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    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Guess what I just completed for the Streamily RE Fan Art Contest. *cries in fetal position*

    I worked for 7 straight days on this because I learned about the contest LAST THURSDAY. *sighs*

    This was an amazing drawing to make and I'd really appreciate if everyone could please go to Streamily (scroll a ways down) and vote on it! I'm hoping to win this contest so I would really appreciate it!

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    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #karl heisenberg x you #karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg x reader #house heisenberg#heisenfam #heisenberg x you #lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg#chris redfield#re8
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    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • lovelywingsart
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Forgotten Memory

    -- Karl Heisenberg X OC (AFAB, She/They) --

    So I did a few sketches of Emelia meeting the other lords(and Dimitrescu daughters) a while ago, and I threw in a little something for the Moreau one- well, here's what's basically the small follow-up that I teased for that one.

    **Small reminder that I have a small 'Masterlist' for these!**


    *Warning?: Lost/regained memory, mentions of wanted parenthood, angst kinda?

    Summary: A small, interesting discovery is made during a first visit to Lord Moreaus domain, leading to a heartbreaking revelation.

    Emelia was silent. They had returned from her first visit with Moreau, and she had to admit, the 'Fish Man' was kind and rather fun to be around despite Heisenbergs dislike of him. The metal man in question sat at a separate table behind her, tinkering with what she could assume was an experimental piece for the Soldats with his hair in it's normal 'bun' for physical work. But her focus wasn't on him. No, it was on the tape Moreau had excitedly let her borrow. It lay on the corner of the table she had been sitting at, and though she had previously been sketching plans, she was unable to concentrate. Simply finding it at the watermill sent a chill of recognition down her spine, and she couldn't get that familiarity out of her head. It was as if it triggered... something. But she didn't know what, exactly. The cover of the movie alone was scarily familiar, but... she didn't know.

    And so, here she sat in silence, staring at the cover of the yellowed and somewhat grimy case, picking at her brain for any possible lead. Not even the occasional German swearing behind her shook her from the concentrated phase she was in as Heisenberg caused a tiny shock among the wires he was currently fiddling with. She had been staring at it since she picked it up... She barely looked away from it on the way back to the factory, nearly tripping over multiple things while Heisenberg practically led her around. But she couldn't quite put her finger on why it was so familiar.

    She was suddenly jerked out of her trance as she heard a rather loud 'FUCK', and she turned to see Heisenberg looking at his hand.

    "Are you alright...?" She asked quietly. He shook his head, sticking a bleeding finger in his mouth.

    "Eh, I'm fine... damn thing shifted on me." He muttered. She was silent for a moment, seemingly spacing out until she spoke again.

    "Would you like a bandage...?"

    "Nah, I'll be fine." He shrugged, inspecting the digit once more before looking at the thing on his desk. "Wouldn't be the first time I've had the threat of losing a body part." His tone was almost thoughtful as he shifted his left leg. He then turned to face her. "What the hell is with YOU, anyway? You haven't stopped staring at that thing since we left the ugly freak. Usually you'd yell at me to wear gloves."

    "Because you should..." Emelia rolled her eye slightly, "And he's a kind man, Karl. Don't be mean." she huffed, shaking her head as he muttered something under his breath. "No, I... I'm fine. Just thinking, is all."

    "Ah. Well, don't hurt yourself." He smirked, turning back to his work as she glared at him.

    "Twit..." she muttered, her eyes drifting back to the tape. She swore there was something about it...

    She finally reached for it, holding it somewhat close to her face. She studied every detail. Every curve of the title letters. Every bit of the scenery. It wasn't until she turned it around to read the back that she paused, her brain picking out a few words to focus on. She simply closed her eye for a moment, only for something... a scene... to flash in her mind;

    A woman stood in bright, almost entirely white scenery, holding a small child on her hip. Her other hand held that of an older child, and the childs other hand was held by a man. They seemed... happy. But she couldn't tell... The faces were simple blurs. She could only tell by the distant sound of laughter as the man and woman embraced, the two children huddling to them with giggles. The woman, she noticed, wore her hair longer with a ponytail to the side. No other features were clear. There was a sadness as the scene began to fade away, even as she desperately tried to clear the faces of the individuals.

    Emelia jerked into reality once more with a gasp, making the man behind her jump with a startled swear.

    "Fucking-" He started, shaking his hand again before looking at her with an irritated grunt. "What now???"

    She stared at the tape in silence for a few seconds more before setting it down carefully and pushing herself to stand.

    "N-Nothing, I..." she started, her voice wavering just slightly. Heisenbergs irritation all but disappeared as he watched her, switching to confusion.

    "Emelia? What's wrong?" He asked, but she shook her head.

    "I-I'm fine, I..." she tried, finally just running her hand through her hair and walking towards the door off to the side. "I'm just... tired. I'm going to sleep."

    "... Oh." He replied, his confusion still evident. "Make sure you wake up, then."

    She couldn't help but crack a small smile. It was always his way of saying 'sleep well'.

    "I'll try."


    Oddly enough, the bed wasn't too comfortable.

    Emelia lay on her back, her arms behind her head while staring up at the dark ceiling. She had changed into her casual 'night' attire, thinking she could think better with the light off... But it only clouded her mind. The scene she saw kept playing in her mind. Who were these people? Why did she see them?? She let out a frustrated groan, moving her hands to rub her face. It had to have been a memory, right...? Was she one of the children? Was she remembering her family before this? Of course she had remembered small things as a child, merely second-long snippets of a foggy past that still wasn't entirely clear. COULD she have been one of the children?? While the thought should have calmed her, it only made her question more. If it WAS her original family, why couldn't she see the faces? She should have at least been able to remember her own... Not to mention the scenery itself was entirely different than she ever remembered... None of her memories were ever pure light. Something wasn't sitting right... But she thought back to the children she saw. They were happy... Laughing. They were all laughing a pleasant laugh, even the two adults, who she assumed were the parents. It was the joy of the scene that managed to calm her, and she couldn't help but chuckle from the silliness of it all.

    She froze.


    She gave a confused hum, almost trying to repeat the chuckle. She then thought back to the memory, watching and rewatching the scene in her head, her muscles suddenly tense. Her attention was soon drawn to the woman. The woman's laugh seemed familiar as her face slowly became visible. Almost TOO familiar. It was almost like... Wait, that... Was...


    She bolted into an upright position once she saw the womans face clearly, her eye wide as the scene suddenly became uncomfortably clear.

    The adult woman was HER.

    But why?? HOW???

    She threw the covers off her legs and pushed herself away from the bed, nearly ripping the door open with a burst of strength. She nearly ran down the steps, her breathing halted. How could that have been her? How could those memories be hers? She was older in that scene than she remembered to previously have been before all of this, and there was very clearly no sign of childbearing on her own body that she saw or knew of. Hell, she never thought she had BEEN with anyone like 'that' until recently, how could-

    She startled Heisenberg once more as she pushed open the door to the workshop, making him jump as she briskly made her way back to the desk she had been sitting at. He spoke to her, but she couldn't hear him as she grabbed the tape and stared at it. Her... A family... Smiling, happy...

    Another vision played in her mind, this one she had been familiar with. She was a child, tugging the apron of what she always assumed was her mother. 'Can we? Please?' Her small voice asked. She was a quiet child, that much she assumed from the memories she had unlocked before. She was already greeted with a kind smile as her faceless mother nodded. This memory she had seen, and it was always the same; she led the mother over, sitting on a fluffy couch in front of a large TV. A movie always played, but she couldn't see it... Until now. It was the same movie she currently physically held. But something changed... It was as if a new reel of film was cleaned in her mind, and she saw herself look up at the mother she cuddled to at the point where the memory would have cut off. 'I want a family like that!' She heard herself say excitedly. 'Just like that?' The mother asked, her voice warped somewhat. Emelia watched her child self nod. 'Yeah, a big one, just like that.'

    It was then that the previous image of her older self played, vaguely hearing her child-self speak of her own family hopes over the laughter. And that's when it hit her with a wave of brokenhearted nausea. THAT'S why it was so bright... So happy... The vision wasn't a 'memory' at all. No...

    It was a DREAM.

    A dream...


    It was a goal.

    A life goal her child-self had.

    A goal stripped mostly once she joined the corporation before being taken Miranda years later. A goal that Miranda herself had more or less stripped ENTIRELY with no hope of settling down as soon as that goddamn parasite was embedded into her chest.

    An important goal she had entirely forgotten about until now.

    The realization hit her like a head-on impact from Sturm, and she dropped the tape. Her eye was wide, staring at seemingly nothing as her breaths came in quiet wheezes. She didn't even know she was crying until she felt a hand on her shoulder, jumping out of her thoughts with a gasp and whirling to meet the concerned face of Heisenberg. He seemed to jump back as well, startled to see face that pure sadness and anger. She could almost hear the memories of singing as she stared at him, her body trembling.

    "Emmy??" He asked, taking his hand from her shoulder as if he himself had caused the tears that now streamed down her cheek. She was silent for a moment before her lip trembled.

    "I... I remember..." she whimpered, taking deep breaths. Heisenberg paused before suddenly pressing on her shoulders.

    "Sit." He said quickly, turning away to grab his own chair as she sat carefully. He brought the chair up in front of hers, sitting directly across from her. "What do you remember?" He asked, his voice genuine as he watched her. She forced herself to speak.

    "Do... D-Do you remember... Uhm..." she paused with a shaky breath in attempts not to start sobbing immediately. She HAD to calm herself... "Do you remember when I... When I told you about that memory... The one when I was a child and the movie...?"

    "I do... That was months ago." He replied, tilting his head. "What about it?"

    "Th-There's... There's more..." she nodded to the tape on the table. "It... It was that... and... a-and..."

    She finally broke down, covering her mouth as she let out a wavering sob. She nearly curled in on herself, only stopped by Heisenbergs hands on her shoulders. He then gently grabbed her face, leaning forward and making her look at him.

    "Hey... Hey, look at me." He spoke. His jaw tightened as her eye met his, and he saw a painful recognition. "What the hell did that tape do?"

    She seemed to hesitate for a moment before finally opening her mouth.

    "... I... I wanted a family, Karl..." she whimpered.

    He froze.


    It was a word he grew to despise over the years. He hated it. He hated it with a burning, goddamn passion. The meaning of it was lost to time and trauma, and yet it sounded... innocent coming from her. It wasn't malicious like Miranda, or insulting like Alcina. It didn't even sound like a pathetic joke as it would have with Donna or Moreau. There was true pain behind the word as she spoke it, and he frowned as he watched her break down in front of him despite clearly attempting to hold it together. She always told him her memories... Hell, he encouraged her too. He knew what it was like, and he hated the thought of the same happening to her. But this time, he didn't know what to do. 'Family' was a sore subject around the factory. She let out a shaky sigh.

    "I-I'm sorry, I..."

    "No, no, just... Don't..." he started, only to sigh, himself. "Damn it-... Come here."

    Emelia froze as Heisenberg pulled her into an awkward hug, though it wasn't enough to stop the tears. Instead, she reached up to hold his arms while her head threatened to fall onto his shoulder. He was silent for a moment, feeling as she almost curled to him, only stopped by the chairs. He couldn't quite think of anything to say. Nothing to help. Not even anything witty.

    "... Keep talking." He said finally, feeling her breath halt.

    "... What...?"

    "I said, keep talking. Tell me about it... I guess." He managed. He felt her head shift while she managed to breath enough to sniffle.

    "Is that a joke..." she asked quietly. He rolled his eyes.

    "You really think I'd joke about that?"

    "... Do you really want me to answer that..."

    "Just keep talking, Emelia." He groaned. She was quiet before letting out a shaky breath and speaking.

    "I-I... I remember..." she started, clearing her throat slightly and sniffling once more, "I remember begging her to watch it... I guess she never argued... Not that I could tell."

    "Hm." He hummed quietly, setting his chin on top of her head. "How many times did you watch it, then?"

    "I... I'm not sure... A lot, I suppose...?" Her voice was quiet as she sighed. "All I can hear is singing, I don't know..."

    He raised a brow.


    "Shush..." she mumbled, earning a chuckle.

    "So what does that have to do with wanting..." he paused. Hell, SAYING the word felt like poison to him... But she knew. She took a shaky breath before pushing away from him, wiping furiously at her eye as she sat back in her chair. She looked over at the tape for a moment with a frown.

    "I told her I wanted a family..." she managed, reaching to pick up the tape and turning it over. "'A big one just like them', I told her... I guess I loved it enough to dream of it. Children, a husband... I suppose I could have had... SOMETHING like that with the corporation, but... NOW..." Her voice then gained a hint of bitterness as she leaned forward to put her head in her hand while holding the tape with the other. "It's impossible thanks to HER... And yet, I feel as if I still want it, now that I know..." The sadness quickly turned into a hint of anger as she lightly tossed the tape back on to the table. She was unable to stop the new flow of tears that started, glancing at her right arm. "Bloody hell... How damn stupid am I... A goddamn 'family' from THIS bloody mess..."

    Heisenberg was quiet for once, watching as she wiped at her face furiously once more. What the hell was he even SUPPOSED to say to that?? That she was right?? No, he wasn't actively trying to upset her... Maybe he would joke normally, but even he knew that now wasn't the time. Oh, hell...

    "Don't be hasty, Emmy. You've, ah... you've got a lot of life to live." He spoke awkwardly, clearing his throat slightly. "Or... um... something."

    He jerked back as Emelia gave a disbelieving snort before choking back a sob as she looked to the movie again.

    "'Or something'... Not like anyone would be willing to contribute while I'm like this..." she muttered, not seeing the look he gave with her voice still bitter as she frowned with a trembling lip. "That bitch stole every hope I had of being normal... I can barely remember everything still, and yet this is what I get when I do..." her voice lowered, but cracked with a mixture of pain and anger. It was a mix Heisenberg himself knew all too well. "I wanted a family and she tore that away for her own..."

    "You could still-" he started, only to stop and snap his mouth shut as she looked up at him. What the fuck was he just about to say?

    "I could still WHAT, Karl...??" Her voice was nearly pleading as she looked up at him. "Even if I tried, she'd still... She'd..."

    She had to breathe. It felt as if her chest was collapsing in on itself as she doubled over with a sudden gasping sob. She was robbed... The life she once dreamed about wasn't at all possible. Even if she tried. Even if she somehow found a way, she knew it would be ripped from her again by the woman in selfish attempts to fix her own 'family'. And yet, she felt the distant longing she remembered feeling as a child... It wasn't until she felt arms around her once more that she started to look up, only to be nearly yanked off the chair as she was hugged with a sudden force and nearly brought into the man's lap.

    "Don't say that." He growled quietly, making her freeze. "You still have a goddamn chance. Fuck Miranda and fuck her plans, she's not gonna do anything if you do." He paused for a moment. "She CAN'T do anything if you do, because I won't fucking let her."

    Emelia froze in his arms, decently stunned. She said nothing, though couldn't help but curl into his shoulder as she fought off more tears. She knew he did it to make her feel better... And that's what seemed to hurt the most. He wasn't the most affectionate or reassuring person, especially with this. Sure, he had his odd ways of giving comfort, but it was never easy for either of them. But she managed to take a few breaths, returning the hug somewhat as he set his chin on her head. There was silence for a few moments before the reached out with a trembling hand and picked up the tape, looking at the cover with a light fondness despite her anger.

    "... I think I'll visit Moreau tomorrow..." she said quietly, almost feeling his look of disgust.


    "Unless you would like to watch it with me." She said simply, glancing up at him. He seemed to calm slightly, but still shook his head.

    "You sure watching that is the best idea?" He asked, releasing his hold on her slowly. It was as if he didn't want to let go. She shrugged, wiping at her face.

    "Potentially not, but... I don't know..." she sighed, pushing herself back on her own chair. She almost smiled as Heisenberg kept a gentle hold on her arms. "Maybe... maybe it would help... He said it was one of his favorites as well, I think it would be nice to have... willing company."

    "I wouldn't be 'willing'?"

    "Would you REALLY be, Karl?"

    He raised a brow for a moment before giving a huff, but he didn't speak. She couldn't help but give a laughing snort before sniffling. It was then that another thought entered her mind, and she pondered over if for a few seconds, chewing the inside of her cheek.

    "I think I'm going to get dressed." She said finally, slowly standing from the chair. She was met with a confused stare.

    "I thought you said you were tired?" Heisenberg asked, watching as she walked to the door with the tape clutched in her hands. She paused to look back at him for a moment.

    "Oh, I am. But now I'm more angry than I am tired." She said simply. "Have you got any disposable Soldats?"

    She felt a little better as she watched a broad, toothy grin form on his face.

    "I can figure something out." He said, suddenly standing and moving over to his desk to grab something. "Go ahead, I'll meet you down there."

    Emelia only nodded, going through the door quickly. She knew it might not help entirely, but she felt the deep need to destroy despite not showing it on the surface. Whatever he was able to put together, she planned on imagining Miranda's face on every single creature she tore apart while mentally preparing herself for the trip the next day. WOULD watching the movie help? Would it assist with more memories? Or was it the worst idea she had ever had? She didn't know, and she couldn't keep her eye off the case as she retrieved her own clothing. She felt the pulses of her mutation even before she slipped on her own shirt, eventually letting the tendrils of muscle expand and grow along her skin. The bone spurs were the last to form, allowing her to flex and adjust her arm slightly. There was a moment of silence as the muscle hardened, feeling her heart beat against her chest. She took one last look at the tape before letting out a growling huff, letting the anger of the forgotten memories flow through her as she finally walked out the door and ran down to the depths of the factory walls.

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    I like to thing they’d get along the most

    #resident evil #resident evil village #bela dimitrescu#karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#art#digital art #yes I didn’t include the hood #no it wasn’t an accident #fuck hoods
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    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    So how do we feel about the fact that Heisenberg is the father of androids…..🤭



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    #alcina dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu x reader #donna beneviento x reader #lady beneviento x reader #salvatore moreau x reader #lord moreau x reader #karl heisenburg x reader #lord heisenburg x reader #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil#alcina dimitrescu#donna beneviento#salvatore moreau#karl heisenberg#fluff #thanks for the ask!
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    04.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ⚙️I love this magnetto man🧲

    First try draw Karl Heisenberg ❤️

    Best man in Resident Evil village😤

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    04.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Annnd more thumbnails for my upcoming Wintersberg comic!

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    04.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    (A story that I've been working on for a month now! I present to you: Heisenberg's Child)

    She couldn't be fucking serious; she couldn't be absolutely fucking serious!? Years of pain, fears and dealing with this bullshit family as I'm standing here staring her right in the eyes and she's telling me that she created another near perfect vessel...with my fucking dna!? Not some cadou filled corpse but personally, my blood, my semen...she stole from me and I never even fucking knew it. It could have been a plan from the very beginning for all I knew; no other explanation worked in my mind.

    "The child is being transported here to Romania thanks to Umbrella themselves, they are to hand deliver her to us."

    "Why would we trust those, dogs mother Miranda? When they have only proven to want to kill you."

    Alcina's voice held annoyance of the topic being about something regarding myself but she hid it well. Almost.

    "Humans are frail of mind child, if you promise them anything worth gold they will bend to any request."

    Her words no matter how she put them held a secretive meaning behind them; she had more planned then what she was leading on about and that's what I hated the most about her was all the damn secerts.

    "Now why would this giant monster of a company need this...kid as a trump card?"

    "Because the child has gained your ability through genetics my son and it seems they are very good at using it. You, dear Heisenberg have a unique and strong gift that has sparked fear in the eyes of many. Although given to you, seeing that a child can be born from you possessing the same gift only bods destruction once they are here with us."

    Experimentation gave me this 'gift' oh so graciously without my want for it; hearing that it seeped so low as to embedding itself into my genes pissed me the fuck off more then I thought anything else in the world could. And hearing that it passed down to the unwanted next generation was even more then I couldn't have hoped for.

    "Within a few days she will be in our arms, so ready yourselves to greet our new member."

    She was dismissing us so soon after gathering us without even going over the finer details of whatever needed to happen or any info on this brat. Was there some mother out there with a broken heart of having a child ripped away from them? A step father that took my place to help raise it? Or was the kid going to be just as mentally jacked like I was? I hated waiting to find out standing from the couch and left without a word. But that didn't mean I wouldn't be harassed.

    "You should feel some joy Heisenberg; a illegitimate child will be joining our family and their connection with you will be a wonderful parental bonding moment for you both."

    For once I was speechless to the mega bitch choosing to let my mind wonder to more important topics then listening to her irritating voice. The next few days would be the longest I've ever dealt with.


    The next few days had been nothing but beauty and eventful sight seeing. Uncle Chris had explained to me that the new factory I would be working in was state of the art and fully up to date on all the information about myself. But that conversation was now long gone since the helicopter had been shot down sending us into a whirling spin with fire on the tail.


    My hand just barely brushed against uncle Chris's until the helicopter hit the ground jolting me back as it broke almost perfectly down the middle. It jarred my body sending waves of pain through out my limbs as my eyes, hazy still, focused on the movement and sound coming from Uncle Chris as he tried to reassure me.

    "Tuva, Tuva don't move..."

    "I...can try to move the plane, I can move it up..."

    "Don't...its too heavy...you'll send your half down."


    Risking it I turned my head ever so slowly even scared to do that simple movement to see that with just the right amount of luck my half of the plane was starting to tip over the edge.


    "Hold on I'll get you, just stay still."

    Breathing was a labored task as seconds turned into hours watching him inch his way towards me when another solid hit smacked into the plane.

    "There's lycans out here sir!"

    "Hurry up and kill them!"

    Lycans? Like...werewolves? Where the fuck were we!? Even though my mind was trying to piece something rational together that all slipped away seeing the final pieces holding the two halves together break. It was a last ditch effort trying to use my power to stay afloat but Chris was right, it was too much for me; the sun greeted my eyes shining down its light while the echos of Chris's last call of my name faded away, all I could manage was a metal cocoon that I hoped would save my life.

    The landing was hard almost sending me into unconsciousness with how badly it rattled my bones and brain. I waited a few minutes to listen and just settle down as the fact that something destroyed the plane and successfully separated me from the crew whirled uncontrolled in my mind. I wasn't going to lie but I knew that there was at least some kind of weird cult here in the area that weren't big fans of Umbrella corporation. All that information was supposed to stay buried but I was more clever then they thought I was. But that's what scared me the most; why did they hate us? The question swimmed mildly through my restless mind as I released my hold on the metal letting it fall around me yet immediately regretted it. Those...lycans, they had me surrounded so fast even though I never heard a sound. But what they didn't know was that I had a arsenal on my side as the pieces of metal from the cocoon unraveled as well as some from the other half of the plane began floating around me.

    "Back off freaks! I'm alot more of a threat then I look!"

    Some of them were fazed by my words backing off but others, bigger ones, were not. Just as I was seconds away from throwing what I had it was like thousands of pounds were added to the scrap pieces breaking my hold on them embedding them into the ground below.

    "Now now kid~ no need to be so hostile. These guys are like giant...angry puppies."

    A strange man walked out from somewhere in the back; a cigar on his lips, a wide brimmed hat and glasses covering most of his features besides his graying beard. Adorned in a trench coat, old looking tan shirt, pants and boots...he had a major western vibe going on. But was he...the one that forced me to release the metal?

    "Who are you!? Where are the others!?"

    "My job was to separate and gather you up so that's all I got for ya for now, we'll make introductions later."

    "Hell no! Stranger danger dude."

    Grabbing ahold of the metal again I was able to throw it this time aiming straight for western man; I knew it would hit with how much practice I had done. Yet as it floated in mid air not moving a inch infront of him...I knew that it I wasn't controlling it anymore.

    "What the fuck...?"

    "Good throw there kiddo, but it doesn't work if the target can do the same thing."

    Western man walked out from behind it waving his hand off to the side sending the metal away.

    "Wouldn't it be much better to talk maybe somewhere not absolutely filled with creepy ass lycans?"

    "Who are you!? Why can you that!? Why can you do what I do?"

    He stood there thinking for a moment or two in pure silence until his hand shifted gripping the cigar between gloved fingers throwing it to the ground stomping out the embers.

    "What can I say kid...its in the genes."

    I could just see his eyes peak up at me from beneath his sunglasses before he lifted his head back up wearing a grin.

    "You think you were lucky enough to be born like that without a little help from your good ol' dad?"

    He was insane wasn't he!? Full of shit speaking crazy literally seconds after meeting me. My dad was dead from war, my mom died giving birth to me. That's what I knew for a fact and I was in no mood to argue those facts.


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    04.08.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #IM SO SORRY THIS IS SOO LATE AND SOO BAD #resident evil 8 #lord heisenberg #resident evil match up #the arcana#julian devorak #the arcana match up
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    04.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I’m gonna be replaying RE village over the course of the week, I’ve seen a few people across the tags asking about screenshots of certain places/items in game, so if your in need of something just give me a dm/tag and I’ll try my best to grab some while I’m playing

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    Replies of the Four Lords and Mother Miranda (plus Angie) from RE: Village when asked if they want to hang out:

    #resident evil: village #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil#re: village#re village#re 8 #resident evil: village memes #resident evil village memes #resident evil 8 memes #resident evil memes #re: village memes #re village memes #re 8 memes #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #lady alcina dimitrescu #lord heisenberg#karl heisenberg #lady donna beneviento #donna beneviento#angie beneviento#salvatore moreau#lord moreau#mother miranda
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  • tabikato
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    I've been sitting on a Lord Winters AU for a while now, actually have a chapter and a half but I did sketch references of them for morning warm-up.

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  • tabikato
    04.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I've been sitting on a Lord Winters AU for a while now, actually have a chapter and a half but I did sketch references of them for morning warm-up.

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  • finn-writes-stuff
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    #resident evil 8 #karl heisenberg#finnwrites #heisenberg x reader #re8 x reader #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #ethan winters x reader x karl heisenberg #lord heisenberg #karl heisenburg x reader #nsft text #not on masterlist #drabble
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    Witchy Woman

    Y’all here it is Chapter Four. It’s currently 4:53am and this chapter is a little bit messy so enjoy!

    Chapter Four 

    While sleeping peacefully you start to hear a familiar voice calling out your name. Slowly waking up to the sound of the voice you look around the room seeing Karl is sleeping in his bed. Confused, you hear it again discovering the sound was your mother’s voice. 

    “mama ești tu?” (Mother is that you?)

    “dragă, am nevoie să mă asculți. Nu am prea mult timp.” (Darling, I need you to listen to me. I don't have much time.)

    “Ce vrei să spui cu Mama? De ce nu ai mult timp?” (What do you mean Mother? Why don't you have much time?)

    “Nu există timp pentru a explica dragostea, ci doar să știi în acel castel se află cărți care te vor ajuta să scapi de Miranda.” (There is no time to explain love, but just know in that castle lies books to help you get rid of Miranda.)

    “De unde știi despre Miranda, mamă?” (How do you know about Miranda, mother?)

    “îți amintești cum am spus că am părăsit satul meu din cauza întunericului? Mama Miranda este întunericul. Du-te la castel și găsește cartea despre vrăjitoarea stacojie. Atingerea întregului potențial este singura modalitate de a o învinge. Acum mi-a trecut timpul, trebuie să merg să știu dragă.” (remember how i said I left my village due to darkness? Mother Miranda is the darkness. Go to the castle and find the book about the scarlet witch. Reaching your full potential is the only way to defeat her. Now my time is up I must go know darling.)

    “Stai mama! Vă rog să nu mă mai părăsiți! Mamă!” (Wait mother! Please don't leave me again! Mother!)

    “Vei fi bine dragostea mea. Îmi amintesc doar ce am spus. te iubesc dragă” (You will be fine my love. I just remember what I said. I love you darling.) 

    “Mama te rog nu te duce! Si eu te iubesc! Te rog nu te duce mama!” (Mother please don't go! I love you too! Please don't go mother!)

    You start to feel someone shaking you gently trying to get your attention. 

    “(Y/N) hey (y/n) wake up!”

    Jumping awake you soon realize she was never here with you. Tears streaming down your face as Karl still calls for your attention.

    “Hey red are you there? What happened? You were screaming in your sleep.”

    “I saw my mother. She was right there with me and now she’s not.”

    “Would you like some tea and talk about what happened?”

    “Maybe in the morning I just want to lay down for now.”

    “Alright well don’t wake me again I need to get my beauty sleep. This doesn’t happen naturally sweetheart.”

    Letting out a small laugh, you slowly make your way back to laying down thinking about what your mother said to you. You were lost all over again watching her disappear in front of your eyes again. Soon before you know it the sun has risen. Still lost in your thought you didn’t see or hear Karl wake up and ask what you would like to eat.

    “Red, you did it again.”

    “Did what again?”

    “Start glowing red and get lost in your thoughts. Are you going to tell me what happened?”

    “My mother came to me saying there is a book in the castle about the scarlet witch. She said, ‘By becoming my true potential I can defeat Miranda’.”

    Karl studys you for a moment before he speaks. 

    “Well I did say we had stuff to do today. Hurry up and eat, so we can head over to see the Duke.”

    “Who is the Duke?”

    “A local salesman, he will have bedding for you. Now let’s eat, get dressed, and be on our way.”

    After eating you both head out of the factory heading to see the Duke. Walking behind Karl just taking in the beauty. You find a chicken while walking on the path and pick it up. You always loved animals, but due to moving every ten years you have never been able to have any. Maybe one day things will change, and you can own all the animals you want. While reaching the outskirts of town you decided to put the chicken down. Watching it run off free you get to thinking of how your whole life you always claimed to be free but you weren’t actually living. Running from place to place every so many years, never truly making friends, never having the chance to fall in love and experacts a heartbreak. 

    “Duke, I’ve come for my supplies.”

    “Ah yes mister Heisenburg I have them right here.”

    “Thanks Duke, now do you possibly have any bedding for my coworker here?” Looking at Karl funny for calling you his coworker but I guess if you two are going to kill Miranda, you guys would be coworkers. 

    “Ah, I didn’t even see the young lady, my apologies ma'am.” Karl finds that funny since he knows you are not in fact young.

    “It’s okay I’ve just always learned how to blend in with people.”

    “Very well unfortunately mister Heisenburg I do not have any bedding for your coworker --”


    “Ah very lovely name dear, but as said I currently do not have any bedding for (y/n). But if I may add, you could always ask Lady Dimitrescu for spare bedding since she has so many.”


    Politely cutting off Karl before he could finish his sentence thanking him, and hurrying off your way to the castle. Wondering how you were going to ask Lady Dimitrescu for extra bedding but also to look through her library to look for the book your mother was telling you about. Approaching the castle you freeze for a minute trying to find a way to apologize to her. 

    “Well aren’t you going to knock?”

    “Shut up I’m thinking.”

    “Oh no that’s dangerous for you red.”

    Picking up the giant door knockers you knock on the door three times before it opens slowly. Karl goes first, then you head in after him. Fascinated by it’s complete beauty you didn’t notice the flies swarming around the room.

    “Is this the woman mother was talking about?” spoke Bela

    “She doesn’t seem all that powerful as mother Miranda stated.” Daniela said.

    “What is she even?” Cassandra asked her sisters.

    “ENOUGH you three, where is the tall bitch I need to speak with her.”


    You think to yourself how if she wasn’t so scary that she is actually quite gorgeous. Her beautiful pale skin, the strong powering female voice, her very long legs. Quickly snapping out of it you hear Karl trying to fight her, so you pull him back before he does anything stupid. 

    “I see you have a guard dog now Heisenburg.”

    “I see you're still a bitch as always.”

    Smacking him on his head, glaring at him to stop or we won’t be able to get what is needed from her, you decide to do the speaking from now on. 

    “I apologise for his manners Lady Dimitrescu, but we actually came to ask for something.” 

    “What could you possibly need from me?”

    “Well ma'am mister Hiesenburg does not have any bedding for me and I was wondering if you had any spare I could have.” 

    “Since you asked nicely I suppose I could spare some to you, but I want something in return. A pint of your blood dear. I could smell it yesterday, and it smells delicious. 

    “ABSOLUTELY N--” Karl tries to yell at Alcina before you cut him off yet again. 

    “Of course it’s a deal” 

    “Very well I will have it delivered by nightfall.”

    Holding out your hand Alcina’s fingernails grow to razor sharp claws and carefully cut your hand letting the blood drain into the cup. Once she got her pint her hand started to heal itself. Karl heads out of the castle first angry probably because you had to shut him down from doing anything stupid, but you stop for a minute before leaving facing Lady Dimitrescu one more time.

    “Is there something else you need?”

    “Yes actually, Heisenburg told me you had a library and I was wondering if I could read some of the books there.”

    “I suppose that is fine just don’t bring Heisenburg with you.”

    “May I come over tomorrow afternoon to read some?”

    “Well Donna is coming over for tea but you are welcome to join us if you like.”

    “Thank you and I would also like to apologize again for attacking you yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and panicked.”

    “It is alright, I probably would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes.”

    Smiling while waving goodbye to Alcina, you see Karl glaring at you.



    Shoving past him heading towards your so-called home. Not listening to Karl yell your name calling out for you to stop you reaching the factory. You wanted to slam a door but couldn’t just yet since your room is still unfinished. Sitting down on the couch where you put your headphones is blasting music so you wouldn’t have to listen to that greasy hobo for the rest of the night. You see Karl out the corner of your eyes walking towards you yanking out your headphones to speak to you.

    “I’m sorry that I overreacted. She gets under my skin sometimes and it was not fair to take it out on you.”

    “Well you are still an ass but I guess it’s fine. She invited me over for tea tomorrow with her and Donna.”

    “Are you going?”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Well then I’m going too.”

    “No you are not. I promised her that you wouldn’t come along. I need this to work, so I can find that book.”

    Looking at you knowing one of the only ways to defeat Miranda was you discovering your full powers. Nodding his head letting you go. 

    “I’m going to start working on your bed frame now before the delivery gets here, so don’t have too much fun up here while I’m gone.”

    Karl turns around towards the door leaving you alone for the next couple of hours.

    #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#karl heisenberg #karl heisenburg fanart #karl heisenburg x reader #lady alcina dimitrescu #lady donna beneviento #lord karl heisenberg #lord salvatore moreau #resident evil village x reader #re8 x reader #resident evil x reader #resident evil village #resident evil #re8 mother miranda #re8 alcina dimitrescu #re8 angie#re8 donna#re8 village#re8 dimitrescu#re8 bela#re8 duke#re8 daniela#re8 cassandra#lady dimitrescu#lady beneviento#lord heisenberg#lord moreau#alcina demitriscu
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    “Death is happiness” pt2

    Heisenberg also known as Karl spent more time with you, this ceremony wasn’t going to be completed until weeks later but the way Miranda was so eager to just start this said performance made you wonder. “How did you become family with her?” Heisenberg doesn’t respond, he was busy making this so called entertainment for you, “She kidnapped me…never wanted to be in her family. That broad, took me by force and I spent decades with her.” Leaning on his shoulder you hum, “I want to kill her.” He chuckled and rests a hand on your face, “Don’t we all?”

    “How come you trust me so easily?” Karl asked, “You plan to go through with my dream, plus I don’t fear you. I fear a plain death…dying from something so boring…like a Boulder crushing me- or falling off a cliff: I want to be scared and despaired or just filled with delight that death will welcome me not with the ugly truth. But happiness!” This made him curious, “Alright…” he suddenly pushed you and then you both grabbed onto one another’s arms. “Let’s see how you’ll face death.” With that he threw you back from a two story high fall, the way you studied him and he stared while you stared until you grabbed your phone and *snap* a picture was taken. Immediately the male jumped, held your waist then used the metal to grab the both of you. Once he was placed on the ground, Karl just held your head close to him. “You’re an idiot.”

    “No I’m not, I just know how to not let someone read my face.” His hand moves down to your waist after that then his shades come off, “I mean you’re an idiot for making someone like me gain a liking towards ya.”

    Back in the factory again he spoke into his microphone, talking with Ethan while you fiddled and touched his stuff. “Don’t touch that dammit.” You huff then paw at it again, “Bitch you may not be afraid of death but I’ll freaking decapitate your pretty head if you don’t sit your ass still.”

    “Fiiiiiine….” You sit on his lap, “So mean.” His arms were around your waist. “Good pet.” A smile rests on your face while you cuddled into him, ‘I think I like him too…’

    #lord heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil 8
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