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  • shadowy-dumbo-octopus
    27.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    The thrilling conclusion of the monsterfucker Nat discussion. Unless Stroud explicitly tells me I'm wrong, I think that these three can date some monsters. As a treat. It's what they deserve.

    #Yes Solomon should kiss Uraziel accept it or perish #I mean Sol has a fuck ton of wives so he must've gotten some at least once. Nat didn't live long enough. K is canonically into weird shit. #Like the subtext is very much text in his case #Positive talks#Bartimaeus #Though it's not like Shadowfucker McGee needs my blessing the mad bastard already got some #Good for him. Good for him #Now for the other two hey BARTIMAEUS #Listen I'm the only one making stuff in the tag rn join me or I'll post more cursed shit and that is a threat and a warning
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  • waterfowlenthusiast
    27.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I definitely think this new anti feminism take about how only woc and poor women experience misogyny is going to hurt women AND men of color in the long run. From the divest movement to the many think peices on Simu Liu reddit escapades saying blatantly racist shit about men of color. Its literally just “men of color are just more evil and mean than white men” dressed up in social justice language. This is what happens when no one wants to talk about misogyny and how men in general are enforcers of it, instead we get “oh so evil brown man mean to brown lady” racist talking points.

    #rant #long post sorry
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  • lifehasmanydoorsfuckboy
    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Clown Caretaker PSA!!!

    Hey friends! Just wanted to give a little PSA about clowns! 

    There’s been an increasing interest in clowns and what it’s like to care for one. However, it’s important to note the differences between authentic clowns and false clowns. False clowns look, sound, and behave a lot like actual clowns. But you have to be careful! False clowns are a different species that evolved to look similar, but they are not domesticated and should not be in the care of humans, nor is it safe for them to be around real clowns. Sketchy breeders will sell false clowns for a cheap price to attract buyers - don’t fall for it! Seeing what appears to be a highly sought after breed of clown being sold below market value is a massive red flag. 

    With that being said, here’s some signs to watch out for when identifying whether a clown is real or not:

    1.) Something non-clown caretakers don’t often know about is that clowns can remove their faces. Some inexperienced caretakers misinterpreted this as a threatening gesture, but really they only do this when they feel safe around you! It’s just their way of freshening up their face paint or giving themselves a new look when they grow tired of their old one. 

    It's what’s underneath the face that you have to watch out for. A real clown has nothing under their face - just a blank, empty hole. You will notice they actually don’t have a brain inside their head. That’s because a clown’s mind and heart are one in the same! Clowns may sometimes store sentimental items in there, but other than that it should be empty. False clowns on the other hand, have ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇ that they use to ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇. And even worse, they ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇ directly into ▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇! Thankfully, they don’t have to remove their face for you to tell if there’s something under there, because you’ll see ▇▇▇ dripping from under its jawline. 

    2.) Clowns are omnivorous! They need a varied diet to thrive and get all their necessary nutrition. Many inexperienced caretakers will assume that clowns only need sugar, but to get proper nutrition they need corn dogs, popcorn, roasted peanuts, and more! However, false clowns are obligate carnivores. They will eat sugary treats sometimes as they can digest glucose, but if you notice them peeling the cornmeal off a corn dog before eating it, that’s a red flag! If a real clown was avoiding certain foods, that could be a sign of indigestion or other issues, and they need to be taken to a specialist! 

    False clowns are aware of this, however, and will try to be sneaky about what they are and aren’t eating. They’ll hide or throw out their non-meat food items to avoid suspicion. If you notice any meat missing from your fridge (or in worse cases, a pet has gone missing), you need to act fast. By the time they’ve gotten confident enough to start stealing food from you, it may be too late. Your best hope at that point is to evacuate your home immediately. Leave everything behind, drive far away, change your clothes and discard the old ones ASAP. Keep in mind that false clowns can track your scent from dozens of miles away. After you’re certain you’re a safe distance, then call an expert to take care of the problem. But be warned that meat will never taste the same to you after this incident. 

    3.) Contrary to popular belief, clowns can show an array of emotions! Sure, they love to laugh, but it’s normal for clowns to be sad or even to feel angry sometimes. In a healthy clown, these emotions will appear exaggerated and cartoonish, with big streams of tears when sad or loud stomping of shoes when angry. A clown showing subtle emotions may be an indicator of depression or understimulation. However, a clown should always react to situations with a more or less “appropriate” emotion. If someone hurts themselves, they will show concern or try to cheer the person up by “hurting” themselves in return (slapstick behavior is natural in clowns and does not actually harm them!) If they have something taken away from them, they may be angry or sad. So on and so forth. 

    A false clown will often laugh at inopportune times, such as when someone is told bad news. Some mistake this for clowns just not understanding human emotions, but they are fully capable of reading human body language and other cues - they just express themselves differently. 

    A false clown, on the other hand, is acting maliciously. They will laugh at times that they know will upset you or startle you. And more importantly, they show no other emotions aside from joy. (This is not to be mistaken for the “forever smile” breed of clowns, they may always appear to be smiling, but they are still capable of expressing a full range of emotions). 

    False clowns will begin laughing more and more often, until you begin to hear it when they’re not around. You’ll hear echos of it in the hallways. You’ll hear it on the radio or on TV.  You’ll hear it in your dreams. Laughing, laughing, absolutely fucking jubilant. They never stop with the goddamned laughing. Day and night, the joyful chuckling and chortling and snorting and guffawing never ends. What you wouldn’t give to be free of it, you’ll try ear plugs and headphones but nothing ever works. In desperation you begin clawing at your own ears, drawing blood until your hands are dripping with crimson as red as the clown’s nose. Silence, silence, you just want some fucking peace and quiet! Finally, you take a drill and

    4.) Last but certainly not least - disregard all of the above! False clowns don’t actually exist, silly, I made them up! It was all a funny little joke I was playing on you. Isn’t that hilarious?! Ha ha ha! Anyway, don’t listen to people who are trying to scare you out of meeting your new best friend. You should always follow your heart! If you find a clown that you feel drawn to, that you feel something pulling you in, you should take them under your care without hesitation! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. 

    Anyway, thank you all for reading! Clown caretaking may be challenging, but it's a wonderful thing and can change your life forever. Always do your research, and happy clowning!

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  • saint-molochaii
    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Interview with the Vampire (1994)

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  • littlemaust
    27.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    // words have been hard the last few weeks and I'm not EXACTLY exactly sure why but the part I can recognize is that I am --- waking up. For lack of a better term. Therapy and thyroid meds are making me feel like I am emerging from some dusty locked tower room after a decade and I'm dusty and creaky and blinking because everything bright bright bright and colors and LOUD.

    I am an intense person. And I now find that I never learned to handle my real self in the world while still being kind. I feel like I veer wildly between too soft and too sharp every day. I've already had to apologize to our new admin twice - partially because she also gets on my nerves and partially because she keeps making mistakes that drive me batty. (Do I also make mistakes? YES I DO AND SEEMINGLY MORE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE. I ALSO DRIVE MYSELF BATTY THANK YOU FOR ASKING) (which has also made me so freaked out that I'm going to get fired - literally at all times. Anxiety is fun)

    Fiona, my therapist, keeps telling me this is totally normal. And also that the voice in my head is a dick to me and I should quit it right now. (She absolutely 100% did not phrase it like that at all). And that apologizing for behavior we recognize as hurtful is two positive steps towards learning to do better.


    But oof. Lately my whole life feels like - Everything, Everything - all the time.

    //I bought two more plants! A maidenhead fern and a Norfolk pine (a baby).

    //one of my students in Korea knows another EPIK teacher (from before my time) and he lives 45 minutes from my house. She wanted us to be friends (she's 13 lol) so i grudgingly (me to Fi: I don't like strangers much less strange MEN! Fi: How can you learn to trust again unless you try? Me: FINE whatever be rational) agreed.

    We are DMing on Insta and let me tell you how rusty I am at talking to strangers I don't work with and who are not y'all. He works for some video game company and rock climbs and watches anime - we obviously do not have....um, anything! in common but it's good practice. And I have also been dropping stuff like, So IM VACCINATED and reading this GREAT BOOK on BLACK HISTORY to see if that scares him off. 😆 This is Texas so it's likely. Who knows. I also mentioned that I've struggled with my health because he is Very! Into! working out.

    //my doctors appointment went so great this week! My liver enzymes have dropped dramatically - one of them is i the healthy range and the other one is 7 points away so !!!!!!! She upped my thyroid meds just a tiny bit and that was it!! One day, I may get to drink an ice cold martini again without getting sick *happy sigh*.

    //I ordered a bunch of trial perfumes from Demeter this week. Let me Not Recommend the Whiskey and Tobacco. I smelled like a sticky barroom floor at the end of a Saturday night and idek where Tobacco went but Whiskey drowned him, I think.

    //I want soup tonight! Why do I have no soup prepared! 😭

    #the life and times #rambling into the void #long post #because of course it is right after i say Oh yeah talking has been hard lately 🙄😆
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  • wyndle
    27.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I am quite literally BEGGING y'all to stop just copy and pasting any other worldhopper with tits over Wit in regards to Jasnah’s relationships. We get it. Her being ace isn't ~enough~ for y'all and you want her to be gay as well. For the love of fuck stop implying the only reason Wit/Jasnah was explored in RoW is because he's cosmere aware. If that was the case she'd just have jumped Zahel years ago.

    #taryn is ANGY #taryn is DONE #taryn is begging u all to FIND A SCRAP OF NUANCE #do i like vivenna/jasnah? #actually yes i do #can she just replace wit/serve the same purpose as him in a relationship? #No #does implying so utterly devalue the nuance and purpose of BOTH ships? #yes #how many times will i yell about this? #AS LONG AS IT'S FUCKING NECESSARY PEOPLE #Text post tag #jasnah kholin#witsnah #i remain salty forever and ever and always
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  • theoreticallyjasper
    27.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    LITERALLY SO PISSED i ordered some white cosplay contacts for halloween bc i wanted to wear them to school or whatever to freak people out and the company i ordered from sent me an email like haha sorry your order is out of stock you should be refunded soon ^______^ even though they sent me an email confirming that my order had arrived at their warehouse……… LIKE OK and since they haven’t refunded it yet i can’t afford to buy new ones soooo

    #they were prescription too since i’m blind yk so i can’t just like go out n get some #and ordering would take too long even if they had already refunded me #sadge#jasper post
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  • wcrmboy
    27.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    My train home from work hit someone 😥😰 they are alive but seriously injured. I hope it wasnt a suicide attempt. I hope they are ok no matter what.

    I'm really fucked up over it because I distinctly HEARD it happen. we went over a train crossing on the road and there was an unusual noise like something going under the train tracks and the entire cart wobbled and we stopped immediately after. I had a sneaking suspicion but knowing I could have heard someone die is so frightening.

    #post #its been a very long eventful hour
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  • nikitainchains
    27.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Dear Fans of Christiane F.

    Hello, My name is Nikita, and I’m am a wannabe fiction writer. I’ve recently gotten into Christiane F. and the movie and TV show. I was wondering if anyone would like to me to write a story that is Christiane F. inspired or a retelling (somewhat) of the story. I’ve attempted to write a story like this many times before, but each time I fail.  

    If anyone wants me to make a story about the book, movie, or the show. I will (it may take sometime). I love this movie and the book. I’m also happy to publish it as a book for people to buy if they like. 

    If this idea sounds good for you or anyone. Feel free to massage me and I’ll attempted to contact you (time zones may be affected as I live in the United Kingdom) 

    That’s all. 

    Thank you - Nikita! 

    #somewhat long post #no body reads tags anyway #christiane f. #wkbz #wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo #i'm strange don't mind me...
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  • azulitauwu
    27.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Listening to Songs With My Brain!!

    Ep. 1: Micheal In The Bathroom

    I am hanging in the bathroom at the biggest party of the fall




    Wait what was I doing? Oh yeah, sad gays

    I could stay right here or disappear

    No one derves to be forgotten~ No one derves to fade awayyyyy

    And nobody'd even notice at all

    Wow this music is cool

    I'm a creeper in a bathroom 'cause my buddy kinda left me alone

    Oof same, I feel you, Michael.

    But I'd rather fake pee than stand awkwardly

    Or pretend to check a text on my phone


    Everything felt fine

    When I was half of a pair

    Oop here come the breakup memories. FUCK U K YOU IGNORED ME *angry growling*

    And through no fault of mine

    There's no other half there

    Yo what if I could fly?

    Now I'm just

    Michael in the bathroom


    Michael in the bathroom at a party

    Forget how long its been

    Must be the weed at the party

    I'm just Michael in the bathroom

    Michael in the bathroom at a party

    No, you can't come in

    Watch someone come in and be like AAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I'm waiting it out 'til it's time to leave

    If you've done that and you know it clap your hands *clap clap*

    And picking at grout as I softly grieve

    What the fuck is grout

    *looks it up*


    P R I S M


    Grout- Wikipedia


    *clicks on Glue*

    L o o k i t ' s t h e h i s t o r y o f g l u e

    I'm just

    Michael who you don't know

    Yo this is a good meme opportunity

    Michael Mell or smth Idk never seen him

    Michael flying solo


    Michael in the bathroom by himself

    All by himself

    Nuuuu Michael don't worry I got you bestie

    I am hiding,


    But he's out there

    Just ignoring all our history

    Memories get erased

    Okay but what if the SQUIP made Jeremy forget some of his memories with Michael and that's why he didn't feel bad about leaving him and he never knew about the memory erasure and that's why he doesn't realize Michael is hurt. Additionally, if the SQUIP can see, hear, and control everything that Jeremy does then why did he not just made Jeremy forget Rich mentioned Mountain Dew Red in The Play? What if the SQUIP wanted to be killed? What if he realized how much harm he was doing and he just wanted to erase everything?

    And I'll get replaced

    With a newer cooler version of me

    Okay but like, Jeremy's an asshole. Honestly Michael is one of the coolest guys in the entire thing. I'd say the least cool person is Chloe. Michael has all of these things he likes and is very passionate about and Chloe's entire personality is quite literally "Hot Girl." Honestly get your shit together, Jeremy. Michael deserved much much better.

    And I hear a drunk girl

    Singing along to Whitney through the door


    "I wanna dance with somebody!"

    And my feelings sink

    Cause it makes me think

    Now there's no one to make fun of drunk girls with anymore

    Why tf were you making fun of drunk girls in the first place, FOR GOD'S SAKE MICHAEL

    Now it's just

    Michael in the bathroom

    Michael in the bathroom at a party

    *arm motion thingy*

    I half regret the beers

    Michael in the bathroom

    Michael in the bathroom at a party

    As I choke back the tears

    Not the only thing you'll be choking on


    I'll wait as long as I need

    'Til my face is dry

    Or I'll just blame it on weed

    IM CALLING THE POLICE *microwave sounds*

    Or something in my eye

    Like your eyeballs???????

    I'm just Michael

    And I'm just Azu

    Who you don't know

    Michael flyin' solo

    Michael in the bathroom by himself

    Knock, knock, knock, knock

    They're gonna start to shout soon


    Knock, knock, knock, knock

    Ah hell yeah I'll be out soon

    I'm not crying you are

    Knock, knock, knock, knock

    It sucks he left me here alone


    Knock, knock, knock, knock

    Here in this teenage battlezone


    Clang, clang, clang, clang

    I feel the pressure blowing up


    Bang, bang, bang, bang


    My big mistake was showing up


    Splash, splash, splash, splash


    I throw some water in my face

    And I am in a better place

    Throwing water in your face is actually one of the best ways to relax. I do it a lot during volleyball cause I often get random body dysmorphia or insecurities so yeah! Instead of drinking water consider....THROWING water

    I go to open up the door

    But I can't hear knocking


    Let's think about that one fic we read where ALEXANDER FUCKING HAMILTON knocked on the door

    And I can't help but yearn

    For a different time

    What's better the future or the past? Or maybe the present but I just can't appreciate it because I'm too caught up in thinking about what will go wrong and I can't concentrate on what's going right....

    And then I look in the mirror

    Uhhh...don't do that

    And the present is clear

    *imagines legit fucking gift*

    And there's no denying

    I'm just


    ... at a party

    Is there a sadder sight

    Yes, many


    Michael in the bathroom at a party

    This is a heinous night

    *looks up definition of heinous*

    I wish I stayed at home instead


    Watching cable porn


    Or wish I offed myself instead

    Wish I was never born


    I'm just Michael

    Who's a loner

    So he must be a stoner

    Rides a PT Cruiser

    Google Search: PT Cruiser

    Google Search: PT Cruiser colors

    Google Search: cool vanilla

    Google Search: cool vanilla hair

    Google Search: cool vanilla hair dye

    God, he's such a loser

    No ur not bby

    Michael flying solo

    Who you think that you know

    Michael in the bathroom by himself

    All by himself

    All by himself

    Awww the music is going down

    When all you know about me

    Is my name

    Yes, Michael Mell

    Awesome party

    I'm so glad I came

    Ik Michael, ik

    Oh boy that was long oof

    #be more chill #bmc #be more chill musical #michael mell#jeremy heere#long post #extra long post #that took a lot of time #musicals#bmc squip
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  • angry-geese
    27.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Hes so fine AND FOR WHAT

    #geese.txt #im a sucker for men that are just a bit unhinged #jjk#higuruma hiromi#long post#kinda #tumblr is sort of fucking up the second image ignore that
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  • loreswapgeorgehd
    27.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago


    Honestly,the day had been bad enough. Losing his one prophet, feeling a bit hurt from how XD had reacted-it wasn't a great feeling. Getting to sit at the pond with EXE was helping,sure,but it was still a very draining situation. HD had leaned himself against EXE as they talked,exchanging small stories about their realms and what the local news was. It could only really go up from there. Considering that XD was on his way too,she had to will herself to feel a bit better. Sure the clouds didn't go away,but it was better than another rain storm.

    Though there was a certain enjoyment to having the rain. In the case of that bastard Rose,HD sort of wanted to cry,make it rain on their dumb communication device. He really had no idea why the creature hated him so,but it was beginning to get pathetic,aggravating even. Though,it wasn't something they could discuss without causing issues amongst their other two godly companions. Not without a fuss. The most prissy of the three arrived as HD thought about him,wiping the upset look off his face and replacing it with a smile.

    "XDs here," They nudged EXE,standing from their spot and walking over to meet him half way. "Sunbeam! How are y-"

    The gods words were cut off with a yelp,flinching at the first shock of pain shooting from his hip to his stomach. A distant explosion would have given it away to the other two gods,but to HD there was only a loud ringing in their ears. That first explosion was only the first of many spikes of pain,considering two whole stacks of TNT were being set off simulatenously. Usually these types of explosions were compresed into one area. Something small. But this? It was spread,and planned. It felt as if someone had started stabbing the poor god in the side as the chain of explosives went off. The pain quite literally ripped through their side,pulling another pathetic sounding scream from her lungs. Fresh ichor stained the side of his clothes,clutching desperately at the spot to try and shield it from the invisible assailant. It did nothing but make the wounds burn with pain,shaking as the shock of it all made HD collapse to their knees. Tears formed in his eyes trying to bite back more pained cries as he hunched over.

    To the other two with her it must have been a shock. Watching HD go from smiling to hunched over bleeding and in shock. Despite herself,HD couldn't stop the pleas tumbling from their sore throat, begging it to stop stop,please stop,please! The overworlds connection didn't let up,not until the very last of the gunpowder stopped firing. Not until HD was shaking,with desperate hands trying to stop his own bleeding. The God had been reduced down to a whimpering fawn so quickly,choking on the pain burned into his side.

    #[oh gods sorry this is so bad ! ] #a spring of ichor #blood tw#injury tw#long post #[thread] ive been so worried-Youve been so still. Barely beating at all
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  • sorrowconquered
    27.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    @phantomdream​​ asked: Everything's always go go go when it comes to life in Night City, and Johnny's a fucking idiot for thinking it'd be different just because he's got a body of his own now. V still has to make rent, eat, and keep her brand new boytoy that's finally got a real body again up to snuff. His fucking parts need maintenance more than any piece of shit car held together with duct tape and dental floss do, and to say he's pissed about it is an understatement. Johnny refuses to let her do all the heavy lifting, though, keeping his sorry ass afloat, and it's only natural that he'd join her anyway. This was their gig before it was their gig separately.
    The apartment isn't great, but it's liveable, which is about all anyone can ask for in this city, and when Johnny gets home, he toes off his shoes, tosses his keycard onto V's desk, and catches her eye as she looks at him. His grin is uneven, weighing on his lips like a smirk but less devilish, and it's with upgraded parts and slick leather folds behind his knees that he straddles her to the couch, knees on either side of her hips, one arm braced on the couch while the other holds the back of her neck and pulls her in for a kiss. Sensation had been lost to him for decades, fine-tuned more and more now that he's alive again, and he can feel her mouth against his, can taste cigarettes on her tongue, and it's a feeling he thinks he'll never get enough of.
    Being able to actually feel him is one thing she will never get used to, however, experiencing the warmth of his body pressed against hers was something she wanted every single day, in various different ways. Which was funny, because before this, she had never really found use in cuddling but when it came to Johnny, she was a greedy and clung to his frame, like a backpack. She also always pushed her fingers through his hair, carding the dark strands, gingerly pulling at them as she wrapped her free arm around his waist, her fingers dancing over his skin, touching every single inch that she could reach. It was a moment that didn’t feel quite feel, as if she were in some dream, thinking about the what ifs and the could bes, yet here they were. two separate people.
    From his back, her hands journeyed over to his front, skimming over his shirt to find any sort of gap so she could touch his chest. Of course, the weight of him on top of her made her chuckle against his lips, but even still, she cupped his jaw and moved to press tokens of affections over his cheeks and on his forehead. “Mm, aren’t I the one who should be in your lap, Johnny?” Not that she’s complaining, she enjoyed the sight of him above her, reveled in the way that her hands could move over him, maybe even slide under his backside to give an appreciative squeeze. Too bad though, that she couldn’t pick him up in the way she had seen in his memories, which of course, she had noticed. Leaning her head back against the pillow, she gazed fondly up at Johnny, an arm reaching up to trace her fingertips over his beard, thumb over his lips before giving him a small smile. “How ya feelin’?” She asked, only because he had been digital code for the last 50 years on a experimental relic, acclimating into society probably wasn’t easy for him, especially since Night City had changed since he was last around. “You eat,  princesa?” Vittoria grinned then pulled on his shirt to press a lazy kiss to his lips. They may not share a brain any longer, he may not be able to hear her thoughts and feel what she felt but this made it worth all the trouble that they went through. 
    #。゜ ⠀ ☪ ⠀ ⠀ in character ⠀ ⠀ 〳 ⠀ ⠀vittoria sofía hernández #。゜ ⠀ ☪ ⠀ ⠀ verse ⠀ ⠀ 〳 ⠀ ⠀ CYBERPUNK 2077 #suggestive cw #long post.
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  • preytend
    27.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    𝐭𝐡𝐞  𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞  𝐨𝐟  𝐞𝐥  𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨:  𝐚  𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭  𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐭. 

    el  sanctuario:  the  hospital  and  surrounding  land  the  survivors  have  fortified  into  their  home.  los  hermanos:  surviving  mc  members  who  took  over  the  hospital  and  made  it  into  a  community.  their  code:  protect  those  who  can't  protect  themselves.  wicked  people  forfeit  their  lives.  while  they  are  aware  that  killing  is  wrong,  they  believe  it's  a  necessary  evil  in  order  to  save  humanity  and  pave  the  path  for  the  generations  to  come.  the  people  of  this  community  and  surrounding  locations  refer  to  the  undead/walkers  as  muertos.

    diego  alvarez:  (  main  primary  )  soft  boy  pre-apoc  who  embraces  the  lifestyle  of  the  community  who  saved  his  and  clara's  lives.  barely  surviving  out  there  hardened  his  demeanor,  especially  when  he  felt  he  was  failing  clara.  he's  still  a  goofball  at  heart  and  will  give  the  shirt  off  his  back  to  others.  his  priority  is  to  protect  his  loved  ones,  at  any  costs.  when  not  making  runs  or  working  with  neighboring  communities,  he  likes  to  work  on  vehicles  in  the  parking  lot.  (  he  was  a  part  time  mechanic  while  attending  college  before  the  chaos.  )

    azaria  camacho:  (  younger,  adopted  sibling  of  denny.  )  a  nurse  pre-apoc  who  struggles  to  trust  others.  (  family  +  ex  lover  issues.  )  while  she  will  help  in  the  infirmary  of  their  community,  she  refuses  to  take  a  leading  role.  (  early  weeks  of  the  apoc  left  a  bitter  taste  for  her  when  she  was  forced  to  aid  soldiers  undeserving  of  the  help.  )  she  has  a  knack  for  creating  explosives  (  a  skill  taught  by  a  now  deceased  survivor  )  and  is  a  shoot/disarm  first,  question  people  later  type.

    denny  camacho:  (  aiden  camacho  )  azaria's  older  brother.  also  has  experience  in  nursing,  though  he  had  worked  at  a  correctional  facility.  at  the  start  of  the  apoc,  he  was  locked  in  with  inmates  while  others  fled  the  prison.  denny  was  always  kind  to  the  inmates  prior  to  this.  they  trusted  him  and  another  to  lead  them  to  safety.  it  took  weeks  but  eventually  they  escaped  the  chaos  of  the  prison  overrun  by  the  undead.  eventually  he  finds  himself  at  el  sanctuario  and  becomes  medic  help,  as  well  as  a  seasoned  runner  for  supplies.

    nesto  guzman:  (  ernesto  guzman  )  previous  leader  of  los  hermanos  motorcycle  club,  just  like  his  pops  before  him.  post  apocalypse,  he  maintained  his  role  and  with  the  members  of  the  mc  who  survived,  they  stuck  together.  one  of  the  members  had  a  sick  family  member  at  a  local  hospital  and  upon  arrival,  they  realized  the  building  was  being  overrun  by  the  undead.  they  decided  to  take  it  back  with  some  others  who  had  family  there.  while  the  hospital  was  destroyed  in  some  areas,  nesto  realized  this  building  was  a  safe  haven  and  had  supplies  people  would  need.  thus,  el  sanctuario  was  born.  he  has  a  soft  spot  for  kids  and  elderly.  and  as  long  as  people  are  willing  to  help  in  some  way,  he  welcomes  new  members  to  find  sanctuary  at  the  hospital.  (  after  screening,  of  course!  )

    aliyah  bennett:  pre-apocalypse,  her  family  owned  a  farm.  the  very  farm  she  would  have  one  day  run  had  it  not  been  for  the  dead  rising.  they  stood  their  ground  for  as  long  as  they  could,  believing  what  was  going  on  in  the  cities  would  resolve  and  never  touch  the  bennett  farm.  but  her  family  was  foolish  and  would  see  their  hard  work,  pride  and  joy  come  to  ruin  when  the  farm  is  overrun.  even  through  all  her  loss,  aliyah  finds  it  in  her  heart  to  be  kind  and  find  something  to  believe  in.  she  doesn’t  agree  with  killing,  won’t  take  any  part  of  it  in  sanctuary.  but  she  does  offer  a  little  farm  she  helps  get  started  within  the  perimeters  of  her  new  home.

    russell  cooper:  he  doesn’t  remember  the  life  he  had  before.  woke  up  just  as  the  chaos  began;  he’d  been  in  a  coma  after  a  gun  shot  wound  left  him  near  the  brink  of  death.  the  only  thing  he  knows  about  his  life  before  is  that  he  was  a  husband,  a  father,  and  a  sheriff  deputy  --  only  learned  all  that  from  the  address  the  medical  records  had  on  him.  he’ll  never  forget  coming  home  during  the  heart  of  the  chaos,  walked  in  on  a  bloodbath  that  had  once  been  his  family.  not  too  long  after,  he’d  helped  a  bunch  of  strangers  take  over  the  very  hospital  he’d  left.  while  he’s  not  sure  who  he  is,  or  who  he’d  ever  been,  he  knows  one  thing  to  be  true:  he  gets  to  decide  who  he  wants  to  be.  a  survivor  who  helps  this  community  grow.

    tati  santiago:  (  tatiana  santiago  )  life  was  never  kind  to  her.  parents  died  when  she  was  a  teen  and  the  foster  care  system  wasn’t  cutting  it.  so  she  took  to  fending  for  herself  and  met  a  guy  who  helped  her  navigate  the  streets:  by  hustling  people  out  of  their  money.  it  was  all  fun  and  games  until  she  eventually  paid  the  price.  beaten  so  badly,  she  lost  sight  in  her  right  eye.  after  that,  she  wasn’t  sure  what  to  do  with  her  life  --  until  she  saw  the  flashing  lights  that  read  los  hermanos  mc.  she  walked  into  the  lion’s  den  and  made  herself  right  at  home.  for  awhile  she  served  as  a  bartender.  but  the  bikes  caught  her  eye.  one  of  the  guys  taught  her  everything  she  needed  to  know  about  sprucing  up  these  babies.  and  eventually  she  graduated  to  cars.  when  the  apocalypse  hit,  she  stuck  with  these  guys:  her  family.  once  el  sanctuario  had  been  taken  over  and  a  home  was  established,  tati  made  it  her  mission  to  get  cars  running  again.  give  her  any  beat  up  vehicle  and  she’ll  make  it  work  again.  it  keeps  her  busy  and  has  her  feeling  useful  around  her.

    #cheat sheet. #long post. #i did some minor tweeking to a couple of the older muses. #not that they were ever fully finished development. #but i like the changes here. #all anyone needs to know is diego & azaria are my oldest and primary babes.
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  • nyctophilia-darknessmyoldfriend
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    is it too much to ask for a safe place?

    ~reblogs are appreciated~

    (no frame version under the cut)

    #tommyinnit#tommyinnit fanart#dsmp#dsmp fanart#dream smp #dream smp fanart #c!tommyinnit #c!tommyinnit fanart #pixel art#pixel fanart#GUYS #IT'S BEEN SO LONG #IM SORRY#BUT FINALLY #L O O K #TAKE A GANDER AT THIS #*sobs* #ohh watch me post this and then never make anything else for another few months- #appreciation to that one post teaching 'bout making a studio ghibli-lookin art <3 #i'll tag em later if i remember- #anyhoo loOK :DDDDDDDDDDDDD #nycto's art :D
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  • nekky-nek
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Disney Movie Marathon #26 The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

    I've seen this movie once because it was on Netflix at the time. I thought sure why not. A Disney movie I've never seen before and I had no expectations going in. And I was very entertained for reasons I can't remember but I'm glad I'm coming back to it.

    Story: Yeah this movie is still fun. It's Sherlock Holmes but with mice and way more silly than I imagine the actual Holmes stories are like. Or maybe they are. I never read them. Crazy Rat wants to take over London by swapping out the Queen Mouse with a toy version of her that was created by a toymaker he had kidnapped. See silly ride to be sure, but at least it makes the ride fun. It's practically night and day with Black Cauldron right before it. You actually get personality with the main cast and wonder where the heck this case is gonna end. Where are my fellow KH enthusiasts at? You know what I'd like to see in the games? The clock tower fight at the end of the movie.

    Characters: Ratigan and Basil are the best for sure. This whole thing is basically these two trying get rid of the other and they have the most personality going on. Quite literally with how animated they are. Ratigan is a power hungry maniac while Basil is an eccentric detective. The supporting cast is good too. Except the peg leg bat, I wasn't really into him, and that might have to do with his voice more than his actual character so there's that.

    Art/Animation: Also notable coming right off Black Cauldron is that the budget must've been lowered in certain parts. Not too much because it's not an ugly movie not at all but if you're comparing you can tell which initially got the the money. It's more or less the general Disney standard for their 2D films in animation quality and backgrounds and any special effects they may use

    Songs: There were two major songs and I wasn't exactly into them. I was into Ratigan's song purely for the man's drama and theatrics of it all. The bar song was eh.

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  • ceoofgender
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hiiiiihihiihihihihiii LONG POST but IDC gonna ramble abt my day @ school todayyyyy; today was GOOD it was better than yesterday! i ate lunch w my friends and they talked w e/o and it went well! going to the gaming club instead of affinity (LGBT+/GSA) club (they’re on the same day) next week monday w a friend so i’m not gonna b socially anxious. i’m not gay anymore i’m only a gamer. really fucked up of them to put two clubs i wanted to join On The Same Day. i’m stuck between two worlds 😢😢 u can only choose one Gamer or Gay. anywayyyyy uhmmm the only thing that sucked today was FLEX—which is a thing my school has every wednesday where if ur failing a class u can go to that class during FLEX to make up missing/late work. really convenient! if there’s no classes ur failing u go to the library/cafeteria/gym/student council thing i think?—bcs i didn’t know where to go n the ppl i was following/with (2 classmates from sociology class, they’re cool i like them) couldn’t go to the cafeteria cuz their grades weren’t good enough (you need at least a 70 in all your classes otherwise they say “nah u gotta go to the class ur failing”). i originally wanted to go to the library, cuz that’s where i was last week (my grades r all good! i do have late work i need to do tho 😅😅😅 ermmmm speaking of which… i’ll do that later) BUTTTT the fuckin library lady was like “erm no u can only go to the library if ur in honors society(???) ^____^” WHAT!!!!!!! idek what that is. i’m only in 1 honors class, did she mean honors classes??? i might’ve misheard her. cuz wtaf is an “honors society.” nerds society**** i think we should bully ppl who have high GPAs (except for my besties). WHAT ELSE WHAT ELSE… i have 33 questions on hamlet (with citations) for english class. 🗿…. don’t wanna do that i hope it isn’t due tmrw. she assigned it today so i think it’d b p fucked up of her to make it due tmrw. we had another lengthy n tough assignment to do before that that i did n i’m so proud of myself for that bcs it was A Lot… it was a minor grade tho so i think that’s fucked up of her MAKE IT A MAJOR GRADE PLSSSS 🗣🗣🗣 but yeah. my english teacher is nice but her stare is intense. ok that’s all i think! that’s how my day was todayyyyy ^_^^_^_^_^_^_^

    #i could really go on for longer but i won’t #long post #i love talking #dami txt
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  • johannestevans
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hhhhhh so. Bashir is genetically enhanced. we don’t know exactly what his genetic resequencing consists of, but we do know that his reflexes and reaction times are superior, that he’s at least stronger and faster than the average Vulcan (so, about three times stronger and faster than the average human), that his memory and learning capacity are hugely enhanced, etc. 

    we know that genetic resequencing is complex work fraught with a million potential complications, and that it’s not necessarily just about editing existing genes, but potentially includes genetic splicing and similar work - especially when you consider that the most legal and acceptable genetic engineering under Federation rules is in the case of assisting hybrid species and allowing healthy gestation of mixed-species babies, and also addressing potential health concerns and defects in-utero

    it’s not unreasonable, therefore, to guess that part of the reason bashir’s genetic resequencing has resulted in such success, in such a stable subject, is in part because of choices made in the editing of his genetic profile; with the most research possible being into species hybridisation and cross-species genetics, it’s equally reasonable to assert that part of the best route to stabilising negative effects is in splicing in non-human genes. therefore, it’s possible that within his genetic profile, bashir has hidden aspects that aren’t entirely human - that he might be susceptible to some things that would affect other species that wouldn’t affect other humans

    so i’ve been reading several rewrites of Empok Nor (5x24) where Bashir comes along for whatever reason, either replacing Nog or coming along to join the team and i’m just

    what if Bashir was affected by the biogenetic compound that triggers the paranoid and defensive reaction in him that it triggers in Garak and the other Cardassians? what if Bashir, like Garak, became absolutely certain that everyone else on the station was a threat to him... but like Garak, had a complex “xenophobic” reaction?

    because in Garak’s xenophobia, he still kills Cardassians. xenophobia, as pointed out in M_Moonshade’s excellent I could Be Your Own Avenging Angel, is about in-groups and out-groups - its about protecting what and who’s yours against what isn’t and who isn’t

    and I think most of us would agree that Garak’s response to Bashir would at the very least be complicated, because Garak is probably closest to and most loyal to Bashir in the whole of the Alpha Quadrant, so much so that he repeatedly betrays - in small ways - Cardassia for him

    but what about Bashir himself?

    Exposed to the biogenetic compound, I would posit that if for the next hour or two he was with O’Brien, his loyalties would stick with O’Brien and maybe to the rest of the Starfleet crew - but if he was with Garak, it would stick with Garak

    and. honestly? I think it might stick with Garak anyway

    because Bashir loves O’Brien, and Bashir does trust O’Brien, but his relationship with O’Brien is fundamentally different to the one he has with Garak. Not because of his attraction to Garak or because of sex or love, but simply because like

    O’Brien and Bashir’s levels of intimacy, like those between Garak and Bashir, are by their nature based in deception and lies. 

    O’Brien and Bashir love one another very deeply but for various reasons (O’Brien’s Irish emotional repression, ingrained toxic masculinity, the secrets between them, the complex class and racial dynamics between a posh Arab Brit and a working class white Irishman depending on how much you subscribe to the fiction that race and class don’t exist on Earth anymore, except for the many places where they obviously do, etc) cannot voice their affection, or the specifics of it, outright

    Garak and Bashir love one another too, but for different various reasons (of course, the secrets between them, Bashir as a young naive Human painfully caught up in the Federation’s liberal expansionism versus Garak as an older man deeply conditioned to be loyal to Cardassia’s imperial expansionism, but also critical of both it and the Federation when they share xenophobia etc in common, the complex power dynamics between Bashir as CMO with full citizenship and a command versus Garak, an exile in a tenuous position of stability with little more to his name than his shop), they cannot voice their affection, or the specifics of it, outright

    but when O’Brien and Bashir fight, they need breaks from one another. they constantly disagree and have clashing values - and Bashir can and will overrule O’Brien as a senior officer, but O’Brien won’t always take that, and will sometimes force his hand; they genuinely get on one another’s nerves at times and need breaks from one another, bc for all their shared affection Miles is a very repressed allistic cishet and Bashir is a lonely, clingy autistic disaster bi. there’s nothing wrong with either of them being the way they are, but between differing values and fundamentally different personality types, not to mention small things that they do either on purpose or by accident to wound the other - Bashir playing on O’Brien’s insecurities when he’s casual about his intellectual or genetic superiority, O’Brien when he points out Bashir’s fragile relationships etc - they need space and time from one another. their relationship works as well it does because they let each other have distance.

    meanwhile, the dynamic between Bashir and Garak is... quite different. Bashir can shoot Garak in the neck one evening, and the very next day, they’re back to having lunch together. Bashir barely bats an eyelid at Garak attempting genocide, let alone the numerous times he’s killed people in front of Bashir - or attempted to kill Bashir himself. it’s not that their values don’t clash - they do. constantly. it’s not that both of them don’t keep secrets from the other. it’s not that they don’t have vastly different personality types.

    but where O’Brien and Bashir’s clashes often lead to little wounds that need time to heal, Bashir and Garak, they’re... you know, they’re fucked up. if they cut each other, the next step isn’t always the infirmary - sometimes, it’s fingerpainting in each other’s blood, and as much as Bashir feels conflicted about this, he frequently goes along with Garak anyway, so long as there’s no one else to observe

    disagreements, especially minor clashes, rarely serve to shove them apart - they typically bring them closer together, so that they can argue-flirt with more intimacy. it’s not that Bashir trusts Garak more than O’Brien, or really that he entirely trusts Garak at all - but if you put Garak in the room, Bashir automatically stands at his side and falls into rhythm with him because of their shared wavelength, no matter who else is there. just look at Civil Defence, or any other episode where Bashir appoints himself resident lizard wrangler

    so with empok nor like... just the idea of Bashir, just as inflamed and paranoid and struggling to think clearly as Garak, naturally gravitating toward and falling into his rhythm with Garak, and he doesn’t want to do any harm but they’re under attack! they need to defend themselves - he needs to defend Garak, and let Garak defend him!

    and maybe he falters when he sees Nog - and when he sees O’Brien, boom, there’s the conflict, because he and O’Brien are friends. he loves Miles, Miles loves  him, and they’re both Human, they’re both from Earth, they’re the same, but... are they the same in the way that Bashir and Garak are?

    if there’s an in-group and and out-group, where does Bashir belong? who does he belong with? 

    and what does the fallout look like after, when all three of them have to grapple with the way that trust looks between them, surprising or otherwise?

    #empok nor #deep space nine #miles o'brien#julian bashir#elim garak #long post for ts
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