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  • enderwalking
    07.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i'm not much of a tales person but whatever the fuck sir billiam and ranbutler had going on was kinda awesome ngl

    #lei talks lore
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  • kal-rising
    07.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #flight rising lore #airdrop lore
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  • cisphobicfives
    07.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    hm. i wonder if berdly will ever enter the dark world again? presumably noelle would, but. wrt berdly the story will be crafted in a way that it’s possible to continue on without him i’d assume, even if it doesn’t match what the original story aims for. his character’s story doesn’t feel complete yet, so he’ll still be present throughout, but... not sure if it’ll be within the dark world or if it’s just in the light world, or if the story’s going to dive into something completely different now that the hometown’s been shaken up so much

    post-snowgrave, he is one of the ones trapped in the cyberworld when it is shut down. we don’t necessarily know what happens when you close the dark fountain, but the npcs you failed to recruit would then be inaccessible. queen didn’t know where berdly was, and no one was there to bring him to castle town at least. who knows what happened to him/his soul ( ? the whole talk near the end in the normal route, the fact they physically enter, but maybe if he’s still locked there was the fountain closes, it tears his body back but still keeps something to sustain that afterimage... or just that he was taken from the ice bc it melted w the rest of the world )

    but even without his incident as an additional investigation (if he’s allowed that and it wasn’t just determined to be natural causes), the fact that toriel’s been “targeted” (’stalking’, tires, door broken/picked open) and it guides people to this huge deal like... you are not going to be able to convince whoever comes across the entrance (likely undyne or napstablook?) that it’s just a ‘dream’ as susie was able to do for noelle and berdly.

    if berdly still lives, he might not necessarily need to join them in the dark world for future chapters to still have impact on the plot? who knows where the story’s going tho. i sure don’t. i just think it’d be interesting though to see if there are still a few significant differences without him even if he isn’t needed, or how that would motivate [] to be more protective/fierce over the other kids because the dark world feels real in the moment, and you don’t want any others to be hurt where you can help it. or if they even see him at all and know something’s wrong until the next day comes about (and noelle’s possible reaction, even if she doesn’t voice it)

    the reaction to all of this (esp post-snowgrave) is going to be a Lot. i am a bit worried for how berdly might have been used as a warning here for what could happen if you’re careless with whoever else enters the dark world in the next chapter.

    #like i said i'm just a casual utdrfan ahgmgsg i don't know the lore and shit... i was surprised earlier that queen says tity #ORRR or i could be totally off base and berdly was just drained of all energy and he'll be kicking tomorrow..... #jestersvaguely#dr posting#long post#character death #fictional child death
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  • kal-rising
    07.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #took me a while to get around to these whoops #flight rising lore #airdrop lore
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  • notfoundgeorge
    07.12.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #highs: regular dsmp lore + feral boys jackbox streams #lows: dteam belle delphine watch party #it’s ok regardless i’m grateful you’re here now ^_^ 💓✨ #ask#sapnapalts #(btw i’m kidding u are super cool)
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  • lorelune
    07.12.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #lore answers #the inspo question was hard tbh #hard year!!! #but i’m glad i’ve got to read such stuff along the way and have the friends that i do :’^)
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  • gjalleon
    06.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    what if 17776 was about baseball instead? what then?

    #greating 17776 style baseball inside my brain so the cops can’t catch me #ophidian lore#17776
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  • bifusedconsexual
    06.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    /rp /dsmp

    I've been thinking about this for a while so here we go

    You could call this an AU I guess or a headcannon, but I call it "brain go yes"

    So, I saw a post on here by @khizuo saying that "c!Technoblade is consistently rewarded for his actions" and he "has yet to face any major defeat". I agree with this take wholeheartedly and was trying to brainstorm ways of fixing that without changing major parts of the story as a whole. After a little while, I got an idea

    The original post stated the easiest way to fix this is for c!Techno to "suffer a canon death and for him to be criticized for his actions on a meta narrative level" However, with the reasons they mentioned before, this isn't very likely to happen because of cc!Techno's reputation as a Youtuber and because season 2 of the SMP decided most of their victories based on who wins PVP Duels, like with Quackity vs Techno or Dream vs Tommy. So, what would be a way to give Techno a narrative "loss" without actually going against anyone?

    You kill him.

    And then unkill him

    Let me explain...

    Technoblade thus far has been the only person on the SMP ever to use a Totem of Undying. Totems in Minecraft are known as an "extra life" of sorts. They prevent death using some form of magic, but within the lore of Minecraft as a game, there isn't very much known about them. The basic points are that they were most likely made by Evokers, a subset of illagers that focus more on magic. Killing an evoker in the game drops these Totems.

    In Minecraft, this has no adverse effect on the player, giving them status effects such as Fire Resistance, Absorption, and Regeneration. But the rules of Minecraft and the rules of the Dream SMP are different things. So, what if we change how a Totem affects a player. Instead of making them have no drawbacks, we change it so that there is only 1. Using a totem now takes a little bit of your body and your soul, leaving a scar on wherever the Totem chooses and having you feel slightly weaker overall.

    But, this still isn't enough to count as a "loss" for Techno. Now he's little bit weaker, but could still probably beat anyone he goes up against in a fight. So, we add a bit more lore to the Totems

    As I stated earlier, not much is known about Totems and where they come from or how they work. When you activate a Totem, it pops up on your screen for about 2 seconds and then it goes away. Within those 2 seconds of your screen being almost completely covered, you could still technically move around, but why would you if you couldn't see anything. So, why don't we use this to our advantage?

    Evokers in Minecraft have 2 different attacks. The first is their fang attack, where they summon a few fangs to chomp at you from the ground. The second is where they spawn vexes, small ghost-like creatures that can fly through walls and are hard to kill. We're going to focus on the vexes for this. If evokers have the ability to prevent death from occurring, why don't they use this ability for their fallen allies, or even the vexes themselves. These guys already look like ghosts, so it must have failed somehow. Which is why I don't think they can prevent death, I think they can only resurrect those who have already died if they work fast

    So, Totems of Undying don't actually stop anyone from dying, they just give life to beings that are already dead, which explains the totem popping up on the screen. It uses it's magic to give another life to those who use it.

    So, using all of this information, what if Techno actually did die during his execution? Within those 2 seconds it takes for the magic to work, he went to Limbo.

    According to Tommy, time goes faster within Limbo than it does in the SMP. So a day in the SMP is about a month in Limbo. Knowing this, we can say that 2 seconds in the SMP equates to about a minute in Limbo, which in my opinion, is just enough for Techno to situate himself and realize that he is actually dead with Wilbur, only for him to be thrust back into real life by his Totem, reviving him and letting him escape the Butcher Army

    Now, after this, you can insert whatever idea you have about what he figured out while being in Limbo and how it affected him. I personally think he would describe Limbo as "cold, but not in a chilly way. Like how you can look at something and say it's cold without having to actually touch it. You can feel the coldness there, but you are sure of its presence" and he would almost immediately notice how it left a small mark on his back. I also think dying lessened the intensity and frequency of his voices, with them being completely gone when he was in Limbo with Wilbur. This gives him not necessarily a loss, but something that would probably eat at him for a bit, knowing he probably couldn't tell Phil because he would worry for both Techno and Wilbur. He could tell Dream when they get locked together in the prison, which would give Dream more motivation to test the capacity of the Revival book and Totems.

    #dsmp techno#technoblade #dream smp analysis #dmsp#dream smp #dream smp lore #dream smp limbo #brain dump #now i may rest #long post
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  • gjalleon
    06.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    y’all are forgetting the hyphen between spider and man. we’ve TALKED about this.

    #did you guys even LISTEN to peter in insomniac’s spider-man (2018)????? #spider-man#ophidian lore
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  • ghostadventurespirit0rb
    06.12.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    fear me marcy stans (- a marcy stan)

    #lore rants about music
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  • evilwizard
    06.12.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #evil inbox #blog that actively punishes you for not knowing the lore <|:^)
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  • antiloreolympus
    06.12.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    10 Anti LO Asks

    1. I know it won't happen, but I do wish maybe around the fourth year anniversary of LO in March Rachel would put it on a mid-season hiatus and take a real, long break off. Maybe not a year, but definitely several months, maybe half a year at bare minimum. Going literal /years/ without a real break to just relax and recharge cannot be good physically, mentally, or emotionally, and she has enough of a dedicated fanbase that it won't hurt it's numbers. If not for the comic's sake, then for herself.

    2. whats annoying to me about people being mad at "antis" is like none of these blogs or discords would even need to exist if these same people actually let real discussion and critique be allowed in the fan spaces without fear of doxxing, harassment, and threats? most of the critique isnt even particularity bad, but they act like you personally killed their mother right in front of them and force you out, then get mad people have to create blogs like this just to talk? you cant win with them.

    3. Didn't realize Rachel was against fan edits of the comic. she must have gotten too jealous of how much better @nymphsupremacy is at their editing work 💀

    From OP: I think RS is more against people editing/reposting any artwork she makes of the comic outside of webtoon (not all the time but most times from what I’ve seen). I can see why she’d be annoyed since some fans see her draw anything LO related and think it’s fine to edit/repost it.

    Also, stan @nymphsupremacy!

    4. IDK how RS has nearly 200k twitter followers yet most of her tweets a best only break about 5k likes. Same on instagram which has over 657k followers yet her posts only get about 50k likes. Like that's less than 10% of her followers on either app actually liking and engaging with her posts. Like LO fanart gets more traction than her own posts. That's just odd to me.

    From OP: Tbf, that happens to a lot of artists (especially on insta). I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen artists move accs because of the lack of engagement.

    5. It might just be me but does it just seem RS seems really burned out/miserable in most of her social media posts now? Like you can just look at her old asks on this blog and see she was far more chipper in her older responses, but now recent stuff seems so blunt. Even her celebrating something good is just so devoid of joy. Episode announcements are also just like "ok go read it now" and that's about it? IDK, I just feel like she needs a serious break, especially in the New Year.

    From OP: I think that has to do with the success of the comic. The bigger LO got, the more work RS has to do since she is no longer a small creator. But that’s just what I think.

    6. I think the "Homer would love LO" comment is even dumber bc one) If he existed (A lot fo scholars don't think he did) he would hate every non-Greek retelling, much less LO, but more so two) Wasn't a big selling point to LO that it "reclaims mythology from the misogynistic men of ancient times" like? So why would you claim Homer, a misogynistic man from ancient times, would love it then? Isn't that exactly the person you WOULDN'T want to love your story? Shouldn't you want him to hate it instead?

    7. deadass tho didnt rachel go to art school? one of the main things they do there (or tbh anny art class) is critique. its required for every project so you learn what you did wrong and to learn from it. did se seriously go her entire art education and not get critique? or was she just coddled by her teachers or something? bc it just doesnt line up.

    8. girl i just read the last chapter and omg i can't believe they really did the whole "Hades baby look at me this isn't you uwu" thing 💀💀💀

    9. do they want us to call out the guys too because i will. hades is easily the worst character in the whole series, he has only become worse and worse as time goes on, and his relationship to persephone is a disaster waiting to happen. thanatos was and still is abused by him. apollo is a terrible villain with zero drip. zeus isnt actually wrong. poseidon deserves better. hermes deserves better. ares looks like a rotten orange. hephaestus is not actual  disability rep no matter what rachel says.

    10. LO is really heading into the 200 episode range with no end in sight. The trial still isn't even done! They haven't even touched on Semele, Eros and Psyche, Leto trying to make Apollo take down Zeus, or Kronos! Or even the main myth with Demeter! Like is that another 2-4 years of content then, if not more? When is it ever supposed to end? How is any of this supposed to wrap up without it being rushed and/or most of these plots left with no conclusion? Even HxP isn't technically together by now!

    #anti lo #anti lore olympus #lore olympus critical #lo critical
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  • lauren-artsy
    06.12.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    I would like to see it

    #lore olympus #hades and persephone #lo hades#lo persephone#webtoon #lore olympus hades #lore olympus persephone #lo apollo #lore olympus apollo
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  • james-fun-in-the-sunderland
    06.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    i love making a post abt lgbt people and all my friends hit like on it :) like hi i love u

    #rev lore#<33333 #u kno who u are if u see this then <33333
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  • gjalleon
    06.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #asks#ophidian lore #mother of the apocalypse
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  • ghostadventurespirit0rb
    06.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    guess what time it is

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  • wjbs-aus
    06.12.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Ok but are the Valve-added TF2 workshop maps canon? Because if so, that means that Saxton Hale is related to a creepy Frankenstein's Monster-adjacent mad scientist who is trying to raise the dead using technology similar to - if not derived from - Medic's research (Monster Bash), while elsewhere a rich, now-dead heiress in the middle of nowhere did suspiciously-similar research, which resulted in the creation of the Cyberman-esque brain-in-a-robot-body that is the Toastmaster (Sinthetic), and then there's also another dead-raising machine suspiciously similar to the first one, seemingly built into a castle in a location that is literally just Upward but German (Hassle Castle).

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  • james-fun-in-the-sunderland
    06.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    i love gay people... if ur lgbt i love u

    #WARNING!! this does not fucking apply to terfs or transmeds. get fucking better soon assholes #rev lore #anyway cool lgbt people i hope ur all having a good day :)
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  • princess-of-the-corner
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I had. An Angsty Thought™. Regarding the Fairy Tail AU.

    #ml ft au #it #it involves the Dragon Slayers and my new lore surrounding it but basically there's only two ways for someone to be a Dragon Slayer #either they're actually a Dragon and are pretending to be Human/think they're Human #or they have one of those crystal things I'm forgetting the name of basically put in them
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