falling for the human kind instead, and the overall plot would not have changed at all. Other Marvel ladies were simply the love interests for the Marvel leading men (WandaVision is not romance. It is about the family and grief). They were like the perfect accessories for these men. These relationships were not integral. Treating romance in such way is the reason why we perceive it as inherently heteronormative.

    Loki 2021 changed the game. Sylvie is not simply Loki's love interest. Loki is just as much of a love interest for Sylvie as she is for him. If Sylvie is reduced to being a love interest, then so is Loki. But neither of them is reduced to that role because they are equally important to the overall story since it happens so that the overall story is strongly intertwined with Sylki as a love story.

    This is the kind of a romance treatment that i have been waiting for a long time. Their love story is a metaphor, a concept even, the perfect mixture of the Mythic and SciFi motifs. Loki and Sylvie are equal in every way and this is how Loki 2021 subverts the heteronormative treatment of Romance. 

    Why should we not exclude romance and the het-presenting pairings at all? Well, because we need to explore the dynamics of the het-presenting pairings from the new lenses if we want to reform and subvert the hetero-presenting love stories.

    We won't be able to adequately utilize the female gaze if we exclude a feminine presenting characters as well.

    Dynamic. Loki and Sylvie's dynamic is my favorite part about the series. It is my favorite m/f dynamic since i'm usually drawn to the f/f relationships.

    Loki and Sylvie's relationship offers us a different take on the m/f dynamics. Their relationship avoids all the toxic and outdated cliches while manages to ecompass all the  beloved tropes: enemies to lovers, the soulmates/twin flames, ect.

    It should be noted, however, that Sylki does not "flip" the traditional gender roles. Loki is an example of the healthy masculinity that is the result of growth and maturity. Loki does not get "fixed" by Sylvie, he just learns how to care and properly communicate with the people he loves. He is brave, he is very protective of Sylvie, he is caring and attentive. Loki does not want to be closed off anymore because he feels connection with Sylvie that he does not want to lose. His feelings are clear for him and he does not repress or hide them. He made a conscious choice to stay beside Sylvie. Loki being shown as such a "noble" character does not happen at the expense of Sylvie's capability. She is determined and a survivor. However, she has flaws, like not knowing how to deal with her trauma yet, being quick tempered, and stubborn. She also shows her tender side several times. She is a very empathetic person.

    Sylvie and Loki validate each other. One does not shine at the expense of another. They do not see in one another something there is not. They love each other for who they are, nothing more, nothing less.

    Representation. People will always have the conflicting opinions and feelings regarding whether the rep is good or not in a particular piece of media. Personally for me, Loki coming out as bisexual and genderfluid while Sylvie also came out as bisexual, having these bi character in the romantic relationship, has been nothing but an absolute delight.

    Most of the criticism comes from (sometimes intentional) misreading, misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the context. Sylvie, for example, was never trans-coded. She was born a female. We do not know what her gender identity is for sure, but she is feminine-presenting. The TvA did not mind her being born a female or her presenting as feminine. Sylvie never transitioned or was punished for doing so.

    So, yeah, Loki is the first canonically confirmed queer masculine-presenting character in mcu, Sylvie is the first cononocally conformed queer female character in mcu, Loki and Sylvie are the first queer relationship in mcu. 

    We bisexual people know just how invalidating and demeaning everyone becomes towards us once we enter a het-presenting relationship. I have came across so many monosexuals dictating who gets to be a "proper" bisexual, what words and spaces we can use, calling us "straight-passing" or "spicy-straight", saying that we have the straight privilege while ignoring the fact that the bisexual women get sexually assaulted the most.

    Loki is bi, so is Sylvie. It is a fact. Canon. Putting them in a het-presenting relationship resulted in two things: it exposed an unfortunate biohobia in the Marvel Fandom but also made many bi people feel validated.

    Execution. Sylki interactions have been beautifully executed through the feminine gaze. Their interactions have been framed romantically, intimately and their dialogues have a good amount of lines that subtly imply and underline their feelings towards each other. The series utilized every element of storytelling in order to tell the love story while incorporating Sylki, their presence, in everything that this series is about.

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  • queen-of-meows
    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Imagine Goddess of the Stories Loki spotting Sylvie in the street and they both exclaim :

    "Same horns !"

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  • lokis-goth-queen
    27.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I'm sorry... but how can people keep saying "Loki deserves better" or "Loki deserves happiness", but then their idea of happiness for Loki is him getting with a toxic, manipulative, murderous version of himself who betrayed him, or someone who simply used, abused, guilted, manipulated, even tortured him?

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  • lindamarieanson-art
    27.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Inktober Day 27 - Hunter B-15

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  • denimbex1986
    27.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #MCM Comic Con London 2021 #Tom Hiddleston #sophia di martino #Jonathan Majors#Harry McEntire#Gabriel Luna#Nicole Tomkins#Loki #The Last Kingdom #The Last Of Us
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  • lokiondisneyplus
    27.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    NBC and E! announced the nominees for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards today.

    The film field was led by F9: The Fast Saga, which garnered eight nominations, including “Movie of 2021” and individual nods for Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron and John Cena, the latter of whom got two each.

    In TV, Marvel’s Loki conjured up five* [it's actually four] nominations, including “Show of 2021,” while Ted Lasso, This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy each had four.

    Dwane Johnson flexed his multiplatform muscles with three nominations across disciplines, including Male Movie Star of 2021 for Jungle Cruise, Male TV Star of 2021 for Young Rock and Social Star of 2021 for, apparently, his Instagram prowess.

    As Johnson’s nominations make clear, the People’s Choice Awards celebrate all forms of entertainment, with winners chosen entirely by the people. In each of the 40 categories, fans worldwide can choose from eight nominees representing movies, television, music and pop culture, with voting opening today.

    In 2021, the People’s Choice Awards will air simultaneously on NBC and E! for the first time.

    The event takes place on Tuesday, December 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. E! will kick off the night with a red carpet special at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Voting for the 40 categories runs today through Wednesday, November 17 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Fans can vote online or on Twitter.


    THE SHOW OF 2021

    1 Cobra Kai

    2 Grey’s Anatomy

    3 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    4 Loki

    5 Saturday Night Live

    6 The Bachelor

    7 This Is Us

    8 WandaVision


    1 Anthony Mackie, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    2 Chase Stokes, Outer Banks

    3 Dwayne Johnson, Young Rock

    4 Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

    5 Kenan Thompson, Saturday Night Live

    6 Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

    7 Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us

    8 Tom Hiddleston, Loki


    1 Cobra Kai

    2 Loki

    3 Mare of Easttown

    4 Outer Banks

    5 Sex/Life

    6 Squid Game

    7 Ted Lasso

    8 The White Lotus


    1 Loki

    2 Lucifer

    3 La Brea

    4 Shadow and Bone

    5 Superman and Lois

    6 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    7 The Flash

    8 WandaVision

    #Loki #People's Choice Awards #Tom Hiddleston#2021
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  • alicjalovesloki
    27.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    That little Loki on his head is the only thing that keeps me going these days

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  • alec-needs-caffiene
    27.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Guess who’s got a new hyperfixation :D

    Sorry to the ones who followed me for the older ones :’)

    #miss peregrines home for peculiar children #shadowhunters#books #the mortal instruments #young royals #the infernal devices #tmi#tid#haikyuu#musicals#anime#hyperfixation#the witcher #in deeper waters #coraline#tim burton#loki 2021#marvel#spiderman#dc#superman#batman #she ra netflix #chilling adventures of sabrina #classics #the irregulars netflix #glee#izombie #american horror story #squid game
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  • space-crackerss
    27.10.2021 - 21 hours ago


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  • sailorrose19
    27.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Inktober day 26 connect

    I got inspiration from my decision to convert to Norse Paganism after being fed up with Catholicism and Christianity in general and Loki had made his presence known to me and we made a connection and getting to know Paganism as a whole.

    I sure hope Loki doesn't make fun of this drawing like my last one I did. 😒🙄

    #inktober#inktober 2021 #inktober day 26 #connect#inktober connect #Me and Loki #budding lokean#baby pagan #budding norse pagan #norse paganism#loki #me and loki #loki diety #connecting with loki
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  • ask-magical-total-drama
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Today's theme is "After the Ridonculous Race."

    The main thing that's really changed since then is that we have Loki now.

    I'm so happy with our little family.

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  • rins-love-wins
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The most beautiful ear in the Universe 💕

    #loki #loki x tony #frostiron#ironman#ironfrost #loki and tony #tony and loki #tony stark #tony x loki #robert downey junior #tom hiddelston loki #loki tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston#loki 2021#loki mcu#loki laufeyson#loki odinson#Spotify#loki art#marvel loki#loki variant#iron man#loki friggason#loki series
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  • bisexual-characters-nation
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I saw someone say that Loki and Sylvie have an awkwardly written romance or smtng. This statement is simply lazy at this point and is just repeating the popular take of the Fandom's loud corners.

    But i don't get it, how can the main and obvious points fly over some people's heads who then go and talk so confidently about the series? Loki and Sylvie's interactions were supposed to be kind of awkward and they were supposed to be anxious around each other because:

    1) they literally started off as the enemies, Loki working for the TVA, the organization that obliterated everything Sylvie ever had and that was hunting her down, and Sylvie was Loki's "target". 2) they are the variants of the same being which is the unknown and weird territory for them to explore romantically. 3) Sylvie grew up all alone, deprived of an affectionate human interaction. She had no friends whatsoever. All she knew was a threat from others. All of this means her developing feelings for Loki are very new for her. She is very reluctant to put her guard down and let herself accept him as a friend and a potential partner. 4) Loki has had many lovers and has established the familiar relationships in his lifetime, but truly and selflessly loving someone and having them as a priority is new for Loki too. He understands Sylvie and is considerate of her trust issues. 5) the directing ensures that their blooming feelings are displayed in the subtle ways in order for us to understand their inner conflicts and to ensure "slow-burn" even though they get established by the end of the season.

    However, i also think its because people are so used to romances as seen through The Male Gaze. Lovie's love story subverts The Male Gaze, but it is not "A Reversed Male Gaze", if you know what i mean? Its all about the subtle intimacy. People are also used to this unrealistic idealized love stories where everything is perfect and the characters' first kiss looks so flawless, as if they have practiced it 300 times before.

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