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    01.08.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #kie's writng#kies500sleepover #kie's 500 sleepover #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson#loki #dadsbestfriend!loki #loki x reader #loki odinson #loki odinson x reader #loki friggason #loki friggason x reader #loki laufeyson smut #loki laufeyson x fem!reader
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    31.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    this Mobius and TVA socks with this Loki and a teddy bear Thor

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  • abubblyjinx
    31.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Loki about to punch a Mobius variant in s2 but then said Mobius variant says “that’s not how I see it..” and then Loki hugs (or kisses I’m not judging) him cause it’s his mobius

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  • marvelfanfn2187a113
    31.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    New clay pieces hot off the press! (Or…something like that)

    Expect to see Loki’s Dagger and Alligator Loki (Croki, if you will) in my Etsy shop (link below) soon!


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  • ellecaterina
    31.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    They climb up in the trees simply because Thor doesn’t know how to climb trees yet

    (I’ve just made that up but it made me chuckle)

    Kid Loki and Kid Sigyn 💛

    Please don’t repost without permission ✨⭐️

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    31.07.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • qclden
    31.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    no one:

    absolutely nobody:

    my brain: 🌸💓❤️💫💞loki throwing knives🌸❤️💞🌙💫🌼🥰🥰🥰

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    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    boyfriends <3

    (click for better quality)

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  • fanfic-collection
    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Loki x Reader: Apocalypse ch 6

    Thanks for reading, please oh please like/comment/reblog


    You tilted your head as you saw the defeated look on Loki’s face. “Oh, did I say something wrong?”

    Loki looked away, “No, you’re fine, just.” He trailed off.

    You leaned forward, spur of the moment and hugged him. “It’s so good to see you.”

    “What?” Loki stiffened at the contact.

    “I never thought I’d see you again after Tony’s, and the compound and just. You seemed better than what they made you out to be. You made a heroic sacrifice.”

    For a moment Loki relaxed into your touch. “Oh.” His bloodied red eyes flickered in your direction. “I would say the same but.” He stopped.

    You bit your lip, a shiver running through you at the cold. Slowly you nodded, your eyes scanning over the strange contraption on his neck. You were silent, wanting to reach out and touch it. Unbidden, your hand reached for it, sliding over the icy cold metal. It burned to touch through your gloves.

    Loki pulled back, “Don’t.”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s best not to talk where wandering ears can hear.”

    “Good point, let’s get to somewhere safe. Besides, it’s getting colder and later in the day. I can’t risk being out at dark, and you shouldn’t either. Without the sun, we’ll freeze to death in minutes.”

    Loki chuckled, “I can assure you, I’ll be fine, but I appreciate the concern.”

    You fought the urge to blurt out if it had something to do with his strange eyes, but you figured that was just some weird magic. Instead, you nodded and stood up, offering your hand to him.

    Loki, touched the ground timidly, feeling for painful shards before pushing himself up.

    You reached out and grabbed his arm, helping steady him. There was a brief moment where he scowled in your direction before he sighed and accepted your proffered hand. “Thank you.” Loki mumbled.

    Nodding, you started to guide him slowly through the store and back the way you had come. You made sure to collect Loki’s daggers. One you gave to him, knowing he was more lethal with it than you, even without his sight and the other you kept in your hand. You watched for signs of the blue beasts as you trudged up the street. Somehow Loki seemed to float atop the snow, not sinking into it.

    As you walked, you couldn’t help but toss admiring glances over your shoulder at Loki. Even with his hair mussed up from the fight, his body bent slightly in pain, and the bloodied face, he was as stunning as you remembered.

    “You really don’t have to do this.” Loki muttered, breaking the eerie silence. Today there was no wind, just bitter cold.

    “I know. I want to.”


    “You made a great sacrifice for the people of Earth before the blip, you tried to save a lot of people. And the Avengers trusted you, Tony trusted you.” Your voice was muffled by your scarves.

    Loki nodded, painfully, “I did. Why does it matter what Stark thinks?”

    “Uh, did I mention he’s my, like, second cousin?”

    Loki’s eyebrows rose, then he hissed in pain. “No, I don’t believe so. Is that why you were at the compound and his home?”


    “That doesn’t explain why you were so keen to be around me though.”

    “I just wanted to get to know you. Is that so bad?”

    “No one wants to know me without an ulterior motive.”

    You blinked, nearly stumbling to a halt and causing Loki to walk into you. “What?”

    Loki grunted, stumbling and righting himself as he gripped your coat. “What?”

    “People don’t just, be your friend?”

    “Can we move on? And will you stop staring it’s disconcerting.”

    “I’m not staring.” You felt your cheeks heat up, “I’m just making sure you’re still nearby.”

    “I’m sure you could tell by the fact that I’m holding your arm.” Loki smirked.

    You jerked your chin, “Over there, that’s my building.”

    Loki nodded, panting heavily. “Good. This body is weak.”

    “You say that like it’s not your own.”

    Loki clenched his jaw and with his free hand grabbed at the device on his neck. It only served to dig into his pale skin further.

    “Please don’t, it looks like that hurts you.” You mumbled, glancing back again as you guided him nearer the building.

    Opening and closing the door, behind the two of you, you stepped inside. The two of you made your way to your room and you stepped within, turning the heat up as high as you could, before looking around with a smile.

    “Tah-dah!” You said, stretching your arms out happily.

    Loki gazed blindly around the room, “It seems adequate.”

    “Probably not what you’re used to.”

    He shrugged, “It will suffice.”

    “Here,” You guided him over to the bed and had him sit down. The sun was hitting the horizon outside and you were thankful you had made it into the safety of your home in time.

    Slowly you stripped your outer layers of clothes, hanging them in the corner to let the gathered snow melt and dry for the next day’s excursion.

    Loki sat stock still on the bed, back ramrod straight and you found yourself wondering what he was thinking. You ended up in a thick sweater and sweatpants with woolen socks, though you found you did not need your gloves today. It seemed the added person in the room was contributing enough heat to make you a bit warmer.

    “Hey, do you have anything you want to change into…?” You trailed off realizing how dumb that sounded. Loki didn’t have a bag with him. Then again he was a sorcerer, maybe he could just magic some clothes.

    Loki shut his eyes bitterly and dug his fingers into his knees. “All I have is this.”

    “Well, my neighbor across the hall was your height, maybe we can scrounge up something from him. Let me go look.”


    Moments’ later you were back, shivering, with a pile of the warmest clothes you could find in a hurry. As well as any necessities you thought a man Loki’s size and apparent age might appreciate, the creature comforts he might want. You dumped them on the bed.

    “Did realize he was an ER tech. Or something with medicine. No wonder he was always coming home at weird hours.”

    Loki lifted up a thick sweatshirt and soft black sweat pants. He shook his head irritably, “These are not fit for…” the words caught in his throat.

    You sat down next to him and couldn’t stop the instinctive action of placing your hand on his thigh.

    Loki stiffened at the contact.

    You quickly pulled your hand away. “Sorry.” You squeaked.

    Loki coughed, standing up and removing his cape. Then slowly he stripped his shirt.

    You told yourself you were going to look away, you were going to give him privacy. But he just took his shirt off right in front of you.

    For a moment you ogled his toned back muscles, hardened from years of dedication to his craft.

    Then the moment was lost and you noticed the injuries.

    “Loki.” You whispered, standing up and reaching out to touch his skin gently. A rare pale place that seemed free of bruises, cuts, scars, or other maladies.

    Loki’s muscles rippled beneath your hand as he stiffened at your touch, a visible shiver running through him. Spinning around, Loki looked at you warily. “What?”

    “These are fresh. Why didn’t you say the blue creature had injured you so? I didn’t know it was able to do that much damage to a god.”

    “I’m not a god.” Loki spat bitterly, “I’m mortal.”

    You had reached out to touch another cut still bleeding on his chest, causing Loki to hiss.

    “Woman, do you always touch painful injuries, or do you make an exception for me?” He asked irritably.

    You felt your cheeks flush, “Sorry.” Turning you reached for the first aid supplies your ER neighbor had kept at home. “Here, let me help.” There was anti bruising cream, sutures, and plenty of gauze. You cleaned each of the wounds as best you could, finding occasional shards of glass, rocks, or plaster in some of the deeper cuts and used tweezers to dig it out. Loki would wince from time to time at the deepest and largest pieces, but otherwise he remained mostly silent.

    When you finally got to his face and his eyes, you poured warm water around them, cleaning the dried blood. “I wish I knew how to treat them.” You glanced down at the contraption on his neck, “and that thing.” You tugged on it gently.

    Loki grunted, “Don’t, you’ll just dig it in worse.”

    “What put that on you?”

    “The Allfather, king of the nine realms.”

    “Isn’t that… isn’t that your uh dad?”

    “Adopted. But yes. Dear old dad.”

    “That’s barbaric, you’re bleeding from it!”

    Loki smiled sadly. “Indeed.”

    You wrapped the gauze around his head, covering his eyes and figured it would soak up the last of the blood until it stopped, then you could remove it once again. After that, well you didn’t know what you’d do about him being unable to see. Given that Odin was part of the reason Loki was in such a predicament, you figured he wouldn’t kill you for letting his son go blind.

    “Well, here.” You said after a quiet moment, helping Loki pull the hoodie on.

    Loki’s red eyes stared in your direction forlornly when the hoodie was on and your hands had pulled away from him. Almost instinctually he had pulled toward you. But now, with the hoodie separating you, he shifted away once more.


    “Hm?” Loki hummed in response, shoulders hunched and placed his hands between his legs as he sat staring unseeing into the distance.

    You wanted to ask him the last time he’d been touched, hugged, held, instead you asked, “When is the last time you slept?”

    “I don’t remember.”

    “Humans can’t go very long without sleep.”

    “Neither can Asgardians, and yet I have often done so.”

    You tilted your head curiously. “That’s not very healthy.”

    “No, I suppose not.”

    Throwing caution to the wind, you reached up and rubbed his shoulder blades, knowing that was one of the lesser injured places. At first he stiffened at your touch, but slowly he seemed to relax, warily. “What are you doing?” He finally asked after a few moments.

    “It calms me.” You admitted truthfully. How long had you been by yourself? You were lonely, scared, on edge. The rhythmic circles lulled you. It would be better if he had done so to you, but you knew he needed them more.

    Loki looked slightly to the side of you suspiciously. “Very well.”

    “Remember at the tower?”

    “It has been some time.”

    “You’d be in your recovery bed resting. I’d bring whatever books I could find and read to you.”

    Loki smiled fondly at the memory. “You had some peculiar choices.”

    “I’m not the most well read person, I’ll be honest. But you did enjoy Shakespeare.”

    Loki chuckled. Round and round your hand smoothed over the soft texture of the hoodie. “Yes, he could compete with the bards of Asgard.”

    “You kept telling me I should try reading a real book. I wanted to flick your nose so bad, but you weren’t so bad, you just needed someone to listen to you.”

    Loki chuckled, “Not so bad.” He stifled a yawn.

    “And then I discovered you could do magic. Real, powerful magic. Dr. Strange could do magic, but he was only just learning, and without the Eye of Agammoto to cheat, he was stuck learning at a human pace and now, he was pathetically behind. He didn’t know what real power was.”

    “Now you’re just flattering me.”

    “It’s true! You could tell me what real magic looked like, tell me what a real sorcerer was capable of.”

    Loki held out his hand and then sighed, a strangled cracking sound in his throat as he clenched his teeth.

    “Loki, I didn’t mean it that way, I just. I wanted you to tell me about you. What fascinates you, what was the first book you read, when did you first ride a horse, fight a monster…?” Kiss someone… woah now where did that thought come from?

    You pulled your turtleneck up to cover your cheeks.

    Loki turned towards you. “You really want to know those things?”

    You had stopped rubbing his back, “Yea. They sound interesting. Why not? You’re fascinating.”

    “We spoke of this earlier, what do you gain?”

    “Well, I hoped we were friends at the time, and I wouldn’t mind being friends now, if not allies, we’re both living in a dangerous world. I take it if you’re mortal, you’re not in Odin’s good graces and you could use someone to watch your back. I… I could do that.” You offered sheepishly.

    You quailed under Loki’s blind gaze. He couldn’t physically see you, yet he could see into your soul now.

    “Allies, friends?” Loki asked slowly.

    You smiled at him. “Yes. And hey, maybe we can brainstorm ideas to get that nasty neck thing off you, in the morning though. I’m beat, I need to sleep.”

    “Oh, right.” Loki stood up.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To give you privacy.”

    “The bed is big enough for two, besides, it’ll be warmer if we’re both in it.” You couldn’t believe you were suggesting that.

    Loki turned his head down at you. “Very well.” Sitting down, he slowly removed his boots and began to fumble with his trousers.

    Your eyes widened as you realized he was going to change into the sweatpants you had procured for him. You dove under the covers on your side and scrunched your eyes shut. Breathing heavily as you tried not to picture what he might look like.

    The bed indented on the other side as Loki climbed in next to you.

    “Pet, are you hiding?” He asked curiously. You could hear the amusement in his voice.

    “No. No.” You stammered, trying to strengthen your voice and keep the pitch from being so nervous.

    “Very well. Sleep well then.” Loki grunted at the contraption as he rolled over and then lay still.

    You lay on your back for hours, staring up at the ceiling. It was true the bed felt much warmer with him nearby, though you weren’t sure that was actually the shared body heat so much as…

    You swallowed and risked a glance towards Loki’s sleeping form. His chest rose in deep even breaths. Watching it rise and fall you began to count, slowly, steadily, you too were lulled to sleep.

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  • bamboozled-corvid
    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    the only reason I finally gave into my urdge let me fall completely and utterly into my adoration of loki that i’ve been avoiding sense i first watched thor when i was in like sixth grade is entirely because of abandonment issues and i knew that marvel was just going to disappoint me if i got attached to the character.

    like my elementary school self, undiagnosed neurodivergent, still under the impression i was cishet took one look at loki and pointed to the tv and turned to my dad before saying “he’s my favourite.”

    my dad looks at me like i’m insane “he’s the villain?”

    jokes on him i guess because his child is now a fucking queer coded magnificent bastard of a villain when they aren’t burdened with crippling anxiety and guilt.

    tldr: in other words in my attempt to avoid getting emotionally attached to loki i accidentally became him

    #plot twist: i'm just seven loki variants in a trench coat masquerading as a normal functioning human being #loki #loki of asgard #odinson? never heard of him #loki friggason #corvid.talks
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  • incredibly-ludacris
    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mother knows best

    Request: no
    Summary: Loki gushes to his mother all about his Midgardian girlfriend, including the time you accidentally saw his Jotun form.
    A/N: hehehehehhe second time writing for Loki but ther first time I have posted him :)
    Couple: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!reader
    warnings: self doubt talk, mention of not so great family, crying, poor grammar bc i’m not edited this
    Category: angst/ fluff hurt/comfort???
    Word Count: N/A
    Master list

    This version is if you're Midgardian, lemme know if I should make another one of these except your childhood best friend :)

    Loki wouldn’t get to visit as often as he would like to, Thor doesn’t often visit Asgard anymore opting to save midgard… for reasons Loki doesn't understand. Unfortunately Odin still remains as king, but he tries to make an effort for his mother

    When he goes to Asgard for the first time after starting a relationship with you, he doesn’t bring you. Loki tells you it would not be wise to bring you on account of Odin. But Loki lies and tells his parents that you were a very busy woman and midgard needed you

    Of course his mother poked and prodded about you after dinner and it took everything in Loki not to gush about you. He was still very on edge about the two of you, he feared if he told his family that something might happen to your relationship, for better or for worse

    He returns to earth and tells you it went very well, you ask him if you could come next time and he tells you maybe

    The next time rolls around and this time you are actually busy, you apologized profusely to Loki who was secretly very happy that you didn’t have to come

    This time he tells his family a story of the two of you together. Loki gets a little side tracked starting to gush about just how great you were but quickly cuts himself off when he releases he is blushing profusely

    After dinner he was roaming the halls, getting very nostalgic. Until Frigga practically begs for any and all details about your relationship.

    At first Loki argues against it then he says very plain boring details but after a bit of convincing Loki just starts gushing over you.

    “And you’ll never believe it mother she cooks the most amazing food, I mean of course it’s no asgardian meal but still, it’s very, very good!” he muses, a boyish grin plastered on his face

    “She always loves my pranks and acts of mischief. At first I pulled pranks on her to make her angry but for some reason, she thought they were funny.” he comments, red flushing to his cheeks. Frigga smiles, she cannot wait to meet the very brave woman who stole his son's heart.

    He continued to ramble on about the little things that amaze him, after a fit of rambling Frigga grabbed her son’s arm. His speech slowed to a stop and looked up. Realising he had been drawing on.

    “Son I love you, and I love that you love her. But please for the sake of the Allfather, when am I going to meet her?” she is inquires. Loki lets out a sigh, “The first time I came to visit you after we began, I lied about her not being able to come. I told you she was busy, she was not. Infact begged to come, for a reason I’m not sure of.” he said looking up to gage his mother’s reaction

    Her face fell ever so slightly, but she nodded. “But I told no lie tonight, she had other matters to attend to. I actually planned to introduce her tonight, she was most upset.” he says, starting to miss your contant reassurasion.

    “What does she do all day? I’ve heard most midgardians have jobs?” she asks, trying to pull his attention away from the lack of you.

    “Yes well that’s actually why she can’t come! She is a business CEO-” he starts, “CEO?” Frigga questions. “Sorry, right she is like the boss of the boss.” he explains turning to face his mother slightly. She hums in understanding.

    “She is a very important person in the company where she works at. Lots of people rely on her to do their jobs!” he says smiling.

    “Though some don’t appreciate her talent,” Loki grumbles. “Some ‘men’ underestimate her, or call her rudley obscene things that even I, her partner, wouldn't dare say.” he says, crossing his arms.

    Frigga smiles, “It sounds like she has a fierce protector. And the fact that she is so strong should be a complement to you. Out of all the men that are fighting for her love she chose you.” she hums, booping his nose slightly.

    Loki then remembers the day you found out about his Jotun form, he had opened up about it’s existence after a drunken stupor. So you knew of its existence but didn’t push to see it, giving Loki time to reveal it to you or never at all. Something Loki took to heart.

    He was standing in the mirror after a shower, examining himself. He hated it. He was a monster. A horrible creature. And yet here he was standing in your apartment mere feet away from you. You always reassured him he wasn’t what he claimed, but Loki knew if you saw him for what he really was you would run away, or so he thought.

    “Loki I just got done,” you say, walking into your room, making your way to the bathroom. “With… diner…” you whisper seeing him. He turned quickly around, nerves ran through his whole body. He held your gaze, much to his surprise your face was not disgusted. Surprised, yes, but not horrified. He began to clench his jaw, something he did when trying to scare someone away.

    He wanted to get you out of the room, he would return to the dining table in a few minutes in his ‘normal’ form and you two would never speak of it again, or you would banish him from ever seeing you again.

    Instead you slowly lifted your hand up, walking slowly over to him. You brought your hand up to cup his cheek, something you two did often. Loki flinched back, seeing him like this was one thing, but touching him? Completely off the table.

    He couldn't bear to see you hurt, and he knew his icy skin would burn your soft one. But still you reach your hands towards him.

    When he flinched away, you halted your movements. Instead opting to place your hand by your side. Your face was less shocked now, he could only see happiness and dare he say it? Love.

    You then moved back slightly, telling him dinner was ready and you left the room. You assumed he would go back to his favored form and you two wouldn't discuss it. But to his and your surprise he put on pants and walked out still in his ice giant form.

    You smiled widely looking at him.

    “Loki?” he heard his mother call, bringing him out of the memory. “Yes mother?” he says, a lump in throat. “Where did you go? Just then, there was a memory you visited. Tell me about it, please?” she asked,

    Loki took a deep breath. “She wasn’t scared nor horrified…” he began, “Wha-?” Frigga started but Loki continued on. “I accidentally told her what I was. She claimed I wasn't as horrible as I was making myself out to be. Then I accidentally let her see, and she didn’t scream, or-or run. She tried to touch me. She wasn't scared mother, she didn’t care. I dare say she loved me more like that.” tears pricked at the side of his eyes.

    Frigga extended her arms out, Loki accepted his mothers love.

    They went to bed after that.

    When Loki returned to Midgard, he cried into your arms. He laughed and told you about how much his mother already loved you. He opened up to you about some of his childhood stories. Watching you laugh at his silly embracing antics.

    Next time you two plan it perfectly. You finally got to travel to Asgard.

    Should I make another one of these for when you meet Frigga? Lemme know!

    #loki x reader imagine #loki x reader #mcu loki#loki fandom#loki disney+#loki (marvel) #loki of asgard #loki x reader fluff #loki x reader comfort #loki x reader fanfic #jotun loki #loki of jotunheim #rightful king of jotunheim #jotun!loki #queen frigga#mama frigga#loki friggason
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    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    your honor, they are sexy and in love 😌

    (click for better quality)

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  • lokis-goth-queen
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay, Loki stopping a building and pulling someone back with his telekinesis is absolutely one of the hottest things ever.

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  • n0obmaster69
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mobius: The spoon!! You licked and you put!

    Loki: Yeah, so?

    Mobius: Don't you see how gross that is? That's like you're using my toothbrush.

    Loki: looks away

    Mobius: You used my toothbrush?

    Loki: Well, that's only 'cause I used the red one to unclog the drain.

    Mobius: MINE IS THE RED ONE! Oh, God. Can open. Worms everywhere.

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  • thepilotanon
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #headcanon #loki x reader #loki odinson x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #loki friggason x reader #marvel loki x reader #pilotanonwrites
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  • bisexual-cryptid
    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    sylvie: Look. I may not be a saint, but it's not like I’ve killed anybody. I’m not an arsonist. I’ve never found a wallet outside of an IHOP and thought about returning it but saw the owner lived out of state so just took the cash and dropped the wallet back on the ground.

    loki: i have literally seen you do all of those things on multiple separate occasions.

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