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  • i’m wondering how long it’s been since i felt this
    surge through my veins
    i don’t know pain
    but i know how it is to take everything in vain
    i told my mama
    i told my mama
    let me try tying my shoes
    for once
    and she got mad when i didn’t know how to loopty loop
    this one’s
    for the people who made me hide my heart and lock it
    this one’s for her and all them kids
    who told me they don’t know where my pokemon cards went
    while one’s peeking out their pockets
    this ones for me and all the kids munching on some catnip
    blogging on tumblr bout some sad shit—

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  • you’re stuck like glue on a girl that doesn’t want you
    i’m sorry
    you tried to look through her
    but she playing you
    i’m sorry
    i’m blasting IFHY on my turf
    and i got my heart in the dirt
    and i’m sorry.
    i’ll dig it up for this bitch
    and shove it down her throat
    like i did with my dick
    and then through the split of the lips
    i’ll whisper to her slits

    i feel too much
    i love too much
    i reap too much
    i care too much
    i wish that us
    could work but such
    idealizations occur in books
    and i lost your touch

    icicles were on the clock when you saw me in december
    i remember looking into your eyes
    (was i really looking)
    and that feeling was ever-

    i’m tired of fasting
    meals because
    i got an ember in my stomach from imagining you together
    with a boy who you find fine
    does he make you feel the same like i did when you were mine?
    do you moan his name and cry out to the unholy divine?
    because now when i kiss
    i just reminiscence
    how you called me daddy every time.
    i don’t know how much longer i can hold onto you

    i feel too much
    i love too much
    i reap too much
    i care too much
    i wish that us
    could work but such
    idealizations occur in books
    and i lost your touch

    and i keep coming back to you

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  • you saw the kid was already down
    so you fucked him up
    and the kid stays shedding tears every night
    on the same bed where we last made
    and had our final fight
    and i swear that last fight was the time where i
    just knew that some shit wasn’t right.
    i took a look to my left and i saw you switch sides
    and now my heart doesn’t wanna
    make music
    because it’s skipping beats
    and you’re fucking other guys.

    i knew i should’ve loved you harder,
    i knew i should’ve kept you farther
    and now you got a piece of me
    and now we’re just history
    ain’t no lovin’ tonight
    just for my daughter

    i knew i should’ve loved you harder,
    i knew i should’ve kept you farther
    and now you got a piece of me
    and now we’re just history
    ain’t no lovin’ tonight
    just for my daughter

    we were such a sweet idea
    lil’ kids lost in the world who found nothing
    but each other
    our sex felt the best
    and college came up next
    i thought that we were lovers
    and i dream’t that we were lovers,
    conversations with your mother
    about this bread and butter

    i always told you i loved your art
    but you were the only masterpiece
    you had always told me you needed some space
    you found another nigga and fell in love with the galaxy

    i knew i should’ve loved you harder,
    i knew i should’ve kept you farther
    and now you got a piece of me
    and now we’re just history
    ain’t no lovin’ tonight
    just for my daughter

    i knew i should’ve loved you harder,
    i knew i should’ve kept you farther
    and now you got a piece of me
    and now we’re just history
    ain’t no lovin’ tonight
    just for my daughter

    and now i’m an astronaut
    searching for this piece of myself across every dimension

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  • the kid was always slept on
    and so he started dreaming
    couldn’t find what the hype was
    so the kid started feening
    for bread
    in his pockets
    deep in his chest
    right aboutta lock it
    but when he used the key,
    he swore he done seen it.

    his father with a gun to his head and
    the fucking kid said “cock it”
    america blasting children into the sky
    but they won’t do a rocket
    kids lighting up
    who don’t count their wattage
    no bars
    just tar
    running low on my mileage

    i saw
    forever in you
    you saw forever in me
    spit connecting lips
    fishin’ for that kiss until he
    stepped onto my feet
    pierced my ankle
    and i was hesitant to
    if you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me

    two different people in two different towns
    who avoid everything that reminds us
    of what we believed in

    she was my everything

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  • “i probably got kicked out, ”
    when i’m sus i used the wrong key
    shoot up some heroin like a game of
    pin the tail on the donkey
    ain’t nobody praying for me
    niggas are just praying for the money
    because green is more attractive than
    some slimy sticky honey

    i’d probably die from blowing my brains on my roof
    i’d probably hang myself when all my fam’s out smiling too
    or maybe die thinking one of my park homies were cool
    just to get jumped because they thought

    this bread in my pocket was food

    i’d probably die listening to my mom while in the apartment
    i think i’d die trying to feel happy while we’re arguing
    bout’ some shit her bitch self could’ve prevent ever starting
    and now i got a glock to my dome
    should’ve gave y'all the warning

    i’m tired of feeling like all i do is lose
    i’m tired of using my depression as an excuse
    i said i’m tired and i’m not making an excuse
    i kinda wish i never ever had to choose
    my mental health and the smiles of
    those who’re around me
    i wish i didn’t take two L’s when i’m down feeling lonely
    i kinda wish i would stop being so reckless
    wish i was the type of boy you would actually get with
    or a nigga with an actual to-do checklist.
    but i think, for us, it’s best if
    i end up on a hit list

    i’m sorry i couldn’t ever been what you wanted me to be
    i’m sorry father you never got to control me
    or the family
    but it’s fine cause mama’s taken your place
    and i’m out here doing drugs to keep
    me settle when i’m looking at your face
    i’m sorry mom i was never the perfect son
    i’m sorry those who lost the light from the sun
    i’m sorry i’m not someone like you
    i been looking for a meaning in my sadness
    like i’m watching blue’s clues.

    i think i’d die when i finally get my license
    maybe spaz out one day while i’m spiraling in a crisis
    crash my car into a hydrant
    and watch my lifeless body collide with the window
    party at my funeral,
    invite all dem’ widows

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  • love is in the air
    and i’m holding my breath in
    always first to be late
    but it’s been a second

    she’s heading out of town
    claiming it’s too rainy
    but i blew away the cloud
    but fucking bitch,
    she reckons.


    down i go
    into this fucking rabbit hole
    when i had her under my arm
    i thought that was the lowest she’ll ever go
    when she got on her knees
    she’d never ever blown
    and now i’m deep
    cause she pushed me off my throne.
    come from under the bed and
    i’m telling mommy check again
    cause i swear these demons are crawling in my head

    and i forgot to take my meds,
    and i forgot to take my meds,
    and i forgot to take my meds,
    and i forgave you
    take my meds

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  • as a young child,
    i realized,
    one star in the sky that would always catch my eyes,
    and i thought it was christ
    cause it was bigger than all the
    innocent dreams that was by my side
    then my beliefs got consumed by sin
    and i threw that shit in a bin
    turned off the lights

    and it was gone.

    no star
    just darkness
    so i watched my sadness merge with the blackness.
    came a couple years and my dad died
    came another year and i cut my wires
    and i malfunctioned
    and i glitched
    to want my damn bitch
    ass under some truckers tires
    and i was tired for a year
    three hundred and sixty-five
    days of wool shed on them sleepless nights
    (i think i still got some on my blanket still, fuck)

    the wind started to pick up
    and so did my kite
    legs lifted off
    i’m taking flight
    off into this universe
    with an open heart and
    a newfound acceptance for this life

    i started smiling with my eyes

    i started to hear music
    using the hairs on my skin


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  • it’s going to happen
    i think it’s my final day on earth
    love your life
    fill the world with love
    god is not real
    you are your own god
    he’s sent
    me an angel
    to escort me to the manger
    i will be reborn
    and i will die countless times
    for the sake of the world
    a kite i’ve never flown
    make love to my bones


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  • people wonder why i act the way i do
    why i smile so much
    why i wear pastel pink socks with no shame  
    why i still laugh at the stupidest of things
    youth is a choice
    i am 19 years old
    i don’t have a graduation picture
    because i was too insecure to show up
    i spent countless nights
    with voices embedded inside
    the walls of my head
    so when my mom used to ask where did all my friends go
    i would look at her,
    confused as they were always with me
    i fell in love for the first time
    and pinky promises made them quiet
    but their damn fucking dog wouldn’t shut the fuck up
    her name was lucy  
    lucy was a bitch
    my youth was stolen from me
    by a creature i wish i could illustrate through contemporary english
    by sorcery i would wish on no other man
    i lack basic algebraic skills
    and i don’t know what an ion is
    and i’m always late because i have a sleep disor-
    i’m lazy
    my gpa was a 2.7
    and all i used to care about was basketball
    and coming home late
    and alone
    i never got to play baseball with my dad
    i never got to appreciate mike
    i never got to serve someone homemade punches
    i never got the chance
    to yell and scream and cry
    about how much i loved you
    to your face and how all you did was hurt me
    my past doesnt define me but
    it’s definitely a majority of my identity
    this isn’t about or for a past lover
    this is for everybody
    i never got a chance
    to show everyone who i really am
    and what i’m really feeling
    because i’ve been too busy protecting myself
    not from the boogie man or even the dark
    i’ve been too busy protecting hyvil
    this cruel world itself
    people wonder why i act the way i do

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  • the moonlight is the only thing keeping me warm tonight
    15 years old
    my home is fucking freezing cold
    and i ain’t got no light to see the reflection of my woe
    a small flame floats from the outside into my bed
    and i’m supposed to be asleep but
    i’m up crying instead and
    i swear to fucking god in a sec
    imma’ fill my head with unholy thoughts
    and this inevitable blood and lead
    i take a look at my wrist and
    i feel this flame burn my lips with a kiss
    and he pulls me into the closet
    and we make this forbidden love that makes my mama pissed
    my father opens that door
    that i tried to keep closed through all our family dinners
    barrel of a pistol against my temple
    i always wanted to go but I am a sinner
    i am a sinner
    i am a sinner
    i grab the gun and
    place it against my forehead
    and I hope he pulls the trigger
    “you worthless piece of shit left Haley to be with this n-”
    comes from his mouth and i start to scream and shout
    and i’m tugging on his jacket
    “49 people died in Orlando and you still got the guts to call somebody a faggot.”

    the room goes silent
    i’m cold again.
    my flame was blown out by a familiar wind
    and there it was,
    the warmth of the Moonlight

    came a couple years
    and my dad died
    came a couple years and I couldn’t hide
    ny ‘18
    i’m holding a rainbow colored banner
    that says gay pride
    my brothers and sisters are finally alive
    and i realized God is the sinner
    who lied
    to you?
    skies baby blue and the kids are wearing bright colored shoes
    and they shout
    “dat way”
    what did they say?
    “dat way”
    they got the pastor’s on his knees
    but it’s not in that way
    they got two yellow lines on the streets to divide into sections
    but we walk in one direction,
    as one,
    the rays of the sun are reflecting off my caramel skin
    and i can finally see myself from within.
    my flame is a ball in the ocean ceiling above me
    and it persists
    to kiss
    me with its rays
    but this time it doesn’t burn,
    my mama’s still pissed
    but i think i am home

    i am home
    i am home
    i am home

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  • love is foreign and extraterrestrial
    it is virtually impossible to illustrate what love is through language
    because it’s the only thing from another world
    that we can feel and experience—
    because it isn’t definite
    i looked at a past lover as she slept peacefully on my bed,
    counting her freckles and
    how one eyebrow was a little misshaped than the other

    and i saw love

    i watched a smile peek from a homeless man as i gave him a couple of dollars

    and i saw love

    i saw the birds flying across the forest in flocks as they chase an eternal spring

    and i saw love

    i glanced carefully at the way she held his hand
    and rubbed his thumbs;
    the way they were both in different worlds, together
    almost as if both of them
    were in harmonized security and peace

    and i saw love

    i watched a child help and comfort their friend after they fell

    and i saw love

    i stared at the stars who glow for a world so cruel

    and i saw love

    ive witnessed a suicidal boy
    look up for the first time in ages
    after he was complimented on something so minuscule

    and i saw love

    i’ve been with an artist
    who would paint the most beautiful art,
    but could never see some beauty in herself

    and i saw love

    i held her hand since i knew she was afraid of escalators

    and i saw love

    ive watched the sun come out to see me
    ive watched it descend to be with someone else

    and i saw love

    i saw a plane soaring through the ocean ceiling,
    resembling that white dove from genesis

    and i saw love

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  • “You must defeat Shion Long to stand a chance”.

    Reimu: “Hey Shion, Marisa ‘acquired’ some nachos and wanted to shar-”

    Reimu: “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

    Shion: “I have achieved optimal longness, but, in the end, I am still…”

    Shion: “A [PERPETUAL HOBO]”

    Marisa: *MUNCH* *MUNCH* *MUNCH*

    Marisa: “Wow, how do you even fly around like tha-”



    Marisa: “OH SHI-”


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  • I stole this from @biffybobs and tag @alekinairene and @rixy-sims

    Your name: Kai

    Languages you speak: English, some Korean

    Are you a mermaid: Yes

    Your playstyle: CAS

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  • gamers!!! im trying to make my eyes look less like lines which one of these do u think is the best

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  • i wanmt candle…..

    #for gnawing purposes #you know like a stick candle #long #candle..... #i need to wax my insides a little i think
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