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    20.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series

    Day 20: Secret Crush

    Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approved of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone find out? Chapter Warnings: another short one A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021! Enjoy :)

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    🍁 Masterlist 🍁

    “Have you thought about what I said the other day?” Steve asked.

    “You say a lot of things, Captain, how am I supposed to remember it all?” Loki retorted. “But, if you mean how you couldn’t remember the word for scissors and called them snip-snips, yes I do remember that.”

    Steve went red in the face. “That was two years ago. When are you going to let it go?”

    Loki just shrugged, annoying the man further. The god couldn’t say he felt bad about it. Not after all the turmoil your father had caused you recently. Though, maybe he could help smooth things a little. He just had to figure out how to get the hero off your case.

    “My apologies. What is it that you wanted too talk about then?”

    “The person I know who would be a good match for you.”

    Loki frowned. “Oh.”

    “You know Alex from PR? That’s who I’m thinking of. And before you say no,” the man was quick to add, “I saved the manager of this fancy restaurant uptown recently, and they gave me a voucher for a free dinner for two. Dessert’s included.”

    Loki raised his eyebrow, an idea forming in his head. He fully saw this as an opportunity to take you out somewhere nice. Not that he couldn’t anyway, but Tony was starting to catch on that he was always stealing his credit card. He could pay the man back, but he was a billionaire anyway. Besides, all Loki’s cash was kept in a dimensional pocket; he didn’t exactly have a bank account for transferring money.

    “I must decline. At least, I must decline on the account of taking Alex. I do have a, ah, secret crush of sorts, if the generous offer is still open in that case.”

    Steve eyed him suspiciously. “Wait, it’s not-”

    “Calm down, Captain. I will not be inviting my best friend to the dinner.”

    Steve fell quiet for a moment. Had he read the situation wrong? Did Loki not have romantic feelings for you? Was he playing you, leading you on? Or was he lying to him in this moment?


    “Yes. I promise I will not be asking your child out.”

    This had gone a lot better than Steve expected. He pulled the vouchers out of his back pocket and handed them to the god. “Good luck with whoever it is then.”

    “Oh, thank you, Captain. This has been the most delightful you have been in a while.” Loki chuckled. “Thank you for all your help.”


    Peter had asked you to come to some ceremony at his school. The plan was to meet him for dinner first, then head over. However, and much to your surprise, it was not him standing by the entrance, but your boyfriend. Loki looked rather dapper and dashing in his all black suit.

    “Hello, love,” you greeted him with a kiss to the cheek after he opened the door of the car for you. “Did Peter invite you too?”

    “Actually, I am sorry for the trick, but the plan for the evening is a bit different than you have been led to believe,” Loki chuckled before explaining the promise he’d made to Steve. “I may be the God of Lies, darling, but I am a man of my word.”

    “You’re clever, Mischief,” you laughed along with him as he led you into the restaurant. It was a technicality, but really he hadn’t been the one to invite you, just as he’d promised. “And what’ll we tell my dad when we finally come clean?”

    “The whole truth I suppose. There will be nothing to lose at that point, right?”

    You nodded. “I guess you’re right. Anyway, that’s a problem for another day,” you sighed. “For now, let’s just enjoy our dinner which my father has so kindly provided us with. Because, you know, I’ll never not enjoy my time with my clever God of Mischief.”

    “You flatter me, my love,” he replied, stealing another kiss, happy to see you in better spirits than yesterday. “And by now I’m sure you know, though I can never tire of saying it, the feeling is mutual.”

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    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Loki, walking into the room: Sorry i’m late…. i was.. doing things

    Thor, out of breath: HE PUSHED ME DOWN THE STAIRS

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  • incorrectsmarvels
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Loki: I prevented a murder today

    Peter: Really? How’d you do that?

    Loki: Self Control

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    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Loki and Mobius still choosing costumes for Halloween...

    @mischievous-thunder 😏

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  • mycozymousehole
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    For some reason the idea of Loki wearing Indian clothing is applying to me.

    I know it might be just the cover and Loki might be dressed in his normal clothing but a b!tch can hope okay :')

    I'm really hoping loki won't turn out to be her doppelganger.Like please just make the chapter be ms. marvel babysitting loki whilst working or just Loki trying to help in the most weird suspicious way he can, just like the Valentine chapter.Or maybe he won't appear at all which indeed is gonna crush me :')

    I'm also hyped for the first chapter too but not as much.I mean I can already sense it's gonna be a satire on Bollywood.


    Why is such a hilarious question XD.BECAUSE IT'S A BOLLYWOOD SET.

    Now I'm not from South Asia[ I'm from West asia] but I grow up watching Bollywood shows and movies as a kid with my cousin and pretty sure this will bring a lot of nostalgia for me which is why I'm too excited to read it.

    But on the other hand I will be mostly reading it for loki.

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  • theaudacitytowrite
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Loki x Fem!Reader

    A/N: Anon requested a little fluffy comfort fic, something sweet to read before bed. This is my take on it. Hope you like it!

    TW! for anxiety attack and illness

    Summary: Loki comforts you after an anxiety attack, caused by a medical scare

    word count: 1.821

    Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! <3

    You stumbled into your apartment bruised and battered. You halfheartedly shut the door with your foot and it closed with a click as it sprung into the lock, announcing your arrival. The past week had taken a toll on you, wearing you down to your last scintilla of strength. After receiving a dreaded call that had thrown you out of your lane, you were more than happy to finally come home. It wouldn’t take much anymore to break down your wall, turning it into rubble in a cloud of smoke. “Darling! You’re home. I missed you!” Loki cooed cheerfully when he poked his head into the entrance hall. The smile adorning his features quickly fell when he saw the state you were in. He quickly closed the space between you as he hurried to your side, inspecting your features thoroughly.

    You always thought you were able to hide your feelings very well but Loki always seemed to look right behind every so carefully crafted facade you could construct. You were like an open book to him. It shouldn’t have surprised you though, you knew all too well that Loki wasn’t a stranger to using just the same method, perfecting it in all the millennia he had in experience over you. “Hey, what’s wrong?” his eyebrows were scrunched in concern. You tried to muster up a brave smile but all you could bring yourself to was a tight-lipped attempt of a smile that quickly faltered into a frown. “Come ‘ere.” he smiled softly at you as he waved his arms for you to step into his embrace. That was all it took to make the dams burst open. Suppressing your feelings over all this time was coming around to bite you in your ass hard. You scurried into his arms quickly and turned into a sobbing mess almost immediately. What good would it do to feign as if nothing was wrong when he already knew that you were at your wits end. “What happened, darling?” he softly whispered into your ear, swaying you from side to side as he held you tight against himself. When you didn’t answer he simply kissed the crown of your head, giving you all the time you needed to collect your thoughts. “They called.” you sniffled after a while, “They told me that they want to discuss my test results.” “From the check-up?” you nodded as you whipped away some tears with your sleeve. Unnecessarily since your emotions rippled through you once again, making your tears fall roll down your cheeks. “Oh my little darling,” Loki pulled you close again, holding you until your breathing calmed down. “It’s back.” you managed to hiccup between sobs. “No, darling. You don’t know that for sure yet.” Loki tried to console you. Words you barely registered as you were slowly spiralling into a frenzy. If your fears came true and your tumour had recurred, you wouldn’t know how to handle this again. The last treatment had made you a shell of yourself, robbing you of every last ounce of strength. You weren’t sure if you could survive another round of chemo. And what would it mean for Loki and you? You couldn’t possibly force him to stay and look after you if it got bad again. But if he wouldn’t stay, who else would there be for you to support you? You couldn’t do this on your own, not again. All of a sudden you began to feel dizzy. The room around you began to jerk around from side to side, making you nauseous. You began to sway and closed your eyes for a second when you felt Lokis hands wrap around your forearms. “Hey, hey. Steady, my love,” he instructed you concerned. “Is it me, or is it suddenly unbearably warm in here?” you stumbled back, clinging to Lokis forearms. “I think it is you, my dear.” he looked at you sheepishly, “Let us sit down.” He lead you to the couch, never letting go of you to make sure you wouldn’t stumble or even faint. As you sat down on the couch you opened your sweatshirt, allowing some fresh air to cool you down. The room was still spinning a bit and you tightly closed your eyes again, hoping your anxiety attack would pass quickly. Loki watched your pained face worried as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ears. Your cheeks were burning brightly and he noticed your hectic panting. He wracked his brain to come up with anything to help you in this situation when a thought crossed his mind. He watched as his light skin slowly turned into an icy blue shade. You sighed heavily as his cool fingertips made contact with your forehead. At first, it was just a feather-light touch, as he tested your reaction. When he saw a small smile appear on your lips, he cradled your face in his cold hands, keeping your head steady as you leaned into his touch happily. “Better?” he rasped with a smile on his own. “Mhm.” you hummed relieved, the cold helping you to ground yourself. You opened your eyes slowly once you were sure that the dizziness had passed. You were greeted by Lokis sapphire eyes, burning deeply into yours. His face was adorned with intricate silver markings that adorned his cheeks and chin. You got lost in his gaze when his soft voice brought you back to the moment. “What is on your mind, my dove?” he gently kissed your forehead, making you sigh deeply. “I understand if you don’t want to hang around to see me wither away..” the words left your lips without permission. “What are you talking about? Do you really believe I would leave you?” Loki pulled away shocked, making you whine at the loss of contact. This was it, wasn’t it? You answered with a hesitant nod, which only broke Lokis heart even more. “Why in the nine realms would I do that?” he looked at you compassionate, his brows furrowed. He cupped your cheek with his hand and pulled you against his chest once more. “I don’t know...” you mumbled shaky, chewing your lip nervously. “I just don’t think it would be fair to you to have to endure this… me… I mean if it's back…. if I have to go through this again… I don’t think I can do it again.” Loki sat back and faced you directly, he mustered you for a moment before he spoke up. He entwined your fingers with his, squeezing them lightly as he searched your eyes. “My dear, I need you to know that I love you so, so dearly and I wouldn’t want to miss you a single second in my life. You have improved my life by a tenfold since you came into it and nothing can or will change my feelings for you. We are a team, Y/N.” he gazed deep into your eyes as he reassured you again, “Together we can go through everything and we will come out victorious.” “There’s still the possibility-” you gulped, your throat feeling constricted all of a sudden. “Y/N, there’s always a possibility of harm in a day. One could walk out of this door and be run over for all I know. Would that hold you back to live another day? To laugh, to love, to live your life to your fullest?” he began to play with your hair, combing gently through your strands with his fingers and scratching your scalp, “I know you feel queasy. You don’t know what will come up in the next couple of days and months. But I can assure you, no matter what life will throw your way, you won’t be alone with it. I’m here with and for you and I will never, ever leave your side. You have given me so much and I’m so grateful for having the most beautiful woman I have ever met, to enrich my life. You’re kind, you’re smart, you have such a big heart. You love without any condition and you give so all of it freely, sometimes even more than you even have. You accept me just the way I am. You see things in me, that I would’ve never imagined for anyone to see in me. I thank the norns for every day they gift me where I can be with you. I still can’t phantom how I deserve such a wonderful woman to call my love. And don’t think I’m just saying this because I feel obligated to say this or to repay anything you have given me. I do this because I’m crazy about you. You mean so much to me, that I can hardly put it into words. You deserve so much. You deserve all the love and kindness and warmth and security there has ever been. And I would be honoured if you would give me the chance to give you all that I can muster up.” You stared at him in disbelieve as you listened to his carefully picked words. Just another reminder of why he was said to have a silver tongue. It made your heart swell as you realized that he really didn’t just say this prose like admission to make you feel better. No, he really felt what he was telling you. Not able to form any sentence, fearing you would burst out in tears again, you fell around his neck and hugged him as if your life depended on it. Loki engulfed you in his arms pulling you down to lay on the couch with him. “We can do this, Y/N. OK?” he gently rubbed your back as you nuzzled into the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet and calming scent. You nodded against his neck, not able to form words just yet. “If you allow me, I would accompany you to your appointment next week.” his hands stopped their tracing of random patterns on your back for a moment. “I would really appreciate that.” you breathed out, your heart swelling by all the joy you felt this instant, making it almost unbearable but in a nice way. The cool contrast of Lokis jotun form helped you to keep cool and collected. “Can you promise me one more thing?” his voice resounded once more and you raised your head to look at him, “Never walk around with these burdensome feelings on your own. I’m here for you, always. I don’t want you to hurt.” “I will try my best,” you answered abashed, playing with the hem of his collar. “I know you will, my dove.” he smiled at you endearingly. His index finger traced your jaw and his hand cradled your cheek as he pulled your lips against his. Your lips tingled as his icy lips brushed against yours. “Loki,” you whispered when you rested your forehead against his. “Yes?” “Thank you.”

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    A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series

    Day 19: Flowers

    Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approved of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone find out? Chapter Warnings: short A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021! Enjoy :)

    Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorloki @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster​ @electroma89 @jgun2001​ @toe-vind-ek-jou​ @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson​ @theaudacitytowrite​ @patches-of-mist​ @nicoistrying​ @geminiwolves​ @funnyexel​ @nectav​ @50svibes​ @dryyoursaltyoceantears​ @bison-writes​ @magicandheaven​ @keepingitlokiii​ @captain-asguard​ @laufeyiison​ @lostgreekgod​ @essence-stealer​ @competitive-dust​ @i-reblog-fics-i-like​ @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021​ @whatevenisthisxxxxx​ @funsized-mimi​ @tristansaurusrex​ @lokistoriesblog​ @fandoms4life-always​ @high-functioning-lokipath​

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    🍁 Masterlist 🍁

    Loki really hoped some flowers would brighten your day. They were your favorite kinds after all. His heart thudded as he prepared to knock on your door. Sure, he knew the passcode, but what if he was the reason you were upset? You’d been hiding out in your room all day. He’d just pop in, give you the flowers, maybe steal a quick kiss, then leave you alone if that was what you desired.

    “Who is it?” you called when he rapped on the door.

    “It is me, darling,” he responded in his smooth accent.

    “Come in!”

    He did, finding you wrapped up in your comforter on the floor, in front of the TV. A bowl from whatever your breakfast earlier that day was sat forgotten on a table next to a long since downed glass of juice. 

    “Hello, my love. I- I’ve brought you some flowers.”

    You smiled so softly, it almost chased all his fears away. Then sadness creeped into the grin. “Thank you so much. They’re lovely! You’re too perfect, you know.”

    “I am just trying to be what you deserve,” he confessed, conjuring a vase when his search for one failed. “How are you today, sweet love?”

    “I’m ok. Just tired.” He raised an eyebrow, not quite believing you. “Aaaannnnnd I have a cold.” You faked a cough.

    The god sighed. “I am always here for you, my darling. But if you’d prefer to be left alone right now, I shall go.”

    He kissed the top of your head and began to go, but you came out of your blanket cocoon enough to grab onto his hand. “Wait! Don’t go, my love. I do want you here. It’s just,” you sighed, “my dad.”

    “Oh, I see.” Loki sat down next to you, not even having to ask which of your fathers had caused your mood. “Would you like to talk about it?”

    “Yes… That comment he made last night…”

    Loki puzzled for a moment. “Which one?”

    You startled, having expected him to know. “About how we’re good as friends, and that he knows someone he wants to set you up on a date with.”

    The raven-haired prince let out a less than regal laugh, and you pouted. “Oh, forgive my reaction, darling; I don’t mean to laugh at you. It is just that the idea of ever loving anyone else as I love you is ridiculous.” He grew serious, cupping your cheek. “You are the only one for me.”

    Flustered, you looked to the ground and whined, “Well now I feel silly! And you don’t have to apologize; I know you didn’t mean to make me feel that way. It’s just… I know you love me. I guess I just can’t help being insecure.”

    “Well then,” Loki remarked, getting under the blanket that you’d offered to him, joining you wrapped in the cocoon. “Good thing I’ll always be here to remind you how wonderful you are, and how my love for you is never-ending.”

    He summoned one of the flowers from the vase, tucking it behind your ear. You giggled, grabbing his hand again and kissing it. His easy grin calmed your heart.

    “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

    #flufftober2021 #loki x reader #loki x you #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki#mcu loki#loki fluff#fluff#mcu fluff#marvel fluff#reader insert #gender netural reader #marvel#mcu #marvel reader insert #marvel fanfiction#loki fanfic #mcu reader insert #loki friggason #loki friggason x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #loki odinson x reader #loki series#marvel series #loki x y/n
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    Flufftober - Day 19

    19 - Flowers

    Pairing: Loki x gn!reader

    Word count: 750

    Written for @flufftober2021 's event.

    Tags: Loki and Bucky being clueless are my two favourite kinds of idiots. This isn’t the way one puts tags, isn’t it? Loki fluffy idiot, Bucky fluffy idiot. That’s it that’s the drabble.

    A/N: I can't believe I've already written 19 oneshots in this. That's a lot, bitch. I think it's almost as much as the entire The Dark Team S1, bro. A lot.

    Loki stands in the front door of your room with a nervousness he’s never gathered in the past half milenia.

    He’s known about courting. He knows how to charm someone and get them to their feet just with words and gestures. Yet —he’s never dated, a term so endearing and frustrating from Midgard.

    His mind wanders back to James Barnes’ advice. He went to him for help. He said, against all of his wishes to share this with anyone —but if nobody, James would suffice; James knows about these things; James was a charmer just like him but from Midgard —and right now, this was unknown territory for Loki.

    A bouquet, not too big, not too small, to begin the date. He’s already given you one on some other occasions, but apparently, this one was more relevant in some way he could not yet understand.

    He inhales deeply. James helped him schedulize every moment of the date, from beginning to end, even the kind of cologne he should wear, the colors of the flowers, the way he should grab your hand and the movie you should watch in the cinema. Hel, even the place he should sit at the diner table with you.

    But then again, James knows better about Midgard, after all, he’s lived on it for many, many years. And Loki had just moved in. The compound greeted him, and your smile made him stay. Your smile always made him stay, through thick and thin.

    That’s why he is so nervous. If he screws this up, he’ll be so embarrassed, he’ll have to go back to Asgard. Maybe… that’s too dramatic. But he wouldn’t live with you in the compound for sure. No, he couldn’t face this amount of embarrassment from a…

    “Loki?”, you open the door without any warning, and Loki is forced out of his thoughts. He presses the bouquet against his chest, tighter than ever, and smiles tenderly. “You’re early!”, you chuckle, pointing out that you’re still in your working clothes.

    “I’m sorry. In my defense, I didn’t plan on knocking until the…”, he says, and soon realizes how stupid he was sounding. “...just, don’t worry. I’ll come back later”.

    “No, wait. Come in and I’ll be ready in five”, you open the door for him. James had told him he shouldn’t get into the room at least until the end of the night, but he could bend the plans a little, couldn’t he? “Are those flowers for me?”, you smirk, and Loki blushes. He forgot to give them. Strike two, if James were watching he’d be disappointed.

    “Ah, er… yes. Apologies. Here”, he hands them awkwardly, and you laugh sincerely and kiss his cheek.

    “Thank you, they’re beautiful. A bit old fashioned, but I love it”.

    Old fashioned.

    That’s when Loki realizes he’s been taking dating advice from someone from the 40s.

    That simple realization made him go back into his senses. He shook his head a little and chuckled.

    “I might have gone looking for help to James”, he admits, and you laugh again, your cheeks painted with blush. “But only because I find Midgard’s dating rules eccentrically odd, in comparison to Asgard’s courting process… it’s truly confusing and I didn’t want to mess up anything with you”.

    You furrow your eyebrows, smile still plastered on your face, and sigh.

    “Loki, I don’t care how you wish to seduce me. Truth is, I’m already crazy about you”. Loki is wide-eyed. He soon feels all of his body relax. In one motion, he grabs your hand and cups your cheek.

    “Are you?”.

    “Of course I am. Have you ever seen yourself? Listened to yourself? You’re awesome”.

    “You’re delusional”, he chuckles and you laugh too. He reaches his head down to your lips and you peck at them softly. He pecks them back and smiles.

    “I am. I just kissed a Norse God. That doesn’t happen very often around here”, you say, and he smirks.

    “Well, you better get used to it”.

    He kisses you again, and again, and again. Softly, showing just how much he wants your lips to be forever against his. Bucky sees the scene through the security cameras, and he fists the table in frustration.

    “No! I told him the kiss was after walking them home!”.

    “Oh, give him a break”, Steve rolled his eyes, smirking. “If I ever dated you was despite your stupid dating rules, Bucks”.

    (Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts )

    #flufftober2021#loki#loki oneshot#loki fluff#loki laufeyson#loki headcanon #loki x y/n #loki x reader #loki fanfic#loki odinson #loki incorrect quotes #loki x gender neutral reader #loki fic#mcu loki #loki x you #loki of asgard #loki friggason#loki marvel#loki mcu #loki mcu fic #tom hiddleston #loki being an adorable little bean #bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes
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    I really wish the Loki series was at first a buddy cop series where they searched for different variants and then Loki and Mobius eventually realized their feelings for one another, but Loki is insecure and has doubts but Mobius comforts him and the series is about Loki’s development and how he went from someone known for hating humans to falling in love with one. And how he went from trusting no one to trusting someone. And how he finally found people he loves. Then to support the multiverse, they begin to suspect that the TVA is lying after a variant (sylvie) tells them. All three of them, together, investigate (sylvie only helps because she needs a way into the tva to investigate) and discover everything then they get pruned and find he who remains blah blah blah. IMAGINE IF THAT WAS THE SHOW I WOULD HAVE NO COMPLAINTS. Good night I’m going to sleep.

    #imagine tho #if only Michael waldron didn’t- #marvel#mcu#loki#loki odinson#loki laufeyson#loki friggason#loki series #loki of asgard #tom hiddleston#loki (marvel)#lokius #mobius m. mobius #mobius mobius mobius #mobius#lobius#timefrost#time husbands #loki x mobius #mobius x loki #loki season 1 #loki season one #loki rewrite#michael waldron
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    Asgardian kitten...

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    A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series

    Day 18: Costumes

    Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approved of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone find out? Chapter Warnings: not proofread A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021! Enjoy :)

    Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorloki @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven @keepingitlokiii @captain-asguard @laufeyiison @lostgreekgod @essence-stealer @competitive-dust @i-reblog-fics-i-like @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021 @whatevenisthisxxxxx @funsized-mimi @tristansaurusrex @lokistoriesblog @fandoms4life-always @high-functioning-lokipath

    Flufftober Tag List: @morality-the-hufflepuff @skullape-blog​ @keegansakura​ @the-simp-of-mischiefff @karuna11​ @staygoldsquatchling02​ @kakashizgirlfriend @pescadoavocado​

    (strikethrough means I can’t tag you; message/ask me to be added to a tag list)

    🍁 Masterlist 🍁

    You frowned, looking at the text. You really had forgotten all about this. 

    “We could skip, can we not?”

    “I’m sure they would call persistently.”

    “My dad might break down our door.”

    Now Loki frowned too. He kissed your shoulder as he looked at your screen. Another one of Tony’s insipid parties had been scheduled for that evening, bringing an impending end to your alone time together. Ot had slipped both your minds, but a reminder had just been sent to the group chat. 

    “Just tell someone we are not coming,” Loki suggested, distracting you with kisses along your jaw. “The witch and spiderling already know of our relationship. Tell them to cover for us.”

    “Mmm, true,” you mumbled, the kisses already weakening your resolve. “We did say we’d go, though.”

    At that Loki stopped. “Well I do not want to go back on my word.” Really, Loki hated these kinds of things, but it wouldn’t be very princely of him to back out last minute like that. “It is your call, my love.”

    “I guess… I guess let’s make an appearance.” You skimmed the rest of the text again, eyes lighting up. “Hey, maybe it’ll be fun! It’s a masquerade.”

    Loki smiled, stealing a final kiss from your lips. “So what you are saying is we shall be in costume? So we can show up at the end and say everyone missed us?”

    “I like the way your mind works, Mischief.” You tapped your chin in thought.  “The only thing is we’ll have to stop at the Tower to pick up our masks.”  “Says who?”

    The god then produced two matching masks from thin air, using his seiðr. They were green and gold, shimmering regally as they caught the light. You nearly gasped in awe, taking one as you scuttled to the mirror, holding the accessory up to your face.

    “Love, these are perfect!” you exclaimed. “And for our outfits?”

    Loki grinned like a cat. “Leave it to me.”


    It hadn’t occurred to you that Loki would like to lavish you in gifts, but he seemed quite happy to present you with your ensemble for that evening. You wondered if he held back because he knew such displays would make you uncomfortable. After all, you knew he was a god prince, and you were just… you. Yet he loved you, and you’d be forever baffled but forever grateful.  “I will sneak back out to grab our bags later,” Loki tells you, securing his mask as you step out of the car. “I am sure our little outing was suspicious enough already.”

    “True. Though maybe it’s a good first step towards coming clean?”

    “I hope. So long as Steve doesn’t murder me tonight.”

    You snuck up to the roof where the party was being held, holding hands up until the last second. It didn’t take long for your father to find you. 

    “Muffin?” Steve said, checking it indeed was you behind the mask.

    “Hi, pops,” you greeted, giving him a quick hug.  “Is everything ok? Where have you been?”

    “Here,” you lied. “You must have missed me.”

    “Oh really? Because you and Loki here have been missing in action for the last two days,” he accused with a raised brow. “It seems you coordinated for this evening too.”

    “Well, sir, I do admit we were away together. I had been feeling quite overwhelmed and your most splendid child here, my dearest friend, so close to my heart, whisked me away to help me. As a thank you, I conjured this outfit for them. I do so hope you understand.”

    You and your father stared at him for a moment, then you began to smirk. The little silvertongue was definitely being a kiss up, trying to win some brownie points for when you confessed your relationship. Steve didn’t quite seem to know how to reply to such cordial deference. It certainly wasn’t what he expected. Loki always had a sharp tongue, and even if he was always polite to the Captain, it was never quite to this degree.

    “I- Well- Um- Alright. I- I hope you’re feeling better. And I’m glad everything’s alright with you, Muffin.” 

    Steve’s husband walked up beside him. “See, what did I tell you? You were worried about nothing.”

    “Ok, fine. You win, Buck. It’s good. This is good. You guys are friends, which I support. Friendship for the win.” You and Loki exchanged a glance. “In fact, Loki, I think I met someone great for you the other. You know, someone great for something more than friendship.”

    “I see,” was all the god replied, the mood quickly shifting to awkwardness.

    Bucky cleared his throat. “I think we should be moving on to greet some more guests now. Enjoy your night, Pumpkin. Loki.”

    With that, he ushered Steve away. You suddenly felt so childish and naked in your costume. Did he know? Were you stupid for hiding this? Could everyone see right through you? Whether he knew or not, the idea that maybe Loki would be happier with someone else cut you deep.

    “Darling?” Loki whispered in your ear.

    “I think you were right; we shouldn’t have come tonight.”

    “Then let us leave.” You nodded, letting him take your hand and lead you away, kissing the back of it. “I love you.”

    You smiled, relieved to know he hadn’t changed his mind. You truly hoped you’d never stop telling each other. “I love you, too.”

    #flufftober2021 #loki x reader #loki x you #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki#mcu loki#loki fluff#fluff#mcu fluff#marvel fluff#reader insert #gender netural reader #marvel#mcu #marvel reader insert #marvel fanfiction#loki fanfic #mcu reader insert #loki friggason #loki friggason x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #loki odinson x reader #loki series#marvel series #loki x y/n
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    Flufftober - Day 18

    18 - Costumes

    Written for @flufftober2021 's event.

    Pairing: Loki & reader & Thor (friendship)

    Word count: 500

    Trigger warning: Cap swearing!!!! Sort of!!!!



    "Absolutely not".

    Loki closed his door in your face as you tried to convince him to do this one thing for you.

    "Come on! Please! Just one time!".

    "I've said no, quite explicitly, haven't I?", he said from his room, and even though you couldn't see him, you knew he plummeted to his bed and started reading one of those fat books he brought from Asgard.

    "I… I know. Sorry to bother you", you muttered, walking away.

    In the corridors, you stomped against Thor, and he pulled you in the air and apologized with a suffocating hug that made you laugh so loudly, Loki himself came out of his room to see what was going on.

    "Oh, nothing. It's just that Thor isn't bitter, unlike others", you joked, and Loki frowned without saying a word. You were right in your assumption; his hands held a book.

    "What's they talking about, brother?", asked Thor, still holding you in the air.

    "It's nothing", he said rapidly, blushing at even thinking about it.

    "And what are you doing packed in your room when Halloween is in a couple of hours? I thought you'd love it", chanted his brother, leaving you on the floor carefully and patting your head softly, like a dog.

    "Why would I possibly love it? I wouldn't wish for the world to ridicule myself quite like that", he whispered harshly. You had told him you wanted to pair your costumes with him to look like some weird characters from a TV show he wouldn't dare watching. It was cheesy and stupid, according to him, so you had to thought of a better idea. Something that would captivate his mind.

    "A holiday where it's okay to trick everyone? A holiday where you could shapeshift into anything to your liking and it would be fine?".

    "That sounds like a normal Wednesday to me".

    "Fine! Don't come. I'll ask Peter and he'll be more than glad to get a pairing costume with me", you turned around, acting offended, and Loki sighed.

    "Wait", he stopped you by the wrist. Thor contained a chuckle —you had him on the tip of your fingers. "What would the costume consist of?".

    "Oh", you smirked, knowing just exactly what would make him agree. "You'll love it".

    After a long afternoon, Loki, Peter, Wanda and you were wearing your costumes with a smile planted on your faces. Loki teleported you to the front of the Avengers' Compound and, with a chuckle, rang the doorbell asking specifically for Captain America.

    Steve had put on his old and classic star costume, because he knew the kids would love to get candy from Cap. What he didn't know when he got all the way down to the doorway, was that he'd greet four idiots dressed exactly like him. Quite literally, Loki had shapeshifted you all to look like him.

    "What in the Hell?", he almost choked on his own spit as he opened the doors.

    "Language!", scolded the four Captain Americas at the same time.

    Yeah, you were right. Loki loved it.

    (Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts )sleepy loki

    #loki incorrect quotes #loki #loki x reader #loki laufeyson#loki fanfic#loki odinson#loki fic #loki & reader #flufftober2021#loki friggason #loki and peter parker
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    #loki#loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki friggason#mcu loki #loki of asgard #loki of jotunheim #marvel#mcu#frost giant #rightful king of jotunheim
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    "An ant has no quarrell with a boot"

    #loki#loki laufeyson#loki odinson #loki of asgard #mcu loki #loki of jotunheim #mcu#marvel #rightful king of jotunheim #god of mischief #frost giant #son of odin #son of laufey #friggason#loki friggason
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    A Story From My MCU D.R

    Me(Lenny/Lenore): are we sure odin isn't Santa Claus?

    Loki: little one did you accidentally eat those "edible" things again

    Me: like if Santa claus got more powers and a little more abusive he would be Odin, why do you think the dark ELVES had beef with asgard

    Loki: ....


    Loki: Lenore *in a monotone voice*

    Me: mhm

    Loki: go to sleep and shut up and I might let you live another day

    Me: mr.grinch you know I'm immortal

    Loki: *proceeds to drag me to my room*

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    Flufftober - Day 17

    17 - Domestic Fluff

     Pairing: Loki x gn!reader

    Written for @flufftober2021 's event.

    Word count: 1K

    A/N: I wrote half of this in school, until the fire alarm set off and we all had to evacuate. Argentinian schools everybody.


    Trigger warning: I hate matcha.


    Loki looked over his cup of coffee with a carefully controlled gaze. He observed the steam roaming around his face, the foam of the milk drawn into what he presumed was the attempt of a snake.

    He didn't dare sipping it yet.

    The common room was empty, he was the first one to get up —or the second one, apparently. The coffee was still hot, and it was placed exactly on his seat. There was a cup on each seat. Whoever did it must have been near.

    He heard footsteps, and soon James Barnes and his brother walked in, finding their own cups of coffee in their respective seats.

    "Mornin' Lokes", greeted Barnes. His eyebags screamed in need of caffeine, and he smiled tenderly at the cup of coffee with a drawn hand on it. "That bitch. A hand? Really?", he chuckled.

    "Oh, it appears I have my hammer!", chanted Thor, admiring the Mjölnir on his cup, right before downing it in a few gulps.

    "Do you two know where this is coming from?", asked Loki, frowning his eyebrows.

    "It's another one of your sweetheart's new interests", said Barnes, sipping the coffee and almost moaning out of pleasure "and Lord, this is heavenly".

    "My coffee is… green", pointed out Loki, even more confused.

    "That's not coffee, it's actually matcha", you sang from the kitchen. "Wasn't sure if you'd like the taste, but I felt like it had to be green for you, you know".

    "Oh. Morning, darling", he said, now getting the cup near his lips and taking a sip. He frowned in disgust, the bitter taste getting a little bit too similar to grass, and quickly forced a smile, just in case you were looking. "It's very good. Thank you, love".

    "Aw, I'm glad you liked it!", you walked in with another two cups and kissed his cheek. Bucky and Thor chuckled knowingly, and Loki threw at them a murderous look. You placed the cups on Tony and Pepper's seats and sat on your own. "How did you sleep?".

    "Very well. Although, I woke up before sunrise and you weren't there. Since when were you gone?", he asked. You sipped your own cup and it didn't reveal in your face whether you liked it or not.

    "I wanted to make sure I had everything ready before anyone woke up. I had to be there before Tony. Do you know how early this man wakes up for the lab?", you sighed, and Loki chuckled. "Besides, I wanted to design each beverage individually".

    "The care you took for this astonishes me", he smiled, kissed your cheek, and pecked softly at your lips.

    This went on for another week. Loki was glad you decided to change his beverage to coffee with a pump of mint, and everyone was just grateful your changing interests in quarantine ended up benefiting them at some point.

    At the beginning you engaged in longer activities. You started knitting, and dedicated some time to embroidery, too. It was funny to see Tony Stark's most professional gala suits with the iron man face in shiny colors embroidered, to say the least, but he loved it.

    You knitted Bucky a pair of gloves, to Thor a handle for his hammer, to Loki a pair of knee-tall cozy socks and a scarf with pockets in the ends for his daggers, and to everyone else different hats and beanies in their preferred colors.

    After that, you started painting. Loki would spend all day long in the library and you'd paint him reading in various positions. He was more than flattered to be portrayed in ways he didn't consider to be so flattering in real life, but you insisted you only painted what you saw, and he had all the charm on him already.

    Now you hadn't much more time to do all of those things, so you started changing to smaller things, like the coffee in the morning, and baking in the late night.

    The first one to notice was, of course, Loki. Because you've been away for too long in bed, and he wondered what on the Nine could you be doing rather than sleeping soundly in his arms —and honestly, true—, so he followed his instincts and walked to the kitchen. There you were, carefully placing batter in each cupcake holder, with a concentration that he couldn't break by walking in, even if he tried to.


    You jumped in place and some batter went straight to your face and hair. He chuckled and apologized, walking slowly towards you.

    "Sorry, I didn't want to wake you up. I've been wanting to…", you began explaining, but the heat in your cheeks had you pausing in your words. He passed a finger through your cheek, collecting batter, and licked it off.

    "It's really good. Even raw", he smiled, and you chuckled, still blushing.

    "You'll kill me someday".

    "If I keep eating raw cupcakes, yes. Does it have egg?".



    "But I doubt a little bit of salmonella could kill a godly God like you", you teased, and he pulled you in for another kiss.

    "What other choice do I have? You're covered on it, I'll have to help you clean up, darling", he said, jokingly passing his tongue through your cheek.

    "Eugh!! Gross!!" you laughed, trying to break off his grip.

    "Mmmh, delicious!", he laughed too.

    "Could you two lower it down?", said Steve from the door. Bucky was behind him, and walked in enthusiastically.

    "Oh God, are you baking? Can we have some?".

    Bucky was the biggest enthusiast at the face of every single habit you've ever had. He always was ready to try everything, no matter how awful it was. But, how much could you mess up cupcakes?

    Soon, the smell got to the whole floor, and instead of just Loki, Steve and Bucky, you had almost every single Avenger on the kitchen floor, waiting for the batches of cupcakes to be ready.

    Quarantine was crazy, but these things… these tiny things made you understand where you belonged to.

    (Taglist: @lucywrites02 , @louieboo87 @the-departed-potato , @jesuswasnotawhiteman , @idontknow296 , @beksib , @spythoschei , @geekwritersworld , @whatafuckingdumbass , @mysticunicorn7 @shadowolf993 , @joscelyn02 , @t00-pi , @selfship-mishaps , @sallymagnoliaposts , @deadgirl88 , @theonewiththenerds , @vicmc624 , @spiderlaufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @bi-andready-tocry @alorev @justasmisunderstoodasloki @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theetoastyghosty @lokiprompts )sleepy loki

    #loki #loki x reader #loki laufeyson#loki fanfic#loki odinson#loki fic #loki x y/n #loki x gender neutral reader #loki x you #loki x gn reader #loki friggason#loki fluff#domestic loki#domestic fluff #loki domestic fluff #flufftober2021
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    Music that would be good for a loki edit

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  • rins-love-wins
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    16.10.1854 Oscar Wilde 💕

    My headcanon: Many years ago, Loki visited Midgard and met him. Loki was simply fascinated by this man, because he was the best and most interesting person who lived then. And Loki still remembers his birthday 💕
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  • the-emo-asgardian
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    A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series

    Day 16: Falling Asleep Together

    Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approved of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone find out? Chapter Warnings: short A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021​​! Enjoy :)

    Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorloki @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven @keepingitlokiii @captain-asguard @laufeyiison @lostgreekgod @essence-stealer @competitive-dust @i-reblog-fics-i-like @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021 @whatevenisthisxxxxx @funsized-mimi @tristansaurusrex @lokistoriesblog @fandoms4life-always @high-functioning-lokipath​

    Flufftober Tag List: @morality-the-hufflepuff​ @skullape-blog​ @keegansakura​ @the-simp-of-mischiefff @karuna11​

    (strikethrough means I can’t tag you; message/ask me to be added to a tag list)

    🍁 Masterlist 🍁

    Your head kept falling to Loki’s shoulder. It’s not that you didn’t want to stay up for the full movie night with the team, but you were just oh so very tired, and stubborn enough to not actually retreat to your bed. Fatigue seemed to be grabbing ahold of your lover, too, causing him to yawn in the most adorable way you’d ever seen. It was almost catlike, you thought as your lids drooped.

    The god took your hand under the blanket, rubbing circles on the back of it with his thumb. Perhaps it was just one of those kinds of days where everyone was tired. You noticed a number of your teammates drifting off. Even Loki seemed to be succumbing to slumber’s hold. Ah, well who were you to resist so much.

    Finally, you put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder of your own volition. He seemed to take that as a most welcome invitation to lay his head on top of yours. Resting your weight on him, you felt something in place of tired. Content, you thought. Yes, how could you be anything less with Loki by your side? You’d have to tell him as much when you awoke.

    But for as happy as the two of you were, another person in the room was equally upset by the scene. Oh, Steve was trying to push past whatever jealousy and fears he had, but they didn’t seem to let him be. What happened to the days when you would fall asleep cuddled in his lap? The days when you would look so happy to be with your fathers? Why had Loki come in and ruined all that?

    “Steve,” Bucky whispered with a warning in his tone. “You always knew they were going to grow up.”

    “But it was so sudden…”

    “Perhaps. But even if they’re not always with us, doesn’t it just matter that they’re happy?”

    “Well, yes. But is it so wrong of me to wish for both?”

    “No. But don’t let it get to your head so much.” 

    Steve slumped as his husband kissed his temple. He should really put it in perspective; how would he feel if someone was so upset by his being with Bucky? He loved his husband dearly, and would never want anything to come between them. What if someone had tried to stop his best friend from becoming more?

    Wait. You and Loki were just best friends. So trying to set one of you up with someone else wasn’t wrong, per se. Not when you insisted you were just friends, right? And he could live with that, just not something more. 

    Even as guilt began to gnaw away at his heart, Steve formed a plan, one that he was sure would keep his family intact.

    #flufftober2021 #loki x reader #loki x you #loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki#mcu loki#loki fluff#fluff#mcu fluff#marvel fluff#reader insert #gender netural reader #marvel#mcu #marvel reader insert #marvel fanfiction#loki fanfic #mcu reader insert #loki friggason #loki friggason x reader #loki laufeyson x reader #loki odinson x reader #loki series#marvel series #loki x y/n
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