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  • yes the new looney tunes is excellent 

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  • This is probably the one of the clearest times we see the fact part of Sam’s design is the fact he wears a mask.I’m sure when some people saw this they were saying things in the nature of “Wait,Sam has a mask?Since when?”

    One of my family members was guilty of that to the point I had to show different takes of his appearance over the years and show the black stripe.In some ways it’s kind of a flaw to the character.He’s got a lot of bushy hair and his head on most occasions is covered with a hat so the minor visible bits don’t stand out as much as they could.

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  • After Space Jam finished filming Lola decided she would do some research into her fellow looney tunes. She’d been told that the animation industry had changed a lot since the likes of Bugs and Daffy were created and she wanted to see exactly how it had changed. 

    So she watched some old cartoons but hadn’t got very far through them when she received an invitation from Petunia for dinner at her and Porky’s house. Obviously she accepted and headed over.

    When she got there Lola was slightly surprised to see Elmer Fudd there. But then she reasoned that just like Petunia had invited her, Porky had invited Elmer. They had a nice dinner, during which Lola mentioned she was watching some of their old cartoons. They smiled and said that was nice and life went on.

    About half an hour after that Porky made his apologies and left. Without Elmer. Lola was confused to say the least and asked Petunia what was going on. Turns out Petunia and Elmer are pretty close friends and hang out with each other very frequently. There was even a rumour going around back in the late 40′s that Petunia was in love with Elmer not Porky and the only reason she was with Porky at all was because the studio liked the idea of two characters of the same species being together. 

    This is not the case and the rumour died down - and eventually died out  - after Porky and Petunia got married in the early 50′s. 

    So there was Lola sitting in Petunia’s living room finding out more about her new ‘family’ as Bugs keeps referring to them. Somehow the question of Lola marrying Bugs came up.

    Lola: What!?

    Petunia: Well, not now of course. But in the future, maybe?

    Lola: [Opens her mouth then closes it again] 

    Elmer: Oh! She’s thinking about it!

    Lola: [Decidedly] No. No, I don’t think so. 

    Elmer: Well, to be faiw, he’d have to divowce me first! [He and Petunia laugh]

    Lola: …

    Lola: Sorry, what? 

    Elmer: [Slightly confused] I-I just said he’d have to divowce me fiwst.  

    Lola: What!? The two of you are married!?

    Petunia: [Realising Lola hadn’t seen the Rabbit of Seville] Lola -

    Lola: - And no one thought to mention it to me!?

    Elmer: [Not quite realising exactly what’s happened, but knowing his joke has fallen flat] Wowa-

    Lola: I’m going to give Mr Bugs Bunny a piece of my mind! [Storms out the front door leaving Petunia and Elmer to look at each other.]

    Elmer: …She hasn’t seen wabbit of Seviwwe, has she?

    Petunia: No, clearly not! Now phone Bugs before she goes after him with a sledge hammer!

    So Lola’s storming round to Bug’s place. [Not with a sledge-hammer obviously - that would be crazy. With a javelin.] Meanwhile Elmer’s on the phone to Bugs who’s not happy to say the least.

    Bugs: What do you mean she’s coming wound to my place with a sledge-hammer!?

    Elmer: I’m sowwy! I didn’t wealise she’d go this cwazy!

    Bugs: [Seeing Lola come up his path] Eh…no problem, Doc. Just remember - you owe me a lot of carrots! [Slams phone down.] 

    Bugs: [To audience] I told you she was crazy about me. 

    Lola: Bugs! [Door slams open - a javeline flies through the air and lands just above his ears. 

    Bugs: -Moither-!

    Lola: Why didn’t you tell me you and Elmer were married!?

    Bugs: Eh…before you kill me, Doc-ette, can I show you one of our cartoons first? 7 minutes max and if you still want to kill me afterwards I won’t stand in your way- deal?

    Lola: [Thinking he’s lost his mind.] …Sure…

    -7 minutes later - 

    Lola: …Oh.

    Bugs: Yeah.

    Lola: …I’m never going to live this down, am I?

    Bugs: No. 

    And, sure enough, 23 years later Bugs STILL brings it up.

    Bugs: Eh, you just don’t have a girlfriend who’s crazy about you. Mine’s so crazy about me she threatened to kill me with a javelin. 

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  • Gary Simmons at Metro Pictures Gallery

    LA based artist Gary Simmons has returned to the subject of racist American pop culture imagery in a striking group of new paintings at the newly reopened Metro Pictures Gallery. Here, in ‘Screaming into the Ether,’ 1920s & 30s Looney Tunes character Bosko loses his characteristic portly belly as he releases a full-bodied cry that dominates the gallery in this eight foot-tall canvas. Partially erased by Simmons’ hand the figure nevertheless exerts a powerful presence. (Open by appointment in Chelsea through Sept 19th). Gary Simmons, Screaming Into The Ether, oil and cold wax on canvas, 96 ¼ x 72 ¼ inches, 2020.
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    Bonk! “From Hare To Eternity” (1997)

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  • Imagine Angelino letting loose a ‘fuck’ and Marvin the Martian hears it and almost dies. XD

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    That moment when you realize that Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry are the same age

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  • My minor weirdness with this take of the Looneys would have to be the usage of the yellow shade in what would normally have been white.Nothing “bad”,it’s just one of those little details that immediately leaves a mark after spending a majority of your experience used to something else.

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  • Who did it better?

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  • 1930s warner bros: i can excuse racism, but i draw the line at fascism 

    everyone: u can excuse racism? 

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    Out of all of the villians in Loonatics unleashed, weathervane (Paula Hayes) will always be my favorite.

    I honestly feel bad for what happened to her. She was pushed to her limit and was underappreciated. I honestly don’t blame her for doing what she did.

    This is the design i will be using for weathervane/Paula when i start the comic. I have some ideas for her that i hope you will enjoy.

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    More Della/Daffy shenanigans. With angry/protective Donald. You know she’d annoy him on purpose, and of course, you know, this means war.

    Draw the squad ref by @gayspaceshit.

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