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    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    When I kiss you, it tastes like heaven

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FWm7Q6

    by Mimisempai

    Kisses often have several meanings, but with Loki and Mobius, there is always love.


    5 kisses that could have happened in the series.

    30 days OTP challenge Day 13: Kissing

    Words: 2923, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 13 of Lokius OTP 30 days challenge

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021), Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Sylvie (Loki TV)

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius

    Additional Tags: Developing Relationship, Getting Together, Canon Compliant, to a certain point, Fix-It of Sorts, Kissing, 30 Day OTP Challenge, Episode: s01e02 The Variant (Loki TV), Episode: s01e04 The Nexus Event (Loki TV), Episode: s01e05 Journey Into Mystery (Loki TV), Post-Episode: s01e06 For All Time. Always. (Loki TV), Fluff

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FWm7Q6

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    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    the last flower blooms

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3HZtSqw

    by fluffy_miracle

    After his father, the King of Asgard, decrees that it is time he is wed to further Asgard's allies, Loki picks En Dwi Last of Sakaar as his fiancé. That alpha was the only interesting one in the whole lot. While they are about to be wed, Loki meets Mobius, an up and coming warlord, who catches his attention and keeps it. En Dwi doesn't care who Loki invites into his bed as long as the omega doesn't get caught by his father, and so Loki and Mobius have a whirlwind fling that ends disastrously.

    Loki has to settle into his new life as the Grandmaster's husband while Mobius is chased off by Asgard's forces. Loki and Mobius never forget each other, both of them wondering what might have been if Odin had accepted Mobius' proposal instead. They meet years later and Mobius, a feared and bloody warlord now, concocts a plan to get Loki back where he belongs: by his side.

    Words: 1855, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Thor (Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster, Odin (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Frigga | Freyja (Marvel), Hela (Marvel), OC children characters - Character, Heimdall (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius, En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster/Loki

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Universe Alteration, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Historical, more fantasy than historical but I digress, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha/Omega, Alternate Universe, Power Dynamics, Power Play, Power Imbalance, Arranged Marriage, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, Rescue, Children of Characters, Pregnancy, Angst and Drama, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Branding, Claiming, Claiming Bites, Strangers to Lovers, Lovers to Friends, friends - Freeform, Lovers, Romantic Soulmates, Eventual Happy Ending, Eventual Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Rough Sex, Rape/Non-con Elements, alpha mobius, Omega Loki (Marvel), Omega Thor, Alpha En Dwi Gast, Alpha Hela, War, Politics, Political Alliances, Painting, Artist Loki, Prince Loki, Royalty, Violence, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Abuse, Asgard (Marvel), Sakaar (Marvel), Miðgarðr | Midgard, Alternative Universe - Kingdom, Alternate Universe - Medieval, Warlords, Soldiers, Adoption, Adopted Loki (Marvel), Omega Verse, time jumps

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3HZtSqw

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    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Hair cutting Punishment – Dom!Male!Reader x Sub!Male!Loki

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3D1ekyC

    by BlackyPanther9

    Loki teased M/n for a long while and then the Reader punishes Loki with his biggest fear.

    Words: 1103, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki Laufeyson/Odinson, Tony Stark, Male!Reader - Character

    Relationships: Loki x Reader

    Additional Tags: Brat!Loki, Male!Loki, male!reader, dom!reader, Sub!Loki, hair cutting, Hair Pulling, Scared!Loki, Orgasm Denial, Teasing, Sexual Teasing, Multiple Orgasms, Aftercare

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3D1ekyC

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  • lugialagia
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Another One

    Pairing : Blackfrost (Natasha x Loki)

    Words : 1,642

    Contains : Hurt and fluff

    After having proved that Loki was innocent, that it was Thanos who was controlling him during the attack in New York, Loki had been able to join the Avengers, saying that he had seen and lived through horror and wanted to fight Thanos when the day would come. It took a lot for the team to believe the God. But eventually, they finally believed his words, seeing the tears welling up in his eyes when he talked about what Thanos did to him.

    It had been two years now, and he did hold his promise, fighting each time by their side. And of course, Loki started to feel something that he never thought he would one day. He, the cold hearted God of Mischief and frost giant. Love invaded his heart. He fell in love with the mysterious and dangerous assassin of SHIELD; Natasha Romanoff. But he never said anything about it, too afraid to be rejected by the only one he ever had interested in. No one ever liked him for who he was, the only times he had flickered around with people, was when he was changing his form. No one knew it was the young Prince.

    On the other side, Natasha was pretty much feeling the same. She liked his clever mind, his snarky comments and the fact that he wasn’t showing off like Tony. And it was very interesting to talk to him. Loki was very passionate about any kind of subject, he loved to ramble and the red head loved to listen to his calm voice, looking into his sparkling eyes. But she was thinking the same way. Why would Loki, a God, a Prince, would want her? A woman that killed so many people, even innocent ones. This wasn’t possible. 

    With that thought, Loki tried to forget a bit his feelings, searching for love elsewhere. Midgard could be good right? Here, they didn’t care if he was a frost giant, they ignored so many things. So he started to meet people outside, trying to seduce people he was finding attractive and mentally interesting. If they couldn’t hold a conversation, it was a big no. That’s when he started to date a man named Sam. He really liked him but it ended just two months after because they didn’t manage to see each other a lot with their respective work.  

    After that, he didn’t date for a few more months, until he met Gloria. She was kind of perfect for him. Loki never was bored with her, they were talking a lot and honestly, she could have been the one, but his mind still thought about Natasha. But since he thought he had found a rare little pearl, the Prince didn’t want to let go for a one-way love. So his relationship was now going on for eight months.

    Of course, it was hurting Natasha to see Loki with someone. Well, she didn’t actually see him but it still hurt a lot. What was she expecting anyway? No one would want her.  

    But one day, Loki came back to the tower with a furious expression. Anyone in the room could feel the tension and anger radiating from his body. The God went back to his room and slammed the door behind him. Natasha, Steve and Tony looked at each other with a ‘what’s going on?’ look across their face. “Should we go and see him?” Steve asked the others.  

    Tony shrugged at this. “I don’t know, seems like we could be thrown out the window.” He said, Natasha rolling his eyes. “Someone need to go.” She said standing up. She honestly wanted to know what happened and she didn’t want to see him in such a state. Walking upstairs, she made her way to Loki's room and knocked on the door.  

    Loki was pacing around, fuming. But he stopped when he heard the knock. “Go away.” He growled, not wanting to see anyone. “Loki it's me.” Natasha called out. Ah, of course, it changed everything. “Come in.” The God finally said, sitting on the bed with a sigh.

    Natasha pushed the door open and walked in. “Hey.” She greeted, making her way toward the bed. “Did something happen? Wanna talk about it?” She asked softly, trying to be as friendly as possible for him to talk. It was crazy how her simple presence could calm his nerves. “I don’t know. I’m just angry.” Loki replied, looking down at his hands.  

    “Weren’t you supposed to go out with Gloria today?” Natasha then asked, remembering him say something about that. “I was but she is the reason of my anger.” The God said, his body tensing. Obviously, Natasha noticed it and she didn’t like it at all. What could this bit- woman could have done to him? “Are you two alright?” She asked curiously.  

    “No. It’s over. And she better not cross my path again.” Loki replied with a growl. Well, this was at least good news for Natasha. Now she could be at peace and not be hurting when he was talking about a lover. “Oh, I’m sorry.” No, she was not, but she needed to keep up the act, right? “What happened then?”  

    “She pretended to like me the whole time.” Loki finally said after a moment of silence. He couldn’t hide her anything, he couldn’t, didn’t want to. “She wanted to be close to me so she could get close to Thor.” Obviously, this was hurting him more than ever. The competition with his brother was always present, no matter the years, no matter what for. Throne, love, acceptance, friendship...Thor always had it all while Loki needed to fight for it, and obviously fail. Natasha was a bit surprised bit this. She really didn’t expect for such thing to happen. Damn, if she could see Gloria’s face right now, she would definitely shoot her in the head for hurting the Prince. But in the other hand, it was better for herself, maybe it was the moment to finally admit her feelings. Maybe.  

    “This is horrible. I’m sorry, Loki. She clearly didn’t deserve you.” The red head stated, placing a gentle hand on his knee. At the sudden touch, Loki’s body relaxed and he let out a soft sigh. “To be honest, I think this is a good thing.”

    Raising a curious brow, Natasha asked him why. This was the moment, right? The moment where he would tell her his feelings. But what if she didn’t want him, like he was afraid she would. What if she would say that she already loves someone else? What if she wasn’t interested in love? So many possibilities...but he needed to do it. He was a grown man now, no need to be scared like a little boy. “Because...I...I do love someone else.” He finally blurted out. Natasha was startled by the revelation, and couldn’t help but feel hurt by it. There, no need to admit her feelings, he had already made a choice. She definitely wanted to leave the room but she still decided to be a good friend first.  

    “Oh, alright. Well, you should just go and see them. Maybe it’s the right person for you.” She said with a light smile. Loki nodded and let out a sigh. “I know she is. Thank you for listening to me.” He said, finally looking up at her. Like usual, her face was straight, showing no emotion. Loki couldn’t even try to know if she indeed liked him back or not.  

    “No problem.” Natasha nodded and returned his smile. “I’ll be in my room, if you need to talk a bit more about all this.” She continued, standing up and leaving his room. That was a lot to take in. Feeling vulnerable, she rushed to her own bedroom and closed the door behind her, leaning against it with a loud sigh. She wouldn’t cry, she was too proud to cry for a man. But now, she was asking herself some questions. Would she be able to find love herself? To be happy like any other woman? Could she even forget or push aside her feelings for the God? All those questions were interrupted by a knock on her door. Frowning, she opened it and was surprised to see Loki, having changed his clothes for a nice black suit, flowers in his hands.  

    “What are you doing?” Natasha asked, startled to see him dressed like this in front of her room. “I’m here to thank you for your kind words. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to find the courage to do this. Natalia, would you do me the honour to court you?” Loki asked with the sweetest smile on his face. This was a wonderful and pleasing surprise. The God did love her. Her. Not another woman. Her heart was beating fast, proving that she indeed had one in the end.  

    “I thought I was gonna wait my whole life for this to happen.” She finally said with a faint blush on her face, letting her guard down. Loki’s heart was beating as frantically as hers, happy to hear those words. Did he finally deserve to be happy and in love as well? “This was exactly what l was thinking as well.” Loki admitted with a chuckle. “Would you like to go out on a date with me? Right now.”  

    Natasha grinned victoriously at this and accepted. “Of course, but let me change first. And you’ll have to wait for tonight if you want to kiss me.” She continued, turning around to go to the bathroom. But Loki reached out for her wrist, and pulled her back to him. “I don’t think I will be able to resist much longer.” Right after, he pressed his lips against her, letting the firework in his heart explode with love and passion.

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    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Flirting lessons.

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FSXNyN

    by Writtenbygi

    Mobius gets jealous, Loki receives flirting lessons from Sylvie, & Mobius finds something of Loki’s that he shouldn’t have.

    Words: 1070, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Sylvie (Loki TV), Mobius M. Mobius

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius

    Additional Tags: Flirting, Flirting Lessons, Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Genderfluid Loki (Marvel), Loki & Sylvie are Siblings (Loki TV), First Kiss, Jealous Mobius M. Mobius, Love Confessions, Gay Mobius M. Mobius, Protective Mobius M. Mobius, Good Loki (Marvel), Time Variance Authority (Marvel), loki loves mobius, Loki likes to draw, Loki draws Mobius, Mobius teases Loki, Loki confesses his love

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FSXNyN

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    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thigh riding – Little!Male!Reader x Daddy!Loki

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3HSZYnT

    by BlackyPanther9

    Summary: Loki was busy and little!Male!Reader was getting bored and wanted attention from his Daddy. As he sat on his lap M/n decided to ride Loki’s thigh and get himself off.

    Words: 803, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki Laufeyson, Loki Odinson, Male!Reader - Character

    Relationships: Loki x Reader

    Additional Tags: Male!Loki, male!reader, Little!Reader, Little spaced!Reader, daddy!loki, Smut, thigh riding, Aftercare, Needy!Reader

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3HSZYnT

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    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    MCU Heroes & Villains Masterlist



    Symbol Meanings:

    ✨ Fluff = 🐶

    ✨ General = 👋

    ✨ Dating = 💕

    ✨ NSFW = 🔞

    ✨ LGBTQ+ = 🏳️‍🌈

    ✨ Tragedy/Angst = 🖤

    ✨CrackFic = ❄️

    Symbols beside the characters names show you what kind of content I will be willing to write for them.

    Warning!: I DON’T write anything that is NSFW for minors. If you’re a minor DON’T interact with any NSFW content because I will be checking and I will block you for both your and my safety. Please respect this rule!

    Bruce Banner/Hulk 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes Jr./Winter Soldier 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Clint Barton/Hawkeye 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Mantis Brandt 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Arthur Douglas/Drax The Destroyer 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Groot 🐶 👋 🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Killmonger 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Loki Laufeyson 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Malekith 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Nebula 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Thor Odinson 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Okoye 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Pepper Potts 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    James Rhodes/War Machine 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Steve Rogers/Captain America 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Yon-Rogg 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Ronan 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Shuri 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Tony Stark/Iron Man 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Talos 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    T’Challa/Black Panther 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Thanos 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Ultron 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Valkyrie 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Vision 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

    Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson/Falcon 🐶 👋 💕🔞🏳️‍🌈🖤 ❄️

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    27.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Late nights in the archives.

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3E0hJ2a

    by Writtenbygi

    Loki & Mobius stay up late working in the archives, Loki falls asleep, but he also wakes up soon enough to hear a conversation between Hunter B-15 & Mobius.

    Words: 1189, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15 (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius

    Additional Tags: Love Confessions, Idiots in Love, TVA Hunter Mobius M. Mobius, TVA Agent Loki (Marvel), Time Variance Authority (Marvel), First Kiss, Fluff, Falling In Love, Awkward Crush, Crushes, Pre-Loki & Mobius M. Mobius's Roxxcart Store Divorce, loki loves mobius

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3E0hJ2a

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  • rubickk7
    27.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the space between

    For the Fic in a Box exchange, I wrote a Lokius fic. You can read it here.

    The first time Loki kissed Mobius—it was an accident. Beyond his control, really.
    The second time—actually, it wasn’t truly a second time at all, because Mobius had kissed him.
    And the third time, well—Loki has no explanation for that. No, wait, he does: he was drunk. Completely sloshed.
    After the second Time War, Loki, Mobius and Sylvie are settling down into a routine at the TVA. Loki uncovers something surprising about Mobius, and sets out to help Mobius rediscover a few experiences the TVA took away. All in the name of being a good friend.
    He learns a few things about himself along the way.
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  • blackypanther9
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #Ask#Request #Daddy!Loki #Little!Male!Reader #Male!Loki #Male!Reader #Loki Laufeyson#Loki Odinson #Loki x Reader #Marvel#MCU#Fanfiction
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    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago


    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/314K356

    by MaahHeim

    Loki decides to play a prank on Thor by shapeshifting into an attractive woman, but things get out of control.

    Words: 3025, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Thor (Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Thor (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel)

    Additional Tags: Romance, Incest, Sibling Incest, Brother/Brother Incest, Provocation, Shapeshifting, Shapeshifter Loki (Marvel), Mutual Pining, Hot

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/314K356

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  • ao3feed-lokiangst
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Movie Night

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/317mpo9

    by Meltha

    During the holidays, the Avengers (and Loki, for some odd reason) gather in Tony Stark's home theater to watch movies.

    Words: 1094, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Nick Fury, Bruce Banner

    Additional Tags: Loki is an Avenger... sort of, Holidays, Characters Watching Movies, Humor

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/317mpo9

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  • frostironfudge
    27.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Rush - Tom Hiddleston (Chapter 14)

    Summary: Chapter 14 of Rush - Tom Hiddleston (check warnings please)

    here is my masterlist

    < Chapter 13

    Chapter 15 (04.12.2021) >

    Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader, a few original characters.

    Warnings: mentions being drugged, non consensual touching & kissing, retelling of suffered childhood abuse & domestic abuse, mentions of s-exual abuse, making out mentioned, little fluff at the end. Please do not read if any of these are triggers for you, please contact helplines if you or someone you know requires help or is a victim of abuse, you are valid, you are heard, you are loved, cherished, wanted and needed by those around you. if you need someone to speak to my messages are always open. It was difficult writing this chapter, with these themes.

    Words: 5997


    Cassandra prided herself to be a resourceful woman. Always knowing when to retract, run, save herself and maybe someone who was worthy of her affections.

    When she saw Y/N on Tom’s bed, on the side that was hers, from their own nights, anger and betrayal bubbled over. To think she would spare Y/N now? Not a single breath of hers would go without pain.

    “What are you thinking about?” Lee asked as they were followed by Taillight, around the kitchen.

    “Nothing.” She was skeptical about their friendship with Y/N, it was known it stemmed from the past. Lee was not someone Cassandra would take a bullet for, Pierce and Tom however were such people.

    “Oh, you expect me to believe that?” They had a teasing tone. Cassandra gave a short shrug.

    “Well Tom’s returning with food.” Pierce declared as she entered the kitchen.

    They heard the garage door whir open.

    “I hope it is pizza.” Pierce grumbled, opening the bottle of Pinot.

    “Didn’t we have Pizza two days ago?” Cassandra straightened up as Tom entered, plastering on a smile for him.

    “That was crappy.” She declared

    “Hey! That was authentic pizza.” they piped up in argument.

    “Are you both still debating pizza?” Tom set down the bags from their mutually agreed Chinese restaurant.

    “They are.” Cassandra affirmed, rolling her eyes, as Tom shook his head in disappointment.

    It had been a week since, her plan to have Y/N gone from their lives had worked. She was not here, Miranda had her and Cassandra would sing from the rooftops, if it would not incriminate her for being the insider informing Miranda of her disobedience and lies.

    The last straw had been the Raconteuse’s attempt to drive a wedge between her team.

    “Where are you lost?” Pierce asked her this time.

    “Oh, just relishing the silence without certain people intervening into our lives.” She shrugged feigning innocence.

    “What do you mean?” Tom asked, passing her a box of the take out.

    “Oh, you know how our lives were turned upside down because of Raconteuse, she’s gone now, so we have no worries.” She took a bite of her food.

    “You’re right, I couldn’t tolerate the whining.” Tom added, before beginning to eat.

    “I wonder what became of her…” Pierce trailed off.

    “If Miranda Micheal has her we can only imagine.” Cassandra scowled as the topic shifted to her again, couldn’t they just move on?

    “In other news I’ve tracked down the man who conned me and my diamonds.” Cassandra felt giddy with excitement, four diamonds potentially being returned to her.

    “You mean Miranda’s.” Lee reminded, her jaw clenched in response.

    “Yes, so I can return them and the man can be thrown at her feet and Tom’s name can be cleared.” Cassandra smiled at Tom.

    He only paid attention to his food, begging his mind to not go there. Y/N was not here to get help him through it and no one here but Lee knew about why it was a painful process.

    Cassandra’s hand grabbed Tom’s, he looked at her, “I really am sorry you took the heat for that.” She sounded sincere.

    Tom would almost believe her. He just kept quiet it seemed easier to not respond.

    “So, what should we do to celebrate our new found freedom from whining?” Pierce asked the group, drinking her second glass to completion.

    “I say we go to a club.” Lee suggested, looking for feedback.

    “Yes!” Cassandra cheered, “I have just the outfit.” She smiled, maybe she would be able to have Tom to herself.

    The three looked at Tom, who nodded in agreement, it would feel good to let loose.

    The four found themselves, an hour later in between strangers, music too loud to hear their own thoughts.

    Lee and Pierce lost themselves in each other on the dance floor.

    Tom nursed a drink at the bar, Cassandra sat on the stool next to him.

    “What is on your brooding mind?” She asked voice raised over the music.

    Tom laughed responding, “I can’t think over the music.”

    “Ugh, Tom, please have something other than bourbon.” She made a disgusted expression, gesturing with her hand to the bartender to bring forth four shots.

    “You know I like my drinks neat.” He defended.

    “What is neater than a shot? And well, you need to have some fun.” She told him off.

    The bartender placed the shots in front of them, winking at Cassandra, who smiled in response.

    Tom pursed his lips, “Flirting with the bartender?”

    “Jealous?” She raised an eyebrow.

    “Just making an observation.” He finished his bourbon.

    Cassandra pushed two shot glasses towards him,

    “Now don’t leave a girl hanging.” She pouted.

    “Just these two.” He warned, she could get out of hand.

    “Promise.” She raised her shot glass, and they drank in unison.

    Then headed back to the dance floor as deeper beats reverberated through the club.

    “Pierce…” Lee’s mouth was agape.

    Pierce followed her partner’s line of vision, dropping her half empty, bottle of water.

    “What the fuck is he doing?!” She bellowed.

    Pierce and Lee stood frozen from the table they had secured, which overlooked the dance floor.

    “I’m going to throw up.” Pierce put an arm on their shoulder as they said the words.

    “Please let us be drunk and hallucinating.” They begged.

    Cassandra had her arms around Tom, they had been dancing and each passing minute they drew in closer, she finally had his mouth on hers. Oh how she had missed, this, Tom began pulling away, she tightened her grip and he gave into her.

    Tom’s mind was a haze, the lights around him doubled, his hands were being guided by Cassandra, then his legs followed her where she took him, he lost count after the fifth drink he had with her.

    They were dancing for over an hour, when she pulled Tom close and kissed him.

    He began pulling away as something in his mind tried connecting to his muscles to regain control.

    She pulled him closer, and he felt himself lean in, his mind brought forth the image of a woman, it was as though the image was covered by a stained glass, no matter how hard he blinked the haze wouldn’t clear.

    Cassandra began leading him towards the upper floor where their table was, all the while having Tom’s hands in hers, she giggled giddily.

    “You told me Y/N and he were…” Pierce tried finding a valid reason, Tom was the one who had shoved the entire idea of playing with Cassandra’s emotions to the bin, his stance clear.

    “I’m killing him.” Lee glowered, the entire mood shifting to a sour note.

    “Hey guys!” Cassandra bit her lips, as Tom and she sat down, in his lap, straddling him.

    “Hello!” Tom shouted cheerily, the lighting shifted and Pierce caught on Tom’s disheveled appearance, his breathing ragged, face flushed.

    “Isn’t he being adorable?” Cassandra giggles, as she let her lips move along his neck, Tom stiffened, Cassandra carried on not caring for the change in his demeanour.

    “Cassandra?” Lee felt their anger beginning to bubble up, he reached towards her,

    “Cass,” Pierce grabbed her shoulder, beating Lee to the move.

    “What?” Clearly bothered by the interruption she glared at her friend.

    “I don’t feel good, I think the alcohol is getting to me.” She explained to the blonde, who looked as Lee, who’s expression was a mix worry and pure rage but Cassandra only caught onto the worry.

    “Do you want to leave?” She got up from Tom’s lap, he sunk further into the seat, dazed looking at everything and nothing.

    “Yes please.” She swayed a little, adding to the lie.

    Cassandra, held her hand as she swayed a little far out, looking at Lee, again.

    “Did you have a fight?” She asked Pierce,

    Pierce, brought tears to her eyes, trying to hold back a sob.

    “Oh god, you fucking idiot!” She pointed at Lee, grabbing their bags.

    “Pierce, come on we’re moving to a different club.” Cassandra looked towards Tom, sighing, this would have to wait till when they all got back home.

    Pierce, gave Lee a knowing look as the pair left. Once the girls were out, they turned to Tom,

    “Tom do you know who am I?” They shook his arm for more attention.

    “Leeeeeeeeeee,” Tom grinned, pulling them into a hug.

    “This is going to be a difficult process.” They mumbled trying to move against, Tom.

    After a eight minute struggle they were in a taxi, moving to the other side of the city. Then taking another cab, finally a fourth till they reached Lee’s lab building, which looked like an ordinary apartment building from the outside.

    Tom had progressively gotten sleepier, grumbling as they made him walk up the short flight of stairs, scanning their keycard and helping him settle onto the bed in one of the rooms.

    Tom groaned, shifting as he adjusted to get comfortable.

    Lee turned to wash their hands in the small basin, the retrieved a glove box, a testing kit, if their hunch was right, their murder rage would be directed towards Cassandra.

    “Tom, Lee here again.” They sighed sadly, seeing Tom in this state.

    “Mmhmm,” Tom incoherently responded.

    “I’m doing a blood draw, I need to test if you have been drugged.” They folded his sleeve, placing the velcro above the elbow, tapping to find the vein, drawing out blood into small vials for sampling.

    “All done.” They informed, taking the needle out, placing a cotton and folding Tom’s arm which was now limp, Tom’s breathing was even, heart rate steady.

    Their jaw clenched, everything pointed towards being drugged.

    How had Cassandra even done this?

    He would have to tell Pierce to check, well hack, the security cameras, to find when she slipped him the drugs.

    Lee, sanitised all the surfaces and went out towards the lab section beginning the list of diagnostic tests.

    Preparing a cup of coffee waiting on the processes to take their course. Tom was deep in sleep, Lee only hoped it would be dreamless.

    Their phone buzzed



    have you had a chance to calm down?


    Have you? I know I was right about what I thought. You need to agree with me at times.


    So you just confirmed that, you think you are right?


    a few hours more won’t change my initial thoughts, connect the dots Pierce, check the bigger picture, not just the tiny corners where you hide yourself.


    Oh, so now I should self reflect? What about you? Have you ever seen yourself in the bigger picture?


    I have, I keep taking alternate options, hoping to mend things, maybe I will, I have. You should rest. I hope you feel better.


    Fine. Do as you please. I am heading home. Cassandra is a good friend.


    Fine. I say thank you, for her looking after you.


    They groaned as the conversation ended, not wanting one sliver of praise for the blonde, even if it was false, but they had to speak in overlapping sentences.

    An unfamiliar ringtone resonated through the lab, Lee moved towards where Tom was sleeping, checking his jacket.

    Haven Calling

    flashed across the screen, their eyebrows furrowed, as they picked up the call, silently.

    “Hello, Tom?”

    Lee tried placing the voice, of the female,

    “Tom, can you hear me?” She asked again, “It’s me Y/N—Raconteuse.” She corrected.

    Lee facepalmed, “Your voice sounds different.” They said laughing.

    “Lee? Did I call you by accident?” Y/N checked the phone sure enough it indeed was Tom’s number.

    “No, Tom and I were hanging out, he fell asleep, a rather tiring, drained out evening.” Lee explained, returning to the lab.

    “Oh, what did you both get up-to?” Y/N didn’t mind talking to Lee, though it was odd, usually Tom stayed awake, she’d as him later if he’s alright.

    “Uh, bit of this and that, standard criminal stuff.” Lee said lightly.

    “Lee… Is, Tom hurt? Are you hurt?” Her voice held so much worry.

    “No! No!” Lee stood up straighter.

    “You aren’t lying on his instructions are you?” Y/N sounded angry, but Lee knew it was masked worry.

    “Why would I lie?” Lee wondered aloud.

    “Then put him on the phone, I’ll figure out, if he’s lying.” She bit her nail.

    “He is actually asleep, Y/N. I am not lying, we had multiple jobs lined up today, even I was worried, but he has eaten, I’ll ask him to call you tomorrow at this dedicated time, correct?” They asked, hoping this was enough to dissipate some of your worry.

    After a sigh, Y/N mumbled out a reluctant agreement.

    “You tell him, if he is hurt or any sort of damage to him, I will scold him.” She warned.

    “Are you really this amazing at threatening?” They asked.

    “Is it too threatening?”

    “No, just sort of like a small kitten biting your hand.” They knew it would distract you further.

    “I feel insulted. Bell feels insulted.”

    Lee laughed, “See now Bell, she is threatening, you should take tips from her.”

    “Now you’re just further wounding my ego.” Y/N whined.

    “Because you won’t let me rest, friend.” Lee reminded.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’ll let you rest. You are alright, right?” She wondered again.

    “Y/N, we both are alright, just very tired, you know I wouldn’t hide being injured from you.

    “I know; I just worry a little extra.” Y/N sighed, shifting somethings around.

    “Goodnight, Y/N.”

    “Goodnight, Lee.”

    The call was done, they hoped to have eased your worries, even though it had been a lie. Lee wondered how this would play out in the grand scheme of things that was lined up.

    The timer went off in the other room, Lee sighed grabbing their third mug of coffee as they entered into the lab to analyse the samples.

    “Rohypnol?” Lee’s eyes widened as they registered Tom’s symptoms, lack of control, altered behaviour in the cabs, the sweating.

    Fucking hell, Cassandra had roofied Tom.

    Oh she was going to pay for this, Lee pulled out their phone, opening the last conversation with their partner.



    you remember that movie we saw, with that dentist. monkey?


    Yes, I recall, you found the monkey to be the actual star and we had an argument. Are you starting another one over it?


    No. I just realised I was right, it was a grotesque movie none the less, I’d like to watch it again once, you find the big picture.


    I did, but you know I hide in corners and watch from there as you give me cues on what do to so I can follow your instructions.


    Then how should we proceed?


    We cool off, wait for tomorrow, meet together and work on getting rid of the leeches in our relationship.




    Pierce sighed as she read the text, Cassandra roofied Tom, just to have him be with her. She wanted to slap the blonde who had left for her own floor, watching with the cameras she made sure Cassandra didn’t take one foot in the skilled driver’s room.

    The security footage, she had hacked from the club’s cloud confirmed her suspicions, of the eight drinks Tom had, four being laced with a powder from the container, upon enhancing the image it read ‘salt’.

    Her laptop dinged as the files downloaded into the encrypted folder which Y/N and her had set up for the four of them. They would have to show this to Tom so he knew nothing was done by his own volition.

    Pierce held her head in her hands, was Cassandra always this way?

    What was this change that occurred prompting her to go to such dark lengths?

    Pierce brought her laptop closer, pulling up the things put together for Cassandra, she pulled up her phone’s cloud history, Cassandra always backed up messages and it would be a good place to look for more clues.

    Her hands glided over the keys, entering the requisite password.

    Cassandra’s messages were displayed, all with unknown numbers, Pierce opened the first thread


    Unknown Number (Yesterday, 23:10 pm): 5 Roofs going to cost you more than what you asked for.

    Cassandra (Yesterday, 23:11 pm): Well one never worked that night so just do as I say.

    Unknown Number (Yesterday, 23:11 pm): Don't blame my quality, Just have my amount ready the way I’ve requested.


    She took a screenshot, moving onto the next conversation


    Cassandra (9 days ago, 15:45 pm): you have to trust me, she is working for Valarie to bring her down, she admitted it to me just this minute.

    Unknown Number (6 days ago, 16:59 pm): It has been taken care of, thank you for your helpful tip.

    Cassandra (6 days ago, 17:03 pm): She’s taken care of?

    Unknown Number (6 days ago, 18:06 pm): Completely.


    This was on the timeline of Tom and Y/N’s phase one plan. No wonder Miranda didn’t fall for their stunt, she had been warned. Pierce took a deep breath trying to connect the dots, added these screenshots to the folder as well.

    The little purple dot on the screen almost burned Pierce as she frantically grabbed her phone to call Y/N.

    “Hey,” She answered, “Is something wrong?”

    “Oh no I just, accidentally uploaded a private video onto our encryption.” Pierce lied hoping and praying for no further questioning.

    “Oh yeah I heard the folder make a sound, I opened it thinking something was wrong, but then Bell started hissing angrily at a piece of string so I couldn’t look.” Y/N chuckled.

    “Yeah, don’t look, I’m so embarrassed.” Pierce wanted to scream everything to Y/N, right this second but that was a conversation that needed them to be in person.

    “Oh alright I’ll stay out of it, I’m having issues with my wifi as it— Bell! No!”

    Pierce prayed she didn’t jump on the keyboard,

    “Is everything alright?” She asked worried.

    “Yes she just tossed down a glass, I don’t know why is she angry today, as if no treats have been given.”

    “Sounds like you have your hands full…” Pierce smiled, she’d only seen pictures of the tiny fur-ball, but if Tom and Lee were so in love with the cat she was sure she’d like her too.

    Honestly if Bell kept Y/N away from the laptop, Pierce would get her the biggest cat tree in existence.

    “I’ll stay off of the folder till you give me the all clear.” Y/N assured and her purple dot disappeared.

    Pierce sighed in relief, finally breathing,

    “Thank you.” Pierce spoke sincerely.

    “I now have to address the angry ball of fur who is also Queen of the house.”

    They bid their goodbyes. Pierce ran a hand through her hair, groaning as a few strands stuck to her piercings tugging on them.

    Pierce, went to the vanity mirror needing visual guidance to let loose the strands, Taillight jumped up on the bed, getting comfortable and proceeding to watch her from the bed, making a whine.

    “What?” Pierce asked the little golden fur baby of their house.

    Taillight had her puppy eyes ready for action to coerce treats and pets.

    “You want pets? Treats?” She asked and Taillight wagged her tail excitedly, “How about both?”

    The pupper was extremely excited at the prospect, laying on her back to get well deserved belly rubs. Once Taillight had her delight and settled in, Pierce called Lee.

    “Hey Sleepy head,” they teased her.

    “At least I am not drunk on caffeine.” She retorted.

    “To be drunk would imply, drunken behaviour.”

    “Okay how about there is more caffeine in your system than there is water.” She giggled as Lee huffed, losing the banter.

    “Its nice to hear that.” They sighed, sitting down on the particularly squeaky chair.

    “Hear what?” She asked, as she settled in between the covers.

    “Your laugh,” Lee smiled, as they knew Pierce would blush.

    “You little flirt.” She narrowed her eyes, grinning.

    “Your little flirt.” They corrected, chuckling.

    Both sighed together, finding some solace in the chaos that was brewing a storm.

    “How are we going to do it?” Pierce asked after the silence, her heart ached for Tom.

    “We just approach it head on.” Lee suggested.

    “I think we should involve,” Pierce began suggesting

    “No. No.” Lee dismissed the idea of bringing Y/N in, for when they told Tom.

    “Think about it, if we bring in a doctor they will know the entire thing as well, it could make things easier.” She reasoned.

    “I understand but,”

    “You know the patient, correct? Then you know a support system is what is needed.” Pierce completed.

    “Alright, I’ll set up an appointment for us with the doctor.” Lee wracked their brain to think of where they could meet discreetly, counter surveillance measures as they had taken to bring Tom to the lab could be repeated although Pierce would be annoyed.

    “If there is one more taxi ride I have to take I am not going to talk to them.” Pierce mumbled, annoyed at the six vehicles she changed.

    The weather was cold and gloomy, much mimicking one of the routes the situation at hand could go for the difficult conversation that lay ahead.

    “Did you say something?” The driver asked, looking at her through the mirror.

    “Nothing.” She glared, partly because she was angry and partly because if she glared people would not try and pry into her with small talk.

    The vehicle stopped outside the steps to the red bricked building, Pierce paid the fare and adjusted her cap, heading up and pressing the buzzer.

    A clang sounded as the lock undid from the inside allowing her to move into the palpably tense atmosphere.

    Her shoulder’s dropped in relief as she saw Tom awake and drinking something, her eyes met Lee’s she just went and wrapped her arms around them, who returned the gesture with as much affection.

    They pressed a kiss to her cheek as the hug turned into standing side by side.

    “No affections for me?” Tom pouted, his head aching lesser than when he woke up. Lee hadn’t answered any questions stating that when Pierce arrived they would answer it all together.

    Pierce rolled her eyes,

    “Aren’t you seeking the affections of Y/N?” She teased instead.

    Tom’s cheeks redded, his mind pulled up flashing lights and he shook his head as if trying to shake off something stuck like chewing gum.

    “Something wrong?” Lee asked,

    “I can’t seem to shake these god awful lights from my head.” Tom took another sip of his coffee.

    “Well, as curious as you are about what I am withholding we still have another person remaining to arrive.” Pierce informed him, on cue the buzzer sounded and Lee checked the monitor, sure enough it was Y/N.

    They pressed the code that would allow her access, heading out to retrieve her.

    “Did something happen?” Tom asked Pierce once Lee left, it was one thing for Lee to be so quiet but he could feel Pierce’s nervousness.

    “What do you mean?” She asked, eyes on everything else but Tom.

    “Last night, I don’t recall much.” Tom admitted.

    “Not, well,” Pierce sighed, straightening up as Lee walked in,

    Tom turned in his seat, behind Lee, Y/N entered, this rendered him even more confused.

    How drunk had he gotten?

    Y/N’s eyes scanned over Tom, checking for some form of injury, she trusted Lee’s words but couldn’t help the worry.

    Tom’s eyebrows furrowed, he looked over at Y/N, her gait was normal so was she, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

    He looked at the couple in front of him, if his mouth was not spewing questions, his eyes were and the air changed, he could feel it, the stress, the uncertainty.

    What had he done?

    Y/N made her way to Tom, not noticing she was being watched by Pierce and Lee, they concluded that she hadn’t seen the videos.

    She moved towards him, standing at his side.

    “Hi,” she said softly, reaching for his free hand.

    He intertwined their hands,

    “Hello,” He smiled up at her.

    Y/N leaned closer, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

    “Any idea what they are going to tell us?” She whispered

    “None.” Tom whispered back, a dread sort of taking over him.

    “I say they want a wedding.”

    Tom laughed as she retreated grinning, standing up again, not letting go of his hand.

    “Alright since the gang is here we need to update you both on what transpired last night,” Lee began, Pierce opened her laptop to the required video.

    “Now, first I just want to say watch everything then we will explain what we understood of what transpired, then only react please.” They finished, Y/N and Tom had gone silent, watchful expressions on their faces.

    “You may want to sit down,” They gestured to the stool beside in line with Tom’s, she pulled the stool and sat next to him.

    Pierce pushed the laptop closer, “You cannot react based on this video alone.” She cautioned, beginning the video.

    The flashing lights matched what Tom saw every few minutes if he thought about last night, it must be the club they were at, then his gaze focused on the centre of the floor recognising himself with Cassandra, dancing, drinking and progressively moving closer.

    His eyebrows furrowed, trying to remember these moments, to no avail. Y/N grew still next to him, her hold loosening on his hand, Tom’s eyes focused back onto the screen, he wished he was dreaming.

    How could he not remember this?

    Cassandra pulling him in to kiss her, how could he have done that? No matter how drunk he was he could hold himself, he looked at Pierce and Lee who both had a sullen expression.

    How could he have done that to Y/N?

    The video ended with the two stumbling towards the staircase in the corner.

    Tom looked at Y/N, her eyes were glued to the screen and she was hardly moving.

    “Y/N…,” Tom turned towards her, not understanding what to say.

    “Play the next video.” Y/N did not meet his gaze, she did not take her hand from his.

    Just let this be another nightmare please, she begged.

    Pierce pulled up the next video, towards the top of the floor when Cassandra and Tom who stumbled more than the blonde joined their booth and continued what was going on,

    Tom closed his eyes, why could he not recall? Why did he not push Cassandra away?

    He opened them to find the video showing Cassandra on his lap almost reminiscent of how Y/N was caring for him just days ago, he felt himself stiffen up as they watched Cassandra continued her unwanted touches upon him.

    The video played out, with Pierce leaving with Cassandra and Lee struggling to get Tom moving around.

    Pierce loaded the next video, the one where they saw the bartender spike four drinks over the process of Tom and Cassandra having them.

    Tom winced as the events revealed themselves, he didn’t understand why did this happen, why was he touched without being asked, why was physical touch such a difficult thing for him to have in a peaceful, gentle manner?

    “SHE DRUGGED HIM!” Y/N got up from her place, Tom tightened his grip on her hand. She looked at him, her anger turning into a soft expression.

    “Tom,” tears weld up in Y/N’s eyes, she wouldn’t let Cassandra get away, she would make that bartender pay the price too, god knows how many people he had targeted.

    Pierce brought up the screenshots, Lee sighed, watching Tom try and hold himself together.

    “Is that why we are here?” Tom asked

    “I needed to confirm, you showed several signs of being drugged too closely.” Lee explained.

    “Which one?” Y/N questioned.

    “Rohypnol.” They answered

    “That fucking woman.” She glowered.

    “She also sent the tip to Miranda about Y/N.” Pierce showed the next conversation screenshot.

    “Why is she doing this?” Tom’s voice sounded broken, he wanted to shut down, disappear. His breath hitched, growing more laboured, till he couldn’t control it, he got up from his seat, pulling Y/N with him, not letting go of her. He needed space but he needed Y/N.

    She followed him, trying to keep up with his strides, towards the room he woke up in, equipped with a plinth, Tom shut the door, pushing Y/N up against it, resting his forehead against hers, his breathing still laboured, chest rising and falling rapidly, he couldn’t remember, how couldn’t he remember?

    Y/N carefully raised her free hand, placing it against Tom’s cheek, wiping away the tears that began flowing.

    Tom fell apart, crying fully, sobs breaking through him, she held him, silently crying at his ordeal.

    Her hand remained intertwined with his, other hand on his cheek, soaked with his tears.

    “Y/N—Y/N?” Tom whispered, sniffling as he tried clearing his throat to speak unbroken.

    “Right here,” She opened her eyes looking up at him, his blue ones blinking through the tears.

    “Make it go-go away, plea-please.” More tears, and sobs broke him as he sank down to the floor, taking her with him, Y/N was kneeling between his legs,

    “Please— make her go away, make-make him go away. I can’t, I don’t want to feel them, You can, make it go away, please.” Tom begged, holding onto her forearms, losing himself down the abyss which he fought daily.

    She’d keep him afloat.

    “Tell me how, I will make them go away.” She asked, cradling his head between her hands.

    Tom quietly shook, trying to hold back another sob.

    “Feel you, again, need to feel you again, please.” He needed to have her touch him, make him focus on the good affectionate touch.

    The good he possibly deserved.

    “Promise me you will tell me if it gets too much?” She asked, caressing his cheek with the back of her fingertips, other hand towards his hair, brushing her fingers through it.

    “I promise.” He still was shaking, eyes indicating he was still lost between past and present.

    Y/N, pressed her lips to his forehead, then temples, either cheek, hands slowly making their way along the sides of his neck to his shoulders, watching each movement she did, eyes over his face, she was crying too, biting her lip so she wouldn’t make a sound.

    This had brought out memories for Tom he wished he could forget, she would help him, hoping the affection she holds for him would translate through her careful touches.

    Her hands stopped at the second button of his shirt, he nodded, “You can.” He whispered, his breathing shifting from broken sobs to uneven rhythms.

    As she undid each button, her lips on his skin, soft kisses, placing both palms against his chest, she then, brought her hands to Tom’s bringing them above hers as she placed them back on his chest.

    Tom looked at her questioning,

    “Guide me.” She said, he traced her hands over his chest, guiding them to his shoulders.

    Softly her fingers trailed over his skin, following with soft kisses, he sighed, head leaning against the wall, she repeated the action on the left side.

    Fingertips tracing over his arms, then forearms, placing kisses over where Tom had scars and where his skin had hidden away older ones.

    Tom leaned forward, his head resting on her shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around him, hands softly trailing over his back.

    Tom, shoved everything away, in his mind, only feeling her breath on his neck, hands on his skin, heartbeat against his chest.

    Y/N brought a hand back to Tom’s hair, caressing it as he held her, little did she now she was the one holding him from falling apart.

    Pierce and Lee waited outside, checking up on them through the camera, for the first few minutes, not knowing what reaction would Tom have, they then shut it off, giving Tom and Y/N privacy.

    “Do you think he will be alright?” Pierce asked, playing with the string on her purse.

    “Do you want the honest answer or hopeful answer?” Lee asked, carefully pushing a strand away from her face.

    “Which ever you believe.” She looked up at her partner, their brown eyes laced with worry for their friends.

    “I think he will be, once he gets a chance to heal away from all of this.” Lee stroked her cheek.

    Pierce sighed, leaning into their touch.

    Lee leaned toward her, pressing their lips against hers, she pulled them closer, Lee, stood between her legs, as they met in a fervent kiss, fingers tangled in each other’s hair.

    “Room,” Pierce mumbled against their lips, Lee nodded, lifting her wrapping her legs around them, making their way to the other room in the lab.

    “I’m sorry,” Tom spoke, Y/N didn’t know how long they had been in the room, or how long since they last said any words.

    “You shouldn’t be apologising.” She hoped her voice would convey her sincerity in her words.

    “I should have had more control over my drinking.”

    Now she was livid,

    “Tom, you were drugged, you had no control, it rendered you vulnerable. Please don’t apologise, you should have not gone through that, I’m so angry, its taking so much in me not to just march into the facility and drag her to jail.”

    “I know but, I just, if I would have…” He tried reasoning.

    “You were given four spiked drinks, you shouldn’t ever put blame upon yourself.” She tried making him understand.

    “My, my father used to physically abuse me, when I was a child, when I intervened between his domestic abuse to protect my mother.”

    Her heart ached for him, they were now laying on the floor, using the one pillow, her hand, across his torso, which was then intertwined with his own.

    “She would always tell me, manipulate me, try to make it seem I had to intervene so she could bear only the smallest percentage, of, of his, his anger. Once he was gone, for a few years, she took over the abuse.”

    “Oh god, Tom, I, how could she?” Y/N was at a loss of words, she shifted closer to him.

    “When I learned to drive, it gave me control, I felt for once I had the ability to dictate what happens, after a year, the day I first floored the pedal, I thought I was stupid, but the thrill of it, I navigated, not one cop, not one red light run, I didn’t stop, left the town, drove till I ran out of fuel. She never wondered where I went, never cared.”

    He had begun to cry again, she wiped away his tears.

    He smiled at her, “I don’t want to burden you with this.”

    “You aren’t burdening, you’re sharing. If it is getting difficult we can discuss something else.” Y/N told him, kissing the back of his hand.

    “MM recruited me, after I did odd jobs running cars.” He remembered that day.

    “I was so nervous,” he continued, “but I did my part and she didn’t recruit me completely into her entourage. I’m thankful for that.”

    “Why not?” She asked, yes the job had its downsides but maybe he would be more protected.

    “Wouldn’t have met you.” He leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers.

    Y/N giggled, “I didn’t know you were cheesy.”

    “Hey I am gouda, what I do.” Tom defended.

    “My god, Tom.” She still laughed.

    “You like these jokes don’t you?” He said it as though stating a fact.

    “Maybe.” She brought her lips closer to his, he smiled as they kissed, an idea arising in his mind.

    “Will you come along with me? After we finish speaking to Lee and Pierce?” He asked as their lips parted.

    She nodded, “One condition.”

    “Tell me?”

    “You don’t have a random person in the trunk.” She teased.

    “Can’t guarantee that, darling.” He kissed her forehead, pulling her closer to him, basking in her warmth and touch.


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    Thor having a kid who is way more found of their Uncle/Aunt Loki.
    Dad Thor x GN reader x Uncle/Aunt Loki
    Posted: 11/27/21
    Warnings: None
    Note:no thor slander this is just for fun

    I don't think anyone would have seen this coming, when the child of Thor, the soon to be God King. He had the hearts of everyone yet his own child loved his sibling more. Thor isn't mad just shocked and maybe a little jealous. You are his kid after all.

    Loki is a gentle soul but doesn't like to show it. They wouldn't like the thought of a mini Thor running around so they would be distant when your first born. However Thor was proud of his offspring and insisted on showing Loki or even get them to hold you.

    "Come on,Loki. Look at their little face! Don't you just want to hold them a little?" Thor sqeezed your cheeks a little. Loki rolled their eyes trying to go back their book only to be intruded by an infant being push into their arms. "Thor!" Loki looked down at you. Your eyes fluttered opened. A pond see Loki your tried demeanor turned joyful. Your giggles pulled a smile at Loki's lips. They then noticed that when you blinked your eyes changed color to look exactly like Loki's. Their mouth open slightly out of surprise. Loki looked up to see if Thor saw it to but they realized Thor was on the other side of the room drink with some friends. Loki pulled you closer and whispered in your ear. "Don't worry, child. I'll help you grow your abilities just like my mother did for me and while I'm at it, I won't let my oaf of an brother ruin you to badly." They smirk at their own joke then booped you on the nose. Your tiny hand grab Loki's finger. "I have a strange feeling we'll be good friends." Loki started to rock you gently and went back to their book.

    As you grow and the more you understood the world around you. The closer you got with your Uncle/Aunt Loki.

    When you learned to walk you were always at Loki's heels. Of course Loki's pride would never show that they liked the attention.

    You had managed to slip passed your father, Thor and start to roam the halls of the palace. Till Loki had stumbled upon you while heading back to their room from training. "What are you doing out here all be yourself, little one?" You giggled running up to them putting your hands up. Loki picked you up and you immediately grabbed their golden horns. "Wow." You said to yourself barley over a whisper.

    It can be very frustrating for Thor at times. For explain when you where first learning to speak, it was time to go to a big royal party and Thor natural wanted his child to wear clothes like his. It was fine until you saw that Loki was wear something completely different. You broke down cry. Thor was very confused to the sudden sobbing and was trying with all his might to figure out what was wrong. You pointed at Loki crying. "LOKI WHAT DID YOU DO TOO, Y/N?!" "I promise I didn't do anything. Their a child it could be a number of things." They both look back at you to see you trying and failing to rip off your bright red cape . When you couldn't, you throw your little silver wings off your head and fell on your behind. "Loki green!" You said. Thor kneeled to your level. "No no, little one. You're red because papa's red." "GREEN!!" You shouted and with a small spark your once red cape was now green. Childish laughter filled their ears. "Aww how quant. They want to look like me." Loki said resting an elbow on their hand and their chin on their fingers, smirking to themselves. You aggressively nodded and run up to hug Loki's leg while you did more small sparkes came off of you. Giving you little golden horns and a similar outfit to Loki's. Thor has never been someone's second choice before so he didn't really know what to do. "Well... we can't leave them like that. Everyone will think their your's." "Tch, everyone already knows y/n is your offspring. They'll be fine for one night in some thing they picked." Loki looked down at you. "Come now, little love. We must hurry to the party. We wouldn't want to make your grandparents upset." Your hand grabbed hold of their finger. "Yes Uncle/Aunt Loki." 'Y/n will grow out of it. You have nothing to worry about. Their still your child.' Thor told himself walking behind the both of you.

    Thor was wrong. You didn't grow out of loving your Uncle/Aunt. They where the closest person to you and you to them.

    Loki loved to mess with you. Of coruse when you where a child it was very harmless. Like how they would turn into a fox or a cat then hide around a corner to wait to jump out and get you. You always found it really funny.

    Loki spent a lot of time teaching you their magic and over all just educating you.

    When you where at the age to start training for battle Thor could not be happier. This was a huge bonding moment for the two of you. He would teach you to control lighting and even start to prepare you to take his place as his heir when his time was up as king. To his dismay you couldn't careless. "Y/n! There you are! Just in time for your training!" He greeted with a huge innocent grin as you walk straight by the training grounds. "Sorry, father. But Uncle/Aunt Loki had more lessons planned for me. I can't cancel. I would hate to disappoint them." You replied in a rush. Thor's smiled wavered. "Yes of course, child. Seek to that."

    Thor didn't dare to complain or voice his jealous because one he knew how much you looked up to Loki and two He know how much you have help Loki. You have helped remind Loki of their patience and their caretaker qualities. That Loki wasn't really aware they had.

    Frigga, your grandmother, the all mother was the one to guide you back to your father. Nothing major because she couldn't be happier about your bond with loki but it didn't give you the right to neglect your relationship with your father. She was right like always.

    You did well to give Thor more of your time. Loki would even come to cheer you on and when I say cheer you on I mean sit quietly out of the way reading.

    If you got hurt it would take Loki everything in them not to coddle you and heal everything for you. Loki wanted you to be strong and independent. So after training with Thor you would go right into lessons with Loki. So they could teach you how to heal yourself.

    If your able to heal yourself then Loki will sigh in relief and give you a reward of some kind. Maybe no homework or a fun new trick or maybe even a forehead kiss. But loki give you forehead kisses all the times so

    However if you can't loki will get frustrated and upset but will remain calm on the surface and explaining the spell again until you get it or they can't take the stress and does it for you.

    Loki despises the day you leave for your first real battle. They insist on coming but was told that their services where not needed.

    They masked they worry, knowing how excited you where to fight by your fathers side

    And as soon as your back Loki is at the bifrost to greet you and heal you if you where seriously injured. That feast you told Loki everything that happened. While they tried to calm you knowing you would probably crash soon.

    You two can  always relay on eachother. You don’t know what Loki did and you knew better than to ask but they needed to hide from your father so they trainsfromed into a snake and you hide them in your pocket.

    They even took the blam for getting into Thor’s privtate beer when really it was you.

    One time you made the mistake of say you where a better trickster then them and got yourself stuck in the middle of a prank war. Which you lost miserably too.

    Loki will constantly give you fashion advice. Weather you want it or not.

    If you ever question your gender Loki is more than happy to change it for you. So you can figure yourself out. If you do want to change genders, loki shows you how to do the spell yourself, so your in control of your body not them

    Loki would feel so flattered when you change your appearance in little ways to resemble them. Like changing your eyes to look like theirs or your hair. It could even be your clothes either way Loki loves it. They love it even more knowing Thor doesn't.

    Usually Thor will let you wear whatever but sometimes there will be important festivals or parties where he wants you to represent your father. You always seem to complain but will do it for your father every now and again.

    Should I do a part 2
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    Squid Games (Marvel/Squid Games x reader crossover)

    A/N: Had this fun little idea after watching squid games. Kinda toyed with the plot a bit, but overall a good base line :)

    TW: Swearing, violence, blood

    Summary: After being sent to Korea on a solo mission to take down a game hosted by black market sponsors, the Avenger's tune in to why you've been away from the compound for 3 days. At Fury's discretion, of course. Things go south when you're being targeted by some past men who worked by Xu Wenwu. It's your mission to stay alive and take out his men.

    The meeting room was silent as Fury's voice echoed through the room. The air was thick.

    "Three days? You waited to tell us this for 3 DAYS?" Tony's voice questioned across the room, slamming the table with his hands. Natasha stared at the table, face blank. Thor and Loki had a puzzled look on their face.

    "Please forgive me, but what do you mortals call a "Squid Game"?" Loki's voice drawled through the room as all eyes were drawn to the Asgardian.

    Fury looked over at Shang-Chi and nodded. His expression was un-readable and glued to the floor, not daring to look up at his new team mates.

    "It's an unspoken organization in Korea, and every year they host a game. People who are neck deep in debt are offered a cash reward to participate and play games. It's..black market, dark web stuff."

    This further confused the group as a whole, all except for Natasha. She had heard talk of the game on various solo missions with Barton. Xu Xialing spoke up, irritated with her brother's explanation.

    "It's life or death. People go and never come back. Nobody has ever been able to trace them or track them down. Similar to how people bet on horses, very wealthy sponsors bet on players."

    "They pick their players based on their role to society. Most who participate are poor or homeless people with nothing to go back to."

    Realization fell onto their faces as they looked at your empty chair. Just 4 days ago you'd be laughing and telling them how stupid it is.

    "Why send her? To go undercover? ALONE? Do you have any idea what we are dealing with?" Nat questioned, distain written on her faces. Fury's stoic expression didn't falter.

    "We needed someone to go undercover. Her talents and skills was most compatible for the mission. I don't need you questioning my authority, Romanoff," He said sternly, causing her to clench her jaw.

    "Luckily, we planted multiple cameras and microphones on her to bug the place. The reason you are all here is so Tony can connect with the cameras. Undetected."

    Their stomachs turned with anxiety as Tony frantically started tapping away on his holographic screen.

    "We should be live," He trailed off, in concentration. "Now."

    Suddenly you appeared on multiple monitors, from different angles. The team collectively sighed in relief at the sight of you. It was before the first game, and you were sitting in your teal uniform.

    "109..how many players are there?" Bucky read, watching you fiddle with your zipper. He knew you always did that when you were anxious.

    "Too many." Fury said, shaking his head. "The plan is to track wherever the signal is coming from and take it down from the inside. That's where all of you come into play. There's been a tip that some of your father's men are there," He said, looking directly at the siblings. Their faces tightened. That man still had so many connections, even being dead. As soon they took down 3, another 5 resurfaced days later terrorizing cities across the world.

    "But first we need some more information from the inside. The plan is to leave first thing tonight, after the first game. Hopefully, giving us the proof we'll need."

    Everyone's eyes stayed glued on the screen as they watched you walk through the maze of corridors, to finally enter a playing field. It was about two football field's length, with a large doll at the end facing backwards. It over towered the players, making them grow nervous.

    "The hell is that thing?' You mumbled, scrunching your eyebrows.

    "Yeah," Sam scoffed. "That's not creepy at all." Natasha rolled her eyes in annoyance.

    You scanned the room to anyone who could pose a threat, but to you everyone looked equally as confused. It was hard to tell who was out of place. Fury had prefaced the very little information on what exactly you were walking into, which is unfortunately right up your alley.

    Find the men. Get as much as you can on camera. Stay alive and don't do anything stupid. Of course, you were already on a private jet in the middle of the night so it didn't seem you had much of a choice.

    There was no way to communicate with Fury or the team, all you were told to do is catch as much on video as you can. The men in the red suits were intimidating to say the least, as they all wore masks with different shapes. Some holding assault rifles, others holding batons.

    "I think the shape on their masks is some kind of rank," You whispered, just loudly enough so the mic would pick it up. They had taken all of your belongings, except for the pieces you hid in your glasses and your hair. Tony never seemed to fail to impress you with all the ways he could disguise an ear pieces and mics.

    "You will be playing 'Red Light, Green Light'." A voice announced over the field, making you chuckle.

    "Seriously, Fury? You sent me to play a bunch of kid games?" She mumbled, rolling her eyes.

    "I don't get it, she's just going to play a game? This is why she's been gone?" Steve asks, rubbing his chin out of confusion.

    Fury is silent, his eyes staying on the screen.

    5 minutes displayed on the clock, her eyes darting to them quick. There were a few people in front of her, a blonde boy and a brunette boy jostling each other around.

    "Green light!" The doll said, turning its massive head around to face a fake tree.

    The boys laughed, running forward. You rolled your eyes, jogging behind them but keeping your distance.

    "Red light!" The doll's head swiveled around, making you stop in your tracks.

    The team was silent, watching intently. The two boys in front of you had stopped as well, but the blonde stumbled to keep his balanced.

    The doll's eyes eyes quickly shifted toward him, and a gunshot rang out into the air making the hairs on the back of your neck stick up. His body fell limp to the ground, leaving you frozen in your tracks.

    "Did he just.." Steve started to say, but his voice trailed off. Everyone's faced painted with horror, slowly putting the pieces together in their heads.

    The color in Wanda's face slowly disappeared as Vison reached for her hand in comfort.

    "(Y/N)..Don't move.." Loki whispered to himself, knowing he couldn't hear you.

    "Oh no.." You whispered, tears gathering in your eyes. The fear in your voice filled the room

    The doll's head turned back towards the tree.

    "Green light."

    You walk forward slowly, keeping your expression stoic. You scan the crowd as see two men at both sides of you a couple feet behind, glaring.

    They found you.

    Your eyes shift to the boy on the ground, not far away from you. His mouth spurts out some blood on the ground, making you gasp quietly in horror.

    You stare down leave the one to your left from the corner of your eye. The stare he was giving you was much like a predator looking at it's prey.

    "Red light!"

    You stop in your tracks again, staring straight ahead of you. The boy sees his friend, and lets out a shaken gasp as he goes to run away. Bullets fly through the air, making his body fall limp.

    The blood splatters on the face of another player, falling at her feet.

    "I have eyes," You whisper carefully, not daring to move your body.

    "I see them," Wanda says, pointing a finger to the men getting ready to pounce.

    "They found her in there." Xu Xialing says, her body tense. "They're going to sabotage her and get her killed."

    "Then what are we standing around waiting for exactly? Fury?" Tony asks with irritation, the fear flowing through his veins as the massacre about to unfold in front of his team.

    Are they just supposed to watch a body cam of you getting murdered?

    You weren't the teams baby, they knew you could fend for yourself. You were easily one of the strongest amongst the team, hand to hand combat being your weak spot.

    They couldn't help but be protective of you, coming from a background of pretty much raising yourself. Tony obviously viewing you as a daughter, to see you fighting for your life, on your own, boiled his blood.

    Along with the rest of his team mates, he felt helpless.

    "The more you beg for money, the easier this should be." He commented, watching you stick the surveillance pieces in your hair.

    "You wouldn't be able to hear us but we'll be able to hear you," He explains, pacing the cabin.

    "If things go south I have Strange on stand-by. Xu Wenwu's men are ruthless, hopefully you've been working on your combat."

    You laugh, fixing your clothes as they were dirtied and holed.

    "Natasha and Steve haven't been taking it easy on me if that's what you're asking." You quipped, earning a half smile from your superior.

    As the jet began to land, he grabbed you by the forearm.

    "Please stay alive," He spoke. "I haven't told the team where you're going to be until you're actually playing. I don't need to be on Stark's shit list twice."

    You rolled your eyes. "I can do this fury,"

    "Have a little faith." You winked, exiting the jet to camp out at the nearest train station.

    After a day of playing your role as a homeless woman, it brought back memories of when you survived on your own in the streets of San Francisco. It was no mind or challenge really, you enjoyed being alone. But what you didn't enjoy were the creepy old men offering you a place to stay if you gave them a little 'something' in return.

    You'd silently hoped Bucky was watching, knowing the jealous look that would overtake his face.

    Your thoughts were ripped away as a very attractive business man came and set next to you on the bench.

    "Hello," He said, flashing a smile your way.

    'Showtime' you thought to yourself.

    "H-Hello.." You stuttered back in a soft voice, unable to meet his eyes.

    "May I show you something?" He asks kindly, setting the briefcase in between the two of you.

    "If you're selling something..I'm sorry but I'm not interested." You glance at his intimidating stare, captivated by his brown eyes.

    He opened the case to reveal what'd you'd assume to be a very large amount of money, and two stacks of paper squares. Red and blue.

    "You've played Ddajiki before, yes?" He questioned, holding up the squares.

    You nodded, remembering the files of Korean games you studied on the plane prior to your arrival.

    He hummed in approval. "Play Ddajiki with me. I will give you 100,000 won every time you win."

    You pursed your lips in thought. To really play the part, Fury sent absolutely no money with you. What happens if you loose?

    "However," He said, making your eyes connect with his once more.

    "Every time I win, you will give me 100,000 won."

    Shit. That's right. No money.

    "You can start first," He said, grazing a hand across your face ever so slightly in hopes to convince you.

    You felt frozen in your seat, and the only thoughts you could think of was Bucky going ballistic watch this man to lure you in.

    You nodded, grabbing the blue envelope from his smooth hands.

    Blue was Bucky's favorite color, after all.

    When you had lost the first time, making your blood run cold. He effortlessly had flipped over your square, smirking in victory. He looked at you expectantly.

    "Don't you have any money?" He questioned, stepping closer to you.

    You were at a loss for words. This man's intimidation reminded you of Loki's. This stare being able to capture a picture in a still frame, it's contents not moving out of fear.

    "I..I.." You scrambled for words. You squeezed your fists in case he tried to have a go at you. But before you could blink, a sharp pain collided with your cheek, making your head whip to the side. Your feet stayed planted on the ground. Natasha's number one rule.

    Always be grounded.

    "Play again?" He asks, making the anger in your body rush to your cheeks. You nodded curtly.

    After a few more slaps, you started to get the hang of it.

    Finally, you had flipped the red square over, yelping in victory.

    The frustration slap after slap built in your bones, and as soon as the square flipped your hand flew through the air to meet his face.

    It didn't.

    He caught your arm with eyes, peering down at you with the smile that never seemed to have leave his face.

    He put your arm down gently, never letting go, as he put 100,000 won in your hand.

    The breath was hitched in your throat, watching his every move.

    "Congratulations," He whispers, closing your hand around the money.

    "If you want to win more," He continues, stepping away to close his briefcase. "Call this number."

    He hands you a black business card with a number on it. You swallowed and nodded, taking a step backwards.

    He simply winks and enters the train that had just arrived, gone in a flash.

    Before you knew it, you were in a dark SUV being filled with gas. What the hell were you getting in to?"

    "She's going to make it through the first game. After that is when we attack. We stick to MY plan Stark," HIs voice warned, booming through the room.

    Their eyes drifted back to the screen, all of them holding their breaths in hope you don't move a muscle.

    The woman felt the blood on her face and in her hands, screaming at the sight of it. A single bullet whizzed through her head, making her body drop on top of the boy who had just been shot.

    Bullets started firing as people ran towards the back, clawing at the gate to escape. The dolls eyes were going crazy, shooting anything with movement.

    "Don't fucking move (Y/N).." Bucky mumbled, clenching his iron fist.

    Your camera shown you getting tackled to the side, as one of Xu Wenwu's men face.

    "We knew SHIELD would send yo-" He growled, a gunshot piercing through his head, his body falling on top of you.

    "With that, let the game resume." The doll spoke, its head turning back around.

    You started to hyperventilate, blood covering your hair, face, and chest.

    "Fuck..Oh fuck.." You said out loud, struggling to get the body off of you.

    "Green light!"

    Everyone stood frozen, all except an old man who walked forward with a daring smile. You stared at him in confusion, until your eyes drifted over to three men across the room glaring daggers at you.

    They were far away enough to where they couldn't touch you.

    Not yet, at least.

    "There's more," You whispered, eyes bouncing back and forth between the men and the dead one laying on top of you.

    "Can't we talk to her? Does she have an ear piece?" Banner finally choked out, being silent almost the entire time.

    He shook his head. "We couldn't. We were already taking a risk with the cameras and mics."

    Loki grumbled, glancing at the displeased face on his brother. Thor's fists were clenched on his lap, light sparks emitting from his knuckles. The duo was quite fond of you, they even considered you to be their best friend. Or, 'Brothers from another mother' is how you'd put it. They were confident you could hold your own, but it still worried them to be somewhere where they couldn't fight by your side.

    Bucky's stomach was in knots. It had been a slow burn between you and him, neither one of you having the courage to confess your feelings to one another. He hated seeing you in danger, and he feared not being able to save you.

    Steve and Sam were silent, constantly looking at Bucky. The whole team teased you two about your flirting, but it was him and Sam who knew the real feelings he had for you.

    Nat and Wanda also knew how you felt about him, talking about it with them on many occasions. Usually on your wine and movie nights, which were EVERY Wednesday. Now they're having to watch you play a nightmare of a game with your life at risk.

    The rest of the team watched as anticipation as you played the game, with people trying to get you killed on purpose.

    "Red light!"

    Your eyes scanned the hundreds of dead bodies on the floor. Men. Women. Mothers. Fathers. People who had families.

    Your eyes shifted back to the old man, stopping at a halt.

    He froze, the devilish smile never leaving his face.

    The team watched with a shocked expression to see a man so aged playing this game.

    "He must have nothing to lose," Nat commented, folding her fingers.

    "He's the only one moving."

    Fury's expression never faltered. "This game requires strategy. Planning out your every breath. Hopefully now you see why I picked Agent (Y/L/N),"

    His face scanned the group with a disapproving look in his eye.

    "Have some faith."

    The team was silent.

    Your eyes drifted over to the men again, who were boring holes in your head with their evil stares. You narrowed your eyes, almost challenging them.

    "Green light!"

    They stayed in their spot as the old man moved forward, their expression never leaving their face. You remembered the dead weight crushing you, and you had to get him off. And fast.

    Glancing down, another large man was on top of the one who was trying to kill you. Also dead.

    "Red light!"

    He froze again, now in front of all the remaining players too frightened to move.

    You needed to act fast. And quick. Your palms started to sweat and chills ran down your back. You knew one wrong move and your life is over in a second.

    You thought about the team and the memories you shared, which was quickly consumed by Bucky. You needed to make it out alive.

    The comfort you felt by the mere thought of him overcame your body like a typhoon.

    "What the hell would Bucky say to you right now?" You mumbled out loud. The team heard the shakiness of your voice, fighting tears.

    You remembered right then he was probably watching. And could hear you. The adrenaline in your veins didn't even care.

    Bucky's face softened at the way his name rolled off your tongue, making his heart leap.

    The team looked at him, his eyes hard as he watched the screen of you. Scared. Shaking.

    Sam put a comforting hand on his shoulder, his eyes never leaving the screen.

    "Probably something along the lines of 'Don't show them weakness. Stop acting like a pussy. Kick their fucking asses. I don't know." You mumbled, trying to think of a plan.

    "She's right, you know." Sam commented, offering a half smile. A ghost of a chuckle emitted from the team.

    "Green light!"

    You quickly struggled to shove the dead weight of the two men double your size off of you, until a man came helped push them off of you, pulling you to your feet.

    "Red light!"

    You froze looking at the man who had just helped you, eyes wide in fear. His jacket read #456.

    "Thank you," You whispered softly, and the team watched in shock. Bucky's shoulders tensed as he gave you a sweet smile back in return.

    Your eyes drifted next to his head, to the men who had gotten closer to you two. Your face fell, making the man scrunch his eyebrows in confusion.

    "Green light!"

    "We need to go. NOW." You said loudly, running with him at the sound of the doll's head turning.

    You switched sides with him, being closer to the henchmen. There is no way you'd let some kind man be in the crossfire of why you're there in the first place.

    Their smirks grew at the sight of you becoming closer, them catching up to you quickly.

    You dropped your speed, making sure the player who helped you was safe.

    "Red light!"

    By this time now, you were a few feet in front of the men after you. Your body shook with nerves. You felt hot and cold at the same time.

    "We got you now, Doll." He growled as you rolled your eyes.

    "There's only one person who gets to call me that," You called back, not moving a muscle as the doll scanned the crowd of people.

    Bodies dropped and you flinched as bullets flew through the air, passing your head.

    Bucky's cheeks heated up as Strange walked through the door, with Wong on his tail. All of the team turned to look at him. All except Bucky, of course.

    "How's she doing?" He asked in a monotone voice

    "Still alive, like I've been trying to tell them." Fury responded with annoyance. "About time you got here."

    "You know I protect multiple universes and timelines, you know that right? Anyways, when are we doing this? My men are on stand-by." He motioned over to Wong, who had walked up to Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing.

    "When she finishes the first game. 2 minutes left." He responded, turning his attention back to the monitor.

    "Green light!"

    Your breath became shallow as the men attacked you from behind, and you immediately flip one over your shoulder. With a swift kick to the face you knock him out, you spin around quickly to deliver a swift punch to his stomach. Kicking his side he gives you a right hook to the cheek, knocking you to the ground.

    "Red light!"

    You freeze, the three men towering over you.

    "Fuck.." Tony shakes his head, running his hands over his face. The team is on the edge of their seats, watching with anticipation.

    Nat's eyes are glued to the screen, mapping out exactly how she'd want you to take them out. Just like she had trained you. And much to your surprise, you did effortlessly.

    "Green light!" With a swift sweep kick under the legs you knock the man off his feet, your elbow meeting the other man's nose.

    "That's my girl!" Natasha yelled out like a proud aunt, fist bumping the air.

    Player 456 glanced back and watched in awe, as his friend with glasses tugged his sleeve.

    The small girl that was pinned under two dead man is now kicking 3 of their asses who are alive.

    "Gi-Hun! We have to go now! Forget about her!" He yelled, running with his friend.

    With one final grunt, you kicked the man on the ground in the nose as hard as you could while then quickly head butting the man in front of you, knocking him out cold. You sprint on your feet, catching up to the man who graciously saved you.

    Glancing back you see the men try to get up and stumble, just as the doll's head turns towards them.

    "Red light!"

    Their bodies fall to the ground with a thud, gunshots ringing through the air. As you froze you felt the blood dripping out of your nostrils.

    "I think I broke my nose," You whimper, the two men on your side hearing you.

    "What the hell was that? Are you okay?" He whispers, not daring to move his head. You don't respond, trying to regain your bearings.

    "Damn," Sam commented.

    "She did head butt him quite hard," Wanda commented, a proud tone coming from her voice.

    "Just make it to the end, (Y/N).." Loki said, making Thor glance at him. He could of swore he saw worry on his brothers usual stone cold expression. He made a mental note to tease him later.

    "Green light!"

    The more you ran, the more your breath felt labored. You just wanted this to be over. No amount of money is worth whatever game this is. And whoever is betting on these people are sick and twisted in the fucking head.

    The more bodies started to drop, the more your adrenaline did most of the work. You were painted with blood, and stained with memories that would never escape your head.

    "Red light!"

    You stopped at a woman's body, whose eyes were staring blankly into your lively ones. The image haunted you as the hole in the middle of her forehead was oozing blood.

    This was the first time Bucky looked away from the screen, as well as most of the team. This was horrifying to watch, let alone participate in.

    "I never thought it was real," Shang-Chi admitted. His sister nodded in agreement.

    "It was always a thing talked about our entire lives growing up, a scary story used to tell your friends.."

    "It's a good thing we're putting an end to it then." Steve spoke, slowly looking back to the monitor.

    "Green light!"

    By this time you weren't far from the finish line, making you sweat. There were other players screaming from the other side to run, and as much as your legs burned you didn't stop.

    You ran behind player 456, his chest panting from exhausted breaths. You're both almost there. Yet so far away.

    "COME ON (Y/N)!" Thor yells, startling everyone. Everyone starts cheering in desperation, as if they could hear her through the monitor.

    As he's running, his foot slips on a dead man's arm on the ground making him loose his balance.

    "Red Light!"

    Without thinking, you quickly extend your hand and grab his jacket, freezing your position. You were holding him, his nose inches from the dirt on the ground.

    He gasps, his hands not moving in the air as the doll scans the crowd once again. His eyes drift up to the timer.

    "15 seconds," Tony chokes out, his hands gripping the table until his knuckles turn white. "God damn it, (Y/N).."

    Of course you'd save someone any chance you could. You'd put down your life before anybody's if it meant sparing them. It's the good in you.

    The avengers sat silent in the room, praying to any god that was in or out of the room you didn't drop the man you were holding.

    Who was twice your size.

    Your arms started to burn as well as your eyes, as you grunt in pain. Blood was still slowly pouring out of your nose, making you dizzy.

    The team watched you, covered in blood, holding onto the players jacket for dear life.

    You closed your eyes and focused, zoning in on the thought of reuniting with Bucky again. Grounding you to your surroundings.

    His warmth. His smell. His voice. His embrace wrapping you like nothing would ever harm you. You loved how you felt when you were with him. How he made you feel. The version of you that comes out when he's in the room makes you happy.

    And if you were going to tell him that, you needed to be alive to do it.

    "Green light!"

    Your eyes snap open as player 456 scrambles to his feet rushing to the finish line.

    "5 seconds.." Wanda says with panic, standing on her feet.

    You ran as fast as you could, tears clouding your vision. The pain in your chest was numb as your body heaved with every second that passed.

    As the doll's head turned its head one final time, you hurled yourself over the finish line just as the clock strikes zero, player #456 landing at your side.

    "YES!" Tony yelled, jumping to his feet. The group yelled in delight as you reached the finish line, some shedding happy tears and hugs. You had survived even with people attempting to sabotage the game.

    Fury had a proud smile crawl across his face, as Strange rolled his eyes. He knew you were going to make it anyways.

    You coughed, rolling on your back. You sat up, angling the camera at the field so it could capture the last massacre of resining players. You closed your eyes, not wanting to see more innocent lives to be taken.

    "Are you okay?" A voice said, making you open your (Y/E/C) eyes. It was the man who had saved you, and you saved him.

    You stuttered for words, unsure of what to say trying to overcome the shock of the events that had taken places.

    "Y-Yeah, I'm good. Are you..?" You trailed off, unsure of what to say. He nodded, his eyebrows stitched in concern.

    "Your nose, it's bleeding.." He pointed out, which then you took this opportunity to touch your nose. He was right, it was bleeding. There was a lot of blood on your originally white shirt, it was unclear if it was yours or someone else's. You shrugged.

    "Thank you for helping me," You said, touching his shoulder with a smile. His eyes widened in a incredulous manner.

    "Thank me? Thank YOU! I don't know how you managed to hold me! That was amazing!" He gushed, shaking you by the hand. You glanced up to see his friend giving you an apologetic smile.

    "Really, it's no problem. I had no idea what I was walking into.." You said, emphasizing the last part of your sentence in hopes Fury was listening in.

    Relief washed over the team as you chatted with the man, him thanking you profusely. The only thought in their mind was to take down the assholes who run this shitshow. Nat couldn't stop saying how proud she was of you, using all the moves she'd been working on with you for weeks now.

    Loki and Thor were impressed and equally happy you had managed to fight assassins trying to compromise your ability to make it to the end of the game.

    Cutting the small talk off in a fuss, Fury quickly explained the plain to ambush the facility to the team, one of the main goals is to get you out alive and seek medical attention.

    The team suited up as the monitor showed you going back to the area you had woken up in.

    "Gi-Hun," The man said, approaching you at your bunk as you tried to clean up the blood on your nose.

    "I'm sorry?" You responded, not being able to hear well. With all the gunshots, you weren't able to hear much without a constant ringing.

    "Gi-Hun is my name," He said a bit louder, taking a seat next to you. You smiled. He seemed to be a man you could trust, but you were strictly told to stay with your undercover identity.

    "(Y/F/N)," You responded with you fake name, shaking his hand.

    "Sorry. Can't hear much since the last game." You replied, shaking your head.

    He chuckled. "I don't think any of us can,"

    "Why are you here?" He questioned with kind eyes, having trouble how someone young like you ended up in this madness.

    "Homeless. No family. No husband or boyfriend. No kids." You responded shortly, your gaze drifting into the middle of the floor. Your eyes scanned the guards who stood in front of the door, tuning out whatever Gi-Hun was saying.

    They should be here any minute now.

    You grew anxious, wanting this to all be over. Be back in your bed. Or Bucky's arms.

    Just then a spark started to omit from the middle of the room, which the guards noticed immediately, calling for back up.

    "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I hope everything works out. Thank you again," You interrupted Gi-Hun who nodded with furrowed eyebrows, until his gaze was covered in confusion when he saw the sparks himself.

    Careful not to blow your cover, you stood by the bunks to observe 2 waves of soldiers come out of the doors.


    Shortly after Steve, Tony, Wanda, and Shang-Chi walked through the portal, it quickly shutting behind them.

    "Weapons down, and nobody gets hurt."

    Tony's voice is like music to your ears, a wave of comfort overflowing your body.

    You knew they'd come for you, but the anxiety in your head tried convincing you otherwise.

    A smile creeped on your face, but quickly dropped as the weapons were aimed in unison at your friends.

    "Wanda, NOW!" Steve yelled, throwing his shield and knocking with weapons out of a group of the guards. Tony and Shang-Chi start to fight the guards, as more flood the room. She quickly casts a shield over the players, scrunching her face in focus.

    "Everyone stay where you are!" She yells to the players, scanning the crowd until her eyes fall onto you. You smile, running up to her.

    "You guys came for me!" You say, blood covering your exhausted face.

    "Of course we did! Go help them kick ass!" She giggles, keeping the shield on the players while also taking out guards.

    The rest of the team are through out the building, basically taking down the operation on the inside with Strange and Wong. They found the game manager and held in in restraints as the sponsors were caught and identified one by one.

    You quickly run over and start fighting the guards one after one, with poor combat skills. Suddenly you're back to back with Steve, fighting off a large group of guards.

    "It's good to see you Cap," You yell, shooting two pistols you had picked up off the ground. "But I'm ready to go home."

    "What? Not having fun? We were going to red rover next," He says jokingly as we slowly start to decrease the number of guards until there were none.

    Panting, you put your hands on your knees as Wanda drops the shield and asks if everyone is okay.

    "(Y/N)!" Tony yells, his face shield retracting in his suit to reveal his face. You sigh with relief and hug him tightly, his chin resting on your head.

    "I'm glad you're okay," He grumbles as the rest of the team flows in to check for injures with any of the players.

    You tear yourself away from him and give him thankful eyes, until your gaze meets Bucky's. Butterflies swirl in your stomach and your heart pounds in your ears as your legs carry you into his embrace.

    "You did so good Doll," He whispers, peppering your blood stained hair with kisses.

    "I missed you Bucky," You say, hugging him for dear life. "So much."

    You look up into his gorgeous eyes, his pained expression scanning your face. Your face was bruised and bloody. But it didn't make you appear any less beautiful.

    "Stop acting like a pussy and kick their asses huh?" He muses, his eyes darting between your eyes and lips.

    If there was anytime you should do it, it should be now. You glance down at his lips, and back into his eyes.

    Without thinking your lips meet, moving in unison. Fireworks spread from your chest down into your stomach, his hands tangling into your hair. He kissed you like it was his last breath before going underwater, filled with passion and love.

    "You have no idea," You panted, out of breath. "How long I've wanted you to do that."

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    People We Meet

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FYk52h

    by queen_of_hell_hani

    Harley Stark is still in the closet when he fell in love with his best friend. Is he coming out as gay for the love of his life or is too scared of the consequences he might bring along?


    OFC fells in love with Timothee Chalamet (bizarre i know but i wanted to.)

    Words: 2937, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Characters: Harley Keener, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Original Female Character(s), Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Loki (Marvel), Vision (Marvel), Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Thor (Marvel), Bruce Banner

    Relationships: Harley Keener/Peter Parker, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Timothée Chalamet/Original Female Character(s), Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3FYk52h

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    Shorts Saturday

    Part 2 to:


    No, no, no Loki screamed in his head as your face caught his attention out of the hoard of people fighting against each other. He stared back into your eyes as if you were a ghost; his former lover here to haunt him once again. It had been a long several months since he had last seen you and even though you had changed dramatically, he still knew it was you. The wind was knocked from his chest and he felt as if he could collapse at any moment as you fought your way over to him. 

    The waves of fighters were thick, but finally you were able to spot him from within the crowd. All the pain of your last encounter together began to resurface, but you had come this far and you couldn’t turn back now; there was nothing that would make you give up on him. It took little effort to make your way over and you grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the main battle to a side area where you could talk to him, hopefully without being interrupted.

    “Loki, listen to me,” you begged him as he glared down on you silently. You could see the pain and anger in his eyes, but there was something else in their depths as well. It looked almost like desperation, but you weren’t sure why.

    “You shouldn’t be here,” he said as his hands gripped tighter around his daggers until his knuckles turned white. 

    Shaking your head, you stepped closer to him. “How could I not come?” you asked. “I couldn’t let you leave like that, leave me like that and go off with this psychopath. This isn’t you Loki, not the prince I know.”

    “I thought I made myself perfectly clear [Y/N],” he said. “You’ve chosen your side and that means you are against me.”

    “I didn’t come all this way for them, Loki,” you cried out to him in desperation. “I don’t care about sides anymore; I don’t care about good or bad or which side is right or wrong. I came here for you, only you. The only thing I will ever choose is you. I love you.”

    The noise of fighting was getting closer and closer to your location and you knew there would only be seconds until you would have to start the pushback again to get out of here. If anything was going to happen with the two of you, whether he came with you or not, it was going to have to be now.

    Loki looked up as well in the direction of the commotion as the gears of his mind began to turn. “There isn’t much time,” he said as his mind settled on his next move. “I tried my hardest to keep you out of all this, to save you, but I can see that I failed. I never wanted to hurt you, but it was the only way I thought I could keep you safe. I know none of this makes sense right now, but you need to trust me.”

    The sounds were almost upon you both now and you could see slight movement from your vantage point, but you didn’t care. Your heart was beating too fast at what you had just heard, that Loki still cared deeply for you and nothing else mattered. He was still himself, just as you had known all this time. Everything you did to get here wasn’t in vain.

    Loki grabbed your arm and pulled you close to him, his finger gripping tight to your muscle as the noises of battle were upon you. He looked down at you and held your gaze for a few seconds before speaking, as if trying to convey unspoken words with his eyes rather than saying them out loud.

    “Do you trust me?” he asked in a hurried whisper before looking around to make sure no one else was in earshot.  “Darling, I need you to say that you trust me no matter what.”

    “Yes,” you said without hesitation. “I trust you with everything in me, my love.” 

    The next movement was so swift you barely had time to react. The only audible noise was the gasp that escaped your lips as Loki brandished his dagger and drove it straight into your stomach.

    #loki#loki (marvel) #loki of asgard #loki layfeyson imagine #loki imagine#loki laufeyson #loki layfeyson x reader #loki layfeyson x you #loki x reader #loki x y/n #loki x you #thor#marvel#marvel imagine#marvel mcu#MCU#MCU fanfiction#mcu imagine
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    Fear & Desire - Legacies ❤️‍🔥P18❤️‍🔥 Divulge

    Previous chapter

    Once you and Stephen had practically taken out everyone, by yourselves, SHIELD eventually showed up saying there was an emergency at HQ hence the slight delay. They arrested the unconscious guards and wrapped up the sword to take into HQ. There was a guest book at the venue which was ridiculous considering the type of gathering that it was but luckily there was one so each attendee could be questioned.

    “Well, tonight was fun” you commented turning towards Stephen.

    “Very” he added with a small smile.

    “Well, should we go hom--STEPHEN” you shouted watching Loki teleport behind him holding a dagger. Watching your expression change, Stephen lunged forward, dodging Loki’s attack before turning towards the angered Loki.

    “Loki, what on earth are you doing?” You questioned grabbing his wrists and lowering them as you looked into his eyes.

    His features softened as he looked down at you. His gaze then flicked from yours to Stephen behind you who was no doubt glaring at Loki. You watched as Loki tensed back up as he broke from your grip.

    “STEPHEN HOME!” You demanded before a portal headed in your and Loki’s direction, sending you both to your room in the compound.

    “Arghhhhh” Loki growled, infuriated, watching the portal disappear.

    “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” You bellowed grabbing Loki’s arm and spinning him to face you.

    He looked you up and down with a lour, which made you take a tiny step back, before he reached your eyes again.

    “I heard you” he said in a pessimistic tone.

    “Heard me?” You queried furrowing your brows in confusion.

    “Don’t act confused. I heard you with the magician.” He spat as you looked away from him.

    There was a pregnant pause before recognition began to hit you and you looked back towards Loki with an amused smile.

    “Loki, look at me” you laughed gesturing to yourself “what could you possibly think happened between me and Stephen?”

    “DON’T PLAY CRETINOUS WITH ME!” He roared stepping closer to you as you backed away feeling startled by his outburst. Did he generally think that you and Stephen what, slept together? Surely not. He kept stalking closer until your back hit the wall.

    “He’s enamoured with you” Loki leered, lightly stroking your cheek with the back of his hand.

    “He’s not” you replied turning your head away from his hand.

    “Yes he is” he whispered lowering his lips to yours in a soft gentle kiss before pulling away “and it angers me.”

    “Loki, what is it exactly that you think has happened?” You huffed.

    “You consummated the sham marriage” he scoffed turning away.

    “Look at me” you insisted grabbing his chin and turning him towards you “whatever it is you think you heard, you heard wrong. The mission went sideways and I had to defend myself hence the torn dress and the messy appearance” you explained “so don’t you dare accuse me of infidelity” you warned.

    “You think me stupid y/n” he said rolling his eyes before you slapped him across the face.

    “I’m sorry” you gasped realising what you had done as he turned back towards you with a grin.

    Loki’s lips then found yours again in an aggressive kiss as he pushed you against the wall before roughly tearing off your dress leaving you in—

    “Oh you naughty little thing” Loki teased, breaking the kiss before eyeing your emerald ensemble consisting of a lacy bra, a thong and suspender belt.

    Leaning down, Loki began tracing over your collar bone with his tongue causing you to close your eyes as your head fell back against the wall allowing him more access. His teeth then nipped at your neck before he left a trail of light kisses leading to your lips. As your lips moved together delicately, you started undressing him, smiling into the kiss when he helped you unfasten his belt. As your semi naked bodies pressed against each-other, the kiss grew hungrier, needier. You both moaned into the kiss when Loki started grinding into you as he put his hand on your back and began pulling you closer to him. You could feel his growing erection against your thighs as you undressed each-other further. Wrapping your arms around his neck, Loki lifted your legs up, securing them around his waist before carrying you towards the bed.

    As he sat at the edge, you straddled him whilst you continued the kiss. Pulling away, you both opened your eyes as you gave him a mischievous smirk whilst sitting slightly up before reaching down between you both and guiding him to your entrance and slowly lowering yourself onto him as your eyes closed in elation.

    “Oh fuck” you uttered breathlessly when he was fully inside.

    His arms found your back, properly stabilising you before you began to move. You started slow whilst Loki sucked on your neck trying to suppress his own moans. Increasing the pace, Loki’s grip on you grew tighter as he helped pilot your movements. Your pants and moans grew out of control whilst Loki managed to say fairly subdued before he held you against him as he fell backwards into the bed and started thrusting into you.

    “Yessssss” you cried as his hips slammed upwards into yours whilst his cock delved deeper and deeper.

    “You feel soo good” Loki mumbled as you tried to stop yourself from hitting the precipice.

    You continued your moaning as you rode him, closing your eyes and tilting your head upwards.

    “I have something to tell you.” Loki said flipping you both over as he continued to ravage you.

    “Mmmmmm” you whimpered urging him on to speak, feeling that familiar pressure building up.

    “When I was at the TVA, I kissed someone” he blurted out before he egressed and fell to his knees on the floor, pulling you towards him as he licked circles on your clit.

    “WHAATTTTT” you yelled trying to lift your upper body up to look down at him as a wave of pleasure tore through you. “Ughhhh yessss” you howled feeling yourself fall into an oblivion.

    The orgasm was ecstasy. Loki didn’t pause the intricate patterns his tongue was making against your sensitive clit as you bit your lip with occasional small moans as you felt a dreamy languor threatening to overtake you.

    A/N: Ermmmmmm sorry Loki, what was that?

    What was what?


    Hope you liked the chap 💚💚












    #tom hiddelston loki #loki x reader #loki x female reader #loki fanfic#loki (marvel)#loki fanfiction#oc fiction #loki x reader smut #loki smut#mcu smut
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    5 times Mobius took the first step and 1 time Loki did

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CYgAa5

    by GaelJacksonJones

    Do you still need to be comforted after the season 1 finale? We all do. Five cute and fluffy moments in which Mobius took the first step in their friendship and the one time Loki took the first step towards something more. * "Next time avoid getting in the path of a bullet if you want to thank me" Mobius let out a faint laugh, weakened by the bloodloss. "Believe me, I don't plan to repeat the experience". * I've already written and translated all the chapters, this fic will be updated every Saturday!

    Words: 680, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

    Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15 (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, A lot of firsts, Mobius and Loki reformed the TVA, Hurt!Mobius, will add more tags, Sylvie holds the timeline

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3CYgAa5

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    By the Waterfall

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xsJf5X

    by lyrical_panic

    You take Loki to your favorite hiking spot, and things get a little emotional.

    Words: 1405, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of Lyric Loves Loki

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki (TV 2021)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, M/M, Other

    Characters: Loki (Marvel)

    Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Reader, Loki (Marvel) & Reader

    Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Soft Loki (Marvel), Good Loki (Marvel), Hiking, Heart-to-Heart, Flirting

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3xsJf5X

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