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    Dir en grey - NEW SINGLE 『朧』 (2021.4.28 RELEASE) (60 second teaser)

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    #long post #ajlsjdfjklflkjj i understand how cringy this is but i mean- if it helps obliterate cringe culture :eyes:
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    #asks#long post #all i’m saying from vic and alike i expect nothing less. #but now if yukhei kinda completely forgets about hk like jackson has then that’s extremely disappointing
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    #army of bee assassins #army-of-bee-assassins#long post#thanks joyce#bluh bluh#ingot#andy #ravens roost radio #g-d these KIDS #ty for asking abt andy I owe you my LIFE
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    So I searched information about LRADs from several different sources from different sites (news articles, informative blogs explaining how it works and it’s history, a civil liberties union site -aclu-, the twenty thousand hertz podcast, information documents, etc) because I saw a post say that saying that LRADs / Sound Cannons “don’t make you permanently deaf” and to say so is fearmongering misinformation. So I wanted to see what was true then.

    So I’m searching and every source says it’s painful and causes permanent hearing loss (which can be significant in amount), some sources mentioning people fainting/falling down suddenly, screaming from pain, severe damage of inner ear tissue, and other worrying things.

    Karen Piper is the most cited example since she sued the city (Pittsburgh) for using an LRAD in 2009 for “several minutes” in alarm mode, who “immediately suffered intense pain as mucus discharged from her ear. She became nauseous and dizzy and developed a severe headache. Since then, Piper has suffered from tinnitus (ringing of the ears), barotrauma, left ear pain and fluid drainage, dizziness, and nausea. She still suffers from permanent nerve damage.” as a bystander (ACLU Pennsylvania). And there are still cases of permanent damage and pain happening from them in much more recent times from LRADs, along with other cases of people suing from their use.

    I think “can cause permanent irreversible hearing loss, nerve damage, tinnitus, hyperacusis, disable your sense of balance, long-term impact on your cognitive abilities, and other health issues” (the extent is different for everyone) from exposure to a military-grade weapon originally for long distance oceanic warfare use that’s inhumane in practice, and has been used even with people just a few feet away up to several hours at a time in “protest crowd control” when it uses a highly concentrated sound beam that can still cause damage in longer distances, is pretty bad in and of itself even with the permanent hearing loss documented from protests “only” making you technically hard-of-hearing instead of deaf. The effects are worse for children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing sound injuries (they don’t care about bystanders). And the models are still really high in decibal range, usually between 137 to 162 decibels for different Modern models.

    It is still a human rights violation like rubber bullets, flash grenades, tear gas, pepper spray, tasers, and everything else used by police on protestors -human beings- so this isn’t as reassuring as I would hope with the difference between the misinformation and the truth.

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    A hooded, masked figure was manning a lever at a dubious looking control console. Outwardly, the mechanism looked to control some sort of torrid torture device. Or at least it would have, had the current array of switches not been aligned to grant the sinister, if subdued figure to make finer use of the TV studio cameras and to edit their feed accordingly, since most shows were live-- give or take some delay time for the radio waves to broadcast properly across the internet and some select local television stations.

    It was work that demanded this costumed conqueror indulge his soda-drinking habit. To not only inhale massive amounts of sugar and caffeine, but also to know the glory of every carbonated flavor in creation. Oh yes: Sergio Sidewinder would defy the gods themselves for that taste!

    “Nary a finer time has there been for I, Sidewinder to go about a glass of Pibb-fused-with-Cheerwine! Yes, this variation of the most recently concocted formula shall be the one to quench the Polydipsia Penultimate!”

    Sidewinder took a sip. He let the flavor fusion linger, mulling over it a bit with a ‘thp thp’ of his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

    “It’s a bit shit.”

    “Dash it all, you disney-prince-dirtbag! I told you those sodas were reserved! RESERVED!”

    “Perhaps you’re the one who had exact change for the vending machine, Raut. But I, Sidewinder, found them in the fridge unattended... WITHOUT due sticky note, nor the brand of a permanent marker. Carpe canem!”

    “What do you mean ‘Seize the dog,’ you tinplated throne-warmer?!”

    “This is why you fail. I seize it, you as they say-- dilly-dally.”

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    So my brain went “Oh who else is in the therapy club of the characters I’ve already tossed in there because god do they need it”

    The entire cast of Transformers Prime

    Yes all of the goddamned Gems and Steven from Steven Universe + Connie


    Anyone in the Dragon Prince

    Ben 10′s entire cast who isn’t a literal sociopathic murder demon person.

    Uhhh a lot of characters in Monkie Kid

    what else am I missing?

    Uhhh.................. all of my own characters regardless if they do not have anything that would need them to go to therapy

    Ehhhh V:LD goes in too I guess not tagging it because I don’t want anybody from the fandom comin to my blog because honestly am scared of them

    Persona characters. No just seriously any/alll persona characters, y’all go in there. YOU TOO, YOU THREE FANDOM-UNDECIDED PROTAGONISTS COMMONLY KNOWN AS MAKOTO, YU, AND AKIRA.

    Harry Potter cast

    the entire Marvel Universe

    I have now realized I have made a mistake when trying to list how many characters/series shall go to the therapy club so hah thanks brain.

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    flyers + susie dent, part 2
    (part 1)
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    A Lack of Owls, but A Load of Surprises (Fred Weasley x Reader FLUFF)

    Today is a BIG day, not only because I officially enter my second quarter of a century (Woo, 25, baby!) but I ALSO GOT MY FIRST REQUEST ON THIS ACCOUNT! And it fit perfectly with the festivities! Thank you so much to @thescarletweasleywitch for the lovely request, and I hope more of you will send in requests of your own!

    Prompt: Hi lovely! Can you write one where it’s the readers birthday and she’s having a bad day. On top of that Fred seems to have forgotten but Hermione reminds him and it has a happy ending? :))

    Warnings: none, other than some mentioning of adult activities without the seggsy details. It is just tooth-rotting fluff!


    The Improper Use of Magic office was always busy, but there was something about today’s cases that felt more tedious than usual. Y/n knew she should have taken the day off for her birthday, but with all the work that seemed to be piling onto her desk now that the Ministry was coming back to its full strength after the war, she just couldn’t get away. And on top of that, she hadn’t heard anything from her boyfriend, Fred Weasley. It wasn’t like she was expecting much - they had only reconnected right before the war when she was working in the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects and had joined the Order of the Phoenix - and they were living in separate flats, exclusively spending weekends together, but the number of weeknights when they woke up in one another’s beds seemed to indicate a rather serious relationship. And they’d spent well over a year together. She thought for sure she would at least wake up to an Owl tapping its beak against her bedroom window with a sweet little note tied to its leg. That’s what she had done for him back in April, and she couldn’t help but feel her heart sink slightly when she finally disapprated to the office - five minutes later than usual.

    She sighed, trying to push the disappointment from this morning out of her mind, and instead focus on her work, but that seemed to be nearly impossible. Maybe she would just stop by the shop on the way home - Fred had probably just been busy, too. It was around the time of the month when he and George went through the books, ordered more materials, and started brewing massive batches of the various potions they sold. But surely that wouldn’t have gotten in the way of remembering her birthday? Just as y/n read the name of the accused and information about their wand for probably the fifth time, Hermione Granger popped into the office, her bushy chestnut hair seemed larger than usual - it must be a stressful day in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures office, too. “Hi, y/n! I meant to stop by earlier but I couldn’t manage to get away from my desk. Happy Birthday!” She said brightly, placing a card and a small package onto y/n’s desk. The two women had grown rather close since the two of them began dating two Weasley brothers - spending so much time at the Burrow for family holidays and home-cooked meals had a way of strengthening your friendship. “That’s very sweet, thank you!” Y/n said, picking up the package and turning it slightly in her hands before carefully tearing the paper and opening the box; inside was the Hippogriff brooch she had admired the last time they shopped together in Diagon Alley. In y/n’s hand, the miniature hippogriff gave a little screech and bowed, making her giggle in delight.

    “What does Fred have planned for you? I bet it’s going to be lovely.” Hermione said, giving y/n an eager bob of her eyebrows. Y/n couldn’t help but let out a little huff, which caused Hermione to shoot her a confused look. “Your guess would be as good as mine. He hasn’t sent as much as an Owl with a Happy Birthday note to its leg, let alone a plan for a celebration or even a time and place to meet.” She sighed, running her fingers delicately over the brooch’s silver wings. “Maybe he’s planning a surprise and trying to be romantic. You know how the twins are - they always seem to have a rather unconventional way of doing things.” Hermione suggested, but y/n sensed an edge of sympathy in her voice. “And if not, send me an owl; I’d be happy to celebrate with you! And I’d bet Ginny would too!” She suggested, and y/n felt your heart lift a bit from down in the pit of your stomach. “Thanks, Hermione; I’ll keep you posted!” She said, and the two exchanged soft smiles. “Well, I’m sorry to be off so quickly, I told Ron I’d meet him for lunch and you know how unpredictable the Auror’s office can be! Want us to bring you something back? We’re headed to the Leaky Cauldron.” She offered. “A shepherd‘a pie if you would - I’ll pay you when you get back!” Y/n called but Hermione cut her off. “Nonsense, it’s your birthday. You don’t pay on your birthday.”


    Hermione and Ron apparated to Diagon Alley, and to Ron’s disgust, they did not walk directly to the Leaky Cauldron. “Where are you going? The Leaky Cauldron is this way!” He asked frantically. “I need to make a quick visit to your twin brothers - the older of the two in particular.” Hermione huffed, Ron’s eyebrows threaded together. “What’d Fred do to you now? I thought he fixed the formula of that hair potion you used so it wouldn’t turn anything blue anymore.” Ron said, there was a fighting edge to his voice that made Hermione’s heart flutter - as independent as she was, it was sweet how quickly Ron would still go after his brothers to protect her. “It’s not that; and yes, he did fix that, and it is fine now. Nothing’s been blue for a month. It’s got to do with y/n. I suspect he has forgotten something rather important.” She said in an annoyed tone as her hand secured around the doorknob to the shockingly violet shop.

    When they entered, George was scolding a young customer who seemed to have set off a handful of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder in the shop’s front window, while Fred was focused intently on a faulty decoy detonator at the shop’s front counter. He was, in fact, so focused that he didn’t even look up as he said, “Welcome to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, today’s specials are our one-of-a-kind Wonder Witch line: buy one Love Potion, get another half off.”

    “Frederick Gideon Weasley, any idea what day it is?” Hermione said in a syrupy tone most often used by mothers who know they are about to catch their child in a lie. “Fred looked up with a confused, yet simultaneously amused expression. “I dunno, Tuesday?” He sputtered with a shrug, turning back to the decoy detonator which was squeaking rather lazily like a mouse instead of emitting it’s typical tune of a noisy, poorly tuned trumpet. Hermione settled back slightly, “Actually, no. Do you actually know what day it is?” She asked, truly perplexed this time. Fred gave her the same look he gave Ginny when she was trying to persuade her to hand over another Pygmy Puff for free. “Like I said, it’s Tuesday. It’s the day before we count the books.” Fred said, “Why do you ask? Your bewitched calendar broken or something?” Fred asked with his signature smirk and a quizzical shrug. “Fred, it’s Wednesday, the 14th.

    You’ve been testing products again, haven’t you? Was it that new sleeping draught?” Ron asked. “Well someone has to test products!” Fred chuckled and then his face fell. “Bloody fuckin’ hell.” He cursed under his breath. Hermione’s lips turned up into a satisfied smile. “Today’s actually y/n’s birthday, isn’t it? I’m a day behind. Of all the days to be a day behind!” He groaned, all the color had drained from his face - including the cinnamon flecks of his freckles. “I was wondering why you came up behind the counter today. I figured you had a good reason but no, you’re just a bloody idiot.” George said when he finally joined his brothers and Hermione at the till where Fred was standing, flabbergasted and ghostly.

    “She’s pissed, isn’t she? She knows I forgot.” He said, all the emotion gone from his voice, he spoke in a stunned stupor. “Well, she has her suspicions. But I tried to throw her off - or plant a seed, I suppose. I told her you might just be planning a surprise and wanted to keep her on her toes.” Hermione explained, Fred nodded - seemingly to himself. Ron had never seen the more gregarious of the twins this speechless before. “Alright, I think I can make that work. Promise me that neither of you will tell her I forgot - or tested a strong sleeping draught so close to her birthday, more like.” He said. “And if I don’t have your word right now, i’ll make it an unbreakable vow!” He threatened, glaring pointedly at his brothers, who nodded and mumbled “Yeah, yeah, we got it!” Fred rushed up the spiral staircase to the flat he and George shared and began rummaging through his things to find everything he had set aside - he truly hadn’t forgotten y/n’s birthday was coming up, in fact he’d been planning out every little detail for weeks. He was going to do his best to stick to his plan, but obviously a few things would have to change. He quickly changed clothes - no sense in wearing his shop robes to celebrate a birthday - and found a rucksack in the corner that he’d previously charmed with an undetectable extension spell, stuffed all he could inside, and rushed back down the steps.

    “You sure you’ll be alright on your own, Georgie?” Fred asked, hoping to Merlin his brother would allow him to get a move on - the longer he stuck around the more time he wasted. “I’ll be fine. Go woo your lady.” George chuckled at his twin’s panic. Fred was always so calm, even under pressure - almost like he enjoyed the challenge - but seeing how panicked he could get when it involved y/n, it was honestly impressive the hold she had on him. “Thanks!” Fred sighed, his expression softening to that of determined resolve before he apparated to y/n’s flat.


    Hermione brought back y/n’s shepherd’s pie and the two women chatted while y/n took a well-deserved break. Her entire afternoon was full of reviewing files - what a way to celebrate a birthday - but she did receive a few notes of well wishes, including one from Mr. Weasley. “At least one of the Weasley men remembered.” She scoffed to herself, and then immediately felt guilty, knowing it was probably an honest mistake if Fred truly had forgotten. And the day wasn’t actually over yet - he still had all evening to come to his senses. And anyway, Fred was rather fond of apparating on your doorstep at unexpected times.

    When the workday was finally over, she collected her things, and headed to the designated place for disapparation. When she arrived on her welcome mat in the drafty corridor, she swore she heard activity beyond the door. Brandishing her wand, she unlocked the door and stepped through the threshold ready to stupify the intruder, but jumped back when she noticed the state of her flat. The ceiling was enchanted so that shimmering gold lanterns and streamers suspended in midair; the candles were lit on their sconces and cast a charming, warm glow about the cramped space; a birthday cake - definitely a Molly Weasley creation - was displayed proudly on the kitchen table; and a familiar tall, ginger man, wearing the moss green jumper she loved most, was standing in the middle of the sitting room, holding a bouquet of wildflowers with a cheeky grin spread across his face. “You thought I forgot, didn’t you?” He asked as she lowered her wand and kicked the door closed behind her. Her bag falling from her shoulder and the hand that was gripped around her wand losing its grip. She felt lighter than air as she bounded the few steps across the floor into his arms and fell flush into his chest. All the annoyance she had felt toward him earlier in the day dissipated as he held her and his sweet, cinnamon-laced scent engulfed her; he was real, she wasn’t dreaming. His broad hand that wasn’t holding the flowers rubbed smooth circles against her back, and he peppered kisses into her hair - he knew how much she loved when he peppered kisses against her hair, and he loved the way her hair smelled as he did.

    They pulled slightly from the embrace to look into one another’s faces, and she gave him one of those bashful giggles that made her nose scrunch up. Their love still felt so new, so fairytale-like - even after so many shared moments and embraces - that she would still find herself blushing at his romantic gestures. “Happy Birthday, my love.” He said, his hazel eyes so clear and sparkling, it always felt so strange for Fred to be so sincere and to speak in such a level, and even slightly hushed tone, but she knew when he did, he truly meant every word he spoke. “Thank you.” She whispered, reaching her hand up to stroke his cheek. He leaned down and pressed a long-awaited kiss to her lips, and the butterflies in her stomach took flight. She heard the bouquet of flowers drop to the floor and his other arm secure around her waist, pulling her even deeper into the kiss they shared. She gripped into his jumper for leverage as they parted, she felt so elated it was almost like she was floating, and needed a greater sense of balance.

    When she regained her footing, and grounded herself in the fact that she truly was in her own flat, her boyfriend Fred Weasley was present, and he had made the effort to completely transform her sitting room for the occasion, she felt truly speechless. “You really did all this? For me?” She asked, giving him a look that was nothing short of awe. He pulled his wand from his pocket and magicked her bag onto its hook by the door, the flowers into a vase on the counter, and her wand onto the table, then said with a laugh, “Well, did someone else move in? Last I checked, it was only you who lived here.” He smirked and pulled her back toward him by her waist. “Of course I did this for you. Well, except the cake, that was my mum. But you deserve far more, I might add!” He sighed, bringing a hand up to brush a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “I have to be honest with you, I had far more planned, but a mixup at the shop had me thinking that today was really yesterday.” He said, wincing slightly. “George whipped up a new product for the shop - a sleeping draught - and he made it a bit too strong. I slept for two days and he didn’t bother telling me. I woke up yesterday and thought it was the day before. Of course George thought NOTHING of it!” He laughed nervously, “I had a whole stack of notes that were supposed to go out on Owls all day, I even figured out a way to infiltrate the ministry’s internal memo system! I’m so sorry I-“ he explained, but she stopped him with a finger against his plush lips. “It’s okay, Freddie.” She said, feeling herself laugh slightly out of relief - he truly hadn’t forgotten - “What you’ve done? It’s absolutely perfect.” She said, pressing up on her toes and giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Well, in that case, it’s about to get even better.” He said, letting out an amused laugh as he swung y/n up into his arms and carried her over to the couch, plopping her down onto the cushions behind a glorious pile of wrapped packages that were stacked on the coffee table.

    “A couple are from my parents, one is from George, another from Ginny, and then mine are hidden.” He said with a cheeky little wink. Y/n shook her head and let out an amused huff, “It is ALWAYS something with you, isn’t it?” She asked, poking his chest with her finger and making him let out a little “hey!” Y/n unwrapped the packages to find a pair of Hollyhead Harpies tickets and a jersey from Ginny; from George, a package of Fizzing Whizbees from Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop with a note attached, “They aren’t Honeydukes, but they will hold you over for now.” and a voucher to pick out a new Pygmy Puff, complete with the promise of every accessory it could ever wish for; and a package of homemade pumpkin pasties and a handmade cardigan from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. The cardigan was even the same moss green as Fred’s jumper, “Mum said she chose that color so we could match.” He rolled his eyes, but had a massive smile on his face. Y/n, reached her hand up and tousled his fiery hair, “You love that idea, and you know it.” She taunted. “You sound so much like my mum!” He groaned. “Oh, what a sexy thing to say to your girlfriend!” She laughed and he groaned before standing up and reaching out his hand. “Alright, ready for my present?” He asked, giving her a look that asked if she was ready for a challenge. She took his hand and he pulled her to her feet before slipping a small, folded piece of parchment in her palm.

    “Wow, really dug deep in the pocket book for this, didn’t you?” Y/n joked, and he shook his head - his sense of humor had really worn off on her lately. “You’ve got to open it, you goof.” He said, and she unfolded the small parchment. “Is this a scavenger hunt? Really?” She asked, reading his slanted handwriting, “And it RHYMES? I’m impressed, Frederick.” Y/n cooed before reading aloud. “‘Of all the places that we’ve kissed, this one was the first. You’ll find your next clue hiding there, if not, we might be cursed.’ Did you put a conditional curse on my doormat?” She asked, giving him an incredulous look, he shrugged and there was a wild look in his eye. Sure enough, when you lifted the doormat, there was a second piece of parchment spellotaped to the floor beneath it. You replaced the mat and watched it shutter, the conditional curse lifting. “What was it going to do if I didn’t find it?” She asked, and he laughed, “it was going to start smoking like the decoy detonators.” He pronounced proudly. “Go on, read your next clue.” He urged, y/n couldn’t tell if it was out of nerves or anticipation. “All but one of the decorations in this room are new. The one reused has showered a couple in love, in it you find your next clue. Is it one of the lanterns from Bill and Fleur’s wedding?” Y/n asked, and Fred nodded, then she began pulling down the bewitched lanterns and peering inside before releasing them back to the ceiling, it took about 5 tries to find the right lantern, and it was one floating directly over the framed photo she and Fred had taken at the wedding - months before they had officially gotten together; it was where they first caught one another’s eye outside of their work, she’d been there as a member of the Order and a colleague of Mr. Weasley.

    When she pulled third slip of paper from the lantern confetti showered over her, making her laugh, Fred felt his chest tighten with happiness at the sight. She was so close now, he felt his heart begin to race. “Finally you’re down to your only remaining clue. You’ll find a surprise if you go to the place where I said my first ‘I love you.’” She was taken aback with happy emotion, “In my bathroom. I had the flu with that pounding headache. You ran me a bath and held me for so long the water went cold. You whispered it into my hair - that’s why I like it when so much when you kiss my hair.” Tears began to bubble into y/n’s eyes. The amount of thought he had put into this little hunt, into this surprise. She didn’t know it was possible to love Fred Weasley any more than she already did. She walked down the short hallway and opened the door into her bathroom, there were flower petals floating in a steaming bath surrounded by candles, a new bottle of her favorite Elderflower wine perched on the edge of the tub. She turned over her shoulder, Fred had closed a bit of the space between them while still hanging back slightly to watch the scene he’d set unfold. “At least I don’t have the flu this time, we can both really enjoy ourselves.” Y/n said with a wink. “There’s more in there, love. Go look.” He said, she could hear the slight shakiness in his breath, and it made her more excited. He was right, there was more than just one surprise! A new silk robe in a gorgeous shade of periwinkle hung on a dainty hanger from the towel rack, with a matching slip - it was the exact silk fabric that the dress you’d worn to Bill and Fleur’s wedding had been made of, and the set was the same pattern as the plum colored one you’d bought before you and Fred spent your first night together. There was the set of luxury quills you’d admired at the owlry the last time you and Fred had walked about the shops in Diagon Alley, and a small clock - the same kind as Mrs. Weasley’s - but with only one hand emblazoned with Fred’s face. When she went to pick up the clock and examine it, she noticed a small glint of light out of the corner of her eye. It couldn’t be?

    Threaded over the hook of the hanger was a shiny silver band, with a glimmering orange stone set in the middle of a starburst of tiny diamonds. When Fred had asked in passing about a ring you’d said non traditional, but you never expected this - he was the orange twin - and it was perfect. “Is this really - is that what I think it is, Freddie?” She asked, her tone quiet but hopeful, and he nodded. “Some people are going to say we’re rushing into it, but I know there’s no one else I would rather share my life with. No one I want to love like I love you. And you’re so clever, I knew I wouldn’t be able to surprise you twice!” He beamed, stepping toward her and pulling her into his arms, then leaning back slightly to gaze into her pretty eyes - the ones he truly met for the first time on the dance floor at his brother’s wedding. The eyes that made him regret trying to pull one of Fleur’s cousins earlier in the night, and made him want to drop to his knees and give this girl his entire life right then and there. She’d clung to him when Kingsley’s patronus appeared in the middle of the party, and she felt like she fit there perfectly; it had taken him three months to ask her out - and he’d done it over a Potterwatch segment. He reached behind her and unwound the ring from its perch on the hanger’s hook, and held it between them. “So, my clever girl; can I make you a Weasley?” He asked, his attempt at humor unable to mask the nerves apparent in his voice. “Yes! Of course, yes!” Y/n cried reaching up and bringing his lips to hers, sealing their vow of love with a kiss. Fred held her as if she would float away if he let go, and the two had never felt happier.

    They loosened their embrace around one another and with happy, shuttering breaths, Y/n held out her left hand for Fred to slip the ring on her finger: it fit perfectly. She stood for a moment, turning her hand and admiring the way the stones glittered in the candlelight. “You like it? It’s not too non traditional?” He asked, leaning in to place a row of kisses against her hair. “My love,” she whispered, “It’s beyond perfect.”

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    First Lines Meme (Repost, don’t Reblog!)

    Thank you so much @ohnomybreadsticks for the tag! I’m so excited to do this honestly, it seems like such a cool concept!

    List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

    All of these are DBH, btw. Cause I haven’t written anything else lol

    Joseph Allen wasn’t like his siblings. (The Duality of Dragons)

    Niles slowly and meticulously laid out his outfit for the day with a sigh. (Love’s an Excuse to get hurt)

    His dreams always started the same. (Incident 6001-1 (The SCP is Bullshit))

    It was too early. (Does Sleep Mean Nothing to You?)

    He was fucking careless, that was for damn sure. (A Crossbow to the Chest)

    It shouldn’t have been just her. (A Grave for Those Lost)

    “Your stance is completely ridiculous,” Nines stated one day to Gavin. (Gavin’s Posterior)

    “So… are you sure this is what you want?” Gavin questioned with a cautious look. (Nines is a Bottom Baby)

    Walking into New Jericho as a human was a surreal experience. (I was made for Loving You)

    “I’m too close to this case, Fowler. Why the hell are you giving it to me?” Gavin’s voice was beyond tired. (Endure, Survive, Evolve)

    “You’ve gotta be fuckin’ kidding me. That thing? Look at it, Fowler!” Gavin spat out as he glared over at the android through the glass. (From the Dark Side of Dreams)

    “I can’t.” (Artificial Tears on an Artificial Face)

    Babysitting Detective Gavin Reed was not in RK900’s job description. (Out in the Rain)

    This was great, this was fucking perfect… This was a mess. (Don’t Be So Serious)

    Nines was super busy. (Tiktok is dead, Gavin)

    “If I ain’t talking to your boss, I ain’t talking at all,” Gavin spat, his voice rising with anger like a tidal wave, preparing to crash into an unsuspecting shoreline. (Some People are just Born with Tragedy in their Blood)

    Human sleep was an anomaly. (Fragile as Glass)

    Gavin was too young to be here; you weren’t allowed to get a dragon until you were at least 18 years old. (The Heat of his Heart)

    “Did I dress appropriately for this gathering?” Nines questioned as they stepped out of the car. (Family isn’t a Bond)

    “I do know about Christmas, but as an android I’ve never celebrated. So, my knowledge on customs might be lacking just a little,” Connor explained as he looked through case files. (Christmas Only Happens Once a Year!)

    A pattern is that I like to be vague lol, probably to try and pull the reader in. I also think that using a catching dialogue line is also good to pull someone in as well imo. My favorite line has to be #14 tbh, from Don’t be so Serious. It’s just hilarious to me. Anyways, I’ll tag @rjhpandapaws, @six-video-game-peaches, @yayen-chan, @nock-and-bolt, @allegedlyanandroid, & @brokenjardaantech

    #dash game #also you don't have to do the game #I just tagged my writer friends <3 #but please tag me if you do it! #I wanna see! #<3#dash games #tw long post #long post
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  • chameshida
    14.04.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Deltarune Little Nightmares sprites because Mono reminds me of Ralsei. (and so I base his expresion of off Ralsei as well)

    Six is more expressive than Mono surprisingly (or unsurprisingly consider she has a face) She’s based of Susie, Undyne, Red, Flowey and Sans

    Visualize with dialouge from Deltarune:

    #little nightmares #little nightmares 2 #mono little nightmares #six little nightmares #deltarune #though Six faces are probably more fitting to my ln3 idea more than 1 or 2 because she's a lot more expressive after going through an arc #undertale#doodle#long post
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  • daedra-and-dovah
    14.04.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    i’m procrastinating my spanish homework so time to introduce one of my ocs (fair warning, this post is v long)

    his name’s almnur, he’s a bosmer hailing from a tiny village on the border of valenwood and elswyr and is the youngest of two children. him, his parents and his sister all worked on the family farm and were basically the classic white picket fence, nuclear family. except he was less favored than his older sister. throughout his childhood, he essentially had to work twice as hard to even get acknowledged by either of his parents, constantly seeking any form of validation. however, his sister was always there for him and tried her hardest to do anything in her power to help him.

    at the age of 19, he leaves valenwood with the intent to become an adventurer but those plans quickly die out when he’s robbed, beaten and left for dead outside a shrine of mara. he turns to her for healing and guidance and all that and becomes a paladin in her honor. essentially, from then on, he travels all over tamriel, doing independent mercenary work. almnur actually did very briefly meet martin a few years before the crisis, just getting a bit acquainted in the temple before almnur needed to go.

    he’s not entirely sure how he ended up in that prison cell, given that all he remembers is attempting to break up a tavern fight. and then we all know how the crisis goes, yada yada. the two fall in love, try maintaining a healthy relationship while the end of the world is happening, talk through trauma together, all that good shit. almnur actually proposes just days before the dragonfires incident.

    but then martin dies. and almnur is absolutely devastated. and then the new fame of being the champion of cyrodiil and lover to the now dead emperor starts hitting him hard. so much to the point where when jauffre tries, emphasis on tries, to console him, he breaks his vows as a servant of mara (whole dramatic ordeal full of screaming, crying and ripping off amulets). so what’s the best course of action?? join the dark brotherhood.

    which goes well until he has to kill everyone he loves and then watch his friend get murdered for a crime he never committed. grief and trauma are inescapable now so he runs as far away from everyone and everything as he can. cue stumbling upon the gateway to the shivering isles. and so now, during the skyrim era, he lives in the isles as sheogorath and is just vibing honestly.

    anyway, if you made it this far, feel free to send questions or hcs about him, they’re very welcomed and appreciated!!

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  • apisashla
    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I feel stagnant lately. Things are far, far better with me right now than they've been, probably since high school, but I feel like I have kinda reached the logical endgame I've been aiming for, where I survive and I can handle being alive day to day with the support of people I love. Which is, again, much better than it's been and I'm so lucky to be there and I owe so much to the people who have supported me in this, especially gf, but it also feels like I don't have the energy for anything else.

    I had fantastically high expectations of myself as a kid, because everyone thinks they're going to grow up and be the best most accomplished person, and now that I've learned I'm not, in fact, very smart or very anything else innately, I don't feel like anything I could theoretically learn to do with the rest of my life is something I could be good or effective enough at to matter. And I know the point isn't always to make a difference, but I do want to leave something other than a vague impression of ineffectual niceness after I die, y'know?

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    the fuck

    is this

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  • sagesaturn
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    #ask to tag #long post#anon ask #I’m always tinkering with the exact details to fit which topic of gender I want to explore with him the most #this is like. my way of dealing with npd I guess.... it’s really not that deep tho #jiesuns just my oc which I use to figure things about my own identity with
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  • fl0ating-tree
    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is gonna be a little ranty and feel free to talk with me in asks or replies about it, but ultimately this is just my opinion and youre free to disagree!

    lately ive just found myself unable to be interested in the lore. 

    one of my favorite memories from this fandom was watching the l’manberg elections live. watching chat fly by and how the beginning of the stream was pretty chill but then it got more serious and then schlatt was screaming at wilbur and tommy and texting my friends like ‘OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED?”. the last stream that i really felt like that was the jan 20th stream, the disc finale. and before that was nov 16th. and i miss feeling that when watching these streams. 

    the original dream smp story, what wilbur wrote and lead, was an amazing storyline that had a lot of flaws in both the writing and execution that was made by people who were incredibly passionate about it. thats what made it so good. they over acted at some points and you had 1 1/2 hours of stream before you had a chance of lore even happening and it felt like you were watching the first rendition of someones dream project and it felt like i was watching something very special happen, that i was part of something special. i voted in the elections and i posted my theories and i talked in the chat about what was happening. 

    i just really miss how it was people who loved what they were doing playing minecraft and making a really cool story out of it. you had your diverging stories, like the pet wars and disc wars, but even those ultimately felt connected to the main story of 5 people trying to make a nation against tyranny and watching the devolution of that revolution. 

    now its just...so much happens. ranboo and his enderwalk and fundy and his dreams and erets imposing taxes? and george is in love with god and karls a time traveler and quackity is torturing dream and tubbo has nukes and tommy has a hotel and sam cut off ponks arm and techno has a syndicate and puffy also has amnesia? and jack went to hell and back and bad is possesed. theres probably more that i dont know about because i just...cant find it in me to keep track of that much. 

    and good on you if you do care. dont let this post drive you away from enjoying the current content. thats not the point of this post. this is more just me mourning the OG eras, i guess. im not trying to say people who werent there for the OG lmanberg days arent “true fans” or any bullshit like that, or that its “stupid” to still like the dsmp. 

    its just...it feels really overproduced and overcomplicated to me now, and it feels a bit like watching something that had so much potential crumble under its own success. 

    #discourse#dsmp critical #dream smp critical #tags for blacklisting #long post
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  • four-no-one
    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #hope this helps :D #what goes anon #matchbox#long post
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