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  • soupyclown
    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    ⚠️ dream smp spoilers ⚠️

    tw: manipulation

    ohhhhhhh this is bad. this is really bad.

    tubbo was standing up for himself! he was starting on the path to recovery! and now he’s letting quackity walk all over him again!!

    quackity is manipulating tubbo to get back at wilbur. this is l’manberg all over again! quackity manipulated tubbo into creating the butcher army and then when that failed he manipulated tubbo into plotting dream’s execution. he even tried to get tubbo to execute ranboo! history is repeating itself

    quackity dug his claws into tubbo while he was finally starting to be vulnerable and now tubbo has shut every healing process down. tubbo instantly reverted back into his old submissive ways.

    i think tubbo is scared of change. he got so used to being submissive and letting everyone push him around that he willingly went back to those ways as soon as the opportunity was presented to him. he was stuck in the past, longing for what he had with l’manberg even though a lot of it was filled with negative experience. it almost feels like stockholm syndrome just with a place rather than a person (of course i’m not a professional so do not take my word for it) the instant things started changing for him, he ran. he ran straight back to a place that would give him the same/similar experience as l’manberg.

    tubbo gave away his cookie shop, something that was his through and through. ranboo had co-ownership of it of course, but that makes it worse. ranboo realized that right away, but tubbo is in denial. if he was that willing to give up the cookie shop who’s to say he won’t be will to give up other things, even snowchester?

    quackity is a terrible influence of tubbo, maybe even more so than wilbur. i’d been suspicious of him since he started las nevadas but i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. now i’m positive he’s not a good person. absolute power corrupts absolutely. quackity has always been obsessed with having power and now that he has it, there’s no telling what he’ll do with it.

    im worried for tubbo. im worried about ranboo too since he’s also easily influenced, but at least he knows when things aren’t right. he’s definitely a people pleaser and easily peer pressured, but he still knows when he does something wrong and that gives me more hope for him to grow and learn to stand up for himself. tubbo of course still has potential to grow and learn the same lesson, but it’s going to be a lot harder for him

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  • felidaefighter
    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Two Burger Joints, Alike In Dignity...

    After making sure they hadn’t been followed by their respective employers, Tubbo and Ranboo sat on the windowsill of their outpost, looking out over Las Nevadas and Paradise. “I think we sold that okay,” Ranboo said, admittedly a little stiffly, and Tubbo nodded. “Oh, absolutely. We killed it. I don’t think either Quackity or Wilbur have any idea that we just need an inside look at their operations and what’s really going on.”

    Ranboo hesitated before he spoke. “I do wish you’d’ve told me about giving away the deed to the land for the outpost,” he said miserably, and Tubbo’s expression fell a bit. “I’m sorry. I should have. He proposed it so fast-- I didn’t want to do anything to jeoprodize what we’d worked on. It’s not a compromise at all, I’m aware of that. He’s power-hungry. He just wanted an excuse to take it.” Ranboo stared out over Las Nevadas, and Tubbo sighed.

    He hated the way Quackity’s words could feel like little needles under his skin. They’d agreed for it to be this way though; Tubbo had a resistance to it, built up after years and years of poking and prodding from Wilbur-- necessary, given how Quackity was subtler than Wilbur now-- and living next to Phil gave Ranboo an easy in for Wilbur’s plans. Phil had approached Ranboo with the idea, and Ranboo had talked with Tubbo, and their plan was formed. It was much more of an inside look than the cookie outpost gave.

    Still. “I’m sorry, Ranboo. I shouldn’t have acted like it was only mine to give away. I just--” How could Tubbo say what he felt? He wasn’t very good at it. When you’re a spy for most of your life, the truth being out in the open-- even with someone you love, someone you truly trust and don’t just claim to-- feels dangerous. Scary. Vulnerable. They were silent for a moment, easy in eachother’s company but tensions from the day still swirling in the air.

    “I think I understand,” Ranboo said at last, and Tubbo let out a breath that was a lot shakier than he expected it to be. “I didn’t tell Wilbur about our marriage. You didn’t tell Quackity about it either. Because.” Because they wanted to be safe. Because they couldn’t trust Quackity. Couldn’t trust even Wilbur. Especially not with their reputations, and moreso with them going head to head. There was something dangerous about it all, and yes, Ranboo and Tubbo needed to get to the bottom of it-- but they didn’t dare endanger the other. They knew how it worked. They’d seen it. That’s why even when having their staged disagreement in the van it was brought up as if it wasn’t anything of importance. So it couldn’t be used against them.

    “So I guess the cookie outpost being part of Las Nevadas is... a necessary sacrifice,” Ranboo concluded, and Tubbo nodded. “I guess in the end it’s still achieving its original goal: To keep an eye on Las Nevadas and what’s going on with it. Just not quite how we imagined it to be.” Tubbo let out an awkward laugh to ease the tension, and Ranboo followed suit. Discomfort still riddled the air; it was a lot harder being a spy under a manipulator than it was an outright tyrant, all things considered. Hesitantly, Tubbo leaned against Ranboo, who didn’t reject the contact.

    “It’ll be okay,” Tubbo assured, and Ranboo nodded, which Tubbo felt more than saw from his position against Ranboo’s shoulder. “They don’t have to know anything real about us or our motivations. And you’re holding up well under Wilbur. We’ll-- we’ll get to the bottom of this. I promise you. For us, and for Michael. I refuse to live in a world where history repeats. No corrupt governments, no TNT.” Ranboo put an arm around Tubbo’s shoulder, and his tail curled lightly against Tubbo’s lower leg. “I believe you,” He said, first word of full truth he’d spoken of the night, “And I promise too. We won’t let it happen again. No matter what.” The couple watched the sunset with a steady determination for the future and a resilliance in their heart that they would never, ever let anybody hurt the other. No matter what.

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  • pyrokinetic-loser
    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    me: it's ok to take breaks, you've gotta take care of yourself!!

    also me: if i dont post good high-quality content then i am Worthless and Bad and a terrible person.

    #literally ive just come back from two day break (kinda) and im already like this. who wouldve thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #brain is telling me to Get Shit Done body is telling me to go to sleep for a good long eternity #i dont even have shit to GET done. #well. i do. #theres the bronte analysis p2 #and the fintan analysis #and i should really write a proper half human bronte theory soon #and i should really post more pafl #but im V Tired so like. maybe not today. or tomorrow. #or the next few months idk #vent
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  • spiderfingerzzzzz
    04.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Exposing a racist, homophobe and pedophile in the fish hooks fandom

    TW: anti-black and anti-Mexican racism, uncensored uses of the n slur and f slur, r*pe, homophobia, pedophilia, mentions of lolicon/child porn, mentions of grooming and sexual assult

    Imma need yall to block this user

    Basically, as the title has already stated, hes extremely racist, homophobic, has preyed on underaged girls (hes 20 years old, an adult), and he even self ships with minor characters. Hes a huge fish hooks fan (as shown in the screenshot above), and even self ships with Bea Goldfishberg, who's 16/17 in the show.

    Heres some screenshots as evidence of his grossness, all given to me by @/kia-girly on instagram (one of his victims, who has given me permission to post these). Please read them all with caution, cause yeah they're all really nasty

    He also paints himself as this really lonely guy with no friends as a way to guilt trip people into befriending him, and gets really upset to the point of talking shit about them if they leave him. He has also been said to have harassed people into drawing fanart for him and has made people roleplay with them against their will. (I also have screenshots as evidence of these, but since I already reached my 10-image limit on this post I cant show them, so if you want to see them please DM me)

    He even tried to befriend me on instagram in the past (even though I'm a bisexual latina lol), and even once asked me if I could draw him as a fish hooks character on a date with Bea,,, when I blocked him after learning how gross he is he DMed me with another one of his accounts calling me the n slur even though I'm not black (I dont have screenshots of these since I deleted them a while ago, but just know I'm being 100% honest here)

    He has made multiple accounts, mainly to engage more with minors and fish hooks fans. The screenshot of his tumblr blog on the beginning of this post is the first of his accounts I've seen on here, so I'm pretty sure he just started using this site

    That being said, if yall ever run into an account on here, instagram, discord, ANYWHERE that looks even remotely like it belongs to him, block it immediately. Dont DM him, comment on his posts, etc. Just block him, especially if you're a minor (fish hooks fan or not)

    #this is gonna be my pinned post probably til my carrd is finished since people need to see this #fish hooks#callout#long post #please spread this
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  • unethical-gender
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    How Wilbur and Quackity stood so close, the way they spoke to each other (the use of lovely), how they essentially agreed to a date?

    Wilbur looked so angry to see Quackity seemingly unfazed by the destruction, how Quackity wasn't intimidated.

    And Quackity brought Tubbo into this, which makes me think of how he now seems to be extending olive branches to those who felt betrayed by Schlatt, just like he was. He complimented Tubbo, praised his skill.

    Its such a passive aggressive move though, as Ranboo stood and watched as his own husband stood against him, stood on the other side. He didn't tell Wilbur they were married. He held it like a secret; he was scared to give Wilbur leverage (Similar to one green man we all know. Eventually, one day, I'll make the post comparing people to Dream, I swear).

    We also see Wilbur looking for attention, mostly just Quackity's. He stands outside Las Nevadas, hoping Quackity will come tell him to fuck off. He spams the in-game chat to the point he gets kicked momentarily just to try to get Q's attention. When Quackity inevitably does show up he denies having waited for him. He compliments him (again, the use of lovely strikes me. Its a word with such romantic connotations that can be passed off as nothing more than politeness. That along with the way he says it. This is deffo flirting).

    So, the question I have is: Does Quackity know he could be potentially breaking up a marriage? Is he doing this as a way to channel his frustrations about his own strained engagements, in an if I can't have it, no one can fashion? In the same way Wilbur saw L'manburg?

    Or maybe he could give less of a shit about their marriage. Maybe its that he knows how fond of Tubbo Wilbur is. He is using him as a weapon against not Ranboo, but Wilbur (not to say I dont thing big Q cares about Tubbo, because he does. There's genuine care there.

    I'm so very very excited for more tntduo lore and, more importantly, big Q and Wilburs "date".

    #tntduo #c!wilbur #c!quackity #c!ranboo #c!tubbo #dsmp lore #i love them #long post kinda #lore rant#lore analysis #and they say romance is dead
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  • themonstersmistresss
    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Gonna post a POTC rant here because IDK I wanna say something and at the very least this hellsite will let me scream into the void without a text limit.

    I loved the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, tolerated the fourth and won’t give the fifth the time of day to even give a second thought. With the new movie coming out, I don’t have high hopes. All because I think they lost what the original magic that the first three movies had.

    The first three movies were a collection of supernatural love stories

    Almost every character’s motivation was that of love. Elizabeth’s love for Will, Will’s love for Elizabeth. Barbosa's love for the pleasures of life and the sea, Norrington and his affections for Elizabeth. Boot Strap Bill’s love for his son and his desire to keep him safe. 

    Davy Jones WHOLE FUCKING BACKSTORY is the one of the most tragic love stories that could have been written. A mortal man who fell in love with the Goddess of the Sea, who did everything to be with her. And when her nature kept them apart, he tore his own heart out to be free of the pain. AND HE STILL LOVED HER AND HER NAME WAS HIS LAST WORDS.

    Not to mention that the main character, Jack Sparrow, is characterized by his love and affections. His love for being a pirate, his love for his ship. His affections for the Turners, for the people he surrounds himself with. He’s the one that elected Elizabeth Swan for Pirate King; he gave up immortality to save Will’s life. He’s risked his life for his friends more times than he’s run away from danger.

    The first three movies were wonderful because they were a collection of love stories intertwined in an adventure. It made the stakes feel important, the victories more sweet, and in general more relatable. 

    But with the fourth movie, something changed. It stopped being a story of love and perseverance. It became a treasure hunt, with love being incidental. 

    The relationship between Blackbeard and Angelica was the most interesting part of that movie, and I think it’s because of the unusual nature of their love for each other that made it that way. But they didn’t expand on that AT ALL. And the relationship between her and Jack felt less genuine and more of a manner of circumstance. 

    And from what I heard of the fifth movie, it’s not much better. I think that if they really want to do a six movie (and they really shouldn't) then I think they should return to what made the franchise so likable.

    Make it a love story.

    Rant over

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  • cptainwood
    04.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    Okay but what if I make my daughter of Aphrodite into a Harry Potter oc
    #what if I change my son of Hermes and grandson of helios oc muses into ho characters #I miss them so much #but idk #I haven’t felt this welcomed in an rp fandom in a long time #and the Greek rp is very small #I know ess will be very heartbroken lol #(as if I would just throw away their original verses away 🙄) #I’ll make a post #going more into detail about them #but I’m especially in love with my grandson of Helios oc being a curse breaker #and my daughter of Aphrodite oc making wine that acts as love potions #and even my son of Hermes bby #just wants to be a slytherin #ugh #I miss them so
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  • anandasamsara
    04.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Okay, i’m going crazy here thinking about this, i cant just dump that on my friends bc they all busy with their lives and jobs, and saturday is a long time coming so i cant scream it all out on therapy yet.

    I found a house. It’s kinda shitty, very small, cheap-y and probably not that structurally sound. It’s also probably an illegal construction that someone exploited. It’s in a very poorly planned villa (or whatever it is called in english). But i fell in love with it and i need to move there. I fucking remade the whole thing on the sims so i could play-plan how i would decorate it.

    It’s also near my best friend’s house, so thats a plus and a half for safety and comfort reasons.

    It has an open plan kitchen/living room that is about 2x3m, maybe less. Probably less. It has only one room, but it looks okay-ish sized and IT HAS A MINI VERANDA, which you can see that i love more than anything else, with half a view of the street and full wall glass doors/windows set. Probs 2x2,5m counting the mini veranda. The bathroom is a literal square, maybe 1,5x1,5m, but it does have a nice shower space. On the outside, theoretically the washing tank belongs to the house, even tho it is literally outside on the mini patio.

    Imma show you the pics bc i gotta rant about this more:

    The front.

    The mini patio outside.

    The view of the house itself. It’s on the “second level” of the place.

    The outside washing tank.

    The living room.

    The kitchen.

    The bedroom.

    The mini veranda (more like micro) with a view to the street.

    Hallway to the bathroom.

    The shower.

    The rest of the bathroom.

    So. Really fucking small and weird, right? But i truly fell in love with this shitty place.

    And i made plans. 

    On the outside, i can probably maybe fit a washing machine by the washing tank. Tight fit, but it may work. 

    I can fit a small couch (more like a futon), a very thin table by the half wall under the window, a very small coffee table and some storage high on the walls of the living room. Maybe even a thin rack and a small shelf. I wont have a tv bc i dont use one, so i could leave an empty square on the wall and use a projector to watch shit when i have people over. 

    For the kitchen, the stove would be on that square by the half wall. More storage high on the walls and a cabinet by the sink, maybe. If i could find a smaller fridge, like a 1,50m tall one, i can put it by the bedroom door with a microwave over it. The coffee maker would be on the cabinet by the sink or the thin table at the other side of the half wall.

    For the room, i can easily create a wall made of bookshelves on the middle to separate bedroom and office. I can also add a higher level made of wood where the bed will be, to create a better illusion of two ambients. On the micro veranda, plants and a garden table/chair combo if i can fit it. Also, a magnetic mosquito door curtain bc yes.

    The batroom only needs some storage, so some shelves on the wall would be enough. Maybe a big mirror to hang there too.

    I’m very very tempted to contact the owner and book an appointment just to see the place in person. But the thing is, i absolutely cant move there.

    I’ve no job, no money, no means. It’s a 700brl rent, 3 months in advance, which means 140usd per month plus 400usd in advance. And im not even listing the bills. Water is apparently shared with the other residents, but theres electricity and internet and my phone and my medicine.

    Its a lot and im going crazy and i cant deal with my parents anymore. I dont wanna be their parent, i dont even want to have kids! And my health is catching up with me, so the number of jobs i could do is going down, and being unemployed with a declining health will help me with fuck all.

    This is more a rant than anything. I want so bad to show people this house, but i cant bc i dont want to bother anyone specificaly with a useless wish, so i’ll show it here and people will just ignore and thats fine.

    I just. I keep realising that im way poorer than i ever thought i was, and its taking a toll on me. No jobs i could get would pay me enough to move out, no matter what kind. Teacher, artist, academic advisor, secretary, cleaning crew, store clerk, supermarket cashier, none of these pay me enough to survive, and half of them i cant physically do.

    Anyways, TL:DR i found a shitty house in a shitty place that i fell in love with. I’ll never be able to live there.

    #long post#rant#me#personal #my dream shitty house
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  • this-is-captain-handsome
    04.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Hello everyone, this cute doggo is Pancho my 76 year old neighbor's companion and friend. Look at him being all tall on his stump 🥺

    On 8/1/21 he was somehow let lose from my neighbor's front yard and attacked by 2 other dogs and left with some very severe injuries, he was later found with bite wounds and a broken leg. Since then he's gotten treatment and medication but he'll need surgery as well. Now all this is very expensive and my neighbor is retired with little savings, she's already used up everything to pay for Pancho's overnight care at the vet. We need help to cover the costs of the upcoming surgery today 8/4/21 and his care afterwards. Any donation, reblog or share is greatly appreciated 🙏

    #gofundme#signal boost #animal attack tw #hurt animal tw #dog attack tw #hurt dog tw #doggo#personal#long post
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  • spectral-musette
    04.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    She touched his face, fingertips light along his temple, nails delicately scraping through the short beard on his cheeks, lingering on the cleft in his chin before resting on his mouth.
    “I thought…” she began, but then choked on a soft sob as the tears began to run down her cheeks.
    “I thought you would be angry,” he said instead, nuzzling his cheek against her hand and then kissing the palm.
    “I am furious,” she assured him, tenderly. “I am incandescent with rage.” Her lips were against his, her breath uneven in his mouth.

    Directly following the Deception arc (Clone Wars Season 4 episodes 15-18), Obi-Wan asks for Satine's forgiveness for letting her believe he was dead.

    Just over 2000 words, M in AO3-style rating, probably part of a longer work if I can ever finish it and think of a title.

    . . . . . . . . . .

    Obi-Wan had not protested very much when Padme offered him the use of her family’s lakeside retreat in the aftermath of attempted abduction of the Chancellor on Naboo. He had, however, expected a slightly more modest structure than the sprawling villa he’d found upon his arrival. Despite the droids on staff, the place seemed empty, hollow, as though it still echoed with the voices and laughter of a happy family. So fresh from his undercover work, he wasn’t sure isolation was the best remedy for his rumpled spirits after the ordeal, but arrangements had been made, and he supposed he could make the best of it for a few days.

    In some ways, he was keen to leave Naboo. The memory of Qui-Gon’s death still cut like a keen-edged blade here. But perhaps that meant he should stay, to meditate on his old grief.

    Painful as that prospect was, at least it sounded more surmountable than returning to a Temple that had been mourning him.

    He’d have to, eventually. Anakin’s (justified) expression of betrayal and Ahsoka’s wounded demeanor still stung, and he didn’t look forward to repeating these painful scenes with other dear friends, with Luminara, or with Quinlan. But until the GAR red tape was untangled (at least a few days), he was still officially dead, and granted all the freedom of a wandering ghost.

    He felt a little like the ghost of his old self after a quick swim as he climbed out of the lake onto the patio by the house. He sat heavily on the flagstones, still warm from the sun even as the stars were coming out. The constellations of Naboo seemed startlingly familiar considering the few times he’d seen them. The span of nearly 15 years felt short tonight. Perhaps it was the mere stubble of hair on his skull, shorter even than a padawan’s. Perhaps it was the ache of his old Master’s absence. He tried to ground himself in the present; as he toweled off his wet limbs, the ugly burn scars from his duel with Count Dooku shone pale in the moonlight, and his face still hurt from the dreadful biotech that had transformed him into the Mandalorian marksman.

    It was always Mandalorians, wasn’t it? Proof that the Force possessed a sense of dramatic irony that the brethren of the woman to whom he’d lost his heart seemed to continually haunt him.

    The guilt of it weighed like a stone on his chest. The mission had dragged on far too long for Satine not to have heard news of his apparent death. He had hoped it might all be resolved before… Well, it had been an unlikely hope, anyway. Padme almost certainly told her immediately.

    There hadn’t been anything for it. To ask for permission to tell Satine the truth before the charade would’ve been tantamount to confessing his feelings for her. Had there only been the censure of the Council involved it might’ve been one thing, but any careless word to the Chancellor’s staff could’ve proven disastrous for Satine and the gossamer-fine line she walked to keep peace and authority on Mandalore. He’d been keeping her safe even as he wounded her.

    Just like the old days, pulling her out of harms way, or shielding her with his body.

    Only this wasn’t an accidentally scraped knee or bruised arm. Perhaps it was vain of him to assume, but he knew how deeply she cared for him, how intense her feelings ran…

    He’d tried composing a message to her so many times. Even still in the guise of Rako Hardeen, when he caught a moment’s rest, he’d gone over it in his mind, lulling himself into an uneasy sleep as he tried to find the words to ask her forgiveness.

    In the end, a forthright Forgive me, was the best he could muster, hastily sent to her private channel as soon as he’d gotten access to a comm unit at the conclusion of the charade. If you’ll listen, I’ll try to explain, but nothing will excuse what I’ve put you through. Know that I am so very sorry.

    She hadn’t replied. He checked the comm unit again as he pulled his undertunic over his head, the rough linen soaking up the last of the lake water on his back, seeing only his own message, stark and insufficient.

    He didn’t blame her, truly.

    He’d slept since sending it, through the afternoon, reveling a little in the luxury of resting when he felt tired, regardless of the local daytime cycles. And he dreamed in disjointed flashes, mostly of her… her grief, her melancholy, her ire… of the glint of tears on her dark gold eyelashes, the quaver of anger in her beloved voice.

    He wasn’t sure if he ought to just sleep again, now that night was here. Weary as he was, he felt he could sleep for days.

    He shook his head. No, he didn’t want to see how it would pain her, to think of him in danger, forced to behave as an utter villain. “Not now. Not more than I al,ready have.”ean linens. But there was no whirring of servos, and the footsteps on ,the flagstones sounded too soft. He caught a whiff of an achingly familiar floral scent just as he turned.

    She must’ve been too much in his thoughts already, his mind too clouded with guilt and regret and weariness to clearly sense her presence.

    But Satine stood, silhouetted by the dim illumination of the house, resplendent in the scarlet gown she’d worn the night they’d met in secret on Coruscant, though her hair was loose about her shoulders, pale and shimmering in the moonlight. For a moment she was utterly still, then she merely raised a hand to her mouth, stifling a soft gasp.

    He scrambled to his feet, keenly aware that this was not the state in which he wished to appear before his lady. His trousers were still sopping, his undertunic open to the navel, and his hair had barely grown in longer than the stubble on his jaw. But her eyes were only on his, and shining with tears. She took a few steps towards him, then swayed a little. He lunged to catch her around the waist; the last thing she needed on top of all the rest of the suffering he’d caused her was bruised knees. She twined her arms around his neck, and his knees gave a slow surrender too, such that the pair of them sank to the flagstones, wrapped in each other’s arms.

    She touched his face, fingertips light along his temple, nails delicately scraping through the short beard on his cheeks, lingering on the cleft in his chin before resting on his mouth.

    “I thought…” she began, but then choked on a soft sob as the tears began to run down her cheeks.

    “I thought you would be angry,” he said instead, nuzzling his cheek against her hand and then kissing the palm.

    “I am furious,” she assured him, tenderly. “I am incandescent with rage.” Her lips were against his, her breath uneven in his mouth.

    He tasted it in her kiss, a fleeting note of bitterness and sorrow amid the heady sweetness of her relief and joy, the fire of her desire.

    “I am so very sorry,” he repeated, abject.

    “Oh, I hope so,” she replied, breathless.

    As usual, Satine had the last word, as neither of them could speak for some time after that.

    . . . . . . . . . .

    She lay on her side, half propped up on her elbow, her head against the pillow and her hair spread across it in a tangle of pale spun gold. The bedclothes were pooled around her waist, and he deeply felt the intimacy and vulnerability they shared in that moment. He thought this image of her would be vivid in his mind for the rest of his days, however long that might be: the pale morning light on her bare skin, her flushed cheeks, the glint of unshed tears in her eyes, the soft swell of her breasts with her sharp, uneven breaths as she tried not to cry again.

    Finished with his abridged account of the awful ordeal, he reached out to run the backs of his fingers along her arm.

    “Say something,” he begged.

    She sat up a little more, her hair falling across her face as she wrapped her arms around herself and turned away from him.

    “It might be… easier to accept, if you’d done it for the sake of someone … worthy of all this pain. To protect Anakin or Ahsoka or Padme or…”

    “Satine, I can’t decline a mission to protect the Chancellor simply because I dislike the man.”

    “It isn’t a matter of dislike. There’s something… so… wicked about him. Manipulative and scheming. Don’t say it’s because he tried to put troops on Mandalore, and don’t you dare say it’s because he’s a politician.” She turned back to him, her gaze challenging.

    “No,” he agreed prudently. “I won’t say that. I don’t disagree with you. He’s been a mentor to Anakin and to Padme for as long as I’ve known him, but I can’t help thinking it’s always been somehow for his own benefit. He steered Padme to get himself elected in the first place, and his grip on the office has been white-knuckled since. I can’t very well blame him for the war, but despite his lipservice towards peaceful resolution, the GAR keeps swelling its ranks.”

    “I’ll blame him. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to confirm it aside from my gut feeling.”

    He placed a hand on her waist, his thumb tracing around her navel. “I’ve learned to trust your gut feelings. But dislike him, distrust him or not, my duty is to the Republic.”

    He started to pull his arm back, but she gripped it by the elbow. He slid his hand to the small of her back, pulling her closer.

    “What of your duty to me?” Her voice was quiet, but not without a note of beskar.

    “Is it duty?” he asked. “I thought it was love.”

    “Perhaps it’s very Mandalorian of me,” she said, “that we hold our most sacred duties to be to those we love.”

    “Satine, I cannot put my devotion to you above the will of the Council or the good of the Republic. Not while I serve the Jedi Order.”

    He almost expected her to pull away in anger or distress, but she shifted closer, pressing her face against his shoulder. “I know that. I’ve always known that. But it hasn’t hurt like this before.”

    “Not since I left?” he suggested, burying his face in her hair and holding her tightly.

    “No. Not even then. It wasn’t losing you, it was letting you go. This was… like I had died too.”

    The guilt of it made his stomach turn. “I am so sorry, Satine. If there had been time to find another way… to spare you this…”

    “The worst of it is that you knew how it would hurt me,” she accused. “And you still did it.”

    “I knew,” he confirmed, regretful. “The Chancellor insisted on knowing everyone who was privy to the plan, and I had no time to even find the opportunity to disobey. I thought… the risk of revealing that you should be told…”

    She let out a breath, hot against his skin.

    “I think I’d have much rather run that risk than think you were dead.”

    “If I’d had time to think it through, perhaps I’d have decided differently. But everything was snap decisions, and my instinct was to protect you.”

    “And I can’t even be angry at you for that.”

    “Of course you can be angry,” he soothed.

    “Oh, what good does it do?” she demanded, lifting her head, fair brow furrowed. “Just wasting time quarreling when we have so little time together anyway.”

    “Then you forgive me?” he asked humbly, kissing her forehead.

    “I don’t know,” she answered honestly, stroking his cheek. “I know that I still want you, though.”

    “Then I am yours,” he promised, kissing her fingertips.

    “At least it’s not an offense that’s very likely to be repeated,” she reflected, shaking her head a little.

    “Not very,” he agreed.

    “I feel like I ought to extract some promise… some penance. But I expect you’ve punished yourself enough.”

    He closed his eyes, leaning his head back. “The thing itself was terrible too. Not that I’m suggesting that what I went through can compare to-”

    “Hush, darling,” she scolded. “It can be terrible on its own.”

    “Sometimes I thought my death might end up not being a lie after all,” he said softly.

    “Do you want to tell me?” she asked softly, her fingertips light across his brow.

    He shook his head. No, he didn’t want to see how it would pain her, to think of him in danger, forced to behave as an utter villain. “Not now. Not more than I already have.”

    She kissed him then, deep and ardent. “Then forget, for a while,” she said, breathless, her lips still brushing his. “Let me forget again. Make me forget.”

    She hitched her leg around him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he shifted onto her, into the blissful oblivion where she was the center of the universe and the Force sang in resonance with their love.

    #Obi Wan/Satine#obitine #Star Wars fic #Clone Wars fic #I wrote a thing #long post #Obi Wan Kenobi #Satine Kryze #guys I am so bad at titles #I have been trying to write something about this for ages
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  • ms-trickster
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Me: ok I’m gonna work on this wip so that I can finish it and then get back to work on my chatfic series

    A new story idea: hi :)

    Me: ...no

    A new story idea: :)))

    Me: NO

    #anyway guess who’s working on ANOTHER new wip!! #me! :’D #it’s probably gonna be multichapter even tho I kinda wanna post it as a one shot cuz I can already tell it’s gonna be long #might post a snippet if I can wrangle this first part into something coherent #missy talks
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  • magicalandsomeweirdhometours
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    This is so cool- a family in India wanted a space secure as a fortress for their  family to create an inward environment that would be independent and self-sustainable.

    Thick walls secured from outside, with internal courts, balconies, and common areas create an interesting hierarchy of open, semi-open and enclosed spaces.

    Steps and staircases have been designed with a method reducing overall weight on the main structure.

    The structure contains wind towers for natural cooling and multiple internal courts with plants.

    Energy comes from solar panels.  

    With a rainwater harvesting system, proper sewage treatment provides water for the kitchen garden.

    One of the bedrooms opens to a outdoor terrace.

    Openings produce negative and positive air pressure zones.

    Beautiful blue courtyard looks like a work of art.

    The walls are built with horizontal bands layered vertically with varied spacing. Openings at the lower level in stone are according to the width of the horizontal bands. Honeycomb loop structures with brick curves, give the entire structure a crown-like appearance.

    The home will last and serve many generations.

    Rooftop deck.


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  • offbeatsartventures
    04.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    apparently all i needed was a box of crayons to pull me out of my creative rut

    #my art #long time no post! #🤪🤪🤪
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  • magicalandsomeweirdhometours
    04.08.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    So, here we have a two family home in Wisconsin, and the whole building is for sale. There are two very distinct decorating styles. 

    First, we’ll visit the left side.

    Nice, right? It’s neutral and you can decorate it as you wish. I especially like the kitchen. 

    And, on the right, we have some serious fan stuff going on. Look at the carpet. 

    Hey, that’s the wrong shade of green. 

    There is such as a thing as overkill and a point where it just gets tacky.

    The back of the house has a beautiful patio area. But check this out:

    Look what’s directly across the street. It can be yours, Packer fans, for $1.3mil. (The median price of these homes is only $208,900, so you’d REALLY have to be a fan.) 


    #theme house #green bay packers decor #unique real estate #long post
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  • naberiie
    04.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    that aha open letter to nara is still making me SEETHE but the memes abt it are pretty damn funny (all found via loml and niche content account extraordinaire, @/archivistmemes on twt)

    #aha fucking punching sideways but at least we get Funney Content #lam tag #long post // #as a historian and archivist i just must say: what the fuck is wrong with u aha
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  • angcrmanagcmcnt
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    //So! I’m working on that Brotherhood origins post and. I’m just staring at the map like “why is Pendleton getting attacked by Creta when it’s kinda far and Pendleton is so much closer to Drachma’s border. like. wha??????

    //But yeah that’s why Drachma soldiers are involved here but Creta ain’t

    //The map itself plus what I mean is below the cut

    And then If you zoom in(Pendleton’s circled in red btw),

    But. yeah lmao that’s my little ramble for the day

    #who witnesses the truth.{ooc.} #tw long post
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  • pinkydude
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    GOT Inspired by @parviocula lil list of Nicknames for OTPs

    And you know what I'm tagging @vos-videmus @northern-wolf6 and @evilpol because itd be like that 🤡

    High Voltage's Nicknames and their STORIES ⚡


    (Most of those being usually preceded by "my little" or just "little")

    Squirrel / Beaver / Rat / Mouse / etc

    Any kind of rodent *except* Raccoon. It started as a genuine question "Is that a Rat? On your jacket?" when Val first came to camp in his Badlands gear. "Oh! No that's a Raccoon" turning around to show him- but it became an inside joke between them since then

    Monkey / Lemur

    Thats when Val get clingy- after a long day of work, in bed or in the showers, or just when he want attention and goes grabby hands all over him

    My little Raffen

    After Valentin opened up about his Wraith past to Mitch and the gang, they started to call him "you little raffen" (Affectionate). Only Mitch uses "my little raffen" tho


    That because Valentin is canonly French, and he got some accent going on


    Ouughh this one is emo- after the Saul situation, and after Mitch feelings started to slip into the romantic kind of affection and love, he noticed the lights reflecting in Val's eyes even more, and how smily the boy was, and how bubbly and full of joy- that he started to call him "sunshine" in his head- only to let it out during big emo moment, kissing his tears away while breathing out "Itll be okay, sunshine" (or somesHIT DONT LOOK AT ME AAAAH)

    Raccoon / Baby Raccoon

    Stinky (Affectionate)

    When Val come back from a raid, or spent multiples days on his computer, or just havent took a shower in a while and the badlands sand get sticky on the sweat and get everywhere- after a lil smooch he goes "Oow, you little stinky you" to which Val respond by getting more of his stinky self on him UHEHEHE

    Boy / Kid / Kiddo

    Those ones started early as fuck- from the day Mitch and Scorpion found him in the dump, really. "You feeling ok there, kid?" first morning waking up in the Aldecaldos camp, bandages all over his face. "Hang in there, boy. I got you" on their way out of the Wraith building, an almost dead Valentin in his arms (emo SHIT YEAH EMO NIGHT)


    Mich (pronounced "meesh")

    Born during the celebrating party following the final reparation on the basilisk after the raid on Militech. Young night, all of the camp sharing beers and alcohol, Mitch and Valentin hanging out with the veterans, both drunk. Mitch got up to get something, Valentin- being the lighthead that he is, dumbass with a crush -following him without a purpose and bumping into him, staying close at his side, clinging at his jumpsuit still tied at his waist. "Feeling bold tonight, boy?" Mitch sliding an arm around Val, bringing him closer- "Miiiiich- what are you- ehh" the raccoons head being Empty No Thoughts as fuck, falling asleep there on Mitch shoulder

    Zebra / Stripy

    Just because he noticed Mitch had matching Harness and Shoes- all with oranges stripes

    Frog / Froggy

    Because of the green jumpsuit 🐸 and because he's seen squatting / crouching a lot when working on vehicles. "Croak Croak" "-The hell kind of noise is that?" "That's a frog!" "Hn, must be a french frog then"

    Soldier / Warrior

    Usually used when Mitch is having a wobbly kind of day, easier with severe PTSD attack, though work day, or memories that sting. "My strong, soldier man" wrapping his arms around him, into an intense but kind embrace, placing soft kisses on his forehead

    Smelly (Affectionate)

    Same as Stinky for Val, he calls him Smelly when Mitch comes near him covered in grease and oil, or having his jumpsuit off with his sweaty hairy chest out, passing a hand through it "Oh thats a smelly, smelly man" going on his tiptoe to give him a kiss on his grease covered cheek

    Old man / Grandpa

    Used in public to tease him, saying stuff like "Eh, you think old man over here can keep up?" when talking to Panam, looking at Mitch. Later, post Mikoshi, using those during the day can almost guarantee that Mitch will show what this "Old Man" is capable of during the night 👁👄👁 Valentin being all baby giraffe in the morning, coming out the tent all wobbly AHEUHFH

    OOOOOAAAHHOO I think thats the most I've shared about them- officially, in a public post on here so AUEHHAHHRJEJZ IM feeling more and more comfy with my stuff so YEAAAHHF

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  • gayh0neybee
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Naur i'm cold

    #i hate this #im forced to wear multiple layers but im still getting cold #its not like extreme like it is during autumn when heating is coming soon but not yet turned on #but im still like #i have 3 layers how many more do i need #i dont want to have to turn on the heater in summer so #but this is #girl like idk a week or smth ago i could wear just my underwear and lie down without a blanket for as long as i wanted and not get cold #and now i cant anymore #no but i really hate that i cant lie down without getting really cold it hurts #again its not extreme cold like in other seasons but still #man why#vent post #(and i cant lie in bed without washing my teeth face and body or wearing full sleeping clothes) #(so i cant lie down without a blanket unless im going fully to sleep) #so if i feel weak and want to lie down but not go to sleep i lie down uncovered but then i get really cold and it hurts
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  • actualsunflower
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sorry for complaining but the last few days I had been out of my anxiety meds and unable to get them for a few days... I was having a constant panic attack for almost 2 days, but I got my meds yesterday so I'm a little better now. I'm 2 weeks late on another prescription too though and it's $200 :/ they're letting me pay for it in pieces by giving me 2 week supply at a time instead of my full prescription but that was still $50 I had to pay yesterday for it...

    But now the fires are worse, there was a thunderstorm the other day that started several new fires, we can see the fire at night, it makes a big portion of the sky all red.

    The pic is pretty blurry bcs of my trembling so sorry about that but it is... Really terrifying

    This is the smoke right now :( usually there's nothing but mountains visible but now it just looks like there's almost nothing. I'm sorry about complaining so much I guess I just wanted to update or something idk I'm really freaking out about all this stuff I guess

    #all the anxiety made my trembling worse so i could barely hold anything #but the fires man.... god its so terrifying #its even worse than last year and last year was BAD #we couldnt see the fire at night but now we can #i start work at the new job on monday as well so thats good i guess... full time so hopefully when i get payed in 2 weeks I can get my meds #i almost threw up I was outside at the track when it got dark waiting w the telescope to look at saturn #when we turned around and saw the fire in the distance #my god i havent panicked that much that fast in a long time #i was freaking out and shaking and almost running all the way home because i thought we were all gonna have to leave immediately #its stll far enough away that we're ok but god i hate seeing it every night #it's like being in the road and watching as a speeding car comes at you. you know it's gonna hit you but theres nothing you can do #sunflower posts
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