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  • here’s a ring fit adventure art dump since i’ve been playing and consequently drawing stuff for the game nonstop lately
    if ya want a good exercising game and don’t mind a million puns, play ring fit adventure i love the game
    honestly all of these characters are quite difficult for me to draw due to a somewhat weak grasp on anatomy, but luckily drawing them is helping me improve
    some of these are older, some of them are newer

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  • submitted by @afincf-tirwer

    Couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of HST and gags, this wouldn’t stop yelling till I wrote it down. Also it’s spawning more idea so this might span into an actual thing. Again: your fault

    He can’t breathe. The world is hazy around him, indistinct shapes, floating around him. He can hear the usual chatter on set, the instructions but the only clear person he can see is Yu Wenzhou. He swallows the best he can around the gag, feeling it lodged uncomfortably in his throat, knowing he can’t speak around it, Yu Wenzhou had made sure of it with a wicked smile that had made heat curl in his stomach. But now. But now it was starting to hurt and the relief that bloomed when he felt himself come wasn’t just from the edging.

    The gag comes out and Huang Shaotian sucks in the air greedily, chest heaving at the opportunity to breathe. He feels himself get tugged into his partner’s arms and he clings to him, comforted by the warm skin against his own, grounding him. Yu Wenzhou’s arms are wrapped tightly around him, his face is tucked into his partner’s neck with Wenzhou’s hands smoothing up and down his back, murmuring soft reassurances and praise into his ear.

    “Are you okay?” The words are whispered, just for Huang Shaotian to hear, just for him, and yes, his throat was aching, and yes there is a residual flutter of panic in his chest at the thought of having to use the same gag for the next shoot. But he wasn’t planning on saying anything. It had never been such an issue before; he’d always been able to ignore it and Huang Shaotian blames the subspace and Yu Wenzhou’s steady presence for the words that slip out of him.

    “I didn’t like the gag.” The words are whispered, hoarse from the abuse the gag put him through, Huang Shaotian will admit he’d tried to speak around it multiple times which hadn’t helped. The arms holding him went still all of a sudden, Yu Wenzhou frozen in place and Huang Shaotian felt his chin get tipped up gently to meet his partner’s eyes.

    “What do you mean you didn’t like it?” Huang Shaotian struggles for words, a rare occurrence for him and the worry in Yu Wenzhou’s eyes only deepens. He stands suddenly, dislodging Huang Shaotian to aim a glare at the director. “We’re not doing the rest of the filming.” The director startles at his words, the shoot was meant to continue for another few days, taking a creative approach to the new gag.

    “Mr Yu, you can’t possibly be serious, if you two take a break and then-“

    “No.” Yu Wenzhou’s voice didn’t rise, he didn’t have to shout, but his voice still cracked through the room like a whip, the director’s mouth snapped shut and the crew left without another word.

    Huang Shaotian didn’t feel ready to meet his partner’s eyes. He kept his eyes on his lap, on his hands, on the lines on the floor, anywhere except Yu Wenzhou. He was certain that he wouldn’t be able to stand the disappointment in his eyes, the frustration.

    Except when he does finally summon the courage to look up, it’s much worse. The cloying mixture of guilt and regret hurts much more than disappointment.

    His hand reaches out for a moment, stopping just centimetres from his skin and Yu Wenzhou’s eyes are full of conflict, full of regret. He’s hesitant when he speaks, and Huang Shaotian knows why. His partner prides himself on knowing people’s limits, knowing exactly how hard to push without ever crossing the line. They’d worked together for years, known each other’s limits as the submissive and the dominant intimately and Yu Wenzhou just found out he’d crossed a line.

    “Did- did I hurt you?” It’s the anguish in his eyes that prompts Huang Shaotian to speak, to reassure the man he loves so much.

    “No!” Yu Wenzhou startles at the noise, the vehemence in his partner’s eyes and Huang Shaotian shakes his head, reinforcing his words, desperate to reassure him, to wipe the guilt from his eyes. “I would’ve stopped you if it hurt. It doesn’t matter, it’s not-“ he paused searching for the word, shrugging artlessly, casually, “I don’t like the biggest gags. They- I don’t- they’re uncomfortable and I like-“ Here he falls silent for a long moment, remembering that he doesn’t have to elaborate, that what he’s said is enough to put an end to the gags, but it’s his partner. And he wants his partner to know.

    “I like to be able to talk. I don’t like it when I’m completely mute.” He’s pulled into Yu Wenzhou’s lap without another word, the reassuring brush of his hands against his skin, a steady rhythm.

    “I prefer it when you can talk as well.” Yu Wenzhou’s chin came to rest on his shoulder when he offers his next question, uncertainty still colouring his voice. “Did you want to continue filming?”

    Huang Shaotian goes silent for a long moment, considering, mulling the question over in his head for a while, knowing Yu Wenzhou deserved a proper answer. The gag wasn’t terrible to use. He knew he was perfectly capable of putting up with it for the rest of the shoot, could’ve handled using it if he’d tried. But he didn’t want to. He was happy to never see that thing again and Huang Shaotian didn’t want Yu Wenzhou to have to put him through something that they both knew neither of them enjoyed. One unexpected schedule change would not derail his career and he tucked himself more securely into Yu Wenzhou’s arms with a content sigh.

    “I’m glad you cancelled the filming.” At this, he felt the rest of the tension leave his partner, and the hard set of his jaw relaxed at the reassurance. Eventually, a slight flicker of amusement danced through Yu Wenzhou’s eyes and his lips quirked up into a small smile.

    “There isn’t anything else we need to amend in our contracts is there?” Huang Shaotian rolled off his lap to stretch out seductively, lowing his voice and half lidding his eyes.

    “Would you like to find out?” He was rewarded with a genuine laugh, startled out of the other’s throat, turning his small smile into a real one, bringing one to Huang Shaotian’s face as well. Yu Wenzhou always looked so wonderful in laughter that he nearly missed the next words out of his mouth.

    “A good time to review, wouldn’t you say?” Even with the laughter still dancing in his eyes, there was a shadow behind them, nerves still hiding in his eyes. Shadows Huang Shaotian wanted to chase away as he lolled back with a whine, even as Yu Wenzhou tugged him towards their room. He knew his partner needed this to recalibrate himself, to feel secure in what they were doing and Huang Shaotian knew his dramatics would reassure him in the meantime. Everything was alright as he continued to whine about the work this would take, Yu Wenzhou shooting him an ineffectual glare, amusement and love in his eyes as he shut the door behind them.

    omg omg omg i adore this to pieces it’s so sweet <3

    #i hope you don't mind that i posted this but i wanted to keep it where i could find it #i am so here for it if you end up with more ideas! #i love their conversations and all hst's observations and all of it #afincf-tirwer#fanfic rec #the king's avatar #yuhuang #tka pornstar au #lol i can't believe that's a thing now #long post#submission
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  • #THIS IS SO LONG I'M SORRY....BUT THX FOR THE ASK ;O;!!!!! #long post#Anonymous #ask.
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  • With the apparent starting resergence of some hetalia stuff during quarentine, I feel like I wanna say some stuff and get some opinions out there

    I feel like a big distinction in how hetalia fans act is in what part of the show they find funny

    Hear me out here

    Like,, this is an anime, or manga depending on which your looking at, based around all nation’s personified as their stereotypes

    And you gotta be mindful when you’re watching

    The two sides to this, I think, is based on if you find the stereo types funny, or the comedy

    And while it’s fine to find both funny, I think that makes a big difference if you’re not mindful about it

    Let me explain

    I feel like a majority of the older hetalia fans from back in like 2009, that were known as more of the, for lack of better words, ‘cringey-ier'part of the fandom and are more well known, found the stereotype part funny

    For those that don’t know, think of like the current country humans fandom. A bunch of like 13 year olds who recently found this kind of content, given free reign of extremely exaggerated stereotypes set in a questionable time period? Yeah

    They found the stereo types funny, because they were riduculious of course I’d hope, and since the Hetalia fandom reached honestly decent amount of countries they could laugh at themselves or their friends about their countries stereo types and how they related to them, but they didn’t really have the tack to really like, handle them properly and it ended up with some really REALLY, messy content

    (Which was not helped by whatever the first few seasons were, no storyline, they weren’t in cronological order, and the setting of the first seasons? Really big emphasis on that part. Even though they didn’t touch on any of actual stuff going at the time, the axis and allies during ww2?? Really?? I mean I guess because all the countries would have a reason to be around eachother at that time but like, not a great choice not gonna lie my dude, especially with the stereo type used for Germany)

    But that stuff, in my opinion, isn’t what makes hetalia funny

    If you look back on the well known jokes or more recent seasons, (aside from Italy saying ‘pasta’ in various voices like team rocket blasting away and whatever the hell was up with the doitsu thing), it isn’t the stereo types that were being laughed at

    It seemed like the stereo types just mostly act as a base line for character personality, since they really don’t have much time to develop considering the episodes are only 5 minutes long, and you can also find more personality building in the mangas from what I know of them

    Because the stereo types werent the main focus of most of the jokes in newer seasons or newer fans found funny

    What I mean is:

    •It’s stuff like Germany finding Italy hiding in a tomato shipping crate and him panicing and saying the first thing that comes to mind and yelling that he’s a tomato fairy

    •It’s America gently tapping a boiled egg on the side of Englands head trying to crack it while he monologues and America just laughs

    •It’s Germany trying to pretend he’s an America soldier when him and Prussia get caught snooping in one of the tents, and Prussia hiding behind a truck trying desperately not to burst into historical laughter at his usual serious 'little brother’ puts on a cliche attempt at an America accent with a huge smile and up-beat voice

    •It’s young Denmark going 'Dont worry about it Norway there’s no way Sweden can get to us, the I’ve is frozen!“ And Sweden immediately approach by walking across the ice looking like a demon out of hell leading to the immediate 'oh fuck’ moment, and the sarcastic narrator explaining a simplified actual event that coraspondeds to this

    •It’s Canada going to talk to America and him just spinning around holding a chainsaw and Canada nopeing out of there while America is none the wiser to why his 'brother’ just dipped

    •It’s the voice Turkey says “you mothertrucker” in, you know the one

    •It’s Romano getting fucking YEETED by a bull and Spain just going 'ah’

    •Its Greece trying to get Japan to pet his belly after putting on a pair of cat ears and Japan going 'you need therapy’

    •'I could make your gums bleed” “No thank you”

    •"Am I Catholic or am I prodistant?? God I don’t know!“

    •Romano’s absolutely unhinged insults

    •Japan slapping the kiss Russia just blows out into the world like fuck no

    That!! That’s what’s funny!! Not the over exaggerated stereotype part, for the most part at least, its the comedy and timing that’s funny, though there are other jokes of course that do use that for the back bone, but insulting each other isn’t really the base for the humor

    In the show, theres also stuff like:

    •America freestyle dancing around to a song on a TV commercial

    •Japan this dork just trying his best to figure out frances culture while he’s visiting him so he copies whatever France does for a bit, he was doing his best it was great

    •Japan hiding in his futon like a burrito while Netherlands trys to get him to socialize

    •America trying to go outside in swim trucks and a floaty on the first day of spring because winter’s finally over!! But it’s still snowing!! And being like!! This is bullshit come on!! That’s such a mooD

    •Greece is a sweet heart who has a litteral army of cats and he WILL nap anywhere at any given moment, an icon

    •The absolutely animation train wreck that is Italy dancing in the end sequence

    •Germany has basically adopted Italy at this point I really don’t know what else to say there, the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one, with Japan as the buffer

    •Germany was willing to marry Italy on Valentine’s day because he missunderstood him and didn’t want him to be upset! He made him a custom ring!!

    •Hey remember that time England showed up at Germany’s door and tried to give him apology flowers

    •And China literally smacking his head into a wall because, oh my god, you dumb bitches

    And finally things like:

    •Frances reaction when he saw the tourist who was implied to be like a Joan of Arc reincarnation! He looked shocked, the scrutiny of what, realization, and an a softer acceptance and he apologizes to her- He gave her a tour around paris and showed her the Joan of Arc statue and told her the history and like!! He got all wistful and sad and said told her how amazing Joan of Arc was, it hurt but it was good

    •And listen, the American revolution episodes?? America being like dude I’m done I’ve gotta go and their stand off, leaving a destroyed england who raised him in the rain crying even though he knew it was for the best oh my god

    •The Davey episode!! Davey growing older while America stayed the same because he was immortal and watching his childhood best friend get older just,, and leaving him forget-me-nots?? Excuse me??


    There’s!! A lot wrong with hetalia!! Obviously

    Bad setting when they started off and mostly European countries!(Include more south of the equator places you cowards, Australia and NZ dont count) No storyline and not great exacution.

    But! There’s parts that are enjoyable too!

    And it’s definitely gotten seemingly a bit better as the seasons go on, at least as far as more countries and some actual story thats in order for once, and it’s not in a questionable time period, so great improvement there at least!

    It can be fun, to relate to these stereotypes and also grow fonder of the actual people the nations are!

    (Which is why I’m here at least, America is my boy and he has a wisdom of -2 but I love him.)

    But main idea here, it’s important which parts you intake the content for and can differentiate what’s appropriate and what’s not.

    I’ve seen so many well written stories and gorgeous art, with different cultures and laungues, that got burried behind the mess of 'oh ho funny stereotypes’! Which to an extent is fine as long as you know what’s appropriate to joke about and where to draw line of course, and cool it if someone says hey that’s not cool to joke about, we’re here to have fun after all

    It’s made a lot of links for a lot of different people to liking history and wanting to learn about other places!

    Just, be mindful is all I’m asking here, that was the mistake last time and even though I wasn’t there for it I don’t want that to repeat when it could be so much better!

    Your experience of your media is your own but you gotta know what’s what and take that into account when making content.

    And with possible new people I felt like I should put that out there, because there’s a lot of mess tied to the Hetalia fandom, not even touching on the usual mess that is in the majority of anime fandoms, including this one

    Just be mindful! The source material isn’t perfect (to put it lightly) so tred respectfully, but have fun too! Even if you personally find your countries depiction funny because of how ridiculous it is, someone else might not, so respect them on that, and that especially goes for the other countries too.

    It’s everyone equally poking fun at eachother but respect if someone says they don’t vibe with that.

    And please don’t take stereotypes seriously, for the love of god, I keep calling them ridiculous for a reason I don’t know why you would but please don’t treat actual people from other countries like their stereotypes types seriously and make jokes about it, that’s just, no?? What?? Don’t,, don’t do that what


    Take care you guys!

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  • dream journal today:

    i was in a mall that was nearing closing time and i really needed to use the bathroom, so i roller-bladed around the whole mall and there was only one that was open, it was in a very high end department store, it might have been nordstrom or neiman marcus.

    anyway, i went in, and it was like entering an infinite grey void except that there was a stall door to the right and a set of stairs to the left the whole place was lit in a cold and dark light, and the surfaces were covered in black tile. behind me, next to the door, was a small alcove with a built in table, so i took my roller blades off and put them underneath that table

    I opened the stall door and realized there are no walls, only a curtain and then it plummets into the void. i was kind of curious what was up the stairs, and it was the same situation only it was higher and there was a slight draft as if i was on a cliff or something. I really needed to go, at this point, so i did, despite the fact that leaning back slightly meant i could fall through the curtain into the void.

    anyway i finished up, carefully walked down the now narrower staircase, and realized there was no sink anywhere, and i was like… crap… that wont do. but thankfully the bathroom provided, and now there was a sink where the alcove was.

    there were a few women who were going to enter, and before they did i explained the situation to them, and told them that there were no walls that will protect you from falling. they seemed disgusted at the idea, and left.

    then, a man walked to the door right after that, he asked me if there was a shower there, as he just left the gym in the mall and their shower room was closed. i told him i didn’t think so, but it doesn’t hurt to check?

    he went in, and a minute after, the sound of a shower came from inside. satisfied and perplexed, i decided to leave, but as i was making my way up the escalator i realized i left my roller blades in the bathroom. i didnt want to have to buy another pair, so i went back to grab them.

    it hasnt been too long, and from inside i could hear the shower still running, i knocked loudly and asked if i could come in quickly, as i left my skates there. he didn’t answer, but the shower stopped. I opened the door a little, telling him what i was going to do, and closed my eyes, trying to feel for the alcove again.

    but i didnt find an alcove, immediately i found a wall, and the bathroom now turned into a dark hallway with black walls with that same dim-grey barely able to see lighting.

    dream-me was really insistent on getting her skates back, so she went in, no questions asked. the hallway branched off into a maze of some kind, and after a few minutes of looking, there was a door. I opened the door, and there was a cluttered room full of various boxes of unknown products. i found my skates lying in the corner, when i heard a voice calling me over. “psst, hey, hey you. Yeah, you, kid with the ‘blades, get over here”

    i did, and there was a sort of rotting zombie-like head of a man, encased in a mechanical glass-covered device lying on the ground. “what the hell is this” i asked.

    “don’t be rude” he quipped. he explained that i needed to get him out of here, and when i asked him why, he told me he’d bite my fingers off otherwise. I think he realized too late that there was a glass separating him from my fingers, but i felt bad for him and pretended that his threat worked. even he could tell i was just pitying him, though.

    i walked back the way i came from, and he asked me why i was going this way. I told him that it went back to the mall, but he was really confused and said that this just went further into the facility. now i was confused. and in our confusion we failed to notice that we’ve encountered a boss battle of some kind.

    there was a large robot, and at the head was another decapitated human head, encased in the same, maybe newer, mechanical device. i noted that and pointed it out to the head i was carrying. he just told me to run, so i did.

    as i was running, i found a small supply closet and hid in there. i balled up near the corner, cradling the head close, and waited for the heavy footsteps to fade off down the other hall.

    but the footsteps never came, and the head suggested that i opened the door. i agreed, and when i did, we were back in the bathroom.

    the head was confused, i was confused, and when i woke up i was also confused.

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  • Bir bakmışsın yıllar geçmiş çoktan.. Gönül medet ummuş ondan bundan…

    Sana değmez…

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  • image

    Nate Heywood in Out of Time.

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  • i was tagged by @cerebralmantle to do a spotify shuffle thing… i think? i’ve only just started to use spotify, so the music i have saved on there is a puddle in comparison to the sea of music im usually into

    1) Perspective - Polite Fiction

    2) Lord Huron - Meet Me In The Woods

    3) My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words

    4) Tally Hall - &

    5) Bobby’s Oar - Shoestrings

    6) ABSRDST - Exploding Head Syndrome

    7) Simon Chylinski - Into The Unknown

    8) The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes

    9) The Cure - Jupiter Crash

    10) Kyle Andrews - You Make Me Smile

    i wont tag anyone directly since I know people don’t care for that. if you see this and would like to do this, consider yourself tagged!

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  • image

    Thunder Slayer AU 04 - no quality control

    #thunder slayer au #comic #next time on thunder slayer au: actual power rangers! #long post
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  • I’ve been getting real tired…

    Tired of… Everything. I’ve been going to a long period of self-loathing, and it’s been getting to me recently. So I decided to do vent doodles. They help other people, so they could probably help me.

    My first idea was to draw…. Myself. I haven’t drawn myself in a while, what’s the worst that could happen? So… I went to look in the mirror for reference. That was a bad idea. It honestly just made everything worse because I finally saw how much of a mess I was currently. I’m a mess, a broken depressed mess, and you can see it very well. And I didn’t want to draw that….

    So, I decided to draw a character I really related to. Patton. He’s a happy bubbly character who always feels like he has to smile. He can’t show any negative emotions, and that really feels like me right now.

    I was originally gonna do like a venty doodle, but then I was like, “screw that, I'mma do something happy.” So I did. And it made me feel better.

    And then I made Roman. Cuz Roman’s also a character I relate to a lot. I’m extra, and people get annoyed by me sometimes. I’m obviously insecure, but nobody really cares and tries to ignore it. So I have two happy doodles of two characters I like.

    I’m kinda glad I was able to find a way to cope healthily, cuz my recent coping methods have been…. Kinda bad… I’m probably not gonna stop anytime soon, but I’m getting a bit better.

    But here are the doodles, I’ll post them in a separate thing too without the vent cuz why not:


    This one’s the first doodle. Ignore my pathetic attempt at hands, I can’t draw hands to save my life :’) but I actually kinda like this doodle, especially the hair. I also can’t draw glasses either idk how I made the glasses look…. Somewhat okay?


    I uh… Forgot to put my signature on it, I’ll add that later. But this one’s the Roman one! I can’t ever seen to draw Roman in a way I like, so I’m glad this one turned out pretty decent.

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  • S was tagged by: @trek-tracks

    Rules: Answer 17 questions and tag 17 people you want to get to know better.

    Nickname: I usually just go by my real name (Kaitlyn) but my nickname from childhood is Peach because when I was born, my head was fuzzy like a peach.

    Zodiac: Cancermini (I’m a cusp between Gemini and Cancer)

    Height: 5′10″

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

    Last Thing I Googled: Wonder Woman 2017

    Song stuck in my head: Currently, it’s Shake the Sugar Tree by Pam Tillis.

    Following: 693

    Followers: 83

    Amount I sleep: I try to get at least 5 hours a night.

    Lucky Numbers: 8 and 21

    Dream Job: I was working towards becoming a school librarian which is definitely a dream job for me. At one point, my dream was to be an actor but at this point, I’ve been out of it so long, I’m not sure if that would be feasible.

    Currently Wearing: A blue floral t-shirt and jeans. 

    Favourite Songs: This is a really bad question to ask me because music is a huge part of my life, but to give you a glimpse into my varied music tastes, there’s:

    • My Maria by Brooks & Dunn
    • Burning Up by Marianas Trench
    • all the good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish
    • If You Ever Want To Be In Love by James Bay
    • Cell Block Tango from Chicago
    • These Dreams by Heart
    • Science by The Birthday Massacre
    • Twist and Shout by The Beatles
    • Modern Man by Arcade Fire
    • Sanctuary by Joji

    There’s a ton more, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

    Favourite Instrument: I love piano music, but I can’t play any instruments. I do love to sing though.

    Random fact about me: I can touch my tongue to my nose.

    Favourite authors: Jane Austen. Scott Westerfeld, L.M. Montgomery, Lois Lowry, William Shakespeare. I studied English at university so this is hard for me.

    Favourite animal noises: Little kitten mews, frogs croaking and loon calls.

    Aesthetic: I don’t really have a cohesive one, but probably just casual with a touch of geekiness thrown in.

    Tags: @lyrslair @myrcella @political-idic @captainrandomstranger18 @3mmalis @tea-trek @pien-art @justyouraveragehufflepuff @likeacoma @kooky-biscuit @outstealingashtrays @auburnsunset @magdalenejaneway @infinitoequilibrio @carter-sg-1 @captainbookwyrm @spikeys

    (Sorry if any of you have been tagged by others)

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  • disclaimer: I am specifically talking about physical strength here. a deity’s magical abilities do not count towards their total buffness score, so do not come for me.

    earthshaker: he’s buff but he’s that middle-aged man type of buff. doesn’t really work out/exercise, but he’s had a long life of physical labor and he’s just naturally strong. 8/10 on the buffness scale, probably the dragon equivalent of a cowboy.

    flamecaller: she’s the type of gal to practically live in her local gym. never skips leg day, a metalworker, fueled by rage. an absolute monster. 10/10 probably has a video of herself crushing a watermelon between her thighs on her youtube channel.

    windsinger: twink. he’s lean, naturally strong and durable. probably has nice legs from hiking/just generally travelling across sornieth. 6/10 he’s not buff but he’s definitely in better shape than you.

    tidelord: disregarding the fact that he’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere, tidelord is also a middle-aged man but less buff than earthshaker. spends all his time swimming so you know he has some toned fucking muscles. 7/10 he could put any olympic swimmer to shame but that doesn’t mean he’s very buff.

    shadowbinder: little gremlin. gargoyle. too busy putting whoope cushions on all of lightweaver’s chairs and making tiktoks to work out. the fact that she drools sticky tar everywhere probably doesn’t help her move around. 5/10 all she does in her free time is watch mainstream anime.

    icewarden: probably drags his prisoners into their jail cells himself. made his territory incredibly inhospitable because he wanted to be left alone, without realizing how hard it was going be for him to trudge through the tundra during a snowstorm whenever he wanted to get some capri suns. 7/10 but just because he lives in an icy hellhole.

    stormcatcher: he’s a nerd but like, a fairly strong and intimidating nerd. yells at his kids to do their chores all day instead of doing any work himself. strong arms because every so often his employees try to unionize and he has to yeet them all into the carrion canyon. 6.5/10 wastes all his time playing minecraft and trying to figure out how redstone works.

    lightweaver: she has soccer mom energy. lithe and dainty. spends her weekends reading books and drinking enough wine to kill a small imperial. a history nerd. probably watches desperate housewives instead of exercising, but she’d never admit it. 5/10 she fights people who buy the last wine bottle at walmart.

    gladekeeper: a woman of the wilds. lives in a jungle. the og Bear Grylls. knows how to take care of herself and her children, probably killed a man for looking at her plants wrong. 9/10, she sometimes skips leg day to go gardening.

    plaguebringer: look. i know i’m probably gonna get cyberbullied for this but listen. plaguebringer is not buff. she’s strong, sure, durable, absolutely, but. look at her. she looks like she has rabies. if she were not a deity she would have been roadkill before the site even opened. 6.5/10. she could kill you in one punch but then turn to dust immediately after.

    arcanist: this man is a spindly little nerd. if flight rising was a high school movie he would be the guy in the background constantly getting shoved into lockers. he’s the youngest and smallest deity, and the first thing he did after he woke up for the first time was go back to sleep. plays dnd and watches sci-fi movies/tv shows with his exalts instead of trying to claim territory. 1/10 for the joke but realistically a 4/10. put all his stat points into INT without thinking of the consequences.

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  • The ghosts angrily grumble as they attempt to converse with eachother, some pissed, some tired, some both. “This is pathetic!” Some ghosts say. “We can be doing something else right now!” Goobs from the back yell. There is obviously a lot of pent up impatient souls gathered in this small place, and the more they have to wait, the more they have to suffer.



    Fell!Pieta comes in, obviously tired as she holds the door open for a couple more goobs that pass underneath her arms. Her eye twitches. You can tell she’s tired from gathering people up, especially the smaller goobs that hide in nooks and crannies. As soon as they get in, she almost slams the door shut before a quick tapping noise could be heard. She turns.

    What seems to be a human runs toward the door at fast speeds, trying to signal her to stop. Patches all over his clothes and dawning dirty blue overalls. She quickly recognizes who it is, Luigi.

    “What do you want? I said no humans in here! Now SCRAM!”

    She shouts in his face while threateningly holding up her mace. Luigi jumps, holding up his hands as his face turned pale. Pieta got closer to him holding a mace to his face. She quickly flies in and slams the door shut, quickly ordering a Hammer to stand in front of it. You can hear Luigis nervousness behind the door, prompting some goobs to laugh.

    Pieta turns to everyone behind her, seeing most of them were drawn to become silent as she stood at the door.


    Fell!Pieta was direct to the point of calling everyone here.

    “…I’m assuming everyone doesn’t know what’s going on here.”

    She floats around with her loud booming voice broadcasting across the crowd.

    “Everyone KNOWS about the recent disappearances of some of the weirdos around here- You know, Laundin, Hootsby, Cherry, Nicolás and soon to be- possibly some others if your not careful enough- Well I have belief that we have a purple FREAK and his recently fellow corrupted jannitor to be apart of this MESS. And I’m betting most of you WOULDNT be surprised if those two freaks were Mr. Z and Marv.”

    “I’m hoping most of you know who at least Mr. Z is. Probably one of the only humans in this damn hellhole of a hotel. Guy who wears the weird dorky purple mask? Looks like he bought a suit from one of those Halloween party stores? With his freaky yellow wasp named Angelia? I hope you know him, because he’s the main freak that we’re going to be talking about. I’m sure he invited Marv to this scheme and now they’re working together to get ghosts. Ever since he’s been here, ghosts and goobs have been disappearing BACK AND FOURTH.”

    “Marv is our… Janitor? Maybe our janitor. I can’t even tell anymore if they’re working with the wasp man. I guess he hired them. Maybe he pays them a lot for what they do. Matter is, they’re helping Mr. Z capture these ghosts out of the wazoo.”

    “I don’t know what they’re doing with the ghosts either. Whatever they’re capturing them with aint good either.”

    “Point is, we need some brave souls to get them back. This is OUR hotel, not some god damn stingy assholes hotel. We need people with power. With STRENGTHS to take on this double. I ain’t watching my hotel go down in some series of unfortunate events because we didn’t make a move. I don’t want this hotel to go down in the gutter because of the fact we didn’t move FAST enough and because some mask wearin fucks decided to come into GHOST TERRITORY and take it all up. Kinda seems unfair to you, aint it? AINT IT?”



    “Also, do me a favor my fellow ghosts, tell me, inform me what your capable of. The stronger people are, the easier we can take them down. If you have any questions for me, ask them now.”


    TL:DR because this is a long post

    Fell!Pieta calls everyone in for a meeting and shuts Fell!Luigi out because hooman

    Fell!Pieta tells everyone that it’s definitely Mr. Z and Marv causing this

    Fell!Pieta (as far as we know) have Fell!Hootsby, Fell!Laundin, Fell!Nic, and Fell!Cherry missing. There could be others we don’t know about missing, which seems very likely

    Fell!Pieta doesnt know what they hell theyre doing with them

    Fell!Pieta is asking everyone what they’re capable of so they can pretty much go after them

    Also Fell!Pieta is open for questions-

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