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  • agentkinghorn
    08.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Day Eight

    Loki x Reader

    Summery: Day eight that's the summery

    Gift Credit: @lokiprompts

    Note: Am I projecting with this series yes I am, have I made my family members characters, yes I have.

    Also I am sorry it's short.

    Y/N woke up in the morning with a groan, and then looked out the window and groaned even more at the snow falling to the ground. and then yet again at the lack of god in her bed.

    "LOKI!!!!!!!!" She yelled

    "I'm here my love," Loki said walking into the room.

    "Babe it's snowing."

    "I know."

    "How many days till Mexico?"


    "UUUUUGGGGHH that's too many!"

    "I know love, but you don't have to work today."

    "Yes I do."

    "Nope! They called and the roads are too icy you have the day off. So you can spend it with me the kittens."

    "I do love the kittens, which by the way I talked to my sister, they agreed to watch the kittens for the holidays, they said Birdie will love the company."


    "Their cat," Y/N groaned once more "What's for breakfast?"

    "These muffins that I just picked up for you!" Loki exclaimed.

    "You got me muffins from where?"

    "Umm I may have went to visit your grandmother, she also sent an apple pie."

    "Yes!! Loki I think this is the best gift so far."

    "Cause it's food?"

    "No cause it's food made by my Memere duh. Her apple pie is the best!"

    "I can't wait to try it." Loki smiled.

    "Who said I'm sharing?" Y/N laughed.

    "She did, she said you had to share it."

    "Well in that case pie for breakfast!"

    Loki chucked "Alright my love"

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  • agentkinghorn
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Day Seven

    Loki x Reader

    Summery: Y/N has finally caught on to what Loki is doing

    "Loki what's this?" Y/N asked showing Loki the green dress that seemed to magically appear in her closet.

    "It's a dress. My love are you ok?" Loki asked while playing with the kittens

    "Loki I know it's a dress but this is a new dress, I didn't buy this"

    "Well of course not I did."

    "You did why?"

    "You look ravishing in my colors" Loki said with a proud smile on his face

    "Loks this is the seventh gift you've gotten me. What's going on?"

    Loki sighed "I knew you'd catch on, I have been giving you a gift every day because you give such wonderful gifts that the only way I can compare is by giving you something every day"

    "Loki, you don't need to do that."

    "And you don't need to be so wonderful yet here you are. So I'm gonna give you such lavish gifts because I love you"

    "I love you too, but really Loki-"

    Loki interrupted Y/N "Ah I'm gonna stop you there no matter what you say it is not going to stop me from giving you gifts. So be prepared every day till Christmas you are getting a gift!"

    "Can I say what I was gonna say now?" Y/N laughed

    "If you must"

    "Every day with you is a gift"

    "You're so cheesy"

    "Says the one who is showering me in gifts this month"

    "Well of course because as I said I love you! Are you refusing my love?"

    "Never, thank you Loki."

    "You're welcome my love, now come our children require attention"

    "You sure it's not you that requires attention?"

    "I always want attention." Loki smirked giving Y/N a kiss.

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  • maladaptive-ninja-returns
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Just dropping in to shout out @justiceiswater because THIS ENTITY has- and I cannot stress this enough- ENDLESSLY REBLOGGED nearly every damn fic of mine that they have read DESPITE the fact that some of them have been WiPs since last year! This BEING has commented their thoughts without fail and given the writer inside me hope of truly getting back to where I had left things off.

    Darling, whoever you are, wherever you live, I pray with my best intentions to the universe that it gives you your hearts desires that have all the love, happiness, courage and adventure. That you always are reminded to drink your tea when it's warm, you are always met with people who have good intentions and that you are always greeted by lovely animals whenever you feel sad

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  • lokisprettygirl
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Love is Selfless, It's Kind (Loki x Female Reader) (Part 34)

    Summary : You settle in your new home with loki, you're all set to be pepper's bridesmaid but your night ends with a shocking call.

    Warning : 18+ because Sex everywhere, loki is a horny baby , loki gets triggered, soft loki, sweet loki, supportive loki , I want him (don't know why I would add it here but)

    Taglist : @colifower @rinacreateart @christineblood @the-wounded-healer05 @lokiprompts @geeky-politics-46 @sharklover927 @virtualstrawberrydinosaur @huntress-artemiss @rat-p1ss

    After loki took you on the couch, he picked you up and went straight to the bedroom, he can't sleep on that bed without fucking you into it first "Fuckkk hornyy baby give me a second" you giggled as he laid you down "Did I finally tire you out?" he asked you as he grinned and you bite on your lips to hide your smile "Just wait until I take the herb you monster" your smile faded as soon as you realised what you have said, he stiffened, his own smile faltered, eyes teared up instantly "ehe I'll give you some time then princess, I'll go shower quickly" he made an excuse, he hates that word, he got up and went to the bathroom "lo.." you called out to him but he didn't stop.

    This was bad, it just came out playfully, you really were not thinking about how he will react to that word being used so casually like that for him. You found a robe in the closet and put it on. He cleaned himself up and took a shower, you didn't mean it, you would never call him that to insult him. You didn't mean it, he repeated it like a mantra over and over in his head, he heard you knocking on the door but he didn't want to upset you with this .

    When he came out all wrapped with a towel around his waist, you were right outside the door "lo baby.." you hugged him and he wrapped his arms around you "I'm sorry I shouldn't have left like that" he mumbled and you kissed on his chest again and again and then you looked at him "I'm sorrry..you know, you know that I didn't mean it like that right ?" Your hands rose to scratch his hair but he was dripping, you walked away from him and he sat down on the bed, you took out a fresh towel from the closet and proceeded to dry his hair softly, he put his head down on your torso as you did.

    "Lo babbbyyy?" You called out to him but he didn't look up and when he finally did you saw his eyes red and teary, he made you the happiest woman in the universe in the last few days, and you just called him a monster. Even though you didn't mean it like that, you should have known what implications it would have on him. Everything that he felt was wrong with him was associated with that word.

    "Jesus, sweet baby, my love I'm so sorry about that okay? I'm sorry you know I would never call you that to hurt you" you left the towel around his neck and cupped his cheeks instantly to kiss him, you could see him dropping into the negativity and you can't allow it to happen. You sat down on top of him and he hid himself in the crook of your neck as you consoled him "I'm so sorry baby please don't you ever think I would ever use that word to insult or demean you" you mumbled and he sniffed , trying to be as quiet as he could "I am sorry princess, dontt want to be so weakk" your heart broke as you heard his voice so small "you're not lo I promise you're not, you're the strongest man I have ever known, I'll be more careful in future, please don't take it to your heart sweet love"

    You requested him to let it go and he looked at you as he smiled between the tears, you wiped his tears, he was so sensitive about stuff like that and you needed to take better care of him with triggering words as such, once he calmed down he started to suck on your neck again, his mouth gently nipping over your skin "Is the kitchen stocked up ? By stocked up I mean do you have your tea here? I would like to make some for you , let me take care of you" that always calms him down, you tried to get up from his lap but he picked you up instead and walked towards the kitchen, somehow the towel managed to stay around his waist, he put you down as you reached the kitchen.

    You still couldn't believe how big it was, your hands caressed the granite white countertop, it was all so pretty, you turned on the stove and filled a kettle with water and the tea that you found in the cupboard along with other snacks you love to binge on, he was so thoughtful like that, loki went back and came out in a robe similar to yours, all your stuff is still at your apartment and his room in the tower, you both have some moving in to do. He held you from behind and rocked you side to side like he always does. You still feel bad about making him hurt when he was so happy. He knows you didn't use that word to insult him, he just wasn't ready for that,

    "How do you feel sweet baby... I'm..im sorry" you sniffed and your voice cracked and he turned your head to kiss you softly "I know you are, just forget about it love, I know you didn't mean it, I love you no? " he mumbled, you just feel awful about the whole thing ,you turned around to wrap your arms around him and he picked you up, he walked towards the other side of the kitchen and placed you on the counter, he kissed you so tenderly at first and then it turned heated pretty quickly, he opened the strings of your robe and proceeds to do the same with his, then he pulled you in by your legs and thrusted inside you quickly, you were warm n wet and oh so inviting like Always.

    "I was going to fuck you on our bed but I guess this is fine too, had to do it here anyways hmm?" He mumbled and you smiled as you felt his shallow thrusts in and out of you, he placed his head between your neck and shoulder as he moaned. You sucked on his neck as he increased the pace of his thrusts "mmmm oh lo..baby you are going to make me cum so soon" you mumbled and you heard his little airy laugh thingy he does when he's so proud of himself "mmmhhmm? How many times you think I can make you cum tonight puppy? I have done it three times already, this would be fourth, you're insatiable aren't you, just a whore for my cock" he mumbled as he slowed down his pace again, you placed your hands on the counter, you needed to lie down, he felt too good "I'm a whore for you lo, fuck baby please" you mumbled and he enjoyed your desperation.

    "Ohh let go sweet puppy, give me what you have" few calculated thrusts did you in, you laid down as your body shivered and quivered under him, the sight of you shaking brought him towards the edge too but he didn't cum, he was going to fuck you on the bed like he promised. He picked you up and turned the stove off, it's too soon to burn the house down for love making.. then as promised he made you fall apart for him again and again, you came 7 times that night, you're going to be sore tomorrow you just knew.

    "Godd lo that was something else" you mumbled as he snuggled into you after taking care of you "get used to this" you ran your fingers through his scalp and he purred "you're not upset still are you ?" You asked him and he looked at you "With you? Never my love, I know you'd never hurt me on purpose, that's something I know of very well " he mumbled and you engulfed him into you "I love you sweet baby" you smiled as you drifted off to sleep. Life is good

    You woke to him shaking in your arms though, he was having a nightmare again, he haven't had those in a while, you shook him gently to wake him up, when he woke up, he looked right at you, he was sweating furiously and his eyes looked frightened and teary "baby what's wrong what did you see my love?" You asked him softly and he just hid himself in between your breasts "stay close princess..don't ..go anywhere..they'd hurt you" he mumbled and you held him tightly, he must have had a nightmare about you.

    "Nothing would hurt me baby I promise okay? I'm not going anywhere" you consoled him, you'd talk about this tomorrow.

    Next morning when you woke up he was in the kitchen making breakfast, he was shirtless with just a pant on, he looked so domestic like that, your heart fluttered at the feeling. You brushed your teeth and showered , then you stepped into the kitchen again, you held him like he always do and he smiled so widely at that "good morning princess" he turned around and kissed you "mmm you smell good" he mumbled and you giggled "you do too my love, always" he fed you the breakfast once he was done making them , you had alot to do today "lo I have to go back to work soon" you both were on the couch relaxing, enjoying the peaceful quite life you had currently, his grip on you got tighter as he heard you "do you have to ?" He asked you and you give him a look. As much as you enjoy all this, you have to have a way of earning for yourself, your own security.

    "You know I do lo, we have talked about this before" he kissed your cheek softly and hummed "it's not safe out there for you anymore" you sat up as you heard him "wait why? Carla is gone and Thanos is gone, everything seems better now" you told him and he sighed "look I don't know what it is, I once had a dream of you dying in my arms and it happened, I had a nightmare last night, anddd.." he sighed again as he spoke further " just let me keep you safe this time pretty girl. Please?"

    "So I'm just supposed to stay here while you go do your own thing?" You crossed your arms and he sat up, he didn't want to upset you with this, but he's scared of losing you again "that's not what I meant, I can take you to the tower and you can be there while I'm busy" he told you and somehow it pissed you off more "So what I'm going to be your trophy wife now?" You huffed and he teared up instantly and then you felt like an asshole as you looked at his sad face, too soft "look..lo I just need to have my own thing in life, especially if we are going to live here on midgard, I need to have a way to earn financially, I love you wanting to take care of me but I would lose my mind if I'm just sitting here all alone"

    He pulled you in for a hug and sighed, he saw something bad happening to you and he can't let you get hurt again like that but you won't understand that, you did take a break from work when he asked you to, he can't expect you to stop altogether "but is this what you want to do? A mundane job at the store? You must have had dreams like other mortals? What did you want to do when you were little?" He asked you and you pulled away from the hug, you have never thought of it much, you never really had a chance. "I have no skills whatsoever lo, I don't have a degree, this is my only option" you told him and he kissed your forehead, you have loads of skills, you just never really focused on them "My sweet princess, you can do anything you want, tell me what excites you pretty love? A job you'd not hate getting up in the morning for, there must be something" he asked you softly, he was just trying to help you but you could think of nothing.

    "You don't have to stress over it sweet love, I'll help you okay? I'm always here you know that right?" He spoke so sweetly, his voice so soft and gentle as he did, it made you want to cry "I'm sorry lo, I know you're scared but nothing can hurt me, plus if I'm in a bad situation I can always call you right? Three times in my head?" You asked him and he smiled "you always can princess, I'll be there, you realise you used the term midgard right?" He chuckled and you kissed him so deeply he wasn't chuckling anymore, you forgot about everything else for the rest of the day, then you realised you had to go see pepper for the bridesmaids thingy.

    You got ready and loki took you back to the tower, did she say 13th or 12th floor? You reached the 12th floor and you saw other bridesmaids there , Joysha was there too..you looked at loki and he was looking at her too. He dropped you off with them and left to hangout with his friends. This was awkward with Joysha around, you were her replacement so does this mean you can go? You wouldn't mind that, this gave you major anxiety "Oh y/n so glad you're here, my niece joy.. remember her?" Pepper asked you and you smiled "ofcourse how can I forget?"

    "Anyways so I have 5 bridesmaids, the more the merrier right?" She giggled and then you all sat down, pepper's sister was going to be her maid of honor ,you all discussed the bridesmaids dresses first, you'd have to go for fitting tomorrow, then she showed you all the images of her dress, it was a designer dress from some designer guy you couldn't remember the name of, she seemed so happy and excited, like a child, wedding must make you feel like that huh? She also told you all that you'd all have to cater to her two days before the wedding, she'd need emotional support. When she was busy on a call nat discussed the surprise bachelorette party with you all.

    You were going to have one hell of busy three weeks. "Okay girls I have a meeting in an hour arggh I hate it, you gurls please enjoy the dinner together and I'll join you hopefully" she told you all and left , you heard the collective noise of sighs as she left "I'm so sorry if I was like that" nat chuckled and wanda looked at her "you were exactly like that so you should be the last person to judge" nat has never had the chance to be a bridesmaid either and you felt better when you found out.

    You all left for the 14th floor where other people were, and joysha tried to converse with you "I just wanted to apologise to you for last time" she told you and you smiled in return "it's okay, I wouldn't dwell much into it, thanks for apologising I appreciate it" you told her and she smiled. You couldn't figure out if it was genuine or not and you didn't care. When you reached the 14th floor Clint, Sam, tony, thor, steve, Bruce and loki were in a heated argument over a round of uno "Lokiiii you're cheating again, brother I know you so well" Thor groaned "I didn't deny that I'm not, it's not my fault that it's so easy to fool you all, didn't even have to use magic" Loki giggled, he's soooo cute. Such kids..you couldn't see Bucky and felt bad, he didn't have to alienate himself, you'd never want him to feel alone again. "Peek a boo I see you, you hurt me so I hate you" you heard venom's voice from behind you and almost jumped at the voice .

    "Venni how have you been, please don't hate me, I'm here now and we can do whatever you want" his idea of whatever involved eating heads and you didn't want that "okay maybe not whatever" you asked venom to send Eddie for a while and he groaned , you hugged Eddie as you see him , you haven't seen him in a while, he wasn't at the party as well. Loki's eyes lingered at you as you hugged him so tightly, with time he have learned to control his possesiveness , Eddie saved your life and you deserve to have good friends in your life.

    "Where have you been ed, you didn't come yesterday" you asked him and he sighed "I have been busy with some personal stuff, sorry but I have a housewarming gift...okay fine you can give it to her" he heard venom and groaned, you giggled and venom came back again "Here, a stone" venom told you and you took the piece of rock from his hand , it was red and glowy like loki's eyes in his Jotun form, it looked really pretty "This is beautiful, what is this?" You asked him and he told you it's a piece from his planet. You adored it. You showed it to loki and he absolutely loved the look on your face, he made it disappear in his vault. You and eddie and other girls joined the game and all of a sudden loki was losing every game and you were winning them all "Wow now he's cheating and making his wife win instead, you're not playing with us next round, stand in the corner" Clint yelped and you blushed at the term wife being used for you. Loki was amused to say the least, Once they were done playing uno, you all went for dinner and loki took your luggage and packed some of his stuff from the tower, everything he needed.

    You told him that you'd go say hi to Bucky and be right back, you were still upset with him but you don't want him to hurt himself for long, he deserves to be around his friends after everything he has been through, loki went with you, you were scared of a fight happening again but he promised he won't do anything that will get him hurt, when you reached bucky's door you put your hands up to knock but then you heard moaning and loud sex noises "ohh yess buccky fuck me please" you heard a woman's voice, your face heated up and loki smirked as he heard that too. He would stay away from you now atleast. Okay So he wasn't alienating himself? that's good.

    After that mortifying experience loki drove you back to your home. You have a home now with him.

    On the way you heard your phone ringing and turned it off, your mom wouldn't stop calling you, she texted you several times that she needed to see you and you sighed "who is bothering you princess?" He asked you and you told him about your mom. Something just didn't feel right as he heard you, he have a feeling your mom would bring nothing but trouble for you both, besides you didn't need her , you have frigga now.

    Before you could go home, he took your to your apartment so you could pack your stuff, you don't have much except clothes and some other things, the furniture came with apartment so it wasn't really yours, loki looked around as he reached your place. This is where he sat down when he tried to win you over again, every place has its own memory with you but he's going to have thousands of years with you and he's going to have you with him everywhere at all times, it's not really the place but you that he cherished. You discussed your agreement with the landlord and informed him of your departure. Once you were done he made the bag disappear

    "Not forgetting anything are you?" He asked you and you giggled "youuu" you kissed him softly and he smiled "you won't dare, mmmm want to leave a gift for the new tenants?" He asked you and you blushed, then he sat down on the couch with you on top of him, his favourite position, he loves everything about this position, probably more because this is how you drowned him in affection the first time when he confessed his feelings for you. But he loves everything about this, you on top of him, he can look into your eyes, he can touch you everywhere and kiss everywhere, he can get lost in you if he wants to hide, he can fuck you and have you fuck him in this position.

    You kissed him and your hands unbuttoned his shirt slowly, he put his head down on the couch as he felt you sucking on his neck, your hands wandered inside his shirt, and he moaned at the contact. He was so easy to please you loved it "want to cum inside your pants as I dry hump you?" You asked him and he just whimpered in response, you didn't need to know more. You rubbed his cock over his pants, he was so hard and eager for you, he kept his head on the couch, his mouth slightly open as he breathed heavily, then sometimes he would bite his lips in between and you wanted to destroy him right then , he looks so fragile when he's being pleasured like this.

    "Mmmm princess please, more give me more pleassse" he begged and you situated yourself over his cock and humped him slowly "nornss I'm going to make a mess in there princess" he told you and you kissed him, his hands gripped your clothed ass and he squeezed them as best as he could "yes you will kitten and you're not allowed to fix yourself with magic either, you'd go home like that, and if you're a good boy for me , I'll give you a shower, clean you up and then blow you again in my mouth" he whimpered as he heard you, you're so filthy. He loves it. "Yess yess please, Whatever you want princess...fuckk just make me cum please" he mumbled and you increased your pace as you moved your hips back n forth.

    He held as long as you wanted him to , and then he came on command like the good boy he is, as promised he drove you home like that, he felt dirty and filthy, on the way you intentionally palmed his crotch and he looked at you as he blushed. He felt humiliated but he felt so good. When you reached home yob both ran towards the bathroom, you undressed him slowly and cleaned him up, he allowed you to do whatever you wanted, he felt like he was floating all over, once you were satisfied you sucked him in and lapped up on him until he came again. Then he fucked you once more and made you cum so good.

    You both couldn't have been happier in your life, everything seems perfect as long as you had him by your side and he had you. You felt so exhausted after that so loki took you to sleep, that didn't lost long as your phone rang so violently in the middle of the night and you groaned as you woke up from a deep sleep. You picked it up and didn't even see who it was

    "Helllo?" You spoke as soon as you picked up "am I speaking with y/n, y/l/n? " you heard a man's voice and sat up "yes who's this?" You asked him and loki woke up too as he felt you moving away from his arms

    "I'm calling from the city central hospital, I'm sorry but your mom Jenny y/l/n was in a major accident and you are her emergency contact"

    You sat up completely as it registered in your head what he said, is she dead?

    "Ummm how is she?" You asked him and he sighed "She's in ICU, she wanted us to call you before she lost consciousness"

    You didn't know how you felt about the news, ofcourse you didn't want her to die, she was your mom but you were so confused should you go see her? You didn't know.

    "You almost got her killed but it will fulfill the purpose hopefully, she would have to see her mother now, possibly care for her too, this will be perfect for our plan, but why are you helping me anyways? Shouldn't you dedicate your loyalty towards the young prince of Asgard? FANDRAL? " The woman asked him and he snickered in response

    "Let's just say, I have my own personal conflicts, he shall weep and hurt for what he has done"

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  • fellerya
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    I kind of revamped my whole story. Not really, but I changed it a bit because I wasn’t happy with how I proceeded.

    The fully edited versions can be found on AO3 and Wattpad, I’ll post the links to both sites here. PLEASE don’t bash me for this. I just didn’t like how I did things.

    Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/293537097-redemption

    AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35483143/chapters/88447825

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  • lokispeach
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    🍑Loki Laufeyson🍑

    >>Love is a dagger<<

    Loki x Fem!Reader

    Plot: You don't know how you got in this situation in the first place. Falling in love should feel good, it should be the best feeling in the world, but yet here you are, feeling like the world is crashing down around you. Falling for your boyfriend's brother was not how you had planned the first meeting with Thor's family, and yet here you are now, in the arms of a boy who should not be holding you.

    Type: Angst, Fluff

    Words: 1621

    The music is blasting the the car as you lean back against the car seat, the wind brushing through your hair and the sun shining down on you. You sing along to the music, your hands up in the air as you close your eyes and just enjoy the moment. You haven’t been happy in quite a while, but with Thor you feel happy. You had been crushing on him for months now and when he had asked you out, you felt like you were collapsing right then and there. Ever since your first kiss after he had drove you home that night, you were on cloud nine. Thor is a Perfect boyfriend, always making sure you were okay and happy. He buys you flowers almost every second day and lets you know how perfect you were at every occasion he can find, so who would’ve thought that this perfect relationship was soon to be destroyed by someone so close to him?

    You both get out of the car and he immediately grabs your hand after he has helped you out. A smile comes to your face at what a gentleman he is as your heart jumps and little butterflies flutter around in your stomach. You gaze up into his eyes, reaching out your hand to brush a loose strand of his golden blonde hair back behind his ear. He has his hair back in a messy pony tail but some strands got pulled out from the wind while driving in his caprio. "How do I look?" you ask nervously as you look down at yourself, fixing your shirt that had wrinkled up during the drive to his house. You are nervous, this will be the first time you meet your boyfriends family, of course you want to look nice. Thor lets out a soft chuckle and hooks his thumb and index finger under your chin to lift up your head so you can look at him. "You look absolutely stunning, don't you worry about that." Thor replies and places a gentle peck on your nose which makes you giggle, your eyes sparkling with love for your boyfriend. "Thank you" you say and lean up to peck his lips before pulling away. You glance at the door and feel your heart sinking. What if they won't like you? You take a deep breath as Thor grabs your hand and squeezes it comfortingly before leading you over to the front door.

    Your eyes land on a boy, maybe a year younger than your boyfriend, pitch black, shoulder long hair and his skin like porcelain, so flawless ans smooth. You feel yourself getting lost in his blue eyes as you stare at him. "Who is that?" you think just before Thor speaks up. "Y/N, meet my brother Loki." he introduces him. You look up at the taller boy and swallow thickly as you feel the words getting trapped in your throat. You feel him looking at you and you try your best to hide your blush from everyone around. "H-hi!" he choke out, looking at him once more. Yes, he's breathtaking, literally. Thor grabs your hand and looks at you. "Let's head to my room until dinner is ready." he suggests to which you agree with a soft nod of your head. Getting away from Thor's brother was probabyl a good idea concerning your recent state. Was has gotten into you after all?! You stumble up the stairs after your boyfriend while glancing back at his brother once more. Loki was just grabbing an apple when he catches you taking another look at him. He perks his brow up and gives you a rather confused look, almost as asking you quietly why you are looking at him. Loki is the complete opposite of his brother, more reserved and quiet, mostly dressing in black and probably being called the weird guy in school. The guy who acts like a bad boy, not talking much or ever being seen with anyone else. Thor on the other side is outgoing, has a lot of friends, is liked by everyone and is just a complete sunshine after all.

    „Who was that?“ Loki asks his mother as you and Thor disappear behind the wall upstairs. He Bites into his apple and adverts his eyes to her, watching her cleaning the kitchen after making it look like a mess of flour and chocolate chips. „This was Y/N, Your Brother‘s new girlfriend.“ Frigga informs him. Loki frowns a little more at those words, looking back at the stairs before taking another bite out of his green apple. „Girlfriend, huh? Interesting…“ he mumbles, mostly to himself. Thor has never mentioned a girlfriend before. He glances back at his mother and smiles softly then, which definitely does not happen a lot. He leans in to peck Friggas cheek, „Thanks for the cookies, mom.“ he says lovingly before he snatches a cookie and walks out of the room and into his own upstairs. He closes the door behind him and sits down on his bed, in one hand his half eaten apple, in the other the still warm cookie he grabbed downstairs. He places the apple down on his nightstand before he takes a bite of the sweet good. A hum escapes his lips as the sweet taste of it hits his tongue, making a firework explode inside his mouth. A smile comes to his face at that, and he lays back on his bed to look up at the ceiling. „You’re the best, mom“ he says. Loki was always pretending, always trying to act as cold as possible, though in the inside he definitely had a soft core. He has just build a hard shell around him for reasons nobody knows really.

    You giggle as Thor tackles you to the bed, covering your neck in pecks. „Thooor! Stop it, it tickles!“ you laugh happily as your body squirms under him to try and get out of the trap. Your hands weakly push against his chest as soft laughs erupt from your chest. Right now you really could not be happier, being with Thor just feels so good, like something you have always wanted. Thor smiles and stops before laying down next to you and pulling you against his broad chest. You can hear his heartbeat, your finger coming up to trace soft little patterns over his shirt. „Do you think your mom likes me?“ you ask softly, looking up at him through your beautiful long lashes. Thor Matches Your Look and gazes down into your eyes, nodding softly. „Oh she does! She seemed really happy to meet you, and I think she already loves you more than she loves me“ he jokes before placing a loving kiss right between your eyes. A happy sigh escapes your lips at that reply. You are more than happy to know that you are liked by your boyfriends family. Then you look back up at him. „You Never mentioned having a brother though.“ you speak with a soft frown, a look of confusion on your face. „Why not? He’s family too.“ you add, tilting your head a little. Thor sighs at that question, bringing his arms behind his head as he looks up at the ceiling. „Well….“ he starts, obviously trying to find the right words, „me and my brother aren’t that close. We have nothing in common and I believe he does not really want to have anything to do with me either.“ he shrugs. You notice that his voice sounds a little pained, so you prop yourself up on your elbow and look down at him. „Maybe you two should talk it out.“ you suggest, „maybe it’s just a big misunderstanding.“. Thor snorts and shakes his head. „It has been like that for years.“ he mumbles. He looks over at you and the sad look on his face is immediately replaced by a soft smile. „I have you though, and that is all that I need to be happy right now“ he hums and pulls you back to his chest. You smile, laying your head down on his shoulder, linking your fingers with his. You are happy, really happy with him.

    But why can you not stop thinking about his brother then?


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    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Secret Santa

    Hey! So somewhere in the past few months I passed 1,000 followers! I am shocked, amazed, and worried for all of your mental health, lol. Seriously, I love you all!

    I haven’t really had time to do a celebration, but to say thank you, here is a tooth achingly sweet Loki Christmas One Shot! I hope you enjoy!!!

    Secret Santa

    Loki One Shot Loki/OFC Warnings: light angst, guilt, post Avengers Assemble Loki dealing with his actions while mind controlled, tooth rotting fluff Summary: Thor badgers Loki into participating in the Secret Santa at Avengers Tower. He is reluctant, but his gifts soon have him changing his mind.

    @yespolkadotkitty @just-the-hiddles @hopelessromanticspoonie @wine-and-whines @arch-venus25 @caffiend-queen @devilish–doll @enchantedbyhiddles @hiddlesholic @i-do-not-fangirl-i-fanwoman @kellatron55 @ladyoftheteaandblood @latent-thoughts @yespolkadotkitty@maryxglz @myoxisbroken @nuggsmum @nildespirandum @pedeka @redfoxwritesstuff @sinfully-lustful-darling @vodka-and-some-sass @wrathkitty @kingtwhiddleston @wolfsmom1 @poetic-fiasco @shiningloki @dangertoozmanykids101 @bookworm-christina @amwolowicz @delightfulheartdream @frostbitten-written @what-a-flammable-heart @tom-hlover @nonsensicalobsessions @myraiswack @loki-yoursaviourishere @ghostypau @justthehiddleswrites @ms-cellanies @colorfulfreakstudentpizza @mareebird @colorfulfreakstudentpizza  @szycha22 @chokemedaddyloki @justthehiddleswrites

    “But Loki, you have to! You promised!”

    ”I most certainly did not!” The God of Mischief glared at his brother with affront. “And I think I would remember making you any such a vow.”

    ”Ah, but the promise wasn’t made to me,” Thor said triumphantly, preparing to play his trump card. “You promised mother! The day we left Asgard, you promised to do your best to get along and become a member of the team!”

    ”I… that is… you can’t really think I meant…” Loki stuttered, finding himself at an unusual loss for words as his lunk of a brother watched, arms crossed over his massive chest and a smug look on his face. “Surely Frigga wouldn’t expect me to participate in such a cloying, useless exercise.”

    ”She would and you know it!” Thor insisted. “I don’t see what all your complaining is about, brother. It is very little work, after all. You just pull out one name and buy that person gifts for a week. And in exchange, you get gifts! Seven of them, including a big one at the end on Christmas Day!”

    ”Christmas,” Loki sneered. “Why should we, Gods ourselves, have to celebrate the birth of one little Midgard deity with all this fuss?”

    ”Because it’s fun! And it makes the mortals happy, it builds team moral, and because you promised Mother!”

    The last reminder cut off Loki’s snide response and he lowered his head in defeat. He had promised Frigga that he would do his best to play nice, to fit in. But the truth was it didn’t matter what he did, no one here would ever see him as more than the soulless, would-be-tyrant who had tried to kill them all. Never mind that he had been under the influence of a powerful, malevolent force at the time. Never mind that he had done his best even so controlled to sabotage the takeover. They saw the monster, not the person.

    “No one wants me there, Thor,” he said at last in a sad, quiet voice. “I will just ruin the fun for everyone else.”

    ”Nonsense! I know at least one person who would love to have you involved!”

    ”Oh really? And who would that be?” Loki tried to make his voice snide, but inside he was desperate for one, just one of these mortals to see the real him, to understand.

    “Why me, of course!”

    Loki tried to not show his disappointment. What else could he expect? As Thor smiled at him expectantly, looking for the world like an over grown puppy, Loki sighed in defeat.

    “Very well. Explain to me how this works. “


    ”So this is how it works,” Rogers, standing in the midst of a throng of fifty or so heroes, agents, and scientists enthused. “The names of everyone who has chosen to participate are in this hat. You each draw out one, and for the next week you buy that person a gift and leave it for them in secret. On Saturday, Christmas Day, you give them their final, largest present and reveal your identity.”

    "Yeah, tell us again Gramps, how does Christmas work? It's not like we've all been doing this for years or anything," Stark snarked from where he leaned against a wall.

    "Not everyone was here last time," Steve's voice was calm despite the slight blush that colored his cheeks. "And there are one or two new rules..."

    "Such as? What, were our gifts not wiz bang enough for you?" Tony challenged.

    "Such as no trading names," Steve gave a hard look around at his grumbling colleagues. "The name you draw is the name you buy for. Also, there is a strict price limit on the amount of each gift. We don't need a repeat of last year."

    "Hey, I'm not complaining, I love the Thunderbird!" Clint chimed in with you a grin.

    "It suited you," Tony said, popping a blueberry into his mouth. "All about the branding, my friend. A bird for the bird man."

    "True as that maybe," Rogers struggled to pull the conversation back, "it's not really great for team spirit when one person gets a vintage car and another gets a sweater."

    "Not my fault if you all suck at gift giving."

    "Whatever, just stay in the limit!"

    Loki slouched lower into his chair, wondering how long this farce was going to continue. Why could they not just give his a name so that he could escape this collection of battling egos all hopped up on cookies and self importance? Not that the cookies were bad. He would definitely steal some more of those on his way out.

    "Okay, Peter, as our youngest Avenger, You're the best suited to play the part of the elf. Bring the hat around and let people pick."

    "These people have clearly never seen elves before," Thor chucked to him. "The boy is far to short for one."

    "Clearly," Loki sighed.

    Peter took the red felt hat with the fake white fur from Rogers and smiled happily around at them all, shaking it to mix up the names.

    "Loki, why don't you pick first?" Thor boomed with over compensating volume.

    "Makes sense, reindeer bringing the toys and all. Although I think Rudolph's on the naughty list himself," Stark quipped.

    "You're hardly one to talk, Blitzen," Rhodey snarked back at him. "Go on, Loki, pull a name."

    Sighing heavily, Loki reached in and pulled out a name.

    "Ridiculous," he said without thinking. "I have no idea what to buy for the spider child."

    "He's a boy, Loki," Thor shrugged as Peter gaped at them. "All boys like weapons. Sword, knives, a battle axe perhaps?"

    "Okay, let's put that name back in the hat!" Tony insisted, snatching the piece of paper out of Loki's hand and placing it back in the hat.

    "But Cap said no trading!" Parker protested.

    All eyes swung to Rogers, who looked torn about how to proceed.

    "I think we can make an exception in this one case," Natasha made the executive decision. "Go ahead and pick another name. And this time, don't tell us who you get."

    Rolling his eyes, Loki pulled another name. He didn't even bother to read it before sliding it into his pocket. A disappointed looking Peter moved on with the hat and the weary God sunk back into his chair. It was not much longer before a general rowdiness had overcome the room and he was able to slink out and back to his room. It was less lonely there, alone.


    It was approaching noon when Loki made his way to the kitchen area for his first cup of coffee. Mornings were not his favorite, so he tended to avoid them whenever possible. This gave him the added bonus of also avoiding most of the others, like his brother who would bound out of bed with the rising sun. In Loki's opinion, no one should speak before noon or three cups of coffee, which ever came second.

    As he took his giant mug with the snake handle down off the shelf, Loki noticed something was rattling around in it. Right, he thought. Today was the first day of the pointless gift exchange. He had almost forgotten about it in the three days since the names had been drawn. He himself had drawn Scott Lange, the annoyingly verbal man with the resizing trick. It had been an adequately simple selection. The man was inordinately fond of what passed for magic in this world. All Loki had needed to do was select a few items from his pocket dimension and repurpose them as gifts. He had done so that very afternoon, dropping them on Thor's coffee table and declaring that he was not dignifying the proceedings by wrapping or hiding the presents. Appeased by that much participation, Thor had promised to make sure that they were delivered each day, congratulating Loki like a difficult school child for making an effort.

    Well, time to see what the poor fool who had the misfortune to draw his name had gotten for Loki. No doubt something trite - a candle, or a pair of sox or some such. If he were lucky, perhaps it would be some sort of candy. He did enjoy the sweets on this realm, he had to admit. Mostly, he just hoped it wouldn't explode.

    Pulling the object from the mug, he found a narrow box wrapped in green paper and decorated with gold ribbon. It was pretty, for all that it was unwanted. He slid the ribbon off the end and carefully unwrapped the paper, still half expecting some trick to blow up in his face.

    Opening the box, Loki looked inside to see a deceptively simple looking gold pen. When he took it out, he noted how nice it felt in his hand. It was not one of the cheap plastic instruments that cluttered most desks in the tower, but made of a sturdy metal. There was a nice weight to it, and the smooth surface was comfortable to grip. Taking off the cap, he pulled a discarded newspaper to him and drew a simple rune on it. The ink, a lovely shade of deep emerald, came out smooth and easy. Instinctively his signed his name and was impressed by how elegant it looked.

    "Oh Loki! Your first gift! What did you get?" Thor demanded, coming up behind him and looking expectantly over his shoulder.

    "A pen."

    "Ah. Well, I'm sure your next present will be better. don't worry," Thor patted him overly hard on the back."

    "What did you get?" he asked absentmindedly, twirling the gold pen between his long fingers and appreciating how it felt.

    "A plastic rifle that shoots water!" Thor enthused. I've just come to replenish my ammunition, then I'm off to find Banner!"

    "Say hello to the beast for me," Loki rolled his eyes as his brother bounded out of the room, toy gun in hand. With a small smile he pocketed the pen and sat down to drink his coffee.

    The next morning a book awaited him, again wrapped neatly in green paper. At first he was annoyed by the subject: "Christmastide, the Yule Traditions that Spawned it and How We Celebrate it Today." True, he was not an expert on the Mortal holiday, but there was no need to rub in his deficiency. Still, as he sat drinking his coffee he allowed himself to glance at the preface. Two hours later he looked up and realized that he had finished the entire book in one go. He had never realized how much of the festivities of the season came from Norse origins. While he might not particularly like the idea of the omnipresent Santa Clause being a variant of Odin and the Wild Hunt, he did look over at the decorated tree with a new appreciation. He supposed he might have to give the holiday some more thought.

    Much to his surprise, when Loki wandered into the kitchen the next morning he realized that he was looking forward to finding what gift would next be awaiting him. It turned out that his wish of the first day came true - it was sweets. No store bought candies were left for him, however. A box of homemade cookies cut and decorated to resemble little men was addressed to him. Looking closer, he saw that some of the cookies were dressed as the Midgard version of Elves, some as Santas, and that a few had been cunningly cut so that they appeared to be wearing tiny replicas of his helmet and cape! Loki stared in bemusement at the little representations of himself in among the other Christmas cookies. Dressed as they all were in green and gold, it seemed as though he fit right in with the other characters. He was uncertain how he felt about that, but the aroma coming from the box left no doubt in his mind as to how he felt about the cookies. Picking up a Santa and remembering the book linking them to Odin, he took a large bite of it's head. Delicious and therapeutic in one!

    As his mood improved each day, Loki also found himself waking earlier in anticipation of his presents. The fourth day he arrived so much earlier than usual that other people still sat about finishing up their own morning meals. From beneath his eyelids he scrutinized each and every one of them as he walked to the cupboard. One of these people with whom he had been living and working was the purchaser of these gifts, he realized. Why that had not occurred to him before he wasn't sure, but the realization hit him hard now.

    Who could it possibly be? Each of the gifts had been thoughtful, unique, and perfect for Loki. Someone had obviously put quite a bit of thought and effort into selecting things for him. Suppressing a strange pang at the pile of accumulated arcana he had dumped with Thor for Lange, he mentally ran through the people he could remember from the drawing. None of them seemed likely. Who was his gifter?

    As he pondered this, Loki saw a square box on the shelf next to his mug with the telltale green and gold wrapping. He pulled it down off the shelf, ignoring his snake mug, and tore off the paper, wanting to know what knew unlooked for surprise awaited him. A tinkling of music played as he reached in and pulled out a fragile looking orb on a porcelain pedestal.

    A music box, he realized. The globe was made of clear glass, and inside was some sort of liquid in which floated little specks of something made to look like snow. In the center on what looked like a frozen lake stood a woman with long, reddish gold hair in a blue dress and a little boy with black hair in a green coat. Carefully, Loki turned the little gold key sticking out of one side of the pedestal and the pair of figures began to move about as if skating while a song he distantly recognized as belonging to this season played from the base. He had never realized how pretty the tune was before.

    Looking around quickly, he put the music box back in the packaging, surreptitiously wiping a tear from the corning of his eye and hopefully making it look like a hair flip. Foregoing his coffee, he returned to his room where he spent over an hour watching and listening to the toy.


    "Who is participating in the gift exchange?" he demanded as Steve Rogers opened the door to his rooms.

    "Oh, Loki, hi. Good to see you," Rogers looked almost comically confused as he blinked at the God who had been banging on his door. "Can I help you with something?"

    "Yes," Loki struggled to keep his voice even. "The Santa exchange -"

    "Secret Santa. Yeah, what about it?"

    "Who is participating?"

    "Lots of people. You were there, you saw as well as me."

    "Do you have a list?"

    "A list?"

    "Yes, a list of who put their names in. Of who is buying gifts, and for whom?"

    "What? No. No, I didn't make a list. Why? Hey, if someone got you something inappropriate or mean, or if they aren't giving you your presents, just let me know and I'll take care of it..." Rogers gave him a sympathetic half smile.

    "There's no list?" Humans were insufferably inefficient.

    "Afraid not. Everything okay? With your gifts?"

    "Yes. My gifts are fine. More than fine, in fact. That's the problem."

    "Why is that a problem?" Rogers asked.

    "Who would get me satisfactory gifts?" Loki demanded, sounding almost aggrieved. "Who could?"

    "Someone who pays attention?"  Steve suggested.

    "If it is you..." Loki narrowed his eyes, assessing the hero.

    "Not me, I got Thor," Steve said, raising his hands. "Don't tell him that though. Or Bruce. I hear he's getting the brunt of the attacks."

    "The little suction arrows were clever," Loki allowed with a grin. "One of them made a mark on Banner's forehead that has yet to fade."

    "Aw, man. I'm going to pay for that."

    "You truly don't know who my gifter is?"

    "Nope, sorry, Loki. You're going to have to wait for Saturday to find out."

    Waiting was not among Loki's talents in cases like this. Thwarted in his attempt to obtain an official list, he decided to try and cobble together one of his own. Sitting at his desk with his superior green and gold pen, Loki attempted to create a list of all of the people who had been in the common room when the drawing had taken place. There were the Avengers themselves, of course. Loki considered each of them, but with the exception of a brief moment when Wanda Maximoff seemed as though she might possibly be a dark horse, he quickly scratched them off. None of them possessed the type of personality to look at their foe and see the man beneath.

    This left agents, scientists, and a few other functionaries. Try as he might, Loki could not put names to any of them beyond two or three particularly unfriendly spies who had made perfectly clear that they would gladly throw him out the same window he through which he had sent Stark flying. He would need to do more investigating.

    Practically sprinting into the kitchen the next morning, he ignored the strange looks he received from the other occupants and grabbed a parcel in the now familiar wrapping. As he tore into it he wondered what new delight would be within. When he unrolled the large book he gave a bark of laughter. In contrast to the heartfelt gift of yesterday, today's gift was a book of pictures to be colored, all of them depicting mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons happily offering off color invectives. As he flipped through the book, Loki couldn't help but chuckle at the juxtaposition of cute, fanciful animals and obscene comments. He would enjoy coloring them and leaving them as gifts for Thor and the other Avengers.

    Rolling the book back up and stuffing it into his back pocket, Loki headed down to the main science lab. He spent the balance of the day prowling the floor, peering through lowered eyelids at all of the busy workers. Could one of them be the person selecting all of these items for him? It seemed more likely somehow than one of the agents. Scientists would have less first hand reason to dislike him, and might also understand a nature such as his that hid as much as it showed.

    By the end of the day, he believed he had narrowed the candidates down to four. All of them were on the quiet side. One was a geneticist, one a cryptologist, and two worked in the medical ward. He could not decide who it was amongst them, but he knew who he hoped for. Silently, keeping his distance, he followed her upstairs at the end of her shift. How had he never noticed her before?

    Despite staying in the dining area, not his usual habit, Loki could not quite work up the nerve to talk to her. Once or twice her eyes flicked his way, but then they always went right back to her food. He couldn't exactly blame her. Loki knew he was staring. He couldn't help it.

    Once last mystery present awaited him. After that, on Saturday, the rules stated that the "Santas" reveal themselves. Loki was not about to leave that to chance, however. He needed to know who it was, and he need a chance to talk to them. He knew that the morning's present would arrive in the usual spot. Grabbing his now precious pen, he scrawled a quick note.

    Showing once more a kindred spirit, he discovered that his donor had also written him a missive. Nestled in a box beneath a ring - gold wire with small green stones - was a brief folded piece of parchment printed on with an elegant hand.

    "I noticed like me you need help getting through all the long meetings and briefings," the note read. "Perhaps this will be less conspicuous than a knife." After, in a sloppier postscript, was added, "I will meet you tomorrow as requested. I hope you are not disappointed."

    He couldn't sleep. All night, Loki paced his room, playing with the beads on ring that fit perfectly on his finger. He would meet them - he didn't want to commit to the idea that it was the woman he suspected - tomorrow. He would get to talk to this person. Perhaps they would not flinch when he approached. He would look into the eyes of someone who seemed to have seen into his soul. What would those eyes do? Smile welcomingly, or shut down? If the latter, how would he survive the disappointment?


    "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Thor bellowed, barging into his room. "Loki! You're awake!"

    "After that greeting, how could I not be?" Loki snapped.

    "And dressed," Thor narrowed his eyes. "You're excited, aren't you? For Santa!"

    "Santa is a myth," Loki huffed, fixing his hair once more in the mirror.

    "I've heard how you've been getting up early to look for your gifts. And now, look at you! Up and ready, dressed for the occasion!"

    "I always wear green."

    "With red accents? I think not. No need to be embarrassed, brother! Christmas is magical! A time of peace and love! Now, come on! I want to see what weapon Santa has brought me today!"

    Suppressing a moment of fear, Loki followed him out the door and down to the common area. It was still a few minutes before he had arranged through his note to meet them. Internally his tension rose to an almost unimaginable. Level.

    "There he is!"

    As Loki raised his coffee to his lips he was hit from the side by a flying tackle, sending hot liquid down his chin and onto his green cashmere sweater.

    "I knew it had to be you!"

    Pulling a kerchief from nowhere and wiping at his face, Loki turned to glare at Scott Lange.

    "Oh, hey man, sorry about that. Here! Let me help!"

    With a wide grin, the human pulled his own handkerchief from an invisible location and ineffectually swiped at Loki's chest. He had to admit, the man had produced the fabric with some skill. Perhaps he was not completely inept.

    "I loved every one of my gifts!" Lange was babbling at him.

    "You did?"

    "Oh man, you have no idea! I am the king of the PTA Dads' Club! Look, I can pull an actual rabbit out of the air!"

    "No no," Loki stopped him quickly before the animal could appear. "I believe you. I am glad the gifts pleased you."

    "They are awesome. Listen, if you ever want to get together and talk about magic, just let me know! I am up for anything!"

    "You are... alright. Well I will keep that in mind."

    "Oh, look! There's Strange! I'm going to go show him my bunny! Call me man!"

    In bemusement Loki watched the man spring away, smirking as he accosted the obviously unamused Strange. Well, so much for feeling guilty over his lack of thought! His gifts had been a great success.

    It was still a few minutes before the appointed meeting time, but Loki could wait no longer. Downing the rest of his coffee and doing a quick spell to freshen his breath, Loki headed through the glass doors onto the enclosed balcony that ringed the floor. Before him the streets of New York glittered under a fresh blanket of snow. He could see, in that moment, why people thought this time of year was magical.


    The noise startled him out of his contemplation. Looking down, Loki saw a small black kitten stalking towards him, tail raised but tipped at the end in a sign of play.

    "Well hello, little one," he smiled, going down on one knee. "Where did you come from and how did you get out hear?"

    The animal scampered over to him and began chewing on his pinky as he attempted to pet it. Loki chuckled and indulged in a brief game of tug, impressed by the tenacity of such a small cat.

    "Oh, there you are!" the voice was full of equal parts exasperation and relief.

    Loki's eyes shot up and he rose quickly to his feet as the woman came out onto the balcony. It was her. Dressed in a pretty yet simple green top and skirt, hair tied back with a green ribbon, she was a picture of understated Christmas beauty. As her eyes rose shyly to his, Loki's heart began to beat faster. He had not dared to hope, but yet in his heart, he had always known.

    "Me, or this little fellow?" he asked with a smile.

    "Um... both actually," she answered nervously with a smile.

    "Then it is you."


    "My Santa."

    "Ye-ah. It's me," she ducked her head, obviously embarrassed. "I'm sorry they weren't more... I don't know... grand?"

    "Grand?" he echoed.

    "Fancy? I mean, you're a prince. A pen, a coloring book... I'm sure you must be used to better presents."

    "If only you knew," his voice was laced with irony. "How did you know? How did you know just what to buy me?"

    "You.. you liked them then?"

    "No one in my life, not even those who have known me hundreds of years, could have found gifts more suited to my nature."

    "Oh, good," she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

    For a few moments they both stood there, neither speaking, both blushing awkwardly.

    meow!  The cat began trying to climb Loki's leg.

    "Mischief! Behave yourself!" she scolded, scooping the kitty up into her arms and making Loki jealous of a cat.

    "Mischief?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "If it's okay with you," she hurried to add.

    "Why should I get a say?"

    "Because he's yours," she said in a rush. "If you want him, I mean. I know you're not supposed to give pets as presents, and if you don't want him I will happily keep him for myself. But I was thinking and thinking of what to get you for your final present and I thought 'well, what does Loki need more than anything else?' and I realized it was obvious. You needed love. You needed someone to love you best and unconditionally. We all need that, of course, but after all that you've been through... every thing done to you and the way some of the others treat you... you need it more than most. And then I was remembered that Shannon's cat had kittens, and she was looking for homes for them. This little fellow just seemed like he belonged with you. The black coat, green eyes..."

    "And inability to behave himself?" Loki added as Mischief attempted to climb onto her shoulder.

    "Well, yeah," she admitted with a rueful laugh. "I mean, would you want a cat who always did as he was supposed to? Where would be the fun it that?"

    "Too true."

    "So, do you want him?"

    "Very much."


    Carefully, she passed the squirming bundle of fur into Loki's hands. The kitten, over excited and uncertain how to react, began to simultaneously purr and nip at his sweater. Loki laughed softly, knowing just how he felt.

    "I knew you were made for each other! I have stuff for him as well, I wouldn't just drop him on you. I can have it brought to your rooms. Well, Merry Christmas, Loki."

    "Caroline, wait," Loki said desperately as she turned to walk back inside.

    "You know my name?" she sounded in shock.

    "I do. I was hoping it was you."

    "I didn't think you even knew who I was."

    "I didn't," he admitted. "Not until two days ago. I was going insane, trying to determine who had gotten me such well suited gifts. I winnowed down the possibilities to a few and well... when I observed you my heart insisted that you were the one."

    "Observed us? Is that why you were skulking around the ER the other day?"

    "It was. I was watching a certain capable doctor going about her rounds. Well, and an orderly, but I was fairly certain it wasn't him. He only ate salad for lunch, and after the sinful cookies I knew it had to be someone who appreciated sweets. I am so very glad to be proven correct."

    "You liked the cookies? It's my grandmother's recipe."

    "I liked everything you gave me. But more than that, I like that you thought to give them to me. That you thought of me."

    "I think of you more than I should," she said, and then turned bright red.

    "I have thought of nothing but you since I saw you."

    "Why? I'm not exactly a beauty, Loki. I mean, like you said you never even noticed me before."

    "No, you don't have a beauty that jumps out at one. Yours is a quieter beauty. Subtle, lovely and lasting. And more than that, there is a kindness in you. It was in each of your gifts and it is in your eyes as well. It lights you from within."

    "Thank you," she whispered.

    "I asked to meet you out here for numerous reasons," he said, taking a step towards her. "First, it is private. No brawling heroes to interrupt. Second, the view is superb. And third..."

    "Third?" she prompted when his voice trailed off.

    "The book you gave me spoke of mistletoe. Now, while I categorically reject the role it claims I play in the story, I do appreciate the idea of rebirth. Of life and hope returning after a period of long darkness."

    "I think we can all use that," she agreed quietly.

    "I was also amused by the tradition surrounding it at this time of year."

    "You mean..."

    "Look up Caroline," he instructed.

    Her eyes flew upward to see the orbs of the greenery Tony had hung from the ceiling of the balcony in decoration. They then darted back down to his, wide and uncertain.

    "It is Christmas, and it is the custom," he reminded her, hand going to the side of her face. "May I?"

    She nodded silently and Loki brought his lips to hers in a long, sweet kiss that filled him with a swelling joy. Stiff at first, Caroline melted as his kissed her, swaying into him.


    Mischief, suddenly finding himself squashed between them, gave out a angered yell and dug his claws into Loki's chest. With a rueful chuckle the god stepped back, chastising the feline in Norse.

    "Merry Christmas, Loki," Caroline said, smiling up at him.

    "It is indeed," he smiled back. "A very Merry Christmas."

    #Loki #Loki Fan Fic #Avengers#Avengers Tower#Christmas#Loki/OFC#Secret Santa#Fluff #Tooth achingly sweet #Loki needs a hug #Loki gets a hug! #Post Avengers Assemble #MCU#Gift exchange#Soft Loki#Regretful Loki #thor is a good bro #This is so sweet #I can't believe I wrote this #I must be in a mood #Romance #Loki deserves nice things #So I gave them to him
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    Alright so I’m not sure about this but it would make writing a lot easier for me. Should I delete ‘A Christmas Prince’? I’ve found it a bit hard to write the script from the movie and also write my other series ‘Holiday Love’.

    I’m not sure if I should delete it or not. Plus it’s not getting interacted with a lot so I’m not sure.

    Going to tag my taglists for the series to see what to do.

    EVERYTHING: @hallecarey1 // @oceaniamaddness // @linzc-reader // @kuranes-12 // @rocketxgirl

    LOKI LAUFEYSON: @irongoateedaddy // @httyd-marauders // @themorningsunshine // @eralen // @thenerdyoldersister // @late-to-the-party-81 // @clockblobber // @scoobyy10 // @alex231infinity // @emmachxx // @princess-t-i-a-n-a // @paintballkid711 // @beth-gallagher22 // @maluisamarvelfan123 // @winvterstan

    A CHRISTMAS PRINCE: @jelliebeanss // @eralen // @thenerdyoldersister // @late-to-the-party-81 // @clockblobber // @scoobyy10 // @alex231infinity // @emmachxx // @princess-t-i-a-n-a // @paintballkid711 // @beth-gallagher22 // @maluisamarvelfan123 // @winvterstan

    #loki#loki angst#loki fluff#loki smut #loki x female reader #loki x you #loki x y/n #loki x reader #loki x sigyn #sylvie#hela#loki laufeyson#loki fic#loki fanfiction #loki x oc #loki x original female character #loki x original character #loki x ofc #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson x y/n #loki odinson #loki odinson x y/n #loki odinson x reader #loki odinson x you
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    How I got 100 followers is beyond me! But I appreciate you all and hope to catch up on my WIP and planned one shots soon!

    My work schedule has been insane ugh

    Feel free to drop any requests in my asks if you don't mind being patient!!!

    #loki fanfic#loki fic#loki fluff#loki odinson#loki #loki fluffy drabble #loki x female reader #loki x reader #loki x you #loki laufeyson x reader
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    fathers day special : the one where we explore what i believe the children of the men of mcu would be like

    marvel men contact names : the one where i made a giggle

    #bruce banner x reader #loki#loki imagine #peter parker imagine #loki x reader #bucky barnes imagine #loki fanfic #peter parker headcanon #peter parker x reader #peter parker headers #peter parker #bucky x you #bucky x reader #bucky barnes fluff #james bucky barnes #stephen strange x reader #steve rogers x you #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers x reader #thor x reader #thor imagine#thor #stephen strange imagine #vision x reader #vision imagine #tony stark imagine #tony stark x reader #tony stark
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    Bad Day and Regrets - Daddy!Loki x little!Fem!Reader

    Loki had a bad day. Why ? Tony was mocking him, Thor accidently hit him with his hammer at a mission, their first 2 Quinjets got destroyed and to top it all off Y/n was the whole time writing Loki. That didn’t brighten his mood today.

    After 2 to 3 hours they arrived at the Avengers Tower and Loki stormed to his room, scaring Y/n as she read on her phone, wrapped in one of Loki’s spare Capes. Normally Loki would have found it adorable and cute, but he was pissed, so he was even more annoyed.

    ‘Great now I need to wash that cape later too… Ugh…’

    Then he went into his Bathroom and showered. All the dirt and blood was off of him as the hot water hit his body. And his dirty armor ? With Magic already cleaned…besides his cape, that he truly threw into the wash machine.

    After he toweled himself dry and let new clothes appear on his body, he left the Bathroom and sat on his bed.

    “Hello, Daddy.”, Y/n said happily.

    ‘Great and childish is she today too…’, Loki thought grumpily.

    “I see you had a bad day… Do you need something of me ?”, Y/n asked Loki.

    Loki was silent, just wanting peace, which Y/n didn’t know he wanted. Y/n crawled over to him and she hugged Loki from behind.

    “Not now, Y/n…”, Loki said and shoved her away.

    Y/n got upset. Then she sat up again and started to massage Loki’s shoulders, trying to help Loki relax and calm down. Loki shrugged her away again, upsetting Y/n further.

    “Hey, I am trying to help you calm down and relax… You always liked me massaging your shoulders…”, Y/n mumbled softly.

    Then she got up from the bed and went in front of Loki, having one last idea. Giving him a kiss and bringing him his favorite food. Luckily she knew how to cook. That surely will cheer Loki up.

    Y/n made herself smaller and then went for a kiss, but Loki snapped at that moment.

    “DAMN IT Y/N CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE ?!?!?! GET YOUR CHILDISH ASS OUT OF MY ROOM !!! YOU ANNOYING BRAT !!!”, Loki yelled and shoved Y/n away again, making Y/n hit the wall with the back of her head and back.

    Y/n slid down the wall and stared at Loki in shock and absolute fear.

    Loki felt instantly guilty. All Y/n wanted to do was cheer him up and he acted like an utter jerk… And Y/n was little spaced… Wait…Y/N WAS LITTLE SPACED !!!

    Loki stared at Y/n and he saw her sheer panic and fear in Y/n’s eyes. Loki slowly got up from the bed, nearing Y/n carefully.

    “Y/n…I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to… I-I snapped. I am so sorry.”

    Y/n only backed away from Loki and just then Loki saw that there was blood on the wall. His eyes widened in horror. Y/n was little spaced and such an impact can cause Y/n to stay little spaced for a long period of time, longer than usual.

    ‘FUCK !’, Loki cursed.

    Y/n was crying now and backing into a corner in Loki’s room. Loki slowly approached her.



    Loki stopped dead in his tracks.

    ‘What have I done…’

    Loki got tears in his eyes at that. He scared Y/n so bad that she fears him now. Loki can’t believe it…



    Now Loki was getting frustrated.

    “I AM NOT HURTING YOU, YOU IDIOT !!”, Loki screamed.

    That caused Y/n only to cry louder and then the door banged open.

    “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ?!”, Natasha yelled.

    “HELP ME !! I DON’T WANNA GET HURT !! I AM SORRY !!”, Y/n yelled, crying loudly.

    Natasha rushed over to Y/n and hugged her tightly, then glared at Loki.

    “What the fuck did you do to her ?!”

    “I snapped and yelled at her and pushed her away ! I didn’t mean to !”

    “And you think cornering and yelling at her will make it better ?!”

    “OF COURSE NOT !!!”

    Y/n just cried even louder. So much yelling and so loud, angry noises. She felt even smaller.

    “Shhh…”, Natasha told Y/n softly.

    Y/n hugged Natasha tightly, sobbing into her clothes.

    “You are supposed to love her and care for her when she is little spaced. I see you can’t do that. No wonder Y/n never asked you having a child.”, Nat said and then carried Y/n out.

    “Wait, what ?”

    “Y/n once talked to me when she wasn’t childish and she said she wanted a kid. Something you both can take care of, but I see now why she never told you her wish.”

    Before Loki could say anything else, Natasha slammed his door shut and left with Y/n. Loki let his Magic loose in pure anger at himself.

    Why did he always have to mess up ?!

    Maybe leaving Y/n alone for now was a good idea…


    It only has been 2 hours and Loki missed Y/n. He needed her hugs and her massages. Loki decided 2 agonizing hours were enough for Y/n to calm down and with that he left his room and searched for Y/n.

    Soon he found her in her previous room, before she moved in the same room with Loki. She was playing with her phone a dull look in her eyes and a bandage around her head. No sparkle in Y/n’s eyes, Loki always saw she had. Like they were lifeless…

    Loki knocked at the open door. Y/n turned to the doorway and as soon as she saw Loki she had fear in her eyes again.

    “Can we talk, Y/n ?”

    Y/n just got tears in her eyes again and sobbed, shaking her head.

    “I only want to talk with you.”

    Y/n was still, thanks to the impact into the wall, too far in her little space to know that Loki didn’t mean it. She was more childish than she ever was before and Loki felt horrible.

    Y/n stood up and ran out of her room, passed Loki and to the Library, Loki was hot on Y/n’s tail.

    “Y/n ! I only want to talk !”, Loki called after her.

    Y/n was crying again. As she was in the Library she hid in the darkest corner of the room. Soon Loki came inside too and looked around, not seeing Y/n anywhere, but he knew she was here.

    “Y/n ! I am sorry ! I never meant to hurt you ! I had just a bad day and I was still pissed ! I am sorry I leashed out on you ! I am sorry I hurt you !”, Loki yelled, hoping M/n will hear.

    She did hear Loki’s apology, but refused to believe him. She simply refused. Right now Y/n felt like a beaten, bruised and scared child. All she wanted was for Loki to leave her alone.

    “I never meant to call you a Brat… I never meant anything I said today…”, Loki whimpered out.

    Y/n listened, but was still too scared of Loki. What if Loki acts…?

    Then she heard a thump and as Y/n looked out of her hiding spot she saw Loki on his knees and silent tears run down his face. Y/n felt guilty for making Loki cry…

    “I am sorry, Y/n…”, Loki whispered out.

    Y/n heard Loki’s voice wavering and she knew Loki was very sad. Slowly she came out of her hiding spot and carefully walked over to Loki. Her childish side told her to comfort and cheer Loki up…. She couldn’t help it !

    Soon she was next to Loki and sunk down, hugging him softly and carefully, scared Loki will push her away and yell at her face again, telling her he never was serious… But instead Loki pulled Y/n as close as possible to him and didn’t plan to let her go.

    “I am sorry ! I am sorry ! I promise I will never do it again, Y/n !”, Loki cried out.

    Y/n smiled softly and rubbed Loki’s back.

    “It is okay, Daddy…”, she said, still little spaced.

    Loki squeezed Y/n a bit tighter at that and stayed with her like this for a long while.


    After an hour and 20 minutes Loki got up and carried Y/n to their room. He laid down in bed and cuddled Y/n close to himself. Y/n carefully did the same and even curled up in his chest. Loki curled up around her.

    They fell asleep like this for a few hours and after they woke up again, Loki took off Y/n’s bandage and healed Y/n’s back of her head. Loki pampered Y/n with her favorite food and then with more cuddles and kisses.


    After a few days Y/n was out of her deeper little spaced mind and was back to normal. Loki again apologized and Y/n only smiled, saying she forgave him long ago already. Y/n and Loki had the full trust between each other again and Loki was very careful since then, to not leash out on Y/n ever again.

    Until now it worked. Let us hope it stays like that.


    #Loki x Reader #Angst #Female!Reader #Male!Loki #Loki Odinson#Loki Laufeyson#MCU#Marvel #Little!Reader #Littlespaced #Stressed!Loki #Fluff
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    07.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Thigh riding - Little!Fem!Reader x Daddy!Loki

    Loki got a lot of Paperwork to finish. He was very busy and Y/n was   getting bored and felt ignored by her Daddy after 2 hours of Loki being gone and working. So she went to Loki's study room and looked at Loki. She  saw his Daddy working and she felt unsure and scared of making herself  known to her Daddy.

    Loki felt Y/n's presence and decided to acknowledge her.

    "Hello, Darling.", Loki said still working.

    Y/n smiled and ran over to Loki's side, watching what Loki did. Which  was at first interesting, but soon it was getting boring for her and she  wanted attention from Loki. She shifted around on her legs and eyed her  Daddy's lap the whole time, growing needy.

    Loki noticed that Y/n eyed his Lap all the time and smirked, knowing that Y/n only did that when she wanted attention, so he leaned back   further and said.

    "Come here, you can sit on my lap until I'm done working, Petal."

    Y/n eagerly sat down on Loki's lap and smiled brightly. Loki smirked when he felt Y/n was wet. His little Babygirl was wet~

    'Needy Babygirl~ How long she will sit still until she craves sweet release~? I wonder~', Loki thought purring.

    Loki filled out 8 more sheets of paper then he started to smirk from the inside. Y/n shifted around on Loki's thighs and soon sat on his   right thigh, grinding herself on it. Y/n was silent at first, hoping   Loki wouldn't notice that Y/n was trying to get some attention and   friction, WITHOUT asking Loki first.

    Loki kept his stoic working face and continued to fill out papers. Y/n was relieved at first and just continued her work.

    After 10 minutes of grinding against her Daddy's thigh she realized she  wanted her Daddy to touch her and call her some dirty things. She wanted  her Daddy's attention so bad.

    For now Y/n continued her work, hoping to get Loki to touch her and fuck her.


    It has been 10 more minutes and Loki still didn't acknowledge Y/n and his thigh was soaked already ! Y/n started to get frustrated. Then she started to whine loudly. Loki  smirked on the inside and said in his 'I am busy' tone.

    "Babygirl, it's either my thigh or nothing. You started this and if   you wanna get off, you are going to have to work for it. I'm not   helping."

    Y/n whined even louder at that, but doubled her efforts. She grinded faster and harder against her Daddy's thigh, moaning and whimpering   softly. She wanted her Daddy so bad, but if he is so busy, then she will  make him happy and cum on his thigh.

    Loki felt all the effort Y/n made and he slightly moved his leg up   and down, Y/n didn't even notice it, too focused fucking herself on her Daddy's thigh.

    "Oh Daddy~ Mmmnnn~!", Y/n moaned as she grinded even faster against her Daddy's thigh.

    Loki was filling out the last sheet of paper as Y/n yelled.


    Just then Loki felt Y/n's juices staining her pants and his right thigh even more. Y/n panted and was too weak to hold herself up. She slipped to her  right, towards floor, as Loki wrapped an arm around Y/n and smiled.

    Loki stood up and carried his Babygirl to their Bedroom. Y/n panted   and was still in her aftershocks as Loki carefully undressed his Babygirl  from her ruined pants and Panties.

    After he put her clothes into the wash machine, he got out of his   ruined pants, threw them in too and then grabbed a wash cloth, wettening  it with warm water. Loki came out of the Bathroom and then cleaned his  Babygirl's Pussy, thighs, and ass. Her juices were everywhere.

    After Loki cleaned his Babygirl up, he threw the wash cloth also into  the wash machine and started it to wash. Loki took off his shirt and   then came into bed. He carefully pulled Y/n's shirt off of her and then pulled his Babygrl close to his chest.

    Y/n instantly cuddled close into her Daddy's chest and hugged him back tightly.

    "I love you, Daddy...", Y/n said sleepily.

    "I love you too, Babygirl. You did so well on my thigh.", Loki said and praised Y/n.

    Y/n smiled softly and rubbed her face against Loki's chest. Loki knew that Y/n loves to get praised. Praise Kink if you may.

    "Such a good girl. My good Babygirl.", Loki praised.

    Y/n smiled even more and hugged Loki tighter. Then they both fell asleep. Smiling and content.


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  • lokisprettygirl
    07.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    What's love got to do with it? (Loki x Female Reader)

    Summary : Your boyfriend Loki proposed you, you said yes and he became your fiance overnight. Your family overjoyed with the shocking news, invited him over for weekend trip to your family's farmhouse. Awesome right? Only problem is you do not love him.

    Warning : this will contain smut in future parts so tread carefully , emotionally stunted reader

    Note : This is kind of like an au? I don't write for tom so I'm using loki as the main character but he's just a silly little mortal like us in this fic.

    Your parents wanted to meet your fiance loki, your whole family wanted to see this fiance of yours, you were getting married, yess you? getting married to some real man ? Yes, it called for a family get together and celebration, your cousins, your siblings , your parents wanted to meet this man who finally managed to made you commit. Who finally managed to convince the lone wolf y/n to marry him.

    Poor Sap though, did he know he was getting himself immersed with someone like you? Did he know you were not into him emotionally? Physically? absolutely yes, You could fuck him all day but did you really love him? You had no idea, you stopped feeling love a long time ago, such a foolish sentiment, years of back to back betrayal by the people you were closest to made you grow a thick skin, so thick that nothing could pierce it, well not nothing, you enjoyed sex and you loved your family, they were pretty harmless. You just didn't believe in love and friendship from complete strangers.

    Love songs made you cringe, marriage seemed like hell, so how come some guy named Loki convinced you to marry him? Well you actually didn't see yourself marrying him, but he is the sexiest guy you have ever been with, a bit sappy but you didn't hate it coming from him, he was good in bed, smelled good, looked like a supermodel, had a British accent for god's sake. You didn't abhorr his company to say the least. So when he went down on his knees you panicked, you didn't know what to say, his adorable puppy green eyes made you feel bad about rejecting him so you just said yes? It's wrong, it was criminal but you said what you said, you still wanted to fuck him twice a day so it was justified, you could see yourself marrying him.

    "Oh my god , no wonder you said yes, does he looks as good in real life as he does in pictures?" Your cousin Mandy asked you, your family and extended family were all at this farmhouse your dad co owned with his brother, loki was supposed to come here as well, you were showing her his instagram pictures "Oh he absolutely does, he's yummy" you chuckled and she blushed "when he's going to be here? What does he do for living? How long you both have been dating?" You heard her series of questions and groaned "godd easyy..he would be here in like 5 minutes, he's a stock broker, we have been fucking around from two years now?" You answered and she cringed at the choice of words "Do you even love him?" She asked you and you shrugged as you started to sing "What's love got to do with it, what's love but a second hand emotionnn?" She rolled her eyes and you heard the door bell ring.

    He was invited to spend the weekend with your family and he was very excited, he didn't think you'd say yes when he proposed you, he loved you so much but he often felt as if you were just in it for the sex, well you never confessed your love for him, what else he was supposed to think but he was genuinely and pleasantly shocked when you said yes. He was nervous about meeting your parents and your family.

    "You must be loki, the man of the hour, man who won y/n's heart, the guy who made impossible possible, the..." Your dad was interrupted by your mom, she had to stop the train of humiliation loki and your dad were facing currently "hello dear, I'm y/n's mom, this is her dad" loki smiled as he hugged your mom and dad. They couldn't stop staring at him, you didn't blame them he was gorgeous, but it was getting a bit creepy, he then met your aunt and uncle and then your siblings. And finally your cousins, they were dying to see him and your cousin Mandy almost fainted, he was taller than he looked in the pictures and way too attractive, your poor single cousins were in for hell of a weekend.

    He walked over to you and hugged you so tightly you felt crushed "hey baby, I'm here, I missed you" he mumbled and you winked at him as you pulled away from his tight grip "I missed you too" you ran your hands at his cock and he blushed crimson red, he looked around to see if anybody saw but luckily nobody did.

    After that little conversation, he was taken hostage by your family members again, they bombarded him with strings of questions and then came the question you dreaded "So tell me loki, how did you meet my daughter?" Your dad asked him and he looked at you nervously "uhh we met through a mutual friend" he lied swiftly as he sipped on the drink your mom offered him "well done, babyboy, I'm going to reward you so well for that" you sent him a text and he blushed so deep again, you didn't love him but you loved that colour on him. He was pretty and easy on the eyes. The thing is you met on tinder, you were looking for a quick fuck and he ? Well he was looking for a girlfriend, on tinder. That silly goose. He found you instead and you rocked his night with the best ever sex of his life. It was supposed to be a one night stand, but you sexted him later and he wanted to see you again and again and again, you saw him again and again until he dropped down on his knees , and not in the way you would have enjoyed.

    Your family gave him some time to breathe and relax , so your dad showed him his room, he was unpacking and taking his clothes out when he heard a knock, he opened the door and the next thing he knew was you were kissing him, you pushed him in and closed the door quickly, he wore a light blue tucked in shirt with a black pant, he looked fuckable and it's been more than a week since you last fucked him "Mmmm darling, my baby I missed you love" he mumbled between the kisses and you pushed him towards the door as you continued to kiss him "yeah yeah yeah, I missed you too babyboy, come on show me how much you have missed me" you mumbled as you unbuttoned his shirt slowly "ohh god love, what if they come? I don't want to make a wrong impression" he scrunched his nose and you huffed. Then you kissed him again, you hated how soft he was sometimes, well someday when he would show his true colours and try to hurt you and he definitely would, you could throw all this in his beautiful face.

    You cupped his bulge from over his clothes and he moaned into your mouth "don't tell me you don't want me to ruin you right now pretty boy" you mumbled and he whined a little "I do, so bad love" you would have ruined him but you both got interrupted and stopped kissing each other as you heard the knock on the door "shhh" you whispered in his ears, you were enjoying the sight of him squirming against the door "uhhh loki? This is Mandy, the lunch is ready, I was told to call you downstairs" he looked at you and you nudged him to answer "I'll be there in a minute, thanks Mandy" he said politely and you heard her footsteps walking away.

    You kissed him again and he grabbed your ass , his hands roamed under the skirt you wore "god I love you so much, I have missed you so much" he mumbled and you didn't say anything in response, there would be time to devour him later so you pulled yourself away, he looked pretty like that, lips all red and swollen, breaths heavy, he was a sight for the sore eyes "see you downstairs pretty boy" you winked at him and he smiled.

    This was going to be hell of a weekend for both of you.

    #loki #loki x reader #loki x female reader #loki x reader smut #loki x reader angst #loki x reader fluff #loki x reader insert #loki x reader fic #loki x you #loki au
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    I want to be the one who makes your eyes light up with surprise


    Mobius, eager to make Loki live new experiences, takes him ice skating. Will Loki let himself be caught up in the game?

    Day 7 : Ice skating


    I am not responsible for the way Loki and Mobius took over this story (almost not)


    1038 words - Rating G

    "Mobius, where are we going?" Loki asked, a little impatient because, without telling him anything, Mobius had forced him to bundle up to face the cold and dragged him outside.

    "We're almost there," Mobius reassured him, patting his hand.

    "Why do we have to be out in this cold? I had planned an evening of cuddling and making out in the warmth of the house."

    Mobius chuckled softly at his displeased lover's pouty face. "It's still early and besides we do this every night -not that I'm complaining- and in the end you'll enjoy it even more after what we're about to do."

    Reluctantly, Loki allowed himself to be guided by Mobius. Honestly, he appreciated being able to hold his hand no matter what the occasion, but was slightly annoyed by the thickness of their gloves. Loki preferred to feel the warmth of Mobius' unfiltered skin against his own.

    "Good," Mobius said, "Here we are."

    Loki looked up, they were in front of a giant ice rink and many people were skating on it. Loki had never been ice skating in his life. When you're a frost giant, as the name implied, you don't need an artifact to move on the ice. But he couldn't possibly take his Jotun form.

    "Mobius," Loki complained. "I'm going to make a fool of myself."

    "Loki, you don't really think I'd let you make a fool of yourself, do you? Besides, I'm sure you'll learn very quickly. Just look at the way you fight, it's as beautiful as choreography. I am sure that you will quickly find your rhythm on the ice and it is you who will make a fool of me" He stroked Loki's face, then seized his hand and dragged him behind him.

    In front of the flood of compliments, Loki let himself be dragged without resisting.

    "You're such a smooth talker..."

    "Only with you." replied Mobius in a playful way. They headed to the place where the skates were rented and took a ticket. Then they sat down on a bench where they could put the skates on. Loki stood up cautiously, unsure of how to move. "This feels weird."

    "It'll feel more natural on the ice," Mobius said as he approached Loki, who had moved away from the bench. He wrapped his arms around Loki's waist and looked him in the eye.

    "You'll see, you'll be fine."

    Loki was amused by his lover's encouragement and couldn't help but blow a kiss on his nose. Mobius smiled softly and grabbing his hand he said, "Let's get on the ice."

    They approached the opening that gave access to the rink.

    Loki was entertained by the way Mobius acted, between coach and mother hen : "It's going to be unsettling at first, but trust your balance. Keep your back straight. Imagine you're on daggers, you like daggers right?" Mobius winked at her. "Don't lean too far to the left or right. And especially don't spread your legs too far apart."

    "That's the first time you've ever said that to me," Loki murmured a mischievous look in his eye. Mobius rolled his eyes and shook his head.

    "I'll hold your hand at first okay?" asked Mobius.

    "You don't need an excuse to hold my hand you know love?" This time it was Loki who winked at him.

    With the first few steps, Loki tensed up, because he felt like he had no control over anything.

    "Relax, Loki," Mobius whispered softly before placing a gentle kiss on his lover's temple to calm him down, "Lean into me and just follow my rhythm."

    "Okay," Loki replied. He had no problem doing both of these things since he knew Mobius. Lean on him and go with his flow.

    When the first lap passed without incident, Loki smiled proudly and regained a little more of his poise. But he did not let go of Mobius' hand.

    He dared to take slightly bigger steps to increase their speed a little. The breeze was exhilarating. Loki looked at the rest of the trees and the landscape around them, the Christmas lights and let himself be intoxicated by the speed.

    "How many days is this open?" He asked Mobius.

    "As long as the temperatures allow, I guess."

    "So we can come back?" asked Loki eagerly.

    "We just started, and you want to come back already?" asked Mobius.

    Loki turned to Mobius and gave him a warm smile. "As long as I'm with you, I'll do anything! And this is nice so of course I want to come back."

    "Anytime you want Sweetheart." Mobius pulled Loki in, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him tenderly on the ice. They stayed like that, indifferent to the skaters who were making a curve to avoid them.

    By the end of the evening, Mobius had kept his end of the bargain. They were now both pressed up against each other, making out on the couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, two steaming cups of hot chocolate on the coffee table. When they separated to catch their breath, Loki said softly, "You're right it's even better this way."

    "I think so too, sweetheart.." Mobius, with his head on Loki's shoulders, drew random patterns on his lover's chest.

    He marveled, "It's great that neither of us fell today."

    Silence answered him.


    He looked up to see his lover's face and noticed the guilty look on Loki's face.

    "Did you do something?"

    "A little balancing spell on our feet?" replied Loki without meeting his eyes.

    Mobius burst out laughing.

    When he finally calmed down under Loki's amused gaze, he straightened up and straddled him.

    "Boy, if you only knew how much I love you! If I hadn't loved you for ages, I'd have fallen in love with you just now. Only you would think to do something like that."

    He laughed softly again before leaning in and kissing him passionately.

    When he pulled back, Loki said to him mischievously, "If I had known that a little trick of the God of Mischief like that would earn me this special treatment, I would have used them more often."

    Mobius laughed again, then put all his skill into wiping the cheeky smile from his lover's lips.


    As always, bear with me as it is not beta'd and english is not my native language. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless🥰

    Lokius Christmas series : here

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  • imnotrevealingmyname
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    taste the snow (on my lips)

    Chapter 8

    Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff

    A/N: comments&reblogs>>>>likes. Please don't like if you're not gonna reblog.

    taste the snow (on my lips) masterlist

    ↩️Back to series masterlist


    A nudge to your shoulder distracted you from your laptop. Loki silently handed you a glass of water, and you felt your heart skip a beat.

    "Thank you, gorgeous,"you smiled, craning your neck as an invitation for a kiss. He obliged immediately.

    "Are you nearly done, love? You've been working so hard,"he crooned, carding a hand through your hair.

    "Almost, honey." You sipped the water and let go of a breath you hadn't realized you had been holding in.

    "You deserve a break, sweetheart. Let's watch a movie? I'll let you pick."

    Well, who were you to refuse?

    #loki#imnotrevealingmyname#loki (marvel)#loki fanfic#fanfic#fanfiction #imnotrevealingmyname writes sometimes #loki fluff #little things series #loki x reader #loki x reader fic #loki x reader fluff #fluffy fic#fluff #tooth rotting fluff #so much fluff #loki x fem reader #loki x female reader #december #i desperately need this december to be good #advent calendar fics #advent calendar#nice
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  • writing-by-gayrainbowbridge
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    Avengers...I Shrunk The Genius

    Second Part From This Fic Inspired By The Gorgeous Fanart Made By murdermuffinloki:

    Part two (2) of the fic in the link above ^
    ⚠️Warnings: Language, Minor Violence⚠️
    Enjoy 💚❤

    (Please Check The Pinned Post On My Tumblr Page To See If There Are More Parts To This Story)

    The second day of being super teeny tiny came faster than Tony expected it to.

    The night before had been partly annoying but also hilarious. Since Tony was so very small, he couldn't exactly get into bed with Loki like he normally would in fear of getting accidentally squished during the night.

    So, Loki, with the most mischievous looking smirk Tony had ever seen, had cleared out a drawer, stuffed a pillow and thin blanket inside and plopped Tony into the open drawer. Tony was very offended though he couldn't fight back the bubbling laughter at how ridiculous this situation was.

    Still, Tony whined in his high pitched voice  about getting no snuggles for a good five minutes until Loki relented and gave Tony a kiss on his tiny head to make up for the lack of snuggles.

    When morning came, Loki was up first, Tony sleeping like a rock in his makeshift drawer bed. Loki walked over and poked him continuously until Tony finally peeled open his eyes to glare at Loki. He had been momentarily confused (and slightly terrified) at why Loki was so huge before it all came rushing back making him groan and bury his face into the pillow/bed.

    Loki hummed in sympathy, petting Tony's head with a single finger like Tony was a Kitten or something. Tony growled threateningly, biting at the finger but Loki only tittered, booping Tony's nose disapprovingly. "Naughty, don't bite."

    Tony huffed, pushing himself up onto unsteady feet on his pillow/bed before making grabby hands like a child for Loki. "Up!"

    Loki rolled his eyes, turning and walking to the other side of the room despite Tony's whine of protest, opening the cupboard. "Remember, Anthony Dearest, you will have to rely on me for the next six days. You better start begging if you wish for me to help you."

    Tony's mind went to inappropriate places as it always did when Loki said anything like that before pulling his mind back out of the gutter. "Yeah, yeah, okay. 'M sorry. Please, up?"

    Loki chuckled as he finished changing into day clothes and walked back over to Tony, holding out his hand. "Much better. Come on, then. I'm famished as I'm sure you are too."

    "Food, fuck yes!" Tony exclaimed, rushing up to scramble into Loki's hands, nearly falling off in his haste if Tony hadn't caught him before he could.

    "Careful, Darling. Breakfast isn't worth splattering all over the floor for," Loki said gently, easing Tony into his shirt pocket he had so thoughtfully put on just for Tony.

    "Maybe but I'm starving," Tony said, his stomach growling in agreement.

    Loki smiled as the world became a swirl of colours before it stilled again into the kitchen, the other Avengers already up and eating Steve's delicious food. Tony's mouth watered at the smell of cooked eggs on toast, bacon, baked beans and only Steve knew what else he had made for the team.

    "Morning Brother, Man of Iron," Thor greeted them with a bright smile.

    "How's Teeny Tiny Tony?" Natasha asked, glancing at the small genius with a smirk making Tony groan dramatically. Even the ever serious assassin was teasing him!

    "The poor thing is hungry," Loki replied, sitting down beside Natasha as Steve went about getting the god and genius some food.

    "What am I? A pet?" Tony demanded in as loud a voice as he could muster to be heard. Damn his tiny lungs.

    "Don't fret, Anthony. I'll take good care of you," Loki promised with a grin.

    Tony forced back a smile of his own, instead trying for a glare at everyone else. "Alright, that's enough. Lemme out!"

    Loki watched in clear amusement as Tony tried to lift himself out of the pocket he was stuck in, swinging a leg over the edge and nearly tumbled out but Loki gave him a finger to cling to before he met his demise with the floor. Tony grumbled something uncomplimentary under his breath as he successfully got out of the pocket and onto the kitchen table.

    "Hey! No pets on the table!" Clint protested, a self satisfied grin on his face.

    "This is my table, thank you very much. I'll walk all over if I want to," Tony reminded him just as Steve set down a plate for Loki and an even tinier one with small proportions of food for Tony, along with a tiny knife and fork. Tony blinked at them for a long moment. "Where the heck did you get a plate that tiny?"

    Steve managed a wary smile. "It's, uh, meant for dolls? It's all plastic. Jarvis ordered them yesterday along with some doll clothes for you."

    "Jarvis, you little shit," Tony muttered though he couldn't fault the AI. It was a good idea. "I'm already terrified at what doll clothes he got me. Jarvis has no fashion sense."

    "That's because I have no need for clothing, Sir," Jarvis supplied, proving himself the little shit that Tony loved.

    "True enough," Loki said, siding with Jarvis as he always did. Tony was surrounded by traitors.

    "So, you said Tony's going to be stuck like this for a week?" Bruce asked Loki even as he peered at Tony.

    "Six more days," Loki said simply, scooping up some scrambled eggs. "But yes. He should be back to his normal short sized self in less than a week."

    Tony narrowed his eyes at his god. "I'll get you for that. Just you wait."

    "I'm trembling," Loki mocked him, faking a look of terror before he smirked again. "Eat your food, Anthony, before it gets cold."

    Tony heard Clint snickering at his humiliation making Tony turn his glare on the archer. "Come at me, Barton! I dare you!"

    Clint only grinned, clearly underestimating the small man as he wiggled his fingers in front of Tony who's look darkened.

    "What are you gonna do, Star—fuck!" Clint yanked back his hand with a betrayed look, blue eyes wide as he stared at Tony. "Did you seriously just bite me?!"

    It was Tony's turn to smirk as he turned to his food. "I told you, I bite."


    @murdermuffinloki I'm bored so here's a second part of this oneshot (I may write more so I'm leaving this as unfinished for the now)

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  • andsheloved
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    a worthy try

    pairing ~ loki x f!reader

    word count ~ 1.5k

    summary ~ loki reflects on all that you are, and how maybe one day, all that he is may be good enough to have you.

    warnings ~ literally so much fluff, so much of it, slight angst, discussions of uselessness and self worth, mention of 'drinks' (could be water also! basically no specific alcohol consumption discussed!!), self depreciating loki, super mild like super duper mild language, slight mutual pining.

    a/n ~ loki is back on the blog! yay! this is very much based off of this list about 'reasons not to kiss her' and it truly sent me into outer space! to be honest i have written and rewritten the part two of mr and mrs smith so many times and i just really would like to get it perfect, i'm actually splitting it into two different stories and making a bit of a 'mr and mrs smith' collection! so that's fun i suppose! but anyways, i hope you all enjoy this little fluffy one shot to replace the lack of a drabble day this week!! mwauh!!

    There were so many reasons why he shouldn't even ponder the notion of being with you.

    The very thought of kissing you should have been forbidden.

    Yet he found himself pushing all reason aside when you smiled at him.

    You weren't new to the tower by any means, he was fairly certain that he had been spotting you around ever since his first arrival. You didn't have that certain demanding, domineering presence that your other teammates emanated on a daily basis, you were simply just you.

    That was what made you so spectacular, though.

    You felt no need to show off, to name drop some higher up government official during any disagreement in the conference room, to puff your chest and peacock around like the others, you held a quiet, timid confidence within you, that Loki hoped one day he'd be allowed to reveal from you a bit more.

    He groaned at the sudden knock on his door that ripped him from his daydreams, quickly tearing the door open with a harsh "What?"

    His brother stood in the doorway, a slightly flustered expression written on his face. "The party?" He replied, an eyebrow raised, "You told me you would be attending Stark's party tonight."

    Loki closed his eyes as he sighed, he had completely forgotten about it, and very much wished his brother had as well, though the possibility of that was extremely slim in the first place when Thor had almost began jumping up and down like an excited puppy when he finally caved and said he would join him.

    In a sudden, green flash, he changed from his slightly baggy, forest green tee shirt and grey sweatpants, to a black suit, adjusting his tie gingerly as he shouldered past his brother.

    "Let's get this over with."

    It didn't take him long to discover why he never cared to attend Stark's little soirees, if you could even call them little.

    People filled every inch of the space, some he knew, the usual suspects, but many he didn't, though he was unfortunately certain they knew of him.

    He wasn't blind to the way that some of the guests would throw inquisitive glares over their shoulders at him, only to return their gaze to their group in a fit of giggling and whispers.

    In a sort of frustrating way, he understood. He knew what they saw in him, and he hated that he saw it in himself as well, he just didn't need the reminder of who he was every time he stepped foot outside his room.

    And though it didn't make things better, nor make the lingering stares disappear, tucking himself away in a dim corner of the party felt a bit more comforting.

    "Is he alright?" You asked softly, the blonde almost knocking you over at the force at which he patted your shoulder.

    "Of course! Why wouldn't he be!" Thor almost shouted, and you jokingly shushed him.

    "I don't know," You sighed, "Maybe you should check on him?"

    Thor turned to you with a certain accusatory look in his eyes that you didn't quite care for. "It took a lifetime for me to get him to even agree to join me, the thought of him enjoying himself tonight was not one that crossed my mind when he finally did."

    Why not? The words threatened to tumble from your mouth, but you chose to hold them in for now.

    Loki had seemed to prove himself time and time again with helping out on missions, seemingly much to the annoyance of everyone else.

    You didn't ever get to see him in action, but from the various mission reports and security camera files you had combed through after, it seemed he had even saved the entire team more than once with his skills.

    Yet there he still was, in the corner, almost entirely hidden from the world in the shadows of the party.

    Everyone had a past, and not everyone's was always clean. Sure, some of your teammates files got a bit dirtier than others, but today, they were doing their best to save the things and people that they could when the time called.

    Wasn't that all that mattered now?

    You hadn't interacted with him much, mostly just passing glances at meetings and silent waves in the hallway, but now, in the dim, amber hue of the lights, you felt a sudden urge to know him.

    The tower could get lonely, even with the amount of people living under the same roof as you, it was easy to feel alone sometimes.

    You weren't enhanced in any way, nor was your mother or father some ancient deity, nor were you trained to kill grown men when you were only five, you were simply ordinary.

    A fact you were grateful for and ashamed of all at once.

    You didn't know how you had managed to win over such a group during your initial interview, but now here you were.

    You tried to feel proud, but there was a certain wave of guilt that came with staying behind a computer while the heroes everyone actually saw fought monsters and aliens and saved cities.

    And he was one of them.

    People saw him out there fighting alongside Captain America and Iron Man, yet they almost refused to acknowledge him.

    Was he lonely too? You found yourself wondering. All those years in a cell, only to be transferred to one with a door under the condition he helped clean up the universe's inter-dimensional messes?

    You quickly scanned the crowd, your eyes once again landing on the raven haired man tucked away from the rest of the guests.

    For a moment, you thought his eyes met yours.

    You ignored how your heart sped up at the thought.

    Loki let out a quiet scoff as he watched you talk to his brother, disregarding the spontaneous rush of disappointment that flooded his mind as he examined you.

    Of course, he thought, charmed by his oafish brother as he stood on the sidelines once again.

    He couldn't say that he blamed you, wasn't it the natural progression of the world? The stunning damsel is swept off her feet by the charismatic hero, and he didn't even have the honor of saying he was the sidekick. Because what was he truly? The words rang in his mind with venom.

    The villain.

    He supposed it was better this way though, as much as he fantasized about you, your laugh, even your wide eyes gazing at him with nothing but love as his hand traced nonsensical patterns on your cheek. They were nothing but fantasies.

    He looked upon you from across the dance floor, a soft half smile gracing his lips as he did. Your figure could only be compared to that of the marble statues that he could recall from the royal galleries of his youth. Your face, perfectly molded for his hands to cup your cheeks as he placed soft kisses to your forehead.

    You belonged in a museum. A velvet rope separating you from the likes of him, composed of nothing but destruction and sharp things and chisels that would certainly break you to pieces if he came too close.

    He thought he met your gaze for a moment and he swallowed thickly. Your eyes were so kind, so full of life and caring, he found himself wondering how they still looked that way after witnessing all that you had seen.

    In all of his years, he had never seen anything but darkness and lost hope, if he hadn't had access to a mirror, he would have been certain that all the color in his eyes would have left long ago, leaving him only cavernous, black pupils to look upon the harshness that was this Earth with.

    He refused to be the one to dim the sparkle that shown so brightly in yours.

    He shouldn't have you, he shouldn't be allowed, and he absolutely didn't deserve you.

    Were you walking towards him?

    He heard himself laugh anxiously, he shouldn't give himself the hope.

    Though you still continued, weaving your way through the crowd, offering hushed greetings to all that you passed.

    Once you cleared the dance floor, you persisted in his direction, and he found himself looking around to see if it was anyone else you could be journeying to.

    He found himself alone.

    He threw back his drink, now holding your gaze as he watched you come only closer to him.

    Not an ounce of malice or mockery could he find in your eyes, only that kind expression he had come to appreciate so much, joined now, by a slight bit of intrigue.

    Loki tried to hide the way his unsteady breaths when you ultimately met him in his hideaway, finding himself at a loss for words while he gawked at you, a sense of unexpected amazement and child like wonder as he took you in up close for the first time.

    "Hello..." Your name rolled off your tongue without any hesitance or fear as it did, and then you smiled, and Loki was certain he hadn't felt true warmth until that moment.

    He didn't deserve you.

    But he'd be damned if he didn't give it a worthy try.

    i am simply yearning holy cow!! oh goodness, like i'm typically not much for parties, but i would absolutely go to every single party i possibly could if it meant this man would be there. anyways, likes, comments, and reblogs are always, always appreciated!! and i hope you are all doing so well!! i am wishing you all have the most wonderful days/nights!! mwauh!!

    want more loki? check out my masterlist!

    #loki x reader fluff #loki comfort #loki x f!reader #loki fanfic #loki x y/n #loki x you #no use of y/n #loki fan fiction #loki laufeyson x reader #loki fluff #loki comfort fic #loki series fanfiction #the avengers #loki x reader
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    Love in the time of Uncertainty (Loki x Female Reader)

    Chapter 10 (Last)

    Summary : Loki runs again after he found your note. But this time towards the woman he loves.

    Warning: 18 + , Smutty smut, degradation kink, dom loki, Dacryphilia, sugardaddy loki is hot, mentions of period sex, loki being insecure, jealous loki , soft dom loki, fluffy fluff

    Taglist : @iconfusemyselfalot @msturi2u @the-wounded-healer05  @lokiswildheartcantbebroken  @hotleaf-juice  @daddylokisqueen @not-anotha-loki-fanart-acc  @callistoneith  @offgoodluck @paulbee99

    When he saw your note he didn't have any more doubts left in him. He loved you, he loves you so much, there's no denying it anymore. If you're willing to stick around for him even after he has been nothing but a jerk to you in the past, then he's going to fight for you this time, he would treat you right this time, how you deserved to be treated in the first place.

    He got showered and dressed up quickly, it was going to be a long drive, he packed his necessities in a small handbag, He took your note and smiled as he read it again, just few words, he never thought just few words could make him so happy, while he was packing his stuff, his eyes fell upon the picture of him and Audrey, He always kept it with him, not because he still loved her but as a reminder of everything he lost and how much love can hurt, he packed it too along with his other stuff. He had to go see you and he had to see you now.

    He drove eight hours straight, and when he reached finally it was almost evening in la, he never thought he would come back to the place he left, but then he never thought he would fall in love again. When he reached his condo, he still had the key and code was still the same so he buzzed himself in. When he reached the door he knocked several times, maybe you were not home yet, he used the key and got inside, as soon as he turned the lights on, he was filled with several memories of you and him in this place, most of them sexual, he didn't really give you a chance did he? He would be so mean to you when you weren't cuddling him or sexing him up. A certain memory hurt him the most.

    "Y/n I'm so done with your nonsense" you took out your earphones as you heard him yelling "what's wrong?" You asked him curiously "Thisss" he held the lunchbox you prepared for him and threw it away, he saw your face falling as you watched the food spill out of the box and all over the floor "Did you not like the food?" He groaned in frustration as he heard you "I don't like you trying to act as if you're my wife, news flash, you're not, so grow up and mind your own business" he told you and left for his room, he needed to cool down. You were just trying to take care of him and he was so awful to you.

    You cleaned the mess he just made and then knocked on his door "What now?" He saw your teary face and his heart softened, that was the first time he realised how fucked up he was for making you cry like that for caring about him "You should never ever throw food away, especially during such times, there are people who die because they don't get to eat" you yelled a little as you cried and he walked towards you, you took a step back but he grabbed you by your shoulders "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I won't do it again, calm down, stop crying okay?" he mumbled as he kissed your forehead and you relaxed in his arms, he felt bad but he can't encourage this behaviour "But please stop taking care of me, I hate this" he told you sternly "You hate being fed?" You asked him as you smirked and he rolled his eyes as he groaned "you're impossible to deal with y/n"

    He snapped out of his memory, he have been awful to you, worst part is he have no idea if he'll be able to trust you fully, a part of him knows you won't hurt him like she did but then that's what he thought of her too. He went to his old room and he saw your clothes all around, your stuff all around, you were living in his room instead of yours. He heard the door lock twisting and went back to the living room. He stood right in front of your eyeline as you entered "Lokii" you looked at him and he smiled "Helllo y/n"

    You didn't want to leave him like that, but you had to make him fight for this, you're persistent but you can't force him to be with you, and now he's standing right in front of you, is he here for you? You hoped so, you crossed your arms as you stare at him "Ummm what are you.. you're here, what are you doing here?" You asked him and he tilted his head to the side, god he's beautiful. "I'm here to sell the condo" he joked but it went over your head "ohhh" you answered him and he shook his head, he walked towards you and next thing you felt was his lips on yours, you stood on your tippy toes and you wrapped your arms around his neck "I'm here for you silly girl, you asked me to find you so here I am" he mumbled and you smiled as you heard him.

    "Well technically I didn't ask you to find me, I just told you that you know where to find me" you giggled and he smiled, you're adorable, you always were. "Still fancy pistachio ice cream ? Because I got some for you" he remembered that ? Ofcourse he did he remembered little things like that, now that you know the reason why he was so mean and distant and cringed everytime you showed him care and affection, you could see beyond that, he needed love and you'd give him that.

    "I do fancy it still" you smiled and he kissed you again "What about those last three words in your note?" He asked you as he smirked and you blushed "What about it ?" You rubbed your nose against his and he loves this so much, he already feels himself getting addicted to this sweetness of yours if he wasn't before "Darling... I ..I lo..I do.." you shushed him up as you kissed him before he can stutter more, he don't have to say it and you don't have to hear it, his actions are enough "you don't have to say it doc, it's alright, I know, I know baby" you mumbled and he teared up as he hugged you so tightly against him. He was home.

    You couldn't believe he was here and that he was back in your life, you felt so happy and you felt perfect. You took a shower and shaved all over, you're going to fuck him all night for the starters. When you came out dressed up in a skimpiest tank top you could find and a booty shorts , you saw him on the bed, he held something in his hand , at first you thought it was the note you wrote but it was a picture, you walked closer to him, and your eyes fell upon him with her, they both looked happy, he looked so happy in that picture and it broke your heart knowing the hell he went through after that.

    You sat down on the floor and placed your chin on his thigh as you looked at him "To move on you have to forget the past doc, you can't live there and be happy at the same time" you mumbled and he smiled, you wiped the tear that fell on his rosy cheeks and he kissed your palm "I know sweetheart, that's why I brought this here" he told you and then you saw the picture floating in the air, then he set it on fire, he was choosing to move on from his past, this was the first step. You watched all awestruck, you were still not used to his magic.

    He looked at your face and smiled, you're so adorable like this but then you switch into a completely different person when you're horny, he's going to have so much of fun making you fall deeper n deeper into your depravity, he grabbed your chin with his thumb and fingers and made you look at him "how's the school going babygirl?" He asked you and you whimpered as you felt his thumb rubbing against your lips "mmmm good daddy, are you proud of me?" You asked him as you looked at him innocently "so proud sweet thing, you make my heart swell" he leaned down to kiss you and you moaned in his mouth. Then he picked you up from the floor and laid down on the bed with you on top of him

    "Mmmm dadddy, I have missed you so bad" you mumbled and he pushed his thumb inside your warm wet mouth , you lapped up on it like it was his cock and his breath hitched at the sight of you "I know you did, I thought about you every second since I left, you're so pure but so filthy when you get like this sweetheart, I'm going to enjoy ruining every little piece of innocence you still have in you" you whimpered and he flipped you over so you were underneath him "Did you enjoy living off me sweet girl?" You don't know how he did it but he knew all your sweet spots, he knew where to hit exactly, as egotistical as you were before you met him, you were nothing but a whore for him and you did enjoy having him as your sugardaddy "mmm I did daddy, is that badd?" You asked feigning innocence and he snickered, little minx "So so bad, you know what that makes you hmmm? It makes you a greedy gold digging whore" he mumbled as his fingers played with the waistband of your shorts "ohh fuck loki babyy" you moaned as you heard his filthy words and he got you all naked, he needed you as bad as you needed him, his cock screamed for your warmth, he rubbed the tip of his cock all over your lips and clit and then he pushed in slowly.

    "Holy norns you have the tightest little cunt, I'm so happy you saved yourself for me sweet thing, I gave you a chance to go out n explore but you couldn't could you? Needed your daddy's cock only right? " He mumbled as he thrusted himself in your wet warm cunt, you were absolutely soaked for him "I did, I am all yours daddy pleasse fuck me" you whined and he leaned down to kiss you "what do you think I am about to do my dumb little whore" he started to build a slow and steady rhythm, he didn't want this to end quickly, he wanted you to combust and he wanted you to sob for him, he has gone too long without this. You lost your mind slowly, the more he stayed inside you, the more lost you got in your head, you heart felt so full that he came back for you.

    When you wrote that note and left, you weren't actually sure that he would come for you but he did. "Y/n, my love, look at me" he whispered as he sees you so far gone in your head, you opened your eyes and he smiled as he looked at you, you looked drunk and hazy, he loved it. "You are so cute like this little whore, so stupid for my cock, so desperate, it makes me want to destroy you inch by inch" you whimpered as you heard him and he increased his pace slowly "Look at you, gonna cry for daddy? Do it sweet thing, show me how much you have missed this, let me see those tears" he absolutely abhorred making you cry outside of bedroom, but in bed, when he's making you feel so good that you're in tears, it makes him so hot, it makes him want to make you cry until you're on his feet begging him to stop. Maybe some other day. He's not running anymore and he's not letting you leave either. You couldn't take this anymore, you needed release and you needed his cum filling you up.

    You felt him sucking on your tears as you whimpered and cried for him. He's your kinkiest wet dream turned into a reality. God you're lucky. You wrapped your legs around him tightly and followed his rhythm , your walls clenching him so tightly he couldn't hold back anymore "oh....norns..you slutty minx ..cum now sweet thing...let go with me please" he mumbled and you did almost instantly, he said please? You had to. He kept moving his hips mindlessly as he groaned your name again n again as he came, he looked beautiful and he was willing to be yours. You'd never hurt him.

    "I love you sooo much baby" you mumbled as he laid down next to you and he smiled "I know darling" once he cleaned you both up you put on a shirt and fresh pair of underwear, he took a shower and when he came out you were on his bed, for the first time he was going to cuddle and act as if he didn't hate it, he always loved holding you like that but he always made you feel bad about it later on "Come here doc or you're going to stand there while I sleep?" You giggled and he crawled up in the bed next to you, you engulfed him into a bear hug and caressed his head and back "I have missed this" he mumbled and you smiled "I know you did, I knew you enjoyed my cuddles" you latched your mouth on his neck, and peppered him in kisses, he moaned at each of them "I sure did darling, how could I not love this?"

    Next morning you woke up in his arms, and that's how you woke up everyday after that. He moved back his practice to la , he bought the place he had during the pandemic and started his clinic there, he was also working at the hospital, he was an in demand surgeon for them, you were busy with your classes during the day and he would be busy with patients through out the day, he asked you to quit the waitress job as it was exhausting for you and you didn't really need it when he was providing for you. It's not as if he didn't want you to work, he wanted you to be independent and you were going to be a chef soon so doing that side job was useless. He paid off your debts, he had his ways with money, you didn't know all the details of how he went 50 years without looking suspicious but you had a feeling it involved some magic and mind games.

    He could have been really dangerous and powerful if he wanted to be, could have used his power for wrong but he chose to heal people instead, he chose to be a doctor, you were so in love with him but like he said it wasn't all sunshine and roses in your relationship with him, it's been more than six months since he came back and you were about to realise what he meant by that. You had a fairwell party to attend, your batch passed out and you got a placement in a 5 star hotel, you were so happy and loki was so proud of you. You put on a black dress, you ordered it online and you thought it would end up right below your thighs but it was shorter than that, too short.

    You looked beautiful but he felt the dress was too short on you,he knew you'd be eyed up and down and he hated the thought of it. He kept his thoughts to himself though, he didn't want to upset you, you looked so happy. When you both reached the party, one of your batchmate Clark hugged you so tightly, loki almost fumed at the proximity, you two would often pair up together and you even went on events n such with him sometimes. What loki didn't know was that he was gay and had no interest in you whatsoever other than platonic ofcourse, he took you to the dance floor and loki just glared at you both as he held you "that boyfriend of yours is a tall drink of water isn't he, those legs oof, you're a lucky bitch" he whispered in your ears and you giggled as you heard him. You indeed were lucky.

    Loki misinterpreted everything he saw at the party, on the way back home you could feel the tension, you tried to play with his hair but he swatted your hands away "Loki baby what's wrong, did I do something?" You asked him and he just snickered "Nope you didn't, except being awfully close to that mate of yours" he told you and you turned to him "loki you know I would never.." he cut you off before you can speak further "shutup just shuush" you teared up instantly as you heard him, he have major trust issues and you thought you were making progress in the last few months but you're back to square one apparently.

    When you reached home, he took of his suit jacket and glared at you while you stood quietly in the middle of his room. He was furious, extremely furious. He walked over to you and his fingers intertwined between your hair and he pulled your head back "You dress up like a whore, then you act like one, then you expect me to be alright with it?" He mumbled, you could see his jaw clenching with every word he spoke "Did he have to rub his arms against yours? Or whisper god knows what in your ears, or hold you so tight while he danced with you ? Why would you allow him hmm?" He kissed you so deeply, you're his but in moments like this where he feels so insecure he can't trust you no matter how much he tries, she was his too until one day she had sex with his fucking brother.

    "I didn't do anything wrong loki, just listen to me" he ripped your dress off using both of his hands, he was already mad as soon as he saw you in such a short dress. "You want to act like a whore then I should just treat you like one huh? Tell me that you want me to fuck you, tell me if you want me to stop, I just need a yes or no" Normally you'd be gushing at those words, you did feel wet as he spoke, it was instinctual but you knew he was hurt and you felt hurt at his accusations. You nod in yes, giving him your consent, He got you all naked and laid you down on your front, he held your arms behind your back with one of his hands and his other hand held the back of your head , pressing it into the mattress. You're his and he needed to claim you, that's what he warned you about that night, he told you he would be overly possesive but you didn't listen. He thrusted himself inside you and you gasped at the feeling.

    "Filthy little whore, did you like being touched by him ? Hmm did you get wet as he whispered filthy words in your ears? Don't forget that you're mine " he thrusted in and out almost violently, you have had rough sex before with him but his words truly hurt you, you were his so why would he assume otherwise? "No I didn't, I'm yours loki, baby I'm yours" you mumbled, your voice so meak, normally he would pick up on it but today he ignored it "I should just take your words hmmm? As if you weren't such a whore for me, want me to believe you're only promiscuous for me? Maybe I should have left you with that damn Clark, would you even come home to me? Or you'd whore yourself out for the night?" You couldn't hear anymore, you could have used the safeword but you didn't. You just sobbed quietly into the mattress, when he heard your broken little cries, he snapped out of the raging nightmare he was in, he stopped instantly and pulled himself out of you. What the fuck he is doing with you?

    You don't deserve this, you don't deserve an asshole like him "Y/n ? Sweetheart" you sobbed harder as you heard him and it broke his heart completely, he leaned down and turned you around, you covered your face with your palm, you didn't want him to see you like this "I'm so sorry, oh norns I'm so sorry my love, I went crazy,I lost my mind" He held you so tightly and removed your hands from your face, your tear soaked face hurt him so bad, he wanted to calm you down and make you stop feeling so hurt, this is all this fault, he kissed your forehead and peppered soft kisses all over in an attempt to calm you down "I'm sorry my sweet girl, I'm so sorry please look at me darling" he mumbled, his own voice breaking as he got teary, you opened your eyes to look at him and it made you sob even harder "I di...I didn't do anything with him ...I promise... please trust me" you mumbled between your cries and it absolutely shattered him, ofcourse you didn't, he was there for norns sake, he needs to start trusting you more, he is punishing you for things you didn't even do, for things she did, he's projecting his own insecurities on you like he feared he would.

    "I know I know I know sweet girl, I'm so sorry " he mumbled as he wiped your tears "you're mine and even though I don't deserve you, I still want you to be mine forever, I'm sorry sweetheart, please don't leave" his voice felt so small, you wanted to comfort him even though you were hurt yourself "It's okay I love you, not leaving...i promise" you hiccuped between your words and he just felt worse, you were comforting him even after he hurt you "That's not what you think of me do you? You know I'm only yours" You sobbed as you spoke and he couldn't take it anymore, he kissed you softly and his cock slipped inside your cunt again "You're all mine and that's how it will be, I was so hurt n upset with him getting his hands over you, I stopped thinking clearly when I saw you with him and I want to apologise for everything I said to you my sweet sweet darling girl, please forgive me? Please" he mumbled and then he kissed you, he fingers scratched your scalp, he was so rough with you before, he just wanted to adore you right now, make you forget the awful things he said.

    "Okayy you're forgiven I love you" you mumbled and smiled, his heart felt so full as he looked at your adorable face, so sweet so kind, the best girl he have ever known, you make him feel things he have never felt before, he increased his pace and he heard your soft little moans, he's so in love with you, he's going to have to protect you more, from himself and his insecurities, he have to, he can't subject you to this, you're so loving and innocent, so so delicate and he can't take that away from you, he can't make you feel awful when you deserve to be treated like the queen you are "You're beautiful my love, you're ethereal, truly truly wondrous" he whispered sweet praising things in your ears as he fucked you slowly. Then he made you cum all over him as he bursted himself inside you.

    "By the way he's gay, he was thirsting for you not me" you mumbled and he raised his eyebrows "should have just led with that darling" he chuckled and

    Then he held you all night, so tight n close, he made a promise to himself that he would never assume and hurt you so badly like this ever again, he was lucky you didn't smack him across the face and left his sorry ass right then.

    Next morning when you woke up he was getting dressed, his hair wet from the shower he just took, he was putting his shirt on and buttoning himself up, he looked sexy even just doing the most mundane things, you were watching him with a small smile on your lips, he kept the lights dimly lit, he didn't want to wake you up but you did anyways. When he saw you, you put your hand out for him, he smiled so sweetly at the gesture "Trying to lure me in the bed again darling?" He was buttoning up his sleeves as he talked, so effortlessly attractive. "Justtt come please, I need to touch" you mumbled and he walked over to you, he sat down on the floor with his arms up on the bed. He leaned down to kiss you "I have a surgery to attend, don't distract me with your sweetness" he kissed your forehead and his thumbs wiped your eyes, getting rid of the sleepy gunks, he was a doctor, he knew human body inside out so nothing really disgusted him, especially when it comes to you and you were lucky.

    "What kind of surgery?" You asked him, your fingers rubbing through his scalp "Carotid endarterectomy" he mumbled, his lips trailed over your forehead, pecking softly "English doc" you giggled and he grinned at that "something to do with neck" he answered and you hummed "let me make breakfast for you then, why didn't you wake me?" You proceeded to get up but he stopped you "no no no you sleep n rest my darling, I'll be back soon once I'm done, I'm not hungry anyways" he told you and you huffed. Then he kissed you softly and left soon after.

    Months passed and turned into years, your love for each other only grew more n more with time, you had your troubles and fights but you never let him go and neither did he, how could he let go of you, you were the true love of his life and he was blessed to have you with him, with each day he learned to trust you again, he learned to trust the woman he loved instead of believing what his mind said, he learned to let go of his past, the softer sides of him that you saw before you got together, you got to see it everyday, every moment.

    "Lokkkki baby" you rubbed your eyes as you walked towards him into the kitchen , he was making a warm soup for you, you didn't feel like eating anything on your first day of menstruation so he would just feed you warm hearty soups "Darling I told you to rest didn't I?" He walked towards you as soon as he heard you and then he picked you up, you wrapped your legs around him and arms around his neck, you rested like a baby on his shoulders "my boss was furious that I took a sudden day off, I might get fired" you told him and he stiffened, how dare he fire you for taking a day off while you were in such pain? He didn't understand mortals sometimes, where's the empathy? "It's okay darling, his loss truly, with your talent you'd find another job quickly, don't stress over it okay?" He mumbled and you pout, he smiled and situated you on the countertop "Now sit here, and wait for me to finish that soup so I can feed you okay?" He kissed the tip of your nose, then he fed you and later on he fucked you, orgasms really helped with the cramps, who knew?

    The first time he came up to you and asked you that you were hesitant, you didn't want to disgust him, but nothing ever really did, you could never disgust him, he was so in love with you and he wanted to distract you while you felt so much of pain, plus it was really hot, having him inside you while you shed blood, it was really hot for him too. You loved him so much you'd die for him or do the opposite of it if he ever asked. You often thought about the apple, it's been two years since you got together but you never brought it up in conversation. He would if he wanted to.

    2 years 6 months later he finally showed you his real self, his frost giant form, his Jotun beauty, you were exceptionally enamoured with his natural form. You couldn't believe what you were looking at for a long time, he seemed unreal, like a forbidden piece of art, you felt unworthy of this god, and when you had him inside you the first time, he felt surreal, but you realised that you belonged to him and so did he.

    Exactly 3 years 45 days later he told you that he loved you for the first time, you didn't need to hear it at all, you felt it every second in your bones, but he muttered those words so casually, he was going for a medicinal conference and he would be gone for a week , he would take you like he did before but you couldn't miss work this time, so he had no other choice, he could stay one week apart from you right ? "Mister doc, eat on time, call me when you wake up and before you sleep, and and and yess be safe please?" You mumbled as you wrapped your arms around him , he chuckled a little as he heard you "You know I love you so much right darling?" Your eyes widened as you heard him and he enjoyed that reaction, okay maybe you'd love hearing that more often now "I did know yes , I love you doc" you smothered him with lots of kisses before he left, you both discovered the joy of phone sex and skype sex in the same week as well, but nothing could compare to having you in his arms as he plowed you into oblivion.

    Made him realise something, he came back with the biggest most expensive diamond ring he could find, and proposed you for marriage. For a moment you felt as if you were in trance, the guy who threw you out of his office because you asked him out on a date, was on his knees asking you to marry him. You said yes ofcourse, you didn't need a party or a wedding even, you both did it very formally but it was the most beautiful day of your life, that was the day you became Mrs loki and you couldn't have been happier. The first time he saw you in his kitchen, cooking and dancing slowly he just knew you'd be his real wifey someday, he knew you'd be his savior, his guardian angel, he was so lost and hurt and you fixed him slowly each n everyday, you filled the broken cracks in his heart with your love and affection. He let go of his inhibitions and insecurities slowly with time.

    And then it happened 5 years later, you just spent all night fucking him 7 ways to Sunday and you were enjoying the post coitus bliss you were in when he got up from the bed suddenly "Darling can you put on a shirt please I need to talk about something" he got up from the bed and put on his briefs , you did what he asked you to, you felt so nervous all of a sudden, he wanted to ask you of something very important and your bare breasts would just distract him.

    When he came back he sat on the bed on his knees and looked at you intently, his eyes tearing up "Loki baby what's wrong love?" You asked him softly, what did you do? Why he's upset? Whys he's hurt?

    "Sweetheart, nothing is wrong" he chuckled "Infact the opposite, everything is perfect... It's like a dream, and once I dreamt of this life, this forever with someone else, I ..uhh.. I put myself through rounds of hell for her so I could give her this" he raised his palm up and you saw that Apple appear on his hand. Oh good god. Your eyes teared up at the realisation "But you know how they say that everything happens for a reason? I never understood why they said that, but now I do darling, I may have gone through hell to get this for her but she never deserved to have this, that's why she did what she did, that's why I was betrayed, she didn't deserve my love, this magical fruit , it must have known that too, it must have felt my dedication, she wasn't the right owner of it. You are, my darling wife, my love, you're my everything and there's nothing more I would ever want than to spend rest of the eternity with you, would you accept this for me please? Would you be by my side forever sweetheart?" A tear escaped his eye as he finished talking.

    You looked at him with so much of love in your eyes, your own eyes filled with tears, but he was still scared , still afraid that you'd reject him too. You didn't say anything, you made your decision way back, the moment he got in your life you felt connected to him in a way you couldn't even explain to yourself. You were his and he was yours, he always responded to physical cues better than words so you didn't say anything at all and did something that sent him straight to Valhalla.

    You took a bite and became his forever.


    Note : Here we go folks 😭😭I loved writing this fic so much, and I loved all the appreciation I got, this was very close to my heart. Now I'm willing to do one shorts about their life so if you're interested in a scenario dm me or send an ask. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Reliable Liars Loki x fem!reader (fluff)

    Summary: Loki being a simp for Y/N.
    [ tw: mentions of blood, fight, suggestive language, cheesy pickup lines from the god of mischief ]
    a/n: Tony is like a father figure here btw.

    Stark Enterprises found itself under attack yet again. 

    It was right in the middle of a meeting, so atleast most of the avengers were present.

    “You can’t just throw your knives, you’ll run out of weapons!” Nat yelled, blocking one of the intruders by kicking its chest. 

    “IT’S A TUESDAY, I WASN’T PREPARED FOR GIANT ANT-ALIENS!” you shrieked, throwing the last of your daggers at the creature who was closing in on you. It planted itself in one of its eyes, automatically disintegrating its body to dust.

    More of them were now circling, obviously sensing your vulnerability. 

    But when one opened its mouth, only a scream came out. The insects before you faded away into green dust, and there stood Loki with a smug smile.

    “Always have to have a dramatic entrance, don’t you?” you asked, rolling your eyes.

    “You’re pleased to see me,” he said, raising his hands as if to try for a hug. 

    You bent down and took your knife from the floor, ignoring Loki altogether.

    “C’mon I just saved your life,” he said playfully, as if he bought you four ice creams instead of killing four aliens. 

    You threw the knife, which missed his head by inches and hit another giant-ant, one which was sneaking up behind him.

    “And I just saved yours.” You smirked.

    “Miss L/N, I didn’t realize it was a competition.”

    “It’s not,” you responded, looking around to see if the rest of the avengers were okay.

    “That’s what you’d say because I’m topping you by three more kills,” he said, following you out of the room. 

    You remained silent, hoping he’d go away. But he took that as cue to go on.

    “Or maybe you just like me being on top—”

    “I will not hesitate to stab you too,” you hissed. 

    Truth be told, you did like how he openly flirts with you, but couldn't he wait until after you were out of a life-threatening situation? 

    “Y/N!” Tony came to the scene, his Iron Man suit disappearing. “You alright?”

    “I’m fine—”

    “Loki?” He blinked in confusion. “What are you doing here?” His eyes then darted to yours. “What are you doing with him?”

    “I don’t know, he came out of nowhere,” you sighed, rubbing the dirt off your bloodied sleeves. 

    “I thought you were having a meeting,” Loki said, his voice mockingly pleasant.

    “For Avengers,” Tony added.

    “Yes, a meeting nonetheless.”

    “But you’re not an avenger.”

    Loki scoffed. “Now that’s just rude.”

    “Can you guys kill each other after we’re done with the murderous ants?” you interrupted, exasperated.

    “They’re gone,” Steve walked in, panting for air. “Killed the last one of them.”

    “Ah thank you very much,” Loki did a small bow, which surprised Steve as much as seeing him inside the Stark Enterprises.

    “Thank you?” Tony repeated. “You mean the things were here because of you?”

    “I have a lot of enemies across the universe, some with more legs than the others.”

    You frowned. “So they followed you here?”

    “Astonishing, I know. I was merely here to visit you guys!”

    “Visit Y/N you mean,” Tony corrected. 

    “Preposterous,” Loki laughed. 

    “Not that preposterous,” a new voice said, one which was way too familiar. 

    Thor had arrived, smiling warmly as he saw his group of acquaintances.

    “Thor!” you called, attacking him with a hug. 

    “You’re happy to see him,” Loki noted, folding his hands.

    “What are you doing here?” You asked Thor, ignoring his brother.

    “Like Loki said, I was visiting,” he explained, still hanging a hand around your shoulder. “I begged him to come with me, because I knew the fresh air would do him good. He was cooped up in that palace for too long.”

    “By begged you mean forcefully bring me here like I’m your prisoner,” Loki muttered.

    Thor just laughed, then let go of you to find the rest of the avengers.

    You looked at Tony with questions, but he shrugged as if to say — brothers, amirite?


    “Why is he still here?” You asked Steve later that day.

    “He’s staying for Christmas.”

    “He’s what?”

    “Well, Thor is staying for Christmas. I’m not sure if Tony would allow Loki to stay here so you don’t need to worry.”

    You frowned, looking at the scene before you. Everybody had stayed behind after the fight, mostly to clean up, but some like Loki was just there to annoy others by taking random objects and asking what it was. Tony had responded to all of the questions by saying “that’s explosive" which only amused him more.

    “Do you really like him?” Steve asked after a while, and you laughed so loud that it was clearly fake.

    Steve raised an eyebrow.

    “It’s Loki we’re talking about,” you said defeatedly. 

    “And? He obviously likes you.”

    “He’s a reliable liar.”

    “If that was so, he wouldn't be glaring at me right now,” Steve said with a smile.

    Your eyes searched for Loki, who quickly looked away from Steve. You found what he was implying to be ridiculous.

    “He’s not jealous—”

    “He is.”

    “He’s not.”

    “I am.” Loki was surprisingly good at sneaking into a conversation. One minute he was standing across the room and now he’s before you, his eyes soft yet firm.

    “I’ll go, uh, get a drink,” Steve said, excusing himself.

    You tilted your head to one side, looking at Loki with an eyebrow raised.

    “You’re jealous?”


    “You’re lying.”

    “Fine, maybe — but you know why I wasn't jealous?”

    “Because it was none of your business?” you asked.

    “No, no.” Loki seemed more entertained. “It’s because I know you have feelings for me anyway.”

    “You’re embarrassing yourself,” you disagreed, looking away from him.

    “You do. Why else would you have a playlist with my name?”

    “What?” You almost dropped the glass you were holding. “I don’t—”

    “Don’t lie to me, I saw it.” His voice dropped, making his next words hardly a whisper. “Some of the songs were very... interesting.”

    You blushed, but refused to give up. “You didn't see any playlist.”

    “But I did.”

    “No, you didn't!”

    “And why’s that?”

    “Because I deleted it!” 

    You closed your eyes when you realized what you just said. Loki looked as if he won the lottery.

    He laughed under his breath, unable to keep it in. “See? What’s so wrong about admitting it? If all the flirting wasn't obvious, I like you too.”

    He interlaced his fingers with yours, and you winced at the contact as if his skin was burning you. His eyes were ablaze with curiosity, a clear signal for daring you to move away. You only tightened the grip.

    “Loki, you’re a god,” you said, as if accusing him of murder.


    “You’ll get tired of me. And forget me. In a couple hundred years, I’ll be nothing but your distant memory.”

    “Y/N,” he closed his eyes, meeting your forehead with his. “If I’m a god and you’re a mortal, doesn’t that make us cosmic?”

    “Nothing cosmic ever lasted for too long.”

    “We can change that,” his words were soft, but you could feel the promise behind it. “Just one date. If it doesn’t work out, I swear I’ll stop all the flirting.”

    “You do realize everyone’s staring at us?” you laughed.

    He opened his eyes. “Who wouldn’t stare at you?”

    “That’s sappy,” you commented, but realized you’re going to have to get used to the lines soon. 

    You peeked a glance at he group of people who were watching the interaction like it’s a reality show. Apart from Tony, Bruce was the only one who looked tired.

    “Just kiss already!” He yelled.

    “One date,” you said to the god of mischief, kissing his forehead. Loki frowned.

    “You missed,” he replied, leaning in to press his lips against yours.

    “Jesus, get a room,” Tony interrupted in fake-disgust.

    “Do I get a room?” Loki asked earnestly. “Not for this but could I stay here with Thor?”

    Tony was about to answer with a firm no, but then caught your pleading expression.

    “Really?” He was exhausted. “You’re going to do the puppy eyes?”

    “Is it working?” you asked, trying a smile to go along with it.

    “Fine, fine!” He gave up. “Loki, you can stay. We need a reindeer for Christmas anyway.”

    Loki kissed the back of your hand in celebration. Tony scowled, already regretting his decision.


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  • clandestineloki
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    tony: y/n, you are beautiful, charming, elegant, and ethereal, would you like to date loki?

    y/n: i'm sorr- wait what?

    tony: what?

    loki, walking in on the conversation: what?

    tony: well SOMEONE had to do it, reindeer games

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