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  • arofili
    02.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    the line of elros ☼ house of andúnië ☼ headcanon disclaimer

              Númendil was the seventeenth Lord of Andúnië, succeeding his parent Minasdil. He was a friend of his cousin Tar-Palantír and was one of the few members of the Council of the Scepter who supported a return to the ways of the Valar.           While in court, Númendil met and courted Lômiphêl, daughter of a lesser nobleman who was one of the King’s Men. Though her father disapproved of the match, the pair were nonetheless wed, and Númendil gave her the Quenya name Lómiel.           Lómiel bore Númendil two sons, Amandil and Elentír, both friends to their relative Inzilbêth’s grandchildren. Amandil was close to Pharazôn, and the two grew into mighty mariners of great renown. It was through Pharazôn that Amandil met his wife Gimlîth Elenyë, a cousin of Pharazôn on his mother’s side. In his turn, Elentír loved Míriel, and hoped to wed her, though she did not take his suit seriously for many years.           But after Tar-Palantír’s death, Pharazôn betrayed his friendship with Amandil, unlawfully seizing the scepter of Númenor and forcing Míriel into a marriage with him against her will. At this Elentír was grieved, for though Míriel had not accepted his proposal she would have preferred his hand to her cousin’s, and he retreated to Rómenna in sorrow, taking no other wife. Amandil attempted to remain by Pharazôn’s side, but after he refused to bow to the king’s captive-counsellor Zigûr, he was dismissed from the Council of the Scepter and exiled to Rómenna in disgrace.           When Amandil heard of his former friend’s plan to assault Aman, he was filled with a great dread. At this time he surrendered leadership of the Faithful to his son Elendil, counseling him to prepare ships to escape Númenor when the time was right. Amandil himself turned west, purposing to sail to Aman before Pharazôn and seek aid and forgiveness from Manwë. With him he took three trusted companions, one of which was his brother Elentír. They were never heard from again, and the truth of their fates is unknown.
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  • lomiels
    25.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    lomiel ( lo͏ki x lumiel ) moodboard

    #phil.txt #🗡#☢️#f/o moodboard #uh. yea #blood tw#skulls tw #multiple eyes tw #jic #ask to tag #idk i’m just feeling a bit wmotional 2nitw #this is like a kinda accurate pportrayal of How exactly i feel i think
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  • lomiels
    14.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    ahaha what if i wrote. a lomiel fic for the first time in ages *lip bite emoji*

    #phil.txt #not ages but yk what i mean #anyways it’s a variant!lumi fic that essentially rewrites the series. it’ll maybe be short idk i’m still working on it but hopefully it’ll #be good lol
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  • lomiels
    18.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    trailoftheqilins -> lomiels :D

    like if seen

    #phil.txt #ehe i just. Yea :) #i think our ship name is neat so i kinda just. made it my url lolololol
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  • lomiels
    12.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    A Rising Tide.

    Pairing: Lomiel (Lo͏ki La͏ufeyson/Lumiel)
    Word Count: 654
    Summary: Aboard the S.H.I.E͏.L.D vessel, Lo͏ki meets Lumiel for the first time.
    Warnings: Somewhat consistent mention of gods, angels, religion (Christianity & Norse Mythos), and the creation of the universe, threats upon someone’s life, somewhat graphic description of death/murder, Lo͏ki being Lo͏ki
    Tags: @dissolutioneon

    “so, you’re lo͏ki,” lumiel’s eyes turn from the glass surrounding the man towards the man encaged. “the god of… ridiculous outfits?”

    “and what are you? i saw not you in that scrap with sta͏rk and ro͏gers.” lo͏ki replies.

    “i’m an angel. i helped create this universe.”

    “really? i’d never have thought it, given your form.” lo͏ki pauses for a moment. “i thought angels were just in midgardian story books.”

    “usually we are, but special ones like me are sent down every now and then.” lumiel clarifies.

    “special? you seem to have been misinformed, …” lo͏ki glares through the glass as he waits for an answer.


    “lumiel; ‘light of god’. a fine name, reminds me of someone i know.”

    “fine name for a fine man, wouldn’t you say?” lumiel smirks, and lo͏ki rolls his eyes, smiling ever so slightly.

    “sta͏rk has been with you far too much, i see.”

    “i’m an honorary sta͏rk; a͏nthony’s father loved me.”

    “oh? and how is he, a͏nthony?”

    “he’s fine.” lumiel raises his voice slightly as the words slip out of his mouth just as quickly as he thought them. “now, back to you, if you’d be so kind. who are you?”

    “you already know my name.”

    “no, no. i mean, really. who are you? honestly, this time.”

    “i am lo͏ki, of a͏sgard, and i am burdened-”

    “boo!” lumiel heckles. “c’mon, step it up a bit. i don’t want that, i’ve heard enough bullshit from fury already.”

    lo͏ki stands stunned for a second, looking lumiel up and down, as if to say, ‘who the hel does this man think he is?’.

    “very well.” the god gives in, turning to sit down on the makeshift bed inside the cage. “i am lo͏ki, of jo͏tunheim, la͏ufey’s son, the god of mischief, and i am here to bring ruin upon your precious earth.”

    “hmm.” lumiel leans back against the rails on the sides of the platform, and looks up at loki once he’s finished considering his answer. “yeah, i’ll take it. so, lo͏ki of jo͏tunheim, la͏ufey’s son, god of mischief! you do magic, right?”

    “yes. my mother taught me.”

    “adorable; i love a guy who loves his mum - always so nice.”

    “i’m not ‘nice’, angel. i could tear you to shreds if i so wished.” the words come out as more of a growl, and lumiel laughs slightly.

    “yet you haven’t.” lumiel walks over to the glass with a smile and lowers his voice to a whisper. “and what do you think that says about you?”

    lo͏ki’s face drops. he rushes over to the glass, pounds on it once and barely snarls out words. “if i could touch you, i’d strangle you to death right here and make your friends watch as the life drains from your eyes while their helpless pleads fall on deaf ears. when i’m done, i’d kill them too, but not before they know they’re alone - truly, completely alone.”

    a small voice comes through lumiel’s earpiece as he stares into lo͏ki’s eyes, turning his head as if trying to see different angles, as if trying to see into lo͏ki’s mind.

    “sir, do we need to intervene?”

    lumiel replies without breaking eye contact. “i’m okay, turner. this one’s all bark and no bite.”

    lo͏ki stands up to his full height, his glare never leaving lumiel’s face. “you love riling people up, don’t you, angel?”

    “y’know, i let it slide the first time, but if you wanna call me that again, you’d better take me out first.”

    “oh, i’ll take you out; just not in a way you’d like.”

    “ooo, more threatening! this must be so fun for you, lo͏ki.”

    lo͏ki’s glare turns into a smirk. “yes, actually, i think it might be.”

    “good,” lumiel turns to leave and opens the metal door. he turns around again and his eyes show something a lot more sinister than previously seen. “we wouldn’t want you losing your edge, would we?”

    #phil.txt #phil.fics #🗡#☢️ #thts my s.i tag :]
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