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  • the-name-is-loser
    17.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Love how in Star Traveler With the Wind or whatever they called Mondstats album, save for 3-5 songs, you have to guess where the heck it came from while with Liyue’s album the first song is literally called Liyue

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    17.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    baker eddie!!!!!!!!

    in college he gets a job in a small bakery where he decorates cakes, he finds baking very therapeutic and he loves being creative with the cake designs

    one day he’s closing up when the door bursts open, eddie turns to tell whoever just came in that they’re actually closed, but when he looks over to the door he sees a boy, about his age, out of breath and looking very worried

    the boy explains that it’s his best friend’s little brother’s birthday party tomorrow, and that he was in charge of getting the cake and he completely forgot and this is the only place open that does custom designs

    eddie tells him that he’s sorry but they’re closed, that he can come back in the morning to place an order

    the guy begs for eddie to please take his order now, the party is at 12 and the bakery doesn’t open until 10, there wouldn’t be enough time to get the cake done

    eddie is tired, he just worked a long shift, he has homework due the next day that he hasn’t started yet, and all he wants to do is get off his feet and lie down- but he looks at this guy, who looks so utterly defeated (but also somehow extremely cute at the same time?), and eddie sighs as he reaches for his apron and agrees to take the order

    the guy, who finally introduces himself as richie, thanks him about a million times, that he’s really saving his ass right now, that he’ll pay extra for the cake or whatever eddie wants to thank him (whatever i want? eddie thinks as he really realizes WOW this guy is attractive)

    and so eddie stays late to bake the cake, comes in early the next morning to decorate it just perfectly, and has it ready for richie to pick up right at 10 when they open

    when he shows up, richie just cant stop thanking eddie, “you’ve really done me a huge favour, this kid is going to have the best birthday because of you, eds”

    eddie insists that it’s no big deal, that he’s just glad he was able to get it done in time

    richie takes the cake and leaves, and eddie continues on with another long day of baking pastries and decorating cakes, when halfway through his shift the door opens again

    eddie looks up to welcome the new customer, but the words die on his tongue when he sees who it is- richie, holding a plate with two slices of cake and a cup of coffee

    “i really wanted to thank you for doing this,” richie says. “care to take a break with me?”

    eddie’s scheduled break isn’t for another two hours but he can’t say no, especially not to richie and that charming smile of his

    so they go and sit at the little table outside the bakery and together they eat the cake that eddie made and drink coffee together <3

    (oh, and richie definitely asks eddie out afterwards. his heart fell for eddie’s cute face the second he first stepped into the bakery)

    #sorry this was so long #potential fic idea!!!!!! #im gonna write this :) #eddie kasbprak#richie tozier#reddie#reddie headcanon#reddie hc#it#it au#it 2017#it 2019#it 1990 #the losers club
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  • punkkibainuzuka
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Someone smashed up the rear window of my mother’s car im PISSED

    #be very glad I'm not sure if it was olivia's shitty friends or those losers down the street coz #i WOULD retaliate otherwise #punk.txt
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  • chanluster
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks#alice degenerate#alice currymuncher#alice loser #also get off anon so I can cancel u properly 😻
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  • chanluster
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • chaotic-and-sleep-deprived
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My brain is epic and thinks of things no else would ever think of except all of it is bullshit save for my designated one good thought a month

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  • trenchcoat-gecko
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I still find it funny that shadow wanted to play Get Found And Perish because you get thrown into a volcano and called the Ultimate Loser

    #shadow the hedgehog… ultimate loser #lake.txt
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  • stvrdyst
    16.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    HOT TAKE ff jumping from Arthurs heroic and tragic and incredible actions at the end of one chapter to comedy and lewd shit about Tamaki w/ some bg characters feels whack ://////

    #Id love to see tamaki being useful again as much as the next loser #But i need to see more respect for my mans #Fire force spoilers
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  • 1impwh1t3boy
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    It’s the truth. White boys body are already so feminine it’s so easy to forget you’re a boy why not go all the way and be friends with a beautiful bimbo like Katie Hast

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  • wiypt-writes
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Too Loose And You’ll Lose It

    Ch12: Petunias

    Co-written with @icanfeelastormbrewing​

    Summary:  Jake’s on a mission of his own; buying Stella a birthday gift. But then, one evening, a mysterious woman is spotted with Clay and suddenly The Losers find themselves being offered a way back home.

     Pairing: Jake Jensen x OFC Stella Stevenson

    Warnings: Bad language,

    Word Count: 4.2k

    Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. We do not own any characters in this series bar Stella Stevenson and the other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.

    Too Loose And You’ll Lose It Masterlist // Main Masterlist

    Chapter 11

     May 2009.

    The early afternoon sun beat down on his neck as Jake stood with Cougar, examining the bunches of flowers at the market stall in the small square not far from their condo building. There was a buzz to the air, the little pop up stalls only frequented the area every second Friday of the month, drawing the locals in by the droves. And, luck would have it, today it fell on Stella’s birthday meaning Jake could actually get her something nice instead of scrabbling around in local supermarkets.

    Given their current financial state, Stella had made him promise not to go mad, just as she had resisted the urge for his birthday a few weeks prior. So far he had purchased her a small, hand crafted leather bracelet which reminded him of a friendship one he’d brought her back from his vacation when they were kids. It was a simple, woven design, which fastened with a silver clasp. He’d then hovered around a stall selling handmade soap, debating whether or not she’d appreciate the joke reference to her sister. Normally he wouldn’t have hesitated, but it was a particularly sore subject as Rey’s due date was fast creeping up on them so he had left well alone and instead bought her a huge box of local, handmade sweets. Now, his final task was to find her some flowers. Only he couldn’t see the specific ones he wanted. 

    “Hey, Cougs, ask him if he has any petunias.”

    Cougar turned his head, peeking at Jensen from underneath the brim of his hat, a ‘what the fuck’ expression on his face. 

    “Ask yourself.”

    “I don’t speak Spanish?!” “Then you should make the effort to learn , how long have you been living here?” Cougar looked at him reproachfully. “And Petunias? Why Petunias? What are we doing here in the first place?”

    The first question didn’t need answering. Not really. All The Losers were painfully aware exactly how long they’d been hiding, three damned months.  But as for the reason Jake was currently hunting for a particular flower…

    “Because it’s Stella’s birthday, and they’re her favourite. Just… help me out man,” Jensen’s voice was whiney, “how do you say it?

    “Petunias.” Cougar rolled his eyes. 

    “Yeah, petunias. How do you say petunias in Spanish?”

    “Petunias.” Cougar repeated as he looked at Jensen.  “Yeah, petunias!” Jensen groaned, “what are you, deaf?”

    “Cabron!” Cougar hissed, “the word is petunias, same as English!”

    The man at the flower stall stood watching them with an amused expression. After a while, he turned to Cougar, “Quiere petunias, señor?”

    Cougar nodded, “si.”

    Jake clicked his fingers, “that was yes! Does that mean he has some? Fuck, I knew I should have listened in class instead of copying Stella’s homework.”

    Cougs rolled  his eyes. “How about you listen now. You’re literally surrounded by Spanish speaking people, you jerk!”

    “Man, I just want the flowers!” Jake whined and Coug smirked, looking at the stall holder.

    “Es el cumpleaños de su novia.”

    “Ohhhh, girlfriend birthday!” The man spoke in a thick, Spanish accent. “Espere… you wait!” The man turned to head round the back of the stall and Jake suddenly yelled, “not his girlfriend! Mine!”

    He took a huge breath and glanced around, his mind suddenly catapulted back to this day some eleven years or so ago, back to when he’d first asked Stella to be his girlfriend

    He’d been nervous as hell, and on edge all afternoon at the barbecue that Jules had thrown for her. And when his family and the rest of their friends had gone, he’d hung around, finally managing to get her on her own. But the huge, articulated speech he’d been planning in his head completely vanished as Stella looked at him, her head cocked to one side, puzzled as she waited for him to tell her what he said he needed to speak to her about.

    But it had worked. For some god unknown reason, she liked him back, and he’d found himself rushing home in his crappy car after his parents and sister, to bag some money so he could take her out that very same night.

    “That’s actually what you said?” Jane blinked as Jensen nodded, then gave a yelp as she swatted at his head. “You’re useless.”

    “Not that useless, as it worked.” Jensen grinned. “Which reminds me, I need to borrow thirty bucks.”

    “What for?”

    “I’m taking her out tonight.”

    “I’m not paying for your first date, Jacob!”

    “Jane, I’m broke! Come on!”

    “Suppose I could lend you some, seeing as I just won twenty.”

    “What?” Jake frowned.

    “I bet ten bucks with Dad and Rob that you’d ask Stella out today. They both owe me.”

    “Well then, by rights that money is mine.”

    “Piss off.”

    Jake groaned. ”Fine, I’ll go ask dad.”

    Jane considered him for a moment before she sighed, “look, if I didn’t need it, I’d give it you, if nothing more than for Stel. Where you taking her anyway?”

     “Burgers at our fave place, then to the roller rink.”

    “Huh, cute.” Jane grinned, “Not a bad first date. And she definitely wants to go with you?”

    “What? Yeah, I…well, I hope so…she kissed me.”

    “Oh my God, SHE kissed YOU?”

    Jake nodded, his cheeks flushing red. “I hadn’t even managed to ask her at that point, I’d kinda just told her I wanted to be more than friends and she kissed me.”

    Jane smirked, “you’re a lucky bastard, you know that.”

    “Yup!” that goofy grin spread across Jake’s face. “it felt good Jane, like real good-“

    “What felt good?” Their dad asked as he walked into the kitchen and Jane grinned.

    “Jake kissed Stella, he’s taking her out on a date tonight.”

    John groaned, “Pal, you just cost me ten bucks!”

    Jake rolled his eyes before he shrugged, “now I’m gonna cost you more as I need to borrow twenty to take her out tonight. I spent all my wages this week on her birthday gift.”

    John looked at his son before he grinned, “here…” he reached for his wallet that was on the side and pulled out a few notes, “take fifty and buy her some flowers."

    “Already did that,” Jake took the fifty anyway, “it’s her birthday, I got her petunias. Like every year.”

    “Petunias?” John frowned.

    “Yeah, her favourites. Her dad used to always pick her and Rey one from their front yard when he came home from tour and give them one each.”

    “Impressive, son.” John smiled softly.

    “We’ve been best friends for almost six years…”

    “What’s going on?” Jake’s mom appeared and John grinned.

    “Our son, honey. He’s taking Stella on a date and already knows her favourite flowers.”

    “You’re taking Stella out?” Janet gasped, before she grinned, “oh my god, about time!”

    “She’s already kissed him, Mom.” Jane quipped and Jake groaned.

    “She kissed you? My little babies!” His mom almost shrieked, “oh I have to call Jules…”

    “Mom, no need, she knows, she erm, she caught us, kissing…but…it’s cool.”

    John laughed, “Well done, son. Having the mother in law on your side is awesome, makes life easier. I’d know, because mine was…”

    “Do NOT finish that sentence!” Julie glared at her husband.

    Jake’s attention was grabbed back when the stall owner appeared with with a huge bouquet of petunias, all bright and gorgeous colours, bound with a simple ribbon. With a grin like the Cheshire cat, Jake reached into his pocket for some cash before handing it over. “Thank you very much, she’ll love them!” He took the bunch on his hand, “you’re a saviour. Good times!”

    “Stop.” Cougar groaned before they both turned and headed back towards the main cross roads. “Sorry man, but, well I know I can’t buy her much but I wanted to at least try and make it special you know.” Jake shrugged, “I mean she made the effort for mine last month. I don’t even know how she got that t-shirt made.”

    He smirked at the thought of the bright pink tee emblazoned with Gracie’s soccer team logo.

    “I do, we did it at the factory. Have you even worn it yet?” Cougar looked at him. 

    “A few times, I save it for special occasions, you know, like the times we manage to cook when the grill is working.”

    “You use it for cooking?”

    “No, I use it when we can cook. Pay attention, Coug.”

    Cougar shoved him roughly on the shoulder, “you pay attention!”

    “Watch the flowers man!”

    “You’re lucky I love Arty, jerk.”

    “Maybe a little too much?” Cougar frowned and turned to Jensen, “what?” “Nothing.” “Oh no, you can’t just say that. Out with it dickhead.”

    Jensen looked at him and cleared his throat, “I’m just saying you have a soft spot for her, that’s all.”

    “Wait, are you accusing me of hitting on her?”

    “I didn’t say that, did I?” “Good because if you did those flowers would be up your ass!” “Rude, Cougs. Rude.” Jensen sniffed. “But you have it.” “Have what?”

    “A soft spot. For my girl.”

    Cougar grumbled something in Spanish and pinched the bridge of his nose, “every one of us has a soft spot for Arty, she’s awesome. Too good for you.”

    Jensen grinned. “Yeah, she’s awesome, right?” Then he paused, “wait! Too good for me?!”

    Cougar pat his back, “yup but for whatever reason she chose you so… you’re good.”

    The two men paused as they reached the corner of the street.  “She working?” Cougar asked Jensen.  “Not until later.” Jensen shook his head. “She’s got a late shift.“

    “So she’s not working right this minute?” Cougar cut him off.

    “No. Why?” “Jensen… why are you here then and not with her? Idiot.”

    “Because I had to buy the flowers.”

    “And now you got the flowers… so…”

    “So,” Jensen slapped him on the back, “bye, Cougs!”

    Cougar shook his head as Jake bounced off towards their little apartment building. ***** Stella was made up with her flowers. She burst into tears when Jake presented them to her. She also loved the little leather bracelet too, instantly getting the connection and why Jake had picked it. But the petunias were what really put a smile on her face, as she said they were a little bit of what she felt like home in the shit hole they were being forced to live in.

    They spent most of the afternoon lazing in bed, making out and watching crap on TV, Jake making up his own voice over and commentary to dub the little telenovela they’d both become strangely fond of. Then when it was time for Stella’s shift, Jensen walked her to work and spent the night alternating between reading a book at the bar with a beer and bugging the shit out of Roque who was working the door. When it was closing time, he helped Stella and the other bartender clear down and close up and they set off back to the apartment. They stopped to grab some street food, before they headed back, basically crashing into the bedroom as they went, totally wrapped up in one another. Sweaty and spent, Jensen snuggled up to his girl, kissing her neck softly before they crashed out and then woke the next day to do it all again.

    “Is that a smile I see on your face, Arty?” Pooch sat at the bar, drinking a beer from a bottle. Even in the air conditioning of the bar, the bottle was leaving a puddle of condensation on the well worn, battered wooden bar-top. Stella chuckled, “strange site huh?” Pooch gave a snort and a nod, “kinda.” “Just had a nice night last night that’s all.” “That so? I take it you liked the flowers. Cougs told me.” “Yeah,” Stella grinned, “Jake has always bought me petunias on my birthday… well, when he could anyway. Was nice to sorta feel normal.” At that she paused and inwardly groaned. “I’m sorry Pooch.” “Don’t sweat it, Arty. I get what you mean.” “I know but I forget you got the shittest deal out of the lot of us.” “Let’s not talk about that, ok?” Pooch was quick to jump in, rubbing his head. “If I talk about it, I’m gonna start thinking about it and my head won’t stop.” Stella took a deep breath, before she turned and opened one of the temperamental fridges behind the bar. She opened another beer and slid it towards Cougar. “On me.” “Thanks, Arty.” He flashed her for a wink as he cast his eyes around, “where is everyone tonight?” “Jensen and Cougs got the night shift at the factory and Roque has the night off.”

    Pooch gave a twitch of his head and continued with his beer as Stella leaned against the back of the bar, occasionally drifting off to serve someone else, before coming back. When he finished that bottle, he declined Stella’s offer of another drink and stood just as Clay walked in the door. “Hey, Pooch. You’re leaving already?” Pooch nodded, “yeah, up early to open the garage tomorrow.” “Okay, pal. See you tomorrow then.” Clay clapped Pooch on the shoulder before he settled in at the bar. Stella studied him for a moment, rolling her eyes. “I was gonna ask you for something to eat, Arty, but I’m scared you'll poison my food.” “Can’t kill you if you’re already dead, Franklin.” “Touché, Arty. So… can I have something to eat? Something edible would be nice for a change.”  Stella shrugged, “I’ll see what’s on. Can’t promise much.” “Thanks, princess.” Stella shot him a glare at his stupid nickname, “Imma spit on it, Clay.” Clay smirked and Stella headed into the kitchen area. After a quick conversation with the chef in Spanish, she returned. “So the choice is steak, steak or errr steak.” “I guess I’ll have the steak then.” “Good choice. You want it raw or cremated?” Clay groaned, “give it a rest, Stella!” She looked at him and chuckled, “no, I mean they appear to be the only options the temporary chef knows.” Clay sighed, “let him surprise me.” “Risky… “ she smirked, “you want a beer?” “Make it two. Have one with me?” Stella pauses for a moment before she popped a shoulder. “Can’t. I’m working.” “So you stick to the rules now, Stella? That’s a first.” “Yeah well, keeping our heads down is part of your wonderful plan, isn’t it?” Clay groaned, “are we doing this again?”

    Stella merely shrugged as she slid a beer bottle in front of him. “I didn’t exactly mean for this to happen you know?” “I know that, Clay. It’s just…” Before she could finish, a male voice shouted from the kitchen, “filete!” “There’s your steak.” Stella pushed off from the counter she was leaning on. 

    “That was fast.” “Yeah I didn’t say it would be fresh.” Stella heard his chuckle as she headed off for his steak. She placed it down in front of him and then went to serve a few more people. By the time she was done, and turned back to Clay, she spotted a pretty woman in a red top sitting besides him. The pair were blatantly flirting so she left them to it and made to serve a few more customers before she became distracted with stocking up fridges that were running low. When she finished and stood back up, Clay and the woman were gone. She scoffed. “Bye, then!” Half an hour later, she heard the rush of sirens and paused pouring a round of tequilas to look up. All heads in the bar turned to watch the fire engines screeching past, before the patrons and staff simply continued with their business.  By the time her shift finished at eleven, Stella was dead on her feet. She walked back with one of the other girls who lived pretty much across the small street and once inside, she’d fired Jensen a message to say she was home. Then she showered, changed and collapsed into bed.  Her phone then chimed with a message from Jake. She smiled as she read the text, wishing her a good night and that he loved her and would see her early in the morning for breakfast when his shift ended.  Whilst she was replying, the screen flickered to tell her Clay was calling. Frowning she answered.

    “Clay?” “I think I might have just got us our ticket outta here, Arty.” “What?” She breathed out, sitting up, not daring to believe him. “You heard me. Kiss this shit-hole goodbye, we’re going home.”

    **** The next morning, Stella stood looking at the various tombstones and monoliths which surrounded them, her brow raised a little. Pooch caught her gaze and shrugged and she let out a breath. “Clay, why on Earth does she wanna meet us here?”

    “Guess it’s because it’s the dead centre of town.”

    Stella blinked before she groaned at his bad joke, Pooch and Roque both giving a snort. “That was bad, Clay, like Jake bad.”

    “Ohh, wow!” Roque pointed at Clay, “you hear that? She thinks your jokes are as bad as Jensen’s. Man, you really can’t get worse than that.”

    “Yup,” Pooch nodded, “Rock bottom, Clay.”

    Clay gave a little shrug, whilst he flashed Stella a wink. “Made you smile, though, Arty.”

    Before she could say anything else, the faint, high pitched sound of scooter engines could be heard and all four of them turned to see two mopeds heading down the street, They were both being driven by two young women, pretty young women at that, and perched on the back…

    “Are you seeing this?” Pooch asked, and Stella’s eyes narrowed.

    “What the fuck?”

    The scooters pulled to a stop and Stella watched as Jensen hopped off the back of the one he’d been riding on, and made his way over towards her. In the corner of her eye, she caught Cougar locking lips with one of the girls and she scoffed as Jake looked at them all.

    “I'm sorry we're late. There was a party at the doll factory. It was Pepito's birthday.”

    “Really? I thought it was a nightshift?” Stella folder her arms and Jake groaned.

    “Stells! You’re ruining my street cred, babe.”

    “You don’t have any street cred.” She deadpanned back, her eyes still fixed on Jakes. Truth be told, she wasn’t best pleased he’d arrived all cosied and huddled up to some hot-looking Bolivian chick with very short shorts, and quite a revealing top.

    “So she wanted to meet in a cemetery. Because that's not, like, foreboding at all.” Jake looked at Clay, but it wasn’t him who spoke, it was Roque.

    “Am I the only one that sees this shirt?” He gestured to Jensen, and Pooch shook his head.


    “Huh?” Jensen looked down at the pink Petunia’s Tee that Stella had commissioned for him and realised that Roque would have no idea what it was. “Oh, it's my niece's soccer team. Eight and under.n I checked their scores online and I...” he trailed off as he noticed the look Roque was giving him. “What?”

    Roque snorted and shook his head, as Clay started walking a little further into the cemetery, leaving Jensen behind.

    “They're in the playoffs!”

    Clay led them through the various monoliths, explaining they were meeting this mysterious Aisha at a specific memorial, and as they walked he instructed Jensen to check out her record on his palm PC.

    Jensen went to unzip the little pack around his waist ant Pooch scoffed.

    “Seriously, what do you wear that for?” Pooch gestured to Jensen’s money belt. “What else do you keep in there?”

    “Condoms.” Jake quipped back, and as soon as the word had escaped his mouth, Stella turned to face him.

    “You took condoms to a birthday party, what where you hoping to get lucky?” Pooch scoffed and Jensen paled as Stella’s face was positively venomous.

    “It was a joke, babe…”

    “You’re the joke, Jensen. Now shut up and do what you were told, check this woman out.”

    Grimacing a little, Jensen did as he was told, skipping along to keep up. As he hacked through the various information he needed, he gave a little whistle.


    “What do you have on her?” Clay asked.

    “Besides a pant-busting crush?” Jensen raised a brow and Stella let out a little half groan, half snarl as she glared at him.

    “I am this close…” she held her finger and thumb an inch apart and Jensen rolled his eyes.

    “Stelly, I’m-“

    “Don’t, just…”

    “Jensen!” Roque barked and Jake pushed his glasses back up his face.

    “Her company file is blank. CIA has a standing kill order on her. As does Hamas, Sinn Fin.Pretty much everyone with the exception of PETA wants this chick amscrayed.” He reported, his mouth pursing a little.

    “You thinking clear on this?” Roque turned to Clay, “because every time you mess up, it's because of a woman.

    “Name one time that I...”

    “Amber.” Stella cut clay off instantly and Clay shook his head.

    “Amber's husband was the problem.”

    “Her husband wasn't the one who shot you.” Stella rolled her eyes.

    “Only in the leg.”

    “What about Emma?” Roque shot and Clay shook his head.

    “Doesn't count. I didn't sleep with Emma.

    “Bullshit!” Roque snorted, “you brought her to Pooch’s wedding!”

    “To be fair, she behaved better than other people I could mention.” Cougar smirked and Stella glared at him.

    “Dud, she put a bomb in his car!” Roque shook his head and Clay shrugged.

    “Okay, I admit, that did take a little of the romance out of the relationship.

    “Whatever, and now this chick shows up and...what's her name, Aisha?” Roque arched his brow and Clay nodded, “and well, she burns down our hotel!”

    “I'm clear, Roque.”

    “Well, you better be, because I ain't getting killed by no girl.”

    “It's been a long time since anyone called me a girl.” A strange voice quipped and Stella wheeled round to see a dark skinned, dark haired, pretty woman approaching them. She stopped and looked at Clay, her head tilting to one side. “She put a bomb in your car?”

    “She was volatile.” Clay rolled his eyes and Aisha nodded simply, her brow raised. “ Aisha, this is Jensen, Pooch, Roque, Cougar, Arty.” He introduced her to them all in turn and she nodded.

    “Really? Heh.”

    Stella narrowed her eyes as the woman drew closer and stopped in the middle of them. “Gentlemen, and Arty, of course, in ninety-seven hours, Max will be in Miami. He travels in an armored column with at least 30 private security, all armed to the teeth. You have a better shot at kidnapping the president.” Her tone was a little dramatic for Stella’s liking, and as she took a deep breath, she faught the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, glancing away, she saw Roque was also looking at the newcomer with a very suspicious expression.

    Least she wasn’t the only one who seemed impervious to her stunning good looks, unlike Cougar, Pooch, Clay and Jensen who were all practically drooling.

    “Good news for you is I have the power to get you guys back in the U.S and fund the entire op as you see fit. You get Max and we're square.”

    “Why should we believe you?” Stella asked, and Aisha turned to her, a maddeningly smug expression on her face.

    “Because I'm the first person you've met who even admits he exists. Listen, you guys can all stay here in Bolivia and rot. Or you can go home and get revenge on the man that framed you. It's your choice.”

    “Colonel?” Jake turned to Clay, and Clay shook his head.

    “Don't call me that. We're not soldiers anymore.”

    “Okay, you know that if we do this, we are waging a war against the Central Intelligence Agency.”

    “They started it.” Cougar spat on the floor.

    Aisha handed clay a piece of paper, “call me with your decision, but make it quick. If you’re in, then your way outta here leaves in fifteen hours.”

    Stella watched her leave, and then took a deep breath. As desperate as she was to get home, something about this didn’t sit right with her. But that said, what was the alternative?

    “Are you sure about this Clay?” She looked at him, and he simply smiled back.


    A low groan game from Roque and Clay turned to look at him, “Something to say?”

    Roque raised his hands defensively, “nope, I’m done… for now anyway.”

    Clay glared at him, before he turned to everyone else. “Okay, Losers! We have precisely fifteen hours, time to clear out. Pack what you need, destroy the rest.”

    “Stel,” Jake’s hand gently curled round her upper arm where stood, her eyes trained on Clay as he turned to leave.

    “What?” she snapped.

    “Are you pissed at me, seriously? Because, I swear I don’t really have a pant busting crush…”

    “No, I know.” Stella shook her head, before she dug him with her elbow, “you’re still a jerk though.”

    Jake grinned, “yeah…” then he took a deep breath, “think this is going to work?”

    Stella snorted and shrugged her shoulders. “Up until three months or so ago I wouldn’t have doubted him. Now…” she sighed, “I don’t know, but until someone comes up with a viable alternative, I’m willing to try anything.”

    “Well, when you look at it like that…” Jake tossed an arm round her shoulder, pressing a kiss to her head, “what’s the worst that can happen?”

    #too loose and you'll lose it #jake jensen #jake jensen x ofc #jake jensen x original female character #the losers #the losers fan fiction #jake jensen fanfiction #chris evans #chris evans characters
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  • donteatdoves
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (also i’m sorry but you cannot clown dnf shippers and turn around and ship georgebur or dreamnap that’s like being a pick-me of mcyt ships just accept that you also enjoy shipping and don’t like that dnf is more popular than yours)

    #how you gonna be like ‘dnf 🤢🤢’ and then talk about how you genuinely think georgebur are like together #two gay loser fighting each other in a parking lot type beat
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  • muggleborn-loser
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Look I did an art :3

    Notebook drawings I did in class!

    I also did four more which I put on Pinterest, so please go check those out too! (I actually think those ones kind of came out better)

    My Pinterest!

    (Reblogs and likes are great if you for some dumb reason actually like this lol. Just please don't repost anywhere!)
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  • keingleichgewicht
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


    i think sanya potentially very much even underestimates herself. other characters are known to do this: yura spends his whole song talking about how he's a pathetic piece of shit and then it turns out that he's actually whip-smart and pretty perceptive and can be really competent when he wants to be (it's just that so far he has only used this to Fuck Up With). and olga spends a lot of the mill talking herself down in various miserable ways until you just want to grab her by the shoulders and say oh my god, girl, you are worth it, you are worth loving, stop doing this to yourself, you are allowed to want someone by your side.

    and sanya talks herself down too, intensely so: 'destructive ones like me fold when there is nothing to bust,' which is to say: 'all i'm good at is breaking things and breaking down,' which i just don't think is true, and all through false disposition there's this fragile painful idolization of yura as the real delinquent, the real cool guy, who - unlike her - is not putting up anger and danger and violence as a façade, because that's what he really is, underneath his layers of no-actually-i'm-boring-and-i-suck. (angry. and dangerous. she's not wrong, is the other problem.) and i think as a consequence of.... everything... she is not only absolutely idolizing the wrong subway rat of a guy but also failing to recognize that maybe she is something else beneath the skin too, that maybe she is good for more than self-destruction....

    #pafl #parties are for losers #metatext#it speaks #SORRY FOR LOSING MY MIND OVER HERE
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  • silverblue23
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    been awhile but i finally drew another dragon, decided to go with a cherry blossom theme this time

    #my art#my artwork#digital art#digital drawing#Digital Illustration#dragon #cherry blossum tree #cherry blossom #cherry blossom dragon #local loser makes art
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  • keingleichgewicht
    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    LIKE just to hang on to that last post: parties is for losers sanya is such a kickass-lookin kid

    for christ's sake look at her, and this is how she's introduced, as this intensely punk, adidas-clad red-eyed scraggly-haired ya-wanna-make-some-of-it delinquent who carries around a fucking baseball bat and clearly would not hesitate to wreck your shit with it. it's her friend group, it's her who saves katya, it's her who's doing this all in surly, smirking defiance of this motherfucker opening the door here, who looks more like a literal prison guard than (as we learn) her brother who is sincerely worried about her. she's rather more impressive and certainly cooler than yura, who does seem to be kind of a loser. he's the one whinging about having no prospects in the opening; it's sanya who says, everybody feels like that, and implicitly, so what are we going to do about it, huh? sit around and sulk? go do something fucking worthwhile? you wanna fade away or you wanna go out with a goddamn bang?

    and we as good as NEVER SEE THIS SANYA AGAIN. we takes her hair down in this shot very specifically:

    and to the best of my knowledge we never see her ponytailed and adidas-clad again. we never see her with her friends, or wielding that baseball bat! and the parties turn out to be yura's fault, and the baseball bat turns out to be his too -- coincidentally shattering the way he portrays himself, as an apathetic, know-nothing loser who'll never accomplish anything, because it turns out he actually does feel very vividly and strongly about at least one thing and that thing is i hate this town, wow unsettling -- and the badass front was just that, a front, and she is in fact a tremendously sheltered and vulnerable kid, and then she never gets to do anything ever again!

    not to harp on jacket physics (although i will say jackets have previously proven to be Important) but it's even explicitly emphasized that she doesn't have hers, in false disposition:

    because she has to take yura's. which. like. hmmmmm. and what do jackets represent for dima and kt anyway? individuality? freedom? agency? hhm.

    she has to watch yura go to the zone (where she can't follow), she has to watch sergei go to jail (where she can't follow), she is entirely sidelined out of punch it, punk!, and then in occam's razor there is suddenly this visceral gulf between them, yura keeps talking about it: suddenly she just doesn't get it. yura feels it. we feel it. the narrative has drastically changed since the last time sanya was in it and she hasn't caught up. there is this innocence (she didn't even rifle in his jacket pockets!), this sad naive futility to her defiance, and yura says: laugh! surely you know the moves! surely you know how this goes, how people get run over, fucked over, surely you know how people like us have to roll with the punches we're going to get anyway, you of all people with your baseball bat and your tough attitude - but we don't get the impression that she does. not really.

    and this shot! her big eyes her nervous look the hair down around her face.... this is almost indistinguishable from the way sergei looks at her, in strike 3, for "the world that wants to play and break you like a toy", it makes her look so fucking young, so lost, so terribly vulnerable. she doesn't know what's coming for her. she can't follow. and this is how sergei sees her, which is why it drives him to such despair when she acts as if she's indestructible, and yura's sliding into seeing her this way too.... as something to be protected. 'this won't bring you any good,' he says, and sergei says 'this world will break you like a toy,' and neither of them will let her in, of course,

    (this angle alone! we are looking at her from above.)

    but when's the last time anyone asked her what she wanted? when's the last time anyone asked her what she thinks she could withstand?

    honestly as ominous as the situation is and as likely as pafl is to end in tragedy (or at least tremendously ambiguous melancholy, in the stalker/roadside picnic tradition) out of all the characters sanya gives me the most hope, because i think she is a lot more durable than these fuckers are giving her credit for... alone among these characters she definitely has a moral compass she is definitely holding on firmly to. and i think they are underestimating her by a long, long shot. i suspect (i hope! i dream!) that at least one reason that we haven't heard anything substantial from her in so long is that when she gets to do something again and when the narrative finally asks what she's been thinking about (like, after kt got kidnapped yura developed his horrible fixation on saving her at all costs, and went completely downhill from there, but except for the only veeery roundabout mention in punch it, punk! we have heard fucking nothing about how it's affected sanya, or what she wants to do about it)

    when she finally gets a voice again - i think she might have a thing or two to fucking say. and hey! she's got that god damn cube whatever that means

    #WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT DO HER ANY GOOD. I AM NOT SAYING I AM OPTIMISTIC #pafl #parties are for losers #metatext#it speaks #but yes like. nobody in this story is paying any attention to sanya #or what she wants or what she's going to do next #and sometimes i think that that's the mistake we're also making
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