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  • xochmagoch
    31.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    hey y’all i just wanted to share my wattpad account with y’all.

    right now i’m working on an original series but i’m also working on a fan fiction series where a girl named Clarisse travels through time to basically fall in love with the characters and go to school with her best friend and learn while her moms finish their tasks as time travelers. If that interests you my wattpad account is down below.

    there’s more stuff on the original series on my wattpad. it won’t be out until august 8 and i’m working on the second book so that will hopefully be out on august 13.


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  • sinistershepherd
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Seriously the Loki series has given me no motivation to write about anything else so like ._. I’m still working on the nursery rhyme series, don’t worry, it’s just going more slowly now that I don’t have as much focus on it. If you want Loki fanfics, though, I have PLENTY of those. Mostly brotherly bonding between Thor and Loki because their relationship makes me happy.

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  • ao3feed-lokiangst
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Abstract of a Study on the Effects of Secret Interspecies Adoption on Emotional Wellbeing and Family Dynamics

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xiH8jk

    by eirtae

    Panic, Loki decided as the great inverse pillars of the bottom of Asgard came into view, was the worst emotion.

    Words: 685, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 5 of Loki, Chronologically

    Fandoms: Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki & Odin (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel), Frigga | Freyja & Loki (Marvel)

    Additional Tags: Suicide Attempt

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xiH8jk

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  • ao3feed-lokiangst
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Golden Apples

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/378uEjB

    by DemigodOfAgni

    Thor hollered, ‘Loki! I’m coming for you, brother! You ought to have found a good hiding place this time.’

    Words: 1547, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Little Magpie

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki & Thor (Marvel)

    Additional Tags: Kid Loki and Kid Thor (Marvel), antics, I'm sure there's a billion versions of this, buuuuut, I'm setting something up, Oh Dear, Apples of Idunn, Asgard (Marvel), my sweet odinsons, Pranks and Practical Jokes, and snakes, And knives

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/378uEjB

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  • ao3feed-lokiangst
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    An Oration of Horse Begats

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2VacRGz

    by eirtae

    Summers in Asgard were beautiful but trying. The long, gorgeous days were anything but lazy, aristocracy who wintered in their own homes outside the royal city coming into court for the season, diplomats from warmer climes visiting when they would be most comfortable, and warriors competing in the tournaments held when the weather would keep the safety of the horses.

    Every year Thor did his best to tolerate the additional insufferable courtiers, attended to the diplomats as often (so very often) as his father required, and didn’t participate in nearly as many tournaments as he would have preferred, relegated to watching while playing politics he abhorred or missing them outright. Every year Thor started the summer with resigned determination to do his part, and every year he watched Loki revel in the social niceties that Thor disliked, attend more tournaments than he did for the sake of the company rather than the spectacle, and, in general, make all the extra work look like it wasn’t work at all.

    Words: 4207, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

    Series: Part 2 of A Difficult Cunning Mind, Part 3 of Loki, Chronologically

    Fandoms: Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), original characters to round things out

    Relationships: Loki & Thor (Marvel), Loki/Original Female Character

    Additional Tags: focus is on loki and thor not the OC, elfs - Freeform, gratuitous world building, Court Politics, Oblivious Thor, Pre-Thor (2011), mostly - Freeform

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2VacRGz

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  • cherienymphe
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sinister (Loki x Reader)

    WARNINGS: NON-CON, EXTREME DUB-CON, fae king!Loki, murder, loss of virginity, supernatural manipulation, otherworldly drugs

    This is for @awesomerextyphoon​ 27 Fairy Tales for the StoryBook MCU Writing Challenge. This fic is loosely (heavy on the loosely) inspired by Thumbelina. 

    ! By proceeding you are acknowledging that you are over 18 and are consenting to the content below the cut !

    ➥ {page breaks done by @firefly-graphics}

    summary: Sometimes a guardian angel is no angel, at all, but something far more sinister...


    You were 6 at the time of the first incident. You didn’t remember much outside of pale skin and brief flashes of the trees. You didn’t even remember how you got outside, but according to your mother and the cameras on the property, you’d slipped out of your bedroom window, on the second floor, with ease. It had been dark, and they could hear your laughter through the trees as they searched for you. 

    You only recalled waking up in your father’s arms as he carried you back home. You remembered the way your mother fussed over the dirt and grime that had accumulated on your skin. She’d told you about how you mumbled about playing with a friend, how he had opened your second story window and led you into the dense woods surrounding the estate, chasing him through the trees.

    She had been concerned, wanting to call the police, but considering no one but you was shown on the cameras, your father opted to write it off as the imaginary ramblings of a child. You had been adamant that he wasn’t imaginary, but you were ignored. The only thing that stood out from that day was a haunting vibrant green. 

    You were 8 when it happened again. Your parents had been throwing a party for your birthday, an annoyingly fancy affair that didn’t appeal to you in the slightest. You remembered seeing a figure flit past the window. No one else seemed to notice it, nor the way your feet carried you to the empty foyer. Everyone was congregated to the back of the house, and you had giggled as the front door crept open on its own, a dark haired figure greeting you. 

    His eyes were a haunting vibrant green. 

    His hand covered your smaller one as you stepped outside, pulling you through the grass and the trees before eventually letting go. The memories from years before slowly came to you as you repeated the same game. You happily chased him through the trees, his dark cloak billowing behind him as he ran just slow enough for your hands to graze his attire, but fast enough to remain out of reach, giggling the whole time.

    He only stopped when the sound of your name being called could be heard bouncing off of the trees. By then, you heard it too and knew it wouldn’t be long before your family found you. You looked up at the tall man with wonder, eyes wide and sparkling as you asked him what his name was. He didn’t respond, green eyes glinting as he merely gazed at you, pink lips curving upwards into a secretive smile. 

    You watched as he knelt before you, dark hair curling around his face. He curiously studied you, tilting his head to the side as long fingers came up to rest under your chin. 

    “Why don’t you tell me yours instead?”

    His voice was smooth, low and hypnotizing. You thought it was an odd question because surely he could hear your family calling your name through the trees, but it seemed he wanted you to tell him yourself. 

    So you did. 

    And his smile grew. 

    You glanced over your shoulder as the sound of footsteps became louder, and when you turned back around...he was gone. No one believed you when you told them what happened. In fact, you’d say that your story only made your father angry. 

    “She’s far too old for an imaginary friend,” was what he’d told your mother. 

    A week later, you were sitting in a stuffy office on some brown couch as you talked to some stranger about your...delusions. She hummed at you and asked you prodding questions. What he looked like, what he sounded like, the things he did. You remembered how she frowned when you told her all you did was play tag. That was all you ever did. He’d beckon you out of the confines of your home, and you’d chase each other through the trees. You were always taught to never talk to strangers, but there was something entrancing about his voice. Something inviting about his eyes. Something comforting about his presence. 

    “You don’t like the fancy parties and the big house and constricting dresses...do you?”

    You remembered shaking your head, watching as she wrote something down.

    “I take it you like the outdoors? Playing in the woods, picking flowers and the like…?”

    You nodded, and again, she noted something on the paper before her. She merely hummed, and forty minutes later, you were reunited with your parents. You heard what she said to them as if you weren’t there. How this was your way of allowing yourself to behave in a way your parents would disapprove of. How your “friend” was merely a means to absolve yourself for your actions.

    The car ride home had been upsetting, your father alternating between tearing into you and talking about you to your mother like you weren’t there. You had stared out of the window, eyes somber and mood sullen. You went straight to your room when you got home, eyes watery and chest heavy. Your blurry vision didn’t prevent you from noticing the figure that passed your window though, and you paused.

    There was a soft tinkling in the air, like windchimes, and you had stopped to follow the sound. You could still hear your parents arguing in their room as you descended the stairs. Like before, the door opened of its own accord, and a familiar face greeted you. His dark clothes stood out against his fair skin. His playful smile was contagious, and you found yourself returning it despite your mood. He knelt before you, the vibrant greens taking you in as he hummed, brows furrowing ever so slightly. 

    “What troubles you?”

    You had shrugged.

    “It’s my dad. He says you’re not real and that I’m making you up.”

    Something flashed in his eyes, something dark, but your childlike mind thought nothing of it. You watched as the man tsk’d, shaking his head with a pout.

    “Well, that simply won’t do, now will it?”

    He smiled again, eyes glinting with something you couldn’t name.

    “Perhaps I should talk to him so that he won’t be mad at you anymore,” he whispered.

    Your eyes widened, mood lifting a bit.

    “You would do that?”

    The dark-haired man nodded at your hopeful tone, and you watched him as he straightened. He tilted his head as he looked down at you.

    “May I come in?”

    You eagerly nodded, telling him yes, and his smile grew as he stepped over the threshold. He seemed to glide past you, like he always did, and when you turned around after shutting the door, he was disappearing up the stairs.

    “...and you have no recollection of what happened next?”

    You shook your head in the negative, a sigh escaping as Dr. Banner notated something on the clipboard in his lap.

    “I never do. I know what the police reports say, but...I have no memory of any of that. I only remember waking up in the hospital...and that my parents were gone.”

    This was a recurring conversation, one that had been going on for years now. You didn’t remember anything that happened after that, but you’d seen the police report. The crime scene photos. You saw the blood and the complete brutality in which they’d been murdered. A brutality that required the kind of strength an 8 year old didn’t have. After all, no one else was seen coming into the house when they went over the footage, so they had no choice but to look to you.

    Even if your family didn’t have the best lawyers money could buy, there was no way to even halfway pin this on you. There were no prints, and no murder weapon had ever been found. You’d heard the detectives when they thought you weren’t listening. They couldn't even conjure up what kind of weapon could’ve done such damage. The whole thing felt like a fever dream.

    Your aunt and uncle had taken you in, but you could tell that it was a reluctant decision. Your family had standards, a reputation to uphold, and being attached to such an ordeal in any way was scandalous. Nevermind the fact that you suspected they never quite believed that you didn’t do it. It didn’t matter that it was practically impossible for you to have done it, you never missed the way they eyed you as you grew up.

    In a way, you suppose that you couldn’t blame them. They had learned that your parents sent you to a child therapist just before the murders, and your behavior afterwards didn’t reassure them. Unsurprisingly, you didn’t remember much of your childhood, only mostly what you’d been told. Your hushed voice heard through your door late into the night as if you were talking to someone who wasn’t there. The way you’d randomly giggle as a child like someone just whispered a joke into your ear. You terrified your aunt and uncle, that much was obvious.

    You supposed that therapy had helped seeing as you had eventually grown out of that phase in which you had an imaginary friend. For years the memories had felt real. He hadn’t been imaginary to you. Not his dark hair or soft hands or green eyes, but as time wore on and you blossomed out of childhood, you accepted the truth in what everyone was telling you. No, you didn’t walk around starry-eyed anymore, whispering and giggling with someone nobody else could see, but you still terrified your family, and it wasn’t hard to pinpoint why.

    Misfortune seemed to follow you wherever you went. Or, more accurately, it followed those around you. The first time your uncle had yelled at you, his brakes had failed the very next day, and the car crash had almost killed him. The first time your aunt made you cry, she’d nearly taken her fingers clean off when cooking not even five minutes later. You could never forget when some snot-nosed boy in middle school had shoved you into your locker, and he’d taken a tumble down the stairs almost immediately. 

    His family had never gotten over the loss.

    It was unnerving and would’ve been terrifying if the misfortune didn’t seem to fall on those who mistreated you in some way. Gwen, your best friend since high school, joked that you had some dark guardian angel looking out for you. You didn’t find it all that funny, but she thought it was hilarious.

    “Hey, the way I see it… As long as they aren’t shitty to you, they’ll be fine,” she’d teased.

    You had rolled your eyes that day, shaking off the uneasy feeling her words gave you. For the first time in a long time, you had thought of raven-haired curls and mischievous green irises. The face was a blur. It was always a blur. He hadn’t been real, of course, and that only increased the mystery surrounding who had killed your parents, but sometimes… Sometimes your mind, your imagination, got the better of you and you couldn’t help but to wonder.

    It was usually early in the morning when the faint sound of windchimes would reach your ears. Or when you kept misplacing things only for them to turn up in the oddest of places, if they turned up at all.. When you stared into the trees for too long, convinced that someone was staring back. Sometimes you swore that you felt a pull, something whispering and fluttering around you, encouraging you to disappear into the darkness within.

    Of course, you said nothing of this to your therapist. Nor anyone else for that matter.

    “I don’t even know why you still talk to that man,” Gwen told you, sifting through the clothing rack. “He’s kinda useless, don’t you think?”

    “My aunt and uncle barely tolerate me, you know that. If it weren’t for these sessions, I’d be cut off completely,” you sighed.

    “Maybe you should be,” she suddenly said, making you frown.

    She rolled her eyes at your expression, making a face at a top before putting it back.

    “As long as they hold your parents’ money over your head, they’ll always have you under their thumb. Maybe struggling for a bit will be worth it if you finally have the freedom to do what you want with your life.”

    You’d certainly considered it before, but you didn’t think you had the strength to do what needed to be done. You’d been sheltered your entire life, under your parents’ thumb and then under your aunt and uncle’s. Besides, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Gwen the full truth. Sometimes you felt like you really were crazy, and talking to someone made you feel a bit more sane. Dr. Banner kept those vibrant green eyes away.

    “I guess…”

    You chewed on your lip, and she huffed, eyeing you.

    “You know you’re one step away from walking into an arranged marriage, right?”

    Your eyes widened at that, and you weakly shook your head.

    “No, that’s not… That’s not what’s going on…”

    “Y/N, they bring in some family friend you’ve never heard of in the hopes that you’ll ‘get along’ and he’ll ‘broaden your horizons a bit’. It would be a nice gesture if Peter wasn’t around your age, from an acceptable background, handsome, single, and a whole bunch of other traits that look good on paper. Face it, it’s a setup.”

    Was that really what was going on? Peter was certainly all of that and more, but you genuinely hadn’t thought much of it when you came home to find him in your living room one day, having tea with your aunt. She’d seemed more than eager for the two of you to get to know one another, and her pushiness weighed on your mind as you considered Gwen’s words. Was she right? Were you really one get together away from walking into an arranged marriage? 

    Gwen turned back to the clothes, and you looked out of the shop window with a sigh. A car drove by, and you blinked at the figure that stood on the other side of the street. You couldn’t make out his face from where you were, but there was something about his dark hair that stood out to you. A bus passed by just then, and just as quickly as he appeared, the figure was gone. You frowned.

    Gwen’s voice pulled you back into the store. 

    “I’m telling you. Get out while you can because they’re trying to sell you off as fast as possible,” she advised. 

    The more you thought on her words, the more you thought that they might be true. Especially when you pulled into your yard to find a familiar car already there. You skeptically eyed it as you stepped out, suddenly questioning Peter’s entire presence. 

    You really had thought nothing of it when you had been introduced, and you certainly thought nothing of the way he always seemed to be around, but now… Your family was old fashioned with old fashioned ideals and old fashioned traditions. Something short of an arranged marriage was not unheard of. And if it were true...did Peter know? 

    “We were beginning to think you’d be out all day,” your aunt told you as soon as you made it inside.

    You threw her a tense smile, attention drawn to the voices coming from the living room.

    “Peter only just arrived,” she said.

    He was there with your uncle, the both of them smiling as they finished up whatever conversation they’d been engrossed in. Your uncle barely acknowledged you as you stepped into the living room, and your eyes narrowed as he and your aunt made themselves scarce. You eyed Peter as he stood.

    “I was in the neighborhood and-.”

    “Are our families arranging for us to get married?”

    You had never been the most tactful person, and Gwen’s words were on a constant loop in your mind. You started to regret your abrupt question when Peter frowned, shoulders sagging as he sighed.

    “Yeah,” he said with a shrug, feeling no need to keep up the charade.

    You simply nodded, unsure of how to respond nor how to behave around him now.

    “How long have you known?”

    “Only for a few weeks-.”

    “And you’re okay with this?”

    Peter stuffed his hands into his pockets, a habit of his, you noticed. 

    “We know how this works. You’re given a choice that’s not really much of a choice, at all and…,” he trailed off, and you glanced away.

    You suddenly thought of the therapy sessions you were forced to go to for years now. As you stared at Peter, and with Gwen’s words running through your mind, you realized that you would never be free. Holding money over your head was one thing, but guiding you into a marriage with a man that wasn’t of your choosing was another. If they had it their way, you’d be stuck in this familial bubble forever. Under their thumb forever.  

    “I can’t do this,” you suddenly whispered. 

    Peter frowned, clearly not quite hearing you, and you repeated your words louder. 

    “You might be okay with this, but...I’m not.”

    You didn’t say anything more to him, leaving him there to stare after you with wide eyes before making your way to your room. You only saw one thing as you grabbed one of your travel bags and began to fold your clothes. As soon as you heard Peter’s car pull off, you knew it was only a matter of time before your aunt and uncle sought you out. 

    You weren’t wrong. 

    “What is the meaning of this? I thought you were spending the rest of the day with Peter,” your aunt said. 

    She didn’t sound happy. 

    “I’m not marrying him. Or anyone else you pick out for me. Keep the money and whatever else you want to hold over my head, I’m leaving.” 

    You could tell that you had stunned them, and you brushed past them as your uncle reached out for you. They called your name as they followed you out, and you only shook your head. 

    “You’ve never liked me nor trusted me, but you can’t risk me ‘screwing up’ again, right?”

    They didn’t have an argument as you reached your car. You turned to look at them, finding your aunt frowning at you. 

    “This solves everything. You won’t have to constantly keep an eye on me and keep me under rule for fear of bringing more shame to this family. I’ll call when I want to get the rest of my things.”

    You didn’t give them time to respond, immediately sliding into your car and pulling out of the driveway. 


    You cringed away from the droplets of champagne as Gwen popped the bottle, a grin on her face as she poured you a glass. 

    “You know you can stay here for as long as you need to. I’m just happy you finally left that prison.”

    You accepted the drink with a small nervous smile before finally chuckling with her.

    “I do feel...free, but also a little scared? I’ve never actually been on my own before. In the full sense of the word, and at my age, that's terrifying,” you confessed.

    Gwen placed her hand on your shoulder, fixing you with an encouraging stare.

    “It’s going to be okay. I’m going to get you a job at my place and you’re going to save money so we can get you your own place so you can fuck all the guys you want-.”


    “I’m kidding...sort of. Not only does this call for a celebration tonight…” she fixed you with a playful glare when you started to protest “...but you also need to get out there! No more arranged marriages or dates of any kind with your family breathing down your neck. Find sexy guys and fuck them.”

    “Gwen,” you sighed.

    She rolled her eyes, immediately understanding what you were hinting at.

    “It’s 2021, Y/N. Virginity is a social construct, anyway. More often than not, someone’s first time isn’t going to be all perfect and loving and filled with romantic candlelight with Sara Bareilles playing in the background. However, it can be with an attractive man straight out of every bored housewife’s wet dream who’s going to fuck your head against a headboard,” she said, finishing her glass.

    You reluctantly did the same, and she flicked her blond locks away from her shoulder.

    “So...now that you are free, we’re going out, and we’re not coming back until well past 3 am because you no longer have a curfew.”

    Gwen had already disappeared down the hall before you could protest, but you eventually relented. It was just your fear holding you back. You were really free for the first time in your life. Free to do whatever, free to behave like the adult you were. This was just new territory, and that’s why you were so nervous. Normal adults went out until the early hours of the morning. They drank and partied and had one night stands. Now, you were one of them too.

    Your shower was quick, and you had fun rifling through your clothes with Gwen for something to wear. She treated you kind of like her own personal doll, and you enjoyed it. This was the kind of stuff you had been robbed of during your teenage years, and you couldn’t help the smile that fell over your face. Gwen noticed.

    “What’s got you all happy?”

    “Nothing, I just…” you shook your head. “This is fun.” 

    Gwen paused, returning your smile before diving back in with her lip gloss.

    “Yeah, it is.”

    She suddenly paused, leaning back against her vanity as she closed the lip product.

    “I know that I joke a lot, but...I really am genuinely happy that you got out of that house. It sucked to see them treat you like that.”


    Gwen opted to drive, and you were grateful because your hands were far too shaky to properly hold a wheel. You had no idea how many people still roamed the streets past 11 pm. You were always expected to be home by ten, and you stared in awe at the impressive building that grew near. Your nerves only grew when she parked, and you realized that you would be going into this building.

    “This is a club?” you wondered as you followed her lead and exited the car.

    “It just opened last month,” she told you. “Very exclusive, but I’m sleeping with the guy who manages the entertainment, so…”

    She shrugged, chuckling at your scandalized expression before pulling you along. The two of you were allowed inside with ease, and you heard some annoyed groans coming from behind you as you entered. The inside was equally impressive, and your lips parted as you took it all in.

    “It’s a lot different from stuffy dinner and tea parties with decrepit crones, huh?”

    You absentmindedly nodded, still looking around as she led you through the crowd. She pulled you to one of the bars, firing off some orders to the bartender. She handed you your drink, and you nervously sipped on it, unsure of whether or not you liked it. Gwen had tried to get you onto the dance floor at least 4 times before you finally gave in. It was a bit awkward at first but you eventually relaxed. 2 more glasses of whatever she’d ordered probably had something to do with that, but you felt yourself having fun.

    Somewhere along the way, Gwen was joined by the guy she was seeing, and you didn’t want to feel so much like a third wheel. You made your way back to the bar, and you couldn’t have been there for more than 5 minutes when a drink was suddenly placed in front of you. It was a peculiar purple color, some pink mixed in as it swirled in the glass, giving off a lustrous and iridescent appearance.

    “Uh...I didn’t order this,” you told the man.

    He merely chuckled at you like you’d said something stupid.

    “Yeah, I know. It’s from the man down there,” he said, briefly pointing before walking away.

    You looked down the bar, past the other patrons, but saw no one to acknowledge. You’d seen plenty of movies and television. Wasn’t said man supposed to acknowledge you in some way so that you’d know it was him and thank him? It seemed odd that he’d order a drink for you and leave, and you warily eyed it. Accepting a drink from strangers was insane, but the bartender made it and gave it directly to you. People paid for others’ drinks all the time.

    You tasted it, and immediately hummed. It was sweet, and much more tasteful than the bitter and burning mess Gwen had ordered for you. You sipped on it, nodding your head along to the music, and before you knew it, you had downed the whole thing. A shudder passed through you as you returned to the dance floor, body feeling foreignly light. The colors that surrounded you were more vibrant somehow, and you swore that you could feel the music in your bones.

    You were supposed to be looking for Gwen, that was your intention, but the music change forced a sigh out of you, and you felt your eyes falling shut. You couldn’t hear the rowdy crowd that surrounded you nor feel the occasional body that brushed against yours. Your ears were only filled with the music, and you could only register the feel of your own fingers brushing along your thigh. They danced along your skirt before you brought them to your hips, swaying slightly as your body tingled. You suddenly thought to yourself that you should’ve asked what kind of drink that was because you felt like you could feel hands all over you.

    It took you a minute to realize that you could.

    Someone’s chest was pressed into your back, their hands running down your sides and their lips at your neck. Every touch seemed to set off fireworks behind your eyes, and your fingers trembled as they covered the foreign ones, laid on the back of them as they traveled up your body. You turned around to say...something. What that was you couldn’t remember. The green eyes that met yours struck you as so familiar that you couldn’t speak, but you didn’t know why.

    His dark hair was striking, thick locks brushing his shoulders in light waves. He was tall, an impressive height really, and you absentmindedly placed your hands on his arms to steady yourself. His own were still on your waist, and you blinked at him, lips parting in awe. Although his eyes may have held some familiarity, his face did not. His features were sharp and beautiful in a way that almost unnerved you. He looked otherworldly, the kind of beauty that was inhumanly possible.

    “I take it you enjoyed the drink I sent you.”

    His voice was warm and wrapped around you like a blanket. You immediately relaxed in his hold, and his pink lips seemed to curve at that.

    “I did,” was all you could muster, flustered that a man like this had sent it.

    You had expected it to be some mediocre frat boy or stuffy businessman who should be at home. You hadn’t anticipated this attractive being with soft curls and stunning green eyes with the kind of voice that could put children to sleep. It took you a moment to realize that he was saying something, and you asked him to repeat himself.

    “It’s a bit loud,” you told him, and his solution was to guide you out of the club.

    Somewhere in the back of your mind, you acknowledged that this wasn’t smart, but you couldn’t get the rest of you to agree. The cool night air did not clear your head like you thought it would, and you started to say something else when the stranger brushed his fingers down the side of your face. Pleasure bloomed throughout your entire body at the action, and a sigh escaped you as you leaned into it. You could’ve sworn that his eyes moved, turned in a way that hypnotized you, and he grinned.

    “What’s your name?” you wondered, in awe at the very sight of him.

    “Loki,” he told you in a low voice that went straight to your knees.

    You softly repeated it to yourself, testing it in your mouth and tasting it on your tongue. You simply stood outside of the building, staring at one another. You in curiosity and him in a way that was hard to describe. He seemed unable to keep his gaze in one place, wanting to drink in every inch of you, but his eyes were always quick to return to your face, as if he couldn’t get enough of it.

    “Aren’t you going to ask for mine?” you asked with a chuckle.

    His grin widened, and he merely shook his head. He was getting closer, and where you normally would’ve felt anxiety and fear, you only felt curiosity and anticipation. After all, this is why Gwen brought you out, right? She wanted you to meet some beautiful stranger and have one of many nights you would never forget. The feel of his lips against yours was the whole reason for this night.

    He kissed you like he was trying to breathe you in, and funnily enough, it took your breath away. You had to lay your hands against his chest just to steady yourself, and he seemed more than eager to press his own into the small of your back. His lips traveled to your ear, brushing along the skin as he spoke.

    “Let’s go back to mine.”

    You wanted to refuse, not quite ready to make Gwen proud just yet, but your lips and your mind weren’t in sync. His voice was distracting, something influential about it that made you agree. His hands never left you as he led you down the street. Fingers playing with your hair here and lips brushing along your cheek there. The world around you seemed to disappear, and all you could register was this man’s hands on you. His arms were around you, lips on the top of your head when you finally noted just how far you had walked.

    The sounds of the city were long behind you and the lights gone as you stared at the trees before you. It took you a moment to realize what you were seeing, and you blinked.


    He quietly shushed you, offering his hand as he stood between you and the dense trees. His green eyes seemed to glow in the dark as he tilted his head down, gazing at you from beneath his lashes. Something was trying to infiltrate your brain, some sort of warning that kept getting pushed down. 

    “Come along…”

    “I...shouldn’t,” you told him. 

    You started to take a step back when he said your name. The sound echoed throughout your brain, clouding your thoughts and your judgement. Your thoughts and your movements didn’t seem like your own as you hesitantly took a step forward. Another. And then another until your hand was in his. Loki’s smirk grew. 

    The way he led you through the trees struck you as familiar, and the leaves ruffled as a cool nightly breeze blew past you. You were having the oddest sense of deja vu, and you frowned. 

    “How...how do you know my name?”

    “You told it to me once. A long time ago…”

    His voice bounced off of the trees despite how softly he spoke, and again, there was something going off in your brain that couldn’t seem to quite break through. Hardly any light broke through the trees now even though you knew the moon was up there, and you could just barely make out Loki’s form as he held your hand in his.

    You mulled over what he said, and your brain whirled. You blinked again, frowning as you wracked your brain. Faint memories were coming back to you, memories that you didn’t think were real, and you suddenly wanted to let go of his hand...but your body wasn’t listening to your head for some reason. The trees were getting thicker, the forest darker, and you dug your feet into the ground.


    You cut off your voice, a pained gasp escaping you as his nails, much sharper now than you had ever noticed, dug into the skin of your wrist. When your eyes met his again, they caught you in a trap, freezing you in your place. Loki didn’t look so beautiful now as much as he did intimidating. His vibrant eyes were too bright. His features were too sharp, and his smile was a bit too wide.

    “No,” you gasped. “You-.”

    You cut yourself off with a scream as he pulled you into the dense darkness. 

    When you came to, you were on a surface that was softer than anything you had ever felt in your life. The air around you felt charged, buzzing with energy...or maybe that was you. Your legs were parted, skin trembling as cool air hit it, and that was when you noticed that you were naked. Hair brushed along your thighs, followed by fingers, and all too soon you felt something wet and warm between your legs.

    Your eyes flew open with a gasp, and your hands flew to grip familiar dark locks. The room was dimly lit although you didn’t see any light nor candles, and you couldn’t tell where the light was coming from. The room smelled sweet, that accompanied by the feel of his mouth between your thighs made your eyes roll. This sensation was new and alarming but addicting all at once. Your arms spread along the soft sheets, and your fingers gripped the fabric as your back arched.

    You felt like you were floating, hurtling towards the sky at a terrifying speed. Stars appeared behind your eyes, and you could hear ocean waves in your ears. Your body was on fire, and you came back down to earth just in time for him to slip his tongue from between your fluttering walls. Your head was spinning, and you wanted to sit up, but he was there, holding you against him as he pressed kisses along your throat.

    He whispered your name, saying it again and again to himself as if he were scolding a child. Every time he said it, you seemed to curl yourself against him more, wrapping your arms around him and then your legs. The memories that had been forced down were suddenly there in the forefront of your mind. Dark hair and green eyes and a lulling voice that you had followed anywhere. A soft joke whispered into your ear at the dinner table by someone nobody else could see. Hushed words spoken to you in the dead of night that pulled giggles from your lips.

    “No, no, no,” you murmured, trying in vain to pull yourself away. “You’re not real. You can’t be…”

    “Oh, I assure you...I am,” he whispered, lips finding yours.

    The taste of him was intoxicating, and if at all possible, you felt yourself getting drunk off of his tongue.

    “No,” you said, pulling away. “My parents…”

    “Did not deserve you. I gave them what they had been unknowingly seeking as they mistreated you and neglected you again and again…”

    You fought to get out of his lap, but he was quick to press your back into the bed again, making you sharply inhaled as you felt him between your legs. You didn’t have time to protest again as he pushed into you with an inhuman growl, nails pressing into your skin as his hips connected with yours. Your lips parted in a mixture of pain and shock, overwhelmed with the feelings that he was forcing onto you. His hands found yours, pinning them beside your head as he withdrew before sliding into you again.

    His pace was steady, thrusts soft and even loving some might say. The only sound in the room was that of his labored breathing and your soft whimpers. How was he able to bring about both pain and pleasure? How did he make you want to simultaneously run away and pull him closer? Every stroke pulled a shudder from you, and your eyes fluttered closed when his lips met yours again.

    The memories that you’d done so well to squash down were there, and the truth was too terrifying to accept. This was the man who had killed your parents. The same man who used to open your bedroom window and sneak you out into the forest with ease. Your imaginary friend was not imaginary, at all, and you found yourself asking yourself a question that you weren’t sure you wanted the answer to.

    What was he?

    You had no choice but to hold onto him again as he sat up, holding you in his lap as he lifted his hips up into yours.

    “You look famished. Parched even…”

    The tone of his voice unnerved you, and you opened your eyes in time for him to bring a golden cup to your lips. Your mouth seemed to part of it’s own accord, and Loki hummed as he poured the drink down your throat. It was sweet, almost too sweet, and your eyes rolled as you ingested it.

    “What a lovely girl. Drink it all,” he purred, uncaring of the way the dark liquid dripped past your lips. 

    He was more than eager to lean down and drag his tongue along your skin, collecting the excess. The cup clanged against the floor as he tossed it aside. He held you to him as his thrusts grew erratic, and you tightened your legs around him as the coil within you snapped. He stilled as you trembled in his lap, body jerking as you came around him, his nails pressing into your back. He breathed you in, and you fought to catch your breath. When your brain finally cleared in what felt like hours, you threw yourself away from him.

    Your back met the pillows as you curled in on yourself, wide and fearful eyes trained on him. As he moved, even in the low light, you could see your blood on his softening cock, the color of it mixed with his own release. Your head was still clearing, too overwhelmed with too many realizations at once.

    “Where am I?”

    Loki rose from the bed, and the room brightened a bit, and you took it in as he spoke. Everything was so lavish and golden or white and unlike anything you’d had the pleasure of seeing before. The bedroom was huge, big enough for the equally huge bed that you found yourself on.

    “You’re home. My home...my realm.”

    You frowned at that, and his eyes glowed as he looked at you, a smirk dancing along his pink lips.

    “I contemplated for years over whether to keep toying with you or just...take you. Pets do belong with their masters, after all. Isn’t that right...Y/N?”

    Again, your name coming from his lips washed over your body in a way that unnerved you. You blinked at him, lips parting as you prepared to speak, but he simply pressed a finger to his lips, and to your surprise, you listened.

    “Humans are such fragile beings...a liability, but there was something about the lone child who so desperately wanted to break away from her confining home.”

    You still couldn’t quite believe what you were experiencing, what you had experienced.

    “You killed my parents.”

    “Yes, well, I couldn’t possibly allow my pet to be mistreated. You are mine. Mine to protect, to play with, to do with what I please,” he slowly told you.

    His words gave you pause, and you suddenly thought of all of the strange accidents that had occurred over the years. As if he could read your mind, he chuckled.

    “I am nothing if not thorough and consistent,” he told you, reaching for a grape that was sitting on a table in the corner. You hadn’t noticed it, and you hesitantly took it. The intensity behind his eyes grew as he watched you eat it, and he handed you another.


    You still felt partially drunk. Or hungover. Possibly both, and that could explain why and how you were taking this so well. You were certain that you’d lose your mind the minute you got home. You didn’t care what he was, didn’t want to know, you just wanted to get away from him and out of here. He was a murderer, and you were positive that what had just happened would be considered rape. Your brain was still working through the fog to tell.

    “I want to go home.”

    His smirk simply grew as he handed you another drink. You hesitantly took it, determined to resist it, but your body seemed to crave more and more of the food he was giving you. You took a sip and then another as he spoke, chuckling darkly to himself as his smirk made your stomach drop.

    “When you’re done with that...you won’t want to.”


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    My insanity with Loki continues.

    This time, thanks to a magnificent fic by BrokenLoss on AO3, called "Heart Envy".

    A Night at the Museum meets Loki.

    What else can I say?

    Resistance was futile XD!

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    I have made a grave mistake... working on two loki fics and both will probably be rewites of Infinity war... and maybe Endgame. Whyyyyy do I hurt myself so?

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    Asgard has magic, yes it do! Asgard has magic, how about you? | GIBP VIII

    Pairing: fey!loki x fem!reader

    Chapter Summary: The first trial is underway. Do you and Loki make it through? 

    Warnings: none! 

    Word Count: 6k

    A/N: Due to severe writers block the past couple weeks (and a wedding to help plan) this chapter took much longer for me to write than I would have liked. If you’re still following despite the sporadic postings, thank you and I love and appreciate you so much! <3 

    Fear. That coppery taste in your mouth that reminded you so much of blood, that was fear. You knew it well. You also knew that the only way fear won out was if you feared fear itself. And you couldn’t let it win. Embrace it. Respect it. But never give into it. You hadn’t thought about your father in a long, long time, but his words rang clear through your mind as if centuries didn’t lay between then and now.

    You lifted your chin, holding those words tight as you and Loki walked the hallways to the sparring courtyards down at the barracks. Loki glanced over at you as if sensing a shift in the air, but he’d find nothing other than the same dark circles under your eyes. Today’s trial had stolen all semblance of rest you could have gotten last night. Even now, your grip on your emotions were shaky at best. If you could make it through today, Bucky had said that you would be almost guaranteed to make it through the next trial. But none of that would matter if   you died, would it?

    You had almost asked why such a grand event was being held in the training barracks, but deep down, you knew the answer. The courtyard was essentially a small arena, complete with balconies for spectators. And this was a show. They wanted to make sure there were plenty of witnesses when you failed. But you couldn’t let that happen.

    The walk to the barracks had never felt so long. You’d walked it so many times to go sparring with Loki, but you wondered now if they’d magically altered it to extend the suspense. Eventually, the lemony scent of the palace floor wax gave way to the smell of wet dirt, hay and sweat that permeated the sparring court, even behind closed doors. You could hear the chatter and laughter of the nobles and even, Loki had told you, some regular citizens who had come to watch the first trial in centuries.

    Loki stopped. You couldn’t enter until they called your names. You doubted with your human hearing you’d be able to hear the cue so you closed your eyes and tried to calm your hammering heart. For the first time in a long time, you pretended you were back home, standing alone along the edge of the Mhothair cliff. Your family was waiting for you on a little island out out sea. This was it. All you had to do was run off and jump and then you’d prove to everyone that you could do this. That you were born to keep Nat alive.

    You had conquered that trial hundreds of year ago to become Nat’s protector. This trial, here in Asgard, would be no different. You could do it again. Nothing had changed. You were still protecting Ava. That small familiarity was enough to hold onto, calming your nerves at least a little bit.

    “It’s time,” said Loki.

    You opened your eyes and gave his hand a little squeeze. He looked down at you in surprise. The gesture had surprised even you too but you rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to the massive wooden doors separating you from possible — hopefully not eventual — death. Loki hadn’t spoken much since he’d come to your door this morning, but there was nothing on his face that gave away that he was feeling any of the nerves you were.

    Yet, he squeezed back.

    Oddly, the gesture managed to reassure you. You were a pathetic excuse of a team, but you’d win or lose this together. It wasn’t much, but knowing you both had something to lose was enough for you to put some sort of faith in Loki.

    The doors opened and bright, morning sunlight poured in. You expected cheering, but all you were met with was a hushed silence as if you’d walked in on a conversation you weren’t supposed to hear. The councilmen sat in their balconies, so high above the citizens that you shouldn’t have been able to see the looks on their face. But you could. Two councilmen were missing but you felt no relief at the fact that Helio was one of them. All it did was instil a sense of dread deep in your stomach.

    You searched the crowd for Loki’s court, even though you’d only met most of them once and less than a day ago. You found them in the lowest seats, practically seated in the ring itself. You couldn’t read the expressions on their faces other than the encouraging smile from Wanda and the slight nod from Bucky. Even Valkyrie was seated with them, a solemn look on her face as well. There was nothing more that they could do to help now, but it was a comfort all the same to know you had allies in a pit full of vipers. Even if your allies looked like they were attending a funeral. You really hoped it wasn’t yours.

    “Good evening Fey,” Tywin spoke in the place of the eldest councilman, and you wondered where the two could have gone on such an important day.

    You felt Loki bristle at your side. The Court of Mischief all shot Loki warning looks, catching the insult, not only to you as a human, but to the other citizens who had attended and weren’t fey as well. This wasn’t the time for that battle. Not when you were at their mercy and needed them on your side. As if they’d ever be.

    “And welcome to the 6th royal trial in Asgard’s history! We are here to test truth and strength of the love between Prince Loki Laufeyson and Miss YN YLN,” he practically spat out your name as if he’d tasted something rotten, “if they succeed all three trials, they will be crowned king and queen before the celebration of the orange moon. If not, Ms. YN will forfeit her life and Prince Loki will live the remainder of his days in exile. Both of you have sworn into these trials. Please raise your hands in proof of this.”

    You felt like a school child with a questions for a moment, then realized when Loki lifted his hand up to the crowd, that he was putting the ink ring on display. A strange hush fell over the already silent crowd. You lifted your hand higher to do the same. These people knew the gravity of what these marks meant. Whatever you’d been doing before meant nothing. Not really. The trials were what mattered. There was no going back now.

    Tywin addressed the crowd once more, “unfortunately, the trial will not take place here. Prince Loki, you will be handed a set of instructions and you are to escort Miss YN to the trial location. You are not to speak a word of what you read to anyone. Understood?”

    Loki nodded.

    A human messenger rushed over with a piece of paper trembling in his hands, his eyes darting left and right as if he were being chased by a Velandrian Bull. Loki clasped his hands around the boy’s, waiting a moment before taking the paper from him. The expression on the boy’s face eased like he’d just sunken into a warm bath. Loki’s expression never changed, but you knew what he’d done. The idea of his ability still repulsed you but you couldn’t deny the kindness in what he’d done, especially when the boy shot Loki a small smile before scurrying off.

    Loki glared at the councilmen before dropping his gaze to read the note. You didn’t bother to try and read what it said. You weren’t about to do anything that might somehow be against the rules. You kept your chin high, but found that your gaze was once again drawn to the Court of Mischief. They stood stoically, their eyes filled with calm fury. They’d warned you that there was the possibly that they’d change locations to try and cut Loki off from his court, but they had been banking on the idea of the council wanting a spectacle. Guess they were wrong. And being powerless to change that fact didn’t seem to agree with any of them. The only one who seemed detached was Gamora. You figured it could just be because she didn’t care what happened to you, but this wasn’t just about you. There was so much more at stake for their whole realm. You kept up with her terrifyingly intense stare, oddly reassured by it. Something about her eyes were familiar, but you couldn’t imagine ever forgetting something so distinct. The corner of her mouth might have lifted.

    You felt Loki’s fingers interlace with yours. You looked up at him, startled by the stark fury  emanating from him in waves. Whatever he’d read wasn’t good, but his voice was nothing but gentle when he spoke, “we’re going to have to Flicker to the next location.”

    “Flicker?” you echoed, waiting for him to explain.

    He dipped his head, his other hand brushing back your hair as if we were lovers wishing each other luck before the start of the trials. His voice as hushed, “how I can get places so quickly. Think of it as blinking and then being somewhere else when you open your eyes.”

    If this relationship had been real, this was something that you should have known so you leaned in closer until your forehead rested against his, “okay. What do I have to do.”

    “Hold on. Try not to throw up when we land.”

    You waited for that annoying little smirk to show up, but the anger never gave way.

    His hands travelled downward until he pulled you into a tight embrace, his chin resting on your head. You wrapped your arms around his wide torso and rested your head against his chest. You could hear his heart hammering beneath your ear, his fury very much still alive and burning despite how gentle he’d been with you. You let yourself melt against his body, suddenly wondering when the last time you’d actually hugged anyone other than Nat was. It was the strangest thought to be having now, especially when this felt so natural and forcing yourself to hold onto him was a lot less unpleasant than it could have been.

    He whispered, his breath tickling your ear, “get ready. Three, two”

    The last thing you saw before the world turned to black was Wanda mouthing good luck, Queen YN.


    You stumbled and gagged, trying to keep your breakfast down. You were somehow on solid ground again, the weightless but crushing feeling of not being corporal but of being folded in half still present. You gagged again. Loki’s arms were around your waist, keeping you upright with his steady presence. You let your head loll against his chest and closed your eyes. There was no use trying to take in your surroundings when the world was still spinning. Try not to throw up. You’d underestimated how true that advice would be.

    “Breath,” he murmured, “it’ll pass. Take your time.”

    It took a while, but eventually it did pass. When your eyes no longer hurt from the throbbing, you opened them. It took a moment for them to adjust to the dim light, shapes and figures slowly coming into focus. You were now in a jungle with the remaining two councilmen partly concealed by the shadows. The sight of Helio sent another wave of nausea rolling through you. You figured the others had to be around somewhere even if you couldn’t see them, but maybe you were wrong. Maybe your fate was left to the one Fey you were sure despised you more than anyone else in the realms. You shuddered, but you didn’t think it had anything to do with your magical form of transportation.

    Something was wrong with this part of the jungle.  

    It was unnaturally quiet and so dark that the only source of light were the two torches that provided just enough light for your human eyes to have recognized the councilmen. The morning sun had been brightly beating down on you in the arena. Now it was darker than night. It was cold and damp, without a trace of the humid warmth of the island. The only bit of heat came from Loki’s arms firmly around your waist. You couldn’t say that you minded that he left them there even after I had caught my breath.

    Your stomach still felt hollow and you were the smell of a Junabee away from throwing up, but at least you could stand on your own again. You weren’t looking forward to the way back. If you made it back that was.

    You were so preoccupied with getting yourself together that you hadn’t realized that everything had gone deathly quiet — somehow even more so than before. You looked up at Loki and almost recoiled at the murderous expression on his face.

    “How dare you?” he whispered, his voice reverberating through the jungle, the hatred seeping into your skin.

    He took a step forward, but glanced back as if to make sure you were still standing. You nodded. You didn’t know what was happening, but you knew something wasn’t right. Nothing about this place felt right. The councilmen held their ground, but they eyed their former king warily. Even Helio seemed uneasy in this place.

    He still managed to sneer, “do you forfeit the trials?”

    You couldn’t. You didn’t know what this place was, but even if it chilled you to your core and had a faint smell of rot and death, you’d sworn in. To quit without even trying was a — your — death sentence. And yet you wanted to. Badly. Your own survival instinct buried deep  beneath the necessity to protect Nat, begged you to run. You swayed on your feet.

    “The law states that the trials are meant to be fair,” Loki continued cooly, “we’d agreed to stop using the Grove long before the war. Knowing the definition of fair seems imperative to the people governing the trials.”

    Helio didn’t balk at the words. Rather they seemed to fuel him, “and yet here you are, prince.”

    The older fey cut Helio off before he could say anything else, “we agreed to use it in exceptional circumstances. I think, Prince Loki, we can both agree that this qualifies as such.”

    “You never would have taken us here if she wasn’t human,” he growled, all courtly pretence gone.

    To their credit, none fo them flinched at his tone. Helio stepped further into the light, nose high in the air, “precisely. She’s human and cannot resist the Grove. We do not intend to waste our time with a pathetic little human. We’re already waisting time as it is.”

    “Because time is something you all are clearly lacking,” you muttered, unable to help yourself.

    Their Fey hearing caught every word — like you knew it would. They glared at you. Loki’s look softened, now only slightly murderous. Though when the corner of his mouth quirked up, he definitely looked terrifyingly crazy.

    “No one can resist the Grove,” he said, some of his composure returned, “and it’s killed far too many innocent fey, humans and other races alike. This is not a trial. You’re putting her on trial.”

    “Aren’t they one and the same?” Helio asked innocently.

    The older fey cut in again, irritation clear in his eyes, even in the dim forest. He was going to have to keep Helio on a tighter leash.

    “There is no precedent for a human queen on Asgard, Prince Loki. We’re moving forward as best and fairly as we see fit.”

    Loki clenched his jaw but didn’t say anything. You didn’t know what in the Seven Hells this Grove was, but you wanted him to keep fighting to get you away from it. You shivered, your whole body chilled with sweat, and tried to straighten against the overwhelming magic of the jungle. This wasn’t the pure kind of magic that flowed freely throughout the realms — the kind each race harnessed at will. No. This was warped and twisted magic, split and reshaped until its power reeked of something toxic. It could have been the after effects of your first time flickering, but you had a feeling the lasting nausea wasn’t because of your transportation.

    The councilmen took your silence as agreement and proceeded with the trial.

    “Because you have been trained against the Grove and have proven to be almost immune to the effects of its magic, your role in this trial is watch Miss YLN and refrain from interfering on her behalf,” the councilman said.

    You looked up at Loki. Clearly he’d meant everyone but himself when he’d said that no one could resist the Grove. Even in the dim light, you could see that that little fact didn’t sit well with Helio. If you’d had to guess, unlike Loki, he wasn’t an exception to the rule.

    “That’s the future queen you’re putting through that monstrosity you call magic,” Loki snapped, “I will not risk her safety when you can easily find another trial.”

    “If you truly love her and trust her strength and honesty,” the councilman continued calmly, “there should not be a problem.”

    “He truly loves me,” you interrupted before Loki could get you kicked out of the trials before they even began.

    You were sure the council would love it if the trials ended now. It was probably the reason they chose this trial — whatever it was — to begin with. Either that or to kill you. The thought was just another raindrop in the nauseous pool that was your stomach.

    Loki looked at you long and hard and you had the feeling that he was trying to tell you something. Had you actually been in love, you might have understood what it was. Instead, you nodded as if you did. The gesture seemed to reassure him until you said, “I’m ready.”

    His eyes widened and it looked like you’d just squished him in between a rock and the bottom of the ocean. Guess that wasn’t what he wanted you to say. You knew you should feel more terrified, but the whole imminent prospect of death was giving you a sense of bravado you knew you shouldn’t feel but did. You needed to get on with the trial. You had to do it. Whether you lived through it or not…well hopefully you would but that didn’t change the fact that it had to be done.

    “She’s ready,” Loki echoed, recovering quickly, “in fact, let this be a warning to the council.”

    You paused, his warning ringing through the air with more of the finality of a threat.

    “She — we — will pass this trial because we are meant to and because YN has the strength of a true queen. But should you twist and break the laws again, know that I will too,” he met their stares, wearing a cruel smile on his face like a promise, “and in that case, you will have your future king and queen whether you agreed upon it or not.”

    Wisely, they didn’t do anything other than nod.

    “Step into the circle Miss YLN,” the older councilman gestured to the side, but it took you a second to realized he was motioning toward the torches that lined a small stone circle.

    You felt Loki’s hand rest on your lower back. It wasn’t a push but rather a reminder that he was there, even if he wasn’t going into the circle with you. You rolled your shoulders back and nodded up at Loki even if it didn’t anything to quell the worry in his eyes. You walked forward, that innate sense of wrongness getting stronger until you almost couldn’t stand it any longer. When you stepped past the torch, the feeling eased enough for you to breathe but not enough to completely remove the weight on your chest. You stood so that you were facing the three Fey who would watch you go through whatever this was. But Loki was the only person you focused on. He was far enough away now that you could barely see him in the darkness, but you knew he could see you. You desperately held onto the thought that you weren’t quite so alone in the trial.

    “The rules of this trial are simple,” the elder councilman said, “we will ask you a series of questions and you must answer them truthfully.”

    Well that wasn’t going to happen. You were starting to see why Loki might be nervous about this. Especially that you were too nervous to ask about what would happen if you didn’t.

    “Are you ready, Miss YLN? The trial is about to begin.”

    You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak and steeled yourself for the first question.

    “Let’s begin with a simple question,” he said as if that would reassure you, “Why are you here?”

    You wanted to say that it was to prove your love to Loki Laufeyson but pain ripped through your core, sucking the breath form your lungs. You tried not to show your pain, but knew they must have all seen it. Loki stepped out of the darkness but stopped as quickly as he’d moved, remembering his declaration.

    “Just speak the truth, sweetheart,” he said, “that’s all there is to this trial.”

    His voice was lighthearted but you could hear the message in his voice. The pain you’d felt was triggered by the lie you were about to say. You began to panic. This was it. You were done before the trial even began. You tried again, but the pain was so intense, your vision blurred.

    “We’re waiting, Miss Fenella,” Helio sang.

    You needed to give them an answer. You had to give them something. You had nothing. You didn’t know what to do. The truth would kill you. The Grove probably would too. You could feel the magic of the Grove pulling and pushing your body like a tide, and terrified and panicked, you gave into it.

    “I’m here to save my sister.”

    You almost cursed, hating the words as they came out. The only relief was that the truth had give you a reprieve from the pain and that you hadn’t said a word about the Hand. You sucked down a full, but shaky breath. You couldn’t answer another question. Not if you wanted to succeed. Not without risking everything you’d ever cared about.

    Loki looked down at the ground. If he were here instead of you, he could have done better…could have lied…actually, he could lie. You knew the councilmen were speaking, but you couldn’t hear a word they were saying. If he could lie within the Grove then there had to be a way to bypass the pain. A way around this. There had to be.

    They had said that he was trained against the Grove, not born immune. Which meant it wasn’t because of what he was. You knew it would be almost impossible to do, especially in your current state, but all you needed was that little bit of hope, that somehow you might be able to do it too. You pushed down the fear and worry, settling back into your decades of training for moments exactly like this.

    “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” your voice wasn’t strong or confident, but it didn’t matter. You needed to save your energy for the lies.

    “Please elaborate on why you’re here.”

    You tried to think of a lie that would somehow fit with what you’d said, but just the thought sent a wave of pain through you. Your abilities rose up from within to combat the pain, and you were about to push them down but stopped, letting them hover just bellow the surface. This place reeked with magic. There was a good chance they couldn’t feel your magic within the Grove even if you almost released them. You scratched your ear. You had to bypass the pain long enough to tell the lie, but maybe that pain would become bearable if you used even just a small part of you that wasn’t human. And maybe you didn’t quite have to lie either.

    You sucked in a deep breath, “my sister is being held hostage by a…horrible disease.”

    You waited for the pan, but it seemed that metaphors got past the rules of its magic. You continued, “Loki is helping me cure her from it.”

    “So that’s it?” Helio answered gleefully, “no love then. Just a bargain.”

    Loki’s head snapped up. Desperation was etched clearly on his face and there was nothing he could do to save his title. It was all on you. Only you. You took in a deep breath and tried to say that it was all love between you, but pain rammed into you stronger than before. You brought your abilities up to the surface to match it and the pain eased only so that it was bearable. You clenched your jaw, surprised and was even more so when none of the Fey’s reactions changed. They truly couldn’t sense your abilities here. Not through the stink of the twisted magic.

    “No!” You yelled. You braced yourself, holding tight onto your magic and digging your nails hard into your palms, “Loki and I,” you pressed harder into your palms, trying to smooth out your features as you focused on the pain of your own making, “have been away, trying to find the cure. We believe that there might be something here, in Fionn, that will help and figured, while we were here, we would reinstate his regency.”

    Loki blinked slowly, his posture straightening and he looked at you with an intensity as if he’d never seen you before. You didn’t hold his gaze long. You couldn’t even if you tried. Yellowish halos blinked in and out of sight, clouding your vision. You focused on the pain in your palm, trying not to flinch at the tremors of pain rolling off the lies.

    “So really, you’re here to save your sister and to help Loki become king,” Helio clapped his hands together and nodded, a wide grin on his face, “I think we’re done here.”

    “No!” You held onto your abilities, desperate to use them completely, but dug your nails in further into your palms until a warm liquid coated them. It distracted you long enough from the gut wrenching pain in your chest to rush out the words, “I’m here to prove to you that I love Loki Laufeyson and that he loves me.”

    You almost collapsed to the ground, your palms catching your knees at the last second. You gagged but managed not to empty the contents of your stomach. You closed your eyes. Your breath was shaky and tears burned at your eyes, but you had to push the pain down. Even if your whole body trembled with effort to stay conscious. You couldn’t give up now.

    When you looked up, the eldest councilman eyed you warily, “last question, Miss YLN.”

    You almost sobbed with relief.

    “Who do you love most in this world?”

    Your heart fell in your chest. You couldn’t do it. Not about this. Somehow you knew that if you lied about something so inherently true about you, you’d die. The throbbing pain increased as if sensing your desire to lie. You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t take the pain anymore. You couldn’t look at Loki either. You didn’t want to see how he’d react.

    “My sister.”

    The truth washed over you like a breath of fresh air and you held it close, drawing on it for your next words, “my little sister is the only family I have left in this world and there is no one I love more. I love Loki more than you can imagine and he knows that, but he would never ask me to rank the people I love because he loves me. Above anything, Loki and I are a team. We’re best friends. I chose because you asked me to, but not because my love for him means any less.”

    The half truths were a pathetic balm to the fire burning under your skin and your abilities threatened to get out and take away the hammering pain. You almost lost control and your body spasmed in an attempt to hold yourself together. You didn’t look up to see if they’d bought your pitiful excuse of a plan. Swaying on your feet and decided it was time to go. They had said final question. They wouldn’t get any more.

    With everything you had left, you jut your chin up and stumbled over to Loki. He scooped your up into his arms in what looked like a loving embrace, but really, he was the only reason you were still upright. It took everything you had left to keep your watery eyes from spilling over. A tear stained his shirt.

    “It’s my turn now,” he whispered into your ear, “I’ve got you.”

    He pulled away, but kept you tucked by his side. He still bore most of your weight but now in a way that didn’t look so suspicious.

    Helio pursed his lips, “we will see you back at the barracks.”

    They vanished.

    You kept your palms closed tightly into little balls and didn’t say anything, knowing what was coming next.

    “It should be a little easier this time,” he murmured, though he didn’t sound like he believed it.

    You held on as tight as you could and waited as you flickered.

    You threw up when you landed. A few people chuckled and you heard him laugh, saying something about flickering taking a while to get used to. The people bought the excuse with another laugh and he offered you a glass of water. You had no idea where it had come from. You were too afraid to unclench your fists so you shook your head even though you wanted to wash the taste out of your mouth. He held you up a little higher and you prayed you didn’t look as terrible as you felt. You didn’t even look for the court of mischief in the crowd, too afraid they’d instantly know how badly you’d failed.

    Loki pressed a kiss to the top of your head, but really it was only to murmur the words, “we’re almost out. Hang on a little longer.”

    With everything you had left, you lifted your chin higher and stared each and every councilman down with as much hatred as you could, starting with the elder councilman and ending with Helio. The bastard only smirked.

    Loki wanted to tear the councilmen apart and burn their pathetic dais to the ground. He held YN as gently as he could, wondering how in the seven hells she was still standing. Hells she shouldn’t have even been alive after the lies she’d told. And all the crowd had done was laugh. He wanted nothing more than for them to feel exactly the way she was feeling right now, but he knew he was at their mercy. And his court had been shooting him warning looks since he’d landed. Especially Gamora.

    Loki felt her eyes boring into his side so he forced down a shallow breath. They were a stern reminder not to let his emotions get in the way of everything they’d worked for this past moon.

    The council was drawing out their reveal of the verdict for effect, but as Loki stared at the eldest councilman’s pursed lips knew what it would be. They’d seen YN struggling against the Grove. They all knew what that meant. Despite how well she’d done, they had to know she was lying…even if no human should have been able to survive it. But none of their failure was her fault. He’d been the one to chose a human to get the job done. She was the one still standing. Loki tucked her even closer to his side, trying to bear as much of her weight as he subtly could.

    But it didn’t matter. The head councilman’s eyes weren’t on him. They were on her. And her gaze never dropped from his, even as she lifted her chin in defiance. Wherever she’d come from, she was a warrior. Of that, he had no doubts.

    “We’ve come to a decision,” the councilman’s voice echoed throughout the arena. The fey and nobles leaned in close, their faces giddy with anticipation. The only grim faces in the crowd belonged to his court and their expressions dropped his heart into his stomach. Loki could only imagine what they must look like. And if they looked half as bad as the twisted magic they reeked of, they didn’t have a chance to make it out of the first trial.

    The councilman’s eyes lingered on YN’s fierce expression as if he were still making up his mind, though how could he be? Loki saw the smug look on Helio’s face and the desperation his court’s faces. He’d gotten blindsided by their ability to play dirty and now it was costing him more than he’d ever bargained for. He saw that now. He was going to have to think of one hell of a plan to get them out of this mess. If he could get them out of this mess.

    He sucked in a breath and let YN lean into his side a little more.

    “The first trial is a…”

    Natasha Romanoff walked through the garden, tracking the shadow that skipped through the pale twilight as if didn’t follow the rules of the sun but rather danced along its own path. It wove in and around the trees, and Nat could have sworn she heard it laugh. But that was silly. They never actually made a sound. She could only ever hear them in her mind.

    The shadow raced ahead, spun around the tree and poked its head out from behind the trunk, playing hide and seek. It flashed a toothy grin, clear razor sharp teeth like the icicles in Odin’s court, melted down to a fine point.

    Hello Darling, Nat thought.

    The shadow nodded its acknowledgement and danced along the edges of the pines. It wanted to take her somewhere and seemed excited by what it had found. She’d never met this particular demon before, but it seemed trustworthy enough. Then again, most of them were. At least, they were with her.

    The ice crunched like gravel under her boots as she followed, picking up speed until she was almost running to keep up. The demon laughed again. Nat grinned.

    “Lady Samantha, what are you doing out in the garden by yourself?”

    Samantha. She hated the name. But she hated it less coming out of this ice person’s mouth than when it came out of her sister’s. At least this man didn’t know who she really was. Her sister did. Nat understood why YN insisted on using her alias, even when they were alone together, but seven hells, even centuries later, she still had hearing it. Samantha. Gods she hated it.

    Nat turned around, trying to remember this particular ice turd’s name. There were so many in Odin’s court that they all blurred together to form a particularly colourful portrait of the word asshole. Mercifully, none of them seemed to notice her disdain when she used Flaik’s native word for master when she addressed them. They weren’t the brightest snow in Flaik that was for sure.

    “Maitri,” Nat bowed, almost a full year of practice in her to stomach bowing to this scum, “I simply needed fresh air. The gardens are so beautiful at this time of year.”

    The demon lurked over the bush, poised right over the man’s head, claws growing like late evening shadows. It sensed danger but it wouldn’t attack. Nat had sensed its spirit and there had been nothing there but kindness. So unless the man did something incredibly stupid, he would walk away unscathed. Unfortunately.

    He took a step forward, boxing her in between the trees. Well, maybe he wouldn’t walk away unscathed after all. The shadow dropped onto the man’s shoulder and he shivered. For a moment the man looked perplexed. The ice people never got cold. Nat grinned.

    He took a step back as if he suddenly sensed that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure it out. They never could. Nat cocked her head, daring him to take another step. There was a reason everyone in Odin’s court ignored her, and it wasn’t because they thought she was human.

    “I’ll leave you to it then,” he muttered and hurried away.

    The shadow perked up again and bounded down the path. Nat followed. She was going to search this whole palace ice block by ice block until she figured out a way to break the magic tying her life to this deal. Because Odin couldn’t get the Hand, even if it killed her. But that was only a last resort. Nat didn’t plan on dying any time soon, so she had no choice to find a way to sever the magic. Because, if there was anyone who would find the Hand, it was YN. And she couldn’t let her sister hand over something so powerful to that monster.

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    my favorite day of the week!! happy sinful saturday everyone, hope everyone's been having a great week so far :)

    if you're new here, let me just fill you in on the details:

    Every Saturday, you can send me requests for a drabble or short imagine (fics under 1k words), and I’ll write it for you!!

    Send me an ask with…

    - a prompt for a drabble (or more than one!)

    - a would you rather, a choice between two options, and I’ll write about my choice

    - a fantasy of yours

    - or any idea you might have in mind!!

    I'll complete any ask that is sent in before midnight on Sunday, and any others will spill over into next week!

    Click this to send me an ask :) see you all in the morning!!

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    Loki x Reader: Apocalypse ch 6

    Thanks for reading, please oh please like/comment/reblog


    You tilted your head as you saw the defeated look on Loki’s face. “Oh, did I say something wrong?”

    Loki looked away, “No, you’re fine, just.” He trailed off.

    You leaned forward, spur of the moment and hugged him. “It’s so good to see you.”

    “What?” Loki stiffened at the contact.

    “I never thought I’d see you again after Tony’s, and the compound and just. You seemed better than what they made you out to be. You made a heroic sacrifice.”

    For a moment Loki relaxed into your touch. “Oh.” His bloodied red eyes flickered in your direction. “I would say the same but.” He stopped.

    You bit your lip, a shiver running through you at the cold. Slowly you nodded, your eyes scanning over the strange contraption on his neck. You were silent, wanting to reach out and touch it. Unbidden, your hand reached for it, sliding over the icy cold metal. It burned to touch through your gloves.

    Loki pulled back, “Don’t.”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s best not to talk where wandering ears can hear.”

    “Good point, let’s get to somewhere safe. Besides, it’s getting colder and later in the day. I can’t risk being out at dark, and you shouldn’t either. Without the sun, we’ll freeze to death in minutes.”

    Loki chuckled, “I can assure you, I’ll be fine, but I appreciate the concern.”

    You fought the urge to blurt out if it had something to do with his strange eyes, but you figured that was just some weird magic. Instead, you nodded and stood up, offering your hand to him.

    Loki, touched the ground timidly, feeling for painful shards before pushing himself up.

    You reached out and grabbed his arm, helping steady him. There was a brief moment where he scowled in your direction before he sighed and accepted your proffered hand. “Thank you.” Loki mumbled.

    Nodding, you started to guide him slowly through the store and back the way you had come. You made sure to collect Loki’s daggers. One you gave to him, knowing he was more lethal with it than you, even without his sight and the other you kept in your hand. You watched for signs of the blue beasts as you trudged up the street. Somehow Loki seemed to float atop the snow, not sinking into it.

    As you walked, you couldn’t help but toss admiring glances over your shoulder at Loki. Even with his hair mussed up from the fight, his body bent slightly in pain, and the bloodied face, he was as stunning as you remembered.

    “You really don’t have to do this.” Loki muttered, breaking the eerie silence. Today there was no wind, just bitter cold.

    “I know. I want to.”


    “You made a great sacrifice for the people of Earth before the blip, you tried to save a lot of people. And the Avengers trusted you, Tony trusted you.” Your voice was muffled by your scarves.

    Loki nodded, painfully, “I did. Why does it matter what Stark thinks?”

    “Uh, did I mention he’s my, like, second cousin?”

    Loki’s eyebrows rose, then he hissed in pain. “No, I don’t believe so. Is that why you were at the compound and his home?”


    “That doesn’t explain why you were so keen to be around me though.”

    “I just wanted to get to know you. Is that so bad?”

    “No one wants to know me without an ulterior motive.”

    You blinked, nearly stumbling to a halt and causing Loki to walk into you. “What?”

    Loki grunted, stumbling and righting himself as he gripped your coat. “What?”

    “People don’t just, be your friend?”

    “Can we move on? And will you stop staring it’s disconcerting.”

    “I’m not staring.” You felt your cheeks heat up, “I’m just making sure you’re still nearby.”

    “I’m sure you could tell by the fact that I’m holding your arm.” Loki smirked.

    You jerked your chin, “Over there, that’s my building.”

    Loki nodded, panting heavily. “Good. This body is weak.”

    “You say that like it’s not your own.”

    Loki clenched his jaw and with his free hand grabbed at the device on his neck. It only served to dig into his pale skin further.

    “Please don’t, it looks like that hurts you.” You mumbled, glancing back again as you guided him nearer the building.

    Opening and closing the door, behind the two of you, you stepped inside. The two of you made your way to your room and you stepped within, turning the heat up as high as you could, before looking around with a smile.

    “Tah-dah!” You said, stretching your arms out happily.

    Loki gazed blindly around the room, “It seems adequate.”

    “Probably not what you’re used to.”

    He shrugged, “It will suffice.”

    “Here,” You guided him over to the bed and had him sit down. The sun was hitting the horizon outside and you were thankful you had made it into the safety of your home in time.

    Slowly you stripped your outer layers of clothes, hanging them in the corner to let the gathered snow melt and dry for the next day’s excursion.

    Loki sat stock still on the bed, back ramrod straight and you found yourself wondering what he was thinking. You ended up in a thick sweater and sweatpants with woolen socks, though you found you did not need your gloves today. It seemed the added person in the room was contributing enough heat to make you a bit warmer.

    “Hey, do you have anything you want to change into…?” You trailed off realizing how dumb that sounded. Loki didn’t have a bag with him. Then again he was a sorcerer, maybe he could just magic some clothes.

    Loki shut his eyes bitterly and dug his fingers into his knees. “All I have is this.”

    “Well, my neighbor across the hall was your height, maybe we can scrounge up something from him. Let me go look.”


    Moments’ later you were back, shivering, with a pile of the warmest clothes you could find in a hurry. As well as any necessities you thought a man Loki’s size and apparent age might appreciate, the creature comforts he might want. You dumped them on the bed.

    “Did realize he was an ER tech. Or something with medicine. No wonder he was always coming home at weird hours.”

    Loki lifted up a thick sweatshirt and soft black sweat pants. He shook his head irritably, “These are not fit for…” the words caught in his throat.

    You sat down next to him and couldn’t stop the instinctive action of placing your hand on his thigh.

    Loki stiffened at the contact.

    You quickly pulled your hand away. “Sorry.” You squeaked.

    Loki coughed, standing up and removing his cape. Then slowly he stripped his shirt.

    You told yourself you were going to look away, you were going to give him privacy. But he just took his shirt off right in front of you.

    For a moment you ogled his toned back muscles, hardened from years of dedication to his craft.

    Then the moment was lost and you noticed the injuries.

    “Loki.” You whispered, standing up and reaching out to touch his skin gently. A rare pale place that seemed free of bruises, cuts, scars, or other maladies.

    Loki’s muscles rippled beneath your hand as he stiffened at your touch, a visible shiver running through him. Spinning around, Loki looked at you warily. “What?”

    “These are fresh. Why didn’t you say the blue creature had injured you so? I didn’t know it was able to do that much damage to a god.”

    “I’m not a god.” Loki spat bitterly, “I’m mortal.”

    You had reached out to touch another cut still bleeding on his chest, causing Loki to hiss.

    “Woman, do you always touch painful injuries, or do you make an exception for me?” He asked irritably.

    You felt your cheeks flush, “Sorry.” Turning you reached for the first aid supplies your ER neighbor had kept at home. “Here, let me help.” There was anti bruising cream, sutures, and plenty of gauze. You cleaned each of the wounds as best you could, finding occasional shards of glass, rocks, or plaster in some of the deeper cuts and used tweezers to dig it out. Loki would wince from time to time at the deepest and largest pieces, but otherwise he remained mostly silent.

    When you finally got to his face and his eyes, you poured warm water around them, cleaning the dried blood. “I wish I knew how to treat them.” You glanced down at the contraption on his neck, “and that thing.” You tugged on it gently.

    Loki grunted, “Don’t, you’ll just dig it in worse.”

    “What put that on you?”

    “The Allfather, king of the nine realms.”

    “Isn’t that… isn’t that your uh dad?”

    “Adopted. But yes. Dear old dad.”

    “That’s barbaric, you’re bleeding from it!”

    Loki smiled sadly. “Indeed.”

    You wrapped the gauze around his head, covering his eyes and figured it would soak up the last of the blood until it stopped, then you could remove it once again. After that, well you didn’t know what you’d do about him being unable to see. Given that Odin was part of the reason Loki was in such a predicament, you figured he wouldn’t kill you for letting his son go blind.

    “Well, here.” You said after a quiet moment, helping Loki pull the hoodie on.

    Loki’s red eyes stared in your direction forlornly when the hoodie was on and your hands had pulled away from him. Almost instinctually he had pulled toward you. But now, with the hoodie separating you, he shifted away once more.


    “Hm?” Loki hummed in response, shoulders hunched and placed his hands between his legs as he sat staring unseeing into the distance.

    You wanted to ask him the last time he’d been touched, hugged, held, instead you asked, “When is the last time you slept?”

    “I don’t remember.”

    “Humans can’t go very long without sleep.”

    “Neither can Asgardians, and yet I have often done so.”

    You tilted your head curiously. “That’s not very healthy.”

    “No, I suppose not.”

    Throwing caution to the wind, you reached up and rubbed his shoulder blades, knowing that was one of the lesser injured places. At first he stiffened at your touch, but slowly he seemed to relax, warily. “What are you doing?” He finally asked after a few moments.

    “It calms me.” You admitted truthfully. How long had you been by yourself? You were lonely, scared, on edge. The rhythmic circles lulled you. It would be better if he had done so to you, but you knew he needed them more.

    Loki looked slightly to the side of you suspiciously. “Very well.”

    “Remember at the tower?”

    “It has been some time.”

    “You’d be in your recovery bed resting. I’d bring whatever books I could find and read to you.”

    Loki smiled fondly at the memory. “You had some peculiar choices.”

    “I’m not the most well read person, I’ll be honest. But you did enjoy Shakespeare.”

    Loki chuckled. Round and round your hand smoothed over the soft texture of the hoodie. “Yes, he could compete with the bards of Asgard.”

    “You kept telling me I should try reading a real book. I wanted to flick your nose so bad, but you weren’t so bad, you just needed someone to listen to you.”

    Loki chuckled, “Not so bad.” He stifled a yawn.

    “And then I discovered you could do magic. Real, powerful magic. Dr. Strange could do magic, but he was only just learning, and without the Eye of Agammoto to cheat, he was stuck learning at a human pace and now, he was pathetically behind. He didn’t know what real power was.”

    “Now you’re just flattering me.”

    “It’s true! You could tell me what real magic looked like, tell me what a real sorcerer was capable of.”

    Loki held out his hand and then sighed, a strangled cracking sound in his throat as he clenched his teeth.

    “Loki, I didn’t mean it that way, I just. I wanted you to tell me about you. What fascinates you, what was the first book you read, when did you first ride a horse, fight a monster…?” Kiss someone… woah now where did that thought come from?

    You pulled your turtleneck up to cover your cheeks.

    Loki turned towards you. “You really want to know those things?”

    You had stopped rubbing his back, “Yea. They sound interesting. Why not? You’re fascinating.”

    “We spoke of this earlier, what do you gain?”

    “Well, I hoped we were friends at the time, and I wouldn’t mind being friends now, if not allies, we’re both living in a dangerous world. I take it if you’re mortal, you’re not in Odin’s good graces and you could use someone to watch your back. I… I could do that.” You offered sheepishly.

    You quailed under Loki’s blind gaze. He couldn’t physically see you, yet he could see into your soul now.

    “Allies, friends?” Loki asked slowly.

    You smiled at him. “Yes. And hey, maybe we can brainstorm ideas to get that nasty neck thing off you, in the morning though. I’m beat, I need to sleep.”

    “Oh, right.” Loki stood up.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To give you privacy.”

    “The bed is big enough for two, besides, it’ll be warmer if we’re both in it.” You couldn’t believe you were suggesting that.

    Loki turned his head down at you. “Very well.” Sitting down, he slowly removed his boots and began to fumble with his trousers.

    Your eyes widened as you realized he was going to change into the sweatpants you had procured for him. You dove under the covers on your side and scrunched your eyes shut. Breathing heavily as you tried not to picture what he might look like.

    The bed indented on the other side as Loki climbed in next to you.

    “Pet, are you hiding?” He asked curiously. You could hear the amusement in his voice.

    “No. No.” You stammered, trying to strengthen your voice and keep the pitch from being so nervous.

    “Very well. Sleep well then.” Loki grunted at the contraption as he rolled over and then lay still.

    You lay on your back for hours, staring up at the ceiling. It was true the bed felt much warmer with him nearby, though you weren’t sure that was actually the shared body heat so much as…

    You swallowed and risked a glance towards Loki’s sleeping form. His chest rose in deep even breaths. Watching it rise and fall you began to count, slowly, steadily, you too were lulled to sleep.

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    The Kids Will Be Alright

    Chapter 20

    Single dad!Bucky, single mom!reader; Social Media AU

    Summary: Bucky and Y/n have been friends for over ten years, since high school. Nothing has ever happened between them until one lonely night a few years ago. That one night left them with a little surprise. They agreed to raise their child together as friends. As their child gets older, as they get older, they’re faced with new challenges as co-parents, and possibly secret feelings (according to their friends).

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  • trickster-grrrrl
    31.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    If it doesn't already exist someone should start a collection on Ao3 that is specifically rewrites of the Loki show But Make It Competent And Interesting And Treats Loki's Trauma With All The Seriousness And Respect It Deserves And Actually Gives Loki A Real Friend Not A Girlfriend Who Demeans Him At Every Possible Turn And Treats The Fascist Authoritarian Organization Like A Fascist Authoritarian Organization No Redemption Arc For Mobius Fuck That Guy No Selfcest That's Just Weird And Loki Learns To Love Himself


    so does someone else want to start a collection for fics like that or do I have to do it myself?

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