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  • Ok be prepared for a essays about these creatures. Inspiration for this species is from @mathonwys and helped with ideas/pear editing was @objekynn


    Species: Rumblenaught

    First example, Burnats Magnis.

    The name Rumblenaught is a play with what happens when they have a boxing or wrestling match in a large stadium. The rumble part is from minor seismic activity that would happen from those in the stadium or largely packed areas with spectators. The naught part of their name is derived from the expression tuff nut and naught by definition means nothing since when examined after fighting and taking heavy blows no major injuries were found and only soreness and small bruises were reported.

    They’re wrestling and boxing addicts. Large arguments, debates, and sometimes courts will be disputed over wrestling. If authorized the court match will be broadcasted.

    The majority of Rumblenaughts are friendly and aren’t aggressive unless needed to. Those off the planet work as care givers or help those with disabilities. They have a large sense of community and have strong bond with those in their community.

    Those who are more aggressive work as security, police/government agents, bodyguards, or join sports leagues. Rumblenaughts that work as security or bodyguards are highly sought after off the planet. A low effort from a 200 lbs, male, can have 675 pounds of force.(enough to breaks rocks)

    They’re figuring out how to turn their seismic into electricity. They have already figured out how to turn their kinetic energy from training equipment into electricity. (It took awhile since they kept breaking the ones for their smaller arms)

    They had genetic mutations during evolution causing most of them to become half mammalian half reptilian. It’s rare to see one completely reptilian or mammalian Rumblenaughts because of how much genetic mutation effects what amount of mammalian and reptilian genes they get. This is also is believed to have caused them to develop their extra pair of arms, they ended up turning it into an advantage in evolution. Another thing genetic mutation probably effected is genetic makeup, which is why they wild patterns and colors in their genetic makeup. Horns and small (and slightly retractable) spikes seem to have also snuck their way into their genetics.

    Their second pair of arms are retractable and can come out of their backs. Their thumbs aren’t upright when they do this since they’re blades for their extra arms won’t allow that movement and motion. This is a disadvantage that they have when it comes down to it. A group of Rumblenaughts is called a ‘punch out’ They’re very open about gender identities and have hardly any gender differences, so most of them have gender neutral appearance. Heights fluctuates from 4'5 to 10'0 feet tall. 8'0 to 10'0 feet tall Rumblenaughts are the rarest heights. Spikes on a mostly mammalian Rumblenaught isn’t too uncommon. When quadruped their extra arms can be used for hold objects or will tucked in close to the body since they’re too short to touch the ground when walking. They can only use their extra arms when low to the ground since the second pair is up to the length of the first pair’s wrist. Leaving the second pair to dangle is dangerous and when crouching they can move fast since despite being shorter the second pair are stronger than the first pair.


    That is what I have on them now and geez do I feel tired since I went out before writing the last few paragraphs.

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    ☼ ☼ ☼

    They were all going to die. And many of them did…just as she’d dreamed. And she was no better off for the knowledge. Her classmates—the other seniors of Altirs. The juniors! Oh…the horrors came for them all that Harvest Eve.

    Talita was human as far as she could tell. However, she knew something was wrong inside of her. Pain reverberated through every part of her with every movement but the pain felt far away, as if she were both feeling and not feeling it, the same as the agony she’d suffered in salugalu. The distortions of her reality—the lights, the sounds, the death around her—were worse than any part of her bad trip on Purple Dot.

    Visions of Spencer overpowering her—both in the past and earlier that night—along with blinding pain that still wracked her from his bite and memories of a fearful Ava fleeing from his next attack, remained neverending in Talita’s thoughts. Numb now to constant terror and plummeting hope, she trudged along after Adam like a zombie.

    Adam…Adam was there. Somehow he was there. And he didn’t abandon her once he saw that she was fucked.

    She’d stumbled, alone, among the hissing creatures, cowering every time she heard a spray of bullets and screams—so sure that she’d awoken from her dark sleep into actual hell. Talita ran—and she didn’t know where she was fleeing to then, all that mattered was that it was somewhere away—but still a face she thought she’d never see again appeared. And he was still good. And she was there. He was so patient with her. She was sure whatever was going on with her had to make him nervous, no matter what he’d said about her past. Talita made herself nervous too.

    Adam paused when she pulled on him with fevered force, turning in her direction. His clear blue gaze, now bloodshot from strain, passed over her as she held on tight. Her clutch was squeezing—in her daze she though he might disappear like the dream he was if she let go. The parasites still shuddered around them—she’d shuddered the same way a few moments earlier, toppled by an unseen force that stole away her consciousness until she was able to open her spasming lids, gazing into the same blue gaze that watched her now.

    With her free hand she touched her chest over her heart and lingered there, waiting until he cemented what that movement meant to her. His attention followed as her hand moved to his chest and rested over his heart, lingering as well. He stood still, studying her hand, and met her eye again when she pulled it away.

    “Yeah,” he said quietly. “No problem. I’m…really glad I found you. That I could see you again. Means a lot to me.”

    Me too, she mouthed to him.

    “We’re getting out of here together. All right?”

    Yes, she replied without sound. Together.

    She thought he understood.

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  • Haha. I just thought of a good analogy for toxic patterns in dating.

    So I was just thinking about this memory from years ago… we used to have this dog who was very skiddish and un-trusting. When it came to showing her love and affection, it was pretty much a hit or miss because sometimes she would bite, shrink back, and very rarely would she receive or reciprocate that love and affection.

    So when it came to calling her inside after she did her business, she was what one of our family friends called a “half-way in half-way out” kind of girl. She was afraid to be vulnerable with humans.

    So what does a skiddish dog have to do with dating in the human world? Let me explain in the most simple way I know how:

    People are skiddish when it comes to relationships, which could cause them to behave in a way that exudes a fickle mentality. Much like the skiddish dog, they are half in, half out, because they want to trust, but they’re afraid…. whether that be because commitment scares them or past hurts, or whatever the case may be. Probably all of the above. But that’s why when it comes to dating, both men and women don’t know how to make up their minds because they have not dealt with their past hurts or their personal world-view when it comes to dating. That’s why someone might be a “half-way in half-way out” kind of “breed”.

    Those are people you should probably walk away from, and establish the clear message that tells them you want to be with someone who has made up their mind about you.

    I’m still learning myself how to navigate all of these nuances in relationships and how to respond to people’s behavior and knowing or understanding whether or not that person is worth it.

    It’s a process and journey so if you’re struggling with it, don’t feel ashamed. Just focus on learning and growing through it.

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  • So you failed at something. Go do it again. What? You failed again? Do it again and again. We all fail. Failure is apart of life and you should expect it more than being afraid of it. Being afraid limits ours limit to move forward because we’re so fixated on something bad to happen to us or something that could rate our egos, but forget about all that. If you have a goal, then just go for it. You want it go get it. Failure is just delaying yourself from getting there, because you can try again. being afraid of failure is like convincing yourself to give up and not try at all. Just relax, you got this. Think about the goal, and think about all the lessons to come. You’re about to level up after the experience. Keep moving forward and remember when you fail again, you can still keep going forward and try again. Nobody’s perfect, people learn in different ways, people have their own stories, and you have yours. If you fail don’t think your falling behind. It’s not a race. Life goes forward and so do you. Don’t let your failures dwell your thoughts to what will be the past. Stay present motivated to improve your future. You got this Ill support you from afar. 


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  • I can tell you almost everything about the situation I am currently in, and very little at the same time. In this moment let me fully express this fucked up situation I find myself in as best I can. I am stressed the hell out, but at the same time I am so heavy my body refuses to move. I feel as if it has been years since I blinked last. I have the urge to blink, but I can not imagine not looking away for one moment. My mind is busy cataloging all the bull shit that led to this very moment. All I can smell is that dry metallic sent, I feel like I am soaking in it. My hands twitching, almost as if I was attempting to cast some spell.

    My apologies, you probably have no idea what I am looking at. I truly thought I had figured out some new life hack. Be unapologetically yourself. I do not think that shit worked. I attempted to exist within the confines of my coping mechanisms. I wanted to be my faults so badly I just told myself that was truly what I loved and who I was. However, right now I am standing in front of a dead cop in a country town, with whom I was in love with. Still don’t see the big deal, well you heard it was a small town, right? Just add these details. I am a male. The dead policeman is a married to a lovely woman who practices criminal law, and (feel like this also the most important) I am black. I’m not talk about passing either. I am dark skin, with locs, and a pretty nice ass (sorry bragging helps me cope).

    You interested to know how I got here? Maybe I will just explain what happened and you tell me because I have no fucking clue.

    I do not care for the term “chapters” though. So, for the time being we can break them down as the ten plagues in the book of Exodus. Do not make fun, I used to be really into the Bible.

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  • I’ve been reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. ❤️ This book. Totally recommend 👌🏻💯

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