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    WinterFrost OctoberSmutFest

    From Friends to Lovers Part 1 You're Mine, Now

    Incubus!Loki x Virgin Fem! Reader

    Warnings: Mentioned of heartbreak, being disowned, getting blamed beyond their control and depression.

    Sexual Content:Dream sex, loss of virginity, lovemaking, rough sex and tail sex.

    Tagged List:@wolfsmom1 @wolfish-trickster @blackcat2907 @latent-thoughts @luthien-t

    Loki and you have been best friends for years..your childhood friend..your protector, you'd always hoped and prayed that one day that the two of you could be more. You were a mortal human and he was a God, an Asgardian prince..so it would never work out, but that didn't stop you from loving him and hope that one day soon he would feel the same as you. But that'll never happen, he was standing in the middle of your living room with his back facing you..your heart was breaking with rossey stained cheeks and tears flowing from your eyes, like an endless waterfall he just got done telling you that they could no longer be friends.

    "Wha-WHAT? Loki, wha-you.. what are you sa-sa-saying?!"you hiccuped, your voice cracking..if only you knew, how much it hurts him to hear you sound so broken-hearted. Loki wanted to comfort you, to tell you how he truly feels for you and that he'll never let you go..but he couldn't, he had to be strong and protect you..protect you from himself. "Why won't...you look at me?!Loki pl-pl-pl-please.." you croaked out, your vision too blurry to see him cringe and tense up from how much you're crying 'Because I am a monster, a sex demon and I won't allow myself to be the cause of your death for my selfish needs' he thought. "This is goodbye..Y/N. Forget about me and move on. " he managed to say with a broken heart and vainshed in a puff of green smoke before your very eyes, your heart shattered into a million pieces, as you dropped to the floor crying out for him to come back.

    For hours you sobbed on the floor in the middle of your living room, your saddness slowly turned into anger and hatred..in rage of feeling somewhat betrayed and abandoned, you started tearing up the place. Flower vases were smashed against the wall, pictures were knocked over, your tv screen got shattered when a lamp was knocked over and smashed into the television..luckily for you, you were no where near it so you didn't get injured from it.

    You had nothing in this world, why did the world hate you so much? Why was the universe so cruel to you? Your parents disowned you years ago and even blamed you for your family's death..even though they all passed on by old age or from an illness, before you met Loki. You were a homeless wreck when he found you, saved you from thugs on the street aided you and help you get back on your feet. He was your rock, your light, your anchor hook, your world and you just let him slip through your fingertips. They say that there's always someone out there for everyone, you just didn't know that the saying could be taken it so literally.

    You were getting ready to tear apart a piece of clothing but you froze, when you noticed it was one of his robes that he left behind for when he came to visit..you held it close to your heart, closing your eyes and inhaling his scent that slowly began to calm you. You gasped when you stepped on something hearing, sounds of broken glass as you put on his robe and look down at your feet.. noticing it was a broken picture frame of you and Loki, he was laying on the couch and you curled up next to him with his arms wrapped securely around you.

    'What happened to us? What changed?' you thought to yourself, as you picked up the picture and noticed that he left one of his books behind as well.

    You spent days, almost weeks sulking in your room while wearing nothing but his bathrobe.. hoping, praying that he would return or at least explain himself. You couldn't sleep for weeks and stayed up reading most of the day until you finally took his advice and move on to forget about him.. but the truth is you couldn't, you couldn't bare to throw away his stuff. He haunted your mind like a plague, during the daytime you swore that someone was constantly watching you from the distance but no one was there, were you delusional..have you gone mad, from such carnal thoughts. Also during the night fall, when you had trouble either going to sleep or staying asleep..you could feel, almost sense someone watching from the darkness in your bedroom whenever you look from your book to find a pair of bright red eyes beaming at you intensely..but when you go to turn on the light, nothing was there.

    Perhaps, you have gone crazy or maybe your mind has been playing tricks on you..you even started dating other people but there was never any spark..some were nice and some were funny, but they weren't him. They weren't Loki, the man of your dreams..no one would could ever hold a candle to his flame of light that lead you away from the darkness. He was witty and very clever, highly intelligent, mischievous and mysterious, kind-hearted and a kindred spirit, devilishly handsome and a real charmer with that silver tongue of his.

    There were even some nights, that Loki would appear in your dreams returning to you and end up having a very wet and sexual dream about him constantly..even on nights you just got back from a date with another man, so you just gave up dating for good.

    About a month later, you woke up hearing a creaking sound..your eyes shot open and sat up, slowly eyeing your room not moving from your spot and noticed that your window was wide open '..that's strange, I thought I've locked it shut...' you thought to yourself. Getting up out of bed to shut the window and locking it shut, then you heard that same familiar voice that you thought you'll never hear again "Loki?.."you gasped.. before spinning around to find him hidden in a corner of your room, his emerald green eyes staring you down.

    "Why?"he repeated, in more demanding tone and unreadable eyes "Why, what?.."you managed to ask in confusion "Why do you continue to reach out for me? Why can't you just forget about me?!...and mov-"you interrupted him with fury in your eyes and tears threatening to spill "Why can't I forget about you?..and move on?!"you said while raising your voice. "Because I can't okay.. why? Because I love you, I've always had and I always will. No matter, how badly you hurt me the way you did, that night. " you stated in tears with trembling lips while hugging yourself, as Loki looked at you in shock with wide eyes.

    "And I was a fool to think, that you could ever feel the same for me.."you added with a whimper, Loki closed his eyes before he spoke "No, my dear. The only fool here..."he paused for a second and opened his eyes to look at you "was me."he confessed while looking down at you with nothing but softness and remorse in his eyes. You looked at him in confusion, almost offended by what you think he ment "I did it, to ensure your safety. To keep you protected from myself, I couldn't..I couldn't bare the thought of losing you caused by my own carnal desires. I would hate myself for it, for the rest of my eternal life. " he said with sad furrowed eyebrows.

    "What are you..."you asked confused, he wasn't making any sense "I'm saying, that I love you Y/N Y/L/N..." he confessed, causing you to gasp and covering your mouth with happy tears as your heart begin to pound. Loki slowly began to step into the moonlight that's shinning through the window, revealing himself for you to see is true form "This is what I am. Would you still love me and be willing to be bedded, by me?...by a sex demon?"he asked with a hiss, full of disgust on the last part.

    It all made sense now, an incubus were known to kill whoever they bedded with wheather it was during sex or after followed by the next day from having a heart attack or a stroke..but if it was someone they are in love with then, they'll survive. "Of course, I'll still love you. I would rather die a virgin, if you wouldn't take me. I want you and only you."you answered, wholeheartedly "Then I shall take you and your innocence. Your mine, now and mine alone. " he said with a low, possessive growl and very hungry, lustful look in his green eyes.

    His dull clawed hands, gently gripped your chin while his other cradled the back of your head stearing you towards him, as he bend down and craned his neck to kiss you passionately with need..filled with a sinful, but delicious promise.

    👿Smutty-Smut 🍆Time 🍒

    You are currently laying on your back and bared naked for your lover with your legs perched up on his shoulders, wide open as he eats you out with his skillfully and wicked silver-tongue of his..making sure that your wet and ready for him so it'll be less painful, since it's your first time and wanted it to be memorable for you. His long tail would occasionally rub itself on your warm skin and caress your thighs and legs then switch over to stroking and teasing your clit, almost coaxing you into another orgasm..the fast thrusting from his wicked and sinful tongue along with the rubbing of your clit in circular motions by the heart shape of his tail, you came again a third time crying out his name.

    Loki pulled away from you while licking his lips "You taste so sweet, my love. I could eat you out for hours making you cum over and over again..withering beneath me from my touch, until sunrise. But I need to be inside you.. to feel you throbbing on my cock..to claim you as mine..as I take you over and over again. " he spoke, as you lay there panting and moaning at his words. His eyes flickering from green to red, repeatedly like he's fighting a war with himself..he removed one of your legs from his shoulders and wrap it around his waist, lining himself at your soaking and wanting entrance "Are you ready, my sweet?"he asked sweetly and eyes filled with love and adoration mixed with a lustful and hungry gaze..his tail flickering behind him, in excitement.

    With a shaky breath and giving him the same look in your eyes, shaded over with a dazed look from the multiple orgasms..you answered with a simple "yes." He bucked his hip and penetrates you very slowly with just the tip of his erect member. Then pulled back out and thrust back in with slow and gentle penetrations, he repeated his movements while inching himself inside your walls slowly until he was completely inside of you..tears pricked from your eyes at the pain, once he was buried deep inside your walls he stilled allowing you to adjust to his godly size.

    The pain soon subsided into pleasure, your whimpers morphed into moans and you looked up at him giving him a pleading look telling him 'to move' with a low growl he started moving again. Thrusting in and out of you in a slow and gentle pace while nipping, licking and sucking all over your breasts and neck..making sure to leave his mark all over your body, gasps and moans fall from your lucious plump lips as he shower you with his love for you.

    He wrapped your other leg around his waist and groaned as he dug himself deeper with a hiss as he sped up his movements, eyes screwed shut and clenched teeth..your moans grew louder and louder with every thrust of his movements, as he hits your G-spot over and over again. "I don't think, I can hold back any longer.." he groaned out, not able to hold back the demon within him to fuck you into submission "Then don't..let go..." you managed to say in between gasps and he froze stilling his movements earning a whine from you. His eyes shot up and stared down at you in surprise, even his tail stopped moving about and stood alert "I trust you. " you whispered and that was his undoing..his emerald green eyes turned into blood red while both his horns and cock enlarged, your eyes rolled back and your jaw dropped open mouthing in 'Oh' shape as you felt his erection stretch out your walls even more.

    He rocks in and out of you slowly with a growl like moan coming from him, arousing you even more and your moans grew louder with every thrust..without warning he speeds up, thrusting into you roughly with all his might. Your mattress dipping and squeaking underneath you his delivers are a torrent of brutal thrusts causing your headboard to bang loudly against the wall of your bedroom "Oh, God! Loki!"you gasped out, as your eyes shot open from his brutal fucking. His thick cock relentlessly pumping in and out of you a cold tingle with every stroke, after every brutal thrust filling you to brim. Digging your nails deeply into his shoulders and noticed that he had his eyes closed, as he keeps fucking you mercilessly with quick snap of his hips and opens his mouth to lick his lips..revealing his long and sharp monster-like teeth.

    That familiar warmth pooling in your lower stomach, you were so close throwing your head back when the warm tingle surfaces on your clit..your body shudders and heaves as you ride out your orgasm on your lover's cock, he growls again as your spasming pussy clenches down tightly around him. You can tell by his flenching and grunting that his own climax is about to wash over, his mouth opens wider showing off his sharp teeth as his cock begins to spurt his cold sticky fluid deep inside you..opening his eyes that were now completely black, normally would've freaked out by now or be completely terrified but not you. He rides his climax out while still thrusting wildly as he empties himself inside of you. He thrust hard once..twice...three....four more times and he stilled as he shoots another load deep inside you, Loki rolled off of you and pulled you close to him "Hmm...Loki.."you mumbled, barley in a whisper "Sssh, rest my love. I've got you. " he said and you curled up closer to him with your head on his chest mumbling an "okay."

    "I promise, I'll never leave you again. Your mine, now."he whispered in your ear with his arm draped around your waist and his tail wrapped itself protectively around your waist, cupping your sex with the heart-shaped burb.

    To be continued...

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    Ⓐ 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧!

    𝐢'𝐦 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠, 𝐬𝐨 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐢𝐧, 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐥𝐲 𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭. =)

    𝐢'𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐦𝐜𝐮 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫, 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐢 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐟 𝐢 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭, 𝐢 𝐰𝐨𝐧'𝐭.

    ⧗ ✓ 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐟𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭, 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 𝐞𝐭𝐜.

    ᗢ ✓ 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭; 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐟𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐞𝐭𝐜. :)

    ⍟ ✓ 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐛𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞!

    𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐞, 𝐢 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲. <𝟑

    "𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞!"

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    Part 1: Movie Night

    Part 2: coming 10/17

    Standard warnings of MINORS DNI, 18+, smut incoming, so on and so forth because it’s basically this ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

    #marvel fanfiction#loki fanfic#loki laufeyson#soft loki#loki smut#sweet loki #loki takes care of you #loki x reader #loki x original character #loki x original female character #loki x ofc #loki fluff
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    Kinktober Day 16 - Roleplay

    MCU Fanfiction Domestic Loki x Reader

    Fictober Prompt "not this again"

    Summary: Sometimes Loki just wants to feel...royal. And he wants you to feel it too.

    Warnings: 18+ sexual content. Sort of role-playing, Prince/Princess, oral sex.

    A/N: very Loki heavy the last few days. But this one is short and sweet, fluffy smut. Ballgown vibes


    Kinktober Masterlist

    Loki, despite his protests, was acclimatising very well to Midgardian life. He liked the clothes, much more comfortable and practical, the food is interesting, sweets are great and he could no longer pretend to hate the Midgardian's themselves, your hedonism as a race was something to behold. Besides he had met and married you within 18 months so any following complaints were met with stoic silence and you pointing at your ring finger.

    Despite all these things. The funny TV adverts, all night off licences and take away food there was one thing that Loki was having real trouble with. Not being royal. Although most of the village still paid due reverence to his presence, especially as his magic remained, he wasn't a Prince and it irked him. Thor hadn't cared when he gave up the throne and it's not that Loki had wanted it, seemed like an awful lot of work, he just wanted to be Royal. Special. Loki Laufeyson, Prince of Asgard, God of Mischeif, rightful heir of Jotunheim...just Loki. Lokes. Worse. Lo. And the final tragedy was, he never got to make you a Princess as you truly deserved. A Goddess, even if just by association.

    "Lo? You in here?" Your voice called through the cottage. Well maybe he'd let you get away with it.

    "In here!" He called back. Midgardians, so uncouth. You opened the door, not really looking at him stood at the foot of your bed, just grabbing your handbag and turning to go again but a flash of gold caught your eye.

    "Loki?" You turned and faced him properly, his height excentuated by the cloak at his back, the tall gold horns adoring his neatly styled black hair.

    "My darling?"

    "I see you've decided how you'd like to play for your anniversary present. Not this again" you rolled your eyes dramatically while you tried to keep your composure, always taken aback by the sheer force of Loki's presence in his formal attire.

    "Indeed" he took a long stride towards you, holding out a hand to take yours. You bobbed a little curtsey ready to end all your evening plans for this exciting development.

    "My Prince" you smiled, dipping your head to avert your eyes as any good...chamber maid? Hand maiden? It didn't really matter who you were, little wench or servant. It all amounted to the same, you'd be on your knees before he could ever ask, every time. But not tonight.

    "Princesses do not kneel" he commanded, his voice booming and hand tight around yours keeping you upright.

    Oh. A Princess. A shimmer of light surrounded you, your boots, jeans, top and handbag vanished with a flourish and replaced with a flowing ballgown of deep, forest green. Loki smiled, holding back his grin, trying to remember his courtly smile instead. You looked...devastating. A lucky thing he didn't meet you at court or he would have run away with you and lost his title regardless.

    He dropped a toe back to bow deeply.

    "Princess, may I have this dance?" You nodded although there was precious little room to dance in. He placed your hands delicately on his body, scooping you close and nudging your silk slippered feet with his own leather boots to make them move the right way.

    You giggled, leaning into his chest despite the cold leather and metal. He let his cheek rest against the top of your head, breathing you in and peppering soft kisses in your hair. Layered as you both were it was still hard to ignore Loki's growing arousal. You tried to edge him towards the bed.

    "Princess, you know we mustn't while we're still only betrothed" he whispered in your ear.

    "Only betrothed? But, my Prince" you bit your lip, batting your eyelashes "I need you now!"

    "Well. If you need me, perhaps there's another way I could please my betrothed?" He backed you slowly towards the bed, guiding you to sit at the edge and then falling to his own knees before you.

    If only the rest of the village could see him now. Kneeling before you despite his regal appearance.

    The golden helmet vanished in a green flash and so did Loki's mop of black hair in a flurry of green and black tulle.

    "Oh! Lo!" In all of the layers of ballgown you hadn't really noticed your lack of underwear, until now, until your once royal husband was buried beneath those layers, two fingers deep inside of you, his tongue on your clit.

    He pressed his fingers into your thighs, holding you steady as he twisted his other hand a little, fingers bending and rubbing against the soft, deep little spot inside of you that made you make Loki's favourite noise.

    "Loki, LOKI, L-" you fell back against the bed in a cloud of silk, your orgasm rippling through your body, making your body strain against the tight confines of the bodice of your dress.

    Loki appeared again, standing to his full height before flicking a neat handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbing his mouth ostentatiously.

    "Are you ready, we'll miss our reservations?" He asked, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as his royal attire replaced itself with a neat black suit.

    "You fucking kidding me?" You huff, riding out your high in your bed almost entirely made of dress.

    His smile became fond and as he pulled you from the bed the dress changed too, not the clothes you had chosen before from your own collection, a little black dress, tailored to fit perfectly, silk shoes still hugging your feet.

    "You look regal my Princess" he kissed the top of your head again and led you out, still giddy and glowing.

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    The Renewal - Chapter 3

    Relationship: Dark!Loki x Reader

    Series Summary: You volunteer for a cruel Asgardian ritual to protect someone you love. Armed with only your magic and hunting skills, you fight to turn the tables on those in power. In accepting this task you agree to sacrifice your life, unknowingly to the God of Mischief.  

    Word Count: 1.3k 

    Series Warnings: TOTALY NSFW, 18+ MINORS DNI, non-con/dub-con, forced voyeurism, possessive behavior, mentions of forced pregnancy, murder, violence, smut, loss of virginity, minor character deaths, unprotected sex, cream pie, cum play, m/f sex, oral sex (both male and female receiving), fingering (female receiving), breeding kink, cock warming, mentions of blood, Thor and Frigga are terrible people

    This is dark and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2

    You were woken up early by the sound of the attendant rushing in to prepare you. You were exhausted as you were barely able to sleep after Loki’s visit. You tried to not let him get in your head and focus on your purpose, why you were there.

    After the attendant helped you dress in your white ceremonial ensemble, you asked for a moment to apply the woad. You recited a spell as you wiped it across your face and covered your eyelids in a long stripe. 

    The attendant watched you curiously, “What was that for, miss?”

    “It’s a protection spell my mother taught me.” That was partially true, as the woad was to help you see through any illusions. 

    She placed a fresh flower crown on your head and brought you in front of the wagon where the other maidens were waiting. The wagon was covered in bright beautiful flowers and ribbons. It was as if you were being ushered into your captivity in a bouquet. 

    The reality of what would happen this morning had hit all of the maidens hard. They stood there teary eyed and holding each other’s hands. You stood between Asa and Aslaug and held their hands tightly in an effort to comfort them. 

    The high priests stood in front of you and began to swing a censer of smoking thyme and fennel to cover all of the maidens. 

    “Shit”, you thought to yourself, “This will make it easy for the lords to smell us in the forest. These bastards thought of everything.” 

    You were all loaded into the wagon and carted off to where the hunt would begin. The other women were somber having given into their fates, and others had begun to sob. 

    You pulled off a twig from the carriage’s decorations for the beginning of your plan.

    “Um, this may sound odd, but may I have a lock of each of your hair? It may not work, but I could at least try a protection spell before we get to the woods.” You looked with pensive eyes at the other women, hoping they wouldn’t think you were crazy. 

    “No one has ever escaped the Renewal, Y/N, but I appreciate the sentiment of your offer.” Gyda replied as she pulled out a strand of her dark brown hair. 

    You thanked her and wrapped the strand of hair around the twig. The other maidens followed suit. Once you had acquired a hair from each of them, you recited a fake incantation and tucked the twig into the blue sash around your waist.

    The cart slowed as you reached your destination. You could see the woods a few meters away on one side and on the other were more high priests and the noblemen. You were paraded into a line across from the noblemen as they looked down on you from their steeds. You felt Loki’s eyes on you as you walked past him. 

    A priest stood between each line and began his ceremonial speech. You noticed that this particular priest had a dagger in his belt. It was quite fortuitous. 

    The priest began his speech as the noblemen looked at their prey with lust filled eyes, “This Ostara, we are blessed to celebrate the Renewal. The blood of the noble and the common will be united to revitalize the connection between all Aesir.” 

    You began to giggle audibly at the priest’s speech to get his attention. He turned to you and shot daggers at you through his eyes. 

    “Please, your holiness, my apologies.” 

    “As I was saying, the Aesir are -“ He stopped himself and you chortled and began to laugh hysterically. 

    “MAIDEN! Quiet yourself!” 

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” you said as you held up your hands. “I often laugh when I hear utter bullshit.” 

    The other maidens gasped and the noblemen looked stunned. Loki however let out a chuckle, which embarrassed the priest even more. 

    “You will watch yourself and respect this ceremony, you insolent little whore!”

    Loki was utterly amused at this exchange. Thor leaned over to his brother and jested, “Are you sure you want this one, brother? I’m starting to believe she isn’t worth the trouble.” 

    Loki laughed at Thor and pushed him so hard he almost fell off his horse. 

    You stared down the priest defiantly, “Firstly, I’d rather not take this farce seriously. Secondly, I am not your mother, so do not address me as whore.” 

    The priest’s face turned red and noblemen burst out laughing. He rushed towards you and grabbed you by the collar. 

    “You will respect this tradition, you unworthy Nornheim slut!” He slapped you harshly, cutting your lip slightly, though enough to bleed. 

    The distraction allowed you enough time to swipe his blade and tuck it in your sash behind your back. 

    The priest walked back to his place and finished his speech. It was then he gave the rules for the hunt. 

    “You will be given a head start of half an hour before the nobles may pursue you. Each man may only take one maiden. They have until the midday sun when the hunt concludes. Should a maiden evade them beyond that time, their participation in the Renewal will be concluded. At the sound of the horn, the hunt will begin.”

    A servant passed the priest a horn and as the first note was sounded you made a break for it. The only thing you could hear was the wind whipping by your face and the sound of your own heartbeat. You leaped over a log as you disappeared into the dense wood of the forest. 

    The nobles laughed as the maidens ran into the woods frightened for their lives. The high priest you accosted was trying to gain his bearings after your interaction. 

    “Loki, your little pet seems to not be so tough after a good slap!” Volstagg, one of the noblemen, laughed. 

    “Priest, come here.” Loki commanded the embarrassed cleric. 

    “Yes, Your Grace?”

    “May I see your dagger?” 

    The priest reached for it and was shocked that it was gone. He patted himself down as if he misplaced it somewhere.

    “Ah, that’s right, I forgot, my little pet stole it from you in front of everyone.” Loki cackled as the other noblemen followed suit with raucous laughter.

    “Brother, pray you don’t come back empty handed!” Thor chuckled, as he slapped his knee,”That little minx is almost as sneaky as you are!”

    “Oh, I am not worried, brother. I’m not nearly as incompetent as this holy fool standing before us.” 

    The noblemen laughed cruelly at the priests as he walked away with his head down in shame. 


    You had spent the previous month scouting the woods so you could know them like the back of your hand. You reached a small tree where you had marked a symbol and climbed to grab the small stash of items you would need. You had a slingshot, a flint, and berserker powder. You wished you could use your bow and arrow, but actually killing the noblemen would mean execution. 

    You started a small fire to begin the real protection spell for the other maidens. After throwing the twig wrapped with their hair into the fire you took the dagger and sliced your hand. You recited the protection incantation as your blood dripped into the fire. 

    You stood over the fire when you had finished and purple waves rushed over you. Your clothing changed from the ceremonial white dress to your hunting attire. The flower crown was gone, replaced with your regular braided hairstyle. You wore a green tunic underneath a brown leather armor bodice and wrist gauntlets. Your brown leather breeches gave you mobility and your soft soled leather boots would help you move in silence.

    You were now ready for the task at hand, hunting these bastard noblemen down one by one. 

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    Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I'm working on your requests, especially the squid game ones, but I have 3 exams in two weeks, so I'll try to write a little bit every time I got the chance. What I'm trying to say here, is that I'm very excited and motivated to write and post fics/hcs (squid game requests are easier for me to write bc I have more motivation), but please be patient with me!!

    You can still send me as many ideas/requests you want about the characters I mentioned in the #, I'll try my best to get to them all 🤞

    Lots of love for all have you! Have a nice day 🤗🤗

    #squid game fanfiction #squid game fanfic #squid game hcs #squid game headcanons #squid game imagines #squid game#smut imagine#fluff imagine#angst imagine#my writing#saw imagine#saw#saw franchise #detective david loki #david loki#jigsaw #squid game sangwoo #cho sang woo #sangwoo x reader #gi hun squid game #gi hun smut #seong gi hun #squid game salesman #deok su#joon ho #squid game fic #squid game characters #squid game fluff #sae byeok
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    “Till death do us part” P2

    Previous Part

    You and Loki spent the next hour walking around together hand in hand. The city had a captivating stillness about it during the nighttime and early hours. It was peaceful. Quaint. When midnight came, you took your pill.

    “Loki?” You asked giving him a puzzled look

    “Yes darling”

    “Take the pill”


    “Take it”

    “No I don’t need it”

    “Yes you do TAKE THE PILL”

    Loki wasn’t scared of many things but your wrath was definitely something to be feared

    “See, wasn’t so hard” you said returning to your usual tranquil demeanour

    You and Loki walked around for a while longer until you both saw what appeared to be a shooting star wearing an iron man suit.

    “Time to go” you laughed wrapping your arm around Loki for him to teleport you both somewhere

    “I hope your excited” he beamed before teleporting

    When you landed, your heart stopped and you gasped. You assumed you were going to land on hard concrete or the grass of a forest but no, you had landed on grey tiles in the middle of what appeared to be a beach house. The only current light illuminating the details of the house was the luminosity of the full moon. It was beguiling to say the least. Still in Loki’s arms, you turned your attention to him. The moonlight embellished his features reminding you that this man, you’re boyfriend was a prince. A God. A small smile graced his face as he observed the awestruck look on yours. Leaving your embrace, he switched on the light allowing you to see more. It was spectacular. Kissing your forehead, he took your hand and began a short tour around the house.

    “Loki- I- what is this?”

    “It’s ours” he replied


    “Ours. Yours and mine” he assured tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear

    “B-but the co—”

    “Compound will always be there but this, this is for us” he said gesturing to where you both stood

    You both gazed into each others eyes as your smiles grew wider. You were not happy. No happy would be a criminal understatement. You were enraptured, ecstatic and most of all content. Looking at each other, you both knew it was you two against the world.

    “So, was this the surprise?” You asked putting your arms around Loki’s neck to kiss him “because if its this, it’s a really good one”

    “No” he said turning his face away earning a confused look from you “this is” he said before picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the bedroom

    “Put me down” you demanded trying to sound intimidating whilst trying not to laugh

    “No, it’s finally time for me to really have my fun” he said licking his lips

    You and Loki had been in an official relationship for a year now. You had been intimate with one another but had never actually copulated. You’d both used your hands and mouthes to pleasure one another but Loki was yet to penetrate you. He always thought he’d be too much to handle. A god, a half jotun mating with a mortal, a midgardian, wasn’t something Loki thought would end well so he didn’t. However, when you were both feeling particularly concupiscent and desperate, Loki would tease your entrance with his tip but would never fully bottom out. Tonight, this was going to change, you were immortal for 11 more hours, there was nothing to fear.

    When Loki entered the master bedroom after carrying you whilst you laughed and squirmed asking why he didn’t just teleport, he threw you on the bed.

    “My my, what do we have here?” He said seductively towering over you before he sat on his knees between your thighs running his eyes over your figure

    His staring made your heart flutter. You were familiar with it. You knew what he wanted. Instead of answering, you just grinned at him narrowing your gaze.

    “Silence will only grant you punishment” he said nonchalantly “but I’d really take pleasure from gifting you my punishment” he said more menacing, leaning over you and kissing your neck.

    “I always suspected that if we were to make love, I’d not be able to control myself. I wouldn’t be able to stop and you wouldn’t be able to handle it but now my sweet sweet inamorata, you have been blessed with immortality so tonight, there won’t be any lovemaking” he said moving away abruptly ending his attack on your neck “tonight I am going to fuck you into elation until my name falls from your lips like a rhapsody of praise”

    With that, a moan from you at his words and a flick of his wrist, you were both completely naked.

    Since being with Loki, you had always wanted him to fill you. Fuck you. However, now seeing his throbbing erection, you felt slightly nervous. Obviously you had seen it before of course you had seen it before, touched it before, licked it before, grinded on it before but this time, it seemed bigger. Maybe it was the knowledge of knowing Loki was going to bury it inside of you tonight or the fact that maybe he was just feeling hornier, but you were no longer feeling confident. Loki saw the sceptical look on your face as your eyes met his cock.

    “Don’t worry pet, we’ll get you warmed up first” he growled slowly licking his lips and looking down at your open legs and already wet folds “yes, we’ll definitely get you warmed up”

    Before you had time to even react to his words, Loki’s head was between your legs as his tongue began tracing circles over your clit. Reaching down, you used one hand to stroke his hair whilst the other lightly gripped the sheets.

    “De—l—ectable” he whispered dipping his tongue into your entrance

    “Loki” you gasped feeling his tongue beginning to enter you

    “Mmm” he replied sending vibrations deep into your core causing your grip on the sheets to grow tighter

    “Oh gods” you cried tightening your grip in his hair earning another groan from him

    “Not gods darling, god” he said lifting his head and looking at you. The sight of your arousal dripping down his chin was enough to send you into overdrive but the feeling of two of his fingers entering you was what done it. As your head fell backwards, you felt Loki licking your clit again as your orgasm swept over you.

    Shaking, you tried to push Loki away as he licked you through your frenzy. He looked up and flashed a mischievous smile at you before ending his ambush on your sensitive folds. You laid back trying to recover as you watched him palming his erection which seemed to have grown. Your breath hitched when you looked up at him and he was staring at you with lust filled eyes.

    “Seen something you like” he chuckled darkly still stroking his cock

    “Mmhmm” you replied smiling and biting your bottom lip

    “I’ve been waiting for this for so long my princess. To feel you, really feel you. Spread your legs wider” he ordered before lining himself up with your entrance

    “Are you ready?” He asked

    “Fuck me” you breathed out feeling him nudging your entrance

    Loki lowered himself on top you you catching your lips in a passionate kiss. Gasping into the kiss, you felt him enter you. In this moment, you understood why Loki didn’t want to do this before.

    “OH MY FUCKING GOD” you shouted feeling Loki halfway into you

    Opening you eyes, you saw a look of smugness, amusement, shock and worry all dancing on Loki’s face. Smugness was the main one. He knew he was gifted but seeing you react to him like this stoked his ego.

    He pulled out of you completely and waited for you to nod

    “Are you sure?” He asked

    “Um yeah yes do it” you replied breathlessly

    Loki entered again only this time wasn’t as bad. He entered slowly trying to stifle a moan at feeling your walls clenching around him. Biting his lip, he looked down at you and saw that you didn’t seem too uncomfortable so he carried on filling you until you let out a moan.

    “Are you oka—”

    “Yes please jus fu—”

    You certainly didn’t have to ask twice. Loki exited and then thrusted into you again as you writhed beneath him. Your hips started bucking upwards to meet his as he plunged into you hitting all the right spots causing you to feel another orgasm building up. His name fell from your lips like a song as he relentlessly slammed into you. Grabbing your throat, Loki looked down at you with a look of salacity painting his face.

    “Say my name” he said through gritted teeth as his hips slammed into yours

    “L-Loki” you cried

    “SAY MY NAME!” He demanded continuing his savage ambush

    “LOKIIII!” You shouted feeling your climax fast approaching “I’m gonna cum”

    Loki’s grip on your neck tightened even more as his thrusts became more pleasure filled, more violent, more animalistic. He treated you like a princess but screwed you like a whore. As you reached another orgasm, you felt as if you were on cloud nine. You couldn’t even feel the outside world anymore, it didn’t exist. If you weren’t currently immortal, you would be sure that you had died and gone to post sex bliss heaven. You didn’t even feel when Loki’s strokes became lazier as he released into you. You were in heaven, you had to have been.

    A/N: Hope you liked!! There is one more part after this oneeee 💚💚



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    Jotun Loki: You are so pure and you do not deserve the absolute filth I am about to write about you.

    #jotun!loki #jotun!loki x reader #jotun!loki smut #filthy filthy filth #smutty smut#size kink #SCARY BUT DOABLE
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    table manners

    KINKS/TROPES: hate fucking + degradation (+enemies to lovers?)
    PAIRING: loki laufeyson x female!reader

    WARNINGS: smut- penetrative sex (unprotected) degradation kink, choking, hair pulling, slapping, nicknames  (darling, slut, whore, pet)

    A/N: uh idk how i feel about this?? also this is accidently 2k words....


    This was boring. The whole point of a dinner party, according to you, was to get absolutely plastered and eat food that tasted good solely because of how drunk you were. Then at the end of the night, you’d stumble your way home, if you were lucky with someone on your arm to have mediocre sex.

    But of course, you couldn’t have that. Oh no, not tonight. Because tonight was especially special. The dinner held important guests. Your father was tying to secure an alliance with Asgard, and thus, Asgard’s rulers and highest powers were in attendance. All situated around the golden dining table.

    Liquor filled glasses and flushed faces chattered on in jovial tones. It was almost unbearable but the deep red wine you had been leisurely drinking made it tolerable.

    That and the eye candy.

    Loki, son of Odin, heir to the Asgardian throne, God of Mischief. The list goes on. It’s a shame how awful he is. Cruelty burns where he walks and punishments drip from his lips. He was mean and a lot of the time he ha no good reason; he threatened and harmed simply because he could. He had the power.

    His impressive stature and good looks would always help him on his quest to face no consequences. Being over 6 foot 2 and having bone structure carved by knives. The green pools of danger, deciphering a weakness in any person he faces. The pink lips pulling into that signature smirk. It was no wonder he got away with everything.

    But it wasn’t enough. You couldn’t work out why everyone still allowed him to act the way he did. Sure, he was objectively very attractive, but he was a God- it’s almost a requirement. What you didn’t get was why people weren’t seeing the obvious fake charm he slathered on and looked past the sinful smirk to see that he’s actually not all that. He was a spoiled brat and you wanted to let him know it.

    There had always been a rivalry, whenever you met again at one of these compulsory dinner parties or galas hosted by a neighbouring planet. You’d catch each others eyes from across the room and it was a test of wills to see who would break first. It was apparent to everyone else that there was something between you. But all it was, to you, was hate. Stone cold disgust.

    A few times the contempt would grow unbearable and would dissolve into a fight. A screaming match, heaving chests and sweaty faces. There was no denying the electricity that sparked between the two fiery souls but it never became anything. Always broken up before you could get too in the others face.

    This whole dinner the two of you had been sat next to each other. Not turning to steal a peak, well not that you were aware. Both rejecting a conversation that included the other. There was a tension in the air. You felt almost suffocated by it, the room was hot, too stuffy.

    “So, Y/n, have you met someone?” it was an older lady speaking to you. Her nasally voice permeated your daze and you put on a smirk of your own when you answered.

    “No, no I’m just enjoying my freedom currently.” Its curt, a simple response but this woman continues.

    “Well, Loki here is single and you’re both around the same age.”

    You fail to conceal your scoff and now Loki is intently listening. “Well, Loki isn’t my type,” you start and lean towards the woman, cupping a hand around your mouth as if it’s a secret, “I don’t like brats.”

    Oh and you shouldn’t have said that. Shouldn’t have provoked him. Because now he’s got to teach you some manners.

    Coldness coats your naked thigh where is hand rests. Well, he grips you under the table. A warning. His hand is so big you cant help but realise that it wraps around your skin, a red mark forming underneath it.

    Its addictive. The feeling you get from knowing that you’re riling him up. So you don’t stop there.

    “I’ve also heard, from a friend, that he’s actually not very good in bed.” You loudly disclose and the woman gasps. The giggle dies in your throat as his fingers move, inching closer and closer to your heated core. You’d be lying if you said from the moment his skin touched yours, you were wet.

    “Excuse me,” his deep voice drawls and he pushes away from the table. His pitch-black suit moves with him, the patent shoes click across the hall as he disappears behind a door.

    Something in the back of your mind is itching. Telling you to follow him, pick a fight, do something. Find out where he was going.

    You excuse yourself and flatten your dress as you slink off to find the black-haired man. The halls of your palace are eerily empty, and you find yourself making your way to your own room. The door to your chambers is open when you turn your corner. Of course, that’s where he was.

    When you enter you don’t say a thing, simply watch him. He’s admiring your bookcase. Looking at the spines, tilting his head to read the worn letters. It’s at this moment that you start to think this is a bad idea. Being alone with him.

    “That wasn’t very polite, darling. Calling me a brat, saying I’m bad in bed. All of which aren’t true. But you couldn’t help yourself, could you? Just wanted to see me react.” He sighs. His lips wrapping comfortably around the pet name makes you shiver.

    Your voice is weak at the start, but you try and focus on anything but his lean form, “Well I was simply sharing information I had received. And don’t call me darling.”

    The corner of his lips lift and he turns to you, looking at your form. The crimson dress fits like a second skin and the way he licks his lips has you feeling self-conscious.

    His feet carry him slowly towards you, torturously dragging it out. And in return your feet lift you backwards, each step requiring one of your own. Right until he’s standing before you, your back against a cold wall, towering over you with a salacious look in his eyes. Or maybe that’s his permanent gaze.

    “I think you need to be taught some manners.” You’re hanging on every word, and you hate him, “I think…I’ll have to fuck some into you.”

    He’s a cocky bastard but with how soaked you are and how empty you feel, he has every right. You’d never let him know.

    “As if I’d ever want to fuck you.”

    “How about,” his thick thigh slots between both of yours and pushes up. The small gasp you release has him grinning. “If I touch you and find you wet, I fuck you. If you’re not, I’ll let you go. From the way you’re acting, you have nothing to worry about; right, Darling?”

    Yeah, this won’t end well. Or it will, depending on your definition. You’re not sure which one you want more right now but your pussy has a preference.

    Slender fingers find the slit of your dress, sliding the dark material to the side. His knee lowers as he replaces it with his palm and when he holds your mound, you gulp.

    “Oh pet, you’re dripping.” He mocks and your head hits the wall. You can’t take it. The teasing lilt of his voice paired with the taunting movement of his fingers. He’s riling you up and its embarrassing how badly you need him.

    “If you’re not going to fuck me ill find someone who will.” you grit out and it switches something in him.

    It all happens so quickly but he has you secured against the wall with a ringed hand around your throat and the other tears the fabric concealing you. Your panties fall to the floor and he unzips his trousers, pulling his cock out.

    For fuck’s sake, you think. Of course, he’s big. He’s massive. Now you kind of understand the cockiness, he’s allowed it. The protruding vein on the underside has you salivating and you watch him pump himself.

    “You want me to fuck you?” a smile etching itself on his face and a frown finds yours.

    “I’m not going to beg, Loki.”

    He relents and lifts you up against the wall. One hand in its home around your throat and the other lifting your hips. You wrap your legs around his waist, waiting. He taps your clit a few times to get you that slight bit more desperate. Leading you to tug on the black locks. He hisses and gives in.

    Pushing in slowly at first, groaning at the feeling.

    “Fuck.” Its low and comes from his chest and has you clenching around him. More slick dripping from your cunt. It’s a tight squeeze but you feel delirious on how good it feels.

    He doesn’t bother waiting for you to adjust. He’s needy and desperate so he starts pummelling into you. Tearing out broken moans from you. It’s obvious he’s using you, no care for how you feel so you don’t hold back. Using him in return.

    Using our grip on his hair, you pull it, wanting him to hurt.

    “Gods, your cunt feels heavenly. Such a shame it’s a slut’s.”

    “Oh please,” you laugh breathlessly, “You’re fucking me like a bitch in heat. So desperate.”

    “You were nearly begging for my cock, don’t make me take you over my knee.” He sounds angry, a dark look in his eyes as he manoeuvres your head with his hand. In response to his words, you unconsciously clench around his brutal cock, and he smiles. Tilting his head condescendingly. “Oh, naughty girl, you liked that.”

    Your hand hits his face before consulting your head but the sight of his grin increasing tenfold is enough for you to be glad you did it. The slap resonates and he starts fucking you harder. Not even mentioning how you hit him.

    Gods, you fucking despise him. You hate how knowing he is and how much he enjoys seeing you angry. You hate how he uses your weaknesses against you. You hate all of him. Apart from his cock.

    Which is splitting you open and drilling into you. Pounding all of the right spots, making you keen and bite your lip raw to conceal the moans. Which of course he notices.

    “You embarrassed about how good my cock feels, pet? Moaning like a whore.”

    Why does he have to be so good at this?

    You’re so close and you need something more. He watches your face scrunch and with the feeling of your sloshing cunt gripping him like a vice, he knows your close.

    Its completely selfish, he says to himself. Its solely about wanting to feel you come around him and trigger his own release. Nothing more. You’re disposable and after this he’ll prove it. That’s it.

    So he tightens his hold around your throat, promoting your eyes to roll to the back of your head and then he leans really close and whispers, “Come for me, pet.”

    It has you creaming all over his cock. Coating him in your release and crying out his name. If you weren’t flying so high on your orgasm, you’d be embarrassed. But it’s like there’s lightning flowing through your veins as he thrusts into you, chasing his own release.

    He’s close now too and you want to watch him as he comes. You decide to help him out so you moan out, “Come on Loki, know you want to fill up your little slut.” And its more than enough.

    The sounds of you calling yourself his slut has him filling you up. pulling you as close as he can to fill you up with his own release. Biting into your neck to deafen his groans.

    Yeah. After this he can walk away. Like nothing happened. Totally disposable. Except he’s not so sure anymore.



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  • immersed-in-mischief
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    Something Good ( Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 14

    Summary: Tom is there for you when your emotions become too much for you to keep inside. 

    Read the previous parts here

    Mischief Makers: @ruiningthe1975 @nms224 @youlightmeupfinn @salempoe @lokiprompts @oasiswithmyg @saltandapepper @chwlogy @locht3ssmonster @mad4marvelloki @sititran @dryyoursaltyoceantears @ca-loki  @nurisiliel  @thankyouforanonymity   @tgaylorxoxo  @ordinarylokix  @1marvelnerd3000  @queenofallhobos  @marvelgirl0515 ​  @augusta-imperatrix ​  

    The sun had long since gone down when the two of you made your way down to the beach. Perfectly positioned, the resort’s restaurant was only a few feet from the water. Since the moon was full, it lit up the sand with a soft glow. As Tom sat down to take off his shoes and roll up his pants, he watched you as he tried to read your expression. You had been quiet since you two headed downstairs.

    While in the clothing shop you chose in the shopping strip, your face briefly lit up as you picked out a few dresses to try on. Of course, you looked amazing in all of them, but you always looked amazing. After the items were charged to the room and sent upstairs, the two of you walked to dinner in silence. You didn’t seem upset with him, but you still stared off into the distance all through dinner and only spoke when he prodded.

    Once you were down the beach and away from the lights of the resort, Tom decided to poke the bear. If you were going to blow up, he wanted it to be away from other people with cameras. He playfully kicked the water at you to get you out of your thoughts. It did the trick and startled you. Almost as if it was instinct, you put on your fake smile. It fooled most people but not him.

    “Penny for your thoughts?”

    You looked at him and battled internally with yourself. There had already been enough setbacks so far. How many times this trip would the two of you have to give up precious time? It made you sick, but you chose to push it down.

    “Just tired, I think. It’s already been a long two days plus staying up plotting against you last night didn’t exactly make for restful sleep. I’m just glad we’re finally here. So, what all did you want to do this week?”

    He saw right through it. You obviously weren’t upset with him, but something was eating at you. Since you weren’t letting it effect your mood anymore, he couldn’t pull “truthful and honest” on you, and you knew that too. His only choice was to wait you out.

    “Well, other than lots of time lying on the beach, there are a few things that could be fun. They offer private snorkeling, so we don’t have to go in a big group. There are some amazing running paths. We could almost take a different one every morning.”

    “You said something about hiking?”

    He switched his shoes to the other hand and grabbed your hand.

    “Yeah, there’s a hiking trail that leads up to some waterfalls that sounds worth seeing. I’m sure there are other activities too. That’s just the few I saw on the website.”

    “Yes, let’s definitely do that! I want to see as much of the island as possible while we’re here.”

    The two of you walked a little bit further before deciding to turn around. The water was nice and warm on your feet and you tried to keep yourself in the moment as much as possible now that Tom was watching you like a hawk. When a particularly chilly breeze came off the water, he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and brought you to lean into his side as he rubbed your arm. You weren’t sure when it happened exactly, but at some point, most things between the two of you just didn’t have to be communicated at all. It was just instinct and reflex. Tom was everything familiar and safe to you. In a way, he had been since day one. You wouldn’t have followed anyone else home from the airport but him. He sometimes joked that you were his lost puppy that he found on a red eye flight.

    You continued to walk past the restaurant until you made it down the beach in front of your room. Without a word, you headed inside and grabbed your stuff to shower. Once he heard the shower come on, he made note of the time before heading out onto the balcony. Roughly 9-12 minutes later, or what would have been 3 songs on your playlist if you had been listening to music, the water shut off and he breathed a sigh of relief. After you dried your hair and brushed your teeth, you came out of the bathroom to find Tom pulling his toiletries bag and a pair of pajamas from his luggage. When you walked by, his arm shot out in front of you and pulled you tight against him before kissing the top of your head. It caught you by surprise since you were lost in your thoughts again and it earned him a giggle.

    When Tom stepped out of the bathroom a few minutes later, you were facing the wall with your back towards him. Just in case you were asleep, he stayed as quiet as possible while he pulled his phone from his pants pocket and put it on the charger. After turning off the lamp across the room, he quietly slid into bed on his side. The fact that you didn’t cry in the shower tonight told him that you were not upset with him but also that you were most likely just in a mood and needed time to get out of it. Maybe you really were tired like you said and once you caught up on sleep, you would be in a better mood tomorrow. The steady sound of the waves on the beach outside began to lull him to sleep. Just as he was drifting off and closing his eyes, he felt you adjust in bed and a second later your pinkie finger wrapped around his…

    His mind went back six years to the first movie premiere you had attended with him. It was a more hectic event than any of the ones you had been to before. There were a lot of celebrities showing up all at once, so the press was yelling, lights were flashing, and it was chaotic. Tom was of course accustomed to it. His bartender from Georgia was not, however. You had been standing back beside Luke while he went down the press line and the very second he was done, you were by his side again. Since you didn’t want to attract attention to yourselves with the press and start any more rumors, you didn’t want to hold his hand or any bigger gestures that they could see. That was when he felt your pinkie finger wrap around his to get his attention. When he looked down into your eyes, he saw the panic in them, and he understood. Tom shared a nod with Luke that told him that he was done with the media for the evening. You watched as he picked up his pace without losing a hold on your pinkie until the two of you were tucked inside the theatre. Out of the line of sight, he ducked the two of you into a corner and you fell apart. Neither of you had expected it all to trigger a panic attack but he was there. He got you calmed back down until your breathing steadied again. With a cocktail napkin from his drink, he cleaned up your makeup where the mascara had run down your cheeks. When you were good, the two of you headed for your seats and enjoyed a great night out together. The signal came in handy a few other times in stressful situations and told him everything he needed to know if the two of you couldn’t exchange a look or speak to each other. In a hotel room in Hawaii, you were telling him that you were anxious, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a panic attack. You needed him.

    Tom’s eyes shot back open as he sat up on his elbow and looked over at you. In the moon light coming in through the balcony door, he could just make out your face. Your eyes were tightly shut with tears streaming down your cheeks and your breathing was coming in short and shallow pants.

    “Baby, it’s alright. Come here.”

    His arms reached out and pulled you over to his side of the bed until you were laying on his chest. That’s when your sobs broke free. Tom’s arms wrapped tightly around you as he tried to comfort you. You let it all out as you curled up against him. Through your crying, you could feel his fingers lace through your hair and his voice was whispering in your ear.

    “It’s ok, Baby. I’m right here. You’ll be fine, Georgia. Just breathe for me, Love.”

    He grabbed your hand where it was tucked in between the two of you and laid it on his chest as he took slow, deep breaths.

    “Shhhh. Hey, Darling, listen to me. You’ve got to breathe, Baby. Feel my chest. Come on, George. Deep breaths. There you go. Just keep breathing with me.”

    Your head was tucked down into the crook of his neck and his lips were right against your ear. Even though you had a tight grip on his shirt in your fist, you could feel the rise and fall of his chest. Over the next few minutes, he continued to talk you down as your breathing started to steady. Your sobbing had quieted down to whimpers and even though your breath still trembled from crying, it was becoming slower and deeper.

    Tom continued to hold you against him as he rubbed your back and ran his fingers through your hair with the other hand. Now that you were calming down, he stayed quiet as he kissed the side of your head and cheek that he could reach with the angle you were at. Once you let go of his shirt and melted into him, he tried to talk to you.

    “Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Talk to me, Love.”

    When you didn’t answer, he leaned back and pulled you out of his neck so he could see your face. Your eyes were filled with pain as you stared up at him.

    “Oh, Georgia…”

    His eyes glistened over at the sight of you. He held your face as he wiped your tears away with his thumbs. Not quite ready to talk just yet, you curled back up against his side and wrapped your arms around him. Your head rested on his chest and he would occasionally kiss the top your head as he played with your hair and ran his fingers over your arm on his chest.

    “I think Josh and I are over…”

    His movement stopped. Tom looked down at you and waited for you to continue.

    “He and I had a big fight that night before I went to work, and he stormed out. I knew I shouldn’t have gone on the trip, but I knew I wouldn’t get to see you for at least six more months if I stayed home. I tried calling him when he wasn’t there when I got back from my shift and I sent him a few messages before we left. I haven’t heard a word from him in two days. Not since he walked out the door. I think he’s finally just… done.”

    “It’s alright, George. I’m sure he’s just mad. You two have had fights before, Love.”

    You pulled away from him to lay on your own pillow again and laid on your side to face him. Tom pulled the blankets up around your shoulders and laid back down with his arm tucked under his head. Once you were comfortable, he reached out and held your hand and watched you.

    “This time was different, Hollywood. You didn’t hear the things he said to me or the way he left. I want to enjoy the trip. Believe me, I really need this, but I can’t stop worrying about what’s waiting for me when I get home. Even worse, what’s not waiting for me.”

    His thumb traced over the back of your hand as he gathered his thoughts.

    “I can understand that, George. Relationships are terrifying sometimes. All you can do is prepare yourself for both scenarios. So, let’s say he is back home when you get there.”

    “Ok, then I talk things out with him, I guess?”

    Tom chuckled as he looked at you.

    “You don’t sound very sure about that, Georgia. Do you want to fix things with Josh?”

    When you didn’t answer, he reached out and tucked your hair behind your ear.

    “It’s just you and me right now, Love. Just talk it out with me. What’s in that head of yours?”

    You closed your eyes and tried to clear your thoughts. There was so much going on in your head and in your heart. They were in a war with each other. You replayed the last two years with Josh. Things had been great for a long time. You loved him. Everything seemed to change when you moved in together though. The fights became more and more frequent over the same things each time. He hadn’t even touched you in nearly a month. Was love enough though? Did loving someone excuse them from hurting you?

    “I honestly don’t know… He said some pretty hurtful things, Tom. I love Josh. I really do, but when do you know when it’s time to let go of someone you love?”

    A flash of pain crossed Tom’s face and he quickly tried to disguise it. He didn’t know the answer to that question either. The woman he loved was only a foot away from him. She felt thousands of miles away though. Part of her was still in a hotel suite in downtown London. She was seven years in the past with a part of himself he gave away and never got back. No matter where he was, or what character he was playing, or whatever media outlet he was being interviewed by, he was still tethered to that moment in his life. His heart was anchored to all the memories that suite held. Time stopped for him the moment he put her in the backseat of that car and let her leave with all their possibilities for a future together.

    “I can’t answer that for you, Darling. Only you can. Just make sure whatever choice you make, it’s one you can live with. You don’t have to make that choice now though. Not this week. This week you shut everything else out and just breath. The world can wait. If you get back home next week, and it’s over between the two of you, then you pick up the pieces and move on. An amazingly strong and courageous woman once told me that if a man isn’t willing to put in the work, then he wasn’t worth it in the first place…”

    Tom watched as her tears spilled over once more and her lip began to tremble. He pulled her against his chest so she could hide her face. Her arms slid around him, and he could feel her tears soaking through the thin fabric of his shirt. With Georgia’s face tucked into him, she couldn’t see his tears either. He cried for the hurt she was going through, but he also cried for the pain he carried inside his heart.

    Nobody should ever have to know the soul crushing torture of helping the woman you love fix things with the man she loves, knowing she would never be yours.

    #loki smut#loki fluff#loki angst#loki laufeyson#loki fanfic#loki fandom #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston fluff #tom hiddleston angst #tom hiddleston fanfic #tom hiddleston fanfiction #something good #best friends to lovers
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    So I know I haven't started Kinktober because honestly my horny thots aren't that good ;-; but reading these fics have made me wkskshsgajskak and so I'll be posting explicit smut. One thing that I'm gonna do is ONLY write for characters I can do well. It won't be a kinktober, but yeah you'll see non-anime characters too like LOKI LAUFEYSON. Suggestions are very much welcome but I won't post them as replies to asks.

    The rest would be my boys like Keigo, Katsuki, Itachi, Satoru etc.

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    Sweetness on my fingers - T.H

    AU: sugardaddy!tom, CEO!tom
    Danger Ahead!! : Dry humphing, dirty talk, sweet sex, dom sub dynamics.

    You were hesitant to speak to a man like him.

    He approached you while you were waiting for your coffe and never really stopped seeing you after. Of course, to your oblivion you though it was all a coincidence. But he knew more about you than you’d ever think.

    His confidence was what allures you the most. He could walk into a room and people would see him as a leader, naturally. His old ways are your second favourite. All the pet names he used, the love he shared and the gifts he showered you in.

    The first gift he ever bought you was just a small bouquet of roses - after you came back home to your roommate who told you they cost more than your entire pay check because they had little diamonds on each leaf. You called him the next day, making him promise he would never do that again.

    He broke that promise numerous times. He bought you dresses, shoes, jewellery and your favourite - books. Every one you pointed at was already yours.

    He was nicer than any man you have ever met. He never wanted anything in return for his gifts. He just needed a friend, a potential ear that would listen to him and his late night tales.

    He was a talented speaker too. He could say a thousand words about how bad work was, but at the same time, he could write poems about how beautiful you really were. He never forgot to remind you of that.

    “Hi puppy, how was class today?” His velvety voice greeted you at his front door, right before kissing your forehead and nose.

    “Class was nice. I like the literature classes more though.” You smiled shyly and hugged his muscular torso.

    “Want me to order chinese? Some Lo Mein?” He sat down on the couch while you took your coat off.

    “Just wanna be close.” Both you and Tom were affectionate with each other, even if you weren’t in a real relationship. His warm body made you feel calm and helped your anxiousness.

    You two laid there on the dark orange vintage couch, him rubbing circles on your hip. For some reason, you felt un-complete. Like you were missing something.

    “What is it, puppy?” His rough voice send signals to your core.

    “Just feelin’ a bit weird. Like i’m missing something.” You mumbled back and sticked your head further into his neck. He smelled like always - his cologne, home and filthy romance.

    “Want me to do something?” He kissed the side of your head a couple of times.

    “Yes.” You shook your head and swinged your legs so you could sit on his lap. The second his pants made contact with your core you mewled out loud.

    “Oh, that’s what you need.” He chuckled and you were burning with embarrassment.

    “Lemme show you, help you to feel better.” He took ahold of your hips and dragged your pelvis against his, still not making contact with your dripping pussy.

    His big ringed hands felt heavy on your hips, the dragging wasn’t helping at all. It was making you more frustrated.

    “Either fuck me or let me do it.” You grumbled and dragged your pussy on his already hard dick.

    “Use me puppy. Take whatever you need.” He laid back and looked at you with those big green adoring eyes.

    You did help yourself. The first orgasm hit you like a tidal wave, making your legs shake and your tears fall down to your cheeks.

    Tom kissed them away and flipped you two over. He laid you on the couch, took down your and his pants and finally pushed the red tip of his cock inside your tight opening. You could see the beads of sweat on his forehead and his chest made your chest warm.

    His hands were on your cheeks, grabbing wherever they could. He loves to touch you in any situation, and now that his prick was inside of you, he felt like a teenager all over again.

    His rythm was steady, not wanting to hurt you or make you uncomfortable. His dirty words in your ear caused your second orgasm.

    “Feeling better now puppy?” He asked you and you shook your head.

    “Yes. I’m feeling better. But i could feel even better if we did this again, daddy.” You winked at him and bit your lip. You two definetly didn’t do a lot of talking for the next few hours.

    Taglist: @littlemisscare-all @high-functioning-lokipath @loki-smut-library

    #love#romance#smut#tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston x ofc #tom hiddleston x plus size reader #tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston x you #marvel#loki smut #loki x reader #loki laufeyson
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    WinterFrost OctoberSmutFest

    Giant Blue Popsicle Stick Part 2💙❄

    Dom! Jötun Loki x Fem! Reader

    Sexual Content: Cuddle fuck, mentioned of several sex positions, multiple orgasms, dominance, slight choking, rough sex and double penetration.

    Tagged List:@wolfsmom1 @wolfish-trickster @latent-thoughts @luthien-t @blackcat2907

    The bickering between the three of you, sadly ended that night, when Loki somehow managed to get you to explain that you learned those two words from him..but tonight, the Guardians of the Galaxy isn't here.

    Dinner was ready and everyone was sitting at the table, putting food on their plate while having a conversation here and there..Loki had just picked up the blue bowl of breadsticks "Hey Lokes, can you pass me your giant blue popsicle stick?"you asked causally, not really knowing what you just said out loud. Silence filled the room and all could be heard was a sound of silverware being dropped on the floor, Thor choking on his food causing Dr. Hulk to pat on his back and poor Peter spitting out his drink in Brunhilde's face.

    "I b-b-beg your par-MY WHAT?!" Loki asked stuttering for once, a loss for words as you looked around confused to find poor Mother-hen Steve wearing a face of unreadable and mixed emotions..fixing to pass out with Wilson at his left and Barnes on his right ready to catch him. Both Wanda and Natasha had that knowingly smirk look on their face while Hela looks like she's about to do an air-fist bump in victory with a look on her face that just screams "yaaaassss Bitch yes! Get you some!" leaving you to think 'what the fuck? I did just ask for him to pass the blue bowl of breadsticks..right?..RIGHT??'

    Clearing your throat as everyone looked at you spoke nervously trying to clear the uh..tension in the room "So, uh..how 'bout that weather today was it hard out there-?" AGAIN not realizing what you just said..until Tony nearly choked on his drink and you swear you saw Steve's eyes began to twitch, his face beat red with sweat covering his forehead. "I mean hot, HOT! HOT COCK! That's what I was going to say hot cock, how 'bout that hot cock wea-?" you begin to say but stopped when you saw your soul sister, Wanda waving her hands in a "stop, just STOP talking" motion looking at her in confusion. Wanda talked to you telepathically telling you what you've been saying causing your face to flush beat red of embarrassment while Loki just kept absolutely still in his seat and hasn't spoken a single word, since then.

    You got up from your seat and retreated to your room without saying another word leaving your plate of spaghetti behind, Hela aimed a piece of her breadstick in Loki's face getting his attention as he blinks a couple of times before looking at his sister "What are doing just sitting there?..go and get her" Hela said. After Loki left the dinner table to go and find you, but not before Hela shouts out "Don't forget to give her what she asked for, brother!" causing the raven-haired God to give her a look while everyone else just looks at her "What?" she asked with a shrug. "Wait.. wait.." Steve begin to say sitting foward "so let me see if, I got this right?"he added causing all eyes on him, now " so..Loki and Y-Y/N are gonna do the, you know..." the super soldier than starts to whisper, like he's about to share a really 'juicy secret' and says "fon-due-ing with his fondue stick."

    "God dammit Steve, just say it! Why is it so hard for you to say it?!" Tony exclaimed, gaining everyone's attention "It's a three letter word, just three. Sex, there gonna have sex!" he shouted while shaking the dinner table. "Steamy, hot and animalistic sex! Sa-" gets interrupted by Dr. Hulk "Uh, Tony buddy. Calm down he-" then there was a loud "THUD" everyone looked and found that poor Motherhen Steve has finally passed out, by falling backwards next thing you know Barnes and Wilson get into an argument about who was suppose to catch him.

    💙 Smutty-Smut ❄ Time 🍆

    Loki is fucking you in a spooning position with a slow and agonizing pace but with very hard thrusts in his Jötun form, feeling the ridges on his enormous icy hard cock hitting you in all the right places.. causing you to gasp and moan in pleasure, as he sucked, bite and nibbled all over your neck marking you as his to ravish and claim. He's already taken you in at least three other positions in his Æsir form... or maybe it was four?

    Loki lifts up your upper leg and draps it over his butt, propping himself up and grabs hold of your thigh allowing himself to go deeper thrusting in and out of you vigorously. That familiar feeling quickly build up in your stomach, already so close to your fourth orgasm tonight as he goes deeper..faster.. harder suddenly the fire building inside of you erupts like a wildfire your body shook as you came hard crying out his name in pleasure. Clenching tightly around his cock as you did causing him to hault his movements with a hiss, he pulled out only half way before slamming back into you with one powerful thrust earning some squeak from you as you came again "FUCK!" Loki shouted cumming deep inside you with clenched teeth.

    Upset with himself that he came too soon..he pins you against the headboard of your bed with his cold body pressed up against your sweating back trapping you there. Loki began kissing all over the back of your neck and shoulders, as he waited for you to come down from your high..until he found "the spot" on your neck to mark you as HIS, he licked and nibbled in that same spot.

    You finally woke from your high and squeaked out like a mouse being caught by it's prey, as Loki nipped on the neck before nuzzling and licking it. "Always so responsive to me, my dear."he mumbled against your neck, sending chills down your spine in good way as you moaned for him when you felt him lick your neck again "Are you ready dove?"he asked in your ear, as he lined himself up at your soaked and heated entrance behind you. "Yes. Please fuc-" you didn't even get to finish your sentence, as he plunged himself inside of you, screaming out his name in both pleasure and pain over and over again like a chorus to a song..as he slammed into you repeatedly, your sounds were like music to his ears. "Hmm..that's right my dove, sing to me. Sing to me, my little songbird." he purred in your ear and nips the side of your neck "Lo-Lo...KI!" you managed to gasp out. "Lovely. Say my name, dove."he rasped in your ear and nips at your neck again "Lo..uhh, uhhh-LoKi!" you squeaked, panting while his movements doesn't faltered. "Say. My. Name. "he demanded with a feral growl, as he slammed into you with powerful thrusts for each word "LOKI! LOKI! LOKI!"you chanted loudly with a moan for each movement, as your body jerked foward and close to coming. "SAY MY NAAAMEEEE!!"he shouted with a roar while slamming in and out of you wildly "LOKKKIIII!!.."you cried out in a whimpering mess "Oh holy mother of-" you began to say getting ready to cum but.. "Don't you dare fucking cum!!.." he commanded pulling out completely you whimpered in protest.

    In one swift motion..he flips you onto your back and plunged himself inside of you with a hiss feeling you clench down on his erect member, wrapping your legs around his waist allowing him to sink in further with ease moans escaping from both of your lips. "Not yet." Loki added gripping your hip with one hand, his claws digging into your skin and the other wraps around your neck, as he begins to brutally pound you "Ah-Uh..Oh my-Uh, uh, uhh..Ohmygod" you managed to gasp out in between moans "You called, my dear?"he asked as his lustful crimson red eyes stare into your hazey, lustful ones. "You like this dove? You like me fucking you like this with my hand wrapped around your pretty little throat? You like me to have my way with you, like this? You like getting filled with my giant blue popsicle stick?" Loki asked, not at all slowing down on his savagely violent pace "Yes I I-ahh, fuck.. love it! I love it al-ahhh... OH FUCK, PLEASE DON'T STOP!"he chuckled. "I know love, I can feel it. You take my cock so well dove, it's like you were made for me..."he praised "Do you wanna cum, my love?"he asked "Y-Y-Ahh, Ahh.. Ye-Uhhh, Uhhh.." his movements and the multiple orgasms you've tonight, it was all too much but it all felt SO FUCKING GOOD! You felt like you were on cloud nine, he was fucking you so good that you were a whimpering, moaning mess and saying incoherent words...HELL you're beginning to see stars.

    Loki losen his grip on your neck, as he spoke "Do you wanna cum dove? Blink once for yes and two for no."he said slowing down his movements, as you blinked your eyes once for yes. "Then cum. Cum for me dove, cum for your king."he purred against your neck and that was your undoing, you came hard like a hurricane just soaking his cock with your juices..with one last thrust he slammed into you and roared your name as he came, his cold seed mixing with yours while pulling you into his chest holding you close to him.

    About four hours later, you woke up from your slumber to find your being sandwiched between two Loki's one in his Æsir form and the other in his Jötun form. 'Well fuck! I'm fucked' you thought, next thing you know Jötun Loki takes you from behind and fucking your ass while Æsir Loki lays on his back and fucks your pussy..it felt like they've been fucking you for hours cause you just kept cumming over and over and over again, but it's only been FIVE SECONDS?! Jötun Loki waved his hand and the Æsir Loki disappeared, as the real Loki bends you over and grabbed your hips as he pulled his cock completely out of your ass and slammed into your soaking entrance "FUCK!" you shouted with a moan, as he fucks you furiously doggy-style. "YESSS! FUCK ME, PLEASE!! I'M YOURS!" you cried out with feral growl, he pushed you further on the bed causing you to fall flat on your stomach "MINE! Nobody else's, mine!" he growled out, as he fucks you into the mattress..not long after he sinked his teeth into your neck to claim you as his, spilling his seed deep inside of you and this caused you to cum as well.

    #loki#hela#valkyrie/brunhilde#the avengers #dom! jotun loki x you #dom! jotun loki x fem! reader #dom! jotun loki smut #winterfrost octobersmutfest#my posts#my writing
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    My friend and I started writing yet another fanfiction together. We just had this conversation and I feel attacked but also kind of caught red handed...

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    ☘️ Remember to Like and Reblog! It really helps if you want more writing released! This is not free content to steal, so don’t! Thank you for reading ☘️

    Summary: Loki was always afraid of death, squeamish about the concept, however once he dies he meets the fateful end he had always hoped for

    Fandom: Marvel (MCU)

    Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader

    Warnings: death, angst, spoilers for IW, brief overview of smut (not gonna make 18+ because it’s really not in detail and doesn’t describe anything really), fluff

    Word Count: 1534

    Masterlist Link

    Thanos had a strong grasp around his neck, his hand coiled around the expanse, whilst Thor was restrained by Maul. "The sun will shine on us again brother." Loki spoke, unable to gouge his sibling's reaction, for that was his end. A crack, a vigilant snap, and that was it; he knew what had become of him. He was no more the figure of a god, merely an ideology that was to no longer walk upon the galaxy, and flying through a bifrost light until he came to be standing on a ground he had never seen before. It was so green, more so than his armour or his eyes, the ripest life he had ever seen in any ecosystem.

    And in truth, there was a sun, brightly glaring down upon him as he succumbed to his death. Loki did not have it in mind to die, but it was the event that he had received for trying to save the last of his family. He was usually seen as the villain, but his last act had been one of a hero, and in the reality that he had lived, there had been no ambient bulb from the sky that shon and gave him peace. But seeing that his brother had not joined him in this land he was relieved; there was a chance that the God of Thunder still lived and breathed and that was all that he could hope for.

    "I saw you coming." Heimdall appeared, his amber eyes boring into the God of Mischief as his head bowed. Apparently his tricks of his born trade had not parted well for him, or either of them. They had been foolish to ever believe that they could beat a Titan with his Black Order, and now here they were paying for their failures. A sad smile tugged at Loki's features, rather than being annoyed by the statement, he was comforted by it. It was something that had often irritated the Prince but now he no longer had a reason to showcase that behaviour.

    Here there was no king that he could not become, there was no land that he was stolen from therefore proving him to be a true Odinson for ending up here, and there were no immortal wars and battles that he would get entangled in. "I know you did." Loki replied with a succumbed smile of sadness, seeing the world before him submerged in nothing but beauty and tranquility. "Where is my mother?" He asked, wishing to know of her whereabouts. Because of him, she was dead, and he wanted to ensure that she had no hard feelings about his crude, scheming mistake.

    "On the lake with Odin." Heimdall managed a sturdy hand against Loki's shoulder to refrain him from running to them then and there. "They are fine Loki. However there appears to be someone else here that I am certain that you have not forgotten." The magician gulped, already presuming the name that would spill from the Bifrost Keeper's lips. "Y/n, goddess of fidelity. She is has been here all this time, waiting until you join her. It seems that she kept fidelity towards everyone but you; no one suspected that she would continue to remain loyal in the afterlife, but with you it appears that she is willing to go against her beliefs."

    And there it was. Another whom he cared about that had been so ruthlessly torn from him. Y/n, his wife who has unfortunately parted from him in a rouse of angry soldiers who she chose not to defy. Life had been a strained prospect to continue without her, he had even doubted that their beliefs would allow her to pass onto this plain, however it appeared they had and he couldn’t have been more glad. Loki mirrored Heimdall’s stride and also placed a hand on his shoulder, as though they were family.

    “Where might I find her?” He enquired, desperate to see his beloved for another time. It took a moment for the Norseman to answer, but when he did, Loki thanked him and bolted straight to said area. By the fornication of brambles that was peaking on the hill by the waterfall. Running through this world, Loki found he had the endurance of all other soldiers he had lived and died with, he wasn’t getting tired, it was like a rush of exhilaration passed through his veins during his adventure to rejoice in a reunion.

    As he came significantly closer to the said area, smoke brewed, hinting at a fire. When he walked through the small woods that were in his way, he saw a woman seated by said flames, her head pulled back and eyes shut. There was no denying it, he recognised this woman, it was y/n! “I have been waiting for the time that you showed my love. The years have dragged by like the tail of a king’s cloak. I have-“ She couldn’t quite find it in herself to say that she had missed him, she had always had troubles expressing her emotions, but Loki came and sat behind her as her eyes peeled open, and placed his hand atop of her own.

    “I know darling.” He spoke for her, each day that had passed without her presence being worse than torture itself. “But we made it to Valhalla, and now that is all that matters. And now I shall wait until my sibling breathes his last breath like the withering of a dying star, and I will have every person I care about here. No more death or suffering, for we cannot be demised or separated in this world. I remember as a child my father would tell me and Thor of it, and how beautiful it was supposed to be, and now I can finally see true gold as you my wife are here too.”

    “It is good to see you once more Loki, and I am relieved that there will be no more parting from one another, and that we have stuck to our vows of finding each other in Valhalla when it is all over. It is rather strange, I find myself to be more optimistic here, we have eternity ahead of us and I don’t want to waste a single second, I want to make each one count.” His grip on y/n’s hand tightened, their fingers combing to pass into a hold together as the raven haired god leant in closer, his breath simmering against the complexion of her cheek.

    “And we shall, how about we start our forever right this second?” His hand combed through her braided locks, running along the surface of her scalp as he lovingly turned her head, their noses accidentally bumping together. “Þú getur lyft hammanum mínum hvenær sem er, ef þú veist hvað ég meina.” Loki’s head dipped to capture her lips as they laid beneath the sun together, it setting into a beautiful set of oranges and beacons of diverted light as he leant atop of his wife, making up for all the time that they had lost throughout the last one hundred years.

    Her hands peeled at his clothing, bearing him down to the same nudity that he had been born into the world to. He repeated the actions upon her, leaving their flesh in a crushing clash that remotely emitted their emotions to one another. Hands were thrown into long locks, ankles were held around waists, hands were knotted together in a matrimony as the world became lost to them, and they adorned each other in lustrous kisses to emphasises how much they had missed each other. They had truly found Valhalla, and it was an opportunity to see out their marriage together and make a copious amount of new memories that would spin within this realm for all time.

    Whispers of pleasure sung among the birds, greeting the newcomer to his new home. Loki had always been scared of death but the outcome of a natural passing only proved that all along he had had nothing to fear, it had only lead to a warm fire and a wolf skin beneath him, as well as the company of almost everyone that he cared for. He’d wished he could have fought Thanos with smarter tactics but he held no regrets, he had a feeling that in the long run that the Titan would not spur a win, and that eventually the avengers would bring him to his own end.

    And whilst he was not a particular fan of the mad executioner, he only wished that he could be brought this same peace, and realise that all that bad he did lead to no good in the nine realms. Like Loki, he would see his extinct family again, and regret the trouble that he had brought. Loki was no martyr, or hero, or soldier. He would always be a trickster and if this ending were a trick, if he were manipulated to think that he had made it to Valhalla, he was okay with that. He had everything that he had wanted right here, saying his name with no remnants of fidelity.

    Þú getur lyft hammanum mínum hvenær sem er, ef þú veist hvað ég meina - You are my Valkyrie, and I would follow you across the nine realms and into eternity

    Tags ~ @jimshandholder

    #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson imagine #loki laufeyson smut #loki laufeyson angst #loki laufeyson fanfic #loki laufeyson x you #loki x reader #loki imagine #loki odinson imagine #loki odinson smut #loki odinson fluff #loki oneshot#loki fanfiction#loki smut#loki laufeyson #marvel x reader angst #mcu x reader smut #loki odinson x reader #imagines#imagine#xreader #tom hiddleston x reader
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  • sidepartskinnyjeans
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kinktober Day 15 - Gaping & Forced Orgasm

    MCU Fanfiction Loki x Maid!Reader

    Fictober prompt "I like that in you"

    Summary: Loki likes to push your pleasure to your limit.

    Warning: 18+ sexual content, overstimilation, fingering, d/s dynamics, gaping, gaping toys, anal play, butt plug, dirty talk, vibrator, 'forced' orgasm, almost the use of a safe word.

    A/N: I've written two threesomes but I still think this might be the filthiest thing I've ever written. It's not even very long. Enjoy, I guess.


    Kinktober Masterlist

    It felt like it had been hours. The feeling of your mingled release wet beneath you for only a moment before Loki snapped his fingers and the sheets changed again. Black silk to emerald green cotton.

    All you could think was Loki, all you could feel his hands and lips against your sweat soaked skin, his husky whispers in your ear, the taste of his lips on your tongue.

    "Little Pet, I must see your face again as you give yourself to me." You shook beneath him, long spent.

    "Master, Loki, Highness, Prince" you chanted to his amusement

    "You know what you must say if you've had enough" you did know, all you had to do was call out 'red' and he'd release you, but to your deep humiliation you stay silent, relaxing once more into the bonds that hold you open on his bed. Ankles and legs spread for his enjoyment.

    He moved back onto his heels, nestled between your legs to better view you.

    "Look at your little quim" he teased "I believe she misses me already." He pressed his thumb to the tight skin between your legs, roaming upwards until he could slide the tip back inside of your abused lips.

    You gasped in pain and pleasure, the sensation over whelming, stars appearing in your eyes as you held them shut.

    "Do you not wish for more pleasure, Pet?" His tone low, fingers tormenting. You did, gods you did, but you didn't think you could take anymore.

    "Yes, no, yes but...I can't. I want to...please, Master" you threw your head back, your hair plastered to your forehead with sweat.

    He chuckled, mocking. "Yes and no. I see. Your greedy little body clearly wants more, she's calling to me." You could feel your body betraying you, a rush of slick beneath you, the twitch of your sensitive pussy. "Let's give her something to hold onto since she's struggling, she looks so lonely and empty." With barely a twitch of his hand a small glass toy appeared with a hole through the middle.

    Loki slid his long fingers back through your wet folds, gathering evidence of her further arousal. Your body went slack at the intrusion of the toy, not deep enough to be fulfilling, just wide enough to keep you open. Desperate, clinging and squeezing at nothing when it ended abruptly.

    You thrashed at your bonds when he moved away, poised again between your legs.

    "Look how pretty she is for me, so pink and inviting" his finger circled the opening of the toy and tickled the glass inside. You were acutely aware of him being both inside of you but not touching you. Another clench and he laughed, watching your muscles work.

    "I wonder" he tapped the bed and a second toy appeared, gold and egg shaped with a small flange at the end set with an emerald. He'd used a similar toy on your before. The feel of it asking for entrance at the tight ring if muscle under you a familiar torture. "Relax, Kitten, you're doing so well" Loki kissed the inside of your thigh, raising your hips higher with a pillow, hair tickling you as he bent again to nuzzle at your leg.

    With a quiet pop the toy found its home, filling you but not enough, keeping you on the edge of pleasure.

    "Have you had enough yet?" He smirked, eyes sparkling as you only gasped in response. "Do you wish to use your special word?" You shook your head once. "So brave, so eager for pleasure and to please me. I like that in you" he tapped at the inside of the glass toy, an imperceptible movement that had you quivering "I like this in you too. I can see all that I do to you, fascinating and beautiful" you could feel yourself squeezing and leak without your control again but it did appear to please your Master.

    Your reward was a single finger ghosting gently over your now swollen clit "more" you panted. A feral grin spread across Loki's face.

    Where had they found such a wanton, gorgeous little thing. Full, stretched and gaping, still begging him for more.

    A loud buzz filled the room as uncontrollable pleasure bloomed from inside you. The fierce grind against your clit ripping an orgasm from you, baring down on the toys. It happened so fast you expected this to be the end but with only a few seconds respite the buzzing returned, twisting and forcing another wave of pleasure cresting as the first stared to dissipate.

    You met Loki's eyes, still full of mirth and wonder and he knew it was enough. Not to push any further. Soft kissed and nips against your knees as he removed the gold plug letting it vanish into the air. Your lips puffy and abused as he removed the glass toy, a finger feeling the stretch of your walls slowly closing around him.

    Tag list:

    @marvelfansworld @doasyoudesireandlive @dyinglikenarcissus @kittycatkrissa @shamelessfangirl-3

    #kinktober#fictober21 #loki x reader #loki smut #loki laufeyson x you #loki x you
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  • vampyalyssa
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Permanently Marked (Loki x Reader)

    Part 1 - Inked (3 part series) 

    TW: smut, language, witchcraft

    Summary: you’re a norse pagan who worships the trickster god Loki. One day, when stargazing you have a mental breakdown and summon him. To your surprise he appears. 

    Wordcount: 3k 

    I’m not addicted, I promise. It’s only a few, I promise. I know these empty promises are no use, I could easily be addicted. Everyone warned me about this. Well, some warned me. Others said it  almost encouragingly, promising me that I would love it. Encouraging me to join their addiction, their hobby, their aesthetic, their lifestyle. And I do love it. I love them. The way they look. The way they make me feel. They way they make me hurt. 

    “You’re doing really well, I’m almost done,” Micheal said. 

    I couldn’t even feel the needle. Well the needles. The rhythmic movements lulled me and distracted me from the pain. It helps that it wasn’t large and was over fairly fast. 

    It’s my third tattoo. Probably the only one with an almost religious (more like entirely) meaning. I’m getting a symbol to represent Loki, the Norse God, on my thigh. 

    “All done,” Michael said. 

    I looked down to see it. The ultimate sign of worship and respect to the god. More so than I may even realize now if things go my way. 

    “Thank you so much, I love it!” I exclaim. Michael cleans it up and puts a clean layer of cling wrap around it. “I am so lucky to have the best tattoo artist in the world!” 

    “I am so lucky to have the best client in the world. Let me know if you have any more gnarly ideas y/n.” I pay for the tattoo and tip him handsomely, he deserves it.

    It’s a good thing that I got this in the summer because I am going to want to show this off forever and ever. I may even have the confidence to rock a swimsuit and short dress to show this and my other beautiful tattoo’s off. Maybe it will help me get the attention that I crave.

    When I leave the tattoo parlor, I decide to call a few friends up to see if they want to hang out. I want to show off my tattoo and discuss a few practice things. Modern witchcraft is broad, some use it to just talk about the aesthetic, other’s are actual pagans worshipping various gods, other’s just vibe with rocks and the stars. Magic exists in this world even outside of the avengers, aliens, and those born with telekinesis. We witches focus on the magic within nature, the energy of the universe, and manifesting what we want from life. We focus on worshipping the gods, be it those from Asgard, the God and Goddess embodiment of nature, or our ancestors within the spirit realm, to bless us with their more powerful magic. 

    I have two really close friends in the pagan community, Dahlia is a naturalist,and Helios is hellenistic. He worships the God’s that the Greek’s believed in. I mean if the Norse’s got it right, then they could have as well. Even though we all three are Pagan, our friendship is much more based around our mutual love for animals and video games.

    However, right now they are busy, kept up by school and work and needy parents. So I must return home alone. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t show my tattoo off immediately but relieved at the same time, for no particular reason, I am simply just an introvert.

    I take care of my animals and go about my day, by the time I am finished it is almost dark out and time to wash my tattoo. I draw a bath, dropping rose petals and other safe flowers within. I bring out two candles, green and gold, and set them amongst  a safe spot along the side of the bath. I undress, get in, and safely light the candles. 

    As I am washing, I hyperfocus on gently rubbing my soapy fingers along my new tattoo. Unknowingly, I began softly whispering a chant repeatedly. I’m not sure that I even know what language I am speaking but the words come naturally. 

    Eventually I get out of the tub, dry off, and put my nightgown on. I have a strong urge to stargaze tonight. I live in a small house outside of the city. The pollution still affects the stars but within walking distance is a tall hill, the perfect clearing for stargazing. I bring nothing but a blanket, my phone, and myself within my short nightgown. 

    I feel so many emotions from just laying there, eyes staring into the sky. I have felt so lost lately. My purpose is unknown. I swear I live in nothing but fantasies. What do I do with my life? I begin to talk to the god whomst I have never met but feel a connection to. 

    “I know that you Asgardians are not exactly who I read about in my mythology books. And I know that people here and there may villainize you. But I also know that you are not an evil god, and that you bring necessity to the realms. I wish for you to know me. To know that I follow you. And to appreciate me for my dedicationt.” 

    I hesitate at what I am compelled to say next, danger could ensue, but the words slip out nonetheless. 

    “Show me yourself Loki. Visit me. Be it in spirit or in person. Take my body or my soul if you must. Lead me” 

    I was taken aback by a sudden burst of light...The bi-frost. And all too suddenly he was there. 

    And all too suddenly was I standing too close to the God that I just announced my want for. 

    Honestly, I didn’t think that I could actually summon a God. Or that he could actually hear me.

    Well, I was standing, he landed on the ground. I quickly made my way to him and attempted to help him up.At first he recoiled from my touch but stopped when he looked up at me. There’s no way that he could know who I am, I just look like a trusting person I suppose. He grimaced as I helped him up. To spare my own feelings I took that as him being in pain and nothing personal.

    “Thank you for your help mortal, now I must be going” he said, dusting himself off. He began to walk away. 

    I would have had trouble letting him leave so quickly even if he wasn’t injured. It was the god I worshipped before me. But I saw him grimace in pain when he took a step and had to stop him. 

    “I- Loki! Wait” 

    He spun around quickly as I caught up to him and grabbed his arm, flinching as he did so. He looked as if he was going to say something angry but I could have sworn that I saw his eyes soften as they met mine. 

    “So you know my name, who I am. Good for you but I must be going” he exclaimed but he was limping worse now. 

    “I don’t think you are going anywhere like that… let me help you” I grabbed his arm again, forcing him to put some of his weight onto me.

    “How are you...a midgardian….going to help me?” he questioned, looking down at me. His tone was full of sass yet his eyes and body were already a lot softer than they were at his initial arrival, but not nearly enough . 

    “I know you are a god but trust me. My house is right there, let me at least get you something to drink to bring your strength back.” 

    “I am not interested in possibly being poisoned, thank you” 

    The constant pulling on each other’s arms led to us both tumbling down the hill. At the end of the hill I laid feeling his weight atop me. 

    “Now look what you've done,” he exclaimed, pulling back from my body a bit. I looked up to meet his eyes but they only met mine briefly and then roamed down my body “Oh, well look what we have here” 

    His voice was low and sultry, amused. I looked down to see that in our tumble my dress has risen to expose my most recent tattoo. 

    “Maybe….” he licked his lips as his eyes ran over my body as they moved back up to meet my eyes again “I can trust you.” 

    It was difficult to form words when I was this close to him. I know I must respond though. 

    “Yes sir….you can….I promise I’m not obsessed though” 

    The last part of the sentence caused him to laugh. 

    “If that was true then why get my symbol permanently marked on your body, darling?” he leaned down to whisper the last part of the sentence in my ear. My breathing hitched both at the words and the feelings he brought me. I couldn’t respond. He sat back to balance on his knees above me. His eyes taking in all of me, his hands trailing down from the side of my face to the symbol on my thigh. “Tell me….do you worship me?” 

    “Yes my king” I said, well  more like breathlessly moaned out, while closing both my eyes and my thighs at my arousal. 

    He chuckled again and stood up, a grimace and pain in his eyes as he did so. “I would love to keep this going darling but I am in more pain every second so maybe we can continue back at your place.”

    “Yes sir, I’m sorry” I stood up to pull my nightgown back down. To my surprise he took my hand in his 

    “Nothing to apologize for”

    We walked back to my house, and I sat him down on my couch. 

    “Do you have any wounds?” 

    “Nothing too deep to worry about darling” 

    “I will make you some tea and get you a blanket”  

    In the kitchen I focused really hard on using the right herbs to heal Loki. I think ginger would be really useful right now.

    Oh fuck, I hope he doesn’t get too nosey while I’m doing this. There’s a lot of things that could embarrass me if he found.

    I said a little healing and protection spell over the sweet mixture of honey, ginger, and cinnamon tea that I put into a dark green mug. It’s the small things that matter. 

    “I made you tea with lots of good stuff for the body” I exclaimed walking back into the living room. 

    I almost dropped the fucking mug at what I saw. Loki was now shirtless, and pantless, on my couch reading a book. A book about himself. Literally reading “Loki” by Degulf Lopston.

    “You have a lot of interesting books here y/n” he said, smirking, not even looking up from the book. 

    Now I was focused on his body. Even underneath the bruises and cuts I could tell how perfect his torso was. I want to feel every single hill and indentation on his chest and stomach beneath my hands. And below that, his muscular thighs, I want to feel on either side of my body. And even from across the living room with him sitting down and unstimulated I can see the bulge under the light fabric of his underwear. 

    “See something you like?” I look back up to his face to see that most beautiful smirk again. 

    Oh, fuck it, theres nothing to hide now

    “Honestly, yeah” I crossed the room “now drink your tea and relax, handsome” 

    “Only if you sit next to me and explain that little tattoo of yours, and this book, oh and judging by that altar I know it’s a bit more than aesthetics, beautiful”

    ~ The god that I worship thinks I’m beautiful ~

     Well, there is only one way to say this. 

    “I worship you Loki” I said sitting next to him, avoiding eye contact out of embarrassment. 

    His hand came to my cheek lifting my head up to meet his eyes. “I know,” he said, “I know who you are y/n, I just wanted to hear you say it, my most loyal and beloved follower.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead and returned to sipping the tea I gave him.

     I never even told him my name. I am both shocked, embarrassed, and beyond happy. My craft, my practice, none of it was ever in vain. 

    “No darling, it was not” he responded. Giving me an oh so sexy wink as I looked in shock at him upon the news he could read my mind. 

    “This must be why the bi-frost brought me to you. I needed to be somewhere safe, with someone that I could trust. How can I repay you for your kindness?” 

    We were really close now. I subconsciously sat close to him to begin with, but between that forehead kiss and everything he has only scooted closer. My bare thighs were touching his. I swear my tattoo tingled being so close to it’s inspiration. 

    “I, there’s no need, the honor of being able to help you is enough.” 

    The book and tea both resting on the coffee table now. He brought his face close to mine again. 

    “Tell me darling, do you think about me at night?” His body was so close to mine now, I wanted nothing more than to feel it on top of me again without his clothes on. 

    He chuckled, “I can arrange that love,but maybe we should wait until I am back in full health tomorrow so I can do it properly” 

    oh fuck, not the mind reading again. 

    “I do think about you at night, Loki. I think about you all the time. I live to please you. I want you to be proud of me and bless me properly.” 

    He seemed both happy and angry at my statement. 

    “Your words mean so much to me y/n. I am so grateful to have you as a follower, but please live your own life.” 

    And now we were making out. Our hands in each other's hair. I moved my hand from his hair to his torso and further and further down. The way that I have always wanted. 

    He began to push me back on the couch but I resisted. “Don’t hurt yourself. Let me show you how much I worship you.” 

    He growled but relinquished some of his control. I brought my hand down from his abbs to the growing bulge in his boxers. 

    He moaned in my ear. “Come on y/n, please me the way that you’ve always wanted.” 

    His underwear was gone in a green flash and suddenly I had a naked god before me. The naked god that I worshipped. I don’t think that I have ever wanted anything more. 

    And my hand was around the base of his perfectly sculpted cock and he was moaning in my ear. As I stroked him up and down he proceeded to encourage me. 

    “You’re doing so good, babygirl, I couldn’t ask for a better follower” 

    The term babygirl made me so wet, and I realized that I wanted to taste him. Moving from the couch to the floor, I was quite literally kneeling before my god.

    I kept my hand around the base but brought the tip into my mouth. 

    “You are so fucking perfect. Do you enjoy having your master's cock in your mouth?” 

    God, I swear his words and voice could get me off alone. 

    His hand had a tight grip in my hair as I bobbed my head up and down, hollowing my cheeks, and moving my tongue all around the tip. I was so honored to have turned this god into a moaning mess. And eventually he was cumming down my throat. I swallowed every bit before I could think about saving it as some weird souvenir or for some ritual. 

    I swear he growled as he came. Eventually he was pulling me off the floor, and kissing me passionately. His soft lips pressed mine hard, and his tongue had no end to it’s exploration of my mouth. 

    “My turn to worship you,” he exclaimed pushing me back against the couch.

    “Loki, no…”

    “Shhh, I am not going to hurt myself.” 

    And I realized as he moved lower what his plan was. Suddenly, I was naked before the god. His large, smooth, strong hands, pushing my thighs apart. 

    “You are so wet for your king aren’t you?” his hands moved along my wet folds. I could only moan out a yes. 

    And then his long fingers were inside me and his thumb was rubbing my clit as he sweet mouth placed sweet kisses along my torso from my nipples to hips, occasionally sucking and leaving a hickey. And now, I was a moaning mess for my god, as I often was at night thinking of him. 

    Eventually his thumb was removed from my clit and was replaced with his mouth. 

    Damn, that felt really good. The feel of him sucking my clit with his teeth occasionally lightly scraping against it caused me to scream his name. Which only encouraged him to add another finger inside me, his three fingers curling to hit my sweet spot. 

    I looked down and made eye contact with him. The look of his eyes looking up at me while his mouth was on me was too much and  then I was orgasming for my god, moaning his name, my hips bucking, and my toes curling. And he took it all in and more. 

    He summoned a towel to clean me up as I came down from my high. 

    “Holy shit, that was amazing.”

    “Yes it was darling, but this couch isn’t big enough for the both of us, do you mind if I join you to sleep in your bed?” 

    Sex  is good and all but now I get to cuddle Loki, the god of mischievous, all night long, that just might be even better. 

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  • trashywormeateroffics
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The right universe.

    Summary: After Y/N's life turns upside down, she's full of grief. Somehow, one day, she manages to travel to the MCU, where she meets her favorite characters, including a certain god who seems willing to establish a friendship with her. Suddenly she's enwrapped in this new world, where everything she loved in a screen is now reality. How will she react? Will she be able to deal with the ghosts that haunt her? Or will she let them consume her? Will she be open to accept the love she is offered? Read to find out!


    Category: F/M. 

    Relationships: Loki/reader. 

    Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Sam Wilson, James “Bucky” Barnes, Vision, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Stephen Strange, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, other minor appearances of other characters but these are the main ones, Pepper Potts, Loki (Marvel).

    Additional tags: Loki/reader - Freeform, Avenger Loki (Marvel), Loki & Tony Stark Friendship, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Fluff and Smut, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Fluffyfest, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, Pining a lot because we love to suffer, Domestic Avengers, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Tony Stark is a parental figure, Natasha Romanov Is a Good Bro, Everyone is a good bro, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, y/n, After Infinity War but no one died and the purple bitch was defeated, Missions, Y/N is a universe traveller, Grief, Therapy, Protective Loki (Marvel), Loki in love.

    Chapter 10:  Do you think I'm cool?

    Y/N was currently walking down the street with a nervous god by her side. They were heading to Peter's high school to pick him up, since she had asked him to join. It was the first time he was out of the compound since he arrived, and some people were staring, unable to let go of the events that took place here under his army's force a few years ago. It had been a few weeks since their first training session, and they had gotten more close.

    “I told you this was not a good idea.” He said, glancing at her. She was about to say something, but thought better of it. It was probably hard to have so many people hate you for a mistake of your past, one that you didn't completely choose. So what she did was the best idea she could think of. Loki was surprised when she took his hand, but didn't pull away, instead interlacing their fingers together. She gave him a squeeze, letting him know that she was there, that he wasn't alone facing this, and when he looked at her, Y/N smiled softly at him.

    Soon enough they arrived at the school, right when the kids were pouring out of the big doors. Peter saw them and started running towards them, but he fell to the floor due to a leg getting in the way.

    “You should be more careful where you step Penis Parker!” A boy said, surrounded by his friends, who were all laughing at a humiliated Peter.

    “Hey!” Y/N came closer to them, letting go of Loki's hand and helping the spider-teen up.

    “Ooh, looks like Penis needs his girlfriend to protect him.” The boy said mockingly.

    “I'm sorry, do you think that you're funny? With what? That 2010's humor?” She asked him, her tone getting more angry by the second. “You're a poor excuse for a bully, not even good jokes...” She said, shaking her head.

    “And who are you?” He said, frowning in annoyance.

    “Y/N,” she answered.

    “I don't even know who you are.” The boy said, dismissing her.

    “Keep being an asshole and you will.” Y/N said, a sickening sweet smile on her face.

    “Am I supposed to be scared?”

    “You can do whatever you want, all I'm telling you is that if you continue to test my patience and bother him, I will not hesitate in gutting you like a fish and stuffing your mouth with the remains of your organs.”

    “Ooh, an empty threat. So scary.” Grabbing the knife she had strapped on her hip and looking straight into his eyes, she threw it, the knife sinking exactly into the toe of his shoe, brushing his fingers.

    “Is that a tangible enough threat for you?” She asked, smiling sweetly.

    “H-hey! We were just kidding…” He raised his hands in surrender and when Y/N didn't make a move towards him, he signaled to his friends with his head, all of them leaving.

    She turned around to a shocked Peter and, surprisingly, an equally as shocked Loki.

    “That was so cool!” The spider-boy said and she laughed breathily.

    “Come on, I'm hungry.” She told him and the three of them headed to a place she knew all too well.  

    “And did you see Flash's face when the knife hit his foot? And the way she threw the knife, it was awesome!” Peter said to Loki, who just stared at him agreeing but silently, not that he needed to speak, since the spider-child was doing all the talking while Y/N was ordering their shawarmas, a vegetarian one for her.

    A few minutes later, she arrived at the table with a tray.

    “This one's for you, itsy bitsy…” She said handing a wrapped paper with something inside to Parker, “This one's for you Lokie dokie, and this one's for me!”

    “Lokie Dokie?”

    “Your name is so great for nicknames, I can't help myself!” She said, making him smile and roll his eyes.

    “Can I call you Lokie Dokie too Mr Loki?” Peter asked but before he could deny the kid, Y/N interrupted him.

    “Of course you can, he would love it!” She knew he wouldn't love it, but she loved teasing him and he knew that, so he didn't say anything. “So, what were you two talking about?”

    “The spiderling here has been gushing about how cool you are.”

    “Ooh,” she sang. “Do you think I'm cool Loki?” He rolled his eyes.

    “Beyond the fact that the word is not a part of my daily lexicon, yes, you were very cool .”

    “Ha! He thinks I'm cool.” She said to Peter, who laughed with her.

    “I said were .”

    “Yeah sure Lokie Dokie.” Parker said, making Y/N laugh and eventually making Loki, reluctantly at first, join in too.

    Loki decided to join dinner with the team, the word decided loose, since Y/N dragged him there much to his annoyance.

    “I'm tired of you eating alone in your room every day, you are coming to dinner with the rest of the people!” She had said.

    “I do not eat alone, you are there.”

    “Yeah yeah, you are not going to sweet talk me out of this Lokes.”

    And that's how he found himself in this situation. Eating in an uncomfortable silence next to Y/N, with the rest of the Avengers, who suddenly were as quiet as if a mouse had eaten their tongues.

    “Okay everyone, I was thinking,” Y/N began, “what if we get a dog? Or a cat? Ooh a cat would be lovely! So tiny and adorable, little meow meow.”

    “Absolutely not.” Tony said.

    “But guys…” She drew out. Everyone else chuckled.

    “Y/N, with all the missions, who is going to take care of the animal?” Bruce asked.

    “Well, I still don't go on missions, and we are a lot of people, but if the situation ever presents itself where no one is here to take care of the cat, Fury will. Or Maria. Or May, Peter already told me she has no problem.”

    “You already asked?” Tony inquired.

    “Um, yes and I may have also called a vet and I may have also booked an appointment after we adopt the cat for tomorrow at five pm.” She said, sheepishly. “But, of course, if it's a definite no, I can cancel it. But I would really love it if it was a yes.” Y/N added quickly.

    Everyone seemed to think about it and she did the puppy dog eyes, which always cracked Tony out of all of them.

    “Stop that.”

    “I'm not doing anything…”

    “Tony,” Nat said, “cats are great company, and Y/N will be responsible, you know that.” She looked at her friend with a wink and she smiled. Tony sighed in resignation.

    “Fine. But you take care of it.”

    “Yes!” She put a fist in the air in celebration. “Thank you GeniusBillionairePlayboyPhilanthropist!” She said, putting all the words together and making everyone laugh and roll their eyes.

    Walking down the hall with the god, she told him:

    “I'm getting a cat Loki!” He smiled at her, only because he found her excitement adorable, even though he did not understand what all the fuss was about for a simple midgardian pet.

    “Do you have a name for it yet?” He asked.

    “I don't know, I have names but I think when I see them I'll know.” He hummed and she turned around to face him, since they arrived at her door. “Will you come with me?”

    “Me? In a shelter... of animals?”

    “Yeah… you, the fearsome God of Mischief in a shelter, adopting a cat. How does it sound?”

    “It sounds… nice.” He said truthfully. It did, it was a normal thing, a kind thing to do, to adopt an animal in need of a home. And to do it with her, the first real friend he has had in more than a millenia, a wonderful friend honestly, was just… perfect. “I'm looking forward to it.”

    “Me too!” She responded excitedly and in the heat of the moment wrapped her arms around him. He stilled and that's when she realized what she had done. “I-I am so sorry Loki. I didn't mean to-”

    “It's alright.” He interrupted, he was not angry, but was too shocked to even think about saying anything more. “I will see you tomorrow mortal, sleep well.” And with that, he turned around and left.

    Once in his room, his thoughts were overwhelming. He did not despise the hug, it was just strange. The only one who hugged him was always his mother and it had been a long time since he last saw her, and Thor perhaps, but it was that bone-crushing embrace that he hated. Y/N's embrace was soft, but tight. She was hugging him with intention, but not enough to hurt him. Would she think that he did not like it? Or perhaps that he was upset with her? That was what worried him the most. He had known Y/N for a bit now, and even though they didn't tend to talk much about it, she was a very apologetic person. Sometimes much much more than necessary. And it was just as hard for her to express her emotions as it was for him, their difference lying in her being more open with people and him being closed off. So her hugging him was a lot for Y/N too. And instead of reinforcing that, he ran away like a coward. Tomorrow he was going to make it right.

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