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  • aquynh
    14.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    AKJFLEOGKIKJSKS oh my god i just saw my grade for my research paper..........100/100.........im on my KNEES..........

    #GODDFMWKJRJGSJKG #im literally in disbelief is this REAL #i lost so much sleep over this damn research paper im 😭😭 #i guess it WAS worth it jkdlsfjalkgjl #annie.txt
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  • froschperspektiven
    14.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Schweiz hat genug von Gletschern!

    Aber von Pestiziden im Rösti darf’s ruhig etwas mehr sein.

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  • ilovethestars
    14.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Where the fuck am i?

    I think im getting even more lost.


    Oh im fucking dumb.

    *opens google maps and inputs street in front of the forest.*

    I AM going the wrong way!


    #shy star child // ic #lost #i am so dumb sometimes
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  • ms-imperfection
    14.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Entry 84

    Emotional pain hurts. Alcohol helps numb the pain but only for so long. They say other things help but I've always been alcohol only. Maybe it's time to give other things a try.

    #diary#im lost#personal diary #heart been broke so many times
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  • petersonreviews
    14.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Steven Spielberg, Karen Allen, and Harrison Ford filming Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981 

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  • flightsofwonder
    14.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    the fact that nicky and joe knew the version of andy before quynh was taken, the version of who made these grand speeches and declarations of love, and now they also know andy after she lost quynh, the andy who lost hope, the cynical woman who doesn’t believe in what they do anymore, they’re literally the only witnesses to what andy’s grief has done to her and I’m so. FUCKING sad.

    #what if joe started being more loquacious sometime after they lost quynh #he says the words because he knows andy feels them but can’t say them anymore
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  • keepersofthelostheadcanons
    14.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Incorrect Quotes #29

    Black Swan: If you get in trouble, I'm gonna be like... a lawyer to you. Ok?

    Sophie: Okay.


    Council: Sophie! Sit down on the chair, you're in trouble.

    Black Swan, whispering: Deny everything.

    Sophie, loudly: That isn't a chair.

    #kotlc#incorrectquotes #keepers of the lost cities incorrect quotes #kotlc incorrect quotes #keepers of the lost cities
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  • big-dicked-heisenberg
    14.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #i don't know yet okay anon? #im lost #mun is a trans guy and wants trans heisenberg but also likes the idea of cis ally heisenberg and just can't pick #FUCK IT TRANS HEISENBERG THEN #ADDING A NEW LINE ABOVE CALLED LINE 2
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  • thebluesunflower44
    14.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    if you or a loved one have ever had to deal with That Colleague Who Will Not Shut Up About The Hockey Game He Won 6 Years Ago, you may be entitled to financial compensation-

    #no seriously this guy fancies himself Andy from the Office #if i hear him talk about yale or handsome dan for one more minute #i will blow a fuse #NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DUMB PUPPY MASCOT PLEASE #(and he kept talking about how intimately the professors wanted to get to know the students... #i lost it man i laughed for 10 minutes #no one got it. gilmoregirls is so underrated gahh) #blue speaks #anyway hope you all are doing amazing!! hugs for everyone! #and if you went out of your way to check on me i'm sending you chocolates. or whatever sweet you like
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  • retro-jupiter
    14.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago


    #never got over my im not like other girls phase so i thought i would hate it #in fact im listening to it on repeat now #ITS SO GOOD #anyway im 17 and this is really hitting the lost 15-17 to covid marks-
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  • korimi4
    14.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #I’m a bit lost I’m sorry fkdbxjdndn #i also forgot I reblogged the top 5 asks fksbjdnsns #lovely anon💜
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  • frankmillerturnonyourlocation
    14.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    “Ugh,” Carmelita spits, “that was awful.”

    I fumble with the lock as I try to open the door. “What,” I say, turning the doorknob, “you really didn’t like it?”

    “Not at all.” Carmelita kicks xer ballet flats off and sweeps past me into the house. I follow. “I cannot believe we wasted a perfectly good evening watching such a terrible excuse for performance.” Xe shrugs their cardigan off of their shoulders, molds it into a lump on top of the kitchen table, and smushes xer face against it, a sparkly pillow to support the weight of xer disdain.

    I sit down next to xer and grab an orange from the fruit basket. I begin to peel. “Well, free tickets are free tickets. What parts didn’t you like?”

    “Where do I begin?” Carmelita props xer head up, chin pressing into the sweater-pillow. “What on earth was the director thinking, casting those two as the leads?”

    “What about them?” I pressed. “Their acting or their singing?”

    “Both! The boy couldn’t carry a tune! And he delivered each of his lines in the exact same way.”

    I nod. The kid was having a rough time up there, I recall— gangly and unemotive, he reminded me of a potted plant that grew too tall too fast and thought bending over at the stem was the new standing up straight. “He seemed a little nervous to be up there, yeah. Probably wasn’t giving his best performance. What else?”

    Carmelita began picking little white strings from my orange as I finished peeling it. “The ingenue they had— the main girl who was supposed to be young and sweet, that’s what ingenue means—“

    “I know that one, don’t worry,” I smile.

    “—well, anyway, she was sweet and all, but such a wimp! Her singing voice was so raspy when the songs got high and it was terrible. I don’t think she was even a true soprano, and if that was the case, they should have figured that out months ago and either changed the key of the songs so she could actually sing it or, better yet, they could have just found an actress who wasn’t a total cakesniffer.” Xe mumbled that last part into xer cardigan.

    “The director could have worked with her to strengthen her upper range a bit, too.” I separate the orange and give Carmelita half. “But if I had to guess, I’d say that she was nervous, just like the other lead. It was opening night, after all. It’s hard to sing well when you can’t control your breathing.”

    “It’s not that hard,” xe grumble, popping an orange segment into xer mouth. “You just need to gooo like thiiiis!” Xe sang the last three words in a rich, if a bit pitchy, vibrato— an impressive feat, even without a piece of fruit in one’s mouth.

    I clap politely. “Don’t choke, please. I cheated on my CPR certification exam.”

    Carmelita slumps back down into xer sweater. “And the story wasn’t even good either. I couldn’t tell you what the point was.”

    “I’ll agree with that,” I sigh. “I was thinking to myself at, oh, halfway through the second act? That most of the time, the songs didn't really have a point. They just sort of stopped the action to give us some music and dancing for a while. Not a good thing for the audience to notice right when the story's supposed to be at its most exciting." I shrug. "There were some funny scenes, though— like the part where they realized they lost the ring? They did the physical comedy really well for a teenage cast.”

    Carmelita worries xer lip. “I didn’t get that scene either,” xe says after a beat.

    I offer xer another piece of orange. Xe shakes xer head. I nod and try to restack the orange peel, layering it back onto itself with nothing inside, the ghost of an orange. “Was there any part of the show that you did like? Or anything that was just so-so?”

    Xe visibly ponders this, tapping xer chin as though pantomiming the act. I don’t know if xe’s putting on a show for me intentionally or if the act is genuine, unfabricated. It’s cute either way. “Well. The dancing was nice.”

    I nod enthusiastically. “Oh, I agree! I was impressed. The group numbers were really eye-catching.”

    Carmelita straightens up. “I could dance better, though.”

    “Oh?” I smile, quirking an eyebrow. “Is that a fact?”

    Xe stands up and takes some faux-ballet position right there on the kitchen floor, pointing xer bare foot. “It’s an opinion, Emmy, but it’s a correct one. Watch!”

    A grin spreads across my face as I watch xer improv, all bouncing curls and pointed toes. “Bravo, brava,” I laugh, “do you want me to hum the score?”

    “No,” xe says, sliding into a jazz split, “The music’s all in my head.” Xe springs back up to xer feet. “Ta-da!”

    I clap as loudly as I can. “Wonderful, kiddo. Can someone gift me tickets to see you perform next time?”

    Carmelita grins. “Thank you,” xe says, the picture of smug graciousness. “And are you impressed that I kept my thoughts to myself the whole time we were out? It took all of my politeness not to run up onstage myself.”

    I make a thoughtful noise as I pick up xer cardigan and fold it. “Is that why you were so quiet on the trolley ride back? I was wondering if you were just tired.”

    “I’m not tired,” xe protested, indignant. “I practically fell asleep in the auditorium!”

    “And that performance just now didn’t tire you out?”

    “No! I could dance all night if I wanted to.”

    “Well,” I say, guiding xer farther into the house with a hand on xer back, “dance this way, won’t you? Even if you’re not tired now, you’ll need to make sure you’re rested and full of energy if you’re going to give me a real performance tomorrow night.”

    Carmelita whirls xer head around to look at me. “Can I invite someone else, too?”

    I tilt my head. “Sure, who? Someone we can give a call tomorrow morning?”

    “It’s a surprise.” Xe looks me straight in the eye, not blinking, like xe does when xe’s lying to me about not lying to me and are daring me to challenge them on it. Or like when I’ve told a terrible pun and xe’s deciding how to berate me for it. “I’ll call them tomorrow.”

    “It will be a secret until after breakfast,” I correct, kindly revising xer proposition without being asked, like the thoughtful guardian I am, “and then we will call this mystery person together. Good?”

    Xe grins, but tries to make xer eyes look as sad as possible anyway. The resulting expression makes me burst out laughing, which makes Carmelita get the giggles even as xe’s scolding me for not taking xer seriously, and before we know it, we’re in front of xer bedroom door.

    “Don’t forget to brush your teeth,” I remind xer, “just because cavities hurt and bone replacements are expensive and all. You still have enough toothpaste, right?”

    Xe wrinkles xer nose. “I hate it when you call them bones. It’s gross.”

    “But like, ‘cleaning your bones’ sounds much cooler than brushing your teeth, right? And you’re more likely to do cool stuff than—“

    “I aaaalways brush my teeth!” Carmelita presses xer forehead against the side of my body to express exactly how weary xe is of this conversation. “And yes. I have enough toothpaste.”

    “Okay, tell me when you’re close to being out, and I’ll buy you more. In the same or new flavor.”

    “I... know.” Xe yawns mid-sentence.

    I kiss xer on the top of the head. “Goodnight, Carmelita. Thanks for going to see a terrible show with me tonight.”

    Xe wraps xer arms around me in a quick, tight hug, then darts into xer bedroom.

    I make my way back downstairs, softly humming the curtain call melody and feeling just a bit as though I’m dancing as I go.

    #writing #prompt was goodnight kiss! #as fortune would have it #apologies if anyone notices a tense shift I'm absolutely terrible about catching those #also i like neopronouns with an x in them for carm because. xylophone. #anyway. gustav and sally sebald have a relative whose name starts with a j because of course it does #and any significance in their stageplay script? purposefully lost on us. oh yes talk about a ring for ages. we will not be counting words. #at least my insert won't be. if carmelita picks up on anything out of the ordinary xe doesn't let on #*self insert voice*
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  • 1000spices
    14.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Rita Calhoun | Law & Order: SVU | 18x01 | Terrorized (1/11)

    #i lost all control doing this episode #there's 11 parts to this gif set #30 gifs? #anyway #enjoy! #rita calhoun#svu #law & order: svu #elizabeth marvel#mygifs
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  • pigeonclaws
    14.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    thank you guys for the ungodly amount of patience you've had for me through all this also it means literally so much

    #i've always been pretty ill from intrusive mental illness and what im sure is severe cptsd for years #this year has been the worst on every front of my life for me #like realizing how little i have how hard the world is. my parents r worse now. the intense depersonalization the injuries and chronic pain #realizing im never gonna be free of being a target for my family and cruel strangers #losing out on pursuing top surgery till god knows when #when im out i can bookmark this snd my life won't have to be defined by this anymore #nno more lost childhood ill be okay ill get everything i deserve ill be a fuller person #nothing will have to feel painful in this specific way ever again
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  • odinsreach
    14.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Dark e3 give me new Lost Planet

    #this is my new pursuit #i was so lost after nier remastered but this is it #e3#lost planet#txt
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  • jan-dyntera
    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Jizzlober of Euro matches

    Jan Dyntera: Post Covidium 2021

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  • hi-there-buddies
    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Ey idk if this should be more formal or something but I’m down to be a beta reader for any fanfic writers out there who are having trouble translating their works into English or need someone to make it flow easier!

    I’ve proof read a lot of things in my life, and although i might miss a few things, I’m always down to do some requests! Sometimes I just see great concepts get lost in translation and it makes me feel sad because the story is great, but the wording and grammar are just a bit messy and it ruins the feel.

    So ya, if anyone needs their translated fanfics proofread, or if you wrote it in English and just think the wording could be better, I’m down for doing some requests!

    #beta reader#beta#proofreading#proofreader#proofread#fanfic#fanfiction#fanfiction beta #fanfiction beta readers #lost in translation #beta reading for translated works #translated works #my dms are always open!
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  • itzrayla-films
    14.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    I may have lost but this has been my best round against this guy so far! If I had a damage skill we'd have more of a chance but if I switch out my skills we'll go down faster since I need 2 support skills.

    I need to upgrade my skills but the fucking seasoning is still an issue..

    #Food Fantasy #I lost cuz of time BTW.
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