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    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My body right now:

    My dream body:

    Any tips?

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  • susannatipsandtricks
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #fruits and vegetables #vitamin d fruits name #fruit juice#fresh#loseweight#healthylifestyle#susannatipsandtricks
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  • dietmumrepeat
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    How do you feel this morning? ✔️Have you woken up feeling slightly bloated from that takeaway last night? ✔️A little groggy from too much wine? ✔️Tired due to a restless night? ⭐️Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling good, feeling energetic, feeling slimmer and healthy? ⭐️What if I told you starting TODAY, we can do something to help, that we can achieve this? ⭐️Want a diet that provides you with all your required vitamins and nutrients? ⭐️Want to lose a stone a month? ⭐️Want a plan with 100% support from your own personal consultant? ⭐️Following a plan that’s approved by the NHS and knowing you are giving your body the best it possibly deserves? ⭐️Want to do something for YOU? Give me a call today, and let’s start you on your own journey This can be your before and after picture 💫 #one2onediet #healthyeating #dietsupport ##virtualsupport #weightloss #health #cwpfamily #slimdown #loseweight #weightlossjourney #inchloss #one2onediet #fabulousat50 #stillhotbutitcomesinflushes #menopausalweightloss #grownupkids #cambridgeweightplan #One2OneDiet #restart #imdoingthisforme (at The 1:1 Diet with Amy and Steve) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVe0G3VtGQz/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • 121dietwithtez
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    🎃 It's almost Halloween! 🎃⁣ A little fun to keep your mind off of food…! ⁣ 🔎 One of these Pumpkins DOESN'T HAVE A NOSE! Can You find it? 👀⁣ ⁣ Comment with “Found it 🎃” when you spot him!!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Credit: Gergely Dudás - Dudolf #halloween #halloweenfun #halloweengame #one2onediet #121diet #121dietbycwp #keto #slimming #slimmingworld #weightwatchers #121dietbycambridgeweightplan #weightlosssupport #weightloss #nutritionallycomplete #bestdiet #bestdietever #loseastoneinfourweeks #lowcaloriediet #loseweight #motivation #determination #gethealthy #dietsupport #loseweightwithme (at The 1:1 Diet with Tez) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVdrOiGrx3Y/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • unlikelyinfluencercrown
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lean Belly Breakthrough Review https://expatbuzz.org/?p=22223&utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost

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  • nutritionallyyours
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Real Answers to “Why am I Not Losing Weight” & How to Fix it.

    By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC


    This is a true story about losing weight and my #1 secret to “Why Am I Not Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?

    When I was young, I weight about 110 pounds. Losing weight was never a thought that crossed my mind. This happiness lasted until the childbearing years.

    Baby #1 was easy; I had no trouble losing weight after he was born, but I felt like something in my body had changed. Yes, I had a baby, but something felt a bit off. I kept on with life, and baby #2 was born and then I losing weight became a challenge and a regular thought in my mind. I did not understand why losing weight was such a struggle now. All I did was add a few years and two babies to my life.

    I started thinking about my mom and grandmother and how the same thing seemed to happen to them. Losing weight became a struggle as they aged and after they had babies. I thought about our genes and if this could be something that carried throughout the genes. What did we all have in common?

    Ladies did not talk about health struggles back then, so it was hard to figure out until I was older. Mom and grandma did not like to discuss their health and especially not their weight. But I needed answers and to figure this out. I knew my weight gain was not healthy, and being in holistic nutritionist, I wanted to keep my weight at a healthier number.

    So I started taking classes in functional nutrition and functional medicine. I was sitting in a course one day and the teacher made so much sense! When our thyroid is tested, we have to look at function levels, not just medical levels. He said TSH should be around 2.0, and he emphasized testing for free levels of T3 and T4 and antibodies against the thyroid. Then he said those magic words, if these levels are not optimal, losing weight will not happen no matter how well a person eats. Wow! Could this be my answer? I had to find out.

    The following week, I ran to LabCorp and tested all the markers the teacher said to try and a few others related to hormones and metabolism. He was right! My thyroid was slow, plus I had antibodies against my thyroid, plus my insulin and leptin levels were high. Now I knew what to do to have success with losing weight. I was so excited! I was going to finally learn why I was not losing weight.

    The teacher also taught the importance of saliva hormone tests over blood tests. He said if hormones are high in the saliva, it will cause an issue with losing weight. So I did that too, and my hormones were elevated in the saliva, but I knew what to do. YAY for clarity and direction!

    What I did for success with losing weight  *adjusted my diet based on the blood test results  *started taking a thyroid product to help increase thyroid production, including Free T3 *gave up foods that caused an increase in thyroid antibodies  *started feeling more energetic  *started sleeping like a baby *started losing weight YAY !  *started feeling more confident my practice took off, and I got swamped *started being able to help my clients drop weight easier and keep it off  *started being more active and doing more in life  *started feeling happier and comfortable in my own skin

    Here are the TWO tests I ran on myself. When you order yours, remember that test results come with a personalized protocol, so you know exactly what to do to feel and look your best. Losing weight is simple when you know what to do.

    Saliva Hormone and Adrenal Cortisol Testing CLICK HERE

    Comprehensive Female Bloodwork CLICK HERE 

    Want more guidance with losing weight? Set up a one-to-one virtual health appointment so I can help you more.

    Phone Orders: 678-372-2913

    Email: alanepndsupport@gmail.com


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    Medical disclaimer: Our tests cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss health concerns with your medical doctor.

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  • nutritionallyyours
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Best Metabolism Test: Know Your Numbers - to Feel Better & Lose Weight

    By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC www.NutritionallyYoursTestKits.com

    A Comprehensive Metabolism Test Provides a Complete Story of the functionality of your Metabolism. Making sure your Metabolism is working for you and not against you is powerful when it comes to health, fat burning, and weight loss.

    *Two metabolic panel test kits are suggested when dealing with a sluggish metabolism for women.

    Comprehensive Bloodwork (Metabolism Test)

    Saliva Hormones — to see if hormones are high in the tissues

    A Good Metabolism Test does not have to involve a treadmill

    Our #1 client is a middle-aged woman who explains that their metabolism or fat burning is stuck and wants to know what to do. Usually, when they were younger, they did not struggle with their metabolism and could eat anything they wanted. But of course, years later, after having children, going through hormone changes, their metabolism slows way down, and all of a sudden, weight loss is a struggle. I am here to tell you that it does NOT have to be.

    Hi, I am Alane, and I am a holistic nutritionist and naturopath. I have mastered what I call menopausal weight gain. Once I learned my numbers, I knew exactly what to do to get my metabolism working for me again.

    A comprehensive metabolic test shows you your numbers. ALL the numbers you need to know to provide a clear direction to fat burning, energy, mental clarity, and feeling healthy again.

    Some numbers that are crucial to know for optimal metabolic health…

    Insulin: Insulin is a hormone that’s produced by your pancreas, which helps regulate blood sugar. Insulin is released after a meal consisting of carbohydrates is eaten. The higher the number of carbs, the higher the amount of insulin is produced. Insulin seems to be an issue for many people, me included. I had to learn my numbers, have that ah-ha moment, and then fix it.

    C- Reactive Protein is the best number to test for inflammation in the body. High levels can lead to cardiovascular disease later in life. When there is metabolic syndrome plus elevated CRP, this double whammy needs to be improved. High C reactive protein can be from a chronic disease, poor diet, infection, or just genetics. When it is high, I usually suggest an anti-inflammatory diet and top supplementation help the body lower it.

    Thyroid Levels — not just TSH The thyroid is an essential part of our metabolism test and tends to slow down as we age. In the world of functional medicine, TSH should be 2.0 or better, but traditional labs want it to be around 4.5. So what happens to the people that are tired, overweight, can’t think straight, and their TSH is a 3.5? Most likely, they are told to reduce calories, take an anti-depressant, exercise more, or go home. Don’t worry; you won’t get that from me!

    Part of our metabolic panel test is a comprehensive thyroid test consisting of TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO antibodies, and thyroid ab. That gives us a clear picture of how your thyroid is working and if it needs some help.

    B12, Folate and Homocysteine: These are some of my favorite markers to run on people in a metabolism test. Homocysteine is one of those cardio markers I do not like to see high. It is another type of “know your numbers” marker. If homocysteine is elevated, it can lead to heart disease and/or emotional issues like OCD, depression, and anxiety. High homocysteine indicates that there is a deficiency in B12 and/or folate. All three of these markers have to do with MTHFR and methylation. Elevated homocysteine is also a genetic issue. If mom, dad, or a grandparent had heart disease, their homocysteine was likely high, and folate or B12 was low.

    Leptin: In leptin resistance, there is too much fat, and the brain does not see it. The brain is hungry even though the body may be overweight. I honestly cannot believe how many women I talk to that metabolism testing shows has a high leptin level. Once we properly support getting rid of it, my clients can finally get their metabolism under control, burn fat, lose weight, and keep it off.

    Bonus: With all Metabolism Test results, you get a personalized protocol written by me so you will know precisely what to do.

    If you want more help with your metabolism and getting it working better for you, consider a one-to-one virtual health and wellness appointment so I can help you more.

    Two tests are suggested when dealing with a sluggish metabolism for women.

    Comprehensive Bloodwork (Metabolism Test)

    Saliva Hormones — to see if hormones are high in the tissues

    Phone Orders: 678–372–2913

    Email: alanepndsupport@gmail.com

    Website: NutritionallyyoursTestKits.com

    Like us on Facebook

    Medical disclaimer: Our tests cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss health concerns with your medical doctor.

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  • tremendouschildgalaxy
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Weight Loss Post 60: Healthy Tips for Seniors

    Weight reduction, exercise, and diets have generally been related with individuals beneath the age of 60, something which has left specialists very shocked. Weight reduction is similarly significant with regards to the old, likely more, in light of the fact that our digestion rate starts to decay as we age. Indeed, numerous seniors themselves yield to their age with regards to weight issues and feel that they don't have to shed the additional kilos.

    We're here to let you know that nothing could be further from reality. Getting more fit after the age of 60 is most certainly a sensible objective and keeping a solid weight can assist you with carrying on with a functioning and drew in life as a senior resident. Old consideration begins with us and we need to ensure that as we age, our body capacities delayed down, which is the reason we wanted to put forth that additional attempt to keep ourselves and our bodies going till the time our body permits us to.

    Additionally, old guardians are likewise urged to assist their senior friends and family with keeping a solid weight. Rather than being deigning, we – as parental figures – ought to be more uplifting towards our seniors about shedding pounds if that represents a wellbeing concern. Nonetheless, numerous more established individuals need to change their earlier weight reduction techniques to securely lose additional pounds. That is on the grounds that what works for more youthful individuals with regards to weight reduction doesn't really work for seniors.

    The brilliant standards of weight reduction actually apply:

    Consume a bigger number of calories than you eat or drink

    Eat more veggies, new organic products, entire grains, fish, beans, and low-fat or sans fat dairy, and keep meat and poultry lean

    Breaking point void calories, similar to sugars and food varieties with practically no dietary benefit

    Stay away from trend counts calories on the grounds that the outcomes don't endure.

    There are many motivations to get in shape after 70, however they all reduce to exactly the same thing: carrying on with your most ideal life. Further developed wellbeing, better portability, and more energy imply that you can assault existence with a feeling of experience, a feeling of euphoria, and the reality of freedom. Fortunately you can accelerate your digestion after 50 by simplifying some way of life changes. What's more, these propensities will emphatically affect your wellbeing.

    Look at the tips beneath which will help you 'stunt' your body into having a quicker digestion rate.

    1. Strength Training

    Keeping up with muscle tone is one of the main things we can do to consume more calories. For older individuals, beginning or keeping a strength-preparing project can assist with expanding their basal metabolic rate. To really sweeten the deal, strength preparing is likewise useful for losing the gut. Furthermore, strength preparing doesn't need to be threatening or tedious. In case you're not at present lifting loads, converse with your primary care physician about making an arrangement that works for you.

    2. Add Movement to Your Daily Life

    You can likewise partake in the advantages of active work without going to the exercise center. As we get more established, we will in general be more inactive for the duration of the day. By and large, simply doing the assignments of daily existence. That is lamentable on the grounds that even light measures of movement can help your digestion and your cardiovascular wellbeing. For instance, cultivating, doing the dishes manually, and taking care of all of the clothing are the sorts of assignments that keep your body moving. Strolling is every now and again viewed as the best exercise for seniors to get thinner.

    3. Eat a Protein-Rich Diet

    Protein can assist with building muscle. It likewise requires more energy to process. That implies you can help your digestion after 60 by eating slender protein with each feast to forestall muscle misfortune. In any case, remember that the best protein for seniors isn't really a protein shake. Albeit these convenient shakes can assist when you're occupied or not feeling hungry, they are regularly high in sugar and pointless added substances. It's in every case better to burn-through entire food varieties at whatever point conceivable in light of the fact that they offer other fundamental components of a solid eating routine, like fiber.

    4. Get Enough Sleep

    Seniors regularly battle to get sufficient rest. However, passing up rest is another propensity that can hurt your digestion. Also, many examinations led over the long haul have connected lack of sleep with a more prominent probability of corpulence for more seasoned grown-ups.

    5. Lessen Stress Levels

    At the point when you're under persistent tension, your body can decipher your worried state as a sign to monitor energy. What's more, the "flight or battle" reaction made by pressure chemicals like cortisol can trigger glucose creation in light of the fact that our bodies figure we may require the energy. The outcomes can affect your digestion, as well as setting off desires for desserts. Many specialists recommend that contemplation or yoga can help in such a circumstance and furthermore increment metabolic rate – something which old guardians should any way urge more seasoned grown-ups to do, as a piece of senior resident consideration.

    While it is significant not to focus on weight and let it control our lives, here and there, shedding a couple of pounds is a vital stage to working on our general wellbeing. Rolling out this improvement in your life ought to be slow, as stunning your body is rarely sound. Also, any weight reduction should come from solid way of life decisions, rather than trend diets or over the top practices.


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    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lean Belly Breakthrough Review https://expatbuzz.org/?p=22223&utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost

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    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Favorite Foods Diet Review https://expatbuzz.org/?p=22227&utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost

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