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  • enjscurls
    25.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    y'all ever finish a book any just feel... empty? like not in the way you would if the ending was sad, but just like... damn, it's over.

    I bought a bunch of other books the other day too, but I just,,,, I'm not ready to not think about this book anymore

    #logan speaks #can you tell i havent read actual books for a very long time
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  • decaytrolls
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    A leech to my world, a burden to all You reap the benefits of a world that you enthrall I'll seal this message with my blood and a fucking bullet

    Erik has been too happy so :) Future things :)

    #drawing cadaver #.png #erik tag #future erik tag #long post #oooo who could that be holding the gun ooooo #spoiler alert he doesnt die here but he does lose an eye #blood tw#gun tw #ask to tag #also i know it's hard to read im about to pass out okay
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  • trulyhopelessromantic
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Did I cheat and make extra long sentences? Yes. Do I regret? Naw lol #cr2 #I cannot believe I've written my first Shadowgast writing to come from my own head and hands lol #normally i'm so content to read others' writings about these two that I fear I cannot compare if I make any attempts. Oh well this is short
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  • xylemloz
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #xyask #no but seriously thanks for asking #i need to explain why im crazy over this guy #skyward sword manga #skyward sword manga spoilers #loz #nintendo: guys we gotta promo zelda's 25th anniversary with a manga! but we only have 32 pages of space! #the two mofuckers behind akira himekawa (affectionate): #what if we made it the most agonizing 32 pages anyone will ever read in their life #ah yes the xylem special: overanalysis of a guy who exists for only 2 minutes #hylia being like u need to suffer to make the sword lol #girl... im sure theres a better and more effective method than a torture chamber... idk might just be me thi #tho#first#long post #this took me so long to write what the heck
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  • ignorance-on-fire
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The inherent romance of taking off someone’s glove finger by finger just to kiss their knuckles

    #I can’t help it #I read pride and prejudice at age 10 and have had the bug ever since #read daddy long legs not long after that and realized that letter writing is incredible as well #recently I learned that I probably will never have a letter writing glove removing romance #due to the fact that I unfortunately live in the 2000s #but a guy can dream #shush up jj #personal#mine
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  • hermit-haven
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So I watched A Knight’s Tale with some friends and this guy, the main character, looks EXACTLY how I try to draw Zedaph’s minecraft skin. 

    #hermitcraft#zedaph #random thing lol #why were we watching this? #long story but this is the tags #here in the tags long stories are okay #so these friends are actually my classmates #we're part of a homeschool group #a once a week deal #there's 6 of us I think #part of the curriculum is that we read Canturbury Tales #just The Knight's Tale though #I uh may or may not have actually read the book #I may or may not skip things sometimes #but it doesn't matter! Because the movie is NOTHING like the book #a knight's tale #a knight's tale spoilers I guess? #why does he like that lady she's a jerk #also why is her hair dyed a different color in every scene #then there's that nice one who makes him armor and stuff? #SHE should have been the love interest #as my friend said it herself #it would be an enemies to lovers sort of thing #which #I am painfully close to being able to figure out if she's into mcyt and fandoms and stuff #I know that enemies to lovers is a common trope in any story thing #but c'mon you gotta admit that's a very fandom way to put it #grr I wrote too many tags and tumblr deleted them >:( #i wanted to write a long tags story
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  • that-was-anticlimactic
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #jingyi tag #then i gotta finish robinson crusoe or... as much of it as i can because i would rather get a head start on that oroonoko essay due wed #then i need to do at least one of my fiction writing feedbacks and asl one signing video and one quiz and i need to finish acts 2 & 3 of #titus andronicus and read some stuff for linguistics and take the edps test and finish project three for edps but that shouldn't take too #long... aaaaaand i am rambling lol sorry jingyi #this helps me categorize my thoughts haha #oof and i gotta go grocery shopping i ran out of tater tots and what are tater tots if not comfort food??? #anyWAYS hope you're doing well and thank you for the motivation <3 #corey rambles:)
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  • daysgonefar
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Kind reminders pt.2:

    -take good care of yourself

    -talk nicely to yourself

    -be greatful for the simplest things

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  • ectos-cave
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #long post#2064 rom #2064 read only memories #you can access this by inputting BabyBluePX as your name btw #2064 baby blue
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  • softbpd
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    a little poem i wrote at the beginning of this yr??? i think.,.,.,

    𑁍┊Joe's Lude ˎˊ˗

    all good things come to an end

    but what if the good never comes back?

    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

    what if im the bad person I've always painted myself out to be

    #poem#poetry#uhh idk #im not that great with tags??? #kinda a vent but in a poem and also from a long time ago #i like being anon i can post whatever the hell i want #anyways if u read this far pls hydrate #and eat 3 meals and also rest
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  • v-woe
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    "When I say "I don't like labels" I'm actually not referring to my blatant nonconformity. I mean from a young age I'd have trouble sleeping and would toss and turn in the night and find myself ripping labels off my clothes in a futile attempt to alleviate my abject discomfort. It was only recently I found out not everyone constantly feels unexplainable prickling and burning sensations everywhere on their being. When people told me they also hear the endless internal screaming in their heads', I took that as confirmation everyone also alleviate suffering from their painful tactile hallucinations through internal screaming, utilising the Freudian concept of sublimation. It's only recently I learnt this is a form of chronic neuropathic pain. I'd like to think this constant pain perpetually washing through my being in waves with no obvious troughs could excuse my substance abuse. It obviously didn't, but it was a nice thought at the time. Drugs too were nice, at the time. While I was drunk, or high, or tripping I drifted far enough from these sensations I finally felt free from the burden of constantly trying to ignore the feeling of being burnt alive by a fire that couldn't be extinguished- that is at least not without snuffing me out with it. The only other time I felt peace anything like this was when I was dreaming. Unfortunately, this meant too much of the time when I was intoxicated I'd jump to the conclusion I really was dreaming. Elana Dykewomon once wrote, "Almost every woman I have ever met has a secret belief that she is just on the edge of madness, that there is some deep, crazy part within her, that she must be on guard constantly against ‘losing control’ — of her temper, of her appetite, of her sexuality, of her feelings, of her ambition, of her secret fantasies, of her mind." and I believe she specified 'almost every woman' because I live and breath. Imagine living out your wildest fantasies, allowing yourself to absolutely lose control and waking up the next morning to find you weren't dreaming. As you can imagine I've driven away all my friends and the ones who do stay I assume only do because they're scared I'll mention them in my suicide note if they don't. Recently, I've gone sober. My skin crawls with different flavours of agony, so much so I can't sleep most nights. If I do manage to sleep I can't allow myself to enjoy my dreams. I turn up like I'm a guest in my own mind and the host has just uttered those dreadful words "Please do make yourself at home" which really means to say "Break anything and you're the one who'll be paying for it one way or another". I'm now so reserved in my dreams that I can't even drink in them. The other night I kissed a shop clerk in my dream because her eyes welcomed it and I still haven't forgiven myself for not asking for explicit permission first. The wildest dreams I have now are where I'm writing fiction novels so vividly I get lost in the worlds I create. I'm convinced I've written all of my best work in my dreams but when I wake up the content of their pages escape me. Just loose Netflix level synopses left from them accompanied with a pop up display in my mind that reads "Are you sure you'd like to save this? (Y/N)"- incredulous, mocking. This imaginary display of course has no mouth, dimension or even ability to exist independent from my mind but I'm certain it's laughing at me. I can't blame it, I would be too were I not too busy weeping at what my life has become. I find myself wishing it weren't a dream but no sooner do I retract that wish- hopes and dreams redacted. I could wish for freedom from the never ending waking nightmare but the self inflicted cigarette burns and the barcodes along my arms tell me freedom isn't always as saccharine as it sounds. When Stephen King wrote "Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild", I'm convinced he specified 'some' because again unfortunately I still live and breath."

    ~Marao's monologue from 'Suck My Toes Puny Mortals' by Robertio Murtle

    #Suck My Toes Puny Mortals #Robertio Murtle#text#spilled ink#long post#chronic pain#writing #elana dykewomon quote #stephen king quote #spilled emotions#long reads#paincore #existence is suffering #nonconformity#dreams#monologue
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  • book-lovers-warehouse
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    As a perk of working in a book store, we, the staff, get to borrow books. I’m currently reading It, by Stephen King (I promise I will return it and it will be available to buy!), and thought I’d share some hilarious quotes. It may be horror, but that doesn’t mean it can’t rouse a laugh, too!

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  • sunpierce
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    @eisforge​ asked: ❝ do you just have to distract me? ❞ / cookie run prompts , accepting!

    ( ♚ ) ❝ sorry? you look like you’re struggling a bit so i thought i’d offer some help. ❞ for a first meeting, ichigo thought things would end up going a lot smoother... 

    #eisforge #♚ ( READ MESSAGE ; ANSWERED ASK ) #baaayyyleee!!! #holy fuck it's been so long #hope you're doing okay! <3
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  • considerthis1
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Come Let Us Testify...

    Come let us testify of God's goodness and grace,

    How He sent His only Son to die for the human race.

    Sins' bondages we are sure to escape

    If we believe His Word and have faith.

    Let us spread the message of Salvation with haste,

    For if we linger, precious time we shall waste.

    With our weakened powers and our fallen state,

    We should strive to obtain true education so that we may be saved.

    His object lessons and principles we should crave,

    With these before us, life's trials we will prevail.

    Come let us testify of the wondrous things God has created,

    Through nature, with Him we can be acquainted.

    For His coming we have long awaited;

    To Him be all glory and His name exalted.

    In Christ, we are unconditionally loved and fully accepted.

    In His marvellous name, sinners are pardoned, acquitted and vindicated;

    Therefore, let us demonstrate His portrait so that others can see his character and become educated.

    For in His excellence, we are sure to be fascinated.

    Come let us testify of God's matchless nature,

    Our Healer, Redeemer and Creator.

    How if we earnestly ask Him, He is willing to help us overcome our failures.

    When we are in danger and sin has us captured,

    We should dwell on His scriptures-

    His words gives us encouragement and nurture.

    The Bible contains many stories and adventures,

    That shouldn't be kept to ourselves, but shared with others including our neighbors.

    Sharing His Words and testimonies does not require you to be a preacher,

    Or some highly prestigious leader.

    But we can just be an ordinary creature;

    Ready to do service for our Maker.

    Come let us testify that His name is greatly to be praised-

    He rose Nazarus from the grave.

    We must believe if we truly desire to be saved.

    To man, freedom of choice, he gave;

    We can testify of His miracles, surely He is great,

    And even greater when He is four days late.

    Though we may often fall by the wayside and stray,

    He gives us strength to recuperate and

    He is there to help us navigate

    So that one day, we might enter that heavenly place.

    This is made possible through Jesus' death for our sake,

    There is proof in the Bible, it is surely not fake.

    Come let us testify that without the knowledge of God, hearts become darkened.

    Some have fallen asleep and need to be awakened.

    They may feel alone and even forsaken.

    They may even think it is God that tempts us, they are gravely mistakened.

    God desires for us to remain rooted and unshaken.

    For He knows sinful desires and temptations has our soul and mind weakened.

    And so, He offers us the strength to overcome and victory is celebrated.

    It is our duty to share the three angel's message for His second-coming is long awaited.

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  • kisukou
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i’m not rly feelin this new acc so if i go poof then yes

    #hayden’s thoughts #i’m sry lol this is so annoying of me #but mutuals HEY #read this #if you don’t already have me on discord #send me an ask #but yea i dunno i feel like i have ten million other things i have to focus on rn #like i have one day off this week #and i have a bunch of shit to do that day #i have no time to write #and when i do i just sit there and stare at my phone cuz i’m dumb #it takes me so long to write too lmfao like legit hours to write hcs i am so slow and dumb pls jesus give me brain cells #i feel like i’ll definitely miss writing and creating content but if it’s that big of a deal then #it’s not like tumblr is going anywhere right #sorry this is so annoying i know i’m sry lol #but #i liked having a bunch of people who enjoyed haikyuu as much as i do #none of my irl friends like haikyuu lmao #i’m making a personal blog though #just to read n reblog n whatnot #mutuals i’ll follow you on it but don’t feel the need to follow me back #i probably won’t be on all that often #i’ll go by em again not this dumb shit you’ll know it’s me #but yea ig i’m not writing anymore then ! #sorry for all this bs idk why i even made this acc lol #i will see you guys around then :)
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  • marnz
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #computer science#journalism#long reads#technology #THIS ARTICLE IS KILLING ME #i work in the most antiquated field of all time so i technically don't get an opinion but like #you have ppl in their 70s who don't know how folders work and you have 17 yos who don't know how folders work #i am also frankly SO PUZZLED by the student who said they were never taught what a folder was #simply because don't kids use physical folders in school? for math homework? #like what....what is there to explain..... #anyway as usual the problem is capitalism
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  • coolasakuhncumber
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Naturally waking up early on the weekend means I've had my 2 hours outside and home by 1pm and it really does take pressure off the rest of the day.

    #covid#covid19 #limit of 2 hours outside for non essential reasons per day #i walked to the park and sat in the sun reading my book for a bit #then took the long way home
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  • mymoonpie
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    25 September 2021


    Well yesterday I completed my poem's summer season , it was my day break so yesterday I completely worked on writing it now there's two seasons left my favourite Autumn and Winter they will be completed in like a week or two .

    So today's my cousin birthday about which I'm not interested at all she lives far away although last night I was excited about staying up till mid night to wish her , No I was excited I thought we could talk till mid night and I had so many things to share with her and I waited for an hour to ask her would you stay wake with me before I asked she said "I'm sleeping" and yeah waited for an hour with some expectations it hurted and it hurted a lot .

    I guess I'm expecting too much , I'm always there whenever she need me ,but when I need her hmmm.....let it go she never asked me to wait or be with her it's fine , I'm the cuckoo in the nest .

    I don't why I expect soo much and end up hurting and then again "Hey I'm ready to get hurt again" .

    So yeah I don't sometime just my anger turns to tears , I have changed plans giving to my no importance or existence in her life I won't tell her that I'm leaving I won't , I just simply leave in night after saying "good night and bye " next day there will be no more 4 am morning text and no more this moron asking "how's your day " no more made up stories and no more Me.

    Well no secrets I keep here I got a new friend Shivani and She's good and very generous , so last night I was talking to her and her presence is kind of really comforting . I haven't told her about my this whole thing I'll tell her sooner , she was sick still she talked to me for hours not till mid night 'cuz I told her to get rest . She's good .

    I haven't told Pie about her and I don't think I would tell her because she got no time for my things , it's fine

    So after that I was alone and I was thinking and overthinking till mid night . I feel I should leave now and just come back on her birthday to wish her but it would be rude so I have just to smile and say myself everything is fine just stay please !

    I don't know if her boyfriend care for her the way I do , forget care asking her account password shows how much he trust her

    May be he care for her more than me that's why she care just about him.

    I read a quote "If you think love and care , morning night texts , making her laugh or smile , being with her can make her fall in love with you then slap your face because it won't happen " and I find it true 'cuz it's no happening and it never will.

    But I have to change myself I'll be cold now I won't say anything flattering to her , I won't wait for her any longer and when she goes offline I just say good night .

    I have this little hope that one day she would feel the same way for me but Hope is a dangerous thing. Drives a man insane.

    Everyone has it's breaking point , I had too many mental breakdowns and I just feel why do I just exist , I should be on my deathbed and hearing those morphine alrams would be good atleast they could take away my pain for a while but I'll do with this pain , I can never get over it .... I guess I never will🍂🍂

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