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  • -Summer, 2281-

    Sometimes I wish I gave Jack the background as a desert ranger background but I also liked his playthrough from fo3

    #fallout: new vegas #fallout 3#lone wanderer#courier six #jack baby boi #gradient maps are fun #I need to figure out how to import more so I dont ever have to do coloring #ever again
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    • Lone Wanderer, texting: You don’t have to sign your name on texts.
    • Charon, also texting: Dear Lone, suggestion noted. Sincerely, Charon.
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  • Bless Me with Your OTP!

    Thank you @tarberrymentats as always for the tag! <3 And if you would like to participate in this fun little activity as well, this is me telling you to do it!!

    I’ve already done this with Rhea and Garrus, so this time around I’ll hit y’all with these two clowns:


    Do they fight often? If so, what is their dynamic like?

    With eachother? Not often aside from the odd argument. They’re dynamic is snarky feral shit and big scary looking guy who can secretly be really sweet when he’s not being big and scary.

    Who is the most skeptical of the two?

    Lesley isn’t naive, but she doesn’t have the same kind of wasteland experience Charon does and as such he is WAY more skeptical than she is.

    Seemingly empty house that’ll make good shelter? He’s checking that shit top to bottom for sleeping ferals or structural weaknesses.

    Kid asks you to help their sick friend? He votes tossing them a stimpack and fucking off else they lead you into a gaggle of their buddies and they shank your legs.

    Door with “Free Caps” painted on it? Are you asking to die??

    Who would be most likely to suggest a night of dancing?

    Lesley’d suggest it, but Charon has two left feet and is too embarrassed to dance. Lesley doesn’t mind too much though, she’s happy being the only one making a fool of herself.

    What would they do if the other was injured in battle?

    Freak out. If they’re on their own, Charon has to try to keep Lesley calm while he patches himself up. If he’s unable to, then he’s gotta talk Lesley through what to do AND keep her from losing it. If he’s not hurt badly enough, she’ll go ape shit on who-/whatever hurt him. If she’s able to get him to someone who can help him she’ll threaten them with their lives to help him. She becomes a bigger monster when Charon gets hurt because of her crippling fear of losing him.

    Charon shares that same fear of losing Lesley, but he’s a little more level-headed than she. He has experience with first aid on account of his fear of doctors and patching himself up to avoid them. If Lesley’s injuries aren’t too serious he can handle it easy. In the event of her injuries being serious he’ll buck up and bring her to the nearest doctor he can find. When Lesley lost her arm he nearly ran himself into the ground looking for help.

    How do their fighting styles complement each other?

    With her love of melee weapons and him favouring combat shotguns, Lesley and Charon fight best at close range. Lesley takes out foes before they get too close to Charon and Charon shoots at those she can’t reach.

    Do they want children? Does it frighten them? How many do they want?

    With Charon being a ghoul the two are unable to have biological children. That being said they aren’t in a huge want for them. They’re both happy being Auntie Lesley and Uncle Charon to Duncan.

    What happened when they took them home to their families? If their families aren’t in the picture anymore, how do they feel about it?

    Charon’s memories of his life before the contract are either gone completely or vague enough that they don’t seem real. He doesn’t know if he ever had a family nor if they’re still out there.

    Jonas and James were both killed before Charon could meet them. When Lesley brought Charon back to the vault he got to meet Jonas’ grandmother, Lucy (Lesley called her Grannie Palmer) who helped raise Lesley in the vault. Lucy wasn’t as freaked out as others in the vault when they first saw him and she thanked him for keeping Lesley safe in the wastes. Charon wasn’t sure how to respond.

    How does each person show affection towards the other?

    Charon is more subtle with affection than Lesley. To an outsider it wouldn’t be easy to see at first. He’s not one to initiate hand holding or hugging usually, but he always welcomes it from Lesley. If he does initiate it’s not in public view. The most people will witness are little nudges. If he wants to hold Lesley’s hand he’ll move closer to her and brush his knuckles against hers and she’ll get the message and interlock her fingers with his.

    Compare that with Lesley and her displays of affection look like a fireworks show. She’d be attached to him like a spider monkey all the time if she could. Loves trying to get him blushing and flustered. She’ll give him a great big smooch and won’t give a shit who’s watching them. That being said she also knows when Charon isn’t in the mood to be touched and respects that.

    Who cries the most? Who is better at comforting?

    Lesley hates to cry. Especially in front of others. She does do it more than Charon, who almost never cries. Both are good at comforting each other as they know what works for each other best.

    Who is the bigger flirt?


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  • (This Is Who We Are) A Product of War - Lone Wanderer playlist

    i. Sam Tinnesz - Bloodshot [x] / ii. The Blue Stones - Black Holes (Solid Ground) [x] / iii. Smash Into Pieces - All Eyes on You [x] / iv. Sun Heat - Come and Get It From Me  [x] / v. Valley of Wolves - Chosen One [x] / vi. Willyecho - Welcome to the Fire [x] / vii. Louis II - Brighter Than Gold [x] / viii. Matt Maeson - Put It on Me [x]

    #my edit#playlist#fallout 3#fo3#lone wanderer #through the valley of death #is my fic #go read it #also im never making another playlist again in my LIFE #(thats probably a lie) #aesthetic #ch: lone wanderer
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  • Tagged by @slothssassin, thank you! 🖤

    Tagging: @lookbluesoup@ronqueesha@bagheera-is-back@malpaislegate@radbeetle@mojave-musing@gaeadene​ and @abstract-apocalypse​! No pressure, and ofc if you see this, consider yourself tagged if you wanna do it!

    Lone Wanderer Farren Wright


    Art by @saltsealed​ ❤


    FINANCIAL – wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty

    MEDICALfit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged

    CLASS OR CASTE – upper / lower / middle / working / unsure

    EDUCATIONqualified / unqualified / studying

    - FAMILY -

    MARITAL STATUS – married, happily / married, unhappily / engaged / partnered / divorced / widow or widower / separated / single / it’s complicated

    CHILDREN – has children / no children / wants children / adopted children

    FAMILY – close with siblings / not close with siblings / has no siblings / siblings are deceased / it’s complicated

    AFFILIATIONorphaned / adopted / disowned / raised by both parents

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  • image

    In Fallout 3, ten year old Arthur Maxson had mad respect (and crush) on Sarah Lyons. In Fallout 4, you find out she died in shortly after becoming Elder and the Brotherhood struggled to find adequate leadership after. There is no way you can convince me she wasn’t assassinated or it wasn’t planned to manipulate Maxson.

    I have this HC where she fakes her death upon learning about this plot and winds up in the Commonwealth, becomes immediately pissed off at Arthur’s actions, and takes charge. Featuring my Lone Wanderer Charlie, Dogmeat and my Sole Survivor Steve. Poor Danse just wants to know what’s going on.

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  • (I Will Follow You) Into the Dark - Sarah Lyons x Lone Wanderer playlist

    i. Ruelle - Carry You [x] / ii. Fleurie - Hurricane [x] / iii. Susie Suh - Here With Me [x] / iv. Hollow Coves - These Memories [x] / v. The Oh Hellos - Like the Dawn [x] / vi. Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart [x] / vii. Elliot Moss - 99 [x] / viii. Matthew Mole - Running After You [x]

    #my edit#playlist#fallout 3#fo3#lone wanderer#sarah lyons #lone wanderer x sarah lyons #aesthetic #otp: like light on water #through the valley of death #is my fic that this is based on #go read it
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  • Day 3 - Endurance (6) | LW Farren Wright

    • What is your OC’s overall fitness level?

    Farren stays slightly above average in the matter. Active childhood/teens and an overall energetic life keeps her in good shape at all times. She’s resistant to most dangers you’d expect a wastelander to go through on a daily basis, but is still rather squishy. Defense is not her strong suit, and her bones aren’t what you’d call strong. She’s lost count of how many times she’s injured a joint.

    • How long can they exert themself before tiring?

    Easily going a whole day of action, she is however very dependent of a good rest. Farren has a strict sleep schedule and can’t postpone a time off if she’s to remain well physically and mentally. Emotional and mental stress can be way more impacting on her alertness than physical activity itself.

    • Are they good at swimming, sprinting, running or climbing?

    Farren is probably part ferret and can do most things with the energy of a 10 year old child on extra caffeinated Nuka-Cola. Having to avoid receiving direct damage all the time contributes on any ability that can be used to keep her safe. That said, swimming is not her strong suit.

    • How well can they adapt to environmental pressures?

    Quite well! She’s the type of person who’s permanently warm, and has very little issue with the cold nights of the apocalypse or even nuclear winter. As far heat goes, Farren ends up having to wear even lighter clothes, but it’s not a prominent issue either. Rain, radiation, radstorms and the like are also not as much as a threat you’d expect for a vault dweller either.

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  • “ I don’t like you, but I love you
    Seems that I’m always thinkin’ of you
    Oh, you treat me badly
    I love you madly
    You really gotta hold on me
    (You really gotta hold on me)…”

    She & Him - You Really Got A Hold On Me


    Oh God! Both are so young and still need to learn so much about love, but they always know that all their uncertainties and pains are healed in each other’s arms.

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  • POV you’re a lone wanderer in love with a supermutant 

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  • Anna: “Butch, why is Daddy never happy with what I do?”


    I have some headcanons about Vault 101 and how it affected their childhood. Sit down, a lot of text is coming!

    • With Alphonse Almodovar becoming the new Vault 101 Overseer, the rules of containment and isolation became increasingly strict and a lot of people or entire families who wanted to leave the vault to the outside world were treated unfairly and often using force to contain any claim.

    • The Deloria family was one of the families that visited the outside world, coming back with new ideas and proving that the outside world was livable, that it would be beneficial for the Vault to receive more foreigners and open up for trade. This ended up messing with the administrative structures and the experiments the Vault had to conduct. A small group of residents agreed with Deloria’s ideas and started a pro-opening movement.

    • Using Butch’s father as an example of how the administration would bring up this type of issue, Alphonse ordered him to be executed forcing Ellen Deloria, who was pregnant at the time, to never mention the subject again ,repressing the movements even more until reducing them to dreams of foolish young people. This tragedy affected Ellen, leaving her alone with a child to raise, developing alcoholism and later neglecting Butch’s education, causing the family to reassure the reputation of “troublesome and inconvenient”.

    • It was common for the Deloria’s to receive less food stamps, less support when a problem occurred, it was usually their fault.For Butch, who was growing up, his clothes were always bigger than his size  to avoid being changed mostly well worn out, was given less attention during schooling and group games as well. Butch as a child did not always understand what was going on with his family, but as everyone in the Vault was used to saying he deserved it and his mother was never sober enough for him to ask about it, he came to accept that condition, but throughout childhood this feeling became disgust and, finally, he was angered by any authority.

    • Upon being accepted into the Vault as the new doctor, James Campbell, wanting to avoid as much as possible any disagreements and earn the trust of the administration, started to abide by all the rules and proved to be an exemplary resident. Over time, the good doctor won a prestigious place, both in the administrative leadership and with the local population. Some perks also came, like bigger  accommodations, unlimited food and drink vouchers, the best changes of clothes and shoes, unlimited access to Vault’s facilities, among other small favors. With a prominent position James always walked with clothes and aligned postures and guided his daughter Anna to follow the same steps.

    • Anna started to grow and her father soon showed the desire for her daughter to follow in her footsteps, because in that way she would remain safe in the Vault, he always kept her well groomed (with her red satin ribbon, a gift from her late wife and which became the most important item for Anna), the VaultSuit clean and with all the accessories. He was strict with her grades and strongly encouraged Anna to befriend the Overseer’s daughter, the son of the general store named Brian and other important figures.

    • Even with the guidance of all adults to Anna and Amata stay away from children who caused problems … Butch and Anna ended up starting a friendship already in kindergarten, when Butch got into a fight to defend the girl and lies saying that he started the fight, but Anna tells the teacher the truth and in the end the two end up being punished together, with one blaming the other for being in this situation. Over time the two children grew up and it was common to see them together through the vault, always arguing and laughing because of games, schoolwork and children’s day-to-day problems( such as the scratch that Anna left on Butch’s face because the boy wouldn’t let her read his edition of Grognark.). They were good friends and neither of them seemed to care about the distinction society made of them.

    • Amata started to feel rejected with her friend giving so much attention to someone that she shouldn’t even be friends with and started complaining to her father, Lady Palmer and anyone who asked. Just as Paul and Willy started mocking Butch by calling him Anna’s puppy and spreading it to everyone in the vault that the two were dating.

    • The news reached James, about his beloved daughter’s involvement with the Deloria’s son. As she was simply ignoring her father’s recommendations, James starts lying to Anna about Butch and his family, in addition to all the ways to keep them away, either forbidding to see each other, or telling Butch that Anna never wanted to play with him again or wouldn’t do schoolwork anymore. With Ellen feeling once again wronged about what they said about her son, she tried to convince Butch that it was a bad idea to get involved with the Campbells, as they were management’s boot-lickers and would step on him at some point

    • With the two more “poisoned” each day against each other, the fights became more personal and both began to avoid each other. Until, at the age of nine, Anna got into a serious fight, breaking a friendship of years and becoming mortal enemies.

    • (Now some fluffy♥♥) On the ten year’s anniversary, after the party, Anna wrapped up the sweetroll that Lady Palmer gave as a gift and in that same night, left it in front of Butch’s dorm. In class the other day, Butch (who sat behind Anna) pulled her hair and as soon as she looked back, ready to scold him, she was faced with a corner smile of Butch, she snorted, but smiled shyly.     
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  •                                          DI MARZIO FAMIGLIA

    #fallout#fallout 3 #fallout new vegas #fallout 4#vittoria #vittoria kane-di marzio #lone wanderer #lucia di marzio #gloria di marzio #natale di marzio #di marzio fallout universe #they never meet each other #except gloria and natale because they are brother and sister #but who knows ?
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  • commission of @bluemoonmojave‘s lone wanderer, rhea

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  • Faraday’s reference! Took a little longer than I wanted mainly because I got distracted with other art pieces while half way done this

    #fallout#fallout 3#fo3 #fallout lone wanderer #lone wanderer#fallout oc#fallout ocs#oc; faraday#my art#my ocs #little ball full of rage at the world #but at least he has gold teeth
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  • ~ She had become afraid of sleep, because dreams, like the days, repeated pathetically, sometimes down to the smallest detail, increasing her fatigue and confusion. A millstone suspended over a dry stream, swirling empty, continuous, slow, the narrow stream coming out of nowhere, beginning and ending in the barren, yellow earth, sprinkled with stones of bizarre shapes, as if it existed there a field with white statues, and the weather, or maybe a madman, would have brutally destroyed them. ~

    [Augustin Buzura]

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  • FOCCA - Day 14: New

    OKAY I went self-indulgent with this one. But the prompt + a few of these narrative tropes posts gave me 3 AM inspiration. It’s still very much Charon centered, so it counts ok.

    CW Haphephobia

    Summary / Context: After the invasion of the Enclave in Jefferson Memorial and James’ death, LW Farren has lost trust on everyone but one person. Charon takes the leap of faith of overcoming his limits to offer her a small comfort, but a simple hug is all it takes for him to be overflown with sensations he had been denied before, and realizations delayed until now.
    __________ __________ __________

    “After– leaving. The Vault. I don’t have much left. Well, no one now, I guess. I mean– I have you, but… I’m not sure you’re as enthusiastic as I am about it.”

    “I’ve been patching way more bullet holes lately, yeah.” He swallowed, stiff as if turned to stone. “But it beats my past contract uses.”

    Touch. Touch had always been his Achilles heel. Never pleasant, never comforting. The mere idea of contact would sometimes bring him nausea, and when it indeed happened, send an electric pulse strong enough to jerk the muscle, a sickening inferno that would plunge him into fight or flight.

    Not hers, though.

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  • a small note: this mentions having a basement in Home Plate, but that’s actually because i have a mod that lets me stick basements down to have a bit more space to breathe. for the sake of I Did It In My Game So It Counts, there’s also a basement in this au too! so yeah. anyway have this gay shit.

    (sarah’s pronouns are she/her, rookie’s are they/them)

    “This probably comes as, like, no surprise, but man… I love this city.”

    Finding out there was a balcony, of sorts, on the roof of Sarah’s home in Diamond City — home plate, as they call it, which was a name that’d flown right over Sarah’s head until Rookie had gleefully explained the term — had been a pleasant surprise when Sarah had thrown down the two-thousand or so caps to buy the place, clambering up the rickety old ladder to the roof on her first inspection of the house only to find herself in a little sitting area that overlooked the market. She hadn’t made great use of it right away, more interested in the basement underneath that would later become her new base(ment) of operations in the Commonwealth, but then Rookie had shown up to Diamond City on the coattails of a local merchant, and now they spend near every evening sitting in the shell of an old caravan that’s been welded down to the corrugated sheets of the roof, drinking lukewarm beer as they listen to Myrna holler anti-synth slogans, or quietly singing along to songs on the radio until exhaustion makes all the words collapse into mumbles.

    It’s a moment of peace, of relaxation, in a time increasingly fraught with battles and tension, and Sarah actually looks forward to tinkering with weapons or armour on her lap at the end of the day, Rookie beside her and resting on an old sunlounger as they hum along to the radio. It helps to put things into perspective, rather than grinding herself down to a sliver as — many years ago — she would have always done.

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    #fallout#fallout 3#sarah lyons#lone wanderer#rookie reeves #the first sentinel #my writing #rookie's internal baseball nerd is McFuckin Losing It y'all #i need to write the fic where they and sarah find that 2076 world series bat
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