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  • thesticklord
    24.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Even more Heisenberg. It was slow for a while but recently drawing him like nothing happened.

    Gonna drop an Ethan post in like five minutes.

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  • lovelywingsart
    23.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    "I may be lucky, but you're a sore loser."

    "I am not."

    "Then why are you pouting?"

    "I'm not POUTING, that fucking HURT."

    "Mmhm. You're also a bloody liar."

    "... shut the fuck up."

    We all know Heisenberg is an expert with his abilities, but how is he with PHYSICAL combat? 🤔👀

    //They always have little sparring matches, and sometimes she's able to beat him down. uwu Other times it's a tie, or they just decide to say 'fuck it' and go about working because neither of them likes to back down because they're both idiots.

    He also underestimates just how determined she is to fuck him up. 😂😂😂//

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  • therewasatale
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    sleeping beauty

    On Ao3.

    Summary:  He overworks himself, again. But you have a plan to get him into bed.

    You pushed down the door handle with your elbow, opening it into the long hallway. As you walked you balanced a covered plate in one hand while you held a thermos in the other as you walked along the high walls. Thick pipes ran around you but they all went the same direction with you, however they then turned and disappeared through the walls.

    Beyond a door, you’ve reached the site of Heisenberg’s current enormous project. A cool breeze ruffled your hair and you inadvertently swallowed as you glanced down at the huge crater. Several doors and conveyor belts were already in place. Metal beams and, for the time being, bridges without walking surfaces crisscrossed the bottomless depth. However, if you looked up you could already make out the finished shape of the construction from the haphazardly placed supports.

    What did you call it? Oh, yeah. Grinder Shaft.

    "Hey, Heisenberg!" You called out to the man.

    He wasn't a least bit bothered by the gap he was standing over anything. His long coat sometimes got caught in the wind. Surprisingly he did not wear his hat for once. He was held up securely by a wide sheet of metal as he examined the skeleton of the machine above him. Around him beams, huge bolts, and sharp plates were floating in circle.

    To this day, Heisenberg’s power still amazed you. You also knew the other lords' gifts they had received from Mother Miranda, but the man's was different. He could have built anything he wished for. And without lifting a finger he could become very dangerous and very deadly in seconds.

    A metal beam started to rise with its flock and slid into place, before they joined together as huge bolts bore into them. You could tell that all this will be finished in just a few more days, but it meant even more sleepless and restless days for Heisenberg. You had your own opinion about that.


    "Wha'?!" He hasn’t turned towards you.

    "Come here, you need to eat!"

    "'m fine!"

    "You aren’t. Come on, I can't get up to you!"

    For a while only the clinking sounds of the metal pieces filled the crater.


    "Too bad for you, kitten."

    Snorting, you rubbed your blushed face into your shoulder. You still had to get used to nicknames.

    "Yeah-yeah, smartass." You muttered under your nose and then raised your voice again. "You haven't slept and eaten in over three days. So, please come and eat something!"

    Now it was his turn to snort.

    "I'm fine!"

    "Stubborn bastard."

    "I heard that, y'know!"

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Then I'll wait for you here." You sat down in the doorway and placed the thermos and plate next to yourself.

    Heisenberg muttered something under his breath and returned to focusing on his work again. The metal elements slowly danced around him and clanked into place as the man moved his fingers. He was a conductor and engineer in one, conducting a melody that only he could hear.

    You pulled up one of your legs and then, after some thought, removed the cover from the plate. Below it were two well-packed sandwiches. The smell immediately filled the air around you, the saline fragrance of the tomatoes, the silkiness of the cheese danced in your nose. Duke has always brought the best ingredients.

    "By the way I made you sandwiches."


    "Cucumber, tomato, edam cheese and ham. I toasted the ham a bit and so do the bread, on butter by the way, just the way you like."

    Another murmur came, but even sitting at the edge of the crater, you could still hear his rumbling of his belly.

    "Oh, you son of a-!"

    You gave out a chuckle poorly disguised as a cough.

    The metal parts came together forming a path for Heisenberg, then descended on a semi-finished bridge. The lord scowled at you.

    "I told you, I'm fine." He grumbled, but he didn't refuse the food when you stood up and handed it to him.

    "I know you said that, but the circles under your eyes tell me a different story."

    "They're lying." He answered with his mouth full and stared at the nearby wall instead of looking at you.

    "I can still see them, you know, right?"

    "Shut up!"

    You took out your thermos and uncapped it is pouring a decent amount of tea into the top. It was steaming hot, but the fragrance was overwhelmed by Heisenberg's smell, oil mixed with tobacco. Personally, you didn’t find it unpleasant, you almost missed it when you were away from him.

    "Here, I made tea too, blackcurrant, I got it from the Duke not too long ago."

    He muttered something under his breath in response. After taking the cap he slowly blew on it and took a few sips. "Um, not bad." He took another deep gulp.

    "I was hoping it tasted good," you watched with a smile as he poured out another cup of tea, then you glanced at the grinder, "You have made a lot of progress."

    "Yeah, but it's still a long way to go." Returning the cap, he allowed himself a yawn. "The lower frame will be ready tomorrow, then the upper one, then the elements holding the shredder come in, and then finally the shredder itself. Although I still want to do a few tests on it and I want to make sure I secure the upper shaft part properly."

    Stepping closer to him, you listened seriously and nodded, refilling the cap.

    "Then maybe a week, and hm…" he paused for a few moments as you pressed another cap of tea into his hand. Not really paying attention, he downed it in one go. "What was I on about exactly?"

    "You were talking about how you need maybe a week and then you can start assembling the internal elements of the grinder." You helped him out stepping in front of him.

    "Yes?" He blinked slowly. "Yes."

    "Uhum." You looked at him with a smile. "How do you feel?"

    He looked at you with eyes struggling to stay open, and he stifled a yawn.

    "'m… fine." He wrinkled his forehead as strong as he could, then, it was as if recognition glinted in his eyes. He looked down at the cap in his hand, then at you, then at the cap again, finally his tired eyes settled on your face.

    "Oh no, ya fucking didn't." His head nodded down, and he tried to take a step towards, but his legs weren’t accommodating.

    You were already waiting and stepping towards him you caught him, letting him lean on you. "Yeah, I fucking did."

    "You little…I will…" after his legs, his tongue also became numb. Now he was leaning against you with his full weight. The cap of the thermos slipped from his hand, it clanked on the ground, and rolled into the abyss.

    You weren't sure that he could had hear the last thing you said. Around you, the deep breathing of Heisenberg mingled with the thudding of the factory.

    The easier part was done. Luckily, he was so immersed in his own thoughts he didn’t even notice the slight aftertaste of the sleeping drug. You’d have to thank Duke for getting some, and even more for bringing which was so effective. According to him, it could be mixed without problem into drinks and food, and the drug was certain to last for at least four hours.

    Heisenberg snorted as you took his arm over your shoulder.

    "All right, let's get you to bed."

     Lord Heisenberg awoke slowly. His thoughts in his head were blanketed in fluffy cotton balls. His headache was gone at least. He felt soft fabric under his fingers, and so did under his body and head. He blinked a couple of times and looked around the room. The room, which, wasn't his.

    His memories finally fought themselves free from the cotton balls. He had been working on the grinder for a few days, he hasn't really been able to tell how much exactly...Then he became hungry, he drank some blackcurrant tea. Slowly he managed to put the pieces together to form a complete picture.

    He suddenly jolted up in your bed with a snort.


    "Good morning." As if you just felt his awakening, you entered the door with a tray in your hand. "How are you feeling?"

    "You dared to actually drug me? While I was working ?!" He pushed off the blanket, then paused to glance down at himself. "Where are my pants? And my coat?!"

    "Your pants are in the garbage. I got some new ones. I didn't touch your coat." You gestured to towards the other end of the room after you placed the tray on the small table next to your bed. "But you won't get it until you eat something proper."


    "Come on, the soup is ready now. I put in everything that’s good for you, it should make you stronger."

    "I told ya, I'm fine." He muttered, still self-conscious, he was moving towards his new pants.

    "You haven’t slept for at least four days." You stood up again and stepped in front of him at the end of the bed.

    "So what?!"

    He was annoyed, not angry, just annoyed. But he could become dangerous if he got angry.

    On the other hand, you too were annoyed and worried.

    "What do you mean so what?! You know it well enough what happened the last time you overworked yourself! And I'm not just talking about all the overnight work, when you go to bed around dawn, or I find you passed out on your desk."

    His mouth trembled, but his eyes just steeled themselves as he looked into yours. "Let me go, I need to work and finish it as soon as I possible."

    "Don't make me the bad guy when I'm trying to help."

    "Says the one who knocked me out with sleeping pills."

    You had to take a deep breath. You knew you wouldn’t have an easy time with him, but you had no idea he will be so willful and ungrateful. You had to massage your forehead.

    "Listen…just-just eat, all right? Just sit down and eat a bit then you can go."

    "How should I know you didn't put something in it that too?" It was a low blow, even from him, and for a second, he thought he should apologize, but his pride stopped him.

    "You know, I'm just trying to help, Heisenberg. For gods' sake you would already be out of here IF you would put your ass down and eat!"

    "Stop bossing me around! This is my place and I do what I want!" He threw his arms into the air. You shuddered for a second and glanced towards the corners of the room. Every bit of metal in the room began to shake but did not move.

    He followed your glance and made a nervous growl in the back of his throat. "I…I won't hurt you. For fuck's sake."

    You needed to take a big breath, but it didn't help you to calm down. He was right, it maybe was a nasty trick you pulled, but you felt like you had to do something. Especially after what happened last time, you just couldn’t let that happen again. Your stomach tightened into a knot from just thinking about it.

    "What if you overwork yourself so much again that you fell asleep while working? Without getting to a nearby door." Your voice was too quiet, you had to clear your throat. You tried to swallow, but it was as if something was squeezing your windpipe. "What if you ran out steam sooner than you think? What would have happened if you collapsed working above the crater?" Your hands trembled a bit and your voice became faint again. Memories weighed on you and fear tightened your chest.

    "Last time…last time too… I only realized that something has collapsed and I found you under metal beams and rubble. I just managed to drag you out from under there!" You snapped stepping closer to him. "Gods damn it you, stubborn idiot I'm just worried about you! Calm down for once when I ask and listen to me. You're doing great, you will finish your work soon after you had some rest. Still, you NEED to take a rest because you look like shit. And I don't know what to do if you get hurt or stuck somewhere and I can't help!"  

    His steely eyes became softer as he saw the sincere concern and the gleam of tears in yours. He had to look away. It still caught him off guard how much you cared, and how often you reminded him of that.

    "Fuck…" he rubbed his face into his hands, then took a step back and sat back on the edge of your bed with a huge sigh. "I know… I know, god damn it." Lowering his head, he took a deep breath. "I know…"

    You had to swallow to ease the tightness of your throat. You blinked away the tears, then sat down carefully next to him.

    "You can be a stubborn bastard, but I'm too."

    "I know." His shoulder sagged as he leaned forward, placing his elbow on his legs. His face was hidden by his graying hair, but you could see he was much calmer now. The objects around you stopped vibrating too. "Sorry."

    "Yeah, I'm sorry too." Reaching out, you grabbed his hand and caressed his fingers. His skin was much rougher, but he still gently stroked you back.

    Drawing small circles on your palm he shook his head. "You even took my pants. But the sleeping pill was still a bad form from you. Next time just…"

    "Oh, I'm not sorry for that, just for taking your pants."

    "Shut up." He snorted but a chuckle slipped out from between his lips. "Smartass. Drugging me...and then dragging me into your room." He glared at you, a soft smile.

    "I'm lucky you barely ate in the last couple of days, thanks to that it only took me three-quarters of an hour to drag you here." You kissed his shoulder and leaned against him. "Not including changing your clothes and putting you to bed."

    He just muttered something softly and rubbed his forehead against yours.

    "And what if I tried to go back to work?"

    "I wouldn't have let you." You said sharply. "I told you, I just wanted you to get some sleep. You needed rest, but I wouldn't have let you get in danger. Come on, Heisenberg, you know better than that." You looked at him. "Or not?"

    Looking into your eyes, he gave out a loud chuff, much like a steam engine. "Yes, I do…I know. Maybe it's just my pride that have been hurt."

    You watched his face quietly. The dark circles were still under his eyes, but he looked much more relaxed, that was already a bit of a victory for you. He turned his gray gaze into yours.

    "How do you feel?"

    "My head doesn't throb that much now." He admitted after a while. "And my thinking also got a bit better"

    "Good. That's good."

    "If you say so."

    "Come on, old man." You gently pushed him with your shoulders, and you chuckled as he snorted.

    "Old man?"

    "Well, you did look like you had one foot in the grave."

    "I had to work." He answered with a slightly offended tone.

    "I know, and you're really good at working, but you are much worse at taking rest when you need to. But that's why I'm here."

    "Really? I thought you're here to annoy me all the time."


    He snorted and opened his mouth to protest, but you pulled him to yourself and kissed him. He knew full well that you kissed him not only out of the romantic gesture, but also to silence him. He snorted again softly, but his murmuring soon stopped. He embraced you and pulled you closer, his fingers ran over your back, and wouldn't let you go for long minutes.

    Your nose was filled with the smell of tobacco. You could feel him pulling you completely to his chest.

    "Mh, love you, you stubborn pain in the ass."

    He couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. "I should be the one who says that." He smiled and rubbed his face.

    Glancing up into his eyes, one thought did not let you relax. The little thing the Duke warned you about. Maybe you wanted to help, but what if you did more harm than good? You had to ask, even though your heart ached just thinking about it.

    "Tell me, do you trust me?"

    His mouth twitched as he looked away. He needed to think, and with each passing second you could feel the cracks forming on your heart. You wanted to help, you would do anything for him. However, if you messed this up…

    Finally, he nodded, slowly. "Yes, I still trust you."

    "Thank god." A worried sigh escaped you, and you didn't even notice the way you held your breath.

    "Come on, kitten." He raised your chin and gazed into your eyes. "We're both a bit of a crazy. You drugged me so I wouldn't work myself to death. And I'm something not-quite human, who has a parasite living inside him, and set up an over-the-top factory underground to use some godforsaken souls like me."

    "Yeah…we both messed up in the head."

    "See? However, now I will have you taste test every food we eat."

    "Deal." You nodded with a smile, as a huge weight was lifted from your heart. "So now would you like to eat the soup, or would you rather relax a little more?"

    "Well," he glanced at the soup at you, then at you, then back at the plate, finally pulling you into bed with you. "I've already eaten some sandwiches, a couple of hours ago."

    "And you snored in my bed for six hours." You helped him out as you snuggled up next to him in your bed.

    He pulled his nose up and stuck out his tongue at you. "I don't snore."

    "Of course not." You put your head on his shoulder, giggling softly. "But did the sandwiches helped?"

    "After days of eating just here and there? Of course, they helped." He shuddered as you bit his shoulder. "What?"

    "Nothing, you bastard."

    "I am one, and yet you're still with me."

    Rolling your eyes, you snuggled closer with a smile, and you listened to his breathing, the rhythm of which reminded you to the thrumming of the factory.

    "How did I get a clean shirt on?" He broke the silence.

    "I cut off the one that was on you. I love you, but I wouldn't put you in my bed wearing a 4 day old sweaty, dusty, and oily top."

    "Ah." He ruffled your hair with a grin. "And the pants?"

    "Fortunately, I was able to take them off you with your help."


    "You could have dreamed of something because you muttered about getting ready for the ball and having to put on new clothes. It was weird, and I don't think it had anything to do with sleeping pills."

    Heisenberg tried to recall the memories of his dream, but they already drifted far into the depths of his subconscious.

    "But after that you slept like a log."

    "Oh shut up."

    "Why tho? You were such a sleeping beauty."

    "All right, I better get to sleep."

    Laughing, you snuggled closer and adjusted the blanket. He slowly smoothed his fingers into your hair and began to gently comb it with them.

    "Then I will sleep too, the day behind me was really exciting."

    "I can tell." He kissed your forehead, his beard tickling your skin. "Go to sleep, you stubborn bastard."

    "Only if I do it with you. Night, Heisenberg."

    "Good night, (Y/N)." His breathing became softer, and slower, you could feel his deep breath in your hair.

    You carefully waited for him to fall asleep, and then, the rhythm of his breathing rocked you to sleep.

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  • heydeerie
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    He deserves a nice spa day

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  • eclectomanic
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Uhoh, Karl is getting impatient... At least Ethan doesn't seem to mind, judging by that blush... 👀🤭

    More sketches for my WIP Wintersberg comic! Check out full pages at the link in my bio ~ 🖤🖤🖤

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  • bartholomewillustrated
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    WHUP.. I also drew my re8 OC into it. Yes he and Heisenberg have matching outfits <3

    #re8 #resident evil village #re8 oc #lord lazarus bosch #karl heisenberg
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  • bartholomewillustrated
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Someone Get Donna A Loving Caring Family Immediately Or So Help Me One person suggested they wanted to see everyone else's fancy outfits and I maybe took the goofy situation I came up with as an excuse too far...

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  • thesithformerlyknownaskenobi
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I don't know why the idea of the Four Lords picking sacrifices and they fight over you going to them does something for me, but it is does

    Like obviously you don't end up being killed you end up being their s/o but I think it appeals to me for more than that

    #persephone speaks #I'm imaging it in a genderbent scenario with Lord Dimitrescu and Lady Heisenberg #obv Lady H wins and I- woof
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  • canonvillage
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I am going to be writing headcanons for any of the characters for Village so if you have any, drop them in my ask box!

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  • blazepandaartz
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    “What the fuck are you doing here?”

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  • chloe-online
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    y/n: you have to apologize karl!

    heisenberg: Fine! but i must warn you this might make me better, nicer person and that is NOT the person you fell in love with!

    #im gonna shitpost things like this just coz #karl heisenberg x you #karl heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg my beloved #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #resident evil incorrect quotes #incorrect resident evil quotes
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  • eldritch-rat
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Little preview of this self-indulgent sketch of Karl Heisenberg that I’ve been chipping away at between other projects!  Full version is on my Patreon!

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  • finn-writes-stuff
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #resident evil 8 #finnwrites #re8 x reader #karl heisenberg #heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg x reader #lord heisenberg #lord heisenberg x reader #resident evil 8 x reader #Re8#headcanons #not on masterlist
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  • calicosjinx
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Heisenberg tshirt 🧲🧲🧲💕

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  • eclectomanic
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Poor Karl, he's trying 😂

    #heisenberg x ethan #ethanwinters #resident evil ethan winters #ethan x heisenberg #lord heisenberg #karl heisenburg fanart #re8 heisenberg#Heisenberg#ethan winters#wintersberg#re8village#re8#resident evil
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  • craylen
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Its been a while that i havent draw...  a lot of artblock or just me being lazy Here’s my Heisenberg drawing  its not pretty good and im still learning

    #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 village #karl#karl heisenberg#re8 heisenberg#lord heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #karl heisenburg fanart #artwork#digital art#digital drawing #artists on tumblr #Fanart#digital aritst
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  • siimplymisa
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Hostility | Heisenberg <> Fem!Reader [NSFW]


    Considering this is my first Tumblr post and first NSFW fic on Heisenberg, I'm not too sure how good it is. Feedback would be great, nothing too harsh please <3

    Character: Karl Heisenberg -> Resident Evil: Village Warnings: [[NSFW - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ]] - Swearing, minor degrading [bitch]

    I got lazy towards the end and skipped one teeny tiny scene, though, you get the point.

    Family meetings were killer. They went on for hours on end and commonly broke out into arguments. Karl was a huge pest during family meetings, taking every opportunity to sit next to you and annoy the ever-loving shit out of you; blowing smoke in your direction, flicking ash, constantly nudging your side and, of course, whispering barely audible things.

    This specific meeting, Heisenberg had made it his mission to make you verbally react. Instead of just getting up and moving, he wanted a reaction out of you, one that would draw attention to you, one that could get you in trouble.

    He had accomplished this goal, leaning into your side and whispering something horribly disgusting into your ear. Much to his delight, you stood from your seat, exclaiming loudly, "what the actual fuck, Heisenberg!"

    A large, toothy grin rose it's way to Karl's lips, elbows resting on his knees as he watched the three inhuman lords as well as the cynical bitch draw their attention to them.

    The rest of the meeting was spent with the two looking at each other; you glaring angrily, arms crossed and face red with anger. Karl smiling mockingly, cigar brought and removed from his lips until the last of its use.

    Much to your pleasure, Miranda had concluded the meeting, quickly departing from the room, the Lords wasting no time in following their leader.

    Getting up from your chair, you pushed past the taller mechanic, nudging his side as you slipped past, "move it, Heisenberg."

    A chuckle made it’s way past Karl's lips, a mocking smile plastered on his face as he watched you push past him, "if you wanted to touch me all you had to do was ask, Darlin'".

    Nose scrunching in disgust, you stopped in your tracks, shooting him a glare and taking note of his mocking, toothy smile, "oh, don't flatter yourself, Heisenberg. You're disgusting."

    Heisenberg smirked, swinging his hammer onto his shoulder. He didn't respond. The pleased grin on his face seemed to answer for him.

    "Just.. Leave me alone, Heisenberg. Don't talk to me." Exhaling sharply through your nose, you turned on your heel, making your way out of the door and leaving Karl on his own.

    Heisenberg shook his head lightly, smile still present. He had nothing against you to be brutally honest, he just enjoyed the reactions you gave him and how red your face got.

    Your warehouse, though small and extremely damaged from years of existence, was your safe place. It was uncommon for other lords to visit you so, you let the place go to shit; plans stapled, nailed and taped to walls, stray nails and screws lying on the floor, unfinished projects scattered around, and tools spread out among the several pieces of furniture buried underneath heaps of mechanical trash.

    Kneeling to the side of an oversized project, oil smudged on your face and clothing, tools scattered around and the chest of your project open and exposing fragile wires. You were working intently, previous events of the family meeting pushed from your head as you worked.

    Until an all too familiar voice broke your concentration.

    "Hey Darlin', you got a minute?"

    You gasped softly, hand slipping and an exposed wire catching your bare hand, causing you to yelp. Pulling your hand from the wires and holding it to your chest, you shot Heisenberg a glare. "What is it, Heisenberg? I might've fried a wire because of you."

    Karl chuckled softly, the same toothy grin making its way to his face. "You got a spanner in this mess? Stupid fucking Strum jammed my last one."

    "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?" You huffed, grabbing a badly stained cloth and wiping your hands with it, pulling yourself from the ground and making your way over to one of your tool benches.

    Heisenberg shrugged, pulling his hammer off of it’s usual spot on his shoulder and setting it against the wall, "probably, but, you're the only person I know who has a horde of shit in a warehouse and I'm not bantering with the Duke."

    Rummaging through the tools piled on your bench, pushing a few off the sides, the clattering of metal covered Karl's footsteps, causing you to jump when you turned around, Karl now directly behind you.

    Your back pressed against the bench top, Heisenberg was paying no mind to the available space between you two, his arm reaching over and grabbing a spanner from off a hook, pulling it back and waving it in your face. “Found it."

    "Great, please leave."

    Karl pouted playfully, placing the spanner in an empty space on the table, "you want me to leave already? I like it when you're not yelling about how disgusting I am." Now more aware of the limited space between you, Karl got closer, arms positioned by your sides.

    You could feel Heisenberg's breath on your neck, your ears turning red and your throat running dry. Out of confidence, you put your hands on his chest, gently pushing him away, though, he only grabbed a hold of your wrists, pushing you back against the table.

    "I told you, if you wanted to touch me you only had to ask, Darlin'."

    Heart beating out of your chest, arousal curled in your lower stomach. The idea that you would let Heisenberg within a distance where you could feel his hot breath was gag-worthy, however, several factors seemed to change your perspective; the worn out cologne mixed with oil, the warmth radiating from his body - bodies pressed against each other - and the overwhelming urge to fuck something that wasn't silicone, was enough to make the space between your thighs become wet.

    Heisenberg dropped your wrists, his hands following yours as they dropped back to their appropriate spots by your side. Nestling his hands on your hips, you could hear your heart in your ears.

    "What's the matter? You're never this quiet."

    "Oh, fuck off, Heisenberg. What do you want me to do?" Your brows furrowed and your reddened face returned to it's normal shade, "you want me to fucking beg or something?"

    "Always so hostile!" Heisenberg chuckled, his hands gripping your hips tighter before making their way under your shirt. Like sandpaper on wood - Heisenberg's hands were rough, heavily scarred from years of experience in the factory. The skin on your stomach was smooth, riddled with healed, long gone scars.

    Impatient, you pushed yourself up onto the toolbench - your hands next stop being the hem of your pants, wriggling out of the fabric. "I thought you were more confident in this shit, instead, you're a fucking tease."

    Karl pulled his hands out from under your shirt, shooting you a playful half-glare, beginning to fiddle with the buckle of his belt, pulling at the leather and metal until it felt loose around his waist. "I thought you were a little more patient, but, instead, you're a huge bitch just waiting to get some sense fucked into you!" Karl's hands made their way to yours, pulling your hands from the hem of your pants and continuing to pull them down himself.

    Soon enough, pants were discarded - dropped and kicked to the side. Heisenberg let out a soft 'humph', hat being removed from his head and placed gently on yours, falling over your eyes and blinding you for a mere few seconds.

    Pushing the hat up out of your field of view, you felt two fingers outline the folds of your pussy, the slickness soaking through the thin protection of your underwear.

    "You wet for me all the time, Darlin'?"

    "In your fucking dreams."

    Heisenberg let out a breathy chuckle, grabbing a hold of one of your thighs and pushing it to the side. His fingers finally slid underneath the soaked fabric, circling your folds, clit and entrance.

    Jaw loosening, your mouth dropped open a little, fingers hooking around the bunched up fabric around your hips and pulling your underwear down. Heisenberg followed, taking the fabric from your hands and carelessly pushing it out of the way, wasting no more time in pushing his fingers inside of you, the slick having eased his entrance.

    " What's wrong, Darlin'? Ain't ever been fingered by someone other than yourself?"

    You opened your mouth to speak, though quickly shut it. Whining softly, you leaned forward, watching Karl slowly and agonisingly pump his fingers. Feeling him curl his fingers upwards inside of you, you hummed softly, biting your tongue as you began rolling your hips against his fingers.

    Karl didn't hesitate to increase his speed, a moan-like hum vibrating from your throat.

    Thumb circling your clit, your back straightened, the same circular motions stimulating your sensitive bud. Your thighs began to fight against Karl's strength, failing to close against Heisenberg's harsh and bruising grip.

    As your humming turned into pants, Karl removed his fingers, the absence of him causing you to shut your mouth and regain yourself. You frowned, glaring at him, "fucking tease."

    "Impatient bitch." Karl growled, both his hands gripping roughly onto the insides of your thighs, pushing them open and slowly, but harshly pushing his cock past your folds and into your warmth.

    You whined softly, face twisting at the width of Heisenberg's cock. Gripping onto the edge of the toolbench, Karl began moving - slow and deep, grunts pushing past his lips with each thrust.

    Sliding his hands up from their grip on your inner thigh, his hands followed the length of your leg, stopping behind your knees and pushing both your legs up, your legs were now completely out of the way.

    "We should've-.. Should've done this sooner.. Huh, Darlin'?" That same breathy chuckle escaped Karl's lips, his thrusts starting to pick up speed and become less rhythmic.

    You let out a whine, the table you two were situated on, starting to rock with the rhythm of Karl's thrusts, "wouldn't- ah-Fuck- have given you the ch-chance- Heisen-.." Cut off by a loud moan, you let go of the table's edge, hands tangling themselves in Karl's hair. "Sh-shit! There,- a-ah- Karl!"

    Heisenberg lowered his head, a proud smile glued to his face, panting as your walls squeezed around his cock. Sweat started beading around your face and lower body as Karl began abusing your sweet spot - a string of 'Karl's' and slurs echoing throughout your metal shed.

    "F-fuck- Karl, can you go- a-ah, shit,- any faster?"

    Pulling you closer to his body, if possible, he began thrusting his most, sweat dripping down his neck and under his shirt. So close to his climax and you to your own, you were an aura of moans, curses, stuttering and lust.

    Toes beginning to curl and overstimulation starting to set in, you threw your head backwards, your legs shaking - your climax was nigh and your hips began to roll against Karl's thrusts'.

    Your moans and whines started getting higher, slurs of pleasure in that same higher octave. Riding out your orgasm, you continued to be pumped by Karl's cock, obvious that he was still trying to reach his own. Adjusting your posture, you wrapped your arms around Karl's neck, pulling him closer to you, your moans muffled dramatically.

    Legs shaky from your release, one leg hanging off the edge of the table, the other propped up, bent at the knee - you were exhausted. Sweat dripping down the side of your forehead and your posture slumping, chest rising and falling rapidly.

    Buckling his belt and fixing his hat, he flashed a smirk, "sounded like you needed that." He laughed at himself, "am I right to assume all that hostility was just you begging me to fuck you?"

    Closing your legs, you bent over the edge of the table, grabbing your underwear and pants, "you don't know shit, Heisenberg."

    "Back to Heisenberg again?" Karl sighed dramatically, pulling his hammer from its spot against the wall and swinging it upwards, resting it softly against his shoulder. "Karl has a good ring to it when it's being moaned."

    Grabbing whatever tool was closest to you, you exhaled angrily, throwing the tool his way. A loud bang erupted through the warehouse, the tool hitting the wall.

    "Pleasure doing business with ya, Darlin'!"

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  • karlthefreeman
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    #resident evil spoiler #resident evil 8 #re: village#karl heisenberg#heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil#heisenberg factory#re8#lord heisenberg #lord karl heisenberg
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  • heisenbergsbutt3rcup
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay so like…. I’m mad… I’m mad that CapCom hid DADDY Heisenberg from us (me)…. Like I simp for Lady Dimitrescu but I really really REALLY SIMP for our hobo trash metal man!!!

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    Day 19: OC....Thats literally all I draw. So rather than making a new OC or re drawing an OC I figured ill make this day 11 part 2 of self imsert. Part 1/Day 11 is saying Eliza (I never use real name for self insert OC's) is a res 8 self insert 👉🏾👈🏾 and today/Part 2 is just Info dump 😅 I'm hoping to draw her one more time for Blacktober (🙏🏾) and splitting her into 3 (or 2) slots is better than all at once


    I also promised myself that once bt is over to draw her more 😌😌

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