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  • llycaons
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gon instinctively suppressing his nen which he doesn't even know exists yet is such a cool scene I love this wild child genius boy

    #im so happy watching this still gets me this excited #i lost interest in blogging abt it it years ago so im glad to see that I still love it #no interest in going back to the fanbase I cant imagine anything has changed esp since it's been on hiatus for two years #i read a little fic bc I like seeing killua and his sisters and their adventures but not much #else besides that #I did read a really cool pitou character study at one point #but thats abt it #obvs no fanfic could rival what togashis actually going to do on black whale #so im not rly interested in reading predictions #and the boys are in a good place by the end of the show #hxh rewatch
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  • putmeout2
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    we live in a society

    #almost everywhere i see this lgbtq people are bullying the term which is great but the fact it exists in the first place #* it started as satire of course but straight ppl are really using this to feel. included? the motive is lost to me
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  • vyvesvi
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #vbee #ordered food an hour and a half ago and now im starving but its still not here 😭😭😭 #called the restaurant and apparently my food has been ready theyre just waiting for a driver #im trying to remain calm but my stomach is eating itself #also the place i wanted to order from is open but grubhub said they were closed???? this is my year to realize that technology doesnt always #make things better #i have a whole rant about this #being on campus this year literally feels like a lost chapter of catch 22 #nothing makes sense but also not *much* has changed??? its like normal life a bit to the left and its driving me crazy #or more like that whole u change the smallest detail and the effect is drastic #there are worse sins than bureaucracy but sometimes it sure doesnt feel like it #i promise that these sentiments are connected but i cant explain it until my blood sugar returns to normal :)
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  • gimmeaknife
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    aaron paul + his wood

    #nice place nigga #why does his so lost and clueless in his own house #fuckin idaho trash #the iconic mickey sweater tho #what are you four #i hope they take a second to load so you’re just looking at the caption like tf #ain’t nuthin better than thick and hard wood amirite #aaron paul #aaron paul gifs #gif#mine
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  • renthewerecatboi
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    did i create a deltarune oc who is a slime person who i planned on actually drawing at some point and telling u guys about but then i stalled on it for too long because i created way too much lore for their species and i really don't wanna wright it all down and i still barely know the MAIN lore of deltarune because i only entered the fandom recently and for some reason don't wanna watch a lets play on it or play it myself?!


    #the frantic meows of a crazy person #okay i'm just gonna put the whole thing on my oc here #so my oc is this slime creature who is shaped like an anthro cat #the slime is made of oil that's a almost solid consistency #the consistency changed depending on emotion and getting less solid the happier he is #the slime can be shaped into any shape desired by the slime itself and they can grown by absorbing oil #slimes are commonly known for being greedy and will absorb random objects into themselves #once slimes started absorbing other people the other people started getting scared of these slimes #slimes will melt away when in contact with water #so most slimes where completely melted into the water #the remaining slimes are scattered around the place trying to reason with anyone who will trust them too try and get oil to keep themselves #alive #my oc is one of those slimes who tries to stay away from greed too keep safe #their name is maxie and their pronouns are he/they #they mostly live in random alleyways and collect lost change too get oil #and they found spamton one day after wandering by his garbage can #they where both about too pick up a coin on the ground and spamton did his usual pitch and asked maxie too give him the coin #and of course maxie gave him the coin #anyways this is getting long so #yeah basically maxie kept coming back and eventually they became friends #yeah that's it #i have no idea how far from cannon i am here-
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  • lostintimenl
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Abandoned cars (Melkfabriek St Josef) Belgium Dec 2008

    A urbex video from this old cars: https://youtu.be/Ee1PlIYLqas

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  • saisons-en-enfer
    16.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #i can play this song everyday and never cease to get lost in it #the other people place #other people place #lifestyles of the laptop cafe #detroit techno#forever
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  • youareunbearable
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    What if Hobbits aren't creations from Yavanna like everyone thinks?

    Sure they like growing things, and sure their home is a beautiful little paradise of green and goodness, and sure, I love the parallels of Dwarf/Hobbit ships because they reflect Aule/Yavanna

    But Yavanna already created the Ents, she already made her creatures to protect her beloved trees and green things.

    But shes not the only Vala to live in a beautiful, nature filled garden

    So I'm suggesting another Vala made the hobbits: Irmo

    Irmo is the Vala of Dreams and Visions, he lives in the Gardens of Lorien with his wife is Este, the Vala of healing and rest for the weary.

    He is never called upon during times of war or strife, but he would still work behind the sceens and in subtle ways to send hope amongst the Children of Illuvatar. He is associated with hope, inspiration, love, desire, dreams, sleep, and visions.

    Don't a lot of these traits sound familiar? Aren't all of these traits the roles hobbits play in every story they're involved in?

    Dwarves are going on an impossible mission to reclaim their home from a dragon? you are gonna need a lot of hope for that, and here is Bilbo, noticing things that need to be noticed (like the Hidden Door) and is always working behind the scenes to get the Dwarves to the mountian, and to find their stone, was the only not to be corrupted by the Gold Sickness, and inspired love and dreams of a better future to so many during the quest (like Thranduil, Bard, Thorin, Gandalf, Elrond, etc)

    Being a symbol of hope and inspiration is literally Frodo's role in the LotR. Along with Merry to the Rohirrim, and Pippin to Faramir and Gondor, and both of them to the Ents. They become these types of mascots because people feel joy and love and hope when they see these cheery little folk

    Hobbits are just friend shaped. Bilbo stole 13 Dwarves from Thranduil's dungon and he was so charmed by him that he called him Elf Friend. You just see one and wanna adopt them. They just emit these vibes of hope and love and dreams of a better world where everyone could just live as peacefully as Hobbits do

    None of the Hobbits (besides Gollum) are really tempted by the visions and desire the Ring pushes forward, and if they are they shake it off fairly quickly, and I think this is because of Irmo. Of course he would make HIS children impervious to wicked temptations/desires/dreams, which is why none of Sauron's evils really tempt them, and if it does they don't really do anything with the power given. Like Gollum had it for a couple hundred of years and all he did was sit in a cave and look at it. If ANY OTHER race had that ring kingdoms would have fell.

    I like to think that Irmo saw how fell whispers, temptation, greed, and hope was used against the Elves in Valinor, so he created his people (Hobbits) and their perfect little pockets of peace in Middle Earth for them to find rest and care.

    But he messed up.

    The Garden of Lorien is located very far away from everything else in Valinor, to help make it a peaceful getaway, so he does the same thing with his Hobbits. Except that no one knows where they are and now can't find them. This becomes a habit of his people, that since Hobbits were so isolated when they were born, they don't really like to interact with others. Of cource they'll accept any that comes to their land, but making them leave it?? naw nice try.

    But they do have some interactions with others during the First Age, as they live between the Greenwood and Moria in the Gladden Fields, they probably talked with the Avari and Durin's Folk. Then in the Second Age they had Oropher's Sindarin people too. Then in the early Third Age they travel Westward. They befriend human Kings and the Dunedain and settle in the Shire, and it becomes a Haven, one that Gandalf recognizes. Oh sure it doesn't have the splendor of Lorien, nor the echo of delicate voices in the air to calm you, or the brilliant beauty in its landscapes, But it is a place to recuperate and even the air seems lighter in this lands then any other he's been within Middle Earth.

    (If Maglor was found and rested in the Shire, he would heal there just as he would in the Gardens of Lorien in Valinor, for only he, with his mastery over Song and Music (for an Elf) could hear and understand and appreciate the strings of the Song of Irmo within the heartbeats and breaths of the Hobbits, as it dances around their Party Tree, burbles in the Brandywine, and echos from the branches of the Old Forest)

    The Shire doesn't hold the same beauty of Lorien, but it holds a beauty that suits the peoples Middle Earth, and it still a haven for all that come across it, the people that dwell within, and to those that meet it's inhabitants .

    For Hobbits follow in their Creator's footsteps and bring love, dreams, visions, desire, inspiration, and most importantly, Hope to the peoples of Middle Earth

    One little, subtle, sneaky Hobbit at a time

    #hobbits#lotr#irmo#bilbo baggins#frodo baggins#merry brandybuck#pippin took#gandalf#thranduil#silmarillion #Irmo was like Here Its Dangerous To Go Alone Take This and offers you a little hobbit #I also like the idea that Hobbits just chill within the Garden of Irmo when they die #make pleasent convos with Elves and Maiar and their common sense is so refreshing especially to a place that had to live with the Noldor #amber rambles#my stuff #I still love the idea that Yavanna made the hobbits but give Irmo a shot like his whole thing is to do things subetly and thats the hobbits #like whole shtick like Frodo destoryed the ring cause Sauron had no idea wtf a hobbit was and how to find one #Hobbits are just so anti evil that evil things cant find them or affect them at all #Smaug looks at bilbo and jsut goes WTF r u??? whatever i do know u hung out with dwarves tho so suck it whatever u are #the trolls were also lost on what bilbo was and every thing that meets the hobbits in the lotr is like ???? :) Friend??? #Irmo: Why not just have a hobbit and calm down?? Just hug this little guy and youll feel better #I bet Celebrain wouldnt have sailed if Elrond just put her in a pile of teeny tiny baby hobbits its like puppy therapy but with sentients
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  • ducktales-wco-oo
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Me, whenever I consider revamping:

    (jgjkdfgdffjkg - i DO need to keep working on fixing up the Tags and Bios tho. Making this shiz Pretty since it’s been a WIP for literally Years™ )

    #(On the one hand - a fresh start seems appealing for my blogs on some aspects... but then on the OTHER hand- #-looks at ALL the shit that has happened on here) #(this place is a time capsule of my introduction to the fandom; and all the horrors that hath been unleashed on it thanks to that Dark Day- #(wheezes) I could never part with all the nostalgia and Growth(tm) that's on here) #(only ogs will remember the Start of this blog (pours one out for all the peeps we've lost along the way) ) #(This place is a mess of Canon; OCs; Pure; and Sin because God is Dead and I'm dabbing in a Kingdom of Anarchy) #(you want Dragon- then its All or Nothing bishes) #(dfngdfjkgdfg - anyway... yeah probs time to sleep rip holy shit-) #ducktales-wco-oo #⭒ ˙ ˖ ✧ — ˗ˏˋ ❝ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴏᴜʀᴛʜ ᴡᴀʟʟ ❞ ¦ 「 OOC 」
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  • chickoochote
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    For the ichihime fandom exchange organized by @ichihimeisfuckingcanon !! 

    I got @zabiume as the person to gift! It was a pleasure :) Initially I was going to draw out one your beautifully written fanfics, but alas, I ran out of time >< So I drew this instead. If I ever finish the comic of your fanfic, I’ll definitely let you know! 

    I wanted to draw Ichigo being a loving husband who buys Orihime random gifts during her pregnancy www ^^

    #Bleach#Ichihime#ichihimefandomexchange#inoue orihime#Kurosaki Ichigo #I was going through zabiume's blog and I swear I found a post with kal ho naa ho references in the tags #so I was going to draw you ichigo and orihime as aman/naina (or rohit cause tbh I can't handle watching ichigo die) #but the next day I lost the post #and I convinced myself that post and those tags were a figment of my imagination #if that post was real and you really do love kal ho naa ho (or any bollywood movies) #(in creepy urahara style) come to my place #I too am a bollywood junkie 🥺
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  • im-swimming
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    If we get a season two there is nothing I fear more then the boys magically coming back to life or being in a semi alive state.

    Do not-

    #seriously there’s just so much #like for one thing the whole ‘retcon plot magic’ and that it takes away the whole point of the show #and no matter how good it would be for the boys to eat and feel it CANT happen #for one thing they were/are real people and you can’t pluck someone pretty well known (if even from a tragedy) #and place them in the modern day like it’s fine #like they could even live a normal life? they’re legally dead their families and friends and Bobby? that’d be hell #it’s like placing Peter Pan with the grown up lost boys - the same but so so different it’s reverse Pan #julie and the phantoms #julieandthephantoms#jatp#alex mercer#reggie peters#luke patterson#julie molina#bobby shaw#trevor wilson#sunset curve
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  • juliasthinkings
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Books Are Coming!!

    I've been contemplating this for a long time, and the stories I have written on Wattpad (in my drafts) have been kicking me to finally get them out there SOMEWHERE, so I decided to put them on here.

    This is good for me because I'm sharing my stories with the world, which is mostly what my goal is as a writer, regardless of whether or not people read them.

    The fics I'm bringing on here have not been published on Wattpad yet (most likely, I cant make any promises) and these are probably going to be the only ones I'm putting up here.

    The books are in the following fandoms: Star Wars, Stranger Things, Keeper of the Lost Citites, One Direction, and Little Mix. Yes it's a wide range, but my fandoms make no sense.

    So let's get to it!!

    The first one I'm planning to release is my Stranger Things fic: (un)expected occurings.

    It's an au after Stranger Things 2 cause Stranger Things 3 broke my heart and I just can't with the Duffer Brothers anymore-

    It goes off of classic Stranger Things lore, so there are several different plots following different crews of characters though one overall conflict is the main thing the characters have to deal with.

    I'm doing this one first cause Halloween is coming and it's a partial thriller and I'm also really excited about it.

    The second is Black Magic, my Little Mix witches au.

    It follows Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy when a conjuring trick goes haywire and they accidentally conjur up a magical book that causes several problems to the four of them going foreword and they have to find out how to fix everything that went wrong before it all goes to hell.

    This is the first fic I'm publishing that's about real people and I don't exactly know how anyone's gonna take it, but I'm gonna do it anyways. This will come out sometime in mid-November and will probably be updated side to side with the Stranger Things one.

    The third is Live While We're Young, a One Direction au (don't judge me).

    This au follows the boys as they travel to New York to pursue their musical career, something their job in London never offered (screw you Simon). They end up working for a local singer (yes, it's Taylor Swift) and she helps them gain their popularity while in return, they assist in the regaining of her lost reputation.

    I've been thinking about how to apply Taylor and the Hadid sisters into a 1D story, and the only way to do that was an au, so I sat down and wrote this. I don't know the feelings of Directioners towards Taylor Swift, but I'm a swiftie, so she's in here. This will come out after or parallel to Black Magic.

    Fourth is Desert Moon, my favorite Star Wars fic I've ever written.

    This story follows Vader in his early years as the Sith Lord leader of the Empire. He's been struggling with the guilt that Anakin Skywalker has been feeling since the fall of the Jedi, and he is constantly creating a dream where Anakin killed Palpatine and lived his life as he was supposed too.

    I am in LOVE with the character of Anakin, and have been for a very very long time. He is my overall favorite character (sorry Kanan) because of everything his character has gone through in the series. I strongly believe that Anakin is still alive in Vader which is why he was able to repent and save Luke in episode six. This will be released sometime in December because I have most of it written and it's going up on Wattpad on Oct. 23.

    The fifth one I have is Burn Eternal, my Keeper au.

    Another au! Man I love these. This story is following the idea that Jolie influenced Brant more than Fintan and he eventually joined the Black Swan as a spy among the Neverseen. Keefe then joins once he realizes his mother is a member and the three work together to find out about the Lodestar Initiative without being caught.

    I love love love love LOVE the Keeper series, and I'm new to the whole fandom so this idea is fresh and new to me and I'm so so excited to release it because of the dynamics between characters and sOKEEFE-

    It will be released after Live While We're Young.

    Sixth is Calamity, my depressing Zigi fic.

    This is another royalty au that ends in a tragic way involving a gun and some fire. It follows the love of Gigi and Zayn, who both have a duty to please their parents and countries, Zayn from the South, Gigi from the North. Both of them, however fall helplessly in love with one another upon first glance and have to find a way to be together regardless of the conflicts their relationship arouse.

    Before you go into this fic I would like to point out that this does not have a happy, resolving ending like most of my books tend to have. Nothing about this book is intended to be happy so if you’re like my friend who can’t stand sad stories, this is not the fic for you. Please. I don’t want you to be sad. 

    Will be released parallel to Burn Eternal.

    Seventh is Desert Sun, the "sequel" to Desert Moon, following Luke.

    This is the second in my quartet about the Skywalkers which follows Luke and his journey before the events of episode four, or at least the way I thought they would play out. It has moments of just fluff that don’t have much to do with the evolution of the plot where Luke is doing certain things on Tatooine, but then there are moments where he has a Force sense.

    The Skywalkers are by far the most interesting lineage in Star Wars (and yes that includes Ahsoka and Obi-Wan) and I’m in love with them don’t tOUCH ME-

    This will go up after Burn Eternal and Calamity, but will most likely already be on Wattpad.

    Eighth is Jealousy, my Larry Stylinson fic (no judgement please).

    This is a sort-of au where Harry’s dating Kendall and Louis’ really jealous and Harry feels really bad because he likes Louis, but doesn’t want to say anything because he’s nervous Louis doesn’t like him back. After talking, they end up seeing each other behind management, and Kendall’s, backs.

    Ah yes. A good old fashioned love story. The main reason I made this was actually to express my hatred of Kendall Jenner and management modesty because they all suck and it’s just so annoying.

    Ninth is Desert Sands, following the story of Shmi and Anakin's early years

    This follows the first four or five years of Anakin Skywalker’s life through the eyes of his mother, and witnessing how she experiences everything Anakin goes through as he grows older. She also gets to notice the difference Anakin has compared to the other children that live on Tatooine.

    I feel like we need something from Shmi’s perspective because one, she’s Anakin’s mom and she created that beautiful creature and deserves all the credit and second, she’s amazing and criminally underrated. So I present to you the third installment in the lineage of Skywalker.

    Finally, (so far) is Desert Castle, the story of Rey. 

    This is like the two before it and follows Rey’s early years on Jakku when she’s only 15 and 16. She’s struggling to survive, but somehow has these weird senses that make her an even better scavenger and keep her alive. She also gets these visions that she can’t make sense of, but pushes aside to keep her head in the game.

    Not a huge Rey fan, or the fact that she’s considered a Skywalker, but I decided it would be interesting to develop her character in the way I feel like it should be instead of whatever mess she was in episode nine. Like, what the hell even was that movie?

    Hope you enjoy reading (or not reading idk) these! Have a good day, if you haven't already, and know you're amazing!

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  • clydiavandyke
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I've been too lazy to go get an actual hair cut, but I'm sick of my grown out buzzcut mullet! Sick of it! If I don't get a haircut tomorrow, I'm just gonna buzz it again.

    #so what that I've got a roll on the back of my head??? I can't see it not my problem! #plus I lost a little weight recently and my cheek bones look great and I bet they would look even better bald! #but my white hair has been growing out and is so pretty! it's why I was growing my hair out in tbe first place
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  • sluggieships
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i talk way too much about spamison and not enough about spamton post-big shot

    (some hcs in the tags, also if you have any pls send them <3)

    #ok to reblog #mae feels super guilty about what happened #because even though he was there for him the whole time #(and unfortunately lost his apartment before he could take spam in) #he feels like he wasn't there enough for him #no matter how many times spamton could tell him otherwise he just still feels awful about it #mae often comforts spammie and takes him places around the city to try and clear his head #oh and of course there's constant flirting 24/7 to the point where it's surprising that they aren't together yet #mae very much still has strong feelings for spamton #but is more controlled about it now #and he still gets flustered by him #mae 🐱💜 #big shot 😎 #💜 maespam 💛
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  • radiodread
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    eiji akaso + scenes featuring That One Bridge

    30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい (cherry magic) - 2020 彼女はキレイだった (she was pretty) - 2021 super rich - 2021
    #akaso eiji#jdrama#jdramaedit#cherry magic#super rich #kanojo wa kirei datta #kanokire#gif:cm#gif:sr#gif:kanokire #i watched the first episode of super rich yesterday #and when they got to that bridge i just lost it #i wonder if he has a say in where they film certain things #'i know a place!'
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  • imissthembutitwasntadisaster
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Every so often I remember that Susan not being on the train was actually a mercy for her even though it means she has to face life alone and grieving and I get all emotional. 

    #and I don't mean a mercy in that she didn't die #that's not the point #I mean a mercy because it gives her a chance #a chance to return to faith #if she had been on the train she would have been lost along with all the other men who walked into that dark place at the end of Last Battle #just... sometimes great horrors can also have mercies in them? #narnia #the chronicles of narnia
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  • lindaseccaspina
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    An Update to the Kennedy House -- Harold "Ozzie" McNeely

    An Update to the Kennedy House — Harold “Ozzie” McNeely

    The former Kennedy House on High Street As you know Thomas Quinn of Ferguson’s Falls led the four teams required to move this house down the frozen Mississippi River and Lake to its present site. Tragically there was a devasting fire that consumed a lot of this house in August of 2021. It is said at present that it is a complete tear down. Firefighters with Ocean Wave Fire Company and the…

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  • lostintimenl
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Abandoned hospital (The Waldklinik) Germany September 2020

    A video from this sanatorium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4J2Dsn86n0&t=257s

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