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    Based on this request

    *My requests are open*

    Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
    Words: 1540
    Summary: Since there's no way you'll eat the things you don't like, even though they're healthy for you, Loki masters the art of hiding them in your food.
    Warnings: Loki hides gross stuff in your food (Stuff I personally don't like, if you like them I fear you) Mainly fluff, but caution for the gross stuff and the betrayal.

    Loki Taglist: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @lucky-foxface

    Zucchini, meatballs, beans, mushrooms, green bell peppers, sea food...There were things in the food world you thoroughly despised. They either made you gag, or simply you just didn't liked the taste or consistency, so you just didn't ate them.

    But your boyfriend is stubborn.

    "Y/n, this is good for you" you shot at him an angry look and refused to open your mouth. In the end he got bored, so he took the spoon out of your hand and tried to feed you, which was not very fruitful. You put up a hell of a fight, so he gave up.

    You smiled triumphantly as you walked to trash the pieces of zucchini into the trash can, then you walked out of the kitchen and went back to the room you two shared.

    He smiled as soon as you left, he had a plan, and it was going to be amazing.

    The next day he put on his apron that said ‘Good lookin’ is gonna start cookin’, and he made pasta, because he knows you love it, but he was clever. He let the mushrooms fry in soy sauce, then added a pinch of pepper, the green stalk of a single chives, and half a can of tuna. Then he added a tablespoon of cream cheese, heavy cream, and a pinch of salt.

    Then he mixed everything together and let the sauce thicken a bit in the pan before adding the pasta once it was done. He made sure he cut the mushrooms tiny enough so you wouldn't notice them.

    “Loki, this is incredible!” you moaned and praised his abilities, “I’ve been practicing” he bashfully smiled. Since the Avengers wouldn’t call him much for mission work, he stayed in your house bored to death. Until he found a cook book in one of the shelfs in the kitchen, and for pure leisure he began to read, then to put into practice, and ended up liking it, so he insisted that he would take care of the meals at home.

    But, well, he wasn't called the god of mischief for nothing.

    A few days passed, he put his plan to work again. This time, he used beans, meatballs and a bell pepper.

    Since you've been craving burritos all week, he made a black bean paste and he crushed the meatballs you didn't liked from the day before and seasoned them with spicy taco seasoning.

    Then he prepared the guacamole with tiny pieces of green pepper, avocado, tomatoes, and half an onion chopped in squares. Then he set up the shredded cheese, lettuce, and the yoghurt sauce in different plates.

    All the spices covered the flavors of the things you didn’t liked. He watched you fill your burrito with a bit of everything he displayed. So naïve and innocently enjoying his deceiving cuisine.

    The following recipe was a bit more elaborate, however simple. He made chicken nuggets without a hint of chicken. He shredded fish, seasoned with pepper, salt, oregano, and a few tablespoons of a highly concentrated chicken broth.

    After letting the fish rest for a few hours, he rolled it with flour into balls in his hands, shaping them into nuggets, then dipping them into beaten egg and panko before frying. He accompanied the nuggets with a portion of sticky rice with vegetables.

    Before, any type of fish would make you gag, but watching you eat and actually enjoy his creation, he realized how easy it was to fool your brain to make you love the things you hate.

    But it wasn't just that you didn't like certain things, you had problems eating itself. You always had a poor appetite, according to you it was because you had a "small stomach", which was not true. He was there when the nutritionist gave you the list of things you had to eat for your body to regain its health.

    Your skin was pale before, you had low energy, trouble sleeping, intense and changing emotions, emotional breakdowns, depression, anxiety. All that for not eating as you should.

    Sometimes it was exhausting for him, having to fight with you over something as basic as your health, but he understood where this problem was coming from. The words that had knotted your stomach when you were younger, the looks, the insults. With the passage of time you only limited yourself to eating little to be thin as they wanted you to be, almost going to the extreme of eating cotton (said as an unrealistic humorous measure).

    It was comforting for him to feel how your body recovered, your skin was softer, you had curves that became his weakness, your natural skin tone beautiful to look at, you also slept better, you went out for a run and to swim with him to do exercise and have fun.

    You were noticeably better. You were you again.

    Of course, his plan went to hell because of a little mistake with the mussel soup. You had eaten happily, but you found out because you saw him getting rid of the shells. "What is that?" your tone was severe, you didn't even abbreviate your words, you said all three with a space where he swore he saw fire come out of your eyes.

    "The mussel shells, empty" and it was as if a stake had been driven into you, "But you know I don't like them!" even though you were angry he saw your outburst as just another pout, so he decided to handle the situation calmly, as if he were dealing with a child.

    "But they do you good, you didn't even notice them, you never do" he ruined it again, he missed that line and you couldn't look angrier. "Loki Laufeyson, how long have you been hiding shit in food?" By shit he understood that you were talking about things that you did not like, so he couldn’t do more than tell you the truth.

    "A couple of months now, but look at you, you're healthy, you feel good about yourself, I did you a favor" you let out a laugh, "A favor? I trusted you!" you walked up to him and poked a little too hard on his chest, you felt betrayed, deep down you knew he had a good and noble reason, but you were mad and betrayed, so you couldn’t think very clearly.

    You just muttered a few things before walking away from him, “Y/n, please listen” you took the keys but stopped at the half opened door, “Did you made all this just so I could be pretty for you?” you had that insecurity for a while, heck, more like ever since you met him, Loki being so attentive with how your body looks now just aggravated your overthinking tendencies.

    Your question simply threw him overboard, and his patience was at its limit. He took your arm and drew you to him, using his seiðr he locked the door, put you on his shoulder and walked to the bedroom.

    "Loki put me down! Right now Loki or I swear you will regret it!" the poison in your words only came from anger, he knew it, so he paid no attention to them.

    He dropped you on the mattress, his magic removed your clothes, leaving you in your underwear, "Loki what are you doing !?" He tugged on your arm and placed you in front of the room's full-length mirror. "This is how you looked before my love" the image appeared in front of you, you could barely keep your eyes on it, you did not recognize yourself.

    "I fell in love with you looking like this, not knowing that you were hurting yourself. After that visit to the doctor I understood that I was going to lose you if I let you do what you wanted, so I took your health in my hands and I do not regret it" He spoke embracing your body, keeping your eyes on the mirror.

    After a while the horrible image disappeared, you saw your current reflection and immediately smiled, the tears rolled down your cheeks, and he also stopped looking so calm, he hid his face in your neck, letting his tears spill down your back, it was many emotions.

    “No, I did not make you change for my pleasure, I only helped you fix what years of pain did to you, now you are yourself, the one you always should have been, the woman I fell in love with is here" he pointed to your head, "And here" he lowered his finger to your heart, "The exterior does not interest me, but I could not let you be in danger".

    You turned to hug him, your arms clinging to him as much as you could, almost trying to merge with him, "I’m so sorry, I was just angry, thank you so much Loki, you’re right, I do feel better” he lowered his body so he could be facing you. His eyes looked puffy but full with adoration and love.

    “You have no idea of how much I wanted to tell you what you were eating” he laughed, you hit his shoulder in light annoyance, “You are ruining the moment” you giggled reaching for his neck to kiss him, “I love you” he said in between kisses, “I love you more”.

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    #Loki #Mobius M. Mobius #Lokius#Loki series#Loki memes#lokiedit #texts from last night
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    I was watching Loki about the same time Sarah Cothran's cover of As the World Caves In came out on Tik Tok and I immediately saw how well these 2 works of art fit together...

    This is the final result:

    And the wonderful cover and remix I used:

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    Tom Hiddleston - Loki / Thor Ragnarok.

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    #burdened with glorious purpose indeed #Sylvie#Loki#Loki series#Loki memes#lokiedit #texts from last night
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    I was watching Loki about the same time Sarah Cothran's cover of As the World Caves In came out on Tik Tok and I immediately saw how well these 2 works of art fit together...

    This is the result:

    And the wonderful cover and remix I used:

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    Loki | 1.04 The Nexus Event
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    Loki Soft Headcannons

    Gif is from Google

    Crafting little snakes to gift Loki when he's feeling down

    He got you a small ring that has his horns

    Lying against him as he mumbles the words of a book he's reading

    Showing off little magic tricks

    Teaching you to ride a horse

    Practising magic with him

    Fluffing his hair right after he's washed it

    Matching silk clothes for dances

    Him letting you sketch him

    Soft kisses when he walks past

    Teaching him how to use a sword

    Dancing under magic fairy lights he makes

    Receiving dagger necklaces as gifts

    Lying in the woods

    Loki kissing each of your freckles

    Taking him to the markets

    Reading each other palms

    Getting a pet snake

    Chasing each other around the library

    Kissing him at random times to surprise him

    Resting his hand on your lower back and waist

    #marvel#marvel headcannons #marvel x reader #loki series #loki of asgard #lokiedit #loki x reader #loki laufeysdottir
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    Loki glanced to the double doors, and with the wave of his hand, several men drag in the biggest, grandest Christmas tree anyone had ever seen in their life. On the last day of the Midgardian thanksgiving, Loki sent men to venture out into the wild to find the perfect specimen, and once they had found and felled it, they had summoned a special sledge from Asgard—the largest sledge in existence.

    It took thirty horses to pull it, and even they strained when the great tree was laid down on it.

    Now, the mighty evergreen, bound up by ropes and pullies and placed at the center of the room, slowly, steadily righted as the men of the court tugged and yanked. Its tip cut into the sunlight, nearly touching the ceiling—it had to be three stories tall, this magnificent tree. The earthy scent of it washed through the room—Loki took a deep breath, grinning like a little boy. Several men darted underneath the tree's lowest boughs, scrabbling through the needles to secure the stand.

    Loki strode up beside the tree, dressed in long, flowing, dark green velvet embroidered with gold—some of his finest clothes. He cast a critical gaze up and down the tree, then took a breath.

    The men swarmed across the tree, and untied it—and in a few minutes, it stood free.

    Loki folded his arms, assessing the tree.

    Then, he carefully rubbed his hands together. Green light flashed between his fingers. Keeping his hands clasped, he raised them to his lips and* blew.

    Long, sparkling red ribbons shot out from the other side of his hands, leaping up the side of the tree as if it were climbing. He snapped his fingers—the ribbon anchored in high boughs and its curling ends cascaded down, almost to the floor. He clapped his hands, then slapped the air—

    And a blue glass ball shot out and up and danced into place amongst the highest branches. He did this again and again, rapid fire—and each time a different color bulb, glimmering perfectly as Venetian glass, darted up into the tree.

    With deep in concentration, rubbing his hands against each other. Loki’s right hand earnestly rubbed his left. His gaze met everyone as he drew his hands together to one place…

    And stepped back.

    A thick garland of richly-colored, twinkling holly materialized between Loki’s hands as he pulled them apart—and stretched and grew the further they parted. Loki grinned.

    When it hung about twenty feet long. Loki called, "One, two, three!" And he bent, and threw the holly up into the air—

    It swung toward the wall, and hung itself in a wild-but-elegant manner, as if it had taken hours to arrange it just so.

    The flurry of precise and wondrous movement continued. The tree was soon drenched in glass figures and waterfalls of ribbon. Holly decked every straight edge of the ceiling and wound up and around every pillar.

    Then, as Loki rounded the tree, he raised his hands…

    And began briskly dusting off his left palm, as if knocking flour onto the tree…

    And it did look like flour, at first. White powder dashing off his hands and onto the green boughs…

    Until it hit. And then it burst into clouds of snow, which gushed down over everything, freezing and sparkling and dripping into pointed icicles.

    From top to bottom, ice and snow lighted upon the whole tree, not concealing the decorations, but enhancing them with wintery majesty. Then, when Loki was satisfied, he split off, and turned his attention to the holly. He raised his left arm to rest the heel of his hand against his chin. Then, he took deep breath and, once again, blew.

    Frost clouded from his lips and caught upon the holly garlands, coating them with silvery sparkles that made the berries look even brighter.

    With long, careful strides, Loki made three rounds of the space, sweeping his emerald gaze across everything, his brow furrowed, his mouth set. He swung around, and walked with grand purpose back towards the tree and paused directly in front of it; looking up at it for an endless moment.

    Then, he nodded.

    Loki brought his hands together in a thunderous clap.

    A million tiny golden lights burst into being, leaping across the boughs of the tree like countless fairies, then settling with shivering excitement upon the tip of every single needle.

    He took a deep breath, brought his hands together, swept them down, then back up…

    A deep glow started at the center of the tree, shooting up from the trunk to the tip—

    And the snow and ice began twinkling from within with reds and blues and yellows. Loki made a swift, broad backhanded motion with his right hand, then his left, and billions of flame-like tongues of orange and red leaped to life amongst the holly garlands, making the leaves appear as if they were tipped in liquid gold.

    Then, he brought both hands close to his face and cupped them around his mouth. He exhaled a low, fathomless breath—the skin of his hands turn sapphire and gray—he blinked, and his eyes glowed scarlet for a moment. Then—

    He lightly clapped his hands up toward the ceiling. A gray dart of cloud shot up, struck the alabaster…

    And snow cascaded down from every beam, every rafter. Loki grinned, watching it shower down…

    And it vanished into thin air, just ten feet above everyone’s head.

    He wasn't finished.

    His hands were clasped tightly together, pressed against his heart, his head bowed, his eyes closed, holding his breath, as Loki seemed to be gathering all the concentration and force in his being.

    All at once, with a swift, powerful movement, Loki flung out his hands toward the tree, his eyes flying open—

    And a light—a light grander, brighter, more piercing and more fantastic—cracked into being like a firework at the very top of the tree.

    It radiated white beams of sharp illumination, its very heart almost blinding, its presence quiet, still, solemn and captivating. Its light caught the falling snow, making each flake glitter like shavings of diamonds. He gazed up at this star, suddenly serious, as if he were alone in the room. Its light reflected off his eyes and gave color to his features. His features, which carried an odd expression—an expression of almost…familiarity.

    “Happiest of holidays, Tumblrheim.”

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    Loki Silvertongue in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) dir. Taika Waititi

    My precious champion has come up missing, and it's all because of that Lord of Thunder. It's all because of him. Your brother. Whatever the story is. Adopted, or complicated, or, you know, I'm sure there's a big history. And your contender...
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