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  • #lost love #offerings from the lost #osjhfd im so sorry for the super late response #I am#very tired#AHAHHA #work was hectic today and I had plans after work
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  • Maybe misery would look upon me as perfect.

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  • Memories, never ending memories. They are very relentless, they keep bashing my brain forcing me to remember everything. How can I forget? You were my solace, a place for my soul to rest and I would give my last breath for more moments with you, but that’s a bit counterproductive because if its my last breath then that means I die. But death feels like a better option compared to this.

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    do you have a pet? if so, what is the naughtiest thing it has ever done?

    (send in an ask, be it on anon or not!! come chat with me hehe)

    #lost love#again #ill be at work HAHAHHA #sorry there wasnt a question the past two days #i was writinh dhbdbd #queuetie
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  • The people that forgot about me

    The one from Boston

    The one from Austin


    The one that moved away in second grade

    Michael Mattera

    My old roommate

    The teachers that cared

    The teachers that didn’t care

    The one from karate

    All those old women


    The one I dated for a year

    The one I dated’s friend

    The one I was best friends with for 7 years

    The Johns


    The one from Ecuador

    The crazy one

    The other crazy one

    The one 10 feet from my room

    The people that haven’t forgot about me

    Me, I think


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  • To my long lost lover,

    I will tell you I love you every day for the rest of all my days whether you are there to listen or not.

    #lost love #one sided love #one sided relationships #one sided crush #cant help but love him #i still love you #romanticism#romantic academia #for the rest of my life #forever and always #you are enough #you are the reason #i love you #thoughts from the void #yearning#missing#mood#dark academia #excerpts from my life #spilled feelings
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  • There’s a part of me that will always belong to you. And I may always love you. But sometimes when you love someone, you don’t always end up together. Losing you was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I will probably carry it with me for the rest of my life. Though years have passed, I still remember it like if it was yesterday. So while you move on and onto your new life, I wish you nothing but the best. From the bottom of my heart, all I have ever wanted was for you to be happy, even though I wanted that happiness to be with me. You deserve to be loved and you deserve to love in turn. I hope you remember me every once in a while and smile. I hope in your memories I’m laughing under the trees on the benches where we spent our hours together. I always thought it was you, I wanted it to be too. But sometimes the things we want the most in the world, we don’t always get. So this is bitter, very bitter but also sweet. Goodbye my love, and always be happy. And thank you for the lesson learnt.  

    #goodbye#lost love #i love you always #and be happy #heartbreak#heartbroken #i hope you dont ever see this #please dont#depression#bittersweet#love
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  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think about…..

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  • i think the fact that it hurts me less to hear you say you don’t love me than it does for me to say that i would be okay with being friends and watching you move on says a lot about me and how i feel about you

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  • baby, now i‘m sitting here since you left

    wishing that you never did, that i‘d never have let you go

    thinking about what could have been

    on that long warm summer day

    just you and me

    wanting each other, so close and yet so far

    what could have been, if our tongues did silently decide, our hearts, not our brains

    now i‘m sitting here since you left

    wishing that you never did, writing poems instead of writing to you

    thinking about what could have been

    #since you left #emptiness#lonlyness#summer depression#summer days#lost love#🌙#poems#poem#lines#thoughts#late night #hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have but i have it
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  • “Puoi amare chi vuoi, puoi stare con chi vuoi e puoi evitarmi quanto vuoi… tanto lo so che fa ancora male”


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  • So lost in my drink, couldn’t stop to think,

    That I hadn’t been sober for that whole October,

    Drank the year away like waste falling down the drain.

    Who knew I’d not known my name until that October day.

    Like the suns rays I soak up into my skin every morning,

    I feel the same feeling in your presence, and by god it’s so warming.

    Such a beautiful face, came with such obvious warning,

    He’ll be gone without a trace, in a few mornings.

    His heart isn’t hers, and so then she stirs,

    Wanting something that isn’t worth the mourning.

    Crystal clear I see, he has no intention to be,

    Anything more than just another pretty boy performing.

    So bend in her presence, be the one she desires,

    Tell her “goodnight, I’m just tired”, then pull an all-nighter,

    With another girl who you chase, because you can’t catch her other face.

    Oh why oh why must you lust after nothing but goodbyes?

    Lier, lier, you speak such charming lies.

    Such a sweet, charming man, she’ll play into your hands.

    Like a gold leafed putty, all moulded for nothing,

    Please don’t cast my friend aside,

    Because you only care to take your fill and fly.

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  • Sometimes I wonder if the things I have said or done. Or if maybe who I am, makes people want to leave and stay away. I don’t want pity. I would like to understand.

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  • I think the first time I ever felt truly in love was when I was laying beside her half-asleep and I crept my hand under her hoodie and drew hearts with my finger on her tummy and back. I didn’t think she knew that’s what I was doing until a few days later when she told me she knew. I miss her. I miss her so much.

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  • A letter to him.

    Do you ever miss me?

    Do I cross your mind thru the day?

    Do you ever wonder how different things could have been?

    I do.

    I know you aren’t in love with me,

    And we have a great friendship that means a lot.

    I know there are others in your life who you’d rather spend your time with.

    I know a small part of your heart keeps me there, and that you care.

    But do you ever miss how we were?

    How we thought we were in love with each other and that at one time, we considered a future together?

    I do.

    Most days I can put it behind me, accept that it’s a thing of the past: that we just dont work together.

    I can accept our roles in each others lives.

    I can try to move on with another, and even possibly find happiness.

    But they wont be you.

    You felt like home.

    Like the one I had been waiting for.

    It hurts that I was wrong.

    Soon we’ll be thousands of miles apart,

    And I’m sure our friendship will survive,

    But for me, you’ll always be a “What If?”

    The last thought before falling asleep, and first thought of my days.

    I can only hope that when you find your soulmate, that small part of your heart where I reside wont be forgotten.

    That maybe you’ll always miss Us a little, and wonder what could have been.

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