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  • writing5ever
    24.07.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    @righteous-scamp Chapter 2 is up!

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  • really-veauge
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I wrote a lokius fanfic! It’s a modern AU where Mobius is the executor of a will and Loki has been left with a peculiar set of conditions under said will

    #Loki #loki tv series #mobius #loki x mobius #mobius m mobius #loki odinson#lokius fanfic#fanfic#slash fic
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  • lokiofsassgaard
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Remember way back, centuries ago, when Thor fic was full of What Ifs and small divergences following Avengers 1 and TDW?

    I've got a new one for you.

    If this show brings back all the old tropes again, I will be a very happy boy.

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  • sylkius
    24.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Loki: Since we're technically the same person, we can tell eachother anything, right?

    Sylvie: You're in love with Mobius

    Loki: How did you know?

    Sylvie: Because I'm in love with him too.

    #idk this was a fic idea I had but I don't wtite fics so I'll just put it here #loki#lokius#sylkius#loki laufeyson#sylvie laufeydottir #mobius m mobius #sylki#loki series#loki 2021#loki disney+#loki tv#loki show
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  • wrenandthemachine
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    New OC anyone? I'm going to try and not make this a Loki fic blog too. I'm just thinking about her lately lol

    #loki fic#loki oc #we'll see what happens #so many fics so little time
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  • onlyjamesbarnes
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Every Saturday, you can send me requests for a drabble or short imagine (fics under 1k words), and I'll write it for you!!

    Send me an ask with...

    a prompt for a drabble (or more than one!)

    a would you rather, a choice between two options, and and I'll write about my choice

    a fantasy of yours

    or any idea you might have in mind!!

    I'll write any that come in before midnight tomorrow night, and any carry-overs will be published next Saturday!!

    See you tomorrow ;)

    #sinful saturday#marvel fic#loki marvel#marvel love#anthony mackie#marvel universe#marvel endgame#marvelsmut#marvel edit#marvel fanfiction#marvel smut#marvel #happy birthday steve rogers #steve rogers x y/n #steve rogers fluff #sebastian stan x you #sebastian stan cute #sebastian stan x reader #steve rogers x reader #stucky #stever rogers x reader #steve rogers #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers smut #stevebucky #bucky x reader #bucky barnes fic #bucky fanfic#buckybarnes #james bucky barnes
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  • fic-writing-potato
    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Shoutout to this person on our fic who left the best summary of Lokius I’ve ever seen

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  • stickykeyboardzzz
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Tom Hiddleston x Daughter!Reader

    You and Tom Holland are 19.

    Genre: Crack —————————————————————————

    "So where is your daughter and wife?" The interviewer asked. "Oh, they are in Illinois for vacation. Tom wanted to came as well, because he said he had nothing to do." Your dad said.

    "Do you have a way to contact them?" The interviewer asked.

    You dad's phone started to vibrate "Yes, my wife is calling me right now. I think they're currently at the beach." Your dad said answering the call.

    "Hi Tom are you alright?" Your mom asked.

    "Yes, you?"

    "Yes I'm alright, but I can't say the same for the mini yous." Your mom said. Tom started to bring his phone closer to his face with a confused look on his face, trying to process what he was looking at.

    "Why...why is Tom sleeping while wearing an Ariel cosplay?" Your dad said, a little concerned. "And why is Y/N tied to an umbrella pole with a jump rope?" The audience started to laugh.

    "Be careful Y/N- OMG THE UMBRELLA'S GONNA FALL-" then the called ended. And the audience was still laughing.

    "Do you calls like this often?" The interviewer asked, still chuckling.

    "No but if I did I wouldn't be surprised." Your father said, starting to laugh. And the audience started to laugh again.

    #tom hiddleston #loki x child reader #tom hiddelston x reader #crack fic#funny
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  • wildroseparadise
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Magenta: Loki x reader

    Pairing: Loki x reader

    Word count: 1,3k words

    Requested: Yes, for @msfandomfreak. I hope you like it!! ♡

    Summary: Imagine not seeing color until you meet your soulmate, and then finding him on a mission to save his brother, and your best friend, Thor. (soulmate!au)

    Warnings: None, I don't think so, at least [Please tell me if I missed any!]

    You remembered it from when you were young; hearing about it from adults, learning about it in school, and giggling over it with friends.

    "Don't worry, sweetie, when you find the one for you, you will know."

    "There is a hormone much like serotonin, which floods your brain--"

    "When Eric looked at Maisy today, I could have sworn he saw color!"

    Having lived alone in New York for years, it became much more of a reality after moving into the Avengers Tower- always surrounded by "the real deal". Stark and Pepper; Nat and Bruce; Clint having told you about his secret wife and children; and even Thor meeting Jane, and then having to help him through their breakup and his denial.

    But even though people around you kept meeting their soulmates, and the blacks and whites that clouded your vision were a stark reminder of it, you started to lose hope and belief in the whole thing.

    You contented yourself with the friendships and family you had made with the team, being the closest to Thor- his boisterous presence successfully calming your angst at times. You convinced yourself that you would never meet your soulmate, that you might just have been the exception and just didn't have one, no end in sight.

    That was until today,

    Having received a distressing message from Heimdal, asked after by the prince, you had successfully infiltrated the planet known by its inhabitants as Sakaar, no more than five hours later.

    Apart from distant stars, the luminescent glow from skyscraper windows provided the only touch of light in the city streets, although they looked to be at a greater distance than the burning balls of gas.

    It was easy to move through the shadows, the half-finished monument of your friend on the side of a building giving you an idea of where Thor was. Having no idea on how to get in and not fancying getting caught before even getting to your teammates, you opt for the next best thing. The Quinjet.

    Bruce must have landed here when he didn't come back, you quirk an eyebrow. Taking a few steps back, you accelerate in speed and leap forwards into the crater shaped junkyard, landing steadily beside the run-down ship. Making your way inside, you decide to quietly wait out the dark and scout for entryways.

    Jerking awake to the sound of banging against the metal roof, cursing under your breath when the latch opens, you found that you didn't have to search for your friends anymore.

    Moving through the crowded marketplaces and alleyways, you use your powers of manipulation to discourage any wandering eyes. Thor leading you through the Hulk parade, you meet up with a woman who Thor introduces you to,

    "Hi," Thor starts.

    "Hi," the woman responds.

    "I was going to do that," your friend defends, pointing towards the unconscious alien laying in front of you.

    "Yeah, well, I did it first" she says with refreshing candor.

    "That's good. What are you doing here?" you can practically hear the smile in his tone.

    "What are you doing here? I thought you were leaving." the woman peers behind Thor; the way Bruce flinches away surely looking like a schoolgirl hiding from her crush.

    Humph, you hum from behind your friend in an attempt for him to acknowledge you.

    "I got sidetracked," he muses, pointing towards the pair of you.

    "You know everybody is looking for you, right?" she asks, pointing towards Thor's openly displayed features.

    "Ah, yes. Well, thanks to Y/n here," Thor throws his arm around your shoulders, a proud grin on his face, "we don't need to sneak around or hide ourselves."

    She raises an eyebrow in question, looking between the two of you.

    "I can show you," you sigh, lifting your hand and trailing your fingers in the air in front of you as if though you were brushing something.

    A rumbling starts in the ground, the vibrations causing the gravel at your feet to sputter and move; the sound of hooves in the distance getting louder. A herd of three-headed, grey mares rode through the crowd, but nobody seemed to move. Their eyes red as blood, and teeth half rotten, their neighs tearing at only her eardrums.

    "How- How did you do that?" the woman in front of you asks, fidgeting uneasily in front of you. Although you can detect a clear flicker of delight at such a powerful display by a potential ally.

    "Manipulation. That's my power," you shrug, "I use it to keep anyone from suspecting anything when they see us walking past."

    She nods towards you, leading the group into a building close by. You walk next to her, talking to pass the time, but mostly to ignore the infatuated musings of the men in your company.

    After having established that the woman you now knew was a Valkyrie was joining your team, you walk through the door she had led you to.

    First in is Thor, then Valkyrie, before you is Bruce, and lastly you. "Suprise," you hear a new voice call out but before you can look up you hear some metal falling to the floor.

    "Ow," looking up at the person in front of you at the same time he does, your eyes meet, and the world seems to stop. You throat is either closing or your lungs had stopped working because you could no longer breath.

    The scariest thing was that it didn't even seem important. The fact that you couldn't breathe didn't matter to you. You were too consumed by the color that now sprung out in front of you, like fireworks or explosions of color lighting up a normally grey world.

    The things that you had forever wanted to see the color of didn't seem to matter now, either. You knew that there was a large window to your left, you had seen it when the door had first opened, but you couldn't for the life of you tear your eyes away to gaze at the sky. You didn't care to look at the color of your hair or your tight, armored suit.

    All you could stare into were those beautiful eyes staring back at you. A sea of blues and greens that mixed in the perfect way, luring you further in with every second that passed.

    You knew who the man in front of you was, even with the golden chains that wrapped around him you could tell that he was powerful. Loki, God of Mischief, the brother of Thor and destroyer of New York.

    "-/n? Y/n? Hello!" Thor waved his arms in the air to catch your attention, but you were scared to move. You weren't scared of him, though, although you surely should be. This was Loki, the Loki, and you were only ever scared that if you moved- if you even blinked, everything would fall apart.

    You felt such peace looking at him, but all you could see in his gaze was surprise and slight astonishment. What if he snapped out of it and realized that he hated you, despite never having met you before? You didn't want to act weak then, throwing yourself into his arms like you wanted to, if he was at that very moment plotting on how to affectively break your heart.

    No. You could see a small smile rise on his lips, surely having read your mind. Wait, could he read minds? Surely, he can!

    "You." he sounded content. Could you be so lucky as to a have him be happy to see you? To have him feel the same for you as you do him?

    "You." you smiled at him, seeing the gleam of mischief in his eyes that you just knew meant that he had heard your thoughts, and felt the same.

    "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you." Loki sighs, eyes flitting across your face, gaze filled with that of newfound love.

    Y/N: Another ask, thank you so much! I hope you liked this and I'm sorry that it took so long to do, I just had to decide where in the whole MCU timeline that I wanted it to take place and so I had to watch all the movies with Loki again to decide. THERE WILL BE A PART 2 COMING, I'VE ALREADY STARTED IT.

    #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson fluff #loki fic #loki of asgard #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki imagine #loki x y/n #loki x reader #loki x reader fluff #loki x you #loki fanfic#loki fluff #loki soulmate au #soulmate#soulmate au #soulmate!au #soulmate!loki
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  • leaves-of-laurelin
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Make You Proud

    a Loki / Mobius fic

    Chapter 3 on AO3

    Loki didn’t know how it was possible, how Mobius could have seen every moment of his life - every awful trick, every lie, every betrayal, every moment of debasement - and yet still look at him with all that kindness and warmth in his eyes.

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  • imadetheline
    24.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    don't want to hear about the bad blood anymore

    Fandom: Marvel

    Relationship: Thor and Loki

    Summary: Thor has forgiven Loki but Loki cannot forgive himself.

    Thor isn’t quite sure how they end up here—again. Standing in the wooden hall that serves as a throne room for New Asgard—so different from the magnificent golden columns and throne of the home he grew up in—he turns to meet Loki’s sharp gaze, barely restraining a sigh. “Won’t you let it lie, brother? We’ve been here before—again and again. My words have not changed.”
    Loki scoffs and turns away sharply, dark green cape snapping at his heels and echoing loudly in the empty hall. “Well, they should. You are the only one here who even tolerates me. Taking advice from me only undermines your authority in the eyes of our people. It is foolish to continue this charade. I am-”
    “You are my brother,” Thor interrupts, stepping down from the throne’s dais, hands clenching at his sides.
    The laugh that follows his statement is hollow, bouncing off the carved ceilings and piercing Thor’s chest repeatedly—almost as if it is one of his brother’s daggers—as Loki whirls around, eyes green and bright. “Even now, how do you know I am not leading you to ruin with the words I whisper in your ear as your advisor, seeking to take the throne, to betray you once more? It is what I’m best at after all,” he sneers, and Thor can see nothing but pain swirling in Loki’s eyes.

    continue reading on ao3

    #my writing#my fics#loki#thor#loki odinson#loki laufeyson#thor odinson #thor and loki #au#marvel#mcu#angst#fluff #they're brothers your honor #forgiveness #no thanos au #new asgard#writing#fanfiction#fanfic#fic#ao3#marvel fics#loki fic#thor fic#songfic #also ive been wondering if i should start a marvel tag list for my fics so if youd want to be on that feel free to reply to this post #or send me an ask #reblogs appreciated!
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  • mimisempai
    23.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Let the magic of my love take care of you

    Summary :

    Five times where Loki takes care of Mobius with the help of magic and once where he doesn't need it.


    2311 words - Rating G


    "Hey here!" Loki said softly as he entered Mobius' office.


    "I've come to give you my report on the mission with the new recruits." continued Loki as he came to sit across from Mobius.

    "I'm listening."

    If anyone entered the office at this moment, there would be no indication that the two men were a couple.

    But if one stayed, he would see the way their fingers brushed against each other as Loki gave Mobius the file he held in his hands, the way Mobius moved his chair closer so their knees touched, or the closer than necessary distance between their heads when Loki pointed out a detail on the papers spread out before them.

    All these small gestures were evidence of their relationship, but only visible to those who knew them.

    Once he finished his report, Loki stood up. His gaze fell on Josta's open can on a corner of Mobius' desk.

    "How long ago did you open it?"Loki asked him.

    "This morning," Mobius answered before shrugging his shoulders.

    Loki took the can in his hand, which gradually turned blue, the color of his Jotun skin.

    He kept it for a few seconds and then put it back under Mobius' curious look. On the can you could see the droplets of steam caused by the drink, which was now cold.

    He leaned towards Mobius and said softly, "I know you prefer to drink it cold..."

    Then as he got up he winked at him before turning and heading for the door.

    He turned around one last time, and said, "See you later." Before closing the door behind him under the amazed look of Mobius.


    "Papers, papers, always papers! I can't take paperwork anymore!" Mobius threw his pen towards the door, but he didn't hear the sound it should have made as it smashed against it. He looked up to see Loki had just entered his office and caught the pen in mid-air.

    "Are you tired of me already that you want to eliminate me?" asked Loki with a teasing smile on his face.

    "Aaah Loki... shit, lunch! The cafeteria! I forgot about it! I'm sor-"

    "Hey, hey, it's okay Mobius, Casey told me you probably wouldn't show up, seeing as how the last time he saw you the files were piling up on your desk." replied Loki as he walked over to him.

    "That doesn't stop me from being sorry."

    Loki shook his head, "It's not like we'll never get another chance, and honestly what worries me the most is not that you didn't come, but the fact that you're missing out on a meal again."

    Mobius protested, "It's okay I-"

    Loki stopped him with a hand, "But as a devoted companion, I thought of you and... tada...!"

    Loki twirled his hand and amidst the green swirls appeared... a bowl of salad, which he placed on Mobius' desk after making room.

    Mobius couldn't help but laugh as he recognized the bowl of salad.

    "What are you doing?"

    "...your salad is Asgard in this scenario."

    "No, it's not Asgard, that's my lunch."

    "It's a metaphor. Just hang in there."

    I" want that salad."

    "I understood that this dish was your preference."

    Mobius replied, raising an eyebrow, "Last time, that didn't stop you from adding salt, pepper and whatever else to it to prove your theory. With a metaphor that by the way was at least as bad as the dagger one..."

    "Hey, I was right anyway, well about the salad not the dagger..."

    Mobius gave him a knowing smile. He had seen the conversation between Loki and Sylvie.

    "Love is a dagger." Loki conjura une dague dans sa main avant de continuer, "It's a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It's beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it…"

    Loki offers the hilt to Sylvie. She reaches to take it, but the dagger disappears."

    "It isn't real."

    "It's real."

    "It is, yes," Loki replied, then kissed him tenderly before walking away. As he closed the door, however, he threw out in a serious tone, "Don't forget to eat your salad."

    Mobius smiled at his words, who would have thought his lover had a mother-hen side?


    "A planet where it rains all the time! Guys... remind me to put this on the checklists of things to verify before teleporting to a planet: 'Check the weather.'"

    Mobius had just passed the time-door, soaked like a drowned rat. They had been on a mission to search for someone on an unknown planet where apparently there was only one sort of weather :  rain.

    He hated it, his suit was sticking to his skin and he was starting to feel the wetness and cold penetrate his bones. He could not hold back a shiver.

    Suddenly he saw a green light enveloping him from head to toe.

    Little by little the feeling of cold and dampness disappeared and was replaced by a feeling of warmth and comfort. He was now dry.

    He looked up to see Loki coming towards him, as a last green swirl faded from his hands.

    Loki stopped in front of him, "I have a feeling that this mission was a pain in the ass, right?"

    Mobius replied, "You know my love of rain."

    Then he stopped, waved his hand to show himself, and added, "Thanks for that."

    Mobius was always pleasantly surprised by Loki's little attention, but even more so by the fact that it showed how well he knew and cared about Mobius.

    Unfortunately they were in one of the most crowded hallways of the TVA so Mobius couldn't show his appreciation as he would have if they were in the privacy of their apartment. However, he couldn't help but touch Loki and put his hand on his arm, squeezing lightly and said again in a gentle tone, "Thank you, really."

    Loki replied with the same smile by simply nodding and placing his hand on Mobius’ hand, he said gently, "My pleasure, for you, always."


    Mobius was staring at the papers in his hands, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He was about to do something, to write something, but he couldn't remember.

    "Mobius? Since when do you bring home work."

    Loki's voice as he entered their living room pulled Mobius from his thoughts. He blinked his eyes. "I have to finish this, and I'd rather finish it here." He mumbled, his voice hoarser than usual.

    Loki said to him in a slightly annoyed tone, "Did you hear your raspy voice? Did you see your face? You better get some rest."

    "I absolutely must finish this."

    "Really? When you seem to be having trouble even keeping your eyes open?", Loki insisted.

    "I'm fine," Mobius replied.

    Exasperation was now evident in Loki's voice, "Only you believe it. Even your colleagues have noticed!"

    "I'm fine!"

    "Mobius," Loki sighed.

    "I'm fine," Mobius repeated. "Just let me fin-..."

    A coughing fit interrupted him. He coughed so hard it felt like his lungs were being torn apart.

    "That's enough," Loki said in a voice that had no return.

    Loki took his file out of his hands, grabbed Mobius' hands, made him stand up and pulled him behind him.

    "Hey! Loki!"

    Loki ignored him and pulled him towards their room.

    "Loki!" Mobius coughed violently again. He felt exhausted all of a sudden and feeling himself spinning, he clung to Loki's hand.

    "Mobius, you're burning up!" exclaimed Loki in a panicked tone.

    Mobius shivered, as if to confirm what Loki had just noticed. "Are you cold?"

    "Yes, and warm."

    Loki carefully sat him down on their bed. "The important thing is to get your love fever down, okay?"

    He helped him put on his pajamas with gentle touches and carefully laid him down under the blanket.

    Mobius' eyes were still open and he suddenly saw Loki in his Jotun form.

    "Loki? Did you just transform or am I having a gorgeous hallucination."

    Loki chuckled affectionately, "Oh love, only you would call me a gorgeous hallucination when I have this form. But no, it's real. Do you trust me?"

    "Even with a raging fever, yes and even unconditionally."

    Loki smiled again, and went to join him. He laid behind Mobius, and wrapped his arms around him, without putting too much strength into it, and put one of his cool hands on his forehead.

    Mobius breathed a sigh of relief, "Ahhh that feels good. Thank you my love." then he felt himself being swept away by exhaustion, only aware of the cool sensation around him

    He woke up a few hours later, much better than before. Loki was still wrapped around him. He turned around and noticed that Loki had returned to his normal appearance.

    "You've joined the living world?" asked Loki with a smile.

    "Thanks to you," Mobius replied in a still hoarse voice, running a finger over Loki's face before continuing, " No longer blue?"

    Loki was surprised at Mobius' almost disappointed expression. He was still a little unsettled by the fact that Mobius loved his Jotun appearance as much as his current one.

    "The fever has dropped enough."

    Mobius moved a little closer and pressed a tender kiss to his lips.

    "Thank you for having taken care of me, Sweetheart."

    Loki put a kiss on his nose before replying, "I assure you that the pleasure was all mine love."


    Mobius dreamed of Ravonna, of her face at the moment she said, "Prune him" without hesitation and he disappeared.

    That's when he woke up as he often does, sweating and gasping for breath. He ran his hands over his body, just to make sure he was there and alive. His chest ached under the rapid beating of his heart.

    Mobius, still in his nightmare, struggled at first against Loki's comforting hands and warm voice, unable to calm his breathing that threatened to cause panic. He made a move to escape, but Loki's fingers caught his wrist before he could go anywhere.

    Once Mobius let go, Loki brought their heads together, cradling him, their noses almost touching until Mobius' breathing slowly returned to normal

    Mobius kept repeating, "I don't want to disappear, I want to live." and Loki would nod and whisper words of comfort and reassurance in return.

    After a few minutes, Loki asked softly, "Mobius, do you want me to erase these images from your mind? I wouldn't erase the memory, only the residue of your nightmare."

    Mobius tightened his arms around Loki and nodded, "Yes... please..."

    He put his fingers on Mobius' temple and closed his eyes, concentrating on the images he was sending into Mobius' mind, images of beaches, jet skis, sun and warmth.

    Then Loki squeezed him and Mobius buried his head further into Loki's chest and, in a hushed tone, he heard Loki suggest that he concentrate on the slow, loud sound of his heartbeat.

    Mobius let himself be lulled by the soft beat as Loki's hands now caressed his hair. He vaguely heard Loki's voice whisper something, "It only beats for you."

    Before he could respond, sleep claimed him, and this time filled with dreams of warmth and love


    "Oh Mobius, you're bleeding," Loki said, taking a deep breath as the wizard entered the living room. It was late at night, Mobius had been on a mission that had lasted much longer than expected.

    Loki approached him, "Let me see."

    Mobius turned away and protested, "No, I'm going to put on a little bandage in the bathroom and I'll be fine.."

    Loki replied, "Don't be stupid, let me take care of you before you spill your blood all over the apartment."

    "What a drama queen!"


    Mobius, obediently sat down on the couch. With calm and sure hands, Loki carefully turned Mobius' arms from side to side and was relieved to find only a superficial cut. A moment later, he returned with compresses, disinfectant and a bandage.

    Sitting down next to Mobius, he took the arm in one hand and began to clean the cut with the disinfectant.

    Mobius hummed at the relief the treatment brought him, after enduring the rubbing of his shirt all day. He closed his eyes under the pleasant sensation.

    "My poor love," Loki said in a low voice, "does it hurt?"

    "I've had worse," Mobius replied. He heard Loki soak another compress, then felt it on his arm again, Loki methodically cleaning the cut again.

    "I know that, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to talk about your pain."

    A moment later, Mobius felt Loki's fingers on his face, his thumb gently caressing his cheek. His lover's face was so close that he could feel his breath on his lips.

    As his fingers left his face, Mobius opened his eyes again.

    He watched as Loki grabbed the bandage and began to wrap it around his arm. When he finished, Loki set everything aside on the coffee table and pulled Mobius with him to the couch.

    They sat in silence for a while, one against the other with Mobius' injured arm around Loki's shoulders after Loki made sure it didn't hurt.

    "Do you know what my mother used to do when I got hurt as a child?" he asked Mobius, and without waiting for an answer continued, "she would kiss on my wound and tell me it would help the healing."

    Mobius could hear the tender, wistful tone as he did every time Loki spoke of his mother.

    "My wound is well treated now, but I wouldn't mind a kiss." replied Mobius with a teasing tone.

    "You know I would do anything to make you feel better, my love." With that Loki turned to him, "Let me kiss it better." Then he leaned over Mobius and kissed him gently.

    And not surprisingly, Mobius felt much better.


    As always, bear with me as it is not beta'd I hope you enjoyed it 🥰

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  • robinasnyder
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Title: Why is there a second Loki?

    Pairing: Loki/Mobius

    Tags: Time Travel, Multiple POV

    Summary: Loki and Mobius get stuck in a timeline which is currently in the middle of Loki's attempted invasion of New York. The TVA is already on their ass, and there's already a million branching timelines. What's the harm of adding one more branch and trying to help a little?

    AKA: Loki and Mobius help the Avengers fight Loki, told from 9 different perspectives.

    Notes: This was made to be entirely self indulgent. I just wanted Loki to get to see his mom and be a hero (ish), and also him and Mobius be a terribly obvious couple.

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  • the-mcu-files
    23.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Intricacies of Perfection (9k) by @quietlyapocalyptic

    While Loki was locked in his cell, he lost himself in a fantasy. Now he can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, and Tony is left with the struggle of dealing with an enemy who believes himself his lover.

    I really want to see what fantasy Loki lost himself in, it would be an awesome fic and if you ever decide to write it please let me know! 😀😀😀

    I love this so, so much!! 💙💙💙 Wish I could leave more Kudos but I can't! 😭

    #tony stark#loki #loki x tony #fluff #fic rec friday
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  • screwtheprinceimtakingthehorse
    23.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    “Mobius, wait!” Loki scrambled as the other man set off through the stacks of the library without another word. “Where are you going?”

    “I’ve had an idea!” Mobius called over his shoulder, sounding far too excited and more than a little pleased with himself.

    “So much for the obvious,” Loki groused, dogging the erstwhile TVA agent’s heels. Even as he struggled to keep pace, some persistent part of his mind marveled at the fact that this was happening. That, just days before, he’d found Mobius again. His Mobius.

    #lokius#lokius fic #mobius x loki #loki x mobius #loki loves owen wilson
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  • lilleby
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    The silence is deafening.

    Throughout Asgard, the wails of deep-seated despair have been ravaging the hearts of so many. Of husbands, of wives, of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters—of all those left behind to mourn the ones lost after such a devastating ambush. And yet, in spite of that, there is silence in the dungeons.

    While Thor and Odin had one another for comfort after losing Frigga, you knew of one person who would mourn alone in a cold cell with no one to offer consolement. Maybe the thought of him in such a state was what brought you down to the dungeons. Perhaps it was because you too knew what it was like to lose someone that you understood how much the pain buried itself deep to take root.

    It was a pain that would remain. One that wouldn't disappear no matter what you did. Almost like a beautifully cruel flower—blooming at times of remembrance and withering when the numbness strikes.

    Nothing compares to that first cut though.

    This is why it is here that you stand before Loki's cell.

    He doesn't appear to notice your entrance. His figure is vague from a distance but you do see him standing idly by in the cell. Strangely enough, everything appears to be in place. Normal. Have the guards not told him yet? They must have. Everybody knew. Surely, they would have the tact to tell the queen's son of her passing.

    You don't say anything at first. It's not like you don't like a million things to say racing through your head, but none dare leave your lips. None seem to be near enough what you wish to express. So instead you approach and gently lay your fingers on the energy wall. It doesn't hurt you, but it's enough to warn him of your presence.

    Loki doesn't spare you a glance, his head only slightly turning back towards you as if to acknowledge your presence before turning away once more.


    The deep hoarseness, the way the three words leave through gritted teeth so venomously—he wants to be left alone.

    Your head falls to give him at least that bit of solace but you take make no move to leave. Enraged, he finally snaps.

    "I said leave!"

    With your head bowed low, you give your quiet reply.


    It's impossible not to flinch at the way he shouts and the way he slams his fist against the pane of magic. You hear it sizzling against his touch yet you keep your head low.

    "Leave or I will tear you limb from limb without even needing to exit this cage."

    The threat barely fazes you. It's as you stare down to avoid part of his rage that you notice something. A flicker. It's so faint and brief that you almost think you imagined it, but something about it reminds you of what you saw in New York.

    It's an illusion.

    Your heart aches at the thought of him not even being able to show his own grief. To have to hide from the world how much this loss pains him. He wants to be alone to grief, but doing so alone will do no good.

    You know you mean nothing to him. He terrorized earth and even had you captive for some time; for all intents and purposes, you should hold no sympathy for this god. Yet you can't help but do so. Those who know you have always cursed your kindness, telling you that it'd be the death of you one day.

    'You trust too easily.' 'You're too kind.' 'Don't bother.'

    But you couldn't help it. It's been in your nature for far too long to change now. And it's not something you wish to change anytime soon. Your kindness stemmed out of a genuine want to give others what you wish had been offered to you.

    You don't heed his threat. Instead, you give your back to him and take a seat on the ground, pressing your back and head against the magic wall. With a deep inhale and exhale, you let your chest fall, the gravity of what happened weighing you down and giving you some courage to speak.

    "I won't pretend to understand your situation. With how complicated your whole family is, I doubt any attempt would help. But I can understand your pain."

    "Don't you dare patronize me, you vermin."

    "I'm not," you sternly say. Just because you were kind, didn't mean that you were spineless. You're not afraid to raise your voice, even if it's only a little to make your point. "You lost your mother. Regardless of how it happened, that fact doesn't change. And though I won't equate my losses to yours, the pain surely can't be any different."

    He doesn't respond. If because he is done with you or simply ready to kill you like he so vehemently insists, you don't know. Instead, you take his silence as leeway to continue.

    "I didn't know her for that long."

    Your eyes fall to the thin gold band that dangles from your wrist. A present from Frigga; it'd been to help you control those pesky powers of yours, a way to focus. A simple offer by a kind woman who saw you as just a person in need of help.

    "But from what little time I spent with her, I know that she was a kind, compassionate and understanding woman." Your head turns sideways as if wishing to catch a glimpse of him without necessarily turning to face him. "I can only imagine the loving mother she must have been. It was really obvious to me...just how much she loved you both."

    Violent crashing against the walls scares the living daylights out of you. You jump in place but don't raise from your seat. From over your shoulder, you see the furniture that had adorned his cell thrashed and broken. Then silence for a moment.

    You hear a thud close behind you. It's subtle but you hear it. You don't dare turn behind you. You allow him that much privacy at least, something you're glad you did when you hear the hoarse whisper that resonates louder than his shouts.

    "Just leave me be."

    But you don't. You apologize under your breath and stay put. Loki keeps repeating for you to leave, his voice hoarser and hoarser until you only know what he's saying because of how incessant he's been with repeating it. Then suddenly, he says something different.

    "I didn't mean for her to die."

    Your chest tightens and the tears that build sting your eyes. There's not much you can do to hold them back from falling but you at least manage to hold yourself together to answer.

    "I believe you."

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  • just-another-blog-of-fluff
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    Word count: 2150

    Warnings: tickling, fluff

    Ok, this one is a little different than the others I've written; it's about the actual cast (specifically our fav British actor Mr. Hiddleston 😉)

    * * *

    “And… cut! Alright, let’s move on to the next battle scene then.”

    The voice of the director echoing through the set snapped you out of your thoughts. You stood up and stretched a little, preparing to film the first scene of the day that you’d be part of. Script in hand, you joined the other cast members on the set for the scene briefing.

    It still felt surreal that you had actually gotten to this point. You had signed up for an audition the moment you’d heard this role was open, figuring you could at least get some exposure by trying out for a big-name movie like a Marvel movie. As an up-and-coming actress, you needed all the exposure you could get. Never in a million years did you think you’d actually land a part in the movie, let alone the role of a supporting character.

    You were trying desperately to get over being star-struck by the actors and actresses you were working with. They were all surprisingly down-to-earth, nothing like you’d expected from such famous stars as these. The moment you’d arrived on set, they had welcomed you with open arms as they had all the cast members, no matter how small their role was. They’d been trying to get you to relax a little, to see them as friends and coworkers rather than A-list celebrities. And you were trying – really­ trying – but you were still pretty shy and reserved off-set.

    “Ready for your first shoot of the day?” Chris Hemsworth asked as you approached the crowd of cast members standing in the middle of the set.

    “Uh… yeah, I think so!” you replied uncertainly. You glanced down at the script in your hands. This particular scene didn’t have many lines, as it was mostly an action scene, but those were the scenes you tended to struggle with. You had gotten good at getting into character when you had to have conversations, but you really had to think hard about how your character would move in battle.

    “Come on, you have to say it like you mean it!” he chided, grasping your shoulders in emphasis. “Try again – are you ready?”

    “Yes sir!” you shouted. He laughed heartily, releasing you with a final pat on the shoulder.

    “Alright, it may be a battle scene, but you aren’t a soldier. We’ll work on it.” The flowing crimson cape of his costume swished along the floor as he turned to find his place in the circle of cast members. You followed suit, slipping into an opening right beside Tom Hiddleston. He glanced at you with a warm smile, which you returned timidly.

    “He can be a bit overenthusiastic sometimes, can’t he?” Tom whispered. You nodded, looking across to where Chris was now casually twirling his hammer by the strap on one finger. “He is right, though. I’m certain you’ll do just fine. Give yourself a little credit.”

    “Thanks,” you said appreciatively. You turned to face the director as he reviewed the upcoming scene.

    It was a pretty standard fight scene by Marvel standards. Your character was battling alongside Thor and Loki as the villain attempted to slip past your defenses to gain access to Odin’s vault of magic artifacts. Magic, explosions, weapon-swinging… the whole works. There were a complex number of camera angles included in the scene, which meant a lot of stopping and restarting of filming to change position.

    Physically, this type of scene was exhausting. It required a lot of ducking, jumping, and running, not to mention a LOT of falling. It wasn’t uncommon for you to go home with a few scrapes and bruises after this type of active scene. Like Chris and Tom, you insisted on doing your own stunt work. It wasn’t like you were jumping from buildings or anything like that; you knew you could handle this yourself.

    “Ok, next clip!” the director called out, prompting you to prepare for the most difficult part of the scene. In this part, your character is standing a bit too close to an explosion and is thrown backward into Loki, who catches you before you fall backward onto the ground. You stood still as the stunt crew hooked you up to the wire that would yank you backward.

    “Nervous?” Tom asked, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder.

    “A little, maybe. Is it fun, being dragged around on the wire?” you inquired.

    “It’s a bit like riding a roller coaster. Except… you’re not in a cart, and you may crash into things.”

    “Hmm. Comforting.” He patted your shoulder firmly a couple of times before walking past you to get into position for the shot.

    “Alright, y/n, we’re not going to count down for you – we need a genuine element of surprise in this scene. Got it?”

    “Understood,” you confirmed. Your heart was racing with adrenaline, anticipating the moment you would feel the rope tug you backward. Not to mention, Tom was going to be the one to catch you. Your heart fluttered a bit more at that thought.

    It felt like minutes went by, although it was probably only seconds. Suddenly you felt the harness under your costume tighten around your waist as the wire finally pulled you backward. True to character, your arms flailed out as your heels slid backward across the floor for a millisecond before Tom caught you, sliding his hands under your outstretched arms to hold you up.

    The sudden gentle pressure of his fingertips under your arms tickled like hell. Your knees buckled a little and you yelped in surprise. Tom lowered you to the ground, giving you a moment to rest after your first take.

    “The fall was perfect, y/n, but try not to bend your knees like that when Tom catches you. Remember, you’re supposed to be a fierce warrior; your character would jump right back up to their feet,” the director called from off set. You avoided Tom’s gaze as he helped you to regain your footing.

    “Did I hurt you? You shouted when I caught you,” he asked, concern weighing in his tone.

    “No! Nope, I’m fine, sorry. Just got nervous. First take and all, you know?” you responded quickly, trying to hide your blush.

    “Understandable. I recall the first time I was pulled down to the floor by a wire during the infamous ‘Hulk smash’ scene…” he chuckled. “I’m just glad I didn’t hurt you.”

    You set up for a second take, this time heart pounding for different reasons. How embarrassing would it be if Tom found out what really happened there? You needed to focus more this time.

    This time, when the wire grew taught, you were at least prepared for the swooping sensation in your stomach as you slid backward. Once again, Tom caught you right on cue, his hands lifting your upper body up from under your arms. It still caught you off guard how much it tickled. You let a giggle slip out and went limp in his arms again, nearly causing him to drop you to the floor.

    “Cut!” The director walked closer to you and Tom so you could hear him better. “Don’t forget – don’t bend your knees. And it’s probably breaking character to be grinning like that after getting launched by an explosion.”

    “I know it’s fun doing stunts and all, but you have to think like your character even during the action scenes,” Tom advised, helping you up off the floor once again.

    “It’s not that! I just… never mind,” you mumbled, feeling your cheeks burning again. Tom raised his eyebrows at you in confusion.

    “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked, ducking down to catch your gaze as you stared down at your feet.

    “Promise. I’ll get it this time,” you assured.

    You both set up for take three, this time determined you would get it completely right. You gritted your teeth, trying to envision the actual explosion they’d be adding with CGI later. The wire tugged, and you flew backward once again into Tom’s waiting arms. You almost maintained your composure, until he started to pull you to your feet, fingertips digging into the hollows under your arms. You shrieked, letting out a few more giggles as you stumbled forward to evade his fingers.

    “Cut!” You steeled yourself and turned around to look at Tom, who was giving you a confused look. You shot him a look of apology.

    “Am I missing a joke? Did Hemsworth put you up to something?” Tom asked, placing his hands on his hips, a grin tugging at his lips. Even after you ruined the take three times in a row, he only used the kindest tone with you. You couldn’t lie to him.

    “No… I just… when you slide your hands under my arms to catch me, it… it sort of tickles. A lot,” you mumbled sheepishly. You risked a glance up from the floor to look at Tom, whose eyes had lit up with understanding.

    “Ahh! Now it all makes sense!” he exclaimed. “Well, I do apologize; it was not my intention to tickle you. I’ll try not to this take.” He shot you a mischievous wink, not unlike his character.

    “Thanks… I’ll try to keep my composure this time,” you promised.

    The director shouted additional directions and reminders to you as you set up for yet another take. As you got into position, you turned your head to look at Tom standing behind you. He grinned at you, although you couldn’t tell if it was a smile of encouragement or a mischievous smirk. Maybe it was the costume…

    The wire tugged you backwards once again, and the outcome was the same. Tom even tried to catch you closer to your upper arms, but the sensation was still too much for you to handle. A rapid stream of giggles bubbled from your chest as your muscles weakened once again. Tom was laughing with you this time, though, now that he knew better.

    “You did that on purpose!!” you exclaimed, spinning around to face him once you’d regained your footing.

    “On purpose!?” His mouth dropped open in mock offense. “You think I did that on purpose?? Come here, and I’ll show you ‘on purpose.’” You shrieked, spinning around to run away, but he grabbed hold of your wrist before you could get very far. He tugged you backwards, trapping you against him in a bear hug.

    “Wait!! C-can’t we talk about this?” you begged.

    “Sorry, no can do.” Before you could protest further, Tom’s fingers were digging into your ribs, eliciting a startled squeal from you. He laughed out loud at your overzealous reaction. “Mahaybe… eheh… maybe this will help you get all the giggles out, hmm?”

    “No, Tom, wahahait!!” you begged, folding into yourself and twisting around to break his hold without success.

    “I apologize, my dear, but this is for your own good. Can’t have you continuing to mess up these takes, now can we?” His fingers darted up and down your sides and ribs, and your knees buckled beneath you, sinking to the floor. Tom followed you down, still holding fast while he continued to skitter his fingertips over your belly.

    “Stahahap!!” you pleaded, grasping feebly at his wrists as laughter poured out of you.

    “Now, honestly, y/n – this is supposed to be a battle scene and you’re laughing like a schoolgirl,” he teased, wrestling to hold you still while he continued to torment you. “How are we going to get through this scene if you don’t start taking it seriously?”

    “THEN STAHAHAP TICKLING MEHEHE!” you retorted, yelping as his hands spidered higher up your ribcage.

    “Oh, is that what I’m doing?” Tom wrapped one arm further around your ribs so he could pull your arms up, giving him unrestricted access under your arms. He scribbled maddeningly gently at the hollows, making you explode with uncontrollable laughter.

    “OK! OK! IHIHI’LL GET IT RIGHT THIS TIHIHIME!!” you shouted. Deciding you’d had enough torture, Tom finally released you from his hold. You took a moment to catch your breath before looking up at your fellow castmates, who were smirking at you, much to your dismay. You felt heat rising to your face as you picked yourself up off the floor, turning to face a grinning Tom (who was looking more and more like Loki by the second with that mischievous gleam in his eye).

    “Well then! I’ve had my fun for the day,” he announced casually.

    “Thahat was so mean!” you groaned. He stepped closer, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and squeezing you in a one-armed hug for a moment.

    “You know you loved every second of it,” he teased.

    “Shut up, you,” you muttered, pushing him away jokingly. The two of you got back into position to try the take again.

    This time, you got it right. Because honestly, nothing could have been worse than the torment he’d just put you through. But, if you were being honest with yourself, he was right - you had loved every second of it.

    #not sure how to tag this one #loki tickle #ticklish!reader #tickle fluff#tickle fic#marvel tickle #ler!Tom Hiddleston
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    In The Heart Of A Star

    Chapter 3: Starflowers

    Loki X Fem!Reader

    Chapter summary: A heart to heart, a kiss, and a goodbye.

    A/N: Ngl this made me really emotional. Let me know if you liked it, please?

    Warnings: Hunting, mentions of trauma


    Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

    Gardens in space wasn't a rare sight if you knew where to look, but it was uncommon enough to make you take a sharp intake of breath when you saw Loki's little abode. It had an entirely different aura from the exterior of the outpost, and it glittered with synchronised threads of seiðr laced into the very air of the place.


    Tags: @myraiswack @ohdearhiddles @whatafuckingdumbass @poetic-fiasco @your-favourite-skittles @xlehukax @kellatron55 @shiningloki @latent-thoughts @loki-yoursaviourishere @kiara-36 @toozmanykids @allegra-writes @me-ep @shinisenko @lucywrites02 @hufflautia @buckyandlokirunmylife @gaitwae @piccolaromana @caffiend-queen @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @high-functioning-lokipath @moumouton4 @sigridlaufeyson @alsieswitchbook @theaudacitytowrite @idunnomayn @emilythezeldafan @paradoxiii @lokiperfection @charistory @lowkeytesss @twhiddlestonsstuff @plastic-heart @lokislittlesigyn

    #loki#imnotrevealingmyname#loki (marvel)#loki fanfic#fanfic#fanfiction #imnotrevealingmyname writes sometimes #loki fluff#fluff #so much fluff #tooth rotting fluff #angst#loki angst #loki x reader #loki x reader fluff #loki x reader angst #loki x reader fic #loki x fem!reader #loki x fem reader #loki x female reader #loki fanfiction
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    trickster (l.l.)

    | dating loki laufeyson headcanon |

    masterlist | loki masterlist

    Loki would put you first without a doubt

    that also means he would give you almost all of his attention (he doesn’t want you feeling lonely)

    you’ll play with his hair almost all the time

    “if Thor comes in, I am snapping my fingers so the braids come out”

    you melt his heart constantly (making him a softy for you)

    Thor calls you an ‘angel from above’ because you made Loki the happiest he’s ever been


    Loki enjoys reading to you while sitting in the massive library he has

    he would be extremely possessive and use his magic to his advantage

    amazing sex 

    green, everything you own, must be green (he loves the colour on you)

    especially when lingerie is involved 

    if your sick or on your period he is always by your side making sure you have everything you need

    he gives you lots of nicknames

    lot’s of ale night walks with random conversations

    “if you could live any where on Earth, where would it be?”

    “any where you are, my queen”

    lots of sarcasm between the two of you 

    so much that no one, except Thor and Frigga, know if you are dating or not

    “because you totally didn’t do it Loki”

    “exactly! Y/N is on my side”

    he would go to Frigga and rant about your relationship 

    after you heard about New York you got mad at him, ending up in two weeks of awkwardness

    after those two weeks you finally let him in your room to talk

    he had been desperate and insisted on knocking at your door every night

    Loki was angry with himself after he hurt you (not physically)

    his apology was more of a rant but by the middle of it, you were in tears

    he would always let you curl up against him (but you mostly did it when you cried)

    you didn’t like letting Loki see you cry and that’s is why you held it in

    but sometimes it would all come out

    after those two weeks he was always holding you in his arms 

    Loki missed sleeping with you and would be addicted to you after the fight

    addicted in the ‘always snuggling’ way and in the ‘sex sex sex’ way

    Loki is needy, all time, any where

    taglist: @mystic-writings​ @brooklynnnnnnnnn​

    #loki#loki headcanon#loki laufeyson#loki laufeyson headcanon #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson x y/n #loki laufeyson x female reader #loki laufeyson x female!reader #loki x you #loki x reader #loki x y/n #loki x female reader #loki x female!reader #marvel#marvel fic#marvel fanfic#marvel fanfiction#loki fic#loki fanfic#loki fanfiction#libraries-and-coffee
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    Chapter 9: Paid Heckler (3112 words) by LokiOfSassgaard

    Chapters: 9/26 Fandom: Thor (Movies) and Thor (Comics) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki, Jane Foster/Thor Characters: Loki (Marvel), Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster (Marvel), Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Human, Street & Stage Magic, Las Vegas, Romance, Magic, Slow Burn, human disasters, darcy's poor choices in men, loki's poor choices in general, Bad Decisions, Dysfunctional Relationships, Complicated Relationships, Power Imbalance, loki's fight of flyte response, loki is a trash heap, Loki is a bad brother, Mental Health Issues, Fish out of Water, Alternate Universe - Celebrity Series: Part 1 of Tarbell Course in Magic


    All her life, Darcy has wanted to perform magic on stage. When a new act comes into town and auditions for an assistant, Darcy takes a chance and goes in for the part. It's just a shame that the new magician is a creep with an ulterior motive that could ruin everything.

    This fic was bombing hard, so I went ahead and just uploaded the whole thing. I won't be posting anything new probably until September, when a couple of big bang fics are going up, but the queue will continue to post older stuff for a while.

    Ironically, one of them is a sequel to this. Probably just going to post that one all at once so I don't bother people further. Sorry.

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