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    Something Good (Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 28

    Summary:  Tom takes you for a spin on the dance floor. 

    Read the previous parts here

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    The sun was just going down as the three of them hoped out of the dirty SUV in front of J.B’s. It was almost tradition now when he was in town. It was a requirement when you were both in town at the same time. The giant red barn had been renovated nearly twenty years ago into a BBQ joint and dance hall. The country swing style of dancing you were accustomed to wasn’t far off from some of the styles he had been trained in during both school and various movie roles. You were shocked when he was a pro by the end of the first night and Tom was without a doubt the best dance partner you had ever had. The more you could read and anticipate your partner’s moves, the more fluid the moves became.

    Mom went to find a table while you and Tom stood in line to get dinner and the first round of drinks ordered. Everywhere else you went with him, people were stopping him. Back at home, people were stopping for you. Being born and raised in the small town, you knew nearly everyone somehow or at least knew their relatives. By the time the two of you made your way over to the table with three cold beers in hand, you had already been stopped four times. Each time, Tom just stood patiently beside you and smiled at you. If the person lingered for more than a brief moment, you politely introduced them. Tonight alone, he had met a friend from grade school, an old teacher, and your boss from your high school job. He leaned down beside your ear before going to pick up the tray of food from the counter when your number was called.

    “Look who’s the famous one now, Love. I get the chance to be your arm candy.”

    You playfully smacked his chest. He gave you a wink before going to pick up the order. As always, the food was amazing. J.B. had been the local grill master since you were a little girl and was a good friend of your dad’s. When he opened the place, you spent most Saturday nights here well into your teens. There was even a wild night here when you came back to town just after your 21st birthday and got to finally have a beer at your favorite place. Tom took a swig of his new beer to wash down the last bite of food before turning to your mom.

    “Alright Darling, first dance always goes to you. We’re not changing things now.”

    He took your mom’s hand and kissed the back of it as he started to lead her around the table towards the dance floor. When she fake swooned, you and Tom both let out a loud laugh.

    “Try to survive without us for a few minutes, George.”

    Tom kissed the top of your head as he left to dance with your mother. Her face always lit up when he danced with her. You knew he made her feel young again. He was also the only man she had danced with since your father died. It was good to see her out on the dance floor after watching your parents spin around to the music nearly every single Saturday night.

    Your mom wasn’t the only thing that looked good out on that dance floor. Tom’s dance with her gave you the perfect chance to watch him without it being as obvious. You were pretty sure the man had never had an off day when it came to his appearance. He looked like perfection 24/7. It was most likely the southern belle in you, but when he dressed up to go out dancing with you, he looked like pure sex poured into a pair of tight blue jeans and cowboy boots. Just to make sure he always had them when he needed them, he left his boots from “I Saw The Light” at the ranch since they were already worn in from filming. It was the only time you ever saw him in boots, so you savored the sight in front of you. Tonight, he had traded in his usual button up shirt for a very fitted cotton t-shirt and the fit of his denim pants hugged his amazing ass in all the right places. You would never tell him, but seeing Southern Gentleman Hiddleston was one of the main reasons you loved to go dancing with him so much. The feast in front of you was a million times better than any country fantasy your teenage self could have imagined. He looked delicious in a designer suit, but damn… it was nothing compared to this.

    When the song ended, he gave her one final spin before looking back at you. A faster pace song started up and he narrowed his eyes and pointed his finger at you before curling it slowly to beckon you out on the dance floor with him. You laughed before chugging the rest of your beer and heading his way. When the two of you passed each other, your mother locked eyes with you.

    “Keep it decent you two…”

    Giving her a mischievous wink, you looked back at him standing at the edge of the dance floor with his thumbs hooked into his front pockets. His eyes traveled down your body before meeting yours again.

    “No promises, Momma…”

    The grin on his face only widened as you took his outstretched hand.

    “I hope she got you warmed up, Hollywood.”

    Tom quickly twirled you out and back into his chest as the two of you joined the flow of people around the sawdust covered floor.

    “Dance with me and find out for yourself, Georgia…”

    With it still being early in the evening, the dance floor was a little more crowded than usual so Tom kept it to tight spins and twirls around him as the two of you shuffled your feet across the floor. At one point, he brought you back in so your back was against his chest. You felt him plant a kiss on the side of your neck before the hand that was holding your arm across your waist lifted to direct you into another twirl. As you came back against his chest and back into the hold once again, you hoped the blush across your cheeks just looked like a warm flush from the dancing.

    His outfit wasn’t the only thing you loved about going dancing with Tom. He always seemed to be more affectionate with you on the dance floor. You couldn’t complain about the physical contact and getting your hands on his body either. It wasn’t uncommon for your fingers to graze across his chest or back as he pulled you around him. The first song came to an end and yet another fast paced one began. At the same time, you both noticed the crowd thin out and he gave you that look.

    “You ready, Gorgeous?”

    You couldn’t help but let your eyes roam before giving him a sexy smirk.


    Tom pulled his bottom lip between his teeth before leaning in towards you. You felt his hand slide around from your lower back to find your hand down by your hip. With a wink, he quickly pulled back away from you before twisting you around. Relying on his grip on your hands, you fell backwards against him until you almost touched with the floor. Tom lifted you back to your feet and spun you out into wider spins now that there was more room around the two of you. The dancing was now less of a simple two step around the floor and more of a blur of twists and spins.

    Completely trusting him to direct you, you followed his lead and signals to anticipate his next move. He checked over his shoulder to make sure no one was behind him and you knew what was coming next. With one hand, he pulled you out of a spin towards him and slid his arm around to your lower back as he positioned you next to his side until you were standing just over his shoulder. When his other arm came up to your shoulders to support your weight, his foot kicked back against yours before planting his weight on that leg. You leaned back as he bent down at the waist and flipped you backwards into a low dip over his thigh. Knowing he had already checked for other dancers around you before leading you into the move, you bent your left leg and kicked up your right to help your momentum. The positioning had you nearly upside down in his arms with Tom’s face a couple of inches away from yours.

    Once he lifted you back up, he slid you behind his back. Finding it exactly where he expected it, his left hand grabbed onto your right one as you passed and he twirled you into a fast and tight spin in front of him. Tom’s hand above your head kept you spinning as you lowered down into a squat and back up again. The more he spun you, the more you laughed. You were loving it. By the end of the song, you both were out of breath but grinning from ear to ear. Needing a break and another beer, you started to make your way off the dance floor towards the bar when a slow song started. His grip on your hand tightened as he pulled you back onto the floor with him.

    “One more, Sweetheart. I’ll get you another drink after. Promise.”

    He didn’t have to fight you too hard as Tom pulled you up against his chest. You felt his hand slide around your waist and he rested your clasped hands against his shoulder. With the slower pace of the song, he would spin you occasionally but chose to keep you against him instead. His leg was tucked in between yours  as the two of you gracefully moved to the rhythm of the song.

    As the chorus came up, Tom’s sultry voice sang the lyrics into your ear. Your head lifted off his chest to look up at him as he sang them directly to you.

    “If I never get to see the Northern Lights, or I never see the Eiffel Tower at night… if all I got is your hand in my hand, Baby, I could die a happy man”

    You gave him a confused look and he chuckled.

    “You know this song?”

    “Hey, I listen to country sometimes!”

    Tom stared at you as he continued to recite the lyrics to you and he held you a little tighter.

    “Baby, that red dress brings me to my knees, oh, but that black dress makes it hard to breathe.”

    He made a face at you as he sang the next line to hear your laugh.

    “You’re a saint, you’re a goddess, the cutest, the hottest, a masterpiece…”

    His fingers softly tucked the hair behind your ear as he continued to sing to you.

    “I don’t need no vacation, no fancy destination. Baby, you’re my great escape. We could stay at home, listen to the radio and dance around the fireplace…”

    As the song started to finish, he rested his forehead against yours and whispered the lyrics to you.

    “If I never get to build my mansion in Georgia or drive a sports car up the coast of California. Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand, Baby, I could die a happy man…”

    When the song ended, he lowered you into a dip before pulling you off the dance floor towards the bar.

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    Movie Night at Avengers Campus (LokixReader)

    Summary: A continuation of the series where I write my take on my favorite fanfic clichés.

    It's movie night at Avengers campus, and Natasha has picked out a scary movie for you to watch. Horror movies aren't your thing - not when there are real monsters in the world - but being an Avenger means projecting bravery, even during movie night, so you stick around. Luckily, when things get to be too much for you, Loki is there reminding you that not all monsters are worth hiding from, in fact some might be worth venturing into the dark for...

    Author's notes: These one-shots are meant to celebrate frequently used story tropes. The intent is to add new stories bi-weekly unless life gets in the way. Please feel free to comment with your favorite fanfic clichés, and I'll add them to the list!

    Pairing: Loki (Marvel) x Female Reader

    Content Warning: 18+ smut ahead (Reader is of age)


    "What if this was the thing that lurked in the shadows? Would you still be afraid then?"

    Tony Stark had made sure that there were several screening rooms at the Avengers compound. There was the one that was part of the big conference room - it was usually used to show the Avengers footage of how badly you’d messed up, and how the UN was “very, very disappointed in you (but not really, because what could they really do about it)”. Then there was one that was a part of a small conference room, which was usually used by Scott or by Sam trying to show off clips of new tricks to whoever would wander by. And there was the large theater, where Tony imagined the campus would one day hold movie premiers - but was generally used only for press conferences.

    Lastly, of course, there was the small theater, where you found yourself that evening. It was where the Avengers would host their own intimate movie nights - a way to wind down and blow off steam between missions or after a hard day of training.

    You loved movie nights - it was one of your favorite parts of your new life as an Avenger. Every day you were learning enough novel things to make your head spin and you welcomed every break from the intense work. You thought you’d be used to the onslaught after being there for nearly six months, but being a hero was so much more complicated than you could have imagined. At least movie night made you think of simpler times. It reminded you of sitting on your lumpy sofa back home with family and friends snuggled under blankets. It made you think of sleepover birthdays and midnight movies and awkward first dates. It made you think of normal things.

    But there was nothing awkward or lumpy or normal about the little theater. It had three rows of comfortable reclining seats - three deep and in pairs. It could fit eighteen, but there were rarely ever more than six of you. The sizable screen lowered from the ceiling simply by asking, and the projector’s library had access to every movie ever made - all you had to do was tell FRIDAY its name.

    Natasha had picked the night's movie you were told, and you were glad. The others had groaned when she’d picked Moonraker, but it was one of the first ways you’d bonded with her - literally Bond-ed - over campy cinema and spy thrillers. However, when you entered the room and saw the movie’s title card already displayed on the screen your stomach sank. It was a horror movie, and not the subtle kind that you could handle. It was an American remake of a Japanese classic. You’d avoided it at all costs when it came out, for fear that it would give you night terrors - waking dreams that would make you lose control of the powers that you didn’t then yet understand.

    But you did understand your powers now, at least a little, and as everyone was settling into their seats, your brain failed to come up with a good excuse to leave. It only reminded you that this was an opportunity for growth, and for fostering camaraderie with your new teammates. You hated when your brain did that. You hated when you talked yourself out of being a coward. It was that voice that made you a perfect hero, but damnit, you did not want to be brave in that moment.

    “C’mon New Girl, we’re dimming the lights. It’s spooky season, let’s go!” It was impossible to be a coward in front of Natasha. She had an uncanny ability to inspire. So you looked for a seat.

    There were several empty seats, and generally, attendees of Movie Night were happy enough to occupy plenty of space by themselves, but you didn’t feel up to it as the images you remembered from the film’s trailer played hauntingly in your mind.

    Loki was seated by himself in the back row. You’d built a friendly rapport with him over the months. You were pretty sure he liked that you hadn’t been there to see his mess in the Battle of New York, and you liked liked his dry, witty quips.

    “Do you mind?” You asked, pointing at the empty seat beside him, “I’m not great with scary movies.”

    “If you don’t like monsters, then you may want to find another seat,” he shot a signature smarmy grin, the kind you’d gotten used to seeing when you bantered with him in the field, but he gestured to the seat beside him all the same, “I do have a request though, he whispered in a low voice now that the music from the film had started to play, “Do you mind sharing that blanket? I forgot my own.”

    You had brought a big fluffy throw from your room. The compound was stylish, but not always full of creature comforts, and the cozy softness of your own items made you think of home. It was wild that, after everything extraordinary you’d experienced since becoming an Avenger, you still got homesick now and then, and It was always the little things that ate at you, like blankets on sofas or the familiar smell of coffee in the morning.

    You sat down and threw half of the blanket over him, making sure to keep your arms tucked in, not taking up too much room or trespassing on Loki’s personal space when everyone else was so spread out.

    The movie progressed, beginning with a creepy, atmospheric prologue, nothing too terrifying, then moved to the optimistic young protagonists without a care in the world. Curse? What curse? They couldn’t be bothered by any old folktale. But of course, alas, they should have heeded all of the warnings, and as the music intensified you could feel the first big scare of the film creeping up on you like a spider on your spine. You dropped your head and brought your blanket up your face to hide there. If you just shut your eyes maybe the horror on the screen wouldn’t plague you later. You tried to disappear into your own understanding of the events transpiring on screen, forcing your imagination to be flooded with the images of harmless behavior set to the eerie, screeching soundtrack.

    Suddenly there was a presence at your leg - a touch that made you jump before realizing that it was soft and gentle, warm and reassuring.

    Loki gave your knee a little squeeze as the music settled, “it’s over,” he whispered, just barely a breath, and moved from your knee to reach for your hand, still clinging tightly to your covers.

    He was intent on watching you, not the movie as you relinquished half of your grip to be held by him. It was a new sort of intimacy for you with a teammate. You’d barely ever hugged a fellow Avenger - your only real physical contact with them was trading blows in the training gym. You hadn’t realized you missed touch so much until now. Another small thing to make you homesick.

    Loki was the type of man who took up space. Wherever he stood, wherever he sat, he seemed so spread out, so voluminous, in attitude and in actual stature. But he was tucked completely now under that blanket with you, holding your hand, letting you cling to him, and pulling you in close.

    The cadence of the movie settled into its horrific rhythm. A few minutes of plot that you could stand to watch, following the mystery and intrigue unfold, and then a few minutes of horror that you had to hide from. The cycle went on like that, an endless loop, and you inched closer and closer to Loki’s comforting touch. Eventually your face was just as buried in his shoulder as it was buried in your blanket. A little more than halfway through the movie, he had switched the hand that was holding yours, and wrapped you in his free arm entirely.

    An Avenger, you knew, should be embarrassed to be curled up like a child because of some silly fiction. Embarrassed because there were real terrors in the world that would make the scariest of movie monsters blanche upon sight. But you couldn’t be bothered to be embarrassed or even move. You felt too safe, too comfortable tucked in Loki’s arm, safe under the eaves of those broad shoulders. If you were homesick before, this felt like home now, and you were happy to be small once again, hidden under a blanket on movie night.

    The film was almost over now, and the suspense building up to the big horrific, climactic scene had you burying your face fully into Loki’s chest and his plush black sweater, that smelled clean and of his musk at the same time. He squeezed you tighter, closer with his arm and you let yourself plant there and worm your way into him as you tried to escape from the projected scenes.

    Just as the music was about to break, Loki let go of your hand and for an instant you were left feeling clammy and betrayed, until his hand gently connected with your jaw, and he pulled you towards him for a kiss.

    His kiss was ginger, delicate and warm. The tension you’d been holding in your neck and shoulders and stomach eased, if only slightly, and for the first time all evening you found yourself genuinely distracted from the images on the screen.

    It wasn’t until Steve yelped in fear that you remembered yourself and pulled away. You giggled at the Star Spangled Man’s reaction to the movie along with the rest of the cohort, but you and Loki shared a different kind of smile as he squeezed you once again.

    When the movie ended and the lights came back on, Loki released your grip, not moving, but allowing you move away should you choose, and to your almost immediate regret you did, pulling up and out of his embrace to regain some amount of professional distance. You could pretend that you hadn’t just been fully tucked away in Loki’s arms and in his kiss, but a threshold had still been crossed, and you knew you’d have to address it sooner or later. With yourself, at least, if not everyone else.

    When you got back to your room you dressed for bed, assuming that you’d done enough to avoid any real lingering images of ghosts and monsters, but when the lights were out, you found it was a different story. The haunting suspenseful music still rang clear in your mind and re-conjured what few scenes you’d absorbed, more horrific now, twisted by your active imagination. Creatures crept in the corners of your bedroom and lurked behind every cabinet or closet door. You pulled your comforter cover up tight, but still felt that the fabric was a measly layer between yourself and what creeping, long fingered creature that your brain invented to lay in wait for you.

    But when you tried to banish those images from your brain, all you were left with was the other curious thing that happened that evening. The sensation of Loki’s lips against yours lingered, as did the feel of his warmth and the fresh smell of his sweater. It haunted you as much as the movie did, lingering there in the corners of your mind every time you tried to close your eyes.

    The truth was that you weren’t sure what the kiss meant. You had read once that the racing heart and sweaty palms when experiencing terror could be mistaken by your body for feelings of romance. It was why they released almost as many horrors on Valentines Day as they did on Halloween. You also conceived that perhaps it was just a natural progression of your friendship - casual kisses were common around the world, and frankly you had no idea about Asgard.

    But then there was the possibility that it was more than friendship - a true gesture of romance, and that’s what scared you the most.

    There was so much you’d learned and gotten used to. You felt like you were already a different person entirely from when you’d arrived. You weren’t sure you were ready for any complications that could come from adding intimacy to your life. Much less with a literal god. Much less with a literal god who once tried to conquer the planet. Much less with a literal god who was also a co-worker.

    You knew you should banish all thoughts of him until morning, until you had a clearer head, until you could think about the situation more rationally, but when you pushed away your thoughts of Loki, the horrors crept back in. And so, you entered a vicious cycle that barred you from sleep.

    There was only one thing to do about it. One person to go to.

    Half delirious from exhaustion you got out of bed and found yourself headed for Loki’s room, not even sure that he’d still be up, but you needed company, and comfort, and ideally, a little clarity. You pressed a few light taps on his door with your knuckle, and it only took a moment for you to get your response.

    Loki opened his door, shirtless, dressed only in relaxed pajama pants, and hair dripping wet, towel still in hand.

    “I wondered if I’d not enjoyed your company for the last time tonight,” he was all cheek and cool calm, and it was a refreshing contrast to your hot, anxious insides.

    “I, uhhh… I…,” Now that you were here you had no idea what to do or say

    “It’s alright,” he said, reaching out a hand, “I get nightmares too.”

    You were pulled into his room, more sparse than you’d have imagined, but littered with books and candlesticks burned to nubs. You sat together at the edge of his bed, unsure of what to say, but glad for the company, glad for the closeness as he began to wordlessly rub your back, slowly, up and down your spine.

    “Why… why did you kiss me?” Maybe it was the calm that was beginning to find you now that you had company, or maybe it was the hand on your back that gave you the trust, but the question just came out, forward as could be.

    “I wanted you to have something to think about. Something to distract you from the horror on screen. Did it work?”

    “Yes…,” Your face burned at the memory, “I’m… sorry I pulled away. I don’t want you to think I’m only interested in you in the dark,” you weren’t sure why, but it felt important that he understand.

    “I know,” he said, “It’s a strange thing being here. You have immense power, but also endless scrutiny.”

    “Not unlike royalty in that way though, I suppose?”

    “No,” he smiled in a sad sort of way, “No, I suppose not.”

    It was your turn to kiss his feelings away. You reached out, cupping his cheeks in your palms and returned his soft, comforting kiss. He leaned in and pulled you close and once again your head was clear - free from worry or doubt or questioning.

    Loki slipped his fingers just under the hem of your night shirt so that they could rub at the bare skin at the small of your back. It sent another tingle up your spine, a warm one this time, and you leaned in harder, kissing him again with more urgency, chasing the thrill and not running from it. He pulled gently at your leg, left bare by the length of your pajama shorts, and urged you up and over him.

    You sat straddled in his lap, hands still at his jaw, too apprehensive, still, of fully touching his bare shoulders and chest. But as your mouths continued to connect and explore, his hands found new terrain under your shirt, reaching higher and higher, lifting the garment up dangerously high, and dangerously close to exposing your own chest. He pressed you closer to him, forcing the bare skin of your bellies to touch and sending goosebumps down your arm.

    His kissing slowed, just a little, before he pulled away, slightly, to look you in the eyes.

    “I know what you said, about not only being interested in the dark, but the dark keeps things hidden, away from prying eyes. You’re afraid of the that monsters lurk there, but what if it was something beautiful hidden away? Something too nervous to be perceived by others just yet? What if this was the thing that lurked in the shadows? Would you still be afraid then?”

    You looked at him, perhaps really seeing him for the first time since arriving. Solid and strong, but also vulnerable and kind. A man full of complexities and anxieties all his own.

    “If… If it was just us hiding there. If it was just like this. Then… Then I think I could be very happy living in the dark with you.”

    With that Loki was lifting your shirt up and over your shoulders and discarding it to the side. His soft and sweet kisses passionate and deep. He pulled you close, pressing your now bare chest against his. You wrapped your arms around him completely and whimpered as you relinquished all apprehension and melted into his body.

    Soon Loki’s fingers were toying with the waistband of your pajama shorts, and then his hands were slipping entirely under the soft fabric and palming the cheeks of your rear. You could feel his arousal growing to its full stature between the fabric left between you. When you couldn’t stand to wait anymore, you gently pried yourself from his lap and stood to take off your shorts. You bent low to draw them to your ankles and discarded them with a little kick before trying to return to your efforts.

    Loki stopped you, however, with his hands on your hips, and after taking a moment to drink in the sight of you, he stood as well. He let you watch him remove his own pants, leaving nothing between your flesh besides the temperature-controlled air. He winked at you and you took the full sight of him in for the first time. You’d seen what his body could do before - you’d seen his strength on missions and in training, but seeing the form of it, lean muscles held taught along his elongated torso and legs - it almost took your breath away. With all the grace of a panther he plodded to the controls for the lamps in the room and switched them off leaving you with only the subtle glow of minor appliances and moonlight spilling through the window.

    “Now,” he said in an almost purr, making his way back to you and the bed, pulling back its covers, “Let’s make the darkness our domain.”

    You slid in between his sheets and he followed, pressing himself close to you once more. You felt as if you never wanted to let go ever again. Your hands explored the muscles that rippled along his back, and his tongue discovered the sensitive skin on your neck and chest.

    There was a time in your life when you’d insisted on languorously slow foreplay, when you’d required complete control in the bedroom in order to keep your powers at bay. But you let Loki’s touch wash over you like the darkness, and when he was lifting your leg up over his so that he could push himself deep into your body, it felt natural to accept him and let yourself sink into his sheets.

    He held your hand out and pressed into the mattress beside you, like your junction was a waltz, half wrapped around each other and movements combined. Every thrust of his hips was one more edict to banish your fears. Every hot breath against your skin was a salve to soothe away your worry. Every kiss was a life saving breath to bring you into this new world with him.

    Loki pushed your legs higher, opening your body up to him completely. He caught your gaze and held it, continuing to thrust, connecting with you through your eyes and through your hips. The sensation built closer and closer to its apex with you staring into one another. It was only when the wave of pleasure crested, like a spray of ecstasy washing through you, that you closed your eyes to brace against euphoria. Loki soon followed, feeling your rapture beneath him. He pressed in even closer, slowing but not stopping until your bodies had softened and he had spent his all.

    Loki pulled the covers up and over your heads, shielding you from even the moonbeams, and you lay there for a long while, entwined in the warmth of each other, catching your breaths.

    When the rhythm of your inhales and exhales began to slow into slumber you heard Loki whisper, “And you can sleep now? With a monster in your bed?”

    “Loki, if you’re a monster, then I’m a monster too, and I know I can learn to love the dark,” and you meant it too, with all of your bravery returning there in the pitch black, “It’s a wonder I was ever afraid of it in the first place.”

    He kissed your forehead then, and rubbed your back, and tucked in there, between Loki’s strong arms, in the inky dark of his covers, you felt secure, you felt protected, and so you settled into your most restful night of sleep.

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    Bonds That Burn

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pJiWXk

    by STARSdidathing

    The burning of a soulmark was meant to be a time of joy. The moment when two beings met and their lives became entwined. It was a time of celebration where the union was announced and weeks were devoted to getting to know the one whom could best complete them.

    Loki didn’t even realise his had occurred until he was in a crater on the floor.

    Words: 10478, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Thor (Movies)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel), Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Other Marvel Characters

    Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: Wordcount: 5.000-10.000, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon Divergence - Post-Avengers (2012), Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Feels, Loki Feels (Marvel), Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Angst, Loki Angst (Marvel), Pining, Secrets, Pining Loki (Marvel), Developing Relationship, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Loki & Tony Stark Friendship, Magic, Pain, Jarvis (Iron Man movies) is a Good Bro

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pJiWXk

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    Flufftober - Day 27

    27 - “I’m cold” - “Here, have my jacket”

    Pairing: Loki x reader

    Word count: 3K (I wRiTe DrAbBlEs)

    Written for @flufftober2021 's event.

    A/N: You know, that this is “flufftober” doesn’t mean I’m actually writing fluff. I have no idea what this is, it’s like a… story, at least. I don’t even know where I get these ideas from. Just by looking at the tags your confusion may grow bigger.

    Tags: a refrigerator, a tall man hiding like a cat and defying the laws of physics, Sif and the warriors three being in midgard for no reason at all, Loki being uncomfortable all the time, implied choking kink (this is nowhere near smut), a lot of misused sarcasm, a The Nanny reference because why not.

    The day you lost your job was both the scariest and best day you've had in your life.

    It all began with one man —as all problems do—. A man you thought you'd never see again. He walked into your cafe as if escaping somewhere else, straightened his back and arranged his clothes, and with a deep breath he faked a smile and walked around the place, as if searching for something. You let him look for whatever he was looking for —he didn't seem to harm anyone anyways—, until after some consideration on whether to actually talk to him or not, you asked,

    "Good morning, sir. Can I help you with anything?".

    He looked taken aback by the question, as if he wasn't used to how coffee shops worked, and he also looked somehow apologetic, as if he was about to bring chaos to you by only being there.

    "I… uh…", he looked around again, misplacing his attention in every detail of the place. "You… I'm aware this will sound odd, to say the least", he whispered in a gravel voice, gathering courage. "But is there any chance you could tell me where I am?".

    "Of course. You're right here", you took out a map of the neighborhood and pointed at the street you were in. He frowned and took the map, observing it up and down.

    "Is this anywhere near New York?".

    "This is… wait, what?", you chuckled, thinking this was some sort of a prank. The man pressed his lips in a thin line and asked you for a newspaper. He checked the date, the weather and the country, and furrowed his eyebrows, as if trying to remember basic geography.

    After a while, he decided on sitting and asked you for a black coffee, looking nervously through a window. Was he in a run? Was he in danger? Did he need medical attention? He seemed quite lost, but quickly acquainted to whatever situation he had gotten into.

    He finished his coffee after two hours of staring at the window anxiously and scribbling down nonsense in a napkin, overpaid it, and left without giving you time to give his money back.

    He came back the next day, this time way more relaxed and way less lost, sat on the same table by the window and pulled out a book. He drank his coffee graciously, read the book too fast to even process it, overpaid his visit and left after two or three hours. He did this every day for five weeks.

    In these five weeks you managed to know very little of him by his words and his actions. He was elegantly dressed every day, with either a black tight suit or expensive dressing shirts in black tones. Part of his outfit was, of course, a marvelous silhouette that couldn't go unnoticed. He was taller than most, and talked as if he would run out of words at any given moment; he barely exchanged a word or two. Perhaps it could be because he could also express whatever he wanted to say with a limited and calculated facial expression. A small smile, a smirk, a raised eyebrow, a low chuckle.

    The man was even sitting with manners. He crossed his long legs elegantly, back straightened and somehow still a little hunched over the table, and all of his attention to a book he held with one hand, between slim fingers —without a ring, you thought. It was a silly thought, but you couldn't figure out who he was. Why did he come to your small cafe every single day; ordered the same thing, read a new book, and smiled at you like that —every single day.

    One day after five weeks you thought you could finally get an answer. A man even bigger than him, brute like only a beast could be, beamed into the place with some friends behind him, making a scandal out of an order.

    "A beer for every one of us, please!", he chanted at you from his table. You thought it wasn't that strange, possibly they could be going to some bizarre costume party, and he was just very well fed as a kid; but the man in the dark suit soon hid under the table and pulled the tablecloth further down to hide every inch of him.

    You served the clients casually and eyed him from time to time. He hid everything he had over the table too, as if leaving no clues that there was a man with a book, black coffee and the jacket of a suit in there. The table looked perfectly arranged, as if he wasn't there to begin with.

    You frowned in confusion, and once you knew they wouldn't see you, you walked discreetly towards the man and kneeled to match his height.

    "Do you need help, sir?", you whispered, and he smiled politely, as if hiding there was anything wrong at all.

    "Thank you, the coffee is perfectly fine. I shall drink it from here and leave, as always".

    "I'd normally let you be, but you're under the table".

    "Don't your clients do this? Absolutely normal behaviour back home, to me".

    "Sir", you chuckled, amazed at his grace and wit even that nervous. "If you need a place to hide I can help you. The kitchen, for example", you pointed at the room behind the counter.

    He looked over it, assessed the situation with the group of people, and finally nodded. You walked to the big blond man, trying to create a distraction by asking if they needed something to eat, and as soon as you looked back at the table, he wasn't there anymore.

    You hurried your steps towards the kitchen, and closed the door behind you as soon as you got in, finding the man picking at his palm and tapping his foot incessantly on the floor. Apart from that, he seemed extremely calm —if not even having fun at the situation—, and you couldn’t help but wonder what the hell was going on.

    “So, are you gonna explain or am I supposed to hide a man on a run just for the kicks of it?”.

    “If I’ve learnt anything in my life, it is that we all do things for the kicks of it. And, don’t deny it, this is the most interesting thing to ever happen to you at this dull work of yours”, he said. You thought this might’ve been the longest answer you’ve ever gotten from him.

    “No, I’m doing this because I’m a nice person and you need help”.

    “Neither I need help, nor you’re so nice. Midgardians think so great of themselves…”, he began saying, and you frowned in confusion, but didn’t have enough time to ask about what midgardians meant, as he grabbed you by the arm quickly and ran up to the huge refrigerator, closing the door behind him. You wanted to scream, but he put his hand over your mouth gently and shushed you, gesturing that one of the friend group was entering the kitchen.

    You should’ve screamed for help, but you didn’t. Instead, you waited until the tall and menacing woman stopped searching for you, and walked out by saying something to the group, like “we should keep our quest going, friends. Loki will not be found and brought home by himself”.

    The man by your side listened carefully, until they'd gone away, and just then sighed out in relief. You looked at him quizzically, puzzled by all of this, and he moved his head unconvincingly, trying to find the right words.

    “That was my brother. I can’t go back… home, with them”, he explained. You frowned and nodded.

    “Alright… that might explain about a ten percent of all the weird things happening in here. Listen, how are we supposed to get out now? Are you aware this is a refrigerator?”.

    “This is… not a room?”.

    “It’s a refrigerator. We will freeze to death if we don’t figure out how to get out… what’s your name, again?”.

    “I’ve never told you my name”.


    “Don’t you just have some sort of a key, or something?”.

    “That is not how refrigerators work. We’re stuck here until my shift ends, and my co-worker walks in and hopefully hears us, and opens the door from the outside”, you sighed, sitting on the cold floor, already chilling and trembling out of coolness. He hummed and sat by your side, unworriedly.

    “It seems like all we have to do is wait, then”.

    “How are you not worried? My shift ends in an hour. We will get sick by then. And I’ll lose my job if he thinks too much into the fact that I’m stuck with a handsome client in the refrigerator”, you said without thinking. He smirked.


    “And how are you not freezing? Christ, this is terrible. I’m gonna lose my job and I won’t be able to pay rent and…”, you began overthinking. He grabbed your hand confidently and looked at you in the eyes with an assured look.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll solve it out if this gets you in any trouble”, he said, and you even believed it for a second. How could he be so sure of that? “I always find my way”.

    “Fine”, you sighed, giving up on panicking. It wouldn't help at all, and the first thing you had to think about now was the terrible cold you’d catch the next day. You shivered and tried to do some friction with your hands, but the heat of your own body seemed to have hidden from you. He observed you and took off his jacket, placing it around your shoulders. You were taken a bit aback, and quickly took it off, giving it back. “You’ll freeze yourself”.

    “I don’t feel cold”.

    “Don’t lie. It’s freezing here. Water turns into ice in less than an hour”.

    “I’m really not cold at all. I can even prove it to you. Here, look”, he said, surrounding your neck with his palm and fingers. You almost choked on air at the gesture, blushing from head to toes, and soon realized he was showing you how hot his hands were. Suddenly you weren’t feeling so cold, and you didn’t think it was only because of the heat from his hands… wait.

    “How the fuck are you not freezing?”.

    “Honestly? I have no idea”.

    “How come every time you say honestly I think you’re just taking up time to think of a lie?”.

    “Why are you so grumpy?”, he rolled his eyes.

    “I’m cold!”.

    “Here, have my jacket”, he insisted. You finally huffed out and accepted it.

    After a few minutes of silence, you tried to make conversation.

    “Why are you hiding from him?”.

    “From my brother? I don’t want to go with them”.


    “They’re… not great. Not as fun as they sound to be”.

    “Well, they dress funny”.

    “They have no idea how to camouflage in different cultures. I, at least, did a little research before falling into this place… I had no clue where I was to begin with, I just asked Heim… er, my friend, to drop me wherever he thought properly, and he just sent me to the most obvious and less hidden place from my brother”.


    “Midgard. You see, he thinks he’s guarding the place, and it’s ridiculous, you clearly don’t need protection”.

    “What are we even talking about? I feel like we’re from different worlds, not different cultures”, you laughed, and he swallowed in nervousness.

    “Anyway. I have to hide from him because I’ve been too secluded from them lately, and mother has asked them to make me join them in their stupid hunts”.


    “Right? Brutal things, I do not enjoy them”.

    “And why can’t you just say no?”.

    “It’s a hierarchy thing. I can’t deny him if he wants me to participate in a traditional event”.

    “Hierarchy? Isn’t he just your brother?”.

    “Have I not told you? We’re princes”.

    You chuckled, and nodded in understanding.

    “Listen, this whole thing is really funny, but pull the camera off wherever it is and help me out of this. I’m gonna get fired for a stupid thing for, what, YouTube?”.

    “My tube? No, listen, here’s the thing. I could get us out of here, but it’d be… too weird to explain”, he said, and you frowned.

    “Then get us out! I don’t need explanations, I need solutions!”.

    He sighed, and reluctantly grabbed both of your shoulders. You didn’t question it much, and let him do whatever he had planned. He closed his eyes, concentrated, and frowned a little bit. He grabbed you tightly and around you an aura of green lights and sparks moved everything that surrounded you, making you dizzy; teleporting you to the other side of the door.

    The coolness of the refrigerator wore off instantly. You blinked twice, trying to process the information, yet couldn’t.

    “Okay, I might need an explanation too”.

    “Listen”, he said, pulling his hands away from you and arranging his clothes. “If there’s any way I could compensate for being so nice with me…”.

    But he couldn’t finish what he was saying, because the voice of your boss walking into the kitchen interrupted him.

    “There’s a huge line of clients, and nobody’s been there for half an hour… Were you here all of this time?”.

    “Oh, I can explain, actually, we were…”.

    “With a man hiding in the kitchen? With his jacket? What, were you cold?”, said your boss, and Loki stepped forward.

    “Hey, that's not a way to talk to your emplo…”.

    “It’s fine, please”, you cut him off, grabbing him by the wrist. You really, really needed the job.

    “No, it’s not”, said your boss. “You can’t be having sex with clients in the middle of your shift. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’re fired”.

    “We were not…”.

    “You can’t fire me”, you said, gathering courage and taking your apron off. “Because I quit!”, you said dramatically, walking off the kitchen. The prince followed you with a smirk, but you soon walked back in. “No, you fired me. That way, I’ll be able to collect unemployment”.

    Once you were out of the building, the prince found you sitting on the sidewalk with tears in your eyes. He sat by your side and rubbed circles in your back.

    “I’m really sorry”, he said with sincerity. “I shouldn’t have asked you to do that in the first place”.

    “I’m not worried about it, I actually wanted to leave this hellplace”, you said, sniffing. “But I have to look for another job or else I won’t be able to feed my pets and pay rent”.

    “I have a solution”, he said. “Remember how I told you I was a prince?”.

    You chuckled.

    “What? You’re gonna propose and make me your royal companion?”.

    “Well, maybe not yet. We should have a date first, for that”, he chuckled. “Perhaps you would like a job at the Palace. Although, you know, you wouldn’t have to worry about rent because you’d live there too”.

    “If this is a running joke you have, I’m not liking it”.

    “I swear it’s not. Come with me to Asgard”.

    “Asgard”, you repeated. “Asgard the… oh”.

    “You know mythology, right?”.

    “I… well… I know mythology, but...”, you said, trying to process what he just said. Now everything started to make a little bit of sense —even if only a little.

    “What do you say? Yes?”, he raised his eyebrows, expecting the answer like a content puppy expecting for a treat. You sighed, not knowing what the hell you were getting into.


    Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts @sarahpaq08

    #loki#loki laufeyson#mcu loki #loki of asgard #loki x reader #loki x you #loki x gn!reader #loki x gn reader #loki x y/n #loki fanfic#loki fic#loki oneshot #loki x barista #loki coffee shop au #coffee shop au #loki cafe au #loki ragnarok #loki ragnarok era #loki odinson #loki odinson x you #loki laufeyson x you #loki black suit #black suit loki
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    Fear & Desire ❤️‍🔥P15❤️‍🔥 When in doubt, attack

    Previous chapter

    Laying down, in the mess that was you and Bucky’s first official time together, you felt an overwhelming sense of shame and contrition. Bucky hadn’t done anything wrong. Your unpleasant mood was thanks to Loki. Loki, the lonely prince. Loki the ex friend. Loki the heartless. Loki the person you wanted to apologise most to. Sighing, you closed your eyes but then immediately snapped them open when you smelt food coming from your kitchen. Standing up, you grabbed a dressing gown and tiptoed to the door. You knew how to be stealthy as well as how to defend yourself despite how naked and defenceless and weak and spineless you felt. Ok, so you were a tiny bit scared.

    Picking up a clip from the floor to keep your gown closed, you unwrapped the belt from your dressing gown. Slowly twisting the door knob, you threw the door open and sprinted towards the person who was in your apartment, wrapping the belt around their neck. How dare they break into your house, mess up your kitchen, cook food and— oh my gosh.


    “What the fuck y/n?” Bucky said easily removing the belt from his neck using his left hand.

    Of course someone wouldn’t have to break into your apartment if they hadn’t actually left in the first place.

    “I- I thought you—”

    “What?” He said clearly irritated.

    “Sorry.” You said feeling slightly awkward.

    Instead of replying, Bucky just moved past you to grab a plate.

    “Bucky what are you still doing here?” You asked as he moved around you, not looking at you and grabbing things.

    “You’re upset, you were pushing me away” he replied simply.


    “I’ve been where you are y/n, pushing away the people trying to help. I knew you were upset when I first got here and I still proceeded to— I’m sorry” he said pausing his movements and looking down.

    Did Bucky just apologise?

    “No no no” you insisted grabbing his cheeks with your hands making him look at you “don’t apologise, you haven’t done anything wrong, it was me” you reassured trying to read his face.

    “No, I shouldn’t ha—”

    Bucky was silenced with a kiss as you reached up to grab him towards you. How could Bucky think he was to blame for your ambivalent behaviour? You tried to express your sorrow and gratitude for him not leaving in the kiss as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

    As you sat down at the table, Bucky placed a plate with food in front of you. Sitting opposite you, he started talking.

    “What happened with Loki y/n?” He sighed looking at you.

    “Nothing” you replied quickly not wanting him to know you and Loki had fallen out. Loki hadn’t told Bucky so you wouldn’t.

    “Clearly he said something or did something that upset you” He countered not convinced.

    “He didn’t” you said putting your head down

    “Then how did he know you were upset?”

    Thinking of an excuse, you settled with the truth, well a bit of it.

    “He saw me”

    “Saw you?”

    “At the cemetery”

    “Cemetery? Y/n, I’m so sorry” he said reaching for your hand.

    Why does he keep apologising? He hasn’t done anything. This whole mess was you and Loki’s doing. After a moment of silence, you elaborated.

    “It was my dad. I was visiting him”

    “Y/n, you don’t have to go on”

    You glanced up at him offering a small smile which he returned. You both began eating in silence for a while until Bucky broke it.

    “Grief, it can make us act out”

    “And attack nice men that cook delicious food” you joked trying to lighten the mood earning a small laugh from Bucky.

    He stood up and began taking the plates until you stopped him.

    “You can shower if you want, I’ve got this” you said taking the plates from his hands.

    “Are you sure you’re not going to attack me?” he teased making you smile widely.

    “No promises Buck” you laughed.

    You heard the shower turn on and felt yourself smiling. Surely Bucky was a gift from the gods. How could someone be so understanding? Most men would have just left, labelling you as crazy. You’d gone from being all over him to practically pushing him out of your bed and instead of leaving, he stayed. Perhaps you weren’t alone anymore. Bucky wasn’t like the other men. He’d never break your heart.

    Walking towards your bedroom to grab a clean towel and an oversized top that would probably be tight on Bucky, you spotted the Julius Ceaser book Loki had picked up that day he dropped you back. You felt your smile fade thinking about the snafu you and Loki’s relationship was in. You both betrayed each other’s trust. You both mocked each others pasts. You both were wrong despite who was wrong first. Huffing, you knew you’d have to apologise to Loki, regardless of what he did, you didn’t feel good retaliating like that. He may not except your apology like you’d probably never except his but it was still something that needed to be done. If you wouldn’t be friends again, you could both at least be civil for the sake of the team you were slightly regretting you joined.

    One question remained in your head? Why did Loki do that to you in the first place? What had you done that was so bad? Surely it wasn’t seeing you and Bucky together that drove Loki to betrayal. Unless he thought you betrayed him first. Recalling the scene earlier in your room at the tower, you remembered Loki’s expression, he had the same one that had greeted you so many times in the mirror. Did Loki feel like you abandoned him when you told him to go?

    A/N: I read the fic and I was like why did I write that in the previous chapter 🤣 how am I gonna make them get back together - hope this was a good save 😂





    #tom hiddelston loki #loki x female reader #loki x reader #loki fanfic #bucky x reader #bucky angst#mcu angst #angst with happy ending
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    Don’t forget to sign up for the NaNoWriMo Sylki challenge we’re organising if you write Sylki fic! We provide a beta-reader matching service, special individual promotions for your fic, access to a whole community of lovely Sylki writers, a mood board based on your fic, and so much more! And we need lots more people to sign up because we don’t have enough!

    More info ~ Link to sign up

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    What a pair

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CiRcfK

    by The_Elle_Cat

    A enemy of Doctor Strange has a message for him.

    Words: 1776, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Wong (Marvel), Christine Palmer, Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange

    Additional Tags: Stephen Strange Needs a Hug, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt Tony Stark, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Protective Stephen Strange, Established Tony Stark/Stephen Strange, Stephen Feels

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CiRcfK

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    Loki’s thoughts about his s/o body features:

    The first thing he ever noticed about you physically was your eyes then it was your hands

    Loki had fairly big strong hands and it was easy for him to just pin you down with one hand if he wanted to

    They looked extremely soft and delicate compared to his warrior hands

    Then started noticing how warm your skin felt against his, before he found out he was a frost giant he just thought he could handle cold weather but now it just makes sense that other people are different

    The lines on your face, the permanent once that nobody notices, he likes to look at them when you’re asleep or not looking

    How pink your lips seem after he kisses you for too long and especially if they were bigger than his own

    Your collarbones are very beautiful, if they are visible he would kiss them during an intimate scene

    If you have full cheeks expect him to pinch them just to tease

    If you so happen to be tall, as in close to his shoulder at least he will warp his arm around your shoulders and kiss your temple often

    Chubbiness is not something negative at all in his mind, it just means you’re healthy and it gives him more to hold onto

    He will not admit it but he loves your thighs, laying his head between them, it’s comforting for him

    He’s a gentleman but he will appreciate your butt what size it is 🤨👏

    If you have breasts, great pillows for him to read on

    Thinks button noses are adorable and big ones to be sexy

    He likes the type of eyes that show innocence, you know the ones that get big with excitement and sometimes disappear when smiling

    If you have dimples, he will not leave you in peace!

    Hair with all textures is interesting for him, a side note, if you have curly or wavy hair please hock him up with some products

    Also your neck is a favorite spot of his, hiding his face in the crack of it while he’s laying down or holding you

    If you’re skin is the type to show color when you blush it’s like such a game for him to make you flustered

    Though if you’re skin is more on the dark side he’ll admire how it looks under the low morning light when you first wake up

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    Courage of the Stars

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3bjvhJa

    by wombat_choir

    If you let my soul out, it'll come right back to you.

    Words: 4819, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

    Fandoms: Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Major Character Death

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Reader, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner

    Relationships: Loki (Marvel) & Original Male Character(s), Loki (Marvel) & Reader

    Additional Tags: Soulmates, Reincarnation, Reader is Tony Stark's Son, unedited, Freeform, Angst, Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Parent Tony Stark, Protective Tony Stark, Possessive Loki (Marvel), reader dies in the first chapter but it's ok i promise!!!!!!!!!!!, again -- reincarnation tag, light gore

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3bjvhJa

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    Iron Man: Shadows of Tony Stark

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GoYn8s

    by Harbinger02

    Words: 10283, Chapters: 16/16, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Iron Man (Movies)

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/F, F/M, Gen, M/M, Multi, Other

    Characters: Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Friday (Marvel), Vision (Marvel), Jocasta (Marvel), Veronica (Avengers Marvel movies), James Rhodes, Hope Van Dyne, Kate Bishop, Lucky (Hawkeye), Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, Howard Stark, Maria Stark, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Monica Rambeau, Maria Rambeau, Shuri (Marvel), Thaddeus Ross, T'Challa (Marvel), Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Carol Danvers/Tony Stark, Friday & Tony Stark, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark, Tony Stark & Hope Van Dyne, Kate Bishop & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Happy Hogan & Tony Stark, Tony Stark & Avengers Team, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, Steve Rogers & Tony Stark, Carol Danvers & Friday, Carol Danvers & Tony Stark

    Additional Tags: Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie), Civil War Team Iron Man, New Avengers, Sokovia Accords, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Friday is Tony’s Daughter, Past Relationship(s), Past Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Friendship, Tony Stark & Kate Bishop Friendship, Hope Van Dyne & Tony Stark Friendship, Tony Stark and Vision are Family, Not Captain Marvel (2019) Compliant, Some of it happened but whatever, Human Friday (Marvel), Family, New Family, broken frienships, broken trust, Extremis Friday, Extremis Tony Stark, Road To Infinity War, Rewrite, Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant, cliffhanger ending

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GoYn8s

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    [Drabble] Las ramificaciones de una buena acción - Capítulo 5

    Hiciste una acción buena y... ¿terminas haciendo un trato con el propio dios de la Travesura y la Mentira?. Basada en una serie de sueños/daydreaming que he estado teniendo.

    Y/N es black!fem!Reader Levemente plussized!Reader

    Advertencia (CW): Fluff! Y bueno, también ya aparece Loki celoso (ya el domestico también salió) Tal vez haya referencias a dinámicas desiguales de poder, relaciones toxicas. Levemente difiere con el canon oficial (¿Ragnarok? Digamos que por ahí)

    Cantidad de palabras: 1344

    ⇨English version here! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Capítulo 5 - Reglas

    -Déjame ver si entendí- dijiste con incredulidad mientras levantabas tus manos mirando al dios asgardiano que estaba ahora sentado en la misma cama que tu, -No puedo recibir visitas sin previa autorización tuya...- comenzaste a enumerar con tus dedos las reglas que Loki te había dictado: No podías dormir fuera de casa, nadie podía enterarse de la existencia del apartamento y mucho menos ir a ningún lado en transporte público.

    -Pues sí, esas son- respondió Loki encogió los hombros sin más, solo pudiste suspirar, eran unas condiciones un poco estrictas pero podían cumplirse, -Al menos déjame ir a la oficina en transporte, dijiste que no todo el tiempo ibas a estar aquí- quisiste negociar mientras te acercabas un poco,

    -No- él negó tajantemente sacudiendo la cabeza,

    -Loki... ¿Qué hago si estás en Asgard?- le preguntaste, algo en la cabeza del dios de las mentiras notaba tu insistencia en ir a tu oficina, le estaba gustando verte rogar, -¿Pero para que quieres ir a la oficina si te puedo dar todo?- respondió ganándose una mirada extrañada de tu parte, -No esperas que esté aquí metida haciendo nada, ¿o sí? Solo digo que puedes permitirme ir a la oficina en transporte normal las veces que estás afuera- fue tu respuesta, tu método de negociación hacía mucho uso de la justificación, -Ya estoy aceptando quedarme en casa, que sepas donde estoy o donde voy, solo...permíteme tomar el bus- intentaste una vez más, tratando de penetrar la coraza del asgardiano con tus ruegos. Lo que parecía un detalle tan ínfimo como el poder ir al trabajo en bus o no significaba perder independencia, de la cual no quedaba mucha.

    -De acuerdo, podrás ir a esa oficina tuya en transporte público pero las otras reglas se mantienen- se cruzó de brazos Loki antes de recostarse y suspirar exasperado pero tu levantaste los brazos acompañados de una sonrisa en tu rostro, celebrando esa pequeña victoria, -¡Ya verás! No te defraudaré- dijiste entre risas, -Si fuera por mi no tendrías que ir a trabajar- comentó Loki cerrando los ojos, -Ya me permites vivir en esta hermosa casa, no puedo abusar, quiero ayudarte- dijiste suavemente mientras te recostabas sobre tu estómago mientras lo mirabas, estar tan cerca suyo se sentía diferente, verlo así ya no era tan intimidante, podías notar lo hermoso que era.

    Una de tus manos se acercó a su cabello, ensortijando delicadamente en tus dedos aquellos rizos negros que caían sobre la que ahora era tu cama, su cabello era asombrosamente suave, jugueteabas con delicadeza con unas hebras mientras, veías como el dios de la travesura cerraba sus ojos acomodándose mientras jugueteabas con su cabello, -Querida...- susurró en aquella voz aterciopelada que te fascinaba, -No soy de cristal- agregó antes de tomarte en sus brazos con un rápido movimiento, quedando sobre él ahora, -D-disculpa...- susurraste tímidamente, no atreviéndote a seguir jugando con su cabello, tus manos ahora solo posaban sobre su pecho, notando cuán esculpido y esbelto era, un exasperado suspiro emanó de los labios del asgardiano y en otro súbito movimiento, ahora tú estabas debajo suyo, su rodilla presionando entre tus piernas, sus brazos a cada lado de tu cabeza, su sombra cubriéndote por completo. No podías evitar retorcerte un poco debajo suyo, provocando una traviesa risa por parte suya, -Este trato me encanta- susurró mientras sostenía tu mentón con suavidad antes de plantar un profundo beso en tus labios.

    La sorpresa te embargaba, estremeciendo tu cuerpo mientras podías sentir ahora como sus manos habían pasado a recorrer tus costados, deslizándose bajo tu camiseta, aquel toqueteo parecía enviar corrientazos placenteros por todo tu ser, era tu primera vez en una situación como esa. Volvías a retorcerte queriendo acomodarte bajo suyo mientras respondías como podías a tan intenso beso, tratabas de apretar los muslos pero su rodilla no te permitía, podías sentir sus fríos dedos juguetear con tu brasier, -E-espera...- cortaste el beso queriendo recuperar aire, tu aturdida mirada se perdía en los cerúleos ojos de Loki quién ahora besaba tu cuello. Entre tanto placer que sentías, un miedo parecía acechar, -Shhh querida.. déjate llevar- te arrullaba mientras seguía acariciando tu cuerpo y sus besos pasaron convertirse en leves mordiscos, queriendo marcarte, mordías tu labio inferior queriendo acallar esos gemidos que producías involuntariamente. -Completamente mía.. solo...mía-algo parecía oscurecerse en la mirada de aquel semidios, quien ahora delineaba tu rostro con delicadeza con la punta de sus dedos, sonreía deleitado al verte tan frágil e indefensa temblando debajo suyo.

    En la mañana siguiente, no podías evitar sentirte consciente sobre la presencia de Loki: Básicamente era una mudanza nueva de esas que tanto evitabas sin embargo esta ocasión fue diferente por lo inesperado que fue todo pero esa sensación de ser un invasor no te dejaba. Preparaste el desayuno para ambos, queriendo colaborar y aunque sea con pequeños gestos, agradecerle la acogida al asgardiano. Una vez terminaste de comer, limpiaste todo antes de irte a vestir, no querías demorar tanto, temías que el otro se impacientara y no te llevara al trabajo, y aún sin conocer el camino de vuelta.

    -¡Ya estoy lista!- llamaste ya estando en la sala lista y arreglada con tus pertenencias, -Vamos- Loki anunció mientras salía de su habitación ya vestido, parecía tener un muy buen gusto por la moda, hasta te hacía sentir algo cohibida ya que tu estabas de uniforme, -Te faltó algo- escuchaste que dijo, sacándote de tus pensamientos, -¿Qué cosa?- preguntaste curiosa mientras revisabas tu maleta y bolsillos a ver si te faltaba algo. En ello el asgardiano se acercó a ti, tomando tu mentón para elevar tu rostro, -Esto- dijo mientras que con un ligero gesto de su otra mano, aquel collar tan hermoso que te había dado el primer día apareció ajustado a tu cuello, -Oh pero no llevo nada que combine con él..- mentira, te asustaba que una prenda tan bonita se te perdiera y preferías dejarlo para ocasiones especiales. Por la mirada del semidios y el chasquido que hizo con la lengua desaprobando tu respuesta, sabias que no te creyó, -No te lo quites, créeme- instruyó apretando tus mejillas suavemente antes de soltarte y abrir la puerta del apartamento par que pudiesen salir.

    Mientras iban de camino, memorizabas la ruta para poder regresar por tu cuenta, que línea del metro pasaba o como podías llegar en autobús, todo esto mientras jugueteabas distraída con una de las joyas. De tanto en tanto Loki te veía con el rabillo del ojo, observando como mirabas el paisaje por la ventana, como parecías querer sellar en tu memoria tu alrededor, era eso en tu mirada que le llamó la atención cuando te vigilaba anteriormente; veía como de vez en cuando jugueteabas con una de las piedras del collar, que a pesar de su bella e inofensiva apariencia, era un objeto de bastante poder pero él no deseaba que conocieses todo lo que él podía hacer a través de ello, simplemente con que supieses que te podía proteger era suficiente. Sin embargo, en realidad era como si él no dejase tu lado, pudieran estar físicamente en reinos distintos y él podría saber que hacías o dónde estabas. Era una conexión más allá de lo físico y tu no lo sabías.

    Pasaban las horas en tu oficina, tu carga de trabajo se había estabilizado y podías controlar tus asignaciones mejor. En un momento dado, todos los compañeros se reunieron para celebrar el cumpleaños de unas compañeras que cumplían ese día, era tradición de tu departamento hacer una colecta para comprar el pastel, bocadillos y refrescos para celebrar por la tarde. Era un buen rato y una divertida forma de tomar un descanso de las labores diarias, mientras repartían el pastel, hablabas con unos compañeros sobre una serie que estabas viendo al igual que ellos, discutiendo sobre el último capitulo, hasta que sentiste una vibración de tu celular, que te hizo revisar mientras tus compañeros hablaban, era de Loki. Extraño, no recuerdas en qué momento le diste tu número pero no te importó tanto, el detalle era el mensaje: No sabía que habían tantos hombres en tu oficina.

    #loki#loki fic #loki x reader #loki x female reader #poc!reader #black!reader #fanfic en español #jealous!loki #domestic!loki #loki x y/n #loki x you
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    i grieve in stereo (my little dark age)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CmTzxS

    by queenofthestarrrs

    She sobs the first time she hears his first studio album.

    Sif desperately wishes she could back to when they first met, when everything seemed so shiny and everyone seemed to sing along.

    Words: 2581, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Sif (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Jane Foster (Marvel), Darcy Lewis, Fandral (Marvel), Hogun (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Sif (Marvel)

    Additional Tags: Gift Fic, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Musician Loki, War Veteran Sif, Break Up, Musicians

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CmTzxS

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    what now?

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CiqqUM

    by lavfeyson

    They know they messed up. The question is: what the hell do they do now as the consequences of their actions begin to come full circle?

    Words: 6533, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of sages assemble

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange

    Relationships: Loki & Wanda Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff & Stephen Strange, Loki & Stephen Strange, Loki & Wanda Maximoff & Stephen Strange

    Additional Tags: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, Magic Trio (Marvel), Post-Episode: s01e06 For All Time. Always. (Loki TV), Post-Episode: s01e09 The Series Finale (WandaVision), Multiverse of Madness, this was written well before MoM actually came out btw, author is projecting, Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff Needs a Hug, Stephen Strange Needs a Hug, They all need therapy, what is canon

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CiqqUM

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    turn it all off (and put me under)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3nxdkN5

    by thebiwholived

    Loki doesn't show up to be Asgard's savior. He doesn't even make it off Sakaar. At least, not on board the Statesman.

    Prompt #23: You Break It, You Buy It | auction + pursuit

    Words: 1882, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 23 of Whumptober 2021

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster, Taneleer Tivan

    Relationships: En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster/Loki (past)

    Additional Tags: Canon Divergence - Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Human Trafficking, Slavery, Implied/Referenced Dubious Consent, where I again display the inverse relationship between how much I love a character, and how nicely I treat them, Whumptober 2021

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3nxdkN5

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    The Team Fails to be Gentle

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3bctfL9

    by Enigmaris

    Now that the team knows about Danny's parents its time to let Danny know that the team knows. What could go wrong?

    Words: 1320, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 14 of Summoned King AU, Part 2 of Ectober 2021

    Fandoms: Danny Phantom, Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, Sam Manson, Tony Stark, Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton

    Additional Tags: Ectober Week 2021 (Danny Phantom), Ectober (Danny Phantom), Day 2 Prompt: Autopsy/ pumpkin, Hurt, Hurt No Comfort, At least no yet, Will be comfort eventually, that's the sort of gal I am, Confrontations, Family Issues, mentions of abuse

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3bctfL9

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    An Abundance Of Unnumbered Time

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GiXs9w

    by kenmasfather

    “ Now dangerously itching her foot inward past her skirt as Mobius tensed when it met with the cushion between her legs.

    “Loki, if your this bored I can give you a task” her face was slightly dusked scarlet as she finally put down that file and was paid attention to raven haired across from her.

    Loki’s sly grin grew. “

    ꧁❦꧂ In which Mobius and Loki are genderbent, dying of boredom and pinned for eachother.

    Words: 1882, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/F

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Sylvie (Loki TV)

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius

    Additional Tags: Genderbending, Vaginal Fingering, Bottom Loki (Marvel), Dom/sub, Sub Loki (Marvel), Top Mobius M. Mobius, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Porn With Plot, genderbent Loki, Genderbent Mobius M. Mobius, Frottage, Shameless Smut, Jotunn Loki (Marvel)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GiXs9w

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    Little Valkyrie: Chapter 2

    When I woke up, a horse head was chilling on my chest. I tilted my head up, and Einar whinnied. It's about time. Everyone's been up for an hour. "No-one told me!" I said, pushing his head off and scrambling out of the tent. It was dark... and no-one was up. I turned around, and Einar was trying to worm into his bridle. I walked back. "What are you doing? No-one's up." I want to walk. I'm used to patrolling. I sighed and nodded. I put his bridle on and looked around. Let's go. "Do you know which tent is my mom's? I don't wanna leave and have everyone freak out." He huffed and nodded to the tent beside mine. I poked my head in.

    "Mom?" I asked. She popped her head up. "Yeah, Astrid?" She asked, sitting up, slightly. "Einar wants to go on patrol. Can I?" I asked. "Yeah, just be careful. I don't know what he goes after on patrol but, watch out." I nodded. "Okay mom, love ya," I said. "I love you too, thanks for asking." I nodded and popped back out. "Okay, Einar. She knows." I mounted him bareback, and we took off where he wanted.

    "So, what are we patrolling? This is Valhalla, what could go wrong?" I asked. Nidhogg got in, didn't he? No realm is impervious to invasion. I nodded. "Lovely. So you're a guard?" I asked. Yes. And since you're my partner, you can come with me. "Cool," I said. I figured you might like it. We rode along, and nothing really happened. "It's quiet today, hmm?" I asked. He stopped, as hoof steps pounded the ground. He turned. Hildr rode up.

    "Back to work already?" Einar nodded. "Well, it's time to head back to the city. Let's go." We rode back. How did she find us? I wondered to Einar. She knows my patterns and is aware of all the goings-on in Valhalla. Worry not. I nodded, and we rode back to camp in silence. "So um, do I start when we get...back?" Hildr nodded. "Cool, cool, cool, cool. Okay." My mom walked over. "Uneventful patrol?" I nodded, and Einar agreed. "Fortunately," I said. I am uneasy. I conjured a dagger and looked around. "Astrid?" My mom asked. "Einar's uneasy. I feel weird too." Mom looked around. Hildr's horse perked up too. I conjured a second dagger and looked around.

    The ground rumbled slightly, and I looked down. I stepped back and tumbled, as the ground began piling. Nidhogg came up and back down towards me. "Aw heck no!" I rolled out of the way, and it ate like 20 pounds of grass. Nothing new there. I smiled and looked over at Einar. He knelt down and bit my shoe, dragging me away from Nidhogg. "Whoa boy!" He pulled me behind him and knickered. Do stay away from him. The older valkyries have more training, Little Valkyrie. I nodded, and he stormed off. He stomped on Nidhogg like Khan did to Mushu. When Nidhogg curved back around to get Einar, I chucked a knife at him. Did it lodge in his torso? Yeah. He promptly retreated afterwards. "Don't mess with Einar," I said tiredly.

    He came over and nudged my head with his. "It's too early for this junk," I muttered. My mom came over and picked me up. "Upsy daisy, baby." I leaned on Einar and sighed. "Alright, let's go back to the city. Once we pack and go back, it'll be safer. Especially for Astrid." I sent Hildr a "really?" look. "It is defensible, Lokisdottir. Do not complain." I shrugged and walked to my tent. "Let's go then. I don't wanna deal with Nidhogg." I asked. She nodded and began packing as well. I glanced over my shoulder to where Nidhogg had burst through the ground. Einar bumped my shoulder. "What's up?" This is the first time he's gotten in here this easily, and so many times. And I'm upset he's coming after you. I looked back. "Attached to me already, eh?" It is my duty. "Sure. Why does it bug you so much though?" Nidhogg isn't smart. Someone's telling him what to do.  

    I turned around. "So someone wants me? I'm dead!" He nickered. You are valuable. I sighed. "I'm not going to get to have 5 minutes of peace am I?" He shook his head. "Fine, I see how it is." I shoved my roll back in its bag and stood up. Once I exited my tent, I flicked my hand, and everything was disassembled and in a neat pile. Hildr shook her head and went back to working. I nudged Einar with my elbow. "Eh? Eh?" He nickered and shook his head. Show off. "Says the one who makes a show of stomping Nidhogg." He huffed again. I strapped my stuff to his saddle and went to help my mom.

    "Hey, Astrid." I smiled. "Hey, mom." I held the knot while she tied her bag. "So how are you feeling?" She asked. "Surprisingly okay. I guess I'm just taking my own death easier than I thought I would. I'm still worried about dad." I said. She nodded. "Loki's stronger than either of us knows." I pursed my lips. "He always feels like he's letting you down when I get hurt. I guess he promised you he'd take care of me." She suddenly looked utterly heartbroken. "He promised when I was pregnant with you. He said he'd "always, always, always" take care of both of us. He probably felt bad enough when I died, he probably feels worse now." I nodded. "That's what I'm worried about."

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    Chapter 73 of my post season 1 Lokius fic!

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    A Special Horror Movie Marathon

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XTcuBG

    by marvelchick1992

    Diana starts a horror movie marathon that she normally watches by herself. This time Bucky offers to join her. What happens when they get close together?

    Words: 1773, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 6 of Halloween/Fall Drabbles (Avengers/Marvel)

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Tony Stark, James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Stephen Strange, Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Clint Barton, Carol Danvers, Wanda Maximoff

    Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Original Female Character(s)

    Additional Tags: Love, Falling In Love, Movie Night, Halloween

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XTcuBG

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